Trump Cult Member FURIOUS at Being Called Cultist

We have a voicemail number. That number is two. One nine two, David P, uh, yesterday I talked
about the cult like nature of Trumpists, both a cult of personality around Trump, but also
the very cult like behavior of many of Trump’s followers, which includes, um, uh, always
finding reasons why the bad things that Trump does aren’t really bad. Ignoring information about bad things that
Donald Trump does. We talked about it all before. I got a voicemail yesterday from a Trumpist
who says he is not pleased with me making the cultist analogy. Take a listen to this. Yeah. Just watch your show. Will you, um, lambasted, uh, Tucker Carlson
and I’m a Trump supporter and there are 62 million of us, or 60 million of us, and you’re
really condescending and insulting to us that we’re not smart enough to think on her own
or how we’re gonna pay for something. I’m, I mean, it’s ridiculous the way you talk
about us, that we’re a cult. Are you kidding me? No one’s going to put me in a Colt. No politician is going to brainwash me into
voting for them. Yeah. I mean, you know, one of the things that’s
important to understand about cults is nobody who’s in a cult thinks they’re in a cult until
sometimes after they’ve left the cult. No one who is brainwashed believes that they
have been brainwashed. Because knowing you’ve been brainwashed would
be an antidote to the brainwashing. And the reality is a lot of people who voted
for Trump are ignorant people. I, I’ve said before, there’s ignorant people
on all sides of the political spectrum. If someone in an uninformed way votes for
a Democrat or a progressive or whatever, it’s not any less informed than an ignorant Republican
voter. I would be glad if they end up making the
right decision. But there’s uninformed and ignorant voters
on both sides. But as I said before, there are basically
three categories of people who voted for Donald Trump. And I know this pisses a lot of people off
there. Ignorant people, right? People who just didn’t know what they were
voting for, they didn’t understand they were, they either fell for things Trump said that
were impossible and said, this is why I’m gonna vote for the guy without realizing that
the, the, the, the, the, they were impossible promises or they just don’t pay attention
to the politics. Ignorance to some degree. There are people who are cognitively limited
and that, again, I’m not insulting anybody, it’s just there’s a lot of people in, in the
electorate who vote, but they don’t really have the cognitive capacity to understand
what is going on. It’s not ignorance, but it’s a limitation. And then you have just what I would call bad
people and I know that good, bad is, it’s a very rudimentary and unsophisticated way
to categorize. But what I mean by bad people is it’s not
people who are cognitively limited. It’s not people who are ignorant to the facts. It’s people who understand exactly what it
is that Donald Trump is promising and they like it, right? They like it because it’s good for them personally
because of taxes, for example, or whatever. Those are the three categories. I’ve still not met anyone to this day who
voted for Trump, who doesn’t fall into one of those three categories and I will completely
concede to you that there are people on the left, at least with two of those three categories
that we could identify as well. Prove me wrong. I’m open to having my mind changed. We’ve got a great bonus show for you today. We will talk about the repositioning of a
coalition forces thanks to Donald Trump’s Iran belligerence. We will talk about CNBC using the wrong pictures
on screen for presidential candidates, Andrew Yang and tool C Gabbert and we will also talk
about kids who have been shot after throwing snowballs at passing cars. This reminds me of something former producers
[inaudible] Louis and I used to do all of those stories
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Caller ATTACKS David Over Fake Word (That Exists)

