new great song and y'all gonna be playing in the after the show show good bad and ugly the President to leave the White House taken off from Milwaukee Wisconsin campaign sweep throughout the Midwest we expect him to tout the booming economy and a roaring stock market and push for the trade agreement with Mexico and Canada so if he speaks with reporters which has been the case we'll bring that to you coming up shortly from the White House in the meantime however storm berry gaining strength and heading right for the Louisiana coast state of emergency in effect mandatory evacuations have been ordered a significant concern for serious flooding in the Crescent City so we're watching that nice to see you I'm building everything everybody it's Friday good one I didn't notice some Juli Banderas in for Sandra Smith so the tropical storm expected to deliver torrential rain to areas along the already swollen Mississippi River berry as it's called is expected to make landfall either tonight or tomorrow possibly at hurricane strength forecasters also predicting the Gulf Coast could see up to 25 inches of rain so the storm preps are well underway in full swing officials warning residents they could be facing a serious situation this weekend this is going to be a major weather event for a huge portion of the state of Louisiana and the more information we get the more concerned we are it's going to be an extreme rain event turn around don't drown we've said it a hundred times we're going to say it 100 more times what we learned from past storms is that's what people die from they die from trying to go through flooded waters and it's not the wind that that kills people we found that the water is KC steagle is live in New Orleans this morning with the latest take KC hey Julie yeah we're already starting to feel the outer bands of berry here in Louisiana we'll have the rain that is picking up and also the winds but the primary concern out here is what I want to show you over here the levees of course everyone knows about the levees in New Orleans following Katrina and you can see how high the water level already and then on the other side of that levy you can see houses neighborhoods this is the Lower Ninth Ward back there a lot of people remember what happened here during Katrina now these levees are anywhere from 20 to 25 feet tall and the Mississippi River is approaching 17 feet so any type of a storm surge mixed with that projected heavy rainfall bad news but this could be a very significant rain event and whether the water is is flooding you because it comes from the sky or from the river at the end of the day doesn't make much difference it presents the same threat we are taking this very seriously at the state level now everyone in metro New Orleans being encouraged to stock up on supplies three days worth of food and medication secure their homes sandbag and ride it out while hundreds in lower lying areas in some of the parishes have been put under mandatory evacuation orders the National Hurricane Center still puts very on land sometime tonight overnight into tomorrow morning and before it is all said and done by Monday an estimated 20 inches of rain expected to fall in certain parts of this already waterlogged region Julie bill back to you guys Casey steagle thank you very much and we will have much more on this with Louisiana Senator John Kennedy he will join us in the next hour to talk about how his state is preparing we are pursuing a new option to ensure a complete and timely count of the non citizen population I am hereby ordering every department and agency in the federal government to provide the Department of Commerce with all requested records regarding the number of citizens and non-citizens in our country they must furnish all legally accessible records in their possession immediately so that from late yesterday afternoon president Trump reversing course ending his effort to add that citizenship question on the census saying he'll get the information another way here to take on that a long list of questions Hogan Gidley White House deputy press secretary Hogan good morning and thank you for coming back to our program here thank you so much before we get into the census can I just make the point though our prayers are with the people of the Gulf Coast and Louisiana who are in the the path of this horrible storm a lot of rain down there I have a lot of friends in that region and listen to the president's tweet pay attention to your local authorities and and and don't try to brave those floodwaters in your situation words will be on the lookout you bet and we hope to get that word out throughout the day and into the weekend as well thank you for that Hogan honors census what is this new strategy accomplished well it actually gets to the to the information the president wants it's following through on a promise and that's finding out who is in this country I think the American people have a right to know and so when you say do Democrats want to know this information the answer is no does the president want to know this information the answer is yes so the real question that reporters I think are missing is why does Donald Trump want to know who's in this country the real question is why don't Democrats the American people have a right to know this information in a PACs impacts so much across this country these people are coming into our country they're not citizens of the great United States of America and it impacts our neighborhoods our communities our schools our law enforcement our health care system we need to know this information Democrats don't seem to care about it does a lot of people wanted you to continue the fight did the White House concede on this Hogan no he's following through on a promise absolutely not listen the courts held things up they've done that the beginning of this administration and the president said I'm going to look at all options within my legal authority to find out this data that impacts trillions of dollars in this country he's doing it in a manner that that is a completely lawful completely legal and we've got to find out the information so he's going across the spectrum to all of the agencies to every little nook and cranny of the federal government to find out who is in this Sun your honor citizens are and who are non citizen sorry he's doing it he did not back down on this that's what you're making absolutely the Supreme Court even ruled this question could be on there but it was impossible to get it on in time for printing we couldn't we looked at inserts we looked at all types of options and the president said listen I'm not gonna be beholden to courts anymore I have the legal authority to find out that's information the American people deserve to know it and so I'm moving forward with this with this map next topic the ice rays reporter to take place on Sunday will that happen Hogan