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(bright music) – Well, years ago I started
to learn about leadership and when I did I found that
if I could get a little bit better that it could really
help the people around me get a whole lot better. What I wanted to do was start a podcast that was really short, really direct, and had a real application. A little push with one leader can have a big ripple effect
with people all over the world. If you can get stronger
in your leadership, it can elevate the people around you, the team around you, what
you`re trying to accomplish. What I wanna do is I
wanna help everyone see, you are a leader because that
is in the most simple form, what is leadership? Leadership is influence and
everybody has influence. And little by little, month by month, we're gonna get way, way better and we're gonna make a bigger difference because when the leader gets
better, everyone gets better. (music rises and fades)

Leadership Articles – Business Security Weekly #128

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faster and cut staff time to resolve by two-thirds or more act with confidence learn more at extra hop comm forward slash security weekly major data security breaches continue to make headlines are you prepared standardizing your security framework will help you stay competitive be a reliable business partner and manage intellectual property financials and employee and customer information the American National Standards Institute or ANSI offers the standards you need in one place through standard subscriptions a cost-saving fully customizable solution sign up for your free trial at security weekly calm /nc welcome back to business security weekly I am your host Matt alderman joined by policy Dorian Jason Albuquerque and our guest John Frederickson who stayed on are you attending cube con and cloud native con Europe 2019 in Barcelona May 20th to the 23rd join your peers at the cloud native transformation summit 2019 hosted by Cystic on May 20th I will be emceeing the event pre-registration is required you can add it on during your cube con and cloud native registration also register for our upcoming webcast with casaya and saltstack by going to security weekly comm forward slash webcasts if you've missed any of our previously recorded webcasts you can also find them on our on-demand library at security weekly comm forward slash on demand our Matt you got here this morning off a red-eye yes that you took yes last night yeah I boarded a plane at 11:45 p.m. don't you bloody marys expected you to read off of a teleprompter and given that you're doing fantastic a couple tongue ties here and there it's alright it's understandable yeah spelling is fun yes and I wrote the script in crayon before I left so see the good news is I rode it on Friday send it to the boys knowing that there were gonna be four of us in studio so they had plenty of time to prepare I'm not ready I guess yeah because say uh explain to what listeners what kasaya does so they can go to our webcast and learn more yeah I mean cuz say is interesting because traditionally you think of them as an IT management company right managing your different IT assets remote access help etc but they've also built a number of security offerings as part of that IT management suite and so what they're gonna talk about in the webcast is how you integrate some of those security capabilities as part of managing your IT infrastructure and so we're gonna remember like patching yes and EDR or some kind of endpoint security yeah stuff on authentication they just made another acquisition I think last week or the week before to enhance some of their authentication capabilities so when you're dealing with remote access or you're dealing with remote administration being able to tie in some tighter authentication controls those are human comes in control we actually last Thursday on Paul security weekly we talked about is like in the top five things that most companies don't do that lead to compromised authentication or specifically remote administration in general was one of the ones we all kind of agreed like yes pen testers like when we find that absolutelly find it and when we do it usually leads to compromised now salt stack is configuration managed correct and the reason why I one of the reasons why I love saltstack is because may whole works there may whole and I worked very very closely at tenable for many many years actually the entire time we I was at tenable we work together in May hell is just amazing he led the configuration auditing at tenable he would come over new stuff I would test it we would have exchanges back and forth and then I would write about it on the blog and talk about on the podcast may hold now works it's all sack and I'm like oh well that you guys are awesome like so it seemed a field approval from me on that like that's why I had to say what's even better is Mayhew actually listened to me and took what I said in actually implemented at saltstack we talked a lot about because I built policy compliance when I was at Qualis and configuration management is is an interesting space and in the way that tenable does it is different than the way Qualis implements and different than all the competitors right and we were making we were talking about how to improve the configuration management capabilities eventually build more of a true policy compliance configuration make it will actually listened to what I was saying about how do you evaluate them and then the ability to potentially remediate against those and he's implemented a lot of that at saltstack which i think is really awesome because he's built some really interesting capabilities in the salt stack like my man I love saw stack is because we worked very closely with may whole and he's doing some fantastic things there look Wow he was yeah I'm gonna take some of that and actually implement it in a solution we all have like those experts that we've worked with or friends with in the various air like in when it's a configuration and auditing like I would pick up the phone and call me off that would be my first phone call right so that there you go yeah I because he I remember when we met with him at RSA he's like look look look look at what I did I like that oh my god that's awesome all right leadership article so we're gonna start with the third article re3 so two three couple weeks ago was the initial you weren't on than last week you were with us and this is the three-part segment with with Keith crach and this talks more about what he did at DocuSign yep and what I thought was interesting the title this article we covered aligns it aligns to the article that we had yes so we talked about thinking right we talked about moon shopping this article comes out basically the same day that we did that review on business security a week ago today yeah and I'm sitting there going oh my gosh I was like wow this totally aligns with the it doesn't shot thought processes every time exactly engines awesome what I thought was really interesting around this article a little bit for me was this concept of the network of yet and where I've seen this work really well everybody knows the Facebook story right the network effect of people connecting to people and you create this network and it's the network of the network and it creates this effect and and that's what he that's what DocuSign had right in in building this great collaboration for signing documents and he talks actually about the category shift in here Paul about what they were perceived as and how they had to kind of shift the category to get even broader because one of the challenges at DocuSign was the name kind of pigeon-holed them into document signing right they could do more right and he talks a little bit about this evolution of how they had to think beyond document signing and how to build the network this network effect and you know I love companies that have this potential for network effect because I think it creates a really vast I think I think he makes it sound easy to and I think one of the keys to a successful business is knowing who's your competition and who you partner that's exactly I was just going to say right he literally took me yeah maybe a competitor's your partner's right exactly let's go in but so in Category building in business in general right it's very difficult sometimes to know like you do need competition like sheer straight competition or how to treat that competition but you want followers not guys that can like completely wipe you out of the mark on the other end of spectrum you do need partners like maybe they're not competitors they're partners so in the middle maybe some friendly competition which is pushing yeah good for your category creation as well right and I think knowing in your particular category who those players are is really one of the keys dominant yeah I thought that was one of the most incredible pieces of the article where he took that vision of hey wait a minute these guys are competitors but let me partner up with them because we call it be better in the end right yeah we're all gonna make each other better we're all gonna step up and they're all gonna be success they're all huge businesses they're driving tons of revenue for him right right in that model yeah back to the network effect for a second because the other interesting place where I see Network effect having potential impact is on third-party vendor management right I have a lot of experience in third-party vendor management I ran my first Compliance gig the reason I created control path was third-party vendor management in this concept of you've got all these third parties they get hundreds and hundreds of requests for control reviews and all this other stuff and the shared assessment program and we're actually going to have one of the guys from shared assessment program join us on this show I think in June later in June to talk about third-party vendor management because I think it's a big top it's huge but think about the potential network effect of third-party vendor management for a second if you could assess a vendor once and then be able to share that data with all your other companies the the service provider only has to do it wants but then the benefit is to everybody that's right and that creates this really interesting network effect of the third parties and the fourth parties again in this very interesting way which is what he built at DocuSign so anybody out there thinking about their party risk we talked about this on application security weekly earlier today about supply chain and supply chain risk these are all potential types of endeavors that could create this network effect that DocuSign had and anybody in that space and these are this is just a great art oh it's absolutely wonderful in you you brought up a very good point because it's something that's been burning inside of me for a while right how do you know this vendor is the cream for the but honestly the shoes are on right that's again along you said yourself I did but but at the end of the day I so I'm on the board of directors of a consortium Harold island called tech collective right and where that technology hub for the state of Rhode Island trying to get all technology companies and private businesses to collaborate right collaborate more on the technology front mostly to help workforce initiatives and those type of things but one of the things that so I I'm on the board but I also started a cybersecurity subcommittee and one of the things we're trying to do is around third-party vendor risk management how do we take the hub of the tech collective bring all of these small medium businesses in and say how can we get you to table stakes compliance so we're building the ecosystem within Rhode Island that a larger company like carousel or Blue Cross Blue Shield can say ooh they went through these courses they went through all this compliance training they are legit on par and it's that one style I would say if I can do business what are you describing I almost think it was like the Boy Scout model right we earn certain badges you can identify the kind of leaders in yes in various businesses do all right they've earned a badge from carousel badge from Blue Cross right and so therefore they're more trustworthy than someone that hasn't earned they're still gonna go through some level of vendor risk management process with us but to know they got to a certain point it may lessen the burden on those