Another Poll Shows Medicare For All Is A Winning Issue For Democrats

According to a new CBS news poll, 56% of people
here in the United States believe that providing healthcare is something the federal government
should do for the people of the United States. 56% say, hell yeah, there needs to be a government
run healthcare program. And what’s shocking is that nearly half of
these people who say the government should be running a healthcare program, nearly half
of them also say, even if it means getting rid of private insurance. Now, this same CBS news poll says that roughly
75% of the people they talked to said they actually do like their insurance. 75% like their insurance, which obviously
means 75% of people have never had to stay for a few days in a hospital or go in for
an emergency surgery because that number seems a little bit high. But nonetheless, you can like it but the portent
thing is 56% say government gotta get in the business of providing healthcare. Even if it means we lose what we’ve got because
we’re going to gain something better. The point of this poll. The reason this is significant is because
this is the latest in a long line of polls showing that people want government run healthcare
is because last night at the democratic debate, you had Democrats up on that stage, alleged
Democrats. You had Klobuchar, you had Buttigieg, you
had some other folks, Biden and Harris saying, no, people need to have choice. We can’t just have a government run program. Maybe make it part of Medicare for all who
want it. As we have repeatedly said, Medicare for all
who want it is basically being set up to fail. Just like the affordable care act, Medicare
for all who want it can be dismantled because if you only have certain percentage of the
population that’s below 100 who say, yes, I want this plan later on, the government
can come in when Republicans control everything again and eventually they will. Eventually Democrats will, but they can come
in and say, we’re just going to get rid of it. They have that authority. Yeah. People might get pissed off, but they’ll also
forget about it. Cause as a whole, as a public, we’re kind
of stupid. That’s just the way we are. But if you enact it and you say, this is the
only game in town, this is what everybody gets rich and poor alike. This is your healthcare. You don’t have to do anything. You just go to a doctor, you fill out your
name, you get diagnosed, and you leave. They do that. You can’t take that away. I mean legislatively speaking, you could,
but you couldn’t do it without massive public backlash. And that’s why on this particular issue, again,
and this is based on the polling, you go big, you go all the way. Because if you half ass it, like they half-assed
the affordable care act, it’s going to get destroyed. It’s going to get dismantled and it’s going
to end up being something that people aren’t even sure if they like it or if they don’t,
or even if it does anything for them. You got to go big. This is what the public wants. Medicare for all, anything less is a losing
issue for the Democrats.

People Are Not Happy About That Ellen DeGeneres Question at Democratic Debate | THR News

– Tuesday night’s Democratic
presidential debate hosted by CNN and The New York Times ended with a question that drew backlash from Democratic candidates
and viewers alike. (woosh)
(Hip Hop music) After a rousing debate (woosh)
about policy and passion moderator Anderson Cooper
asked his final question, which was about Ellen DeGeneres’ unlikely friendship with former president George W. Bush that recently ignited a
social media firestorm given his administration’s opposition to same-sex marriages and LGBTQ rights, among other issues. “Last week Ellen Degeneres was criticized “after she and former
“President George W. Bush “were seen laughing together
“at a football game. “Ellen defended their friendship, “saying, ‘We’re all different
and I think that we’ve forgotten that that’s OK
that we’re all different'”. Cooper continued, “So in
that spirit, we’d like “you to tell us about a friendship “that you’ve had “that would surprise us “and what impacts it’s had
on you and your beliefs.'” Two candidates, Senator Amy Klobuchar and former Vice President Joe Biden named the late republican
Senator John McCain, while others also
mentioned GOP colleagues. But later, several of
the democratic candidates shared their disappointment
in Cooper’s question via social media. Julian Castro tweeted: “Three hours and no questions tonight “about climate, housing, or immigration. “Climate change is an existential threat, “America has a housing crisis. “Children are still in
cages at our border. “But you know, Ellen. “#DemocraticDebate.” Kamala Harris seemed to agree tweeting: “Three hours. “Not one question about
the climate crisis. “Not one question about LGBTQ+ rights. “Not one question about immigration. “These issues are too important to ignore. “#DemDebate.” Viewers including The
Daily Show’s Trevor Noah were similarly upset. “When you’re eight hours into the debate “and Anderson Cooper asks
a question about Ellen.” And mocked Cooper in a follow-up post, “ANDERSON COOPER: “Irreversible climate
change is going to doom “all mankind to a painful heat death “if we don’t act soon. “So, obviously I’ve gotta ask: “Who’s your shittiest friend and why?” Pose co-creator and director
Steven Canals wrote: “Wait… “did they really just
ask an Ellen question? “I can’t. “I’m out. “#DemDebate.” To keep up with all the debate updates, keep it locked to For The Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Ben Meyers. (woosh) (woosh)

