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so Logan enjoyed lightning should subscribe not by Banta to opponent might might on her car Newton a video st. st. it bankrupt pill Vilia man loony TV trays and come see Wilson line camporee Bromley and clumpy command touch lecture could upset him another come with you but top you to Bob LaHood assignments absolutely we can't be near at them at camp and I'm they Kidman they kid a camel over the time they know ok you'll tag not Danny mo groom tangkoko home entree power Chang kid Mary Hawkes mother how some that have acquitted might find a pong and then she hath wrought by hi ABA montre montre near the bottom sign tire coming back up uncharged action where some people up with an e ba nee how I couldn't carolinet family need you me and there's a commission fabricant a new greets you can watch them up the wing man Lucy monetary kappamini on time and metal taps bar none sake your cursor off me attire the mask our ammonia talk I'm good here the lure neck I'm leading you gotta mercenary people Jigme tay ninh car tube tomb for a barbecue born empirical on well then food always a happy but we'll clean can touch maja her more come from pudding come in Caprica get a room could upset menu Nance mass at Annika and you might like a boot like that Malawi for the information maneuver nazar Michael aunt hope look nice okay choose yet huh so happy but hope component man young yoga to jump over gamma paper amoral Tommy Markin with you on peacock or upset my new nanny Bridget about ie mom by some ratchet her bad no hold real aside to purport and crouppen nor can boot even thought it looked hack knows that hannah people at me ravi varman term time and man and what I'm like hundred was happy but of the night mighty bond time card at Melissa's rate empty more time the more fat you brought the wind no your tire for sent miles at a nap hit my knees net eventhough Cambodia Chi Minh Paul peacock mom report and a group wouldn't I be a Maui she mutiny and he looks nice from iris have it my pitcher na nan caroling with your boot on wood and lineup mcloon noni to me the Panda comment I'm doing some sort of Sunday morning I'm generalizing significant combi season looking over me but I'm just being honest you see the a battalion I keep dropping I'm so happy but apartment horrible Akuma nasty know from from putting on I'm alone did time person bar about me John the toolbar and crew putting in da van 30 new remote mister tactile Morgan washing lie on peeping hazard my new name for cheats appetite man Patrick are then kuat you to keep man too young a table holds an month on man and what's table hundred most happy for a penalty back to the wind remotely mad monk on cat food took opening negative much can take Langley but you brought names like a matured gonna have a vagina time moves hands and yet horrible come from putting man Charles a camera shooting some company do you become a yeah Nance only porn no I'm long hoop Wenham make up my sum locked loop when the can lay on top okay from look people numb or a bomb under Kamla Nang Mohan cargo rope novena can net with peony you might know me and put your pressure people of me black I come from point man Chopra Carney MPP Martin young I have a fertile Christian marriage homeland catch up on the Nigeria Phil pitch Nam sermon me I got hope my normal name let Martin group ticket line now I'm in care product hoop much numb loop on the camel a ground let her not my car pious on the soap Nance enough snow start Hernandez time T tank and new name wouldn't predict an easement take full Coon I'm long title superior love do I got home and Kohala second mature can i Papa John more handsome net I'll choke rule take one please bump in salary Catholic I can pool but top Ibuki marsupium Kinnear hope Norman Chuck then crying sack warm throw come room worth a lot more come with you tomorrow Samba see Konami announced a comma to deny crooked that remark oh hell no mid Moulton noon that man Chopra can not raka then kaboom job home accompanied keen allowed to yang acne and Newport him kanakam Atticus a blue come with year nineteen at norm picker soldier the tour looked in my linen like a Pierrot talk about her submerge Catalunya can radium then second machine cannot Barbra Jean amused her new COO chica and watch them up man kept warning EBL owie Lupin get tired or time he barked impose that lost right behalf report and a group only g'morning pities happy but up Harvey my program some horrible or cumin Joe a couple I get the preneur Lynch of Newport allow he replied Malcolm phone to a catch-all chance and window may come I'm in CAC after that EBA tonight you didn't Yuna can watch him up couch here all right they're not try this will done by a 10-year ban asunder socks and uh flops and comfortable I can shorten it new cool kappa cheater tiny terrorists and you can watch not obscure people are chosen to come magenta eunuch awake okay man behind that kind of unity among challenging the can watch Matt Mauro that have a fight and wait and even a fool can eat a London which is a fine whatever Bob Johansen compound promise you by George a pong loom loom pong then come grim come hind pong that's happy but up I'm pleading for porn and crouppen EBA me my supervisor can chew through long time react to new Cuban table on top revealing the some cardboard a Cambodia Jim wouldn't rot the poo ningún a Kamaka up honeycomb to group that new Robo from from putting more side or died or that time I'm not got that man man to lose some labor chiang-nan some late I greatly piccolo Manu who chica and watch up my from aa cambogia to Puma suit my aluminum with good not ignore walk home from putting my Magnum with the car on track it on piece right some ham need to let them know but did you come he would come pretty happy what middle cheers happy birthday Dom house nice home I'll Krampus it a new Monto and crouppen Laura 49 minutes every time Ron take to it no cheaper take how much here bunt all the did from off chrome from Ponca mom she him my job and job positions and my checks happy broke movement I know cheer hungry G damn my I tuning a jamuna kanikama car up neutona kangaroo Bob Mitchum will be mad EB a copy my supervisor Jetta me norm remote from clumping come on toto us happy but no area march along tanzanite to yank a from Atlanta Europe an alternate Mills at Chanukah yes liner cambogia caramels happy for upon some other horrible pokey in a Cambodian Anatole number treated my hidden perform and a group on ebay AGI new proteins have hips Hachi come here no room tone trying huh so not catch on trolley robot above chrome from putting they lose the camera Tutankhamun nan one taking a Papa Johnny time was Han mo groom charitable society hip comes like Frank mt.fuji car company Tom Heinsohn 200 the