Maari – Tamil Full Movie – Dhanush | Kajal Aggarwal | Balaji Mohan | Anirudh Ravichander

I joined police services in this area
station five years back. Many sub-inspectors
have come and gone in this period. But you are the first S.I… Who has voluntarily enquired about this case.
That too on your first day. It’s good… …but I am telling you out of concern. It’s better to maintain a low profile here. This is a nasty area. And the case you are talking about… …it is not even registered. That murder is just a rumour, sir. Just came to my ear, through the grapevine. It’s okay. I like rumours better than the truth. Tell me. They say it happened eight years back. A lot of pigeon racing happens in this area. There is talk that this murder
was a result of one of those fights. Pigeon racing? What’s that? You’ve never heard about it? It’s very common in Chennai, sir. But no one seems to know about it. There are two types of pigeon racing, sir. One. Homing pigeon. Each participant enters
about five to ten pigeons, sir. The day before the race… …participants bring their pigeons to the club. Each of the pigeons are given tags. A secret numbered ring
is fixed to the pigeon’s leg. Then all pigeons are transported
through a lorry or train. Depending on the race distance… …they select a town. Like Nellore, Bhopal, Delhi. All the cages are lined up there. And all the pigeons are released at once! No matter how far away you take it… It flies right back to its owner’s place! The pigeon that reaches first wins the race. The other kind is Tumbler tournament. Tumblers can perform somersaults while flying. Pigeon fanciers have a lot of respect for it. They host the tournaments fairly. They don’t allow gambling in these tournaments. But there is a lot of competition and rivalry. There is talk that the murder you’re asking about
happened during one such issue. Who did it? There is this guy called “Coal” Velu, sir. You might have heard. This entire area is under his control, sir. He exports red sanders illegally, sir. Even he’s been a pigeon fancier for years. The killer was from his gang. A twenty two year old boy! He wasn’t even a gangster back then. Just a boy who raised pigeons. He used to look after Velu anna’s racing pigeons. One night, a guy from the opponent’s gang… …slit his favourite pigeon’s throat. That was it! And he killed a man who was feared until then. This boy went and
stabbed him to death in blind rage. He was just a boy who raised pigeons until then. They say he’s reached a whole new level since then! That was eight years back. He’s the big-gun in the hood these days. We can’t even lay a finger on him, sir. What did you say his name was? Maari! Velu anna has many areas under his control. He handed one of those areas to Maari. His cut reaches him promptly every month. Velu anna’s main business is smuggling red sanders. It’s the top illegal business
in Chennai and Andhra these days. A tonne of red sanders can fetch
upto a million at the foreign market. Velu anna has too many cases filed against him. And even more enemies. So he doesn’t get out much. He handles all deals through Maari. There’s another man under Velu called “Bird” Ravi. He wants to be a part of Velu’s business; But Velu’s support is for Maari. Velu doesn’t get involved in Maari’s jurisdiction. Nothing happens at odds with him. Want to pay up nicely?
Or should I smash your shop up? They’re robbing us under broad daylight! Is there no one to fight them? Poor thing has been boiling in the sun,
his feet swollen! He’s asking so sweetly. You’re asking to be beaten? Call yourself a gangster? Koochie-kooing with him! Can’t beat him up and get it? He’s a ruffian. When he gets angry… …everyone around him flees. But when he’s with his pigeons… You can see his other side. He immediately becomes kind! This bad guy appears to be a good guy… …when he’s with the pigeons. For ages, Velu was hosting these tournaments. Then he left Maari in charge. Despite a lot of illegal business… …he’s very honest when it comes to pigeons. He conducts these tournaments
supervised by senior fanciers. If someone cheats, he gets very angry. He stops being kind.
Hard to deal with him then! Do the people in the area like him? No. Not at all! His only friends are boys who raise pigeons. The people are really pissed off with him! He’s a naughty fellow, sir. He causes trouble just for the fun of it. Keeps causing some problem
or the other for everyone. He went to get his hair trimmed one day. He waltzed straight into the seat,
not awaiting his turn. One customer who was already waiting… …just stopped Maari and sat down. That was it! They just shaved him bald! At least this guy only lost his hair. There was a cricket match playing one day… He got fully drunk
and was watching the match at a T.V showroom. One ball- Three runs. How is it possible? It was a World Cup semi-final match. Unfortunately for them, India lost! Oh my God! Oh no! India has lost. Shopguy! Come out. There are so many T.Vs here. How come India didn’t win in even one of the T.Vs? Why didn’t they win?
– Don’t hit me, Maari. Why didn’t they win? Smash every single T.V, Maari! Don’t break it! Move, I want to break a T.V too! He doesn’t even leave the children alone. What trouble does he cause children? Hey, come here. -Yes, brother? Go! How was that? Does he at least treat his boys well? He has a boy called Robert. His nickname is “Punching bag”. He just summons the “Punching bag” from wherever,
just to bash him up; Only then does he cool down. Why have the beer prices gone up? Why? Why have you raised it? Why is it so sunny? Why is it sunny? Why do you wake me up when I’m asleep? I can only awaken a sleeping person! You’re retorting? Huh? Why didn’t you wake me up?
I asked you, right? How could they give the last over to Ashish Nehra? How could they? How could they? There’s another loafer who hangs out with Maari. His name is Saturday. Saturday? What kind of a name is that? Come Saturday, I compulsorily drink. So you don’t drink on other days? I do drink! So just not compulsorily on other days? No! Dirty fellow. I definitely drink on other days, too. Then why is your name Saturday? Come Saturday, I compulsorily drink. He’s scratching his head;
He’s confused. Good. This Saturday selects people from the area… …and organizes a song and dance show for Maari. He brings everyone by force
and makes them sing and dance! Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Such a warm evening.
-Meaning? I’m really proud of you! I’m very happy to see you all. Tonight, special program by Mr. Maari Boys Team! Proudly presents the game of “Laugh or Die”. What’s “Laugh or Die”? You perform, and if Maari doesn’t laugh, you die! Shut up! Call this dancing? What’s he doing? Move your hips! There! Face Maari. Face them! Face them when you dance. Not good! Bring on the next. Stand in your position. Dance properly! More heavy. What’s this?! Look at this.
Look at this baby’s performance. Bloody idiot! Dance like this. All this happens. But we can’t do anything. That’s how much he’s feared. There was a tournament even yesterday. Maari won the cup, as always. Can’t control the rave in the area today! His name- Prominent This guy- He’s different He paves new routes With his steel heart he rules His soul knows no guilt;
No order. No guilt and no order in him! He’s seen all maladies;
And misery. He has seen it all. Maari… He’s the good one – He’s Maari!
The dashing one – Maari Maari… Rub him and he’s gold, this Maari
Snub him and he’s a beast, this Maari Maari… Doesn’t know the world; Doesn’t heed law and order. Doesn’t like to change his ways; Doesn’t have time for love. Don’t try threatening him; He is a solo contestant. Don’t you dare pick on him; He’s a ruthless opponent. Today’s Boss Velu’s birthday. I’ll kill you
if there’s a bad show at “Laugh or Die”. I’ve got a special item here for Boss!
-Yuck! Feels light weight. Look! What’s it?
-It’s an item you’ll like. Hey, come out. Who’s he? Product name: Anirudh. Ani…?
-Rudh! What does he do?
-He plays! He plays music and sings well, it seems. Perform for us. I need some instruments, man.
-Get him those instruments. Why? Cool. Cool! Not necessary. Just sing and dance. Okay, I’ll do it. Careful! Eww! What’s he wearing? Look at his cap and glasses! Get him changed. Let’s go, dear.
-Lift him! Bro, I’ll come on my own. We should just let him be… …mind our jobs and be safe. Sir, where are we going? Take the vehicle to Maari’s area. I’ve got information that betting is taking place
at the pigeon tournament today. We’ll catch him red handed. But, sir. We shouldn’t even
enter there without his permission, sir. Are we the police or is he? Start the jeep. Hey, you are banned this year, right? What are you doing here? Just leave. I just came to watch. Can’t I watch? Just leave. Sir, he tumbled once! Bro, was that okay?
-That was okay, son. What? Why is it descending already? Looks like he won’t make it! Who’s that auntie? You’re pretending to flail your cloth;
Making the bird fly away! I don’t even know that woman.
Must be a neighbour. Lady, don’t know about the tournament?
Dry your clothes elsewhere. Hit him! He’s lying. That’s his wife. You’ve set her up?
– No, brother. Why would you set-up your own wife? Is she your wife or a set-up? Note that down! That his bird has lost. Don’t do that, sir! You cheat! How come I hear a jeep in here? It’s them, sir. Where is Maari? Look at that! Firstly, you shouldn’t have walked in
without our permission. And you have the guts to ask for Maari? I’ve got information that betting happens here. Betting? The jeep belongs in Chepauk! Must have lost its way and ended up here. We’re just letting the pigeons fly
and looking at the skies… …He uses big words like “gambling”! You can’t organise such tournaments
without police permission. Stop everything. I need to see Maari. Clear the crowd! What’s the noise? Stop crowding the place, go! Just leave, now. Did you ask for protection? No, Maari. Then what’s the officer doing here? A cop’s job is where the rowdies are. Rowdies? We’re flying the symbol of peace
and you call us rowdies? This is something we do for the pride;
It’s not a gamble. Some enemy of mine has told you lies about me. Only a man who does wrong will have enemies. You should leave, sir. Won’t be nice if we forced you out. Your threats won’t scare me. I’ve got evidence. Just stop everything
and co-operate to the investigation. Evidence? Evidence… Hey! Come here, boy. He won’t hit you! Come. Come! Come here. Listen. You got into a mess when you cheated last year. I banned you this year
because you can’t pay up the entry fees. But you shouldn’t go to the officer
and tell him lies about me! You tell us. Does something illegal happen here?
-Let him go. Talk to me. – Wait, I’ll ask and tell. Tell him! Does anything illegal happen? Tell, does anything illegal happen? Just tell him. Sir, let’s just leave, sir! Didn’t he say nothing illegal happens here? Leave. Let’s leave, sir. Come, sir! Who is he? The new sub-inspector in the area, Maari. Little bugs seem to be getting ideas now. I’ll finish them off! Shall we go, sir? You should leave, sir. Won’t be nice if we forced you out. Sir? Stop brooding over it, sir. What can we do? He’s backed by many. We will have to adjust a little. Not just you;
All the policemen. I’m not like all the policemen, Arumugam. He’s known to have committed a murder. If we still can’t lock him up;
What’s the point in being a policeman? How can we act upon rumours? It’s still a rumour
because everyone let it be that way. Someone told you this rumour. Someone else told him. If we follow the trail, it won’t be hearsay. We’ll find the origin. We start tomorrow. With you. And connect it all the way to Maari. Mom! Mom! You said you’ll buy me a new bag, mom! I’m struggling to make ends meet. You want a new bag? Use the one you already have. It’s torn, mom! Everyone in school makes fun. I’ll stitch it tomorrow. Use it for now. Always nagging me! I won’t go to school if you don’t get me a new bag. Don’t go, then. What do I care? Bugging me in the mornings! Please, mom! Loudspeaker Kavitha! I’m pissed off already. Don’t start. Look at that! Your yelling woke me up in the morning. And now you’re pissed? You don’t even have a sweet voice. First thing in the morning, you yell “Mom, mom!” Look, mom! He’s always making fun of me. You know he’s pulling your leg.
Why do you care? You’re getting late. Go on! This has become a routine! Why make fun of the child in the mornings? What were you doing, then? You weren’t coddling either! She only wants a bag. Can’t buy one? Where do I get the money? If your husband doesn’t drink for two days,
you’ll get the money. You talk so much, why can’t you buy her one? I would have bought it if you’d married me. You missed your chance. Look at that face! Maari. Did someone tell you
they’re moving into door number 8? No. No one told me. Why? Then someone has moved in without our permission. What’s going on here? Stop it. I said stop. Painting without permission…. Stop it, I say! No respect for a gangster! Move aside, Lady. Oh, sorry. It’s a mannequin. Why are you just standing there? Here, hang this.
– Okay, ma’am. She asked me to hang this against the wall. Why not her face? Taking orders from a woman!
We’re gangsters, man! What is this? Think you can just move in here
without permission? Who are you? Why should I tell you? Whatever happens in the area,
happens only with Maari’s permission. Got it, white bro? Are you doing rowdyism? I was doing comedy till now. Now I am doing rowdyism. Here, this is rowdyism. Please! That house broker
never told us anything about this. He said he told you. No, sir! When did you tell us? Not to you, sir.
– Then? I told her, sir. Slap you! Hey Maari, control yourself! It’s morning time. Think you can touch me? Had you not been a woman,
I’d have ruined you. No. Don’t ruin my daughter. Poor thing, she made a mistake. She keeps talking… …what did we do wrong? We only did our duty, right? Did the broker tell you anything? Yes. Why didn’t you tell us anything? Mom. Why should we pay them up? It seems I need to pay them extra
to open a boutique. So mother and daughter
are planning to open a petty shop here? No. Not a petty shop. Boutique. Mom. Why are you explaining all this to them? Look here. Break your finger! Drop it. This is my house. I’ll do as I wish. Okay? Look here. Keep your petty shop. Or keep a cloth store. Keep him if you want.
– Yes! Keep whatever you want! But who’ll give you protection for all that? Give us our cut, and keep whatever you want. Protection? For what? What will happen here?
-Anything could happen. This glass could fall and shatter. Saw that? That cupboard could topple and break.
-Don’t do that, sir. Something lighter, please! Right. Okay, the T.V. Don’t break the T.V. Dear, just give them the money. This covers the house,
who’ll pay for the petty shop? Boutique! You’ll have to pay double for English names. I don’t have cash in hand. Give us some time, we’ll pay up. One week. Dad! I’m going to the police. It’s the police station we’re going to next;
For our “collection”. It’s a funny girl, Maari! The way you were staring at her, I was happy.
I thought you were in love! What? Love? For the first time,
I felt like slapping a girl. I have a principle against hitting women.
So I let it go. We’ve seen in so many Tamil movies… …The heroine swears in slow motion;
The hero takes it with a smile on his face And they fall in love. How can you fall in love
when a woman is yelling at your face. I’d rather catch chikungunya than fall in love. Then my route is clear.
– What? No, I meant this is the route to go. That girl talks too much,
keep her under control. Shift. Shift. Move it up. Okay, fix it. How is it?
-Super Look, mom. Hey, where are you guys? Come here.
– Be quiet, don’t yell. Yes, leave it there. Don’t shake it. Fix it like that. Hello. Why are you keeping this here? We keep it here every year. It’s our lucky spot. How do we enter then? Lie down and crawl inside. Being nice because you’re an old guy. Go. Hey! How dare you stare at me like that? What is this? Staring at me, dear? Must be crazy.
-What are you staring at? You tie it up, brother. Hi, Veeran Nagar. Got electrocuted?
-Why? Okay, we’ll do it my way. Maari Boys are hosting 11th Annual
Tumbler Pigeon and High Flyer Pigeon Competition. We’re having a prize distribution. When we call out your name,
come collect your prizes. One important thing… Some people fly their pigeons every year
just for the consolation prizes. We’ve got some vessels for you.
You can collect them and go. Medals, bro.
-Whatever, give it to them. Maari is here. Applause! Maari and the oldies will greet each other. The first prize goes to Maari’s pigeon as usual. As we’re hosting it we’ll be magnanimous. But the oldies still want to honour Maari. Clap! Louder! After all those foreign medicines,
all we get is the consolation prize? This Maari does something special. Our birds have no value in the market. Even people from Delhi and Calcutta
want Maari’s birds. We’ll change everything tomorrow. Next up, for the consolation prize,
come on stage “Bird” Ravi. You go get it. Hey, you’re “Bird” Ravi right?
You should come up. I’ll come. Put it on his head. That’s enough. “Bird” Ravi wishes to organise a
Tumbler-High Flyer tournament tomorrow. Nothing happens outside your control. Hence… It only works if one person does it. If there’s some problem… Maari’s name is at stake for granting permission. You’re the host, you’re the winner… …what do we do, Maari? What are you trying to say?
