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hello I'm Graham Elwood some of you may know me I've been a stand-up comic for a long time I was in a bunch of movies and stuff like oh great it's movie ever roll with Doug Benson super high me I've also have a podcast called comedy film nerds and I wanted to start doing this Church of Batman because I want to start talking more about politics and this feels like the best format for that because stand-up comedy needs to be very joke driven and my podcast is all about movies and I don't want to hijack that show to rant about politics but I'm really after the election felt like I I wanted to talk more about it because it's hard to know if any news sources are reliable or trustworthy at all some of you might be fans of mine watching this some of you might have no idea who I am if you don't know who I am I'm a liberal progressive but I'm not a Democrat I don't like the two-party system the Democrats have failed in a lot of ways and I also don't like the Republican like the Republican Party's doing at all but you know both parties need to be held accountable I've done seven comedy tours for the military in Iraq Afghanistan and Kuwait I lived in Germany for a year when I was a kid I've traveled all over the world and all over the US as a comedian you go to all different types of small towns colleges little bars big cities big theaters and I think this gives me sort of a unique perspective on the world I don't think I'm smarter than anybody or better or anything like that I just have a view of the world that has been influenced by the world and not just I don't just sit in my little corner of it except when I'm doing this with a painting of Batman and dollar-store candleholders of Santa but otherwise I think I have a pretty unique view of the world and I want I like I want to talk about it and I want to get some different ideas out there and I think that right now I watched the news and people's reactions to things and everything seems very oversimplified or it's just this problem we just need to fix that or this is the reason the one this is the one reason the election went this way or that way and that's not I don't I don't think that's the case I think it's too complicated of who of a world it's too complicated of a problem in America has way way way too many problems that go back a long long time that got us to this point that are not just as simple as Hillary didn't connect to the Rust Belt or Trump supporters are racist it's well both of those things are true it's not that simple so that's what I want to start talking about on this show and if you like it give me a thumbs up if you don't you know suck it

How Fear Is Redrawing Our Maps and Infecting Our Politics w/ Ruben Andersson – MR Live – 6/11/19

with Sam's Sita the destiny of America is always safer in the hands of the people than in the conference rooms of any Elise they are unanimous we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence whether sought or unsought by the military-industrial complex so much our day report with sam cedar it is Tuesday June 11th 2019 my name is Sam cedar this the five-time award-winning majority report we are broadcasting live steps from the industrial era ravaged Gowanus Canal and the heartland of America downtown Brooklyn USA on the program today so shi'ite profession professor of anthropology at Oxford University Reuben Anderson on no go world how fear is redrawing our maps and infecting our politics also on the program today federal judge orders the last abortion clinic in Missouri open for at least two more weeks House passes IRS reform bill killing the so-called free file program which was a giveaway to tax preparation services meanwhile Warren Buddha judge on the move in Iowa Bernie marches with workers and Joe Biden still thinks the fever will break they know better Jared Kushner's business got ninety million dollars over the past two years from unknown offshore investors just that folks it's working and it's very exciting it's getting really good Wow New York may be the first state in the country to decriminalize sex work and South Carolina wants to add work requirements for Medicaid Democrats pull a congressional pay raise bill because of pushback and Reince Priebus joined the Navy all this and more on today's program yes that's not a huge story Reince Priebus you all remember Reince Priebus he was the former chair of the Republican National Party then the became chief of staff the first chief of staff for the Trump administration and I don't know it doesn't say in this thing I haven't seen any thing any elaboration on this but I'm going to do a very ad hoc place by thinking great now Sean Spicer tweeted out an image of Reince Priebus in his naval uniform getting sworn in by Mike Pence so preyus age 47 he joined the Navy he joined the Navy and apparently he was commissioned after a process and where a former defense secretary Jim mattis recommended him and a board of officers selected him as a reserve officer and he says you know I remembered my sister serve as a navy doctor and my father taught at the Naval Station and he felt called to serve after the an oval office meeting in which Trump met with his wife and children of senior chief petty officer William Ryan Owens a Navy SEAL officer who was killed in a Special Operations raid in Yemen so he was professionally recommended by a board and with four others to join the service through a competitive direct Commission program for Human Resources offices officer I I'm for the life of me I don't know exactly what's behind this I just hope that it is an indication that if you work for the Trump administration no one will hire you in the civilian world I wanted to lobby bear to make it easier to put toxins in the waterways they would give you a damn thing the whole thing is garbage wants to see the world emit away from his surprisingly hot wife I've always wanted to see the Orient what the hell is surprising about it I thought that story is complete garbage but that's I hope that's what it is but I don't think that it's only that there may be other things involved in this I mean while on the hill yesterday the House Judiciary Committee heard testimony from former White House Counsel John Dean was obviously Richard Nixon's White House Counsel went on to write extensively about Nixon and about authoritarians in our government that was 10 15 years ago he saw that the Republican Party was actually turning authoritarian saw the indications of that happening and he's been you know brought on various capacities as a as a commentator I'm not sure I fully get why I understand the sort of the thinking but it really is one-dimensional thinking and clever too clever by half I think by the Democrats to do this but it may be the best that they could do with Nancy Pelosi and we will talk about Nancy Pelosi we have that clip of her the Petersons god anyways so in lieu of of impeachment hearings we're getting this which is apparently just to set the table now of course it did create some attention and wherever there's attention there is milk shake Mac gets Matt gets loves a slushie on a hot floor today he is from the Florida Panhandle and here he is questioning John Dean he doesn't do a terribly good job but he does get humiliated and how do we know that Matt Gaetz felt he got humiliated I will tell you after the clip do you have personal knowledge regarding the truth or falsity of a single material fact in the Moller report I think if you recall the first thing I said I'm not here as a fact witness you're here to provide historical context exactly and throughout history you accused presidents of acting like Richard Nixon and you make money off of it right not all presidents now but a few more those who do act like him I pointed out let me ask you this question how do Democrats plan to pay for Medicare for all I'm sorry how do well I figured if we were gonna ask you about stuff you don't know about we'd start with the big stuff so do you know how they plan to pay for Medicare for all who the Democrats or which candidate or will be more specific let's get specific to Nixon since that appears to be why you're here duplicate Nixon did have a health care plan good yeah well do you believe if we if we turned the lights off here and maybe lit some candles got out a Ouija board we could potentially raise the specter of Richard Nixon I doubt that well it so now sounded much better from the mirror Matt right Matt Gaetz thought he was and basically he tried like three or four different tacks so I'm gonna go to this Oh John Dean actually may actually know how these candidates are gonna pay for their health care and I certainly don't want that to happen so let's talk about Nixon Oh Nixon had a health care and they all laughed at Matt Gaetz and what's even more important than my assessment that they all laughed at Matt's Gates his math Gates's assessment that they laughed at Matt Gaetz and how do I know that Matt Gaetz felt they all laughed at him because there is no intern in Matt's gaits office who would have made the decision on their own to edit that video and release it and hide the fact that John Dean owned Matt Gaetz in this exchange here is the video that has been put out by Matt Gaetz this is eerie folks eerie 50,000 people have watched this and they're missing the part where Matt Gaetz gets metaphorically slushied how they plan to pay for Medicare for all who the Democrats or which candidate or more specific let's get specific to Nixon since that appears to be why you're here if we turn the lights off here and maybe lit some candles got out a Ouija board we could potentially raise the specter of Richard Nixon there you go they cut out that whole moment the minutes sound as if people were chuckling at his weak joke yeah exactly yeah they because they got the tail end of the laughter here's the part again appears to be why you're here if we turn the lights off here so hey let's get specific to Nixon since that appears to be why you're here if we turn the lights off or well let's get specific – skipping me humiliating myself in a spectacular fashion calling Vick burger I'm well forget Vick bigger this should be all over the news in Florida I mean that is pretty stunning that he would edit it that way doctor in the public record yeah it really is and there's 50,000 people who watched his version already 50,000 people and you can bet a lot of those are his constituents folks one of today's sponsor is Skillshare anyone who goes to sk l dot s h slash majority report for is going to get two whole months totally free access to scale shares entire library of super quality online courses and tutorials Skillshare 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going to be talking to Professor Ruben Anderson on a no go world how fear is redrawing our maps and infecting our politics you we are back Sam cedar on the majority report on the phone it is a pleasure to welcome to the program anthropologist and associate professor at Oxford University author of or his latest I should say is no go world how fear is redrawing our maps and infecting our politics Reuben Anderson welcome to the program thank you very much now this is a follow-up to Italy illegality Inc clandestine migration and the business of bordering Europe which was largely an ethnography of of migrants and what just how did that book lead to this one right so I was working as an anthropologist on undocumented migration towards Europe from West Africa for many years that was what my first book was about this is obviously a huge story in the news right now border security fighting irregular migration that kind of thing we're seeing that at both the us-mexico border and in Europe and that's the story of my first book so I was following border guards and their attempts to crack down on migration build fences launch patrols including on African territory and I was following migrants in the border trying to cross these these borders so the new book no girl is about the same part of the world some extent about West Africa and the conflict insecurity instability that's hitting this part of the world right now and I guess one thing that ties the two together is really this issue migration and the politics of fear surrounding what's seen as uncontrolled migration from poorer countries towards the West the way in which is ties into particular mapping of the world into zones that are seen as sources of dangers of threats coming towards western borders so I look at this both in the case of the us-mexico border in the book and in the case of your but we're seeing more and more investments in border security more and more wall building and similar types of controls rolled out to hold this kind of movement you you talk about you know sir red red zones and green zones just I mean for the just so that we are all on the same page like what does that mean literally you may recall the old Baghdad green zone during the Iraq invasion there they were bunker top part of the city that set apart from local society were it's very difficult center for any locals I think in a way we're seeing a globalization of this idea of the Green Zone today on a global scale including at our borders where we gating up or borders trying to keep Outsiders away anything that scene is dangerous to our territories outside then lies the red zone and we see that depicted very clearly on various kind of risk advisories if you go to the State Department or if you go to any foreign ministry website in Europe you'll see maps of the world that are covered in red blotches of danger huge part of Africa apart from Mexico Central America the large chunks of Central Asia are now no-go zones out of our reach as it were part of the world we shouldn't coach so we're seeing increasingly this division of the world a peculiar mapping of the world into zones of safety and danger in this sense red and green zones and I think this says something about our moments is anxiety and fear that we see in our domestic politics in Western countries and we also see I think hear an echo of earlier times you know colonial times pre-colonial times in the ways in which certain parts of the world's were imagined back then and part of what I do in this new book is to head back into history and see what we can learn from those earlier times yeah what I mean give us a sense of those of those maps like how so there was I mean I feels like the the maps in the pre-colonial times would not be they would not be red or green there would just be maybe a question mark right as opposed to I mean is that I mean how would you characterize if you were to to oversee the I mean I guess to generalize the the evolution of these maps and these are obviously done from the perspective of largely of the West what what would that evolution mean what would it look like both literally but also what was the the subtext behind that yeah the first two to discuss the subtext they're important to point out that the mapping of the world which I talked about central in this book it's not simply about the picking the world around us is a way of narrating or place in the world of leaving out certain things emphasizing others telling a story about our place whether we are in that in that world and it's also a way of justifying certain kinds of interventions in that world and we see that going back all the way to medieval times and what I look at in the book is the history of Western mapping to some extent maps of the world in medieval Christendom that situated Jerusalem at the center's and far away on the margins you saw this monstrous figures adorning the edges of the known world in a way the blank spaces you refer into that they were imagined as inhabited by these strange monstrous creatures here be dragons is that old phrase we often hear often the maps didn't say that but they had all these beastly traces as a written into the margins and that persisted into colonial times we see how in the early colonial period those blank spaces become spaces to conquer spaces to understand spaces to go out there and define and remap as it were and and it's ironic that in the high colonial era we see not to the British Empire for instance were all the red zones indicate zones of colonial control those were the part of Empire the Empire painted itself red as George always said well today the red films on our map indicate danger in any Cadillac of control and the indicator finger retreat as well a retreat and a selective withdrawal or Western powers away from part of the world where they have long sought to assert their dominance tell us what about the the timbuktu syndrome because you know much of what you're talking about at least in the context of when we I guess in Africa anyways is around Mali yes yeah I spent some time in Mali for research for this book where we seen conflict I'm going in the past years and sadly violence is not spreading across the country and across the whole West African region into neighboring countries as well this was a conflict of started in 2012 with a separatist uprising in the desert north of the country around the the ancient town of Timbuktu of course that's so well known as pizza me of remoteness in the Western imagination one of those blank spaces on the maps that in the 19th century European explorers as out you to visit and map and eventually through colonialism to conquer we're seeing in this part of the world the insecurity danger threats of various can kinds mapped out to different kinds of interventions we have counted terror interventions your border security operations peacekeeping mission is so on and what I talk about I'm sorry can you can you just for the sake of our audience where those types of interventions can you just flesh them out just a little bit so that people have an understanding of of what typically had been you know what those