Rose Valland Takes On the Nazis (feat. Tiffany Haddish) – Drunk History

– Back in the day
when I used to date
drug dealers
and gang bangers, I make a dude color
and if you stay in the lines, you know what I’m saying?
– That’s–[laughs] – You know, one of ’em
hit me up from jail and he was like, you know,
my most happiest memory of being free is when
you invite me to your place and I thought I was
gonna hit it, and I’m coloring in this book.
I had this coloring book. [both laughing] The whole messed up thing
about it is, I never did get to hit it.
I was like, ’cause you was
outside the lines, homie. – [laughs]
– Outside the lines. Hi.
Hello. [laughs] I’m Tiffany Haddish, and today
we’re gonna talk about Rose Valland. [slurps] ♪ She ready ♪So, it’s France,
October 1940.
Rose Valland,
the assistant curator
with the Jeu de Paume Museum,she’s like,
you know what I know?
Art.Then all of a sudden, boom.
Nazis everywhere.They took over the museum
like, this our spot!
This where we ‘gon be at!
She’s like, oh, shoot,
it’s Germans everywhere.And what they doing is,
robbing the French Jewsand now they storing all
this stolen art up in there.
And you know why?
You know why? – Hm.
– Do you know why? Let me tell you why.
Because Hitlerwas like a proclaimed artistand he tried
to get into this school.
He was denied because
he couldn’t stay in the lines. – Uh-oh.
– He told his boys,y’all go out there
and y’all get all the artwork.
Now, if it’s German art,
it’s good,
but if it ain’t German art,
burn that shit up.
‘Cause Hitler was mad
’cause he didn’t to get in to the university. ‘Cause you mad you didn’t get
to get in to school. My [bleep] wet.
Don’t worry about it. – [laughs]
– But, Rose is like,the dopest spy.
They up there talking…
[imitates German]They didn’t know
she spoke German.
She like this,
hmm.Taking notes.
Taking notes. Taking notes.
So, uh…
different people that worked
under Hitler
would show up
to the museum often.
Like his main man.His name was
Hermann Goring, right?
Now, Hermann, you know,
he so ratchet.– [laughs]
– He like, gimme.
That’s the best!
Run me that!
Run me that right there.
Ooh, that’s nice.
Hey, hey, hey,
give me something to drink.
Bring me some champagne
up in here
while I’m in here picking
the best art.
And Rose would be like…[in French accent]
I don’t know why
these [bleep] are here.
He’s so lazy.
Why you even wanna tell me
where you stole it from?Do you know who I am?I’ma–I’ma–
I’ma tell er’body.
She go get the wine
and Hermann be like,
[slurps] Magnifique! This is a–
Oh, no, wait, no. He was German.
He be like…[slurps][imitates German]
– [laughs]
– Right? You know. [laughs]
Wait, hold up.
I’m toasted. I’m sorry.
– How you feel? – I feel…fantastic. – [laughs] – Anyways, they would loadthese pieces of art up
on the train.
The Nazis
was putting a lot of stuff
down in these deep,
dark caves.
You hiding stuff in caves?You hiding…freaking…van Goghs in a coal mine?That’s disrespectful.And Rose would be like,
I’ma memorize this.
I’m “memorinizing”
all of it.
Sounding ghetto as hell.
– [laughs]
[both laughing] Did you know I was Jewish?
– I didn’t until tonight. – ‘Cause my father’s Jewish, but my mama’s
a Jehovah’s Witness. So I’m a JewJo. [both laugh] So, uh, it’s December 1944,James Rorimer shows uptrying to holla at Rose.Rose,
I know you know everything.
I need you to get me
all the information
that you have.
Where are all the treasures.
She’s like,
I don’t know you like that.
Who is you?He’s like, I’m James Rorimer.I’m with the Monuments Men.Now this was a collection
of men and womens
who went out to save the
existence of their culture.
Rose, she was dope.
She was like, boom.I got these
addresses right here.
Check this out.
They would stop trains,
they would go to salt mines,they was knocking–
knocking people out. Some people died,
some people lived,but the art was saved.She saved like over
60,000 pieces of culture.
She’s a heroine.[epic music]And then finally Rose is like,
go to Hermann Goring’s house.
Sent him over there, boom.$200 million worthof treasures, culture, art.She hooked that up,and Hermann Goring
was pissed as hell at her.
Like, I can’t believe
she snitched on me!
And when she was bringing me
all these
glasses of champagne.And then Rose does the Nay Nay.Eh!
But he couldn’t do
nothing about it,’cause now
he a prisoner of war.
And Hitler killed himself…they say.I think he hanging out
with Tupac.[hip-hop music][laughing] [both laughing]♪ ♪

Complex Closets : DJ Khaled Shows His Sneaker Closet

In this scene, you might be wearing these, but then I’ll do this. Don’t let me go in the box. You got my name on there. Kiss the ring. I still can’t believe I have them. I call these Bahamas. Every time I look up in here, I can’t believe
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on. you see this is one side of the room. hopefully the camera will get a full 360. You see the energy in this room. you see the
passion. you see the blood, sweat, and tears in this room. you see this wall. Look at this from top to bottom. you know
what I’m saying. I call this don’t ever play yourself. I call this wall, I call war ready, in case
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I call these treadmill. you know what I’m saying. You know of course, you go to the classic
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know, how it all started. you gotta remember we have a mall. You know what I’m saying. and if you notice.
you notice, right? You notice right? That’s stock. that’s stock. That’s what I’m trying to show you. And of
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you and I’m very grateful. How do you decide what shoes you keep in the
grab and go bags? Well, the grab and go bags because you know
when I travel Uh huh I got to be cautious on the road. it’s a red
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then I do this. Right. You see what I’m saying? I do it humbly. Aye,
aye, what’s up what’s good. they notice. Each of them have a story. You know what I’m
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I hit the red carpet with this stuff. You know what I’m saying? Yeah You see these things? Wow OG These are the OG Chrome sixes. You know what
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to your inspiration. Now I rep 305 Miami Day County. When I walk
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It’s got 305. These shoes mean so much to mean. It’s incredible. And then I call these. The You. Uh huh You see that. That’s Day county man. That’s
305 for real. You know what I’m saying. I take pride in these. You know what I’m saying. You know in time when I got older I realized
I had so many sneakers in my closet and I took pride in them so I needed up being I
guess a collector Yeah You know what I’m saying. But this is more my passion and my love this
ain’t no just happen two three years ago. I’m a classic. Icon. A legend. Let me ask you. If there’s a show missing.
You walk into this closet You immediately see there’s a shoe missing? Right now we have an investigation going on.
A street investigation. There’s five sneakers missing Really I hope it’s none of my friends. Uh huh I hope we miss placed them on the road. But the five sneakers that are missing are
like five bangers. so it’s kind of like suspicious. Okay But we got you know what I’m saying. We like
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the OVOs. I have another pair of OVOs I’m not allowed to put in this room Wow Well, they’re in this room, I’m not allowed
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this is my life. I want to see my hard work. You know what I’m saying. Every time I look
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room because it’s a lot of a lot of vibe a lot of culture a lot of energy. now you see these sneakers right here? One of my all-time favorites. This is called
you wish you had these What’s the story behind those Well the story behind these is I still can’t
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you know when we’re leaving here well show them a glimpse of the old room that’s still
filled with sneakers Okay