Democratic Debate Recap – Who Won And Who Needs To Drop Out

So last night was the forth democratic presidential
debate, 12 people on that overcrowded stage. And what we learned from that debate is that
there is a couple of winners up there and there’s quite a few people that really need
to drop out as soon as possible. To me, before I get into this, the most interesting
thing I’ve found during these debates is that it hasn’t increased my support for any particular
candidate, but it really has made me dislike even more members of the democratic party
than I disliked before. And that was my biggest takeaway last night. So let’s start with the losers. Biggest loser of the evening. Tulsi Gavart absolutely looked foolish up
there on that stage for every single question that she was asked, even when they went into
her wheelhouse, she couldn’t do it. So I think Tulsi is pretty much finished after
this debate. That was a horrid performance and a lot of
people are walking away from that with a sour taste in their mouth. A couple other folks that really rubbed me
the wrong way. Amy Klobuchar, what a horrible person. I mean just in general as a human being, Amy
Klobuchar is just awful. But substantively, regardless of my personal
feelings for anybody, Amy Klobuchar was up there arguing with Elizabeth Warren about
why we can’t or shouldn’t make progress here in the United States. That that’s odd. That’s not ever something you want to hear
from somebody running for president. You don’t want to hear scale it back folks. We’re not going to do good things. And yet that’s all Amy Klobuchar had. She had a very combative attitude towards
Elizabeth Ward and I think it’s because Klobuchar right now is fighting for her life and she
thought she could win it back last night. She couldn’t. Other two biggest losers for me of the evening. Number one, Andrew Yang. Wow. I’m getting tired of hearing Andrew Yang talk
about UBI. UBI, UBI folks, UBI, UBI, I don’t know if
you know this, but UBI, Oh my God. Come up with another plan and I know the yang
gang’s gonna go he’s got over a hundred plans on his website cause you literally say that
exact phrase every time somebody says that, almost like it’s a pre made response. I don’t trust him, I don’t like him. His plan is awful. His value added tax would increase costs for
consumers through the frickin roof and yet he’s sitting there saying, we shouldn’t have
a progressive income tax. We should just have a value added tax. That’s a tax on American consumers folks. Andrew Yang is not serious. Andrew Yang doesn’t have an actual plan to
solve the problem of automation, which according to economists isn’t even a problem. Not now nor in the near future. So why waste our time? Andrew Yang is not a horrible person. He’s not a horrible candidate. He’s got some ideas that he has not fully
flushed out and they’re not ready for prime time. That’s the thing with Andrew Yang. Also, I would feel better maybe if he were
a member of an administration, get a little bit of experience in there. Try to put these policies in place that way,
which is actually a lot easier. And then we’ll see if they can work. But I don’t think Andrew Yang is ready in
any capacity to be president of the United States. Now, the person who pissed me off the most
from that debate, mayor Pete, Pete Buttigieg running to the center faster than anyone I
have ever seen. In fact, he is running so fast towards the
center that he’s already on the right, this man, much like Klobuchar and even Gabard sitting
there telling us during that debate that we can’t do these things, that we need to scale
back our promises, that we need to aim lower and that we just all need to, you know, be
a little bit nicer, not go for these things that would actually help Americans. You know, the things that other countries
have already implemented, like Medicare for all universal healthcare. Um, we somehow just can’t do it. Pete says we can’t, we’re not smart enough
here in the United States. I guess I don’t like that. I don’t like hearing that. I don’t like centrists and I’m sick and tired
of mayor Pete downplaying the Progressive’s on that stage. It’s disgusting. It’s unnecessary. And he’s attacking others not to tear them
down or expose their flaws, but to elevate himself that is low, that is dirty. I do not like mayor Pete and I wish he would
drop out today. Another person who did not perform exceptionally
well at the debate. Um, aside from most of the other folks on
the stage, I was very disappointed in Elizabeth Warren’s performance and I’ve read this morning
and last night a bunch of different pieces. Everybody’s got their particular winners in
their losers and every list is different. A lot of people had Warren kind of towards
the top of people who did well. I didn’t see that. I didn’t, I saw her be very evasive. I saw her seem exceptionally nervous for some
reason. That really threw me off. I mean at one point her hand was shaking. She handed up here near her face when she
was talking. You can see it visibly shaking that that was
weird to me. She seemed nervous and this is an experienced
woman. This is a very confident woman. So I don’t know what that was about, but it
gave me the wrong impression. She again, was evasive with her answers, couldn’t
go straight forward on the issue of taxes and universal healthcare. Bernie had the jump in and answer that question
and that brings us to the winner. It was obvious folks. Bernie Sanders killed that debate. Not only that, but he also got some pretty
amazing adores endorsements from three quarters of the squad. Uh, Ilana O’Mar, AOC and Rashida Tlaib are
all endorsing Bernie Sanders. That is huge. And another winner of the debate, believe
it or not, folks, was Joe Biden. And one of the reasons Joe Biden, one, the
only reason Joe Biden could be considered a winner is because he didn’t get to talk
very much. And that’s why this entire format is infuriating. People need to see who Joe Biden is. They need to remember that this is the human
GAF machine. And by not letting him speak, which I feel
was intentional, he didn’t make as many mistakes. Now. He made mistakes when he talked, but because
they let those other, you know, one percenters fight amongst themselves so much. Joe Biden just had to sit there and not be
stupid. That’s not fair. We need to see Joe Biden being Joe Biden,
but because they didn’t talk to them all that much, he also merged as a winter. Next debate. I say no more than five. Let’s go ahead. Let’s, let’s whittle this down. Let’s get it down to five. No more than that on the stage, and it needs
to be just the front runners too. Let’s not have this random drawing. Some good people this night. The others on this night. Nope. Let’s have a debate with Bernie. Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg. Maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s what we’re down to. Maybe that’s the top tier and that’s all we
need to see. But we can’t do another double digit debate. It’s not letting people have enough time. It’s not letting them get into the issues
like they need to, and it’s really not helping anyone make the case as to why they should
be the next president of the United States.

