Opinion: Campbell Clark: Time for Trudeau to find some friends

The first thing Justin Trudeau has to do
now that he’s got a minority government is he’s got to find some friends and he’s
got to find that agenda that he can get get support for from some of those friends, I
mean not real friends, political friends. People who see an advantage in
supporting one way or the other and the obvious choice right now is the NDP. We want to make sure that Canada is a leader
in the global fight against a climate crisis. The NDP and Jagmeet Singh have
actually been weakened in this election. They went from 44 seats in 2015 to 25 now,
depending on how the last races work out. And they’re not as strong.
They’re going to be short on money and so they will probably want to prop up a minority
government for a while. But, they said they have some things that they want to
get done and that’s what a – a partner of a minority government usually wants
to see is some kind of sign that they can show to people in the next election, that they have delivered something for them. So, you’d expect that one of the things that’d
be highest on the NDP agenda would be pharmacare because they said they
wanted to get that done right away. It was also an election promise for Justin Trudeau,
but he didn’t provide as much specifics or a time frame. So that might be the NDP’s
price of supporting them in a minority government. It’s not necessarily
all that simple though for Justin Trudeau. He has to have, you know, some things
that he wants to do and find a partner to do it in the NDP because there
are other political factors out there. For example the Bloc Québécois is now stronger. They’re allied with, at least in terms of goals with François Legault, the Quebec premier, and he might not want to join in a national pharmacare plan. He’s a protector of provincial jurisdictions. He might say I want to opt out of that program
but get financial compensation, and that complicates the whole idea putting forward
a very expensive national pharmacare program. So, as much as Justin Trudeau wants to be able
to lean on a partner in a minority government he has to watch the politics outside and
now he’s got a political party in Quebec that is on the rise, he has to worry about
fueling in the Bloc Québécois. What you saw tonight from Justin Trudeau in his victory speech was he talked about unity in the country. He reached out to Alberta and Saskatchewan. He talked about Quebecers and them wanting to hear
the voice and said the Liberals would be a voice. I didn’t hear him talk about cooperation
in parliament with one party or another. He seems to be saying we’re going to go ahead with our Liberal mandate, we’re gonna govern piece by piece, we’re going to find support here and there and trying to send a unity message out on election night. But when you get into a minority parliament, there’s
a lot of wheeling and dealing that has to take place if you’re going to survive until you’re in
a good place to have an election again.

Why Donald Trump Will WIN in 2020??