Trump Is Having an Impeachment Meltdown: A Closer Look

-President Trump wanted to dig
a trench on the Southern border and fill it with alligators
and snakes, and then, he lost his mind in a series of press conferences
about impeachment. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ I don’t think it would surprise
you if I said that some very weird stuff
has been going on the past few weeks. I mean, weird stuff’s been going on for four years, ever since a famously stupid
game show host came down the escalator
and forced his way into our hearts like
a stubborn piece of bacon fat. But the last two weeks
in particular have felt like that scene from “Ghostbusters”
where the EPA guy opens up the containment system
and ghosts just start pouring out into the city. In fact, I’m pretty sure
I saw the zombie cab driver on TV defending the president
the other day. [ Laughter and applause ] Even putting aside… even putting aside all
the recent revelations about Trump colluding
with foreign governments, we keep learning new details
about just how corrupt, lawless, and out of his mind
he is. For example, a new book reports
that Trump wanted to inflict horrific violence on desperate
migrants seeking asylum, offered pardons to officials who broke the law
to build his border wall, and had some truly insane ideas
for how to fortify that wall. -“The New York Times”
is reporting new details about ideas President Trump has
for the Southern border. Privately, the president
had often talked about fortifying a border wall
with a water-filled trench stocked with snakes
or alligators, prompting aides to seek
a cost estimate. -That’s right. The president
of the United States wanted to dig
a water-filled trench and stock it with snakes
and alligators, you know, like some sort
of inbred medieval king. At night, he probably drinks
milkshakes from a goblet while Eric and Don Jr.
joust with golf clubs. [ Laughter ] I mean, seriously, think about
how insane this is. His aides actually had to go out and get a cost estimate
for this plan. How do you even do that? Walk over to the reptile section
at PetSmart with a map of the border
and be like, “I don’t know, uh…” [ Laughter and applause ] Snake’s like a foot long. The border’s 2,000 miles. Can I get a billion snakes? [ Laughter ] No, I don’t want you to worry that this snake-filled moat
thing is occupying too much of the president’s time because he has moved on
to other topics. For example, President Caligula
over here is also arguing that impeaching him would
cause a civil war, accusing Democrats of treason, claiming the Ukraine
whistle-blower spied on him, and calling impeachment, which is a procedure laid out by the framers in
the Constitution, a coup. -President Trump ramping up
his attacks on the impeachment inquiry
engulfing his presidency. Tweeting overnight, “As I learn
more and more each day, I am coming to the conclusion
that what is taking place is not an impeachment.
It is a coup.” -All right, first of all,
the way you know that tweet is wrong
is because it starts with “As I learn more each day.” [ Laughter ] Trump forgets stuff every day. Today, he forgot there was
an “A” in “moat.” Second, it’s not a coup. It’s a process laid out
in the Constitution by the founding fathers. It’s not like if you
were removed from office, Democrats would take over and the military would
storm Trump tower and rename it the Hillary Hilton
or something. I mean, the worst thing
that would happen would be that Mike pence
would become president. And I assure you,
Democrats do not want a president Mike Pence either. For one thing, taxpayers would have to spend
millions every year replacing his batteries. [ Laughter ] Now, I know you’re all worried
about one thing. It’s the big question hanging
over all of this. And that is how is the president
handling all this emotionally? What’s his state of mind?
How’s he holding up? And the good news is
that judging from this very sane news conference he gave in the oval office
this afternoon with the president of Finland
sitting next to him, I’d say Trump seems to be
handling it all pretty well. -Adam Schiff, he’s a lowlife.
He should be forced to resign. The call was perfect. In fact, Lindsey Graham said, “I didn’t know you could be
so nice.” There’s needles and drugs all
over the street. He says, “Hey, hey,
tell Vlad I’ll talk to him after the election’s over.
I’ll talk to him.” She went crazy. She said “We can’t impeach him
of this conversation. That’s a great conversation.” President Trump started
screaming, ranting, and raving. Alligators and snakes. Skin-piercing spikes. I said, “Why are you asking
that stupid question?” Everything “The Washington Post”
does is fake. It’s a fake newspaper. I don’t even use fake anymore. I call the fake news now
corrupt news. What happened in 2016
is a disgrace to this country. -Well, that I agree with. I mean, some crazy guy… [ Cheers and applause ] Some crazy guy lost
the popular vote and fell ass-backwards into
the presidency, and now the news has to run
chirons with the words, and this is real, “Trump denies
wanting snakes, gators, spikes on border.”
[ Laughter ] I cannot express to you enough
just how deeply off the rails Trump’s performance was today.
I mean, just look at this. This is an actual photo taken of the president
of the United States during an official oval office
meeting this afternoon. Look at that.
He looks like a rabid groundhog who just popped out of his hole and predicted six more weeks
of word vomit. [ Laughter ] It looks like a Python
jutting out of the Amazon River. They should put him in a moat
on the Southern border. [ Laughter ] It’s not safe to cross! It’s not safe to cross. So let’s try taking these
one at a time. Trump slammed intelligence
committee chairman Adam Schiff. Trump has already called
for Schiff to be arrested for treason, and today,
he attacked Schiff for criticizing
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who was on the Ukraine call
himself and is now threatening
to obstruct the impeachment inquiry. -This guy was negative
on Mike Pompeo. He can’t — you know,
there’s an expression. He couldn’t carry
his blank strap. I won’t say it because they’ll
say it was so terrible to say. But that guy couldn’t carry
his blank strap. -Of all the insane stuff
you’ve said, why would you think
the word jockstrap would suddenly be over the line? This morning, you called
the impeachment inquiry bull[bleep] on Twitter. But jockstrap
is beyond the pale? Or maybe — maybe —
it’s probably possible, he just couldn’t remember
and he kept saying blank like he was a contestant
on “Password.” -The password is…jock. -That guy couldn’t carry
his blank strap. [ Laughter ] -Then, after that performance in the oval office, Trump moved locations
from one room to another where he held a press conference
with the president of Finland. And at one point, Trump
was asked about his repeated use of the word “treason”
to describe the whistle-blower and Democrats
who were investigating him. -Do you consider anyone
who opposes you treasonous? -No, no.
I consider when they lie. When they stand before
our great body in our great chamber
and they make up a story that’s fiction like Schiff did. He took that perfect
conversation I had with the Ukrainian President,
and he made it into a total lie. Believe it or not, I watch
my words very carefully. -I don’t believe it.