interventions took form because they're not simply they're not simply military and they're all not I guess I mean arguably but they're all they're not necessarily imperialistic although for the large you know to a large extent I guess maybe they are but we did we just outlined those for us hmm in the one hand since the Bush era we've seen the war on terror extended into this horrible the Sahel Sahara Belt in Africa to counter terror initiatives starting already around the time of the Iraq invasion that's that's an old thicknesses going on for a long time and since that time the early two-thousands we've seen an emergence is the privation of jihadist groups and other militias and armed insurgent groups in the region so that's one part of the story and we then also have the French former colonial power in the region coming in with its own counter terror mission in this part of the world that overlaps as well quite uneasily one can say will concerns about migration in Europe even when this counter terror mission is motivated officially in France is said to be about controlling a dangerous zone where all types of smuggling taking place is partly to do with stabilizing this part of the world to ensure that migrants and displaced people don't remove onwards some extent we then have border security and this was also that I wrote about in my first book more and more European Union funding different European states investing in this part of the world sending troops to some extent but also police forces into the region a lot of money going into the coffers of government often with little Democratic oversight and directly into funding things like border post vehicles all sorts of security equipment in countries such as Mali a neighbor in the air that is risking real escalation of the problem if the security apparatus of the state just keeps on being strengthened with XI Democratic controls besides over she have a UN peacekeeping mission which clearly has more benevolent objectives attached church but I've seen in certain huge trouble in this part of the world with record fatalities taken mainly by African troops are out there patrolling the frontlines in the desert north of the country the very little protections in a mission of uncertain end and facing increasing attacks but year history certain groups it's a very unstable part of the world right now where all sorts of security operations are converging in a very uneasy way and that's partly what I get at when I talk about is timbuktu syndrome in this part of the world a way of intervening that's concerned with controlling various kinds of transnational danger in this far-flung remote places of the globe but are often our premise or not actually fully entering these zones of operating in them as a remove through the remote controls from the inside walls of bunkers and headquarters and via drones and proxy forces and so on so obviously in this part of the world is not quite working out well alright so the the the what you're what you're describing to us is this notion of a sort of a and we're seeing actually I mean you can draw maybe more of a straight line arguably with what Donald Trump purportedly was trying to get out of Mexico which is to stop immigrants coming not not necessarily from across the Mexican American border but the Mexican and Guatemalan border and to stop the flow of immigrants and basically to leverage stuff that was happening and internally there and I and I want to turn our focus to that more specifically in a moment but this this syndrome you're describing is a fear that's on the margins on some level but in some way our interventions are done in a more are done in such a remote way that it makes these things more marginal and also more dangerous that's probably a good summary of eight yeah it's a bit of an echo the Vietnam syndrome if we if we'll bring that term in as the idea that the United States didn't want to risk its soldiers lives in military escapades abroad after the large fatality sustained in Vietnam and we clearly see an echo that today and that's partly why I talk about a syndrome here in that we're seeing a reluctance a political reluctance or risk aversion to put large numbers of boots on the ground to put in place a large scale say military civilian mission in these far-flung parts of the world instead the idea that we are now using these new capabilities to intervene remotely through technology through drone surveillance but also through collaborations with partner regimes partner States as we've seen in the case of migration in Mexico and Central America and as we see in the case of both migration and counter terror in the Sahel and the Sahara this is an old technique but also they're already in colonial times I should say and it's not quite working out we're rather seeing often uncontrolled unchecked resources spreading into often very unaccountable regimes and they're often risk escalating the problem over the long term there's less and less of a sense of control over what's happening on the ground and the powerful in Terenas in their headquarters military helicopters policing headquarters in the West or in bunkers in the sealed-off another very limited view was going on there and that separation that we draw all that distancing that I think should concern us deeply I mean I understand the dynamic you're describing which is you know we're trying to intervene but we're on some level it's sort of like a one size fits all it's not done as a as a sort of like an experience that is that is shaped by an understanding of what's actually happening there by interacting with people but I'm unclear as to like what is what is it that we're doing I mean what what is the central problem is it that is it the intervention is it the mode of intervention is it that you're suggesting here or is it that we have done things that have have created problems on the margins because it's also possible and I'm not sure you know like of the the perspective on how this is problematic because there have been those you know back in the early 90s in this country the neocons the project for a new American Century you know proposed to a large extent a lot of what we're seeing now it didn't necessarily work out in the way that they thought it would that it would create this sort of like American hyper power hegemony by you know unchallenged to Germany because you know in in envisioning a series of low-level conflicts all around the world that were low-level enough that it kept people busy we're but you know it created some busy work for people in terms of but it never nobody ever amassed power to challenge the United States I don't know that second part actually worked out from the perspective of those people but certainly the first part seems to be there right I mean if you pour enough guns you start selling enough guns and you're willing to sort of like you know drop with drones or you know packets of money or whatever you can create some instability and you know you still control it you know have a certain amount of controlled chaos yes control chaos is a good word for it and I do go back in the book actually to the early post Cold War moment when the neocons came out in force force and said we need to go abroad in search for monsters to destroy in a way what we've seen since last time that search for a post Cold War enemy to take the place of the Soviet so he has come to pass as you say and we've seen this active conjuring of monsters on the margins of our map in a way that serves a certain kind of project here so I think part of the problems come back to what he's saying is with the way in which Western powers have intervened in this part of the world for long and fundamentally imbricated in the problems in the dangers in the challenges that we're seeing here through as you say arms sales in the zones of conflict you see that now in the case of Yemen for or through for instance a kind of remote intervention we saw by NATO in Libya deposing Qadhafi with no plan for the aftermath which in turn led to a whole escalation of series of events not just in Libya itself engulfed in chaos and factionalism grows across the whole Sahel Sahara Belt of states which are long been patrons or sort of dependent on the patron of Qaddafi patronage of Qaddafi to a reg Malians from from the north of Mali it had been in Libya coming south into Mali and setting the spark for the rebellion there that and led to the conflict in Mali and so on and when I was out there in Mali speaking to people speaking to the military as well in this country they would point the singer directly at the West and saying that it is done to you that we're facing this problem and there comes the other side of the equation which she said interventions that have been put in place have not tended to improve things rather they were imposing the distance that does benefit to some extent the external powers it keeps the problem out of sight and out of mind for a time it pushes the problems and risks elsewhere it dumps them as it were in the Global Borderlands in the blank spaces far away from our shores but at the same time instability keeps growing and we see the constant risk of blowback of larger risks coming back to hit the fortified borders of the West as it were and I think we saw that in 2015 in their so-called refugee crisis for instance and some extent in the the chaos is now spreading across the region to what extent is the creation of the of these sort of like marginal boogeyman if you will and you know and both both imaginary and real we've either created them out of whole cloth or we've created them by destabilizing things and/or we've created certain problems like I'm thinking in terms of US intervention in Central and Latin America over the past I don't know six seven decades which has created instability which has you know in a large part added to the desire for people to migrate out of those countries and into the US and then of course they're demonized for domestic political purposes of of a specific you know a party or president but I mean to what extent is this also being used as a way of like sort of anticipating future problems like we're also you know maybe not so coincidentally we're seeing these this instability in places which largely are also going to be implicated and are implicated now with climate change and it's almost as if like well we might as well get this party started now and start to build the walls because you know summer is coming I guess and and we should build the walls now and the way that we get the walls built is by creating you know maybe ginning up a fear because frankly there's gonna be a an even greater crisis down the road yeah yeah true just to start off there I should just clarify that I'm not saying that is simply a case of creating our own monsters or certainly many other actors with a responsibility here in the mix it includes local actors in some of these countries that have a stake in the game that includes of course insurgent the edges groups themselves and so on criminal networks who all have their own violent means and tibs for for doing what they do so let's also remember that it's a complex mix of factors thrown in here but we're often with future projection of a doomsday that we saw already in the 1990s has tended to in a way make things worse in the short run and setting us up for a bigger a bigger problem in future I think let's just take the example of rolling for instance when the first wolves emerged around western borders both in the United States in Europe in the 1990s the pro migration was taking quite different shapes it was not nearly as dramatic as what we then started to see I remember speaking to European border guards reflected on this error and said look until the wall was up it was in in in Spain the people just came walking across now suddenly we had this situation were now a large number of people just to run at this wall all at once having to be fought back by border guards and it's really chaotic scenes invoking an emergency and we saw similar thing at the us-mexico border be the so called kamikaze runs at the same time so that suddenly we had a crisis and the crisis was in part created by the very wall there was lyric is supposed to stop the future crisis from happening and I think there's a risk with that sort of doomsday thinking actually helping to create a doomsday coming into play when we talk about climate related migration in academia we have a much more complex perspective on how climate change is going to impact on future population movements it's not necessarily the case you're going to see millions upon millions of people setting out on long journeys towards the west the evidence is more complex than that but I think this is a big risk that this gets simplified and turned again into a story of these encroaching dangers so we need to build a wall against that in fact will then lead to a worsening of the problem do you do you think from a certain extent I mean that that may be part of what is driving this policy you know broadly to the extent that there's an a policy or these policies that are leading to this sort of dynamic now those are short sightedness to it and you hinted at that in terms of the domestic politics here is quite easy to rally the vote if you can reassure a certain part of the electorate you're going to build that wall or what-have-you and we see that in Europe as well the most blatant example being perhaps the case of Hungary were posters were put up to deal with with migration and what migrants couldn't couldn't do in the country but they were all in Hungarian which meant any migrants of refugees in the country could not read these posters it was clearly a message meant for the domestic audience similarly walls sentences patrols that kind of measure the principal purpose of those tends to be to send a domestic political signal rather than halting migration and absolute sense in fact evidence suggests in the United states-mexico case that the huge investments in border security in the nineteen nineties have led to larger undocumented population in land in the United States as people have stayed on over the long term mister of circulating back in Mexico fitted in earlier yes because they know that they can come back in for seasonal work and then go back go back home easily they don't feel the same pressure in fact there's the theory right now is that the reason why we are seeing greater numbers of refugee seekers right now is because there is a sense that the door is is starting to shot totally and people need to get there now so what what what is the what is is there a specific phenomena that's happening is around the world that there seems to be a trend in this way or is it just that well one leader looks and sees what another leaders doing and seeing that it may be successful there or is there a sentiment or just you know is this a contagion mm-hmm I talked about it in innocence in the book as a form of contagion when we're seeing this ramping up of fear and threat scenarios and emergencies around borders often involving quite small numbers we should recall most immigrants in the United States don't enter are not the ones who are now being sort of broadcast on television as this major entry similarly in in in the European case over land migrants towards Europe certainly if we take the Euro 2015 out of the equation or US or a relatively small minority of overall migration but we've seen here again and again is a ramping up of emergency rhetoric that's that's very easily spread through both social media and traditional media and that certain politicians as well a very adept at using and sometimes copying one from the other from one context to the other but I think we need to look in as part of our during the book look at both the political gains to be had from this and the economic logics underlying it on the one hand there are clear short-sighted political gains from from engaging in these sort of emergency politics rather than taking the longer view and of ramps or dampening down the rhetoric and trying to find a more humane sustainable way of approaching these large-scale structural phenomena such as migration violence displacement and so on but there are also economic gains and there are gains in terms of how as I said core Western powers intervenors may be able to through their operations may be may be they are creating a larger problem in the long run but in the short run they can push the problem somewhere else they can contain it in border regions on the other side of these divides it's in that sense quite an efficient way so in a very cynical short-sighted sense of dealing with it through a politics of risk and fear and we also see a lot of economic interest coming into that both on the side of the defense constructors providing the equipment the border and security analysis and militaries who are engaging in these fights as well on the other side of the board with a partner to see higher and higher stakes in this and in fact time and again can ramp up the rhetoric around emergencies and face to to ask for more favors as it were from the western thunders of the operations and we've seen that across Africa in recent years in terms of migration for instance is the I guess lastly to is the is this is the solution to this is it a question of just simply there has to be a different political will because it seems like you know we've certainly had eras where the execution of of policies which would dampen the the danger to the extent that it's real or that would I mean is we've we've had policies in the past right or there or have we I guess is it just a question of political will is it a question I mean how does this because it feels like we're in sort of a feedback loop to a certain extent and and so how do how do we what what is it that takes us out of that feedback loop yes a bit