Trump Meets Kim Jong Un in DMZ, Becoming First U.S. President to Enter North Korea

expected to meet you thank you u.s. us personal truck has just walked across the demarcation line that made him the first u.s. president to visit our country he handles a challenge looking at this is an expression of his willingness to eliminate all the unfortunate past and open a new future I just want to say that this is my honor I didn't really expect it you were in Japan for the g20 we came over and I said hey I'm over here I want to call up some chairman Tim and we got to meet and stepping across that line is a great on a lot of progress is to me a lot of friendships have been made and this has been in particular a great friendship so I just want to thank you that was very quick notice that I want to thank different things and a lot of really positive things are happening I'm here to say it but tremendous positivity really great things are happening and in a lot of places but we met and we liked each other from day one and that was very important

President Trump Holds Extremely Contentious Press Conference Day After 2018 Election

so the president is just about to speak here at the White House we'll go to the White House for the president the United States thank you thank you very much please thank you there was a big day yesterday an incredible day and last night the Republican Party defied history to expand our Senate Majority while significantly beating expectations in the house for the Midtown and mid-turn year we did this in spite of a very dramatic fundraising disadvantage driven by Democrats wealthy donors and special interests and very hostile media coverage to put it mildly the media coverage set a new record and a new standard we also had a staggering number of House retirements so it's a little tough these receipts that could have been held pretty easily and we had newcomers going in and a lot of them worked very hard but it's very difficult to when you have that many retirements we held a large number of campaign rallies with large large numbers of people going to everyone to the best of my knowledge we didn't have a vacant or an empty seat I'm sure you would have reported it if you spotted one including 30 rallies in the last 60 days and we saw the candidates that I supported achieve tremendous success last night as an example of the 11 candidates we campaigned with during the last week nine one last night this vigorous campaigning stopped the blue wave that they talked about I don't know if there ever was such a thing but could have been if we didn't do the campaigning probably there could have been and the history really will see what a good job we did in the final couple of weeks in terms of getting some tremendous people over the finish line they really are tremendous people but many of them were not known but they will be known this election marks the largest Senate gains for a president's party in a first midterm election since at least President Kennedy's in 1962 there have been only four midterm elections since 1934 in which a president's party has gained even a single Senate seat as of now we picked up it looks like three could before perhaps it could be two but we picked up a lot and most likely the number will be three you people probably know that better than I do at this point because you've looked at the more recent numbers 55 is the largest number of Republican senators in the last 100 years in the last 80 years a sitting presidents party has only gained a cumulative total of eight Senate seats averaging one per decade so if we picked up two three or four that's a big percentage of that number so in the last eight years you think of that only eight seats in President Obama's first midterm election he lost six Senate seats including in the deep blue state of Massachusetts Republicans captured at least four Senate seats held by Democrat incumbents and these are tremendously talented hard-working people that did this Indiana North Dakota Florida Missouri we also won two open Senate seats in Tennessee I want to congratulate our great champion who did such a great job in Tennessee Marsha and in Utah and Arizona is looking very good they're really very good she's done a terrific job that was a tough race and she's done a fantastic job in each of these open seats Democrats recruited very strong candidates with substantial fundraising and media support we were getting bombarded with money on the other side in the House Republicans dramatically outperformed historical precedents and overcame a historic number of retirements the most House Republican retirements in 88 years forty-three House Republicans retired now I will say this that in many cases they were chairmen of committees and they left because they weren't chairmen because the Republicans have a rule for six years and what that does is wonderful in one way and lets people come through the system and become chairman and another way it drives people out because when they're a chairman they don't want to go and not be a chairman you're the chairman of a committee and you're a big deal and all of a sudden you're not doing that anymore so they leave we had a lot of them'll offense I guess you can flip a coin as to which system is better the Democrats do the other some of their folks have been in those committees for a long time as chairman in 2010 President Obama's first midterm he lost 63 seats by contrast as of the most current account looks like around 27 House seats or something and we'll figure that out pretty soon we also had a slew of historic wins in the governor's races the governor's races were incredible against very well-funded talented and skilled Democrat candidates and people that worked very very hard respectfully for those candidates like Oprah Winfrey who I like I don't know if she likes me anymore but that's okay she used to but she worked very hard in Georgia very very hard and if you look at him with four governor's races crucial to 2020 and the presidential race Florida Iowa Ohio and Georgia the big ones Florida Iowa Ohio and George you can't get much more important than that they were incredible they were actually incredible campaigns incredible as of right now Republicans will control the majority of governorships across the country including three great women who worked very hard the governors of Alabama South Dakota and Iowa they worked very very hard and very talented by expanding our Senate Majority the voters have also clearly rebuked the Senate Democrats for their handling of the Cavanaugh hearings that was a factor I think may be a very big factor the way that was handled I think was tremendous energy was given to the Republican Party by the way they treated then judge Cavanaugh now justice Cavanaugh and expressed their support for confirming more great Pro Constitution judges candidates who embraced our message of low taxes low regulations low crime strong borders and great judges excelled last night they excelled they they really I mean we have a a list of people that were fantastic and I'm just going to point him out Mike bossed Rodney Davis Andy Barr was fantastic I went to Kentucky a for the most part I didn't campaigned for the house but I did actually make a special trip for Andy Barr because he was in a very tough race in Kentucky and he want that was a very tough race the polls were all showing that he was down and down substantially and he won and that one I did do pete sauber of minnesota great guy he's new and ran a fantastic race on the other hand you had some that decided to let's stay away let's stay away they did very poorly I'm not sure that I should be happy or sad but I feel just fine about it Carlos chabela mike coffman too bad Mike Mia love I saw Mia love she'd call me all the time to help her with a hostage situation being held hostage in Venezuela but Mia love gave me no love and she lost too bad sorry about that Mia and Barbara cobbstock was another one I mean I think she could have won that race but she didn't want to have any embrace for that I don't blame her but she she lost substantially lost Peter Roskam didn't want the embrace Eric Paulson didn't want the embrace and in New Jersey I think he could have done well but didn't work out too good Bob you can I feel badly because I think that's something that could have been won that's a race that could have been won John Faso those are some of the people that you know decided for their own reason not to embrace whether it's me or what we stand for but what we stand for meant a lot to most people and we've had tremendous support and tremendous support of the Republican Party among the biggest support in the history of the party I've actually heard at 93% it's a record but I won't say that because who knows but we've had tremendous support America is booming like never before doing fantastic we have Larry Kudlow here and he said the numbers are as good as he's ever seen numbers at any time for our country but he's a young man so yes and see that many numbers where's Larry you're a young man right Larry and you haven't been doing this too long but they're as good as you've ever seen and we may have if you have a question for Larry we'll do that but I want to send my warmest appreciation or regards to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell we really worked very well together we have been working very well together we actually have a great relationship people just don't understand that which is fine and also to perhaps looks like I would think Speaker Nancy Pelosi and I give her a lot of credit she works very hard and she's worked long and hard I give her a great deal of credit for what she's done and what she's accomplished hopefully we can all work together next year to continue delivering for the American people including on economic growth infrastructure trade lowering the cost of prescription drugs these are some of the things that the Democrats do want to work on and I really believe we'll be able to do that I think we're going to have a lot a lot of a lot of reason to do it and I will say just as a matter of business I was some very successful people last night we were watching the returns so if the Republicans won and let's say we held on by 2 or 1 or 3 it would have been very hard out of that many Republicans to ever even get support among Republicans because they'll always be one or two or three people that for good reason or for bad reason or for grandstanding we have that too you've seen that you've seen that plenty of grandstanding but for certain reasons that many people you're always gonna have a couple that won't do it so that puts us at a very bad position in other words had we kept and this is no I'm saying this for a very basic reason it's common sense it puts us in a very tough position we win by one or two or three and you'll have one or two or three or four or five even come over and say you know look we're not going to go along with this we want this this this and all of a sudden we can't even we wouldn't even be able to get it in many cases out of the Republicans hands before we sent it on to the Senate and now we have a much easier path because the Democrats will come to us with a plan for infrastructure a plan for healthcare a plan for whatever they are looking at and will negotiate then as you know it's been very hard in the Senate because we need essentially 10 votes from Democrats and we don't get those of us because the Democrats do really stick together well I don't agree with them on a lot of policy but