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In 5, 4, 3, 2…. In 5, 4, 3, 2…. In 5, 4, 3, 2…. I know, you see, Somehow the world will change to me and be so wonderful Live life, breathe air I know somehow we’re gonna get there And feel so wonderful its all for real I’m telling you just how I feel So wake up the members of my nation It’s your time to be There’s no chance unless you take one And its time to see the brighter side of every situation Somethings are meant to be So give your best and leave the rest to me Leave it all to me Leave it all to me Just leave it all to me

Aai, Politics & Me | #VishayKhol #BhaDiPa

Ani Jui What? Aai, I am earning now. I haven’t stolen money from your purse this time. Ask Jui. Do you take money from my purse? No… Hopeless! Because of you I kept your father starving last week. No..I borrow it. Will repay it along with interest. Looking at your salary, paying the interest would suffice! I am going to Dapoli for a week What is the matter? Matter is deep. – Okay. Your dad is also on tour for next six days. So, you both will be taking care of home. But, as you both can’t even play with the remote control car together, so I will give the responsibility to one of you. Ani, take these keys. – Thanks They are home’s and locker’s. Aai, why did you give him the keys? because he is a man? He is earning now. He shares the responsibilities. What does he do that I don’t do? When you are not home, he calls his friends, drinks beer and pukes. I have to clean up the mess. Jui, have you gone crazy out of thirst for power? Aai, Jui calls Babu home when you are not around. Thank God. I am always there to disturb them. Aai, you go, I will look after the empire. Ani, do you drink beer? Good that I know it now. I will be leaving day after tomorrow. You have three days. One who behaves responsibly, Power will be his for five days. or her. Okay. Aai, Me and Politics Fantastic Strategy, Unique Strategy Babu, now is the time to do or die. First of all, people need to know that you have bathed. But I have already bathed! But people need to know that. ‘Reach out’ is important. So..shall I bathe in public? Yes! Good idea! – What?! Let’s spread a rumour about Jui that she is originally Italian. Thought doesn’t appear to be original. She has been picked up from Kumbh Mela in the exchange of a half peice of bread. By whom? – Aai! Who is voting? Damn it! Though a rumour, it should be believable. Jui has got a split personality and she thinks that she is the Mother of Dragons! I don’t think that your mother will believe this. Then if we need to think differently, There is a fantastic idea. It’s different. Basically it is unique! This is a repeat. That is what makes it unique. Nobody would have repeated the same joke so many times. Sushant…I have got a different idea. If I start telling all my ideas, people will go mad. I don’t want you to go mad That’s why I am not sharing them with you. Babu, shall we do the politics of caste? But, you three belong to the same caste! Instead, let’s go for booth capturing. Did you just call my mom a bhoot (ghost)? Booth capturing..not bhoot (ghost). The one shown in Newton (bollywood movie). Babu, who is Nutan? Propaganda AKA Mud Slinging Aai, if you give the keys to Jui, she will steal your jewellery . Have a look at her this selfie. She is wearing your new necklace. Wow! She looks so sweet, isn’t it? Hey..but you forgot to crop my neck in this photo. It looks like she’s got thyroid. Aai, Check this video. See, how Ani is talking rubbish about you. Mata na tu vairini (You are not a mother but enemy) Jui, this is a song from Geet Ramayan. Who has edited the video? Babu? Public Meetings Whatever I wish to say, my words spoil it. Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah…come to the point! So, all my mothers and sisters.. Aai, he is calling you Sister(nurse). In fact, only we love this home. Aai, she has an eye on the property. Afterall, daughter is else’s wealth! Aai, a woman should not be tied to the kitchen. Aai, I am sure, you will give me the complete responsibility of the household. Aai, he never turns the gas off after cooker’s four whistles. Aai, she steals your shampoo. Aai, he eats your homeopathic tablets as chakna (Snack with drinks)! This is all wrong! These all are lies. Enough is enough now. THIS IS MY SHOW! Or I will throw both of you out of the home. Code of Conduct Yes Susha! Tell me. Coming Babu? Target is on her way home. Kaku is entering the home. She has a bag in her hand. What is there in it? Spinach Radish and Carrot. Carrot? Babu, Carrot Pudding is Ani’s favourite! Meaning…Kaku vote… Great Bro! Carrot Pudding means party time! Or consolation prize? Babu Who’s the Winner? Now is the time for counting. Two candidates, one chair. As you both were promoting, So I did lot of thinking. Now you will know the importance of one vote in an election. So what would be the result? So how is it ? It’s good, but where are raisins? More than that what is important, is I have won the election… And to celebrate my victory I’m getting this treat! It is so that you don’t cry after my win! Not at all. Ok, wait! Do you want see the result of this election? If yes, do subscribe to our new channel ‘Vishay Khol’ You already have subscribed to BhaDiPa, Now subscribe to this cannel also. Link is there in the comment box.

