Azam Khan during a program targeted Jinnah for politics THE NEWS INDIA

Uttar Pradesh’s SP leader Azam Khan during a program targeted Jinnah’s politics in his speech, saying the world is being harmed by the excuse of a dead photo. Uttar Pradesh’s SP leader Azam Khan during a program targeted Jinnah’s politics in his speech, saying the world is being harmed by the excuse of a dead photo. Uttar Pradesh’s SP leader Azam Khan during a program targeted Jinnah’s politics in his speech, saying the world is being harmed by the excuse of a dead photo. Uttar Pradesh’s SP leader Azam Khan during a program targeted Jinnah’s politics in his speech, saying the world is being harmed by the excuse of a dead photo.

OSHO: PRIESTS & POLITICIANS – The Mafia of the Soul (Part 2 of 6)

…..the mind of the politician and the criminal is the same. Those who are not courageous enough will go in a way which can lead either to the world of criminals or to the world of politicians. Of course, of the hundred people who will walk on the path, ninety-nine will go to the world of criminals; ninety-nine will be in the jails. One percent will also be in jail, but of a different kind: it is called the White House. One person reaches to the White House ninety-nine to the black houses. So there are people who are not courageous enough to take this risk – ninety-nine percent possibility of failing, and only one percent possibility of succeeding. They want far surer ground. Religion provides that ground: there is no failure in it. You become religious, you become a great religious leader. If you succeed you become a great saint; if you don’t succeed, still you are a small saint, you don’t fail. The smallest saint is still a saint – the lowliest priest is still in the same line as the pope. In religion there is no failure. So, cowardly people – who are as much interested in gaining power, who are suffering as much from an inferiority complex, who are on a power trip but don’t have the guts to follow the criminal path – find the path of righteousness, ascetism, morality, prayer. By becoming a saint they will also attain to power. Of course, this power cannot be very effective. They cannot become Alexander the Great, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin; they cannot have millions of lives in their hands – and now such politicians have the whole of humanity’s life in their hands. Of course these saints can’t have that much, but in a certain way, from a different aspect, they are more powerful because the politicians will come to touch their feet, the presidents will come to bow down in respect to them. The politician does everything according to a particular strategy. If just before the elections President Reagan goes to the Vatican to pay respects to the Catholic pope, it is not accidental, it is preplanned. When Reagan goes to the Vatican and gives his respects to the Catholic pope, all the Catholics of America are, without much effort, converted to giving him votes: this is the right man. All the bishops, all the Cardinals in America will now tell their congregations that Reagan is our man. Now, to persuade so many Catholics in America … if he had to go from home to home it would have taken eternity. And how many stupid things politicians have to do! They have to go on kissing all kinds of children – their noses are running and they are kissing them … The politician has to do it. This is easier, to go to the pope – just kiss his hand and millions of Catholics are on your side. And the pope blesses you: that way he feels far superior to the presidents, prime ministers, kings, queens. Of course his power is only airy-fairy, but you enjoy it. It has nothing substantial in it, it is hollow inside. But it does not matter, because when the presidents and the prime ministers come, the whole media is there, all the newspapers all the television stations of the world, all the radio stations are talking about the pope – you can feel a certain gratification. But the gratification is of the same desire – the will-to-power. That’s why I go on talking about the political leaders and the religious leaders without making any distinction – because there is no distinction at all, only a superficial distinction. Their psyches are functioning in the same way. Neither the religious leader nor the politician is interested in the people whom they pretend to lead. They are interested in being leaders – and of course the leader cannot be without the led, so it is a necessity to go on promising the people things. Politicians promise them things of this world; religious leaders promise them things of the other world. But do you see any difference in what they are doing? Both are promising so that you go on following them, afraid to get lost somewhere else, because if you lose the path then you will miss the promise. The promise keeps you with the crowd – and promises don’t cost anything. You can promise anything. Promises are always for tomorrow, and tomorrow never comes. And you are not going to live here forever. Just look at past history. All politicians have been promising people things which have not materialized in thousands of years. Thousands of political leaders have been promising the same things. How blind humanity must be! The promises have not changed – that means certainly nothing has been achieved. The same promises are being given to you and you go on following, hoping. Hope is the greatest drug that man has invented. Strange, that religious people are against drugs; politicians are also against drugs. Politicians make laws against drugs, religious people create hell and punishment against drugs. Why are they so afraid of drugs? It needs a deep search, investigation. They are afraid of drugs because drugs are competitors to them. LSD can give you hallucinations of heaven. That’s the trouble. No religion can afford to allow people to use LSD. LSD is not dangerous; taken in the right proportions, under medical care, it can be tremendously helpful in religious growth. But religions are not ready to allow it for the simple reason that if LSD can give you a beautiful experience – hallucinatory, but still it is an experience and tremendously satisfying, fulfilling – then just promises will look like dry bones without any juice in them. Only idiots perhaps may continue to chew the dry bones. Dogs do that. They chew dry bones and enjoy very much, not knowing what is happening. When they chew dry bones those dry bones hurt their mouths and their mouths start bleeding. The