That is good now the politicians will listen

Aoyama campaign for Chelsea don't be any yeah I agree tsuzuku I want for someone morning but he did you want to do a Economo nobody 4cd u'c watch about questions a kidnapper no come on San Juan Juan is a commute and yes yes he can run our city Yokohama for DOMA module you tomorrow fortunately there nothing the what the Athenian found the annual info bitch me I a sumo point so money or move yet another demonstration to see America today come about a a chef in competition intensifies kitchen se huo-tu to an OPA yeah friend on the Nessie its 102 and to me ante and format and it is unerringly down unless I agreed in battle to issues a couple it another thing the meaning of this yes your majesty Nakamura and capacity management final issue Eng demolishing any bugs or advocate change is no magic Anna Ohio Madison conveys a lot from no times Muhammad and another general the general Kosovo among any issues any Frank Asaro much because of the abandon Panama has no hoochie a supercilious be honorable among photography the main point is a final just off with Vicki snow at now follow a geometry and emotion area via an agenda which is the authority the main motive and most recently a Final Four was he a passenger a presence sob I wonder how I was in a sea of sorrow whereas again a certain woman phobia when the etre when enthroned is as good a moment we Bob Bob see I am such an innate dignity privilege you know not just the same if I were this one will go so important one is one witness at my side any to accompany me imagine ingénue e hf way a wagon is a serbia one was McConnell's memory once then let's imagine a woman I can so much idea now so romances all my banana well some can I not rock or country or my own idea that's good down when you said you saw this red moon anyway my time when you partner to put one at that moon but your bison I don't you come on hey sam polazo boom another one honey a master Dean not to provide a shelf on crime I mean Jesus said yeah and we must remember to coo coo Nemo national president fill it to the teachers to go back to the Russians nothing to be an amateur formal a couscous and Alabama you can follow the work with school more Sinn féin class I've heard about know what you want it reminds about masculine in creating for the CalFire you I certainly buy into them opportunities there for more you know it's not a customer service see I do not good laxative the crba yes yes so I added this yummy delicious Naama be you and many more customers while reinforcements the biomolecule police office Anna on what she didn't call second theorem you know the Salukis know as you know amo files directly to the people and as a vehicle you will find other people amel to the house via hospitalization energy via music Ian Thomas former annals of ammunition panel Ghana comic on Felucia but there's one officer – mama upon homogeny pass although she hunting with no manager chromium upon it down and you might not know in another reinforcement ever I put you for near Suja for my inability to come across my clothes like 30 minutes no move on my deal river is nuclear wind upon us imagine a quarry and Germans are communists are you will not say they also have to show some mother and you know move area team ultimate ultimate abadiânia to OVR wanna shop yet you know hairdressers we have to say the machine another same interested party mama politician and Valentina second na hoona I think also police officer let mama put me RS 0 initial container no no I mean about this is the situation of Yahoo P this be a concern of Pavia have it on tape I hope I get my son back now police officers no uh no medicina crowd mumbling about five or six monitor connie morris auto can occur on duty I know accommodate residential it down but amongst its lesser than one canonical me about won't want a personal emotional that fire officer mysamma me was there maybe any minions from undergraduate protested in the core there be a 460 so it was persistent you go clear back on the below that was the issue you know Lionel Manabu turn a fire in o meerabai Manuka I have live ammunition with me if they want to say it was a rubber bullet it is lost I have you at the entrance we now have some with me which is no betting identify what is a a live bullet from a rubber blade battle eos rebel the sequela Coordinating Council and Coppola Mexican sacrifice you know the issue I think our witnesses of presidential foreign America residents are no cameras or no what race I said what represent Yamanaka grass no unconscious tanaka contractor knows everything – oh and you what should have been done that is my opinion should have been an immediate solution via from a police officer regional to direct traffic and not something onto the cotton gravity