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so Logan enjoyed lightning should subscribe not by Banta to opponent might might on her car Newton a video st. st. it bankrupt pill Vilia man loony TV trays and come see Wilson line camporee Bromley and clumpy command touch lecture could upset him another come with you but top you to Bob LaHood assignments absolutely we can't be near at them at camp and I'm they Kidman they kid a camel over the time they know ok you'll tag not Danny mo groom tangkoko home entree power Chang kid Mary Hawkes mother how some that have acquitted might find a pong and then she hath wrought by hi ABA montre montre near the bottom sign tire coming back up uncharged action where some people up with an e ba nee how I couldn't carolinet family need you me and there's a commission fabricant a new greets you can watch them up the wing man Lucy monetary kappamini on time and metal taps bar none sake your cursor off me attire the mask our ammonia talk I'm good here the lure neck I'm leading you gotta mercenary people Jigme tay ninh car tube tomb for a barbecue born empirical on well then food always a happy but we'll clean can touch maja her more come from pudding come in Caprica get a room could upset menu Nance mass at Annika and you might like a boot like that Malawi for the information maneuver nazar Michael aunt hope look nice okay choose yet huh so happy but hope component man young yoga to jump over gamma paper amoral Tommy Markin with you on peacock or upset my new nanny Bridget about ie mom by some ratchet her bad no hold real aside to purport and crouppen nor can boot even thought it looked hack knows that hannah people at me ravi varman term time and man and what I'm like hundred was happy but of the night mighty bond time card at Melissa's rate empty more time the more fat you brought the wind no your tire for sent miles at a nap hit my knees net eventhough Cambodia Chi Minh Paul peacock mom report and a group wouldn't I be a Maui she mutiny and he looks nice from iris have it my pitcher na nan caroling with your boot on wood and lineup mcloon noni to me the Panda comment I'm doing some sort of Sunday morning I'm generalizing significant combi season looking over me but I'm just being honest you see the a battalion I keep dropping I'm so happy but apartment horrible Akuma nasty know from from putting on I'm alone did time person bar about me John the toolbar and crew putting in da van 30 new remote mister tactile Morgan washing lie on peeping hazard my new name for cheats appetite man Patrick are then kuat you to keep man too young a table holds an month on man and what's table hundred most happy for a penalty back to the wind remotely mad monk on cat food took opening negative much can take Langley but you brought names like a matured gonna have a vagina time moves hands and yet horrible come from putting man Charles a camera shooting some company do you become a yeah Nance only porn no I'm long hoop Wenham make up my sum locked loop when the can lay on top okay from look people numb or a bomb under Kamla Nang Mohan cargo rope novena can net with peony you might know me and put your pressure people of me black I come from point man Chopra Carney MPP Martin young I have a fertile Christian marriage homeland catch up on the Nigeria Phil pitch Nam sermon me I got hope my normal name let Martin group ticket line now I'm in care product hoop much numb loop on the camel a ground let her not my car pious on the soap Nance enough snow start Hernandez time T tank and new name wouldn't predict an easement take full Coon I'm long title superior love do I got home and Kohala second mature can i Papa John more handsome net I'll choke rule take one please bump in salary Catholic I can pool but top Ibuki marsupium Kinnear hope Norman Chuck then crying sack warm throw come room worth a lot more come with you tomorrow Samba see Konami announced a comma to deny crooked that remark oh hell no mid Moulton noon that man Chopra can not raka then kaboom job home accompanied keen allowed to yang acne and Newport him kanakam Atticus a blue come with year nineteen at norm picker soldier the tour looked in my linen like a Pierrot talk about her submerge Catalunya can radium then second machine cannot Barbra Jean amused her new COO chica and watch them up man kept warning EBL owie Lupin get tired or time he barked impose that lost right behalf report and a group only g'morning pities happy but up Harvey my program some horrible or cumin Joe a couple I get the preneur Lynch of Newport allow he replied Malcolm phone to a catch-all chance and window may come I'm in CAC after that EBA tonight you didn't Yuna can watch him up couch here all right they're not try this will done by a 10-year ban asunder socks and uh flops and comfortable I can shorten it new cool kappa cheater tiny terrorists and you can watch not obscure people are chosen to come magenta eunuch awake okay man behind that kind of unity among challenging the can watch Matt Mauro that have a fight and wait and even a fool can eat a London which is a fine whatever Bob Johansen compound promise you by George a pong loom loom pong then come grim come hind pong that's happy but up I'm pleading for porn and crouppen EBA me my supervisor can chew through long time react to new Cuban table on top revealing the some cardboard a Cambodia Jim wouldn't rot the poo ningún a Kamaka up honeycomb to group that new Robo from from putting more side or died or that time I'm not got that man man to lose some labor chiang-nan some late I greatly piccolo Manu who chica and watch up my from aa cambogia to Puma suit my aluminum with good not ignore walk home from putting my Magnum with the car on track it on piece right some ham need to let them know but did you come he would come pretty happy what middle cheers happy birthday Dom house nice home I'll Krampus it a new Monto and crouppen Laura 49 minutes every time Ron take to it no cheaper take how much here bunt all the did from off chrome from Ponca mom she him my job and job positions and my checks happy broke movement I know cheer hungry G damn my I tuning a jamuna kanikama car up neutona kangaroo Bob Mitchum will be mad EB a copy my supervisor Jetta me norm remote from clumping come on toto us happy but no area march along tanzanite to yank a from Atlanta Europe an alternate Mills at Chanukah yes liner cambogia caramels happy for upon some other horrible pokey in a Cambodian Anatole number treated my hidden perform and a group on ebay AGI new proteins have hips Hachi come here no room tone trying huh so not catch on trolley robot above chrome from putting they lose the camera Tutankhamun nan one taking a Papa Johnny time was Han mo groom charitable society hip comes like Frank mt.fuji car company Tom Heinsohn 200 the little car – I report and crouppen EBA LaVon told Harold happy but I'm here kaboom tires and something hack and Iran magical took always happy but hope no perform an igloo Pumbaa cambogia nice to if he can perhaps how come on dry kit that I wrote happy bomb in car pragmatic some pork are upset Malou then dirty purchased of at ie no content has happy but up Ning when you look at most right amount of time about how much allowi no sad I can keep saying troops and my me my yang when did look hot dance how come kidney on track it sucked I drove on time or awesome not come on crab Melissa Blake I can eat then some labor Changi piccolo Manu man Manteca and watch my foot brake allowing PBS – right Yom Kippur not different bang bang dr. windy be proud man Australia pan had a miracle arm upon by Jeeva bong card I find I can't Atlanta that she can I see come from rocks and cannabis encroach it might not be in a chakram by a Satsuma born in Japan we can that funny a charm candy Clanton and a sub-segment argument so happy proper mcdoon Ithaca come spyro kappa no Cambodian people Howie now look the movie copy came in here then look TP carpet I'm trying me to knock all of them so happy but my job Anaka I'm a new me time rice at a mechanic I'm with you you know pickle knock hi Connie Montauk movement say that my gosh my feet up welcome home from down to second base on a time like hydrogen I can move we knew so happy but open and stupid with her our mother who sang not much I thought no no my Connie how look high compared to now people on the payee so happy but hope none some right yet teach on girl time don't know Rudy SR super porn and a group Oni miles happy but hope so bright yet Tata no hold menu so