more they chew, the more bleeding happens. And blood goes through their throat and they think – logically enough – that the blood is coming from the bone. Now, how to explain to a dog that, “it is your own blood; the bone is absolutely dry.” So perhaps a few idiots may still continue to go to the churches, but intelligent people will stop. Rather, when they feel the urge to have a beautiful hallucination, whenever they want to live in another world, they will not wait for death to come: they will go to a medical clinic and have a two, three-day session with LSD, and enjoy everything that their religious leaders have been telling them that they will get after death. Drugs are dangerous to religions for the simple reason that they are their greatest competitors. And even better drugs can be invented, but religions continuously cripple the research. Politicians are against drugs, because if people start taking drugs then who cares about your five-year plans? Who cares about the classless society that will come in the future to your grandchildren? Who cares about the revolution, democracy, freedom of speech? You don’t have even the freedom to hallucinate! This is absolutely innocent because only you are doing it, nobody else is involved. No, you don’t have the freedom to hallucinate. Reduced to the basics, that’s what drug prohibition means, that you don’t have the freedom to hallucinate. The government is in control of your dreams. Drugs can give you dreams, and properly used, can help you to see many things in yourself which in psychoanalysis will take three years, four years; then too it is not certain that you will be able to see. It is a well-known fact that scientists have discovered something like truth serum, but it is prevented from being used, because if something like truth serum is possible … You take an injection of truth serum and then suddenly you can see all your falsities, your hypocrisies, your bogus personality … and certainly if anything can make you aware of truth, it is bound to make you aware of all that is false: that is going to happen simultaneously. The moment you see the truth you see the false too. Now, the whole of politics depends on falsities. Communism goes on talking about equality of people – an utter untruth. People are not equal, people are unique. Once you see the truth, that people are unique, how can they be equal? That does not mean that that somebody is inferior to you and somebody is superior to you. You are not equal, you are not unequal either. You are simply different. You don’t compare things that are different. You don’t say that the house and the tree are equal. If you say that, you will be thought insane, because a house is a house and a tree is a tree; they have different functions. Their individualities are different. You don’t compare them. You cannot say that the house is superior to the tree, or the tree is superior to the house. In fact, the category of comparison is inapplicable. Each individual is so unique. When you know the truth of it you cannot be a communist. Communism will never allow anything that makes you aware of the truth. In the non-communist countries, there are different lies, different falsities. For example, freedom of expression: it exists nowhere; it is only written in constitutions. The religious leader or the political leader – both are in the same boat, helping each other. The politician protects the religious leader, the religious leader protects the politician. He protects him through people’s religious feelings, and the politician protects the religious leader by his power. It is a mutual understanding. Hence I don’t make any difference between the two. To me, the political leader is more criminal-minded; hence is ready to take the risk. The religious leader is a coward, but cunning; through cunningness he manages to rise even higher than the political leader; at least in the abstract sense he is higher than the political leader. But the desire of both is the same: to rule, to have control over millions of people. To me, a man who does not suffer from an inferiority complex has no need even to lead a single man, to be powerful over even a single man. Such a man, if he is a husband, will not have any power over his wife. He will be just a friend, not a husband. The word husband is ugly. It comes from husbandry: just as the farmer sows seeds in the ground, the husband does husbandry with the wife, he sows seeds. The woman is just like the earth and the husband is the possessor of the earth, the owner. The word husband is ugly, it should be changed. The whole idea is very primitive, crude. The wife is not taken as a human being but as earth which you can sell. And it has been the case in the past: in many cultures wives were sold, purchased. In China you could have killed your wife – it was not a crime because because she was your possession. If you destroy your chair it is nobody’s business; the chair was your possession – so was your wife. But this is how religious leaders and political leaders … They are all made of the same stuff, the same holy cow-dung. I don’t see any difference, except superficial differences about which there is no need to talk.

iCarly – Trump Edition | iTrumpy

In 5, 4, 3, 2…. In 5, 4, 3, 2…. In 5, 4, 3, 2…. I know, you see, Somehow the world will change to me and be so wonderful Live life, breathe air I know somehow we’re gonna get there And feel so wonderful its all for real I’m telling you just how I feel So wake up the members of my nation It’s your time to be There’s no chance unless you take one And its time to see the brighter side of every situation Somethings are meant to be So give your best and leave the rest to me Leave it all to me Leave it all to me Just leave it all to me

North Korean security scuffles with Stephanie Grisham

-US pool!
Yes, yes! -No, no, no.
-Yes, US pool. -No, no, no.
-This way. Yes.
Yes. -US pool? US pool?
-Yes! -It’s US press! Let us in!
-Right this way. -Which way, which way,
which way? -Which way are we going? -Right here.
-That way? -US pool.
-Slow, slow, slow. -US pool.
-Hey, hey. -He’s good.
He’s good. -Go.
Go. -US pool.
-Stop! No. Let go.
-US pool. -Need help here.
-US pool. US pool! -No, no, no, no.
-Yes, yes. -Go, go.
-Excuse me — US pool. -US pool.
-US pool. -US pool.
-Please? Please, I can’t. I can’t see. -Shh!
-I can’t see. -Where’s the pool?
-Excuse me. Got to get in there. Step stool right there. -Great.
Look — I mean, the world is watching, and it’s very important
for the world.