That we win because we host? Not like that. You’ll win anyway. At least we’ll have the pride of hosting it. It will boost our pigeon’s market value. Earlier, “Bird” Ravi’s pigeons had some value. Now everyone comes after only your pigeons. We’re asking this as a favour. We’ve got the money and the manpower to host it. We’ll give you your share of the entry fees. You can participate,
you don’t have to pay an entry fee. Wow! What an offer. Very generous. No Maari. I said it like it is. Hosting or paying is not the matter here. You should maintain the sanctity of the tournament.
That’s important. We’ll handle all that, Maari.
You should give us a chance once. Okay. Let’s give it a shot. Thanks, Maari. But we’re not flying our birds. Why, Maari? You said we always win it. Why piss you off? No, Maari. We’ll be very proud if
your pigeon wins in our tournament. When did I tell you about the murder?
Stop babbling. You told me right here, the other night. Are you out of your mind? You’re enquiring about him here? Sir, I just blurted some nonsense, sir. It was the “Tea Shop” Selva who told me. Officer, I don’t know anything. I might have believed you if you hadn’t spilt the tea. Tell me the truth. Some say it happened, some say it didn’t. Who are these people? This guy called Muthu, in the 2nd street. Oh, that junkie? The murder happened for real… …during a gang war eight years back. That’s all I know. Everything we heard since morning is a waste. This guy called Anbu; Father and son pick pockets. Dad is old school, does a neat job. But the son is a rookie. Even last week got caught doing a job at the market. The guy got away,
but everyone saw his face. His case is registered,
we can use that to threaten him. Eight years back,
Maari committed a murder. What do you know about it? About Maari? I don’t know anything. Someone has given you false information. So, shall we lock your son up? Yeah, there is a case registered against him. Answer them, dad. What do you want to know about Maari?
-Keep quiet! Why are you scared? What can he do to us? Ask me, sir. Answer bravely, no one will know about this. Back then, Velu’s gang was not in power. There was a man called Pandi. He was the top gun. Those two gangs never got along, sir. One day, because of some issue… They say Maari went and stabbed Pandi. Then it turned into a gang war… …and Pandi’s entire gang was wiped out. Since then,
Velu’s hold over the area became stronger. Do you know anyone who witnessed the killing? No sir. I haven’t heard of anyone
who witnessed Maari committing the murder. The case wasn’t registered. Then when Velu came to power, he wiped it clean. How is that? They have killed a man who was in power. Maari became a gangster only after that. The whole area is scared of him. But no one knows who finished him, or how. How would we know? It never happened. Think about it, sir… A murder like this is a matter of pride
for a gangster. Then why is it still a rumour? Because it never happened, sir. He’s just building up, sir. Don’t believe any of it. Sri dear. Hello!
Have you come to see Maari? Why have you come with your mom? Maari, petty shop is here with mummy. Greetings, sir. We didn’t know who you were. We started on the wrong foot when we moved in. We’ll pay you your fees. Just give us some time. We were wealthy back in Delhi. Met a huge loss in business. So we’re a little broke now. We go broke too,
spending on booze every night. We just need some time. I think he is still pissed with us. We came to apologize. Your daughter doesn’t look like it. Say ‘sorry’. Sorry. I didn’t know who you were. I misbehaved. Now you know who he is. How did you behave? Angrily. You were cheeky. Yes. Cheeky. And insolent. Yes. I was insolent. Like you were some big shot. Yes. I acted like I was a big shot. Don’t roll your eyes.
They might pop out and fall down. Look at that. It looks freaky. Sorry. I forgive you. Go. Maari forgives you. Go. So, can we pay the rest later? No need to pay up. I expected-
– Thank you! See, if you’re nice to the bosses, they’re helpful. Instead, take me as a partner in your shop. Unexpected! Take me as a partner in your shop. I’ll collect my remaining money that way. Move. What’s he saying? Partner? It’s all good. It’s not your shop anymore. It’s our shop. Congrats. It’s an auspicious day. We’re partners henceforth. Okay? Shake hands. We call ourselves partners… But how do we let the world know? Look at that girl standing there. Do something about it, Maari. Change it. “Punching Bag”, is this okay?
-Not really. Get lost. Brother, this one? Yeah, perfect. No more porn for you! Don’t mind them, just work. Maari, customers are here, please –
– Hey, guests are all here, bring coffee. Get coffee! Why is this girl dressed in a lungi? This design is nice. You’re a customer? See, same piece. It’s roomy, wear it. Very breezy. Wait! Don’t feel bad. Who’s the referee for our loft? Who else for Maari’s loft? I’ll be coming. Take care.
– Okay, Maari. Is the boy ready? Want me to tell him about the missing birds? You know about it? Is this Maari’s loft? Maari? Say Maari annan. Mister, who are you?
– Your usual referee… …has gone to another loft. So they sent me here. How can they do that? It’s wrong.
Wait, I’ll call up “Bird” Ravi. Is a tournament happening here? Yes, Ravi his organizing it. Who? “Bird” Ravi? Has Maari lost his clout? Look at that flip! That’s my boy. What’s he scribbling? It was a foul. What? A foul? He’s making such solid flips.
Calling it a foul? He tumbled correctly. Are you kidding me? Look closely. I’m warning you once… If he does it wrong again, you’re out. You’ll disqualify our pigeon? Saturday. Come on. Did you see that? No, no, no. His movements are erratic. There is no form. This one is disqualified. This one has won contests in the last three years. So what? He did it wrong this year. Disqualified. I can’t bluff for you guys. Who’s bluffing here? Careful! Stop. No fighting in the tournament. You tell him oldie… Don’t know to raise pigeons! They just threaten us. Oh, is that so? One minute. Let those pigeons out. Which is the Tumbler, and which is the High Flyer here? Why? Just tell me. Here, this is the Tumbler. With the way you looked up at the sky, I could tell you were a fraud. None of these are Tumblers. I knew something was fishy
when they sent a new guy instead of a neutral party. You’d disqualify our pigeon.. ..we protest, and you call Maari’s men cheats.
Was that your plan? See our product? Thirty years of experience.
He caught you red handed. It’s not that… You said something a while back. What? Something about raising pigeons. No, didn’t say anything. I heard you. Just say it. If the pigeon had tumbled right,
we’d have no problem… Is that what he said?
– I think so. Ouch. Am I deaf? He said something else. Tell him. You said something a while back. Say that. I said you didn’t know to raise pigeons…
but threatened… I didn’t know… So I said… How can you say without knowing? So you’re saying my pigeon can’t tumble. How should one tumble? You tell me. It needs to fly up…
and turn like that, and this way… I don’t know how to explain it. If you can’t explain, then demonstrate. Wasn’t that a perfect somersault?
-Yes, it was. Not man enough to face me,
but trying to plot a sketch. I’ll finish him off. This a petty issue,
why should you waste time on this? What’s a petty issue? Would you be quiet if someone hits your guy? I wouldn’t have let anyone to hit my guy. What Ravi did was wrong. Even if there was a shortage,
you shouldn’t have sent an amateur to referee. There was no shortage. Their plan was to disqualify our pigeon. Just shut up. You tell us, anna. No matter what, you shouldn’t have fought. Should have either talked it out or come straight to me. Talked it out? Hey, tell anna what you told me. What did you say? I said they didn’t know to raise pigeons but they threaten. I breathe to raise pigeons. Would I keep mum when he says that? Would you have kept quiet if someone said it to you?
– I’d have slaughtered him. If you still think it’s my fault, tell me what to do. Anna, Maari shouldn’t organize tournaments anymore. I’ll decide that. Both of you are at fault. All this started because you organized the tournament. Let Maari organize it as always. Shake hands and mind your own jobs. No, anna
– Hey! Do as I say. Get up. Shake hands. Spit on it. You’ve changed these days, anna. Anna, I’ve been asking you for a while now. What? I told you. I’ve found a link. The demand over red sanders is increasing by the day. If you could let me do it too… You can’t even organize a tournament without hassles. And you want to do this? Just mind your job, I’ll take care of it. Hello. Welcome. Please come. I saw your designs on your Facebook page. Your designs have a personal touch. We don’t find that in big stores. Thank you. Thank you so much. We’ll shop for both the Reception
and Mehendi here itself? Okay, dear. Whatever you say. I’m buying all my friends identical sarees. You need to design that too. For sure! We’ll do a super job. Very good fabric. Morning fuctions-
-Is that a customer? Yes. I am Maari.
– Hi. One of this shop’s business partners. Hello sir, myself Swaminathan. Let it be. I’m a partner in my dad’s business. Jewellery shop. He’s a goner. Really?
– Yeah, sir. Okay, okay. I found the ad on Facebook. You’ve come to the right place. Marriage on the 23rd… I’m doing Mehendi on the 22nd. Rascal. Talking about doing some girl called Mehendi
when your bride is here. No, it’s not that. I meant the henna function. Say sorry to him.
– Sorry. He’s got a separate henna function. Some of us can’t even afford our weddings. Smile, powder-face. What?
– You said ‘smile’! I was talking to her! Sridevi! Discussed the rates yet? No. They’re looking at the designs. Let them look. But I’ll fix the rates, okay? Okay?
– Yes. So, here… Wait, wait! I told you I’ll fix rates! Taking decisions without your partner’s consent? Maari-
– Here you go, sister. This is too much, sir! Our shop is special, ma’am. You have to pay its worth. Mr. Maari, this is unfair. You! What? Listen! You have a separate function to apply henna. This seems more unfair to you? Okay, we’ll think about it and call you. Yes, we’ll call you. Sit. Want instructions from the wife? Sit down. You have to buy from us. These are the rates. Pay fifty percent upfront and
fifty percent upon delivery. Look, your partner is acting like a rowdy! Not “like a rowdy”. I am a rowdy! Don’t hit me. I’ll pay you.
– Don’t pay him. Saw that? This is how you do business. How do I trust you with such a huge company? Send my cut across in the evening. Okay? He cries a river for this! All your training? Who hit you, sweetie? You look like Mr. Bean! Coming! Don’t cry, it’s embarrassing.
– I’m sorry. I didn’t expect them to behave this way. I have nightmares about death… …looking at death certificates all day. No suspicious deaths
have occurred in the area, sir… …all of them match registered police records. I’ve checked those too. Nothing is connected to Maari. That murder never happened. Please drop this matter, sir. Stop. Sree baby.
Come here. Look who is here! What are you doing?
-What? Partner, I haven’t received my cut yet. They called and cancelled the order. How dare they cancel the order…
Who does he think he is? I’ll finish him off.
– No, listen to me. They place their order here and bought elsewhere.
How can we let it go? They didn’t go elsewhere. Then? The wedding has been called off. Why? When you threatened them and the guy cried… …the girl fell out of love, it seems. She called off the wedding. Good for him, or he’d have cried all his life. See, this thing with girls and love is dangerous. You never know why or for what they’d ditch you. You’re spurting philosophies! Don’t laugh. I borrowed a huge sum to get the materials. I wanted to pay off my debt with this money. Pay back your debt with the advance money I got you. I returned the money to them. Why? I only want to earn the right way. Look here. If you run the company this way,
we won’t make any money. I have a lot of other businesses…
You take care of your debt. I’m off now. Bye. Hey. What? She’s crying. I swear I didn’t do anything. What? Shouldn’t have let that money go. Who did you borrow from? Through a friend of dad’s. Think his name is Ravi. It’s “Bird” Ravi. Very bad.
– Your family, your problems. Let’s go. Who are you? We’ve come to buy clothes. Buzz off. Take it and throw it out. Stop it, please. Sir, my parents have gone out. It’s okay. They’re not needed. What are they doing? Vacating your store and opening ours. Sir, we’re trying to pay off your debt. Business hasn’t picked up yet. Keep quiet, and we’d only touch the shop. Okay? Work faster, guys. Sir, please sir. I set it up with great difficulty. My dream, sir. Please. What’s the noise outside? Who’s that? Stop it. Stop it. Maari, you know what Velu anna would say? Hey Ravi. We’re following Velu anna’s orders. You touched our property, and we touched yours. This is our shop. Haven’t you told Bird about our partnership? Bird. “Bird Ravi” right? Look, we’ve lent her money.
This is none of your business. You shouldn’t lend money to people in our area. On top of it you come to collect? Think we’ll stand by and watch? We’ll finish you off.
– Don’t remove your t-shirt! We didn’t know this was your shop. Listen, big guy. You can’t come show off here. Velu anna has asked us not to fight. But keep showing up in our area… …and anna will know what to do. Buzz off now! Breathe out. Breathe out! Bloody bugger. Maari, should we fight for some chick? You are extorting her too. That girl is from my area. I’ll extort her… …trouble her… …do whatever I want. Take your boss, your men, and walk away. Maari, this is not done yet. If it’s not done then buzz off, man. What was that? What? Don’t create a scene here. Just leave. Maari. Thanks a lot. See what I told you about? Protection. Silly girl! Why did you pair them together? Idiot! He wanted to try. You’re a pigeon pimp now? Keep it inside. Hello. What do you want? After you warned them yesterday… …they said they don’t want the money. I couldn’t believe it. I should thank you. Okay, go. I mistook you to only cause trouble
to the area people. Now I understand that outsiders don’t mess with us,
thanks to you You’re not as bad as I thought. You’re right. I’m much worse than you thought. Stop flashing your teeth at me.
Get off my back. Maari. Poor girl,
she is only trying to thank you. Feeling bad for the lady now? She hoodwinked that guy with his money. She is trying to do the same to us. I’ll even work for you… Till I can afford to pay you back. Are you mad? Offering to work for money at a goon’s locale? Wear your scarf properly. Your scarf doesn’t even serve its purpose. They said you don’t misbehave with ladies. Or I wouldn’t have come to talk to you. This won’t work out.
-It will! We’re all parched. Not just us, even the pigeons. They must be tired of our faces. They’ll be all excited if she comes. She is a nice girl. Let her work here. At least to make up for our sins. How have we sinned? We’re so parched, Maari! What’s with the sudden interest? Not sudden… …I’ve been interested… …ever since I saw you fly pigeons. When you win, you’d hold the pigeon… …and stand mighty, and high. I really liked seeing you like that. Hence. I’ll come from tomorrow. Bye. Hear that? She likes seeing, it seems. She meant the pigeons, you rascal. I’m your don don don;
And I am your Golden fish. Here’s the scene scene scene;
Touch me and I’ll make a scene. You’re a little deer, my dear;
I’m the caffeine in your coffee. You’re gone gone gone;
I’m a goner when you look at me. Don’t you pierce me with those sharp eyes;
I want all of you, and more. Your rosy skin sweeps me off my feet;
I’m no match for you, baby. Your masculinity melts me down;
The bird in me has lost it’s flight. While I yearn to cross the line;
This coyness holds me back. I melt away… I fade away… I yearn… Yet, this coyness holds me back. I am a loyal husband;
Giving you royal treatment. And your daily shopping is guaranteed O’ my mustachioed man!
I am your spouse and am naughty. Giving you a lifetime service warranty. My dear twinkle! Come, let’s mingle.
I’m the king of our own forest. Oh my lover boy, has Cupid’s arrow struck you?
When it happens, give me a ring. I’m choking, stammering;
Shivering, here in solitude. Don’t you see him collecting it? You’re my partner. I’ll only pay you. I feel trapped, I feel the heat;
I’m ready for a one on one, baby. I melt away… I fade away… I shiver… Yet, coyness holds me back. Is it nice? I stitched it myself. Thanks. See you, brother. Why do you call me brother, but not Maari? Calling him brother doesn’t come naturally to me. Look here Maari. This is romance for sure. She is ogling at you. She looks like a movie star, why would she check me out? You don’t understand your worth… I get that… But we’ve troubled her so much.
How could she like me? You just don’t get it. The first step to picking up a chick
is to torture her. Somehow you’ve got that right. Girls dig bad boys like you and me. At first sight, I am not a likeable guy. Are you likeable at second glance? No one even gives me a second glance! Say the girl likes me… I should like her too, right? She’s a show off. It won’t work out. Don’t say that. She’s a nice girl. She and you are ‘Made In China’. Boss, you mean ‘made for each other’? You’re old school! What I mean is…. Only I get to hit him!