I agree with them on sticking together they stick together great so now we go into the Senate we don't have the 10 votes and what happens it doesn't get passed even if it gets out of the house it doesn't get passed so under the new concept of what we're doing I say come on let me see what you have they want to do things you know I keep hearing about investigations fatigue like from the time almost from the time I announced I was going to run they've been giving us this investigation fatigue it's been a long time they got nothing zero you know why because there is nothing but they can play that game but we can play it better because we have a thing called the United States Senate and a lot of very questionable things were done between leaks of classified information and many other elements that should not have taken place and all you're going to do is end up in back-and-forth and back-and-forth and two years is going to go up and we won't have done a thing I really think and I really respected what Nancy said last night about bipartisanship and getting together in uniting she used the word uniting and she is the the bipartisanship statement which is so important because that's what we should be doing so we can look at us they can look at us now we can look at them and it'll go back and forth and it'll probably be very good for me politically I could see it being extremely good politically because I think I'm better at that game than they are actually but we'll find out I mean you know we'll find out or we can work together you can't do them simultaneously by the way just think of somebody so you can do about no you can't because if they're doing that we're not doing the other just so you understand so we won't be doing that but now what happens is we send it to the Senate and we'll get 100% Democrat support and we'll get some Republican support and if it's good I really believe we have Republicans that will help with the approval process and they will really help with the approval process so it really could be a beautiful bipartisan type of situation if we won by one or two or three or four or five that wouldn't happen and the closer it is the worse it is this way they'll come to me well negotiate maybe we'll make a deal maybe we won't that's possible but we have a lot of things in common on infrastructure we want to do something on health care they want to do something on health care there are a lot of great things that we can do together and now we'll send it up and we will really get we'll get the Democrats and we'll get the Republicans or some of the Republicans and I'll make sure that we send something up that the Republicans can support and they're going to want to make sure they send something up that the Democrats can support so our great country is booming like never before and we're thriving on every single level both in terms of economic and military strength in terms of development in terms of GDP we're doing unbelievably I will tell you our trade deals are coming along fantastically the u.s. MCA and South Korea is finished us MCA has gotten rave reviews we're not going to lose companies anymore to other countries they're not going to do that because they have a tremendous economic incentive its meaning its prohibitive for them to do that so it's not going to be like NAFTA which is one of the worst deals I've ever seen although we've made some other pretty bad ones too now is the time for members of both parties to join together put partisanship aside and keep the American economic miracle going strong it is a miracle we're doing so well and I've said it at a lot of rallies some of you have probably heard us how much you don't want to hear it again but when people come to my office presidents prime ministers they all congratulate me almost the first thing on what we've done economically because it is really amazing and our steel industries back or aluminum industry is starting to do really well these are industries that were dead our miners are working again we must all work together to protect our military we have to do that to support our law enforcement secure our borders and advance really great policy including environmental policy we want crystal clean water we want beautiful perfect air Aeryn water has to be perfect at the same time we don't want to put ourselves at a disadvantage to other countries who are very competitive with us and who don't abide by the rules at all we don't want to hurt our jobs we don't want to hurt our factories we don't want companies leaving we want to be totally competitive and we are and right now we have just about the cleanest air the cleanest water we've ever had and it's always going to be that way we insist on it so environmental is very important to me and with that I'll take a few questions if you'd like whoa I didn't know what happened right go ahead Joe that was a lot of hand shooting up so quickly there's a lot to talk about mr. president you talked at length just now about bipartisanship the presumed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi talked about it last night I'm sure that's encouraging for the American people but do you really believe given what the relationship has been like between this White House and the Democratic Party that that will happen will it really there's a good chance yet I think there's a very good chance if I could just finish it will happen will you have to compromise on certain issues to the point where it could hurt you in 2020 and do you expect that when the Democrats took over the chairmanship of all these important committees you're going to get hit with a blizzard of subpoenas on everything from the Russian investigation to your cell phone use to your tax returns then you're going to if that happens then we're going to do the same thing and government comes to a halt and I would blame them because they now are going to be coming up with policy they're the majority in the house I expect that they will come up with some fantastic ideas that I can support on the environment on so many different things including prescription drug prices which we've made a big dent in already including some of the things that we're working on for the vets we've gotten choice approved we've got a lot of things to prove but they have some other elements that we want there are many things we can get along on without a lot of trouble that we agree very much with them and they agree with us I would like to see bipartisanship I'd like to see unity and I think we have a very good chance and maybe not on everything but I think we have a very good chance of of seeing that go ahead a one question on the lame duck sir and one on your cabinet you toyed with the idea during the campaign of a shutdown before the midterms in order to secure border wall funding are you prepared to go on a shutdown strategy during the lame-duck since this might be your last best chance not necessarily secure that look I speak to Democrats all the time they agree that a wall is necessary wall is necessary and as you know we're building the world we started but we should build it at one time not in chunks but you want much more money and you want to not see the money to build the wall the whole wall not pieces of it all over and we are doing now we have the military now we have other elements of a wall that are pretty nasty to be honest with you but it's nevertheless it's pretty hard to get through it but no I'd like to see the wall many of the people that we'll be dealing with you know in 2006 they approved the wall essentially it was a very strong border fence but it was the same thing and they all approved it they all agreed I have statements from every one of them we have them saying we need the wall I mean they sound like me but we do need it because we have people coming and I'm not just talking about the caravans we have people coming through our border that you physically can't put that many people it's a 2,000 mile stretch you can't put that men people along that stretch to guard it and even if you did tremendous fighting would ensue so we need the wall many Democrats know we need the wall and we're just gonna have to see what happens I mean I won't be fighting for it they have done everything in their power to make sure where I got the military 700 billion and 716 billion the wall is a tiny tiny fraction of the cost of that but their whole agenda has been to try not giving me anything for the wall I really believe politically they're hurting themselves I actually think politically that's a good thing for me but I want to get the wall up because we need it so no shutdown scenario I don't know they can't admit but no I can't commit to that but it's possible and can you give us clarity sir on your thinking currently now after the midterms about your attorney general and your Deputy Attorney General do they have long term job security their answer that at a little bit different time we're looking at a lot of different things including cabin I'm very happy with most of my cabinet we're looking at different people for different positions you know it's very common after the midterms I didn't want to do anything before the midterms but I will tell you that for the most part I'm extremely happy with my cabinet I think Mike Pompeo has fit him so beautifully he's done an incredible job at your interior secretary oh we're looking at that and I want I do want to study whatever is being said is the interesting he's doing I think he's doing an excellent job but we will take a look at that and a very strong and we'll probably have an idea about that in about a week Thank You mr. president thank you well this giorgia he gave me a fare interview the other day so I might as well ask him a question all right Thank You mr. president and pick you up there you told me the other day that you are an open book so I think I am an open book so point blank Democrats go after your tax returns will you try to block that or will you allow them now look as I've told you they're under audit they have been for a long time they're extremely complex people wouldn't understand him they're done by among the biggest and best law firms in the country same thing with the accounting firms the accountants are a very very large powerful firm from the standpoint of respect the highly respected big firm a great law firm or you would you know it very well they do these things they put them in but people don't understand tax returns now I did do a filing of over a hundred pages I believe which is in the offices and when people went and saw that filing and they saw the magnitude of it they were very disappointed and they saw the you know the detail you'd get far more from that and I guess we filed that now three times but you get far more from that that you could ever get from a tax return but when you're under audit and I'm on a very continuous order because there are so many companies and it is a very big company far bigger than you would even understand but it's a it's a great company but it's big and it's complex and it's probably feet high it's a very complex instrument and I think that people wouldn't understand it but if I were finished with the audit I would have an open mind to it I would say that but I don't want to do it during the audit and and really no lawyer even from the other side they say often not always but when you're under audit you don't have you don't subject it to that you get it done and then you release it so when that happens if that happens I would certainly have an open mind to