Catalan leader on trial I am a political prisoner Spain News Al Jazeera

Catalan leader on trial I am a political prisoner Spain News Al Jazeera Oriol Junqueras, former vice president of regional Catalan government, is on trial for rebellion in Madrid. The foremost Catalan separatist on trial in Spains Supreme Court refused to answer questions from the prosecution on Thursday, calling the trial a “judgement of ideas.” Oriol Junqueras, the former vice president of the regional Catalan government, said he is “being persecuted for my ideas and not for my actions … I will not answer questions from the accusers.” Junqueras is accused of rebellion and embezzlement in relation to an October 2017 viewed as illegal by the Spanish government, and pushing forward with the referendum in spite of understanding the “grave risk” of violence related to it. He faces up to 25 years if convicted on the charges. “I consider myself to be a political prisoner,” said Junqueras, in response to questions from his own lawyer. The in the politically charged trial which got under way on Tuesday include members of Catalonias former executive, the two leaders of the powerful pro independence associations ANC and Omnium Cultural, and the former president of the Catalan parliament. They could face jail terms of seven to 17 years. It was the first time Junqueras has spoken publicly since he was imprisoned following s failed 2017 independence declaration. As he began speaking, Junqueras said it was a pleasure “to speak Castilian,” referring to the historical name of the Spanish language “after a year a half of forced silence”. Spains Supreme Court denied petitions from the former vice president and 11 more Catalan leaders to allow the defendants to speak in Catalan, their native language, before Junqerass testimony began. Manuel Marchena, a judge on the court, said allowing the defendants to speak in Catalan would interfere with the understanding of others in the court who did not have access to the translation provided by headphones. In total, nine defendants have been charged with rebellion. They have all been in pretrial detention for months, some of them for more than a year. The three others are accused of disobedience and misuse of public funds. Under Spanish law, rebellion is defined as “rising up in a violent and public manner”. But a key question is whether there actually was any violence. Prosecutors point to “violent incidents” during protests orchestrated by two grassroots groups in the lead up to the referendum. Activists surrounded a Catalan economy ministry building in September 2017, while national police carried out a search inside to try to stop the vote from going forward. The defendants deny that the referendum drive was carried out in a violent manner. They point to violence by police who raided voting stations on the day of the referendum. Junqueras said in court that he and his fellow accused never condoned violence and that “nothing weve done is a crime.” , Catalonias former president who fled Spain days after the independence declaration on October 27, is not among the defendants. does not try suspects in absentia for major offences.

Civilization VI Leader Tier Ranking List – July 2019

hello everyone I'm the saxy gamer today we're here for kind of a leader spotlight but not really we're just gonna go back and take a look at the tier ranking spreadsheet that I have created as I've done all of the leader spotlights and as promised I'm gonna go and make some changes to this list you know some of the leaders my opinion has changed on some of them have been changed around with their abilities you know they've been buffed they've been nerfed since I've actually done their leader spotlights so this list needs updating a little bit and I promised a video on it so now that we've had a little bit of time to settle in with the June 2019 patch I think that this is a good time to go ahead and take a look at what we have here and you know make the changes that we need so I guess let's start at the top with the S tiers so with the S tiers we have Syrus Peter Frederick Koopa and Sun duck I think that all of these guys are pretty much I I don't think that any of them have changed too much I said that really weirdly I think the only one that's actually even got changes really is Koopa I guess Frederick has because the industrial zones so thus the honza's adjacency bonuses have changed but I don't think it's really that big of a change Peter also technically got a little bit of a buff because he got the effect from blizzards now as well but neither of those guys I think are as drastic enough of a change to change their tier rankings Koopa is the only one that's in question because he did get a fairly significant nerf to the marais and that it now provides one culture in one faith instead of two culture in two faiths the question is does that drop him down from s tier ranking I have gotten the chance to play him a little bit I haven't played you know more than one game as him since he got that nerf but I still feel like he is really strong is he still an S tier I think he still is in s tier just because of how easy it is to get so many free yields on them and that's kind of what makes leaders s tier is you know either a like ridiculously strong capabilities like with Cyrus Cyrus is a little bit hard to execute just because you have to know enough about the pie areas ah and you have to have pretty decent military strategy to get things working with Cyrus but with someone like Sun duck or someone like coop a you get so many free yields that you can play the game just like a total newb and you can be terrible and you're still be fairly well off so that's kind of why these two are in this right because of how easy it is to play them and how good of the yields you can get with virtually no effort and with coop a although he has been nerfed I still don't think that that takes him out of s tier so I think s tier is going to stay the same we do have to assign Diplo rankings for everybody as well so let's take a look here so most of these people are gonna get C's because most of these leaders don't really have anything working towards them in terms of diplomatic victory so that's gonna you know not really change too much with them I think pretty much every here everyone here gets to see the warmongers might get DS especially Frederic because he does take city states and city states are a good source of diplomatic favor so you do kind of lose that ability if you're playing Frederic and he doesn't really get any diplomatic bonuses towards it he's also pretty industrial which if you build a lot of industrial zones and factories then you lose diplomatic favor because of your co2 emissions so I think Frederick's gonna get a D I think everybody else is just gonna get C's though cuz they're they're pretty standard they're pretty in line with most of the leaders in getting no bonuses and that's the right color I think that's the right color I never actually remember what colors I make is this this one yeah I think that's the right color alright let's go ahead and take a look at the eight years now and see if we want to change any of them so saladin yeah I still think he's pretty he's pretty much where he was a manotaur is one that I know some people think that she should be s tier I let me let me give this some thought I still don't think like I've never really had a game with with her that I've and I've been like wow you know this is incredible ice is insane like overpowered so I mean don't get me wrong she's very good leader I mean that's that's why she's an 8 here but I've never really felt like she's outstandingly overpowered one thing that I might want to look at what did I give her in religion I gave her an A in religion I think that's still pretty fair I think some people were arguing that she could have gotten an S in religion which probably fair but I think it's okay where it is someone that I actually might give an A in religion even though well maybe not but let's take a look at Hojo so Hojo is still an a he he hasn't