smaller yeah you do need to be careful you know like the universal questionnaire right yeah you can't assess vendors for wrist you need to assess the services they're providing correct practice this was one of the big challenges when when I was doing it is people would look at the vendor IBM or whoever and they're like well they're a big company so they have all this in place and I said yeah but it's not about the vendor it's about the service they're providing that's and the relationship of the services of providing to the business component at providing and what's the criticality of that business service that they're providing right and that was a challenge because if you think about some of these larger conglomerates they offer dozens of services so each service has to be assessed it's not first data its first data service one through that's right right and each one has to be evaluated because of the the risk profile may be very different based on the service and how you're using them and that even as a consumer to write you can't just go by the brand of whoever the parent company is right values of that service or product that they basis of a sock right you get a soccer ports based on the service that you're providing they just ask you on that service you're providing what's supposed to be supposed vendor gives you a sock report that's not even covering the service it's not we're sorry we're sorry oh you have a locked door dead center [Laughter] controls that I care about because of the data you're processing for it right right right but that's why Sox broken up into those five different categories you have the common controls and then depending on your services about privacy is about right yeah and you get a little bit of this I think with the consortium in in in a little bit right is you're kind of working together so as you think about that that has a little bit of a network effect and potentially some centralization for that for some sharing yeah we're trying a lot some of the lawyers even though in my personal opinion doesn't have any bearing on it there's some antitrust concern we're not doing it for we're not sharing pricing information but there is some legal concern of us sharing that sort of information right now yeah interests at least at Blue Cross we've got it to a point where the questionnaire first goes to the business and the and like my team and privacy and a further teens first and they answer questions about the services being provided and then it dynamically builds a questionnaire for the vendor it could be as little as 12 questions as much as 150 yeah right but like you know we sent one to you it was only 12 questions because everybody's like how carousel they were on the network great none of it is on your premises the only question you got from my team was do you do background checks new employees that's it because other now you know because we're a professional circus organs right right yeah but you know a lot of these are just oh you're gonna get a hundred fifty questions no matter what exam you know you got some fatigue on the vendor side yeah and I see the same thing in open source software which we talked about on ASW and we've talked about before is you know who's gonna be that kind of source that that's some of the stuff out and then shares that with others to create more of this trusted right kind of supply chain it fits into the same okay and I think it's a beautiful thing I mean the relationship that John and I have right he knows the services we provide to his organization yeah we run into many instances where you know the compliance team or whatever doesn't even understand what we're doing for their organization and then it gets escalated to the point where now the CSO has to get on the phone with the privacy officer say you guys don't even understand what we're doing fear that 1100 question question here you just sent us you know I only need 10 of them yeah yeah serve coming to do a project second article was how to deal with information overload and this is something Paul you and I get to deal with a lot right there's a lot of news sources we have to go through a lot of different sources and filters for us to figure out which articles and news are we gonna cover on any given day this article goes into how do you streamline your sources right how do you adjust your filters how do you then really boil down what you're what you can is a human consume absolutely which i think is a challenge in our space just running seven shows a week you know going through feedly which is one of our ways to we tie in all of our sources we have different filters set up for the different shows and then I have to go through the different show filters to say what are we gonna cover this week and not sweetness right and we're constantly adding some new trusted sources into that to bring better articles but this is a really good discussion I love to grass him though it says the fewer people you chill with the less you have to deal with right that was Rafiki it was great right but that just really embodies like when we invalidate even a source that we may trust if you know kind of our detectors go off we know who to pick up the phone and call or email or however you communis lack or whatever right yeah like we gave the example of a hole in the beginning of the segment if it's something to deal with a specific area we like to have those people to call on and we've been doing this so long that we fortunately have most of the time the right people to call on to say if it's app sec we call on Mike Shima or or others right and and that's important in vetting your sources and I'll say that the you know small amount of time I've been involved with business security weekly feely has been a great tool I mean it does help me kind of curate that level of content down yeah to that level of filter so in one of the terms in here is find the gems right yeah find those gems of resources and information that you can kind of yelling in and you got some interesting things about the popularity of a story and tying it back to a CBS s school or so and just some things that I didn't know when I first signed up for the service I didn't realize they had and I'll use those kind of indicators and then if I have a question you got to reach out to those people in those areas or directly with the company that's like hey is this real or not right and it's not perfect I mean ya know we've we've had some feedback on a couple of the articles that we've covered and I've made some adjustments and sometimes you rush to cover something because it's timely like we've covered a bunch of the stuff about Julian Assange I mean we got some listener feedback and ah yeah yeah you got just gonna keep listening the subsequent shows we provided more information as it became available and the I apologize but first we're like the story just broke like 30 minutes before we went live so we went with what we had because we can't not talk about a story in that magnitude right but then other things unfolded as it yeah yeah and I think one of the cool parts about the article is it actually it gave me a little bit in say and how I can kind of classify some of those feeds and sources right as they had the diggers the tourists and the masses right that's kind of how they classified it the diggers are like the fringe organization but sometimes that's great for innovation yeah right I mean you're going out to those fringe sources of information and that's kind of how you build your innovative what's great about what we do is we can speculate all we want right when we can be like hey like this is pure speculation and it's a lot of fun to speculate that's not necessarily fact but like we get to explore the what-ifs yeah right right and that's then over time what happens is you get more information that makes it a little clearer will cover a news story for an acquisition for example we're not quite sure where it's gonna fit into the portfolio and we kind of what if it moves back and then we see more of that start to play out or like oh that's what they were gonna do with it that's interesting right but am i right about 50% maybe job you know it's like a weatherman you're like I told John I get to talk to who I want when I want about what I want somebody should market this tool to do open source threat intelligence and spit out sticks taxi right a nice this might be to an information sharing platform [Laughter] the the next article it was kind of an interesting tied to the last one which is about burnout and look we've all been there in our careers at some point right I mean having worked for a number of startups you know you get consumed in the with the long days you get burned out this is more from a developer perspective which I thought was interesting because he's a developer and just kind of how does he balance that workload with family life and trying to figure out how to prevent that burnout from happening inching up we do a lot of their development lately right and I find that consistently towards the end of the week like I really get stuck a lot more and I really get burned out and I found the best way to deal with that is I put that down for the weekend that's it I'll go do other things right like I rebuilt my laptop this weekend you know went away at the family put it down I came in Monday you know by like media had some more some better working coments right so I was soon to actually Jason or gray before the show yeah it's a much better working code largely because I put it down yeah and I think that's one good strategy for dealing with burnout I think in the end you'll progress more quickly in your project if you know when to put it down for a little while move on to other things that productivity wise may help you as you progress in that project right now my laptop being rebuilt at home now it's set up to do much better things more efficiently right so you just got a kind of to the point where that level of burnout was obvious to me last week what was the first thing I said to you you're like you in a better place today yeah you're doing better today right because you could tell the fact that you were literally like working so hard and maybe you hit a wall maybe you were stuck I don't know what was going on but you hit the ball first in 2000 Oh yeah yeah and sometimes just walking away yeah every day my wife and I walk a couple miles and it varies every day because I don't have a consistent schedule mondays are my busy day because it's two shows but being able just to walk away in getting out and just sometimes it just helps clarify things and then you can come back and you're like oh my gosh I know how to do this now alright I know what I want to do to to improve this and so those breaks are good not only for creativity but also for problem-solving and allows your brain to kind of reset and and look sometimes look at the problem a little differently I think one of the biggest pieces I pulled out of the article is it said and this is a cultural thing right it said our field is still relatively young I mean if you think about it right it is yeah and it's been dominated by the leaders who never stopped working yeah 24/7 non-stop working and I think you know we're products of that culture and that mindset mm-hmm and we need to break out of it because it literally is it's creating burnout screening anxiety it's creating depression it's creating these psychological issues that you know we feel like we have to be on 24/7 we have to always be on yeah we're not giving ourselves that break that's why I came to security weekly because it gives my brain some rest it's always some new things to work on it's new stuff to work on refreshing right and you're just a hundred percent into what we're not saying – Jason's bonusing stop working now stop working on the thing you're working on a little while and then come back I mean and don't either extreme is bad working on one thing all the time it's gonna lead to burnout that's right working at too many things at once is you know yeah exactly it's having that balance the balance and the one other thing that I pulled out of it is create an environment where you can realize small wins yeah hey don't don't think of the project is this long in the tooth project that you when you get to the end of get to a point yeah get some small we met tree celebrate same thing metrics we got lips and nailed down good now you're tackling YouTube it's as if it's it's small wins but I'll get mindset to is in this interesting