Legacies 1×10 Hope & Josie Are Flirting!! Hosie Is Real! – Legacies Season 1 Review

what's up guys my name's Alex and welcome to my very first legacy's review video today and when we talk about legacy season 1 episode 10 now just before I get into this I did want to mention that I did a live reaction to this episodes if you want to see me react live to it that is off my patreon which is linked in the description below also like all my review videos if you haven't watched the episode for us I do highly recommend that because it's gonna be a lot of spoilers in this video so if you don't want to be spoiled go watch the episode for us and then come back here so this is my very first Legacy's review video and reaction video I decided to do reaction and review videos after episode 6 was my favorite episode of the show once I saw that episode I was like okay this show is big like it's something that's really got me and it's something that I'm excited to talk about because this so many feels episode 6 was that that scene with Joe and Alaric and Josie and Lizzie that last scene without saying goodbye crying I was bawling my eyes out I and I'm not like I don't think I'm completely up-to-date with the Vampire Diaries I started the first like the early seasons aren't like I finished it there so I'm not attached to jar I don't really know who she but I'm bawling my eyes out over her leaving I that same got me and then obviously we had the the Posey kiss oh I'm here but say yeah after that episode I was like okay I need to be making review and reaction videos because oh boy but the last three episodes honestly I haven't really cared too much about main reason I don't care about Landon I really don't care about him the show is better when he's not in it in my opinion I to the other good episodes of the episodes that he's not in and taking up screen time so I did decide to wait to start doing reviewing reaction videos until this episode because I knew Lizzie and Josie were back I didn't actually know about Landon status but I knew they were back so I figured they'd get more screen time and Landon would be out of the picture turns out he wasn't even in the episode which is great so let's get into this episode so this episode was very heavily focused on Lizzie and she ran into a genie genie Jenny Jane Jean Jake genie we're gonna go genie so she was granted wishes I feel like like any number of wishes that she wanted she thought she only had three but in the end turns out she could have whatever she wanted as long as it suited the genie right but we got to see like three main realities from her wishes the first one was she wished hope never showed up at the school right she wish hope never what never attended the school and Alaric just depressing looking at him and the school I was like oh god all right let's move on the second wish you guys watch my reaction I literally am dying throughout this reality it is everything and I am bummed that we didn't stay there sir in the second reality Lizzy wishes that there was no school right there was no Saltzman school and so they end up going to public school and because of all this that another of the thing Lizzie and Josie essentially sort of switch roles so Josie's like the popular one Lizzie is the background one if you will but Josie dating the quarterback honestly Lizzie's reaction to that was the same as mine she looked sick from sounds like same same but it was quite entertaining to see see their roles reverse it was it was really intriguing to see like a sort of quiet aversion of Lizzie and I don't know it almost like nervous version of Lizzie even though she was still sort of herself but sort of adapting to that reality it was just really interesting to see and then obviously you know like a popular outgoing you know Josie I mean I just love Jersey but sir if you guys don't know if you guys are new to my channel and you haven't seen me talking about legacies at all I love Josie she's my favorite character she is the light of the show to be honest and I do a hundred percent ship Posey love the kids I love them love this like lovers haters two lovers again ah I love it but I can't deny that I'm also a Jose Shiva oh there's something about non-canon ships that really get me I feel like it's possibly because of like there's just endless possibilities because it's not being written into the show I my mind can just wonder wherever and make up any story line I like which you know love so I'm also a hardcore high sea shipper and it was like