changed either he said I don't know if he's gotten any changes I think he might have actually gotten some buffs in Gathering Storm something with hurricanes maybe I don't remember exactly let me google it real fast just so I can take a look hoju token a I know this video is a little bit you know less I should actually probably specify sip six this is gonna be definitely less a less formal video than a lot of the other ones because we're just kind of looking at this stuff but um now don't give me an ad I don't want that garbage that they have patch notes I don't believe they do so what are his abilities yes his so his units are immune to hurricane damage and civilizations that are war with Japan receive double unit damage from hurricanes while in Japanese territory so he did technically in a buff that's one of those things that it affects the you know your gameplay so rarely that it doesn't really change much so I think that Hojo is gonna stay where he is one thing that I didn't mention in the leaders spotlight at least I don't think is that it is technically easier to get a great profit because you can put down a holy site in half the time I think that's what the bonus is right I believe so I could just be crazy but I'm like 90% certain or not okay not quite half the time but you get 50% production towards the holy site so it does make it technically easier to get a great profit but once again I think that I think oh I don't want to do that I think that b-tier is still pretty fair for him so I think that none of that changes Robert the Bruce yeah pretty standard I don't I actually might lower his domination ranking to see his military ability is really not that good I find I don't know if I've ever actually been able to successfully use it and when I do it doesn't really feel like it does too much so I think we are actually gonna lower him down to CT R in domination I never really find myself you know inspired to play domination on Robert the Bruce anyways Monty s in domination be in science and culture why does he have a B in culture man what did I say about Monty that gave him a B in culture let me uh man I must have been trippin unless I don't even remember what Monty does honestly I remember his one ability is really good let's say we have you know obviously we have some really good military abilities with poncey so we have you know the extra combat strength from luxuries that are you have improved and you get more luxuries which is a little bit actually it's very nice it's more than just a little bit nice I can spend builder charges to complete it 20% of a district why did I give him a B in culture he definitely does not deserve a B in culture what does Monti have in culture I mean I guess he takes land which you know it's good technically C D in religion yeah I still stand by that it's so hard on those early sibs that you need to spam units you you give away so much by going out and taking the time to build a holy site and focus on a religion that I really just think it's not worth it like any of the time at montezuma so there's almost no reason to go for a religious victory on Monti because all you want to do early on is spam equal warriors I guess it's true that you can rush the the district with a builder but even so I'd much rather just use my builders for either you know like a science district or science district a campus district or in encampments or you know to build tile improvements I really think that religion is just terrible at Monti also he's a domination sieve so he definitely deserves a D in diplomacy since they made it so now you lose diplomatic favor whenever you have a lot of grievances a lot of the domination sibs are gonna get pretty low diplomacy rankings um gore go up next yeah I think gore go I don't know if I don't think Gorga has changed at all she's still pretty good actually she's definitely gonna deserve at least a B in diplomacy I think yeah I'll give her a B in diplomacy she is kind of like militaristic but she does have a lot of extra envoys from the Acropolis so that kind of helps out with becoming a snoozer enough city-states also these guys up here I think everybody here gets a C they don't really have anything that makes them more likely to become suzer Anor any alliance bonuses or things like that so I think they all get C's Pericles is next Pericles definitely hasn't changed at all he's still insane in culture and you know I think he gets the B in diplomacy for the same reasons as gorko Chaka I don't think shock has changed and I still stand by pretty much everything some people get very mad that I give leaders bees for science the ones that are good at domination but it honestly is just very true that if you are good at domination you're gonna just kind of accrue a lot of campuses and have a lot of cities for campuses and then you can be a really good science of as well so the ability to take land makes you a better science Civ and that's more impactful than like religion or even culture just because of kind of how it works and how you generally like to focus things when you're playing domination that you can do science on a lot of the nominations dudes as well so I know some people get mad whenever I do that but I still stand by that and Jacques actually no shaka deserves a tea in diplomacy because he's gonna get a lot of grievances which are gonna make people pretty unhappy with him john curtin why does John Curtin have a B in domination I don't really know oh never mind that's right because he gets the the extra production from having people declare war on him which is very good so you're okay with getting a little bit of grievances on Johnny Curtin the digger is pretty good as well I think all of this stays pretty much the same he's gonna get a C in religion or religion diplomacy just because once again doesn't really have anything going for him and Mathias Mathias actually has been nerfed since I did the leader spotlight on him so he lost some weight was he nervous since that I don't remember if I did it before or after he was nerf either way I don't think that any of this really changes he's still s tier domination suit then we skipped someone we skipped Sulaimon but we just did sued him on recently so he definitely he actually honestly got a little bit better since some of the battering rams at siege towers got nerfed a little bit so the fact that he has better siege equipment makes him even a little bit better I mean it's not gonna change his tier ranking or anything but he is a slightly better sieve in comparison to the other sips all right down the beach here already Trajan nothing's really changed with him well he'll Mena nothing's changed let me just make sure that I'm not giving out any ridiculous rankings here yeah I think that's all pretty good Genghis Khan I still you see ki I wish Genghis Khan was a little bit better actually Genghis Khan actually got a little bit worse I think didn't they nerf they nerfed cavalry that you can't use battering rams with it now right does that hurt Genghis Khan enough to lower his tier ranking I think the answer's no and I could just be dreaming that up I'm 90% certain that they did that though yeah I still think Genghis Khan's beats here he's still he's still a pretty decent Civ teddy okay here's someone that has gotten a lot of changes and I definitely think needs to be revisited so Teddy got quite a few buffs at least let me pull up his leader page Teddy Roosevelt she was six it's a nice ASMR from my keyboard here let's take a look at what's going on with Teddy here so get out of here ads so okay nothing changed with that ability but America was the one that actually got ability stuff so in Gathering Storm they got plus-one diplomatic favor per turn for each wild card slot in the governments which is really strong actually it definitely makes him pretty easy s tier in diplomacy because that is insane you get a lot of extra extra extra room and I can't English you get a lot of extra diplomatic favor from that which is really good he also got the thing in rise and fall where all of his diplomatic