-That’s your fate. I think she’s a fine chick. She’s so dainty… She’d get rosy if you pinch her! When I see her, I just melt
and can’t control myself, Maari. What? Will you find another girl like that? Yes, anna. The whole area is ogling at that girl. But she has eyes only for you. You’re lucky. Give it a try! Am I right for the girl? Of course you’re not… We know that. But that powder-faced girl
doesn’t seem to realise it! Someone’s going to get beaten up now. So many girls fall
for the wrong men and suffer; Add your name to the list of wrong men. No, Maari… She’ll never find a handsome groom… God! She’ll never find another groom like you, Maari. Definitely, anna! You’re sitting me down
and using this chance to pull my leg? I’ll keep that in mind. How do I explain this…? When it’s just us guys, there are no issues. You can just be free and happy. When women enter the picture, it gets messy. I don’t think this will work. Won’t work out. It will work, Maari. Maari- Sri. Sri-Maari. It’s a good combination.
– Shut up! Just meet her in person and say “I love you”. If there’s a problem?
– He’s the one who gets in trouble. Go! You go away, too. There’s no one but us. You only. Go! Why did he bring us along then? The shirt I gave you. Finally warmed up to it? Fits you so well. You look smart, you know? It seems you like me. So I’ve decided to love you. First time I saw you,
I wanted to slap you. But then I saw the way
you were with the pigeons… So… I love you. What? I didn’t say it right? I’ll say it differently. I love you. I love you. I love you! I’m so sorry. I think you’ve misunderstood. I had no such intentions with you. I’m sorry if I gave you that idea. Oh, you don’t? Okay, we’ll drop the matter. I told them so! But the fools got me excited and confused. Okay, let’s mind our work. Bye! Stop!
–What? Don’t mistake me. It’s not that I don’t like you. So you like me? I do…
– Then “I love you”, let’s love each other! No, I like you. As a person. This has to be personal.
Can’t do this in public! But I don’t even know anything about you. What do you do? What are you like? What do I do? What am I like? I wake up in the morning
and hang out with the pigeons. Then I go to meet Velu anna. If he gives me some work, I do it. Then the boys come over.
I just have fun with them. I get drunk at nights and fall asleep. Then I wake up in the morning,
and hang out with the pigeons. Then I go to meet Velu annan.
If he gives me some work, I do it. Then the boys come over,
I have fun, get drunk and sleep. That’s all I am. It’s not that! How do I explain… Even if you’re a good person You’re a rowdy! I would be scared, right? How will my parents ever accept? We’ll finish them off? No! I don’t know you well enough. How can I trust you? You don’t need to trust me. Let this go. Don’t let it confuse you. Bye! Maari! Something wrong. Not there! Why doesn’t that girl like you? I don’t know, man. Did you tell her properly? I told her “I love you” in every possible way! That’s not how you say it, Maari! I… Love… You! Goes that way! Why do you split it in three like that? Because it’s three words! What? “I love you” is not a single word? Three words, Maari!
– Not one word? Why didn’t you tell me that before,
you Saturday! Why have you brought this girl here? She wanted to talk to you, brother. You’ve come to develop our friendship? Have a seat, buddy. Hey, off you go! Buzz off, both of you.
Come in the morning. Sit here. I’ll pour you a drink?
– No! She must be drunk already. You only drink in star hotels. I need to talk to you. Talk away. I didn’t tell you that I don’t like you. I just wanted to know more about you. But you had left by then. What do you want to know? Who are you? How did you turn out this way? Turn out what way? Turn out what way? No, everyone fears you. Including me. Do I look like a rapist? Only gutless men rape. I am a real man. Real men don’t rape. No… I know about you… But everyone is so scared of you. There must be some reason. Violence. Murder. Murder? Nothing of that sort. Murder…can’t really call it a murder. Murder… Something like murder. Pretty much murder. There was this guy called Pandi. Real big shot. Not any one could have laid a finger on him. One day I just went and casually stabbed him. But he didn’t die.
So it doesn’t count as murder. Someone else finished him off two days later. But I got all the credit. It won’t work out.
Go home and think all night. If it’s okay, it’s okay.
Else, just drop it. Stop bothering me. Okay? Get out. Why is the police here without permission? Don’t yell, man.
He’s come with a warrant. Maari’s asleep. Come back later.
-Don’t yell! Don’t make a sound or I’ll kill you. We’ve got a warrant against you. Officer asked me to bring you in. Who is the officer? Hey “Punching Bag”, wake me up.
I’m having a bad dream. Get up. We’ve come to arrest you. Arrest? For what? Murder? Murder… Something like murder. Pretty much murder. There was this guy called Pandi. Real big shot. Not anyone could have laid a finger on him. One day I just went and casually stabbed him. Don’t hit me, sir. This is how you run a business. I can’t take this anymore. I am going to the police. Listen to me, madam. It’s unnecessary trouble. I don’t care.
I want to meet the sub-inspector. What’s the problem? It’s just a petty case. Sir, I want to file a complaint against Maari. Nuisance case. File the complaint. I’m ready to testify anywhere. I appreciate your bravery. But if I charge him with this case… …he’d get out very easily. Then he’d only cause more trouble for you and me. We need to catch him in a bigger case. I’ll be glad to help however I can. After a lot of searching,
I’ve found the file of a closed case. The murder attempt of a man named Pandi. The suspect’s description and age fits Maari’s. But that’s not enough. We need stronger evidence
connecting Maari to the case. What can I do for this? What would you do? I’ll help you raise your pigeons. Calling him brother doesn’t come naturally to me. What happened? Maari, careful! Just hungover from last night’s booze. Get that. Showing me a cop movie,
first thing in the morning. Good job, man. Good job. I’ve done a lot of hooliganism. Rowdyism. Broken a few bones. I’ve done everything but nothing happened. For the first time ever… …I fell in love. And they’re going to lock me up. That is the fate. “Fall in love, Maari”. “Fall in love, Maari”. “Fall in love, Maari”. Screwed us, right? What are you looking at? Come, take me away. He suggested it but the girl has accepted it. Everyone seems to have developed, just not us. Is it okay? A little to the left. Yeah, perfect. Why are they bursting crackers?
Is it a festival day? Not a festival, Maari.
The news of your arrest has spread. They don’t even burst crackers for holidays. But look at them celebrating my arrest! They’ve torn it already? You guys don’t stay here, go away.
They’ll keep prodding you. If a girl comes and says she loves you,
just chase her away. We don’t have anyone but you, Maari. No one in the area will respect us now. Tell him! Who do we have but you? Didn’t work out. Don’t overact. Your brother in law lives in Madurai, right? Go live with him. You’ve won. You used a woman, but you still won. When you waltzed into my area without permission,
I should have kept you under check. Letting you go was my bad. Where’s that girl? She must be feasting her eyes. What an actor you are! With all that talking and smiling,
you’ve finished me, right? She’s ripped me apart, right? Done very beautifully! Get into the vehicle. Won’t be nice if we force you in. Oh, my dialogue from the other day? Good! It was a good counter, let’s go. Bless you all. Here comes Maari! Let’s go. How are you? How are you, anna? Thought you’d have lost weight… But you’re all plump! Come on, Maari.
– What? You’ve lost so much weight. When have I ever been fat? One tea, brother! So, what’s up, Oldie? With me gone, everyone in the area
must have been at peace? No, Maari. The situation in the area… …has become very bad. What happened? They’ve arrested Velu annan
and kept him under remand. What?! You said it wasn’t safe for us to be here
when you’re in jail. We went out of town for a little while. When we returned, the area was unrecognisable. That cop didn’t just target us for no reason; He had his own agenda. Anna! -You idiot! They’ve arrested Maari
and you’re just telling me! What the hell were you doing,
letting them arrest him? Start the vehicle. I want him released today! We’ve got information that
you’re smuggling red sanders. The Revenue Department is here with a search warrant Do you know whose place this is? Fool, there are cameras. How did the media get here
even before searching? I don’t know, sir. Someone must have leaked information. Sir, start the search. Seeing Velu anna’s arrest on camera,
his allies, the politicians backed out. There was no one to bail him out. Start the vehicle. Arjun has a solid reputation at the Department
for busting rowdyism in the area. Everyone in the area was very happy!
They celebrated that fellow- Arjun. He came to our area one night. He entered with a plan. You might’ve heard about the red sanders
smuggling arrest from last week. The Forest Department has decided to
export the wood legally. This job requires immediate labour. Thought this would be a good opportunity
for the unemployed in the area. If you’re interested, you may sign up
for the job. Officer Arjun has come up with this.
We can trust him; Let’s sign up. You’ve received an invitation to
get a job! Go sign up. Sekar, you should sign up. Come, you should sign up, too! No way! This won’t suit me at all. Both red sanders and ordinary wooden logs
are stacked here. One load of each needs to be loaded
in the lorries. That’s the job. The people asked no questions
and continued to work this way. This went on for two days. One day, Arjun didn’t turn up at the yard. There was a raid that night. Seize the goods and confiscate it. Stop the labourers. No one shall escape. Sir, this is for the government. Sure, a government job taking place
all hushed up in a closed mill? Sir, something is wrong. You may call Officer Arjun.
He’s the one who got us these jobs. We went straight to him after finding this place. He asked us to make the arrests. Just get in the jeep! Smuggling wood, are we? Why is he running like this? Why are you running? The people who had signed up for
transporting the wood…. …They’ve been arrested and taken in. What? Officer Arjun had taken them for the job. Did you tell him about it? I went to the station;
They said he has taken two days off. The next day, strange things began to happen. Listen up, everybody! All the shops in the marketplace
are under Ravi annan’s control now. You had better pay up on time,
If you want to your shops to remain. Even Maari is gone now;
Who are you to collect from us? Exactly! Want to see what would happen if
Officer Arjun finds out? You were right! I had to see what would happen
if Arjun finds out. Anyone else has something to say? I shall never hear Maari’s name again. Whatever I say will be the law. That’s when we found out… This cop and “Bird” Ravi were in it
together the whole time! Sir, we sent our men to work
only because of your word. Now they’re saying something about smuggling! Yes. I did take them for a smuggling job. Ravi and I did all this together. If I’d told you that… You wouldn’t have come to work. We were just trying it for the first time;
There was a small goof up. And there was a raid, too! Sir, testify that they didn’t
know what the job was; And get them released, sir. Are you stupid?
Then I’ll get caught. No way. Just leave. Sir, I helped you because
I thought you were a good guy. How could you listen to them
and do such terrible things? Listen to them? This was all my idea. Do you know why we snatched Maari and Velu? To take their places. This is why I re-opened Maari’s old case. You stopped being of use after Maari’s arrest. Don’t ask unnecessary questions.
Mind your business. No. I won’t let this go.
– What will you do, woman? What will you do? Sir, this is wrong. Arumugam, chase them away. What are you staring at? Poor people.
Let’s get them out somehow! Listen, just do as I say. Everybody, leave. Their plan was to move you and Velu annan
out of the picture to smuggle red sanders. “Bird” Ravi’s controls Pigeon race and tournaments. There is no ethics. It’s terrible. They just do everything to their convenience. Most of the pro fanciers have stopped racing. Let’s go. I got word from Velu annan after your release; He said to leave the area;
That it will be better to vacate. Let’s leave. You’re just going to leave? What else can we do? Velu annan has said so himself.
Who do we stay back for? Bring the pigeons and everything. Let’s leave. Punching Bag, you heard him. Pack our stuff and bring it out;
We’ll get a moving vehicle. Why are they loading things? I don’t know! You useless, bring it carefully. When did you get here? Has Maari been released? Is he here, too? Can’t you tell?
We’re just leaving. He’ll never come by here.
You can be happy. It’s so hard to leave our birthplace! Look, it’s hard for us, too. You deserve it!
You played the fiddle to that cop. We’ll do our jobs elsewhere. Your shops will rot, wait and see. Look who else is here!
Let’s quickly leave. Look there!
They’ve decided to pack and disappear. Punching Bag, isn’t your annan Maari here? How could he ever face anyone in the area? Look, you stabbed him in the dark.
Don’t be so proud of yourselves. You’re not fit to compete with annan. What? What qualification do we need? Don’t do it! Go ahead and do it.
He can take a beating. Maari hits you everyday.
Let us hit you today. Hit him! I will hit you and you will take it./
He was leaving anyway. Hey, let him go! Come. You will go to him? Maari! Don’t do it, Maari! Don’t! Hey, dummy! Looks like your face is poached. Cheekiness is bad. Run. Run and tell that cop. I’m here to stay. He may have the area under his control. But Maari is always out of control. Only I get to beat him up. Think you get to show off in my area? I’ll finish you off! Stop! What are you doing here? Maari doesn’t want to see your faces. Go away.
– Get out of my way! We want to talk to our man Maari.
– Your man Maari?! Maari, things got really rough in your absence. That cop tricked us and got us in trouble. Not just that, he’s hiked the bribe threefold. None of us can live!
– Drop dead, then. Yes, Maari.
We were really scared and helpless. We’ll be brave now that you’re here. You men… You’re the ones who burst crackers and
celebrated my arrest! This wash-basin face was the
one who fired a flower-pot. You people chose to be allied to that cop. Suffer, now. Go away! You heard the man. Leave. Cart yourself away! Are you stupid? He would have left on his own. Now you picked a fight with him and
made him stay back. What could he do here, anyway? We shall corner him at the right time and place. Check if all the pigeons are in the right condition. I’ll come and check
on the young birds in the morning. We’ll start the training tomorrow morning.
Or it will be too late. What? How dare you come here?
-I only came to apologise. I’m sorry. I know you must be very angry with me. But… I did have my reasons. I thought I was doing the right thing. I didn’t realise I was helping the bad guy. Anyhow, it’s wrong to betray someone’s trust. So, I’m really sorry. I’ve come all the way to apologise! Won’t you at least respond to me? I forgive you. Leave. Go, Powdered-Face. Maari asked you to leave! Do you know Maari committed that murder? Because they killed his loved pigeon. Tell me honestly, if you’d been in his place… Wouldn’t you be furious?
Wouldn’t you have finished them off? Why do you trouble the area people? Why can’t you show the affection on people
that you bestow upon pigeons? Why should we?
To these people? Did they do that for Maari? Who helped him when he was a kid? When he was alone and hungry? Not one person came. He only had one thing then: His pigeons. It was the pigeons that fed him. Maari always says, you can trust a pigeon
but not a human. Now you’ve proved him right. What I did seemed right that day… Don’t you talk about right and wrong! Have you ever struggled in life?
Have you ever struggled for a daily meal? If you just waltz in here and apologise,
think he’ll grin and accept? Look, he doesn’t ever want to set eyes
on you after what you’ve done. If you keep coming back here,
it will get rough. Stop talking to that Powdered-Face!
Let’s leave What’s your problem? Tell me, or buzz off! A few days after you went to the jail,
my school fees was due. But it wasn’t paid at all. That’s when the school staff told me
that you’ve been paying my fees. I didn’t pay. I know you’re doing it secretly. I won’t tell anyone that you’re paying. Hey, idiot! I told you I’m not. What do I care if you go to school? Just go away. Did that cop trick you and jail you? Did they hit you in the jail? Did you suffer? Poor thing. It wasn’t that bad. Go, now! I wasn’t talking about you.
I meant the cop. You’ll get him, one fine day! Loudmouth, go to sleep. Rogue! We can enter our birds to the race next week. All the pigeons are ready. Our next target is Arjun. Don’t know why, but my hands
feel all jittery since morning. What? Need to do something about this Arjun
and “Bird Ravi”- Urgently! He’s a cop. You can’t do him on urgent basis.
Must keep calm. I’m idle nowadays.
Feeling a little lazy. I’m so bored; I want to… …get a job. A job? Oh Jesus! Save this Child… What? Did you have a job before all this? Of course, man! We were breaking a few bones,
causing trouble! Collecting racketeering money amd
We even raced pigeons. Is that a job, anna? You’ve been acting cocky ever since I returned
from the jail… Not for me.
What job can you do? I’ll do any job! What job?
– Any job! So we’ll get you a painting job with Murugan? But painting is an artist’s job.
I can’t do that! You paint the place red when you hit people.
– But that’s not the same, idiot! There’s a mechanic in our area- Mani.
You can chase him out and do his job. Chasing out part, I can do… But I don’t know about
unscrewing, screwing and all that. You said you’ll do any job! You’re only naming jobs that I can’t do. Remember Rani akka? We seized an auto from her husband
when he failed to pay up. That auto is still with us. That’s correct! We’ll dismantle and sell the parts?