it so that means if the audit is still on you will not turn over the tax return so you like nobody would nobody turns over return when it's under okay yeah go ahead one I was tempted to ask you why you like Oprah so much but I think I'll go on to the question that why do I like what kind of a question is yeah just asking just curious but there's real question media in here the real question I do like Oprah but I do she was a person I knew well came to my place in Palm Beach often and I have a lot of respect for her unfortunately she didn't do the trick the real question is you just set up here and said that from this podium that it's is your are you offering in my way or highway scenario to the Democrats you're saying that if they start investigating you that you can play that game and investigate better than them can you come analyze I know more than they know can you cut and part mentalize that and still continue to work with them for the benefit of the rest of the country who are you are all bets off no if they do that and it just all it is is a world like posture and so there enough limit then the follow-up the heard minutes ago well since it's Jim I'll let it go okay I think you miss president challenged you on on one of the statements that you made in the tail end of the campaign in the midterms that here we go that well if you know monitors president that this Caravan was an invasion as you know I consider to be known as president Caravan was not an invasion it's a it's a group of migrants moving up from Central America towards the border with the u.s. thank you for tan why did you why did you characterize it as such as I considered an invasion you and I have a difference of it but do you think that you demonized immigrants none as electron to try want them I want them to come into the country but they have to come in Legally you know they have to come in Jim through a process I want it to be a process and I want people to come in and we need the people your campaign your wait you know why we need the people that you because we have hundreds of companies moving in we need the people your campaign had an ad showing migrants climbing over walls and so it for it but they weren't act they're not going to be doing they weren't act well no it's true do you think they were actors they weren't actors they didn't come from Hollywood these were these were people this was an actual you know it happened a few days ago and there are hundreds of miles away though there are hundreds and hundreds of more no way that that's not an evasion honestly I think you should let me run the country you run CNN and if you did it well your ratings let me ask you mr. president if I may ask should are you worried that's enough that's president ask one of the other folks that said now pardon me ma'am mr. president that's enough this president I had one of these I may ask on on the Russia investigation are you concerned that that you may have not concerned about anything with you may have an investigation because it's a hoax are you that's enough put down the mic mr. president are you worried about indictments coming down in this investigation mr. president I'll tell you what CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them you are a rude terrible person you shouldn't be working for CNN go ahead I think that's on you're very rude person the way you treat Sarah Huckabee is horrible and the way you treat other people are horrible you shouldn't treat people that way go ahead go ahead Peter in Jim's defense I've traveled with him and watched him he's a diligent reporter I'm not a big fan of yours either so I understand to be honest so let me ask you a question if I can you repeatedly hurt you are the best mr. president you repeatedly over the course of just sit down please well when you when you report fake news no when you report fake news which CNN does a lot you are the enemy of the people go ahead mr. president over the course over the course of the last several days of the campaign sir sir at the end of the campaign you repeatedly said that Americans need to fear Democrats you said Democrats would unleash a wave of violent crime that endangers families everywhere why are you could very well why are you pitting Americans against one another sailor what are you trying to be him no let me just tell you very simple because they're very weak on crime because they have often suggested members and people within the Democrat Party at a high level have suggested getting rid of ice getting rid of law enforcement that's not gonna happen okay we want to be strong on the Border's we want to be strong on law enforcement and I want to I want to cherish ice because ice does a fantastic job the the what they do for us is so really it's so unrecognized how good a job they do so we want to take care of them and we want to hold them very close because they do a good job for the question to be clear to be clear that the quiet very much why are you sit down but the questions but you didn't answer my questions it's very simply the question is why are you pitting Americans against one another sir I'm not that how you view how I'm citizens to tell you what we want a lot of elections last night we did very well last night anyways thank God I think it's going to have a very positive impact I watched NBC this morning they didn't report it exactly correctly but that's you know very very that's the fact with NBC nothing I can do about that but I want this country to have protection we want security in our country I want security Peter I mean you maybe don't think it's so important and I think when you don't have it you are indeed unleashing crime I feel that you said you would sign an executive order on birthright citizenship are you still gonna sign the executive order on fourth birthday you leaned that question a little bit later go ahead okay go ahead sure Thank You mr. president the investigation by the special counsel Robert Muller has been going on since last spring it's been over a year a long time that's been over your head over Republicans head during the midterms as well is this an opportunity for you mr. president to end that investigation would you consider removing mr. Muller from his position I could have ended it any time I wanted I didn't and there was no collusion there was no anything I didn't they went after hackers in Moscow I don't know about that they went after people with tax problems from years ago they went after people with loans and other things nothing to do with my campaign this is a investigation where many many millions of dollars has been spent and there's no collusion it was supposed to be on collusion there's no collusion and I think it's I think it's very bad for our country I will tell you I think it's a shame and a poll came out today by the way from NBC or at least I saw it on NBC where a majority of the people do not agree with the Muller investigation or it wasn't approved they have approval and disapproval and it had a much higher disapproval it should end because it's very bad for our country so if it and I'm not just talking about the tremendous expense and the other thing is they should look at the other side also they only look at one side they're not looking all of the things that came up during this investigation they don't do that they should also get people that can be fair not 13 or 14 or 17 I call them the angry Democrats they are angry people and it's a very unfair thing for this country it's a very very forget about unfair to me it's very bad for our country so mr. president if it's on guys to president if it's unfair to the country and it's costing millions of dollars why don't you just give him the mic please I've answered the question go ahead take the take fine well I'll give you voters I will give you voter suppression you just have to sit down please sit down I didn't call you I didn't call you I didn't call you I'll give you a voter suppression take a look at the CNN polls how inaccurate they were that's called voter suppression go ahead please Thank You mr. president I'm not I'm not responding I'm responding to excuse me I'm not responding to you I'm talking to this gentleman will you please sit down which excuse me excuse me would you please sit down please go ahead Thank You mr. president now that the now that the House of Representative media it's so said you asked me but no you rudely interrupted him you rudely interrupted him go ahead Thank You mr. president do your demands remain to say the same to the United States Congress on immigration in exchange for a daca fix in exchange for an amnesty for 1.7 million are you willing to change any of those demands that you gave to Congress earlier I think we could really do something having to do with daca and what really happened with daca we could have done some pretty good work on daca but a judge ruled that daca was okay had the judge not ruled that way I think we would have made a deal once the judge ruled that way the Democrats didn't want to talk anymore so it'll see we'll see how it works out at the Supreme Court do you still go ahead which school where do you want me to take a question either one either or both are you together we're not together mr. president how do you respond to critics who say that you message on the campaign towards minorities have been polarizing I don't think it has but is the election of two Muslim women one of them is veiled to the house which is making history is this a rebuke of this message do you think would you say what is it a rebuke of this message do you think that this is more reflective of multi-ethnic and multicultural America that question I can only say there's you look at the employment and unemployment numbers for African Americans for Asian Americans for Hispanic Americans they're at a historic high a poll came out recently where my numbers with Hispanics and with African Americans of the highest the best they've ever been that happened that took place two or three days ago the poll that I have the best numbers with African American and Hispanic American that I've ever had before then you saw the same poll so I can't say that I can say this you look at median income you look at all of the employment and unemployment numbers they're doing the best they've ever done and it reflects it really is very reflective in the polls yes mr. president I'm from Brooklyn so you'll understand there my question is on health care how is it possible to keep premiums down and cover pre-existing conditions without the individual mandate to fund it well first of all what we're doing and we're if you look at the Department of Labor also secretary separately separate the secretary is our what they've done they've come up with some incredible health care plans which is causing great competition and driving the prices right down but we are getting rid of the individual mandate because it was very unfair to a lot of people but at the same time we're covering the people that need it but the individual mandate was a disaster because people that couldn't necessarily afford it were having to pay for the privilege of not having to pay for health care and it was bad healthcare at that so we are working many plans Falco we're creating tremendous competition we had Obamacare repealed and replaced unfortunately one person changed his mind at the last moment and we had no Democrat support I have to say that we didn't have one vote we would have repealed it replaced it we would have had a large-scale very good health care plan now we're