I don’t believe it at all. You ramble like a guy
who just got handed a speedball in the bathroom at studio 54. [ As Trump ] [ Inhales sharply ]
Whoo! Come on, baby! Let’s collude with
a foreign adversary and then dance our asses off
till sunrise, ha, ha, ha, ha! [ Laughter ] In fact, throughout today, Trump used the word “treason”
multiple times. And at one point,
he even said it as if he was quoting
someone else, a rhetorical tactic he used
not once, but twice. -Some people even say
it was treason. There are those that think
I’m a very stable genius. -Those people are you. You’re quoting yourself. I’d say he’s quoting
the voices in his head, but I’m pretty sure the only
things in his head are… -Alligators and snakes.
[ Laughter ] -Also, who would you be quoting? No one else has ever said the
words “stable genius” before. It’s like “beautiful wall.”
You’re the only one who says it. And then, when a reporter
tried to ask Trump a very simple question —
what was he trying to accomplish on the call with
the Ukrainian president if he wasn’t digging up dirt
on Joe Biden, Trump got very testy. -Ask a question please.
-Thank you, sir. -What about Mr. Biden? -What does he want about Biden? What did you want him
to look into on Biden? -Look, Biden and his son
are stone-cold crooked. And you know it. His son walks out with millions
of dollars. The kid knows nothing. You know it, and so do we.
Go ahead, ask a question. -The question, sir, was what did
you want President Zelensky to do about Vice President Biden
and his son Hunter? -Are you talking to me?
-Yeah. It was just a follow-up
of what I just asked you, sir. -Listen, listen. Are you ready? We have the president
of Finland. Ask him a question.
-I have one for him. I just wanted to follow up
on the one that I asked you. -Did you hear me?
-What did you want? -Did you hear me?
-Yes. -Ask him a question.
-I will. But — -I’ve given you a long answer.
Ask this gentleman a question. Don’t be rude. -Don’t drag him into this!
[ Laughter ] [ As Trump ] You should talk
to the president of Finland. He told me he wants to tell you
how innocent I am. In fact, he was on the call too.
It was all his idea.” [ Normal voice ] He sounds like
a dad scolding his children to say hello to a houseguest. [ As Trump ] Don’t be rude.
Say hello to Uncle Rudy. And this time,
don’t kick him in the balls. [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] All of this of
course just adds to the portrait we already have of a lawless,
delusional president who thinks he can do whatever he
wants without consequences. Over the last two weeks,
for example, we found out that Trump
orchestrated a vast scheme in which he subverted
American foreign policy almost entirely to serve his
own personal political goals. He dangled a quid pro quo
to get the president of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. He told the Russians
in the oval office he didn’t care that they
interfered in the 2016 election. And he asked the Prime Minister
of Australia to help him prove his insane conspiracy theories about the origins
of the Russia investigation. At this point, Trump is just
cold-calling countries asking them if they want to
collude. [ As Trump ] Hello, Ecuador? Do you have any dirt
on Joe Biden? [ Laughter ] No, you [muttering] Do you have Bolivia’s number? [ Laughter ] Now, if you’re wondering
why Trump was asking the Prime Minister of Australia
of all countries to help him dig up dirt
on the Mueller probe, the short version
is Australia found out Russia was trying to interfere
in U.S. elections and they tried to do
the right thing by reporting it to the FBI. And as we know, doing the right
thing is not Trump’s style. -“The New York Times” reports
that Trump pushed the Australian
Prime Minister during another recent phone call
to help his Attorney General, Bill Barr, gather information
on the origins of the Mueller investigation
into him. Trump was, in effect, asking the Australian government
to investigate itself. FBI counterintelligence
investigators began examining any Trump ties to Russia’s
2016 election interference after Australian officials
told the bureau that Russian intermediaries had made overtures
to Trump advisers about releasing
politically damaging information about Hillary Clinton. -That’s right. Trump asked
the Australian Prime Minister to investigate his own
government for correctly reporting Russian
election meddling to the FBI. Or at least, whoever he thought
was the prime minister. [ Laughter ] [ As Trump ] Mr. Dundee,
thank you for meeting with me. Can I call you Crocodile? On that point, do you know
any other crocodiles who’d be willing to work
on the Southern border? [ Cheers and applause ] We have a beautiful moot. Beautiful moot for them
to swim in. [ Normal voice ] Now apparently,
Trump’s overtures to all these countries are part
of an elaborate plot fueled by wild conspiracy
theories to do two things — manufacture a false smear
against Joe Biden and somehow prove that
the Russia investigation was a deep state hoax
created by the Democrats. And he used the levers
of government and U.S. diplomacy to do it. For example, he involved the Attorney General
William Barr by repeatedly invoking
his name on the call with the president of Ukraine. And then last week,
he mysteriously sent Barr on a trip to Italy
amid the Ukraine firestorm with no explanation. ABC reported that
Attorney General Barr has been on official travel
in Italy for the past few days. It’s unclear why the trip
was only just revealed. Sorry, but since when
do government officials just get to go off to Italy
for secret unannounced trips without telling anyone? Normal people
don’t get to do that. You never walked into your job
at Chipotle and been like, “Where’s Brad?” “Oh, he decided to go
to Venice last night.” “Don’t worry,
it’s a business trip. He’s wrapping burritos
on a gondola.” [ Laughter ] And then, yesterday,
we found out what that trip was all about. Trump also asked Italy
to help him dig up dirt on the Mueller investigation, and he sent Barr to Italy
as part of that mission. -Attorney General William Barr
traveled overseas to personally investigate the origins
of the Russia investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign. NBC News confirms Barr met with senior Italian intelligence
officials last week in Italy, and the president followed
through on a request from Barr to call Australia’s Prime
Minister on his behalf. The investigation into
the origins of the Russia probe follows repeated
and unproven claims by the Trump administration
that President Trump was the target of a witch hunt. -Trump sent his Attorney General
to Italy to try to prove his insane conspiracy theory
that the Russia investigation was a deep state witch hunt
concocted by the Democrats. Trump watches so much TV now
he’s just getting his ideas from “The Da Vinci Code.” [ As Trump ] Go to the Vatican,
sneak into the basilica, and open the tomb
of Rudy Giuliani. [ Laughter ] And then shake him awake. Urgh! [ Normal voice ]
What’s happening is simple — An unhinged President
disconnected from reality is using his power to pursue
insane conspiracy theories and dig up dirt on his
opponents, and he and his aides
are obstructing an official impeachment inquiry. Proving once again that his
administration is full of… -Alligators and snakes. -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪

The Places Where Sneaking Over the US-Canada Border is Legal

This video was made possible by Brilliant. Learn with Brilliant for 20% off by being
one of the first 200 to sign up at So let’s say you want to sneak into the
US, or, maybe, out of the US, but let’s also say that you don’t want to break any
laws since you’re looking to become Mayor and then Senator and then President and then
turn the US into your own little fiefdom where hand dryers are banned, upside-down toilet
paper is illegal, and slow walkers are jailed, and since having a record is bad for politics,
law abidance is a must. For that, here are a bunch of places where
you can legally cross the border between Canada and the US with no passport, no customs, and
no immigration. Starting at the eastern end of the US/Canada
border, the first legal sneaking site is many miles north near Presque Isle, Maine, which,
as it turns out, is neither an isle or very presque to anything. Now, this golf club, except for its parking
lot, is all located just over the border in Canada. This position was quite precisely picked as
it was originally established during America’s prohibition era and this way, American members
could go to the clubhouse, which was in Canada, and legally get their sesh on. Nowadays, because of this, 18-year-olds can
get tipsy before tee-time, but it also creates problems as the border is now more rigidly
enforced. You see, the only road to the club is just
over the border in the US and there is not, of course, a border crossing checkpoint in
their parking lot. Since there is no way out of the club except
through America, Americans are therefore allowed to just park in the lot, walk over into Canada
to play a round of golf, and then walk back into America. For Canadians, however, it’s a little more
complicated. The Canadian who lives here, for example,
has to drive all the way down to the next border crossing and then back up to get to
the course. In the summer, however, there’s a temporary
Canadian border crossing here allowing people to pass back into Canada via the most direct
route, although, since there’s no corresponding American station, they still have to take
the detour to get to the club. Moving on, though, way up north there’s
the town of Estcourt, Maine/Quebec. This town is pretty well bisected by the border
which leads to a lot of oddities. For example, there’s this gas station in
the US which is quite popular given the lower cost of top quality American gasoline—lovingly
freed from oppression by the American military. To legally get to this gas, though, from the
Canadian side, you’re expected to drive down to here, the nearest American border
crossing, go through customs and immigration, drive back through Canada to the gas station,
fuel up, then drive back through Canada to the Canadian station and check back into Canada. Elsewhere in the town, though, there are these
houses—cleanly split in two by the border. This has some advantages. Parents can rank their kids and decide whether
they get the Canadian or American bedroom. That way the good kid will get a low-cost,
high-quality university education, and the bad kid will get drafted to fight in the great
US Executive Branch – NOAA Civil War of 2020. To evade complications, though, the policy
with these houses are that, since the only road to get to them is Canadian, they can
live how they like to on their property and then, if they were to go to a part of the
US that was not their backyard, they would have to check in at the nearest US border
station. Way, way west of there is the St. Regis Mohawk
Reservation. Thanks to an 18th century treaty, there are
no restrictions on crossing the border within it. For example, there’s this town which is
split in two by the border, however there are absolutely no border controls. In that case the town in conveniently on a
peninsula, however, the situation is even stranger a bit down the line at Cornwall Island. You see, the station to enter Canada used
to be here, on the island, however, in 2009, the reservation’s government put up a fight
against the Canadian border agents desire to be armed at their post like their American
counterparts, and so it was moved to here, on the mainland, even though Canadian territory
starts here. Therefore, coming from the US, you can drive
onto this island, walk around, shop, and do whatever you want in Canada without having
officially entered it immigration-wise. Legally, though, what you’re then supposed
to do if you want to re-enter the US is drive north through the Canadian border station,
turn back around, cross Cornwall Island again, and go through the US border station. Apparently, if you don’t and they catch
you, you’ll get a hefty $5,000 fine, but this also means that to go to either the US
or Canada, the residents of Cornwall Island have to go through a border checkpoint. Way, way, way down the line in North Dakota
and Manitoba is the International Peace Garden where crossing the border is not only tolerated,
but encouraged. Crossing there is so easy—it’s like a
walk in the park. Built as a symbol of the peaceful relationship
between the countries, this symmetrical garden is cleanly bisected by the border and when
strolling though you can cross it as much as you want. Even further west is a similar story at the
Peace Arch, which is located at the main border crossing for those driving between Seattle
and Vancouver. This is also an international park meaning
anyone from either side is allowed to get out and cross the border as much as they want. This is most influential not actually at the
arch itself, but just to its east where there’s a large field and playground. For the Canadians living in this neighborhood,
this is a popular dog and kid-walking spot and, because of these unique regulations,
they’re able to turn their walk international without any immigration requirements, as long
as they go back to Canada once the deed is done. In conclusion, the rules at all these places
is kinda like the rules with murder. You could physically murder someone, nothing’s
stopping you, but it’s still illegal. You could also physically cross the border
and not go back in these places, but it’s still illegal. In these places, they just happens to use
the honor system—not for murder, that is, but border crossing. You see, what they probably did was figure
out the probability of someone illegally crossing in these spots, the cost it would take to
secure the border, and figured that cost wasn’t worth it. Of course, to do that they probably needed
a solid understanding of probability. To learn that, they might have used Brilliant. In my opinion, Brilliant’s probability courses
are probably some of the highest fun to learning ratio activities you can do. It really just seems like you’re doing puzzle
upon puzzle, but it turns out that they actually sneakily taught you a thing along the way. This is kind of the point of Brilliant—you
learn complex topics in a simple manner, and all their courses do a fantastic job of this. To support Wendover Productions and learn
more about Brilliant, go to and sign up for free and then the first 200
people that go to that link will also get 20% off their annual premium subscription.