-No! We’ll drive the auto! Just talking about it won’t do!
You need to know how to ride one. Come here. You don’t even respond to me normally…
– Come here. Sit. Tell me
-Sit down! What’s the matter?
– The auto… You’re mocking me? Auto… you can drive. Say something. Shall we?
– You can drive. You can drive, brother. Then we’ll start driving an auto from tomorrow. Superb! You carry on.
-Be careful, anna! I said get in, man.
– It’s an inauspicious time… Get in. Do as Maari says. You come with us, anna. Hope nothing happens! This is strange! Want to take the auto? No, anna. Where are you headed?
– Saidapet. Won’t take the auto to Saidapet? I take the bus. Just get in.
– No, anna… Get in, boy.
– No, anna… Please. Anna, please… Stop it! Give us the amount. How much, anna?
– Just give me that! Here
– Anna! Please, give me a tip, anna! Give you… a tip? Pick that up and go. Stop! Grab that guy… Come here! Get in… go sit inside. Auto, huh?
– Of course it’s an auto. Get in. Sir, I’ve come on my bike. I said get in. Tiny guy… you talk too much! Squeeze in! Push in! He wants to ride in some other auto!
– What are you doing? Just come, man.
Else we’d be in trouble with Maari. Keep going, don’t stop! Maari, they’re refusing to accept our entry.
Have a word with them. The entry time is up, Maari.
They’ve said not to accept any more entries. That’s not a big deal at all.
Call Muthu anna. We’ll talk to him. He’s not the current president. If you want to register after the last date,
talk to the new president. Here he comes. Talk to him. It’s this guy? I knew it. Hello, Maari. You’ve come to register?
The last date is over. You should have come sooner. Oh, I’m sorry! You were in the jail, right? What do we do, anna?
– I don’t know, sir. I said there’s a chance if they request you. That’s true. Ask them to request, then. Request to your dirty face? Maari, we’ll see next year. Saturday, don’t play up.
– I’m saying it openly. It’s our turn in this area now. Are you flying your birds this year, “Bird” Ravi? Yes. Okay, that’s nice. You should do that. What are you grinning for? That’s nothing. Forget about it. I asked you why you were grinning! Look at that board. You must wish to see your name there, sometime.
You go ahead and fly your birds. You think we can’t compete with your birds? The whole world knows that.
Raising your voice won’t change it. We’ll let you win this time. Take his entry. We’ll see who wins. No, I’ll let you have it this time. You let your birds race! Come here! Why is he such a moron?
– Yeah! You heard the Prez. Take our entry! We prevented him from participating
so that you could win. He knew you would fall for it
if he teased you. And you fell for it!
-Let it be. His pigeons are three months behind ours in training. He doesn’t have any money to feed them
special food and medicines. We’ve readied our pigeons
with imported medicines and tonics. We’ve been training them for four months!
This year is ours. You’ve been doing all this for years now. Why have you never won? You can’t win unless you admit the
opponent’s strengths. Even if he starts training them late,
even if he trains them with just water; His pigeons will win. That’s Maari. That’s why I told you not to let him enter. What do you even know about pigeons? Wait and watch. As the race day draws closer,
you’ll get nervous and ask me for help. It will happen. Don’t stare at the pigeon after feeding it.
He can’t digest his food. Anna. Has the trial date been announced? The pigeons are getting ready. Why are you hitting him? He asked me not to come.
But I came anyway. You do good to others secretly, right? You’ve been paying Kavitha’s school fees? Who? Our Loudspeaker Kavitha?
You never told us! Why do you refuse to reveal the good in you? It’s fine if you don’t want to accept. I knew there’s a good guy
in there, somewhere. Now I’ve seen that.
And that’s enough. Even if you keep chasing me away,
I’ll keep coming back to help. You’ve helped me enough, already. What are you trying to get from me,
by fawning this way? Why do you like it so much to be a bad guy? I’d rather be a pure bad guy
than an adulterated good guy. Okay? Ask the street vendors to pay up.
– Okay! Don’t leave out anyone. Pay up! Quick… Pay.
– Here. Greetings, anna. Take it out. What are you staring at? Go! What a measly amount! Have all the auto drivers paid up?
– Yes, all of them… Except him. Since when does Maari drive an auto?
Why hasn’t he paid? He refuses to join the union. He refused and you accepted? Pay up, man. Pay up nicely or we’ll make you. Go. I said, go! He’ll break your ribs, the King of Con;
Can’t toss him a bone, he’s the don. Now he’s back- bigger and better.
Our man Maari, he’s a victor! You’ll take it? Will you take it and reach home in a piece? Dare to throw an angry gaze;
Maari will mangle your face. Wanna trot like some big gun?
Consider your life done. Rat on Maari like a wuss;
Wait and see what Maari does. He’s a different kind of rowdy;- Maari;
He won’t talk nice, he’s Maari. How much?
– No, it’s fine. Let it be, Maari.
– Right. Still scared of him? You should have beat him up and
collected the money. Easy for you to say.
We’re the one who got beat up. It’s nothing, sir. Let it go. Doesn’t matter
if one guy doesn’t pay. Why do you think we collect? Is it a major source of income? Even they’re struggling to pay us. We’re collecting to keep them under control. Even if one person refuses to pay,
that fear will subside. Can’t let that happen. Need to fix it tomorrow! The chains were a lot heavier
before I went to prison. Now it’s all light. He was roaming around with them! Roaming?
– I had it in my house, man. Maari is the most bejeweled auto driver
in Tamil Nadu! Anna, look who’s here. Really? Maari drives an auto? I was expecting complaints that he’s doing
rowdyism and causing trouble… But he’s just driving an auto? What is it, Maari? Heard you refused to pay the fee? Caught up in the past, were you? You’re a nobody now. Get that in your head first. If I’m a nobody,
what drove you to come here? I meant, your jeep. Looks like a bit of the old Maari is left
in the auto-guy somewhere! Shouldn’t be. Drop your cigarette. Drop it! Careful, Maari! Sir, why are you hitting him? Maari, listen.
He’s a cop. Let’s not cause trouble. Sir, we won’t cause trouble.
-Trying to slither away? Sir, don’t hit him. Please listen to us.
Don’t hit him. Anna, ask him to stop. No, sir. Don’t hit him!
Please listen, sir. Sir, please tell them to stop. Stop hitting! Okay, that’s enough. Stop! I’m the boss here from now. Okay? Either run away with your pigeons. Or lie low with your tail between your legs. Else, I’ll come hit you whenever I’m bored. You’re my Punching Bag now. Hey, give me a cigarette./
Give him a cigarette. So… When a mosquito bites a sleeping man,
it doesn’t make it a hero. One fine day, if it bites him when he’s awake,
one SWAT! and it’s POOF!- done for. One fine day… He comes in his cop uniform,
knowing we can’t hit him then. If only he dared to come without it! We shouldn’t keep quiet anymore, Maari. Just say the word and we’ll deal with him
in other ways. We need to get Velu annan released first.
– How will that cop let that happen? Listen. Where are you running?
Come here, little guy! Maari, I don’t know anything. I didn’t help him intentionally. I thought he was a nice guy.
I’m not on his side. I need some information to lock him. You know all about the frauds he’s committed? Tell me. I’d lose my job if he found out. If you don’t tell him, you’ll lose your life.
Is that okay? Tell him! I don’t know his lorry routes, Maari. But I do know one thing. To avoid the checking that happens
in all the tolls… He uses travels vehicles to carry small loads. I know some of these routes, Maari. Looks like the customs guys.
We’re caught! Lift it up???? I’ll hit you! Sir, we got it, sir. Meaning?
– We got the wood. Shit!
– Open the door. Bloody hell.
– What? Hell, man! Bullshit! Hello? The press and media have come to the station.
Did you call them? What, the press? Officer Arjun is here!
Catch him! On camera, I mean. He’s done so much, but acts like he’s done nothing. Thank you, officer Arjun.
You’ve made our jobs easier. How much you have contributed!
-He does that a lot, sir. Keep up the good work.
– Thank you, sir. Come here. What’s going on?
-Sir, this is your doing, right? You’re so modest! What? When I came in the morning, the smuggled wood
and the smugglers were outside the station. I thought you caught them as usual
and called the Revenue Department. Are you out of your mind?
– Not so loud, sir! I didn’t do it. Who else?/
How do you get it right every time, sir? You’re a smart one, sir. He’s so right every time,
almost like he’s the one transporting it! He’s a very nice guy! Wondering why your own goods are
in your station? You’re not in control, as you think, officer! I stand to lose nothing with this. It’s not just the goods that were caught;
Your men were caught with it. Upon enquiry, he’s willing to talk.
He could talk to the Revenue Officers, too. Think about what would happen to you then. The Press is here, too. This was the mosquito that bit me when I was
asleep the other day, right? What did I tell you? I told you, if I wake up one day and
one SWAT!, you’re POOF!- done for. It’s done for.
– I know! What do you want? Release Velu annan. How is that possible?
We’ve got evidence. Like you need lessons in deceit, officer! Get one of your own men to surrender
and get Velu annan out or else… Punching Bag!
– Present, sir! Just checking!
How did you do it, sir? It was superb.
The area has been better since you came. Ask him one by one, he’ll answer patiently. May I leave, officer? Move, move./
Careful, don’t share it on WhatsApp! Release Velu?
Don’t do it, man. You’ve been an enemy all along. But I was an insider who betrayed their trust.
He would be very pissed off with me. Not just that, Maari’s position will get
even stronger if Velu is out. What can I do?
Want me to get arrested, instead? Your man has been caught red-handed. This was the one thing you had to do.
And you’ve screwed that up, too. Look what’s happened now! Don’t get worked up.
We’ll all get locked in if we’re caught. That’s why I’m telling you,
Velu has to be released. Velu has lost his political support
after he went to jail. Even if he’s released now… He can’t touch a policeman without support. We’ll deal with it. You’re a cop, so you’ll be okay.
What if he targets us? That’s your problem. Sir, you’re disassociating yourself? Look, it’s your man who’s been caught. I can still get you in trouble and escape. Be happy that I haven’t done that. Try to transport the goods safely from now. What’s happening, anna?
He’s saying such things…. And there’s no respect these days. We need to be careful with him. Move aside! Move aside! Greetings, anna. Stop. Anna is here. Come Maari. Honour him. Move aside. Welcome, anna. Maari… Get up… Get up. Dad! I told you not to go there! Are you okay?
-I’m okay, dad. How did you get released?
-They released Velu annan first. Then they said it was the same case
and released all of us. Maari is the cause for our release.
-Yeah? When I heard that you’d been released,
I knew you’d get me out somehow. But why did you use this evidence? It’s gone waste! You’re out of prison.
What more do we need? If we’d gone to Revenue Department,
we could have gotten back at him. Or even finished him completely. Think I’ll let the guy who got you locked up get away? I’ll take special care of him. You forget about it, anna. Tomorrow is the festival of lights.
And you’re out of prison! You just watch our atrocity in our area today! See, they’re celebrating our arrival. Stop right there! The area is done for today! Take a still, Maari.
I’ll come too! Come, let’s go.
– Where, anna? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Stop it! About turn. Buzz off! Come here, beautiful. Check out this look! Send him./
Just send him off, Maari. Maari. Let go. Saw that? He’s started his atrocity again. Keep quiet. I owe my release to him. Buzz off. I’ll be back! Go get a haircut. Go! Maari, it’s thanks to you that our men
have been released. What? What a pity! Who got your men out?
I only got Velu annan out. You were just free add ons.
Get out! Hi, dude!
– Hi! Look at all the reverence. How’s it going, man?
– Fine, man. Give me a hi5, man.
– Cool! You fool. They’re here?
It’s the festival of lights indeed. Start collecting in all the shops. Oh, it’s that guy. Prem. Go to the street vendor. Like that! Hold it! What, they’re back? Pay up the money.
– It’s festival time… So what if it’s festival time? Pay up! Pay up, man. Someone is going to get it! Anna, pay up. I want to go home! It’s not unusual to collect,
right, Maari? Poor fellow. There! Anna, at least you pay up, please? He’ll break your ribs, the King of Con;
Can’t toss him a bone, he’s the don. You’re wearing make up? Oldie, walk away
or I’ll light up this cracker on you. Come, I’m going. Poor girl, this Sri. This is the usual amount.
Return this back to them. Festival wishes to you!
– Same to you. I love you all.
– Bye! I know it looks crooked, my path. All you straight-forward guys, get out! It might feel a bit wrong;
but it’s right. Don’t get it?
Don’t bother. This light of our lives
Is Maari the Great! Even the police
Salute him! Stay if you want to;
Or walk away. Good times are here! Bend over;
And people stab you in the back. So stand tall;
That’s the only life hack. When finding a partner
Is like finding trouble; Being a loner
Makes so much sense. Don’t you say such things, son. We are one, now and forever. Do what feels right, son. The doors to my home are open, for you. I was born alone; I’ll die alone. I don’t need any family. Her words oozed honey;
She came into my life. She ruined me;
Why did I bother? Have the birds returned from training? We flew fifty; Only twenty have returned. What about Maari’s? He flew thirty; All thirty have returned. What’s funny? I told you the other day. That you’d come to me for help
as the race draws closer. What can you do? He can’t participate without his birds. No, don’t do that. Be quiet. You don’t understand the seriousness
of pigeon fancying business. Make sure he doesn’t do anything. Officer Arjun, you’ve done so much for us. Let us handle this. Who says I’m doing this for you? He should feel pain. We need to hit him where it hurts. Don’t do anything without Ravi anna’s consent. It’s already done. Maari. Ten of our pigeons are dead. They’ve set it on fire when we weren’t around. It was that girl Sridevi, who opened the cages
and saved the pigeons. If it wasn’t for her, all the birds would be dead. She burnt hands while trying to save the birds. She was here when they burnt the cage. If she hadn’t been there, all the birds would be dead. They say pigeons never return to a burnt cage. They’d have gotten scared. Our pigeons will never return, anna. Maari, don’t mistake me for saying this. Let’s leave this place. There’s nothing here for us.
Why should we suffer here? Velu anna is back now.
Let him deal with the police. Why should we struggle? They could have attacked us! What did the poor birds do to them? I know you’ll refuse… But, it hurts to see you like this. Maari. Let’s get out of here. Punchingbag, pack our things
and get the vehicle ready. Go on! Saturday. Look there! You said pigeons don’t return to a burnt cage. How did they return? The birds know this is their home. But you don’t realise it. This has to end today. I told you not to do anything! Everyone found out that we set fire
to his loft. I’ve been banned from pigeon racing altogether! What about it? My dignity is lost! I can’t race pigeons anymore. Stop yelling! Following my word got you this far. So what if you can’t race? Playing with pigeons… You won’t understand that. It’s an ancestral sport. You’re following his instructions now? Anna, don’t just hit me! You’re just a label. It’s Officer Arjun who plots the action. So you’re supporting him? Fools, do you know what you’ve done? Do you know what Maari would do
if you lay a finger on his pigeons? What would he do? He was just waiting for the right moment. You’ve taunted him.
He will come! Maari, listen to me! Don’t do this, Maari. I only kept quiet this long
as you were a cop. But you’ve touched my pigeons. I’ll kill you and go to prison again. I’m sorry, Maari… Maari, wait! Listen to me. Wait, Maari. Listen to me, Maari. I forbade that policeman,
but he threatened us to do it. I had nothing to do with your loft burning. I know all about the frauds he’s committed. I am willing to testify anywhere, anytime. I don’t even trust a good man.
Why would I trust filth like you? You were saying? You’ll kill me and go to prison? I’ll say you killed him for revenge
and get you locked up. You crook! I told you not to trust him. Round up everyone.
No one should escape. Come on fast.
You go that way. Maari, wait. Don’t hit him! What was that? You always say… “I’ll finish you off!” See what I’ve done? Now I’ve finished you. You’ll spend the rest of your life in prison. Drag him away. What are you doing? That’s not our man. That’s the man. Get him. Let me go! Sir, why are you arresting me? Let me go.
