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[MUSIC PLAYING] Most Americans don’t consider
immigration a security threat, but some consider it
an economic threat. We need to speak
to those people, to help them feel more
economically secure, and help them to understand
that, actually, immigration is good for the American economy. The single biggest
thing that we can do to improve national security
is ensure that our intelligence networks are up-to-date so that
we know if the wrong people are trying to enter the US. America has always
been a welcoming place. People look up to America
because we have always taken your poor, your tired,
those yearning to be free, turned them into Americans,
and given them freedom. And the more that we
can present ourselves as that kind of a
country, the safer we are, and the more people
want to emulate us. Two things keep me up at night. The first is global
warming and climate change and what it’s going to mean
for our country in the next 15 years. And the second is the
loss of American prestige around the world
and how hard it is going to be to rely on
our friends in the future because they aren’t going
to respect us anymore. [TIMER CHIMES]

United Earth, Save the Earth, Elect a United Earth Government.

United Earth, Save the Earth, Elect a United
Earth Government. www.ueog.org Join United Earth, Elect a United Earth Government. Save the Earth with the People, Animals, Environment,
Plants, Natural Habitat, Natural Resources, Education, Act against; Disasters, Deceases,
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Political and Economic Systems, Governments, Leaders, Misinformation and Establish Justice,
the Critical Global Issues facing the Earth. Democracy and Capitalism, Communism with One
Party Rule and Dictatorships with National Borders, Do Not Represent All the People,
the Animals and the Natural Habitat, as per Past and Recent Performance History of World
Governments, as in the Evidence of Poverty with Widening Unfair Distribution of Wealth,
Security, Conflicts, Torture and Slaughter of Animals, Non Sustainable Development with
Deforestation, Loss of Habitat, Species and Depletion of Non Renewable Resources. These Systems of Governing have Failed. In order to Save the Earth, we need to find
a new and Sensible Political and Economic System to Govern the Earth, capable of addressing
the Critical Issues identified above. We need to Tame both Capitalism and Communism,
Find a Good Balance between Financial Security, Material Needs, Environment, People`s and
Animal`s Rights. It is absolutely a must that we do not leave
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Governments It Represents, Unable to Pass Resolutions and Take Actions on the Critical
Issues. Therefore Establish a New World Order, a United
Earth Government (UEGOV), Common to the Whole Earth, the Candidates being Elected from a
Pool of Proven NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) and Activists Working on the above Critical
Issues, UEGOV being at the Top of Power and Authority Hierarchy, Sharing Some Powers and
Jurisdictions with the UN and Elected World Governments, Covering the Critical Issues,
United Earth Court, United Earth Security and Peace Keeping Force, Ratify and Implement
Earth Law. Assure Safe, Secure, Peaceful, Healthy, Happy
life for all the People and Animals and a Healthy Environment on Earth Now and in the
Future. This is to Request the UN and the World Governments
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These Critical Issues Facing the Earth are Tied to each other. If We Do Not Address these Issues and Act
Now, We Face Chaos Leading to Annihilation of this Earth. This Earth with the Animals, Trees, Air, Waters,
Land and other Resources are Not Only Just Ours, to Eat, Cut, Use, Take, Pollute and
Destroy, but Belongs to all Living Breathing Things on Earth. We need to Change our Selfish Attitude to
Sharing this Earth with other People, Animals, Plants and Save Mother Earth. Realizing that Earth Government Founders;
Proven NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) and other Earth Activists working on the Critical
Issues, have Volunteered to Undertake the Tasks Which Should Have Been Done by the World
Governments in the First Place, Representing the whole Earth with Real Concerns for all
the People, the Animals, the Plants, the Natural Habitat and the Environment, World Governments
should Grant and Recognize United Earth Government (UEGOV) when Elected, as the Earth’s Highest
Power and Authority in Charge, Sharing Some Powers and Jurisdictions with the UN and Elected
World Governments, Covering the Critical Issues, , admitting they Have Not Done Enough to the
Required Level or at the Needed Pace, to Solve the Earth’s Life Threatening Critical Issues. Besides Letting Violence Against Innocent
People Take Place in Recent Times is Not Acceptable at all. It is Sad to Say that the World Powers Have
Had their Chances for More than Several Decades to Rectify these Matters. Now it is Time to Help Establish a United
Earth Government or Stand Aside and Do Not Obstruct the One and Only Chance for the Earth’s
Survival Before it is Too Late. It is absolutely a must that all the good
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deeply about the future of our planet, Corporate, be United, Create a Common Organization, become
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Enough to succeed in achieving our goals and address the Critical Issues facing us. We need to Elect a United Earth Government,
with the Candidates being selected from a pool with Proven History of Love and Care
towards People, Animals, Environment and Natural Habitat etc. One may ask that which candidates qualify. The author believes that, in the beginning
it should consist of candidates from Proven Non Profit i.e. Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and
Activists Working on the Critical Issues. People, Animal, Environment, Natural Habitat,
Natural Resources, Peace and Justice Loving Activists and NGOs, Join United Earth and
Create a New World Order, a United Earth Government (UEGOV). Powerful Companies, Billionaires, CEOs and
Bad Politicians who put Them ahead of everything else, Some of them, Not All, being Enemies
of the Earth, are Not Going to Lay Down or share their Power and Wealth for the good
of People, Animals, Environment, and the Future of our Planet. This brings us to the question of Revolting
Against the System to achieve our goals. But Do Not Practice Violence or use of Guns
or Bombs, since such actions result in Death, Injury, Property Damage and Chaos, which Hurts
Everyone. Nevertheless, Mother Earth with the People,
the Animals and the Environment, Needs to be Defended Against Poverty, Violence, Environmental
Damage, Deforestation, Loss of Natural Habitat, Loss of Species and all the Injustices forced
upon them, from the Enemies of the Earth. The Sad Fact is, based on past history, it
will take a Revolution with Conflict and Confrontation with the Enemies of the Earth, who want to
keep their Short Term Self Interests, which may Force some Bloodshed to Save the People,
the Animals, and the Environment. This Revolution has to be Led by Earth Lovers,
who Care Deeply about the Future of our Planet. Yet we have to be Noble and Wise, Understand
that the Violators are doing this out of their Greed and Ignorance, Forgive Them, Enlighten
them, Win them over to Our side, so that the Earth Functions as One Body and Soul in Peace
and Harmony. We have to Try our Very Best to Avoid Violence,
Injury and Blood Shed. With Wide Support from All the People, Animal,
Environment, Natural Habitat, Natural Resources, Peace and Justice Lovers, we can Avoid Violence. The Revolution I Foresee could be Non Violent
and could be as though it is just Changing of the Guards in which the Old Guards Leave
and the New Guards, the United Earth Government, Takes Over. We should Remind Ourselves of Past History
of the Liberation Struggle Led by Gandhi in a Non Violent Revolution Against British Rule
in India. To Save the Earth, in addition to acting as
an organization, at the individual and family level, we have to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle,
Sacrifice our Luxuries, be Sensible Consumers, Conscious about Our Planet, Live a Relatively
Humble Life. Stop Runaway Development with Oil Drilling,
Mining, Highways, Malls, Over Fishing, Deforestation, CO2 Generating Energy and Products Manufacture
and Consumption with Sensible and Sustainable Development. Capitalism Liberated modern societies from
Feudalism, But Led to Sweat Shops with Economic Slavery, Poverty and Unemployment for Some. Capitalism Concentrates and Grows the Wealth
and Control of the Banks, Finance Companies, Businesses, Farms and Lands Owned and Run
by a Few, the top 1% Owning 50% of Wealth, Money Trickling Down from the Top, with Those
at the Bottom Getting Poorer. Eliminate this Huge Unfair Financial Inequality
between the Rich and Poor and Cyclic Recessions with Loss of Income and Home Leading to Social
Upheaval and Unrest Under Capitalism. Therefore Replace Capitalism with United Earth
Government Socialism in which Everything from Banks to Lands are Collectively Owned and
Run by the Workers, the People and the United Earth Government, with the Flexibility of
