KVDA WOES: Politicians wade into the company wrangles

a storm may be brewing at the top echelon of the kV da after the embattled boss David Kemosabe vowed to fight his sucking by the boat timing its political and now Kemosabe says powerful forces in the Jubilee government were trying to push him out so they can have their allies employed kill musab has been drugged into the controversy surrounding the Aurora and Kim or Adams project saying he has not received any report from the investigating agencies adversely mentioning him and wonders why the board had targeted him the boat was usable also to terminate my contract the shadows ask themselves that they are a product of the semi legality of margosa and they should or should know that they are violated the VDA Upton and if there's a good reason to terminate a contract of an employee what about you accepting such a person to be given an opportunity to explain I should be told the reasons why contra has been terminated he was yet to complete his renewed term of three years after being appointed in April 2018 he claims a circular sent to the board from the Ministry of East African Community and regional development was a sign that powerful individuals were out to lock him out this as a section of members of parliament come out to his defense terming the decision as unconstitutional heavy drd4 Kemosabe was clinically dead but when he Mossad took over the realm of activity a video came back to life we have scenes mangoes being grown around Gary Valley we have the two dams Kamara and Adam basically the stage of checking off commenting and indica consultants in the under layer to muscle to memoir career sauna so really to when you catch pneumonia

WHERE IS THE PRESIDENT?: Speculation over President's absence

after the head of states VZ to China accompanied by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to secure various trade deals a section of social media uses whens overdrive questioning his long absence from the public the last time President Kenyatta saw toes were shared on social media is almost a fortnight ago when global funds executive director Peter sands paid a courtesy call to him at State House to sign a deal in fighting malaria and over the weekend Kenyans on Twitter started a campaign raising questions about his whereabouts Syd house spokesperson Kansa Dina has since answer to the swelling questions from the concerned lot saying the head of state was busy working from State House a Chacos governor Alfred moot or joining the bandwagon of leaders reacting to the matter noting by virtue of his post the president was a manager who can work from an office accusing his left Ananse of being destructed thirst burdening president Kenyatta minimal politic observers say his absence and issuing of statements on national matters could be a change of tux now the presidential communication team even though section of the political service say it leaves too much room for speculation on the presidency rose ago call k20 for Sunday edition