policy slots are converted to wild card policy slots which once again I'm very good I'm pretty sure I did his leader spotlights before that was even changed I could be wrong though but either way that is really good so that's something else you guys going for them and the other thing is in Gathering Storm they buffed air units so the p-51 Mustang actually doesn't suck anymore it's actually kind of I don't know if I go as far to say it's good but it actually is pretty decent also I just realized Suleiman needs a D over here there we go but yeah the p-51 must think a lot better now than it was so I think that Teddy Roosevelt actually deserves to move up an entire tier into a tier which I need to remember how I normally do that so let's just get you everybody needs to move down one and then let's move Teddy up so congrats Teddy you've done it look at that he's moved up into a tier with all the cool kids he is a pretty decent Civ now he's one of the civets improved a lot since the game first came out I think that I original I think I originally might have even had him in see tear but maybe not but he has improved a lot and I think that the bonuses he gets the diplomatic victory as well really help him the film studio is still insane and his his unique even got a little bit better so a lot of improvements for him no I Katara I don't think she's changed at all I mean if if this was ranking based on leader looks though she'd probably be s tier but you know she's not found maker pie maker at least deserves a I'll give him an a actually not an a s but I'll give pound maker an a in diplomatic victory because you generally like to play pretty nice to people when you're playing with pound maker and you you can get a lot of diplomatic favor from that because if you're not at war obviously you're not gonna be having extra grievances that will to give you negative diplomatic favor of return and generally having a lot of alliances will I mean not generally but all the time having a lot of alliances will be very beneficial because each alliance gives you one diplomatic favor of return so it helps pound maker out quite a bit also these guys C C and D because you are nomination oh I got the hiccups now guitar you need to see as well there we go Gilgamesh this is another one of those ones that was very controversial because a lot of people really like Gilgamesh and a lot of people think that Gilgamesh is like insane I still don't think the Gilgamesh is that good every time I play him I expect him to be like oh P like s tier because that's what a lot of people hype him up to be but I really just don't think he's that good I mean don't get me wrong the war cart is insane but now since they made it so that on deity city-states have walls at the start of the game that you know that hurts him a bit cuz you can't just pray on city-states anymore at least not quite as easily so he lost even a little bit of strength from his best attribute which was his war cart and also I think that his abilities just kind of suck that being said though I think he's gonna get a B in diplomatic victory even though he is slightly aggressive because he doesn't like to have alliances with people and he is you know he gets some bonuses from that so I think he has that going for him but no I'm not I'm not moving him up even though a lot of people really wanted me to I just don't think he deserves I've never had a game that I'm just like wow it's so easy I'm running away with it as Goga mission I think that part of this is just because of his unique tile improvement I generally don't find it to be all that strong just because a lot of the times I find it better to put down you know farms and mines to get that food and production and then later on in the game you can eventually transition those once you have high population to you know science and culture from his ziggurats but early on I think that you give up a lot by working those tiles instead of other you know growth tiles so for all those reasons I think Gilgamesh to stay at beat there I mean don't get me wrong he's still a pretty good sieve all right I need a drink of water I'm talking too much how long how long have I been going for let me check I've only been talking for 16 minutes so far that's not that bad award we're probably gonna hit 30 what can I say there's a lot of leaders in this game all right Navi goes up next anything change with the odd Vega I don't think so I don't really think she needs any changes he's not really that good in diplomacy either so she gets a C I'm gonna just kind of color everybody later Pedro now Pedro actually Pedro didn't get any buffs but he indirectly got buffs because now you can put lumber mills on rainforest which is insanely good for Pedro because that means one you don't have to chop rainforests to get production and to since you get district adjacency from rainforests that means that you can just leave them there put the lumber mills on them get all that extra production keep the adjacency bonus and then boom you're double happy so Pedro actually has gotten a little bit better does it change his tier ranking oh I don't know I'm debating moving him up to eight here cuz he is kind of similar to you know like a like a Hojo or an a manotaur or a John Curtin that they you know they they rely on those district adjacency bonuses and they get a little bit of extra extra adjacency bonus from that or his abilities good enough though that's the thing I still don't think that he is very reliant on a spawn bias to make him good because he if you don't get jungle then you're kind of just Sol with Pedro so I don't think he deserves to move up it's here but you know make it noted that if I was gonna give a B+ you know he would be a b-plus but I'm not actually gonna put that there cuz I generally don't differentiate that because then it makes things way too confusing but yeah Pedro has gotten better as a sieve just because of that recent that recent changed to lumber mills and the fact that lumber mills got buffed in themselves but I don't think it's quite enough to move him up a tier just because of how still spawn reliant he is Catherine I don't know that that's right the Chateau actually got buffed so the Chateau is definitely a better tile improvement now does it make Catherine any better I mean it makes her better it still doesn't move her up the s tier in culture though diplomacy does she deserve anything other than a C I don't think so so everything's still just kind of fine there all right Lao Carew's next hmm this is one that I actually might consider moving down the C tier I put him in beats here I think he was probably one of the first leaders I ever did a leader spotlight on and I was pretty hyped about him whenever I rise and fall first came out but after playing him a few times I realized that it's he's really not an easy leader to play nor does he feel particularly strong I the Malone Raiders are really not that good I feel the other problem is his uh his chem amol his unique tile improvement is can if you don't get a good spawn it's really hard to place those things down and then you can end up with like no bonus from them so I think he actually deserves to move down a tier we're gonna move him I don't think any of his actually like individual rankings change maybe yeah maybe culture should change to a B maybe not though yeah I'm actually gonna change his culture ranking to a B now if you get good chemicals then he actually is still pretty freakin strong but the problem is the amount of spawn reliance that he is is pretty insane because if you don't get those mountains and you don't have high appeal tiles then he honestly sucks pretty bad cuz you get no extra culture boost his abilities are kind of crap if I'm being totally honest so for those reasons I think he definitely deserves to move down so sorry sorry louder he's definitely not on the same level as Pachi Kuti which speaking of Paju cootie definitely deserves to be a tear every single time I see poncho cootie I'm just reminded of how Opie he is so vodka cootie I was wrong about you you're