News Wrap: Italy’s far-right party shut out from power

JUDY WOODRUFF: In the day’s other news: Tropical
Storm Fernand has come ashore in Northeastern Mexico, and is now moving inland. It struck a sparsely populated area north
of La Pesca today with winds of 40 miles an hour and 18 inches of rain. Forecasters said that it will stay south of
the Texas border and dissipate by tomorrow. In Britain, lawmakers have dealt Prime Minister
Boris Johnson a stinging blow over Brexit. The House of Commons voted today to block
the country from leaving the European Union without a formal agreement. In turn, Johnson is warning that he will call
a snap election for mid-October, two weeks before the Brexit deadline. We will have a report from London right after
the news summary. In Italy, Premier Giuseppe Conte unveiled
a new governing coalition that shuts the hard-right League Party out of power. Conte met with the Italian president to present
his cabinet. It unites his populist Five Star Movement
with the center-left Democratic Party. Conte’s original coalition collapsed when
the League Party withdrew, in a failed bid to force new elections. The government of Afghanistan voiced new concerns
today about a potential peace deal between the U.S. and the Taliban. An adviser to President Ashraf Ghani cautioned
against withdrawing U.S. troops too quickly, with the insurgent Taliban at its strongest
since the 2001 U.S. invasion. But, in Brussels, the NATO secretary-general
tried to allay fears of a hasty pullout. JENS STOLTENBERG, NATO Secretary-General:
We will not leave too early, but our aim is not to stay in Afghanistan forever. Our aim is to make sure that Afghanistan never
again creates the platform for threats, for planning, for organizing, for funding terrorist
attacks against our countries. JUDY WOODRUFF: NATO has about a 20,000 troops
in Afghanistan, including some 14,000 Americans. The draft peace agreement calls for 5,000
of those U.S. troops to leave shortly after a final deal. Back in this country, a government watchdog
says migrant children separated from their parents last year have shown post-traumatic
stress and other mental health issues. They included heightened fear and feelings
of abandonment. The report comes from the inspector general
at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It is based on interviews with about 100 mental
health clinicians who dealt with the affected children. The Pentagon has diverted $3.6 billion away
from military construction funds to build 175 miles of a wall on the U.S. southern border. The move effectively de-funds a total of 127
projects, including some military schools and day care. Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced it
late Tuesday, and President Trump said today that it’s part of his declaration of a national
emergency along the border. DONALD TRUMP, President of the United States:
The secretary of defense spoke with members of Congress and explained it to them. And I think he felt very good about it. He feels it’s a national security problem. I do too. It is. When you have thousands of people trying to
rush our country, I think that’s national security. JUDY WOODRUFF: A number of congressional Democrats
condemned the funding shift. Texas Congressman Bill Flores today became
the latest Republican to announce he’s retiring from the U.S. House of Representatives. Flores is in his fifth term, and is now the
15th GOP Congress member not seeking reelection and the fifth from the state of Texas. That is ahead of the pace at this point in
the 2018 election cycle, when a total of 34 House Republicans retired. Michigan will be the first state in the nation
to ban sales of flavored nicotine vaping products. Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer ordered
the move today. She said e-cigarette makers are using candy
flavors and misleading ads to, in her words, hook children on nicotine. YouTube has agreed to pay $170 million over
charges that it collected personal data on children without parental consent. The Federal Trade Commission and New York
state say that the company used the data to target kids with advertising. Under the settlement, YouTube also agrees
to limit its data collection. And on Wall Street, gains in technology stocks
fueled a rally. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 237
points to close at 26355. The Nasdaq rose 102 points, and the S&P 500
added 31. Still to come on the “NewsHour”: blocking
Brexit — British lawmakers defy their prime minister to stop an abrupt break from the
European Union; protests turn to policy in Hong Kong, as a controversial extradition
bill is withdrawn; how the Amazon rain forests bear the brunt of Brazil’s booming agriculture
business; and much more.