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अनीजी का अर्थ मंत्रालय से जुडा रेकार्ड, और जुईजी का परराष्ट्र मामलों से जुडा
इतिहास देखते हुए, मैने चाबियाँ मौसीजी को देकर जाने का निर्णय लिया है | वे दोपहार ढाई से साढ़े तीन के बीच में घर आएँगी | सिर्फ उसी समय के दौरान तुम्हें यहाँ आने की अनुमती होगी | और हाँ, वे जब जमीन पोछ रहीं होंगी, तब उन्हें परेशान मत करना | मौसीजी? वे तो चुनाव के लिए खडी भी नहीं थी | बिलकुल | मैने वोट दिया है नोटा को | नोट? आई, आपने पैसों की लालच से रिशवत ले ली? तुम्हारा नागरिकशास्त्र इतना कमज़ोर कैसे? बाहर तुम्हारा दोस्त बैठा है | वह तुम्हे बताएगा | नमस्कार! आई ने बुलाया है इसलिए आया हूँ | मैं कोई दिया घिसने से प्रकट होने वाला जीनी नही | मेरा नाम है सुशांत | जिस तरीके से आई ने अनी और जुई को ठेंगा दिखाया, उस के लिए जिस शस्त्र का इस्तमाल किया, उसी के बारे में, मैं बात करने वाला हूँ | उसे नोटा बुलाते हैं | नोटा मतलब नन् ऑफ द अबव (इन में से कोई भी नहीं) | आप जब मतदान करने जाते हैं, तब आखिर में नन् ऑफ द अबव का पर्याय होता है | तो इस बटन को दबाकर आप अपना निषेध दर्ज कर सकते हैं | अगर कोई भी उम्मीदवार आप को पसंद नहीं आया, आपको लगता है की वह काम नही कर रहा, तो यह बटन दाबाइये | उस से होता क्या है, आप मतदान भी करते हैं और निषेध भी | बाकी आराम है | हम ऐसेही सवाल साब को पूछते घूमने वाले हैं | जुई की तरह हमारा खुद का नागरिकशास्त्र तो कच्चा है | तो आइये देखते है, बाहर लोगों का विषय कितना गहरा है ? क्या आप आनेवाले चुनाव में मतदान करने वाली हैं? हाँ |
क्यों? करना पडता है इसलिए | अच्छा लगता है जब वे यहाँ स्याही लगाते हैं | हाँ | दिखावा | मतदान..पता नहीं | शायद करेंगे | सब कहते हैं की मतदान करना चाहिए | तो वह दबाव है मुझ पे | आधार कार्ड दिखा के वोटिंग कर सकते हैं न? वोटिंग कार्ड नही हो तो भी! तो इस बार करने वाली हूँ | क्यों कि वह अपना अधिकार है | एक ऐसा एकलौता अधिकार जो सरकार हमें ठीक से इस्तमाल करने देती है | अगर कल आपने आपका खुद का पक्ष शुरू किया, तो उस का चिन्ह क्या होगा? मुझे लगता है ईगल रखना चाहिए | क्यों? ईगल क्यों? क्यों कि फिलहाल, भारत ने ईगल के जैसे ऊँची उडान लेने कि जरूरत है | पेड़, पौधे, घास-पूस, ऐसे कुछ रख सकते हैं | जल्दी…माइक | माइक क्यों? सब को बात करने का मौका देने के लिए | सब के विचार सब को पहुंचाने के लिए | मेरे ख्याल से इतने सारे पक्ष नहीं होने चाहिए | ज्यादा से ज्यादा दो या तीन पक्ष होने चाहिए | उन की पहचान उन के व्यक्तिमत्व और काम से होनी चाहिए | चिन्ह का कोई ज्यादा महत्त्व नही है | आपको खबरें कहाँ से मिलती हैं? इंटरनेट से | सोशल मीडिया, व्हाट्सअॅप, यूट्यूब इ. सोशल मीडिया, फेसबुक | कभी कभी फेसबुक और व्हाट्सअॅप से झूठी खबरें भी पता चलती हैं | कुछ चीजों से सहमत नही हो सकते | क्यों की व्हाट्स अॅप पे बहुत सारी झूठी खबरें भी होती हैं | मुझे बताइये, सांसद और विधायक में क्या अंतर है? सांसद और विधायक… नही? हमारे कृषी मंत्री कौन हैं? हमारे कृषी मंत्री… क्या आपको नोटा का मतलब पता है? नोटा? – हाँ, नोटा का मतलब पता है? सुना है उस के बारे में लेकिन स्पष्ट जानकारी नही है | हुश्श! लगभग पूरे महाराष्ट्र का यही हाल है | स्कूल में सीखा हुआ नागरिकशास्त्र हम लगभग भूल गए हैं | सब को सभी प्रश्नों के उत्तर पता नही थे | आपके दोस्तों को भी आगर जवाब पता न हों, तो उन्हें वे बताइये | हम पूरे महाराष्ट्र में घूमकर जनजागृती करने वाले हैं | मुंबई और पुणे से हम ने शुरूआत की है | अगर आपको वे विडिओज् देखने हैं, तो इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें | ‘विषय खोल’ चॅनेल को सब्स्क्राईब करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें | बेल आयकन दबाएँ और नियमित अपडेट्स पाएँ | देखते रहिए ‘विषय खोल’| धन्यवाद |

Era of yellow party ended? Leaders going away# ఆపార్టీ శకం ముగిసినట్టే.. నా..? వెళ్ళిపోతున్న నాయకులు

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Gambians react to the statement of President Jammehs return