anomaly – you are resorting to all this but there is nobody on tights overcast if you about hiya panel amino acid Mattel abuse Ramudu in orders didn't area to journey and in a cobia move you know low growl beatcha namu Geneva but Kaname Kuran to Tom Acosta German consumer every market comics amateur in a picture but a penny akaka falls every situation let's say again opponent Yesenia the idea may just say fulsome and they say the alcohol karate you know anybody is what I would do I know they how many feet new drama I will slay money for hello mother wants a woman that my caffeine yeah woman cope with your mayo the Malaysia any for me to Ksenia Adriana at work our honeymoon to a to Osaka Sevilla become conformed oh my Priya and Osaka Korea and also a serve of Roberto so nearly 700

Top(NDC) Politicians who have S£x me – Fmr A!DS ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

and it's a fun room Alma so me as much I'm looking for one slow music to play so I am somewhere smart I know Masami as much in see what is they do you know oh my god topic be a sin Deepa gonca me you wanna show you never gonna mention the name so I'll keep talking if you don't shut up you do me share the video me yeah topic Sammy my boy Tommy see kind of funny am i me do you know why they did that they know that I have too much me I have too much Mayo be able to keep it secret spy and the secret I have in my head no medium yukata you or America not medium in America americano I can't do what is say tennis abomination you know I'm a fan be a good many must send me about my anemia make him be an OB not funny serious okay and it's a fun penny Familia make our matzo me so much the money me and i–i don't mother oh my god points your back are no more kinda Mookie Thomas a machine up and Lucia naka many joys a dad that see anything a mini-dress in diagnosing or a mini nada I'm gonna fall through by began upon tsunami subbu Casa Anna a movie TV I was true I'm not afraid of anybody and it's happening wanna organize Commission for a furniture Musa Mena hiv-positive assemble me more Germany 2016 lady kind from said issue Athena s callosum on Friday back connects Commission phone a friend back at Jamison aquarium year it's a monsanto castor oil maya science that we look to times last year to messiahs are interviews just to save them and stupidly I did it I did it and I mean I'm more emotional Ukranian hidden away arena now some side of this foolish questions do I look to you like an ice machines the way looks you like an efficient nobody asked me those silly questions again exam why they dropped me from the campaign and would surely know tell you the truth and I dare them the s permission I am the one who created this Murray and dad said September 2007 a meet st hiv-positive dynamic AI ni muchuu to hospital practice even I dare you must see I will smoke Akagi court order so that they can publish my HIV results I'd rather be they don't even nice girls to quad Nana makeup date no media HIV test no I hope you pass from a new sandwich Ivan me I give you the go-ahead it's coming a paper and put it online let everybody see say oh this hospital cannot say that test this was her result i order you to do that i order you people to do that and let me be free from these stupid questions i positive or negative I'm tired of answering these questions you don't go ahead and millions of dollars for me to come and carry this chin for the rest of my life it's you know yes me a smooth operator yes I am NOT an angel there are a lot of girls I mean sleeping with too many people me after we just few just to two top people and then also let's come to the first one that's time to the 36 that the one who had five rounds with me within ten minutes makai anastomosis a museveni occur rates mean you're correct and it's you know it's not possible for a month to have sex five times within say my name you cram a human being she means you know yeah yeah fifth one nine I miss it easy I see a Sangha six mana me see no I'm going home because let me who say drew nah oh you through I don't know if it was charm or if thoughts I don't know and I'm if I'm a bad name is I'm a coffee because six body we did terminate sweating like five ah let me explain to you how it happened I'm talking about an ending sinister because it's new year and mbuna deeakron so much I'm not joking I thought kaboom so if I'm lying whatever they say that it comes to me but if I'm not lying you'd be pulling one with to a more feminine winning such my Mickey okay you look very well but because of his you hate me so much the state's the point that anything I come to put on Facebook you call me a liar keep calling me a madwoman and a liar a mad woman was able to get visa buy tickets travel to another country a mad woman that's why okay so the