JanaSena Mana Sena Exclusive Video | Kakinada | Pawan Kalyan | JanaSena Party

It is not about why I like Pawan Kalyan, instead it is like after knowing Pawan Kalyan, who in this world cannot love him? I really like Pawan Kalyan. He is god to us He is born for us For all of us He is an amazing human being Why because – His thought, his understanding of social issues make him a gem of a person he’s like a diamond, a diamond never gets cut, it is very strong. Similarly, Pawan Kalyan is a strong person, a dedicated personality. Whatever he is doing, he is doing it for the nation, he is doing it for society, otherwise he will never strive like this, never work hard like this. It is because of these unique thoughts that, common people, youth and elected leaders are supporting him. If he work in films, he can easily earn 15 to 20 crores and if he putting in so much effort for us, just imagine, how much money he will be losing But leaving everything behind, he has decided to help common people. He will work for Telugu states, he will bring social justice to students. That is why i am here. He will put in efforts for the physically challenged, the old and the poor we know it and we are confident about it. moreover he is a clean person an open book I think other leaders can learn a lot from him. He is man of moral values. If this man comes to power, no word to describe, we all will unite for him, we are all ready to support him. In our country, youth is under estimated, but they don’t know. . We also have ideas, we have analytical abilities and we too can bring change. Knowing this fact, Pawan Kalyan formed Janasena.(People’s Army) We can watch him on TV, but we want to come here and be part of his army. This is not just for me, this is for the society, for the future of our state He Pawan Kalyan can cool out in air condition room, but he left everything and standing there in sweltering heat, why can’t I come here? It’s our belief, Pawan Kalyan will do something – – bring this nation back on right track. as long as i’m alive, i’m with him i will always follow his footsteps