Big Parties Budget Lies

Let’s look at the two big parties and their
budget promises This budget delivers a surplus this coming year There will be a deficit of $18 billion dollars The budget deficit will fall to $29.8 billion dollars The deficit is expected to reduce to $37.1 billion dollars Nothing but lies and massive debt But now we have a choice I’m Senator David Leyonhjelm and like you I’ve been hearing the big parties’ budget lies year, after year, after year. We can’t run our households into endless debt and neither should the government. That’s why we’re the only party with a sensible alternative budget. A balanced budget. Visit our website to see
what a sensible alternative budget looks like and let’s bring some common sense to Canberra. If you like what you see and want to support our campaign go to or simply text ‘LIBERTY’ to 0439 999 333 to contribute $10. You do have a choice.

Screw the government

In the next sitting of parliament, the Government
hopes to pass new legislation giving authorities greater powers to crack down on playing online
poker for money in Australia. These interactive gambling laws are supposed
to be about preventing match fixing in sports, which makes no sense when applied to online
poker because it is not a spectator sport. I am talking to the government about reconsidering
the legislation. but if they go ahead, I will put forward amendments to make an exception for online poker and blackjack. In the meantime, it might be worth contacting Minister Alan Tudge and politely reminding him that you play online poker, and you vote. and if none of this works, screw the government! Get yourself a VPN and an offshore account, and carry on as you were.

Sometimes It’s Fact vs Ignorance, Not Left vs Right

All right. Let’s see what is continuing to be on people’s
minds on the phones at six one, seven, eight, three zero 47 50. So folks holding on. Let’s go. Let’s go to Deon. We haven’t heard from Dion in the four one,
seven, uh, for, um, several months. Uh, actually close to a year. Deon, what’s going on? Hi. How’s it going? Yeah, I haven’t called in in quite awhile. I had a like, I don’t know if it’s a question
as much as a statement that I think we mischaracterize things with the left and right dichotomy too
much. When it’s more of a, it’s like informed, misinformed
and disinfect. Yes. Sometimes that is the case. Sometimes that’s the case, but I think there’s,
there’s other, some, so sometimes we mischaracterize positions as left. Right. When really it’s the fact based position and
the one that’s not, sometimes we miss characterizing because the is really one about, you know,
for example, corruption versus anticorruption. But listen, Dionne, it sounds crazy where
you are. So I don’t know if you had a specific part
I could answer offline but I can barely hear you. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m on a wired headphone. Is this a better connection? You know, it’s not a connection. It just sounds like chaos in the background. I don’t know if you’re at a daycare or something
like that. Oh no, I’m not. Okay. Well, I apologize. I’ll let you go. Okay. All right, Dan, great to hear from you. I appreciate it. You are completely right. Sometimes it’s not about left versus right. Sometimes it’s about do you know the facts
or don’t you? And I love it. I appreciate that Dionne called in and made
that very important point.

Libertarian Paternalism: Mental Nudges That Help You Save Time, Lives, and Money | Cass Sunstein

