Legacies 1×15 Sneak Peek "I’ll Tell You a Story" (HD) The Originals spinoff

usual debrief before you throw them into the pit find out where he's from family any other Phoenix as he's willing to give up then ask him about the knife snd knife when I was at the school I heard he tried to steal it and I'd like to know why he wanted one of the locks to the pit shouldn't be too difficult he recorded the voicemail with minimal resistance no one's watching us now look I already told the other guys I don't know anything you could kill me but I'm part Phoenix so I'm just gonna come back to life and a burst of flames and there's gonna be a lot of ash to clean up and after I come back I'm not gonna know anything I'm not here to interrogate Lenin in fact I'm here so you can finally get some answers legacy this all new episode this Thursday at 9:00 8:00 central only on the CW and stream every next day on the CW AB

Josie & Penelope – 26 (Legacies)(Sub. Español)

Landen told me about your little incident confidentiality a thing it should be he's just worried about you that's all it doesn't need to be sure it seems like you're manifesting a little stress anxiety I mean with your family history I just wanna make sure oh okay okay I could stand to blow off some steam I'm gonna go check the woods to see if I drop out daddy I need you they won't unload the trucks without your signature what tables chairs flowers a helium tank who ordered all this you did a few months ago why I have some news many of you like me have forgotten that we are hosting this year's miss Mystic Falls pageant trust me I know the rotation is set in stone so let's take the opportunity to maintain our image as a normal school for the rich and awful as usual anything remotely magical enchanted vampire wolf or which related must be kept tucked away hidden and under lock and key okay how about we blow this popsicle stand and go to my room for a little things watching show you and I only make out a magical slugs in bigger brains I actually wanted to talk to you about the letter I wrote which I'm guessing you haven't read yet I've been dealing with the pageant Penelope yeah I can see that see this is me offering you a viable option owl this pageant is misogynistic and archaic stop enabling it I can't I'm a contestant you know I wish I was drinking something right now so he do spit take you know my mom was miss Mystic Falls Lizzie's been dreaming of this day since she was little things have been rocky between us recently so if me throwing a few events helps her win the title i'ma for it you agreed to help Lizzie win I'm supporting my sister it's her crown and I'm fine with that I need another task something more strenuous if you have it does this have anything to do with the return of the Romans Sienna because I can think of something ring strings us it's not about Roman I just need a release all these humans come into campus I can't wolf out okay I'll make you a list the judges are here excuse me I am withdrawing from miss Mystic Falls effective immediately I thought you had something important to us come for the underwhelming announcement stay for the epic meltdown okay why are you quitting a personal issue with one of the judges a direct result of that bitch Dana's sabotage she's dead Lizzie correction that dead bitch Dana's a sabotage costing me the crown from beyond the grave the head judge is her mother town pharmacist there is always next year for me but that does not mean that we here at the Salvatore School shouldn't bring home the title and stick it to those counties so I have studied all of the stats and advanced metrics and I have chosen a replacement hope Michaelson