happy what up then you're putting lieutenant come with here like I say hatch not beat wanna play camo howdy new cambogia and cockmonster Pratchett from P Doyle in the line I'm writing economist Nam Kyle peacock hot mom look at my foot house come on Maya how onto a kilobyte buddy gardening my job recap Montoya car but just in from the public come with you die people munch on Oct more than forty na na min Karen Brooks Erdman rally P new room cast hockey movement home not a mint opening no I'm gentle deep sorrow angling from Waikato serum Oh Paquito forty na na min Baraka I'm night partying and Mincha and crouppen written to young Lucci perceive in Amsterdam now tube Joe quick from premature comes at each avoidance happy but hope but home movement which part mad me uncle comes you were nana hachi madam few new young sawtooth not above come from pudding I've been chopped cards food to couponing lose some Blake I create none some labor Chang salted it from down here most nights of Hanukkah a black Jordan APNIC Erica loops edema no neg Latifah chair topper Thai language not magic cloak an Arabic I broke my name for teach it the moon sambar Sigma not as his rapier or to me Washington [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] or an extra Martin Zacharias ohm jumper me me Joe Sakic my erotic remodel adhirata silly handsome bone or tails a labor I'll opt bunk or broom look when unit can be a champ to become right and i teed up want a granny craft beer to go solve one joong-dal within a canvas cam laser come come on come on out to one castle joong-dal nets Nikes maps into diadochi they look to a tee look yuuichi damn Detroit man some rotten economic Bob lawn sign the iPod call Camaro brunette we can over they tied a win it had it about a canonical by norm Kinnear but I repeat he won coop coop watch a movie in the can but camera died that mean lady Thiang same st. near crumpled / aunt Agatha petite Monica dumb buddy or T go solid loving in a can Lokanath pong and Tim tiara bottoms and get it or pong crumpled corner tie entire book corner room get we wanted to consult you loving in the cameras came late exam correct it Heinen's am Dan can hang it up then theme fear don't get a toy student Luqman Hakeem ensemble petite Solana memories me from pink I had a man but net Lisa come lobby and I mention no date lychee Makram Jorge DC I chill Clooney live employee Killa TP now make your room they take atrium some rock Kathy had Paul Liverpool court but then mo cupcake from print you Mook Romani them non-porous not somewhat like a boxer when I catch him and Jim Braddock me I won chopped my chola colca I create and get it or butter broke loose on the bottom one month lease acronym had been among company German that it's been a Santa economic Minton nice entre the middle pranam notice like we people Sabri can I do a film on noon book what a hand handsome trainee there boom climb and cha-ching become not Cuban table and I hide I'm waited up hang it when I cry with pain and among the same same deal some come see wills some Bank every bra me and clumpy common thought like Johnny can't cope City Monona comic even drop you tomorrow ensign chuckling you wouldn't be net-net my brother picked a coup bitch named Nikita stamina family cooking you'll charge an Afghani won't room the entire home with red pepper shank in her neck out a quilt made when he pong and he had to pull a fine huh EBA I'm a trainee Republican sent out of happy back and pull the charge and we stop people in a beanie hi Janet and look Luna family nijam noon sir Commission's fabricant a new couch you can watch about connect I'm gonna catch it up Scott Newman grandmother move preacher I'm not laying montre Nicobar you the tour the criminal creep Romney win could I be soon or moving Kia cars Hank only or what hat had never yet built wingman I got courtroom in Clayton Indian prom with me could I be minam right yet didn't back up cut from purple to lure his mother move hepi porn along yeah since a model like of pump H up underneath here so how much in pirate handrim can sit down in Montreuil on fast come see well Jim I can I can keep him on crap but let me pray to sermons good I see Jim ready then crypt employees and poor nap on that upper brother Luigi Mook ramanayake Oh critical doing the to cost about therapy tonight Adobe Connect and obscure nomogram wanna move Richard Malcolm home entree from their room Ian brought him and he part hand hammered or guerrilla girls appear but human take a second cat look so keen and you're kind of come up with you look OH once appear protein carry life hand tighten broseph pray try poke look Pat petrache then look look here in so corn protein Caroline Joseph brave don't prick montre montre permanent system nice a common is my command home loop and what happened your time cam and that man died I'm in Baltimore preacher in the cannot answer my table clue and cute and only wanna move from a 2-1 hi choppy opponent on purple or Louie now Tim T I cannot come catch it 78 carne 7k time and corrupt employee then I create look at time when trying to go by your thoughts not get caught at 7th grade and then surround him on time tip but two bites you clued online when trading pram Natalie hi could I look time went write a note them ninth year can that come back yet that's inside huh I'd be a pawn monomer camp return I'm papa Louie near non-peak not America key tops cotton NUMA crap Malibu preacher look and he find a sad moment without him item windmill Heineken or lemon trying to combat in from room et they loop wrapped hanger from Jabra bull hi but your SAP value now Luca brasi's rate hammock Elmyra chrome hung Maccabee they'll be affordable to operate you can I'm kiddin and watch him up in off so coming soon spotted handle hinge rahil's have but since you cannot come back yet Alco entire Monterey knuckleball you talking no proper thumper Porter Louie high in a tight online big minute have bought new Mahajan and an awesome new loop is set up you can hear a buck on that hammock I kidding Winnie so commissions but a ton of movement and pack and that camera guys get throat man through through the hand and watch them at my munch of my Lawrence without you awake MOOC but oak don't be abundant harder job airborne in fact I'm primary tuna some fat midori loose and got to Montague and I'm glad get through out there and watch him option boom wood rapier Pantanal but since you know Quinn's higher cup cumin lamb and I remember lamb operator and there's no man somewhat regular McLuhan balloony Dimitri taps I reappear my money which to us is Reiki become an apple nice job type and I give him some to import aluminum from tantrum crusading aha – Brock octane and signal sake Imran huronian come by clearly Shabbat in Zakarian and Sakura so Mach cone and so memorably

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you're listening to Radio Free Asia the following program is in kumanyika can be Cheapside that you as either a misty committee spyro bucket to accessorize theater Sackman virtuous is right songs become romanian Tempah piratinha washington nehru am ready pirata television and until my zucchini some trips alone in Tanana Martin Arcata meet ray no Batman somet kizomba embezzle oann Slava XIII Janaki Dimitra jgomes of June capsized mattress ultimate opposite Sonam coal is a sacred people from rocks of my high betrayal hid Deepika catenaccio Socrative on the per mole Biyombo me cement illuminance that for me approach an item in Medicaid or toto robot from snooping antipov campaña pass through cheat nombre man purple door at about my standard hombre jump you know I don't know paying 70 the bantering Ling didn't hit the camera that can lay montre said maluna net map cha-cha-cha can lo you will come ray yeah Monsanto no no not you detour the Bob from clumping poor men call you by 2 e cos e total gym troop throb pale a blue hedgehog a prick confirm radar Cronkite move noon room line for me insane impede [Applause] my team authority Dignam advance of made some Joule per min please la mulana ninja Timmy tray Richie Porte magnet protection and an and goddamn break the norm to him hepatic am socket me don't eat Novotny was interns are hombre nice a para Crowley now by PMT I Dahlia comes of high quality pre-k tappet ie9 corrupted Vanunu Cambodia and wing montre Republican Santa top top at kam Li to grant a chisel a Muay number I on travel to entirety Bala crop time and Monty at the border can be July but peloton II wasn't on ojeda's medica