[Applause] hello viewers and welcome to the brunch my name is Jenna McConaughey last week a PR C held a press conference and prabhakar among data said that they are negotiating with the gambia government to bring back before president young with to the Gambia today we are out here to talk to people and know their reactions about that statement assalamu alaikum o hadirun and easy care for today next prime minister benjamin capi see press conference the last week and then fabric item boom-dee-ah-da when you were horny if we are sending a negotiate to a government to see what president former president yeah ima back to the Gambia and then to attain and yogi and I are from Latin in the elemental absolute thermal mechanical the result and I am on fire yeah c'mon the hideous I cc-care internal from the geometry yeah jamendo music written in Nani number four there are Paris there is now a need a bow an empty channel and we send in order gallo Ellucian enjoying a new motor none moanin returning money the moon's internal collapse will take the molecular gamma T 1 new flatly warnings about mundial unbearable I'm finding gambia be able buckling parkland letters Maria I'm a woman can involve open yo I'm a moving body immobilo so common and job no more left already it was now a Moodle engine walk over there 15 over Canada another boiler then you know about electric motor Kalibak okay so now try your food on Medicaid oh poor Noma one kiss kissing along world and another on the bureau under very important design they are developed Wonder Woman and Accord Mira Omega important that is photobomb over because Mahoney America development about Hoboken so what a fun of whom are unwilling under here under the sink under O'Donnell military-political for foreign buyer yay so radium of okay no you're Jeong can do coconut coconut or for Morgan Osceola copper coat pocket Illuminati Messimer an immobilizer their number one Arabic Allah for Allah in Arabic warning and that is enough water yeah and al-watan RAB island watch another sama so nimble Bongo hand young Habakkuk trombones and a lot of a kimono for wallah only be a koala for matron favourite on the codec burro mentally feeble it was no new sister life Jamal Aldin imodium a little I've consulted I know so senator Carter Abadi has someone under multi monogamy ago pseudonym back in his pocket morning Bruce Amukamara and the bumpers are becoming obese Ibaka via enjoy the fabric Ottomans are now between maybe NASA Vassar period American acaba de Dumbo well it was nice about her plea item in a kendo cannot convey de novo so Laura by the hunt body from former Buddha Farrakhan a khaki no neither USAID may make a millennium would be a year so pneumoperitoneum euros or Peugeot a murder follow from the bureau's go on the bank we do let me really government damage or become they be embarking on parking only so they'll never miss a corrosive unknown the Mortimer West about new Gambia care Odessa but not me I didn't involve any Germans the corrosive I didn't baby military wall by the item enter Bongo Kenya no care was abandoned after finale idea generation Gambia company on boot to the TRC freak at the amiable and are Malaika Rollo and the young but to remove Coons annual cooling for known early hominid Rebecca new caballo the prism of America not a item for bad Asia or no colorable yakima camp Indonesia South Florida but I can dodge a gamble and under the mineral Muslim was adamant alumnus and eliminate the onion to our retina in mind a number of logical order didn't remove the body angam pora Blighty Miroku Jacqueline North so reactive a woman game Babu kana common name Bunga what I can so you move up in the man before hacking my phone in the mirror oh come on