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. So, in the wake of the fourth
Democratic presidential debate, the world is wondering just how
these candidates stack up against Donald Trump. Well, if you pay
attention to the media and their relentless anti-Trump propaganda,
it looks like he doesn’t have a hope in hell. However, amidst all the media hostility, Moody’s
Analytics has released a report that might give the non-partisan
observer a bit of a shock. According to Moody’s, Donald Trump could
win the 2020 election in an electoral college landslide,
gaining 380 electoral college votes to just 158, depending on the
voter turnout. And if anyone is wondering at the credibility
of Moody’s Analytics, they’ve been doing these election reports
for decades, and have only been wrong once, which was 2016. But, most people got that wrong,
and Moody’s have updated their methodology accordingly, so we’ll
forgive them. According to Moody’s, if turnout is low,
Trump will likely win with that huge 380 number. If the turnout meets the historical average,
he would still win by a distance, although not as dramatically. The
only scenario where Moody’s has the Democrats winning is if turnout
is the historical maximum, and even then, it’s only by a tiny squeak
of 279 electoral college votes to 259. Wow. So, how can all of this be the case, considering
the hate Trump gets from the media the noisy Democrats? It is really quite remarkable,
considering that according to the Media Research Centre, as of
October 2018, 92% of the media coverage of Trump was negative. Which would be appropriate if Trump did bad
stuff 92% of the time, but any normal, non-hysterical person can
see that is clearly not the case. But that’s the thing; this negative media
coverage is all very very personal, with not a lot of depth. Sure, the cries of Orange man bad,
Russiagate, Ukrainegate, racist, sexist, bigot, etc have been very
persistent for the past four years. However, for all the media and the
Democrats talk about how Trump is a fascist dictator, which they
started doing way back in 2015 when he became the nominee, what
they have been saying does not match what’s actually happened. Trump is simply not behaving like the second
coming of Mussolini that the mainstream media and Democrats promised. There are no
segregation policies for anyone not white, there’s no Muslim
registry, there are no armies of racists roaming the streets terrorising
unexpecting citizens, women are not forced to be back in the
kitchen, or ostracised from the workforce; all those things they dog
whistled and hinted at and sometimes explicitly mentioned are
simply not there. Instead, the country is doing really well. And while the Democratss
keep trying to puff up alleged scandals; come on. Most people don’t
really care beyond a superficial level. He’s an angel compared to the
Clintons, which everyone knows. And while there are polls floating around that say about 52% of people want Trump
impeached; what’s new? That pretty much mirrors the percentage of
people who didn’t vote for him in 2016, a bloc who are notoriously
vengeful and take politics very personally. Honestly, Trump could cure cancer singlehandedly,
and those people would say he was taking jobs from doctors and
cancer researchers. So your average person looks at the media
and these Democrat politicians, compares what they’re saying
to what’s actually going on, and thinks hang on a second, perhaps I’ve
been lied to here. Hence
the fact confidence in the mainstream media is at an all-time low. But this departure from reality and the disinformation
spread by the media and Democrat politicians tells only
50% of the story. Donald
Trump himself obviously plays a huge part in why Moody’s has been
able to make these predictions. It’s also why, even in the face of
relentless histrionic negative coverage, Trump’s approval rating has
remained reasonably stable throughout his presidency. Not
overwhelmingly high, but stable. While the Democrats are busy talking about
a partisan and pointless impeachment initiative, and fearmongering
about the end of the world, Trump is out there on the campaign
trail already, most notably his stellar rally in Minnesota last
week Here you’ve got a man who is brash, a bit
naughty, brimful of charisma, and oh so witty, who doesn’t
do the political speak of establishment politicians. That is what ordinary people dig, and is
what helped Trump win in 2016. He also doesn’t shy away from calling himself
a billionaire; he’s happily owned that since 2015
This is wise because, there is
nothing worse than a super-rich politician trying to pretend they’re
just like ordinary working people And for all you Australian out there Instead, Trump uses his vast wealth to represent
his track record of business success, and never treats having
money like a bad thing. This is because he is appealing to the aspirational
voter who is chasing the American dream, the average citizen
with big hopes and bold plans for the future and dreams of success,
financially and personally. That is not the kind of person who is wooed
by class envy, demonizes anyone on an above average income, or is in
favour of taxing the wealthy to the back teeth. It’s the opposite of the “eat the rich”
complex. The aspirational voter likes Trump because
Trump is a winner. Americans love winners, which is why he goes
on about winning all the time The key to Trump’s rhetoric, is that it’s
simple, it’s concise, and above all else, it’s uplifting. It’s galvanising, it makes people want to
work and strive and dream and succeed. It makes people feel good about themselves, I mean look at his 2016 schtick. It was basically “We are
going to rebuild this country, I’m going to put you all to work in a
good job to do it, and together we’re going to make America great