– Stop. They’ve told us what you do. I’ve got a guy in the Revenue Department. I’ll be restored to my old power. All I need is an eye-witness to everything
that Arjun has committed. Sir. I’m not afraid, with Maari and you by my side. I’m willing to talk openly. What did you say? You’ll finish me? That was nice. You said it real nice. And don’t come out, okay? Just stay inside. You’ll be safer there. Sub-Inspector Arjun has been arrested by
Revenue Department for smuggling red sanders. I can’t decide whether
you’re a good guy or a bad guy. Why do you doubt it? Of course I’m a bad guy! Good guys can’t be trusted. They can turn bad at any point. Men who appear to be good but do bad,
are even worse. But a guy, who openly claims to be bad… …but does some good, can be trusted. I trust you. So what? I feel like a lie from a long time back… …has become the truth now. I’m serious. I really do like you now. Oh dear. No, madam. No thank you! This romance thing won’t suit my character. I’ve got my pigeons, my boys… And I’ve got the area people to trouble
whenever I’m bored. I’d be free and happy like this
all the time. You think about it, we could just be
friends if you want. Okay? Bye. Take a photograph! Move aside. Look at that! Maari. It’s been so peaceful since Arjun left. It’s been so many years since
we lived without paying bribes. For living peacefully in this area without fear… We don’t know how to repay this debt, Mr Maari. Look at him, bluffing. All the money I lost while in the prison… All the compensation money in this period… The money you have saved from
not paying my cut. Plus service charge and service tax; Seven lakhs. Amounts to seven lakhs. If all of you pay me that money… We’ll call it even. What’s he saying? Maari is so funny! Look at him. I’m talking seriously here.
You think I’m being funny? Settle this within a month or
the treasury first and then your throat. You rogue! So you’re going back to rowdyism? Did I ever claim to have reformed? Maari will always be this way.

Kavan – Tamil Full Movie | Vijay Sethupathi, T Rajhendherr, Madonna | K V Anand | HipHop Tamizha

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Multipleentent A subset of the zoom section in the zoom section Return to income first
I will give as much money if we have number 1 channel Listen, this is shame
One more attempt by the opposition. This is my last diploma project
Do not bother Now look. From the last place through this
Come on, bend your backsliding To get supplements should be awesome.
Not by sexual impulse? As far as I’m talking, it’s okay But I feel comfortable
Look how I’m sweating It’s just acting. Nothing… he is
Imagine…. Imagine this as a tree Nymy on the throat. Madaviya. What did you say? What did you do? He left you, did not he? Then why every day
Does he think of himself? What did you see today? That’s the direction. That’s what he said
Because the session was supposed to be good, it gave me a kiss Now let’s go to work How can the river be dredged with dad’s money?
Hikopara’s Aborigines are useless
Written art. Who did you see? I just checked on you and your father I would have starved myself out of filming a movie
My store is empty I do not know when life slips. Live
Look. Understand Today the Jennyi have received your appointment letter from the TV
There are. The time was 8.00. It’s still up and ready Just keep looking at this job. Or your house
The only thing to do is to open a shop Why is this fight? He came to struggle against Gandhi
You’re wrong Yes, Gandhi’s support came Why is this struggle? These Jenians are new in the TV
Doing a program There’s someone wrong about Gandhi
Therefore, the members of the party struggle for fame When I was 12, my daddy was being treated
Killed in the farm Beat it For the one who attacked my dad
If you hit the streets The person who talked about father of our land
Am I just giving up? Gandhi has folded my hands and feet. So
This fight is happening innocent It’s been wrong with him, Sen
One is worse Why not finish yet?
It’s over by 2 minutes Cops are trying to get the job done
They are from the party. These are not enough At the last minute. Should we get away?
Let’s see Mix in the crowd like the party
Nobody gets suspicious What We Did Not Do? Before the police
We’re gonna get out of here There are eggs in the tomatoes
Tell me what you need Who are you Going there Why are you selling locks of tomato egg vat?
Biriyani The screens are hanging on the bulb. Lighting up?
Get out Agent Gandhi’s name. It was for that
Violence in the fight How did the violence that anoided beguile become violent?
When was Gandhi’s been so obsessed? Do you really know what happened? The fight that started with the innocence was interfered
Who are the thugs? Are they working for someone else’s money?
Looking forward to seeing you Party members put our channel on the list
But you made them all right ‘Cause sir? What happened to your car?
Why are you smiling? It’s so excruciated
Cameras have been damaged That’s not the point. Tomorrow’s big
Something People who disagree on Gandhi on social websites
Our channel and Kashmus was well-known The next program is TRP. Going up It’s not right to bribe media from the media
Glasses are burning at a home It’s like keeping the elders like you
It’s okay if you’re acting against what you say It’s like those young people like this
Are you young? I thought I was one Is the first day too late?
Tomorrow’s struggles, fighting, police issues Have you been waiting? No, I did not shoot
What? The first floor has a conference room My phone
Give it to me Who is the one in the hair who’s here?
That is the news box
This one? Sorry. I do not know what happened to me You should have cleared it if he had been there
You were right there too How many times did you repel cats? What is called Cats? Hug me
It’s gone Hack. Madaviya When she fell in love, she closed her eyes
You remembered when you got him But my heart knows it’s not you
It’s not my mortal But what if you were like that?
I’m gone Every man is the same. When you have a chance
Garbage dumps Stop. What now?
Look at this Beef jawbone. The bite blows
Men’s emotional distress They hit the sizzle Do you accept if I had done this?
Stop here. Do not make big How can I bother with this?
Are you in the usual way with you? So that’s what he did? Going The swindler! – Get off it.
– Do not get me! I do not want to see you again. The swindler. One more time
I’m not coming forward. After that, I have your face again
It’s never good to see This is over. Do not come from my dream
Go How’s Malar? Hey, Malmer, are you two? No, man, I’m Jagan.
Product assistant. This is my dear, Proo producer. I’m late. Is this your?
On the street? – That bag is fine for you.
– Go! Everyone, boss coming. – Hello guys!
-Hello sir. – I’m Kalyan.
-Sensite Network Chairman. I’m meditating. Get in here. – Sir, I’m Nishanthi.
– Call me. Previously, Terra TV was a producer
I was. Sir, I am ardent .. Sir, Raghavan. – I’m…
– Got it. It’s getting lazy now. You work for someone on the channel
We’re just about to know you We’ll get to the topic. To do a new musical program
There is an idea. Until now, no one else did
A new thing Two good announcers. From the cinematic field
Three stars There was no name for this program yet You already have names Is it true? Do you have any say? Sir, this aunt pulls in my shirt. Do not tell him Auntie. Tell me to go in advance. Sir, should I use the board? Sure. This is a channel. This is the second channel. Third Channel. Fourth one. Fifth Channel. Each channel follows a new program Some things are upset by this
Win some things Chat programs at once by other channels
Let’s start For example, he pays tribute to me
She puts it down He puts eggs in it
He produces it She puts tomatoes. She’s flesh out
However, it is taken to the cooking level Everyone is the same flour with the same flour
They are shown in various ways So all channels have the same kind of thing We’re rolling in a curve What kind of circles she is, our girls in the village
No one will get caught. Be careful of him The boredom line is a program
As much as it does not know how it’s changed or not, it’s the same thing in every channel in the same channel Mr. Dociumentary! It just does not burn with a mouth
Show me You can do what other people can not do
Can you do it? I’ll give you a month Well, Maler, in the new musical show
Are you ready for the logo? Sir, does not even have a name given yet… Wait a second. … the riot was over. Those involved in the struggle are Sen 1 Channel Institute
Major damages have been made Our channels that could not be covered with any channels
The channel that damaged the channel was taken from the robber These should be the work of the opposition You gave me a month
Confirmed in a minute All right. Meditation, who is
Tell the department. Okay. Maler and Jagan, this time to them
Show every department. What’s this? Edited the video
Here’s your phone This is not. Why is this different? Who is the cause of this struggle? What really is
Did you say so? Nothing What the hell you want to do is control board
Decide. you go What’s this? This is wrong
See how to live. Come here and give me ideas This is Sen-1 TV
Main studio. All live broadcasts, political struggles .. I said arguable discussions and political discussions
That’s what’s happening. This is the basic editing studio. The others are on that side. Production control rooms.
It’s called PCR. All of the programs that are being broadcast here
Since then, I have been in control. more… Advisor and cameraman advise
Give it here This is the main control room. This is the car. And if there is a driver? – I did not say .. a driver for the car.
– Almost. Every last program we do
This is going to happen Kahr is a central apparette. From here Who is a special guest for this music program? Let’s make people like Vidyasagar Harish close
Suggest someone to this section What is the connection between Powerworld and the Sons?
What is the connection between him and the cinema? Listen to me
This is my program. Do not waste it Let’s just hang out and get started with Power Star Good afternoon. Hi meditation. I also direct movies for a year
I do not give away any awards How? Danush’s name is in the injection section Tell me the best director’s award Because who are you talking to? We decide which one to award
And she told me this If threatened, I will report to newspapers There is Bhagyaraj sir. I had a cell phone.
Misty Joly. Hi. What? Is it for Kalpana? When? Why are you stopping us? Let’s go inside. Why do not you let us in? Thoughts
My friend. Have to know what happened to him On top of the girl tried to suicide
There are There’s no chance. He was against suicide
An organization is doing it Let’s go. What’s that boy’s name? Abdul
I’ll take care of that Did you say go? Go! Do not even see the doctor. Get away. Do you have the police? Let’s go inside, right?
what is doing? Take the hospital to the hospital This thought is that this boy will love Abdul
Fools raped That girl is sins. Love is unsuccessful. Take cover
Failed Are all Nurses created from Kerala? Here is a social scientist who thought of this
There are. I want to see her Why spend money now? How are you
it seems? Did you find it or not? It’s just that Do not get lost. We are thoughtful friends
He got excited about what he was looking at It’s like this when she’s with someone
I have a feeling. I want to see her
You need to help. How is she now? Sins Girl. It’s all over the air.
Owl like a wolf What are you doing with that kind of girl?
She’s a big survivor I want to see her. Help Philly Sister. This is the risk for you.
Do what I’m told. Right? That police officer is seated. I tested everything before. He hurts a little
Say it. Look a little Something like a seal. Immediately want to get exquisite
Let’s go You stay. He’s with 5 minutes Where are they taking? Take Exquisite Let the doctors finish it
I’ll be after ten minutes What did you think? Whatever you say
What happened? Working with me on my channel They just wanted to see you Are you telling these things, right? Now you are
I did not come to see me There’s no such thing. For us, you try to suicide
I thought I was interested But after you came here you understand what happened
The cops are trying to hide it Now your friend Abdul Mumtaz too
He’s going to hit him If you are afraid to say the truth,
There is no justice We do not need a name or even a celebrity. to you
The crime must be recorded Not forcing. But we are here. Our channel
Will be with you believe me. Trust me, please. Do not use the camera You have to write down what you say
Turn around and sit down What are you upsetting? He’ll show you his face
Say it. You’re turning around and sitting down If he showed his face, T.R. Going to another level
Do shit Maler. Ashok. Star. Let’s get started. The name of our union is already in the hands of the Prime Minister
(Green mankind) Everything that goes against nature
Our policy is our policy A village called Khramamunum
Since the beginning of this year, Global Dragon Pestisy Company Marulamery Party Leader Thiril Manni Arasuhe Because the people need to know about this issue
The industry struggles at the door There are several ways of controlling
Assaults, arrests, thugs with sticks But women who face this struggle continue to struggle
I mean, you can not say so much A lot of people have been raped. Body
The organs are lost Then Abdul was dropping me Are you screaming at other things in society?
Let’s see who’s talking to you now Crush to the extent you think it is
But You have to answer every beat we hit If you wanted to control one
We’re up to 100 people Just one day out of your objections. Our justice According to our society, the child is a boy
Women want you to
The first mistake that is being opposed This is the opinion of all crimes against women
It’s the beginning That in the near future it is harmful to nature Against Globe Dragon
This lady has fought This is a link to that fight and the crime
is there? Some of the beasts caused me this to happen
He said that he is a suicide
Are you trying to hide? Who did these crimes? Follow them
Who is it? Not just this lady. Because of such terrible incidents There are so many sisters who can not see it
It is our responsibility to guide them We do not know their pain or feelings
But at the very least, let’s try to understand it Great Thilak. Currently broadcast in the channel
The best news release. Uh, sir. The linear line.
Threatening. Yes, please.
Are you playing? Affected girl published what she said What does she say? What’s my name for?
Have my company listed? What’s up? Would you slap mud and then use soap? Look at your patience. Election
When you’re done, media support is important to you I began to have many relationships in my life
Fighting But they were accomplished with excitement First, put the news that I have no fault
– Definitely possible But we have to talk about our part before Let’s sit down in the bench. Is this a movie or a five-star hotel?
Now you understand why you’re not coming to my channel Leave it off. How many films do I have?
There are 156 people I also sell 350 movies that I’m selling
Debt repayment is difficult But my Murugan is. You believe in me
They do not give up. Come on In the meantime, I’m trying to collect you with you Look, you win both sides
Not a chance. Satellite owner Aran, ultra-star
Playing a movie Rs. 80 million. Tell me about it. If they sign now, 8. Go back tomorrow
If you come to call 5, He’s the Myself He said. How many movies do you go directly to?
Was it said that? Every movie is a poem. 500,000 for one
The bundles are worth Rs 7 Where is your whereabouts?
These are bulbs This is worth Rs 3 crore. How I use these
I do not know This can not be a sweetheart. Movies
It’s impossible What? Waste? Have you seen Tamil movies? Scrap? Put a rap This is the song of Arosollum Kumari
Who gave the lessons? MJ R. Do you know? Her films
I’m near The sky is raining Who is he asking for? Are you coming to our fields? Are you stalking? Is it in the wild? Brought the mussel? I belong to the women I care about
Yellow Turmeric Bowl? Those without an elephant ..! This is a breach of the Khetabomban dialogue
Who’s speaking? Sivaji. Are these old garbage? You read more than that Jamie SS. Was Vasu Chandralekera concerned? There’s hundreds of women singing drums
Have you seen it or not? Even today, that dance is in the eye I’ll give you an opportunity. See once
Then you’re wrong When it’s under control You have a fortune
She’s not a sucker I’m a free bird. Look at this. Our channel in front of us
There are 23 people still in there Now I’m dragging on that girl
The journalists are questioned Everything will change everything
What has changed? I thought if you were not born with your birthday
Everything changes Do you know Saddam Hussein’s story? The story? Tell me to make a movie This is something that happened in Iraq Sadam Hussein had nuclear weapons. This is the world
Peace is dangerous. The idea of a danger to America Some of the information that is available in the database on the dumbbell journalism
The Tivat channel was kept inside the arm This has created a fear among the people World’s aids. It’s an advantage
He waged war against Iraq Sadam Husain was killed. Everything is for the oil Then there is not one nuclear weapon ever in Iraq
They could not find them It’s you when the world history changes itself
It’s easy to throw a nail They say good ones. But I do not show anything
I’ll show you A few days ago, our Sen 1 channel
As a cause of the struggle Though many people in the Madi Party were arrested
There are new items now When you look at these scenes, insult the party
due The thugs who prepared his political enemies
It’s clear that there were riots These are those who were dragged like this
Who is being investigated by the police? What’s magic? Everything changed in a second This is the media power We checked our survey team’s notes The belief in people about you is very low What’s this saying? If I showed my eyes, I would have 1,000 sares
If you showed your hand, the lycra rate would be cool
Are not these elections tomorrow? They will not be preferred Thirty percent of the people are a joke
25% are you as a gangster 15% look like a drunk
This has to be changed Now we have the personal translation
A different process Black money is a weekly black news like white money
You’ll come in our channel again We are creating some sort of cases This will be in our binoculars and webcams Then your image will increase I’ll give it myself. Can you lift me up?
Raise that much. The boxes will be the same Hey Boys and Girls. Give me a clue, Sen -1 TV
All-In-One Atkatasam. Latest Tamil musical program. Connect 1 cam, 2 cameras.
These are the lines of Barathyyar’s songs She shows her work in the village Rocky sir, you’re going to touch the camera. The judges asked what to say?
They say what they think How can they be presented?
Great. New and new The stage shook Do not just say good. Tell me something bad Have you heard a song? They roar like a donkey
Is this a gym? If you sing this song, your love will disappear They do not look good at these Next came a special guest for us
Our Power Star Tell me
What? Tell you who gave you the doctor award Offered about tell
Fine. I was surprised to see this Just do not talk like just coming in for a singing show
Tell me a mistake There was a small problem.