Mel c'mon Jerry hakamada mirror coming I to mimic bullied and Hinata can I move over Karachi in Boca carro con hacking muffin man in the mirror infinite Mara hacking muffin time you know numero Coco Coco – Mukesh Chhabra cement anagram inaudible movie get me about cocaine you never gave me a bundle not remember Gambino uses Amanda when the camera Fitness our body and cannot move on you're missing the more visible new Yocum Rebecca Tamara modern women new moon column adrenaline dominican anya i severed by a normal American couple be born were a million be a suitable rock movement upon comfortable confident Jochum us valuable network and the mobile Carib on quality the Ida metalic I wrote in air so Karen in the Lou Pearlman are not members of an umbrella through LaBeouf Emersonian Thomas [Applause]

CB Spotlight on Child Welfare Leadership

The most rewarding aspect
of working in the Bureau are the people who work here. The people that I get
to work with every day. They are some of the most
intelligent, thoughtful, talented people I’ve ever met. The most impressive quality is
the absolute respect and regard that they show for the children
and families we serve and our grantees and the people
who work in this program at the local level
on a day-to-day basis. People here have the expertise, they’ve done
the day-to-day work. But at the same time, they’re
not bound by tradition or yesterday’s notions of
what practice should look like. I’ve been impressed with how
people in this office look at, you know, what we learn
from the people we serve. That teaches us
how to serve them better. That helps us understand what
the people on the ground need on a day-to-day basis in order
to improve the lives of kids and families, because
it’s clear to us that that’s what they’re about. Facilitating the best that
people can produce in the field, to me, is the best kind
of leadership that you can show. And I think people here are
very committed to that and very successful
at doing that. We’ve learned over
the last few years the critical importance
of leadership in child welfare. We’ve seen that when leaders
come and go, it really impacts the outcomes for children
and families and impacts the State’s ability to implement
change and to improve outcomes. We found that that
was really an important factor, so we funded a National Child
Welfare Workforce Institute that really focuses
on leadership at both the middle manager
and at the supervisor level to help build those capacities
and to support the workforce in child welfare
around the leadership issues. Being a child welfare worker
is a very important job, and I think it’s really
critical that we figure out how to support workers, how
to support their supervisors, how to support their managers, and to make sure they’ve
got the resources– not just financial, but
that they’ve got the programs that work, they understand the
evidence behind those programs, that they’re supported and have
the educational opportunities. The Children’s Bureau works with
universities across the country in developing their social work
curricula so it really reflects the needs of
the child welfare workforce, especially
in the area of leadership. We have an opportunity
to support innovation, to fund grants
that are moving the field, to initiate national initiatives
that support not just one State but States across the country
in improving their outcomes. And that’s exciting, it’s
rewarding, it’s challenging, but at the end of the day,
you really feel you’ve made an impact. You’ve helped children. You’ve helped families through your work
with States, with Tribes.

