Top 10 Pokemon TV Gym Leaders

yeah time to challenge the lavaridge gym leader thank you are you ready to earn your next badge Wow welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 Pokemon TV gym leaders I came here for a gym battle a gym battle alright a challenger finally for this list we're counting down our favorite gym leaders from the Pokemon television show we have based this list based on the gym leaders personality their importance to the overall story as well as fan popularity all right we're for takeoff number 10 Flannery lavaridge town Jim I'm Flannery howdy starting off our list is this fiery vixen who inherited her gym from her grandfather this gym battle between Flannery our first-year gym leader and ash from Pallet Town will now begin grandpa do you have to say that new being such a new gym leader she was inexperienced which led her to forget some of her duties like cleaning up her gym after a battle sorry about that I got so caught up in training my slugma I sort of forgot to clean up ash and the gang decide to help her clean up as both her grandfather and Team Rocket in disguise both watch on in today's world all those pesky Pokemon attacks can just wreak havoc on a gym field of battle we're talking some major Terra Firma damage after stopping Team Rocket from stealing her toe coal she battles ash and after a heated confrontation presents him with the athlean aimed Heath badge Thank You number nine Morty equity City Jim my name is Morty I'm the ecruteak gym leader he may not look that scary but Morty is the master of ghosts type Pokemon away Gengar did you I think I did I can't believe my eyes he uses their lack of strength as an advantage using their abilities to confuse and disable other pokemon ghost Pokemon may not have the pure physical strength of some other Pokemon types but by using their abilities wisely opponents become confused and fearful and that can be a much more powerful and useful weapon than brute force he meets Ash and his friends when they mistake an illusion for boardies gym when Team Rocket tries to kidnap both togepi and Pikachu Morty gave them a personal lesson in the effectiveness of ghost Pokemon using his Gengar king gar Shadow Ball is pretty awesome yeah during his battle with ash his ghosts become weakened due to Noctowl foresight and ash eventually wins the badge Bhangarh number eight lieutenant serge vermilion city gym whoa he's huge wearing army camouflage and possessing qualities of a drill instructor lieutenant Serge is one of the most brutal gym leaders right you make a bunch know what make a kick Pikachu using Raichu that is essentially the Pokemon version of himself they are responsible for putting many Pokemon in the hospital whoa he must be a great trainer when he first battles ash he makes quick work of Pikachu and berate sash for not involving him electric pokemon are only useful once they've learned all their different electrical attacks you keep it puny like that it's no more than a little thing after much contemplation ash designs not to evolve Pikachu and uses cunning to defeat the overbearing ride chute making Serge realize that power isn't everything away Bobo number seven Scylla mr. Alton city gym hi my name is Scylla and I'm the gym leader of the mr. Alton gym but everybody calls me high-flying girl Scylla inherited the gym from her grandfather being a gym leader left her no personal time so she invented the air battle a system which she takes on 15 challengers every day and imagines the battle you know him if the trainer's choice in Pokemon puts her team at a disadvantage they win but if not she'll deny them a batch but isn't a badge just a badge oh no that kind of thinking cheapens its value after an air battle with silent they battled for real and her prediction became true seeing one's Pokemon lose in a battle is a tragedy but there is a much greater happiness that can be savored in a truly high-level battle it wasn't until battling and losing to ash that she saw her error an amazing aerial battle you were greats wanna number six Claire Blackthorne city gym I'm the blackthorn gym leader gym leader dragon types are this next leaders Forte when we meet her she is a company her dratini so it can shed its skin are you okay my cute little dratini since Katina is a rare Pokemon Team Rocket was hot on its trail when Ash tries to shock Team Rocket – Pikachu and a rogue Thunderbolt was heading towards Frattini Claire jumped in front to block the attack is clear know this inspired dratini to evolve into dragon air after defeating Team Rocket a second time she and ash are able to have their battle with her dragons against ash's charizard dragon air is unable to battle the winner is ash from Pallet Town number 5 rock Pewter City Gym who goes there uh-huh he is the lover boy that no girl loves to love I wouldn't want to keep you from all of your wonderful adventures oh yeah I guess you're right starting off as a gym leader rock started accompanying ash on his adventures to become a Pokemon breeder and to fall in love with every girl he meets