Legacies 1×04 Inside "Hope is Not the Goal" (HD) Season 1 Episode 4 Inside The Originals spinoff

– [Matt] Like Dr Saltzman was saying, local girls Dana Lilien and Sasha Stodero, didn't come home last night. (glass breaking)
(screaming) – We're very excited to be here
to talk about episode four, Hope is Not the Goal. (growl) (frightened scream) – Sasha and Dana, the snotty girls from last week's episode, have gone missing. So, Sheriff Matt Donovan comes
in and says to the school, "Hey I could really use some help finding these missing girls." – I'm in. – I'm in too. – I'd like to help. – I volunteer as tribute.
(upbeat guitar music) – [Julie] And so our
kids, rustle up a posse and go undercover at the high school. – This is the senior hallway. Where I spent much of my formative years, stuffed in every locker except this one. That one doesn't open. On your left you'll find the bathrooms where I had my first kiss with a toilet. – For Landon it's going
back to a hallway, that is, the sight of great childhood trauma. But when a body turns up really quickly, it sort of brings us back to
the old Vampire Diaries days, and Matt Donovan's like, "Oh God." you know like things have
been so good here for so long and he's gonna have suspicions. – Think it's safe to
say, she's not a runaway.

Legacies Temporada 1 | Episodio 5 – Alaric y Dorian se enfrentan a una dríada

la noche que me iba y con oliver algo me atacó desperté en una oscuridad eterna sentía la presencia de otros pero no los veía ni escuchaba estuve tanto tiempo y luego de la nada me encontré no lejos de aquí con deseo de tener la vaga porque es esto no lo sé sé que debo tener que salga algo que me presiona dentro diciéndome que la lleve llevarla a dónde hay un pozo negro más allá de la tierra encerrado lo veo lo siento y debo llevar la tara allí si lo hago encontraré paz y seré libre y quién te dijo esto una voz en mi mente sigue e intente ignorarla pero no tengo la fuerza lo lamento no tengo opción cuidado historias de plata