listen I'm not going to get ahead of any law enforcement operations what I can tell you is I think the American people would be shocked to find out there are more than a million people in this country who have gone through the legal judicial process they've had their day in court and judges have ordered them removed from this country more than a million of those people need to go home and so it's no note it should be no surprise to anybody listening the president wants to fix our immigration system and one way we do that legally is for eyes to take those people who a judge has said need to go home and to send them back home no here's the headline that really got a lot of attention this week New York Times us repairs were a thousands of immigrant family members that's the headline is that not true look could you imagine but well first of all listen again so many of these people don't have a right to be in this country they've already had their day in court it's one set of laws apply differently to different groups of people in the sense that if you were an American citizen you violate the law and then violate a court order there are serious consequences if you're an illegal immigrant and you violate the law and violate a court order Democrats are saying not only does the law not apply to you but we're going to try to change the laws in the future so that you face no punishment whatsoever for breaking our laws it's absolutely ridiculous and we're to fix that one last question on this from the Department of Justice yesterday they tell our Jacobsen Isis apprehending people illegally here every day all across the country that was the quote we got how many everyday Hogan how many everyday what I'm sorry are apprehended who are here illegally already I'm not sure that's a question I think I would have to answer but the fact is I mean that they do everything they can to get into these communities and find where they are hiding the folks who don't have a right to be here and I think the real question here is why are Democrats opposed to this action why should someone who has been ruled by a judge not to have the ability or I guess the legal right to be in this country left in this country and one more thing can you believe the fact that so many on the Left want to tip off those who are the subject of some type of raid I mean could you imagine if they did that to the NYPD and told a crack dealer hey heads up man the cops are coming in to take you out to take you out and to arrest you I mean think of the danger that poses for law enforcement officials support understand the point you're making to put a fine point in this you're not denying that they will not happen this weekend oh I'm not confirming or denying any law or they can actually stop it's quickly hearing this than the economy we had 27,000 in the Dow yesterday well what a number that is I know you'd like to tout the economy right now very strong numbers out there the president's going to try and sell that the Mexico Canada deal will that deal happen soon and what are the headwinds you see in this economy now Hogan we sure hope so listen the president has tried to protect our farmers one of the most interesting moments in the president she meeting at the g20 was when President she looked at the president Trump and said listen if there's if I can say anything about you you are a a great protector of the American farmer and that's what the US MCA does we hope that Democrats will vote on that to protect our farmers but I was looking up some statistical data before I came on today 55 million Americans have 401ks 35 million Americans have pension plans 25 million have IRAs this stock market rise is due to President Trump and his economic policies is the deregulation the tax cuts it affects everybody in this country for the better and I'll tell you the great Larry Kudlow often says the most underreported story during this president's administration is the booming economy but it's tough to ignore when we're setting records every day and it's because of the president's policy on the trade deal you mentioned China we'll see what happens on Mexico and Canada I've only got time for one more question from the hill calm Donald Trump jr. here's his headline Donald Trump will win the Democratic Party civil war you see this ongoing feud among House members in the Democratic Party how does the White House see that forgive me first of all the helicopters flying overhead here listen it's very interesting to watch Democrats you know eat their own young here we've been the subject of this on the Republican side for a long time when we talk about substance the Democrats can't counter with their substance of making America socialist and green new deals and infanticide instead they just decry the hollow charge of racism because they've got nothing to sell to the American people now you're seeing the infighting on their side which is completely fascinating they have a simple disagreement on policy and AOC calls the Speaker of the House a racist this is comical to watch from our side but quite frankly a little bit sad because when we start to talk about the record unemployment numbers for African Americans Americans all those things that we're doing in this White House all they do is say no it's racism it's absolutely ridiculous but but it's funny to watch from our side Acacio Cortez's was women of color that was her comment absolutely which is a complete inference that that Nancy Pelosi is racist and that's what's so funny about this is that everything they've been using the tactics they've been deploying against the Republican Party for decades is now coming back to bite them regardless of that the substance we have to tout the American people proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the president's policies are working and every time we put that in their face all they can do is to be quiet in a hollow manner racist I've got to run thank you for your time in the hallway yesterday she was caught on camera saying that she denied calling a Nancy Pelosi a racist nonetheless that feud continues and I hope you come back soon thank you hoping Diddley from the White House north on there with the helicopter and all thank you for you time thank you you bet breaking news out of Chicago now as authorities arrest singer R Kelly on new federal charges what he is accused of now Plus did you see this [Applause] that is a tough day in court dramatic brawl and on the high courtroom how this started in who is now under arrest who wasn't before yea high anticipation as Capitol Hill prepares for Robert Muller's live testimony next week but will lawmakers get any new information out of the former special counsel or will it just be political theater they're bringing him they want to keep the story alive he's not going to participate Muller's not going to give you any interesting answer I have quizzed him