poor mini net Nam Pedro toffee bar loop I see pan trap as he's raked out attracted a mocha chocolata rot happy Parliament where Tomcat the empty robot Romney controls and a Papa Shango gravitate a nice artisan unreasonable look comes a competent in a pathogen confirm technical my the bottom our car Lubin jet car company a communal I tried to escape each era not a longshot I wrote a film in capital muy 12 group composed a glass and by the bottle akka that band room lake and I pass included I looked comes to catch up the upon talent among them fun pump Laura brought happy model when Lilith politic in pajamas like you inside the heightened him and taken picture masala car but like Adam full banking 1981 more than you could blame a man drove on the jury but 80 the time to map met light sheet or Mitchum applicators that be a song build a lot more through Bible brought the camera mama tried not happy Barney the cytochrome the Giambi Jeter but I know gravity components fiber-optic under compass around rightness that come on touch it I'll retract my sloppy theater the Thai language but him cannot possibly GOP times around right look um dirty trap as his red carpet I did a motor-car aha but he put out come on nobody canna bath Linda's are on break from Antion later in Atlas I put seed a frumpy crewman aunt Wilma half at the campsite it's my dog did know said that we made in our key offensive here not bite empty a little Bob home from playing online look comes a car and then either Bob home from playing but I said I'll cannot pass approach it for any job island when I told him watching opnion and people on my plate my comic me he like I'll fix it up guys sorry people became attack they keep don't keep film clear so far welcome back off Mike you say to God leak and I was thirsty at high calm can you know thirty and this year becomes you can now is talk of some Africa Tomlin if they come here look on the TV at time yep I'm talkin about secreted let gravity got empty eyes my cheese appears around a balloon said they picked him up that's on the gambler dot happy about my I think rope into your plug cap off my look inside and open cannot pass a Christian like a pump it is a trick trap as he's right time tonight jump o cannot buy some courage it died on me look some mercy but in so they take cannot pass a Christian yesterday most of who I look at into that pot growing children more half at the company stop built that book Cape Maktoob Jim Williams so mighty that spear so much it press appear then would take a soft at what this at our business up about Carney – Lucifer camera Seymore he must know by almond but how far we just won because I know she will never get a robot from Reaper so mighty plaits appears our victim little more picking up a dynamite Lincoln at Papa channel mandolin clear Smash Mouth my muy god we tidied up one owes appear my change notes at patreon come up not moon hoax up from ye so they pick at the door Hotel de ba cambogia and then tab will development wait native in Jotunheim people on the moon nice and i like the white embroider baba consign get more crop Kolkata mime in China content from p.m. Sunday pity Campari ad man bin Laden sake radiant him up I have one Hawks up my knee Tim tiara Bob local sign chat with in the car I'm into centerfield number happiest on this open on the one copy after Pattaya paper box company come I'll look down at the port of a petition company men through young man I'll temperature could upset the Mafia vodka my neck got the talking in China Tom Lincoln bethere second a plane to money number I'll either Bob Johansen long line the team can have a security look Tomczyk rakia bonthorn many I can Marlena Tony's your Y and then sir Commission cannot pass some crew get them off from down on Castle Combe Seville pong – let y'all rock much sharper than the book God sacred intimately got empty item let y'all catch up account my hat Thailand your my lumi the nam say Cynthia the baccarat Barbara Janke noisy love summer see Linda meow Bartlett a pleasure for me and beat you Aziz rapido pong good look on Channel audience at hidden young but hey that's my E as he said pirata Nevis and done Malone a ninja team a tray stand – damn break and pilniella Bob chrome phenom pin 7 k Dave and Penny Ling little kitty cameras can lay the land wrote a feeble I'm rich bitch am Cambodia from lucky to mighty dumb PP by Judy talkin on some number ill Kitty camel the camel a mention I mean care of Judy toy banter for cartoon children crew consume you the thoughthat Alaka bang but the chapter number in Pima High Noon component cap cast numbering tip even tortilla standard and Brittany to come from pinion pew new socket me Milan theodoret happy Bal cambogia I back a sable kid I'm an Finland preferred item la people enjoy too cute man Shampoo car and I Kitty can live with a camel a stand to ban Chado Karen Ikeda kami Tajikistan lap dog comes a new man some had taller stand to the diner sometimes a man the top dog from crucible that can lay their component in room Changi datura nincada – Australia Finland robonia tour tantalum Regla clang bad knee no little Facebook play Karabakh Lewin notice here crazy damn you gotta throw peony capital poop bitch name they keep coming at Gamla Stan – damn break your bank no community today client Karume Reebok Ramon cousin come see well hidden Andra hear that Tim Tillman carbon card can a comic a stable kid I agree listen hombre my phone died – Jillian on and on peak resume Judah Tolkien meal in a hang tag castable Pitcairn a knee man – Atlanta tingling Howie no gentleman mid cabin cartina comcast able Pittman time till Ooty Lupin total a cambogia component marketing trainee done by WD toys children crew doujin Emma's heart and break through PPP upon that they didn't import on a weapon time that actually dr. Bob item number in today need man feel cool technology like a can with year the mechanic a some cake people potato family TV team in pinata she told me to become a key that your appetite genku picky be upon room things are object and back they stay tight gap a person the mean mu love hand for thanks a cake am not mishmash low gettin warm a chilled a kebab isomer build some to kazakh new phenomena to the time alibi to castigate megabytes no bring me some number in Kitty camera that can lay trail Bantle I care about Crompton on paper by TP there is a number in te without like a cat toe before Japan cube some lap Nancy people accessible get thrown a payphone then let me speak right number corny some number in see my man but the job hi can't be junk I was pickle on telly went opt like a camp or some right I with aunt your Pulteney key emoji one night min command turbine toy to be what kitty camper cookie moon men CAC and kept about like min Canyon Gemini as a number in PP wing hello chick Mincha be what you learn to mobilize be brutal acronym pin man man kaha John nominee Roxanne sue ricotta Banton son sign up saying ëno captain hola true Chilean Atacama and receive mandatory habla de Polly Casa bulkhead 9 km new member ilari now Shakalaka hack mint interpreter from cabin bye Jani G B say the lock a corrupt one tonight Nader Bob from dumping ban some rocket in me kanungo be up there Mui you can touch up some lap family I know I listen turns around Liam nice toilet paper bubble corny man men captain thought number German timepiece at a nominal re but a few nights at millones Michael man hope look needs a car cut some quarters out here tonight your minimum distance I can decline literally be brutal knockout of Judy talk when I'm up here hiring at all righty come from but more like peeping Hannity win donate loop time in the cabin Katrina come Casablanca degree doll Mankato room Panetta mean chilled Elantra GT typically in Jamaica songs I encourage contain light a little choppy Batman in eg support my heart out the ground Pinellas Park engines this anxiety capacity I need to afforded encontre homework or young man loop across no vision alive and we got a spot about bathrooms become chief captain Mahajan junkie a premium to our sea dependent upon science am just an alibi YUM it was different pooja will dip now some when you got people take flight or backward for hang and Peter la pista by audiometers outside enemy chopper on Castle Combe Civic evening on track Jim Dunlop I will stab and vampy net current are yep a bitch nominee some nominal Doris I'm Whitney come in castable kid I ban mature tantrum try new la P Brookman kanakamma Casablanca die I create new monomial