The Republican Party chairman of the Senate Judicial Committee has betrayed Trump

In a surprising show of unity, Republicans
and Democrats have come together to ensure that the long-awaited Special Counsel’s
report on the alleged collusion between President Trump and agents of the Russian Federation
is released to the public. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-VA) and Senate
Judiciary Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) have co-sponsored and introduced a bill that
would require the Department of Justice to hand over the Mueller report to Congress once
it is completed or if the Special Counsel is fired. Grassley’s move represents a betrayal
of the leader of his own party and sets him up for a host of trouble, including potential
impeachment if the contents of the Mueller report are as damning as the public expects
them to be. As the president’s palpable terror at the release of the report becomes
more and more obvious, so has grown the fear that the White House will find a way to keep
the report from being released to the public. Under the rules that govern the Special Counsel,
his report is only required to be submitted to the Justice Department leaders, not Congress
or the American people — meaning control over the report will rest with Acting Attorney
General Matthew Whitaker or replacement nominee William Barr, both of whom are Trump appointees
who are on the record criticizing the Mueller probe. “A Special Counsel is appointed only
in very rare serious circumstances involving grave violations of public trust. The public
has a right and need to know the facts of such betrayals of public trust” said Sen.
Blumenthal. Sen. Grassley added that “I was encouraged
to hear attorney general nominee William Barr place a high priority on transparency when
asked at his confirmation hearing about Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation, and there’s
no reason to think that Mueller won’t be allowed to finish his work.” While William
Barr has promised to release the Mueller reportto the public, what he says during his confirmation
hearing might very well be a case of telling the Senate what he wants to hear.
On top of that, officials familiar with the matter have told Bloomberg News that the White
House is considering exercising executive privilege in order to withhold parts of or
possibly all of the reports from reaching House Democrats, who have already sworn to
demand the Justice Department hand over the highly anticipated document upon its completion.
While its reassuring to see senior Republicans crossing the aisle to protect the Special
Counsel and ensure that we get to the bottom of what exactly happened during the 2016 election,
the bill still has to pass the Senate — and there are a great many Trump loyalists who
will stop at nothing to keep their champion from seeing any consequences for his crimes.

Tory leadership latest news Rory Stewarts faces scrutiny over mysterious past Politics News E

Tory leadership latest news Rory Stewarts faces scrutiny over mysterious past Politics News E A Whitehall source told The Daily Telegraph , whose father was second in command for MI6 for five years, was recruited after his time studying at Oxford University. The source went on to say he spent seven years as a spy before entering politics. A 2010 article in the New Yorker by Ian Parker claimed Mr Stewart worked as a spy during his time as a British diplomat in Indonesia and then in Montenegro. Mr Stewart”s diplomat career saw him work on issues related to East Timor independence while based in the British Embassy in Jakarta before becoming British Representative to Montenegro during the Kosovo campaign at the end of the 1990s. The source claims the International Development Secretary was put on a “fast track” to join the service but was never regarded as a high flier whilst in the role. Mr Parker wrote it would be “frustrating” for him if he was “under a legal and moral obligation to mislead”. Mr Stewart has long denied the reports but did acknowledge his father”s career and his own progression would give the impression he worked in intelligence and did admit the Official Secrets Act meant: “Even if you found someone who was an intelligence officer, they wouldn”t tell you they were an intelligence officer.” READ MORE: Mr Parker has claimed Mr Stewart said he could allude to a past in intelligence. The magazine also cited a blog which claimed Mr Stewart was a spy in Afghanistan after he moved to Kabul for three years whilst working for the Turquoise Mountain Foundation, an NGO set up by the Prince of Wales and then Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Seven MPs who backed Matt Hancock before have backed Mr Stewart, including Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington. Mr Stewart may currently have the lowest backing from MPs meaning he could be eliminated from the leadership race but he is said to be optimistic he can overtake Sajid Javid and Dominic Raab, he needs 33 votes to make the third ballot providing he does not finish last. Some Tory figures fear the spin Labour could take from Mr Stewart joining in the final two, down to a ballot of party members, with Mr Javid saying: “People don”t want to see an Oxford Union debate. They want to see two candidates who both represent change.” Both men attended Eton and went to Balliol College at Oxford. One MP said: “I”m a proud member of the old Etonian trade union but even I think that would be difficult. “There will be questions like “Do we think it”s right that we have so many people from Eton?” “I think it would be a problem. We”ve only just recovered from Dave The previous Conservative leader and Prime Minister David Cameron also attended Eton and then Oxford”s Brasenose College .”

