Origin PC and PewDiePie is back in action, baby [oooh fire] Yatta desu ne! (Hooray!) I really like origin PC and I’m thrilled to have them back as SpoNSoRs! and to celebrate this continued partnership. We’re giving away not just anything o k a y We’re giving away Nvidia’s new RTX 2080 Ti-Titan-whatever BAM which is available on Origin PC Bam BAM BAM BAM you could win this and it’s a worldwide giveaway. That’s right. Doesn’t matter if you’re Indian Or anywhere else in the planet, you could win this. It will run for three weeks From the start date. To sign up, head over to link in description, bro And I gotta flex on you kids a little bit as well Origin PC is gonna build me a brand new RTX BEAST, which I can of course use to watch memes thats the only content you put out pewds Hey, I need that. (jesus so aggressive) Okay, and it’s gonna be built in their all new Neuron Which of course I know what that means (sure you do pewds) because I watch memes all day, but you can check it out on their website Make sure to follow me and Origin PC on their social media for more information. This video was sponsored by Origin PC. check out link in description MEME REVIEW Keep watching video now. Bye Okay the bullying [swistian channel] in this app has gotten way out of hand You only need to grow up and quit picking on people you want to mess with somebody come mess with me CLEP CLEP Yatta Desu Ne! Meme Review Desu Ne! Let’s begin the meme challenge tick-tock bullying memes is They’re growing exponentially Finally a meme that is not dying alright It’s still going strong bless Tick Tock memes Because you have a job doesn’t mean that your life is not much harder than anybody else’s – Sorry to say it runner, buit it is What else is new? – You wanna know what’s new? I have cancer! – It’s not funny. – No, it’s not. It’s really not YoU kNoW wHAts Not FUnNy I hAvE CAncER What i.. is this the new form of emo ? [probably] These kids lives are… they’re so privileged that they have to reenact this drama dramatesize dramas ? “dramatesize” dramas. Good job Felix Soap opera whatever kids watch, okay? [i watch kazoo kid and subtitle his videos] You know what this reminds me of? You know what it’s time for guys I think it’s time for an announcement [yay] everyone we have an announcement to make stahp bulleyeng, if this kid is not in YouTube rewind I’m gonna be ANGERY It never gets old this clip never gets over for me. I love it so much EveRYoNE We HAve An aNNounCeMent To mAKe STAHP HATIN I LOVE ERRYBADY If only if only he could be President instead of that orange makes wierd cat noise Thinks would be better is this is this the meme now is he actually gonna become a meme? [hope so] we get it we must STOP BULLYING StOp BullYiNg STAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP I love it so much. I love it so much. What do you what are you? What are you? What are you how are you EvEryONe That’s how you know, you’re dead for reals [ahh help im apparently dead] man. If I see venom don’t care if I see EVERYONE Then you know I’m dead iTS A mEEEEEEE MARIO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Fantastic The Venom meme everybody the first week of this meme. English. Someone save me, please [just leave him] I don’t know. It’s one of those means you can literally put anything in it and it will still be funny guys I don’t know if you guys knew this, but you could put any meme in there and it will still be hilarious I’ll show it to you. How are you? HELLO everybody my name is markiplier Welcome to five nights at Freddy’s YAAA SLAY ME DARKIPLIER SLAY ME NOWWWWW I make sh*t memes oh hi mark I know this meme is gonna take out I have that feeling I feel passionate about this meme [starts immitating his 9 year old audience]Well, that’s the alert of this meme is gonna grow in the stock market invest invest right now Send all your money to this meme it’s gonna epicly explode. What are you? [dont buy into his lies it will die in a few days] damn thats an epic face filter [yes it is] DAMN mark zuccc how did you even do that Largetrap made a template of this if you guys want to download that what the hell are you? So you can make your own version, I’m sure I’m sure people are gonna come up with some pretty cool stuff What the hell are you? MA NEM JEFF Oh Yeah, it doesn’t get better than these Guys, if you want to make your own version of this just check out link into the description and you can make one too [please he really needs help with his videos] The Venom meme gets a it’s not quite ready yet. It’s a little SMFFFFF toasty but I think slp snp snp snp snp It’s not time and you have to be responsible You have to know when things are ready and when they are not you know what I mean? [no i dont know what you mean] okay, IM PICKLE RICK, IM PICKLE RIIIICK. No, no one’s done that In between memes memes everybody. That’s right. Memes are so scarce these things I have to drag it out with the segment memes Maybe I should just do a separate meme show where I just focus on any meme [meme review is the only meme show] You know what? I don’t think I need another meme show actually [thank god] Maybe a meme shout-out. How about that? You know, we have the flex fans meme and you have the the pro-life meme come by. What’s up flex fans We’re gonna check out the new green-screen. It’s awesome I think you’re gonna love it. WHAA – And as much as I love both They don’t really deserve their own segment on bonus meme I mean on meme review so hey, I’m just throwing that out there when I grew up I want to own a dinosaur chuckles from back of classroom. That’s literally impossible damn rekt bro Just me man, it would be so great if Ben Shapiro would host me review that would literally be epic I envision this meme with like a Japanese dub makes wierd perv sounds [im quite scared] Bah I really it’s funny in my head next meme this is another meme that it’s It’s just getting there. It’s it’s a the seeds have been planted, but it’s not quite growing yet And I don’t think it will grow that big because you can’t really be that right just show the meme Felix, okay All