We have a voicemail number. That number is
two one nine two. David P. I love it when I get voicemails like this. Many of you know,
English is my second language. Uh, I uh, initially spoke Spanish for the
first roughly six years of my life. I came to the U S knowing two words stop and blue.
And I remember seeing a stop sign when we arrived and left the airport in 1989 and,
uh, because I immediately recognized a word, I thought this is going to be great. I’m going
to do great at this. So anyway, uh, I got a a voicemail from someone who considers themselves
sort of a linguist. And who is saying, David, I know English is your second language. You
use the word that doesn’t exist yesterday except the word does exist. Take a listen
to this voicemail. Hey Dave, this is doc Smith calling. Um, look,
it’s a little bit, a bit of a linguist. I just wanted to tip you off. You kind of, uh,
use the word that didn’t exist about nine minutes, nine minutes or so. And your show
on the seventh, you talked about, uh, the framers you were talking about checks and
balances out of the framers never anticipated having somebody like president Trump who would
fill out wrong word. The word is wants F, L a, U N T either in that flaunt the norms.
Now to your credit, English is your second language. I understand that. And I can also
say I’ve heard several other media folks also use that. Listen, um, if you are a linguist, I would
imagine you would Google the word. The word is flout, F L. O. U. T. and it sounds like
you are a native English speaker, but I understand that we do have problems in the United States
with, with education. The word is flout. The definition is to openly disregard, to disregard
a rule or a law, a convention or a norm. I spoke correctly. Donald Trump is flouting
the checks and balances and norms and laws that were put in place by the framers of the
United States in that he is disregarding them. It’s not flaunting. Flaunting would actually
be the wrong word here. Flout is the correct word. The more you know, we have a great bonus
show for you today. We will talk about that Covington high school lawsuit. We will talk
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Hispanic Caller Ridiculed by Racist Coworker

Let’s go to our caller from the five seven
zero area code. Who’s calling today from five, seven zero. Hi David, this is Hector. Hector. Oh, great. Um, so I w I have two questions to ask you. Um, so the, the first one is the most, um,
like, um, how do you want to say, like the most serious question, which is like, Oh,
not a question, but more like a comment actually. Um, like, you know how you were saying I’m,
I’m Hispanic and, uh, uh, you are Hispanic as well and you know how you were saying like,
you don’t consider yourself to be necessarily, um, of color. Right? Um, well, my skin is very, it’s fairly, um,
light. So I’m from the Dominican Republic and a lot
of Dominican Dominicans are, are darker. Yup. Um, out of my work, uh, I have, uh, um, uh,
well not necessarily like I’m manager, but he’s like higher up on me and he’s just wasn’t
making more messed up jokes in the workplace about Dominicans. Um, and I live in the Northeast Pennsylvania,
uh, area and he’s from Hazleton. And, uh, it was just like super annoying and
I basically took him to the side and I was like, dude, what are you doing? This is so annoying and you have no idea how
stupid you sound. Yup. You feel like there’s a lot of my to grow
up from this. People around here like that are, um, you
know, just when they’re in their ways, you know. Um, I dunno. But, um, the other question or my, my actual
question is, uh, what are your favorite Argentinian rod pants? Uh, okay. So, so I want to get back to that first thing
cause it’s interesting, but some Argentinian bands I like include, um, Fabulosos Cadillacs. Autentico [inaudible] um, petticoats I saw
that’s reggae, saw them here in Boston actually. Uh, [inaudible] is a great band. Um, there’s just so many, there’s so many
great Argentinian rock bands. But, so what, what was your coworkers reaction
when you said, Hey, you know, I, I don’t like, I don’t like those comments that you’re making. So my coworkers reaction was, um, like, uh,
dude, uh, I understand, I apologize and only start stuff. And he did apologize. But you know, I just feel like, um, it’s an
a very fake plane that he did that. Right. Well, it’s not like you saying something is
going to change. This person’s deeply held beliefs. Right. It might make them moderate what they say
in public, but it’s not like saying one thing will actually get them to reconsider their
views more than likely. Yeah, absolutely. I agree 100%. Yeah. I just like I w I wish there was a better
way for me. It makes sense. We are such a small company. We don’t have an HR and I wish that we, there
was a better way of me being able to deal with this. Right. Um, but I dunno. Uh, yeah I just wanted to like break out,
you know, first time calling or doing something ever like this. So. Yeah. All right Hector, very good. Appreciate you sharing the story. It sounds horrible. I’ve had similar situations myself and that
it is, it is very, very ugly. I hope to hear from you again. Thank you so much for the call.