The Democratic Debate You Haven’t Seen

Hey tWitch? tWitchy? Yes? I left my singles at home. But do you take Venmo? You know, we can
make that happen. Yeah. This feels like a
private conversation. Um. I do feel like we’re
kind of nailing this whole hosting thing. I kind of feel like we are too. [CHEERING] I mean, I can’t
say I’m surprised. Because this isn’t
our first rodeo. No, it’s our second. Because I forgot
that the other night, we actually co-host of
the Democratic debates. Hello America. Thank you for
joining us tonight. We’re your debate moderators. And these are your
presidential candidates. Let’s start this debate
out on a positive note. Can we see your smiles? Show us those pearly whites. Very nice. Oh yeah, Lizzy Warren. OMG. Ooh. OK. There they are. Don’t hate it. Uh, Bernie? You’re up, buddy. Oh. Don’t wave that finger at me. Come on, let’s see it. Ooh. Quiet anger. I like that. Don’t like that. Why the frowny face? I mean, I can do that face. Oh yeah. Me too. That is absurd. Come on, give us a smile! Come on, Bernie. You are such a silver fox. Thank you. We love you. But we’re terrible with names. Yeah. Is your last name
pronounced Budda-judge? Or Budda-jig? I think it’s Buddy Fudge. Buddy Fudge sounds right. Buddy Dig. Butta-dig. Definitely. Trust me. It’s Buttaguy. It’s definitely got a but in it. I trust you to choose what
makes the most sense for you. OK, you know, we’ll
just call your Booty. Booty Judge! Booty Judge! I like that. That’s the one. It’s got such a good ring to it. I think that’s a good one. It’s super
professional sounding. It’s original. I’ll give you that Mr. Yang. We love the no tie look. Love it. Tell us a fun fact
about yourself. My father grew up on a peanut
farm in Asia with no floor. Fascinating. Congrats on those nuts. You did it. Mm-hmm. So let’s talk about
something more serious. Mm-hmm. How do you feel about
Popeye’s running out of chicken sandwiches? I don’t like it. Neither do we! Joe, listen to this, OK? Apparently, Popeye’s
still has chicken. But you got to bring your
own buns and put it together. It can not be put together. Let me say it again. It will not be put together. Well, I think we’ve seen enough. Good luck America. Oh, we got them. Here are the buns. Oh. Oh. I don’t do carbs. OK. Oh, that’s just the pieces. Just not nice. Good night! Good night everyone. [APPLAUSE] That was the highlight
of my career so far. Just when politics couldn’t
get any more ridiculous. There we are.

Fact-checking the second Democratic debate | The Fact Checker

-This is the CNN Democratic
Presidential Debate. -Are we rolling?
-Yep. -The debate highlighted
the deep divisions between the candidates. But when it came to the facts, some candidates
were more accurate than others
with their assertions. Let’s take a look at some of
the biggest factual fumbles from this debate. The two-night,
20-candidate debate took about five hours
and covered a lot of ground. There was a lot of talk
about what would happen under a Medicare-for-all system. -Are you also “with Bernie”
on Medicare-for-all when it comes to raising taxes on middle-class Americans
to pay for it? -So, giant corporations
and billionaires are going to pay more. Middle-class families are going to pay less out
of pocket for their healthcare. -The plan, no matter
how you cut it, costs $3 trillion when it is,
in fact, employed. -Candidates defended
their biographies. -Now, I come from one of the
most rural states in America. I have a D-minus voting record
from the NRA. Back in 1988, coming from
a state that had no gun control, I called for the ban of the sale and distribution
of assault weapons. I lost that election. -Immigration and standards
of facilities along the border
took center stage. -An unlawful crossing
is an unlawful crossing if you do it
in the civil courts or if you do it
through the criminal courts. But the criminal courts is
what is giving Donald Trump the ability to truly violate
the human rights of people coming to our country where no one surrenders
their human rights. And, so, doing it through
the civil courts means that you won’t need these
awful detention facilities. -After the last debate,
for example, I went to a place in Florida
called Homestead. And there is a private detention
facility being paid for by your taxpayer dollars,
a private detention facility that currently houses
2,700 children. -Two Democratic debates down
and many more to go.