first six the five rounds in ten minutes Regina I am my day I want to mind you me those kind of thing don't push me say whatever I want to say you are modern why here watching me you are calling my stupid aunty I went to the house and then you want to know you wanna share in the video me but we won't with you how many people have shared the video hey I want to go one case a zoo so he after doing what we're supposed to do we did ten minutes we had five rounds after doing what we were supposed to do then he jumped on me and then this addition was oh my Madhubala oh my god whoa hey Oh Superman Jimmy by Maggio Mahad a bottle menu my Jimmy crowd the human York I kind of prefer gonna make the majority group or at a nominal video at the Bluebird me manda Kitab nobody do it but if you like trotting I mean any nothing argument let me talk about throughout I mean any nothing ago me I'm a Vedic we not see now a terminal it again a lady Bluebell family show me that you do mean you thought you mean you're not correcting on you time at the right timing my Aubry the program spar out of the program path bazooka motto I my semolina W many mature picky give me the jimmy hoppa kickback pure I'm a dwarf I mean we talk mother Bernice Obamas yeah I'm gonna Western Church if water may seem immature and then he was on top of me within with less than two minutes it was like a choice that was it within one minute I know what I mean is that Sunni so let me tell you one thing about me I hope I have some kind of body a I have some kind of body its gifted from God it's not about beauty hey Wilbur – oh but you criteria so don't come you're not sorry that is a special gift I have that is a special gift I have it's you know Oh Dominic are normally Obama hobbies section oh by my new hobby sector first run a better a crabber 15 minutes Young Saeng but where the medium is actually sliced the Holy Ghost bidding is that Carmen or sound sorry what's a sorry we didn't we didn't it was Mikasa to miniaturize and media on a mission was it oh you are too sweet Nava at mama Kissimmee Bois Yahoo Yahoo referee and you know who I come every prisoner no sample die hello mr. Madan insure me Denise I cannot answer it said one edition wanna say where you want to end with 10 crap Tapani a good 10 crying oh God you are too sweet and it's an by yes v 1 v 1 the same thing and somebody and I'm seen own awesome the auntie of a Panama no answer Yasu condom condom me I'm really educated so when I have to be somebody with the economy I know what to do so I trick in a medium each my saying yeah I'm not supposed to believe in secrets here 86 100 people I can want some bubbly please i want to go now Bobby [Laughter] husband a 6-1 now boo me me and my family back enemy coffee that was it on my administer we earn decent minister hey good ice my making against run a mutual happiness my witness my do ha it's my witness I'm not lying if no GoPro is real no cop or no cop is my witness live and twice real and why is my witness if really there are spirits there are strudel forces they're bearing witness that I Joyce I know they'll are you I'm not so now it's all happen by the second person the second person a non-attorney electrons unidentified front only about Cooper yeah even after Baku not happy and it was like that I didn't answer review mom honest aside you are to cease now edition wanted by I said marina Tennessee for ammonia deliverance okay so the first one his name is horrible oh my pussy Maggie no days I do it is original away pussy yes we ever men we don't misbehave sorry I said you got a man sorry we ever woman we don't misbehave who eat a bush kill you can detain so no no no block y'all know in Sochi me if you taught me I pass that level and that level that people will check for when and yeah me when I'm not that level if I haven't done it before in the past I will not do those kind of things anymore I'm in a different level and we are multinational crab the best Syria I don't know with my energy and time his name is honorable to the video iPod I'll mention your name change Qasim is wrong they think I'm afraid of them I'm not afraid of them Amish Indian names yes they used me for such a death work if I say they have slept me they need to be like they forced me you understand I am NOT the kind of woman who have studied a man and come back and not mean fellow for see me no nobody forced me nobody forced me all enjoyed it mad yummy yummy said upon all the things to all of us share together they could got me honey and do what they did that's my only pain it's not about the facts we had no Andy I don't know what you're talking about Abdul rich more you need me a life a I'm not Jesus Christ you need Jesus not me and so people are saying that they've lost the respect they have for me and some are saying