The Eric I Know — Eric C Bauman for California Democratic Party Chair

I’m Michael Andraychak, and Eric Bauman is
my husband. Eric and I are both registered nurses. We met working night shift, in the middle
of the night, in the cafeteria, over lunch. And we hit it off right away. We were both caring for AIDS patients at that
time. Most of our coworkers, the other nurses, were
going into those patients’ rooms looking like they were astronauts. But, I remember Eric refusing to do that. And going into those patients’ rooms, and
consoling the patients and talking to the families. When Eric became the President of the Stonewall
Democratic Club, he began to get more involved with the HIV community. And I think that that propelled him into healthcare
policy. He later became involved with the Gray Davis
campaign. He brought Eric in as a Senior Advisor, and
then ultimately as a healthcare advisor. Eric became Deputy Insurance Commissioner
under Commissioner John Garamendi. He still uses that knowledge today. He has always been a proponent of single-payer
healthcare reform, and has worked toward that goal for years, and years, and years. Eric has talked over the years about how,
as a child and an adolescent, he watched his mother helping people. And I think that made a significant impression
on Eric. In a way that he is out there, trying to help
people with their healthcare needs today. She raised Eric as a single, lesbian mother. She is the one who taught him how to tie a
tie, how to wear a suit, how to carry himself in the street. So much energy and enthusiasm about life. And she passed that on to Eric. When Eric and I met in the early 1980’s, the
whole concept of same-gender marriage was unfathomable. When we were coming up on our twentieth anniversary together, we made a decision to get married. And, though it wasn’t legal at the time, we
still refer to that as our wedding. Later, Eric and I Iegally married. And, fortunately, the legality of that marriage
remained. Over the years we had discussions about whether
to have children. We subsequently made the decision that it
wouldn’t be fair to bring children into our lives when we were so busy. About three and a half years a go, little
Charlie came into our lives. Charlie is our Godson. We have shabbos dinner here with Charlie and
his parents, once a month. And after dinner, a lot of the time Eric will
sit down with Charlie and read stories to him. And he just eats that up. A lot of people want to call Eric a ‘Godfather.’ Well, he is. He is Godfather to our Godson, Charlie. When I ask myself what drives Eric to do all
this work — all of this incredible work he’s done — both with the L.A. County Democratic
Party, with the state party, and with all the other activity he’s done all over California… I think the driving force goes back, once
again, to his mother. And his desire to improve the lives of people
around him.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt on the Iraqi Govt. YouTube Channel

hello I'm Eric Schmidt CEO of Google there's nothing more important than communications there's nothing more important than information it's great that the Iraqi government is introducing the Iraqi government rethus being built the resurgence of a new society and the amazing things they have in store for all of us I've just arrived in Iraq for the first time the government ministers that I've met with are committed to openness they're committed to building a modern society there's a lot of excitement about what Iraq will be and as the American presence diminishes and as the Iraqis take over we think the transparency and openness will be the key to their success just think in this new society of Iraq they'll be able to follow what their government is doing figure out what the politicians are really up to and the URL of course is / Iraqi

What ‘politics’ is..