a tear definitely easily I might make a mess tear in science as well because he is pretty he's pretty freakin insane in science he is really spawn reliant though I think I'll keep him ate here I'll keep his rankings the same but I think overall he's just like he's a lot better than I evidently thought he was why do I give him a B in religion because of mountains that's right never mind okay but yeah bunch of cootie he's definitely better than B tier he's he's way better than Timaeus better than Catherine but like he's better than all those guys he's pretty much on par with a lot of these guys time is up next yeah I mean like they nerfed cavalry so that kind of hurts but aside from that she hasn't really got enough changes to really make that much of a difference so congratulations get at the in diplomacy Christina she deserves to be double F tier just because she's Christina and her face is hideous and now I'm gonna get the rage comments about that but she's so ugly that I think she's gonna get moved to F here no I'm kidding she's gonna stay right there I stand by these these ones were done recently because they're gathering a storm so I don't think that either her nor man supposed to have changed really it's also color in all of these guys so that way they are nice colored I'm sure there's people looking at the tier ranking be like sheet right now look what's this guy doing he's nuts oh so we need to give a lot ro a ranking uh does he I'm gonna give him a deed just now I'm gonna give him a si si the altar is weird cuz he's like kind of domination e but not really my name is Cleopatra Cleopatra got changed in Gathering Storm I know that Cleopatra of six let's bring up her little page here take a look I could just because floodplains changed I'll get out of here with these ads man civics wiki what a what a what a trash fire am i right let's see what has changed with her so districts improvements in units are immune to being damaged from floods so I guess she has gotten a little bit of a buff I believe the Sphinx got him off as well that's a change for tier ranking though so she gets that one additional culture if she builds the Sphinx on floodplains I don't think I don't think it's made her really that much better she's still just she's okay in culture it's pretty okay in religion kind of bleh at these two so see for diplomacy as well Congrats clear you stay in the seats here Qin Shihuang he actually has been buffed the great wall got buffed I believe I don't think it he personally got buffed but the great wall was I don't know why I gave him a D in domination he doesn't deserve it the in domination I think I had said something about you don't want to be a war because you want to focus on your Eureka's and inspirations but it's kind of a little bullcrap because you need to be at war to get some Eureka's and inspirations so I take that one back so everyone who raged in the comments about that one you were right I'll give it to you on Allen um though I want to raise his culture ranking I have seen some pretty insane things of Qin Shi Quan being pretty insane in culture in a few games recently great wall Civ 6 let me recall exactly what the buffs were to the ability so now he gets +2 oh wait am I reading this right did you did it so 2 gold to gold for each adjacent wall on to culture for each adjacent wall with castles so that's up to a for gold for culture tile can only be pillaged by natural disasters for gold for culture that's actually kind of good that's much better than the 2 gold to culture that I think there was whenever I first reviewed him let me check just to make sure that I wasn't just losing it I'm pretty sure that this was very recently buffed Civ 6 China leader spotlights watch of mine I'm gonna be able to find my own video there he is hopefully my sounds not on okay ah man look at this schmuck putting ads on his videos man I gotta watch my own ads that's disappointing I'm skipping them I don't I don't want the ad revenue anyways alright let's take a look here whenever I did this yeah okay so whenever I did the video on Qin Shihuang it was the only the one gold and one culture for each adjacent but that since been double and now I think the Great Wall doesn't suck that bad anymore so you know Qin Shihuang you're getting an A in culture does it move him up from seat dear ooh now that is a question so he is pretty okay at culture a lot of people are actually pretty mad when I to the Chinese leader spotlight because a lot of people thought he was pretty good I think he is gonna move up in the beats here that buff to the Great Wall alone because that was like the biggest gripe I had with him was the fact that the Great Wall was kind of underwhelming so I think that the fact that it's been buffed is helping him out a little bit so he's gonna move up in the beat here so Gretchen Siwon you've done it and he's gonna get a C in diplomacy though sorry pal all right Alexander he's someone that my views have changed on I don't think he himself has actually changed but I do think that he's better than seats here I think he's beat here really the only reasons because I played like Madonna maybe two or three more games azzam and and a few of them I was like wow he's got a pretty good early game well maybe like early slash mid game I do find that after that though he really he really does wear off quite a bit and he also needs a B in science I mean his his but man I never remember the pronunciation for it but his his unique building that gives the science every time he complete a military unit it's not that insane but it's enough to actually make him kind of okay in science he also definitely gets a B in diplomacy because he loves those grievances even though he's immune to war weariness he still gets grievances in memba so anvil actually just got recently indirectly nerfed because they nerfed great works of writing so they have the culture and tourism output of great works of writing which really hurts a memo because that's really what he relies on quite a bit to you know get get the good stuff from all of his great writers and stuff so he is nerved I don't think it's gonna change this to your ranking though might lower is cultural victory rating who does it mmm yeah probably not well actually yeah because since since that nerf technically affects everybody it's not gonna make him at a particular disadvantage so compared to everyone else I think he still is fair decent alright now here's someone else that has changed a lot Victoria so let me pull up her leader page Victoria since six and so now she has the brand new workshop of the world which is significantly better than the old workshop in the world I must say so I guess it wasn't even cold workshop of the world before was it but now you get iron and coal mines accumulating two more resources per turn double production towards military engineers that receive plus two charges and then now buildings that are powered will provide an additional plus four of their respective yield and you get 20% production towards industrial buildings and a harbour buildings increase your strategic resource stockpiles by plus ten on standard speed so that's a lot and all of that's pretty good she did lose the British Museum though so her culture rating goes down to a C Congrats Victoria you've moved down a nap regard science though I think she's moved up the beat here in science get those extra yields from your research labs you can get those industrial zones out quite a bit more so both of those things are very good for science victory so she definitely moves up in that regard does it move her up a tier though I still don't think so but she definitely is a significantly better leader that before I'm surprised that I actually put her in C tier before cuz she definitely did I don't think she even deserved C tier before she was definitely a deity or a sieve before but now with these new buffs I I definitely think she deserves to be seats here she actually is a playable SIF now I think she's and I don't want to just you know uninstall the game every time I'm playing