before when you oversaw the Benghazi hearings it went on much longer how are you able to negotiate that longer time period she was running for president obviously she wanted to answer all of the questions we enlarged the five minutes to 10 minutes because you can't do anything in five minutes at the end the media still said we didn't learn anything new well hey you're not gonna learn anything new next Wednesday anyway my next guest might not disagree with that congressman trey Gowdy with Martha last night and the restrictions lawmakers may face when they question Bob Millar on Wednesday Guy Lewis former US attorney served with Bill barn President George HW Bush's Justice Department a sir good day to you from sunny Florida thanks for coming back here what'd you expect morning zero drama on Wednesday explain that I do bill listen let's take a step back so Bob Muller to be perfectly candid I mean this respectfully he's the Joe Friday you remember the old dragnet series he's the Joe Friday of Law Enforcement I'm telling you can't bait that guy you can't trick him into answers you can't get him upset and angry it's not gonna happen I mean this is a guy who's testified many many many times before Congress and let me tell you there's one thing he knows how to do and that's how not that's how not to answer a question here's what you told our producers he will not embellish he will not argue he will not react so why are we doing this well that's it that's a good question especially in light of the fact that they only have these are lawmakers that only have five minutes and not even all the lawmakers I mean you you you've read some of the reports they're dropping in this committee of some of the younger members cuz they're not even going to get a chance to ask questions moer has told them bob has told them look you have my report my report is my testimony and I think for sure he's going to he's going to stick to that report your question though good question you got five minutes of air time on national TV we saw at one of the last hearings what did one of the congressmen from I'm sorry to say from my great state of Tennessee what did he do he pulled out a bucket a Kentucky Fried Chicken and started eating it I mean come on give me a break when the Congress this is a serious serious thing maybe there's no KFC on Wednesday here's the headline from Washington senator behind closed doors Nancy Pelosi said the following quote no drama at mulher hearings in that article she also goes on to explain guy how she believes only 3% of the American people have read the Mullen report she thinks it's damning when it comes to the area of obstruction of justice he it is almost a situation where if you've read from the report itself just to have that on camera might be the soundbite that Democrats are looking for is this what Wednesday is about I think it is Bill and I think it look if the lawmakers are effective and some of these guys are lawyers and some of them are even former prosecutors here's what you do you take the report you get real small bite-sized questions and then you ask them in a leading fashion and just ask Bob isn't it true that Don McGann said X and quote it straight out of the report and and I and I bet you a dollar that that bob says yes and then you establish your points whether you're democrat or republican you go through and you make those points and make the hearing productive make it something worthwhile the noonas told me the other day that their strategy is to ask yes or no questions we'll see how how well lawmakers can do that but finally just to wrap up your point you don't think anything changes as of Wednesday evening after the testimony is over I sure don't I think you're going to get a lot of you know it's going to be a lot of smoke a lot of yelling and maybe some screaming even but at the end of the day the report is the report and the testimony is what's in the report and that's what we're left with and I think that's where we're going to be regardless we will be watching and I know you will too guys thank you guy lewis miami florida today thank you sir Jeffrey Epstein's lawyers now asking a judge to let him await trial at is 77 million dollar Manhattan mansion what a deal as more accusers continue to come forward so what happens next in this case talk about a scare in the air check it out Air Canada flight heading for Sydney Australia forced to make an emergency landing in Honolulu after this sudden and severe turbulence on board five ten seconds and also bang it dropped they must have dropped like 100 feet or something because everyone went up to the ceiling like four wet the plane was where several patients with neck and back injuries some with our lacerations – they had some head injuries that's about it I love where that seatbelt 30 people suffered minor injuries during that flight we have a bit more on that coming up in a moment here inside of America's newsroom Julie Epstein asking a federal judge to let him and await trial in the comfort of his own home bill I'm gonna let you take it up until we figure out and I no problem we'll get that straightened out right away they have apparently offered up as Manhattan mansion and his private jet is collateral now you may remember earlier in the week Epstein pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking charges and with us now Doug burns former federal prosecutor Doug good morning to you thanks for coming in he wanted bill which way does the judge decide on this now I don't think the judge is gonna release him on bail and here's why a couple things number one this is what we call a presumption case and what that means is it's presumed that the defendant should be detained pending the trial unless the defendant can overcome it the defense argument and I read their letter you know they're playing the hand they're dealt with is this saying he knew about this you know additional new investigation for quite some time and it hasn't fled but again I think to have a difficult argument sort of an uphill battle and I would also add bill lastly that the government is arguing that is a danger to the community which is the second prong that a bail law and specifically that he may try to intimidate witnesses because they were alley gay shion's that that went on down in Florida don't want to prejudge it or be unfair but those are the government arguments and I think in the end judge Berman in the southern district is going to deny him bail yeah I mean in the New York Times is reporting that the u.s. district judge she's going to please up and provoke preside over Epstein's case refused a similar bail proposal money laundering case back in 2016 and basically and this is what the judge says and the reason why he refused unreasonable because it helps to foster inequity and unequal treatment in favor of a very small cohort of criminal defendants who are extremely wealthy