FL leaders to launch database giving law enforcement access to student records

keeping kids safe or violating their privacy every parent needs to hear this next story in just a few weeks Florida leaders will launch a new database for law enforcement to keep tabs on students good evening everyone thanks for joining us someone D Ryan I'm Paula groanin for Jamison new here at 6:00 tonight ABC Action News reporter Sarah hollaback with what information law enforcement will now be tracking and why some groups are raising the red flag the new database will help law enforcement get easy access to school records mental health reports and social media reports for any student in the state of Florida with the start of school just around the corner Alexander Nicholas wants to know his child will be safe should be the number one priority in America right now that's why he supports a new database that will compile information from dozens of agencies into a single database making it easier for law enforcement to find red flags the more resources they have available to collect information the better but 33 civil rights groups are worried blasting off an email to Governor Ron de santé is asking him to scrap the database think it's just outrageous ray Arsenal with Pinellas County's ACLU chapter says it's too invasive enormous possibility for Mis interpretations or overreactions he also worries it will keep students from receiving mental health help afraid that we added to the database but Dave cavity a retired FBI special agent says this new database is crucial but when we're talking about security and safety you can never have too much information couverture says agencies need to better communicate the man accused of carrying out the attacks in parkland was on the radar the school district FBI and mental health agencies but an investigation revealed information wasn't shared between them something like this is in place you know last year already in the works we could have probably prevented you know 17 innocent lives from being taken governor DeSantis says the database will not be used to label students as threats but could provide timely information to law enforcement to intervene before lives are on the line state leaders hope to have the database up and running by August 1st reporting in Pinellas County I'm Sarah Hollenbeck ABC Action News

10 Most Corrupt Leaders of All Time

some individuals have amassed such big amounts of wealth that it's difficult to even contemplate how much they earn and how they earn it very often it's discovered that a lot of it doesn't come from an honest day of work but rather from cheating people or policies here is a list of the world's ten most corrupt leaders who made millions through embezzlement or fraud brace yourselves for some of these stories of greed you'll hear are mind-boggling Joseph Arup AR Seto Estrada is a Filipino politician and former actor who served as the 13th president of the country from 1998 to 2001 previously carrying out the role of vice president from 1992 in 2001 he became the first president in all of Asia to be impeached from an executive role he's currently the mayor of Manila the country's capital in October 2000 a close friend of the president alleged that he had personally handed Estrada 400 million Philippine pesos as a payoff for a grassroots base numbers game which was hidden in a bank account as well as 180 million peso from the government price subsidy for tobacco farmers marketing cooperative this was caused as a result of Estrada ordering a full-blown investigation into his friends alleged misuse of millions of pesos in public funds after leaving the offices the 81st president of Nicaragua Arnaldo El Gordo Aleman was arrested on charges of corruption involving around 100 million dollars he engaged in all sorts of illegal activities from money laundering to fraud to electoral crimes and was thus sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment the corruption in his government was so widespread that 14 other people were arrested along with a llama some being his family members he was infamous for using a bottomless government credit card for his personal expenses and some of the charges revealed are quite surprising he spent over 25 thousand dollars on his Italian honeymoon over 68 thousand dollars on hotel expenses in handcrafts during his trip to India in $13,000 for just one night at the ritz-carlton in Bali institutions like the World Bank found that just in the period of 1999 to 2002 Aleman and his cronies managed to embezzle around 100 million dollars which were laundered through shell companies and fraudulent investment accounts in Panama in the US he too invested this money in real estate and certificates of deposit several of the accounts were also at the disposal of his family currently there are ongoing asset recovery cases in Philippines Singapore and the u.s. in the only completed case has resulted in a repatriation of 2.7 million dollars in 2004 v prime minister of ukraine allegedly skimmed off 200 million dollars from state coffers adding up to half a million for each day as Prime Minister the funds were funneled through various bank accounts in Poland Switzerland and Antigua then laundered through shell companies further used to purchase properties in 2008 Swiss authorities arrested him on money laundering charges but he was released a few weeks later on bail after a few months he was stripped of his immunity forcing him to flee ukraine and reached the united states unfortunately for him he was detained on suspicion of illegal entry and subsequently indicted on 53 counts of conspiracy laundering wire fraud and interstate transportation of stolen property he was sentenced to 97 months of imprisonment ordered to pay over nine million dollars in fines and forfeit over twenty-two million dollars in various other assets there are still several