doing it a different way we're doing it a different way but getting rid of the individual mandate is a very very popular thing and a very important thing and people very much appreciate it no no that's that's enough thank you sir two questions one I know you went through the results and you obviously studied them late last night what lesson did you learn most from looking at those results was there one thing that as you kind of reviewed them that you'll change your strategy not just for Congress but kind of going forward and then just to follow up well I think the results that I've learned and maybe confirmed I think people like me I think people like the job I'm doing frankly because if you look at every place I went to do a rally I couldn't do it with everybody but and it was very hard to do it with people in Congress because they're just too many will be too many stops but I did it with the Senate I did it with Andy Barr as you know and and he won he won a very tough race against McGrath I was a very very tough race in Kentucky and he was down quite a bit and I went there and we had a tremendous very successful some of you were at that rally and he won that race but I could only do that so much because there are just so many players involved but I did focus on the Senate and we had tremendous success with the Senate really tremendous one more quick one more questions sorry mr. mr. present one more question if you oh my I'm so sorry it's rare opportunity a lot of people are gonna be rushing to Iowa rushing to New Hampshire you know that the Democrats are already looking ahead to 2020 do you want to lock down your ticket right now sir will the vice president be your running mate in 2020 well I haven't asked him but I hope so where are you Mike will you be my running mate stand up Mike please raise your right hand are Mulliken will you thank you okay good yeah the answer is yes ah thank you sir that was unexpected but I feel very fine yeah please Thank You mr. president going back to the Russia investigation and potential investigations from the now democratically democratic majority and Congress some say that you could stop all this by declared I just I could fire everybody right now but I don't want to stop it because politically I don't like stopping it it's a disgrace it should have never been started because there was no crime it is everybody has conflicts they all have conflicts over there that are beyond anything that anybody's ever seen in terms of conflicts from the fact that people asked for jobs from the fact that they have very good friends on the other side like really good friends like Comey who by the way lied and leaked and also leaked classified information nothing happened there it might perhaps maybe something's happening that I don't know about I stay away from it but you know what I do I let it just go on there wasting a lot of money but I let it go on because I don't want to do that but you're right I could end it right now I could say that investigation is over but it's it's really it's a disgrace frankly and it's an embarrassment to our country it's an embarrassment to the people of our country and it's too bad going what about the declassification of the documents some say that that would clear well you know that we're looking at very seriously declassification were looking at very it's amazing how people on the other side just don't want those documents Declassified but no we're looking at that very carefully I certainly wanted to wait till after the midterms can I ask you one more question mr. president Thank You mr. president you have campaigned is a pro-life president you have defended the rights of unborn children you now have a divided Congress it's unlikely past right capacity pro-life bill toughest how are you gonna push forward you're pro-life agendas gonna push I've been pushing I've done a very good job – we're very happy with me but it's a tough issue for the two sides there's no question but what are you gonna do there is great debate what am I gonna do I won't be able to explain that to you because it is an issue that is a very divisive polarizing issue but there is a solution I think I have that solution and nobody else does what we're going to be we're gonna be working on that yes go ahead please she took your place but that's okay mr. president just a quick question on rural America in states like Indiana North Dakota folks turned out for Republican candidates could you talk a little bit about what this means for your agenda in terms of Trade and the farm bill the farm bill is working really well I mean we could have had it approved any time but we're looking to get work rules approved the farmers want it I'd like it the problem is the Democrats are not giving us the 10 votes that we need we are everybody wants it the farmers want it but the Democrats are not approving the farm bill with work rules we could have it very fast with out the work rules but we want the work rules in and the Democrats just don't want to vote for that so at some point they'll have to pay maybe a price Jeff sir thank you very much mr. president you have you seen any evidence that Russia or China intervened in yesterday's election well we're going to make a full report and unlike the previous administration we've done a lot of work on that issue and if you look speak with the FBI speak with the Department of Justice speak to Homeland Security we've spent a lot of time it gets very little coverage in the papers I mean you cover the nonsense part but you don't cover the important that this is very important and we have been working very hard on China and Russia and everybody else looking into our elections we're meddling with their elections but people tend not to write about it but we have worked very hard as you probably heard what do you what do you intend to say sir to President Xi and to President Putin when you meet with them later this month well have a good relationship with both I know President Xi better but I think I have a very good relationship with both I actually had a very good meeting in Russia that you people didn't agree with but that's okay it doesn't much matter obviously because you know thank you but the fact is that I had a very very good meeting a very very good meeting with President Putin and a lot was discussed about security about Syria about Ukraine about the fact that President Obama allowed a very large part of Ukraine to be taken and right now you have submarines off that particular parcel that we're talking about yes that was President Putin who who annexed Crimea so that was President Obama's regime that was during President Obama right I was not doing me it was resident no that was President annexation oh no it was President Obama that allowed it to happen had nothing to do with me okay yeah go ahead go ahead go ahead Thank You mr. president cordelia Lynch Sky News you're a man who likes to win but last night was not an absolute victory for you beyond it I'll be honest I thought it was a I thought it was a very close to complete victory when you look at it from the standpoint of negotiation when you look at it from the standpoint of deal-making because it's all about deal-making again if we had the majority and we had one or two or three votes to play with we would never we would have been at a standstill I really believe that we have a chance to get along very well with the Democrats and if that's the case we can do a tremendous amount of legislation and get it approved by both parties so I consider it to be look I won Georgia President Obama campaigned very hard in Georgia Oprah Winfrey campaigned very very hard all over the television I said this is going to be tough I only had me I didn't have anybody else and I went to Georgia and we had one of the largest crowds that anybody here has seen ever at a political rally and you know what he won anyone actually by a pretty good margin he won and then we went to Florida and they had celebrities all over the place and a man who happens to be a very smart person was running Ron de santis and people didn't give him a chance and I went and we had we did some great work and they're gonna have a great governor of the state of Florida and then we talked about the Senate and a lot of money was pouring in for the Democrat this is a man who's been in office for like 44 years or something this a man who's like a professional at getting elected and being at office so he's not Bill Nelson not easy to beat okay and but they had a lot of celebrity coming out for Nelson they had everybody coming out for Nelson and Rick's got one and I helped him and I think we've done an amazing job and you could look at many other places you just take a look at some of the other places and we just got the word that in Iowa you have a governor who just got extended who's Fanta Kym just got extended and and numerous other places I think it was a great victory I'll be honest I think it was a great victory and actually some of the news this morning was that it was in fact a great victory but if you look at it from the standpoint of gridlock I really believe there's going to be much less gridlock because of the way this is going than any other damn please go ahead Thank You mr. president let me ask you about one of the campaign promises you made down the stretch which was a 10 percent tax cut for the middle class you just talked about gridlock Democrats they now run the House Ways House Ways and Means Committee if it means a tax cut of some kind for the middle class but that means raising rates elsewhere corporations on the wealthiest is that a trade-off that you would be willing to make well able to enactment both as this will have to be now proposed because if we did it now we don't have the votes in the Senate you don't have we need we would need 10 Democrat votes who probably couldn't get them if we could we could pass it very easily in the house but there's no reason to waste time because you don't have the votes in the Senate but if the as an example if the Democrats come up with an idea for tax cuts which I'm a big believer in tax cuts I would absolutely pursue something even if it means some adjustment some adjustment on which side the corporate to make it possible but I would love to see a tax cut for the middle class now that's going to be their decision they're gonna have to make that decision as you know if we bring it up to the Senate we'd need Democrat votes ten and we don't have those ten votes and just because the markets what and just because the markets would want to know sir some adjustment would that be one two three percent on either side I'm just saying I would be certainly willing to do a little bit of an adjustment go ahead behind thank you one is you had talked about leaders who had called to congratulate you did President Putin called to congratulate you and will you in fact meet with him at lunch this coming weekend as I understand it we're having and I guess a lot of you going over we're having a lunch for numerous countries I'll be there I believe President Putin is going to be there we don't have anything scheduled I I don't think we have anything scheduled in Paris and I'm coming back very quickly going over there's a great event this is an important really this is going to be very important and I think a very beautiful ceremony I'm looking forward to going and we're representing the incredible heroes of the world but the heroes of our country from World War one and so I'll be going there and I am very proud to go did he I