what I described in the book is a negative spiral where we keep escalating the sort of emergency in a sense the sense of CA the sense of threat and anxiety that keeps worsening situation and pulling in more and more access into this way of seeing the world based on security and danger and so on and certainly I think part of what we introduced to go back into history and see is a pretty recent moment when these sales are being mapped on to the world in this particular way certainly when it comes to migration the post-war EA's in the United States and Europe so larger scale legal circular migration labor programs they were not perfect but it was certainly better than the kind of violent dangerous routes and sense of emergency we seen at the borders ever since his legal pathway started closing were replaced by census and barriers similarly the collaboration with neighboring states where is the case of Mexico Central America around human migration and Traylor whether it's a case of Europe and Africa is now increasingly focused on containing migration at any cost providing funding for of an unchecked security outfits and regimes that can be framed in a completely different way and again not so many years ago we saw a more positive narrative around modernization Development Economic Opportunity that again wasn't perfect but it can certainly be revived we still there to some extent but it can certainly gets back and get the upper hand and perhaps be retool for a new era and for this to happen I think part of what needs to go on is a different narrative a different political narrative and in a way our remapping of our over a world away from these divided maps that we're seeing were projecting all these fears and dangers outside of our territories and instead trying to assume more of a responsibility for us fundamentally structural systemic challenges these are not place bound people bomb threats are somehow far away not belonging to us we are fundamentally implicated in finding a solution to questions of human mobility displacement violence and conflict and part of that is to do with finding another narrative a more positive narrative for these collaborations with poorer countries in crisis hit parts of the world no-go world how fear is redrawing our maps and infecting our politics Ruben Anderson thanks so much for your time today we'll put the book link to the book at majority dot F M again thanks for your time thank you so much all right felt there you have it I'm gonna take a quick break headed to the fun half of the program we're in we will have fun we have Nancy Pelosi at the Pete Peterson foundation today super fun saying those words makes me nauseous she's always been a big Pete Peterson fan but the idea that you would go and promote deficit Hawk or at this time really any a time but at this time in particular is shocking political malpractice even if you I don't know even if you really thought like your entire objective in government was to close the deficit it still would be just the dumbest thing in the world to do right now talk about rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic it's not it's worse than that it is not rearranging the deckchairs because at least you'd be rearranging the deckchairs this is literally like blowing another hole in the Titanic Opie Buddha judge was on Jesus and mirrors Showtime show and he talked about that thing and it wasn't a good interview it's kind of embarrassing for everybody but he is talking about that thing about where you can say certain things to certain audiences but then it eventually gets around to everybody right and Pelosi things like oh I'm at with Manu Raja at the P Peterson foundation people that know that this deficit stuff is BS won't ever find out what I'm saying you know I don't think so I don't think frankly I think that's part of the problem like I just don't i i i i think that she thinks that she doesn't think that there are people who would have that much of a problem with it i well we'll get into it in a moment cuz it's so nuts he Pierce him as a great man what the hell do you know that Susan Collins basically well it's it's a distorted tape drunk Nancy Pelosi which is which is in college we're gonna take a quick break headed to the fun half just a reminder your support makes this show possible you can become a member at join the majority report com also just coffee dot co-op Fairtrade coffee tea or chocolate use the coupon code majority get ten juicy percent off your coffee tea or chocolate okay I say the same thing every day I've said no the same thing innovation is good what show would would number show we on 2020 do we even mark our 2000 show no we blew past it and then like somebody reminded us what I care hey we're not sentimental when we get to the 10,000th show oh okay you know it's amazing by the 10,000 so I feel like many like China will have like a naval presence like across the Caribbean and somehow Nancy Pelosi will still be in charge of the Democrats in Congress right we're did if we did 2000 shows in the course of it's been nine yeah about not quite eight and a half years so to get ten thousand five forty forty years total so thirty years from now oh no no I'll still be 82 I'll be Nancy Pelosi SH I will literally be her age Nancy Pelosi was wrong don't give that to say it her honey I was dirty explaining a that we should cut so she's the impression grits are gonna be so convoluted by that oh yeah when you start when you start adding timelines Jesus Christ hey Collin on the teleporter line listen uh well the port is really bad but what do you what do you keep referencing this thing from the four years ago how about some new material this show will be totally in comprehensive Volta anyone who's been listening for less than 50 years right exactly I'm sorry you're not part of the fifty year I was excited like this on another minute I was explained to Brandon that like how how easily you could lose touch if you were Nancy Pelosi where I was saying like because so much of your political and I think it's true with everything to a large extent for most people not all people so much of your knowledge base that you operate on are formed in you know formative years for that for her politically probably happened I mean you know Ryan grim was talking about this yesterday you know thirty forty years ago and she's still operating under those same assumptions and whatnot and I was trying to use an analogy it was like Matt understands that I like you know 90s music the kind of music and you find like you can you could extrapolate that to music that exists today but I'm like when I'm 80 we have some buddies Matt's age is gonna be sitting at the board is gonna have no idea yeah about that music Pelosi talks about d-day like I talked about the 72 and 10 Chicago Bulls right I mean it's it's a little bit way off it's also really where you draw the analogy like you're RH to same it is weird to sort of like assess perturbation having a conniption right now like when and I look at like my daughter and I think that like I can't remember like the distance between her and Kurt Cobain my daughter is like twice as large as it was for me at her age between me and the Beatles and I'm like what because the Beatles seemed like forever ago when I was 14 and you know the idea that Kurt Cobain is twice the distance from my daughter at age 14 and the Beatles were from me at age 14 is pretty stunning time I mean even even for like us like I don't you were like an adult when he committed suicide yeah yeah wild you know there are people being born today who are younger than anyone ever before yes dude think about it it's like my daughter doesn't even know who I was reading an actuarial report I was getting really high I will say my daughter I will Kurt Cobain when I was when I was tending the Foo Fighters won't even be remembered but when I was when I was 10 the distance between World War 2 and was 30 years earlier and we've almost doubled that time since then like in what I can tell you World War two seemed like a long time ago when I was 10 and like iran-contra yeah exactly all right I gotta hope for generations eve i gotta say they're a lot more I mean they scare me a little bit in some ways they're just like feral children of the internet but they a lot of them are really into Marx and I think they might save us hope springs eternal yeah speaking of generations II tonight's Tuesday what's up Michael is it because you're contemplating your mortality that you were so I'm tired yeah okay I get it go go just drift off tonight before the main show we're doing a live stream with Kyle kolinsky and we're gonna be talking about some of the new this this progressive economic pledged Kyle also has requested but he would like to do a little bit of Dave Rubin dunking with me which is seems to be a thing that people like to get in on and then we're gonna debate a little bit of what is the difference between a socialist internationalism versus left-wing isolationism and we're not gonna make that about particular we're gonna try to get out of the granular and out of the candidate sort of bickering and actually see if there is like a philosophical and positional difference there that's useful to think about then in the main show Glenn Greenwald's gonna come on about this massive massive lava jato story and then Bosch car soon Cara and Ben Burgess are both gonna be in studio and we're gonna talk about the German SDP the history of socialism and what models might actually be relevant to the United States in 2019 for greater freedom and democracy in our economy slash t MBS Michael Brooks show on YouTube where we're getting close to our first fifty thousand paid subscribers on YouTube so hit subscribe Jamie out now or actually I'm sorry I that up out tomorrow and the anti Fattah we have on Ben Burgess he was great on the majority report he's great on T MBS spoiler alert he's also great on the anti fraud uh he had a great time he texted me oh that's so nice yeah we talked all about logic and why the left means it and you know we put our little anti Fattah spin on it so it won't be boring to people who have already seen him on these shows that's out tomorrow check it out folks uh yeah literary hangover check out the oh well patrons are enjoying the or Weller series that I've been doing I check that out Margaret Fuller I'll get that episode up on YouTube soon also if we have any electronic music composers that these sort of instrumental electronic music think like Keter live and in ski or a fixed win or like caribou or something like that get in touch with me at Matt Lacan Twitter ma TT le CH because I have project that I might be interested in so that will update you as that develops quick break fun F Jamie and I may have a disagreement yeah you can't just say whatever you want about people just cuz you're rich I have an absolute right to mock them on YouTube breeze up their buggy whipping like he's the boss I am NOT your employer you know I'm tired of the negativity I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you you're nervous you're a little bit upset you riled up yeah maybe you should rethink your defense of that you're idiots we're just going to get rid of you all right dude dude dude dude dude dude you want to smoke this joint yes do you feel like you are a dinosaur exactly I'm happy now it's win-win hell yeah now listen to me two three four five times eight four seven nine oh six five oh one four five seven eight 56:27 1/2 5/8 3.9 billion don't you see everybody's taking their dumb juice dance dance dance Rand Paul I had my first postal I'm hoping that more moves to my repertoire all I have is the dip in the swirl fine we can double dip yes this is a perfect moment no all right a quick break I want to take a moment to talk to some of the libertarians out there dick whatever vehicle you want to drive to the library what you're talking about is jibber jabber lassic I'm feeling more chill already Donald Trump can kiss all of our asses it's a free speech issue if you don't like me thank you for calling in to the majority report them we'll be with you shortly we are back it's the fun half ladies and gentlemen it is the fun half so much fun too much fun let's play this clip Nancy Pelosi I you know I want to be no I don't really necessarily want to be generous but I mean I just want to be fair as far as that I could see an argument why one wouldn't impeach I can see various ones and I but I can see the validity of an argument that says like oh this is going to hurt the re-election chances of members of my caucus in purple states and that's why I'm not doing you know going to do it that argument though needs to be backed up particularly if you're the Speaker of the House with an actual plan to do something in between now and the election because if you leave a vacuum for someone like Donald Trump he will fill it if you leave a vacuum for someone like Bill bar he will fill it they will fill it with their own investigations and they will fill it with their own Republicans who go out who are lately shameless in pursuing these things and the only plan that I could see there I don't know what it would be maybe another sort of like a type of Investigations or my understanding is they've passed all the bills that they had really basically set up they've passed a bunch of them it hasn't it hasn't particularly worked I mean there's a bunch of votes that they've taken but those votes aren't gonna go away if you need votes to run on they have them the idea that you would be in any way contemplating at this moment what Nancy Pelosi is expressing at the Peterson foundation Pete Peterson was Nixon's Commerce Secretary billionaire from I think it was Blackrock investments or something like that he recently died Nancy Pelosi was was very crazy praiseful upon his death they are basically looking to raid Social Security and Medicare long-term and they do it through deficit Hawk eree and they have purchased there are so many of these summits and so many Peterson foundation grants and whatnot that you it's very hard to find journalists particularly over a certain age who have not been in some way funded in some endeavor or another by pete peterson then they all haven't been corrupted by it necessarily but it certainly dominated the discourse this is stunning she's at a fiscal summit 2019 building America's future being interviewed by Maharajah I do before we get into the issues of the conference I do want to talk about some of the issues that have been in the news over the past week you were traveling abroad and you were Normandy the president wasn't Normandy to in he made some comments about she was sitting in the American Cemetery in Normandy and rather probably the most aggressive remarks I've heard from the president make about a speaker of the house he said that you were nervous he called you a disaster he also called you a nasty vindictive horrible person this is not me there's a president saying this he later went on to tweet that you were disgraced to yourself and your family so how do you react to the press of the United States calling this calling you the speaker the house insulting you like that well what bothers me more is that we're talking about that instead of how to reduce the national debt now look I can understand the the idea to make it look like you're talking about business and if you don't want to talk about him say well he's a bit of a child let's move on to something else what does she understand that in success what she's setting up with this there are a million other things a million other places she could have been yesterday or today rather to do that same pivot he's a child I don't want to talk about him I want to talk about infrastructure he's a child I don't want to talk about him I want to talk about monopolies in our health care industry I want to talk about monopolies in our tech industry I want to talk about health care for Americans I want to talk about what's happening in terms of a woman's right to choose I want to talk about the judiciary I want to talk about getting wage growth up after a month where wage growth was stagnant in jobs fell I want to talk about dealing with wealth inequality I want to talk about dealing with women's health issues I want to talk about the opioid crisis there are a million things that she could have brought up in that instance I want to talk about what's going on with the destabilization in the Middle East I want to talk about what's happening with the dreamers I want to talk about what's happening where we're trying to leverage our trade to force Mexico to to have draconian policies towards people who are escaping violence a million things she could have talked about and she's choosing to talk about the one thing that in the event her strategy works and gets more democrats elected that they will be faced with having to impose austerity policies because she has already laid the premise that the real problem we have is a debt crisis it is beyond unconscionable it's unconscionable from a policy standpoint because we have no more of a debt we like we don't have a debt crisis and it's unconscionable from a political standpoint because everybody everybody who pays an ounce of attention to this has seen what the Republicans do they have done this since the Reagan era they drive up the deficits in the debt when Democrats get into office they force Democrats to cut and to build towards a surplus and then when the Democrats are out of power they drive up the deficit and the debt rinse repeat rinse repeat rinse repeat specifically how many times we went from Republican to Democrat to Republican to Democrat to Republican to Democrat and did those same things and we now know that all of the supposed literature and academic research that suggested that we were in a debt crisis was BS like literally a spreadsheet that hadn't