What is #cnnblackmail? CNN Black Mailed a reddit user over a Trump meme?!

Hello Internet! And Welcome to behind the meme!! Today we have a look at #cnnblackmail Ok, I just had to make a video on this topic
when I heard what was happening….where to begin… Let me take you guys to a far distant land
that could never exist under any circumstances. A place where a simple joke is blown out of
proportions, A joke that the president of the united states posts to his twitter that
he uses very often, a place where a mainstream news outlet that is suppose to have credibility
is losing more and more of it each and every passing week. This place sounds like it’s an imaginary
world right? Well… BOOM. It is reality. Welcome to 2017! A real effed up time to be alive. so as many of you may know, Donald Trump is
the president of the united states of america! Many people have a variety of feelings when
it comes to this topic. Many of those feelings people have are pretty
idiotic, at least to me, but hey to each their own. You see some people think that Trump isn’t
qualified to be the president. I really don’t see the logic in not giving
somebody a fair chance…but I guess that makes me racist. But that is neither here or there. You see Donald Trump is a very polarizing
figure. Prior to becoming president he was known for
his business ventures and his entertainment endevours. You see our president was a celebrity before
he became the leader of the free world. He had a TV show, he was in one of my favorite
childhood movies. Hell he even wrestled! That’s right. Donald trump participated in Wrestlemania
23 where he battled owner of the WWF….I’m sorry, I’m a 90’s kid, I meant to say
WWE, Vince McMahon. Where they battled in a hair vs hair match. Where the loser had to cut their hair. They really didn’t wrestle as much as they
had others wrestle for them…but that is a minor detail. During the match they did have a bit of an
altercation. Fast forward years later and that man is now
the president of the united states of america. A president that has had a real life wrestling
match with the mainstream media. Since before he was even elected, donald trump
has expressed a distaste for the mainstream media which he claims posts and reports fake
news about him on a nearly daily basis. Now some people argue against those claims
while other people agree with them. Just remember, Believe none of what you hear
and half of what you see. So we’ve established that our president
is a bit colorful, and that’s not meant to be an orange joke by the way. He also has a bit of a vendetta against particular
news outlets, and some of them may have one against him as well. So it may come as no shock to find out that
the official Twitter account of Donald Trump posted this post on July 2nd 2017
When he tweeted that tweet The internet blew the eff up!! With anti-trump people claiming it was childish
for a man in his position to tweet such a thing. And others like me who thought it was pretty
savage and funny. Then there was CNN, Who seemed to feel that
for some reason this meme was promoting violence against reporters…They were looking for
some way to demonize it and I think that’s what they ultimately said…. It’s a bit of a stretch if you ask me but
hey, PC america am I right? Oh but it gets better…or worse I should
say. CNN, you know, the major million dollar news
network, they decided to track down the creator of the video. Now information is a bit murky here because
things begin to take a weird turn in legal ways, but what I do know is that allegedly
CNN tracked down a reddit user who originally posted the video to the_Donald subreddit and
found out their identity and threatened to DOX them. Meaning release their real life identity to
the masses. Which…is kinda against the law, CNN. And when you have tweets like this “Exclusive
CNN tracked down the reddit user behind the trump wrestling gif. Now he’s apologizing”
I don’t know CNN, I’m no saul goodman but it kinda seems like it’s blackmail. And I’m not the only one to think this either. After all this drama the hashtag CNNblackmail
began to trend with thousands of people thinking the very same exact thing. All of this drama has only created a bunch
more CNN based memes in response to their actions. So they use methods of intimidation to make
the creator of one joke apologize… Allegedly…. but because their shady practices
come to light, it causes hundreds of more jokes to be born. That sounds about right… Welcome to 2017!! And we’re only half way through! Buckle up kids, it’s gonna be one hell of
a ride!! So there you have it! What started off as a joke that was tweeted
by the president of the united states of america, turned into a controversy that is tarnishing
the reputation of one of the top News outlets… Allegedly But hey!! That’s the internet for you and on the internet
memes are king! Thank you all so very much for watching! Make sure to subscribe so you can catch my
next video and stay up to date on all your favorite memes and trends!! who knows you
may learn about something you never knew about before!! I’ll catch you beautiful people next time!! impulsive decision! A stupid impulsive life threatening decision
that frankly if you were running a company and made that kind of decision. You would destroy that company instantaneously.