don't I don't think we have time set aside for that meeting now with that being said we're very shortly meeting again at the g20 where he'll be there and I'll be there and that's where we're actually looking forward to me we will be having we will be having a lunch but I think there are many people there did he call you to congratulate you and if I could also just invite you since this is a quite a gathering we've got here to go ahead and talk about the staff changes that you expect in the White House while we're here we're eager to hear about them is Jake as we make changes we'll sit down and talk to you about it I mean there's no great secret a lot of a lot of administration's make changes after midterms I will say that for the most part I'm very very happy with this cabinet we're doing a great what about in the White House sir you've got a lot of White House staff some have been talking about leaving general Kelly has been rumored to be leaving it's live people live and is that going to happen people leave I haven't heard about John Kelly but no people people leave they come in they're here it's a very exhausting job although I love doing it I must tell you but it's exhausting for a lot of people I'm surprised at a lot of people they start off they're young people they're there for two years and they're old by the time they leave it's quite exhausting but but I love doing it and I'll tell you there will be changes nothing monumental getting that standpoint I don't think very much different than most administrations but and we have I mean we have many people lined up for every single position any position everybody wants to work in this White House we are a hot country this is a hot White House we are a White House that people want to work with okay No No please behind you behind you this has been a very challenging case in assault quite a lot of abuse and a lot of violence people have died during course of this campaign is there any way in which you think the temperature could be load perhaps peace could break out with the media perhaps your bipartisan relationships across the House and Senate may now produce some change or we're gonna have more of the states a very fair question look I would love to see unity and peace and love and then the other word you want to use and obviously I think we had to especially at this particular Junction we had a wait till after the midterms are over now they're over if they would cover me fairly which they don't which they don't I'm not saying that in a hostile way I get extremely inaccurate coverage I can do something that's fantastic and they'll make it look like not good and and I don't mind being having bad stories if I make a mistake cover it I'd like you to cover it fairly but cover it but when you do something terrific look how little the economy is talked about a poll came out this morning talking about how little the three networks I don't think they included CNN but how little the three networks talk about how good the economy is how little almost not at all if President Obama had this economy and by the way if that administration through somebody else kept going you would have had negative 4.2 instead of positive 4.2 percent growth you would have had negative it was heading down but here the point is excuse me I would love to see unity including with the media because I think the media I'll be honest I think it's a very divisive thing for our country and you would be amazed at how smart people are that are reading your stories and seeing your stories and watching you'd be amazed how perceptive and how smart they are they get it and it really does bring disunity I I didn't excuse me you you are not you are not called on go ahead go ahead please Thank You president Trump shortly after your victory speech on the astark night of back in November 2016 I asked you to what single factor you most attributed this victory to speak up sure on the night of your victory I asked you right after your speech to what you would attribute your victory you pointed up to the ceiling and you said that it was God based off of that how would you say over the last two years God plays what kind of a factor he plays in the day-to-day execution of the office of the plays a big factor in my life and God plays a factor in the lives of many people that I know very well in this room like your vice president God plays a very big role in my life and and and one we're back to light a quick one quick follow which lost last night surprised you the most and which of these unsuccessful candidates are you most likely to consider nothing sir administration would you but there were some losses last night and there were some victories last night that have been incredible I mean there were victories last night that nobody would believe especially based on the suppression polls they had a lot of suppression polls would youwould and there were some victories last night that were very surprising but I'm not gonna pick out special would you consider any it's tough enough for those people to have you consider any foreign administration Post moving forward as one of the very few of the three points that we've unemployed what we do consider any of the people who lost last night for a post in the administration of the near future I know a couple of very good ones yeah I would actually go ahead this mr. president mr. president I asked you on Monday if there was anything that you regret in your first two years and you said that at times you could have been should have used a quote softer tone your critics as you can imagine your skeptics they say they're not holding their breath on that happening will you indeed have to change your tone if you're to get things passed through Congress after losing the house and you also said you might extend an olive branch what would that look like I would love to have I'd be very good at a low tone but when things are done not correctly about you written about you said about you on television or wherever it is you have to defend yourself I would love to do very very even though it's much easier than what I have to do I have to go around and going around is much easier than facing somebody and being treated fairly but when you're not treated fairly you really have no choice I would love to have a very even modest boring tone I would be very honored by that but you know what when you have to fight all the time fight because you're being misrepresented by the media you really can't do but not about the media sir but but sir real quickly not about the media but what about with Congress it's good mr. president can you just how you focus on the economic were your firm please Japan solutions oh yes sure is happy about tariffs and his cars go ahead that's my Chris I exciting so how you hook us on that trade and Khamis with Japan who you ask Japan to the more what would you change at all I don't I really don't understand me how would you focus on creating your gonna trade with Japan well we're dealing with Japan right now and trade Japan has it's great country you have a great prime minister who just had a very successful election he's a very good friend of mine he's one of the people I'm closest with and but I tell him all the time that Japan does not treat the United States fairly on trade they send in millions of cars at a very low tax they don't take our cars and if they do they have a massive tax on the cars Japan and I'm not blaming Japan I'm blaming the people that were in charge of the United States for allowing that to happen but as you know we have close to a hundred billion dollar trade deficit with Japan and Japan is treated as very unfairly but don't feel lonely because you weren't the only one Thank You mr. president to international news question the first one secretary Pompey was talks about Noack with North Korea have been postponed what is happening there and your meetings still I've been with we're going to change it because of trips that are being made we're gonna make it in another day but we're very happy how it's going with North Korea we think it's going fine we're no rush we're no her the sanctions are on you're still expect to be sart's the sanctions are on the missiles have stopped the Rockets have stopped the hostages are home the great heroes have been coming home Mike Pence was in Hawaii where the one of the most beautiful ceremonies that anyone's ever seen for the Fallen these are great heroes very important when I was running a lot of people as many years ago as it was in many cases grandchildren but they were asking about that they're coming home and they're being provided to us as we speak but I'm in no rush I'm in no rush the sanctions Iran I read a couple of times and I've seen a few times where they said he's done so much what if I then I meant now I'd love to take the sanctions off but they have to be responsive to it's just two ways straight but we're not in any rush at all there's no rush whatsoever you know before I got here they were dealing with this for over 70 years and I guess on a nuclear front for 25 years that's a long time I've been there I probably left Singapore four or five months ago and we made more progress in that four or five months then they've made in 70 years and nobody else could have done what I've done but I'll say this I'll say this very simply we're no rush the sanctions Iran and whenever it is but that meeting is gonna be rescheduled that meeting but about your your meeting with Kim jong-un sir will it happen in the next months you sometime next year I would say sometime early next year and a quick question under USMC a now it's been concluded have you repaired your relationship with Prime Minister Trudeau yes I have we have a very good relationship thank you very much mr. president we've been talking a lot about division and the division that exists in this country right now and some of the statistics are disturbing I think to just about everyone anti-semitic incidents have increased by 57 percent since 2016 hate crimes are on the rise why do you think that is and what will you do about it it's very sad to see it I hate to see it and as you know I've done more in fact if you were with us the last time we met Prime Minister Netanyahu said that this president has done more for Israel than any other president those words those exact words Jerusalem protection working together so many different things but the big thing is Jerusalem you know many many presidents have have said they are going to build the embassy in Jerusalem never happened making it the capital of Israel never happened never happened but it happened with me and quickly and not only did it happen we built the embassy that would have taken another 15 or 20 years and cost probably billions of dollars and we did it for a tiny amount of money it's already done it's open nobody has done more for Israel than Donald Trump and the nice part is that's not me saying it that's Prime Minister Netanyahu but what about the mr. president what about the divides in this country mr. president what about healing the divides in this country well we want to see we want to see it here and one of the things I think that can help heal is the success of our country we are really successful now we've got up eleven point seven trillion dollars in in worth if you know China's come down tremendously tremendously China would have superseded us in two years as an economic power now then not even plus China got rid of their China 25 because I found it very insulting I said that to them I said China 