uncut and even care about Crompton on playing tribal catkin a kamikaze bulkhead I agree at Libyan knellman prescription poor intricate the kami done bias rotten Albert an entre tip that can booty Banda to squalor Kelowna Netanyahu coupons on up top side of a few as Israeli website Jen Bharata to leave Washington perhaps you've got to compete on people you minor cambogia of mother family therapy monkey become monopoly no patent properity say so lieutenant Genaro Chambliss credit oppose nah be Rooney Lacroix Cup site for the menu film on let me just so often Bologna ninja teammate ray Salada moguri tonight Phnom Penh some right conclusion cam let me go Manette Mukunda yeah real bahnhof Facebook no I used I mean people dumb and open that cam like Jim Nigel John cam lady Germany yet Masumi porn that trace mother ketchup clue nano black animal talk as a so but Anthea Jim when Karen a.com prompt a quarter-billion examiner camel a man can't abandon puny Lyman chop cotton la-mulana try to punch back montre said Malone Annette map your attack at that clone and catch up or can load you which one conveniently Monsanto no no lie be process cam opieop ok man mental coach penalty but be rotten II wasn't honest ray so DVD campy really tagging sub sous la demoted hip-hop playing look I Paula fee genetic conclusion Cora a Panasonic non Poultney keep resaw neuroses netted my cat man tried Pete O'Toole senorbrian b by a narrow me Dominica arms Laden boom Brittany Snow Queen Tara general or ears open man Chopra can do between camera yeah Piedmont you know other priority at Tommy travel recessed Boone the window it has a family chrome from at one on top is a switch on Kauai a capital C it netted nap then we'll protecting the Moy take a cab Anne Mette recapitulate about La Cumbre yaki lose some soup combos right Han camo from algae minty went numb Lynn robolard camel a high professional Oh Facebook the quantity care oxy the mayor of Pratt of 1910 crews a pepper no look me to even thought her shampoo Cointreau come another bubble that camel a twitch amano-san Chetan Anand Caroline when when she ample cosmati al quantity said I Perignon cabin Jake McBay no camo pumps I light in here at at home annoying low budget has got a broken country the Maluku gigantic datura no man I go to Japan Okayama mentality tragic indeed as a total for all hi Naomi Lou algae that proven that you can layer gear toes not broken de Peggy Pico move along to Omega to abundant harvest wheat at the National Track ID in ATP you can consult improve her cousin accident captain Captain Bob Arum's of åland Michael kappa faster Metairie that I haven't taught an honest man so Martha like Galilean completo below I'll make a commendation wind blew cold lately to make loosen lynnster time in canto a you can peek hi Pyrrha hear about lucuma at elusive training table aziz Ratan Tata cool Sameer Bhalla rainy vigil adapted to album pod Bruce Wayne Milo's Raymond man profit of 850 contact bass boom blue algae globe understand Larry someday will you sound like a man like the stadium photographer bobbing for a house for Mom so the bottom hasn't a possible professional and as a final step out there they say liam shephard includes of hawaii in silicon is our most number you don't see it on life sciences and so on Cindy family excellence items but under the powerful tides of the department and created by for crimes both resigning from with Beaufort as you like Lewis and Jennifer capita 90 promote Erica Marsh non-canonical body to me from playing man culture look over yonder a year from Templeton Marlo Pina tier batch approach Anton you noob on Coachella sonic notion come my son Taylor bahnhof Facebook blue a lemon rube new people number motherland came late that Han Barnett month will visa compile and run crude my confinement don't live in a porno once I play a year Nepal border Barlow's Rodman's Medicaid under my wing Cappadocia tonight it up tactic man vero sitting idle nannies my deck a Cabana to do with student family dominate each must assume upon Rantala can I pay opponent Karen a Lucho dokkum Rumpke Roubini Nicola bonded Kamla Newman can't abandon puny I've been to prowl neutral province map let me TV samsa competitor Cap'n pet which emits video below soon upon manual and tan so like Atlanta probe can be bought new new no diversion Cora yeah my potato like a madman tuned to conclude naughty carrot an Autobot hunch of gammon wing the Maven Tony diabetes are soon approximately the peak hi cat man loss encirclement attack as a pollutant program Junsu Lee Pony German term translates Bob night Brockman on head nodding on Hancock Andre tomorrow be upon my new unity rather Pacifica Holly said before the people's health of course semantic segment Cortana SUNY ordinance at Amazon parrot ample proof in yet both only two important to her capital headed up like a manic new page Auto document cat rabbinic camelid camel a the certainly play Internet related stop Paco Majesty thank hit the Cameron family captivates a moon look to morning ocean water advancement of technology my wing cap developed Eddie doc I can't man Montaigne Tobin Park hope individual money I'm assuming pornography Antalya virtualmin yet no man taketh the bong goo hyung Suk Amazon parrot on long-term wardrobe Aziz rate hair loss to me porn contact entered the man unique not my hymen man Chou dynasty from poverty Portman Anatole man sunset minuta multiband for Ventura 14 cromlech memorandum atavistic segunda to squat hat back on tillu algid lamb interest De Niro Brahma bandit Kamla even mention but emergency but I look common dense had to like Gannon semantics take some my family fainted nothing Jewish my bottom corner from Guadeloupe I women year polymer I got some visibility anomaly occurs one here Aaron Berger and you knew much personally Monsieur I thought I am ignorant some such as Bank has aluminum windows nominee annum what's a movie hi I'm pretty lucky on food and okra and I'm Robert I mean to be honest no but top hat and put got an ad with Junsu need one wing present my contact a cameraman Mohan cattle shampoo Malouda Coraline the Corollas then take at the bank Matney prove et cetera people intimate pepper know the quantity Kaiser say as our agent Jenny with one is Messiah I cannot run the machines of March I take it I need German jump attack were title apparently women meantime what I'm worth what ascenders and Jack wanted you might say I buy th items it and vehement the Kragujevac but for a typical day had a hand you come shaka laka booka beside marshmallows no demons really euro the table on top nightclub positive and only I'm Cali todoku I'm some outlet last half not gallo you bitching for Diane and soon it Bonnie come on something Donald a brutal word about boot people minted summit monomer hi Koppelman catch a lot John I'm week at 10 p.m. / about book what don't catch a mutiny look I'm some and your tattoo like Anna Symantec Deadpool that had comes fired up with the cop but let let people enjoy more granted to number grounded otaku salmon that can be given in full makeup on decide that that's the wind it happen how he follows an acid but I think no carpet in the 80s a feeling Katara check out it's not terrible but subside people gravitate away you will corner yang Minji with Junsu leap one coaching at CamLAN idiom 19 and the Linden EK khwab drop after tang hello Tempe thank I don't how sorry compute it wasn't cool nope it as a camera but about crumpled humping lucuma a throwback to like a panties to a chop antenna kyria pitch napkin lambda way no Haley Graham watch African both near karimnagar hostile over nice and calm Facebook behind people not with Patti what poor by sam'l killing people opted to ask Atlantic know some come look over I am Ian's repeat win kappa dat map epic high compared to non people on the frumpy when top P total to group them no one tonight you will tune soon upon win saravana Network courtroom P little mohali turn eight pianist to follow up subsea chances late range maps a piece my comment on commemorative our neck no Jam people a pram mentholated German tanks I did over bottle to Al Jazeera's they picketed cameramen at Camden is news night before the prom P pump el otro malé atoll 1110 pillows kappa tighten up Kaka c'mon cassabaum Pipkin SOT my new van chassis design cat hair Karthik Rooney / – nagura ya non-division soon upon coochi Carlos achievement in Macbeth sick Dateline Khalid ib'n thought half ice and cold classic cars they'd be supreme in luke dusarque am appear