“STRANGER THINGS: A Bad Lip Reading”

*Turn captions on and off with CC button Don’t take candy from a stranger Things like that could lead to danger Dustin, Lucas, El and Mike- Riding on a bike to save their friend from the Upside Down Those stranger things You know we’re living those stranger things Like most twelve year olds back then, my family life revolved around the dinner table. I have to do something wicked in my talent show. Well, you’re neat at impressions. Actually, I thought I would just say “super freak” Hey, I got a lovely tattoo. I’ll show you when we’re done. Is it a whale? No, it’s cool. But is it super freak? Is it a wine glass? There must be jealousy in this house. What, is the boy jealous? ‘Cause I’m sure not. Next, you get to clean dad’s back. Ew! Then I’m gonna shove you under the couch and leave. What’d he just say? How would you shove her? Ugh, you scare the soup outta me! Wah, wah. *groans* She’s not super freak. You’re a weird kid. That, I am. What the hell? El was a strange girl that lived in a blanket fort in my basement. My friends and I had found her in the forest. She didn’t say a whole lot, but it gave me a chance to practice talking to girls Which was something I definitely needed help with Harphedesh – oh dang. I…don’t make enough spit sometimes. But I don’t have a disease. Avejeheesh…avajeehesh – oh dang. Oh, my poor tongue is so dry. Do you wanna feel it? Um, well, now you can’t. Not yet. Centipede. Mmmm, no. My sister, Nancy, could be a bit uptight, but some people were really into her. Look at dis right here! How are you, Marm? Me and you should, just make out in our pajammies. Ungh, little girl, you are quite the little tease. No, I am not. Pshhh, then why don’t you hang out with me? Are you scared of Marm? You know I’m just gonna come and ask you for your hair again. Eww gross… k, I’m not giving you any more clumps. Well, then why don’t I give you a scalp massage? Hm? Or not… Ooh, you are sassy today. Joyce Byers lived on the outskirts of town, with her two sons Although one of them was lost in an alternate dimension. Sheriff Hopper had been called to the house many times But never for anything that actually warranted police involvement Huh, shoe polish? That’s nothing. Aren’t you gonna try to make a call so you can check it? Nah, I’m cooler than that. So, what are your d-dreams? Confess them to me. Ok, so I was in THE Billy Ocean’s wedding. b-but there was this scarecrow and he handed me something like chalk Oh, and you were there, but you were made out of cardboard so we could not get pregnant, and we did it. I’m flexing my nose while I say no. Hey, I’m on drugs here! Enjoying it? Well, no. I’m indifferent to you. You don’t want to sneeze on the hump?! Nope. Dude, downgrade. That’s ghastly. You look just like ketchup smells. Good, ketchup is dope. No, actually, it’s not. Girl, you be lying to me! I got a new tattoo… Death. The guys and I had written a one-act play for the talent show, and I thought it’d be a good idea for us to try it out in front of a test audience. Ready… action! Are you the pilot? Say it meaner. Are you the pilot?? Is this about my wife? Boy, I wish she was my wife. Look how boring I am. I had a pink shirt, and did not care. But now I know to seize my fountain of blue. I think that’s wrong… Just pat me on my shirt after I do the next section. Our chicken – what happened to him? Why is it a chicken now, and not a lizard? *sneezes* You ruined it! Do you hear me? That’s nut nuts! Man, that’s just nut nuts! Wafalalaneshaladadiditakadahadnanaonthetelephone. You’re a vision… I’m getting sleepy… It’s afternoon. Yeah, and we’re kind of in nature. Nature? Nature? Oouuummmmmmmmmmmm. Wait, I meant to play in the sprinkler! We gotta go! Are you kidding? With this noise? Hey, I like modern jazz, okay? It sucks, and I don’t get it. It’s just tones… what’s wrong with tones? Well, i-it sounds like bones. Hm, that means…? It doesn’t even have like a beat! It could be fine if it wasn’t all bleeps. It’s just – it’s not music with no beat! What about that? That’s a beat. There’s not a pattern! I mean, what’s this song even called? “There Was a Weiner on the Buffet”? That is it. It can’t be that! It’s imported from England. Oh, well I guess I could have told you that. I will stop it. What about Glitter Job? What? Yeah, they have this song “Ice God of Hungary”. Yeah, I know it. I’ll put it on. Enjoy. Ok, now, this is good. This is great. The guy that sat on his potato put his socks around his neck. Oh, even I will touch the junk;
it was a dog who bit me for the burger meat. I got bit. Cold shrimp. I gotta find my sticks. Yeah, baby. Frightened nipple. Frightened nipple. Yeah, this is art. Need more wine! The Ice God of Hungary! Y’know, some of you have never been loved. Is that true? Your parents are just disappointed in you, that’s all. What? Now, Nancy, don’t forget – what you have after the consonants are the weaker vowels. Mmm, I’m not sure really how I feel about that… Do you even wanna keep on shaving my legs? I don’t, no. Then I might die. YES! I mean, everyone’s so readyyy. Ok…here is a tray. I didn’t put stuff on it, so it’s empty. I sort of feel like you’re fragrant like a roast. K, I think the guys are wanting a snack so we’re gonna go and make that. Yeah, we just want some fried owl feet. Fried? Yeah, fried…in oil. Oil? Fried? Can she hear us? I don’t know, I think her brain might be sick. Or maybe she’s a simpleton. Simpleton? Yeah, simpleton, watch what I do. I have made a loogie, and now I smashed it. I decided it might be a good idea for me to help El expand her conversational skills beyond single words. Ok, go ahead and say something. Just do one word. Hm, hm. Bongos? Okayyy…well, it’s good for you. You got another one? Potato? Uhh, potato? Try again. Ricin. Brilliant. Also, it’s horrible and murdery. I don’t even know if you should try to talk anymore. Try combining words. Two would be good, two is easy. Goat balls. Don’t say goat balls… French cocaine? French? Like, I don’t e- could you maybe just…say more words? And put the words…together? Will you bleed on my butter? What?? No! No!! What? Suddenly, I had an overwhelming urge to sniff her cheek. It was a scent I would never forget – an alluring combination of sweat and frozen waffles. Hey, listen to this, man. I saw this band play Tuesday night, and we’d clap for these cats just once. I’d be like *clap* like that, and I mean, somehow that