25 is very insulting because China 25 means in 2025 they're gonna take over economically the world I said that's not happening and we've gone it way up they've gone down and I don't want them to go down we'll have a good meeting and we're gonna see what we can do but I have to say this billions of dollars will soon be pouring into our treasury from Texas that China is paying for us and if you speak to mr. pillsbury who probably is the leading authority on China he was on the other day saying he has never seen anything like it and you know who else hasn't China has a mr. president we're gonna try and make a deal with China because I want to have great relationships with President Xi as I do and also with China you're talking about that you can how do you see a role as a moral leader mr. president just how do you see the moral go ahead there's so many people I'm so as a moral leader though I think I am a great moral leader and I love our country go ahead please Thanks you said earlier in this press conference that Democrats had a choice that you would not work with them on legislation if they were investigating you do you not have a choice in the matter as well don't you wait no no I think it's very inappropriate we should get along and get deals done now we can investigate they look at us we look at them it goes on for two years then at the end of two years nothing's done now what's bad for them is being in the majority I'm just going to blame them you understand I'm going to blame them they're the majority honestly it makes it much simpler for me I they will be blamed but I think Nancy Pelosi and you know I put that statement out in social media today about Nancy Pelosi that if she's short of votes because frankly I think she deserves and a lot of people thought I was being sarcastic or I was kidding I wasn't I think she deserves it she's been fighting long for it she's been fighting I really mean this there was nothing sarcastic about it or it was really meant in with very good intentions I think she deserves it she's fought long and hard she's a very capable person and you know you have other people shooting at or trying to take over the speakership and I said if I've it's appropriate I said if we can and if we will she has a problem I think I would be able to very easily supply her the necessary votes that's not said in any way other than I really believe she deserves that position I also believe that Nancy Pelosi and I can work together and get a lot of things done along with Mitch and everybody else that we have to work with I think we'll get a lot done mr. president why can't mr. president why can't you do that well subpoenas are coming through excuse me why can't you work together while there are subpoenas or while there are investigations in process I think we will look now that the elections over the elections over now everybody is in love but then I see the hostility of questions and then when I come in here as a nice person wanting to answer questions and I have people jumping out of their their seats screaming questions at me know the elections over and I'm you know very I am extraordinarily happy I really am and by the way I tell you if I wasn't look at what happened in Florida look at what happened in Georgia look at what happened in so many locations with governorships nobody talks about the governorships look at the amount of work that was given to these other candidates against my candidate and I mean I'm extraordinarily happy and if I wasn't I'd like you know there's nothing wrong I mean look you look at midterms and you look at Alexa elections generally you see it's very rare that a party who has the presidency does well we did unbelievably well to win Florida both the Senate and the governorship against two very talented people I'll tell you what we did incredibly to win Georgia when you had some of the biggest stars in the world campaigning endlessly including President Obama you know I tell you what this was a great victory for us and again from a deal-making standpoint we are all much better off the way it turned out because I really believe if that if the Democrats want to we can do a tremendous amount of great legislation yes please go ahead should we keep this going for a little while yes yes I think you should keep this doing when you get bored would you please tell me seriously tell me I don't want to hopefully not I don't want to overstay but just please go ahead hi mr. president yummy shell sunder with PBS Newshour on the campaign trail you called yourself a nationalist some people saw that as embolden white nationalist now people are also saying racist there are some people that say that now the Republican Party is seen as supporting white nationalist what do you make of that I don't believe I just well I don't know why do I have my highest phone numbers ever with African Americans why do I have among the highest poll numbers with African Americans I mean why do I have my highest poll numbers that's such a racist question honestly I mean I know you have it written down and you're gonna tell me let me tell you it's a racist question and mr. president you know what the word is I love our country I do you call you have nationalists you have globalists I also love the world and I don't want helping the world but we have to straighten out our country first we have a lot of problems and it's excuse me but to say that what you said is so insulting to me it's a very terrible thing that you said middle-class tax cuts on the campaign trail how will you get Democrats to support that policy you have to ask them well what's what's your plan you know my plan is I'll ask them and if they say yes I'm all for it and if they say no there's nothing you can do because you need their votes go ahead yes thank you mr. president Francesca chambers Daily Mail calm you said many times on the campaign trail that you didn't want anything Pelosi to be speaker at least you suggested that you spend a lot of time talking about her and she should've won I would have so his let me answer would I preferred winning by two or three or four I would almost have to think about that but certainly I like to win and if I win she's not going to be speaker what did she say to you though yesterday that made her support honestly we had a very warm conversation you know she loves this country and she's a very smart woman she's done a very good job she was really I mean she's said a very did she promise that they wouldn't think to impeach is that a very very we didn't talk about impeaching we didn't talk about what do you do and you impeach somebody because he created the greatest economic success in the history of our country let's impeach him because the country is so successful let's impeach him has he done anything wrong they ask somebody has he done anything wrong no but let's impeach him anyway and they also said let's impeach justice Cavanaugh let's impeach him and now they have the second woman coming out that the first a second and I hate to say this but it was public and after him we're going to impeach the vice president we're gonna one peach Mike Pence Mike pinch doesn't get impeached for anything so let's let's impeach the president and then we'll impeach the vice president these people are sick and you know what they have to get their bearing really they have to get their bearing and when you ask about division they're the ones that cause the division they caused tremendous division regarding all the retirements mr. president really quickly you-you-you suggested who was retiring you said that many of the retirements that happen in the house made it very dim in return that made it very difficult for you in this election cycle and that it was because they were Chairman's that were chairmanships that were vacated but Jeff Flake wasn't a chairman of a committee and Paul Ryan also retired the cycle so why do you think that is whose fault is it that there was Jeff's cases me pure and simple I retired him I'm very proud of it I did the country a great service go ahead give him that give him he is retired I'd like to call it another word but we're going to treat him with great respect go ahead Thank You mr. president it's like that's another beauty go ahead two questions please no one one too many people right it's all right you seem to enjoy this venue very much are you going to make the standard press conference a staple of the remaining two years or will you have more briefings with Sarah Sanders you know when I don't do the I think Sarah's fantastic where is there where Sarah Sarah so great i think sarah you've represented me so well and been abused she's been horribly treated by a lot of though she's gonna stay on it's very interesting because Sarah was tell we're talking about it the other day so I had a period where I figured you know what I'll do I won't do any real interview there and then they said say why is they doing white you know they're all coming up with okay then over the last couple of months I decided I'll do a lot we'll stop at the helicopter will do this we'll do a lot of and then they say why is he doing so many press conferences what's wrong what so when I don't do them you say what's wrong when I do do them you say what's wrong and when I go in the middle you say what's wrong but in the middle you know that job right okay good no no you did excuse me you complained about access when I purposely just stayed away from the press for a while because I wanted to see how it worked and can I be honest with you it didn't work well mr. president I didn't it didn't work aquestion so Sarah will stay on as press secretary okay please go ahead no go ahead first off I personally think it's very good to have you here because a free press and this I do to engage obviously I do – yes it's vital to talk earned media it's worth billions good so I have two questions for you if that's all right it's a rare opportunity first just a point of clarification on the tax returns issue you brought up the audit that doesn't prevent you from releasing them I know it oh sure right I didn't say it prevented me I said lawyers will tell you not to do it what's your next question come on let's go I just want more exciting question than that please second one Michael Cohen recently said you call black voters stupid it's false Omarosa has accused you of using the n-word and the Rapala the rapper Little John has said you called him Uncle Tom what's your response I don't know who Little John is I know I was on The Apprentice I don't know oh he was okay oh I see have you ever Marcus no I would never do that and I don't use racist remarks and you know what if I did you people have you would have known about it I've been hearing there are tapes for years and years there are tapes number one I never worried about it because they never did I never use racism I've never used racist remarks okay well one you know what quiet in America it's just 8% sir single digits see when you talk about division it's people like this that cause division great division great no no point of fact is that I never used a racist remark that's the point of fact we're who are you from Yahoo Yahoo you good good I hope that I hope they're doing well we're even Lebanon yes Thank You mr. president we're so happy to be as well have this opportunity mr. president Erdogan said he's not gonna follow your sanctions and he's gonna keep buying oil from who said that President Erdogan Turkey I know I know and you're gonna meet him soon just can't understand it okay you're gonna