little car – I report and crouppen EBA LaVon told Harold happy but I'm here kaboom tires and something hack and Iran magical took always happy but hope no perform an igloo Pumbaa cambogia nice to if he can perhaps how come on dry kit that I wrote happy bomb in car pragmatic some pork are upset Malou then dirty purchased of at ie no content has happy but up Ning when you look at most right amount of time about how much allowi no sad I can keep saying troops and my me my yang when did look hot dance how come kidney on track it sucked I drove on time or awesome not come on crab Melissa Blake I can eat then some labor Changi piccolo Manu man Manteca and watch my foot brake allowing PBS – right Yom Kippur not different bang bang dr. windy be proud man Australia pan had a miracle arm upon by Jeeva bong card I find I can't Atlanta that she can I see come from rocks and cannabis encroach it might not be in a chakram by a Satsuma born in Japan we can that funny a charm candy Clanton and a sub-segment argument so happy proper mcdoon Ithaca come spyro kappa no Cambodian people Howie now look the movie copy came in here then look TP carpet I'm trying me to knock all of them so happy but my job Anaka I'm a new me time rice at a mechanic I'm with you you know pickle knock hi Connie Montauk movement say that my gosh my feet up welcome home from down to second base on a time like hydrogen I can move we knew so happy but open and stupid with her our mother who sang not much I thought no no my Connie how look high compared to now people on the payee so happy but hope none some right yet teach on girl time don't know Rudy SR super porn and a group Oni miles happy but hope so bright yet Tata no hold menu so happy what up then you're putting lieutenant come with here like I say hatch not beat wanna play camo howdy new cambogia and cockmonster Pratchett from P Doyle in the line I'm writing economist Nam Kyle peacock hot mom look at my foot house come on Maya how onto a kilobyte buddy gardening my job recap Montoya car but just in from the public come with you die people munch on Oct more than forty na na min Karen Brooks Erdman rally P new room cast hockey movement home not a mint opening no I'm gentle deep sorrow angling from Waikato serum Oh Paquito forty na na min Baraka I'm night partying and Mincha and crouppen written to young Lucci perceive in Amsterdam now tube Joe quick from premature comes at each avoidance happy but hope but home movement which part mad me uncle comes you were nana hachi madam few new young sawtooth not above come from pudding I've been chopped cards food to couponing lose some Blake I create none some labor Chang salted it from down here most nights of Hanukkah a black Jordan APNIC Erica loops edema no neg Latifah chair topper Thai language not magic cloak an Arabic I broke my name for teach it the moon sambar Sigma not as his rapier or to me Washington [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] or an extra Martin Zacharias ohm jumper me me Joe Sakic my erotic remodel adhirata silly handsome bone or tails a labor I'll opt bunk or broom look when unit can be a champ to become right and i teed up want a granny craft beer to go solve one joong-dal within a canvas cam laser come come on come on out to one castle joong-dal nets Nikes maps into diadochi they look to a tee look yuuichi damn Detroit man some rotten economic Bob lawn sign the iPod call Camaro brunette we can over they tied a win it had it about a canonical by norm Kinnear but I repeat he won coop coop watch a movie in the can but camera died that mean lady Thiang same st. near crumpled / aunt Agatha petite Monica dumb buddy or T go solid loving in a can Lokanath pong and Tim tiara bottoms and get it or pong crumpled corner tie entire book corner room get we wanted to consult you loving in the cameras came late exam correct it Heinen's am Dan can hang it up then theme fear don't get a toy student Luqman Hakeem ensemble petite Solana memories me from pink I had a man but net Lisa come lobby and I mention no date lychee Makram Jorge DC I chill Clooney live employee Killa TP now make your room they take atrium some rock Kathy had Paul Liverpool court but then mo cupcake from print you Mook Romani them non-porous not somewhat like a boxer when I catch him and Jim Braddock me I won chopped my chola colca I create and get it or butter broke loose on the bottom one month lease acronym had been among company German that it's been a Santa economic Minton nice entre the middle pranam notice like we people Sabri can I do a film on noon book what a hand handsome trainee there boom climb and cha-ching become not Cuban table and I hide I'm waited up hang it when I cry with pain and among the same same deal some come see wills some Bank every bra me and clumpy common thought like Johnny can't cope City Monona comic even drop you tomorrow ensign chuckling you wouldn't be net-net my brother picked a coup bitch named Nikita stamina family cooking you'll charge an Afghani won't room the entire home with red pepper shank in her neck out a quilt made when he pong and he had to pull a fine huh EBA I'm a trainee Republican sent out of happy back and pull the charge and we stop people in a beanie hi Janet and look Luna family nijam noon sir Commission's fabricant a new couch you can watch about connect I'm gonna catch it up Scott Newman grandmother move preacher I'm not laying montre Nicobar you the tour the criminal creep Romney win could I be soon or moving Kia cars Hank only or what hat had never yet built wingman I got courtroom in Clayton Indian prom with me could I be minam right yet didn't back up cut from purple to lure his mother move hepi porn along yeah since a model like of pump H up underneath here so how much in pirate handrim can sit down in Montreuil on fast come see well Jim I can I can keep him on crap but let me pray to sermons good I see Jim ready then crypt employees and poor nap on that upper brother Luigi Mook ramanayake Oh critical doing the to cost about therapy tonight Adobe Connect and obscure nomogram wanna move Richard Malcolm home entree from their room Ian brought him and he part hand hammered or guerrilla girls appear but human take a second cat look so keen and you're kind of come up with you look OH once appear protein carry life hand tighten broseph pray try poke look Pat petrache then look look here in so corn protein Caroline Joseph brave don't prick montre montre permanent system nice a common is my command home loop and what happened your time cam and that man died I'm in Baltimore preacher in the cannot answer my table clue and cute and only wanna move from a 2-1 hi choppy opponent on purple or Louie now Tim T I cannot come catch it 78 carne 7k time and corrupt employee then I create look at time when trying to go by