oh it would have been cannon in this reality horse would have been cannon in reality number turn oh why didn't I just say that when Lizzie went off another and like blew out everything in the school we don't carry um and then her truck dock heart was like hot in all realities like let's be honest she's just hot like right right she makes me wait can you tell sir all right rocks up she's like a pot of is the later something of the Michaels in school so right she's got a school and she rocks up takes charge and Josie is here for it oh my god she is the Superbird right from the get-go oh my god you guys like I was not expecting up you guys have to check out my reaction honestly and hit me and hit me by surprise I was an extract yet what didn't think I'm gonna go there at all but then Josie Sun kicking around I was like and then there on the cash god damn it Missy god dammit why didn't you just leave us in that reality our Z would have been good Oh honestly yeah honestly Rosie makes me sir wait I'm here for her Z yeah that's sane on the couch I'm putting a hand on Josie's leg I'm here for it I'm here what more can I say maybe I don't want to move on but we're gonna move on from that a virtual reality 3 where harp just doesn't exist and this reality sucks this reality really really sucks so we do get to see Penelope again yeah so this reality like supernaturals are like complete war with humans class just went off he's not out and just exposed everyone I guess and so like you know supernaturals are at war with with humans and such and also Lizzie found out about the much she found out about the merge aim became like paranoid and and about killing Jersey I hated this reality I have to say Lizzie killed me in this reality I was like oh she was gutted right like she was like oh she told my heart out when she was finding out that she killed Josie oh yeah so they were having like a memorial for her when Lizzie rocks up and like Penelope's there and there's just just a depressing time but hey Jeannie ends up like allowing Hedda to go back like reverse everything but she wants to get her hands on the urn but then Lizzie using her brain it was like I can't do that but what I can wish is that you never met malov or is it it's malleable right yeah so the genies like you know what I'll accept that so she takes it back but there is like like you know obviously a twist to magic Lizzie doesn't you know end up meeting the genie because of me the genie doesn't need to get the urn but these realities are sort of they stay in her mind and over time she will like potentially start remembering them like what happened and it will send her crazy even more crazy than what she already is and the genie suspects that she's gonna remember about the merge and end up killing Josie again anyway huh I know but I'm harping I'm harping because in the reality that she kills Jersey harp wasn't there and I'm harping because harp is in this reality she might play a part in correcting course I don't but I do have to say I am like multi shipper trash he's such a multi shipper it's like ridiculous sir I love Posie I love her Z but I'm also like from that loss aim of this episode I also kind of – Lizzie like they had one nice conversation it wasn't even nice it was just like they didn't they weren't hating on each other obeying like angry or bitchy towards each other and I was like I'm here for it I'm such trash oh my god but ah such a good episode such a good episode honestly Landon's not here it's a good episode I just need to go in and find what episodes he's not in and and I can look forward to those episodes I feel like though if I do that I feel like we're gonna go out like what six episodes left I have a feeling he's probably gonna be in like these last six episodes but whatever I'm enjoying this episode while it lasts we've got Josie and Lizzie back which is great even though Landon will probably be back sir and we've got them back I just yeah harp Josie and Lizzie as long as like Darren and episode I'm so good I'm so good but yeah like I said I did a reaction if you guys wanna go check it out that's in description I would love to know your thoughts on this episode in the comment section below yeah I'm very I'm and excited to hear your thoughts on it I think that's about it from either if you liked the video hit that like button and subscribe if you're new yeah definitely let me know if you guys like the reviews of legacies and want me to keep it up but I will see you guys in my next video okay bye