Breaking News || Shakib khan || Politics || অভিনয় ছেড়ে রাজনীতিতে আসবেন শাকিব খান…??

Breaking News || Shakib khan || Politics || অভিনয় ছেড়ে রাজনীতিতে আসবেন শাকিব খান…?? Breaking News || Shakib khan || Politics || অভিনয় ছেড়ে রাজনীতিতে আসবেন শাকিব খান…??

Defender of the Basic | Hardly Working

(Upbeat music) – Now, see, Beethoven actually refers to the Charles Grodin character. The dog is Beethoven’s monster. – Oh fuck, now I have to
rewrite this entire think piece. – Sorry. – Screw it. Hey Jess! What’re you up to? – Scented candles! I’m decorating my room this weekend. – Cool, you gonna hang up
some little fairy lights too? – Do you have gauzy curtains and a sign that says “dream”? – Yeah, how did you guys know that? – I’m sorry Jess, it’s just sometimes you
can be a little basic. It’s whatever. – I’m sorry. – Oh! – What oh you know-it-alls and killjoys? Your days of terror are at an end! – Who are you? – It is I, Sir John Doe! The normal knight, defender of the basic and champion of the plain! My lady, these brigins
have not sorcered you with their preteniory, or made fun of you for caring too much about
your own birthday, have they? – No. – Very well. Serpents of the ivory tower- – Is there not security? – Why have you cheeped and tittered at this fair maiden’s scented candles? – It’s just- – She’s- – She just has tastes that are basic. – Basic? – Yeah. – Haha, I laugh. Would you object to the sweet
smell of vanilla and bean, for the sake of its commonness alone? – No. – Yes. – Well, yes, but, I don’t know, okay. It’s the pumpkin spice
latte of home decoration. – The most noble symbol of my house. Drink. – I’m cool. – Drink or perish, coward. – Okay. Man, that’s good. – Course it’s good, it’s a
hot pumpkin flavored milkshake you can drink in the middle
of the day. It’s incredible. – My red eye! – Hipster swill. – A frappuccino, really? Fuck, that’s good. It’s really good. – It’s good. – It’s really good. – Basic things always are. – That’s not true, what
about being a sexy cat every year for Halloween? – A cheap, easy costume that honors the spirit of the holidays and let’s you flirt with cute boys. – But, she’s always telling stories about her semester abroad. – A college story and a travel
story for the price of one, count me in! – Her favorite artist is Taylor Swift. – Red bangs from beginning to end and only a fool would claim otherwise. – She said that she’d rather
own every Marvel movie than the Criterion collection. – 18 beautiful movies,
interconnected into a single tapestry a surging saga exploring
the nature of power and responsibility. – They’re all the same though. – As are sunsets and rainbows, you viper! So what if this young woman
has a poster of Audrey Hepburn across from a poster of the Eiffel Tower caddycorner to a mural that
says “live, laugh, love” framed in Christmas lights? – What? How did you know that? – Cause of course you do. Because those things are wonderful. Audrey Hepburn is an
icon, Paris is romantic. Christmas lights make small,
depressing rooms feel warm and welcoming, and live,
laugh, love is great advice for anybody! – But we don’t hate basic people, it’s just that their taste is defined by what everyone else is in to. – So, you would never do
what a basic person does? – No! – So you’re taste is also defined by what everybody else does? – We’re frauds. – Pizza is my favorite food. – Yes, and? – I prefer milk chocolate
to dark chocolate. – Of course you do, it
has more sugar in it. – I fantasize about singing
Disney songs at karaoke. – That would be fun, everyone
would know all the words and sing along! – My favorite position is missionary. – Mine’s cowgirl! – Of course they are, who’s trying to do a bunch
of work in the bedroom? Not me! – Not me! – No! – Oh, wow! – Live your lives, scoop your bagels, find your favorite quote in
the loopiest font you can and make that your cover photo. Should you ever need me,
you need but message me, at my dog’s Instagram account. – That is fun! – That is fun!