Independent Businesses, Farms and Fishing, etc. to Function, with a Fair Share of Profits,
Incomes and Ownerships to the Workers. Eliminate Loss of Home due to Loss of Income
and Reduction of Value of Home due to Housing Market Collapse. Replace Owning Homes, Furniture and Appliances
with Affordable and Easily Paid Off Furnished Living Space which they Own wherever they
Move. Address Climate Change due to Transportation
and avoid having a Car Loan, Stress of Driving and Commute Delays in Rush Hour. Replace Owning Vehicles with On Demand Renewable
Energy Powered Rapid Door to Door Transportation. Stop Torture and Slaughter of Animals, Birds
and Fish in the Meat, Fish, Egg and Dairy Industries. Become Vegetarians, even better Vegans and
keep Meat, Fish, Eggs and Dairy Off your Diet. In Addition There will the Benefit of Surplus
of Grain Fed to the Animals in the Meet Industry, Left Over to Feed the Whole World Right Now
and Eliminate Hunger, and Drastically Reduces the Risks of Strokes and Heart Attacks Caused
by Growth Hormones, Fat and Cholesterol in the Meat, resulting in Weight Gain for Some. Every Year Millions of Children Die of Hunger. In the Asian, African and Latin American countries,
well over 500 million people are living in “Absolute Poverty”. World Bank. Nearly One Billion – a Majority of Humanity
– Live on Less than $2 Per Day, while the Rich are Still Getting Richer. The World Health Organization estimates that
one-third of the world is Well-Fed, one-third is Under-Fed one-third is Starving. There are Racial, Ethnic, Religious and Dictatorship
Conflicts Raging in Congo, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria
and other Countries with Deaths and injuries of Tens of Thousands and Loss of Development
where it is Needed Most. The Rwandan Genocide was the Mass Murder of
Nearly a Million Rwanda’s minority Tutsis by the Hutu Majority from April to July of
1994, while the World Governments and the UN watched and Did Nothing About it. Not Much Difference between Auschwitz Poland
in the 40s to Rwanda in the 90s. Level of Concern and Ability of the World
Community, Governments and the UN is in Question. Question is are we Civilized and Acting as
a Responsible World Community, Willing and Ready to Respond to such Inhumane Acts of
Violence Against People, Animals and Natural Habitat? Definitely Not! This Stresses the Need for a New World Order. A United Earth Government, a Court and a United
Earth Government Security and Peace Keeping Force (UEGOVSPKF) to Intervene Immediately
in such Incidents with Quick Response. Animals are Subject to Unimaginable Cruelty,
Torture and Slaughter, Experiencing Extreme Pain in the Meat, Fishing, Entertainment,
Fur Industries and Research Labs using Animals. 10 Billion Animals are Slaughtered for Consumption
Annually, after Spending their Whole Life in Small Cages, Castrated, Organs Cut Off,
Hung from One Leg, Bled to Death, Immersed in Boiling Water for hair removal, all with
No Pain Killers, Unable even to Walk to the Slaughter House, being Lame by having been
Injected Growth Hormones to Gain Weight Rapidly to Increase Profit, Dragged by a String Tied
to One Leg Screaming in Pain. Every Year 500,000 Cows and Goats were Walked
in Hot Weather without Adequate Water, 70% of them from India and Slaughtered in a Hindu
Religious Sacrifice in Nepal. With Wide Spread Protests by Animal Rights
Activists it was Banned. In China Dogs, some Stolen from Pet Owners,
Caged and Transported with No Water and Slaughtered in the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, in Spite of
Worldwide online Protests. Loss of Natural Habitat by Clear-Cut Logging,
Pollution of Lakes, Rivers, the Ocean, Air and Land, Out of Control Runaway Unsustainable
Development with Urban Sprawl, Highways, Mining, Oil Drilling, Overfishing and Lavish and Wasteful
Life Style in Developed Countries is Threatening Migration of Animals, Birds and Fish, Leading
towards More Loss of Species and very Survival of Planet Earth. Rapid depletion of Natural Resources such
as Oil, Gas and Mining Products due to Out of Control Runaway Development in already
Developed Countries is threatening the Future of Our Children. Out of Control Population Explosion is Causing
Great Stress on Food, Land, Housing, Energy, Water, Natural Habitat and other Natural Resources. Global Warming due to Excessive generation
of Carbon-di-oxide (CO2) with the use of Coal, Oil and Gas by Motor Vehicles, Factories and
for Energy Generation, particularly in North America, Europe, Japan, Russia, China, India
and other Countries is Threatening the Very Survival of our Planet Earth. This is Melting the Polar Ice Cap Threatening
Coastal Areas, Causing Hurricanes, Droughts, Forest Fires and Flooding with Ever Increasing,
Strength, Frequency of Occurrence, Setting Records in Recent Months, while Widening the
Natural Disaster Regions and Periods. Most Businesses and Individuals are focused
on Short Term, Self Centered Goals based on Selfish Needs of Themselves, while Most Governments
implement laws which has No or Little Consideration for the future of our Children, the Animals,
the Environment, Natural Habitat and Natural Resources. The Earth is locked into a Vicious Cycle of
Mismanaged Runaway Economy with Wasteful Consumption in Developed countries, Under Development
and Poverty in Developing Countries, being Unfair to many, Cruelty to Some Caught in
War, Torture and Slaughter of Animals, Destruction of Natural Habitat, Rapid Depletion
of Non Renewable Natural Resources, Pollution of the Earth with Harmful Substances, Out
of Control Population Explosion and Global Warming Leading to Annihilation of this Earth
in the Not too Distant Future. All of this is simply to have a Lavish Life
and Power for Those in Control of Power and a Lion’s Share of the Earth’s Wealth, which
makes the Rich Richer and the Poor Poorer, leading to a Hand to Mouth Living for the
Average Person and a Miserable Life for the Poor. Unfortunately we do Not Have Twenty Years
to Stop this Runaway Madness and to Restore Sanity to the lives of people and the animals. Instead we Have Only a Few Years. Major World Governments are Not doing Enough
About it to the Required Level or at the Needed Pace. Time to Start the Correction Process is Right
Now Before It Is Too Late. With Not Enough Agreements between the World
Governments or No Effective Plan of Action in Sight, We have No other Choice but to Elect
and Form a United Earth Government (UEGOV) to address these Life Threatening Issues Facing
the Earth in Time. United Earth is Determined to Unlock and Reverse
this Cycle, to Protect the People, the Animals, the Plants, the Natural Habitat, the Environment,
setting Target Levels and a Time Line to Achieve these Levels, forming the United Earth Government
(UEGOV), a Court and United Earth Government Security and Peace Keeping Force (UEGOVSPKF). In any case we have to Enjoy Life, be Wise,
Friendly, Love the Earth with all the Living Things, the Habitat and be Happy, Enjoying
Sustainable Activities. While Keeping in Mind; Not Living a Lavish
Life Style, Owning Mansions or Heavy Gas Guzzling Vehicles, Consuming Too Much, Using Motorized
Leisure’s or Traveling too Far, powered by CO2 Generating Energy Sources or Causing
any Pain to Humans, Large and Small Animals, Fish, Birds, Trees or Natural Habitat,
Love them, Stay within our CO2 Limits per person per year for Sustainability of Earth
so that Life Continues on Earth in Peace and Harmony. All the Issues identified above are Tied to
Each Other, Inseparable and Needs to be addressed as One Huge Issue. Our Course of Action and the Earth Law given
below is the Bitter Medicine for the Earth’s Survival. Earth Law
http://www.ueog.org/earth-law/ Adopt Pets from Local Animal Shelters, Not
Buy from Pet Stores as Millions of Dogs and Cats are Euthanized every year with Not Enough
People to Adopt. Spay or Neuter your Pets for the Same Reason. Keep the Earth’s Population under Strict Control. Follow Birth Control. Change your Lavish and Luxury Life Style to
a Simple and Humble Life to Address (i) Global Warming, (ii) Loss of Natural Habitat, (iii)
Stop Rapid depletion of Non Renewable Natural Resources. Join United Earth’s Effort to Get rid of
Cars as the Main mode of Transportation, which Generates the Global Warming Gas CO2 and other
harmful substances directly when it runs, Indirectly in the Process of Mining to generate
the Raw Materials and Manufacture and Takes a lot of our key Non Renewable Natural Resources. Promote the New CO2 Free, On Demand and Energy
Source Flexible High Speed Door to Door Transportation. Based on Past History of World Governments,
and since the Issues Facing us are Huge Well Beyond the Governments or the UN Made of these
Governments with each one Driving in a Different Direction, for example CO2 Level, Ownership
and Control of Territories, Conflicts and Nuclear Disarmament. Therefore Join United Earth and Campaign to
Create a United Earth Government (UEGOV) to Take Prompt and Just Action. When Established, Join the
United Earth Security and Peace Keeping Force. Volunteer, Donate and Inform Everyone about
United Earth. Follow Earth Law. United Earth. Save the Earth, Elect a United Earth Government. www.ueog.org

Why Greta Thunberg is Super Cringe – My Views on Climate Change!