including nurse joy and Officer Jenny you're the joy from saffron city yes huh and you're the joy from celadon City huh remember me he took the position of gym leader because he felt that it was his duty but eventually he was relieved by his father so that he can learn to become a pokemon reader this is a place where Pokemon are able to rest and relax like summer camp will sorta but all year long Brock was one of Ash's longest companions before leaving him to learn from Professor ivy well what about that girl who keeps following you don't forget about my bike Ash Ketchum I'm gonna follow you till you pay me back I know I know number 4 misty Cerulean City Gym you know some trainers can be insensitive but not all of us are mean like that one of Ash's first companions misty is one of the gym leaders from cerulean city along with her three sisters being youngest she left the gym to travel and became the best water pokemon trainer when she meets ash he trashes her bike and she follows him until he replaces it do I find you here hey what happened to your bike what happened to my bike you happened to my bike you little looser eventually she does leave Ash's side when her bike gets fixed and her sisters decide to leave the gym prompting her to take over she's young brash and afraid of bug pokemon no matter how cute they are disgusting number three Giovanni Viridian City Gym I am the Viridian gym leader who are you he is the mastermind of Team Rocket and the main recurring villain of the entire series you were created by humans to obey humans you could never be our equal he's the equivalent of a James Bond villain with his aspirations of world domination and his Persian which he can normally be seen petting if you want to make me happy then make sure our latest plan succeeds though he possesses a calm demeanor Jesse James and yell are terrified of him the only official gym battle we see him in is with Gary which he defeats using Mewtwo what pokemon is that okay mom oh no no available data he has battled ash on a couple of occasions but easily defeats him don't waste your time the see ultimate token number to blame Cinnabar Island gym you get it I wear a week because I really blame the gym master oh yeah why didn't we think that when too many tourists began showing up on Cinnabar Island and due to the lack of trainers Blaine shut down his gym opened up a hotel and took on a disguise tourists they ruined the island he's a Pokemon Jim still here when ash arrived he strung together a few riddles which pointed him to Blaine's underground gym it's in a place where firefighters could never win now the riddle after his battle with Blaine team rocket's influence started to erupt the volcano the Djinn was in to stop it Ash's Charizard and Blaine's mag mark decided to show each other up with strength by moving rocks to stem the flow Greg after another hard-fought battle Charizard won due to his flight advantage before we challenge our top pick here are a few honorable mentions I am Koga the Pokemon master of the fuchsia gym trainer and Erica I'd like to introduce our new student Oh welcome my name's silent a Pokemon connoisseur Pokemon connoisseur what's that mean number one Sabrina saffron city gym the battle will begin now taking the top spot is this gym leader who possesses amazing psychic abilities while developing her abilities she split herself into two personalities one which manifests into a doll sabrina high demand an official match to compete for a marsh badge hmm man proving to be a formidable opponent ash tries to catch a Haunter to help him win when hunter doesn't show up to their battle Sabrina turns brock and misty into dolls and places them in a toy house when hunter finally shows his antics it makes Sabrina laugh so hard that she returns to normal earning Ashe the marsh badge I've never seen her so happy in her entire life do you agree with our list which gym leaders from the world of Pokemon were your favorite for more exciting top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to human for now on I'm the one who makes the rules Oh

LEGACIES Saison 1 Bande annonce (Comic Con / The Originals spinoff)

when we're young were taught the difference between a hero and a villain good and evil a savior and a lost cause but what if the truth is that the only difference is just who is telling the story my name is hope Michaelson I come from a long line of the villains in your stories and the daughter of a werewolf and a vampire the granddaughter of an evil witch they call me the tribe rate I'm the only one of my kind I'm born from evil fighting every day to be good there's no place in the world for someone like me except one the Salvatore school we teach discipline compassion a little magic but mostly it's a place where we've done the same you have to spend a lot of time with supernatural people who are never comfortable and who they were these kids these kids will be better this is a story our story's about trying to be normal in the world that's anything but the only question is will we be its heroes or its villains