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on May 16 to 20 19 Judge Emmett Sullivan ordered prosecutors to make public a transcript of phone calls between Michael Flynn and Russian ambassador Sir Gaius lack made late in 2016 the judge also ordered that the Flynn related parts of the Mueller report be unredacted on June 4th via minute order one that is entered by the judge and made available in an Otis Sullivan wrote on May 16th 2019 the court issued multiple minute orders that ordered the government to file on the public docket certain materials and information upon consideration of the government's submissions in response to those orders the government is not required to file any additional materials or information on the public docket pursuant to the courts orders of May 16 2019 the nature of the minut order from June 4th is much different from what Sullivan demonstrated in prior minute orders and prior statements from the bench regarding the Flynn case it is unclear what exactly the government submitted that changed Sullivan's mind but this is a major shift in his jurisprudence what we do know is that the Justice Department attorneys filed a statement on Friday claiming that the recordings were not used in establishing Flynn's guilt or in the sentencing of Flynn there are a few possibilities in all of this one is that whatever is in that recording would put national security at risk if released including the methods used to capture the call the more likely possibility is that the Trump administration knows that the actual words contained any exchange between Kozlov and Flynn would significantly damage drug because it would show knowledge and coordination with Russia it is surprising that Judge Sullivan took the government's word on things and reversed course the mission to get this transcript revealed in a court of law must continue unabated

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yesterday House Democrats revealed that they're planning to hold a full house vote to formally hold Attorney General William bar in contempt of Congress right around the same time the House Oversight Committee revealed that it's also planning to hold Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt Palmer report took this as a sign that the house was lining up one big contempt ceremony for numerous Trump officials and associates across the board sure enough that's what's happening congressman Steny Hoyer the number two ranking House Democrats behind Nancy Pelosi is now hinting that next Tuesday's contempt hearing could include every name who has either refused to respond to a congressional subpoena or a request for documents or who has been instructed by the president not to respond while he didn't drop specific names the presumed list is staggering based on Hoyer's description we could be looking at the following people being held in contempt of Congress next week William bar will Burroughs Steve minuchin Don McGann Andy Donaldson hope dicks and more to be clear as of today only bar has been held in contempt at the committee level and that would presumably have to also happen with these other names before Tuesday so they can be voted on at the Full House level in any case it's becoming clear that next Tuesday is going to be completely bonkers house is going to formally hold several of trumps cabinet members and several of trumps associates in contempt of Congress then we'll see what specific punitive measures are carried out against them at the least the hearing on Tuesday will make for a major television spectacle

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Trump has a negative approval rating in every single swing state and his approval has now plunged to new lows in several states Trump has a negative approval rating in every swing state the latest morning consult Trump approval rating state polls are all bad news for the president – New Hampshire 39 percent approval 58 percent disapproval – 19 net approval Wisconsin 42 percent approval 55 percent disapproval – 13 Michigan 42 percent approval 54 percent disapproval – 12 Iowa 42 percent improvement 54 percent disapproval – 12 Arizona 45 percent approval 51 percent disapproval – 6 Pennsylvania 45 percent approval 52 percent disapproval – 7 Ohio 46 percent approval 50 percent disapproval – for North Carolina 46 percent approval 50 percent disapproval – for Florida 48 percent approval 48 percent disapproval 0 Trump's swing state approval ratings are getting worse Iowa is turning into a major problem for Trump as his trade war is backfiring and farmers in the state are getting economically pummeled by tariffs Trump's net approval has gone from -8 – -12 in a month in Wisconsin Trump's net approval rating has gone from minus 10 to minus 13 in Michigan Trump has dropped from a net minus 10 to a minus 12 in North Carolina Trump's net approval has gone from a minus two to a minus four and importantly Trump's trip to Pennsylvania didn't matter as his net approval remains at minus seven Donald Trump can't afford to lose the Rust Belt or Iowa the numbers are not getting better for Trump they are getting worse as key swing states are moving away from the president ahead of the 2020 election there is an eternity between now and 2020 but the movement at the state level is going in the wrong direction for Trump and if this trajectory continues he is well on the way to being a one-term president