[Instrumental music] Choir: Here is the news~ The latest news~ [Instrumental music] Wow, it’s on my bucket list to get on Daily
Mail, yay! [Censor beep] If you guys follow me on Instagram, I’ve recently
had a lot of heat there because I said that Greta Thunberg’s speech
is cringe-y and one dimensional. For some reason people got REALLY pissed off. So I’ve decided to do this video to talk about
my views on climate change. This topic is complicated and quite controversial so be warned that it is gonna be a pretty long video. Many of you probably don’t understand what
the fight is about right? I mean, it’s pretty simple. The climate is fucked and why are we fighting instead of working
together to fix it? Is there a crisis and how urgent is it? What really gets me is that if you even dare
to ask this question people get really offended and term you an
ignorant climate change denier. 97% of scientists agree, they yell. Are you an idiot? You don’t listen to science? Um, excuse me just because I ask questions
doesn’t mean that you are morally better than me. Just because you being alive and using the
internet is proof that you are contributing to humanity’s demise as much as I am okay? But I will get to that part in a little bit. So back to climate change “deniers”. Nobody is really denying the climate is changing because it has actually changed since the start of
time. We have had warm periods and Ice ages. But the questions that the climate change skeptics are asking are At what rate is this change happening? How long do we have? Do humans thrive in warmer or cooler climates? How much of this climate change is actually
caused by human industrialisation because if a lot of it is just nature doing
its own thing then we can’t really stop it no more than
we can stop a volcano from erupting, right? What are your plans to combat this upcoming
doomsday? Is it really gonna work and at what cost? And I don’t mean just monetary cost, I mean
at what cost to humanity as well. Googling about climate change, its severity
and its cause yields thousands and thousands of diverse results and if it’s science, which is always irrevocable
and true then why are there so many people all saying
different things? To make things worse, a lot of money and power
is actually involved in this because different industries in the Energy
sector all want you to vote for Politicians who will give them trillions
of dollars in subsidies because their solution will help save mankind
right? So it’s at all cost. And it’s not just about the money either….
the Politicians want you to vote for them because they want Power. So, how much of the information that we’re
reading are actually skewed? We don’t really know. You may say that scientific results don’t
lie but scientists are humans as well and they
have their own bias. You don’t even need to be a dishonest scientist
to try to sway your argument either way. You can simply omit information and talk about
the parts that fit your own narrative. For example, if I show you this chart of rising
CO2 levels and global temperatures for the past few decades it’s actually scientifically accurate but what I am doing is that I am omitting
the CO2 and global temperatures for the thousands of years before our times. This current chart doesn’t look so scary anymore because there doesn’t seem to be a direct
correlation between CO2 levels and global temperatures. In fact, we have had much more CO2 in the
past and also lower temperatures. So, I don’t know what’s up with that? I’m not trying to show you guys which chart
you should believe. My point is that you can present truthful
information but by omitting parts that you don’t want
people to see you can sway things to your narrative. As it is we are bombarded with way too much
information. Add that to the fact that people telling you
these information often have an agenda both ways so you really have to wonder if
they are telling you the truth and it gets even more confusing. If someone tells you that they are 100% sure about
the murky waters that is Climate science – both the Alarmists and the Deniers just ignore them. They are brainwashed, okay. Climate science is so complicated, and if
even the scientists and experts are arguing then who are we to say that we know anything
for sure? So let’s go back to the questions that the climate change skeptics have First, let’s talk about what we DO know about. We know for a fact that CO2 absorbs infrared
radiation which causes the air to get warmer. We know that the amount of CO2 in the air
is increasing by quite an alarming bit after the Industrial revolution. We know burning fossil fuels cause CO2. We know that temperatures have been having
an upwards warming trend although in the past few years the global
temperature actually decreased. And yup, that’s about the extent of what
science can definitively prove. So, is there a crisis? For this, scientists look to climate change
models, which will predict climate trends based on past statistics. Unfortunately, not one scientist is able to
point to a climate change model that has been able to predict the future accurately. Again and again, we were given doomsday prophecies
that didn’t actually happen. For example, Al Gore told us in the early
2000s that the Arctic ice will be all gone within 7 years. Well, it has been melting, but it has also
grown and it is still there. We know that CO2 levels are rising and so
is the average global temperature trend. Climate change alarmists love to use NASA’s warning video which looks really scary and convincing because
it’s like blue and then it turns really red right? However, here’s the argument from the other
side. We know that correlation doesn’t necessarily
mean causation. Just for example, we know that humans tend
to thrive better in warmer temperatures. When we thrive we build more industry, which
emits higher CO2 levels. Rising temperatures causing more CO2 instead
of the other way around is just one way the correlation could be wrong. How much of global warming is actually caused
by CO2? The air is actually only 0.04% CO2. Can such a small account cause such a huge
difference in our climate? After all, when you look at the Milankovitch
cycles over thousands of years you can see the Earth’s temperature keeps
rising and falling with or without human industrialisation. Could this spike that we are having simply
be part of nature? The counter argument is of course that we
cannot possibly emit such high and increasing levels of CO2 without
some consequences. Alright then, but for that to be convincingly
frightening for the skeptics we need to know what will happen if the temperature
rises, which it has been. They say that the sea levels will rise, entire
islands will be flooded we won’t have Maldives anymore. And Greta Thunberg says that entire ecosystems
are collapsing. Okay while the sea levels didn’t seem to
have risen to a catastrophic level since then. And the Arctic ice caps are melting, but the
ice in Antarctica is also growing. And since CO2 is plant food, the abundance
of it means that the Earth today is greener than it has ever been. According to NASA, a drop of even 1 degree
in global temperature can plunge us all into an Ice age. In the 70s, the scientists were fearing that
we were about to hit another Ice Age soon. What if global warming is actually preventing
that? Again, I’m not saying that I’m on either
side. My official stance is that I don’t know,
because I’m not a Scientist and I’m not an Economist. I’m just trying to give both sides of the
picture here since most people have only heard the argument from one side. Alright, let’s just say that you now believe
that Earth is in a dire state. And something really really needs to be done. We now come to the second part of the climate
change debate, which is: So, what is the solution? The most liberal among us all seem to agree:
No more fossil fuels. People still need electricity, so let’s
harness the power of the wind and the sun they say install wind turbines and solar panels everywhere. That sounds really romantic doesn’t it, we’re using
nature to heal nature. Small problem. Renewable energy is erratic, which means that
you can’t get energy when there is no sun or no wind. Solar and wind only generate Energy about
30% of the year which means that they are just taking up space when they are not doing
anything. They are also weak, and barely enough to power
a city. Solar panels also cost a lot to make, and
it’s great that the cost keeps decreasing as more and more solar panels are being produced, but keep in mind that
using metal also requires mining which isn’t good for Mother Earth. Wind turbines kill loads of birds all the
time, and many of these birds are actually endangered species like Eagles or Condors. When saving the climate is it worth it to
destroy the environment at the same time? Not to mention, Solar farms and Wind farms
take up a lot of space, which isn’t even possible for small countries like Singapore. Another alternative is Nuclear power. For some reason, Greenies really seem to hate
Nuclear power. Nuclear energy is really dense, which means
you only need a very small amount of Uranium less than the size of a Rubik’s cube, to create
enough electricity for you to use your entire life. Now Engineers are sure that the Nuclear accidents
like the ones in Chernobyl or Fukushima will not be repeated
again because those were old plant designs. I don’t know whether that’s true. But how about Nuclear waste? Well, the good news is, Nuclear power produces
very little Nuclear waste. Actually all the nuclear waste in the world
that has ever been produced cannot even fill up a Football field. Bill Gates is also developing technology to
get power out of Nuclear waste, so we can use them again. However, people are really terrified of Nuclear,
understandably so. Nuclear power plants are also pretty expensive,
but they don’t cost nearly as much as Wind and Solar. So all these are the more popular alternatives
to burning Fossil fuel and Natural gas but they all come with their own pros and
cons. Another good news is that as this video plays
on, many new technologies are being innovated to help our Climate crisis. For example, do you know that there are now
machines that can literally suck the Carbon out of the air and transform it into Oxygen? That’s pretty cool huh? Alright, let’s talk about Externality. One of the reasons why Carbon emissions keep
rising, is because of Externality. It means that since nobody owns the atmosphere,
people are free to dump whatever shit they want into it. If a restaurant, for example, wants to cook
food and while doing so emit loads and loads of Carbon into the air it costs nothing to their business, right? So they don’t really care. Since nobody really “owns” the air, it means
that even if you do take good care of it, it doesn’t mean everyone else will. I’m looking at you China and India. So to solve this problem of Externality, people
have came up with some solutions. How about a Carbon tax? Since most of the Carbon is emitted by industries,
let’s tax businesses for the Carbon that they produce. This should discourage businesses from using
Fossil fuels and finding alternatives plus the money that you taxed can be put to
good use by investing in alternative forms of Energy for
the country. Not every country will agree to do this, but
each country can do their own part by having their own Carbon tax. That will help right? Sounds good. But, there is a problem. With a Carbon tax, companies will then pass
down the extra cost to the consumers. A Carbon tax actually affects the poor the
most because the poor spends a larger proportion
of their income on necessities. Just imagine now petrol if more expensive
because of a Carbon tax. The bus fares will then have to increase so
that businesses can continue to survive. In fact, everything would be more expensive
because to create anything at all, you need Energy, right. If businesses continue to use Fossil fuels,
they are now charged a tax. If they use alternative Energy sources it is