got ’em burning mad. Huh. Back then, Nancy was dating a guy named Steve Hair. Steve had a tendency to go blank for minutes on end. It was the kind of thing you just had to wait out. Oh, hey Nancy. I like your face. Yeah, ok, I know. I just- I can never show you my feet. I guess they’re bad or something, right. Yeah, part of me is messy. And dude, what about your tongue? Well, the tongue’s the opposite… ’cause it’s always sorta messy. Dude, whatever. It’s wet! Like the sea! Every Tuesday, Donald, at the general store, let people pay for their purchases with speed doodles. Looks like you’ve gotta draw a cat in fifteen seconds. Uhh, yeah, you know I can’t even draw a little baby. Hmm, who farted? I’d say you. Let me show you how to draw a cat, here… I wanna see how you do the whiskers. Yeah, lady, I think that you may want to have some of the coffee-free coffee. Or, I could stick this fork into your crazy face. My fingers taste nasty. Now, you fools get to watch as I imitate a frustrated robot. He’s like: Hmm, hmmm, hmmm. Ksssk, kssk. All done; that’s it. Now, what would you like to say? I’m your sister’s lover. It’s fine, we just kissed! You’re telling me that you kissed Roberta, right here, in this room? And in the Queefy Tower. Oh-b-oh! What is that? N-no I don’t wanna know what that is. YOU can meet girls with the right accent! An accent? An accent, right, like: how many bees are on me? All of them! Oh, then I say you really count with your butt. Guys! The doctor cut off my gills! I need some rainwater. Sheriff Hopper automatically assumed that every old man with white hair might be able to reveal hidden secrets of the universe Old Ben, what’s the force? Well, let me tell ya. You see my hand? Yes… See that right there? Yes. That ain’t it. That’s just my hand. I knew that wasn’t it. Yeah, I don’t think you did. Will you sniff finger? What? Oh…that is a very aggressive scent. You might want to wash your finger. I did. Wow, ok – that’s pungent. Thank you. Nancy had learned some things about Steve that she did not like. And even though she tended to pass out if she sneezed to hard, She was not someone you wanted to mess with. Why’d you need to eat raw oysters? ‘Cause I was runnin’ around you know, I was real messed up! Awww. I feel like you’re just really insensitive, Nancy. Are you a talking mouse? Uh…that would be you. Mmmm, someone needs love. You got a bad glass eye. What? The glass one is on the right. Good job. Absjjsjaaah- There are other… fish… in the sink. I already said the line, so… Oh, it’s me – hey, do not breathe near her! Ow, my hair wants me to hurt you, and I do what it says. Do you like my hair, kid? Huh? You like it? Answer the latest question. No, don’t do it! You’re not at Thanksgiving! Hey, maybe if you just walk around and don’t ever talk everyone will say you’re the best. Huh? You think maybe I shouldn’t have said that? You cracked my egg baby! Stop! My dad has rage! Do you like my hair? Do you like my hair, kid? Just get off me! No! I don’t – I don’t like your hair. Why is it so big? Ah, these rolls are pretty cold. How long do you heat them up? Just do it like, you know, just seven and one half. That sounds pretty perfect. And I can tell you the best time for nachos. Well, what is it? Oh, no, you’re not ready for that one, and you know it. Now that’s how you warm bread. Smells great… Yeah…that’s ’cause it’s a roll. You know that one kid that’s like, always biting his pencils? Like, biting into the wood? Yeah, the Turkish kid, Labalti. No, that’s the other kid. Luke LaGrange. I have him in opera. Ohhhh. Fwagaleavemorchanum-frow frow! Di di cuh, phew phew. Are you saying you kissed a blackbird? Mhm, uh huh. Well, you should w- Wait! I have to tee tee. Then go tee tee. I bet tee tee’s a metaphor, isn’t it? Mhm, I’ll do it after this. You guys wanna see a special magic trick? Whoa, you can’t do that! I can’t? Try, you can’t. I mean, it’s…so hard. It’s incredible dude. I don’t know…that looks…easy. Whatever, son, I think I would know. And if anyone ever says, “meet me in front of that converted van…” Don’t. Hit my breast, I’m gonna pretend to know about karate. Ooh, karate. The guy out in the woods oughtta sell you tainted meth. Where is he? I wish I was a bumble bee. You’re both in high school? That seems improbable. Yeah, well you just- I have to go eat cheese now. Yo, Steve. What? I’m walking. Remember first grade? On that trampoline, remember? You asked me to jump. *whispering* No one can hear you, even. Whoa, I forgot about her. The only girl I know that drinks her hairspray in the morning. I’m hardcore! No dude wants your mouth! Hey! I heard that, and you’re mean. You don’t talk like that, alright? You’re not my friend. Yeah I am! Your friend. Who gave you that poncho? Forget about that, dude? Me and you are like, the best. You’re like the wind And I’m the canyon. You’re pretty. Or maybe not. Which is it? I think so. You have lips. And arms. And an ankle. Singular? Yes. That’s your head. Centipede? No…head. Egg. You okay? Gas. Umm, maybe it was the soup. Soup. There’s grease…on the sofa. Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me! Yeah, Lucas did it, and he freaked out and ran away. Was it lasagna? I don’t know what it was. There’s grease everywhere on the sofa, now how did it get there? It was me, it’s my fault! I dropped a bacon patty, and now, your mom’s gonna kill me! Bacon patty? A bacon patty! See ya El! Let’s get out of here! We were originally running to get away from my mom, but soon we found we were running from Luke LaGrange, and his minion Labalti. Oh, that’s the kid from Turkey. Here you go… Hey, I’m gonna throw this, ok? Ok, I will catch. Oh, that’s good, but you need practice. Ahh AHH ahh ahh. Come here, kid! That’s not fair! Cut him now! Just cut him now! Hey, wait – are you telling me to cut him? Yeah, who else? Are you kidding? I’m just ready! Ooh man you scare me. Just cut him now! How funny is his mouth. No, just CUT HIM NOW! I’m gonna! Just hold it! I’m confused. Just don’t talk. I’m sick of waiting. Why are you so evil? I’m so done here; you take too long. Myaaaah! *Seagulls plays* You like seagulls? Yeah, I do. Yoda will change your life. Yeah, turn it up. Don’t take candy from a stranger Things like that could lead to danger Dustin, Lucas, El and Mike- Riding on a bike to save their friend from the Upside Down Those stranger things You know we’re living those stranger things SUPER FREAK!