that I was a role model and I'm fooling I'm not full I'm enjoying my life I did not ask I did not ask anybody to make me be a role model Amy even Celine Dion me Celine Dion once was my room I did not look at her she's looking now because Celine Dion no no you listen was my room I do but when I heard that story about she and the husband blah blah Don's a good a lot of people at my home but my room motto and they disappointed me so if I've also disappointed lychee like that cry or own cry I don't want to be any role model to squeeze my life to pretend and to wake up buying slid to the gym and to wake up and sleet to their poolside because I'm a role model I don't think anybody's remodeling I am my own role model so beyond room for the stop disturbing me that I used to be a problem whatever and whatever stop that and opanka Penta mana you want me to just just come live and just mention names honorable dishonorable dad then I put my phone off it's not interesting cry come on I was a mature mukara because this is the only opportunity I have to mention your names that we were all in the game together but I sacrificed my life tt that we so I know muchas muchas where the Casa Mia aerophone she knew the mirror and you say Nana you have a second anything I agree maybe a tentative form opening for no and he saw Minami the same people garage Commission and as Emilia revoir hey Ana sayonara for the day now we're all having sex in a hotel know that I mean quickly change yeah about telling me Sameera for oblong is a balloon look at me very well yeah if the politicians the sanema on want I mean they were sending me all around we're doing this job ever having fun behind closed doors and they'll come back FIFA mean I'm already under in Iowa are gonna be because we didn't even use condom we have sex row I move freely along smoothly the only person I hear in this life if truly that person exists is God I don't feel any the only respects yeah I only respect so stop saying the kind of things I'm bigger with your foolishness and just want me to mention a main source Jana mention him again who says I'm bragging I need to buy media I deserve to be branded with a bad name a I'm running NBC with bad name I deserve to be branded with is right I deserve to be branded with fraudulent person I deserve to be branded with chief may I come here chief I deserve order efficient liar thief when I did all these things for them I am saying emphatically that when business goes body yeah that if I'm lying about them may I not live to see tomorrow when I have told you people that when I'm talking eyes I started saying things like this him and I saw saying I swear that means that I am not joking I am not joking I am not joking me I've never dated any MPP politician before the two men I did said NDC politicians so now let's go straight to the point it looks like I've been talking too much so the first one who did it without condom okay even both of the needy use condom anyway I'm talking about the one who did as the five runs his name is horrible horrible share the video let me mention the name it means God in heaven knows that I'm not lying God in heaven knows than me I'm not lying it's only a wicked person who can fabricate lies against somebody an evil person and I'm not such I'm not an evil person I am NOT a wicked person I'll mention their names with I'm tired unravel those of you are in a hurry you deleted nightly share the video unravel I'm not wasting my time don't know it's their time oh my phone is ringing my mama's called me hello mass Nibbana day I like dangerous come on Darwin log on to GH page starts coming for all the trendy entertainment news and more and subscribe to our YouTube channel gh pick TV for all your trending videos please click on the red subscribe button below this video to subscribe to our YouTube channel then please click on the bell icon for notification please like and also share your views by commenting on the videos thank you very much for watching god bless you

Western Togoland Are Right To Ask For Independence From Ghana-Political Scientist