also more expensive for them. Regardless, their cost goes up. You think a rich guy cares if his petrol is
a little bit more expensive? No, he will continue to drive his Lamborghini okay? It is the poor people who will have to suffer. If, for example, USA starts a high Carbon
tax what will actually happen? American companies will then start doing their
manufacturing in countries like China or India where there is a lower Carbon tax or no Carbon
tax at all. What will happen is that Americans will then
lose jobs. And what is worse, is that the net amount
of Carbon in the air is still exactly the same. Alright, so what if we force all countries
to enforce a Carbon tax? Firstly, I don’t think that all countries
will want to do that because which poor country will actually want slower economic growth? They don’t. And also, you can’t just force people to have
laws, the citizens need to agree to it. And, you want to try to convince citizens
to vote for a government that intends to increase the cost of
living? Good luck with that. We see first world countries like America
or Europe getting all upset about the increasing amount of Carbon in the air but most of the Carbon that’s already in our
atmosphere was produced by these countries precisely because they used cheap and effective Fossil fuels to build their advanced nations. Just imagine if you built yourself a nice
wooden home and when a homeless guy is cutting down trees to build his house you tell him that he needs to stop cutting
down trees because he is destroying the environment. He will tell you to fuck off. It is patently selfish of these first world
countries to tell people after they abused the atmosphere for decades that we should all stop now together. Well, how about you stop? And poorer countries only stop when they emit
the same amount of Carbon that you already have? After all, alternative energy costs a lot
of money. And when your people are barely surviving,
you don’t give a shit about some day in the future 50 years from now, where the sea levels might or might not rise. You only care about surviving the next week. Until this Externality problem is resolved I don’t really see how we can solve the Climate crisis. See, now you understand right? Everything comes at a cost. Things are not so simple. This is why when I hear people like Greta
talking angrily about Climate change, I immediately dismiss them
as naive and One-dimensional. And yes, very cringe. I should be back in school, on the other side
of the ocean. Yet, you all come to us young people for Hope! You have stolen my dreams and my childhood
with your empty words. Okay we get it, you care that the environment
and the climate is in shambles. So? Your immediate reaction is to blame people
for it. Blaming governments and blaming Capitalism. How do you think you have such a comfortable
life? Your cheap goods, your cheap food, the nice
building that you are staying in, the medicine you take when you
get ill… How do you think all of that was created?
By Capitalism and Economic growth, that’s what. Sure, we can all go back to our caveman lives,
where we get flesh-eating diseases, Dysentery and dying
in the cold without heaters or proper houses and therefore returning to “nature”, but let’s
see how many of these angry climate protestors actually want
to do that. I don’t think that many. Climate change has not been caused by the
greed of the corporate elite for their “Fairytales of eternal Economic
growth”. The truth is that companies produce the goods
and services that people want and carbon emissions are sadly, a by-product of that. We happily buy all these goods and services,
all while condemning the companies that’s supplying them for
destroying the planet with their greed. A little hypocritical, huh? Economic growth is not a dirty, cold word
meant to line the pockets of the rich while fucking up the planet, it actually does make
people’s lives better. We are living in the most peaceful and prosperous
times in human history with global poverty rates going from 28% in
1999 to only 11% in 2003 and infant mortality rates actually dropped
more than 50% since 1990. Yet privileged children around the world are
skipping school and saying that the generations before theirs are greedy and self serving. Now you know why many adults are so triggered
by Greta’s insolent, ill-informed, ungrateful and accusatory speech. Don’t forget, it’s only with wealth that we
are able to develop better technology for saving the Climate. Climate change is nothing to be ANGRY about. You can be worried about it, sure but this
righteous rage that people are experiencing is entirely misplaced. There are trade offs to everything and yes
perhaps the climate is currently fucked but the people who did it did it because they
wanted a more comfortable safe life for the next generation. And by people I mean everyone. Because I doubt anyone living in a First world
country didn’t contribute to the state that we are in right now. You can postulate all you want by traveling
in a sailboat for 2 weeks instead of flying but don’t pretend that you don’t also enjoy
having air-conditioning in your home, okay? Now i know this video is really long but can
we talk just a little bit more about fucking plastic bags and straws? I know these two things have little to do
with climate change, it’s more about conservation and
bio-diversity which means we try not to make animals extinct
lah. So that day I was at a petrol kiosk and I
went inside the shop to buy something. The lady at the cashier asked if I wanted
a plastic bag. I said ‘Yes.’ And then she said ‘Okay, it’s 10 cents.’ I said ‘Urgh, no thanks.’ And I tried to pick up all my 5 items from
the counter. She then gave me this look and said
‘Um, yeah it’s because we are going Green.’ As if she was very disgusted that I refused
to save planet Earth. So I said ‘Oh yeah? So where does that 10
cents go to?’ She pointed to the signboard that was beside
her and said the 10 cents goes to charity while giving me this smug face like ‘Whatchu got to say to that now, Bitch?’ I couldn’t be bothered to argue with her okay
because obviously she’s very stupid but let this just sink in for a second. She was working at a fucking petrol kiosk. Does she know how much Carbon her company
emits? And okay, let’s just say that the 10 cents
goes to charity to save the turtles or whatever. How much of the 10 cents goes to your administration
fees huh? And the money that the company saves from
not giving us free plastic bags? Where did that cost saving go to? Do you think that your company is being so noble
by “going Green”? I don’t think so. If she had given me that free plastic bag I would have used it to bring my groceries home. I would then use it to line my rubbish bin because what else can i use to line my rubbish bin right? I can’t use paper bags. And if I didn’t have free plastic bags to
line my bins I would then have to buy plastic bags to do
that. Now, this bin lining bag that I bought is only
used once and dumped okay? Instead of the free plastic bag which would
have been reused twice. Anyway, it doesn’t fucking matter. Because in Singapore, most of our trash is
incinerated. Plastic is only bad if it ends up in the oceans
or in landfills and this isn’t even relevant in Singapore. So can you tell me, what the fuck is she so
smug for? I don’t mind if companies want to do their
part to go Green or whatever, great! Good for you okay? But what pisses me off is that they act so
bloody sanctimonious about it when this plastic bag crap only serves
to benefit them. And don’t even get me started about straws
okay? If you don’t want to use straws, you don’t
need straws that’s fine, that’s great. But if I am using a straw, please don’t think
that you are fucking better than me or harass me about
it okay. Because I can just dispose of my straw properly
and the straws all get incinerated anyway. Better yet, I can recycle the straw. The problem isn’t about plastic. The problem is irresponsible garbage disposal
methods. We don’t have that problem in Singapore. Dumbest of all are people who use paper straws
or metal straws as substitutes because hello? Paper don’t need to cut down trees to make
is it? And how do you think they make metal straws? By mining the Earth and burning fuel to melt
the metal. I’m so triggered. Anyway, back to Climate change. People who support Greta are really confused
as to why there are people who are reacting so adversely to her. They say that it’s admirable that teenagers
care so much and what is wrong with telling the world to save our planet right? Well, besides the fact that rude teenagers
who think that they can talk down to adults ought to be smacked
in the face what she is spreading is Alarmism and the
false narrative that Capitalism and Greed are somehow to blame for the Climate change
crisis, which is both dangerous and wrong. Urging the world to go into mass panic mode
makes people extremely emotional so they resort to drastic measures without considering trade
offs and this also stops any kind of logical discussion
on solutions. And she’s wrong because it is only with wealth
that we can build better technology. It is wealth that protects us against natural
disasters. Think about it, if a hurricane hits Japan
versus a poor village, the city dwellers can afford to hide
in their safe buildings and get medical care if they are injured. It is actually the poor who die and suffer
the most. Pulling the poor out of poverty is the way
to go to ensure they can fight natural disasters but how can they get out of poverty without
cheap means to build basic infrastructure? To me this just really reeks of privilege
that people like Greta living in safe and developed Sweden, can lecture others on how we should all do more for the environment. It is so easy to look at rich people and blame
their greed for fucking up the Earth, but in my opinion the super rich are a byproduct of making the
average person’s lives better just as carbon emissions are. The billionaires didn’t cause this. We all
did. And it’s only with more wealth that we can
solve this together. Environmentalism has really become a cult
of sorts. I don’t know why people are getting really
pissed off if you don’t join them in their mass panic and frustration and anger. Well you know that you writing a comment on
my Instagram telling me to kill myself isn’t going to stop
Carbon emissions right? I mean, it is technically gonna stop a little
bit lah because I stop breathing. Yeah, neither is yelling about how we need
to ACT NOW and “Spreading the word” about Climate change. Doesn’t help anything. It is really childish to keep talking about
how selfish humans are because that resolves nothing. You protest for what? Protest that you have such a cushy life that
you don’t need to fight to survive everyday so you have time to do lame things like protesting? What do you want the government to do? Ban petrol cars? Increase carbon taxes? Ban
aeroplanes? Ban people from breathing? Kill all cows? It is so laughable to me when people who have
no knowledge of economics at all say all these things and assume that their
shallow suggestions can resolve it all without fucking up the economy or actually
adversely affecting everyone’s lives. By all means drive your electric car stop using straws or take sailboats instead
of aeroplanes if you want. But if you assume you are better than everyone
else who isn’t as loud or annoying as you are about Climate change just remember you are a hypocrite because
you want to enjoy your comforts but also berate
others for wanting theirs too. Just fuck off. Alright, so that’s my two cents. What do you guys think? If you agree with
me, give this video a Like and if you don’t agree with me… I’m very tempted to ask you to fuck off. But no, leave a comment down below and tell
me why! And of course if you have any suggestions for future videos leave a comment down below as well. And don’t forget to subscribe guys! Bye! Oh yah and PS: I’m not sponsored by the oil and
gas industry okay?

