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Conservative leadership candidates admit to illegal drug use

the race to become Britain's next prime minister kicked off this weekend with headlines about Michael Gove zkn Kayne confession rather than promises on brexit the Environment Secretary admitted he had taken the class a drug while working as a journalist in his 30 a head of Revelation set to come out in an upcoming biography ghost drugs past is not unique Boris Johnson has admitted and joked about taking cocaine and cannabis while other wannabe prime ministers like Rory Stewart admitted he'd smoked opium in Iran 15 years ago and Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said it enjoyed a cannabis lassi while backpacking around India today Andrea led some said she smoked weed at University and even Dominic rabe confessed it smoked cannabis as a student though he insisted he'd never touched Class A drugs fines up but I again perhaps that's why mr. Robb was so forgiving of his rival I think Michael set out he made a mistake it was a long time ago people will judge it as it is but I do believe in a second chance society more generally stealing it's damaged him that's not for me to say I think actually I'd rather buy his honesty but people like met police chief Cressida dick have increasingly warned of the dangerous disconnect between middle-class Britain talking away their recreational drug use and the very real misery and violent crime that exists within the trade fair to say commissioner that some of these middle class dinner parties that send out for cocaine on the weekend or whenever it might be they've actually got blood on their hands or some of the people who are dying on the streets I think anybody who is seeking recreational in inverted commas drugs particularly Class A drugs yes I think that is a good way to put it and today from a drugs policy campaigner list criticism you know it is a grave hypocrisy because obviously they've admitted to using drugs in the past but of course they haven't suffered any of the consequences of the sort of very punitive and repressive drug policies and laws that we have in the United Kingdom but in the leafy constituency of serve ative sorry heath where Michael Gove is the MP voters seemed remarkably relaxed we've all done things in our younger years which perhaps weren't quite the wisest thing to do were you shocked to find out that Michael Gove has done cocaine no it shouldn't have a great deal of influence over somebody's career thirty years hence what do you make of his admission this weekend that he took cocaine doesn't matter does it we did we spoke about this this morning and we both agreed that it was 20 years ago no never she says it remains to be seen whether the heartland of Tory Britain will be so laid back candidates have until Monday to be nominated before MPs vote in a series of secret ballots with the final choice made by party members on the 22nd of June or joining me now is the Conservative MP Alberto Costa who's backing Michael Gove in the conservative leadership race and Marcellus bass a former gang member and drug dealer who now runs the charity switch-up which works with young people in Nottingham to steer them away from crime Alberto Acosta first do you think that Michael Gove should be criticized for breaking the law in the past or praised for his honesty well sunlight is the best disinfectant and I welcome the fact that the Tory leadership candidates who have taken drugs have admitted to that I think that's the right thing to do look Michael has admitted to having taken drugs I think two three decades ago before he was married 20 have already had any children before he had any prospect of been a member of parliament he's right to have said it was a mistake for which he terribly regrets it but let me be clear the reason I've accepted coming on this evening Kathy on your program is Michael's made a promise to me that he's going to protect the rights of 3.6 million EU nationals whose rights were wrongly put on the negotiating table no other leadership candidate has yet declared that okay so I that's Michael that's the other plane yes sir because he's got the right skill set okay we'll debate that on another occasion but yes I appreciate that muscle espoused you think this is hip-hop krisi or honesty on part michael day i think it's honestly and i think that is good that is honest because this is highlighted an even bigger issue is highlighted the issue of middle-class people buying drugs having dinner parties and then purchasing them drugs is actually directly contributing to young people losing their lives knife crime massive youth violence it's contributing to sexual exploitation and county lines now for me the sooner they realize that this crime purchasing drugs is not just the victimless silent crime the sooner we can start looking at solutions and solutions can be not just educating people with hoodies but people in ties to oh that's a good point is now but a cost what i'd like to please most jealous and the thousands of voluntary workers and other charity staff members that do the work that people ain't much else do in our country the specific about me try to use all my cue go