your thoughts not get caught at 7th grade and then surround him on time tip but two bites you clued online when trading pram Natalie hi could I look time went write a note them ninth year can that come back yet that's inside huh I'd be a pawn monomer camp return I'm papa Louie near non-peak not America key tops cotton NUMA crap Malibu preacher look and he find a sad moment without him item windmill Heineken or lemon trying to combat in from room et they loop wrapped hanger from Jabra bull hi but your SAP value now Luca brasi's rate hammock Elmyra chrome hung Maccabee they'll be affordable to operate you can I'm kiddin and watch him up in off so coming soon spotted handle hinge rahil's have but since you cannot come back yet Alco entire Monterey knuckleball you talking no proper thumper Porter Louie high in a tight online big minute have bought new Mahajan and an awesome new loop is set up you can hear a buck on that hammock I kidding Winnie so commissions but a ton of movement and pack and that camera guys get throat man through through the hand and watch them at my munch of my Lawrence without you awake MOOC but oak don't be abundant harder job airborne in fact I'm primary tuna some fat midori loose and got to Montague and I'm glad get through out there and watch him option boom wood rapier Pantanal but since you know Quinn's higher cup cumin lamb and I remember lamb operator and there's no man somewhat regular McLuhan balloony Dimitri taps I reappear my money which to us is Reiki become an apple nice job type and I give him some to import aluminum from tantrum crusading aha – Brock octane and signal sake Imran huronian come by clearly Shabbat in Zakarian and Sakura so Mach cone and so memorably

Let's talk about the government's relationship with the environment….

well howdy there internet people its Bo again so tonight we're going to talk about government's relationship with the environment and I don't just mean the US government although it's gonna be part of the example I mean all governments in general the environments always a secondary concern very rarely the primary on July 10th 1985 there was a boat down in New Zealand it was called the Rainbow Warrior it was down there to draw attention to a French nuclear test French government didn't like this very much they didn't want people talking about it so French intelligence blew it up killed somebody in the process that's not a conspiracy theory they got caught pled guilty went to president it happened in a less dramatic way there's something very similar happening in the United States right now recently the president gave a press conference of sorts in which he proclaimed himself a land protector conservationists all over the world just stared at their TV and utter confusion this administration has rolled back so many environmental regulations I was going to list them but we have that kind of time it's insane it's it's an immense list but cliff notes he he's overseen the largest rollback of federal land protections in history he talks about the idea of opening the entire coastline of the United States up to offshore drilling while simultaneously getting rid of the safety regulations that help prevent spells he killed the moratorium on leasing federal lands to the coal industry squashed regulations about the disposal of coal ash Roback so many clean water regulations I don't even work again so yeah it's it's doublespeak politicians saying one thing and doing another that's kind of normal it's kind of normal but at the same time this is going on federal agencies are currently scrubbing all references to climate change because well can't have you talking about it kind of like bomb in that boat the test is going to happen climate change is gonna happen we just don't want people talking about so yeah it's it's normal politics as usual but this is done with malice there's no debate about whether or not climate change is a thing there's some debate although not vigorous debate over whether or not it is man-made or man assisted or whether or not it's natural you can debate that if you'd like but at the end of the day it's happening the Pentagon is drawing up plans to deal with it it's a national security threat but you're gonna be denied the information you need to deal with it because contrary to the very popular fiction government's not here to protect you it's not a protectorate it's a government it's there to govern you to maintain control and maintain power and that's what it's about back in 1985 was about military power so that's when they bombed the boat but today it's different we don't colonize anymore with flags and guns we do with corporate logos engage in cultural colonization as we rip whatever we can out of the ground it's worth noting that while he gave this press conference he was flanked by a former oil lobbyist and a former lobbyist for the coal industry it's something we need to keep in mind as the environment gets politicized because the environment as a whole doesn't have any money but the oil and coal industry do anyway it's just a thought y'all have a good night

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mom dad your time and above come from point man from cha cha Chi moon looks on my city my stupid it looks on my see virtual perceive Lincoln Aoi now we've here with me terrible chrome from putting active on come here don't tighten your bicep genitive eagle come home to you are kunai come thrown in your copper Changmin they don't i'm jenna i knew meant a new blonde for changjun window i'm going to more young web not gonna jump night protein from our can a person crew chief for charitable charm your hands so that your time look some racino time and jump higher he pulls some pit and ratchet noncom handkerchief or what – look John ChaCha Jamuna kenapa precision cambogia no quitter look will Joe come with you with new soccer machine cannot Barbra Jean Loup me from entire not have you borrow balloons and scheanette the tour hotel jump off mop or chip or what nonprofit ISA monotype Rome we can bow e-track knees and pepper and vinegar copy movement apt to room but the counter counter until new 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rock could leave me to including Pat William Ruhlmann like the bay ii and rasa of night ban no pay the mica have a tube and toys at Hannah cameo buying tea muhuali pho Jack no galati's Apache one gentleman to until he be true look who's I'm Antoine Quran he enjoy child and way to blue to me keep torture on your body lice article or okulu no cool uncle George I know recognized of equipment back be brought by Georgia troca loup-garou hand which one that's happy baroque did I change Hana kotti Indira Park an operation without the mean cars and but in the winter mock but a local sign a rock would look