hello guys I'm Ilona and today I will be talking in English and I wanted to talk about the topic of Todd cosmetics launching lashes with named Kosova which is a really sensitive subject to Serbian people three days ago Todd released the first picture of the lashes which are a cooperation with the influencer exterior glam she has 1.7 million followers on Instagram is a really well-known Beauty influencer and her name is anneka she was raised or born I don't know really in Kosovo and she wanted to name the lashes after the country she was born in she has two styles of lashes you can see them here one is cassava and one is 0-200 so you may ask yourself if you are not so V and what is exactly the problem here she just named lashes after the country she was born it since when eco lives in America I guess she is not that prone to the issues it causes or Serbian people and Albanian people that live in Kosovo which is a self-declared independent country in the Balkans and our legislation in Serbia doesn't recognize the independency of Kosovo but a lot of countries in the EU and America do recognize the independence as so the problem started when a few Serbian influences caught on picture and just started sharing it with people other people wanted to see me talk about this and wanted to see what I thought about this so I wanted to make a video and explain what the problem is Serbian people of course follow taught and we are a third world country but I would say that we love makeup we have a lot of makeup influences we have a lot of makeup enthusiasts so obviously we know and buy from Tarte cosmetics but the problem is that Serbian people felt really disrespected it's still a very very sensitive – in Serbia it's still a very sensitive political issue and there is constant argument between flora government and Kosovo or Albanian governments so it's an ongoing argument it never stops 20 years ago we were at war and both sides were fighting for their homes their lives and both sides lost a lot of people a lot of loved ones and I personally know Serbians who had to flee Kosovo because of the aggression and I also know Albanians who had a lot of bad things happen to them that's how war basically work no one wins and especially now after 20 years none of us younger people were a part of the war and we still have that friction between nations and that hate that is just really sad because I have friends from Albania it's sad to see brand like like Todd creating friction between two nations I see why a lot of Serbian people would be hurt by the name a lot of Serbian people lost their families a lot of Serbian people lost their homes always like that in a war both sides variance a lot of loss and both sides lose loved ones homes my friends that are Albanian had nothing to do with it it's useless to hate someone because of what our countries and our governments did because basically in the end it's always politics politics really ruin everything and politics are the reason why we hate each other so I don't know if they knew how much they would hurt a whole nation and I don't know if they knew how much friction at work it would cause and how much hateful comments it would cause and when you look at the comments section you can see a lot of arguments mostly in Serbian it just caused a lot of hate to resurface among younger people which is really sad when you look at the comments you see girls and people that are not older than 30 I think and it just causes us to like have these arguments full of hate because of a name and I don't think it's a good marketing move away Nika who did a collaboration with heart she wanted to name the lashes after a country she recognizes it's the same as an Ricci naming the lip collection with LaPlante Montenegro a lot of us don't see the other side which is that probably all of the Albanian people living in Kosovo recognized Kosovo as an independent republic it's an infinite argument which doesn't need more fuel added to it because such a huge branch shouldn't be causing any problems like this and I know that every marketing is good marketing but I don't think that inspiring hate would be good for any brand I don't think that brands should name their product after very sensitive topics you all know what happened when Kat Von D named one of her liquid lipsticks selección and it was hurtful to a lot of people as for Anika I know she probably knew it would cause some issues but on the other hand I think she just wanted to name the lashes after the country that she recognizes it's a beauty brand and all of us do make her because it's an escape for us it's an escape from reality it's an escape from depression anxiety and when you add politics into a mix like that it's never good so I do feel like Serbian people will have a very very long animosity towards heart well part should release a statement and maybe say something about it I do see that all of her followers that are from Kosovo that our Albanian are very proud of her which is reasonable it's okay because they do recognize the country as an independent country but I also feel that we should have enough empathy towards each other and that we should see the sensitive problems and the sensitive topics and avoid them I just wanted to explain the situation I hope I did and I want to hear your opinion I want to hear what do you think do you think it should be avoided to name make a product after sensitive topics hope that you liked this video i never film videos like this so it was really interesting subscribe producer locally correlated reservoir more women wallaby tom has to be documented in a pivot review sorry miss litter or problemo dolly mistreated yeah Oakland Tom heat quiz – about Stan nos Sabah Tartu edala mistreated I thought tribal – gotcha the hand was it what you eat right oh that's it everyone I will see you in the next video that will hopefully not be anything related to Pharma because this community has enough oil all want to do Mika we just wanted to make up we just want to paint our faces and not care about the world that's why we do makeup to escape it so please stop creating drama we want to live peacefully yes I