ITALY: Far right + Far left TOGETHER in a coalition government? – VisualPolitik EN

you might think this is austria or switzerland but what if i told you this is italy but listen carefully if i told you that you'd expect the people there to be speaking italian right well then it'd be wrong the main spoken language here is German Sophie from Coeur d'Alene isn't thinking and of course this is South Tyrol in fact we think that Italian is the main language spoken in Italy but no Italy is full of dialects and languages that are hardly understandable from one another someone from Veneto in the north could hardly understand somebody from Sicily in the south yes Italy is a country of contrasts and the same goes for their politics can you imagine a far-right party forming a coalition with a liberal populist one could you imagine a trump-like Republican a lying with someone who advocates for a basic income for the poor well this is pretty much what has happens in Italy so how is it possible for the right and the left join forces to form a government that can run the country well in this video we're gonna tell you that story [Applause] Italy is a country of contradictions on the one hand it's the country surrounding the Vatican and it maintains respect for its Catholic traditions but on the other hand they had silvio berlusconi a man famous for his orgies as the prime minister for many years on one hands they are one of the most over regulated countries in Europe with red tape all over the place on the other hand the black market here is bigger than almost anywhere else in Europe if that doesn't sound like enough contradictions to you then check this out Italy's government is now a coalition of a far right-wing party and a far left-wing one now it's true the five star movement isn't exactly a far left political party at least not in the Ocasio cortes kind of way but what do you call a party that advocates for things like basic income for the poor or reducing for salaries of politicians so they're more like the working-class and the same goes for the far right wing many of you might say that the Liga Party is not as extreme as other ultra politicians but what do you call an anti-immigration ultra nationalist party then the funniest thing about this party is that they began as a secessionist movement in facts originally Liga was called lega Nord which means the Northern League and they wanted Italy to be split into two different countries now however they've changed their minds and present as the Paragons of Italian pride but hold on a second because you might now be wondering why don't even care about this well first of all that's because of Italy's size Italy has the third biggest economy in the eurozone and suffers from the worst recession if they fall Europe might fall too and if you're a Falls the rest of the world may fall along with it but also the case of a coalition of opposite extremes can serve as a cautionary tale for many other countries something similar happens in Greece for instance when the leftists ERISA forms a coalition with the right-wing annal or even the Czech Republic where the Communist Party shares an office with a xenophobic group and a liberal one so definitely yes Italy helps us understand how the political spectrum is changing elsewhere so now the question is how is even possible that the right and the left could merge together can this strange formula succeed in order to bring the country out of its collapse well today we're going to answer all of these questions but before we do let's take a look back at the history from lega Nord to just lega as we said before there are a lot of different languages in Italy approximately 34 distinct dialects in fact but the difference is they don't stop there you can also tell which region is which when it comes to economics southern Italy has an unemployment rate close to 20 percent in places like Sicily water shortages were a common thing until very recently and most of the people who work in agriculture but northern Italy is a totally different country this is where brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini were born cities like Milan de famous worldwide for their fashion industry their factories and their high standard of living their unemployment rate is a third of that in the south and their income will be double that of the southerners the big divide is what explains the birth of the Northern League party in the 90s as I said at the beginning of this video the party was founded as a regionalist secessionist movement the forerunner was umberto bossy originally he wanted his own region body where Milan is to become independent from the rest of Italy but then one day he thought well why not unify several northern regionalist movements into one this is how the biggest separatist movement in Italy was born originally it was not meant to be a right or a left wing party in fact its founders came from pretty much everywhere on the political spectrum they had one goal and one goal only to split Italy into basically the country they wanted to create was called padania and it comprised of all the northern italian regions as with the separatist movements they claimed several cultural differences but unlike with Scottish separatism the main reason for this self-determination movements was money basically Bosse claims that Rome was stealing money from the rich regions to give to the poor so therefore they'd be better off going off on their own and believe me when it comes to hating Italy it was pretty straightforward when I see the Italian flag I feel like I used the green white and red to clean my act umberto bossy bossy went as far as declaring padania independent from Italy in 1996 he owned a independent sovereign tada lapa Dania but look that separatist as they might be this northern league was still an Italian party this means they had to play by the Italian rules and run for the Italian parliament and in order to expand their national influence they became one of the most loyal allies of Berlusconi this helps them get very good results because their voters could see that despite being a regional party the Northern League had enough power to influence politics and bring lots of perks to the regions that they represent it wakeup padania with the Northern League against the thieves of Rome but as influential as they could be they could only get up to eight point three percent of the vote this meant that they were still a small political party but things changed in 2012 that was the year when Umberto basi suffered a stroke and had to leave the party his successor was the man here Matteo salvini he had a radical change in mind for the party first of all he changed the name so it went from northern league to just league and that kind of rebranding it means one thing and that's the party was evolving the electoral program it was not focused on the separation of the north from the south anymore finally the enemy it wasn't Rome but rather who was the immigrants more immigrants mean more criminals salvini is working on a repatriation plan and so what happens to that anti Italian feeling I'm bei still the biggest enemy of the Petain Ian's well if you think a party you can't change its mind from one day to the other well think again raise your head Italy I'm proud of being Italian we are the best country in the world we just need to have a little bit of work and a little less taxes Matteo salvini and boom there you