Sampat in job not mean I'm and killing them by the Sun and Ruben no active alumni topic or a human right back hi away the purple humble Portman man can take one I hadn't purported on a connection or crowd of equity Milou hari-kari church are closer can give something ie movement don't change with II Timothy P ChaCha Kanaka latisha sock 9e gonna pack some coochie chameleon witty away Reutimann 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anti-cosmo Noonan PTT Pattaya language I'd prefer to buy a new coat or Topeka might and some kangnam's from full moon Watney Neutron cat woo young man how he do return value might be a team we took McMartin song came shootin and you bite my tongue between one egg and Archer could Moroccan Arabic morning Bruckner the Chinamen only Nicki magnate has some a desire below Sam Rainsy Levin have a pica Georgia that she has welcome to tell them by Eminem run a thriving mining my calm in Matera kanji trend at her kappa moon rocks Imran seat ha hecho church music America and recital and cha-cha-cha and Republicans on T that contingent capital a button you by Madonna car nice wrap the loose emergency Chang died I mean cat Georgia capita meant to include me inside baby Republicans on time but I'm looking so patootie look me for some winter night animam Tuam in culture that I'm not Canada my admin casual job and my IQ peak heat and peanin Mactan Rockne Howie neogenic Cooper cheap erotic melodrama tracker I mean sorry people said third of shit applying and come home in cats impede a be a little cappuccino bar come on dog some racy kicker high-dollar of our company Republicans I'm Nikki Ravi cattle mooing Cobra oh my time to Cynara bokkeum never buy now a man can't be get the Euro box luminous rikichi net the court roko roko pawn retina which you can cook more Tom na pavakah not poverty to income to g gb say some Krugman one local sign now trail much it handed me a temperature if my hands are come and receive koto hygiene ethnic norm Jane pica watching our mantra track mala hi never wrong crew wa barakato cha we teach of nature time make a Sun grew more and more high tonight EP Ravi dial kenapa virtual campus each is a new concern the trail ban suhaka mantra chi to change him away to church are to change local knowledge of knowing man went home and hoist hand can you buy nobody Campeche new chickens and group wanted but i chrome the concern but I'm confident man away dial suhaka 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avocado my daughter did Milad high concern crude quad quad no means of mixology general environment in joke to change name georgia number two look to me people on your vinyl that they can't achieve much of our day be broken i got your clone no no mama way beyond the gotcha but clone your violin wing what my wrong and pick up a damn night i cannot but um night we just had a people that got be back to check on p and i couldn't you by native not credible cotton more closer court rocks and butter over gotcha but allow you took McMartin and i'll cut on people are soon to never call my number but uhm Cal people mansion I'm can run a high nickel or unsigned low up you can't release a brightly that littered might leak of entire mental Archie 2002 anti-g carbon cation way I was a teen agility to take him chamcha banana peel the Lujan San Rico savvy savvy Oh muy ups item support me and ample condo and GOP the metal nor chorus on the Nick nerubian look on Santini look I'm secure data jihad I wanted you to catch me Kahneman random bite mark and receipt number Manchin enjoyed my neck namun KU meeting Peter yelling man PTT Pattaya one pregnant Akmal kind item torture I'm maturing winter the mayor on Dragic movement like my evening with me but yet appetite rabbi Joe had a Monty bertuccio moon ik Onkar by cracky and na kanojo buddy engine engine for outcome I had a man cheating and you like my maturity we did her mean Cathy sample teeny looks up looking something into something Chang wing-mounted and by to you my diary Kamiya intern working in in man as source with an action upon I have a button you bite my opinion man can have a PG to encompass you don't know amputee Butchie broke my alienating ahead and watching our Cointreau can i Papa Shango to Tea Room leach al-khawaja some little corner nante Jang man they take a nap opposition camp which include I'm comin I come up come up night group crumpet you pretend to tank but a man I didn't National Movement home Cornell time in any controls and laying the chance but William Windom by iPad Chang like Cointreau can opposition Anjaneya disastrous ruled near that maybe I cheat the mobile looked at a coup de minimis right on the local side quad baller curves can Lane could include about me you might wonder consign muy rapido caballo comes Calais in German but that cocobolo comes occur might be look somebody and see that Balu comes a car I while of summer and she died I went a local sign Cham Lincoln Lane evening captain look I'm so car I'll tell you by the way the question ban kochiya my Luca Mazzucchelli couldn't look sovereign see mom 9 you by nan yen ji-dan on you by the court repeat Elena by Bob Kandra chill got champion becomes a Catholic nun again you like what pong got jumpy look comes a car Articuno I'm petting you bye-bye aku mantra Kidman took cello comes cotton cover title comes a curd at Lane got your condom line you buy I'm to Molina the room kitchen will look something CG sucker and pull you by time we could let's get big band okay control puppeteer here how some come in karo I can London we know the kraang are punch a bomb go down to you by Republican cycle I'm Nigel back work work Bob guru comes Carlene and bang the car come can I pass a Gucci Chuck look I'm so Canada go home at all punkin on appeal McClain hygiene year bond bye – bye did copy him son born vampire I've it bother you by can help a man men cut roster ID but you by cheating me what do you buy I'm Nigel back wat da gachi yield can look chrome look something seem a can tell crime okay Ukrainian guy Jap sub toka changed a car run by ensuring chrome look some reason why chrome a choatic nom de la car and by flipping hammer which of new and gentle high caste aerobic work front a present back what stupid car full bad night darling who comes cattle a guilty man known you by bow place huh c'mon ratchet man who there are the can chrome examine see hi darlin who comes a car I guess about EBA GSP original government laying the by name but I cry more time channel costume you buy back negative 1/4 told Monroe is Haku mantra cheeky are chilly Carla yo comes a common man she called out and Muay cut down I guess a man note of knocknasheega but I town of McAllen went a roach in a high the court p.m. Layla by Harrell of ideal the canonical down you buy my carnal tiny from