before portmanteau swept away day but unique that our presenter behind yet talk human something no thought they saw nante galloped meeting autumn is a treatment in Macbeth I'm Qasim porn appeared capacity manouse now summertime land you between Ghanaian and lows uniformity went under a black can and smashed someone's happy part of the treatment a mistake density tube doomed I mean Jeff know that at home annoying Jenny from so TV as you said a peritoneal Washington but London Academy tray mature model said Moluccan bgallagh grandpa and yeah table under the body on clan delicious red pill can catch your breath hyundai sante VT lintel a picnic gambit a mistake nickel on TV about poop bitch Nam lake hit the chem lab on that Camel a sacred apricot for me and Obamacare Mendoza do Kampuchea Jim sinus 92 mocha kadhai we broke Tonya table and radiant port man out the showroom knock'em Rumpke good opinion a camera that can lay them up Stanley playing the knockout stage environment comes Commission that component could be Santa Fe come on Stanley Stanley pre internet no hope no argued that in being someone someday development that came like Jane come on snow chilly and you at home and shampoo on monochrome Pina room and you become too important for Lucinda great-looking guy yeah non-semantic true Sarah below to buy key crime Oakman Catalano Colton love mucho nunca Dowie like nighty the mocha cranny you would consume me agreed then low kumbaya trade ban Trezeguet our own Chopra can see Flicka the bad news me on my propeller of trouble mature Mendoza blue cambogia look like that Tonya toe co bond really answer my chicken up a purchase of time worked on from a no prob no moon pay pocket for the night I told room 12 on public I'm Lena chatter Caillou now I like neck heightened poem channel and 10 20 min Jae coming Korean for a patina die Bellona ninja Timmy try the Bob come from playing man on man I drove video confessional don't apply and wait born in the lammle come train me TP chat became a saddle time me – now you can launch it guys a bit early but if I'm long pier by Qaeda I'm Shannon people under from boon from Hoonah Jalan a dropper bottle Adam Bree smoo captured recently CBOE psychotic nighty the multi gotta man those runs in the narrative arc and booty I don't I can imagine but um there's a non carrot and change a new picture Antioch a condo crook poor lady come from plain diamond enlightened wait pond in the Lambrecht can encumbrance and sank in whip one cannot come home to my porno filled up and Jolteon come brunette hair I can as important chain room in Samsung slow spin can pump I never gottena taunted I'm there's a happy Bastion without Rackham Jada pond in the lamprey dollar happy well Kampuchea prop up the diamond toe attacks nom long promoted I'm Shannon people know from Boone come home with your son aunty no mentor Pratchett tramp only in the LA click on lunch in pattern ah but people don't build oh it's nicotine am ppand upon by deep ruts and let you change the bokram who Nigella not rob rob a solid hombre rich and cambogia you came hose on little entire picture latch autumn winter watch not at all kappa champi ponder from like a long to me kill at the power human man she had the pork lamb don't care impunity hi dad kappa moon was not from videogum mental abram then from pragati Clanton Polk Avenue open in here Luke Jamison I didn't let her crumb Hollow Bastion TomTom by their component a Catalan a trauma cambogia room in chrome who natural a natural prince chrome Hong GI nan Cremona Telenet rob R&F jump or Vinnie Jochen Cambodia when you pitch ranting day then Samsung Kia pan some rats have come tomorrow 9:30 club near Hale cabaret no chip or a hoodie damn pay opponent some non-robot you need I look at Prezi a new app you can poop from Picchu on the Bostian Muay Thai bands on Sunday coach BAM one bottle uma Dalek I'm a possum noncom and on the paper I'm buddy Nets lap number paper moon up saying tier drummer boy copy junk I'm eatin I can almost eat Anya talk had knee go back back on Bruce and Sonic is I'm not waiting till when Toby looking tack meant by mana yacht then sand sound like copy jacket II but Luna ninja Timmy tray Rabab trompin open man an anti chrome honkin smooth sandy mechanization Construction Group will cast and some party win haha Brazilian hundred mile attention bill Gannon Yardley Cuban tropical punch and Mooney the bunch naked and tried and by the Turkish and some party win haha nape real Indian hot mainly let's not cut crappy like a Sauvignon smiling teen size appealing Delambre liebe you can tap side was a poor mention China Delhi Carbonite eaten by cacti SAP or meanie I don't have real Indian hot money mean to me I has a monkey dome at Pete Ibrahim John catch him rip then size up kilo might be the bond ruminate on and co religion horny them trace and son live date they set up from pedo hate ah Trump the presser up with only in the LA good from Mount Sinai and his raiment one item coming here demon trader Bob chrome from pin nan Monterey Castro Sevilla I'm Peter Nappi bleak a tank like ass and some party will engine off my knee vanillite be open tag along mo probably time today sarcasm lamb noon come Robin hanging lamp to win can cry little domes and some heterogeneous and poor Tom Tom battle re-chrome huntin tankage naked and Clyde or come room some transom canteen Lou died chief night muy make him room for a chance at the ball come not do it but damn psycho what and play the bomb higher Chen no no room income rooms and some pros Indian hot non-print – hot and I can interpret him with one from role in the language roll Indian Hakka phone conundrum right kill by you know he has to be on the lam wretched I'm from natural mean kick abort a flow preventer tonight bomb line religion hothead calm album release on your theory Bach loony pill and I could cope entire about chrome complain tankard Palace at poor mentally not have I Tamara Tomalin Kampuchea mañana yacht I'm in Mauritania Tibor Dino Lalli but lonnie- me Trey Rabab come from playing Pimentel you by chewy Casa cotton come true key like an actress I cannot let your new page to afflict confirmed rely on cotton wool a birthday cambogia nano I'm pn8 above come from Plano pricey Pam client a cambogia momentum Apple not be capital Sana'a for rotten come true don't talk back Porter died Sachin will play through a pregnancy look I see pan vanity attacking jungkookie laconic Rosa check out the toolkit Rohrabacher cheap erotic rule 9 I had a birthday Cambodia Jia Britain called kokoro peaks acid IE garlic Gladney plutonic concern is a sample mean slate Beecham Lupe Droog afraid night-night eat up more jack manatees like a cannot entree I'm not a midget on vehicle boom so back to each each item leg let that monk at the botnets and children to do something sometime sermonette malsuk they've had like not give me 30 and then the 10,000 might suck in Dubai the big action one bad date as a matcha tea enjoyed life and I'm smudging of me example Guardian for chewing from leg he definitely put habit a highlighter gives you that just with what mean with a patek much I thought what I can think that they need to leave them and then with the Matt Porter man to rule is getting a little long and will die and in bouncing later girl plays a footstep for footstep but now it's a convenient multi him and he's arrived aunty him some catch light Bob Brenly he pretends Malcolm did Jim Santa cambogia loves ron paul panthro's athlete random typo minute the tool to buy deianeira bob Crompton open notation Delta Delta C code in gym true Killian a cruiser I even saw the heck a key moment regimen in Kashi cam no time Sock'em robots loon done by copy pray your body Jim true cried Polly Lopez aye pan Cabana puny library peratt that only Sam and I from Dan Frannie apricot ice Medicaid present bikini and Caroline on truck you'll be protected can GP says people to Vietnam good move out tonight neanderthal bouncing lots of true orchard from be like man I'm in trucking with want market more disaccharide jamilka sugar-free can add item lighter through quick bar loop punching Pedro de la Tim Lippe through go flip cup uncle Angus no cadra tragedy fried in a calm and catabolic mum but learning in Freeman SWT meet ray learning instead wants that poor man preach and tonight above a Jewess is ready that if jump to knows you're my friend so made Peter Tony was in Tantra Tamra March even taught Ernie somin to engine and in love chance adapted lady cap is not saying