What is it, sir? Seating?
No The drummer’s tempo failed She took four to four times and four
Voiced the voices But she played a good time
You’re kidding This is what Ma’am has said, but it does not matter
They know the music. It’s fun to say Using the word “fun”, our drummer
It’s angry Drummer says it’s not wrong. It’s wrong
Power. Let’s see who’s right The challenge is good. Say Power to Be Powerful
Talk to the Power and Play Power Say Power Star? Real force
Come play and play Power Star is challenged! Just go and get a layer, sir. But to Cathay. May Day Power Come on. – I can not.
If it’s not, it’s in the edit
Can be taken care of. is it.. Sit down. Hey, give it to me. See the shiver. Get your hands on it Because is she trembling up?
Save God You’re great
I’m really sorry What are you doing with me? You’re thinking of me as a whistle
I’m a marketer Do not get me Jinnies But not every idiot will be foolish any day
They can even know some things Next comes the Bombay Melody Gloves There is an advertisement from the Ebisi Advertising Agency No singing will come What are you singing for? This is what we are waiting for
Do you know how many beautiful and elegant clothes you will come to? They’re not just programmers
Shocking to keep track of goods Offered easy. This fails
Think so Feeling sorry for you, Pillay. Multi-media to your channel
If necessary, these girls must come to the end of the final round Or Potatoes Yellow Potatoes and Maipal Toad
It’s advertising All right, no problem, Kalyan. I can
Take care of it. – Do you understand?
-You. Put those chidly out Sorry. I came to give you an idea
The disk has changed We’re going to start a new program
It needs to talk about it Who’s the announcer
Show images Do you take people to the Guard? He said that he would not approve It’s possible to get a feel from them I tried. How much have you gotten from the channel?
Not coming You need to pull some magnets out of the audience How is Tilakan? There is no clarity when talking
He’ll talk like that Thilak does not have a play. There is a truth
Let’s try Next comes the association. It’s over now. Tell me about it Tell the audience to lunch I did fine. But thank you for coming in as we spoke
Your share is over At the same time, is it done? I still have no results
Is it ok No problem. You leave
We’ll handle it Fine This show is like drinking a bottle of an hour for an hour
It was gigantic That this team is going to the next round
Tell results Tell yourself There was heavy control. Now the results The exiles were the Nutrition Group Bharathi rolled over and said Dandanakka Drank wildly. No pimples This little boy, what about the gymnastics
Is there a program? Make mistakes. You’re all in front
That’s a pride. Next time, I’ll do a good job Are you scared? Tell me a little bit of sadness Are you scared? Do not show teeth
Face it. That’s when you’re drawing closer to your face Why Cry Need To Say Good?
I’ll be right back If you lose, you need to cry Everything we did was tasty. He clapped his hands
We did not think we were defeated. Sorry. Not crying The judges should look right, okay? What are you doing? She was born to her
Even the parents did not attack him Will anger come? Mike and raise the judges Do whatever you want Come on – Nothing, let’s go.
– Shut up. Take this. thank you ! why? Only the Power Star came in this show
There was only the truth. The other things are only a business. a lie Are you free today? What did you say? If you’re liberated today
Want to go to hotels or towers? Thank you for thinking. Said But the team is trying their best
Do not give up Maler Maller at least coffee,
our cottages… Phoenix. The boss is talking Wait a minute. Let’s go
There are 5 star hotels in the hotel Wait a minute
Come home Sir Sir Sir. Come on. Good chance for you. Do not bother The announcer of your next program It’s Lakshmi who is seated there
The agency’s Marcine Head This is the judge. Are you comfortable?
That lady says The younger is Thilak. I told you before know. Say Tilak What do you know about the announcement? Announce an announcer before you sit in the chair
You need to know about the guest When crosswalks are asked, an announcer becomes a hero
But it’s not a work of an announcer Should you say that the guest must be a hero? No. The media is morally principled… Bored Media company is selling a soap selling shampoo
Want to be ensiled? A tok show can be done
Do you see another way? It was our big dream that you came to our show
I’ve got it The Abase Agency is a big marketing site It’s working, you’ve got 1,000 jobs
That job has been abandoned You’re a sponsorship program. How’s that?
Want me to? Who is the announcer for that? Our job is what kind of questions he should ask for
You’re working your head How can this responsibility be honest?
Can you share with us? The one who thinks that’s important is asking aloud The person who thinks the answer is important is quietly asking Uh… Cori. A very important call. This is what I told Thilak. Talk to them Everything’s over How’s that between? What did you do?
It’s a sample Let’s start this tower showdown with Dean Menace
The show is a good start -Diary between the doctors -Manner, a freak shot
Police raid From Madurassa district
Dheiran competes with Merius. Dheiran Manirius, you are all pumpkin
He wants to close the filling from rice. In 1989, a bus was set on fire
A case has fallen Will you accept the mistake you made? Do not talk.
– Will you accept the mistake? The only mistake I did in 1989 was that I was born We’ll meet after a brief break He has seized the illegal arrack
But the year is unknown That’s what’s important. Tell me about it There are a couple of properties in a wife’s name
His wife’s name is Zaghm Look here for the unhappiness Oscar had acted like a world leader
Is It Possible At First Bows to Receive Awards? Is this separated? That’s three years Do not bother talking
Now, he came to the point where he’s been drinking coffee Coffee? What’s in the film shoots
No more shit is good for you. Are you ready for Thilak? – Then let’s go.
– Sweetheart, man. I’m handsome. Kalpana is unconscious Kalenāpa’s parents for Sen1 TVs
Information provided My daughter has madness About 4-5 years old. Now it is
It’s a little bit bigger That’s when somebody keeps track of him
It’s rape He threw himself down the tank Nobody has been raped by our daughter Not even worse. Our daughter’s fault He’s ridiculous and raped
I think She looks like these things It’s dangerous to bring him out in this situation He has to be taken to a mental hospital Miss Rose was not raped
It has been confirmed Incorrect information provided by our correspondent
We are saddened by the publication How is Kalpana’s face?
Showed Malar? How did it get? Ashok ..! This dog! This dog has done a little job. That’s not it. Please wait. Stay. Thilek Wells, stay. Tilak, let’s talk later. Interviews are late, stop. Do not give me an interview. It was Ashok
Listen to what you need to beat -Malor thought it ..
– Listen to me. Maller thought crazy. Malcher. Would you change Ashok? Listen to me. Calm down
Think about it He trusted me. This Ashok is him
Do you know a fucking art? You know the theory for a week. I’m six years old
a friend. Am I not sad? We did not betray any treachery
Understand A journalist receives 1,000 questions daily Get those questions into your head
You do not have to sleep I can not do another thing
Listen There is another political conspiracy against thoughts
Our channel also helped You see? So how can this problem be solved? Now what are you going to do? Who are you? What is the connection between this and what?
What’s your look in the media? If you wanted to change something, that’s the height
You need to go Anna, Pandia, Goppina need to be formed Until you prove your talent
This world does not care about your anger There’s your leg to work on We will support you. It will fall on you today
The first light of the light Not only by your dreams, I really am I’m always there I’ll be outside. Greetings sir.
At the same time, the story has changed How long to talk? Why is it too late? 100 apologists have been killed, right? It’s arrack
In 2004, Maniaszan was arrested in Dharmapuya You just have to ask the questions we’ve prepared
Understand I’ll tell you from behind.
Hold this. Do not bother him These Tamils are totally messed up do not be afraid. I’m ahead. What are you doing?
I’ll remind you, though. Give this leaf Hear it Answer me. Get ready
These questions are of no use Just ask what’s in it best wishes ! Sir sir sir. Yes, sir. Record it. Please smile
Fine, okay? I need to check my music. Hello! This is too big.
Do it right Welcome ! Welcome to you! Greetings! I do not want to punch you People like Twitter Facebook Whatsapp
There is not a day you did not praise A big politician. A businessman. about you
In short, say three lines. Let’s ask I’m decaying maniacs. The public service is my breath Truth and honesty are my footsteps There were no offenders who were born without a virginity
There are good people in the village knowing that there is no honest politician What are you talking about? It’s like lying
You have your story Dheeran Meriasu. How did you get this name? This one needs to be asked directly.
Listen, listen 15 years ago, the government was in the village with arrack
Shoplets would be opened like a flowering stream People were trapped in families I can not wait to see poor people suffer So he was trying to close the arrack shops In 2004 he was about an illegal drinking problem in Dharmapura
Are you arrested, right? What are you doing, fool? This is in Nalamburi, right? Spicy liqueurs against good liquor
Fighting in Dharmapuram How bad are the attacks, how old anarchy
How much controlling methods Control Systems? Who controlled the person? It’s from the government. These things aim at me I was one of those people who shot at me Can you see it? Sir, you see
Watch the children in the TV. Shut up There’s more in there Our leader Thamilchelvan who saw my battle
You are praiseworthy a hero This eternity should always be in the hearts of the people
The name Weeren Mani Arassan was named These are historical things Historical things are written in inscriptions Do not be funny and you’re normal Let’s talk about your education process? At this time 3 engineers College and two medical college were established
The student’s knowledge has been opened that is all So, sir Tell me like Abdul Kalam
Coming? That’s my teacher Follow him and make the youths better
Support Why separated from my mother? When are you separated? How do you know that?
This is what I wrote It’s like that A good Tamil song
Are you crazy? Annalar? Please.
You did great. Do it again I was very close to the leader who liked to stay unharmed
They plotted. Off If they are not separated, they will be removed Do not get upset like this. Finish your questions there Can anyone pull me out?
Ask her for her awards The light of the poor .. .. the leader of the… … the eighth wonder of the world .. The savior of education .. Rev. Fr. Businessman There are many awards
What do you like The doctor’s award
Sorry Such awards are those of the poor man
My favorite Tell about the breakdown A small postpay when you hear more interesting information Why are you asking questions over and over? How
Answering? We can answer the bait Why is it that you shuffle out the things that are being prepared, why ask unnecessary questions, Final notification. The way to change is not good Just look a little nice Switched like working cameras like Mike
I’ve made it Give Tilek the phone Give it to him Abdul.
Traitor Do not trust the channel of the channel. His
It was announced earlier. He did not believe me What you do is called journalism?
No A hooker
Listen to me for a minute Is not it embarrassing?
Give it What to talk to him with? You too…
My face is not important. Do not worry about anything I’m near. You know, there’s the channel
Belief Why did your brother call me crazy?
Showing an ugly look? My mother, my father, was threatened and lied
I thought to understand my situation First of all, I’ll speak Fair enough to be afraid to say the truth
Will not get. Speak to talk Now you need to tell the truth
Sit down like a dumbfounded head Actually, now it’s just a frenzy The three who ruined me as bad people
He went and did bad things But you’re a good person What for you right now? Do your job. Understand? There are cards on your hand
Just follow the e-mail. Ask about his future plans. Have a little smile. – Respect them…
– Welcome back! Especially he is Mr. Chaithe Mannar
Theseetti Männar! Thessets? What is it, brother? Is that your real name? What is he doing? Your mother, Father, long time ago
My mother raised the screams because she did not have children
Father’s name, Michelle, right? Who told you these things?
Our Siraja sister Your sister… Stephanie. Head of our women’s division. Do not be shy. That’s the whole village. Call Kalyan. If your brother At the age of 15, he’s been triturally driven. 25 years old
The leader of the Tri-Union Then, a bus fired from a political party
This is a tweeted Mannar man Then only the growth of life is continued Engaged in money from commission cashiers
College 4 is Dr. College 2 In the name of your family the name Binamy
There are many properties. These are the money? Now with a new China, together with the Global
Dragon industry He started a normal three-wheel driver
How was such a big businessman? Did you hear a second?
These are not here yet How wretched, how shame and wounds How funny, how inconvenienced it is
Corruption What’s the stacking? Now why should you be cheated like cheaters?
Are you trying? I’m going to get up and talk about the stairs that came up
Understand Do you remember an event? A day ago, the environment was polluted After that, Is the Students’ Union “Nilwala” emblems? Participated in the fight to defeat their fight
Can I remember the attack on students? The girl in that group was raped by the thieves
Made. Remember? What you say is false I did not even ask questions
What? What? What questions are asked? Who was I born to?
Is it important that I was born? Let’s get this?
Give a break Talking gave me a pause If you give money to 500 people, you will be
This channel is lost. Going There’s a work you have to do more
Sit down Listen to the answer that you have threatened Abdul aloud This is for the people Not talking about making peace
You called to cut your throat Is not one that raped that thought? Give it. Give it
Wait a minute. This is not my voice.
He left Cauchy and spoke Who cares? Who is Abdul? What is this?
Do the play? Do not worry Now, a pause has been given
Nothing goes to people What are you talking about? I’m waiting for you
Stop it. Getting killed What’s wrong? In a vent, out of a factory.
What else can I do? Why do not you go to work everyday?
Do not do this? Is this someone shit dead? Is there a list?
What’s the list you have? just wait. I was mixed in the lake
Are you dead? Is it too late to get a list? I’ll beat the snapper. What do you think? It’s embarrassing to come?
Kill him Did you hit it?
It hit a bit If you are wrong, why are you angry?
Why sweat? Because it’s true Why this big problem?
There’s a better question for this. know? Did not you feel bad? Do you want to go back? Brother .. I .. Your suit is loose. Did something fall on the leg? Stop .. Stop! Look at your brother… If you do, your breath will get stuck.
Get dressed and dress up. That is your little arrack bottle
Have a drink, brother. – Take care of the ass.
– Let’s go, Tilak. This brother… Look out! Mahatthe Veal ..? Right now?
You did not happen My two perspiration is my sweat piece He’s got out of your head Great. I’ve seen jumping into a hero
I saw that he was a hit man It’s our habit Write me in the newspaper Change the voice in some places like I say Down the road. Come on, move it. -Hey
-Kalhan It’s embarrassing to come? Did not broadcast
Was this a million rupees worth of money? The people did not see this. Change everything
What to change? Tell me what’s on this paper There is no problem. Calm down. -Hurry Up.
Bring yourself a picket. In 20 seconds, the announcement ends.
Put another ad Take Tilek’s old programs Come on, sir. Sit down, sir. Meditation ..? Yes. All right, you better get closer. Get a little more. Take older videos Change voice just like Thilak It’s not good to see the Thilak Foundation
Keep him in the frame only How did you get started without you? A clean leadership that did not reach the path of justice.
When the people know that, the people will know. False allegations have been uploaded on you
We know this But that’s why people need to know
An inquiring question asked Do not get lost Fruit rocks with fruit Cut the white shot and cut it at the same time
Add to the live camera That girl had a bogey enemy to avenge me
It’s sad to think about it Do you want to do something natural from here? Thank you or welcome you
Something’s supposed to be. Take one from it Prove that it is blindingly honest
Good chance was given The voice completely changes, dude. Hey Hey Tilak. Hey Tilak .. Hey, wait a second. Thilak Thilak ..? Crazy dog! No Tilak. Traitor. Hey, swing it. beat it Going You are out today Hold on, Thilak. Would you be patient if this was your sister? What the hell is this Thilak? This is a Channel Office. This is not a fish market. Actually, this is a fish market. Rotten fish are good
A place to sell. Who is that Dheerane? A lunatic, a drunkard, a murderer. Come with him
Tell me to compare with Abdul Kalim Stop it! Stop your nonsense. see. Get one thing straight. This is an entertainment industry.
What is Prime Time? Pudding rice and rice for the sake of lime
Everyone’s on TV There should be a program at this time Or company policies
There are documents This is not what we decided to do
Tattoo programmers
The first part of the abdomen Look at the people in this tattoo house. Tivi
Are you holding on? There is no other girl in that group There are 1000 todens to play, but a girl comes
If you show your waist, you are TRIP. Increase You force me to lie. We are real tasty
Let’s say it The coverage of Valentine’s Day coverage
How’d you see that? In the day TGR. At level we are No. 1 Is not it embarrassing? Who was raping the girl
Off it We kept the news frequently and repeated that girl a few times
They raped you What’s up? There is no video that corrupted that girl
Or it’s also broadcast Stop it. Someone killed your parents Or somebody raped them on the road
Everything is sad for you and yourselves I’m only a reader No Tilak. Do not give up If you died here, if you died
You’re news Why are you smiling? I did have a good news
Great You will not see it
know? That is what we are saying. The people who watch TV are fools
Thinking that they’re playing with their faith Now I believe. The eyes are believed
The billion people consume us All of them are with us on this video
Thinking The mood you show on the screen, asks for a program
Win a game The clapping cradle believes everything That is our confidence On the day that that confidence was lost… look at this
The channel is closing Our people sleep a lot. But wake up
All of us need to wake up If you wake up like that, you’ll be gone Reminded you. Are you saying your job lost?