Climate change and political polarization | IN 60 SECONDS

Republicans and Democrats differ significantly about the causes of climate change, its seriousness, and what ought to be done about it. 85% of Democrats compared to 34% of
Republicans in an October CBS News poll say global warming is caused mostly by
human activity. In an NBC News/Wall Street Journal question from December,
71% of Democrats, but only 15% of Republicans said climate change has been
established ad serious and immediate action is necessary on it. In the Pew
Research Center’s survey on political priorities that inquired about 18
possible priorities for President Trump and Congress, partisans differed more
about climate change that any other issue. 67 percent of Democrats but only
21 percent of Republicans said it should be a top priority this year. Although
differences are deep, there is some agreement among partisans on producing
domestic energy from different sources. Majorities in both parties agree that
more emphasis should be put on solar and wind. A plurality of Democrats and a
majority of Republicans wanted to put more emphasis on natural. Gas can
Republicans and Democrats come together on climate change? Let us know in our
poll. Also let us know what other topics you’d like our scholars to cover in 60
seconds and be sure to LIKE and subscribe for more research and videos
from AEI.

President of Iceland, Ólafur R. Grímsson: The Arctic is the New Political Playing Field

The Arctic was for centuries largely unknown,
a very remote part of the Western world, and it was only 100 years ago that discoverers
starting to go to the North Pole and to these remote areas. And then the Cold War closed
the Arctic in terms of military confrontation and the conflicts between the Soviet Union
on one hand and the Western powers on the other. So, one of the most important things
to remember when we look at the Arctic in the beginning of the 21st-century is that
it is so recently that we as mankind have been able to come together to discuss and
decide what do we do with respect to the Arctic future. There is no part of planet Earth, which has
so recently arrived on our desk as a challenge and as an opportunity. So therefore, the cooperation
in the Arctic is one of the most crucial issues of the 21st-century for many reasons. One
is that this is the front line of climate change. The aggressive melting of the ice
in the Arctic will have consequences all over the world. If only a quarter of the Greenland
ice sheet melts this will lead to two meters rising sea levels everywhere in the world.
And already we are seeing that the present melting of the Arctic sea ice is causing extreme
weather events in the United States, in Asia and in other parts of the world. In addition,
the Arctic is one of the richest parts of the world in terms of untapped natural resources.
And with the continuous melting of the Arctic sea ice there will be new shipping lines linking
Asia to America and Europe in a revolutionary way like the Suez Canal on the Panama Canal
did in it’s time. That is why the Arctic has now become the new economic and political
playing field. In 2015 the United States takes on the chairmanship
of the Arctic Council. It is the first time since the Arctic Council became a treaty making
organization that the U.S. takes on that responsibility. And the chairmanship is not just a formal
role, it is supposed to provide a vision, a policy agenda and a direction towards the
future. So it’s very important that all the people in the United States who are interested
in climate change, who are interested in the environment, realize that in the next two
or three years the U.S. will be in the leadership role with respect to the future of the Arctic,
of course in partnership with other Arctic countries as well as the observer states from
Asia and Europe. Although the Arctic Council is an intergovernmental body, there is a role
for activists, environmentalist, experts, scientist, ordinary people in this process.
And in order to facilitate that, together with many other partners from the Arctic I
established last year what’s called the Arctic Circle, which is a kind of an international
assembly where everybody, whether it’s an individual or citizen or a government or a
corporation or a scientific institute or a university or an activist group, can come
together where everybody has the same role, the same right to speak and discuss. So I would encourage, especially in the two
next two or three years, everybody who is concerned about these issues in the United
States, first of all to look at the Arctic Circle on the website ArcticCircle.org and
see if you want to come to the assembly, if you want to attend the following meetings
that will take place in the United States, in Greenland and Singapore, as well as Iceland
in the next 12 to 18 months, but overall be aware that your own country, the United States
of America, will from 2015 to 2017 be the leader in making policy and agreement and
map out the future for that part of planet earth where climate change is most aggressively
taking place. There was a big great march in New York about climate and hundreds of
thousands of people participated. I’m not sure if many of them realized that in the
early months of next year it will be the U.S. who will chair the international cooperation
on that part of Mother Earth where climate change is most aggressively taking place.