Epstein has limitless wealth he is a dangerous flight risk well that is the argument of course which is that you know just because you have these vast vast resources and can afford 24-hour around the clock on security GPS and so on that would foster somebody wealthy or having a better shot at being released what I found really interesting in the weeds slightly is that Epstein's lawyers said that he would agree to be extradited from any country that's interesting and needs to be slightly unpacked because the point is just because Epstein agrees to be extradited doesn't mean that the particular country involved which may not have a good relationship and yams of diplomacy with the US would turn him over but I did find that interesting I hadn't seen that in my 34 years of travels that was kind of his excuse that he used for why he didn't a level 3 registered sex offender Bubba law from registering here in New York and his excuse was well I don't really live in New York I'm only here every once in a while yeah what yeah what happened there was he was not reporting you know under the sex offender registration act you know the Soraa and the point is they went to court and the argument was I don't live in New York I live elsewhere in Florida Virgin Islands but the judge specifically ruled yeah Julie no no you have to report and then apparently after that point going forward he didn't so that that is sort of troubling also another troubling aspect of the case here's another troubling aspect another dozen accusers have come forward his lawyers say that he should be allowed to have a GPS monitoring anklet ankle bracelet hire a private security team so he can stay in his 77 million dollar mansion right how cozy but he is arguing and his lawyers say that no longer is he a danger to anyone because prosecutors haven't come forward with allegation of a sexual abuse additional sex charges well yes they have there are these twelve accusers let's not forget no question but the point they're making which is always made I mean I've seen this time and time again over the decades I've been involved in federal criminal law is now that he's under this situation he's not likely to reoffending he'll battle and judge Berman oh I had a case in front of a few years back in my view again is not going to release them all right Doug burns great to see you yeah I think you're right there okay pretty good tag-team huh twenty-nine no waiting the start of a house hearing on the crisis on our southern border a trio of progressive lawmakers are among the witnesses testifying Texas congressman the Republican will Hurd has a new idea on how to take care of this issue is coming up live next year Julie and the father of Savannah Spurlock now speaking out after police confirm the young woman's remains were found six months after she disappeared police a hard man hard hard to breathe hard to function hard to go through the motions when here we go new highs Wall Street opening at record highs and we're up yet again check that out 27,000 we closed yesterday for the first time ever man oh man president Tom going to Wisconsin he's expected it's half the economy push for passage of a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada when he leaves the White House he may take questions and if that happens you're gonna see it so stand by stay tuned for that in the meantime House hearing getting underway on the crisis at our southern border the focus could be on the child separation policy amid allegations of conditions that are terrible at border facilities housing children that's the allegation on behalf of three progressive Democrats among those testifying some of them were just recently at the border we'll heard lives there he's a Republican from Texas his district straddles the board of the Mexico 23rd district it's big it's long will hurt thank you for coming back here what do you think of the lineup of this hearing today well we should be having people that have spent a lot of time at the border and not just been there a couple of times and and we all agree these facilities are not prepared or designed to handle the load that they're dealing with now nobody disagrees with that Border Patrol has been saying that for four months the DHS inspector general back in May said this you have inspector general reports back to 2014 saying these facilities were not built for this Border Patrol they're designed to apprehend people in the ports of entry not run a detention facility these are facilities you shouldn't have anybody in it for a long period of time let alone children but you can't vote against funding to to try to fix these facilities you can use I mean interrupt you here but I'm looking at the guest list here Veronica Escobar from El Paso near you I never crap will testify but so – but Thomas Holman of the for mayor acting director sure look at Veronica and nose nose the the border she's been there she was a was a County Judge Thomas Holman knows the issue I think two of the Inspector General's from DHS is going to participate but but what what we need to be talking about is how we solve this problem and what what's frustrating is my friends on the other side of the aisle they vote against funding for this stuff they vote against increasing immigration judges there's a nine hundred thousand person backlog within our immigration courts they refuse to vote against additional funding I try to put additional money in to take care of unaccompanied minors they voted against that you can't vote against everything and then be outraged when you go to a facility that everybody says is not prepared to handle the load and they're processing and that's how they were built but what about the comma what did you think about the comment about drinking the drum look nobody is DHS and Border Patrol in that facility came out very quickly and said nobody is being allowed to is no being nobody's being forced to drink out of the toilet no one should be forced to drink out of the toilet and when these when these accusations are made they need to be verified they need to be running aground we have resources and people to do that who told her that what was that said you know and in Border Patrol you have cameras to prove this kind of stuff so nobody should be drinking out of toilets and and here's what I know of the men and women in the Border Patrol in in Del Rio Sector this is one part of my district they've done 422 water rescues in the Rio Grande River okay for context that's within eight months all of last year 75 imagine if you had a major city fire department did 422 rescues in eight months that's it that's a crazy number and then you know what happens after these men and women and Border Patrol finish their shift they go and help their spouses that are working at some of these facilities of helping them build you know shelves to hold pampers and things like that in some of these