meet him soon you're gonna have this talk and some companies are gonna take the same steps that President or the guys doing so let me just say about the oil okay so what we opposed just recently the strongest sanctions in the history of our country just about well I guess North Korea is there too but I gave some countries a break on the oil I did it a little bit because they really asked for some help but I really did it because I don't want to drive oil prices up to $100 a barrel or 150 dollars a barrel because I'm driving them down if you look at oil prices they've come down very substantially over the last couple of months that's because of me because you have a monopoly called OPEC and I don't like wait and I don't like that monopoly I don't like it and oil prices are coming down so rather than deciding to be as tough as I am on most of the sanctions what I've done is I said we're not going to do it that way we're going to let some of the oil go out to these countries that really do need it because I don't want to drive the oil prices up to 100 or 150 dollars but which could happen very easily it's a very fragile market very very fragile I know it very well and it's the absolute right decision and they'll get tougher as time goes by maybe but I don't want to have any effect on the oil prices worldwide where I Drive them up because I consider that to be a tax and I don't like taxes at the peace process Palestine please the peace process is over whoo Oh congratulations to Jon Tester congratulations I'm sure you're very unhappy about that go ahead yes please good can you address that we'll take a couple of more and then we'll go can you address concerns and places like Georgia where people waited in line to vote for hours where voting machines weren't working in certain districts and I think that's the reason that the candidate lost what there are concerns being raised that that the United States are you concerned about the access that people are having to voting I heard it was very efficient in Georgia I heard it was very efficient but again you'd have to ask the state governments because just one of those things you're gonna have to ask them yeah go ahead please please go ahead thank you Thank You mr. president you expressed some concerns about social media companies unfairly censoring conservatives during the election do you anticipate working with Democrats to regulate these companies or you say I would I would look at that I think it's a serious problem at the same time you start getting into speech that's a very dangerous problem that could be the beginning so it's very dangerous believe it or not I'm one that really likes free speech a lot of people don't understand that but I have a big believer when you start regulating a lot of bad things can happen but I would certainly talk to the Democrats if they want to do that and I think they do want to do that yes sir former president former President Barack Obama famously said that he had a pen and a phone to use executive power on issues like immigration do you see yourself using executive power to get some of your immigration agenda done I do I do I think that some of it I can use executive power on some not all but I mean he certainly used it he used it on daca and when he did it he said something to the effect that I'm not allowed to do this it'll never hold up but I'm doing it anyway and he did it and they found judges that approved it we also found judges that didn't approve it so it's obviously going to be determined in the Supreme Court and if the court rules in favor of what President Obama thinks they should rule which is what he said then I will probably have a deal with the Democrats in a very short period of time we were very close to having a deal until we got that very strange ruling you also made some promises about immigration during the campaign I want to know if you're gonna follow through with them are you gonna regress one of your talking about birth right citizenship are you gonna sign an executive order to pay looking at it very seriously absolutely yes or no right no I believe we have the absolute right but that's another case that will be determined by the Supreme Court of the United States are you to send 15,000 troops to the border you've been reading the same documents as I have you know exactly what I'm doing you know exactly what I'm doing so go ahead what's your next question also on that the khashoggi matter grew more than a month since the death of mr. Khashoggi a journalist first aid thank very terrible thing do you think Saudi Arabia is guilty of having him murdered and if so strong opinion on that subject over the next week and I'm working very closely with Congress we're working together some very talented people and we're working with Congress we're working with Turkey and we're working with Saudi Arabia and I'm forming a very strong opinion ahead John go ahead John mr. president just a quick fault you said something about Nancy Pelosi you said the Nancy Pelosi she loves our country do you regret some of the things you said during the campaign in our various times you said Democrats want to put a wrecking ball to our future I believe my country leave that with their current policy they're using a wrecking ball in our country I believe that 100% this would be a wrecking ball but I think there's a compromise somewhere and I think that could be really good for our country okay how about one more get the add that you did that was branded as a racist atom even it was wooden air and NBC wouldn't air I read that works yeah surprised you asked me that question I do not go ahead please thank you sir and I think we'd all love to have more of these if you're willing in 2017 shortly after you took office your homeland security department shuttered a program to counter homegrown right-wing extremism white supremacism and related terrorist groups domestic terrorist groups and redirected that funding towards fighting Islamic terrorism do you believe that white supremacist terrorists right-wing terrorists these homegrown terrorists on that side of the spectrum are a problem sir and yeah what is your administration do for me about sits up I believe all hate is a problem but I do believe that is a problem and it's a problem we want to solve okay what are you going to do about it sir sir sir what are you going to do about it you cut off the funding mr. president you know given funding for that a lot of funny but I do believe it's a problem and and can I tell you what it's a problem that I don't like even a little bit go ahead I Iike Diaz with Hearst television you've said pretend I'm on the ballot yesterday you called it a referendum on your presidency many local districts across the country rejected your midterm message particularly suburban women how do you bridge that divide now also with the inverse very well received I mean just look at the results midterm elections are disasters for sitting presidents and administrations this has been a very successful and and look you can write it any way you want and if you disagree with me this has been an incredibly successful you look at the races how about Ohio I didn't even mention I mentioned Florida I mentioned Georgia how about the governor of Ohio fantastic women voters excuse me a fantastic man who was down in the polls and everybody was talking about this person that was so great and I went up there and I did a rally and they have now a great governor you're going to have a great governor in Ohio for hopefully a long period of time but for four years and Mike DeWine is a fantastic person and I went up there for two reasons because I felt that his opposition was not a good person and we know a lot about him and I felt that Mike was a fantastic person and he won and not only did he win he won easily so add that to Florida and add that to Georgia and in that to all of the other races that we won outside even of the Senate races which were the biggest of all because these were races that and Mike Pence can tell you and some of the folks over here could tell you these were races that were going to be unopposed we were going to we were not going to oppose certain of the people running certain senators they said they couldn't be beaten they said Heidi could not be beat please don't do it they couldn't this was a year out don't tell me about your telling me about popularity they said many of these people when I said nine out of eleven but I said when many of these people these weren't like easy race these were tough races and so I think the level of popularity the first question I was asked was about well what have you learned what about your own popularity I think that's what I learned is my pie I was very well received by this great country by the people of our great country and I'm very proud of it because I love the people of this country these people we are the greatest people I love the people of our country and I'll tell you something when you look at the races that we won in Florida which we weren't expected to win and Georgia which we weren't expected to win and Ohio which we weren't expected to win and won I mean you look at some of them the number of votes that we got is incredible so I'm really happy with not only the way it came out but the response to me as your president and as your president I've made our country safe I've rebuilt and I'm in the process of rebuilding our military and the jobs are here every one of them built here we're gonna have the struggle very shortly we're gonna have the strongest military our country has ever had I've done more for the vets than any president has done certainly in many many decades with choice and with other things as you know we other things but our vets are doing better than they've ever done but if you look at choice choice alone I mean just take a look at what we've done with choice but the people of our country are very happy with the job that I'm doing and you know one of the things one of the things one of the things that they want so much is security they want security both at the border they want it with our military they want it with law enforcement they want it with ice you know we've taken out thousands of ms-13 gang members thousands out of hard to believe thousands out of our country women of our country who are incredible people they want security they want safety they want financial security also we've done that but they want physical security and we've taken out thousands of people that shouldn't be in this country but we have to get strong immigration laws so they don't come in we want laws where they don't come in well we don't have to take them out per se and again I'm very honored to be with all of you it was a great day yesterday it was a great evening I think we had a tremendous success and hopefully the tone can get better and hopefully hopefully the tone can get a lot better and I really believe it begins with the media I really used to call it the press is it because I really mr. president really believe it begins with the media if you would cover and it was a very interesting story written in a very good paper recently that talked about the fact that it isn't good what the media is doing and that I do have the right to fight back because I'm treated very unfairly so I do fight back and I'm fighting back not for me I'm fighting back for the people of this country thank you all very much thank you President Trump there in the East Room at the White House with a post-election news conference that lasted nearly nine ninety minutes wide-ranging and at times testy with reporters by the way this news conference in its entirety will be re airing this afternoon you