baikonur person to cheat you desirable OOP OOP psych me in a way crappy moral build me some camels cannot pass and cook it by bacne the by admin tools at hand can you buy in my way remove some jamming a tire can i possible cheek sorry now vt9 lips indeed like what are you lookin me back when the yeah I'm pika George I wink you Millington don't you come in pay and wait I cannot pass a Gucci drug that will clog a lot easily come in awake crowd and pick up and include earlier and more how hold the loop on a jhamora was a hot commodity be society bro watch him hot room Nagato jack ma fulcrum local st. George are covered in Georgia family yeah some mera naam those are people robbed by me I was happy borough Jeanette well no and Ricardo got George Hammond high can a person crew cheer crappy moon including mom hi pull item whores happy but Rebecca georgeanna they acted Roy Hine meantime he teacher charity that I was ready but you like bad but Sanjay Chronicle sanitarium to tell when can you buy a banty but I can look to be bumpy but look him some mental sanatory mooning card I can a passing coochie try typing run Clooney gene cooing alarm out that Tony moving Apogee freighter bucking a Papa channeling but time will call cooing turn the penile Luhan sign back to rock a Yi Chi Minh Trail a job boom Ram do you buy them right up and buy net that said something you may call me a new state witness not appear I wanted I'll to some said when you buy winching bandit I come longer but not gonna pass since we didn't include Narita but can Jim Holt I can hand prompts and you buy the baffling creature human from trial hype equipment rhizomes and humanity nickel gue dilute ensign praxeology para ti nagan Colonel Antonio netting mucho little the BOE means some bling biking a new conclusion a position a person creature that is a tie look how he or son Vietnam Cal P munchies nam youngjoo chronomaly Chinaman worm longtail vampiric hi-de-hi release after been sapped we need man attack let me dial Chang total high command means on you buy a website in the heights repeat the human component I kidnapped her in Ankara and pukin a group or knee-high but animal so tiny people admin / salty they sat i you cannot I been Church him hold him in cockatrice H Randy business avoid algae Zatanna people Charlie look come some member sanny component I'm not annoyed for Anthony and naming the nasara a new micro abandoned now you're a big man gymnema look him some women Tom Rieman either looked her car dials that the team noona which is apatite and knock out that mentality and Sahaba look Sri Rinna's myth that in any capacity Panama Canal the trail cast laughing look him some willing to knock out a geek rattle put all the 9 comes and cut I can a person to attempt ramp one from penal and when bus rattling wind region with the back the projectile and win teaching of naka naka and accrue some crewmen work near the window more lenient you buy chicken bracket or join you by women and Anna I did be groups of like the crew job at a gym not monopoly away Daiichi tumor Eleanor Samara the NASA a new binder but they can't achieve in the entire charge acne I judge acne family a yarmulke – AHA fever Oh Tina June 3 nobody can be kiss him from the front picture don't ever take up which he is talk and you're badgering totemic men children someday but I read at home could root of negative ando consign Byron you by NAMM vigilant old women Darwin Israel ah women no you're wrong and I'm right women are correct and children every currently are in the under which you will die again will tell me to home purport an hour service of people blog there is only some important capital is not a Campeche art meaning medium we to bang the trocar no chapter a new by robach chrome local sign P program the concern and we're quite welcome real light uncle a matter of a quad but I thought the quad hidden link bind you by movie agriculture in town but I got your car picnic our control of a period can occur it's a market or think what I buy clothes the rocket Georgia boy Nick even had a minnetonka pick up Yugi which I hate but I'm the man is a happy borough keep changing hi Crom local sign man from the tool Dominic I knew we is a time the closed canopy Muay dial tribe each other Mac had tile table coozancoona I took my hat like nobody octopanda a present back room no concern cause I took pan have taken aback what man no rumor i we can't IP Batman across when it has can appeal yo by Nick nobody come he can't fly across Lana come on tight but some chick no carne dial so Hannah people take not make an apparition Kampuchea mental me and some lincoln control local sign i am in Kakaako area above your bike lock and I think joy Jack at Luton bleep torture nearby I came away nagarote bang no sign be a bunch of on mean that take no for a walk and a proper teacher Campeche it I mean a people no crew can ruin the consign Jim 9 yet since I did local sign 12 no Chloe come back to Oak Island but mention left-hander court will somebody some longer up our yard to the DGD Cooper yeah I'm not gonna hide but could be took me like hike or some long cut back on rip Chun Kuen crew captain Krabs manager taken aback welcome to no Cyril I but look I'm some new John Carter don't you mean and take known Roebuck an Apogee student attention ring how I look on sign me Morocco cha-cha recall last Hannah peeps at moon which is a pile on Whitney but I'm using Moodle cocoon tan I'm not promote freedom cranky little ensign we route back Nicola Marku Ave Ave group yang but to buy cheer Patek Campeche and cocoon band Bhupati poo come I'm not Labib with magic as I have a magic our Titanic from a young Nagano Jo vehicles and retinol aluminum tray on Santa many antique alarm on engine kind of my people Samrat away at Annamma Tamachi car bomb with a John come from animal control person today Tom invulnerable Cockrum Nanaji nano condyle Karachi spiritual on the come on can you pick it and hong kong trail religion Carol can I pass encroach it loop title Chang net hang on mom what kind of look Martin a masculine ancient re admin Nanaji spin condom with my bottom looks abandoned leach mooning happy but I know cannot upon you by Crom nearby muy bien a libyan sobre near the Picasso crops model take known dank wrong kenapa so good here cup Adnan that can a proper teacher country she got none hi I'm Samantha chick go kamiya new to me my man with me when I die yet imagine it will t gonna be Barney yet I'm alone ama is MIA she just might become like known chasm rocks below man but I mean when are they not gonna pass you by muy muy hi tightness no robe on locomote retire yet Williamite ha ha kibosh Nolan when your Rico agna passing coochie the rule and winning Kimiko practicum second a diamond some rocky humble complacent group McMartin acne hide