Caller: Trump Supporters Are Like R. Kelly Defenders

We have a voicemail number. That number is two one nine two David P. before
we get to that membership special results. We did a membership special on January one
called our 2020 membership special and 206 people took advantage of it. 206 people in the first couple of days of
the year have signed up as new members taking advantage of this discount. The code is still available. If you want to email me, I will send you the
code and uh, maybe we can even get it to 250, 206 people so far. Okay. Here is a color sort of equating the cult
of personality around Trump and Trump supporters to that of those who were defending RNB, singer
R Kelly, despite credible, uh, numerous allegations of sexual assault, uh, weird urination stuff
and holding women essentially a prisoner. Take a listen to this call. Hi David. It’s Russell from Alabama. I had two things to bring to your attention. I’ve noticed a slight similarity in the cultist
mindset of Donald Trump’s impeachment equal to that of our Kelly’s trials. People denied the pee tapes and the testimonies
and the phone calls and all these things. I kind of see the same thing happened with
Donald Trump and his cult followers. Also, this whole thing about the impeachment
would nullify his term and therefore he would get to run again. [inaudible] is pretty dumb on its face because if that
were the case then when the Republicans had the house in the Senate, wouldn’t they have
simply impeached their own candidates to keep him in for another term? She doesn’t make any sense. Yeah, it doesn’t. So listen, first of all, uh, it’s a, it’s
an aggressive, uh, comparison Trump supporters to R Kelly defenders. Um, but it’s not crazy and I appreciate you
making it. You’re, you’re absolutely right that, uh,
if you could, by virtue of impeachment give a president eligibility for an entire additional
term, you would see it strategically done by members of the president’s party. And I think at most, um, you could argue that
if Trump was, they actually, you know, I can’t think of any way in which it makes sense. I was going to say, if you, if you convict
Trump on impeachment and he ends up not serving out his last year, that he could conceivably
be eligible to be vice president in the future, and if the president died, maybe he could
serve out the remainder of someone else’s term, but even that doesn’t really make sense
because you might be precluded altogether if you’re convicted on impeachment. I don’t know the answer, but it’s a very crazy
thing to say. For sure. We’ve got a great bonus show for you today. Two ways to get access to the bonus show,
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Why did Trump win? Look to post-Cold War politics

A people who were bewildered and enraged,
who felt that they had no place to stand, turned the country over to someone who is
manifestly ill-equipped to serve as president, because they were intent on repudiating the policy consensus that had existed during the post-Cold War period. Now, that’s a phrase I use in the book to
refer to the period, roughly quarter-century, between the end of the Cold War, fall of the
Berlin Wall, 1989, to the election of Donald Trump in 2016. 1989, a moment of enormous euphoria, we believed
we had won, we had triumphed. We believed, in the famous title of the essay
by Francis Fukuyama, that “the end of history” had arrived. And I argue that a policy elite, from that
moment on, set out to exploit what they believed as our great triumph. And their exploitation took the form of some
very specific notions. One of them was globalization, the conviction
that corporate capitalism on a global scale was going to create unprecedented wealth and,
they believed, work to the benefit of everyone. They also believed in a permanently supreme
American military power that could keep order in the planet and bring about the further
advance or export of American values. And operationalizing those ideas, which is
what the post-Cold War presidents — Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama — did, led to results
quite other than those expected. Globalization did make
some people really, really rich. And it also created economic inequality that
we have never seen in our nation, at least never seen since the end of the 19th century. It left behind millions and millions of Americans. And this notion of American military supremacy
as enabling us to keep order and to export our values, well, all it did was to plunge
us into a series of wars, some of which we don’t have any idea how to end. So, I think what happened — there are lots
of explanations for how Trump got elected. The earlier discussion of ads on Facebook,
I’m sure, played a role. But my argument would be that the central
explanation for Trump’s victory, that the election was a repudiation. It was Americans who were not served, and
indeed were hurt, by the post-Cold War consensus saying, “No, we’re not going to put up
with this anymore.” Unfortunately, that led to the election of
somebody who is utterly incapable of correcting the mistakes of the post-Cold War period,
reuniting the country and putting us on a more sensible course, hence the continuation
of this crisis, which will last throughout the Trump years and, in all likelihood, will
last beyond the Trump years.