again”. And he’s continued with that apparently
winning strategy in his 2020 campaign, with “Keep America Great”. It’s so unassumingly powerful. It gives a sense of identity without being
identarian, and speaks to the individual, rather than the collective. Now compare this to the other side. While Trump was rallying in
Minnesota to critical acclaim, the Democrats were holding an LGBT
Town Hall in Los Angeles, hosted by CNN. And while I am a big
advocate for LGBT people, honestly, holding an LGBT Town Hall,
especially in hyper-leftist Los Angeles, is not, you would think, a vote
winner, considering they are very much preaching to the converted. The Democrats already have most of the LGBT
vote, and despite how prolific LGBT issues are in popular culture,
it’s actually a very niche thing. Only about 4.5% of the US population identifies
as LGBT, according to Gallup, so this kind of event
is likely not going to really interest your average American, or your on
the fence Trump voter, at least not on a vote winning level. Particularly when the centrepiece
was Anyway, this decision pretty much sums up
the schmozzle that is the Democrat’s apparent election strategy; preach
to the converted, focus on stuff that is, beyond the realm of
popular culture, niche, and relentlessly scream orange man bad. And just look at the
candidates. With the exception of a couple, they’re
kind of terrible. None of
them really stand out as the kind of person who could take on
Donald Trump. And yes, while most of them are polling ahead
of Trump by decent margins, so what? Hillary Clinton was polling ahead of Trump
in nearly every poll for the entirety of the 2016 campaign, and she still
didn’t win. Just because
someone prefers one individual over another on a personal level
doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to vote for them. Anyway, the Democrats as a party don’t seem
to have a unified issue that they want to stake the election on. Trump, on the other hand,
has very clear election winning policies, and they are very
mainstream; the economy, border protection, immigration, jobs,
personal freedom. This is stuff that affects everyone, and that
everyone can easily get behind. If it was me strategizing the Democrats big
election issues, I’d stake it on healthcare. Certainly, the candidates are talking about
it, but some of their proposed policies, namely those
of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, are so far to the left that
they alienate a significant chunk of people. According to again, Gallup Poll, 54% of Democrat
voters want their party to move rightwards towards the centre. This is opposed to only
41% of them who want the party to be more left wing. Why on earth
are Bernie and Elizabeth and others pushing for a further leftwards
swing? I get the want for universal healthcare. I come from a country where
we have universal healthcare and not one single person, left or right,
in the public discourse has any complaints about its existence. But Warren and Bernie’s idea of abolishing
all health insurance and forcing everyone onto a government funded
Medicare for all scheme is further to the left even than Australia. We have a good balance of
private and public health cover that works extremely well. This of
course came up during the last debate; namely, how you pay for it Costs aren’t taxes Elizabeth! In any case, there are a lot of people in
the American middle class who already have good heath insurance
provided by their employers, which means their employer fronts the
cost for their medical expenses. So being forced onto a Medicare for all plan
means their costs in terms of their taxes will most definitely
go up with little reward. What average American is going to vote for
high taxes with no return, or a candidate that shoots herself
in the foot like that? Then there are the other policies and issues
that they seem to think are going to win over your average voter,
like open borders, identity politics and race baiting
gender neutral bathrooms, and this constant moralizing about how rich
people are evil, and everyone except white people are oppressed,
and how women’s rights are allegedly under attack. It’s moralizing as opposed to galvanising,
which is what Trump does. Nobody likes a moral lecture, but everyone
loves a pep talk. Plus the
Democratic candidates continue to propagate the raging climate
change alarmism which we are all so sick of, and of course, who
could forget this? In a country that doesn’t provide government
funded universal healthcare for its own citizens…how could
they think people would dig the idea of providing government funded
healthcare for illegal immigrants? Like, how do you make that connection? Then of course there’s the screechy cries
of impeach impeach, even though in order for Trump to actually be removed
from office, 20 Republicans in the Senate will have to flip,
which is highly unlikely. And as a continuing chorus of hysteria, there
is the relentless fear mongering that Trump and his supporters are
all racist sexist white supremacist bigots. Newsflash; thanks to leftists chronically
overusing those words, they have lost all significance. Nobody else cares if someone is called a
racist etc any more because the gravity of that accusation has been
diluted to the point of it being meaningless. Democrats have learnt nothing from 2016. Their strategy of polished
politician-speak plus policy vagaries plus orange man bad, which did
not win them last election, is for some reason the same one they are
employing now. All of this can perhaps explain why Moody’s
analytics has made this prediction. As for me, I’m not making any predictions
at all. I try very hard not to
do that when it comes to elections; after 2016, anything could
happen. But at least you Americans can control the
outcome if you get yourselves to the ballot box.

