Dear Graduates – A Message From Kid President

Uh Hum. This is for all the graduates. Whether if you are graduating from high school
college talking with you mouth full, whatever I don't know. Let's put on flat hats and dream! This sort of look likes a cat toy. Dream about life! Dream about what's next! Let's dream about a world, where people get along. I mean like can't peace and trouble be friends. I'm looking at you Meghan Trainor! Life is like a really good, sandwich. It's all in how you make it! So fill it with the good stuff! Fill your life with the good stuff people. We've been waiting for this moment, and here we are. It's a good moment. All moment's are if you take a moment. As I look out here today, I see potential. I see future surgeons and future teachers. Future Beyonce's! I take that back there's only one Beyonce. Ber-ber-berrrr You know what? Be your own Beyonce! Yeah I said it, you can be your own Beyonce. The world's more awesome just because you're in it. You add something to every room you enter. And I mean it! You're about to enter some new rooms and they need you. We need every tire and every reach. It's time to make awesome stuff happen. Don't hit pause, it's time to start hitting play. It won't be easy but anything can happen right? I mean have you seen Air Bud? It's a story of a dog playing basketball. There have been like 18 of those movies. Eight-teen Air Buds. I didn't think it was possible but they did it. Make the impossible possible. We all have a capacity for greatness. You could be like Air Bud. I don't want to make you sad but from what I've learned school never ends. There are grown ups who don't share. There are grown-ups who are bullies They need to graduate from that junk. They are all just trying to figure you are well at the in the first you don't succeed y'all are all rabbi all by: you will be no thats yeah awesome and yeah people awesome world yeah so 50 levels happen crumbling ball a just open to all ground lol we need people like people playing
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