because the communities are trying to help out with this it's really a human story and you're trying to help in some ways your backgrounds in the CIA before it became a member of Congress I don't know if you've read that decision now but but your ideas and use more intelligence assets either along the border or perhaps even in Mexico what's the idea well abigail van Berg and I have just introduced the bill she's also a former CIA officer from and she lives in Virginia and and we the DHS is when these people are coming through they're being they're using human smugglers and so we know we're probably on track to do 1.2 million people to come in this country illegally this year all of last year it was only 400,000 they we have phone numbers of the people that helped smuggle them we have the license plate of the bus they gone on we got the pickup location in Tegucigalpa before they drove eight before they got on a bus here we're collecting all that information but the intelligence community is not leveraging that information to understand the smuggling networks and in order to understand it and then ultimately to dismantle it so we should be focused in making human smuggling a National Intelligence priority and that's what my bill does is is has the the Director of National Intelligence make this a priority get in you get into is that the way to solve it i I think we can what would likely to they probably try to include this on the intelligence Authorization Act that we have a good chance of getting past and that there's there's there's a bicameral support for this as well so okay we're going to continue to try to sir I've got some breaking news that I just want to share with our viewers it's just crossing right now from our Fox reporters in Washington DC the labor secretary Alex Acosta just announced a moment ago that he will step down from his job as a member of the cabinet labor secretary one week from today this follows the press conference from Wednesday afternoon that was met with variations of satisfaction or dissatisfaction and to put you on the spot but you have much of a read on this right now and what this could mean well cam in the case itself I don't know what it means for him in the case itself but but ultimately if you're you know if you're accused or found out to be a pedophile and taking advantage of children we should throw we should throw everything we can at you the same goes for if anybody's you know abusing women as well and so I don't know the nuances of this case but I'm sure this will evolve throughout the day it runs deep sir thank you for your time we'll heard the Republican from Texas we'll see how the hearing goes today sir thank you come on back in the meantime with regard to the labor secretary on Wednesday afternoon when he went out and defended the decisions he made in Florida in Miami Florida going back to 2008 in 2009 he was trying to explain how the folks in Palm Beach were gonna give Jeffrey Epstein a smaller sentence and when Acosta took the case over he pushed for a tougher sentence and believed you know even though you were saying you registered a sex offender you do 13 months in jail even though you have the right to leave for 10 to 12 hours a day was a lot of people thought was very lenient and very light Thank You children as young as 14 years old that we're giving him massages for hundreds of dollars that he sexually molested I would say that's a pretty lenient so the labor secretary will step down clearly the pressure continues on him want to bring in dr. bill Bennett standing by former education secretary Fox News contributor host of wise guys on Fox Nation sir don't mean to put this on you right now but let's go ahead and continue to discussion acosta is out clearly distracting the administration and for him what your feeling on that yeah I've been thinking about this though yes I think it's the right decision there's enough doubt there's enough worry about the steps he took or perhaps ones you should say more accurately steps he didn't date did he do enough and you know as he himself said his press conference serves at the pleasure of the president and when you become a burden to the president for justifiable reasons that is for reasons that makes sense then you should go I think it's the right decision I'm glad it's happening as we watch the reaction from the White House Mick Mulvaney chief of staff he's been a big endorser of the Labor Secretary says he's done a great job and in that role he perhaps has and you can make the argument that he has been successful he's been in that job for two years plus did you watch the press conference on Wednesday we did I did indeed and how do you think he I think he handled it he handled it all right it's been said it was lawyer like Bill it was lawyer like but it left a lot of questions in the air which is such as why didn't you go for more given the seriousness that Julie Julie was just referring to the seriousness of the offenses of Epstein why not go for more I thought a little bit too he put the burden on his team rather than on himself as if we're all just recommendations to him but he can exercise some autonomy as well look I don't know all the details I wasn't there at the time but it seemed to me there were enough issues and enough questions that this was the right to say there was a sense that I should just not to step over you but the suggestion was that he did not offer enough sympathy to those who had been abused well you know that's that's the argument for you know failure to a Moute but I'd do it more on the facts in the merits perhaps if he had emoted more his fate would have been different but I think this would have God I think this was a can tied to his tail and it would have made a lot of noise going down the road don't hurt the president you know I've served for two presidents served at their pleasure I sometimes gave them displeasure you know when I was doing my jobs and I always said if this is wrong and if this is a burden if I'm hurting your administration then just let me know yeah the feeling was over the last 48 hours that there was not enough of a forceful defense of him to this process just want to get Julian here to get a question do you think there's gonna be more fallout because this is not the only person who is being you know basically enabling epstein for so many years I mean this has been you know as I referred to him earlier as a Millionaire pedophile and and I and I mean no pedophile registered offender at this stage with his crimes in the past would be free he shouldn't be a free man period after the offenses he's he's has been accused of and charged of what other what other people do you believe down the road are gonna be potentially taking a fall for a labeling him the way he has been I don't know but it's been written that you know this is 4th of July that the fireworks are gonna go everywhere a lot