her anymore so that's a very good thing and I actually quite enjoy playing her now so she definitely gets some props for that and D tier in diplo victory because she loves to pollute and she loves to war people so that's two things that are very bad for diplomatic favor these guys haven't changed Chandra Gupta so Chandra Gupta got nerfed a little bit actually because the Varro got nerfed so that hurts him I was already pretty hard on him at the start though putting him in D tier a lot of people thought that I should have put him in seats here but I didn't like him that much the step whale still sucks India's ability you know it's and now the Varro got nerfed so I definitely think the D tier is deserving here so let's look up civics just cuz I know who I'm gonna need to look up soon but I have armin shimerman hasn't changed it all so he's definitely staying here he's still pretty bad hunter group the D in religion or not religion diplomacy actually since he's a war mongering Civ and I know that we're gonna have someone else that's much improved from last time wilfred laurier i spelled his name wrong man what am i doing his name has an eye in it alright well here we go that's that's the most important change there but wilfred laurier has gotten a lot of changes so he gets now additional production from his mines that are in the tundra he gets additional production from lumber mills in the tundra he gets additional food from camps in the tundra i think that's all of his changes and when it right did the leader spotlight on him i've complained a lot about how bad the production in the tundra is and how it's just such a slog to do anything and who knows maybe maybe the Civ team watched that and they were like hey we should give this guy some more production so I'm gonna take credit for that even though I probably don't deserve it no I'm just kidding III definitely did not was not the only one that was complaining about his production but he definitely moves up and in fact I think he moves up all the way into B tier whenever I played him on string the other day I was actually having a pretty fun time the amount of production that you can get on him is kind of cool and also if you take the the camp's Pantheon as well that gives the additional production and food from those you can get some pretty sweet camps as well for it and I think it's helped him out quite a lot does he see the thing though his his individual victory tiers really haven't changed but he's a lot more playable now I think he's a lot more fun to play he gets that production so you're not just painstakingly slogging your way through the game the whole time and he is still a really good Diplo a victory winner so diplo victory is now also a lot more fun so he hasn't really gotten that much better strictly speaking towards a specific victory but as an overall sim he definitely has improved just because of his much better tundra yields now than than what they used to be all right Allen or England workshop the world got buffed I still think that Eleanor England is just kind of confusing to me I don't get if she had the British Museum then I think that she would be pretty good and honestly I would kind of think it I think that it would be cool if they added the British Museum back in but only for Eleanor not Victoria because then there would actually be like a reason to go for those great works and it would work well with Eleanor's ability so sifting if you're watching this maybe consider putting the British Museum back in on Eleanor that would definitely raise her up into seats here I think she'd be on par with Victoria and you know just slightly different place now which i think would be really fun so if you're watching the Civ team you know maybe maybe consider giving the British Museum back to Eleanor Harold heralds well Harold I didn't I don't think it's got really any changes but pillaging has changed I still think that Harold sucks and nothing changes here he's also gonna get a D in this victory type that you know the one because he's a war mongering sieve tomorrow yeah tomorr still sucks tomorrow did get some change in Gathering Storm though I know let me look it up real fast tomorr sieve six so what happened with Tamar something happened with Tamar what is it can I not find it I cannot find it for the life of me I could have sworn something changed with Tamar I don't remember I think it was a change to the CK that like the CGA got more faith or something like that it still sucks Tamar is still a terrible sieve the problem is Tamar is just a bad sieve actually she's pretty good in Diplo victory though because you can get pretty easy Susan ship with spreading your religion to people but tomorrow's tomorrow's a weird sieve because she's a very defensive sieve in a game that has a meta that's very offensive because you want to expand and be aggressive towards people in civics so playing a sieve that likes to just sit back and you know kind of wall up doesn't really work all that well Philip yeah Philip still is he's his early game it's just so bad so once again sieve team if you're watching this and you want to get some sort of ideas on how to improve philip target his early game he needs a better early game because a lot of the time you just get the crap beat out of you while you're trying to rush for your religion and also try to play like you know build up a navy and try to get traders out and he has too many things that he wants to do early on which means that he doesn't have enough time to do them all cuz you know he wants to be a trade Civ he wants to have a strong Navy he wants to attack people and he wants to get a religion and used that to attack people on land he wants to do too many things but he doesn't have enough resources early on to do that to do that not to do it so the the area that I would suggest you improve most with Phillip is that he needs some sort of bonus towards generating his great profit I think cuz that that's the biggest slowing point for him is that it's really hard for him to get a religion while also trying to do other things because you have to put a lot of resources into it on deity and that really just slogs up his early game so if you improve one thing with Phillip try to improve his his religious early game um I think he also deserves a D in diplomacy now gandi gandi has gotten some changes that that I know for a fact he's actually gotten some pretty decent changes over if I remember correctly so actually I guess it was India as a whole which I forgot to mention with Sanjay Gupta cuz he had actually was India's thing that got changed I don't think it really affects Shawn to groups as much as it does Gandhi but Gandhi though so India now gets +1 amenity for each religion with at least one follower in the cities they also get two additional or spread religion shards on missionaries and double religious pressure from Indian trade routes so out of that the amenities are really good the additional spread religion shirt is on missionaries I think are some of the best things cuz spread religion charges are effective so getting more of them is really helpful towards spreading religion now the double religious pressure from trade routes it's pretty much inconsequential because of how low the pressure is I'm pretty sure that the pressure from a trade route is 0.5 so rising that not the plus one it's still to get this the equivalent you know religious pressure of 1 missionary spread it will take you 220 turns of running a trade route so it literally means nothing I could have those numbers mixed up in my head but it literally takes like more than 50 turns out of a trade route to get the effect of one missionary spread which i think is really stupid so I really think that they need to change religious pressure it needs some sort of buff to make it actually you know like do something and not to speak immediately overwhelmed by all the missionaries but Gandhi I definitely think has moved up from ft R now the problem is the step well still sucks and Gandhi's ability still sucks so he hasn't moved that far