I tell us my wife with all work that we have presented to us at home I'm like break it down into smaller chunks right like yes we have an end goal but break it down into smaller chunks and that definitely helps avoid burnout because I think your brain is rewarded when you accomplish a small task if you think of your goal as 12 different tasks kind of put together you're not rewarding yourself right so break it down get accurate you know stats from libsyn right is one goal okay now take into account this other thing make that work and then piece everything together right and then get it automated and then just give me then worry about automation then worry about you know deploying in the container well that's what makes it fun and challenging is that there's a never-ending series you know of Thanks so do you have to deal with burnout yes certainly I when I was at CES it was a you know it was a high-performing culture I'll just put it that way and you know I didn't have any kids it was just married and I was pushing my team really really hard and one time this guy just said he said listen Jon it's like I can always get a new boss I can never get a new family he's like I am NOT working tonight yeah and that like stayed with me at work yeah to this day right that was that resonated really really well when I was at the hospital if I was like feeling burnout or I was frustrated about something the CTO there he said listen you take this walk and you just it's a loop through the emergency department right and that reset me every time right it's no longer frustrated I was put in a perspective you know yeah and it was great and my wife says to me all the time because she used to work ICU she used to work at the clinic in pediatric ICU and nothing we do any of the four of us our life critical per se I mean if you walk through a pediatric ICU and you you see a kid on tubes and all this other stuff right I mean it's just the perspective changes instantly you're like oh yeah right right and in it sometimes it's good to to do that right I think that's a great walk actually you walk through the ER going okay I don't have it so bad I mean look at all the people sitting in that room right I'm upset at this project timeline that is nothing but you know little wins somebody and it took me a while to understand what he was saying but a leader of mine said don't let what does it don't let great get in the way of good right like stop like stop saying this needs to work absolutely perfect like yeah celebrate that you've gotten this to work and containers might be next week right otherwise you'll burn yourself out yeah trainers are always next week guys great into this next one yeah the surprising secret of success it's not about winning right and in its to that point a little bit right is if if we want to win right and I've experienced this in my career right is winning the gold pulse constantly move we're in the wrong industry to win yeah right constantly moving in so successes not always about winning men it's it's about those pieces you can try really say look we had success here we had success here we didn't succeed here I learned from it we'll apply that differently the next time and this article does a really good job of it's not just about winning right success is more than just about that well then what good degree is one of the things that I'm getting so farm and like halfway through it at this point right it's that and halfway through a good degree I'm like alright look it's about finding the right people that's right right it's about getting them on the bus then it's finding the right seat for them on the bus if there's open seats you got to fill those seats as well and then it's about taking the bus where it needs to go stick it right and it's not totally like makes you feel like it's more of a long game than yes having all those quick wins right and for that reason it's been very very helpful and also getting the wrong people off the bus that's part of that or maybe they're in the wrong seat right and once you get that figured out then the bus can just move so much faster to where you're going yeah in this article it says we can never consider ourselves fully successful at least until not until we're on our deathbed right yeah because it's day right it's just this constant thing and it's measuring those successes learning from those successes and then adapting that was a great time to that other and the great the great thing about good to great is comparing and contrasting the good companies from the great companies I want that message to be lost right like did five years of research of an entire team of people's right comparing contrasting companies that were in a similar spot and at some point the great company took off like the hockey stick in the however they measured it right in the good company kind of just stayed or just fade it off right and what were the things the conditions that were in that great company that led to the success one of the things they learn is having the right people on the bus and the right seating yep I used to compare Apple versus Microsoft Mac when I was at RSA and you think about the different paths that Jobs took over over Microsoft and and you saw where that propelled them learning through some of those mistakes and then coming back and really changing that and like the circle housing yeah you've been you look at it today and one of the reasons I'm all Linux today Hema in Android and my devices right is I don't see Apple being that great company I see you coding a very different direction yeah I see Microsoft embracing open-source yes and cloud technology the partnerships we talked about her song in doing so many things with impetus yes run Linux or all you want exactly I see Microsoft on that great path and I see Apple on just that good path or even falling off yeah quite honestly so we covered the Linux kernel coming into Windows that's a huge move for Microsoft right and I mean they're really reinventing themselves and really accelerating through they've learned through that they were kind of that stable company where Apple was doing this and now apples leveling off at Microsoft's doing this it's just really interesting to see those cycle perspective though I'm kind of like if you're gonna run Linux just run Linux right it does I agree have strategic wins for Microsoft in that relevant but me being more of a purist I'm like forget on Linux just run Linux in fact I think we've progressed today and this might be a segment on a future show you can absolutely run Linux today which is interesting that it wasn't always the case yeah right believe me I've been on that path and tried and backed off and go back to Windows or OS 10 but it's more of a reality now and Microsoft embracing that is a huge win for them it is I think for more technical developers you're gonna be Linux be Linux yep this was yours welcome becoming the best excellent customer service always yes so this was an incredible story about Ritz Carlton in general right in in kind of the evolution of how that hotel entrepreneur made a success because they were high-end hotel I mean you want to talk about you want to go to a high-end trail let's go the Ritz yeah and it went through this entire cycle of how you know they were very very stuffy and you know very almost uptight arrogant right they had that that feel about them and they went into it saying wait a minute this is about the customer right what are the customers want and it was that urban flow of how back in the day they wanted that stuffy high-end feeling right and then all of a sudden it changed to the point of wait a minute I need it to be catered to my desires I need it to be catered to what I want right so when I will go to the hotel here's what I expect in my room on the individual basis and they took that you know and they really ran with it to make this call White Glove exploit the number one characteristic of a level five leader though mmhmm yeah exactly being home being humble right at that point right I mean this was the largest high-end hotel brand in the world right and and their catering now to the individual need right it's also a lesson from the brain are it to that users hotels is an example where it's a very I mean there's a lot of hotels there yeah we consider what's your one thing that you're good at right yeah Shawn D'Souza uses that model of the I forget which hotel chain it is but they're like you're gonna have the best night's sleep mmm that was their thing yeah and they ran with it right sounds like it was like we're gonna be the ritziest fancy hotel right yeah but competition that has been wildly successful Shawn Susan look they were all about you're gonna have the greatest night's sleep the rooms don't start until the third floor that are furthest away from the sleep you get to choose what kind of pillows in your room there's a diffuser in every room there's a sleep counsellor at your disposal when you call constant here there's a special person that can consult with you about your sleep that's our one thing you're gonna have the greatest night sleep in our hotel security companies need to do the same thing right you need to pick that thing and just be awesome I mean right yeah be awesome matter right and one of the things I thought was really really great to kind of see the evolution of thought behind it was they came out and they said every employee that works for ritz-carlton you get $2,000 a year to fix any mistake that may have happened on your watch this is every employee Wow but the the thought process was that they did research right and they basically said my customers will spend two hundred thousand dollars a year with me on average it's worth that two thousand dollar investment yeah right yeah for that $200,000 a brand loyalty 100% it creates that stickiness that loyalty that I want to go to ritz-carlton now because they know me and by the way when they did screw up they fixed it tenfold for me yeah right so I thought that was an incredible way that we invest in people thought he was nuts for doing that you're absolutely crazy you're gonna give every single one of your employees two thousand dollars to fix a mistake at the end of it they did some research I look back on and said you want to know what end up happening those employees didn't spend $2,000 they ended up selling sending like a flower gram to make up for it or sending scotch whatever the case may be they never hit that ceiling but the return on that was incredible right because now as a customer they're saying you messed something up you fixed it tenfold for me I'm coming back yeah right and you're building that brand loyalty and they're gonna keep spending with you yeah to be able to say to your employees I'm giving you this up giving you a year that you can spend you are empowered to make things right right and some people would look at that the opposite say well they're more akin to now make mistakes because they've got this budget to fix it but it turns out the opposite did the obvious is the absolute opposite yeah well I made people accountable too because they're now now you're spending this $2,000 so obviously there's gonna be some eyeballs on it Yeah right say mmmm what may have happened but at the end of the day they never hit the ceiling they were spending a little bit of money back to the consumer and the consumer was tenfold happy with it all right customer retention yeah it's beautiful I love the article customer-centric mm-hmm this last article companies rethink vendor relationships with shift to digital we talked a little bit about this already yeah we talked about pieces of this but it's it's interesting to think about the shift of vendor relationships in this digital transformation right and this is world fuel services and you know how their vendors used to be very on prem with them and with oracle and 18 in 18 t and cisco and then as they've transitioned their business to digital the shifts they've made to align their relationships with their new delivery model and anybody who's in software-as-a-service space this is a great article to read because it talks about how do you align the vendor relationship with the company as the company's going through transformation and the shift in what's happening with the way pricing is happening and other things in the industry and so this was a really interesting kind of transformation of them moving away from on-prem to cloud in in the way they're embracing these new vendor relationships differently than any old teaching mindset for a big part of it right it was we partner with companies that we aspire to be like yes right give ya give me that moonshot to hit for a because I'm gonna partner with the best of the best yeah they're just gonna make me better yeah that was the cool part about the article is you know bringing partners that you want to be like that way you have that that target to hit right why I hang out with you Jess okay well we're gonna go have a birthday celebration er so I'd like to thank everyone for joining us this week and we'll see you next week on business security weekly

