‘Cult’ Leader Claims He Can Change The Weather I TRULY

I just saw that I was so much freer in my experience than most anyone else I ever met it's rare that someone really obtains the power to alter physical reality but it is possible I don't really have a definition of cold but you could break it down as curious and unconditionally loving tribe see ult that would be the positive expression of a cult usually people mean something more negative by called most people are emotionally and spiritually lost you are scared little toddler Gill my name is Ben King Yemma sorrow and I consider myself to be nothing really I wear many jackets people call me a spiritual teacher or leader entrepreneur physically on whatever I need to be to be of service in a ways that I can be of service to people so currently we are in barlow at a seven day residential retreat so over 400 people are coming together so it mostly consists of the sessions there are also a couple of optional sessions like morning yoga hiya yoga and some optional sessions with my friends and some dancing sessions some ecstatic dance there will be party on Saturday DJ will be coming people get the invitation to meditate on their own and apply some of the work that we do during the sessions at some point I did some writings but I also started to shoot some videos and that's really when people caught on to me because I guess they liked the vibration of it the vibe that came off of it the giddiness the smile the spontaneity the youthfulness it's my birthday everything is possible and I love you Trinity is just the word or symbol I came up with as three points of the Infinity one pointing to the field of energy out of which everything is made manifest one pointing to the absolute which is the source even of that energy the one Infinite Creator teachings that address the individual like how to live an empowered life here in a very human way I want to be of help to truly anyone who desires this type of help thing you have in fact it's about giving up everything you have for the sake of the vision I think preventing your teachers from my own experiences that's about awareness about consciousness and what it all relates to or what it means or how it functions so it's a it's a big subject so to say you can maybe subdivide it in different things how to be in the middle of life so how to be in the center of the storm well everything around you is moving and how to stay centered so that you yourself can decide what you want to create in your own life this is kind of the the chair you guys picked and the room is kind of like that scene from the matrix where you offered the blue at a red pen did you do that on purpose people ask me a lot about the whole levitation thing and I just truly believe that these things are possible I've experienced weird things enough for me to know that that's possible altering the weather is one fun usually innocent example of how we can begin to explore some of that capacity I've had I'd say over 95% success with this one in particular I started researching telekinesis does it got me very curious and I started practicing it myself and experimenting and training and I did have some results with that just some tinfoil that I could spin on a table at some point I rolled a pen across the table and that's when I thought okay this is enough I don't have to practice this anymore I've proven it to myself it's possible and ever since I haven't really done it or even attempted it anymore know that you feel good right now you feel really really good right now spaceships are docking in and out of station earth and all these et beings are enjoying interacting with us I'll share with you this beautiful location which I believe has been generated by my family you don't make claims like that in 2018 without showing your work right like alright so you can you can change the weather you can move a pen across the table let's see it let's let's see it and and and if you can't show it and if you're not showing it why are you saying it and if there's deception going on at the fundamental level of the leader saying that he can do things that he can't actually do then then yeah you've got one of the three pillars of cultic organization being here feels like a big mirror so I get to know myself even better than I thought I already knew I think it's a really cool thing I'm really thankful to be here in this fear is pretty relaxed so it feels a little bit like all the days what's your calling what's your calling q q q what's your calling Q what's your calling if you weren't so high up in your own ass about this in concept of respect you would actually see how much love there is behind me saying what I say and when you stumble upon a point of view that feels good about someone else being raped are you willing to accept that point of view that's the paradox of humility so what somebody is being triggered that is funny how is that not funny when the article came out I was not surprised I understand that the nature of my work rubs some people the wrong way I've seen a lot of envy and jealousy and opposition oh it was a good lesson for us to become more mindful as to who we just let into our everyday meetings or what-have-you I'm a good person my intentions are good and I want what's best for everyone I don't want anything from my community sometimes the role of the teacher again is to slap them awake sometimes that comes out with a little cue another one of the allegations that a lot of spiritual teachers including myself receives is the whole topic about money we as a company do make quite a bit of money I guess it's all relative but the majority of that goes straight back into the creation of the events the supporting of the employees and all the technical equipment and divisions in the video production I just arrived in Dubai last night and yes I will also occasionally spend that money on something that nourishes my vehicle sometimes you need to stop the car and get some gas right I enjoy good whisky I enjoy good cigar I enjoy watching movies I enjoy taking my team to say a nice location somewhere in a different country I can't eat so much granola in silent sunshine [Applause] is it possible that some of the spiritual concepts have played into his perspective that's definitely possibility I've never felt any type of guilt or responsibility to continue to have faith see it as a movie you're just watching a movie when things get intense you're like this is a movie I just felt it's hard when I heard the news I was like oh Brent so yes it was a bit of an inconvenient timing because the article had just come out in terms of you know our sort of image to the world so I got a lot of backlash from that if they're sitting in a room where the general impression is that the person sitting in the throne at the front of the room has some sort of special power is realized in some way as some kind of Higher Being and then he opens his mouth and he suggests that yes he can change the weather through his thoughts or that he can levitate or he talks to aliens or whatever if those dynamics are in play I would suggest that anybody in that crowd stand back and say huh what makes this person so special now of course you have the concept of cult yeah for me myself you know I'm just here to experience it for myself I don't think these are occult but yeah someone else things it's fine I don't think that's what it is what is it tell me quick and tell me now what is it the train is leaving you have no time to think what is it it is only because you still believe it is serving you that you keep perpetuating that which does not serve you do you feel that can you see that can you love yourself are you worthy of that are you deserving of love are you infinitely worthy are you infinitely worthy are you infinitely worthy yeah are you 'no clue is you know if you if you run any one of his videos through a transcription rabat see whether or not it makes sense on kate in text and that's a big clue because most of the time when loaded or circular language is used it will show itself like you know a rusty nail sticking out of a board it's a hard thing to grasp but everything that has a manifest form is not what it seems and truth there are no object vibration or level of consciousness or level of understanding is steadily increasing collectively the effects of that may look good and look bad and that may alternate may go through waves but that's just a service level every cubic inch of space time matter is infused with a higher concentration of light or the original energy of creation out of which everything comes everything is inherently empty and meaningless of course he's not going to say that he's running a cult that the techniques are standard imagine this whole room not giving a damn about their life how fun would that be if we look at the tyrants in the past i greatly respect their accomplishment you can learn from hitler and apply it in a positive way it's relatively easy for someone to gain a position of influence over millions of people and you literally feel so powerful that you don't care if someone puts a gun to your head I do not consider my group as a cult if by cult you mean what most people mean by it some dysfunctional group of people completely under the spell of a manipulative leader I would not say that's the case but you can ask my community and I mean it's up to anyone to make up their minds I have no no desire to start a dysfunctional community you you

