Karnataka Government In Crisis, 11 Lawmakers Submit Resignations

good evening the breaking news right now the big question right now is the Congress JDS coalition government in Karnataka on the brink of collapse let's go cross the srinivasan danger Vasu early on the day we had 11 coalition Emily's meeting with the governor they have now just emerged from the meeting and they claim that the 14 Emily's have resigned if that is true then this government has collapsed well yes we'll have to of course wait and see exactly what the correct picture is but this is the situation as of now that 11 MLAs had resigned today that's what we'd heard or had submitted their resignation to the speaker already two had resigned so that brought it to 13 so we were already on 13 today after the 11 but now it appears that some of these MLAs the Congress JDS Emily as you can see them on screen there they came out held a joint kind of press briefing or paraded themselves before the press jointly and they have claimed that now that number is 14 and that is the danger mark for the Congress JDS coalition my colleague Maya Sharma is with us Amaya this is now turning out to be even bigger crisis then it seemed you know attempts being made to even mitigate this crisis by Congress firefighters have not worked and now mr. Vishwanath of the JDS who briefed the press they're saying it's 14 MLAs that have resigned that is correct initially a bunch of about eight of them had come into the Raj Bhavan for Emily's had gone with dk shiv kumar three of those coming here to Raj Bhavan a short while ago and joining the others they all came out now in a very physical display of closeness they held each other they had their arms around each other to show that they stood united h Vishwanath who was until very recently the state president of the youngest adult secular one of the coalition parties he started by saying now a holic Jana we are 14 of us who have resigned mentioning the number 1415 was the number given by the Nichkhun the role for the government to fall he said we are fourteen people he said that there was unhappiness which they openly expressed earlier as well with the way the coalition government was running that that really was the reason for the resignation he said that there was no operation Lotus no BJP involvement in what had happened saying that the status of some of the leaders who had resigned was just too high to even think of their being approached by the BJP so he's saying it's not operational agency saying it was dissatisfaction with the coalition government and the way things were being run that is why they have quit no talk at all of withdrawing those resignations all reconsidering so it looks like fourteen people actually having left now we had eleven today two from Monday but now he's mentioning the number four team but MLAs are continuing to leave the Raj Bhavan now we have a lot of excitement here on this Saturday afternoon as a Malays continue to leave the Raj Bhavan they've been here for hours now maybe they were waiting for the three to join them the three who had gone to actually see DK ship come off looking very serious for the coalition here indeed kc venugopal the states in charge is on his way he should be here any moment see there are Maya a man whom many have been blaming for the problems in the Congress this is people without outside the Congress but also people within the Congress have laid much of the blame for the dissatisfaction at sadhana Maya's talk a few weeks ago there was a murmur the Siddaramaiah should be Chief Minister once again certainly didn't make Kumaraswamy very happy said there are my loyal as wanting see him as chief minister once again he's been described as arrogant by Roshan bake another Congress MLA who's been suspended but a man who seems to be separate from this group he's not here today he's not part of this he had called Venu Gopala buffoon said there are my arrogance and KPCC chief Dinesh could draw a flop show but unhappiness perhaps with Siddaramaiah being the internal region but of course we cannot at any stage rule out the involvement of the BJP in inducing people to maybe quit the party to help the coalition government fall we do know of course at one of those emily's Miche Java left the Congress before the Lok Sabha election he was given a Lok Sabha ticket he won in Calibogue beating Malika Chen kegui his son was given a ticket for a bye Paul assembly by Poland he won that also for the BJP so certainly rewards given to those who cross to the BJP we cannot rule out BJP involvement although Vishwanatha the former state present mr. Vijay Dias did rule it out saying that the BJP was not involved it was unhappiness that had already been expressed and the way the coalition government was running and how it could not meet the aspirations of the people