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I'm here in Edinburgh the end of the world's largest arts festival they've been 3,000 shows across 300 venues and 50,000 performances all together it's absolutely awesome but every actor or comedian dance or musician is desperate for feedback and a good review and that's why the critics hold incredible power in this town their judgment can make or break a show but when it comes to reviewing people's performance at work we're not in the business of breaking people so it's really important to understand the difference between judging and observing what people do at work when we judge we bring our own interpretation we say I think you've done this or your performance is poor but when we observe we talk about what we notice I saw you did this I heard this what I observed was that by staying in the observer role we allow us could create a safe environment for people to take feedback we stopped short of giving our opinion and we recognized that actually the expert in the room is the person who's been involved in the task or the activity so it's really important to be conscious of the difference between observation and judgement and in that way we're much more of a coach than a critic I'm Peter Russian and this is your leadership edge you

Marine Corps Leadership Traits: Courage

if you have the courage and the internal fortitude to put your feet on those yellow footprints and make that journey to be in the United States Marine I don't personally see what could be a better accomplishment in your life the world finds fight for us their niceness recoil I was the only girl from my high school who decided to enlist and join the Marine Corps it's the courage alone to go to the world's toughest physically and mentally demanding recruit training speaks for itself any courage is accomplishing a task or mission in the face of fear or adversity courage isn't the absence of fear but it's the will to push through that fear getting ready to leave on deployments everyone has that fear of the unknown but overcoming that fear is the highest standard of courage Marines often find their courage through their brothers in arms they might be scared to do something but they know they're brother to their left their right is relying on them to make the right decision you know that you have to go in together the moral courage when you know somebody's wrong to just say something to let them know that they're wrong and sometimes that's a lot harder than the physical courage to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done despite what others may think about you it definitely looked for with great respect all the leadership traits that the Marine Corps requires and demands of all Marines are not only warrior traits but also citizen values everything that you do in the Marine Corps will transition with you once you get out and they will be applied in all aspects of life

Leadership & Accountability

managing performance expectations consistently is one of the most important things that you can do as a leader well the biggest challenges leaders have today isn't the lack of willingness to change it's the lack of discipline around being consistent particularly in the way we manage performance you want a high performance culture you have to drive accountability into your organization each and every day and I'll give you I'll give you managers leaders executives I'll give you two questions two questions to consider around managing performance and accountability and the first one relative to employees is this knowing what I know now would I hire this person again knowing what I know now would I hire this person again and the second question is is this the best person for the job and when you answer those two questions yourself you'll be in a good position to make some addition decisions around what kinds of performance conversations you need to have I think effective leaders today are willing to consistently have what I call courageous conversations around performance to hold people accountable to raise the expectations and ultimately that goes directly to creating your organizational culture it's merely a reflection of how you leave

M Ed in Leadership in Wellbeing in Education – More than a Masters in Education at MIC

leadership of well-being is more than a master's in education at m.i.c it was broaden the concept of well-being within your school it will help you build empathy throughout your school it will enable you to become a better well being in education leader the blended learning format will allow you to study around your work commitments with the Masters of Education in leadership of well-being from m.i.c you will see more do more learn more be more

Leaders Development (May 14, 2019) The Heavenly Father's Investment in Our Holiness

praise the Lord well close Isis will pray together father in the name of Jesus well thank you for this hour or thank you for this time well thank you for watching Dean already well thank you for to uh see going to do well as good Lord you open eyes of understanding in your watch and night in Jesus name and we're asking Lord your touch every heart touch every life transform our lives by the teaching of the word in Jesus name grant us understanding in the word over prayed Lord the understanding we have when we coast should move forward a big progress in our Christian lives and leadership and the work word in for the Lord each in Jesus name well thank you because we know you have answered in Jesus name or pray thank you very much to akimichi Oh Hebrews chapter 12 and I'm going to read from verse five I were looking at it all throats of verse 10 Hebrews chapter 12 reading from verse five and he have forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto children my son despise not thou the chastening of the Lord nor faint when thou art rebuked of him for whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth and scourges every son whom he receiveth if he and do chastening God dealeth with you as with sons for what son is he whom the father Justin s not but if he be without chastisement whereof all are partakers the enemy bastards and not sons furthermore we've heard fathers of our flesh which corrected us and we gave them reverence respect and shall we not much rather be subjection unto the photos spirits and leap for the verily for if you dis just tight just in us after their own pleasure but here referring to God for profit that we might be partakers of his holiness look at that verse then again the earthly parents very lien truly for a few days review for shot period just tint us corrected us rebuke us we proved us and it says after the own pleasure because the abbe some things to break out in our lives and we have some ways they want to direct us and you have something they want to achieve the goal they want to achieve after their pleasure but now he's talking about God in verse stead and he says but he would be Heavenly Father but the one that no sauce would be now without that knows a past and a future the one that knows her strengths and weakness and the one that knows the possibilities our lives for our own profit look at that it says it's for profit for progress and it is for growth in the Lord that he not correct source and just I see source that we might be tell me there but acres of his holiness and you know these talking to all the children of God you're born again you're a child of God you're born again you know the familiar but you are born again are you claim the name of the Lord Jesus is this for these children it corrects everyone he directs everyone it controls everyone and he says he does that it's not quiet but now you are born again ok I live it yourself now you're a child of God I'd leave you to said now that you have called me to the kingdom I can leave you Joseph said known it's the S avoid children of God every wall of the children of God the young until the manor and the women the workers and the leaders and the members and the ministers everyone it just Isis it corrects leaves it controls it abuse and here poor so that we might be partakers of his holiness and I pray that the Lord will grant understanding in Jesus name I want you to look at a ward here the ward just Cheney or the ward chastises or the wards poojas on the watch just Highsmith I'm coming back to verse five again look at verse 5 it says and ye are forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto the children my son every child of God my son every believer my son everyone that comes into the kingdom is this my son despise not look at the word but just Cheney know of the Lord they just training of the Lord go on in verse 5 it says now eh when thou art rebuked of him reproved of him corrected by him and they look at verse 6 to find that war again it says for whom the Lord loveth he tell me the world it has seen it and you see that in the present continuous because in love sauce it doesn't want us to perish it was what was the backslide it also want us to go back because of that he wants progress he warns approvement and because he's looking forward profit of progressive improvement that's why it says in that the six whom he loved it it has cheated look at the next word and just and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth that he say you have received a lot Jesus Christ and he receives you you receive into your heart he receives you into the kingdom and accepts you is there so a child of God is this all of his children because of that is coaches everyone every child every son whom he receiveth it's okay about his correction it does that for the individual it was that for the family he does that furnace it does at Wayne Isham for the nation of Israel he corrected them it has ties them when they were going the wrong way he said no you can't go that way Anna brought rebuke and correction on to them look at verse 7 you see that what again if he India tell me the word just any if he and deal just tell it must be my Chile important for the lot of omission in chastisement or just Cheney no just Isis in every verse as we're going through 4 verse 5 to bus 6 2 / 7 ayah Sisyphean deal just unit good deal it's what you as were sons for what son is he whom the father just in his knowledge except where offense except we're not real children is Israel your real child in the family of God and God recognizes are two real challenging firmly of God if you go wrong it's not going to look at you and just leave you like a stranger like somebody who is not in the kingdom like a foreigner is a child of the devil he just straight into my assembly is traded to my family be made known a frame is gone after their idols leave him alone it's not going to do that because accepts you and because he receives you and because it counts you as a pilgrim on your way to heaven remember the family of God it corrects you see is look at verse Midna but if we be without tell me that what again just has met its mission everywhere every time in all those verses if you is says if you be without just I'm aware of all are partakers look at that all a particles all the your believers the adult believers the old believers the experienced believers the inexperienced believers the very strong believers and the weak believers this is all are partakers those who are walking for him soon leading in the household of it is this all up attackers the people that I experience in the walk of the Lord and they doodles have just come into the Ministry of the word it's this all up attackers check up your life when last did God tell you in your conscience that's not right when last they go tell you in your heart don't go that way when last did your conscious Beach use much you Scott you and made you feel unhappy was something that had happened if that never happens is this what sheet because all the particles of correction all the particles of chastisement all the particles of his repeat it