been double-checked Rogoff Reinhart and Rogoff right are in row goth and identified by a grad student at UMass just to underline how radical a mistake that was yes and everybody had adopted it and you know Pete Peterson had to enshrine these guys I don't even know if they can walk what was the book called I used to remember that i don't i don't remember either so there you uh there there you have it i just would like to add briefly i mean i think that though that this is where and i I was reading bosch Cara's book in preparation he does a good job of explaining like the elements of understanding the Third Way globally going back to the 80s and 90s and how you know it does fit in with what even that that Nancy Pelosi sound and in some ways if you there's like the personal failings of politicians there's the fact that they're all compromised by corporate campaign contributions and then there is the balancing act between basically having the political conflicts between one party that's there to purely indulge capital interests they have absolutely nothing else to do which are the Republicans obviously and then a democratic party that sort of like has to triangulate between preserving remnants and then helping facilitate the next rounds of basically austerity and you know there was definitely in the 80s and 90s structural reasons for that and so it's like a question of escaping that ideologically and in terms of your donor base but also hopefully reconfiguring how people understand the economy as well let's take a call here a lot of people got on right at the beginning call from a to10 area code whose this where you come from good afternoon today I'm miss Johnson San Antonio John from San Antonio are you calling about the Iowa poll John actually I am yeah on Saturday night I was top pollster and Seltzer released her latest poll had Bernie in second place at 16% Warren at fifteen Budaj at fourteen this increased to focus on who's gonna get the live I've met Biden at twenty four right yeah yeah he's there Bernie supporters it's ok John it's not that bad yeah well let's put in contact the border let's put this in context for a second there was another poll I believe the last one was in March correct Biden's down four or five points Bernie's down about eight points Warren is up by four five or six and Buddha judge is up by about twelve or thirteen yeah it's more or less right okay okay so so the increased focus on who's going to get the less vote Bernie supporters seems split on how how the day's activists and how Bernie himself should deal with Warren now pointing out policy differences yet being civil and critiques is my preferred method of distinguishing candidates to me Bernie is far superior in reining in military intervention and spending his commitment to core issues from 2016 campaign and Medicare for all $15 an hour minimum wage free college and the combatting climate change are still some of the top priorities for the country Bernie will be given a speech tomorrow on how democratic socialism is the only way to defeat oligarchy and authoritarianism he's going to be relating this to the FDR's for freedom speech from 1941 Warren made a smart move when she decided to put out 19 policy proposals starting with us the wealth tax on January 24th in the last two policies were the economic patriotism and green manufacturing on in just recently I doubt it Bernie will criticize Warren because he has too much respect for her he called called her his favorite senator invited her to his inequality in America Town Hall in March of 2018 if Bernie does win the nomination Warren will very likely be his top pick for Vice President I know that some people may scoff at this idea as being conspiratorial but do you think that they formed a pack or maybe it's already formed not to criticize each other and to release their delegates to the candidates who has the best chance of winning the nomination this will increase the odds that that one of them will win the nomination what do you think of this idea and how would you analyze the Sanders warren relationship as it relates to the nomination right now I mean I think it would have been political malpractice or either one of them to make that type of pact I you know in terms of like the delegates I think both of them and I don't know that they needed to make a pact to not attack each other I just don't think that they're they're going to do that I am not convinced that they are I think the the the the firt you I think it's a little bit counterintuitive but I'm not convinced that they're necessarily going after the same voters like I don't think that the the question is is you know between Bernie and Warren really is that there are many voters who are saying who has better policies I think if you're with Bernie or with Warren you're not there because you think one has better policies per se than the other particularly if you're with Warren I think it's just really more I think there are other factors I think you know Warren has now set her up herself up as someone who is like a you know who's by generating these plans has has set herself up and in the way that she has late you know sort of doled them out and and sort of branded herself is as sort of a workhorse in some way I don't think it's a competition of plans I really think actually where Bernie's votes lie are with Biden and with Buddha judge and if I were Bernie I would at this point I think it's smart for him to pivot to – you know beating Trump in the general election I think Buddha judge is going to have problems after the debates in some way because I think he isn't he's you know he's not as rooted as these guys but I think it's really just mine Biden four more votes at this point that's what I would be doing if I was if I was by Bernie I would be going after Biden's votes right now because if you are voting you got to remember right like we see this on the plane of policy in ideology but there are a lot of other voters out there who don't see it that way they see it there's other planes in which they see it they could see it as anti-establishment on some level which isn't the same thing because Buddha judge then sort of seems like a little bit like he's coming out of nowhere he's outside of the system that's what Beddoes both supposedly had some of that and Buddha judge sort of stole that from bateau or you could just see it of like I feel safe with an old white guy I wish I think you know some people that's I gotta be part of Biden support part of Biden support is also the idea that he can win so I think you go I think Bernie goes after those I think to try and get into an argument that his policies are fundamentally better than Warren's I think is like you're fishing in the wrong pond at that point can I just add two quick things I won the part I totally agree with Sam on and I'll just make a plug again that I think is the intersection of making the case that Bernie is stronger against Trump than Biden and will relate to people in the key in key areas is hammering the hell out of him on trade and I don't think and I think that that is grounded and relevant enough for people that that isn't a particularly abstract policy area I think that that's a very lived and breathed thing for people that exemplify that you know Biden might have a glass jaw when it comes down to it particularly his sort of brand as a blue-collar guy and and I think that you you know I agree that it isn't about partially just because like clearly that's not even what Bernie wants to do and I don't think Sanders and I agree that they're swimming in different ponds to some extent but I I do think that if you're a Sanders supporter and obviously I am it's gonna start to be increasingly important particularly in much more narrow areas of conversation but parts that John's obviously part of because he's an important part of this show as an example – you know I think there are some people actually do care about our footprint in the world and there's a huge difference there that matters to millions of people's lives and then the huge and then the second is I think at some point you know we're gonna have to really sit back and say like okay it's very nice but everybody can get a bunch of smart people in a room and come up with plans how you actually win political battles is basically a very different thing and those are a fundamental different approach to politics so I think as supporters and a surrogates those are important yeah that's exactly what I was going to say like it doesn't matter how detailed and how good your policy proposals are if you can't get them passed right and Bernie is a movement candidate who understands that in order to get any of the stuff passed you need a real grassroots movement you need labor and you need to sustain it through way past the election and build an infrastructure for that and I think he's the only one who really understands that so for the people who do care about not just what the policy is but getting the policies through that's something that he could probably harp on definitely I yeah I mean I think there's there's some some value to that I still you know I think you want to fish where there's the most fish and I think I think the the argument in which i think is probably largely true although i think it's you know it's not a slam dunk argument to make because elizabeth warren can also point to like i created the most durable agency perhaps in the history of the united states but then it flips back to you know how broad is as that sort of well I don't think it's broad at all but I'm just saying exactly cemented by the Trump administration no they can't okay they voted no she's a very smart bureaucratic player and she would make like a great Treasury secretary the the point is is that I think all of that is small-bore that is exactly my point and I think like it's much I think there's a lot more I think the trade stuff makes a lot of sense because it goes right at Biden but that's my point is you go where the fish are and the fish are all in Biden's pond right now because all Bernie needs do is take ten percentage points of Biden's away and then it creates a cascading effect 90/10 rule and really my recommendations cuz I do think they're relevant but I think the critique I outlined is one that he shouldn't even be making it should be people like me and it talks to a fraction of the vote I think the vast foreign policy and and an argument about yes foreign policy but also more broadly military spending I mean I do think you know ultimately there does that there is gonna be some conflict at some point between never-ending imperial engagement and having the types of reforms we want our own society not to mention I do have to say I'm gonna hope that at least 2% of people and particularly people that fancy themselves as informed and care about issues will in fact care about the fact that we input you know impact every single life on this planet is something that can't just be shoved you know I'm sorry at least point seven five percent of the electorate it's rape if that point seven five is an Iowa caucus-goers that you know turns up in a marginal way that's great and they're already with Bernie yeah yeah well they're already with Bernie no not necessarily I mean this is another reason frankly I'll just say it strategically I mean there's another reason like why do you think I did so much content on Tulsi Gabbard early I never think and this will piss a lot of people off I'll always give her credit where credit is due but I never thought she's more than a to three percent candidate tops but I don't worry I know where that to three percent is likely coming from so I wanted to make pretty clear that I don't even necessarily buy the idea that she is like what is she she's at one or two percent yeah ideologically motivated left liberals who consider this helps progressives might not be as large group as people who vote based on personality or whatever but they are an extremely engaged group and they do attend things like caucuses right they're shaping Eric I agree and I you know I think that's another thing that I don't accept I apparently you know no one said in that poll Bill DeBlasio Oh like he didn't just get our policy you didn't just get 0% he got zero would it be really funny if Bill DeBlasio though like really went and he was just like I want building off what I have for New York it's a national plan where you just cut deals at real estate developers and then you do some good things you're there uh John thanks for the call all right thank you Ken he literally got I think um there was one that came out in New Hampshire and I feel like it was actually like Seth Moulton somebody else got a zero point zero and one of these there's one other there's one other person yeah calling from a 6:08 area code who's this where you come from hi it's will calling from West Virginia will from West Virginia what's on your mind uh yeah so my question is for everyone and I definitely want to hear what Michael and Jamie have to say about this I think if you're on the left and interested in history it can be pretty demoralizing to look at all like the past failures of our movements I'm thinking about things like the decline of the labor movement Social Democratic or labor party is turning neoliberal or the pink tide like fizzling out so my question is how do we learn about these things and take lessons from them without falling into demoralisation and depression and I'll take my answer off here well can I just answer before the two people that he wanted to hear answer answer I would say that his people you cannot over extrapolate certain historical case studies to be sort of eternal truths about how these things go because the say the in economic environment the media environment all these sorts of things change so I don't get that from history at all I feel history and people like struggling for social and economic justice throughout history as very inspiring so I think you just got to reframe it that way I agree and I would just add that and I am NOT saying things aren't very bleak but you can just as easily you know if you have a reactionary perspective you could say man there keeps being these countervailing forces and breakthroughs and we think we have them crushed and have all the power on there our side but then they come into power and they do these things so some extent you have to just adopt a broader frame and you know not be Pollyanna at pollyannaish but cynicism is its own form of inverse Pollyanna you know it's all true yeah I mean I've been thinking about this a lot listening to our own series history is a weapon because Sean and Matt Chrisman they just know too much and it has made them a little bit cynical I think Sean has kind of ramped down his activism at least partly as a result of how much he knows and also he's just getting old and tired but um I don't know I think it's actually kind of optimistic in some ways to look at the grand sweep of history because yes we've had some past failures and those are depressing but it just means we have more data for the next time that we have a new cycle of struggle a new cycle of anti-capitalist struggle and we can retailer our approach to shifting conditions of today like I don't think you should trust anyone who says ok there's a revolution it's gonna happen you just have to listen to me and do a B and C like no that's ridiculous nobody could possibly know that but but looking at the grand sweep of history like Shawn got into some world-systems theory on the last episode sumeragi know mode of production has ever lasted forever that includes you know the one that came before capitalism feudalism that was the first and the shift from feudalism to capitalism took hundreds of years right which is about as long as capitalism itself has existed and there were a ton of false starts so if you look at it that way we're really just getting started and I think that we should have some hope Hayes talked about this dynamic just a little bit on that thing that we put out what was it I can't remember what day we did a couple of weeks ago maybe it was just remember did we put I think we just remembers but he cited the German Democratic Socialist I can't remember his name who had told that that proverb about the the peasant farmer was dying and he he wanted to make sure that he was taking care of his sons but he had nothing so he told them that he had buried a bag of gold in the fields and the sons went and tilled and tilled and tilled the field turned up the field looking for that gold they never found the gold but what they did do is they turn the soil enough so that it ended up being bumper crop time and they ended up all getting fed even if you don't make it to the Olympics if you train for it you'll be in great shape it kind of reminds me two more things there's like a very poetic metaphor that Shawn put forth on one of our episodes we're like he compared building communism to like building a cathedral like right medieval peasants or the workers would build a cathedral and you probably would never get to see it completed but you know you'd work your whole life knowing that it was in service of something something great something greater than yourself in other words so they would go on to have problems and with kids and sorry yeah maybe maybe your kids Cathedral there's a George Sand quote that says our revenge will be the laughter of our children too right very optimistic and very maybe the Pollyannish hope I mean it's sort of like the reason you have to become a patron of all of our shows well it's also the Cathedral it's also why people plant trees right I mean it's trees totally oh god one more thing I'm sorry just like the idea that we were living at the end of history right in the 90s that was so much more depressing in a way than what you thought was what we have right