go now the former Northern League could apply to all Italian voters both southern and northern this means a bigger voting market and better results and I know you might be thinking right now can anybody take a party that can change its core ideology virtually overnight seriously and the answer was oh yes make our victory at Italian elections the times they are a-changin but if this doesn't seem crazy enough to you let's take a look at the other player in this game the Italian populist laughed the big joke it's the year 2009 and Italy is dealing with a big crisis the European Union wants budget cuts and Berlusconi in his government they're in dire straits that's the fertile grounds on which the five stars movement was founded during those years a famous comedian beppe egg Rio started a platform he had a little to no idea how big his blog and his movement were about to become perhaps the most interesting moment of the movements developing phase was the 2007 vaffanculo day in bologna literally this means fuck off day it was a huge advancement to collect signatures to change the venn electoral law they wanted to ban people convicted of crimes from running for parliamentary election but the real opportunity for Pepe Grillo came some years later the Italian economy was still struggling more and more citizens couldn't make ends meet and this is when Italy got a fully technocratic president Mario Monti a technocrat is somebody who claims not to have any specific ideology just tries to solve problems and manage politics based on expertise and analysis but many Italians this seemed to be an imposition from the European Union who wanted more and more budget cuts and more austerity so this anger is what gave a mint in Tibet they agree Leo and his five star movement the movement started winning and placing its members in regional and local cabinets this momentum gave him a chance to run in the 2013 general election where they were the second most popular party after the Democratic Party surpassing everyone's expectations they gained more than 8 million votes which is a pretty huge number for a brand new party the elections results are in huge victory for the five star movement the websi forea for the first party in the Chamber of Deputies the movement started an anti-establishment force and therefore at the beginning it didn't seem to have a very detail-oriented plan but all the work it paid off and all those votes gave them the push they needed it was time for a detailed plan it was time to become more structured their first huge win meant even more wins and the movement swings the movements ideology became Clara directed democracy as an evolution of representative democracy the idea that citizens would no longer delegate their power to parties was at the base of Russo and online voting platform through Russo the registered users of m5s discuss approve or reject legislative proposals for example the choice to support the abolition of Al or against immigrants was taken online by the movements members even if the final decision was against Korea's own opinion below the m5s registered voters say no to making legal immigration a criminal offense another chapter of the party's life began when Luigi de Meyer came into power in 2017 in 2018 he became the Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and Minister of Economic Development labour and social policies the improbable ascent of a 31 year old college dropout and former soccer stadium Russia is really a measure of the country's turbulent political landscape and so on one hand we have a seasoned to right-wing politician all on the other hands we have a 31 year old freshman and they were tied together in an unlikely marriage by that 2018 election open marriage Italy is infamous for having weaker than usual political alliances and parties since the country was proclaimed a republic in 1946 it has had 29 prime ministers with an average government length of just 2.5 years every election is a brand new start for everyone the last big change came in 2018 when a new government was established after a very complicated post-election period the new government's is an alliance as we said between the anti-establishment 5-stars movements and the far-right league the populist wave split Italy in half the South voted for the five star movement and the north voted for the lega but both sides expressed a vote of protest against the more traditional parties like the Democratic Party these new numbers show real shift in Italy's electoral geography the success of the two most anti-establishment forces is mostly due to economic uncertainty the outsiders have become the mainstream immediately after the elections the five-star movements the party that got the most votes needed to find a coalition party the choice was the leaguer Italy election populist five-star and League to vie for power but this marriage wasn't an easy one it took ten weeks to reach an agreement the two parties they were adversaries before the election but at the same time they became the largest groups able to muster a majority in both houses and so the five star brought to the table 32% and the league brought 17 and with that thus began the new government we're now a few months in the to deputy Prime Minister's are doing as much as possible to fulfill the promises they made to their voters salvini is trying to crack down on immigration and to pass a flat rate tax of 15 percent for companies and individuals which experts would say would cut tax revenues by 80 billion euros per year DeMaio is trying to make a huge basic income reform happen it's universal income for the poor that would cost an estimated 17 billion euros per year the two leaders they're basically in an open marriage they're together but they're still looking around for partners both parties are still trying to get the biggest amounts of political capital possible for the next election cycle but pleasing and electorates is in itself a very difficult feat to accomplish even without further obstacles but Dolce vida slips away again as Italy tumbles back into recession the country is now in a recession just as the Italian deputy Prime Minister's stated that Italy was on the cusp of an economic miracle in 2018 that gdp decreased by 0.2 percent this is the third recession in 10 years but the Italian PM says not to worry he stated that a recession is determined by the European economic cycle or whatever that means while politicians playing the blame it on the people who were there before card many Italians are extremely worried about how this recession could have an impact on their lives for years to come Italy is the second largest debt in the euro area after Greece but its economy is eight times larger and a crisis this big could severely cripple the eurozone so now the question is is it possible that we'll see a similar alliance in other countries maybe this alliance can save the country from further crisis or maybe it's going to make things worse well please leave your answer in the comments section below and of course do not forget to visit our friends at reconsider Mediacom the podcast that provided the voices in this video that are not mine if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and as always I'll see you next time and if you want to learn more about politics and here even more of my lovely voice you can join us at reconsider media we have a podcast at reconsider mediacom slash podcast see you there