Governments – Where is your plan? | Extinction Rebellion

[email protected] Our planet is in crisis. You know it, we know it but honestly where is our emergency plan? it’s not good enough we demand our government protects our future generations we demand they stop the destruction of our forests, our oceans and our wildlife no argument oh you want to know what XR demands?
here is what we demand We demand that we are involved in the decision-making it’s our futures too. We demand our governments reduce global carbon emissions to zero within 10 years Yeah ten years! We demand they end any support for the fossil fuel economy and invest in a green economy we demand clean rivers, fresh air, healthy soil We need to work with nature to sort out all that damage We demand the will and action of our Government We demand a fair and just plan that addresses global inequality so that everyone, North and South can adapt to the new world which we must live in We demand training for the young
and retraining for the old to help us all make a new start we have a simple choice to make: Either our governments make hard decisions now
or we all faced tragic consequences later! Where is your plan? Where is your plan? Where’s your plan? Where is your plan? Where is your plan? Where is your plan? Where is your plan? Where is your plan? We only have my lifetime left… Where is your plan?

The John McDonnell Guide to the Most Radical Government Ever

In 2017 when we went into
the general election we launched possibly one of the most
radical manifestos we’d seen in generations. When we go into this next
general election, I tell you our new manifesto will be even bigger
and better and even more radical I’ll just give you some of the ideas
that we’ve been developing, I hope to be the Chancellor of the Exchequer and I want to ensure that we reform the Treasury
and we reform number 11 Downing Street as well. With the Treasury, I’m going to move large
sections of the Treasury out of London and base them in cities around the country; in the areas where they’ll be making
decisions that affect those communities. I think that will help the decision-making. As for a number number 11 Downing Street,
to be honest I want to live at home so I’ve suggested we don’t want to have
number 11 Downing Street standing empty, they might as well as give it to a family who needs it. You know, there’s been some real
tragedies in recent years in our country where people suffering from severe conditions have not
been able to get access to the drugs that they need. We need proper regulation of these
pharmaceutical companies. When we offer them money for research and
development of particular drugs we make sure actually that those drugs are then
sold to the NHS at a reasonable price. They use patents to control the supply of the
drugs themselves and they control the price. We’ll reform the patent system. It’s time now that we have a pharmaceutical
company that is owned by the people themselves. That pharmaceutical company will be responsible
for developing the new drugs that we need and supplying them directly to the NHS. In that
way we can cut the price of drugs dramatically and nobody, no patient,
will be denied access to drugs. We need to wake up now, quickly. Just as the young people have woken up in our
community and started marching on the streets explaining the threat of climate change.
I think we’ve all got to wake up to that threat. That’s why we’ve brought forward a policy
called the Green Industrial Revolution. It means mobilising billions of pounds,
which we invest in our economy to make sure we are no longer dependent on fossil fuels,
create our own alternative energy sources: wind and wave and solar power, on
a scale we’ve not seen before. Conserving energy too, retrofitting our
homes so that we’re properly insulated. That program would create at least 400,000 jobs
and they would be skilled jobs and well-paid jobs. We also want to work with other countries,
particularly in the Global South, so we share our ideas and our technology to
enable us to work together to save this planet. You know if you work hard, yeah you earn
an income, but what sort of say do you have about the future of your company, how people
are treated, what wage levels they’ll be, or what sort of investment
there should be for the future. So what we’re trying to do is make
sure our society is really democratic. That means having some form
of workers democracy as well. We want to ensure that every company has
a third of its board of workers themselves; representatives of people who
create the wealth in that company. Plus we want to make sure workers
own part of that company. Everyone has a share in the
company and everyone has a say. That will transform people’s lives at work. But we’re also preparing for government. When you’ve had nine years of austerity under
a Tory and Tory and Lib Dem governments we’re going to be left with, in many
of our public services, a crisis but also in our community: large numbers
of people in poverty, many without homes and with public services in some areas
that have been absolutely smashed. So, we know how tough it is. We
know how hard the challenge will be but we’re up for it.
and we’re prepared for it. We will be, possibly the most radical
government this country has ever seen. Why? Because actually the challenges
we face need radical changes and we’ll succeed. In this country we have a media
that is owned by wealthy individuals, who use it to promote their own political views.
So we have to use the independent media that are willing to go out
there and tell the truth Double Down does exactly that. So I hope you’ll be able to support them,
as best you can, financially on Patreon.

Climate Change and the Role of Government | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

Of all the polarizing issues in politics todays,
and of course, there are many, the climate debate is at the top of the list. Climate change seems to be one of the ‘you’re
either with us, or you’re against us’ topics, usually debated by people immediately taking
a partisan stance rather than a well thought out position. This past year, I lost a good friend who told
me that she could no longer be associated with people who will even debate climate change,
and I’m someone who has had such conversations on this very show. I think the most hate I ever got was when
I had Alex Epstein, author of The Moral Case for Fossil fuels in for a sit down. Alex’s argument isn’t against man made climate
change, instead he’s more focused on how to increase human prosperity with what we have
right now. Essentially, his argument is although climate
change could be real, fossil fuels still have many net benefits for our society. After endless tweets, emails and messages
from angry people, Alex did a follow up video himself where he answered around a 100 viewer
questions. Engaging with people who have different views
is what the battle of ideas is all about. On the flip side of the debate, I’ve also
sat down with Michael Mann, a climatologist and the author of the famous ‘The Hockey Stick
and the Climate Wars’, who is a thought leader in the climate change debate. I’ve discussed climate change to some degree
with believers in man made climate change like Sam Harris, Michael Shermer, Richard
Dawkins as well as some with a more skeptical view such as Andrew Klavan, Stephen Crowder
and Ben Shapiro. And for the record not one of these guests
believe the exact same thing as anyone else I just mentioned. I find climate change to be a really interesting
discussion because it often shows how ones thinking works in other areas as well. Generally speaking, Democrats or those on
the Left see climate change as man made and believe governmental action is the best, or
in some cases the only way, to reverse its negative effects. Republicans, or those on the right, generally
believe that something is happening to the environment, though there is some debate as
to whether it is man made, and in either case, believe that the private sector is better
left to deal with these issues. Of course there are outliers on each side,
such as my former guest, an California Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Shellenberger
who wants the private sector to be more involved in solving climate change issues. And of course, there are also Republicans
and people on the right who deny man made climate change at all. The science debate on climate change is an
interesting one, and one in which I’m happy to have. What interests me more though, is how government
should, or should not, be part of the solution to whatever the problem may be. You know my feelings on this, that the government
is rarely the solution to anything. Actually, at this point, I think the government
is usually the problem in the first place, and I’d always rather exhaust private options
before turning to the government, especially the federal government. Ironically, this should be the position of
the people who hate Trump, why would you want to keep giving the government more power when
you hate the guy in charge, but at the end of the day its not governmental power they
have a problem with, its that they only have a problem with governmental power when its
not their guy in charge. Fortunately, there seems to be a younger generation
that is tackling issues like climate change and the environment in a totally new way. It seems to be based not only in scientific
facts but also in an understanding of how a limited government should work. My guest this week is Benji Backer, President
of the American Conservation Coalition. The group is dedicated to finding new ways
to look at old problems. As its mantra states, they are committed to
efficient, effective, conservative environmentalism. As for me, I am a believer in the science
behind climate change, and the funny thing about science is that it doesn’t care whether
you believe in it or not. For me the, real debate around climate change
is how to go about finding solutions without giving more power and money to government. Whether you believe in climate science or
not, whether you want more government regulation or less, or whether you believe the private
section can find solution or not, we’re all still stuck on this rock together. So until Elon Musk, a private businessman
gets us all to Mars, let’s try to figure out how to solve some of our problems on this
pale blue dot while we still have the chance…