Dave Chappelle Compares Hillary Clinton To Darth Vader | Netflix Is A Joke

– Yes, I voted for Hillary Clinton, of course I did. (audience cheers) I voted for her because I liked what she said vastly better
than I liked what he said. To be honest with you, at that point, that shit was like watching Darth Vader do the I Have A Dream speech. That bitch is mean as hell. She had already karate kid swept Bernie Sanders’ legs from underneath him. Boy, it was hard voting for that shit. But it was the lesser of the evils. I know you’re a Clinton supporter, miss, I am so sorry to say it like that. It didn’t feel bad voting for her, but it didn’t feel as
good as it should have. She was gonna be our
first woman president. They would’ve made
coins out of this bitch. And somehow she just missed the dunk. ‘Course she shoulda beat him, of course she should’ve beat him. You know what voting for her felt like? It was bittersweet. It felt like I was lucky enough
to eat Halle Berry’s pussy. And whilst I was doing so, she fucking farted in my face, man. (audience laughs) You understand I’d still do it, but boy, I wish she didn’t fart
in this great nation’s face. I voted that day and then that same day I flew to New York City. I had work. That night I was in a
comedy club in New York, and I said to an audience almost exactly what I just said to you. And I didn’t know that there
was a journalist in the room. And this journalist wrote an article, the headline of the article said, “Dave Chappelle is an avid “Donald Trump supporter.” Yeah. I had no idea the paper said that. And you know how I find out? My wife called me from Ohio the next morning in a goddamn panic. David, David, what the fuck
is going on in New York? I said I’m being good, but what have you heard? My wife said the paper is saying that you’re a Donald Trump supporter. I was like, phew! (audience laughs) I said don’t worry about that shit, baby. Nobody in their right
mind would believe that, and she said no, David, people believe it and then she started reading the comments to me. Oh, they were terrible. All these people calling me all kinds of Uncle Toms and shit. I should tell you, buddy, this is a very serious allegation from one black to another. I was incensed. Uncle tom? How am I Uncle Tom, nigga? You’re the one that reads The Observer. Anyway, all this shit goes down and the Saturday night rolls around and now Trump is the president and I’m hosting Saturday Night Live. (audience cheers) And I didn’t really prepare my monologue, I just kinda winged it. And at the end of the monologue, I don’t even remember what I said. I said something like fuck it, we’re historically disenfranchised something about we’re gonna give them a chance if he gives us a chance. I don’t know what I said, but whatever I said, I really wish I didn’t say that shit. It was not worth the trouble. Now walking to the barber shop and all them black people just be looking at me like yo, Dave, what’s up with your boy. Yo, nigga, yo! Not my boy. ‘Cause I don’t care if you’re a republican or democrat if you support him or not, any objective person is
gonna have to admit that this motherfucker is
having a terrible go of it. (audience cheers) He really is. We’ve had presidents before
that have done bad jobs, but this shit is worse than a bad job. It’s scary to watch. Holy shit, it’s like seeing a crack pipe in your Uber driver’s passenger seat. (audience laughs) (upbeat music) The fuck is wrong with this guy?