Know who they are talking to? Please go beat it You tell me You can not go to any channel in India and you can not work
Let’s calmly think and make a decision If you support them, you’ll be with them
We can go What’s the connection between you and me?
Do your job You’re infuriating me…. Tell him to work like a shit like him
more A cup of cups at a tea shop
Tell me how to live. I’ll go Apologize if he apologizes
Coming Kanyan’s name is blacklisted The final shot is mine. Fear of Mirierson. The boss is our job The one who gave you the damn thing, yamaya. To all of us
You’re the bender. I could not hit you Crazy Jagan, what are you doing? – Who’s on your feet, buddy.
The arrack is so bad. – Hey, Thilek? Now we have access to social service. -Come on
– Muller. It’s a social responsibility.
What’s going on here? any problem? Yes, uncle. Covered. Fresh beer
Where will you get? What do you ask? This area is not safe. Trust the drunkards at night
There you are. If somebody did something do not be sad. We do not have any of them
You can not do anything. Why are we here? See unused. Stay in the Shanmugam movie
Just like a chef, right? That’s the nose Take uncle safely home. At night, dogs
With a police officer arrested What are you talking about?
Where is the extra beverage? Is there any illegal secret? Because this uncle is wearing shoes late in the night
Ready to walk along the dog? Have you seen driving cars like Piso? Hey, man, we’re trying to kill. Stay Jagn.
– Muller, Kalyan is trying to kill us. If you go on the road, will lorry go to the sidewalk? I’m excited to see Maler. Girls, the bazaar does not look like Ebli.
God is angry. To quit smoking, and to save even more
Trying to make you bastard boy. Excuses are girls. Where’s that boy that’s been drunk? I’ll go and save him. Stay here, I’m
I’ll be right back. Your life’s up. There’s posters
Put some collams in it So what are the toilets made for?
Come on. I came to this couch company. Great. Hey, Dhanushi Malar. Come here. Come see this ad. This is for me .. Give me two! Look at that
Say this. Come here Working for the job Defeats early experience? Do not worry
Keep working Where is the interview?
go in Where’s the postal admirer? Chico is just an inch
Like a shin This channel? Discovery Yes. Hypothetamus coming What do you want? It’s just like Maya. We came to the interview
Sit there Because Pushpa. Something’s been done? Do not girls. You’re so strong. Do not give Is he right? This is him
It’s fine Great. The interview is like a studios Sit down. Answer the answers to these questions -Welcome !
– Ayubowan Ma’am! So, this is my CV. And I worked on Sen-1 on the TV
Awards and promotions received. Tell me. Previously on your experience
What was defeated? We are the three of us. Three girls
Three boys We all worked together day and night working together I understand. Buttons off
Sit here. Shut your ass down? This is what this is
Something like that? This is not a job. Find your questions
I give this leak If you had two pills in this fluid,
All the problems are solved Is this a place like that? Sit down
Going – Sit down. Sit down.
– He’s sending the set to the stomach, leave. Lost your previous experience? The same poster I looked at tonight I was put in and trying to sell kittens
This is half over and overwhelmed They say that the previous experience failed
Night at night What is Dundas? This gecko doctor’s program got up and woke up We misunderstood We all have good media experience If you’ve added us to your program team
It will definitely be useful Did you find a job? Yes What can I do with the job? If you take these irregular ones and sell them to the streets
Rs. 50 will be earned. What’s the job? Why is Sir doing this? Permission to broadcast a channel
Is not this a fraud? What’s the scam? Pressure, anger They did not have any other places
Everywhere Let’s face a solution? In ancient times, all the diseases in the world
The medicine was given But today some people are like Eñhane Do not be angry. Biocarbon, global warming
The world is messed up as terrorist attacks Talk about the mattress without talking about these Okay. You come with a matter The era was reversed.
The average man, if not the body Mr. Abdul Kalam said about world peace
Do you know? Family unity is the nation. When there is peace in the world, in the world
Peace is right. Do You Recognize? Great. But I do not understand.
Convert yourself You better understand that If you had inner peace, you would have comfort at home. Home
If you were comforted, there would be comfort in the country. Relax in the country
If you had it, you would have comfort in the globe How? You’re great I decided that you’re working too hard
I decided. There is no time to give a job Who gave us the lights here? The curent bite is agitated before. Now, curt
I’m tired of seeing the bill. This is HR. Where is it?
We finish the workshops of our employees Do not speak outright and speak unethical
If I had a good price I would watch the channel My job is like a ship caught in a storm
You are here too… We’ll be the simulator for that ship The dogs in your office are allowed to walk too
Give us space We’re not getting anywhere. Sen 1 channel
We sent all of the blacklist to blacklist all channels Is there a group that does not fit in the set?
One thing is clear Set decided to lose you. But God
I decided to give you a place Sir. Thank you, sir. This is your room
Take care Understand one thing As you said in the Bhagavad Gita, perform the responsibilities
Do not expect results Why did your masters call this? Do the job. Say no to expectations Down cheech shops. Upstairs old outfit
Here are the customers waiting What are you looking at? Give it 10 minutes
This room needs to be changed Pandian Express from the mosquitoes
Behrullah Rappelche…. The Pandian Express was postponed. Temple
Does the stolen stolen goods want the main news? I have a good idea. We do that…
gets up Who do I know Boys are fast. We are the ones we manage
You need to learn to step up. Or it will be removed Take some time Who put the lights here? Do you need lights? What’s the program without the money?
One can make a hunchback. The participants here are ready Have you seen this? That night they took a dog
Uncle, did you see it? He’s really a police commissioner.
I got a mask and got a racket
This is the lorry that came with us Underwear and Undercover Police? Look at this. We picked up the assholes
Got it They have done something important The toilet has also changed
Going lost Sit down At that time, kings were wearing cloths
The mourners are mourned Happens in their own department
Finding good bad guys We’re shooting that Cops have to change the city mask
Is not it? What are we doing here when we’re talking here? This is a program for the Sen 1 TV. Dropped
Come on. From the morning, I look after it What’s the matter? I will see?
Do not mind What’s this? It’s like this. For this
There’s to be an answer These guys are thinking behind the anger
There is a big rumor that the company is Abdul and the Global Dragon Company If you gave permission, take this program This was taken at the SS TV
If this is broadcast, there will be legal issues Again. Let’s see if we can
I’m here. You do what you want Thilak. On the left side. Get rid of it Sorry. I misunderstood. Studio
Now, Maler told me what happened The river that was not gone before 10 years ago
Check out the current situation Giggled. Well, it’s bad
So the agriculture destroyed These are the children affected by these diseases
About 60 are in our village All this causes Aries
This is the industry Abdul ..? Come on Murugan. They’re our union This is yazin bai. Our village leader 20 years ago, if you saw this village Green color And it’s over They will go in automatically for 3 months A big tank without any permits
Every creature lives in a free environment Now the chemical is mixed with the industry
Did not get sick Little ones do not have arms in their arms At that time, MGR. This is the place Saroja Devi danced
Check out the current situation If you catch fish in this tank, you can sell it for hundreds of thousands
There’s no frog now Bala now has a place in Bharathirajah movie
It’s a place in the movie Arsenic from this industry
There is a chemical substance. It is mixed with this lake and joins the ground water The chemical is the bone and the disease
The other causes They’re talking. Do not believe them
Cousins get married. Do not ask That’s why the children are born with little children For some time now, there are no problems
Why come with this TV? The industry comes after the village. Every home
Someone has a job The Kovil Kumbabichik. 500,000 rupees to Jetwing
Do you have any kind of things? Indifferent. Two days ago
We left our village board Just staying. What have you given? Go for 5 feet 500 feet
Why is this industry? Talk to the big boss Take money from the company and do it? This is a tomb
Do? Are you alright? Will disappear The people realized that Berane’s bones were taken from us
Leave Every problem is yours
Get out See what happens there Do not you have any other topic?
He always talks about this If we start a textile firm, we’ll go to dye Whatever they started, they staged the struggle
How is the country developed? The basic needs of ordinary people are affected Curly tree?
They say these Is it chewing milk from a toilet?
Acid is released That’s right. Acid chocolates are cleaning the toilet
But that’s not easy to rear Media Stalled? The board saw, right?
Do not buy pictures. You’re a scholar, right? First get out of here
Talk to you It was the right thing to do in a piece of land. This property was bought
Why is there a fence around here? This is something in the village, right? Do not take pictures
There is a board. What are you doing inside? Are you making nuclear weapons? Or rockets? A village can speak legal rules without knowing the name of a village
If you want to file a case What are you recommencing? Close it I’m Dean Maniasan speaking
I’m the hero of Mailservice. What do you want? No bad news about my industry
You do not have to come in your channel. Right? The news does not go wrong Let’s not hide what happened On the street? You’re getting lost Dog, I’ll do what you want My studio shot Thilak secretly
Broadcast the industries, to your channel
Prosecuting. Then your destruction Farewell? Put it If I broadcast this channel, it’s yours
The pants are gone If you’re suicidal, you’ll get outfits. the truth
Will show. Your work in court will reveal. Is it ok I’m a thug The media and politics are doing everything
We can. We can kill anything else A world ban was started
A politician He has destroyed a village, including the medium he supported Deryan Maniasan was the one who made such crimes
Show me This Sen 1 channel has started. About this
No other media was asked You ask? A newsman?
Change channel You are also a newskeeper? You should have heard
You’re screaming for me I asked. I did not show the channel I asked as a mediawoman. Business
As my owner closed it I’ve been angered by the questions I asked for you
Our Tuckett Mannar. Sorry, Deer Special Fight Case Action Our Abdul and Abdulah were influenced by the degraded ones
What do you think now? What are their next steps? He thought. Happy thoughts
Now it’s like a walking wanderer When we started the fight, we were guided from the back If I knew how to cope with the police
We go ahead and become the first one The industry was poisoned Because of the reason for questioning it His life is agitated Poor doctors bought wrong medicines
I did this: When I asked, I made a mistake, a conscience
Saying no lies These are Dini Mani’s work
What are these? UNESCO with the permission of the Human Rights Commission
We gave the water and the soil to test our village Soon the results will come. After that, this battle is for nothing
Everyone understands There’s a dump around our around you
Come clean I do not care about socializing in social media He needs to be flogged as blood. To whom?
Those who fight against it must meet They need to look directly at the anger of our eyes
If you were too slow As an eternal slave who can not be released
We’re appointed It’s not good either. When you question the administrators
They showed us what’s going on We need to show our sound The media has become very different.
There are refreshments. It’s a shame when you think of another step in that media Cinema is to show that politics is stealing
The nation is excited, women say corruption
Farming is suicide This is the generation’s thoughts We are also an important reason for this. Next week
Meet us with new information Greetings with sadness Have you seen so much pride? These are the chairs
It’s not fair to speak Something that ruins the streets There is a work. Put people down
Be patient He sat down in his face and urinates. Open your mouth
Do you want to wait? Elections. You and he are fighting
He knows this This is an experiment if you’ve killed him right now
Come on. The media is waking Give it to me. See how to end up with them Look at this. You’re given two days. rather than
If you take some time The car is first going over your body. You decide.
Thank you, sir. Thank you. Commendations like you guys
It’s a great pleasure to see, sir. Thank you very much, sir. Happy New Year sir! Previous generation, previous generations
The next generation What’s the next generation of generations?
Learned? How do you look at their victory at defeat? Our program is to sit for one
Another is bigger May I come? Come on, sir. Please sit down. gets up
Come here. Take these The new reality show is dead, sir. Everybody celebrates the New Year. To them
Tortures inside. Do not you think of sins? See her. From the toilet to the terrace
It’s like flashing You’re sitting inside and torturing yourself Those who swim in the water often get oxygen
My commemoration too Nothing. Let’s celebrate. After five minutes
Let’s celebrate. Sit down Do not watch the watch for you. Glass
Do you take classes like this? Father who came to save us from these sinners
Forgive him Starting New Year with stairs
Here Before this is canceled
I have to spend it. Boss, you’re like heart, and boss. Long before those who thought this channel too Talk today and congratulate
These are new to me You are because of these things Is it at the same time? If you give this place, you will not have to do this
Every praise is God Life is a game. We need to fly You do not have to be like a fool when you need to celebrate And nobody knows your worth I was just talking to you. There’s a job here The office needs to be cleaned. Those who come for tea
It needs to be restored. Right? Destroy yourself who is? Meditation. 12 lakhs per year.
I got a call What did you say? I told you
You? Tell me to come There’s a job there. Wanted to come But meditation. Are you dead? Che. The devil. – Eat.
– Wait. Good morning, sister. – Good morning, sir.
– Good morning, sir. Are not you going? where is? All your boys went to Sen 1
What do you say? They do not have their fault. Fishing in the fish?
I’m sending it to me Sir. Jagan. Tell Jagan to come. That was the first time
Jagan? I can not believe it Nishanthi Arthie also went Why did not you go? Somebody called me
not. I did not call -Think
-Ser? Come here. I can not pay that much. You also need to go There’s no such thing Traitor. Why are you so foul? I know who’s here? Executive producer.
Do you know the salary? That’s 61,300. Will it get there? Is not it shameful to say this? Last night, 1.00 pm
Sir’s money… he’s so sure of you? Your pocket money is coming here
I can not bear it. That’s why You stay there. I’ll be here
Work is on. Hold it Bomb explosion in Thiruwooluwar Divisional Secretariat
It’s time. The news has come Welcome ! At around 4.00 pm Thiruwalluwar
A bomb blast in front of the cashier’s office
Five people have died. Fifteen others are injured. At the moment of this incident .. Look! That’s where I am
Get out. The bombs that happened at Thiruwooluvar Cashier’s office
We have received CCTV shows on the explosions. Videos received on Sen-1 TV
Who is this unidentified person? In the box in his hand
Was there a bomb? We received many answers to this question. Grenade, keep in charge of the colleague office and expedite
This person is a terrorist
A leader of a group .. Like our Abdul, right? – No, sir.
Yes, yes. It came to our TV that night
You stabbed, did not you? That day, I understood him
The terrorist. Say Tilak. Abdul, Thiruwalwerk Collector’s Office
A bomb exploded. It’s news that you were bombs
It’s Abdul. What are you saying? For half an hour
Before I went, it was true. -But..
-no no You do not explain to me. I know you. Do something. Go to the nearest police station
Just tell me the same thing, I’ll be right back. I .. Why should I go there? I will not go out of politics. Thilak. Do what Abdullah says. Your point
You have to prove it. I say what I say.
Or it’s false news. .. ..and you are Abdul .. believe me. Abdul. I’m going to say so much. Other
They’ll take care. Hey, I’m not one of the thinking people.
Go ahead. Come here! Kalyan .. Your inside is real
There’s a director. Oh. Shown on the Breaking News. This is just beginning. Last but not least, wait
patiently to see the full match. You shoot them on each ball each six times. The match is beautiful. Okay, I’ll talk later. Sir sir. We have a newer news. That was the terrorist bombing the Collector’s Office
Now Thiruwalluram is assaulted. This is the Abdul group. – Ah, Ashok.
-Ser. Take care of this. It’s not good to throw anything wrong. Go. Go! Go! Go. -Ser?
-And .. You can trust these sources too, sir? Goon, you do not worry about it.
Give it to us. Are Abdul Atak ready for the news? Five minutes, sir. What’s so blinking? – Upgrade.
Is it right?
-A. Insisting oninones. As they walk in
Shake a shot. -Hello?
– Ashok… are you ready for the Vodafone? Sir sir. I’ll get ready now. Quickly! Change background. Abdul Raju ISIS terrorists In our village… give me a minute. Get out that leaf and get it off ISIS
Excuse me, you do not have any thoughts? Get another shot. Sir, Abdul .. You’re hiding the file. Oh, right sir. Ready, sir. Abdul ISIS terrorists of his
The delegates. Oh, you can not get this done?