A number of years ago Richard Thaler, a terrific
economist, and I were talking about public policy and also about human behavior. And the idea developed that you can have a
form of paternalism that preserves freedom of choice. So, insist first and foremost on people being
able to go their own way if they want, but it acknowledges that some of us maybe don’t
know how to get where we want to go, or that some of us may be focused on today and not
next year, or that some of us might be unrealistically optimistic or some of us might not know a
whole lot, for example, about health insurance or savings plans or about how to manage our
credit card. So the idea developed, which wouldn’t have
sold any books but we use it anyway, called libertarian paternalism, and we change that
to a simpler form, “nudge”, and the idea behind libertarian paternalism or nudge is
that you have things that are like a GPS device. So a GPS device is a form of libertarian paternalism. If you don’t like the instructions you’re
getting from the little voice that’s coming in your car, you can say, “I want the scenic
route,” or, “I prefer a direction which is more familiar to me and I know better than
you do given what I care about.” But it’s steering you in a direction which
it has information suggesting is the best way to get you where you want to go. Now, we can all use a GPS device in a lot
of places and this is the idea of a libertarian paternalism. So if you get a credit card bill and it has
some information about what happens if you don’t pay the full amount, meaning you’re
going to start getting charged interest, or if it has information that tells you something
about the cost of late fees, that is like a GPS device in the sense that it doesn’t
force you to do anything, but it tells you a little bit about how to get to what is probably
your preferred destination, which is saving money. You might have also a warning on a cigarette
package or a warning on medicines and those things are liberty preserving because you
can do whatever you want really, but it is steering you like a GPS device in one direction
rather than another. Some of the most powerful forms of libertarian
paternalism, which in a way are changing the world, are using automatic enrollment in something,
so that if people don’t want the thing they have to opt out rather than saying opt in
if you do want to thing. And one that’s really taken off all over
the world is automatic enrollment in savings plans. The idea is that once you are working in many
places you’re just in a savings plan. If you don’t want to be you can opt out,
but the result of automatic enrollment has been to increase—massively—participation
rates in savings plans while preserving freedom of choice and that’s going to mean that
people all over the world are going to have more comfortable retirements. Now the idea of more comfortable retirements
is important, it may not be the sort of thing that gets people’s juices flowing, but when
I worked in the White House between 2009 and 2012 we thought a lot about this, about things
that could help people while preserving their freedom of choice. And one little example does get at least my
juices flowing, which is there’s a program to allow poor kids to have free school lunches
and breakfast, and it’s something that isn’t politically inflamed. Everyone thinks if you’re below a certain
threshold of poverty you should get a nutritious meal at school—and it’s free, you get
it. But a lot of kids haven’t signed up, maybe
because the parents are scared if they get some form from the government, maybe because
the form from the government is kind of daunting and complicated, maybe because the parents
are busy and focused on other things rather than some bureaucratic note from the Department
of Agriculture or the local school. So what we did was basically just shifted
the default. If the locality knows that you’re eligible
for the meal, you are getting the meal. If you don’t want to be in the program you
can opt out, but you’re automatically in. And at last count that means that about 11
million kids in the United States are getting school meals for free, to which they’re
entitled, and 11 million is a statistic, but if you think of some small fraction of those
kids ages 6/7/8/9 and imagine them having something that’s going to produce no hunger
plus nutrition, that’s a small intervention that is having a real impact. So one of the exciting things about the last
ten years is that the interest in libertarian paternalism or nudging has been intense and
strong, and it has cut across partisan lines. So when I worked in the White House there
were a number of things I worked on that Democrats liked and Republicans not so much—climate
change regulation, Republicans were not that excited about it, President Trump not so excited
about it, and Democrats were approving. But libertarian paternalism, we didn’t use
the name, but things like information disclosure about credit cards, information disclosure
about mortgages, automatic enrollment in savings plans, simplification of forms, which is a
way of preserving liberty but ensuring that people aren’t just drowning in complexity,
which prevents them from taking advantage of something, all of these things were able
to attract bipartisan enthusiasm. So Americans don’t like their freedom being
intruded on. They don’t like the idea of public officials
saying, “We know better than you do,” but so long as their freedom to go their own
way is maintained they are good with things like warnings, reminders, information, switching
the default role. You could imagine some examples of those that
would get people’s hackles up, but generally—and this is the kind of the excitement, I think,
of the era we’re in—these ideas, informed by behavioral science for decades of testing,
are changing people’s lives, saving in some cases literally billions of dollars, saving
in other cases significant number of lives per year, these are things that don’t really
get the salutary American antipathy to mandates from self-appointed in some cases elites,
and in other cases an elected elite. The opposition to mandates does not apply
to libertarian paternalism, at least so long as the word libertarian doesn’t merely have
too many syllables to be kind of the friendliest word, but at least so long as it really means
freedom then we’re doing something that’s compatible with American culture.

Caller Appreciates Honesty About Older Male Relationships

here’s a really weird voicemail or voicemail
number of course. Two, one nine two David P take a listen to
this strange voicemail about my relationships with older men. I don’t know what this is about, David. Um, you have been very open about your, um,
sort of your relationship with much older men. Um, I mean, you’re talking about men twice
and sometimes three times your own age. You’re seeing, and I’m just wanting to say,
you know, you’re such an American hero for doing that, Dave. Um, I just want to yell personally, thank
you for coming out and being so honest with your audience. And some people would say, you know, it’s
completely inappropriate to be discussing these sort of things. I’m on a radio politics talk show program,
but you know what, Dave, I’m not one of those people. I just want to personally thank you for being
so open and honest about your homosexuality. And, uh, he the best in the future. Thank you. I don’t know what you’re talking about, but
I appreciate the kind of wishes. We’ve got a great bonus show coming up for
you today. Become a member, become a patron to get instant
access to that bonus. Show the David Pakman [email protected]

Thank You for 750,000 SUBSCRIBERS!