kidney ailment a kidney but somehow cool yeah Lauren in Tanana Rattata Medtronic non-toxic a potbelly documented reddit Islamorada by PepsiCo people has gone on you buy from all of the family table Asia moon no such a gap but rahamallah back tomorrow so come Savannah's commissioned by Pangaea Ultima combat yet saloon exam time dip that relate you know Turkish map and a chunk of material and in turn animals not for the meal my job so my children again a flat outside of version cutie of a double top no topping sahih bukhari smash a loan a snap to Tina trail of the family cuz she never Pepin hasn't gone on your mind on min but you play your pimp hi Manhattan tutor bunch corn uncle Russell on blue moon predicate a cop – Salam Jaya trade but the rope tied one loop monitor each night to put men go desolate the in monroe family Peter Balochistan province of signing Winnie Mui cool mondo sunshine McDonald I jump on how to protect some come to you myself Lou Manahan they clean and financial about progressive a new man we've what beam with my Talmudic basket loot that look what you got to profile part and have a parable of the stem Lolita team unpaid loss slap shaman Sangeeta but Karl ugly paper to Barney minibike la – hey wait la la la welcome Oh dr. Liu bang Sukho so me children in for the straight arrow bar Luke didn't Sakura Gakuin fan honey but the cameraman break you broke my squad ha he never PMP fine hasn't come nah you'll buy us some time or at Claro I mean man July due to Vic Romano McDonald path but family Italia Tremonti socket Mac hydrocal appeared among Roman along to a gentle calm include Minister my cat lie to me kilo per each home and tack on Brigham hind are you Cuban in a canoe look commander elliot all the polka with pyramid look nice antic a fake right now in Hawaii when that camel a man protect him whole time but grumpy have one room Dan loop Hong Tai Chi Minh when you negate the capital Kabul not a brachear pirat benevolent but doll no peak raha Batman urban a nearby remedy normal patterns of Panama Tigran dr. Otteman Montano pan hanayo by the wind and a pirate can link in a falcon a night merchants lost nine people on a pram new tenant upon dr. mooi month will get caught by Nehru blow blow look I'm Ray Ban yet you really come bringing any oh my – when you buy the my power mint mint will you buy jungseok finished anthony broken come rang Chopra can mint active Jung like overcoat that fund a new key no fee Khalid louder bonnet camera in a pillow the shop is gonna patch up shrunken fee caspia not a pram cooking a passion fruit juice mint in a path Raja can come back here compunction I meant him Luna and Kinnear hi Baba whopper to a sub 1hr wing yeah tell me what patrols hunter nearly but the can rave of keep our country prance in a moon pool cannot go wrong turn on tape on a bone good moon pill can half a circle appear Linton a party can come with you trails near Montana patrols Antonio Malay look and the feel new can come on carpet or somethin ear or the wind can I fight you can attempt a car know when when you almighty prove women men teach em up the chrome try to pick from premio by number after all your by me please happen all here to tell us and you from free in will be in the next part animal part of the whole do panels or am ready Jenna from criminal be so cheap but I'll be so G cool car I'll be 30 June attack without you – until the legal time cancer country escapes by engine by the doctor – haven't come among Bob Gotham division named UT Hasan Dunedin by the Austria even have three – come on come on try it Solomon didn't approve opponent with Allah Jim economy took a kite rise you took our game rooms each roll too much nyan and when the act I did you mean to go across underneath was Sun Jia what economist lie to you castles on that comes pups so they don't be on top of way I read sometime guys I can't keep them by the combustion and power becomes a bath nope no but they come here and then we mean the yaoi the number 71 Dunedin Vikram I choose in manual you buy the bottom with a manual a kappa profit wasn't nearly mean man with natural Volpone should've taken a path projection cambogia Bob on Calvin – chillin Santa Paula and Luna look summer and see can you grab one side puppet wasn't a new year like you put about a second about come with you Cudahy fine honey mother came late on your tan Tamara Frank Wolcott wasn't nearly cooking that back and I'm light but I do decide after I saw you the balloon Mac no control knit off a somber yet having Gilman told Melanie father Chang can I'm cool them long time Frank about marching out please mostly Picard if Jim can I come with you guys get a tip don't God watching out don't teach about dog pepper no I'll cry sorry me mom and thoughts will be something that can come up sleepy therapy um can I come with you guys q-tip jumped are busting out means about busting out doc I know Luke Johnson like the look I can Franklin sang about much now let's have with him do not match with call to trade only gonna battle Chow look em lick up and get that Han and I cannot back I'm night flat Frankie the Sun badly no sat back in a family madmen cool tan and let your prick you play a pip plan doesn't be my little band took Jason rough time watching out comes a technician and ppand a frumpy and instead watching us at all make an MP Fonda from Buddy nice I had a mother home sign man for a a look at welcome night amongst each am ready mr. Rothfeld ensign but then clue Narita hi hi but meant will come right along payment swap do some guy to look I'm a long night got to work on item Rolla Bolla on Sonny but the family Kobe people called I look my jetpack and a pack and I'm night my night worth of nitro Monty reset that look al gross a new young pony yum time for a song in you know pretty wing blue me get Han from oblong sign to welcome night them room number to track a 20 hide the motor crab on Ned McCallum we do community room leak and a pastor couldn't you tell time at all when I family shouldn't cut Fulton item room non Coburn on that family team we come nitro hibachi not going on the bike up chrome no tycoon TP good night room reef Chum coach oh boy Eden by crude I thought Rabanne debug an item Roman the bikes launch me when men come night room st. he didn't come night room the balloon act but talkin am NOT an authority cheap ramekin item room them by our prop one can move stand back then superior job or a trap and a hold of through tribe from breathe away and the theater so soon so open a pollutant or to try and tear gel made me need how can a pathogen being so Chanti done by a common item room or mid-cap watching arm we see ready duty tour he have appeared above an Afghan rainy but you look we'll keep an eye on that robot above the horse Android came under Holly I'm people terribly gonna fabric on Tom oh yeah katal trust haven't eaten mole darman I told you stop man I greet ban room minerals appear Teleca culture more new prayer Brahma Richie Vento nom nom by some Richtofen karabük lunar sky man telecast appears for two more pitches have an awesome can darken a pattern of night proper number some right cold are mcloon stop until I can reach is handsome likely that Tim Wilkins are designated time to know young man or mocking up a thread you can come back here Rudo bono ensign did you catch up to the counter can cassock no hungry fabric on fabric and a lumen Traken a fabric can put up tents a commission the nanny like in only garland or Oprah enameled effective on reais appearing prettiest Hammond I'll jump ever cut grass Pam or here we sat on attempt about much now new team up sleepy Cardiff jump in a comedy guys get a return car but you know I'll jump Crouch you push fat man three marks and wing noise that will not come late money people channel by you cried Peter Bob I cap at freedom car but you not die some long-term rack let's 90 more paper moon cat imagine and people under from buddy that's a come on try to you mean manacles Corp on Lou put em except for ginseng prepare no prepare to do skorca watch now new to score cable patterns have ultimatum on little oblong Sinai but have come live and eat your whole hide I can then you'll buy Panem night to win you're my man man the make a PS on a substitute for ography coot will you buy the Mabel put employee then proprietor here port number I'm um radio by my hot air balloon Brianna Rican no man that time you clear about patent a night new preparatory ketchup on an idea Minkus rap like milk at otoko Trinity I chopper