Jeff Ross Trashes Alec Baldwin’s Filmography – Roast of Alec Baldwin

Happy roast, everyone. Happy roast. What a crowd! Here I am again following
fucking De Niro. Great job, Aging Bull. I learned something tonight. Alec is the name you give
your son if you want him to grow up and be an asshole. Caitlyn, you were
fucking awesome tonight. I just wanna say that. You were really awesome
tonight. But I wouldn’t fuck you
with Bruce Jenner’s dick. Remember when your picture
was on Wheaties boxes back when people could still
look at you when they eat? How about a hand
for our guest of honor, Mr. Alec “Bobblehead” Baldwin? [cheers and applause] Alec is actually my neighbor
in Greenwich Village, which was a pretty safe
neighborhood until you fucking moved in. You’re a big star. I watched you get arrested
for punching a guy over a parking spot. Next time, valet your car and help your
brother’s business. Help a brother out, Alec! I’m speaking as a big fan.
I love all your movies, Alec. I loved you in “The Departed,” which is also what Caitlyn
calls her penis. And of course, Alec,
you got your Oscar nomination for “The Cooler,” which is where Caitlyn
keeps her penis. And of course,
your first big break was “The Hunt for Red October,” which is what Caitlyn
calls her vagina. Alec, I first saw you
in the movie “Pearl Harbor,” which was worse than
the actual Pearl Harbor. Halfway through, I was rooting
for the Japanese. Any fans of Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump impression
here tonight? [cheers and applause]
Okay. Okay. What a lot of people
don’t realize is that for the last three years, Donald Trump is actually doing
an Alec Baldwin impression. He calls people names,
he yells at the press, he married an immigrant
half his age. The only difference is that
Trump calls his daughter a fox, not a pig. Here’s to you, Ireland. Great job, Ireland.
You didn’t oink once. What a babe.
I love that movie. Bob, this is nothing for you.
You’ve seen it all. Robert De Niro’s
been around so long, he was God’s father.

Can You Trust Kurzgesagt Videos?

Can you trust Kurzgesagt videos? To answer this question,
we’ll first explain how we research them and then talk a bit about past videos, and what we want to achieve with the channel. Making a Kurzgesagt video
always begins with a question or an issue. For example, after our meat video, many viewers asked about the health effects of meat on humans. We had no idea, and were pretty curious too, so we just decided to work on it. The first step is research. We start by looking for books
and scientific papers to get an overview, and just read a lot. The plan is to find a story worth telling. Is there something surprising to learn? Is there a larger context or a new perspective, or will it be an overview or introduction? Once we have the first readable version, we reach out to experts or scientists, and ask them to fact check and correct us. Often enough, they find a flaw or point us in the direction of contradictory research. At this point, many scripts die. If our idea does hold up, we continue working on it. This process can take weeks or months. Our Loneliness script, for example,
took over a year and a half to finish. The hardest part is being brief,
while not simplifying too much. It’s much easier to
write a long script than a short one. When we’re finally done, we do another round of research
and show the script to experts again, ideally different ones than the ones we talked to at the beginning of the process. When we express an opinion, we mark it as such. That’s not saying that we don’t
draw conclusions from the research. Homeopathy does not work,
and meat is really bad for the planet. Climate change is real, but organic food
is not a good way of solving it. If the facts clearly support a conclusion,
it’s OK to present it as such. Of course, we can’t always make everybody happy. People who know a lot about a topic sometimes get annoyed if we don’t mention an aspect they think is crucial, or when we omit technical terms. This is, more or less, unsolvable
because of the nature of our videos. Scripts have around 1,300 words, so there’s always some degree of simplification. You will always find a list of our research and sources and further reading material in the video description. Just citing sources doesn’t make your work
accurate or your research good though, so we encourage you to use our sources document as a starting point to look at the topic yourself and learn more. But, it would be dishonest to say
that we’ve always worked this way. Some older videos don’t live up
to the standards we set ourselves today. The two that annoy us the most
are the Refugee and Addiction videos. In both of them, we didn’t try to present a balanced perspective, but instead chose a take and ran with it. The Refugee video was made with a deep feeling
of angry frustration about the world at the high point of the 2015 refugee crisis. While we argued over quotas,
dead children washed ashore on our coastlines. The script was written on one Sunday afternoon, and illustrated and animated within a week. It was exhausting, stressful, and frustrating. We still believe it was the right thing
for European countries to help, but it was absolutely unnecessary
to be toxic about it. We insulted people, and brushed away their concerns
about real and profound challenges. The video was divisive and emotional, at a time when the debate needed a calm and clear overview. The addiction video was based on only one source that has amassed a lot of criticism over the years. And, unfortunately, we did not reach out to scientists, or do extra research, on the papers
that were the basis for the video’s thesis. That, addiction is purely psychological and based
on the life circumstances of the individual. This stance is still held by a number of addiction professionals, and we’re not saying it’s wrong, but a lot of others disagree, and it’s not correct to present it as -the- truth. Addiction is far from solved
and our videos should have reflected that, instead of taking one side. We simplified an idea so much, that it made a great story, but became distorting. Both videos were made over the span of two months, and they’re two of our most successful videos to date. We had found a formula that really worked. But we never made anything like them again, and have been discussing how to deal
with them for a long time. It doesn’t help that both videos are loved by many people. We want to be proud of our work, and these two videos don’t make us proud. So, today, we deleted them. It won’t purge them from the Internet, but that’s not the goal anyway. Feel free to upload them elsewhere. We’re working on a new addiction video that we’ll take a look
at the chemical and psychological causes. We’ll take our sweet time with it,
so please have patience. The refugee video is not up-to-date anymore,
so we will not renew it. We’re also going through our older videos to add sources, further reading, and comments in the next few months. Nowadays, rather than trusting in mainstream institutions, we often look at creators on the Internet
for reliable information. We rely on the fact that they’re careful and rigorous, and not led by monetary incentives. And we expect them to acknowledge mistakes
in public, and work to minimize them. So, this is what we’re going to do: Trust is not a thing you earn once and then keep forever. You have to constantly work for it. So can you trust Kurzgesagt? You can trust that every video we make
is thoroughly researched and approved by different experts. You can trust that we know that we have biases,
and we try to overcome them. We want to move Kurzgesagt further
towards the trustworthy end of the spectrum. The world is too complex for simple answers,
and we don’t want to be the ones giving them. Making these videos over the last six years
has been quite a ride, and we’re very grateful for it. We hope you’ll be with us for the next few years, too. And join us on our journey to figure out
what this universe and life stuff is all about. Thank you for watching.