Big Parties Budget Lies

Let’s look at the two big parties and their
budget promises This budget delivers a surplus this coming year There will be a deficit of $18 billion dollars The budget deficit will fall to $29.8 billion dollars The deficit is expected to reduce to $37.1 billion dollars Nothing but lies and massive debt But now we have a choice I’m Senator David Leyonhjelm and like you I’ve been hearing the big parties’ budget lies year, after year, after year. We can’t run our households into endless debt and neither should the government. That’s why we’re the only party with a sensible alternative budget. A balanced budget. Visit our website to see
what a sensible alternative budget looks like and let’s bring some common sense to Canberra. If you like what you see and want to support our campaign go to or simply text ‘LIBERTY’ to 0439 999 333 to contribute $10. You do have a choice.

Screw the government

In the next sitting of parliament, the Government
hopes to pass new legislation giving authorities greater powers to crack down on playing online
poker for money in Australia. These interactive gambling laws are supposed
to be about preventing match fixing in sports, which makes no sense when applied to online
poker because it is not a spectator sport. I am talking to the government about reconsidering
the legislation. but if they go ahead, I will put forward amendments to make an exception for online poker and blackjack. In the meantime, it might be worth contacting Minister Alan Tudge and politely reminding him that you play online poker, and you vote. and if none of this works, screw the government! Get yourself a VPN and an offshore account, and carry on as you were.

What Will Y’all Do When Your Liberal Lies Are Exposed?

Okay. Today we have a second in an installment of
Trumpists whose mind you can’t change a fourth. Today’s voicemail segment. The voicemail number of course is two one
nine two, David P. yesterday we had one example, a, a woman, a young woman, or I don’t know
what age she was, a woman, uh, who made it clear that it’s not a good strategy to go
and try to convince Trump is to change their mind. That’s not how we’re going to win 2020. I have another example of that for you today. Take a listen to this. Are you guys gonna do, once the truth comes
out and all your liberal lies and stuff are made known, what are you guys gonna do? Right? You guys gonna root for when all the bad guys
are locked up. When, uh, when Obama was in Clinton’s and
bushes, all the deep Staters are locked up. What are you guys gonna do then? He’s going to pay your bills. There’s going, you know what I’m saying? You guys better get on the right side of the
outside of the reality. Guys, I’m telling you, you’re on the wrong
side of reality. Yeah. So listen, as far as paying bills, I’ve said
before, um, you know, Trump in office has been good for, for the show in terms of the
business of the show. It’s been terrible for the country and I still
prioritize the country over the show. I can assure you that if circumstances in
the United States lead to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George W. Bush being in prison,
I think the show will be doing just fine. But of course, you know, deep state conspiracies,
all of this stuff, we can’t talk these folks out of the worldview that they’ve adopted,
not in any sensible amount of time. So the focus must be, the focus has to be
get the vote out from people that are on our side already. Make sure they don’t stay home. And let’s try to improve the country that
way. Because arguing with folks like that, and
the person called in yesterday, it’s an exercise in futility. It’s a, it’s, it’s simply not worth it. It’s not worth our time. We can get way more people to vote before
we can get one of these folks to change their mind. On today’s bonus show. George Papadopoulos is running for Congress
and he announced it where of course on Fox and friends. We will talk about that T-Mobile has a trademark
on the color magenta and is demanding that an insurance company stop using that particular
Hugh. We will discuss that and the limits of intellectual
property also may be good news. Donald Trump has signed an animal cruelty
bill into law. Interesting. When in the video I showed you earlier of
Trump with a dog, he seemed to have absolutely no affection or empathy for the dog whatsoever,
in fact seemed to want nothing to do with the dog despite clock calling the dog. Brilliant and extremely smart. We will talk about the animal cruelty bill. On today’s bonus show. How do you get access to the bonus show? It’s very easy. Sign up for a [email protected]
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Pat and me will take place. We have all been preparing. I’ve been doing, I’ve been working on my lats
actually to prepare for the chess match. More on that tomorrow though, the David Pakman
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Sometimes It’s Fact vs Ignorance, Not Left vs Right