I really need to say a major and huge thank
you to our YouTube subscribers who now number more than 750,000 this happened yesterday,
so we’re just past that number 750,000 now. And I’m just flattered and so inspired. When we first started this channel, I think
in the first month we had four subscribers, maybe it was 10. I struggle to remember we now are gaining
several hundred subscribers every single day. And it’s extremely exciting as we now get
into an election year, which is often when growth accelerates and we are really positioned
to get to the next level. I mean in the YouTube left, thanks to your
support. And I’m talking about the trolls as well. I’m thanking the trolls as well and I’ll detail
that in a second. You’ve got the young Turks with four and a
half million subscribers and then you have the David Pakman show, Kyle Kalinsky and Sam
Cedar all in the 700 to 800,000 subscriber range, so this is a great place to be. It’s great company to share and now let me
get to the trolls and the haters. I have to thank them as well. The trolls and the haters who make it a point
to dislike my videos and leave a whole bunch of hate comments on them. You are actually a huge part of the success
as well. Individually, the trolls are really annoying. In total, the trolls represent a portion of
the engagement on the channel that has helped us grow, dislikes count as engagement. You see a video and you were motivated to
dislike it. That means you’re engaging with the content,
negative, angry comments. While many of the comments are vial in their
content, they are engagement and they say to the YouTube algorithm, wow, the content
here is getting people to take action. The frequency with which someone is liking
or disliking or leaving a comment, that is a huge piece of the YouTube algorithm learning
whose videos are likely to generate a reaction and discussion and keep people watching. So genuinely thank you not only to the supporters
but to the trolls as well. All those comments saying, David, you’re cha,
you’re showing your channel are dying. Your show is circling the drain by leaving
me those comments and by disliking my videos you’re helping to ensure that it’s not the
case and that the show keeps growing. So extraordinarily exciting year coming up
is my prediction. As of right now, we are sort of projected
based on current subscriber growth rates to be close to a million subscribers around election
2020. Now my hope is that as we really get into
the 2020 election primaries, Trump on hinged, all of that stuff, I hope that our growth
rate will accelerate slightly and push the 1 million subscriber milestone to before the
2020 election. It would be amazing. It is a stretch, but it would be amazing for
us to be a 1 million plus subscriber YouTube channel, uh, by the time that we’d get to
the 2020 election. And you know, in the end, the truth is really
what matters is views cause you don’t have to be subscribed to view the content. Some people often tell me, you know, David,
Dave Rubin’s YouTube channel is so much more successful than yours. He’s got a million subscribers. We have roughly doubled the views of Dave
Rubin’s channel. Uh, and that is really, um, uh, the, the,
the most important thing. But there’s no question that subscribers are
sort of a very front and center barometer for how a channel is doing. So we’re going to continue doing our thing. Seven 50 feels like a great number to be at
this point in time. I look forward to continuing on in 2020 with
more content, more long form pieces, more daily political news, interviews and everything
else that’s been working for us so far. Opportunities for you to help. Do you want to be a moderator of our YouTube
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Genius Troll or Dumbest Caller Ever?

we have a voicemail number. That number is
two one nine two David P I am going to play a voicemail for you today. It is very short.
It’s only 15 seconds long. This is either one of our most uninformed callers ever or
an absolutely genius, satirical voice actor. This, I think is related to recent conversations
about how educated versus uneducated white voters vote in American elections. Take a
listen to this. You be the judge, uh, most ignorant caller ever, or brilliant satirical
voice actor. Oh, hi. Are you legal headed? A little sucker.
Just [inaudible] that’s why people ain’t educated. Like you dumped suckers. You think you are
educated. This is racial discrimination. Maybe we ought to send you back to Poland. Yeah. Thank you. So I would think it’s real except send me
back to Poland. I don’t know where that came from. So, uh, I dunno. You tell me. Let me
know either by replying, if you’re watching on or shoot me a tweet at di Pacman. Was that
real or was that satire? On today’s bonus show? X, Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick
is reportedly exploring a late entry into the 2020 democratic primary. Now you will
remember, some of you will remember that Deval Patrick has been a good friend to the David
Pakman show. I’ve interviewed him a couple of times, despite the fact that he would always
call me Mark a a not David. That’s okay. He busy guy. Um, he has been pretty good in terms
of making himself available to the David Pakman show when he was governor. And he is, um,
an interesting potential entrant with some pretty status quo, a corporatist stuff in
his background, including being the lawyer for Coca-Cola. So we will talk about that. On today’s bonus
show, we will talk about Amazon launching a new grocery store as an alternative to whole
foods, but hold on. Amazon bought whole foods. Now they’re going to compete with whole foods.
Don’t worry, uh, I’ll explain it all on the bonus show and a viral video, a black man
handcuff canned, cuffed for eating a sandwich at a train station. Officials are now apologizing
for what was a really cringy interaction on the, on the behalf of the police officer.
I will mention we will discuss all of those stories and much, much more on today’s bonus
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maybe it didn’t go down exactly that way. You can find out on the bonus show. I will
speak to you then in just a few short months. The David Pakman [email protected] [inaudible].