The Kid Gloves Come Off | The Daily Show

Male announcer:
From Comedy Central’s World News Headquarters
in New York, “The Daily Show with
Trevor Noah” presents… [exciting fanfare] ♪ ♪ – Ever since the shooting in
Parkland, Florida, young people have been
leading the charge for sensible gun reform. And today, on the one month
anniversary of that shooting, they kicked things up a notch with a nationwide
school walkout. – Tonight, nationwide protests. A sea of students from
Parkland to Columbine marching out of their schools demanding action
to combat gun violence. – More than 185,000 students walking out of
classrooms today. – At the Capitol,
thousands of shoes make up a memorial to children
killed by gun violence. [students chanting] – As a 12-year-old,
do you really think that you have the power
to make change? – By myself, I don’t think
I have the power, but together,
with all these people here, I think we can make a change. – My man, yeah. [cheers and applause] Look at that. Somebody putting his
multiplication to good use, yeah. We can’t let politics
divide us! Carry the three. I love this. It’s interesting how people
keep asking these kids if they’re not too young
to protest. You do realize some of
the biggest political movements were led by young people,
right? Kids fought for civil rights. Kids fought against apartheid
in South Africa and to stop the Vietnam War. And never forget–
never forget the inspiring young woman who used
a can of soda to end racism forever. Don’t ever forget that. [laid-back rock music] While most mass shootings
in America seem to be a moment of shock followed by a moment
of grieving and then people move on, the students of Parkland have made sure that this time,
the story’s different. – The students from
Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School have become
the faces of America’s war on
gun violence… – Fight for your lives before it’s someone else’s job. – Becoming a political
and cultural force marching on Washington,
lobbying lawmakers, racking up awards,
magazine covers, quickly gaining influence
among celebrities and politicians. Since the Parkland massacre, 26 state legislatures
plus Washington, D.C. have passed 69 different
gun control measures, more than any year since
the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting. – Wow. That’s amazing. That is really amazing. Do you understand
how powerful that is? Thanks to these kids,
states have passed 69 new gun control laws. 69! Nice. Because, you see, I mean,
they’re heroes, but they’re still
high school kids, yeah. They know what they were doing. They were probably gonna reach
70 laws, and they’re like,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s keep at that number.
69. Perfect. Maybe next year we could do 420
’cause of weed, yeah. [heavy rock music] ♪ ♪ My guests tonight are helping lead a movement
to end gun violence following a mass shooting
at their high school in Parkland, Florida. Please welcome
March For Our Lives activists Emma Gonzáles and Matt Deitsch. [cheers and applause] Welcome to the show.
– Hello. – So good to have you here. Is that the first thing
you’re gonna do, go straight to my water? You’re just gonna
check if it’s–what are you– – No, it’s the mug. – What if it was just, like,
a fake mug, and now you would’ve
exposed the fact that I don’t have any real
things in my cups? Welcome to the show. Thank you
so much for being here. Young people in particular
haven’t been, uh, good at turning up when it
comes to the midterms. In this election,
it feels different. We’re seeing research that says
more and more people are registering,
more and more people who are young are
inclined to vote. Do you feel like gun violence
and mass shootings are a big driving factor
in this? – Well, young people are more
educated now than they’ve ever been before. And young people turn out
at a rate about one in five. If young people turn out
at a rate of two out of five, they can swing any election
that they turn out in. And so that’s what
it’s really about, is about showing that
young people– if you can just convince one
person in your proximity to vote that wasn’t planning
on voting, you can swing this election…
– Right. – And actually obtain
morally just leaders, because right now Congress
has not reflected wants and needs of the American
people. [cheers and applause] – Let’s talk about the shirts
that you’re wearing. All right, clearly you didn’t
talk about it before you left the house;
you’re wearing the same thing. Um… you’re not just talking,
you’re doing. You’re not just doing,
you’re helping others do. Getting people out to vote
always seems tedious. Your shirts have a purpose.
Tell me about them. – The QR code, if you scan it
with your camera– very simple,
don’t even need an app– it will get you registered
to vote in under two minutes. – So if we–can we zoom in
on that right now? [cheers and applause] So if you’re watching this
at home– yeah, if you’re watching this
at home right now, and you zoom in, like, you can take a picture of this
right now on your phone, and you can join this movement. You can register to vote,
you can get out there, you can have your voice heard. – You don’t even have to
agree with us in policy. – Just vote.
– You can just get registered to vote and get out there
and vote, and… – I like that. So,
how do you go back to your normal lives? Like, you guys know you have
the right to be kids as well, right? Like, what do you go back to
after this? – There’s no normality
in this country right now. And so, having
to understand that, uh, we need to continue
building these coalitions of people and continue
educating people what’s going on day-to-day, because not a day has passed on this tour where we haven’t
heard a new name, a new story. We haven’t seen a day go by
where a new– a new news story of someone
else shot and killed, another young person shot
and killed in this country happens. This doesn’t happen anywhere
else except America. – Right.
– And it is up to us as Americans to actually stand
up and fight for each other. And so, there is no normality
until we can continue to come together and actually
change this. So I know you want us
to be kids, but we have more important
things to do. – [laughing] ♪ ♪ – It’s been said that
children are the future. Well, turns out
they want the present too. – Meet this 14-year-old boy. He is running for
governor of Vermont. High school freshman
Ethan Sonneborn is running as a Democrat. He is allowed to run, folks. He’s taking advantage
of a state law that does not set
a minimum age to run for governor. You just need permission
from your parents. – Current events propelled him
into the race. – I had a culmination
of frustration with politics as usual. – Politics as usual? You mean since you learned
how to read seven years ago? I mean, look,
little man’s not wrong, but most of his life,
he’s had a black president. You realize that, right? And by the way, this is
the future of politics. Like, everyone will have
to run when they’re 14 before they get caught up
in any scandals. I mean… like, what dirt are you gonna
dig up on this kid, that he once dated
a 13-year-old? Yeah, that was last year.
That was last year. And personally, I don’t think
there’s a problem in having a child
as governor. I mean, we already have one
in the White House. [air horn blares] Yes! [cheers and applause] [percussive beat] ♪ ♪ Some news from the world
of politics. Senator Dianne Feinstein. At 85, the California Democrat is the oldest person now
serving in the U.S. Senate, but she’s not too old
to mix it up with some much younger
opponents. – Lawmakers are no stranger
to heated debate. But California senator
Dianne Feinstein is raising eyebrows after
getting into it with a group of children
over climate change. – We are trying to ask you to
vote yes on the Green New Deal. – Okay, I’ll tell you what. We have our own
Green New Deal. – The government is supposed
to be for the people, by the people,
and all for the people. – You know what’s interesting
about this group is, I’ve been doing this
for 30 years. I know what I’m doing. You come in here, and you say it has to be
my way or the highway. I don’t respond to that. I was elected by almost
a million-vote plurality. And I know what I’m doing. – You’re supposed
to listen to us. That’s your–your job.
– How old are you? How old are you?
– I’m 16. I can’t vote. – Well, you didn’t vote for me.
– Well, she– – Well, you know better
than I do, so I think one day,
you should run for the Senate. – Great, I will.
– And then you do it your way. – Well, maybe you should
run for the Senate. How are you
the most childish person in a debate
with actual children? [laughter] I’m surprised, like,
Feinstein didn’t just copy everything they said. “I’m 16.”
“I’m shixteen.” “Stop copying me.
Climate change is a problem.” [mockingly] “Climate change
is a problem.” [laughter] Senator Feinstein,
what are you doing? Don’t lecture the children. Just lie to them. Doesn’t she know how easy it is
to lie to children? She should have just been like, “You want the Green New Deal? “Okay, well, I’ll talk
to Santa about it. “Now get the [bleep]
out of here. “I don’t negotiate
with terrorists.” [laid-back rock music] ♪ ♪ – Speaker Nancy Pelosi
is throwing some shade at it, telling Politico, quote, “It will be one of several
or maybe many suggestions “that we receive. “The green dream or whatever
they call it, “nobody knows what it is, but they’re for it, right?” – Whoo-oo! “The green dream,
or whatever they call it”? That’s so cold. She dismissed the
Green New Deal like it was– like that weird kind of
YouTube challenge, you know? It’s like,
“All the kids these days “are trying to snort cinnamon
up their butts “or save the planet
