Obama’s Tan Suit: The Worst Scandal in Presidential History | The Daily Show

– The President came out
addressing reporters on Thursday and he was wearing
this tan suit. – [Woman] President
Obama’s decision to wear a light tan suit at
yesterday’s news conference. – [Woman] He was
wearing a tan suit. – [Man] Light tan suit. – I think it was shocking
to a lot of people. Is this an effort to
make him look warmer? (sinister music) – [Peter Voiceover] There’s
no way I think any of us can excuse what the President
did yesterday, I mean, and then for him to walk out. I’m not trying to be trivial
here but in a light suit, a light tan suit. – [Man] Also known as tan-gate. – Tan suit and how the tan suit made him look unpresidential. – Who ever talked him into
to going into a tan suit? They’re so desperate because
of these low poll numbers. They’re willing to do anything. (patriotic music) – [Woman] The tan suit made
him look unpresidential. (Daily Show theme music)

Obama’s Bike Helmet: The Worst Scandal in Presidential History | The Daily Show

– There’s one more thing
that has many Americans including myself
humiliated today. Take a look at the
photo comparison of our Commander-in-Chief. There he is juxtaposed
with Vladimir Putin. They have no respect for our
President, for his weakness. (dramatic music) – He wears a helmet
when he rides a bike. – The picture of him riding
the bike with the bike helmet while Putin’s got his shirt off. – Shirtless on the
horse and all that and Obama was riding a
bike with a helmet on. (dramatic music) – The picture says
a thousand words. Here’s, watch. Which one? – Want to talk about the
Ukraine for a second? – Putin, big, strong,
muscular, on a horse. There’s Obama riding a little
bicycle with a helmet on. A leisure, not like
a real racing bike. I mean just going
out for a leisurely, and he’s got this dumb
hat on, dumb helmet on. This is humiliating. It’s unnecessary. You deserve better. We as a country deserve better, and we can do better. (melodramatic music)

Trump Just Got The Worst Polling Numbers About His 2020 Chances

We have talked a lot about polls here on ring
of fire or other progressive hosts talking about poles. The media is talking about polls, but one
thing we always say here is that none of these polls really actually matter right now, right? We talk about Trump’s approval rating will,
it’s going to change before the 2020 election. We talk about which Democrats are beating
him in the polls, which is right now the top four that’s also going to change, but a poll
came out this week that is likely to not change before the 2020 presidential election, and
it is the kind of poll that Donald Trump should be terrified of, and according to this latest
poll, majority of people in this country do not believe that they are better off than
they were four years ago. 31% said that their personal finances have
gotten worse since Donald Trump took office. 33% said they’ve remained about the same. So you add those together. 64% of people say they’re not better than
they were four years ago. 35% say yes. I think think my finances are better today
than they were four years ago. Every single presidential election, the question
gets asked, are you better off now than you were four years ago? And if the answer is no, then people are inclined
to vote for the challenger. If the answer is yes, they stick with the
incumbent and here we have a poll. We’re 64% of people are able to clearly say,
no, I’m not better than I was four years ago. Sure. 33% say they’re not worse either, but everybody’s
always looking for better. That’s human nature. That is basic psychology folks. We want to be better. We want to get better. We want our personal situation to be better
and it’s not so why stick with the guy who’s not doing anything for us? When we can go to one of these other candidates
who’s out there saying, I’m going to give you healthcare. I’m going to give you kids college. I’m going to forgive your student loan debt. I’m going to protect the environment. I’m going to give you a better job. I’m going to get money out of politics. That’s a no brainer for a lot of these folks
who are looking at their own personal situation and seeing that things aren’t getting any
better for them and they haven’t for quite some time. this is the poll that Trump should be worried
about because this, as I pointed out, this isn’t going to change in 12 months. It would take a remarkable overhaul of the
system itself, the capitalistic system that we live under. You’d have to overhaul that in the next 12
months to improve the plight of these people and Donald Trump and the Republicans are not
the people who are going to do it. We have candidates out there right now pretty
much to talking about overhauling the system, changing the way things are, one of them a
little bit more aggressive than the other. Those are the people that would actually help
these 64% who say things aren’t getting better, and hopefully the 64% out there understands
that, but at least let’s hope that they know that sticking with Trump isn’t going to help
them one bit.