– What is it, I’ll follow it. – At Sirbarksalot.
– Oh my God is that his name? – Well, we call him
Barksy around the house. – He’s verified! – I love that! – That’s crazy, Katie’s not even verified. – Hey guys, it’s Brennan
from College Humor. Click here to subscribe. Click here for more fun stuff. Please keep watching because if you stop
watching I start to vanish. You get it, I’m not really real. I’m just a thing on your screen. Don’t forget me!

Sikander | Best Full Punjabi Movie | Latest Action Movies 2014 | Most Popular Indian Films

It has been four years since I have moved from
Mansa to Chandigarh It takes a while to know the real character of the
capital city. Big city has its own comforts. But how brutal a city can be. You learn only when you live there. Every evening the gang of leaders, policemen
and bureaucrats reaches here, after plundering the two states. When they throw thousands of Rupees away
on a drink of alcohol, they often forgot how the 83 crore people of our country
survive under 20 Rupees. Situation in University is weird. The group of Harjang has been winning
the election of youth president with ease. But, this year Fateh’s group has challenged them… …as a formidable rival. Wise men have said, every dog has its day, and that day has to end too. Think again. We have won, after all A tree in the middle of your path
is an obstruction after all. So, how are you ‘Amitabh Bachchan’ Rascal, you should better grow up first, then dream of being a leader. then dream of being a leader. Bloody Hell, if this Sister fucker were a dialogue writer of some film Pandit, a guy like him will then go to
Pune film institute, will do a course in film direction and make a film ‘ Putt jattaN de’ [ Peasent Sons ] You can ask me to sing for it, I have quite a melodious voice, you bastard. Ask Pandit, Tell him Pandit. Hands up. Just get out. Pandit, what a timing you have. You have seen lot of ‘Govinda’ films it seems. Feud between student groups took an ugly turn, When Student president Harjang tried to kill
Fateh Singh. Harjangg fled from the spot. Police has claimed that they will capture the culprits soon. Mritka Kanwar, University Campus, Day and Night News Who the hell told you to open fire there? Don’t scare me. I know you are hot blooded. So were we, once. But now, we are not in power. Now, we are in power, and we will hire your group. I will guarantee you the bail. But, You will have to surrender for sure. No, I can’t surrender. Trust me. It is not a bad deal. Also, I know very well, the plight of your group. So kid, what do you say? Let us think over it. So, Harjang Singh. You shat in your pants? You would not survive son, I will screw you We will see, who will screw whom. Babbu has sent me. I will stay here for two three days You are the one who has come from village
to learn guitar, right? But brother I am unable to recognize you? Why do you want to recognize,
Want to marry your sister to him? Isn’t he telling you? Look with care, he is an ancestral Pandit. See! He has worn a ‘tilak’ too. Get him talk on phone, bro. By the way, whose apartment is this? Babbu’s Why do you care to ask him then? Get inside, I will teach you the tunes too. So Mr. Sikander. You have enrolled in the University?