invoice last Hannah carport achieved an acne hi by young acne acne Bank Leumi kick my life no do it clear gonna die Milka to check near bank but the car rode a jumping jack and on happen Hannah but they cappucci women Tom come back no when a jeweler creaking children around a which am gonna have to pay clock my move dials are kumahachi K loop by Luca chewie chewie time react appropriately companies hmm lightly mean cat Africa no Quechua same rules apply that means roughly the hi Regina hi kappa daemonic near coat and me in Maquoketa jim courante OD heart a local sign banner only can a person she only gonna pass the couch if Tamara yeah Donna karabakh wanton gentle Karen like an app a solution equipment a Colonel Almonte Mayan peanut milk I'm Hannah McDonald even beneath her corner room like a shark attack watch it gentle laughter okay changing I look I'm so cotton peacock include Baumann in Kakaako Ricola muy plaza Cucina land when you do from poor opinion of Women Act II but Shanghai we meant I local sign Gigi no real bad bacteria Kampuchea jump on the can some rocks runway minute represent by local simon a crowded the gun ban kikuna like a kidney copper cooper change kneel and we die who the heart ha look I'm so car look something see some crew book wonder who Santa Maria cam and ppl the common Latin aperture capital cycle trails of crew homework even timer yet further you bye-bye Linda green – veggie burger gonna pack my mood i ha logan-san yo prompt or opinion i karabasan coochie the chinese India the material mind control Britain High vampire groom want me to win tomorrow but too much in the consignment are upon pravinia man autumn Gangrel has a from row breaking up a solution away gaku not a room couple million Akash now much ma'am muga a mud pack of not and gentle Nike Lake Nakuru Broxson will hit with the book hi katfoe badly bang kooky satto yom kippur yarmulkes a taupe is a common touch in the meatus auto-peep achieving my people be cheering me up chuckling – ooh protect me Norma contraband and a hakama Dragic okay Ultraman we broke each of Julie protector with your meal process the people are happy what protein man damn cult approach it appetite came in wat by Malcolm Poochie the condom ravages of time we learn more about Annika well momenta Kazan subpoena me no man Atacama I just up clear I'm just not chew coca and rachida moussaka Matra chill just gently hi he took it back exercise notices I wrote The pieman mineral at home up at work cookbook Nakano car mom car to blow up the car to change any boss – hi hi percent below concern corner Darius Arnold Jim honey you buy polenta on my Chromebook all bad name but maybe I guess a bank Nuria bill Moyer green mom died come on I present module with rollback in German community drawback me but somehow couldn't look him sock Nibbana location Manson P need that taught you meaning can be watching Quran Peacham horrible something see my junk bond I I mean catch or child I'm not finding you buy something really look him socks and Baba balloonist Laputa me train him apartment at own community book allah aziz right Peru and a when book what man would put pika I crammed car through pin attempt little a catchy player how in a beanie but top is allowed home and when judge monochrome sadiq air balloon at a topical as is rate and Peru trying to have who looks a budget jumper Tom Lange me how I put lutein and lentil bond Hank Luna MOOC somatic I thought I did Howie me to be capital as Israeli look Sam Cam Ranh trying promises rainin a team a Paper Moon Cay me to not have looked at the two bands are they kappa sellout or now patty said when and tamo-guna looked at Taunton in cazness on over to chop your name when chop car through pin attempt little Akane Luton Ekron sadi carnot salon-o-matic on tonight urban Luton be monitored cram carbonate our deal i donate Pookie admins repeat knockin on cat ba ha no man champ Mike Tobin hi include no geppu most material rock I thought the didn't fly mahabharatham betrayal Java in then by me TV dad I like done theater look man that leakage a crime to noon Cambria the lock at the chrome company look I'm an R with a high cap he paid much money the my son has somewhat chap yoke leakage long landing I guess a some call crunchy play Karabakh unclear Baloo McGuinn cop on time and wanted to ban catch my top young man Li TP can't Alaka as he's ready cornered him into an idea tongue check remember not done by Zubin time imputing me ban the light 9:00 at night him away from Punta Mita now by Luqman look to the south at a topic as either a Peru blue engine and lugia ensue didn't try Manta like a chrome from paint Chopra can pee but no I wrote Marathi they pour the minty I had their normal on drydock okapi cheat Nathan P bunch open tanuki chin from Boone kite Imran Tremont Alaka a ninja in a truck whom Cal pitching has a hatch numb people and up from Michael Anthony at the topic look as Israeli looking into tearin' trying to look Trejo the boundary poppy cotter pin attempt little Akane Lou Burchette Herr Leutnant Montalban Hank lunatic boom oximetry Tyrion rocked I did lie Hiram pond turtle a cannon broke over to chop your mainly catch wrong man I look win that my look tattooed man sits right people in the con cada her one-time beneath the deer look on pinata like I open loon Savannah kalyan second I come open light bail you live lose some number in authority digits even Panetta by balloon is everything if don't care be providing without them soft melody band better before you could include unit away their coach public are becoming over light open right about you can await we actually do much of night I look when chin and I went like halloumi in peacock 9 acknowledging moon the pedestal outer band judge machi Lily axe Albany trial beanie looks and current at the lack hand and put on I guess a bit born over to chop your I love wind I be proved Robert about the Narnians are at some hand young-kwang some rubber glue the chrome cap or corporate watching jumpy but looks an identity other like a little mop chopper kangaroo blown and look into tearin' done by poor looked and be means that's right people enjoy preachy brought to toe bah-bah-bah and in certain things and some bounty bounty but come live more in the life of him I like Nikki I'm Jung Yeo to me in commitment Yo Ma and by a cobra bo holcomb rising junkie but Jim Busan thank you mommy somebody Jim not care by now turning to lack out of public on San Lucas is right and Peru banned wrong the car I couldn't call to young clump is a common origin exceed the magnet and payment man / / come have a new lolly on Calculon was a new and ratty Human Rights Watch Vida might have a topical look as his rating be rude nikichi children crooner am Pavitra hang a chub Tora Bora Bob Lawrence and the lianca peeps are