of people are gonna get singed and some people may get burned I noticed a contradiction already I think Bill Clinton put out statements saying he wrote on the plane four times and I think his former press secretary Joe Lockhart said more like 26 times I'm very curious about Julie what I've heard that the president through Epstein out of Mar Lago when he heard that he was manhandling or trying to manhandle some young waitresses waitstaff be that would be a good thing to know if the president did that more cut it to it but no I think this is gonna it's got to hit a lot of people and you know this was a major Democrat donor and it is interesting to me that not on this channel but on the other channels you would think that Epstein's the only friend was down the Trump are only acquaintances was Donald Trump they were acquaintances you know a long time ago but this guy's ties with the Democratic Party are deep donor to the Clinton Foundation and so on be good just to get fair and balanced coverage on this as you guys a lot of the focus much of the focus and obviously the focus right now is on Acosta stepping down but what was odd that we discussed yesterday and highlighted was the fact that we were speaking so much about Acosta and not so much about Epstein when Epstein's the offender here he's the one that actually went out and and and conducted this kind of behavior and the sickening behavior so there was really no chance for Acosta to survive this don't you agree i I thought it was doubtful again I think he did a lawyer like job but it took more than a lawyer like job at that breast garments left too many questions on the table and we're gonna be hearing if there was too much on a costume not enough about Epstein I would say stay tuned we're gonna hear at one about him Steve if he's read deeply in this story you ever since you know the conviction in Palm Beach he moved to New York and he was working on a deal with with politicians in this town the DA Cyrus pants to get a reduction in his penalty from the felony to a misdemeanor so he was working this overtime you mentioned what happened at mar-a-lago James Patterson the well-known author was on our yes was on our show the other days he was with Dana Perino in the afternoon and he was talking about that and what he revisited is that they went to the manager at mar-a-lago is that Epstein was out of order you need to take care of this and then that's when Donald Trump then a private citizen told him to leave doctor that's right oh well Patterson is the best-selling author in the world I wish I were but he is and so he's got some credibility and you know it wrote a book about all this which I imagined is going to start going off the shelves but yeah again if the President did that good for the president but we're gonna see these we're gonna see the singeing and burning of a lot of people I expect most of them Democrats we're gonna see the manifest at some point of all the people are on those planes how many trips and it's just horrible ugly is just so ugly and in this day of me to that something like this could be covered up by friends or political allies when you're talking about young girls girls 13 14 15 years old there'll be a price to pay here and the public will want some serious vengeance based on that answer you believe when they were in the early stages of this story sure we are know sure we are go this is that right that's right that's right no I think so and plus the time in which we live bill and Julie I mean we live in this meet to time and you know you have people coming forward saying I you know he touched me the wrong way he looked the wrong way at me he said something suggestive that isn't that isn't what this is about this is about manhandling and raping girls so this is you know this is not a what could go either way this seems to me to be worse than than Weinstein yeah no I mean and I think that a lot more accusers will come forward and sadly these accusers won't come forward until an arrest has been made it's sort of strengthen numbers if you will so since Epstein's arrest there have been a dozen new accusers that have come forward I believe that that will definitely seal the deal here for the judge here in New York he's not gonna let this guy take this in the spring in the springtime of 2017 he was confirmed by the Senate by a vote of 60 to 38 when I bring and match slap now reaction on this as we continue to survey the grounds Matt was it the right move look I think I agree with secretary Bennett there comes a point where a cabin secretary has to look themselves linear and say I'm here to serve the president and Alex Acosta said in his press conference look I'm here talking about the facts but the president will make the decision as to whether or not I'm becoming a distraction or not and clearly the decision was made that this is a big serious disgusting mess this whole question about Epstein I'm sorry that it became a bit about Alex Acosta who in all of this is not what the focus as Julie said should be it should be on Epstein the people that participated in these escapades with this Chris behavior with Epstein the politicians Epstein has cozied up too and that really is where this story should go I mean but you can't ignore the fact that you know Acosta did cut a deal with a dangerous and disgusting man I mean there's no question there there is no excuse for it there's no justifying mean it could you possibly find a reason why any judge or any lawyer would cut a deal with someone who's accused of raping 14 thirteen-year-old girls well look I agree with that Julie and I'm not a prosecutor and people in the US Attorneys offices have to make these decisions about when they get a plea bargain is it good enough or should they go for something tougher in going for something tougher with Epstein by the way sigh Vance a local district attorney in New York did he go after Epstein no no any of these democratic prosecutors go after Epstein in New York no so Alex Acosta was the only US Attorney to say no I will not allow this to go forward without this man having to plea that he agreed that an admit that he committed crimes and that he register as a sex offender and go to jail and the other problem with our with our legal system is that they agree to certain terms about going to jail and then they were all weakened and I think that is incredibly frustrating to victims across this country that they can't even hold a criminal like Epstein accountable when they actually do plea he actually even got a weekend deal after that who did that that person I'd like to know that person needs to listen there's reporting this week in New York that he was required to show up every week and did not show up one time I Bennett points out we're in the early stages of the story and there were trapdoors that many people fell through over the years in addition to that the president