Legacies 1×10 Lizzie express the 2nd Wish, Alaric trains Hope

you really saved the day you just look so happy yeah me and we have a couple of Tours later today now that we have a tribe ready we're in the game for real along here hope let's be alone the family you lost I can't stay then so many awful things because no one is there to guide you don't blame you know that should have found you sooner Oh screw this Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie J I and n adding I at the end sound exactly like Jeannie now tell me something ro ji and an eyes this terrible at their jobs or did you completely miss the part where I wished for hope not to go here I wish hope had never come to this school and she hadn't mean till today fascinating that your father's dream couldn't be realized without her presence isn't it go back inside your well you must choose your words carefully precision is key I can only grant what it is you wish for so you should figure out exactly what your heart desires or in your case when it does not well what my heart does not desire is hope always showing up here to be my dad's effect so I wish but there was never a Salvatore school to begin with your wish is my command

Legacies 1×10 Sneak Peek "There’s A World Where Your Dreams Came True" (HD) The Originals spinoff

you sure it glowed again I sleep with the damn thing under my pillow it's hard to miss what do you think it's gonna be this time hmm Cyclops Slender Man Santa well given our luck I think it's safe to rule out old Saint Nick I don't know I mean Santa Claus is kind of terrifying we think about it freaks into your home he sees you when you're sleeping not to mention judgy hope I need you to focus look I'm trying I just wish that Satan's nightlight would give us some rest yeah and I wish that knife was never in our school to begin with but it's not like we can change that now all we can do is make sure we're not blindsided by another monster walking through our doors

Legacies 1×10 Damon and Elena Reference

do you think he'll stay so hard to get anyone to stay well if these are the breakfast offerings it's no wonder where the pastries the Belgian waffles the smoothie station right I'll tell Dad to add that to the budget after he pays the gas bill wait are we poor see you know how expensive it is to run this place how hard it is to get benefactors I mean Damon Salvatore has been as generous as he can be but he and Alena have kids of their own that they need to take care of I'm gonna make sure that that means he works so hard crap Jeanne Jeanne is she like talking to herself Jeanne a Saltzman twins are placing hot the blonde is huh Jeanne yeah this place sucks hopes dad wrote my mom a big check to fund the school when it opened so no hope no funding no fun fix it so is that to be your next wish yes that would be my wait I know how this goes I waste my first wish by not being specific enough I waste my second one trying to clean up my first only to make things worse and then my third gets wasted by wishing that I had never had any wishes in the first place I won't fall for it Jeannie it's Ginny that's what I said I'll beat you at your own game make the best of this rat trap send me back in

Legacies 1×10 Ending: Everything is Back to Normal

Oh what's happening why are you suffocated me I have no idea look I don't know when it started but on a fundamental level I think I'm broken and I realize this is all very sudden but I just for whatever reason have this feeling that something terrible is gonna happen if I don't change I'm so sorry Caroline I know I should not have missed your text about the kids it won't happen again Lizzy's been vibrating pretty high you think she's on the verge of an episode yeah all right keep an eye on her any other leads keep at it we'll find a solution you got a sec well this morning's evidence to the contrary I always have time for you what's on your mind I'm sorry about earlier mom gave me all of these tools to manage my ups and downs but they all go out the window when it comes to help plus he was pretty self-aware who brought this on I don't know well maybe it'll come to you in the meantime I appreciate you trying I love you dad I love you too sweetheart what's that oh this is nothing new – we're done thoughts and my head I think that they have something to do with hope hey hey what's all that oh I was thinking we can smell a barrier on the urn soon the next monster shows up we can trap it what a help pass but I can't put my finger on

Legacies 1×10 Lizzie and Josie Return

too late Oh God girls leave doing here you're not supposed to get in until tonight mom was able to get us direct into Dulles then faxed texted and emailed you our revised itinerary I'm so sorry it's it's chaos around here it's okay dad we know that you're overwhelmed but Europe was amazing and seeing mom was really good Joe has covered the bright side it far less sunny was waiting for you in the chilly dark good morning at the terminal and you not showing up in his defense we've been in crisis mode around here we've heard all about it Oh goddamn boozled buy one of the monsters and now only two keys separate the entire supernatural community from being consumed by a hell portal I'm guessing that weird little vase is one of them it's an urn actually I don't care what it is I care that instead of being welcomed at the airport we were forced to take a three-hour shuttle ride that smelled like an open sewer and feet thanks a lot hope wait a ruined life for the rest of us breathe just breathe come on you beautiful tea say the magic words I wish hope would never come to this school where did you come from first things first I'm blue you're so blue my name is Adler and you're obviously a monster but a monster grant your wish holy crap you're a freaking change hmm Ginny and your wish is my command