David CONFRONTED on Tupac vs Biggie

Let’s go next to our caller from the six three
zero area code. Who’s calling today from six three zero is that me? Yes it is. Hey Dave, this is Ruben and I want to congratulate
you on almost crossing 800,000 subscribers. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. So I have a question when it comes to hip
hop. Okay. So out of the three hip hop artists, uh, who
would you choose personally? Tupac or notorious big, known as biggie or
easy? Uh, I would go with Tupac myself. I mean, it’s, uh, it’s, it’s pretty cut and
dry. Yeah. I w I, I absolutely agree. Even though I like them all and the majority
of the new hip hop artists who I would choose to pop out of all out of all the hip hop artists, I’m less familiar with easy ease material
and I don’t want to make it seem like, I think Tupac is orders of magnitude greater than
a notorious pig. But I do think that for me the decision is
clear. Yeah. I’ve, I’ve listened to easy, but I, and his
songs are pretty amazing, but I think vog is way better than easy. All right, well you’ve, you’ve drawn a line
in the sand and we will see how the audience reacts. All right, sure. No problem. Thank you for the call and a happy new year. Okay, thanks. Hi. Happy new year as well. Thank you so much

What the Hell is Going on with David’s Bellybutton?

Hey David, this is a funny question. Hey David, can you tell us the truth about
what’s going on with your belly button? I know people who had appendectomies and very
strange things happened to their belly buttons. Can you come clean? All right. This is sort of weird and personal, but I
will briefly mention it. Maybe this is not the right story to listen
to if you’re having breakfast or something right now. So on October 2nd I had an emergency appendectomy. They tend to always be emergencies as far
as I know, and it was fortunately laparoscopic rather than an open of my uh, abdomen. This means that three small incisions are
made indeed. One of those incisions was just below my belly
button. That is the one according to my surgeon who
was great, who said, and again this I, I’m going into detail here. He said, that is the incision through which
the appendix is removed. There is no doubt that after, in fact, when
I was still sort of on anesthesia, I remember lifting my shirt and looking down to see what
was going on and it was not good. My entire stomach had been shaved. I had a surgical glue and stitches and it
was, it was crazy. Uh, but I’ll tell you the truth, I was convinced
my belly button would remain looking very, very different forever because it looked so
different after the, um, the, the surgery, it turns out that like 90% of it was just
the surgical glue that they use, which has kind of a purple color as that fell off. And again, I apologize if it’s too much information
here, but people ask as that fell off, uh, the belly buttons really looking pretty good. You still see the incision, of course, it’s
totally scarred over at this point and it still hurts the tiniest bit sometimes in certain
positions. But now that the hair has grown back in, I’m
really pretty pleased I have to say with how my, uh, belly button is looking. Thank you to the have very good handiwork
of, uh, dr Matthew NAES over at Faulkner hospital in Boston because you really did a very good
job. Uh, and I, the, the belly button is looking
fine, so I appreciate the concern. Assuming that this was not a trolling question
and, um, it’s kind of weird, uh, to even be going in this direction. But that is the answer and I have nothing
else to say about it and don’t know that I will have anything more in the future. We’ve got a great bonus show for you today,
producer Pat. Taking the reins of the Friday bonus show,
we will see you then. Sign up, get instant access at, join
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Hey Prickless, Trump Will Win “Unanimously”