speaking questions on the South Lawn right now he was asked about a costume I'm gonna go just reading from the notes right there talked about the economy doing a great the administration needs to focus on said of Acosta he is a great labor secretary not a good one quote a great labor secretary not a good one he did a very good job at the press conference early in the week the president saying he explained it regarding his decision on Epstein as to how he arrived decision for 13 months in South Florida going back to 2008 and 2009 there was a lot of reaction rolling in right now Kirsten Gillibrand on Twitter says good riddance to Secretary Acosta who has just announced that he will step down one week from now so Weisenberger our coverage right now believe Saul is also in Florida today and your immediate reaction to the announcement from the White House here well disappointing in a way unless there's some new bit of news that's going to come out that shows that he didn't tell the truth of his press conference because I thought he did a very good job in this press conference he sat there for over an hour and answered every question that was put to him so as you as you noted bill with the fast breaking story and we don't know a fact actually looked at some of the affidavit that he released in support of his story Acosta and they pretty much do support his account of what happened so in a way I'm disappointed if it turns out that he's only resigning because what was there a legal press and there saw that you saw that's secretary Acosta went easy on Epstein I'm sorry could you repeat that just you know based on what you were going through and reading did you reach any conclusion as any specifics in the case that would suggest that that a costume went easy on Epstein or did he indeed get the best deal possible yeah that's a factual issue that is impossible for us to know it's easy to sit there if you're a non-lawyer or a lawyer 15 years later and saying oh it's a slam dunk but we weren't there and we didn't know the strengths and weaknesses I will say this the lead prosecutor on the case she said that more than half of the witnesses didn't really want to testify that well over half of them were very reluctant to have their names publicized now this is the same woman that did want to apparently didn't want to go ahead with the indictment who was not involved in the file decision to set a two-year deal but so it's too hard to say whether or not it was it was too easy of a deal because we don't know how strong the evidence was in cases with the law are there times all where prosecutors or defense attorneys just want to close a case so they can move on to the next one no I don't mean I don't necessary yes the case has been going on for five or ten more years but not not typically it's just we don't have all the facts I was talking to somebody just the other day who practices in Miami white-collar person and pointed out that look the New York people really don't have much more than the Miami people had 15 years ago and look at what they have done they got a search warrant and they've produced a pretty what looks like a pretty strong federal indictment okay on essentially the same facts so the question you ask yourself is why couldn't that that been done in Miami so that's kind of going contrary to what I said earlier there's too early for us to tell but I do think that the secretary made a valid point and this point I don't think there's much dispute on except for State Attorney who was involved we are the ones that got that made sure there was a felony conviction we're the ones made sure we had to report as a sex offender we're the ones who made sure and this is an important fact that's been overlooked that the victims had the right to sue in federal court under a federal statute so thank you so Liza Berg by telephone we're gonna tell you live the White House and play the president's comments in a moment right now on this breaking news secretary Acosta is out in a week come on back after this


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🔴 Democrats & Media BLATANTLY LYING about the BORDER CRISIS for months – #TFNOriginal SHARE THIS

well there is no national emergency at the border it's all made up its presidential fiction we also had a very impassioned discussion about moving forward as it relates to the humanitarian crisis that exists on the border the number of apprehensions at the border right now is at one of its lowest levels in about two decades the president is lying to the American people about a national emergency there is no emergency at the border state here's a joke he is a clown he is incompetent he is full of malice and meanness but the one thing that he will never be is taken seriously we have a president who will go on TV tonight and lie and lie and lie some more there's a manufacture crisis he is reckless on the international stage and so we see here the conman being exposed the people have come to see the wizard and the wizard has promised them the Great Wall of trauma it's complete and utter nonsense trying to solve a problem that in fact doesn't exist because there's zero net illegal immigration coming across the southern border he's lied so much about the realities of what he's calling a crisis because I have never seen a crisis since maybe when you were in New Orleans talking about Katrina that was as openly understood and ignored that the feeling from this administration is is that we are in a full-blown crisis in that they are overwhelmed by it how do you think you know that I don't believe their narrative I don't believe the BS we agree that there is a humanitarian situation the president has said that there is somehow this crisis at the border that's a lie that couldn't be further from the truth we have a present United States was created a fiction about a crisis at the border this president just used the backdrop of the Oval Office to manufacture a crisis so I'm expecting a declaration of a national emergency around a fake crisis that doesn't exist this made-up crisis at the border holding the American people hostage let's stop manufacturing a crisis it's not facts and I turn ative fats it is downright lies to try to make a political point if illegal immigrants are unhappy with the conditions in the quickly built or refitted detention centers just tell them not to come all problems solved with no running water and these women were being told by CBP officers to drink out of the toilet they were drinking water out of the toilet how he manufactures crises like immigrants quote President Trump is manufacturing a crisis and declaring a made-up national emergency in order to seize power and subvert the Constitution there is no crisis in arrivals we are focusing on a crisis that does not exist at the border Trump you shut down the government over a fake crisis at the border and for anybody who doesn't think