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Trump threatened to cut child support for his daughter Tiffany if she ever joined the military or the Peace Corps which is proof of how the president really feels about the troops Trump shows his hate for the military Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair reported on Trump's prenup with Marla maples more than anything the prenup shows how fiercely Trump wanted to protect the money he did have maples reportedly wanted 25 million dollars but Trump agreed to pay her only 1 million dollars if they separated within five years plus another 1 million dollars to buy a house Trump also would stop making $100,000 child support payments for Tiffany when she turned 21 the agreement states that trumps payments would cease earlier if Tiffany got a full-time job enlisted in the military or joined a Peace Corps the way it was drawn up his ironclad and shows how weary he was Felder told me after reviewing the prenup he was leaving nothing to chance Trump's contempt for the military has continued into his presidency Trump hated the late Senator John McCain because McCain was a war hero who put his country first even in his final major vote as a senator to stop Trump from killing Obamacare the Trump White House hit the USS McCain from Trump and then claimed that staff would not be disciplined for disrespecting and mistreating the troops because the president's feelings matter more than the men and women who serve our country Donald Trump claims to love the troops but he hated the military and found military service so beneath his family that he threatened to cut off child support to his daughter if she enlisted Trump can pretend to love the troops but in reality he feels nothing but loathing and contempt for those who protect our freedom

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Trump tweeted praise of Russia for pulling its military from Venezuela but Russia denies that it did anything of the sort Trump often gives deference and praise to Russian President Vladimir Putin but he's not always getting the same treatment in return Trump tweeted on Monday that Russia had removed most of their people from Venezuela thereby satisfying a demand made by the Trump administration as Venezuela devolves into chaos thanks to mismanagement from Venezuelan leader Nikolas Maduro on Tuesday a Putin spokesman came out to deny Trump's claim there were no official messages from the Russian side on this score and nor could there be any Dmitry Peskov a spokesman for President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday according to Bloomberg News his cough added that Russia has specialists there who were maintaining military equipment in Venezuela Russia and Venezuela are allies Russia helped former venezuelan leader hugo chavez and his successor Maduro build the country's authoritarian regime and russia has stood by Maduro even as the country falters thanks to Maduro s– failures as a leader Trump on the other hand often has his loyalty to Putin rewarded with public humiliation this is not the first time Putin has contradicted Trump or sought to remind Trump who's boss some of putin's slights have been petty like making trump wait for almost an hour before their big meeting in Helsinki Finland where Trump infamously took Putin side over u.s. intelligence agencies in a televised joint press conference others have been more substantial in 2017 Trump claimed that Putin told him Russia didn't interfere in the 2016 election and said he believed Putin when he said that the Russian government however categorically denied that the two had even discussed election interference before the g20 summit in Argentina in December of 2018 Trump tried to claim that he was not going to meet with Putin at the summit Putin however insisted that the meeting would in fact take place and later leaked details about the meeting which the White House had initially kept secret Russian media which is basically run by the Kremlin has also sought to humiliate Trump Russian state TV hosts called Trump a clown after his failure of a summit with North Korea and boasted that he was acting like an agent of the Kremlin despite the fact that Russia helped get Trump elected Putin still seeks to remind Trump that it's Putin who calls the shots

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let's be honest right off the bat Donald Trump is a terrible president oh and he's a terrible person and you can throw in a terrible American – and it seems that while things continue to deteriorate the lines have already been drawn nothing Trump does or says at this point is going to change the minds of the hardcore Trump supporters meanwhile the rest of America the ones who are rational thoughtful and objective are left shaking our heads as Trump continues to isolate the United States however the world has begun to weigh in and one German newspaper has just said what every sane American already thinks about Trump and folks it's brutal dish people just published an article called a danger to the world it's time to get rid of Donald Trump here are some of the highlights Donald Trump is not fit to be President of the United States he does not possess the requisite intellect and does not understand the significance of the office he holds nor the tasks associated with it he doesn't bother to peruse important files and intelligence reports and knows little about the issues that he has identified as his priorities his decisions are capricious and they are delivered in the form of tyrannical decrees and with that opening they capture the basic problem most Americans have with our criminal in chief but it goes on he is a man free of morals as has been demonstrated hundreds of times he is a liar a racist and a cheat I feel ashamed to use these words as sharp and loud as they are but if they apply to anyone they apply to Trump one of the media's tasks is to continue telling things as they are Trump has to be removed from the White House quickly he is a danger to the world Trump is a miserable politician he fired the FBI director simply because he could James Comey had gotten under his skin with his investigation into Trump's confidants Comey had also refused to swear loyalty and fealty to Trump and to abandon the investigation he had to go Trump is also a miserable boss his people invent excuses for him and lie on his behalf because they have to but then Trump wakes up and posts tweets that contradict what they have said he doesn't care that his spokesman his Secretary of State and his national security adviser had just denied that the president had handed Russia of all countries sensitive intelligence gleaned from Israel of all countries Trump tweeted yes yes I did because I can I'm president after all