now is leftists at least because like really that I mean the 90s were good in some ways but like I wouldn't want to live in a world where I thought that that was going to continue forever and now at the Linea liberal consensus is clearly breaking down and it's terrifying and we don't know what's gonna come after it but we know that history has definitely not ended the market was just on fire though in the late 90s the late nineties Carl fun gamma my sitcoms come from a six one zero area code who's this where he come from hello Sam Mike from Pennsylvania Mike from Pennsylvania how are you sir I am outstanding so do tell i sat down with I sat down with a fellow show regular fry comrade and we spoke to he'd Butare who was the who is primary and Nancy Pelosi her district in San Francisco in the upcoming year and discussed a lot of the issues and why it's so necessary for him to do as well as possible because she lives in the bluest district in the country and she's going to Pete Peterson events I know it my you should have heard me at the beginning of the you should at like when when Brandon was I was like where where is she doing that at the P Peterson and I was just like you gotta be he's one of the prime bands of this whole show universe I you know I don't want to overindulge like this sympathy that I have for Harry Reid I mean obviously we're light-years apart on politics but having Schumer and Pelosi there and Schumer of course and Pelosi both with Silicon Valley and Wall Street are going to be compromised because their geography but on the level of like blue state representation and still bending over backwards for the stuff when you had a guy you know representing an actual battleground state who really at least on core things like New Deal policies was you know mostly willing to fight its debt ads to at least I don't know it I am well what are the things that's interesting is like people like Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer because they're so far from actually running in competitive elections they don't have to engage with what really plays they can do them the mass you know the mental gymnastics of just saying like oh well this is good us more money and that will help us run more campaigns will fund more campaign so they do whatever gets them more money and gets them more power because if you help steer funds towards a candidate they feel obligated to vote for you in leadership etcetera and so it creates this feedback loop where they are continually taking political things that are not popular in amongst the voters but which get them more personal power which is why it's so vital that you have a OCS and and people like show hit who are primary them and forcing them to to face electoral equities in their district and I can tell you if you if you look at the voters of San Francisco even now all the Silicon Valley rot they are not in favor of Peterson cutting social security and getting rid of these programs and having balanced budgets that's insane and when and Shahid is not just some sort of like weird kook he is he's been on the the Electronic Frontier Foundation which is one of the major civil liberties organizations online leading the fight for net neutrality he has been he is an activist but he's also an accomplished lawyer you know he's been on the front lines for example I think he helped sound buzz looms for Ferguson so this is somebody who has true blue cred and really our discussion was really interesting you know covering so many range of issues we talked about robert muller in his past fighting with you know creating others entrapment schemes Muslims around the country the surveillance of mosques that happened to my local mosque even though they have absolutely no extremist rhetoric at all it's insane and how you know liberals like Nancy Pelosi attended on someone who is a right-wing Republican to do something against the Republican Party and how it fails even the most basic basic logic test so I'm calling with Shahid Butare is an attorney running against Nancy Pelosi in her house district the most blue in America he's a great candidate and I'm highly concerned that a loser imposer named Mike from Pennsylvania is calling in on his behalf my concern is that his weak-kneed surrogacy will undermine Shahid's efforts and I just like to know what you think about that Mike well we'll put a link to the podcast in our podcast description today can we do we have a link we'll find some you link guys but if you're listening the easiest way to find it is to search into deep patreon so there you go alright Mike something interesting thanks guys Mike alright let's take one more quick phone call gets more scum from a 703 area code who's this where you come from hi this is Clara from Virginia Claire from Virginia how are you Claire I'm good how are you good what's on your mind um so I was calling to remind everyone in Virginia that today is primary day and we have a lot of great progressives running and primary against a lot of really bad demographic Democrats including my district Barbara Savola who takes a ton of money from Dominion and actually promised to no longer take money from Dominion and then like two weeks later it came out that she was still taking money so just wanted to remind everyone to vote that's unbelievable it's a great call that's a great clean liar right there okay sure I won't do it she's really horrible oh I'm sorry did I say I wouldn't take money I misheard oh okay I wouldn't oh oh okay yeah no I meant to say I would take money that's what I meant to say unbelievable yeah well get out yeah so she'll think I'm the person primary her is Nicole Marlene and she's a great young progressive Democrat and so I really recommend everyone go look up what their their primary is going on right now because it's really important we're so close to turning Virginia blue so really excited about that yep all right good luck with it Claire appreciate the call I feel like working with the state of local news you could just get away if you're at like that level you could just get away with lies like that all the time well for all you know I guess what you can also do that on a national level apparently yeah that's basically where you know learning to a large extent right I mean that dude in the the district with all the sinclair media got away with body slamming and a journalist and there was no GM or tech barely any yeah you mean like the state of Montana isn't he the only rep from Muncie I think the only F that's the entire state this is a little bit strange well this Tom Holman I haven't quite figured out exactly what the heck is going on here so he's calling on a bluff right and it was Trump the bluff was to the American public right like I'm going to I'm gonna threaten Mexico with tariffs then they're gonna come to the White House and we're going to basically pretend that we're negotiating a new deal even though the deal that we're making is one that they already agreed to a month and a half ago at two months taking credit for things that are gonna happen already is a plus move totally people do that in politics I've heard a couple of stories that I don't know them for sure but I've heard a couple of stories but I mean everybody understands the dynamic here right it's like basically like I'm gonna meet with Matt after the show today and yeah I'm gonna tell him with in no uncertain terms tomorrow better be Wednesday because if it's not there's gonna be hell to pay around here and then we meet Matt comes out says tomorrow I agree and we'll be Wednesday and there it is that's what I thought and here is this guy the former was he the former ice director of the former acting ice director a former ice director Tom Holman if it wasn't for this terrorist if it wasn't for the terror threat they wouldn't be taking aliens off the train they wouldn't be sending troops to the southern border they won't be expanding the migrant protection protocol they won't be talking about a third country safe third country agreement the tariffs worked his bluff worked so I think once again he shows a really black part of me said his bluff worked was it really Bluff or you think he was willing to do it no I think I think it was a threat I'd use it more bluff I think there's a threat and I think he would have followed through and I'll tell you something else if they don't follow through on this agreement he will impose tariffs wait a second he that is like oh shoot maybe Trump is watching he never wants to maybe exposed as if he was bluffing you think I'm bluffing what you think I'm bluffing let's just go back let's just watch this is pretty amazing and I love the the look on the face of trish regan the she's the journalist over there right at fox business you just said bluff – she couldn't bring herself to say that guy protection protocol they won't be talking about a third country safe third country agreement the terrorist works his bluff work so i think once again what else could he have said there his bluff work it sounded like to me could he have been saying his blob like the terror it's hard for me to say tariffs and when he says tariff threat it sounds like he says terrorist threat right right but bluff is fairly yeah go back just one more time let's just hear it just the one more time just to make sure that we're getting it a third country safe third country agreement the tariffs works his bluff work so i think once again he said his bluff worked was it really bluff or you think he was willing to do it no i think i think it was a threat and use her more bluff I think there's that's right and I think they don't follow through on this agreement he will impose tariffs I love the idea that he's sort of like drifts off and he's like he's doing the calculation in his head like oh no a dad no Donald Trump's not gonna be happy with that you know I didn't use the word bluff just usually have to wait for your intern to cut the video for you do well that's the point yeah that was like Jesus Christ I think Chris Hayes made this point on Twitter which is that if the tariffs was greatest Trump made them sound why did we trade them for just a few hundred more police officers in Chiapas right because I think you're supposed to save us supposed to be so good for the economy but trade it away guess what guys we got a thousand cops in southern Mexico instead I also just say that if that b-roll footage scares you you have issues I mean Jesus Christ like this is what's so terrifying some people on the top of some flatbed trucks well we'll never asylum come your summer home in upstate Minnesota Emma no I don't want to stay in Minneapolis like I'm in a deeper into the state oh you didn't support Trump's tariffs now I have your house now listen when it came out when there was a story yesterday that the New York Times reported that Donald Trump made a deal that had already been made and his bluff no bluff worked Donald Trump had to make up that there was a special part of the deal that nobody knew about and he's still got to go on with that special part of the deal that nobody knew about here he is clip number four saying that yeah I know Mexico is saying that there is no special part of the deal but there is a special part of the deal and I'll tell you in about two weeks that's why it's a secret something that they will announce versus if it's all done and they have to get approval and they will get a problem if they don't get approval after think in terms of tariffs or whatever but it's just another aspect of what we've done it was all done because of the tariffs and because of the relationship that we have with Mex enough exercise book with the president yesterday and by the way I was with the president of France here the day too he's a great guy he manuals he's a great guy so we had a great conversation the other day and I think you're gonna see some real action said that when you think of it Mexico is doing more for the United States as of now than Congress and then that specifically the Democrats they have to get their act together they have to work and get something done because tremendous problem at the border if people pouring in and it means crime it means drugs have been so many other things we're building the wall we're gonna have close to 500 miles of wall built by the end of next year that's a lot and we're moving along very rapidly we won the big court cases you know the other day and that was a big victory for us so a lot of good things are happening but I want to thank Mexico and we do have one other thing that will be announced at the appropriate time but they have to get approval from their legislative body what is it why are the Mexican it's a secret thing that they don't want to tell any of the legislators about you know they want the pass but they'll be doing it soon it's one of those things it's just is such a little baby I'm reading a review of Michael Wolf's new book a siege I think we're under siege on Trumpton and when it comes the Trump I'm totally Pro Michael wolf and totally support gossip and totally supported all of his journalistic methods and apparently this new book is just even even more unflattering in the last one if that was possible and in this reviewer says at this point the books genres switches to sci-fi what if this quote-unquote strange organism speaking of Trump with its uncanny ability to survive every threat is some kind of unkillable force like the alien and alien wounded multiple times Trump has never quote-unquote bled out even Bannon filiz and his quote unquote magical properties about skipping ahead that whatever the scenario a new bankruptcy ultimatum dolefully given by Ivanka or or charges banned and predicts whatever the scenario Trump won't go out classy well that's what Trump said the other day about Nixon he goes you know they're talking about Nixon left I don't I'm not gonna leave this week so you know we live in this very strange world where we have a Mad King who is running the country and 50% not quite 50 percent but 40 some odd percent that control and at least in the Senate more than fifty percent of the seats pretend like he's not insane and there are moments like this one the Mexico has a secret provision to the deal that we made that really validates the whole deal I made that they're not telling anybody about they're denying it of course but they're not gonna deny it for long because it's true cuz they gotta get passed by their legislature they keep asking this question because they can know that he's lying and everybody just wants to watch him squirm and they even ask it of Sarah Sanders even at friendly venues but she knows she doesn't have to give a real answer here is Fox and Friends asking White House press secretary Sarah Sanders what's this whole secret part of the deal and on this the deal there's more troops at the border we know there's going to be money to give these would be illegals that are trying for asylum in our country some type of a job opportunity they're supposed to get health care and supposed to get shelter in Mexico I get it now there's some talk about this there now the idea just a day ago this guy was railing on the fact that immigrant children who have been living in this country are gonna get health care or gonna get a chance to go get schooling or get to play baseball as some type of massive injustice but the idea that we would threaten another country to provide that stuff for the same people that's a good deal it's unbelievable how there's no semblance of shame or just recognition as those words are coming oh I remember yesterday I was complaining this was horribly offensive but whatever I digress Eagles that are trying for asylum in our country some type of a job opportunity they're supposed to get health care and supposed to get shelter in Mexico I get it now there's some talk about this third country deal that could be in the works the Mexico has to pass through their legislature and that the president indicated it's there nobody else says it's really there can you tell us with this what other side deal could be coming our way look I'm not gonna get ahead of President Trump or the President of Mexico and making further announcements but we have had discussions and you can see even in the joint statement that they released where they said that within the next 90 days further action could be announced and that we will continue those discussions that's exactly what we're doing that's exactly what we're talking about and we've already got agreements on the way for other action that will help again solidify Mexico's commitment to stop illegal immigrants for coming across our southern border okay I have a question in the budget is send em all back to Africa Public Enemy in the Bush administration would they have felt in the Bush era would they have felt the need if Killman was doing the same equivalent of that reversal within 24 hours what do you felt a need or someone like him felt a need to say now I know that may sound different from yesterday but here's some BS to papered over is part of that extremism a product of Trump just normalizing lying to a new I think that's I think that's part of it but I also think part of it is like under the Bush administration they were much more adept at this stuff it wasn't just you know George Bush wasn't just like making up stuff in the moment they would have meetings and they would fashion a lie and then they would all be on the same page and they would all know how they were gonna present the lie and then they would tell the lie and they had people like we're in charge of this it was like I heard Maureen Dowd drinks totally we had our ties as opposed to mass producer who said this but like Bush was their idiot and Trump is his own idiot yes I think that's true I think that's true and I would say that short of bill Barr everyone around him they are are pretty much idiots in