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George Galloway urges Labour-SNP talks – BBC Daily Politics – 5th May 2015

respect was founded in 2004 emerging out of the Stop the War Coalition respect stands for respect the quality socialism peace environmentalism community and trade unionism they'll have four candidates standing in this 2015 election they currently have five thousand seven hundred and thirty followers on Twitter that of course is about to soar and their leader George Galloway is confirmed that he will stand for election as London Mayor but only if he loses his seat in parliament so let's go to George Galloway now he joins us from Leeds George Galloway welcome back on the daily politics um when you first stood for respect I think you would you would concede you were standing against a very different kind of Labor leadership do you not feel it's time to go home no on the contrary you are probably talking to the man with the casting vote in the next parliament at least I hope so and many other people will do – no we are real labour that's true ed Miliband is a bit more real labour than Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were but there's still a way to go on issues of war and peace on issues of austerity and many others so no we think we've still got a role and we're doing very well I can assure you now when you were last on the Sunday politics it was September of last year you said I think there'll be a Labour government in the spring is that still your view it is and that was prescient on that as I was well hasn't happened yet well I'm pretty sure about it and I was sure we'd win exactly 55 to 45 in the Scottish referendum you know that because that was you I was talking to so I'm quite good at predictions and my prediction is this the Ed Miliband will be the prime minister in a few days time but you'll have to please those other voters like the Scottish nationalists voters like ask respect green voters and the rest with some gusto to do something about our decisive break with Tory policies or appointed tweedledee just replacing Tweedledum well you've described Nicola Sturgeon the SNP leader is quote Thatcher in a kilt though many may agree with that's see these are your words so how should ed miliband if he's forming this minority government as you are predicting how should he deal with Thatcher in a kilt well as you know there's nobody more anti SNP than me and my intervention in the referendum was widely praised including by you and your magazine so I hold no brief at all for the Scottish National Party but they will be when they're elected legitimate members of the British Parliament and we can't have legitimate members of the British Parliament being treated as second-class or a kind of untouchable they have votes in the House of Commons like any other MP and they have the right to vote for or against anybody's Queen's Speech if you don't win this election is that pretty much the end of respect I'm pretty look at the bookmakers under unpretty kneeled on odds on certainty to win so that's a hypothetical I wouldn't deal with no we are growing we are very vibrant membership our election campaign has anyone following us on Twitter by the way you should follow me on Twitter I've got a quarter of a million followers not the respects I only so it's a one-man band no no but you'll see the most vibrant election campaign anywhere to be found in the country all right well we shall see if your predictions come true at the end of the election but just before I go because this is interesting because you have experience of Scotland Oh obviously and of labour obviously you think that Mr Miliband will have to deal with the SNP should he form a minority government it would be a huge betrayal of the labour movement and of the British working people and the millions who are going to vote for him to allow David Cameron into Downing Street to continue is wrecking campaign just because you don't like the Scottish National Party that would be absolutely self-destructive and foolish George Galloway thanks for joining us this morning