Your Legacy Will Inspire – Leadership Nudge #255

I want to talk about an organization that's really good at using their legacy to inspire the current generation I had a chance to be at Sandhurst recently the british military academy and you see these regimental colors and they have all these banners on them these banners represent the battles that the regiment has fought in so for example there's a regiment to fight on waterloo they fight at the Somme they fought in world war ii they also finally against the Americans at the in the war of American independence we won't hold that against them and when you see these things there's this visible and visceral reaction because we can picture the people who came before us we want to uphold their legacy and what they've done to get us to where we are today and that's what creates the inspiration so that's the kind of organizational story that we want to use to create inspiration for today's generation I'm David market that's your leadership nudge you

Leaders Aren't Judges – Leadership Nudge 225

I'm here in Edinburgh the end of the world's largest arts festival they've been 3,000 shows across 300 venues and 50,000 performances all together it's absolutely awesome but every actor or comedian dance or musician is desperate for feedback and a good review and that's why the critics hold incredible power in this town their judgment can make or break a show but when it comes to reviewing people's performance at work we're not in the business of breaking people so it's really important to understand the difference between judging and observing what people do at work when we judge we bring our own interpretation we say I think you've done this or your performance is poor but when we observe we talk about what we notice I saw you did this I heard this what I observed was that by staying in the observer role we allow us could create a safe environment for people to take feedback we stopped short of giving our opinion and we recognized that actually the expert in the room is the person who's been involved in the task or the activity so it's really important to be conscious of the difference between observation and judgement and in that way we're much more of a coach than a critic I'm Peter Russian and this is your leadership edge you

Leadership Nudge 184 – Leaders Fix the Environment, Not People

leaders fix the environment not people so watch the short clip about airline customer service and be asking yourself a question what is it about the environment that's causing the gate agents to act in this way I'm here in Barcelona could be any airport ready to board in Newark reporting time on the sign 9:45 right now it's about nine fifty one cleaning crew just came up the cabin crew just went on I'm along with the pilots so we all know we're not barely boarding at 9:45 I mean time to have all these gate agents could we say anything now could we just say hey yeah we're gonna be a few minutes late yeah just like this ignore all those people that are standing out there so what do you think is getting in the way of these gate agents from just being transparent thinking about what these people are going through and pick up the mic and just letting them know what's going on send your ideas in the comments below I'm David Marquis that's relationship nudge you

The Impact of Level 1 – Leadership Nudge 202

some of the power of intent-based leadership is that when the team is trained and conditioned and operates at the level 5 intent if they need to take action without a boss around they'll do it if a team is down there at level 1 tell me what to do they're not gonna stretch to level 5 let me give you an example this is the deep this is a government investigation on Deepwater Horizon explosion an oil spill that happened in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 this is the BP oil well let me read what happens now I'm gonna pick up the story there's the back Rush has already happened there's already been an explosion and the well and the platform is already engulfed in flames the executive began to wonder why the derrick was still roaring were flames hadn't the blowout preventer been activated sealing off too well and cutting off fuel for the conflagration the chief engineer was at his panel on the bridge and he noticed an operator standing next to the button for the emergency disconnect switch this is a switch with activates these big pincers which basically cut the cut the well line he hollers over to the operator have you disconnected the operator replied that he needed permission the chief engineer then looked at the executive and said is it ok and the executive said yes then someone else on the bridge said no no he can't emergency disconnect with you without the offshore installation managers approval not only does he need approval but it has to come from somebody offshore again explosions have already happened the platforms in flames at that point the captain who was on the bridge dazed confused and somewhat blind blot blinded and deafened said no no it's fine disconnect disconnected at that point finally we push the button to activate the emergency disconnect unfortunately by that point it was too late there was been too much pressure buildup in the well and the emergency disconnect didn't actually cut the well eleven people died this is the impact of having a team that's at level 1 tell me what to do they won't stretch to level 6 this is what I need to do when you need them to I'm David Marchetti that's your leadership tons you