we have a voicemail number. That number is two one nine two David P here
is a voicemail to wrap up the year. So riddled with crazy that I don’t even know
where to start. Take a listen. A prickling. How’s you in the quirky Clinton lowers and
the black Muslim Obama overs? You know, I’ll tell you, you’re going to start
a civil war II. People pick on Trump. It’s going to win unanimously. A second term close. He doesn’t have a case. That’s why she goes, isn’t going to bring
the articles over to the Senate. Also, you know, you pick on everything. If it was Obama, the Muslim or crooked Clinton
or Biden, you don’t say anything about him. Don’t criticize them. They’re perfect. They’re Jesus reincarnated. You know, why don’t you pick on Lonnie and
next what size, what kind of tampon does she use? And what about the skid marks and Barron’s
Paty way you people are idiots. You know, you’re a communist in plain English,
and the capitalism is gonna win. And uh, you know, why don’t you go back to
South America where you came from? You go, where’s your little buddy, Patty? Uh, he’s not satisfying your wisdom anymore, right? So, listen, we’re used to the homophobia. We’re, we’re used to all of that stuff. Uh, I’ve heard, go back to South America many
times. Remember I am a citizen of the United States. Uh, but also, you know that we don’t criticize
Democrats and we criticize Democrats all the time. And in fact, I was just, I was just criticized
myself for being critical of the way that some Democrats are couching certain political
issues. Uh, I, I love that he says Trump’s going to
win unanimously. That I don’t know that they know that this
person knows what that means. Does unanimous mean that Trump’s going to
win every state? Is Trump going to win any, every vote? What does that mean unanimously? Uh, and then again, this idea that I’m a communist,
first of all, uh, that’s not true. And secondly, the idea that the threat is
from communism in the United States is laughable. There is no threat from communism in the sense
that there is no clamoring to turn the United States into a communist, uh, state reminiscent
of others that we have seen in history. So this is who we’re fighting since this is
the last voicemail is 2019. Here’s my message that I attached to it. We can’t convince those people to see reason
and come to our side. So let’s not try. Let’s not waste our time. 2020 starts tomorrow. Let’s focus on finding the half of the country
that doesn’t vote and getting the people that already agree with us to understand the importance
of getting out and casting a ballot in 2020 that’s it for today. Pat’s got the bonus show today. I will be back with you on January 2nd to
kick off the David Pakman show, the David Pakman [email protected]

What Do You Want in 2020?

Okay. I want to sort of do a reset of 2019
for the David Pakman show. And then maybe more importantly, I want to hear from you
about what you want from us in 2020 really important, uh, stuff, particularly when there
are so many forces working against independent media. In many ways. 2019 was an awesome year for
the David Pakman show. A few numbers for you. Podcast downloads. We’re up 71% 2019 over
2018 is 71% an incredible number. YouTube views were up 29% we had 93 million views
in 2018 up to 121 million views in 2019 very solid YouTube subscribers, notably up 88%
we started 2019 with 418,000 subscribers and we ended 2019 with 789,000 subscribers a big,
big year as far as YouTube subscriptions go. Also paid memberships up 86% I set a couple
of weeks ago when that, uh, racist Kansas troll called in and said, David, your membership
program is an embarrassment. It’s just not going to work. It’s not happening. Paid memberships
membership started in 2010 okay, so we had 2010 2011 2012 2013 you get the point during
2019 almost doubling paid memberships up 86% now it’s not all ginger snaps and waterfalls,
areas of difficulty. You continue to be the monetization of our content on various platforms. YouTube being a a a top one. So my question
to you is what do you want in 2020 do you want more international politics? Do you want
more live streams of special events the way we did over the last couple of months with
impeachment hearings and debates, so on and so forth. Are you interested in more long
form pieces? If so, what subjects are interesting to you? Is there a particular type of election
coverage that you do want or you don’t want? How often should we be talking about polling?
For example, how often should we be talking about whatever I want to hear from you about
this. Do you want the show canceled altogether? Do you want me to quit and turn the show over
to producer Pat? It will be the David Pakman show no longer hosted by David Pakman. Are
you interested in us coming to you from primary States on election days last year or last
election? For example, on primary day in 2016 in New
Hampshire, we were talking to voters in, was it Manchester or Keene? I don’t even remember.
I must’ve been Manchester. I don’t remember where I was, but it was, that’s something
that we are looking at doing. So the show has always been guided and directed by the
audience. So I want to hear from you. What are you interested in seeing for 2020? What
do you think will provide value? What do you think will be useful in that other media outlets
are not doing it? And if you don’t want anything to change, don’t worry. The show will remain
the show. I always want to iterate, see what we can do better, see what we can tweak. But
the show will basically remain the David Pakman show. One last question on this. Are there
other platforms you believe the David Pakman show should be on? Um, we get a lot of invitations to put the
show on new platforms and I will test some out and some don’t work out. A notably Jordan
Peterson’s think spot is one that did not work out for us in 2019 there is a new platform
that we’re on that is actually really exciting. It’s called a library. It’s L B R Y. Dot TV.
We’ve quietly added our back catalog and new content to library. I’ve not been promoting
it yet. We’ve picked up about 1100 subscribers so far. It looks like it has legs. It’s a
very cool platform where people leave tips in an on platform currency called LBC tokens.
It works really well on like a lot of these platforms. There’s a link in the video description.
If you’re watching this on YouTube, you can also just go to LBR Y. Dot. TV. You can either
download the desktop application or you can just access the content on the website itself. Um, it’s a very, very cool platform. We will
be posting all of our content there in 2020 and I will probably have a more to say about
it upcoming. So let me know. Should we be on new platforms stuff you want us to add
stuff you want us to take away? Everything’s fine. Just keep doing what we’re doing. Always
welcome a suggestions. Send me a tweet at D Pacman or a, shoot me an email. Go to David and use our contact form. Uh, we’d love to hear from you.