It means only God can rescue this University. Can’t we forget the past? You can forget incidents of the past. But, you can’t forget character of people. So how is it going? What does your sweetheart say? What would the sweetheart say? She is doing perfect. So have you tasted the curry? Or are these fake burps? Do you need to consult Gods to taste the curry? Bloody Jatt, you have shown your true colors? Give it to me. I am alright, perfectly alright. So, what is the topic of your PhD? All the love legends of Punjab Heer Ranjha, Sassi Punnu. and heroines of these legends. What stuff were they made of? And, in present day,
what responsibilities do we owe to them? This is the subject of my research. See, we sing the legends of Heer, Sassi, SahibaaN… But we are afraid,
they might not take birth in our own home. I am not interested in these calculations. My focus is… ..can we convert brutal defeats of these women
into glorious victories of today? Why do you talk about these complexities? It would make it hard for you to get a job. This threat has been given to me many times. See, to live life, you need two things. One is reason, other is resources. And these questions are my reason. Ok then. From now on you don’t need to climb stairs
to get the books. My feet can be your resources. So, your friend didn’t meet you that day? So, your friend didn’t meet you that day? Have it, little one He chews tobacco first,
Sukha hits the wheel, then. How are you brother? How are you brother? It’s all right See, this is Sikander. He is Bala bhinmber. This is Bhinda Fancy Brother, he is not Bhinda Fancy anymore. He is Bhinda gallon now. Earlier he would get ‘Fancy’s’ bottle. But now he gets the 10 liters gallon filled up. It saves time of both him and the chemist, you see! Ok, quite a good scheme you’ve developed. Thank you, Brother. This is Bittu Bottle. He keeps a bottle of alcohol with him always. This is Sukha Nachar (dancer). Have you seen ‘Putt JattaN de’ (Peasant Sons)? In that, does not Jageara ask, Who Sukha? He is that dancer boy. Brother, Why are you after me? So how are you ‘Bhutta’ boy? How is your collegiate girl? Brother, he fell for trash. She is like a reformed eunuch. Ok then. See you guys later. Ok brother This will hit the mark now Go One second, my boy, stop here. What happened? No, you said my boy. It reminded me of somebody. My elder brother used to say it. He got killed in the ‘Terrorism’ times. Brother, Brother, this is Sikander. He is from around my village. He is a useful guy. Bring him Sikander Fateh Sikander Lets go downstairs Brother, your girl has left. Hey, Shut this tring tring of yours. Starts playing with his ‘mother’
early in the morning. Let us sleep. Am I a dog, barking here? Lick it now. Tries to be some ‘Bappi Lehri’ You, bloody fucker! Hand this thing to me, I will fix it forever. So now, the tring tring-ster. It is broken, rockstar. Tai tai tai tai tai Brother, he will not be able to show
his face to someone now. How can I cover the stain in my chunri (scarve) . How can I return home now. Dhillon, go towards the riverside and look. What happened? The catch has got away, brother. They might not have gone far, come. Janggi, rascals have come to kill us. Pundit, you are scared. Right? Look at your face,
swollen like a buffalo’s bosom. take care of the kid. So Dhillon, Shall I loosen your … pant Is it required to explain with context? Where did you find him FEW MONTHS LATER Brother, what could we do to them? Rascals killed our brother. Let him go It is not important to kill him, but it is important to finish him. Him, and his entire group! Means? See, Harjang can’t enter the university now. It is the right moment to assert power over all the groups. How? With love, with bullet! The way the rival wants. What are we waiting for then? University elections. They are after two months. You must fight elections. Tejvir will try to create problems. This is not right Lala. How can you field him? Buddy, you can be. I can be. But that rascal pimp Sikander does not deserve it. I know you neither like me nor Sikander much. But the group is with us. You must think. Next time it can be you. In the name of freedom, in the name of legacy,
What we have been given to the youth? Fee remittance applications? SC / BC certificates? Short cuts to pass examinations? Guide books, pocket guide books.
AK 47s, SLRs. We were killed as terrorists.
We were killed as army soldiers. This society that calls us drug addicts,
idlers, and unemployed. Those who can just think about running
away to abroad. I would say.. where ever we are today.. the society is responsible for this. And today we stand to this day and say, we shall govern, we need power, at any cost and in every possible way. All of them are fraudsters.. But they are in the battleground. We can be there too. There is a difference between ‘can be there’
and ‘being there’. Elections! Elections are not solution to any problem. But it can be tried in the university at least. He is like AK57 rifle, brother! He talks with bull’s aggression. See, I have foresight of an eagle. It was me who recognized him. That is true, brother. It was you who recognized me too. No?
