Why is Hanuman Called India’s First Diplomat? Indian Foreign Policy

* Many modern diplomatic principles that we
follow owe their existence to Ramayan but how>India Shastra Intro Music * In Ramayana, one day Sita the wife of Ram
is kidnapped by Ravana and taken to Lanka in his private jet. Ram loved Sita so he begin searching for her
he sends Hanuman to locate Sita. Finally Hanuman finds Sita in down south. Sita first unsure of credibility of Hanuman
refuses to talk to him. Eventually Hanuman convinces that he is an
agent of Ram. Then Sita conveys a message to Ram. Hanuman delivers this message to Ram without
tempering it basically he was carrying information from one source to another. Similarly in modern times diplomats do the
same thing they carry information so we can say that diplomats are information agents
and Hanuman the first diplomat of India carried information without manipulation of data. * In the next scenario in the court of Ravana
Hanuman argues to librate Sita. He says that she belongs to Royal family of
India the family is all powerful in India and her husband is popular back there and
so on. Basically it was power projection so when
diplomat goes to other country and initiate dialogue they used to project power. The diplomat glorify Kings powers this tradition
still continues today. * Finally as we go to the scene where Hanuman
infuriates Ravana. Hanuman questions behaviour of Ravana on grounds
of ethics and morality it is against dharma to kidnap wife of another person and keep
her in captivity for such a long period. So Ravana gets angry and orders that Hanuman
should be put to death but Vibhishana the brother of Ravana mediates and says look brother
I know you are angry but Hanuman is foreign state emissary we cannot kill him. So this emerges as first instance of diplomatic
immunity. And this practice follows till date. So in this video we learnt
1. diplomats are information agents 2. second diplomats use tool of power projection
3. third diplomats have immunity well unless you are not in Sparta. The idea and information for this video was
too from Puneet Singh’s book on international relations this book is flooded with such inferences
and figures you can read this book. It is available in e-book format link is given
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Current Affairs 05/07/17 – UPSC, IAS, SSC CGL, CDS, NDA, Group B

all the popular requests have decided to make a video every day on current affairs in most crisp and clear form I'll cover what is happening on databases at national and international levels across sectors I'm beginning it on a very positive note hopefully I will be able to sustain it with your support and in between if I'm not able to make it and then expect the contained in the follow video these videos are going to be from my point of view as to how I look at the news feel free to go further dig deep and if there is anything I miss out then put it up in the comment section so that we all benefit all right then let's begin with the first episode we will first cover the International materials for witness day July 5th 2017 the first one is China opens its bond market to the world now bond market is a financial market where participants can issue new debt they can also buy and sell debt securities so China is now open to foreign investors meaning these foreign investors can buy and sell Chinese debt in simple terms suppose you gave a loan to someone and you are not able to recover it I can buy that loan from you by giving you a lump sum money but at a lesser rate compared to the original amount you owed sometimes it can be at the same rate as well this way what happens is your losses are minimum and for the person who bought your loan they may well recover it or sell it at higher rate that would be not your concern so right now China's debt is around nine point seven trillion dollar the idea behind this is to keep capital in the country rather than encourage capital flight the second one is New Delhi needs to work with the rein to resolve by little issues affecting economic ties now Teheran is the capital of Iran India depends upon Iran and many other Arab countries for oil and the Persian Gulf is the only way for India to connect with Arab countries now the president of Iran is Hassan rouhani and Ali Khomeini is the Supreme Leader you can call him as the ruler so this ruler is very concerned with conflicts that are going on in Yemen Bahrain Gaza which is in Palestine so he is a guy who wants to safeguard the unity of Islamic countries now there is an organization called Organization of Islamic Cooperation wherein all the Muslim countries support each other and India has always been worried about Iran's support for Pakistan now Iran government on multiple times have criticized India's position on Kashmir issue and then Indian government is currently in Israel and if you know Arab countries do not like Israel now this is a growing economic issue for India India has also decided to decrease the volume of Iranian crude oil and we know that India has been developing the famous Chabad seaport in Iran but then Iran said clearly that it won't be exclusive to India so Pakistan and China might also be invited to get involved now previously India used quarter seaport in Balochistan which is in Pakistan to do trade with Afghanistan the very reason behind developing Chau Airport was that India could now go to Afghanistan through Iran now with Rising politics in Arab world India needs to work with rouhani government to ensure that the bilateral ties to not hurt economic ties and the next one is rising tension between India China / second border dispute now dhokala tri junction is the area of concern after 2014 when Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to India India and China's relation has worsened China doesn't want to support India against Pakistan's cross-border terrorism and then they also do not support India's membership in Nuclear Suppliers group in return India is also rejecting Chinese government Silk Road economic belt Nisha t'v then it also doesn't support one China policy on Tibet then a Chief of Army Staff General Bipin Rawat has also said that Indian Army is fully ready for a two and a half front war then India has to fully support Bhutan with whom China has again problems with China seems to be claiming a lot of Putin's territory and according to India Putin friendship Treaty of 2007 it commits India to protect Putin's interest so all these things are fueling India China's relation and sooner or later India has to communicate its strands and the next one is Prime Minister Modi's visit to Israel now I've made a separate video on this you can see the link in the description now we will look at some important national news the new Chief Election Commissioner is HL qu Maggio t he replaced mr. naveen's ID a Chief Election Commissioner can have a tenure of six years or hold office till the age of 65 years whichever is earlier now before leaving mr. society mentioned some key points regarding Election Commission which I felt is important from genuine knowledge point of view so there are some main challenges for the Election Commission the first one is over three crore voters are yet to be