the new wolf book apparently uh Trump is also really upset that Bear is having a growth spurt because he's very salad dude I feel seriously if there is anybody know people are constantly looking for people to sympathize with in the Trump world I have never made any sense to me if you're an adult that's on you but yeah it's tons of solidarity with Baron Trump yeah right until until it all takes hold until he's twenty jewel adult Trump Barron on Twitch here is the right-wing talk-show host Tammy Bruce who is really really upset that undocumented immigrants between the ages of 18 to 25 will be receiving health care as part of California's Medicaid program this same program is also going to be or at least in the same bill it's going to be expanding subsidies for people who are middle class upper middle class will be getting subsidies for their health insurance not subsidized enough should be full subsidy but we're getting there but she is just outraged at the idea that we would be giving health care insurance coverage to people who would otherwise get treated at an emergency room and cost all of us more money in the end they're going to put another attacks on people who don't have insurance to fund health insurance for illegal aliens but let's remember – in this country everybody does get access to health care you can go into an emergency room and you are cared for so already California is dealing with that with ohan zooming apposite this is like she does not realize she is delivering the best argument to provide health insurance to these people like you know it's you change your oil every 3,000 miles your engine's gonna be in pretty good shape you do not change your oil every 3,000 miles maybe you get away with 9,000 miles but then one day it seizes up and you go to the emergency room and it costs a lot more well she's cornered because she can't say what she really thinks would just like let them go without health care right but she makes the exact same argument that you would if you thought this is a good policy he does get access to health care you can go into an emergency room and you are cared for right so already California is dealing with that with overwhelming emergency rooms and hospitals so nobody's not getting health care this is an official taxing of people who don't have again insurance to distribute it they argue a 98 million I think that's going to be a little higher you know this is just after by the way they refused they they did not pass a bill that would have given health care to seniors to sit mericans who are over the age of 65 they said it's too expensive you see it's too expensive it's so interesting because the older ones are not getting it and they're the ones that would need it more that is for adults low-income adults that are illegal here illegally in California between the ages of wait a second wait a second they're not giving it to senior undocumented immigrants seniors who are citizens are eligible for Medicare they are not giving it to older undocumented immigrants because right wingers have a bigger problem with that the 18 to 25 year old have brought here without they're more often than not without their having made that decision good 5 you would think it would be cheaper for those individuals because most of those are not going to get sick to go into the emergency room and just get there why it's so dumb I'm sorry is that inappropriate of me to say that she's not bright for some reason the idea that if you're if you get sick less that it's cheaper for you to go into the emergency room is not very bright unbelievable sometimes got a water cooler in there to come from a four seven eight area code who's this where you come from today Jeff from Georgia how are you sir I'm doing just fast Bank down here in the whole crew group exactly with you I appreciate what you had to say about him and about the about why exactly you find it so uh Orson problematic and and I you know I don't disagree really but I kinda have a different take on and I was talking to some of your your supporters and fans a couple days ago but a little Kurt Vonnegut quote I once read it's real sort we are where we pretend to be but we must be careful that will be pretend to be but I can't tell you or anyone else exactly how stupid a proofing is I don't know I'm not even frankly equipped define intelligence II sort of like rigorous testable way look but I can't tell you this when he opens his mouth he sounds dumb he'll say she says dumb as hell the questions that he asked of dumb as hell to his guests he does nothing but give a platform the idea is that uh in law cases don't deserve to be heard at all I'd say and in other cases deserve to be heard only on the most rigorous scrutiny the most you know / – / – since Dave's not cut out for that he's a baseball player without any arm saying and I'm sorry that baseball player out there are three trying hard and now I want to look down on having no arms but he should find another line of work that's what I think's team well fair enough Jeff I mean that is your opinion maybe you should get a million subs yeah maybe I should be a great idea manager report but where is this didn't even get his sound Wow there we go let's go to the IMS Matt's sick friend Sam can you please say to two phrases for the track I'm working on have fun with it y'all ready drop the bass oh it's gonna be good there you go very sincerely thank you you're welcome y'all ready drop the bass how's that Gregory from Oklahoma I gave you two options I'm a Genji kid and I don't have much hope for my generation most of us don't even know who limp is guitar and the ones who who know who they are I think they're an awful band also most of us think the future rat the rapper future makes good music don't put all your hope in our generation I'm basically one of the coolest people who actually gets it oh my god futures are I mean I think gen Z is right about both of those things but I really appreciate his constant standing of new metal and I respect it JB Sam can I use your Pelosi Pete Peterson rant in a Facebook post of course Michael Greenwald is nothing more than a long-winded cut rare Ian who contributes nothing good to any discussion well that is well I mean that's just a kind of shockingly stupid comment to make in light of these revelations that they just did and so it's that please don't be so unbelievably myopic and take seriously this reporting myopic gee again you if anything I'm learning to mispronounce things through exposure to you don't be so much you dad yeah I learned it for you dad well now it's a god damn thing protecting my turf don't don't you get in on can't say things yeah exactly K so my hook very myopic this is the fifth largest country in the world it's an unbelievably important story Glenn as part of it is a main player in it and so I actually do find that very stupid and very offensive I will say because there you know this is what we're discussing and this is what the interview is about tonight and I know some people have raised some things not that point but such I mean you know which but maybe in another couple of weeks Glenn might return the TMB s and will take on some of the other areas but maybe read the report and think a little bit about it particularly a country that your own government has played a role in subverting their democracy before you know being so oblivious is such an important thing it's actually quite disgusting possible to criticize someone on some things without saying that they're just trash across the board when that's clearly not true one night lemonade stand I suppose one ought to be surprised by a sensible contempt for public health inspectors coming from the libertarian primary frontrunner Sam cedar name's Darwin Sam two facts to blow your mind first there was more time that passed between the building of the Great Pyramid and the reign of Cleopatra then between her reign and today Wow okay second when all the pyramids were being constructed there were still woolly mammoths alive in the world is that right whoa hmm is that right I'm I'm a sceptic about that one oh but do you think House Judiciary Committee is willing to fight for testimony from fact witnesses named in the mall report the majority of whom are Trump administration members and goons bringing in MSNBC contributors no offense seems like a step backward in the Trump mediary III I couldn't agree more it is that I mean look the situation is I think there is a fight between Nadler and Pelosi and I think that they are the Nadler forces are trying to bring in whatever they can to push the ball forward and as a way of putting more pressure on Pelosi but I don't know I thinks in some ways that that lets the air out of the tire but I don't know who you get in there I'm not sure anti-fire mind-set haver ever I'm habit mindset haver Sean from the ante father said some of the most hopeful and profound things in the show and has inspired me so much listen to it that's really nice HDX far more good afternoon mr crew do you think Nancy Pelosi might be protecting someone or something by discouraging impeachment proceedings yes her members from purple states and her own house majority status DMBS fan to all the em our listeners and queens vote Tiffany Caban for Queens District Attorney on June 25th really important vote right there hell yeah and if you're local you can also come out to canvass for her rube David please promote viewers to go to Dave Reubens upcoming shows in Rocklin California on the 22nd in Cleveland Ohio on the 24th no I'm not gonna do that I'm not gonna tell people to go to some show in Rocklin California or Cleveland Ohio know what it's the month of June okay yeah don't do that don't do that seriously we show pity we know what's not question showing pity it's just I'm not me it is I'm not listen I don't want to be in a position for encouraging people to do this look what you're doing is not that bad it's not like you know going going and heckling a comedian is the oldest thing in the book Shakespeare during shape Shakespeare time they would throw tomatoes and onions at the performers as part of the theater-going experience am i saying you should do that of course not of course I'm not I'm telling you history that's all I'm doing and but I think that Dave is he takes questions at these things and so he wants questions and and if I know Dave I know he wants questions that are challenging because he likes an exchange of ideas oh I think I mean you're literally quoting the man right there yeah I mean I just wanted to say getting off of Dave for a second it is fascinating and quite a testament that we still have Shakespeare's work when you consider how often he was silenced so many audiences I mean you can't even read a fellow these days Kenny these days I mean I'm also assuming that there were people contemporaneously who were alive is this at the I don't like that play they silenced 50th anniversary the romantic manifesto by Anne Ryan is this is he who that's a another cookb really related fund that's another great way maybe you can upgrade that underwear from H&M to you new clothes new partners and Rand Institute thanks guys that would be really you know what no no here here though I will publicly advocate this if somebody is a creative person who would like to do a reworking of one of Iran's dreary horribly written and philosophically depressing and delusional books but instead of some type of like brilliant alpha architect if you could rewrite the character as it just as an example say a dim-witted YouTube post I think that could be very funny idea I don't know it just just came to me it's just in the flow it's a whole week God look oh boy more is there to learn I almost feel like be an asshole done I think we are not far away maybe a year away maybe a little bit more maybe after the 2020 election where whenever this stuff comes up I'm gonna go folks I'm gonna go for a couple of days and maybe I'll broadcast into it I'm just that's all I'm gonna do I think I'm gonna take a year where I go to every single one of these events imagine how that's gonna work and we're just doing a normal show and then all of a sudden it's like no it's me tip line I'm here for the I dread conference where Dave Rubin I have just made cry I have added to my life expectancy as we speak it is the greatest accomplishment of my life I look proudly at my children Michael can you hear me that is I feel like a direct quote I don't know whether he's from Confucius super gonzo with me we can both take acid no no I don't want to do that I want to be completely completely aware of what's going on this is a sock you want to precise you need to my future Dave where are you going we're alive we're live from the show Dave all right well to each their own yeah Nick the liberal oh my god Nick the liberal with yet another insufferable transactional ISM screed this time pointing out how Sam was making the case for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and now lamenting her tone-deaf leadership I I was making the case and I still like do you hear me saying that we should have Tim Ryan to be Speaker of the House I mean let me I have to say not in the because I don't like ped in im's like that whatever point they're making but and I made the same I have the same position you did I'm and every I'm not convinced from reading about Tim Ryan and I'm not excited about him running for president he might be a little bit better on that than Pelosi he was never did the same type of that level of debt hawk nonsense that I think even those of us who did not like Pelosi but made the obvious calculation if you had told me that in a couple of months in the future and in suppose he was gonna do that I maybe I probably would have just totally sat it out to be honest with you I would have just said whatever they do they do if that makes sense yes that does make sense that's called being afraid to take a position there it's I mean it would say like nobody I mean is really sometimes makes is it worth it's not even it's like how much energy would you expect no cuz well I wasn't out campaigning for I mean I was we didn't know I think there was value it's I'm not ducking what we did there was value at the time in explaining how this situation actually was working and getting away from a just a dumb one-dimensional just get rid of Pelosi with whoever that's still the wrong position but that being said if you knew with that in addition to all of her in build massive limitations that it was gonna go up to being at the Peterson conference well I'll tell you I I would have a different position all on that I don't know about you I don't know Brock from VA the gerrymandering page and the data for progress lists a lot of good of Virginia Dems yes we talked about that with Sean McElwee on this program several weeks ago Smoot court for some reason people can't seem to come up with an example of Joe Rogan's right-wing ISM so here's one he peddles anti-trans bigotry he reduces their lives and rights and challenges all down to a single concern over trans women in the UFC it's the narrowest possible issue and return to it over and over again that his audience learns to associate with trans people Don Julio how do we get all aspects of the online left to talk to each other and have worthwhile discourse I want to see Sam cedar talking to Bill Maher I want GenCon pod save America I want Jamie and Michael on the weeds I don't really what is the O's that the Vox show excuse me well I well first of all the way you're not gonna do it is by putting us in the least desirable format what are you talking about it why don't we get Bill Maher or pod say for God's sake the weeds Jesus Christ and he's got how is the Mexican legislature gonna pass and approve and a plan if it's secret well I can't tell you I'd have to yeah we got time for one more call come from a four to three area code who's this where you come from four four two three four two three hey can you hear me now sir hello can you hear me now yes we can who's this there we go that was odd this is probably from Tennessee how are you doing Bobby from Tennessee what's on your mind hey well the other weekend you posted something about ben shapiro talking about west as best and all this other horse and he brought up aristotle and it kind of pissed me off because I happen to be an original example so when he talks about doing science for love of science what he's forgetting is that that was actually Thomas Aquinas who was attempting to reconcile Aristotelian metaphysics anonymous and that Thomas Aquinas was heavily influenced by an Islamic philosopher named avi Sinha that was his latinized name I I don't pretend like I can pronounce this proper Arabic name and always gonna ever rose al farabi were several prominent Islamic philosophers that contributed to Western society in particular Augie Senna was was one of the first major natural philosophers which of the real scientists before modern science suggested that medical ailments might have a natural cause rather than some sort of supernatural cause like you know evil spirit or whatever and he used having too many digits polydactyly as the example and also he had a trees on medical treatments that we happen to have used in the Western world up until like I don't know if they like the 18th century but now in other words what ben shapiro swoosh well that may be true but bobby isn't it practical to do medicine i think that was his point this there was a lot of like practical use he's talking about practical things it's one thing to come up with ideas of human biology and physiology but it's the judeo-christians who come up with the stuff just for the heck of it like you know did you know that you couldn't yeah stand an egg on its side or something Bobby I just have to say I have to say this is it's music I mean this examples you're using I don't know if they'll