can't eliminate mkss rapier promote from green oh can you krump a day before Lewbert I'm a Cali pony kiichi come I'll become a harm that a mother on San Jamar around I might be like oh crap I will take your left hand me panty one click on the internet Google don't want a chicken cut off the Torah or the by 8 foot map is a broad Coon Irene by topic and give Rocco a high heat olive only two main filter customs organic Apache Bonnie come Pekin wants to continue 10 1 $1 and one poor poor blue hold man Alton one what come she isn't an option that can Tirico a teenager come Jillian the Norman your bike might with your Bible or Rome can either with them o be movement and which none I pour our time Carol crew beside an NGO by we say can i Pat alumni robot ensign man cannot phenom night instrumental knife I kept I'm little but suburb young he says kid kept each numpy ponder frumpy but I feel a bubble inside man room leak and a pastor Corey chemo I'm a new mulch of noon preclude the crab at a nominal movement theater I went alone Saturday P of the baccarat nullity vegetable pie Trevon key Milko intern man pre-approval the fans can a cameo by Reginald I do chicken with Cuban Hal tall above like a cat some rock till I put a sub-problem net then crew crew performs a big pan pan I could I'm up Kumble cube and pompadour them optimally we took me over a barbecue appetizer AP hope I picked up 10 pitch none with one from monoi guise of a mocha Maui tour de baño by noon Kemal break can minerals up tonight's night Peter we could put on like an iPad pro you can come with genius and my fighter bunny lie that got some love I'm puttin sir back up John Thank You mr. Franklin crews an expensive thorn and your bike my tentacles Minard I'm not Callie Monomoy odontoid ear protector opera ham on ho chimney tonight EEPROM tonight Ephraim with a connection I'm with poor America uh frumpy mantra can Apophis a boutique ran directly Hotel Samrat Nimoy tilt north they flew in a room 10 may pass electron Fresno Dahmer under the tall tellin fine honey but the scam lame intro satire the moment our night the mocked then you're my ticket nah you're my hands on the by Collison left me the winter mouth Highness even pot day too polite for what like an over faith I cry then ask the cameras no back to your room yo by the Santa can fake like me but the time layman term to hear me you'd be comfortable patrolling and your by some ID by demonic day look on the moon you know carry condition action Barranca my movement on by now sign the album gangaiah you're something I know no dear man firming halogen bad idea no man no come your job and I'm a bit clear my money I came and had caught a twist got word from total ban you from one come to you with more boom TEM tool phenomena I'm can accompany one would've known some yourself Nimoy tuned until the turbine power yahoo eternity natacha mannhart action unpack Rattata people like milk will be people with me in the trunk added normal balance I know you bundle neck and gravity we panic my young ornament want immunity total minutiae and when you want runnin of nahuatl happy barn of magnitude but a bitch imma throw up our G this love mujin it an yeah thomna million components don't roll knocked on Strang tonight yes I compose some lunch ancient it but open that component at Muskegon Lee jung-jae time but that notion on trombone knock Namrata bar no claw attack a lotta people knows no one can subdue g2g table pompously who died craft rollin the by prattle rocket eval and we prep token opposition group decline noticed a car and are on the train or even disappear man whose mum ally magnet norm rules right Chetty but the chem lay members at her avoid a poor a combat theater program low human men program type atomic monsters rapier brahmic lunacy die away to school I programmed my new cool blue Morton on top away no Kampuchea Luigi attack after crunchy on top of West her alone nan cannabis a madman Bantam prelude chillin top revenge Nemo Cambodia contact ran five of us on the Sultanate non-functional blue midget hammers in Japan above a poodle you come back even Clyde to you but they're not have a tie hide and clanky speaking lying about in 15 min with ma'am move clear the nine clear the local attacked you that will a nanny come back some item mill and a pillow Baraka Michener on crew but can L be in too much of a fractal mean how you did it jumping castle my tank and open up a cup chrome to the top revision time and on technology appear where you the author framkin Amory's adoption and p.m. a little Comanche angel art me in my car the by crop grown an MP and including quite a lot how he would get mean me try Sam's of a meeting consume have the I but then chain ban person Balkan open a dial human topper witnesses from dying a cafeteria food baffled awesome shot some cumin can appear the bobbin Afghan lay back along birthday one prime commander hackaday front I had pani man Stein Lang LaSalle my vitamin D Kappa nah tink it gender with ma'am Campu mokou-san assumption come yesterday by Mintaka appeared ice-o-matic a complicated form given an don't capture window to this at cost about nymph I have seen sing tiptoe said i'ii reaiiy can keep genuine young modern dance eddakath Baraka my mom plant until awry minsang some hockey Acosta Bok min could appear bus and custom laparotomy to Sampson there- osteopenia did no different press I had no capital to make – Bok min fine how I died Kylie loud above the camera animal man who maintain care of chromatin on top of a car versus repeat nanka propriety can the my bomani Rican men Karim Laguna Patrick Angelou Hammond copy of a divan Scott Lang you filled vitamin E Lally from tile like I took some Canadian high country about Afghanistan brown played with album on somebody for what remain calm crop operation Chuck junk near be sandeman Chuck's a mechanic Arabic Lord common man thong Thank You of junk near peace an Amiga motor pin me you mean when you chip murder has on their hideouts American until a cap on how this unum new Chopra can teleport I see from part about poor back up John – poor immigrants of peopie cried the clamp-and-run tech stocks you can appear in your mind a time tuck off a mentioned item and paint get the book out a number on Sand Key Lime gravity but the cameras I'm tired look at her but sentir product-moment was here for us at can make an impact as Infante and then you're by commander tight with your vibration a delta d'Estaing snitch meant even company come with kitten moon and Plaquenil about by the bokram crew Saba pour about a horse and like milk poop some new montre Anna watch Batman I create no Pinu come back in and try to you but they're not have a tie that birthday near and kill Doug Lowy hybrid he fought bruenig no subpoena canonical as Indian manhunt wait till now I can are not succumb epiphany creature tattoos I'm wrecked old bad about made a number I can but Jung I forgot runic non pearson of Captain Pike lie saturate airplane McDonald catch-up jeong-min caravan tuncmatik mohammed ahmed on me but the time like bundles han mulhacén bomb to the baba once and twice i'm alkaline can uniform be cry some awful night who hide a chaplain with Enoch and region have not pretty wanna be let's add our core you open the money removed at your Snapple cap Diana me you can I use you to open a meeting with the people Sanji using a mouth no it's my data Golden Bough Cronkite harm long room psychically but such a human box no me cookie bar I've been teaching you before tanake tears optic light though but a fan blade weep in Kauai let me compile I brachiopod Nam Kinnear but ammo company in your table at the MPs are 8 p.m. and get it wasn't come somebody carob jumper take over in a can look mother this time ask I'll take my stuff of coke or above the whole sign boo recon come Langley look when I could open in a can and Duncan look my GP said Athena and I talked right then put up the album erupt Harlow conduct a pong game and Hannah yet I feel i reaiiy Pierce louder Bob woman that does a satyr Burnett mint will wait all they saw calmly Raul I could run time and turned on whenever now going at home a not subside I ll me to like errababu consignment Apollonia virgin pina kill you which ensue me upon and Puma are not God of July low but that camera in a cavity Monica will cope by genomic try to the car by some Rob Loma my chopper candy money on Yoma Cavallo Jia Ming check had a man McCoy mental I shall neck Namsan conquer my emptiness acharyas is rape orogeny was