Legacies 1×14 Penelope Leaves?!? My Poor Posie Heart!! – Legacies Review

what's up guys my name's Alex and
welcome to another legacies video today I'm gonna be talking about season 1
episode 14 now just before I get into this video I did want to mention that I
did a live reaction to this episode so if you want to see me react live that is
up in my patron which is linked in the description below also like all my
review videos if you haven't watched the episode first I do highly recommend that
because there's gonna be a lot of spoilers in this video so if you don't
want to be spoiled go watch the episode first and then come back here alright
let's dive into let's dive into the main issue right penelope leaving so yeah I
I even know what to say so turns out the letter that Penelope wrote
Josie what episode was it was it ten it was a few episodes ago that Josie refused to
read actually it contained in it that she was leaving apparently she's going
to Europe to go to an all witches school her mom got a new job so she's going
over there so that's what Penelope wrote in the letter that she was leaving and
of course we didn't find out until today because Josie only decided to read the
letter today okay look I'm gonna I have so many thoughts about this and it's
taken me like a couple days to really sort of like I don't know get my head
around it and I still don't think my head is fully around it but I have a
couple thoughts first of all I'm not a hundred percent convinced that she's
gone forever right she didn't die so I feel like you know obviously she's not
dead there's definitely possibility for her to come back I don't know if that'll
be this season or next season but she's not dead so you know I mean even in this
universe like the Vampire Diaries universe even if someone dies they still
come back right so just from that alone I'm not a hundred percent convinced that
she's gone forever also I feel like the lack of like
goodbyes that has been said on Twitter and social medias and stuff like that
kind of makes me feel like she's not gone as well forever so like I said I'm
not a hundred percent convinced that she's gone forever
but I don't know if she will be back this season or not I
feel like potentially this is the last we've seen of her this season just because
there's only two more episodes left and I think I mean looking at the promo for
next week they're gonna play into the whole the twins finding out about the merge
right and that whole drama so I feel like time is gonna be spent more on that
instead of like Penelope coming back there's also some theories out there
about Penelope going to Europe which is also where Caroline is and people are
theorizing that Penelope has gone off to find to help find the cure for the merge
and I really like that theory I I'm a big fan of that theory I I
for me that's headcanon right like I I i like that theory way better than like
she's just going to school in Europe because I just like her leaving Oh broke my
heart like they were both crying and then like Penelope talking about like the merge
and how like she's talking about how she couldn't just like stay there and watch
she couldn't just watch Josie lose or die right she couldn't do that so I
really like the theory that she's gone off to Europe to help look for a cure
but I also feel like I mean I might be understanding this wrong but I feel like
the merge happens when they're 22 right so I feel like that's at least
four years away I feel like they're like 17 right maybe 18 I wouldn't say older
than 18 though right I mean they're still at school so I don't know I
there's a lot this season there's been a lot in regards to the merge when I'm
like this still at least four years to go until the merge happens so I don't
know where this is gonna go to like what's the point of this like I mean I
know what the point is but what's the what am I trying to say like the the the
tip the the climax of this story you know when it the merge isn't actually
gonna start happening for a couple years so yeah it it makes me wonder you know
are they are they gonna find the cure before the
merge even comes close to happening like is that why it's such a like big
storyline this season yeah so I don't know I'm so conflicted
because like I said I really do like the theory that she's going off to help find
a cure for the merge but then like the merge isn't happening for a few years so
it's like why was this so like it felt very rushed
Penelope's leaving which is like you know if if this is the last we see of
her I'll be really really disappointed because it just felt like all of a
sudden she's gone and she knows everything and she's dropping all this
knowledge on Josie and that's it she's gone but if this isn't the last we see
of her then I don't know it I will feel a little better about her departure but
obviously this is gonna be like a big tipping point for Josie um
Josie's finding out about the merge Josie's finding out about why Penelope
was so um mad so emotional when Lizzie would be like the the center of the two
if that makes sense like place yourself before Josie all the time I think all
that's gonna you know it's gonna come toppling over for Josie especially in
the next episode the next couple episodes so that's gonna be really
really interesting to watch so while I don't like that Penelope's leaving I am
very excited for what this drama is gonna bring cuz I mean I love Lizzie she
it's so entertaining she is so entertaining but she is she
does some very frustrating things especially too like Josie it's like oh
why can't you just like look out for your sister
every once in a while you know instead of expecting her to look out for you
so I am excited to see Josie sort of like stand up for herself and and yeah
I'm excited for that storyline so I feel like I'm not as emotional that Penelope
is gone just because I I feel like she's not completely gone it just feels too
quick for Penelope just be gone so right now I'm still holding out hope that Penelope
is coming back I feel like she's coming back at some point so I'm not totally
upset unless we do get news that she's not coming back at all and then I'm
gonna be mad I'm gonna be so mad cuz oh their scenes this episode I just love
them so much them dancing Penelope catching like Josie when she pretends to
trip oh god I love them oh I love Penelope and Josie Posie I
really love I mean you guys know I'm like a multi shipper and last time I
was talking about Hosie but I'm I'm so here for Posie as well and you
just just Penelope loves Josie like that is clear as day no one can argue that no
one can argue how much Penelope loves Josie like uh when they were walking
down the stairs to the the pageant thingy um Penelope just the way she
looked at Josie oh oh I couldn't my heart oh so I just I need Penelope to
come back so I get more Posie feels cuz Penelope truly does love Josie she truly
does and I yeah I feel like because of that I like the theory that she's going
off to find a cure because I find it hard to believe that she would just
leave knowing how high a possibility it is for Josie to die you know to Lizzie
so I feel like if she's gonna leave she's gonna leave to try and help Josie
you know while she might not be able to stand there and watch you know Josie get
pushed around by Lizzie and potentially taken over by Lizzie she's gonna do
something about it that's what I like that's what I have in mind
that's my canon I do have to say though while Penelope was able to find out about
the merge by spying on everyone it's not great that she spied on on Josie I'm not
a fan of that not a fan that she I should put a spell on Josie's pen not
good not good yeah no not a fan of that but talking
about like disappointments I guess let's talk about Lizzie for a second Lizzie and Hope but like Lizzie I love Lizzie I really do like she can be awful she
really can she can be awful but like I don't know there's something about her
that I just love like you just see these elements of her like really caring and I
just fall in love with her you know I really loved the episode where like she
saw all these those alternate realities and you could just see that she loves
Josie you know she's a very messed up way of like showing that and I think she can constant can quite often get carried away um
with herself and not think about Josie but she does love her so Lizzie
frustrates me especially when she's just like this episode when she really didn't
take Josie's feelings into consideration and also hopes feelings and into
consideration but also oh there was a lot that I loved Lizzie in this episode
in particular Hizzie so talk about multi shipping hahaha
so I am fully going down the Hizzie ship I I'm getting on board
I really am so this episode it was the the Miss I keep on thinking in my mind
miss marvel I went and saw Captain Marvel recently it's not miss marvel
it's miss Mystic Falls so that was happening and Lizzie dropped
out because Dana's mom was one of the judges and end up giving hope her all
her sort of like knowledge and and I don't know what else to say essentially
putting Hope in her place there was just so many Hizzie moments this this episode
that loved I love saying Lizzie help hope cope with her like emotions
and her sort of like outbursts in regards to her powers and stuff like
that I really really loved that you know what else I really really love about
Hizzie their goddamn height difference oh my god oh it's good I love it again a
bit of like mm-hmm selfishness in Lizzy's regard with the dress that Hope
wore to miss miss Mystic Falls was actually addressed that Klaus
got Caroline so Hope breaking down over that oh that tore my heartstrings but
then Lizzy hugging her and just be like let it out I am honestly really going
down the Hizzie ship oh god I just I ship them all I really do I ship them all but
yeah I yeah this episode at the start I was like when I first saw it I was like
really like depressed I was like why is Penelope gone I don't understand but the more
I think about it the less convinced I am that she's gone forever
you know I'm less depressed about it but I would love to know your thoughts on
Penelope leaving what do you think do you think she's going forever or do you
think she's coming back I really love to know your thoughts and your thoughts and
anything else in the episode maybe some thoughts on Hizzie am I the only one that
ships Hizzie but yeah leave them in the comment
section below like I mentioned if you wanted to see me react live in this
episode that is linked in description and if you like this video hit that like
button and subscribe if you're new I will see you guys in my next video okay