make the final edit but they are literally in the Shapiro chapter of my book so I this is music to my oh and there's knit well now they are no this is a fundamental building block of the idea of there's no that the West is a fiction I mean like as is the East it's it's a really luta it's a it's an actually ludicrous construct and not from some like PC perspective it's just literally not how history works so that's awesome and I love how you look at the boundary what'd you say liberal here's brewing history liberal history folks I like how you broke it down so eloquently and then said yeah so basically he's full of which also does track very closely with the tone of the book well hey sir if you want a good resource for the interaction between Islam and metaphysics and modern Christian metaphysics the Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy if you look at something like probably Arabic influences on the West something like that there's an extensive article about all the interactions between the different metaphysical constructs that were built underneath the theological constructs at the times and how they were influenced one another which inevitably led to you know quarter times awesome Bobby appreciate the phone call recovery there hey you guys have a good one new to you guys in recovery mode after taking on so many high level important ideas call for a single show that has ever existed that's a call-in show that has this caliber of collars no honestly like I don't know like Bob grant Howard Stern well Howard Stern actually did pretty good we're out of time Oh hiking the Mad Dog this is uh Susan Wojcicki is that I already pronounced her name she is the YouTube CEO and she is answering a question at the recode code con I don't know what that is about the having to respond broadly I don't know if it's directly a question about crowder but the idea that like look you you supposedly support the LGBTQ community but in your operations of your business it's a little bit harder to tell that your marketing department seems pretty good at it but and here is the here's the question and the answer do you started off with an apology to the LGBTQ community but then you also said that you were involved in that you think YouTube made the right call a lot of people don't really feel like that's an apology and are concerned that YouTube Flags lgbtq+ content just for being LGBT as sometimes you know sensitive and yet slurs are allowed and I'm curious are you really sorry for anything to the LGBTQ community or are you just sorry that they were offended Sobers up I'm really personally very sorry and I it was not our intent our goal was YouTube has always been a home of so many LGBTQ creators and that's why it was it was so emotional and that's why I think this really that's why even though it was a hard decision it was made harder than it came from us because we've been such an important home and and even though like we made this hurt this decision which I'm gonna get into a little bit more with your question but saying we've really liked YouTube we have so many people from YouTube from that from the LGBTQ community and we've always wanted to support the community openly in spite of this hard issue that we've had right now so I'm just saying people have gotten a lot of criticism like why are you still you know why did you change your logo to rainbows even though you made this hard decision and it's because it's a company we really want to support this community it's just that from a policy standpoint we need to be consistent because if we look if we took down that content there would be so many other so much other content that we would need to take down and we are not we don't want to just be knee jerk we need to think about it in a very thoughtful way be able to speak with with everyone will speak to people from the LGBTQ community make sure that we're incorporating that going forward in terms of how we think about harassment and then make sure that we are implementing that in a fair and consistent way going forward and you know I think that it was it was a hard week and across the board and I am truly truly sorry for the hurt that we caused that community it was it was not our intention at all and I do want to like not that I want to take away in any way from the hurt or the challenge of what happened this week but I do want to let you know that many changes that we made in the hate policy which again is a different set of policies we think will be really beneficial for the LGBTQ community and there are a lot of videos there and a lot of ways that that community is attacked where we will be taking down those video going forward and we will be very consistent if we see that we will take it down so again thank you for your question and I really I really do apologize for the for the hurt that we caused now I know that YouTube is a division of Google I guess it's ABC is actually the company alphabet is there a way to short Google I mean YouTube in particular like is there a way that I can invest money on YouTube having some type of other massive problem because wow did she not think she was gonna get that question was she trying to say we do support LGBTQ folks and everything that we can as a company that is not associated with this policy we are working on it but the policy thing is extremely complicated because we need to thread a needle where we're not censoring people where we're not allowing this I mean the bottom line is they're hiding the ball and the ball is this they want to do everything based on algorithm they want to have as little people and evolved in this as possible this is a business model and they cannot say that because it's indefensible in many respects they make a ton of money like literally a ton like it would weigh a ton yes even if you had it in like a thousand dollar bills it would probably weigh a ton and they could go out and hire people to do this job but they want to make it algorithmic and so they're constantly tweaking the algorithm to figure it out I mean I can see it with our videos the things that get demonetised and I don't I don't get on Twitter and complain about it it's not a very high percentage but it's strange there are certain words in a title that will trigger it but then there are in the ones that you cannot figure out why why why was the ben shapiro when he got on BBC that one got to monetized we have video saying ben shapiro is a moron or something like that not the monetized and i think a lot of it again has to do well the reason why is because the algorithm can't see it and then they come and they say we've manually inspected it but i suspect what they actually are manually inspecting is some they're checking that the data in the data around the algorithm is correct i think i just want to add to excellent and i think you know of course the bigger thing is break these up and and they're monopolies and that's fundamentally dangerous to the economy and democracy but that's a great opportunity to start asking them when are you gonna hire teams of actual human beings journalists fact checkers opportunity ask a question regular gonna start oh no I'm no know I'm talking to the clip though Oh next wave of being able to ask oh right right effective questions in a public fora as some would say not me and then the other thing just to add to that and this is you know this is really disturbing but like they do hire human beings to do one of the most disturbing jobs imaginable a very good friend of Mines wife works at Google watching basically some of the most disturbing videos in human existence because they need actual human beings to make sure that you know I won't even describe it I think we all know really hideous videos are not uploaded because they can't outsource that to algorithms because there's criminal liabilities and things like that they hire human beings to do that they hire therapists to treat those human beings buzz so in other words they can do this they can it's that they're trying to expend as little money as possible and they could come up with policies that a human being could follow that could interpret like hey what is the context in which these words are said or why is this audience that maybe just watch something that was hateful coming to watch this – because I'm quite convinced when they do a manual review what they're doing is they're coming in and they're looking at the inputs and I don't know what the inputs are but I suspect that you know part of it is the content but it's really more the tags and the the the titling and it is maybe a certain amount of the comments but I'm convinced it's also what videos have been watched by this audience the last ten videos that they watched and I think when they come in and they do a manual review my guess is that they're saying like if the inputs there's a threshold right that triggers the algorithm if the inputs are within let's say 10 to 12 percent or within some margin of error that they have established then they say the algorithm could have made a mistake here it's too close we're gonna let if we're gonna let it be monetized whatever I mean I tell you this not because I we don't get D monetized that often I tell you about it just because I think from the perspective of what I've seen this must be what's going on because certainly there are words that we can put in a title I can assure you that we will get D monetized but then there are times where there's no outward reason why this thing should be demonetised if the other thing is monetized absolutely and just to add really briefly and those words that we know include words that you could understand that bias likely even descriptively would indicate being like an anti bigotry position so a way in which they're drawing false equivalency by the by the algorithm right like I did a video I don't even remember on which show it was but it was something like the global rise of Islamophobia gone immediately right because even and my point being is like that's a good example of how you know it isn't a question of what is this video actually saying about Muslims whether or not it's a reactionary tract or a left wing you know sort of defense or even somewhere in the middle of having a discussion around issues related to this it's just that is a problem word zone so regardless of what it's doing it's gone let's go to this to this is Bernie Sanders was with Harry Smith on CBS I mean it's sort of amazing because the the media that Bernie Sanders has gotten over the years now relative to where where he was able to get on five years ago ten years ago but here is NBC Nightly News with my big idea Bernie Sanders talking about Medicare what's your big idea Medicare for all me does that mean all that's all I mean you know let's be clear this is not a radical idea perhaps because Bernie Sanders has been delivering much the same message for more than thirty years we're going up not down here's Sanders then mayor of Burlington Vermont on The Today Show in 1981 you have maybe two percent of the population that owns one third of the entire wealth of America we met the senator on Capitol Hill in a tiny DC campaign office bottom line is Medicare is the most popular health insurance program in America far more popular than private health insurance policies and we think if we expand Medicare over four year period to all people you're gonna see a lot of people being very satisfied Americans would pay nothing at the doctor's office no co-pays at the ER he's even throwing in dental and vision care companies would no longer offer private health care to employees the cost in the trillions with a T if I want to can I opt out know the word that will come from Republicans is socialism well that may or may not be but it happened this is not a socialist program you know what is a socialist program it's the Veterans Administration you know what's a socialist program your Police Department your fire department those are government-run programs Medicare for all that's Bernie Sanders big idea there you go pretty amazing to lay it out like that he's not trying to like he's even throwing in dental care and in the thasians dental are pretty important the cost again you know this is really important to say it cost trillions is accurate but you also to get a notion of whether we can afford it you also have to put in there what it saves and so it it cost billions but it's trillions but it saves slightly more and so the net effect is actually a negative effect that's it that's according anyways to the Cato Institute numbers so I you know I don't I can't totally vouch for their numbers but certainly there been other breakdowns that that show a similar dynamic but that's specifically I'm citing the Cato Institute all right let's do six more Iams and then we are out of here Shawn seeing Sarah okay it's 35 so awkward on the other side of that when you're just sitting there do you start reading it out loud and there's old dirty five thirty what are some good responses when libertarians pose that Dems are the ones who are really in favor of slavery walk away well what I would do is I would say could you site where a Democrat has called for slavery in the past let's say 25 years when I call for the reinstituting of slavery we're not talking about the old slavery we're talking about something that fits with the modern demands of the economy meets people's dates watch sorry to bother you oh I think Oh are they talking about slavery like medicare-for-all or something like that taxes taxes welfare slavery do you mean like slavery slavery or are you using that word and an incredibly insane historically illiterate way right that would be the response Christo did anyone read a non Giada's – cover story in Time magazine about senator Sanders he makes the case that while it's contrary to what he wants to Bernie may need to share his story more to win the nomination and furthers political revolution does he is sharing his story he's certainly been you know there's been an attempt to get him to do that time might not be anywhere is in fluid shows once but the author is pretty good at what he does and sympathetic take on Ted yeah well uh we've had on on this program he's I would read him anywhere Chuck towed Fox is using the language of fascism's other ring to set up the punch down from the social dominance that group dynamic in order to let the bougie wuzzy get get idiots to vote for their policies because they are granted tacit consent to punch down on who they've been conditioned to see as others that is all that is over and over literally or fascism Sam it really is fascism it's insane but it's not the best part of best even give it any platform actually producer Lauren do you know if Mary Cheney ever had a dumb sub relationship with Tammy Bruce considering they're both angry right-wing I don't know Jay cool do you think that on the five thousand Sabbath Oda a majority report you'll be breaking down an interview on the view with Megan McCain and Baron Trump discussing the first signs of Donald having Alzheimer's congressional baseball fan if you haven't got a chance to check out Bernie scouting report footage you should he looked good out there in the ball field for being supposedly too old to run definitely a solid hitter with good legs Rando speaking of time being weird some people born in the 21st century can vote bee-boop after I listened to your debates with him on my way to work I got a book proposal from Walter block in my inbox I work for a publishing company I don't want to give too much away the topic of the book prompted me to look up his theory of eviction ISM which he says is the only justifiable position on abortion it essentially applies Lockean homesteading theory to pry of private property rights to abortion from Wikipedia Wikipedia building on the libertarian stand against trespass and murder blocks supports a right the first act eviction within the first six months but not the second act murder within the final three months he makes it out to sound so revolutionary but it just seems to uphold the roe v wade decision and repackage it through libertarian lens anyway weird coincidence in my partner was really urging me to I am you about it that's hilarious thank you be Boop and the final I am of the day are you going to play the tape of Crowder on Reubens show in which he comforts Reuben by telling him he's not a lisping queer see you tomorrow to get to where I want no sir I was I just got feel any better yeah take it I guess somewhere the choice is made so the option when you don't get paid laughs we tried takes you Wow

Are Democrats moving too far left in the primaries?

Hi it's Ben White, chief economic correspondent
for POLITICO with your U.S. Politics in just 60 Seconds. All right let's start the clock. Well it's largely a mirage. These are things the Mexicans have already
agreed to do on the border, coupled with agricultural purchases that Trump appears to have entirely
fabricated. You could argue that Joe Biden is moving too
far left in the primaries on abortion and other issues possibly undermining his whole
candidacy idea as the moderate who can beat President Trump in the fall. It's questionable as a long-term precedent. But you can certainly understand the frustration
among Democrats with all of the refusals of administration officials to comply with subpoenas. Finally, THE RANT: today's rant is on President
Trump's interview on CNBC on Monday morning which he continued to completely misrepresent
what trade deficits are. We don't lose hundreds of millions of dollars to these countries
we get stuff. He also suggested that he should have more
power over the Federal Reserve like the Chinese premier does. That's a really scary prospect for Wall Street
and investors. All right that's Ben White chief economic
correspondent for POLITICO.

Booed Democrats Invited To Join Republican Party!