– or don't touch you floss riches in a a political scientist now uni and como butter HSN watch an opaque design you met – partner my mom TSA at the other side of the line or an alliance or no and the power sphere daniel booko or your first vice president Emma Kansai region not in churches and the French colonies for guerrilla what's the buy-in Purina principal also a little boundary of the rib is 89 now the participatory processes in Lexington after declare war and then again in the enacting oh they're about which is wanna say [Applause] rich friends oh yeah thank you for that website beginning what is that a No thank you for that data no I have repeated a Whooper give up walk alone energy measure IC o—- documents who even document after plebiscite you know almost signing yeah SSL almost any documents VHS if your timeline so 20 years 50 years and a BB and I agree with means okay my question is moving forward that is what I'm asking of the country jacket and we focus on cos we know or see on my vows never use violence and animus heir to the Supreme Court under BB automatron crack embankment defeat Rahl SMS to be seen as your mantras now communicating nano a baby and hormone response and you know minam their only leeway abajo mama basinet Supreme Court pet and I can't wha okay yeah but I said that is all you said now what can but nothing is true of Ghana no but that's an opening and in a way dr. TIFF loss which is you know I do come on hello Daniel no I agree with you sir M said there is some truth in whatever because history now – 100 % volcano but there or denying our organism – suleka means beeping Sam would've opinion more movie a 70 according to Michael Cordes pain said about 100b my hey you're kissing me it's moving I'm gonna myself hey one question if you actually wanna see a new plane what you are called to be aqua a diagonal thing won't open any boxes on Oh Virginia conic recipe is our konasana yum-yum Oh looky Alice a key for back Inanna Madonna's enemies shall we this is the money necessary touching for Kabuto you wanna say BBC speaking for the Airways no understand because I am NOT speaking for away does not comply or does not belongs to only the airway we have about 17 languages the land of turbulent mmm fucking officer Border Patrol the bond is better machina and a better bada-boom kunis am I gonna ask a Buddha yes any fascinated me to go Sasha but on a Gulf of Guinea on shalida near woman is a concern it illegal party know what I know they say Amir Monocacy make us Thomasina young for Internet no longer though you and people boggle value and P what is an international organization which is objected to the United Nation because we are talking about this issue on a peaceful manner we don't want to go on the violence race on your mother bring but we still maintain that peace now we have and going on with the gentlemen are giving we are something called citizen diplomacy okay no mercy it was the same thing that we are what are trying to do to Ghana so only non Salafi way Nina Simone you know the ideas are more echo – I'm insane bingum and Togo homeless le bouff anata you and you are international organizations that we Tresa and you're not careful you're mine oh oh mr. Berlin and so I'm up yeah yeah Camino mapping soo Miah genocide my summary and what that man same focus you see mi you and Grandpa no possible ooh young women anonymous said see I mean ol Cafe you know in the everybody knows the history of because we want to build more Sun penny for we know everybody now Daniel I agree sir and no Marcus acronym when I'm a national anthem more kizamu recruiting anoxia some of its young military and I'm Elysia Strausser no one has a bunch of militia Armando Mooji – I attained more national wbba send Appaloosa for an economical Assam many police forces welcome you yeah all right okay okay all right you're gonna miss me more EDI baby a novel idea charges VRMs about one year bedico Martin's made your point you wanna go Quentin doesn't assume I already searched the apollomon another presidency crumpled and overspray Anya yeah yeah righto said yeah bucko they are the awesome aqua to O'Banion unconscious I'm gonna cry oh ha ha – Oh Musa al-salaam umbran we are ready evil we are not only talking about historical Bagram of our country don't know if it doesn't know man okay now we add you people to just continue with cell yeah Maya common or not on the violent mana no Diane has said the FFM Lacroix saw and the other to be operative in the numerator part right you know wo yobu got a offense vice-president and my constant citizens or volta region and I didn't know how to train em come on as far yeah but see them and now and see I know a buyer said and pretty for me and sound only be home lasted a good foundation you know you actually almost said no me a meeting now a secret agency policy for anybody from kaboom Oh echo you're pretty you know algae moon in cm if you're moving down you know I say any pay say yeah what Thank You Diann immuno or mobile declare independence or mono Westar – cool I'm know how much you're more ideas remind gonna haunt Nancy domina NSA on my own national anthem a warmer flag a war emblem I myometrium a blue currently I'm the only ability at the amount on my own and no as soon if you move and as appreciate just assume yeah yeah homogeneous so adequately pea-brain oh my poor media on a year ago who know and nobody might be drew and clientelism and I could be a bit more anymore history abacus I'm a woman in a no and I am a war