right evolution. Can you give me a hand manipulation to polish rocks DNA to polish rocks? Yes Actually craft stuff to destroy everything like a BOSS human time [that was so cancerous felix] Well, I mean, I think they’re funny. Okay. All right, if you didn’t like this one, you’ll love this one. Evolution Can you give me lungs to live on land? Yes Actually goes back to water like a BOSS. Whale time oh, yeah [someone stop him] no seriously he needs help Okay, all right, how about this one evolution, can you give me horns? – To defend yourself? yeees. *actually gets killed from* Actually gets killed for the horn by humans like a boss. extinction… Extinction time we are concerned for his mental stability i havent washed my hair [you need a shower] The DNA meme? gets a Inconclusive. See I kill the memes even before they’re ready Meme review and then when you’re gonna watch it on us again, I walk you Look how he sucks it (talking in spanish) Yes, your leader honor me Can I please have gills so I can drink water and for you to drink water and breathe [sure here you go] Actually drinks beer like a boss beer time beer time Next meh-meh everybody Whoa [AAHHH] hold it right there you watch this video without smashing like and subscribe [dont do it] That is not epic being asleep realizing birds aren’t real im confused But birds are birds are real right, so I got a Google this robot bird prototype Surely this can’t be correct. What’s the difference between these two birds? Absolutely nothing [you must be blind] belief in birds los angeles London welcome back to some quick headlines China takes spine to new heights the country’s now reportedly using drones that look like real birds similar to this video Reportedly these drones are equipped with cameras GPS antennas and data links to communicate their findings back to Chinese intelligence You freaking kidding me how deep does this go hurts our drones Birds truthers the government God, my chills level is goin exponentially stronger birds birds truthers united states population Baby pigeons. Why don’t you ever see baby pigeons? Oh my god. I have never seen a baby pigeon I HAVE NEVER SEEN A BABY PIGEON How can birds be real if baby pigeons aren’t real. birds aren’t real Open your eyes and smash like if you’ve never seen a baby pigeon, this is extremely important This meme gets a frame of self no destruction this meme gets 3 health bars It cannot be destroyed I just killed one health bar I just felt like I had to I’m sorry. It’s got to health left though. It’s fine. It’s fine. next meme Okay. Alright everybody. We have to finish off with the MPC meme. I already talked about it in pew news [can we also get a bonus meme today hmmmmm] This meme started off on reddit I have a theory that there is only a fixed quantity of souls on planet earth that cycles continuously through reincarnation mind blown However, since human growth rate is so severe. Okay, you get it. All right. Yeah. I’ve already explained it I shouldn’t have to explain it again Basically, you’re an NPC if you like Marvel movies if you if you like video games [pub g is better than fortnite fight me] Come on, if you listen to Adele [nah heavy metal is where its at], I got bad news for you If you listen to tej wait Taylor Swift I got bad news for you if you watch it Jacksepticeye Markiplier the fine brothers. I got bad news for you. You’re an NPC Are you a PC or NPC and busy please western games like Super Mario Sunshine? [who the fuSWISTIAN CHANNEL likes super mario sunshine] What are you a child? I bet you never lifted any weights in your life pathetic plays on easy [yes we are all 9 year olds] I bet you can’t even get past a cup head tutorial reports toxic behavior only tries to beat the game Wow watches Sony movies gaming journalists Oh Tank or healer. Oh, I like tank. Oh, no. DPS is NPC get out of here with okay Hey, if you guys ever use any of these words I got bad news for you these words are all death in disguise Problem man yikes. YAAAS loosing all faith in Humanity, what what does that do in there? Who added that one in there? I will not stand for it [but can you do this?] I am NOT an NPC. Hey look at that [youre wrong felix] Everyone has an Apple computer Wow think different. Am I right? Now this meme got popular because they pol- It got politicized [i dont know] It that a word? Probably isn’t people started using it as a way to define… To troll lib tards epic style and then lib tards response of course is with even better memes. Just kidding YoU’rE DehUManIziNG meH. Stop dehumanizing me you Russian bots stupid Russian bots ruin my marriage AHHHH please dont hurt meh felix It’s like the new thanks obama. It’s Russian BOTS. Honey, is the food ready soon? In five minutes dear STUPID RUSSIAN BOTS NPC meme is dehumanizing We are all unique and special you even got so far that the New York Times yes, the New York Times had to specify are these Russian bots? Are these memes, these Twitter accounts actually Russian bots? Probably not thunder has struck me Thank you Reddit user creates an NPC Wojack meme. Boy, everyone is stupid but me meme summarized everybody. There you go [ha ha ha ha] I feel like the NPC meme had so much potential But it’s already dead I can’t maybe I’ll chuckle one. I got I got one or two chuckles left in me [dont force them out your last few brain cells are in them] I’m not gonna lie. I wanted to rate it high. I wanted this to be the movement I think tick tock memes is our only real hope out there to be honest [please anything but that] I think that’s all we got are really trying and shell forth So that’s it for meme review and now as always I’m gonna pass on the question to you guys What do you think leave a comment down below? I want to know everything, every single comment I will 100% read cuz you my fam [he doesnt read them] You’re my brosky now Place your fist on the side of the screen and we’re going to end this episode with an epic brofist. Are you ready bros? the nine year old army starts to cry Meme review see you next week boys and no girls rrrrrrr [ 🙁 but i want to watch too ] arwen d