says in verse a age but evb without just as much we're all fall apart because then ye tell me that what they bastards and not sons the people that you know they they never have any correction never have any rebuke and ever had any kind of justice may never have any kind of Preqin in their conscience that that's not I don't go that was not right OC don't get that's not get up there that's not no same that's not right don't eat that they don't touch nothing and I never never never have any challenge of Corrections look at that it's it's they're bastards and not sons you know there are people that take pleasure and joy in the fact that you know I can do anything and nobody in the church can challenge me I can go anywhere and no leader in the church can telling Andy tell us I can if I can it would deliberately do something that I know that that sin is wrong and I'm waiting for that and you know I've got or the level that nobody ever ever can challenge me says watch it that person is not a child of God it's is that person is not a member of the family of God in see is that person is a bastard it's not a sanyasis but if he be without chastisement whereof all are partakers then are ye but SAS and North sons look at verse nine for them all we have heard fathers of our flesh natural fathers natural priests which correct a nose doesn't work correct sauce the sizes codicils which corrected us and we give them replace whereas patch the peerage the correct owes us that children we respect the parish that do not want us to go astray and i say my child you know if you are not my dad I won't talk about this I won't even mentioned it I can see you do this if you why stranger a boy under the bridge he Gale on the street if you want Joseph in the board I won't talk about this but you know because you are my son because you are my daughter I'm going to talk about this how you know why I be great future for you I be great great expectations of you and as the reason I'm talking about this that's what is seen here he says furthermore we've had fathers of our flesh which corrected us and we give them honor respect reverence shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the father of spirits and live that his only correct source when it has faces us when you reprove source when you rebuke source then we bend low before him in humility and then we'll see I know you love me because you're my father that's what you are doing that to me look at verse 10 for the the earthly fathers verily certainly surely for a few days just a short period of time just change us after their own profit after the own pleasure but he for our profit correction is for our profit rebuked is for our profit challenges thus far our profit don't stay there that's from a profit get up out of fear out of that place that's for our profit you cannot behave like other people you cannot talk like all the people you cannot dress like what don't you know who you are no you can't do this what I'm going to allow you to do this that's for profit but if that never comes to you if correction never comes from the Heavenly Father and you can maybe H that correction through your past or through your leader and throw the local assembly right there but you still coming from him and it's a simple saying for verily for a few days just Inc us had the old prophet but he for profit that we might be your tell me once again but he cos of his holiness understand it's not just caliber yes Calvary it's not just the blood of the Lapierre's the blood of the land it's not just the truth the war sanctify them through thy truth thy Word is truth it's not just prayer that we pray and any purifies our hearts by faith it says there is chili patch of the instrumentality of God there is chili patch of the working of God that he makes use of a mix use of that we might be partakers of his holiness his holiness not your own but his and he says he does all this and a predator from was file or in every verse just in it Scott yet just Highsmith and all that and then at the end of the possesses the purpose for that is that we might be partakers of his holiness now look at verse 11 is this now what Nazli is you know this everybody knows this it says now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous but Grievous it's not pleasure it's painful that's what many people they recoil from correction many people they fight against correction many people they will shield sails away from rebuking correction you know why because it's not a pleasure it's not something weighing joy it's not something we expect Jean it's not something would you lighten the Word of God knows that and it says now at this present time in this present world it says no chastisement and not just in inna for the present seemeth to be joyous but Grievous nevertheless afterward you don't enjoy it you don't appreciate it it's not something a brings pleasure or enjoy but this is nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness does it again righteousness holiness godliness it same thing righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby wherefore lift up the hands that hang down that is after your very being and okay if they don't want to meet you you know do it the way I want and that's what you want and you go this way you say come back the good at you is they come back and you're always correct and okay I hug my hands now hands now I don't do anything anymore because they say you don't know how to do it it is it or not it is you not to do okay okay it's like that I hang on my heart I don't do that we chop the hands that hang down and any goes on it says and the feeble knees strengthen the feeble knees a make straight paths for your feet less that which is Lima returned out of the way you know what it says there it says if God corrects you if God rebukes you if God chastises you and then your hands are your hand your hands down I won't do anything anymore because you know they are speaking up at me and they always say this business and it's okay my hands are down going to your walk yourself and in your knees a week is this be careful if you continue like that it says God or replace you because the one that is lame the one that will not move on because of correction because of review and they turned out of the way I pray you'll not be turned out of the way I said you'll not be turned out of the way it says make straight paths for your feet less that witches limb we turned out of the way but let it rather be healed you know why because it was for China for your peace with how many people all men all men you know the different kinds of men so am i easy to live with so much difficult to live with some just almost impossible the more you try the more they make it difficult for you to cope with them but it says all men because you want to get to heaven because everything that happens here is not the end it says because of that for the peace with all men and tell me the next word holiness holiness without which no man shall say the Lord I want to look at the teaching on the heavenly father's investment the heavenly father's investment in our holiness the Heavenly Father's investment what it does what he imparts how he adds how he leaves how he corrects the investments he has in our lives for our holiness the Heavenly Father's investment in our holiness the three things will get across the number one the father's Pope was for correction from heaven the father's purposeful correction from heaven number two is fear powerful commitment to our holiness it's committed and its faithful in that because from the time even before you're born again is being calling for looking for you and eventually you came and now that you came into the kingdom is what she'll over you he said that's a trophy for the Lord Jesus Christ morally begotten son he must get to heaven she must get to heaven and because of that yes a powerful commitment to your holiness because without that you cannot get to heaven is fear powerful commitment to our holiness number three our fervent prayer for consecration with humility in response to that chastisement he responds to that correction he responds to that reprove rebuke our fervent prayer for consecration with humility number one the father's Pope was for correction from him on you want to understand but there are times God wants to talk to somebody and he says the Old Testament it says the prophets but that correction from the Prophet is not from the Prophet is from heaven there are times she wanted to talk to the children of Israel something on a pond and it says Moses come on here and then he tells Moses and Moses goes to deliver to them it's not a message from Moses is from heaven and a time is when God wants to you know put somebody like Miriam who are you know said what you shouldn't have said and leprosy came on her and then the Lord is in put her outside the camp for some time and that's not from Iran as no from Moses is from good it's from heaven and at times the Lord is correcting you just I see you're rebuking you will permit you and he's saying I want you to be more Kody and I want you to be more righteous I want it to be more sober I want you to be most serious all to not dedicated I wanted the most steadfast I wanted the most single-minded and because yeah yes no sin that it brings justice may Torrey proof or correction he goes through an avenue goes through an instrument that's not from the instrument is from God himself from heaven the father's purpose for correction from heaven look at this again I'm looking at Hebrews chapter 12 verse 5 it says so ye have forgotten the exhortation ye have forgotten yeah I forgot you many of us here were forgotten we're forgotten that God is father were forgotten that the father will correct what forgotten that the father will reprove it says a ye have forgotten the exhortation which says unto you on to you on to you in particular as unto children my son despise not the chastening of the Lord nor age don't get discouraged no faith we're not thou attribute of him we're looking at job chapter 5 job chapter 5 would you know that this this idea or this precept of this principle or this project of God in correction in rebuking in approving in just in chastening would you know that is every way in the Bible Old Testament and New Testament come on to job chapter 5 I'm reading from verse 17 in Georgia to 5 verse 17 it says behold appears a man whom God directed I know that did you know that what I see is sorrowful is a man whom God corrected that's what I see such rules is the man the woman whom God corrected us what I see this Quaritch as a man of God correct that's what I see withdrawn is the man whom God corrected that's what I see isn't that what you see when somebody is corrected and well withdrawn were such was sorrowful what should he tell me that's not right I know it's not about why did he tell me what did he tell me but that's not perfect I know it's not perfect but why did he tell me what did it shine Lynch me and correct me that I shouldn't have done that I know I shouldn't have but why did he tell me and they sort of would look at the Word of God in job chapter 5 verse 17 it says behold tell me the next one there happy is the man whom God correct s therefore is this because they ought to be happy despise not the chastening of the Almighty that's what it says the next time God corrects you he might correct you through your look at pastor am I correct you threw me over say Matt correct you throw anyone and it says my brother I thought we knew this we learn it together this is not right I thought we knew this together we should not good a direction who should be happy that God is dealing with those children in the family I'm looking at chapter 33 we're looking at job chapter 33 and were reading from verse 14 job chapter 33 it was 14 is this for God speaketh wars ye twice yet man passive ethic not you know what he's saying here it's saying God really doesn't eat you just I sauce it wasn't it was coach us it wasn't me to weep us is this you know the very first thing God word deal was so a going a part of a nation he will speak he speaks to your heart it speaks to your spirit it speaks to your conscience and it says it speaks was I wouldn't get it privately personally secretly behind the cotton he speaks to you he speaks through your conscience so I pour the conscience there to monitor what we do and it says in verse 14 ax is this for God speak at once get wise each man Percy bethey not that's why he later now has to scourge that's why he has