asset recovery cases pending against him in Liechtenstein the US and Switzerland among other places Peru's 45th president was the son of a Japanese immigrant he was seemed to be as an authoritarian strong man because of its efforts to crush nationwide terrorist insurgencies all while rescuing the country from economic collapse while on the surface all seemed jolly the ground reality remains that between 1.5 to 4 billion dollars were lost to corruption in his presidency making his regime the most corrupt in the country's history he personally is said to have accumulated over 600 million dollars which were originally public funds in 2001 during his third term Fujimori fled to Japan following a billion-dollar scandal being exposed which also involved the country's national intelligence chief from Japan Fujimori sought to resign his presidency via fax a request which was rejected by the country's Congress surprisingly enough he attempted to get back into power announcing his intent to launch a new run for the hot seat in 2005 he flew to Qi Lang got arrested and extradited back to Peru and was tried for embezzlement in 2009 he was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison after admitting he diverted 15 million dollars of public funds to his intelligence chief while there have been no asset recovery cases specifically involving Fujimori a combined 172 point 5 million dollars worth of funds related to his intelligence chief has been returned by Switzerland the US and the Cayman Islands at the age of 19 jean-claude baby doc Duvalier inherited Haiti's presidency following the death of his father in 1971 being in accordance with his father's terror apparatus in Haiti he also sought to bring about certain reforms demanded by the US its greatest ally the same year baby doc took over the US Commerce Department claimed that over 64% of the government's revenue had been misplaced with millions diverted for extra budgetary expenses which actually meant millions going into baby Doc's Swiss accounts in the 15 years he was in power he and his cronies amassed between three to eight hundred million dollars Duvalier s presidency was an interesting regime in 1985 99.9% of the population supported his presidency and he was made president for life ironically in just one year he was ousted by an uprising where he fled to France to live in self-imposed exile for the next 25 years upon his return in 2011 he was arrested and charged with embezzlement where he pled not guilty he passed away in October 2014 of a heart attack and the case can never go forward a case was being appealed in Switzerland for 6.5 million dollars and there was only one other asset recovery related case record an Milosevic spent two years as Serbia's president before becoming the president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia after a lot of dispute in the 2000 presidential elections he resigned his presidency following which he was arrested by authorities and charged with corruption misuse of power and embezzlement the central bank in Yugoslavia claims that as much as four billion dollars have been taken which includes the funds granted from the UN as economic sanctions for over a decade Milosevic as close relatives and government officials have allegedly laundered hundreds of millions of dollars through front companies to Switzerland France Russia and China among others this may come as a shock to you but despite all the allegations of embezzlement and the large amounts involved there were only some investigations carried out and no asset recovery cases are on record according to the World Bank the tunisian president and his inner circle have allegedly defrauded the state of between one and two point six billion dollars during just a seven-year period over 21 percent of Tunisia's private-sector profits were being illegally captured by the government while also skimming wealth from all other sectors of the economy when the new government confiscated his assets and included over 550 properties 48 boats 40 share portfolios 367 bank accounts in over 400 enterprises the total combined value of 13 billion dollars was more than one-quarter of Tunisia's 2011 GDP in 2011 Ben Ali and his wife were convicted by a Tunisian court in sentenced to a 35-year prison sentence his wife reportedly fled with over 1.5 tons of gold valued at over 50 million dollars Saudi Arabia has been consistently refusing Tunisia's request to extradite been to till date a little over 68 million dollars has been returned asset-recovery cases are still pending in Switzerland for over 28 million and Canada for 2.6 million dollars the case of the Nigerian president is a more surprising one because he managed to amass an amount suspected to be anything from two to five billion dollars in just five years of being in power while he initially promised a return to democracy about his actions proved otherwise soon after being elected he issued a decree which gave his government supreme authority even above the jurisdiction of the courts he's known to have been guarded by the special bodyguard unit of around 2000 to 3000 men he gradually took control of the military the press and banned political activity however despite appalling human rights abuses from an economic perspective his five-year rule was a miracle for external debt was reduced from 36 billion to 27 billion US dollars and foreign exchange reserves increased from over 400 million to almost 10 billion dollars inflation too was slashed from 54 to 8.5 percent his rule was cut short as he passed away shortly after getting into power from a heart attack his and his family's wealth came through bribes paid by foreign companies doing business in Nigeria and also through stealing from the central bank of the country as seen in other cases his funds too were laundered through a network of front companies before being deposited into