Guess What Democrats Now Support

you think rapists should be able to vote let's say on policies about sexual assault in the community you don't have an opinion on that not really know what is going on we're back in downtown Kent seeing if people agree with Bernie Sanders when he suggested that terrorists and rapists should be able to vote from prison I think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy yes even for terrible people use a poor convicted rapist voting from prison it's a tough question I don't think so but no actually I believe that people have been reformed and it depends on the severity of the crime but I do think that convicted felons should be able to have their voting rights restored as they are citizens of the United States what about specifically rapists and terrorists I feel like that's a leading question I'm asking because there is a presidential candidate who supports exactly those two things and who would that be who do you think it is I haven't the faintest idea Bernie Sanders oh you're not gonna hit on my boy Bernie he's hating on Oh No why are you walking away after your boy Bernie wants rapists and terrorists to vote do you support convicted rapists voting for prison you won't denounce rapists voting from prison what about terrorists honestly I'm pretty fried right now I can't be thinking about this this and that my brain departments in my brain departments don't work together should you be voting what about your country well we don't vote we don't have democracy where are you from Saudi Arabia oh I heard that you guys were very tolerant though tolerant about what just rights for everybody that's what I've been told the mainstream media is telling me is that not true it's true and I think they should be able to vote I mean everybody has the right to say something so you think that rapists and terrorists should be able to vote yeah I think I think why because but with what he has committed I guess is not relevant to devoting I guess the use of poor convicted rapists and terrorists for voting in prison do you think they should have the right to vote from prison so rapists who rape people should they be able to vote from prison that's it about what what what kind of things would you research about that to make an opinion I don't know I've never looked into that subject if you could guess a politician that would be pushing for convicted rapists and terrorists be able to vote from prison who do you think it would be that's a good guess but it's Bernie Sanders that surprised you guys at all he's very liberal so doesn't really surprise me I don't think you know where like their moral compass is mostly so it'd be pretty hard to determine if they can actually like see an issue as an impartial observer or if they have to be involved with it if you guys had to guess which politician was proposing to allow such an idea who would you say it was Donald Trump what if I told you is Bernie Sanders that surprising really do you follow much of anything that you have actually donated to his campaign before does that make you feel like he wants to allow terrorists and rapists to vote a little bit skeptical because I've always been skeptical of like socialism but you never know how it's gonna go so I'd like to do more research on it though I think we know how socialism goes though yeah a little bit I mean I'm not completely against it but I do see faults in it I'm not advocating for socialism but there are parts of it I do like for a Democratic Society wait a second isn't this capitalism talking about people who are in prison that have been convicted who are serving sentences for the crime of raping or terrorizing a terrorist those people should they be able to have a voting booth in prison I'm talking about specifically perspective it's just it's really it's really just simple terrorists and rapists be able to vote from prison why what what are you having trouble with so rapists rape people terrorists commit terrorism should they be able to vote from their prison cells after they've been convicted charged it's proven that they've done it I don't know where else I should go with this do you think they should be able to vote from prison if you had to guess which politician was proposing to allow rapists and terrorists to vote from prison who would you think it is I am Not sure cuz I don't know politics but maybe our president I don't know I don't know so the Democratic Party is proposing that they shouldn't be does it surprise you yes do you think convicted rapists should be able to vote from prison how's that trivial the end of the day small the students like that I don't think really affect whether or not the community living is filled with good people are bad people bad people can be a capable of good things and vice versa you think rapists should be able to vote let's say on policies about sexual assault in the community mm-hmm you don't have an opinion on that not really what is going on you think rapists should be able to vote what about the me2 movement do you think it's kind of troubling that he could vote a rapist could vote based on do you think rapists should be able to vote on policies about sexual assault that affects their community I think everyone should be allowed to vote for Federal Elections I don't think criminals should be able to vote for a statewide rapist so that's not how is work rapists don't people in prison don't wouldn't get the option to vote for a local community because they're not part that community they're on federal land or a statewide land should they be able to vote in general people everyone should be able to vote rapists and terrorists said this a million times I really hard convinced me convince me why I should support that why shouldn't they be able to vote why she cuz they rape someone they probably aren't making good choices to run this country and so because they made bad choices they should have like their rights as citizens they rape someone right and I'm not defending that at all but at the same time there's you know if they're United States's and they should probably be allowed to vote fuels though everyone in America who is a citizen should be able to have the right to vote but at the same time I feel like there are certain lines that we don't cross I don't think it's my right to say whether or not someone gets to vote but if you're more of your right to say they shouldn't be able to vote then it is their right to vote you have freedom of speech is literally written in the bill of rights his right to vote is stripped away when he raped someone do you agree I don't think I do agree with that simply because a person's freedom is given to them by the country no one should have the right to take or give freedom away from another person do you think convicted rapists should be able to from prison vote from prison on what matters voting for the president for primaries anything do you think they should be able to vote from prison all right well what about terrorists convicted terrorists that have been committed a terrorist attack in this country should they be able to vote from prison why not because that something like a terrorist attack or something they did to this country I think that that is so disrespectful and so wrong that why would we give them a say when they don't even support our country in the first place they're out to get our country so what's the difference between allowing a rapist to vote but not a terrorist why is the rapist any better I've not thought about that I'm not gonna give you an answer to that one though do you think rapists are better than terrorists if you could guess one politician that is supporting the idea of allowing convicted terrorists and rapists to vote who would you think it is I'll give you a whole list now for the ones that are not running on the Democratic side for president first I don't know if she does but Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders have them going queer Pete okay throwing Pete Buddha jet or whoever the hell he is okay I'm the only one I'm not sure about maybe it's biting do you think rapists should be able to have the right to bear arms I don't think anyone should have the right to bear arms but they have the rapist as a right to vote but no one has a right to bear arms you have the right to bear arms you also have the right to potentially kill someone if you have the right to vote you have the right to I don't know elect someone that's progressive and willing to change policies to create a better country unlike wait got children Norah that's what does that have to do with anything I'm talking you really just brought the Second Amendment second minmus says I have the right to defend myself the Second Amendment up until 2010 was not defined by the United States Supreme Court as being in support of individual ownership of guns it was in 2010 but that ruling was overruled by Supreme Court up previously molt time so do you think our right to own a firearm or owed any type of weapon so yeah what a new hold on a parent's right to own a firearm I the good thing you don't run this country in your opinion very popular also a dual citizen so you know I have a much larger perspective than you probably that's why you support rapists voting from prison that's why I suppose support universal suffrage that's what that means universal suffrage well you know you don't support my right to defend myself from rapist it makes sense you want them to vote in my country I'm saying I'm saying that no we don't support my way to have a fire no one should have the right to own something I can kill another person that could kill somebody please give it to me how is this going to kill you right now right now how is this going to kill you I was like I'm gonna kill you right if there was one politician that supported that who do you think it would be I don't know Bernie Sanders does that surprise you that does since he seems like he's four you know I mean we support socialism that's not very good well he but he's a good guy right alright so what's your support we'll make who you are I would say so you know how many people have died under socialism over 150 million do you think that they should be able to have the right to keep and bear arms son convicted rapist and terrorists they have the right to keep and bear arms No so you were very quick to say no about the right to keep and bear arms but not so quick to save voting what why why the hesitation only one but not the other because there's a difference between pulling the trigger on a gun pulling the trigger on a voting booth there anyone that you're like he probably supports that or she probably supports that not really I'm kind of hoping there isn't one but I don't know so Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris of both support exactly what I just said does that surprise you actually yeah quite a bit yeah do you think that convicted rapists should be able to vote from prison I'm sorry you guys won't denounce rapists voting from prison why do you support that I guess if it's your day off you can't denounce rapists voting to take away your rights remember we are listener-supported we don't get billions of dollars from the government or Silicon Valley or George Soros we are supported by you so please go to infowar store calm and check out the highest quality nutriceuticals supplements at info or store com