Or I came by myself? Leave it. Your problems have been solved and we have done it with muscle power. All these new kids on the block speak like bovines. All these minions are in illusion, my friends, that they can cage the Lion. Forget it, it is impossible. The foggy clouds never ever rain, my friends. whether state government is by their side, or Obama government is by their side. They would not win. They should not win. Come Pundit, sit. So Mansa boy, will you win? If you won, I can sing on the celebrations. Quite a talented singer I am. Pundit, I have seen people betting on horses. But Lala has bet on this mule. We just want to clear your delusion in the elections. After that you can either be a horse
of Arabian breed or not. But we will make you run the same. I request you all that in the influence of drugs
don’t vote for any Rascal. That Harjang, one with dented face. He is unable to fix his own dents. What good can he do for you? One day I got 20 rupees from my ‘Fancy’ fund and gave it to one of their group members. And said go and do away with dents of your leader. But the denting guy said he cannot fix
his dents in 20 Rupees. You must see. If a group has such bad financial conditions,
that they can’t fix their leader’s dents.. what good they can do for you? You must vote for me. I assure you. Your hostel tap might not have water supply. But there would be unlimited supply of ‘Fancy’ syrup. What is this? It was just a small rehearsal. I will just leave. Listen, you must reduce your ‘Fancy’ intake. You don’t remain in your senses. Brother, I got reminded of something
from the mention of ‘senses’ I cannot gain senses until I drink ‘Fancy’. I must have one. Get the hell out of here, rascal! Do not provoke me to beat you up. Pundit, How could he win from us? Ok, you dance rascal, Dance
on your father’s wedding! I will get you the modeling role. Don’t worry Pundit, next time! Brother, lets have one more round. Don’t beat him like this, friends. He is my buddy. I swear by the holy cow, he studied with me. Pundit,
why are you getting your skin whipped. Be a good boy and tell us ‘Janggi’ ‘s location. Bravo! Don’t take me for a mere priest. I will not
tell you his location for few pennies. Nice, he now delivers dialogues. Will you kill me here, or outside? Leave him Alexander the Great. Neither you are that Alexander, nor he is that Porus. He is a Pundit, after all. One should have two or more rivals, this keeps his feet to the ground. Group was looking beyond the presidential elections. Now the group started to work in an organized manner. They neither have dearth of opportunities nor of places. It started with occupation of cycle stand.. Then it started, the drive to capture the river resources.. Money, arms, everything was used. The ambition was one: Power. Group neither lacked sympathizers nor new recruits. They spread their poisonous roots everywhere. Group tried everything to make its allied
political party happy. And in the Panchayat elections, they supported the party
open heartedly. In such an environment, one day: We are not that strangers that we cannot talk. We were strangers, of course. Did you add sugar? That’s why we could not understand
each other’s character. See Sikander. It is not love, it is your stubbornness. Our relationship has died. And we should not carry the corpse along. Be clear, that is what is lacking in you. Also the kind of political advances you are making. They will show you your true worth, in mere seconds. But how can I forget you? It is upon you to think. Hey my boy. You love her very much? Brother, she is not someone who can be beaten up
and made to accept you. She has quite an attitude in her head, brother! She will break but not bend. My boy let me tell you something about these leaders. But the truth is, brother, we are good … …till we have power. If we lose the power, we will have to face Harjang’s fate. Keep my words in mind. We can’t return now. Beant used to call me, ‘My boy’. Tobacco of ‘Telu Ram’s’ shop has immersed
in ‘Sukha’s’ joints. Here, take it Bittu, Hurry up! Run away! Hurry up! Rascal! What is this trash you are
handing me over? See son, don’t you get roughed up
instead of roughing up tobacco. You go away, bloody rascal! You come to house. I will tell you. Who are you.. a DC or what? I will thrash the bottle in your head, rascal! Brother, go soon! go soon! Ha ha ha ha. So how are you chinki pinki! You must talk to me sometime. She won’t be hitched, I guess. She has gone. Come with me Give me a cup of tea. Neither can you get a girl, nor a visa. What will happen of you Mr. Sukha! What is your problem? I was just practicing. I know. You enjoy saying things like chinki pinki to girls. Who the hell are you? Apologize to her! The Jatt’s days are not that bad yet. Forget it! What does that mean? It is like, the newcomer witch asks for half of
the graveyard’s control. 15 years! It has been 15 years since we have been working
in the cable business in this city. And you! some new kids.. want all the cable network of the city