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Franklin Graham warned that millions of Trump supporters would start a civil warrant Trump is brought down for any reason Franklin Graham threatens America with civil war Graham told The Christian Post I think what is going on in Washington has something to do with my call to prayer it has bothered me and it has been a burden on my heart because this president is being attacked more than any president in modern history attacked by the crest more than Abraham Lincoln so he is the president of the United States you had two years of investigation that came up with nothing now the media and his opponents in Washington are doing everything they can to destroy him we need to remember is that he is the president that doesn't mean that he is a perfect person he is flawed like all of us he has made plenty of mistakes but he is the leader of this nation we have got huge problems in front of us if the president was brought down for whatever reason it could lead to a civil war there are millions of people out there that voted for President Trump that are behind him that are angry and they're mad we are just living in a very dangerous territory and we need God's help Trump supporters are threatening America Graham has already called for a National Day of Prayer for Trump because he thinks that Jesus can help Trump avoid impeachment Jesus turned water into wine but it is uncertain if even Christ himself could fix the level of corruption and stupid in this White House Franklin Graham denies endorsing Donald Trump but he pulled out of the far-right savoured threats in hiding behind the Bible mob style Graham warned that if anything happens to Trump the country gets it this is the same threat that Trump supporters have been throwing out there for years and nothing ever happens Trump supporters just like their president appear to be all talk and no action the threats aren't going to work the nation is ready to call Graham's bluff and get rid of Trump

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for better or worse there has long been a popular internet meme revolving around the phrase go home you're drunk it's generally hurled at people who aren't drunk but are incompetently behaving as if they were while watching Donald Trump stumble around the UK even as so many new things go wrong for him on the home front the phrase that comes to mind is go home your son it's not just that Donald Trump is running around the UK while half dress like a mutant penguin while getting confused over a gift that he gave the Queen even as he demands that the Senate pass a bill that had already passed two weeks ago all while going to great lengths to publicly convince himself that the huge hordes of protesters against him on the streets of London somehow don't exist it's that he seems oblivious to how badly things are falling apart for him back home does Donald Trump even know that his political associate Jorge Nader was arrested yesterday on serious criminal charges and is thus likely to flip on him his Trump and where Watergate star John Dean was just scheduled to publicly testify next Monday that Trump's obstruction of justice crimes are far worse than the crimes that Nixon was ousted for does Trump know that at least two and maybe three of his most loyal cabinet members are about to be held in contempt of Congress next Tuesday it's not clear that any of these ongoing losses even registered for Donald Trump since arriving in the UK his tweets have consisted of whining that CNN is too mean to him calling for a boycott against AT&T and insults aimed at China and Mexico and this is all coming from a guy who looks like they started getting dressed for a formal event then had to stop halfway through because he forgot how close work go home Trump you're sunk better yet flee to Russia while you still can save us the trouble of ousting and prosecuting you

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on Friday the Michael Flynn scandal took a rather interesting turn when William Barr in the Department of Justice informed Federal Judge Emmett Sullivan that they were defying his order and would not be turning over transcripts of the phone calls between Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador however it appears that wasn't even the half of it as new documents obtained during special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation confirmed that while Flynn was serving as senior advisor to Donald Trump he took a half a million dollars from the government of Turkey during the election for Politico a foreign client paying retired genuine Michael Flynn more than $500,000 to mount a campaign to advance Turkish government interests during the 2016 presidential campaign explicitly complained to a Flynn Nate that then candidate Donald Trump was not being supportive enough newly released documents show the timing is key here folks because as you can see this occurred while Donald Trump was running for president and while Michael Flynn was serving as one of his most trusted campaign advisers however the wording is perhaps more important because it notes that the Turkish government complained to Flynn in writing that Trump wasn't supporting its interests enough say what you will about Flynn being in the middle of this but it certainly doesn't look good for Trump considering William bar and his DOJ have already shown a willingness to turn over certain Michael Flynn transcripts that could potentially incriminating John down it's safe to say they've realized just how bad this looks for trunk as a result they have drawn a line in the sand with their latest stunt defying the judge's orders in order to protect the president and risking contempt of court in the process for their sake I hope it's worth it