aborted me and I'll heal subside for the mean rich couldn't borrow Bob Lowe unka and Rasheed Mooney peanut cooing at the like a commune mullet an evasive rap carpet and much good Lele real coconut netting Piazza that crumb cotter pin a time play de la cabaña new Larry Jim my uncle's approach each it and of in my peanut clean diet happily as is rate and Peru me try man not hurts at three people die from being family yet come Coon nice a tramcar troop in attempt lolita like annie Sock'em sitting on ratchets now yang to do the Republican side ohi Chopra can learn it and be hide when chop cut wood took Bookman intend lightly on cap or the mean the Nexus I thought I did Valerie ninja Timmy trait that don't you moving in for the mean but I like my teeth group on green comrade mushrooms examine evergreen never chill I'm not 2000 enjoy at a bar but now I can swear Ian then Jesus commissioned canopied Chang man that be it's a nice only to be cropped and crouppen green Grubin Greenland that billion each motor I am socks of one anticipate some Pitkin year got mine charged unity communal rpm and Papa oom coochie had parson candy popcorn my night Sutra man thought I did look how want her home in secondary catch a win for the mini Montreux etiquette Rob Cancun Romania Latin greener which alleged night to tell you know per jacket about working on Chrome but what hurts were real look I'm socks one proposition colleague on top nectar mean her party turn normal omen I sutram kanga jacobian man who room in got it but Sir a people enjoyment a portney you think that buying Jack protecting here poem in k9 a dependent on my period I'm Luke wintertime percent Mike Rubin green Luke man look I'm seven-time time look monster silicon awesomely to pick including green not you not the backfiring good how he became a prom with him eat tuna time octal penny look no man 22 room nominal IT lumen came time Konami of the crew murmuring look young stage of net done nan yang akan such Abdul Peter morality project ie lewd too much when they already some Frank wat chiang man by it my team of Mandeville code Catan kodachi means rapier they played at your age can but I complete her sorry no loser Takada a one-time loss rate him maple oak no beside him and trade each can you do really to champion my rap near the Chong we told you look I'm socks of an you crew hungry I could take another each year to Baraka eg Montenegro conclusion from biting immorality hi looked rocky sample crime I get taken up with cheer no but she lie to me – I cap is numb people on time buddy but come on look under no sack of it year like a Moroccan written it non-playing clubbing romania like him a true man tip to me look I'm socks are on the look gets up here some dank I socks and I know Peter to to them Nani looked her I could take another each ear could team up with you some can enjoy some rapport envelope look one time dialogue I'm so so on gentlemen awesome can don't you become a chance that's my heart it I looked you attacked golly took me because my dad was I might learn no cum laude and soapy cranny and mean honey I was invited in we don't mean Philippa is saying that courses or anything thing need you would you like me to tell you my jacket about what look possible police Edmund occupied in the day no look my flight to do something up a tsunami apparently is right Monty back hurry and look man we borrow not my son Karthik my tongue when Kyle Arabic room on the end of me that rose up how children wrong Mina to 220 map a preamble me tonight tonight non-peak assume a broom will switch out them time consumer broom let me turn the to pour means like an Amway jumping car and I mean LRT Diana looked her children consuming cool you while atactic Rubin green doctor look at that be good look on property no GOP blue green don't put some new dress with her they're consuming I'm not right now not clear that a 2.4 Minne Lusa we judge Hogg and quite time consuming at a bit irritable that don't hang a clue Brian okay with your monkey lie to me and go catch part looks known carpet back America proper crew nominally true bohemian 39 million for the back from Rome immediate or member to Jana parties my confirmed in Cambodia great looks right okay Aviva Peter presume naman castle car 9 it a brutal up smoke room Brina I mean the attack on top item Toa TGB I just have money thank the end of what you do take a long walk looks right time it's a ton of people you're white but upon the Pullman oh no problem the cambogia los arcos una broma thank only proven winner diamond and a back on top approaching planet from from Mexico too much trouble in class Alcor Brinkley and Munson's are wise and ask that it has range wings and and I'm just I'm a little problem who then play there a might not return down here a Buster or balloon the close-up admire so much I'm in the mind how he meant multi-ethnic for change mr. Lajeunesse mm Patek Damon crew Berlin has a Pina no means searching with porn air component times exampie pond up from white people on up from born with Chiellini Tecna poom or what loose I'm Cuthbert Cromwell what hell sweaty and chopped Oh Diane pretty Vietnam in baton Toro as he's ready rotini Washington valid initiative Mitra HM night I can TV sighs some long enough wins happens achieve come across I'm longing preacher hi-capa be the beauty you see I'm peeve near Dhaka macaca McCartney that we can chrome chrome hoon and cart handsome Nong ten huh so be not my man Armand and joyful kinda chrome chrome hoon and carrot handsome young gentleman can you need a person wasn't cave critic are only the admin Cohan EP Kang ye Rico Cruz not an economy some jewelry catchy bunt $1 Kroger bokram hundred coke at her new record night or the means masticating the mullet Han Nam babe I'm Jean and took Scott Christina Kenya that I can't me until I had cotton champion Nikki as is rated to abandon a team of paper on Boone came into an eye but dopamine come across some non slap my paper on by near not watch him nor my paper money and I thought I don't know Mikey come from Picchu and Rabat your kitchen they're composing songs and come into Manhattan and copy jacket a kappa denied him a pie peak Hemi toonastra new kron4 say a new cat kappa say a new buzz happens a cheaper mcawesome non-abrasive means a magic gene from my pony besides I'm nan Mountain archaic achievement Soompi my payment yet tell my peepee magnetic anomaly thing ie some backronym bohemian come across some manga blinking each image image and lucky from moon moon not money and economic ie to cheat young naked I came across some long find their own crew Shinyoung you up there but now I look boo began mutt Munchie would she turn a punk my cup and irobot company when soldier took not you boost about two people come across some known noon green a project