in your palate. Why don’t you say it to my face that you want to
capture it all! You should have little less.. come here all, listen.. there is this man.. Let me see, brother.. yes, he looks a man.. yo.. yo.. What is wrong with him? Brother.. he watched a film.. Mirza the untold story.. 2012 Brother! I would not be able to kill someone.. I can’t kill,
understand.. I can’t kill.. Give it to him.. He will kill… yo yo.. Hey, are you crazy? We are not killing him… We just have to break his legs.. legs means only legs .. So my lord, hope you liked our services? Hey, if the lords don’t speak at least you should tell. Yes.. Yes.. how many more? Inquire quickly.. Call me.. Yes, tell.. Yes, Where are they both? Call them.. Call them.. quick.. They are from Muktsar side? I might know any of them.. At least listen to me brother? That time has gone.. See young lady, you are like a sister to me… if you won’t cooperate with us, how will we catch them? They are the elite brats… you can just imitate catching them… Yes, we imitate and what do you do? don’t you know? What state those guys are put by somebody now? You might know this atleast.. or not? See young lady, whatever information you have.. you must share that with us.. You have killed them? You have come to get your reward now? Brother, that cable guy you remember? He is in the market? What shall we do? Make him dance.. You bloody rascal, get out of here.. You just kill somebody whenever you want.. Rascals think of it as their father’s fiefdom.. Don’t curse, brother! What will you do then? Sikander.. Brother, it’s not a big deal.. One minute Lala, let him speak.. Do you have any idea how much Chief Minister is angry with you? I admit, it’s my mistake.. but can’t tolerate the curse.. Sikander, brother, I beg to you.. let me talk, ok? You must go, my brother.. you are like my younger brother.. but this boy can’t be trusted even a bit.. Don’t worry, I will advise him.. See, we had a deal.. you will listen to us and we will do whatever possible we can.. If you will show us eyes, we will take out those eyes.. What does your Sikander do in this now. What you will do.. it’s up to you.. Hey daredevil keep your shirt buttons closed, Ok? You can catch cold, ok.. Lets go my kid.. ok Lala, we must do something about the kid.. he is too much into drugs.. he will die .. and we will be considered responsible for it.. He is just talking nonsense, brother.. also what is there to be considered responsible for it.. He is been like this since brother Fateh’s death.. He took it to the heart.. Brother, actually we should not leave him like this..
we should not abandon him.. It is not like that.. I was just talking in general.. Huh, talking in general.. I will tell you brother.. Yesterday, kid’s parents came to take him.. he did not want to go.. how can we send him to home forcefully.. What should we do? If he lives here, he will actually die.. Isn’t it, my boy? If you have thought so, why do you need to ask? I have finished my PhD thesis.. Presentation is tommrow.. at 11.. You don’t have dearth of resources to come and I am giving you the reason.. Presentation will start only when you will come.. Shameer, it has been long, shall we start? they will come.. Wait for five more minutes, otherwise cancel it.. Shameer.. Friends, I apologize for the delay.. but it’s said no task can be successful without the participation of the collective.. this research will be attributed to me though..but it is not just mine.. Friends.. we have celebrated Punjabi love legends with
vigour and fervour.. All these legends.. are not tales of distant past.. they have an intense bond with our life.. The question that needs to be asked is what is the relation of burning Sassi
in the desert heat and drowning Sohni in the River Chenab with girl childs being murdered
in the wombs today? The issue is do we want to keep relationship with Sassi,Sohni,SahibaaN, Heer and Laila of lovers only, or Can we envisage a responsible relationship according
to present society.. we think of them as someone else’s daughters
and hence an object of sexual desires.. We never think of them as equals.. let’s not consider them as sisters if we can’t.. but consider them as cotemporary counterparts.. consider them as friends.. Our society has not been by their side in Sassi’s fight against the desert and Sohni’s fight against the flooding river.. but now… …we can identify these deserts and rivers from a fresh perspective and the women stuck in them are not fighting their own battle.. it’s our battle, as humans and as a society it’s our collective battle.. and we can’t be mere spectators. the day we perceive these women as fellow humans, as relatives, and from the context of their aspirations .. that day we can understand the complexity of our life too.. if we can learn to live peacefully with these intricacies then the essence of being heer.. will be in our veins.. then we would not need to look outside. Kid has died, brother. Let him go. He won’t die. Search Harjang As soon as possible. Yes..let me call you back in a while Harjang is back you will