into the problem understand that but the problems that we see in society are usually as a result of very vulnerable people will fall into gangs who take drugs and actually what the Marcello's does mustn't be belittled with today's political stories fueling that I mean cressida dicks point he saw it in the in the in the film there the Justice Secretary David Gork says that middle-class people who use cocaine should feel a degree of guilt and responsibility when they see teenagers being murdered in Hackney East London pretty sobering isn't it and I agree with them and I think that's why it's right that Boris and Dominick and all the other individuals who are standing for the leadership like Michael have admitted to taking drugs have said very clearly it was a mistake and I reticle I think it's right that we have sunlight as a disinfectant on this matter but I want to go a step further three hours ago I was in a cafe Cathy in London having a late lunch and I offered her two ladies talking about Michael and Boris and I adopted them and ask them about today's media news do you know what these lady said to me it's of absolutely no importance what is important is how we exit the European Union is the issue of the garages jump in near the fact that your middle-class people are purchasing drugs is causing a direct need for people and a monopoly for people than to sell the drugs and that in fact is causing directly youth violence knife crime and young people that I work with losing their lives and that other people family members are losers losing their lives and for me that it's very important that we start looking at the whole of society rather than certain aspects of society and we need to be looking at solutions to be able to address that with people from all walks of society and that's what we really need to look at Michael sorry Michael was not just a guy was like a student or at school or some he was actually a journalist he was a professional he was in in in a line of work a professional guy a journalist taking cocaine and that's happening right across the country this is nothing new to me Cuffy it has been happening for years and years middle class people buying drugs having dinner parties and not knowing the impact it's having on communities when you were part of a gang that was dealing drugs who were your customers there was people there was people in middle class professionals there was judges doctors all kinds of people from all walks of life so I know that it's been happening for a very very long time but the the fact that there like hasn't the focus hasn't been shining there it's been looking at you know deprived communities single parents lack of education we need to be looking at the whole picture to really look at solution isn't he allowed past though and to own up to a mistake in the past and to be honest about that deserves some credit doesn't it I believe that this is a bigger issue that's highlighted the fact that middle-class people do buy drugs have been buying drugs and will always be buying drugs and what we need to do is educate them and educate you know around the fact of what impact this is actually happening having on people's lives kids are dying out there well I spoke earlier today to sort Kristen blunt a colleague of mine a senior conservative and I think he would agree with much of what Marcello's has said sir Crispin wants to have initiate the debate in Parliament and bringin on the Accord he's memorizing at least having a discussion on drugs what I can see from my part is I think the time has probably arrived or we need to have a debate on this I don't know what the rights and wrongs are mohei alice is an expenditure on this very briefly have you yourself ever taken Class A drugs I'm here today to talk about have you yourself a new translation read about this Cathy we just raised disinfectant idealistic and when when when journalists call politicians to talk about drugs are usually on a male I didn't I came here today to make very clear that Michael Golf has made pledges to 3.6 million EU nationals you haven't answered my question I will ensure that that may see just loudly conveyed across the country I take your silence speaks volume at all Alberto costume Marcellus bears thank you very much for joining me

27 politicians in narco-list win in 2019 polls – PNP | ANC

27 politicians with alleged links to illegal drugs were among the winners in the midterm elections here in the Philippines that's according to Philippine national police chief Oscar Alvarado who says most of the so-called narco politicians were elected as mayor and governor but they're still being investigated despite their victory according to Alba alder out of the 47 nasan our coolies 37 and Tomek bow at 27 and Anala Union NASA Dayton I mean Panera Nikita no evidence and a vanilla they'll be filed cases both criminal and administrative police also recorded 225 incidents of vote-buying during the mid term polls 356 arrests were made al-bayada says police will remain on full alert we are not lowering our guards yet and all election security measures will be similarly implemented in the succeeding days and weeks until the official culmination of the election period on June 12 you