everybody I'm actually recording this live I was gonna do a straight upload maybe on my camera but I'm shooting it from my phone just a lot of video of me talking about this now some of you guys you know that I mentioned on my community tab so if you're watching this after the fact this is more so important but you know I'm a community tab on YouTube I mentioned that I will be out of town recording a new backwards album so I've been slowing like some uploads for or like not just positive the comic book stuff and all of that so this is gonna be a very short video so treat it as if I uploaded in life but want to talk to you guys about what politics is as opposed to what you've been led to believe that it is what you want to you know a lot of individuals like to think that it is or anything like that your teachers tell tell you all that stuff politics fundamentally breaking it down politics is in which a bunch of individuals write fight each other over access to get some more so obtain the access to territory monopoly on use of force and violence I a criminal organization so they can wield its power to do what it is they want or X did you someone so that's what politics actually is and considering that and thinking of it that way because that's irrefutable it's not up for discussion that's literally what what politics is a bunch of people certainly in the American scheme of things where people are being elected and fighting each other to get elected to hold positions of power so they can wield the power that is the the state which is a again a territory monopoly on use of force and violence how would that being said take that into consideration when I say some of the things that I say but not only just that just look at it from a logical perspective and how you approach life how you approach government and maybe then obviously go back to some of the things that I'm always talking about but we're not just we're not the state you know and and you know people I said we you know they think the government is is this sort of benevolent sort of thing but the idea that people are fighting over this play most of this power right that is the state this it shows in the highlights the fact that not everybody consents to the rules made by the laws or anything like that right if they did they would serve no purpose for the politics to exist that in itself shows you that there is not some universal consent otherwise people would freak out right taking the big business the big excuse me example that we can give is a Donald Trump and how he makes people freak out right and that shows you how people do not consent to some of the things that not only he does he believes his followers believe but everybody's fighting for this positions these positions in power be it the president be it in Congress be it anything you can take us all the way down to your state your state and on local level it's a it's universe was just some universal and that idea that it is it's again it's fight for this it it's power that everybody else has that was given nobody else has that that is unique to that entity that is the state just some states are more or less powerful than the others but this is what I was talking about privatization I'm always talking about getting rid of this the state right as soon as I say that you get all these individuals that are always like oh but we need it for the defense yeah Justin back to think about that when you come back with that obviously I have far less complaints if the government was limited to defense courts that's it I still fight against that right because I don't play the whole idea that oh well it's good that this is a free-market idea but it's not good here that doesn't make that's not how it works but if it was limited to that obviously I'd have less complaints in comparison to now but as a complete non sequitur it's read hearing best when you can approach it like that and you say hey well we need it for this this and that because the state right now irrefutable is far removed like in u.s. politics as far as far removed from that it's for as far removed from they do every day they have their hands on this every facet of your life top to bottom is just bloated institution that it's over powerful it's from the militaristic efforts that they do abroad and here are the the the insane laws against things that have absolutely nothing to do with Excel aggression so it's not limited to that it's never been limited to that arguably but it's certainly not it's done nothing but growing over the years so when you try to play that argument of oh well what about this this and that taking the consideration that we are far removed from that that doesn't exist right now the word what exists right now is the state being involved on all of these different things from top to bottom and the politics around that all that is is that people fight to get this particular power because as I mentioned earlier it is unique to that institution I cannot rob you you fight back a lot more if I robbed you versus if agent of the state rob G was enforcing some law or something like that it is a power that is unique to them because people see that as they they hold the state at this different level than what they would every other individual and that's why people fight for this particular power because at the end that in itself allows them to do things that they otherwise could not do as a Joe Blow regular peaceful individual so none of you guys are ever going to Group agree and you don't obviously that that shows and the fact that again there are elections and the fact that you freaked out so much when the person that you despise gets that position of power so there's no consent and there's no universal consent that does not exist by any means there as to what the state is doing but you guys are never going to agree on that because the way you approach that this whole proper role of government doesn't exist because every person did like you asked it if I go in this hotel right now that I'm in and I go ask an individual what they feel like the state should do what they feel like they don't they should not do I mean and I go to the individual to individual everyone is going to say something different they don't agree and they won't ever agree and this is why getting rid of that that had that institution and that setup is the more moral position because I'm not forcing my way of living on to other individuals right so that's the whole idea the whole idea is that I am not using force on you you know what I mean therefore you know whatever I do is on a voluntary basis and certainly that's the libertarian that's a libertarian line of thinking but understand why the state not only is so dangerous the state is so dangerous because of what it is and how y'all do it but there will never be this whole idea where everybody's on the on board with what it does so get rid of it just get rid of it and if you get rid of it individuals are they have to come to their line of not even unnecessarily I guess if they want to put some sort of action to what it is that they're thinking what it is they believe they have to come about that on a voluntary basis that's it that's all we add certainly as libertarians or advocates are come to that on a voluntary basis but this idea that the state is this this benevolent institution and it is for protecting people or if you got rid of it people would be it would be chaos and you know if you limited it it would be chaos or or anything like that or a corporation I still favorite everybody's favorite corporations corporations corporations corporations as if you know it's funny that corporations again they don't have this monopoly on violence and use of force which is why the most evil corrupt institutions that have ever ever existed have always been in the state that isn't up for dispute either it's not corporations that can can blow up hospitals overseas and everybody's like full just comes with like you know it's takes the only institution that can do that and not be looked at as criminals you feel me that's all I'm saying that is literally all that I'm saying I'm just saying that the state because of what it's backed by and what it is it's immoral so if you want to advocate whatever it is that you want to want to be an advocate of don't do it through the political means do it through voluntary means and grant it yes without the state you your idea may be so stupid and then you know people don't be not gonna be with it it's how it works but the state isn't this benevolent man just think about how not even just corrupt just look in the US for example in twenty-two trillion dollars worth of debt they're in the money that they have just not it's just not there what they do is they not only rob you but do the Federal Reserve they are borrowing this money yeah cuz they're able to monetize the debt and they are really selling off the assets of the unborn that's literally what they do they are selling off the asset on the on board that's that's what that's what the state does right and that's what the Federal Reserve allows you to do the money isn't there it's not actually robbed you for a big chunk of the biggest largest portion of it is robbed the stuff that they the state does and on the other hand they are selling off the assets of the unborn by borrowing this money that that's not there and our deficit spending and compiling up debt because in the Federal Reserve is it allows them to do it there's something wrong with that guys so understand what politics is and then when you see my videos right when I talk about getting rid of it understand why and don't just look at what I'm saying look at it from a logical perspective and your approach to the people that you dislike they get gets power right consider that take that into consideration if you think of politics as fundamentally what it actually is and