Smoking Man: Political Ads That Changed the Game | Retro Report

We need you to get involved, because together
we can do this – we can take this country back. Have you ever tried to autograph a cigarette? We’re sitting in the restaurant at the Wynn
in Las Vegas the morning after the debate and Cain did a really, really good job Would you build an entire fence along the
entire border, and would you have it be electrified? Allow me to give the serious answer: Yes, I believe we should secure the border for real. I don’t apologize at all for trying to protect
the American citizens. I go, “London, where’d Mark go?” And he goes, “he’s smoking.” So I go outside to the front of the Wynn Hotel
at the valet parking. Chris came and tapped me on the shoulder and
said, “Cain’s tied up right now. You’ve always wanted to send a message to
your supporters. Mark Block here. Since January, I’ve had the privilege of
being the Chief of Staff to Herman Cain. If you see the way we shot it, it’s like
the camera comes in and goes out. And that was because we had to do it in between
the cars that were coming from the front of the casino. “Okay, there’s a taxi coming right now
so we’ve got six seconds, go.” We can do this – we can take this country
back. They came back and they both had these mischievous
expressions on their face. They said, “we left the cigarette in. We need a homeschool mom’s opinion.” It just reminded me of kids that got caught
with their hand in the candy jar. I said, “I don’t like smoking. But this is who we are.” It wasn’t a paid television announcement. It wasn’t meant to be broadcast. It was just an email out to our supporters. I’ve got all these messages on my phone,
and our PR guy is going, “the video’s great!” And I’m like, I call Block and I go, “dude,
which video is he talking about?” You know? He goes, “I think it’s the smoking one.” Wow. I don’t know what it is, but something about
that guy just seems cool. And that’s real. Yes, that is absolutely, 100% real. Yeah, it’s crazy! This wasn’t intended to send any subliminal
signals whatsoever. But it does. It sends the signal that it’s cool to smoke. No it does not. The anger was surprising. Mr. Cain’s like, “Mark smokes. That’s just what he does. It’s still legal to do that in most places
in the country.” And I think that’s what really resonated
with people, was it wasn’t politically correct. It wasn’t slick, it wasn’t polished, but
it was real. We had breakfast with Henry Kissinger. Kissinger was talking about Russia and China and Afghanistan and he stopped and he turned and he said,
“Son, that cigarette thing was brilliant.” It was a rebel yell. It definitely was. And it, believe it or not it really helped
the campaign. If the proverbial feces wouldn’t have hit
the fan, I have no doubt that Mr. Cain would have been the next president. A press conference was scheduled today to
hear further allegations of sexual harassment concerning Herman Cain. I said, “What are you doing?” Mr. Cain said, “You want a job, right?” God bless you, I love you, and thank you. The day that Herman Cain stepped out of the
race, it was heartbreaking in a lot of ways. The legacy of the smoking man commercial is:
the world has changed. This isn’t your grandfather’s political
race anymore. It’s a youtube generation, man, and that’s
how you have to just look at the world. You’ve got to think outside the box in politics
today. And if you don’t you’re just another one
of the people that are running.

Hillary Clinton in California: Important to unify Democratic Party

HILLARY CLINTON: I’m going to wait and see
where we all are after tomorrow. I am, as you rightly point out, on the path to not
only have a very big lead in the popular vote, but a very significant lead in the pledged
delegates. And so, we’ll take stock about where we are tomorrow. I’m going to do everything
I can to unify the Democratic party and I certainly am going to be reaching out to Sen.
Sanders and hope he will join me in that. Because we’ve got to be unified going into
the convention and coming out of the convention to take on Donald Trump and to repudiate the
kind of campaign he is running and make it very clear that’s not the kind of president
or commander-in-chief that we want.