banks which were controlled by his family in Switzerland Luxembourg Jersey and other places in return for dropping criminal prosecution in 2002 the Abacha family agreed to return one point two billion dollars taken from the central bank Jersey returned a further 160 million the same year this was followed by Switzerland who in 2006 agreed to repatriate five hundred five million dollars surprisingly it said that half of this amount may have been restored by corrupt officials in 1960 during the unfortunate Congo crises the original big man of Africa Mobutu Sese Seko led a coup which overthrew Patrice Lumumba who was the country's first democratically elected leader he was appointed commander-in-chief of the armed forces which enabled him to lead another coup less than five years later installing himself as the president he declared the regime the exception and assumed powers all while maintaining a patronage system is seen in Marcos regime ruling the country for almost a third of a century but Mbutu exploited the country's immense mineral wealth and milla fide all opposition's after gaining control over the resources endemic corruption mismanagement and neglect led to hyperinflation 4000 percent per annum by 1991 this eventually led to a massive external debt in currency devaluations civil unrest followed during this period of economic crisis Mobutu amassed an alleged four to five billion dollars an amount equivalent to the country's foreign debt in 1989 he lived a lavish lifestyle and burned all the proceeds away at one point the world's leading pastry chef was made to fly in from Paris to personally deliver his birthday cake he was also known to advise his government's ministers to steal cleverly little by little to avoid any legal actions being taken against them it's rumoured that all his wealth is collected somewhere in a complex network of shell companies than a few Swiss bank accounts but little is known about the details in 2009 Switzerland froze six point six eight million dollars worth of Mobutu's assets which was originally expected to be ousted back to the Democratic Republic of the Congo Mobutu was terminally ill and he passed away with prostate cancer in 1997 President Marcos was elected as the tenth president of the Philippines in 1965 shortly after in 1972 there was a widespread fear of a communist takeover which resulted in Marcos declaring Martial Law this was no less than an opportunity for him and it managed to stay in place for the next decade during his 21 years in power Philippines became one of the most heavily indebted countries in Asia there were external debts of over twenty eight billion dollars in 1986 which were around 360 million just two decades back the living conditions also deteriorated severely his wages fell by one-third and poverty increased exponentially during this period Marcos is alleged to have embezzled between five to ten billion dollars the World Bank suspected that most of his wealth came from six channels establishing monopolistic control over private industries taking over private enterprises awarding of government loans to private individuals acting as fronts for Marcos commissions are grants from firms working in the Philippines stealing from foreign aid or other forms of international assistance or even directly raiding the country's Treasury and other financial institutions through these channels whatever he earned would then be laundered through shell corporations and invested in u.s. real estate or deposited into various domestic or offshore banks using code name pseudonyms numbered accounts etc in 1986 he was ousted by the People Power Revolution and fled to the US in the same year the Presidential Commission on good government sought to recover the ill-gotten wealth from the Marcos regime and as thus far recovered over 3.5 billion dollars in assets Switzerland also contributed to this amount by returning 688 million dollars in 2004 he lived in exile until his death in Hawaii three and a half years later after fleeing his home country the Indonesian president has embezzled a fortune of 15 to 35 billion dollars over a span of 31 years in office he rose to great power owing to his anti-communist stances which gained him economic and diplomatic support of the Western super powers in his home nation his popularity remained unparalleled due to his government's efforts for maintaining a healthy economic growth in developing health care living standards in state-of-the-art education facilities his government followed the new order policy which primarily focused on building a centrally controlled military dominated government which enabled him to exercise stringent control over a diverse vast country comprising over 13,000 Islands using patronage he ensured loyalty from his government officials his wealth came from a variety of strategies for instance he exercised control over state-run monopolies entire industries in fact which also granted him exclusive supply contracts and tax exemptions these were specially granted to companies owned by his four children family members and other close acquaintances several other donations and charitable grants came from organizations who wish to reduce the uncertainties caused by his bureaucratic red tape governance in layman's terms he would get paid off by some organizations for less stringent regulation thus the saguaro family established complete dominance over all economic activities and sanctions resulting in a constant cash flow coming into the family pool this wasn't meant to last forever though in 2010 the Indonesian government revolted against this unjust governance and brought a private civil action against the family for the recovery of 300 7.4 million dollars the only other case recorded was one of over 50 million dollars being frozen by Gwen Zee in 2002 which was recovered from assets controlled by sawako's son Tommy you