to chastise because yes use the force method and the force method need not be any fruit look at verse 15 any dream any vision of the night when deep sleep for less upon mana his Lapras upon the bed then he opens the ears of men and see less their instruction it tries to get our attention and open our ears and say this is wrong I want you in heaven but people who do this and be persist in it I become a big Shore they ruin their lives they never get to heaven and I wanted to get heaven it speaks in your conscience it speaks in your heart it speaks to your life it speaks to you in a dream it speaks to him various ways yopo do ears for the instruction he says look at verse 17 so that that he may withdraw man from his purpose he has a purpose that will ruin him a purpose that would destroy him a purpose that will hinder him from getting to heaven and he will seem to get to heaven and so he speaks to him he corrects him he presume he chastises him so that he will withdraw that man from his purpose and hide pride from man but why others what I prayed for man because he knew that the one thing that brought Lucifer Satan down from heaven to earth and is going to spray-tan each inhale his pride and see the pride that is building up in a saloon as my charge as my child is only not a Lucifer it's funny not a Satan and Satan is you know already mad for here and as my child I don't want him to go to hell and because it was so high pride from the man he Bewkes him distraction that direction to high pride for me you keep it back his soul from peach and it's live from perishing by the sword look at verse 19 read it for me one two three go it'sjust Chindi also a pain upon his bed and the multitude of his balls were strong pain so that is life a birth bread and his soul did he meet his flesh is consumed away and it that it cannot be seen and his boss that the one not that were not seen stick out ye his so draws near also the grave and his life so the destroyer look at verse 23 if there be a messenger with him the man does not understand the Lord is correcting me he doesn't understand the Lord is rebuking him he doesn't us and the Lord is seen you know why this pin is there I'm trying to correct something you know why he is precious enough and try to correct something I don't want you to patient the man does not understand that's why it's now see simple 23 if they're being messenger was him an interpreter an interpreter that will need to preach the actions of God the chastisement under a build and an interpreter warn among a thousand or does that mean is easy purely if you collect 1,000 preachers together only one has you understanding these in the hand of God all the other people they'll be talking about faith they were seen just believe if you believe all things are possible you will see just hold on to the promise of God you cannot hold on to promise Oh God God is correct here something and when that scene is corrected your come out of the problem you come out of the chastisement but if the Lord is seen look at pride look at evil a cat the wrong direction look at the lifestyle this holiness will not get you to heaven this is not good enough and bees holiness is not transparent enough and it wants you to be partake of his holiness and because of that he brought that rebuke he brought that correction I didn't understand and his new repentance and there's no restoration and it's no change and there is no higher holiness in your life that rebuke will continue are the people interpreters and preachers hold on to God believe God is only one in a thousand that will see my brother is there something wrong in your life have you thought let's leave this faith side let's leave it aside let's leave all this for mrs. Bush Nutter said is there something that God is correct in your life and you need to put that tried that's why it says if there be missing he was him an interpreter warned among it husband to show unto man is uprightness then after that is gracious unto Hema and says deliver him from going down to the pit I have found a ransom after the change after the transformation utter responding to the correction to rebuke of the Lord look at verse 25 is flesh the fresh had any Charles is a return to the days of his youth he shall pray unto God and He will be favourable unto Him a Tavi interpreter as now explained to him you know why this is happening you know more than this the life you live is not up to the knowledge of God your heart not up to the knowledge of the Scriptures you have and it is not to the knowledge your teaching other people that's why this is for you and it's one interpreter out of a thousand the quorum so tell us the right scene and once he tells us that right Cena and we take that to heart then God becomes feeble and he shall cease fierce with joy for he were rained out of man his righteousness look at chapter 34 job chapter 30 formed a medium from the starter one job chapter that what was not the one surely it is me to me say don't Oh God I have born what I can't hear my people I abhorred just ice made you see it's in the scriptures the just ice made they reprove the correction and the seen that the Lord is seen I'm the one doing that you know there are many people they attribute every negative see to sit on but you know if you read your Bible the children of Israel they were going to the land of Canaan they became discouraged and dead he started to mama and he spoke against God and his book against Moses and in the Bible says and the Lord sage what sir pains not Satan and the Lord sage even in the gym they lot said job here in my go to Nineveh and do this and do this and job Jonas chillip and as Judas stood up awaiting to the Sheep and then he waged the other direction who Saints the storm God this is a chastisement because he's seen Jonah was the problem with you you're my seventh rescue of a prophet aya not to tell me where we'll send you I will say the way I want to send you and I say go to Nineveh and a you go the other direction there's a storm and the people they prayed and prayed and prayed the storm was children and you're new so Jonah went to sleep on Danny's until the ship master came and said watch o sleeper wake up and call upon your God and all surprise the man didn't call upon his God he didn't pray why why didn't he because he me you he knew that I'm going the right direction he is just as metals coming from the Lord and he said it's because of me okay they said what they were going to do now I said throw me to the sea and I'm telling you the storm also because God has no problem with you it's not fighting you but because you is not to rebate here before us is oil into merest thought he had before us is not having the humility to say okay God for the sake of this people I turn I repaint and it still Cena is going to fight it to the finish and God is saying okay Jonah let's do it the entre fight fight you to the future and suddenly pick him up what did they do it's through Hema in the sea what happened immediately after that the storm was over that's just you it's God is the chastisement of the Lord eventually in a weighing June a gorge of the depths of the sea then he began to say God I see your hand I'm sorry for this and once he said I'm sorry the LORD commanded the whale and dropped Shima by the shore nearly be and the war came again because you see what God determines you will do you will do and it's better to accept it on the force be the time because Ronnie says Jonah get up is better together because if you don't the storm might take a long time but you know God doesn't count time he's them you know the a sheet of days is there for all eternity yes all the time to finish the work with you on to you say Lord holiness unto the Lord I surrender okay if you surrender that messenger give you go to Nineveh and tell them a preacher today Emma the word I give you that's what the strongest oh yes the reason why it's telling us that because was children it just Isis he corrects dear abuse and the correction painful Grievous is coming from him and the vomit work said everything will be alright it will be all right to your life look at was not a one here surely it is needs to be said unto God I have borne chastisement I will avail I will not offend anymore that which I see not teach them even if I have done in me which he tell me I will do normal second chronicles chapter 33 second chronicles chapter 33 and I'm reading here from verse 9 second chronicles chapter 33 and were reading from post 9 it says in verse 9 second chronicles chapter 33 Basu monosomy Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem to err to do wrong to seem to go a stream and to do worse than the hidden whom the Lord are destroyed before the children of Israel and the Lord speak to Manasi that's his first message that's the first way that's the first channel that's the fourth Avenue he will speak it speaks to our consciousness speak to us one who will be at Siraj but if he speaks and we're going to be he has another scene the rod that comes the chastisement that comes and you see a simple step and the Lots P a contra Minassian to his people but tell me they were not hacking wherefore the Lord brought upon them the captains of the host of the king of Assyria you see there were instruments in Assange is this therefore because they were not here that's why I brought the captives of the host of your series which took Manasi a manga what the songs about him what what fetters and carried into Babylon look at verse 2 verse 12 and when he was I thought you'll tell me in affliction he besought the Lord is God and humbled himself greatly before the God of heaven and he preached unto him that's what God is with him form what was so slow or so sluggish but he will come too late what it would pray at the first time when he spoke to us whether it was and what we have to wage to the pouch or thoughts but we're to wage the bout with fetters he has spoken he has given us the Bible and any speaks to our hearts by the Spirit of God the spirit of truth what got into all truth while he was guiding knows what he would go on our knees and say Lord I'm sorry about this I know that it's not right I'm ready to your ward is not the way I should go and then everything is said to her why does man have always to wait for something fiery for something furious for something terrifying and for something that is painful it says some when it was in affliction he besought the Lord is good and who hold himself greatly before the god of his father's and he prayed unto Emma and I wasn't treated of FEMA and heard his supplication and he brought Hema again to Jerusalem into his kingdom then – I knew that the Lord what it was God that's what the Lord is telling us he sees we should listen to the rod and know who was appointed the rod while looking at Micah Micah it also say about the rod Lord of affliction it was about the rod that is the rod of rebuke the rod of chastisement and know that it is not Satan know who was appointed his and in respond in a Micah chapter 6 and I'm reading from verse 9 Micah chapter 6 verse 9 the Lord's voice cries on to the city and the man of wisdom shall see thy name here the rod the rod as a voice the rod of chastisement is speaker says something here and the rod of rebuke he says something Lizzy in here the Raj and who has appointed each welcome to point number two point number two is fear powerful commitment to our holiness is fear and his favorable and it's doing that for our holiness is fear powerful commitment to our callings we're looking at Hebrews chapter 12 and I'm reading up from verse 9 Hebrews chapter 12 and were reading from verse 9 in 12 analysis for the more with her and for others of her flesh which corrected us and we gave them reverence respect on submission shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the father's periods and live is the correction is not to destroy us it's a bring goes to submission it's a bring course to surrender is to bring goes to repentance is to bring goes to restoration and then we'll leave look at verse 10 for da verily our earthly parents for the very last leaf fathers for the verily earthly directors and schoolmasters for the very different few days just indoors after their own pleasure think about this they verily for a few days or does that mean all that means is that you know you know earthly family you are growing up to sixteen seventeen eighteen ax and your father just realized that well now you are eighteen and the law of the nisshin allows you now to be the