Legacies 1×08 Inside "Maybe I Should Start from the End" (HD) The Originals spinoff

you've been my best customer this week and I I don't even know your name Landon that's a beautiful one Thanks I'm pretty sure you gave it to me it's called maybe I should start at the end very excited about this one last we saw they ended Kirby I hope head put him on a bus to New Orleans to see family friend Vincent in order to have Vincent help him track down his birth mother I've told you my whole life story but I don't know anything about you his journey with this woman actually opens the basic Pandora's box the mother lode pun intended of questions when Sayla turns out to be absolutely nothing like what he thought she would be where the hell do you think you're going with my keys and without telling me I'm going after Landon he's in trouble then we're going and I'm driving I will say without giving anything away that this episode contains a creature that Bret Matthews has been wanting to bring to life on the on the screen since childhood Saila is that you screen full geek moment what has happened here on this episode

Legacies Temporada 1 | Episodio 3 – Lizzie es atacada por una gárgola

no deberías ayudar considerada una lección de vida pedro la gente decepciona esa estatua se movió gracioso yo merezco saber qué pasa tanto como yo soy su maldita hija lo hizo de nuevo [Música] es una broma de mal gusto las brujas de sexto grado aprenden hechizos de ilusión este semestre adivinar está detrás de mí verdad tienes que darme la mano [Aplausos] buscar a mi papá ahora imperios

Legacies 1×15 Triad Boss is Landon’s Brother

you know I've told my fair share of lies the best lie is one that someone already wants to believe then you're asking me to believe that the father that I've been looking for for years has actually been searching for me why should I believe you because I was there over the years his attempts at children became more refined indistinguishable from humans our father is a very gifted artist our father yes little brother like I said I was there