done no Denise vanity Dimitri I'm introducing Consuela's a commission part on Joe Bruni Altima kimitachi Totsuka new mantra Padma preacher and watch a map of our movement block romantic promotional deal logic returner puncher Zhang Liang coachable no attack PE sampoorthi Dan La Migra dichotomic my knee man chop Clunes and some all high in the network Goodman bra I'm sure my doctor to ensure we have seen tip Talbott Katie from Boone tactical a column with me that beer at attiny Washington looped on tour or eat a spot beneath an Tasso consiguen as de cambio parrot on consultant on yeah okay to prepay SERP you can ear a bokken a camp at YouTube's kinoma crabbleman Rachel Menken watch bottle a catch a notary Pokemon honking boy oh yeah oh slam oh geun-tae me Hondo chiho's Bangkok rod de luna carport a ho Demento a suburban hola trombone a piano Romeo yalom bone ah ha ha una Tanveer Anna look Sancho nanyat repeal ok an anti only at the move to make route you know chill coach mom number punto to a mental note in the crowd but they get up from stockholm on the summit into the cake milkman shaked i poured onto a tank up children play a play lol Clun succumb to polytunnel okay then let's Hattie topic on our paths cross P naught gamma carbon crapola more prey to come o Yanna to moon magnifique until a token on pregnancy of cognac terminal today non-computer play try it on Sandoval clone look tan poking a couple more time packing a cam Connie he and Captain William would you move the everyday Nike chrome Oakridge kilobyte more don't know cheer coach but key turns in a more high no come on the loss of that double one and I can imagine chopper Carlos upon yet no Ahmed all trading I come on man where you're truly a couple there you come back Runa until I found a huge ambush macapa and after fortification hetero Caribbean come on Rosie punch back on a computer so chemical para tanto needle Kunta oh yeah some some all once what you come to coach about cannot Tommy drums like Ramon masturbation no sub Kanye to you McCauley Lupin e-mentoring ultimate insect egg and honey from will Tremonti comes up on a comp intuitive come to Jung ko ko ko' playing looked her from hoon something so one right over here necromancy biotechnical pray LUN tha Montpetit an athlete chill no therefore promoting to man proper ready to Malawi Hilux on suntan kanakamma cochineal Mooney never gonna watch my damn tongue lacrimal tell me some tears like and what about re perfect in my facial come from the look look I'll put the akane-chan we later a digital n cloudy tomorrow see my picture my yoga Nell on picnic a mocha to Scarborough mu precio look he prophesies Ratan naruse yachty dr. katana unison some all no no wait at the computer Bank include noventa Tonkawa notary until me do some nombre also the like a chap chap nee look tan come round somebody cut conformable to don't I keep state they summit insert echidna let your pip on bottom with prey to none feel so funky little a clown on my tender watch it man look when get time for the McGavin crap don't take homely then I know what did you feel you I'm weighing jump booster lure the suet I'm laughing I can finally none so pump it from ya language once ain't it they bunch up on cartoon dojo coachman to Yamaha our eta noon on pedal nice right hand corner the trombone action ie that your pay upon bottom and pray to connect imma catch it then kind of watch pop them on performance they've audience were two mornings upon course I perform from hundred for 10 years for no soccer match in para tanto clinton una handsome all Gucci mantra called about by Albert Morio poncho chairman today with nine culture mom kappa champi pon a frumpy Johansen from Italy our only point of nunchukas vampire growl Mo Rocca camel doggery monk oh hey look some some are oh I'll kill them please I'm nobody woke up to an entire night a political prop 8 lever for total impunity on class come to apply Sakai so much I don't know 3 drop Itoh – people love me can I can catch it – sternum oh crap I'm afraid chill some come savory an Tolec actually man man frontier – unison small tea hi Maria chrome oxen ombre lip Basshunter wing hey I looked on tomorrow not ever thought to achieve come chicken at home not neither mantra publicity a nice hot comb nee-sama Kamata whoop and one arm punt and then I can catch it not want also Kincaid and watch dr. moon yeah no one taking too much immunity it pick up 1 / put on put on Louie no more play chill looked Han and I do chronic but look let me wrap it up Ram Chinaman how can a woman are you Carly the matter with you people are napping period army program and I'm grouchy thank you ladies a lot more than I thought it was a nice house cookie fantasize about her but I go by this one buddy Throw song suppose I owe you that much they be preaching on people and Pima track I said my kind time buttermilk Rachel's not a Muay Thai frontier to be prompted optimum number thought Panthers about you somewhat wrong knee no monster no Punjab bottom would that be appointed and carbon private or pang no blossom no denied or Miss 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Let's talk about the government's relationship with the environment….

well howdy there internet people its Bo again so tonight we're going to talk about government's relationship with the environment and I don't just mean the US government although it's gonna be part of the example I mean all governments in general the environments always a secondary concern very rarely the primary on July 10th 1985 there was a boat down in New Zealand it was called the Rainbow Warrior it was down there to draw attention to a French nuclear test French government didn't like this very much they didn't want people talking about it so French intelligence blew it up killed somebody in the process that's not a conspiracy theory they got caught pled guilty went to president it happened in a less dramatic way there's something very similar happening in the United States right now recently the president gave a press conference of sorts in which he proclaimed himself a land protector conservationists all over the world just stared at their TV and utter confusion this administration has rolled back so many environmental regulations I was going to list them but we have that kind of time it's insane it's it's an immense list but cliff notes he he's overseen the largest rollback of federal land protections in history he talks about the idea of opening the entire coastline of the United States up to offshore drilling while simultaneously getting rid of the safety regulations that help prevent spells he killed the moratorium on leasing federal lands to the coal industry squashed regulations about the disposal of coal ash Roback so many clean water regulations I don't even work again so yeah it's it's doublespeak politicians saying one thing and doing another that's kind of normal it's kind of normal but at the same time this is going on federal agencies are currently scrubbing all references to climate change because well can't have you talking about it kind of like bomb in that boat the test is going to happen climate change is gonna happen we just don't want people talking about so yeah it's it's normal politics as usual but this is done with malice there's no debate about whether or not climate change is a thing there's some debate although not vigorous debate over whether or not it is man-made or man assisted or whether or not it's natural you can debate that if you'd like but at the end of the day it's happening the Pentagon is drawing up plans to deal with it it's a national security threat but you're gonna be denied the information you need to deal with it because contrary to the very popular fiction government's not here to protect you it's not a protectorate it's a government it's there to govern you to maintain control and maintain power and that's what it's about back in 1985 was about military power so that's when they bombed the boat but today it's different we don't colonize anymore with flags and guns we do with corporate logos engage in cultural colonization as we rip whatever we can out of the ground it's worth noting that while he gave this press conference he was flanked by a former oil lobbyist and a former lobbyist for the coal industry it's something we need to keep in mind as the environment gets politicized because the environment as a whole doesn't have any money but the oil and coal industry do anyway it's just a thought y'all have a good night