Leadership From A Dancing Guy

if you've learned a lot about leadership and making a movement then let's watch a movement happen start to finish in under three minutes and dissect some lessons first of course a leader needs the guts to stand alone and look ridiculous but what he's doing is so simple it's almost instructional this is key you must be easy to follow now here comes the first follower with a crucial role he publicly shows everyone else how to follow notice how the leader embraces him as an equal so it's not about the leader anymore it's about them plural notice how he's calling to his friends to join in he takes guts to be a first follower you stand out you brave ridicule yourself being a first follower is an underappreciated form of leadership the first follower transforms a lone nut into a leader if the leader is the Flint the first follower is the spark that really makes the fire now here's the second follower this is a turning point it's proof the first has done well now it's not a lone nut' and it's not two nuts three is a crowd and the crowd is news a movement must be public make sure Outsiders you see more than just the leader everyone needs to see the followers because new followers emulate followers not the leader now here come two more people than three more immediately now we've got momentum this is the tipping point and now we have a movement as more people jump in it's no longer risky if they were on the fence before there's no reason not to join in now they won't stand out they won't be ridiculed and they will be part of the in-crowd if they hurry and over the next minute you'll see the rest who prefer to stay part of the because eventually they've been ridiculed for not joining and ladies and gentlemen that is of how a movement is made so let's recap what we've learned if you are a version of the shirtless dancing guy all alone remember the importance of nurturing your first few followers as equals making everything clearly about the movie not you be public be easy to follow but the biggest lesson here did you catch it leadership is over-glorified yes it started with the shirtless guy and he'll get all the credit but you saw what really happened it was the first follower that transformed a lone nut into a leader there's no movement without the first follower see we're told that we all need to be leaders but that would be really ineffective the best way to make a movement if you really care is to courageously follow and show others how to follow when you find a lone nut doing something great have the guts to be the first person to stand up and join in