adult world and your father now will change the method for a few days the corrected us until eighteen sometimes until 21 for a few days because now they love the country see issue attached a wall you can have a passports you can have a driving license you can harvest you cannot that you can decide I don't want to leave that money anymore I don't to leave on the mama anymore how to be by myself now for a few days they just send us unfortunately we have not lunch the real major lessons of life by 18 unfortunately web not like the very serious things we need to learn in life that will make us successful see we can come out of university all those things do you apply chemistry we applied that in normal physics you applied that normal life all that was studying mathematics how does it help when you are getting marriage out of that hair when you are living together with a wife with a husband and all the trouble and she little Grameen English and all those job breaking for couplers what do you know how would you spoke about his hair in a living your life from planning your finances and living the way you ought to live so you don't get into a conflict with your neighbours so that can live a peaceful life how does that help when they leave was by 1800 2001 what just about start in life and you saying that what a swathi do you for a few days and you say well I can't talk to him anymore now he is a man I can't talk to her anymore she is a lady now although she is my daughter and delivers at the point we actually need now to begin to learn how to live about life other people that transfer that to the Christian life after one year of combustion and they will come to Bible study for one year was the equal no and everything and then I'm not a new coven now in the church have been here for three years and if anybody said my friend look at this look at this yes I'm not a new converts I I know I know what I should I know what I should not do we we kind of just back we don't what correction because were thing we've already got everything I yet with Joe's cottage or Joe started and that's what the Lord is saying here and he's telling us now that in verse 9 for a few days which has tied not adjusting those and correct errors in verse 10 but he the Ancient of Days but he returned alone he that knows that were not there yet see how much God is your perfect God is and it looks at our imperfection or do you been converted for five years seven years ten years twenty itachi years he can see and because you can see he said I know you're sleepy ends up giving out I know that shortly teachers have given up I know that all for a few days bills taught but I cannot stop because I'm eternal and the agent of this I still have something to say about your life to get you to heaven so that should be a partaker of the holiness of God look at this it says no but he for our profit that we might be partakers of his holiness now not just Chianina for the present seemeth to be curious but grievance look for a moment you know why the children primary school children and secondary school children while we submit to our correction because we know that a still have to depend on daddy and mommy for breakfast for lunch and for supper and so it be correct me now and I rebelled and reject the consequences my stomach will be hungry and so I stay and you're counting years that soon come out of school once I come out of school I'm not going to allow this that what have to allow it now because otherwise I would I eat they know that were to pay school fees and you know this convinces not something you cannot walk on the size and then we going to school this cough is nice and because of that if that he says hey my boy you cannot do this they don't like it on the internal inside but they can't talk because I don't daddy to say he or not risk official tour with my life on any child that would not obey me and all that so I submit because he has to pay school fees I also give shelter so for these few days allow him but after the school fees has been paid and what eating our have clothes and now we have come out of youth service and were bought the car now and then whereby our cell and we're independent if daddy says he what he used to say no CD French my boy hi about this hot it buddy that's what I will do ah are you the one talking to me yes sir you know why because now he can take breakfast without daddy and mommy because now he has shelter condition which before because daddy or mommy do not have to agree with that and then he can wear clothes and do anything ever since this is what I'm going to do he couldn't see that before but you know God God has it thousand I want ways to bring you to your knees and it says heaven have a place for you in heaven how do you see it for you there I've been mention for you there and the way you are Gina that place will be vacant and that place will not be big and if I'm going to drag you if I'm going to push you if whatever I'm going to do I'm going to fit you for that place that's the reason why he goes on because you can't react to God accurately to your earthly parents he for a profit for a profit that's why he makes that correction until were become partakers of his holiness is not joyous for the present time nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness justice I'm looking at Leviticus chapter 26 Leviticus chapter 26 and see the way God arts in Leviticus chapter joint sakes a meaning from verse 14 it says but if ye will not hearken unto me I will not do all these Commandments and if he despised my studies and if your soul abhorred my judgment so that he will not do all my Commandments but will break about B break my covenant also I also will do this on to you i will even appoint over you terror consumption and porn in egg and that shall consume the is orem of heart and ye shall sow your seed in vain your enemy shall teach and I will set my face against you and ye shall be slain before your enemies did that hit you shall reign over you Aisha flee when non posso F look at verse 18 and if you will not yet for these all this hacking onto me Vienna I will punish you seven times more for your sins see and build this for you talking to me and I'm your Creator I'm your Redeemer and the one that got shot of the land of Egypt I'm doing this to you so that you will listen to me I'm merely to attention and it says I do this and if you will not yet for that talking to me then I'll punish you more seven times look at verse 19 I will break the pride of your power that's what he wants to break the pride of your power and I will I will make your happiness ion and your earth as brass and destroy you shall be speech in vain for your land shall not yield her increase neither shall the trees of the light yield her fruit look episodes one if you walk contrarian to me that is other yes do know that at is corrected our earthly parents you know they easily give up well did a man is going on so you say it is a young people I this one big go to university I we don't know what to teach them there I want to teach them always and whatever they are teaching them it becomes so hard okay because of you that's the way you want to leave okay go your way not God because God cannot have hypertension because God cannot get sick because God cannot conquer defeated their voices I do this to you change if you don't change I'll do this again if you don't change I'll do this again because you will not lose his purpose yes a purpose look up us 21 and if you were contrary unto me I will not happy not to me I will bring save on times more plagues upon you according to your sins I will also said while beasts among you which are robbed of you of your children and destroy your culture and make you few in number and your highways shall be desolate and if he will not be reformed by all these that he is you know and said I've done this up this up not this I see you're not be reformed he said it's not going to give up I lastly place easily give up and what can we do she's ready to enjoy walking with you she's already besides she is going to marry that person and you know whatever we say you know she's not even paying attention I can see her eyeballs rolling she is daydreaming so let I go but God was not allowed that it doesn't say let her go let him go look at verse 23 and if he will not be reformed by me by all these I walk on trolley on to me the end when I also walk contrary unto you I will punish you yet seven times for your sins and if I will and I will bring a sword upon you that shall avenge the Correll of my covenant look at what your services your Coralie with me is a quarrel of my covenant I give you covalent and you Corral with me and you say no we don't want your coverage no we don't want your stretches no we don't want this and you must give to that covenant to be holy and you need that holiness for to get to heaven and if we don't get you hey what's the proposals that have labored on you I created you i redeemed you and I mean I don't kiss now it's ain't it suddenly big gotten son to die for us on the cross of Calvary He healed our body he promoted or she did a lot of things and it says but the goal is to take you to heaven and there you are do things that are not allowed to get to heaven no way I must keep on if you pour it with my covenant I will keep on doing this until you submit because when man or else with God who is good wind I said it's good to win look at Pharoah good one look at Nick Aneesa got one cat belches ah good one look at Herod got one how we see that man we'll see I know this is what God was but I'll keep fighting you know you cannot keep on fighting because that heaven you're getting Jesus man and it's going to take holiness because without holiness no man shall see the Lord and he wants you to be partakers of his holiness look at what it says in verse 25 and I will bring a sword upon you that shall avenge the quarrel of my covenant and when he gather together within your sieges I was saying precedence among you and ye shall be delivered unto the hand of the ring and I wear and wayna I have broken the staff of your brain then we may shall bake your bread in one oven and they shall believe you your bread again by weight and ye show it cannot be satisfied and if you were not for all these I cannot to me but what contrary to me Vienna I will all contrary on to you in fury is no I'm not going to be the first one to stop I'm going to keep on doing each on till you understand that I am God I'm the Almighty ambi agent of this and he says it they enter world contrary unto ye also in fury and I even I were just ties you that's what just ask you seven times for your sins I pray that has got correct sauce we take to correction in Jesus name I was looking at Sam one one nine some one night Tina I'm reading from verse 67 some one night Jean were looking at was 67 it says before I was afflicted I went astray before I was afflicted I went astray but now have I kept thy word the son is recognized it's my fault God is not taking pleasure in giving me affliction but before I was afflicted I went astray but now I've kept our looker but 71 it is good for me it is good for me that I had been afflicted that I might learn by statutes say it's now realized now I realize the hand of God was heavy upon me because there was something I didn't learn something I should have not learnt and I did learn and he said it is good for me but I have been afflicted but I'm at length I status and I'm reading from verse 75 if a certified I know o Lord that I judgments are right that thou in faithfulness as afflicted me thou in faithfulness as afflicted me or looking at either chapter 26 I say chapter 26 I'm reading from verse 9 as such after 26 verse 9 with my soul of I desired V in the night ye with my spirit within me when I seek V early look at this wayna the judgments in the earth the inhabitants of the world were learn righteousness when by judgments and the earth then the inhabitants of the earth there were learn righteousness God as spoken once uh-uh they don't learn God has spoken twice uh-uh they don't learn goddess say to servants the prophets to preach to them no they will not learn and God has spoken to them in their conscience no they were not learn and you never said a thought to a child of God without your deeper life with orchard bees and yet they were not learn but now when thy judgments are on the in the earth the inhabitants of the world when the unrighteous look at verse 10 let fever be shoot to the wicked yet will he not learn righteousness