this is such an old idea this isn't a new idea medicare-for-all here's John F Kennedy talking about it what sixty years ago back in the matter is but we are now talking about doing most of the countries of Europe did years ago the British get it thirty years ago [Applause] what happened what happened to Kennedy where is he how so there he is talking about doing it and he said most of the country England did a 30 years ago and so here we are at the California Democratic convention [Applause] so this is this is um this is John Delaney he he looks like he should play the neighbor to sitcom so he said this he tried to talk about this is at the Democratic count California Democratic convention which was in San Francisco last weekend and here's what he said [Applause] oh wait wait a minute we should have my mercy in there [Applause] what was that hand rubbing that was creepy as fuck we should have universal health care ah we should have universal health care we should have universal health care but it shouldn't be Akane and I I'm kind of keep saying this so you stop booing eventually we should have it how many times oh please stop booing I'm saying the thing that you want me to say I'm saying you know I think he's gonna he's gonna try to win the crowd back by saying we should replace every Planned Parenthood with a gun store why I had no idea where the principal from Saved by the Bell that's not smart policy so he just did another right wing talking point he goes we can't have a system that kicks 150 million Americans off their health care of course it does it gives them better health care you dumb dick you're a right-winger why don't you just go fucking run in the Republican primary like you're supposed to and then he couldn't take it he started tweeting stuff out he goes intolerant he goes intolerance to alternative points of view is not what the Democratic Party should be about don't we get enough of that from Trump I'm sorry so what Target jumped out my mind Ron black-owned says you're comparing people who want everyone to have health care to Donald Trump your talking points are tired as your idea is taking him from this weekend and go away I like what secular talk says he goes seventy percent of the country wants Medicare 80 percent of your party wants and every other developed nation has it they cover everybody for less and have better health comes and you're mistaking educated people booing you because you're factually wrong for intolerance go away you want to see what a right-wing or John so here's john hickenlooper he also got booed here's john hickenlooper after the Aurora shooting they asked him if he wanted to ban guns and here's what he said but I think this this wasn't a Colorado promised a human problem right and how we can have such a warped individual and no one around them be aware you know I I worry that if we got rid of all the guns and some of them have somebody guns in this country we do have a lot more gun violence and many other countries but even if he didn't have access to guns this guy was was was diabolical right he would have found explosives he would have found something of some sort of poisonous gas who done something to create this horror yeah so what he's saying is if he didn't have guns he went into a bomb store or a poison-gas store you know those stores because you can't outlaw shit cuz that's why we don't outlaw bombs because oh wait we did we did fucking outlaw bubs you can't have bombs you can't sell bomb in that weird it's so these guys are right-wingers and they're running as Democrats why because the Democratic Party shifted twenty years ago to be a Republican party and there are only Democrats in name only and that's why I do the show I do pairs John Hickenlooper yes it hears him at the California and listen to what he says [Applause] [Applause] I was [Applause] we should try to achieve universal power if I'm in private [Applause] [Applause] the only way the only way could have made this worse we would have said let me finish in Russian this guy comes from a state that just legalized busts rooms and they and they still fucking hate him that's something from the from the governor from the first state to legalize pot it's like finding out tabhi Tommy Chong is a pharma lobbyist that's what it's good oh by the way here's here's the Rona McDaniels he's the GOP chairwoman she says in today's Democratic Party if you attack socialism you get booed if you attack government-run health care you get booed their party has gotten so far outside the mainstream and it's going to cost them in 2020 well Rona you're so out of touch you you're named Rona and here's Jim Kessler of the Third Way Democrats he says the California Democratic Party is so far to the left that speaker Pelosi gets booed at their convention yeah yeah she's also few people they don't realize that Nancy Pelosi is to the right of Trump voters he doesn't realize that Trump voters are for single-payer green New Deal ending the fucking wars Nancy Pelosi's not for any of that shit she's actually to the right of the Trump voters that's how messed up our politics are anyway he says they don't respect national Democrats or California Democrats they represent denizens of bespoke coffee shops we are I don't know okay I don't know so here's how the Fox News talked about this watch this Frank it sounds like I was speaking at the [Applause] Wow in California those guys have no chance in this party they should both become Republicans that's she's literally just recruiting these people you won't get booted you come to our party you can say these things are good string em up socialism health care for everybody fuck yourself yeah come join us well I know watch what the Lund says well the the problem now for the Democrats is that the core their base vote is so far on the left with these policies but I want to remind viewers this is a great exercise for them because what they don't realize is how much the Democrats have changed how much the policies have moved to the left and on every single issue the activists can't wait to boo the moderates in the party this is just like the Republicans from 2016 it's just a mirror image on the left yeah and guess what happened in 2016 the Republicans elected an outsider political novice and said fuck you to their establishment that's what happened in 2016 at the Republicans and that's what's gonna happen this time for the Democrats [Applause] and we should pay close attention to this guy especially since he's got a clown suit on well what's amazing is that not only other Democrats out of touch with their base but so are the Republicans they're out of touch with their own base too because Fox and Friends and friends ask their own viewers what they thought about Medicare for all they go Bernie Sanders Medicare for all bill estimated to cost thirty two point six trillion new study says with the benefits outweigh the costs yes [Applause] that's their own viewers so that's how much of in a bubble even people at fight they have no idea their own viewers don't agree with their bullshit statements so that Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer they know that we don't agree with them but they don't give a fuck right but I think Laura Ingraham and that guy looks they actually don't know they live in that big of a bubble where they think that the people who watch them don't want Medicare for all they want it they all want a health care system that functions for them and they're not getting it hey we just added st. Louis and Honolulu to our live tour schedule go to jimmy dore comedy calm for a link for all the tickets for all our live shows we might be coming to your town go check right now at jimmy dore calm be calm and if you liked the show i want to support it become a premium member you can become a patron or through paypal or go right to jimmy dore comedy comm and become a Premium Member that's the best way we'll see it a live show you

Politicians Come & Go; DC is Unfazed

the boys are back in their own home nest after spending of the last few years ruling the Republican roost here in DC not many people know of the long term friendship between the soon-to-be former wisconsin Governor Scott Walker former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and former RNC chair and a White House chief of staff Reince Priebus but their words to grow deer Jeep as they all grew up in southern Wisconsin they are close an age ranging from late 30s to early 40s and have known and worked with one another for many years Ryan and Walker met when they were in their 20s Ryan's chief of staff a roomed with Priebus in at college once deemed a powerful trio in 2011 when they came to DC and power with the votes from last night it looks like all three are going to be leaving their powerful political positions and going home together as well this is one of the more senior Republicans cycle back in after being elected senator and I bet newly elected senator Mitt Romney will give Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer a run for the title of who keeps president Trump awake at night the most we don't feel sorry for President Trump because he has already started trolling with his tweet today this morning saying and all fairness Nancy Pelosi deserves to be the chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats if they give her a hard time perhaps we'll even add some Republican votes she has earned this great honor so sincere not really don't take this as a compliment represented Pelosi this was just the president Trump trying to either kick the leadership hornet's nest or recognizing his endorsement as like a kiss of death for any Democrat in the end it would be nice to think last night's results tell us the adults are coming back into town but unfortunately it looked like it's still going to be child's play hey YouTube thanks for checking out our Channel we hope you enjoyed the video we have tons of content for you just like this for more of RT America's one of a kind news and analysis be sure to subscribe to never stop questioning more

House Democrats Hold Mueller Report Hearing

the Judiciary Committee will come to order without objection the chair is authorized to declare recesses of the committee at any time we welcome everyone to today's hearing on lessons from the Muller report presidential obstruction and other crimes I will now recognize myself for an opening statement just over two years ago Special Counsel Robert Muller was charged with conducting a full and thorough investigation of the Russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election unquote including an examination of quote any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump and any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation close quote he concluded in his own words quote Russian intelligence officers who were part of the Russian military launched a concerted attack on our political system those officers used sophisticated cyber techniques to hack into computers and networks used by the Clinton campaign they stole private information and then released that information through fake online identities and through the organization WikiLeaks we now know that the Russian government linked that time to their operation to interfere with our election to harm the candidacy of Secretary Clinton and to benefit the Trump campaign separately the special counsel concluded the Russian entities quote engaged in a social media operation where Russian citizens posed as Americans in order to interfere in the election close quote using fake identities on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter these operatives planned rallies in favor the president and spread lies about Secretary Clinton made to look like with Media again these activities represent a direct attack on our democratic process with respect to these two specific up with respect to these two specific operations by the Russian government the special counsel did not find sufficient evidence to charge Trump campaign officials with conspiracy against the United States he did however document at least 171 contacts between members of the Trump campaign and transition team and the Russian government 16 Trump campaign officials are known to have had direct communications with Russian agents representatives of the Trump campaign exchanged emails and phone calls and held face-to-face meetings with high-level Russian government officials Russian oligarchs and even some of the hackers the special counsel accused of working to sway the election there can be no question that Congress must investigate this direct attack and our democratic process I believe that ranking member Collins agrees that we must do so without delay in a letter he sent last month he urged the committee to call Robert Muller to testify during the Memorial Day recess if necessary both for the sake of transparency and quote for the American public to learn the full contours of the special counsels investigation close quote in a letter he sent last week the ranking member again asked us to examine quote the threat Russia and other nefarious actors have played and may continue to play in our elections close quote over the course of the coming weeks this committee will do just that we will examine the effects of foreign influence in our elections I hope that we will hear testimony from the special counsel as well but the country cannot hope to understand the Russian government's attack on our democratic system if we do not also investigate who stood to benefit from that attack and the extent to which the Trump campaign may have welcomed it similarly we cannot fully understand the special counsels work without also discussing president Trump's repeated attempts to undermine it in his report the special counsel describes 10 separate incidents in which the president attempted to change the scope of direction of the investigation or to end it all too at one point President Trump ordered White House Council Don began to fire the special counsel later he asked me Gann to write a letter stating that the incident never happened again said he would rather resign at different stages he asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Unruh cues in quotes himself and to step in to direct the investigation away from the president's conduct and of course the president's public statements about this investigation before and after before and after the results of the Miller report are at best at odds with the evidence laid out in the report itself there can be no question that this committee must investigate this behavior as well today's hearing is the first in a series of hearings designed to unpack the work of the Special Counsel and related matters we have a responsibility to do this work to follow the facts where they lead to make recommendations to the whole house as circumstances warrant and to craft legislation that makes certain no president Democrat a Republican can ever act in this way again our witnesses today include three former federal prosecutors each of whom has considerable experience weighing the kind of evidence laid out by the special counsel in his report and is in demand in his indictments of 34 individuals including President Trump's national security adviser his campaign manager his deputy campaign manager and his personal attorney our panel also includes mr. John Dean who served as white House Counsel to President Nixon and who became a critical witness for prosecutors and congressional investigators attempting to respond to President Nixon's attempt to obstruct the Department of Justice and the FBI we will rely on the expertise of these witnesses to help draw our own conclusions about the findings of the special counsel and other evidence before us today we will do so mindful of the house rules that prevent us from making inappropriate personal references to the President to members of this committee and to other members of Congress but the rules of decorum in the House of Representatives are a shield not a sword the rules are designed to focus the debate on the facts and the law and can therefore help us this that's the findings of the special council with the seriousness they deserve the rules are not however an opportunity to avoid discussing serious allegations of misconduct altogether I know that the ranking member and I disagree on any number of topics including on what conclusions we should draw from the facts laid out by the special counsel for example in his last letter he argued that President Trump has been quote vindicated unquote by the special counsels report I cannot agree with that conclusion either I believe with the special counsel given his insistence that his report quote does not exonerate the president close quote but I also know that the ranking member and I agree on the seriousness of the attack on our elections now and that we must work together to make it more difficult for any president to ignore the danger that presented itself in 2016 that work continues in this hearing room today and that continues that the Department of Justice later this afternoon when this committee will begin to review some of the document documents that Attorney General Barr previously denied us I am pleased that we have reached an agreement to review at least some of the evidence underlying the Mullah report including interview notes first-hand accounts of misconduct and other critical evidence and that this material will be made available without delay to members of the committee on both sides of the aisle as a result I see no need to resort to the criminal contempt statute to enforce our April 19th subpoena at least for now so long as the department upholds its end of the bargain but our arrangement with the department does not extend to the full scope of our request for the full model report and its underlying materials including grand jury information nor does it extend to our demand that done began a key fact witness testified before this committee our work will therefore continue tomorrow on the House floor when we consider chairman McGovern's resolution to authorize this committee to enforce its subpoena through civil litigation is my expectation that as a result of this authorization mr. McGann will testify before here before long between now and then we still have an obligation to investigate the deeply troubling evidence outlined by the special counsel not merely the portions that implicate Russian Nationals as some have suggested but the entire report including the volume that lays out some of the president's troubling behavior the committee's work is serious we should delay it no further we should conduct ourselves in a manner that is consistent with the rules of the house and worthy of this chamber and even if we cannot agree to draw the same conclusions from the evidence we should at least proceed with a common with the common understanding we were attacked we were attacked by a foreign adversary president Trump's campaign took full advantage of the attack when it came the descriptions of obstruction of justice and volume to go to the heart of our legal system if we can agree on this common set of facts as our starting place and agree to follow the facts of the law where they take us I believe we can make a great deal of progress in this hearing today I thank the panel for being here today and I look forward to your testimony before we proceed further I want to note for the record that the gentlelady from Pennsylvania miss Dean is unable to be with us today due to a death in the family she very much wanted to participate in today's hearing and I did not want anyone to misinterpret her absence it is now my pleasure to recognize the ranking member the Judiciary Committee the gentleman from Georgia mr. Collins for his opening statement Thank You mr. chairman and I appreciate especially the last and I would spend my prayers and thoughts to miss Dean as well I'm just a little over a little under a year in fact Monday this week will be one year from losing my mother so it is for all of us we go through that and it's an expression of love however I will come to this hearing today and say that we were continuing I appreciate the Chairman's understanding I appreciated the Chairman outlying a great deal of the Masek conclusion that was an affirmative conclusion from the Moller investigation that was a the foreign interference in the Russian part of this what is amazing though and I agree with the Chairman's assessment of being attacked and and there's something we've known the Russians were always a part for some of us we've been talking about the Russians for a long time in that but it's about priorities and here's my question about priorities and coming to this hearing and the question of priorities is is if we were attacked as the chairman just said then the priority should be to go to the battlefield on the attack where we were attacked on and not run by the sideshow to hear from the commentators we should actually go to the one that the the mr. Muller actually said was we have a problem here we're showing you we've actually inducing indictments here how can we firm up our elections how can we do away with foreign interference how can we do that it's about priorities and I think what has happened here is the Chairman is showing the priorities the priorities were from November 2016 it appears that we have an issue with who got elected president and we thought the Moller investigation would solve this for us and it really did not even after a lot of discussion we're gonna hear a lot about that today and in the discussion that we have but he goes back to priorities and priorities of bringing what we focus on and how we focus on it and if you look at the the witnesses today and you discuss what was actually just went on fro ha we're not bringing Russia front and center we're not bringing the the threats to our election front and center although I appreciate the Chairman reading the letters that I send him and understanding what we could actually be working on and I'm wanting to move forward there but however here we come with some folks that are great folks you're wonderful on TV I could catch your testimony on TV in fact by the way I couldn't this morning I'm a Republican I believe that you use everything that you've got there's much business you won't generate as much as you want to work for yourself I don't believe it's the problem of this committee to have to come in here from those who are not a part of the Moller investigation who are not a part of this pontificating on things that you can do on TV like all of us get a chance to do occasionally but not here on the hearing but then we get and I'm sort of reminded to rush the priority issue because just a few years ago it was brought up and one of our kin has talked about Russia being a threat and the former president mr. Obama said you know that the 80s are asking for their foreign policy by well guess what this committee is now hearing from the 70s and