The frogs say, Edithin? You’re Anton Anthony, editor
Where is the enemy? Go to Ashok, and get the video. Ready, sir. Now, ready. Come on. SUBJECT: Indrajit. It’s a special story now. Terrorist Abdulmuthu and his associates Hiding in a forest in Thirukollura
Getting information about getting there. – Ashok?
-Ser? Get out of here sooner. Abdul and his team looking for
Forcibly transferred to Thirucoluuu Police Station
At the time of entering Sir, fast, sir. … the police have been shot. How are the Sir… CCTV cameras?
It’s recording in the air? Abdul and his colleagues escape
Has gone. Abulud and his team It’s a lot of crime
There are reports. These terrorists were arrested
The whole police force is by now
They have left. Guns and bombs in the hands of terrorists
We’re prepared to stay because of. Abdul ISIS terrorist, his
The delegates. Come and join us. Holy, clean. Godzilla is waiting
I told them. That day it was caught and handed over to the police
If it is handed over .. We will not come to this shame. They scoffed at the entire village. Terrorist Abdul is a multitude of international
Because I’m in contact with terrorists. Murugai, we are terrorists to ourselves
Labeling and chasing. Why should not we come with us?
Get in trouble? Go on, Muruga. Why is it that you just talk out now?
Everything started with us? Did we join in according to religion? If you do not have security here,
I would not have used it alone. Let’s meet you together, come on. Come on, come on. What is this? They’re looking for Abdul. How are we going now? Stop. – Stop the vehicle.
– From the media, sir. Stop it… Stop it! This is coming, sir. Did you say stop? Less
Will he drive? When it comes in the media, go inside
Can not give. Do not let anyone go
There’s orders from above. – Alright, sir.
– Not at all. Breaking up unwanted stories while wasting time
Without returning. These terrorists and terrorists in Iraq
There is a suspicious relationship Five kilometers from Thirukkolu
Abdul and his companions hiding inside the boundaries
We are getting news reports that there are. Hey Rashid? Where’s Abdul? Tell me, come with me. Cut it. Take this. Give the camera. Take it from left to right. Come on. Here he is. Abdul is us. Oh, Abdul. What happened? Hey, Abdul? What happened? Come on Abdul, let’s go to the courthouse. Come on. I told you that I went to the police station. That the bombs and me have no connection Speak up, shootit. It’s really hard to save me. But as a terrorist
Can not die. Abdul, let’s go to the hospital. I talk. By the way .. The camera came from, right? What’s in my mind, sir. Let’s go to the hospital.
Get up, Abdul. Come on. Tell Ashok. Ablue is behind the duck
There’s the gang. This is coming. Come on, bring our guys together. Malar, you go get a car. Tuck up. Come on. – Do you?
– It’s ready. I went to the Coaching Office. But not nobody is killed. Killing many people .. Dairan’s Global Dragon Factory. I went to speak with this unfairness to the collector. – You’re not going, Abdul.
One photo shot. It was the result of the
tests, the water was simple. One of the gangsters there, to me
I did not see Coxeter. -My evidence is coming.
– I threatened and threatened .. The suitcases were snapped. I asked. If there’s no wind here, there’s no water
Why are you here? It’s your village. Why should we go? Why do you see us as strangers? This is my country. After separation from India and Pakistan
All other religions were only India. But we are India and Pakistan
There was a right to decide. At that time, think about this and the people. This is where we live in peace
Believe what I can believe India willingly chose. I am an Indian Muslim. We are the blood of this country too. When the floods in Chennai came We got lodgings in many temples. We also went to many of them
Saved lives. I’m Muslim from the media at that time
I did not see it. When fighting with a politician .. The leaves were dyed on my body. Did not say the news was news Stunning Story Where In The Heart
Today the media has come. News When News “News Stories”
Became .. Early on corruption began. It’s like these crazy excitement in the media
The lives of many have been destroyed. I’ve been with this religion and my religion
I thought I was a terrorist. That is true terrorism. Media Terrorism. It was when youths fought against injustice
The authorities will show their real color. Then they are for the young, Dallas, Naxosite
Drop the pieces. But they’re normal
The people know very well. I will definitely shoot. I’m definitely going to die. But my death is meaningless
Not possible. The police are coming. Let’s go hard. Ah, the police? Keep driving. Abdul. Abdul ..! Is not there an Abdullah problem? What is it for? First you leave. They are you
It’s targeting. Maler. Come on. Come on. Go inside and check
Pull him up and put it out Get them up. You killed the crepe. He’s going out. Why are you doing this? Drawn and put in the jeep. Somewhere near Abdul I do not hear him. Signal is weak. This side is himself. Let’s go that way. Ashok. I knew that your videos got there. Super job… that’s it! Thank you, sir. Give it to the worker’s tivi
This one Related to the bombings that were in the vicinity
The terrorist group That Muththal is also connected
It has been confirmed The terrorist Abdul Tilak and Maler, announcers of the Mumbai Channel
To help safely get in the car and help escape Our special media detective Ashok has been recorded Muttil Channel, which helped to defeat Abdullo
This is the author It is unlawful to be a threat to the security of the land
Working Muttiah channel Will the Government Acquire it? Its owner is Helen
The answer to the question is whether they will be arrested You are the next editor of our channel What happened to Ashok? What’s happening Ashok? Call me Ashok. Give a minute. A: Abdul. Look at this. I have nothing to do with this
Do not do anything to me Our Sen channel’s Special Media Checker Ashok
Abdul is abducted by terrorists He found out that he was abducted severely Mugoudhan tried to put an end to the terrorists
The innocent young man, Abdul, fired the shot Minutes a minute, in an impenetrable way
What is the next part of these events? These are the police…
Our announcer Ashok will be saved from this group? Are terrorists killed? Heroic act in Tamilnadu Police According to the information provided by Sen 1 testers
Explosion of terrorists in the forest area The shooting between the groups of two
Two gunshots were shot Investigate the video from the beginning and give it to the police
Give evidence Sen 1 to all channels
Commendation What happened? Nothing I tried to call you.
But there was no signal. Sir, sit down sir. Sit down. -Hello sir.
-Key Raghash. Every single set up that you killed Abdul
Thilak is clearly captured. Every video is there Not one of them is to be telecast
How do you know? Let’s talk openly. I’ll get the full video
not. I’ll get the channel Tell me the price. That’s right. Tell your money. How much boss does it cost? Rs.50 crores. Not even one video out
Can not go. 50 is to be closed If this video came out, it’s yours
Rs. 1000 billion is over 100 billion With every copy of channel property instruments
Everything will be taken. With my attorney at your office
15 minutes It’s not good to leave the video one minute You need to make sure
Right? – Do you?
-OK OK ! 100 billion. You can take ten crores If my credit was over 30 crores if tax was paid
I will destroy Edited by everyone
Close the door We suffer waste. Why did you change Sir?
Wait a minute Why is she selling the channel? Did he say cory? He’s a bitch
An angry dog. I am a lion You want to show him the thirst of the lion That’s all that, right? I thought otherwise Do you know who’s working? Who’s working with us?
Did you find out? In front of my eyes in front of my eyes
But look at that How? From the day you were born?
Come on, come on He puts cameras in this room and tells the truth
Broadcast It’s not working. An old idea. Find it
Is there a new idea? There are no new ideas. But there is an old idea Muttal TV-shut down! Muttal TV-shut down! Let’s go in? Let’s get in touch with the leader A call from the minister. The channel was banned Give us a moment
The Mumbai Channel, which threatened the security of the country
That it is forbidden It is also legitimate to take action
Channel broadcasts canceled Central government has received official notice -Ser Muththil TV banned.
– I know. Come on, sir
Where’s the Editer room? that’s it Do not let anyone in there I’m bored. I am all mine husband Gentlemen, they came. Come on, sit down. Sit down. I am Ramachandran. Sen-1’s attorney and lawyer
Lawyer. Sit down. Actually, I do not believe in me First, they did some copying the video
We have to know whether there is any The video did not come out of this room
There’s everything This is my man inside this channel
Everything is waiting The things we talked about. There is no difference Pencils wherever they go
Get a pen I’ll be back in a minute. Oh, gentleman. Are you swimming? Are you crazy? Did you see scrubs? Make you mad My TV should be banned for one minute
It’s not that good. It owed so much My channel is locked You keep your channel in your own hands Have a laugh. Do you know real game? You sent me a black line to my channel
I sent a group of black eyewitness to your channel Tell me
kick off Bus topples over in Wolur area
– Jonson, Meditation, you urgently came. She’s invited to see her jacket. Technical question
Go and see I’ll take care of the live events.
Do not do anything It’s a great news now Abdul Aldranshi branded the terrorist
Mutayalan received the statement It’s true that I went to the Coach Office. But not to kill somebody. He’s killing many people for Dheeren
The Global Draggin Factor. I was going to tell Colaker about it. Why, sir, this has changed? This is against our channel Who gave this pin? This is not in the process
Who did these things? Get your mouth shut.
These are wrong. I will lose my job News is over and puts our mark on I’ve seen the board notice that I’m sorry about this ban
Years old? As we thought, one of us is making trouble
I’ll start I’m dying.
Definitely, I’ll shoot. Why are you still here? Sit down Where’s Jagan? This can be removed. The main thing over this
Can you get rid of Go Jag .. Open the door. What are you doing? With this video, Sen-1’s on TV
The real design is visible to the entire world. Hey Kalyan G.Pages… Slow down! Your entire pen-1 TV
We are looking to become a TV channel. – Hey, Thilek?
– You boss. Those who believe in me MGR. Like you
Nambiar Hi, how are you today? Ma’am Pillay Sir asked me to check this. – There’s no war here.
– Good madam. – Oh, God, be quiet.
– You’re upset Nishanthi. I do not know how to save a file. If it was troubling you, Madam. Really sorry. Yes, come on. Spoken Madam?
no You spoke and told me Abdullah was branded as a terrorist Sen 1 TV’s announcer
Happy car on the car I did anything for Abdul. Please… were are you? Abdul is here I came in the car. She came forward and fell down You’re alive, are not you? There are
Should I call the police? do not. Get him in the car first and talk to me
Tell me what to do Do what you say.
Let’s get it in Sen 1 owner Ashok and announcer
The conversations that Ashok had with him By Abdul’s shirt, Mike
Recorded Abdul is going to hell. To hand over to the police? Do not get upset. We need to build this
I have another plan. Let’s do this in a different way Now our Triglav TV channel. 90% increase I’ll put him up and 100% increase Five minutes later, speak to Inspector Balala At the same time, I will plan everything and talk Be careful. Wait for Simart. Every second of a second
Like an investment in fire. – I’ll wait for your advice, sir.
– Good Ashok. -Be careful.
– Good sir. Sen 1 owner Kalyan and announcer Ashok
The conversations… he’s crying. Give water We have to stop the channel immediately.
And everything is over. It’s not good to quit Who is behind the abduction of Abdul?
Wait for the future of CT. -Hello, sir?
What’s the problem? A news item must come in 10 minutes
Did you say? That’s why it’s done How’s your change? Good? Who killed Abdul? Am I going to bother you?
Suffer The door is not open
Where’s my card? What? It does not work. Sir PCR is out of control.
Everything happens with the MCR. – Then stop the MCR.
– Jag’s locked inside. What? Our guys are fine
Playing the game, right? The owner of this house is Kalyan
There are questions Kalyan .. I’m locked up in the office. Someone’s running. What the hell did and went out
Stop the broadcast! Get out of here. Bala, come with us soon. Signal is high. Look at that Put it down. What are you going to do, Ashok?
Did you say that? The cameraman is not here? – The clergyman will be here soon.
– We do not have time. It’ll come in a minute. Get the camera right away Bring it here. What’s this? are you mad? The truth is that you do not crush the truth Do you know what this is? Did you say that? Youth
For that I’ll take care of you Come on, Deir sir. Here is a gift from our bosses Dust is my leg. Trying to kill me
Bala can not kill him She told me to video the camera
Is it a movie to be killed? Kill You do not have to be here. Want a video
Go immediately You can not trust yourself. My boys are here
I’ll leave You’re out of here
I’ll take care of that Hey, get him that tree
Leave. Jagann, come on, man. Jagann, Gagan, open it. Open the door. You can not do this. Set like a seat
Bala woke up. Need to work before he comes to mind The head turned around
Straighten Wait a minute Put it behind the head. Bala take that fake gun. Give the double tape to Mohan. Young Bala. His eyes are closed
Give your mirror -Marine, give your glass-glass.
Tulip-Glass? That car was removed
I was doing it. Bala, hang on my hands. Watch out! I do not look like kidnapping you
Face is new Hey, Deepan. Kill him. Get in touch. We’re going to beat Abdul. Right away, please. – What am I doing?
Make video with a piece of comeback. – From here.
– Marsh? – I have to be.
– It’s Ashok Wait a minute. Sir, security code is on. What the hell are you doing out there? Go back to the MCR room
Open the door. I’ll do it, sir. Something’s… Going on! If not quick
I’ll give him a pineapple. Sir, I’m here, sir. I went to the room. Jagn .. This room can not be opened. Go into the next room Kalyan? Let me have it. Meditation… open the door. Take this. Camera starts. Act right! Hey, Abdal, let me go. Please, Abdul, do not shoot me. Everything is broadcasting meditation. Do something. Where is Sriramadar in-charade?
I want the Passover. – Passover? Entrance is known.
– I’m looking for Anchor. Sir. Hey, sir. I do not need Passover. Do what I say.
There’s a green colored wire down the server Cut it Did you say that? I told you before
This is my notebook Your TV has blocked your hand ‘Cause sir? Not to see the whole story
Getting the intermediates? If you touched the media, you’re done
That’s it? Do not play with me
You’re done, Thilak Are we taking fake movies? We are also the media I’ve been jumping off too much
do not We’ll get to know each other
– What about the men? A deal. With you?
Yes. Your set ups do not work for me Are you ok, Abdel? Yes See the crime
Control your faces and give your phone Malarus, come on. Call the commissioner and talk to an ambulance – Do you?
-and. Go ahead. There is little work left. Sorry
I’m sleeping like you died Get stoned. Oh, right. Take a video Okay, sir. Come quickly. Video and Movie? Yes, it’s over. OK, cut it. Both of the video footage we got will be fixed
Abdul died after your boos Then, our Kalyan, the truth, is this:
TRR Can increase learn. It’s not wrong do not. Do not do anything to the Chief Leave. Shoot Am I an idiot? You’re out of here
Kill here? I’ll do my best to kill you Now what are you gonna do with me? Abdulwa is planned as a terrorist
I believe in the people Abdeen Police shot and killed by police It’s me. Many people save me Even though Ashok and Inspector Bala heard of it
Goes to jail Shredded? – There you go.
– Breaking things straight. Who are you guys? Wrongdoing is a mistake without a mark
Someone I am You can not show any evidence against me Why are they talking to this in front? Look at this. I was normal at the office of the GA
A bomb. There was a bomb here. Ten years of power We can not do anything
You can not do anything But this is possible, right? This is called beard.
See who can see it. Police Commissioner You help politicians like a cop
Because of this, the country is here. Go out These are Jokers. Saint Tivat, Kalyan
Leave it off He needs a tough testimony
That’s why To test the whole team with the witness You have to change the mask again What’s the boss? Did you hear your news with the old one? Leave The confession you made has recorded this Tell the Commissioners’ mouth By Abdul’s encounters by Thilak
Rescued. What do you say about this? Politics, power, etc.
Humanity is big Anything else in the world can change But there is another person to raise the fallen people
It does not change Thilak was saved by me
Thank you, Thiluck To clash with us, fight with our own points Cowardly, our virginity or life
Do not play with him We’re getting up.
It’s a tree. Or else fertilizer Wait. I’ve been playing a joke for so long
You are the living people The media is ashamed because of you
What do you say? I gave what the people wanted
What’s wrong with this? Mr. Kalyan ..? Tilak, Muller. Let’s go. This time, I miss a song
Great. I also missed that song What? I did not.
How did you feel? I know you? Bip song
Tell me? Our teacher is Then sing
To sing RightFor new subtitle in Sinhala subtitles
Visit Font>Great. But how?
Do you guys still like it anyway? No, since we’ve all been together, sir