yo big orientation sin is not saved because he doesn't have food so we're giving food but surprises still not saved okay it cannot pay the school fees of his children that's why I cannot pay attention sis well I cannot be I cannot do this yo kilometer church then we help him to pay these copies of his children still they were not bulge or not yield obvious any of our children and you know the complaint or somebody you is not you know in the family and you say you know my daddy is not caring for me it's not in this module and then the people come to the parents they see you know your boy you know your girl it's not cooperating to follow you onto the cereals and be spiritual and to receive because that Chuck confided in me is because that is not doing this for me mommy is not doing this for me okay is that so alrighty that is the case if these were bring key image of a lord and a you you know shovel mana shovel clothes and shuffle this and shuffle that to him and the boy or the girl is now living like a luxury and they you expect him that now you worry Paige I will give his life to the Lord but know why look at this in verse 10 let fever be shoot to the wicked yet will he not learn when he not run like righteousness in the land of the upper for brightness he will deal unjustly I will not behold the majesty of the Lord see what it says they're just giving money to people doesn't make them change give me material things doesn't make them change money to people has value within a short time it gives somebody money and any up he appears to appreciate it and everything is good but after one week all that you know wins away it doesn't look at that burn you have to give again and I won't you give again after one month you know it doesn't appreciate because the money has faith you have to give Aegina but God knows how to get them he will get them I said he will get them you know as the Lord is to himself is telenosis don't despise the chastisement of the Lord because he's doing this so that you'll be partakers of his holiness it else awesome in James chapter 4 James chapter 4 the response we ought to have today is a good investment of God in our lives it's just as men to lead us to rethinking rethinking thoughtfulness to lead us to repentance and that repentance to leaders to restoration and then to lead us to righteousness you know the prodigal son would never have come back home if his belly was full if it clothes was there if the shelters were there if the friends never for Sookie Mima you would never have returned bought in the tree when he was hungry when he came to Tates rocks and where it appears all the friends are for seeking him this time he said how many of my father's servants have enough to eat and I perish with own gain this place is the hunger is it just a smidge it is the rebuke it is a correction that he felt in his body that made him to say I will arise and go back home and I will tell my father whatever at least I want food whatever at least I need shelter that's why he returned and that's why God many times will deal with thoughts in this way but you know watch there are some people that do not know the finger of God and they do not know the ways of God once the prodigal son is feeling a little bit hungry they'll say this is a person so son he must not suffer and then be given the food you if the hunger are continued that young man what a repented long ago if the hunger that lady would have left all those boys and come back home and come back to the Lord but because the people that do not know the fingers of God they do not know that God is correcting this by God it's just as in this girl and he come to there and they give him only because of sonsoo because of salt because of the Aysen that and a giving and giving and they cannot bear to see these prodigal sons and these polygons daughters getting hungry and what it do is making them to remain there for country but if we say God is this your hand God is this your wheel God are you the one rebuking listen video God I use the one doing this and God says yes leave me was seen you see all the time you are protecting journal all that can be kept him there and I was wrong in a Rowi nothing changed and the Jonah did not reciprocate y'know until this threw him into the sea he was not the Lord buns and in the other huh God is at war with me he said he that fall I for soup my mercy and let the world salvation he said I will pay my vows is the salvation is of the Lord and then that's when the change came I pray honest on what God is teaching us today understand it for yourself understand it for all the people and the Lord or bring a lot of people back into the fold in Jesus name I'm looking at James chapter 4 James chapter 4 I'm reading from verse 7 submit yourselves therefore to God submit yourself is rebuking you just to correcting you whatever submit yourselves therefore to God receives the devil and he will flee from you draw near to God and He will draw near to you cleanse your hands you sinners and purify your hearts you double-minded be afflicted and mourn and weep let your letter be charged to mourning and your joy to heaviness offer yourselves in the sight of the Lord tell me the rest and it shall lift you up he'll lift you up in Jesus name how do we respond to all this I'm coming to point number three now our fervent prayer for consecration with humility well okay in at Hebrews chapter 12 and I'm reading from both soil and Hebrews chapter 12 verse 12 wherefore lick top the hands which hang down look up for a moment you know there are people that sing if I like I'll be a walker if I don't like I don't be a walker if I like I'll be active if I don't like if something explicit me I live their work for them I hang my hands down and I'll not do anything if I like I go for my business if I don't like you know just leave everything if you appreciate the service I give I'd be active if not I will teach them in Messina and I wanna band on their house fellowship to them how an app and on their local location church to them I will abandon the district to them if I don't like if I don't feel good don't feel all right I would leave all the work I'll hunt my hands down go on ask Jonah if I like if I don't like there is not like it or not or like in here you are compared necessities laid upon me woe is me if I preach not the gospel the only way you can have an easy life after God has called you after God has mad you down and you said this is the way walk he being the only way you can a peace of mind and the only way things will be all right go and ask them the people who are pastors the people who are preachers go and ask them the people that were counseling us the people that were very active in the walk of the Lord and paying something happened maybe one woman so we're attracted them distracted them and are they are gone away from the Walker corner slave this appears they're the people babies because of business you have to travel to China Japan Hong Kong answer and because of that the walk of god is life follow it's not been gone as they Emma the suti to Hager is I tell the people you so much you bring in lead you said I'm the world God said and won't be that it's that gonna ask them that you are running to your house is your billiards and my house is not built as long as that is there it says and the one walking against him but he said bring the wood and bring the silver and bring the gold and then be bought and he said you tell them from this day I will bless you I thought you'll say Amen you see is God fighting against the rebellions or not allow God to fight with me you know there are people that might tell me and say we lunch that you are now of this age why don't you retire you want to get me into trouble they want to go to see what are you doing there and the water I take I am sleeping ah I made you stronger this age I keep your strength but this it and you are sleeping and you see what will happen I will not retire see it for yourself your world work for the Lord and the people of the Lord will be showered upon your life you know it will bless you and bless you and bless you or till your words say Lord that's enough what is fighting with other people it will fear for your life because you commit your life commit everything your heart into the walk of God the favor of God will never leave your life look at look at it look at verse look at verse 8 12 again wherefore Lee chop the hands that hang down and the feeble knees a mixed response for your feet less that which is Lima be turned out of the way but let it rather be huge you know tonight if you're sick and God has been seen well that sickness is not your ordinary is me that is not you know fulfilling my promise your life but once you say Lord I am sorry everything I brought I'll pick up your walk again the life you want me to leave I will leave that life again immediately you see that America will come upon your life and then you're full of peace with all men and holiness without which no man shall see the Lord somebody there you'll see the Lord that's why he's going to do everything to make sure that your petechiae of his holiness you know tonight number one examine yourself look at your life is the angle got there is a fury of God there is the chastisement of God there is the correction of God there is their luck there is their like you're corny were the Covenant of the Lord and things are not easy examine yourself and what you listen to the spirits pleading is pleading with you nobody ever fought with God and one your conscience tells you the messages tell you our songs tell you the dreams tell you listen to the spirits pleading three despise not divine correction let's be hard God loves you and God also favored you he wants your heart to be solved to be submissive he wants you to be Willy Willy servant and so despised not divine correction formed recognize the rod recognize the rod white not for whatever it is all those issued on the crawling upon you white not for what era it is all those they should not be had of your life affliction here sleeplessness there hajeck their hypertension there and diabetes there and a curable disease their church people of God if we were up and running if we were not going out money money money and Nagasaki money okay get the money and it was spending the money on hospitals and this and that and the time the money comes in because weapon don't go to abandon his ward to go and get the money and they're not to getting the money got this okay if money is great than who I am and what my walk is get the money and look at how I spent in the morning look at the pain look at the heart big look at the suffering why don't we recognize the road I know us appointed the road and say God give you a number one place in my life I'll give you my own place in my time I give everything up God I'm telling you that with the only moment of time think so turn around to your life but to see I will serve God and I know God will permit me to use this language God will serve you I thought you'll say Amen examine yourself listen to the spirits pleading despise not divine correction recognizes Raj return to him with all your heart no resubmission maybe looking back no giving condition to God lodge I will serve you if it's only one person that gives a hundred percent of what he has to serve you our bed that one person God was surprised your signs and wonders and there you partake of his holiness bend your head bend your heart bend your life and submit totally to the Lord the particular of his holiness and vena you prepare for heaven no fight with anybody give me a good amen no quarrel with anybody another aim and peace with all men are you follow the Prince of Peace and then that holiness without which no man shall see the Lord say lord I thank you I feel it in my heart I feel it in my soul he has given that holiness once again this time our labor with H and P at peace with all men your life or be a wonder and the construction I'd I stately to a start tonight are you there what are you are you ready god bless you come to the Lord you stand up and say Lord I surrender all to Jesus I surrender no quarreling with God no fighting with God no contradiction to God I just want to sup good and the Lord were surprised – your life will turn around stand up and talk to the Lord and say Lord Here I am Lord Here I am Lord Here I am I will serve you I was love you I must serve you it's not a thing to do there so be number one in my life serving the Lord open your mouth and totally Lord in prayer you