shoot him. Sikander, Lala.. listen to be friends.. we should think about it buddy.. Elections are in just 4-5 days.. right buddy?.. I don’t care what will you think of me, but I don’t want to lose.. R u coming or not? My boy.. brother I am not stopping you.. they killed our brother Fateh.. they are responsible for kid’s death.. we won’t leave son of bitch alive.. We will not back off.. but this can be done after 4 days too? he is better than us.. At least he does not lie for his corruption.. Brother, there is a news.. Hey.. either you pant or you talk? Sorry brother.. your boat will rock now.. Beant is fighting the elections and many groups are supporting her.. against us.. a girl is fighting the election of student president and it is keenly awaited, Can Beant win this election and create a new history, or not.. we accept that these are our own boys.. but are puppets at the hands of these political leaders.. But if they will stretch their hands to our throats, we can simply forget, that they are our own boys.. because if the hand of tyrant can be raised, it can be cut off too. We will have to think… …how these groups of eve teasers… …can become occupiers. friends we will have to identify who are those Guru Gobind Singh’s Sikhs who have not written
the Bedava (application to desert the battlefield).. those who did not betray Punjab. What hymns they are singing.. vote for us.. we will have a concert of some deadly singer.. the loud ones are very popular these days too. Brother, I would suggest a better plan.. lets make Bittu drink alcohol and you will see how he will create havoc like a Bull does
in the village.. If you want more of a scene then make me drink 3-4 bottles of ‘Fancy’ cough syrup.. Didn’t say it to you Brother you will see how I will tear away the posters. It’s all to bewilder you.. these guys don’t have a real issue to rally on.. that’s why they speak whatever comes to their mind. But we don’t need your support.. Still we will. I won’t share stage at all. As you say my lord.. Alright then. Happy? Support them.. Its not supporting them.. its kneeling to them. The entity of Sikander has an old relation with us.. that Sikander.. the one who started on a voyage to win the world.. his invasion was contained by our forefathers too.. these Sikanders.. who are hellbent on enslaving the third world.. they are on rampage from Vietnam to Iraq.. these Sikanders.. but people don’t let them win. and the third, this Sikander .. who want to occupy everything from University to all of the Punjab… friends there faces maybe different but they are of the same breed. Our guy must not lose.. What we have done with Harjangg.. we can do the same with them. Brother, these people can just clap on these lectures… …but won’t vote. Beat them equal. Dude, don’t you think we are playing a friendly match? Either you win or your girl, throne will in our house still? Shut up you rascal.. somebody will listen.. these are matters of heart.. we won’t get to know.. We accept that whatever that has happened with that woman.. .. is very bad.. and we condemn it.. and we have full sympathy with Beant. We know the meaning of their sympathy.. we get beaten up.. we get looted.. and we get ashamed and humiliated too.. These people should be ashamed and humiliated.. those who perpetrate such crimes. University has 76% girl students.. and if they could gather their conscience.. they can overthrow.. look, don’t run from the field, ok? What relation Sikander has with battlefields? You know very well.. These 76% girls of your and their lovers.. can vote for just one film.. remember.. Crammed multiplication tables never work always. One must be afraid If an old friend is the rival.. he is dangerous because he knows your weaknesses.. Then you must fear.. In the ongoing university electioncampaign,During a brawl erupted
due to issue of Poster tearing, A student leader got killed in the shootout. Police has stated that killer has not been identified yet. Whatever you have done.. we don’t need to know
its meaning from you .. All the junkies like you of the world together can’t be Shameer.. We didn’t kill on purpose.. Weapon can be in your hand or someone else’s .. we are getting killed.. You think the world works at your will? our Gurus have told final victory is to be of the Khalsa, the pure and virtuous.. My name is Sikander. My name is Beant, and there is no end to my being. There is an order to close the University… Election has been canceled. It’s not hard to kill a man There is another way… Friends, we have lost one of our comrades… who had challenged the University to the Educational system… this is that Education system… ..from where we hope that… …it would produce better human beings… … not the mechanical tools who can be good for administration… Last year, a group killed one guy of another group,
but you know very well.. University was not closed… But it has been closed this time… tomorrow the hostel will be closed… day after