up not what I do press the wrong button so Gandhi hasn't moved that far up does he going to see tear I think he well the Vario also did get nerve let me look at the step well real fast um yeah it's not great is it yeah I think I think Gandhi's gonna move into D tear he's moved up he's gotten better alright now I'm gonna movement 8 here his religious game is good enough to warrant a tear I think he's not a tear his religious game is a tear but he hasn't overall Civ as a result is in beat here now by that I mean seats here because I forget how to speak English but yeah the improvements to India's ability definitely make him a better religious Civ I guess Chandra Gupta is deserving of that same ranking too then just because of you know that man but if I do that then you know what no God Gandhi's going to eat here i I think that Chandra Gupta is still the better Indian leader so yeah does he get anything and we'll give them mmm I want to give him a beat here in diplomacy but not he doesn't really get any bonuses towards having alliances or being suzer enough city-states and you still you don't really want to go to war with people so I guess that is a good thing but it doesn't really get you any extra diplomatic favor just kind of prevents you from losing it so for that reason I think that he is in D tier so yeah I'm just gonna get rid of these statistics because they don't really mean anything I just kind of did it because I was curious and I don't want to update them all since I just flipped around all these leaders so I'm just gonna get rid of them all and remember how to format these cells there we go so yeah this is this is the new tier ranking the spreadsheet link will be in the description below I'm sure I'm gonna go back and look at this again and have some sort of thoughts so maybe in a few you know I'm sure they'll probably patch things and change leaders again so in a few months I'm sure I'll do another update like this if things have changed significantly enough but if you want to check out this to your list the link is in the description below so feel free to check that out and you know have it up on your second monitor whenever you're thinking of leaders to play but thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed this rather informal video today but I have been the saxy gamer if you enjoyed the video feel free like if not looper did this like if you're looking more for more Civilization 6 content feel free to subscribe thank you for watching and good bye

Leadership Communication: Executive Education at Cass

I passionately believe that people are at their best when they're being true to themselves and that's about understanding what leadership means to them as an individual why do they care about their job the business the overarching mission that they're there to deliver and if they can connect with that purpose and then understand how to articulate that that for me is the alchemy of really compelling leadership communication there are three building blocks to the program the first is around building self-awareness this is self-awareness of communication style and impact it's it's understanding the nonverbal communication we all admit nonverbal cues all the time and if one understands that leaders are being observed and judged at every moment of the day even when they're not speaking this becomes very important so through using cameras to film and playback we we give people the sense of what the impact that they're making on all their stakeholders their strengths and weaknesses and more importantly the levers that they can pull to enable themselves to be more impactful not just every day but in the set-piece moments the second element is a natural build on the first and it looks at content how do people make what they say compelling and engaging all too often in the corporate world people focus on the rationale the business strategy expressed in the the what and the how and we all pick up bad habits of using corporate jargon to try and explain and in some way hope that that will connect to the audiences and the reality is is that people don't engage with rational argument they engage with an emotional sense of purpose so the content element of the program is important because it gives people the understanding of how to bring to life what they're saying how to articulate the strategy the vision and purpose in a way which will really land with their audiences so that they remember what they hear and importantly can then act as the means through which the leadership message is cascaded through the organization the third element of the program enables the first two to be put into practice so by focusing on a set-piece moment we give people the opportunity to understand how to deliver a message in a compelling way but also how to deliver it in an impactful and engaging way because I said before it is the set piece moments that it all needs to come together and as leaders within a business environment it's those moments when all eyes are on you and people are forming their opinion of you and indeed deciding whether they want to follow you so our approach for this program has has been to to make it much more of a coaching program not just a presentation training program the reason behind this is through giving people the opportunity to deliver and to be filmed doing so and and reviewed after and and to receive feedback on on when they were good and when they weren't so good and and the tips the exchange of tips about how they can put their best foot forward you learn an awful lot from being part of that exchange as a group because rarely do we take time to take a step back from the day-to-day routine of life to think about how people are coming across so by sharing other people's coaching moment you too can learn a lot about yourself there are many presentation and communication courses in the marketplace this program is a bit different firstly it's it's a highly personalized approach to supporting people and and helping them be more impactful communicators the mixture of personalized coaching actually and feedback and the highly interactive way that we give people the opportunity to put into practice all that they're learning and hearing immediately is really compelling secondly it's an executive cohort so all the attendees are from the corporate sector they're all holding senior executive positions in companies and therefore facing the same challenges on a day-to-day basis and thirdly it's non-credit bearing so the program is not part of a wider degree course it's been specially formulated to support people who might have unexpectedly assumed a leadership role and are feeling a bit naked in being able to communicate as they want to communicate and and so this program can really support and help them enroll on the other hand it it plays as well to aspiring leaders people who are ambitious to to go on that leadership journey but a conscious and and perhaps know that they are somewhat lacking in being as effective and impactful a communicator as they wish to be the value of attending this program but for those people now is that it enables them to to in a sense start their leadership journey armed with all the ammunition and the toolkit of how they can be an impactful and compelling communicator and in a sense it frames how they might then think of their leadership journey in the years going ahead so it's it's a great opportunity to recalibrate the habits that they might have picked up but also to sort of set the compass for how they want to be as a leader in the years ahead and encased over all that is that interface with our external environment and actually when one thinks of it that's how you communicate it's the touch points of engagement it is those moments that conversation that board meeting that presentation to Xcode that big set piece town wall to 500 employees it is those moments that we need everything to come together the compelling content the passionate engaged inspiring delivery that then becomes what our leadership has defined us in terms of how we interpret you