This Shouldn’t Be a Political Statement

I had a conversation recently in which this hat came up in regards to empathy and respecting people you disagree with. It got me thinking about a lot of things. This is a very profane and definitive political statement, and I don’t deny that. In fact, I embrace that. That’s definitely what that is. Now, I am a non-confrontational worm and I don’t enjoy fighting, especially at parties and things that are supposed to be celebratory and fun. So typically what I try to do is find middle ground immediately, diffuse whatever animosity and tension is in the air, and try to find common ground. That’s what I try to do always. That’s the kind of person I am. My mom has taught me a lot of things in my life. I’m very grateful for that. One of the most fundamental things that I believe I inherited from her is that I care very deeply about people. That obviously informs my politics. I do believe in many cases, even if you disagree with people, that desire to make the world better informs your politics. That’s where it starts. However, recently I’ve felt like this is a political statement, and I don’t want this to be a political statement. I don’t think it should be a political statement, but I want my world to reflect that. I want to live in a world where people care about each other on a fundamental level. I want a world where people look at another person and they see another human being and they think, “Wow! That is another human being over there. They’re allowed to be a human being in whatever way they see fit.” That’s something I want the world to be. I want people to be able to live as they want, to love as they want, to exist as they want, to make decisions over their own lives, to have the freedom and control to do that. I think all of that comes from my desire to just care about people. I want people to be happy. I want people to be living good lives, building things up rather than tearing them down. I think that’s a fundamental very simplistic human being thing and not a political thing. Something incredibly important that I witnessed growing up. Again, I’m gonna talk about my mom because she’s the best person in the world and I will fight anyone who disagrees. She showed me how to keep the door open for people who have either hurt you or for people who you don’t agree with. She showed me that very well. I’m not always perfect at this, but I want to be the kind of person who, even if I disagree with someone, even if someone has hurt me in the past, I always want to leave the door open for them, so if they take the steps necessary and show me that they care and that their intentions are good and that they want to get better, I want to be open to that. I want to hold their hand and be like “yes! I’m here! I’m here for you!” Disagreement does not have to mean hatred. However, sometimes it does. I reference the hat again. There are some ideologies and belief systems out there that reject peoples’ autonomy and ability to be full, loving, complete human beings. They disrespect their identity as human beings. I don’t think you can really engage with them. That’s not really an okay place to say “agree to disagree.” That’s when you can get really political and fine. But I truly believe this. I fundamentally believe this. I really want to believe this. I don’t think most people are like that. I definitely come from an extreme place of privilege being a white, assigned male at birth human being. Most people look at me and just see a person. Not everybody has that luxury, so that does inform my opinions here. But I really do believe that most people want to make this a better world. Sometimes, their ways of getting there are clouded in bias, ignorance, and fear, but people do want a better world, and I have to believe that in order to be a sane person that can wake up every morning and still find some contentment in my life. But here’s my main thought, and I guess the main point of this video. I don’t want empathy to be a political statement. I don’t want that. I don’t want to live in that world. I don’t want compassion and listening to be seen as some bleeding heart, agenda-lead, policy position. That’s not what it is to me. Caring about things obviously informs politics. I’m not denying that. However, on an individual human level, the relationships you have in your day to day life, the conversations you have, caring is not political. Or rather, it shouldn’t be political because again, sometimes in the world that I live in right now, it does feel political. I want to be able to look at someone, anyone, from whatever country, background, religion, sexual orientation, gender, all that stuff and see a person. See a person who’s able to define their own identity and live that truth fully. Because I believe that if everybody has the ability, the access to live their truth to the best of their ability, we all win. I do believe that. But I also believe that someone’s humanity is not contingent on what it can do for me. I think people should just be able to be people, not just for any kind of greater purpose for my life or the world that I live in, but just because that’s the right thing to do. And I notice that a lot with people is that they want to feel superior. They want to feel right all the time. They want to feel that they are the ones that are correct. They’re gonna win in the end. They get some sense of pride and satisfaction out of that. But I think we should care, we should be good to people, we should listen to people, simply because it’s the right thing to do. And that’s it. That’s all I’ve got to say on that. I don’t know if I made sense at all. This video is 100% not a “agree to disagree let’s give him a chance” because like I said, there are some ideologies that reject that fully. I stand by this political statement. Definitely. Fully. But something that I stand by that I don’t think should be a political statement is that I care about every human being. I do. That’s all I’ve got to say on that. I would love to hear what you have to think in the comments. I would love to hear your thoughts, if you have any stories to share, love reading stories. I love participating with you on this platform. It just makes me very very happy. I love you a lot. I’m gonna go. I’ll see you on Friday! A very happy Valentine’s Day out there to the world. Even if you’re not in a I’m putting my face on someone’s face situation. Or you’re single and feel very alone. You can tweet me! on Valentine’s Day. I’m here to send love your way. I’m all about it. I love you guys a lot. I’m trying to fall in love with every aspect of my creative life again. It’s difficult, but it’s something I’m trying to do. You guys are a big part of that. That’s enough of that. I’m gonna go. Byeeeee