immigration is a crisis a deadly serious crisis a humanitarian crisis I got to show you this picture a non crisis at the border that's really not fooling anybody this shutdown that he caused by creating a phony crisis actually did cause one danger after another but no sign of the national emergency that the president has been talking about as a matter of fact it's pretty tranquil down here so we do have a problem this other border Democrats should not deny that we don't and this national emergency is completely made up if they are engaging in what I would call manufactured moral crisis its so-called crisis at the border is faked this is a crisis of his own making because it was a campaign pledge it's the president we don't need to create artificial crises we have enough real crises border emergency is nothing more than a manufactured crisis and California's National Guard will not be part of this political theater it seemed like it was a concerted effort to to pull one over on the American public to make it seem like what's happening at the southern border is so much worse than it is the governor believes the president is manufacturing the crisis at the border is a manufactured crisis at the heart of this whole thing are a whole bunch of lies wouldn't we be there cuz it was a crisis they were being overrun you know there's something manufactured about this yes there's no crisis it's a manufactured crisis this is a manufactured crisis he's taking 800 thousand federal employees hostage so he can get his vanity wall so he's created this crisis it's a manufactured crisis this whole thing is absurd it is a completely manufactured you know appeal to the ugliest sentiments and then frankly you know I wonder about our complicity in just talking about this tonight the president tries to sell a crisis that the facts tell us does not exist this entire situation which many of argued is a bonafide crisis as are at our southern border the big scam of the whole address was that there's a crisis there's not a crisis those were the powerful words written to describe the humanitarian crisis at the border she's already been out lying about a crisis on the southern border he's doing a much worse than Barack Obama and he's created this crisis and the word crisis is what this is all about for Team Trump he's gotta prove that there is one movie sighs in a moment of the blame and why we are suddenly having this crisis right now manufactured crisis as I said manufactured crisis it's a crisis someone will drill down on some of the numbers from this humanitarian crisis there is no crisis at the border what do you think of the folks on the Left who believe that is not doing it out to do with their prices the border and it could help with the deportation President Trump once again tried to claim there was a crisis at the border the fact is migrant border crossings have been declining for nearly two decades but we have to grapple with the real challenges at the border and do more to reduce the number of migrants who feel they need to flee their countries in the first place president Trump must stop holding the American people hostage but stop manufacturing a crisis we have never not said that there was a quite there is a humanitarian crisis at the border this is not a crisis this is something being manufactured and where the president is stoking a big problem in this country he's creating a crisis where there wasn't one misery didn't matter when the crisis didn't work for them but now migrants are a boon for publicity crazy Dems and has-been actresses Nancy Lee graphin tweeted a shot of children wrapped in emergency blankets in a detention center blaming Trump for that if the time and date hadn't been cropped from the picture you'd see it occurred under Obama now Nancy's deliberate lie was retweeted 30,000 times now 30,000 people are as dumb as she is but for the left it wasn't a crisis then and it wasn't a crisis six months ago when collusion was the weapon to unseat Trump but now that's failed you claim Trump's tortures kids while denying the same kids their beds this is how Democrats solved the border crisis making it worse so no cots for tots what's next boycott dairies that send milk to feed them and now they use pictures of the dead as if they actually care they don't one bid they're exploiting the suffering just to win an election and shame on all of them well thanks for having me Brianna a pleasure to be with you so look we are beyond the breaking point we have reached an unprecedented level with respect to this crisis situation the amount of undocumented migrants that are iving along our southern border we hit a historic high last month with over 76,000 we're projecting that we're going to encounter over a hundred thousand this month right now and the system not just us that Customs and Border Protection and the Border Patrol on the front line but the entirety of the immigration system is absolutely overwhelmed it was I would invite my Democratic colleagues to go to my official Twitter account where I have posted an interview from January 9th 2019 it was on CNN not exactly a hostile Network for you folks and it's well let me just play what the question was and it's Jim Clyburn the Democratic just I guess it's a parliamentary inquiry is it appropriate for a member to just put on a loop a teeny soundbite out of context is that allowed absolutely not the gentleman controls the time I'm not aware of any rule that would preclude him from doing so thank you thank you I think I still control the time and I just think that's quite something that when you're fed back your own words from your own leadership from earlier this year you think that's out of context and inappropriate and not allowed again we didn't raise the issue it was the gentlelady from Texas that said these allegations from Republicans that we were in denial their offensive we've always known of the crisis and the Democratic whip laughed absolutely not laugh thought it was laughable thought it was funny you know who doesn't think it's funny the Trump administration because secretary maca llenan has been ringing the warning bell for months about the crisis he begged you all to take action more quickly we are now on pace for over 100,000 apprehensions and encounters with migrants in March with 90% of those 90,000 people crossing the border illegally between ports of entry March will be the highest month since 2008 one of the reasons why so many young people so many vulnerable people are in tragic conditions is because we didn't act when the administration wanted us to provide funding that was absolutely necessary to care for people and so it is appropriate to question why we are in these conditions but it wasn't the Republicans that were in denial it was all of you and it was in your own words from your own leadership be offended with the Democratic whip not House Republicans [Applause]