Why is David Smitten with Steven Destiny Bonnell II?

Okay, we have a voicemail number. That number is two one nine two David P. now
this is going to be a voicemail that relates to a lot of online culture stuff. So if you’re like a radio listener or your
watch on free speech TV and you don’t know anything about this, I envy you. Just give me the next 90 seconds to do this
and then we’re going to move on. There’s an online streamer named Steven destiny
Banella the second, he’s a personal friend of mine. When I was in Los Angeles, we went to dinner
along with a couple other people. Very nice guy personally. Uh, he streams a lot of political debates,
video games, whatever. He’s been around for awhile. I’ve had him on the show after the democratic
debate last week. We appeared on each other’s channels and we
had a conversation. Um, a couple of people, including this color
is furious, furious that I appear, as he says, smitten with destiny. Take a listen to this. Hello David. This is Chuck from California. Ah, David, David, David. Come on man. Why are you smitten with Steven bottle the
second or AKA destiny? You realize destiny passes. These, excuse me, throws out these very dismissive
criticisms of progressive and he, he kisses or is it up to or rather support people like
John Belaney, you listen to some of his arguments. He’s very pro corporate. He’s very anti less anti progressive. He is anti, um, universal Medicare for all
single payer health care. Do you not know this about him? Listen, um, this is just a friend of mine,
right? I, I have friends and we disagree about abortion. I have friends and we disagree about God. I have friends and we disagree about the best
path forward for Medicare. Um, the idea that, I mean listen is sort of
just a, it’s a goof that that’s nonsense. But the idea that there are these purity tests
or check boxes or whatever, I mean, listen, I don’t have friends who are out and out,
white nationalists. I do have friends from where I, you know,
growing up in high school who have unenlightened views about race, for example. Um, people have all sorts of different friends
and acquaintances and this idea that you shouldn’t even talk to people who do this or believe
that or the other thing, uh, you, you know, the, the, uh, the idea that I’m going to apologize
because I talked to destiny is absolutely ridiculous and I hope that this type of stuff
doesn’t, but I don’t really care what parameters different people use to decide who to associate
with. I have my parameters and other people might
have others. My only concern and the reason I bring it
up on the show, even when a lot of people don’t necessarily know who destiny is or care
about this, this issue, um, is that to the extent that it can affect our removal of Donald
Trump or our ability to win elections in the Senate and the house at the local level, governor’s
mansions, so on and so forth. That’s where I worry about this type of approach. The, how dare I even be friendly with Steven
Brunel. He’s more pro corporate than I am. Come on guys, come on. This is, this is not productive. Um, we will have today a very special bonus
show where producer Pat will explain what’s going on with the David Pakman show to people
in the audience. Because today’s kind of a weird show in some
ways, and you’ll find out about that on the bonus show. And then the next week of shows, it’s also
going to be strange and bizarre in some ways. So on today’s bonus show, producer Pat will
fill you all in, get instant access. Did the bonus show by becoming a [email protected]
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