for the human race or something like that.” But look. Not everyone is so lukewarm
on the Green New Deal. In fact, polls show young
people are extremely supportive of strong action
against climate change, which is probably why many
of the Democrats running for president have also said
that they support it. Because if you want to connect
with the youth and the energy
of the Democratic Party, right now you want to be
on board with Ocasio-Cortez. She’s basically the Cardi B
of politics. Yeah. It doesn’t matter what
she’s rapping. You want to feature
on her tracks. Yeah, AOC’s basically like, ♪ I like high-speed trains ♪ ♪ Carbon tax and no planes ♪ ♪ That’s what I’m doing now ♪ ♪ And the people gather round ♪ That’s her thing. [cheers and applause] So, old people, not big fans. Young people love it. There’s clearly a generational
divide on this deal. So for more on this,
we’re joined by our senior youth correspondent, Jaboukie Young-White,
everybody. [cheers and applause] How can young people convince
the rest of the country to get serious
on climate change? – Trevor, why do young people
have to fix everything, you know? I’ve got enough problems. I’ve got student loans. I’m trying to break up
with my therapist. And I need to get unverified
on Twitter. If Wolf Blitzer’s got
a blue check, that’s just not cool anymore. Plus, like, why do we have
to fix climate change if we didn’t create it? Old people got us into
this mess; they should be able
to get us out of it. – You know, I understand
where you’re coming from, but it may be too late
for only old people to solve climate change
by themselves. – Okay, well then, the least
they can do is pay us. You know, young people
deserve compensation for the wrongs that
the previous generation has inflicted on us. – You mean like reparations? – No, reparations are for
things that happened in the past. Y’all are [bleep] us over
in the future. [laughter] [cheers and applause] So like, technically, this is like
pre-reparations, you know? Like, preparations. Wow, I just made up a word. [laughter] – Preparations is a word. – Yeah, because I
just made it up. Here’s how it will work,
you know? You pay young people
in proportion to how much you contributed
to climate change. If you drove a Hummer,
you owe like 1000 bucks. But if you ran a coal mine,
that’s 10 million. And if you drove a Hummer
to the coal mine you own, give us all your passwords;
we’re taking all your shit. Just everything.
– Okay, okay. So the old people pay you, but
then what do the young people use the money for? – Well, we do all the things
that we won’t be able to do once climate change
ruins everything. You know, like visit a glacier or pet an elephant or like, buy Beyoncé tickets. – Well, I feel like now you’re
just using climate change to scam Beyoncé tickets. – No, everything is gonna be
under water, Trevor. That includes Beyoncé. – Okay, all right,
you know what? Grifting aside, the idea
of pre-reparations makes sense. I actually think
I can get behind this. – For real? [scoffs]
Wow, okay. I didn’t think that old people
would get on board so quick, but… [laughter] – Dude, I–like,
I’ve talked to you about– stop calling–I’m not old. You don’t call me old
on the show. Didn’t you get my
voicemail about this? [laughter] – I don’t know what’s–
what’s a voicemail? – It’s a recording of my voice that I send to your phone,
and then you listen to it. – Oh, so it’s like
a mini-podcast for one. That’s so cute.
– Goddamn it. Jaboukie Young-White,
everyone. ♪ ♪ – From Parkland to Congress, young people across the country
are getting political. The 2018 midterm elections
had the highest youth turnout since 1982. That was the year they voted
to legalize open carry– for boom-boxes. College and teenage activism
is on the rise, but how young is too young? – When you say teenage,
how old are we talking? – No! No! Get out of here, R. Kelly! I meant too young politically. – Hey guys, I want to make
a video about why we still need communism. – Meet Sceneable, AKA Dylan. His video “We Need Communism” has over 2 million views, and that’s just the tip
of the iceberg. – Well, on my channel,
actually, I have 4,500,000 views total. – You get better ratings
than “The Daily Show.” – Yeah, um, a lot of people
don’t watch TV anymore. – Excuse me.
Excuse me a second. Hey, Trevor Noah. Hey, what’s up, man?
It’s Roy. I quit. But Sceneable’s
communist agenda has attracted criticism
from one hard-hitting political scholar. – The one line–
“we need communism.” No, no, no. – Meet the Conservative
Capitalist, AKA Tate. – Communism assumes
infallibility in everyone. The chances of that happening
are almost nonexistent. – And he’s got a whole
Christmas list of conservative views. – I’m anti-gun control.
I’m lower taxes. Uh, I’m smaller government. – Smaller government,
like kids? Kid government? – No, not–not quite like that. – Okay, but how many views does this kid pushing
communism have? 4 or 5 million,
something like that? – Around that number. – Okay, now how many views
do you have pushing a conservative agenda? – Definitely… a lot less. – Free market has spoken. Is this really what kids today
are into? – The wage gap is influenced by
things like career choices. – That’s why we still need
Black History Month, racists. – No, no kid cares
about this stuff. It’s got to be the parents
feeding ’em these ideas. Right?
– Uh, no. – Not at all. I had no idea about
the communism video until it went viral. – He didn’t get anything about
politics from me. Football.
– We’re football people. Football over politics
every day of the week. – Wow, really not coming
from the parents. Well, then that leaves
just one question: Why? Why are you into this? – I just find it interesting. I mean, why are you
a newscaster? Well, you get paid, but… – I just had an interest
in politics because these old men in power, if they made one bad decision, North Korea could be nuking us. – Damn, these two were
growing up way too fast. And I know where spouting
your political views on camera gets you: cable news. – Come on, wake up, son. – Stop, stop.
Guys, guys, guys. [overlapping chatter] The same way my dad made me
smoke a whole pack of cigarettes,
I’m gonna teach these kids the dangers of being a pundit. You sure this what you want? ‘Cause if this what you want,
that’s what I’ma give to you. This is what all those
YouTube hours is for. All that editing/ All that porn you decided
to not watch ’cause you into politics. [laughter] – I actually think that we
should just give people a test to see if they can own a gun. – That was a well-thought-out
opinion about gun control. Now yell it into
the camera. – If you support gun control, you’re in favor
of restricting– – Wait a minute,
wait a minute. No, I’m yelling.
I’m yelling! No, keep looking forward.
Don’t look at me! Look at the camera!
Look at America! – We should stop yelling
at each other– – Why should we stop yelling?!
– Because! – Yelling is effective! – If we let
illegal immigrants in, they’re going to destroy
our country! They are breaking the laws!
– Uh-oh, uh-oh! We just found a tweet of yours
from 2001. – I wasn’t even born in 2001. – Just play along with it. Oh, man, this shit was real. – Because you like…
– America! – The way it is right now!
– No! No! – And you don’t want
to change it! – No!
– You want to just stay in– – America!
– Stop. You feel how lost
you feel right now? – I feel like my blood pressure
is rising. – I definitely do feel like I just took ten years
off my life from stress. – I got through to ’em
just in time. Now, to give these kids
an experience they’ll never forget. So make way for Mr. Roy’s
Kiddie Fun Van! [horn blaring] Where the kids at? And I’ve got everything
kids can’t resist. Ah! – Oh, my God.
– Yeah. Huh? Huh? – You got to be kidding me. – Xbox, bean bags, guitars… – Boy, there’s candy.
– Yeah, there’s candy. Doesn’t this feel better than
arguing about gun control? – You know,
to a certain extent, yes. And there you have it. Nowadays, Dylan doesn’t talk
about communism anymore. He makes videos about
electrons and shit. Meanwhile, Tate’s gone back
to his old ways, but at least he put on a coat. And as for little old me, you can catch me riding around
your neighborhood, changing childhoods
one by one. – This feels kind of odd. I mean, the fact that
a grown man has just all of this
in the back of a van is just kind of suspicious
to me. [laughter] – Ohhh. [distant siren] [laughter] I was never here! ♪ ♪ – High school senior
Ethan Lindenberger says his parents’ misguided
beliefs about his health and the health of his
younger siblings put them at risk. He recently defied his mother
and got vaccinated. – Lindenberger thought it was
normal for most kids not to get immunized, but about two years ago, he began to see how
the posts about vaccines his own mother was sharing
on social media were dangerous. In November, Lindenberger
asked strangers on Reddit where he could go to get up
to date with his shots. “My parents are
kind of stupid,” he wrote. “God knows how
I’m still alive.” [laughter] – He had to vaccinate himself?! Imagine you’re in a bedroom
with a syringe. Then your mom walks in
and screams, “Is that a vaccine?!” “No, Mom, it’s heroin,
I swear!” Look, vaccines are
a public good, and I’m willing to do my part
to end this epidemic of stupid. So for any kids or teens
out there whose parents won’t let them
get their shots, here’s my offer. I will adopt you. Will I be a good father? No! I’ll gamble your college fund, I’ll hit on all
your girlfriends and boyfriends. Did I mention I drink vodka
from a Purell bottle? [laughter] But I’d still be better
than anti-vaxxer parents. My adopted kids
would need therapy, but at least they’d be alive. Trevor? – Lewis Black, everyone!