enrolled so it's a challenge to get them enrolled the second one is managing the voters so right now the election mission lacks in water management because of this flaw the ruling parties are capitalizing on this issue by misusing the resources and advantages the third one is black money tainted money is being used in funding election campaigns so these are the three main challenges for the Election Commission the next Muses fifth meeting of BRICS Education ministers held in Beijing China now Prakash javadekar is the minister of human resource development in India and he led the Indian delegation to China some of the key points from there is so 12 universities from each of the five countries will engage with each other in education research and innovation and five areas of cooperation has been prioritized which are communication and IT economics climate change water resources and pollution and BRIC study so together these five nations will do research and innovation in these areas let's go to the next news pradhan mantri gram sadak yojana showed a significant success in the first quarter of 2016 to 17 it is being implemented across the country particularly in states having historical deficit of rural roots Assam West Bengal Odisha Bihar Jharkhand Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh Rajasthan Himachal Pradesh jnk an oath roughened so right now it's going at the pace of 130 kilometers per day this project aims to connect one lakh 78,000 184 eligible habitation across the country and the next one is tenth session of India Jordan trade and economic Joint Committee was held in New Delhi it was chaired by nil mala Sitharaman Minister of Commerce and Industry and mr. Europe khuda Minister of Industry Trade and supplied representing the government of Jordan now both the country showed concern towards increasing the bilateral trade in the following fields now currently india imports oil seeds would park cotton gold aluminum waste skins of lands buffaloes polyester and polycarbonate etc and in return we are exporting sugar clean plastic Goods paper carton boxes vehicles cars we put where men and women dresses fabrics etc nor will you go to the agriculture sector so the first one is new method of palasa mangoes cultivation promises big returns now Pune is a variety in mango in pluck assam district of andhra pradesh these offseason mangoes are growing in huge quantity and it is a very profitable business right now this is happening under the system called ultra high density planting system you HTP now high density planting technique is a modern method of fruit cultivation involving planting of fruit trees densely during the month of April mango flowers become visible and they are harvested in august/september that is also the time of onam festival in Kerala so market prices shoot up like anything you see during March in June market is flooded with different types of fruit and these people don't plant it this time they wait for August and September now let's see what's there in health news TB diagnosis is complicated in children right now 5500 of over 76,000 children tested in nine cities have been diagnosed with TB so any amount of drug is non resistant meaning it's doing no use this is a worrying issue this situation is known as multi drug-resistant MDR TB the reason it is a worrying issue is because to get good samples from children to test for TB remains a challenge so traditionally it was said that TB came to children through elders at home with whom they were close but then this new MDR TB so MDR is multi drug-resistant TB this infection is a primary infection this is what is worrying and also children samples are very sensitive to TB test because it involves usage of acid alcohol that erodes the sample now we'll go to the science section increase in the production of Indian pompano now Indian pompano is a marine fish these are eatable it contains omega-3 and six fatty acids it is sold in the domestic market at 200 to 300 per kg these fish are found mostly in Bay's and lagoons with that you should be able to figure out the coastal places in India now bays and lagoons exist in Kerala Gorgoroth and the man under predation Tamil Nadu these are genetically breaded fish it is a step to boost Indian aquaculture business now let's go to the next one NASA revealed stunning image of Jupiter so there is a spacecraft called Juno that is orbiting around Jupiter this picture has been taken by telescope Giovanni which is stationed at Hawaii in Pacific Ocean now these images help guide NASA's exploration to the giant planet Jupiter now Jupiter is after Mars and before Saturn asteroid belt exist in between Mars and Jupiter Jupiter is a giant gas planet composed mainly of hydrogen and helium now let's see some environmental news so in Durban mangroves is losing forest cover so mangroves represent an important part of ecosystem because millions of people both in India as well as in Bangladesh depends on mangrove forests for food water and forest products so here basically the trees are used to make boats and bridges which are most common for inland transportation during the colonial era forests were cut to facilitate cultivation and today due to climate change and rise in sea level it is making the islands of suburban shrink now massive land portion is getting eroded year by year because this region is a low-lying area we know that parts of these hundre buns are legally protected as national parks and sanctuaries and there is a special focus on tiger conservation but if there is so much erosion going on there will be no national parks and sanctuaries and these animals and reptiles cannot be migrated to other locations India has turned to Netherlands for a sustainable solution there is also a strong case for international climate finance to be channelized to India and Bangladesh for the region's preservation natural resources in this region faces pressure from both local communities and global climate change rise in crocodile nestings in Orissa now beetle kanika National Park on the Orisha coast is India's home to these saltwater crocodiles currently they are increasing in number these crocodile nests have been found in Guyana the range which is here the Government of India along with United Nation Development Program has worked towards the growth of the population of saltwater crocodiles since 1977 the pit Okanagan National Park is a place where these rivers from money better need Tamra and partial amid the Bay of Bengal the mangrove wetland and large number of muddy creeks provide perfect condition for estuarine crocodiles to nest moreover the nesting sites of crocodiles are located at places where tidal waves cannot wash away the eggs crocodiles lay their egg by mid-may and it hatches after 75 days apart from Odisha large habitats for saltwater crocodiles are found in swim bourbons in West Bengal and in the large mangrove wetlands of the Andaman Islands in India we have three types of protoid they are salt water crocodile mugger crocodiles and Koreans so these were the important Current Affair materials that I have found in the news of witnessed a July 5 2007 teen let me know your thoughts about this first episode thanks for watching and I'll see you tomorrow