same saying that come across some non UT no children come not practical a better monochrome beside Nietzsche damn ballooning in GT mitra ellora negative the band's not put him in for something I barbecue as israeli-arab jump June the community Rodney Washington Sahara Tamra saloon and Ingram champ slab can be cheap sired by um shipment on appeal bond that kidney balloon is legitimate electron caps not even thought the Tunisian human security cast Liam piece of canopy Bruno the bomb napalm strike coach in Chesapeake was a diamond prompt the tantalum not my nightmare back Roman native not very kissing his ass and grumpy dodgy PTP hina-chan crowd coochie for the mailman job but Summa children in stock apps are buying him cheap and I met ray sacré Erika mr. vilanis optometric jipang Tepito not very icky sneezes on Trombino non-constant ranch abandon accommo protip Aaron Cruden panchetta nunca te tengo una de menthe my Reebok Roman computer banter una lista to become chat robo Pocatello Palembang traffic our own agency defeated non come camara me has a peak Rosa La Luna Neiman's not economical PU Bravo name in pure Chesapeake was happy nakum's record a component a Sutra mop same saying certain important a punk mother my son Lauren adopts a cleric appeal aluminum piece canopy Brunel report comes ricotta new Larry cartoon die look Javita do today [Applause] second comes record ostraka Carla listen Tom don't listen drop me and perky barrace my cruiser uno the PNG – gee I'd love to become me manly long-stalled items wrong crowd we attacked on the query at his knee man that can't be Junction and people not repeated are we gonna prove just a big ruse on no diaper can come home and judging people yeah Taruna demand my like chrome horn narada mark has done trying Lib Jeong ujin I can know a poem Kamara me has a big crew that my poor rockem's recording just a bit gross I computed wanted to die no sir Sir Peter Blake know a chumpy pocket young mistress ROM so convoy Hawks a bitch Nam Gina poops and I call me Ruth the couple who know the bounty to labor on client true rock abundant change it my dear yes romantic the opinion polls my god Nigel probe the tour Joseph nor bokram whole the tantalum no no Punk my Nam Liberia yalla a Marais no para blood bitter people took June like boom cha yes race rom-coms of nitrous oxide dick online that you approve no chance of San Clemente like a chimp Nicole somebody one night to cook another Aloha like yeah we explained acknowledged Allah like in slop no ice right leg I am nine eutteum come down Lola yes Reba thought hand okay that should elect whom Paul Rodman man named Jim Oden the by three include rape charmer Baba oh man don't pavilion of day retirement coming from Mata okay anything I mean I know caught up in what quantity' electronic Aidan what timeline ah well no I'm a Latina means young clerk near the row seat okay I don't need to know those like a mouse one growling Pawan Johansson with 1200 boob job and june lake and yet court Antonelli pitterpatch upon McMahons on Jan Sangh song heterogeneous a Bernoulli wanted to know what time atonement will nee castle at Anu marklogic upon allow a patch upon succumb tamuka punk-rock attacks and prepare a nice try Boca Boca and Paula close Nora Grubin green ninja Aram napalm strike oh man appeared Kunis redness oppa way home supremum diamond probe judge be pop jazz my new meal prasanta the bat and new period is need a new progressive nahi but now is reka rama ram rai reaiiy taxibro more e po yes right right a bitch more no man Carter you want lip but you'll be back though did you use young too much stuff along with an era now check my face I took Muni let them come and eliminate the monster look at every mob Indian yeah I don't saw some Agnew who and Okinawa no I don't think that's what get popped up new vocal caulking I'm big yeah you think that's lip then became thing but lake hey come on put into the mouth don't go down to put in pop flying high but your onion to him today young me yes rate don't be a time do you people know the month my knee min Calabar no salmon so promote margarine that I'm doing Crona mmm the Menomonee but the man Vampira ye but that's it moon that Keanu ban sunset moons and some turtle to a comeback or cake like it she was acting peak it at those who come a cocky little robot me tell me with me and we go the madam p.m. double imma win the madam dr. Knight a clam bake matzah brei I mean come down to tea my little kid the cricketing Oh took our bonding IP moon Jemima doll Shakopee at Dublin sang song how it might my suburban brunette poops right gonna napalm Camaro Mia note idea guillotine allow e3 a Silurian Sbrocco mark non poems are echoing cause natural milk Ruben green can't impose on the water cotton could cool oil when Wanda's yeah Adam let me yeah good servants 'i'm then coming to to Nubia hematoma Manteca Monica here sir an apparently abandoned mill crew Maria plant with them not to come the Gymkhana and press a coupon a poem called by GP says no that was a – ji-yong na Vietnam PS a lock has been trying look man come and tan napalm denied the toolbar a chap chap present by chrome can you just be the black entire flow knew when they took number no Vasanthi led Champa from gangie mediator by Joss Whedon life was proof I went to paradise the crops ought to be my campus was interior guilt for example Minh later how much better that it was a Masai Acme a helix at all until you believe that right antics but Sin City I mean I'm happy because I own eternal look magenta and yellow kite component yogurt nice ripe I had a lie then I pull my leg line quantize abramius race Arabs a calm night rock band indoors right Anouk noble chop-chop Hannah type Reba ROM client at home watch out Willie Pete some vague watch came along to make what their I don't get some regular quite what your net with you young Javita as either a ninja Timmy try start at the addiction bat Munna read Psalm tune for the mean man job never puny you buy high cab on how a ham cap on have the bun look someone and see the channel I mean catch a charge winner Bob company done by band chubby bunny you my pageant one touch in a nearby come ruku oh it's nice I'll try catch up can can you match it pigeon and proteins they take in a passing Croce look Sam Rainsy I'm happy catch on grow a catch or chacham winner Bob Levinson cop anti-nerd eventhough he Goro catezuma teach minions Haku mantra didn't bite not some field I mean the nasara in the chlorophyll chap chap knee at Buca legacies right man republic attribute template the like a cheap like a high bun top is a lot AMA and catch American on Sade Karabakh loon hi a typo collect MP room is lined up okay Sam I check shampoo done and knee-high tap or looting length I want Hank learn omok somatic I thought the tea at Howie