tomorrow there will be curfew… … fourth day, there would be arrests… …and all of this will happen in front of you… …and if we don’t stop it now… … then it will go on like this for ages. Catching the criminal is far.. police has not registered an FIR yet. If we ran to our homes today, we will keep running all our lives.. and all our generation will be called the generation of escapists. Friends, In those times Singhs have to decide. it’s time to tear away the Bedava.. let’s not miss this time.. Long live the Students unity! Long live! Long live! Shameer your killers are dogs! We won’t let them go scot free! Sat Sri Akal ji.. you have suffered a big loss, kid We need your help.. Our organization is with you.. I will have to talk to others. Alright In a quick turn of events… 30 people’s organizations of Punjab have decided to support the students movement in the University. Support of people’s organizations can be cause issues for the University administration and Punjab government. The gang of goons that has killed our boy.. the hooliganism they have unleashed in Punjab.. it’s an open secret. These goons have support of large political parties. they have support of the ruling government.. they have support of bureaucracy.. but people’s power can overthrow even the biggest tyrants. This hypocrite chief minister who tells, the martyred boy to be his son.. he is the one who is protecting the killers.. we have to hold his collar and ask him… …what relation does he have with the killers. this struggle is not of the students alone.. this political goon combine has martyred 5 farmer laborers in last 2 years. this struggle is not just confined to Chandigarh.. this struggle is spread from Gurdaspur to Mansa. Our killers have a delusion that we might be two or four, friends.. How many revenges they take, our long line would
not break, friends.. Down with Goon-police-political nexus! Down with! Down with! Our heartiest thanks all the people’s organizations.. We have decided that we will ‘gherao’ the assembly on 25th of this month.. and we will bring the whole Chandigarh to halt.. We will remove the hooliganism! We will throttle the goons! You have nothing in your hands now… 30 organization are supporting them. now the matter is with government now.. whatever needs to be done.. we will do. Lala.. Sikander.. you can leave now. I will leave the group right now. second thing.. keep your hands and weapons in control. It’s yours that goes out of control. see Sikander.. this group is not just yours.. it’s ours too.. also my friend why are you in these matters? You are a lover boy… must indulge in love somewhere… and we you have yet to understood whose side are you on?.. Forget me, think of yourself. Come Lala.. come sit.. I had told you.. this man can not be trusted.. but you didn’t hear me.. wise men say, a man is like a dog.. anyway.. lets forget what has happened.. we would not talk about it at all.. Oh, how forgetful I have become.. you must know these guys? Yes, speak… Brother, I have to meet you once… I am at Anandpur Sahib, Hola Mahalla… Alright, I will call when I reach… What will you do now? … Harjang… Pandit… All of your group is on that side… Even your Lala is on that side… … Its all planned to finish you. What do you want from me? Whatever you did, you did according to what he said… speak it in Press… I will guarantee you protection for life… …if you says yes, call me… … take your time……which you already have very little. He rejected the call…? There is no matter. Call again. Hello you must come to Naina Devi road on the backside
of Charan Ganga river.. and listen, come by the streets and come downwards by the hill.. you must reach here somehow.. Hey Pandit, where are you man? Its like the house is on fire and the dog is standing on the wall. There is lot of rush here.. Be quick. Where is Lala? He was around here.. Come to my streets sometime too, o my Sikander… we are standing in wait.. how that idiot is standing in the middle.. take him away. spread and search for the Rascal.. friends.. I don’t feel like killing brother Sikander.. what do you say? So.. he will shoot Sikander… thinks of himself as Gama wrestler.. I swear by Guru Granth Sahib friends.. think about it friends.. they killed our brother Fateh.. the kid died.. and we have took up weapons for them? Shall we go home? Bala, shoot him.. Alright, give the pistol to me.. Don’t look back brother.. Hello Mr. Sikander Singh.. don’t you waste all the firecrackers before Diwali? If you are a real man, come in front.. Bad luck.. you miss.. I hit.. There is this monkey.. thinks of himself as king Sikander.. says there is nothing in this world.. Sikander went empty handed.. you are leaving the festival of the world? Nobody wants to leave the festival of world.. So Sikander, do you agree? This is called melody.. But you know nothing about music.. it’s all by God Bhole Nath’s blessing my friend.. you have to leave finally.. Sat Sri Akal.. Lala, take me to Beant, my friend.. my boy.. Out Sikander Sikander, Brother My Boy wake up, fucker! How can you die.. rascal.. you didn’t listen.. nobody could rescue you.. you were supposed to die. we had to die.