All right. Let’s see what is continuing to be on people’s
minds on the phones at six one, seven, eight, three zero 47 50. So folks holding on. Let’s go. Let’s go to Deon. We haven’t heard from Dion in the four one,
seven, uh, for, um, several months. Uh, actually close to a year. Deon, what’s going on? Hi. How’s it going? Yeah, I haven’t called in in quite awhile. I had a like, I don’t know if it’s a question
as much as a statement that I think we mischaracterize things with the left and right dichotomy too
much. When it’s more of a, it’s like informed, misinformed
and disinfect. Yes. Sometimes that is the case. Sometimes that’s the case, but I think there’s,
there’s other, some, so sometimes we mischaracterize positions as left. Right. When really it’s the fact based position and
the one that’s not, sometimes we miss characterizing because the is really one about, you know,
for example, corruption versus anticorruption. But listen, Dionne, it sounds crazy where
you are. So I don’t know if you had a specific part
I could answer offline but I can barely hear you. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m on a wired headphone. Is this a better connection? You know, it’s not a connection. It just sounds like chaos in the background. I don’t know if you’re at a daycare or something
like that. Oh no, I’m not. Okay. Well, I apologize. I’ll let you go. Okay. All right, Dan, great to hear from you. I appreciate it. You are completely right. Sometimes it’s not about left versus right. Sometimes it’s about do you know the facts
or don’t you? And I love it. I appreciate that Dionne called in and made
that very important point.

Stop Saying “Trumpist.” This is the Republican Party
slash Reddit just shy of 16,000 of our viewers and listeners regularly discussing politics
there. A few interesting posts I noticed this morning. One says, can we stop saying Trumpists is
Trump supporters? This is the Republican party carrying on from
10 years ago. Yeah, this is a really important thing. I do believe there is relevance to talking
about a Trumpist in that it is someone who actively supports Trump because there are
conservatives, libertarians, uh, evangelical right-wingers who don’t support Trump. It’s not most of them though. So I do think there is relevance to talking
about Trumpists but, and the point here is that the tea party was a sort of precursor
to Trumpists. I think that we’ve made very clear over the
last several weeks and months that getting rid of Trump doesn’t fix the Republican party
because the Republican party being broken is what allowed Trump to win a primary to
begin with. And ultimately to win losing, of course in
the popular vote by a record, million number of votes, but winning the electoral college,
that was all enabled by the Republican party and even after Trump has gone, that is still
something they’re going to have to contend with. Another post from the subreddit, David’s stance
on Buddha, judge. Hey everyone. I took a break from Pacman’s show awhile back
because at the time the new cycle as well as what David was reporting was kind of the
same old, same old. I’ve been a booted judge supporter since the
start. And I was wondering why does it appear David
doesn’t report on Buddha judge much? Uh, yeah. Listen, we talk about booted judge. We’ve booted judge. We talk about him in proportion to how much
he warrants or deserves being talked about. I find him on a personal level to feel a little
bit phony and extraordinarily scripted. So that’s my personal take on his PR, uh,
appearance. He really had no shot for awhile. He now has picked up up to 8% support and
importantly he’s doing very well in the two first primaries, Iowa and New Hampshire. So we talked about Buddha, judge Moore during
the debate livestream this week we’re talking about Buddha judge more in the context of
those early primaries. I’m doing my best to talk about candidates
in proportion to how important I believe their presence is within the primary and whether
I have anything to say about them. And that’s basically it. A lot of people shocked about my, uh, coming
clean about my health insurance plan earlier this week and a lot of shocked posts about
it, including this one from black green who says is David Pacman’s health insurance common? I’ve been in the military 15 years, but under,
before that, under my parents’ insurance for me, my wife and daughter healthcare is almost
free. Uh, anyways, David’s situation, common $400
a month in premiums, a $2,000 deductible and copays, that’s just a straight up scam. Sadly in the private market it is. Some people have plans that terrible, uh,
through employers. Uh, I am lucky enough to have that plan merely
by paying for it myself. Since I am self-employed. Yes, the system is broken. Join the [email protected] slash