Troubling CONSPIRACY THEORIES Believed To Be TRUE O_O(r/AskReddit)

Alex Jones gets his intel from the smurfs what troubling conspiracy theories do you genuinely
believe in the lost cosmonauts theory that Yuri Gagarin wasn’t necessarily the
first person in space just the first to successfully return to Earth alive the
Soviet Union supposedly covered up several failed space flights with
cosmonauts either being accidentally launched into deep space rather than
Earth orbit or dying upon failed reentry it’s complicated by the fact that the
USSR did actually cover up several accidents in their space program astronomer here there is a long-standing
conspiracy theory of the lost cosmonauts which basically says that many
cosmonauts died in training and in space flight during the early days of the USSR
space program these are basically people who say Yuri Gagarin was not the first
man in space he was just the first man to survive most of the alleged lost
cosmonauts to be clear have no basis in reality and have been debunked but in
the 1980s the Soviet Union did finally acknowledge Valentin Bondarenko steth
before Yuri’s famous flight during cosmonauts training during an accident
in a low-pressure chamber three weeks before that space flight Valentin had a
spark in the high oxygen environment and suffered third-degree burns in the half
hour it took for them to open the door pretty similar to what the Apollo 1
astronauts died of a few years later and D ed later in the hospital for this
noble sacrifice two manned spaceflight what did the USSR do airbrushed him out
of the official photos of the first group of cosmonauts and did brude
attempts to erase his existence for years afterwards so there really was a
lost cosmonaut but he didn’t die in space my heart always goes out to
Valentin Bondarenko dying such a painful death but instead of having his
sacrifice on it his nation tries it’s best to forget about him for our
a large number of protesters were shot and killed in the lead-up to the Mexican
Olympics in 1968 the Mexican government was tired of widespread protesting
making them look bad so they waited until a large protest was being staged
outside a governmental building the building was lined with cops and
security the official story protesters attacked the cops cops retaliated chaos
ensued the real story government hit CIA sharpshooters I forget the Mexican
equivalent of the CIA in buildings nearby when the protest was in full
swing the CIA opened fire on the cops the cops
believing the protesters were attacking then fired on the protesters many
protesters were killed counts of deaths to this day are unknown since the
government had planned for this and had crews ready once the protesters were
scattered the crews moved in and cleaned the entire scene up nobody’s left no
blood to this day no one knows how many people were killed there it worked out
mostly for the government the protest movement was largely squashed that day
this is known because of recent Mexican president in the name of openness opened
up a bunch of old government files so it’s well documented operation Snow
White was the Church of Scientology’s internal name for a major criminal
conspiracy during the 1970s to purge unfavorable records about Scientology
and its founder l ron Hubbard this project included a series of
infiltration zand thefts from 136 government agencies foreign embassies
and consulates as well as private organizations critical of Scientology
carried out by church members in more than 30 countries it was the single
largest infiltration of the United States government in history with up to
5,000 covet agents that the planet Venus was at one point
two comets birthed from Jupiter its birth created the spot on Jupiter
it traveled outside our solar system and back passing earth so close one time
that it created the Mariana Trench and also the floods of biblical times source
Immanuel Velikovsky worlds in collision it also states that Earth Mars and
Saturn were once their own solar system with Saturn as the star when the two
systems merged there was basically a plasma war between the two stars with
our current Sun winning this is also part of the electric universe theory
that states that the stars are electric nodes and electricity is the most
prevalent force in the universe not gravity Dyatlov pass incident 9 sky
hikers were found dead and half-naked in the Ural Mountains some died from
hypothermia but others died from blunt force trauma like a fractured skull and
chest fractures two bodies had burnt hands another body was found with their
eyes and tongue removed the area the bodies were found were closed to the
public for three years the night of their deaths other hikers nearby
remember seeing orange orbs in the sky the investigation concluded the deaths
were caused by an unknown compelling force theories include Soviet military
weapons tests mass panic attack due to infrasound UFOs or Yeti type creature not so much a conspiracy theory as it is
a mystery an entire ninety-nine ton locomotive appears to have just vanished
in the 70s the engine was the central Indiana railway number one an
electromotive division sw1 a 600 horsepower switcher that was the 44 mile
lines only engine literally no one knows what happened to it even stranger
there’s basically no information on even the railroad itself online the only
thing with any useful information at all is the spring 2013 issue of classic
trains magazine where on page 88 it says it was last seen
in Wheatfield Indiana apparently no one knows what happens to it because there
are no records of it being scrapped put in storage sold or anything the Titanic
Olympic conspiracy it has credibility because there is photographic evidence
it’s really one of the only conspiracy theories that I’m willing to put much
belief in the sister ships and their third counterpart the Britannic were
owned by White Star Line the Olympic was put into service in June 1911 she
collided with another ship the HMS Hawke in September of nineteen eleven and both
ships were badly damaged the accident was a financial disaster for White Star
Line as they were found to be liable for the accident and had to pay for the
damages to both ships and legal fees for court cases associated with the accident
repairs on the Olympic took nearly two months and parts intended for the
Titanic which was still being built during this time had to be given to the
Olympic instead only a few weeks after being returned to service the Olympics
suffered another minor incident where one of the propellers broke off and
pieces intended for the Titanic will once again cannibalized at this point
the Olympic was looking like more and more of a money drain for the White Star
Line though its achievement in not actually sinking despite a major
accident that should have sunk it cemented the olympic-class liners
reputation as unsinkable but I’ll get back to that in a moment T the Titanic
was finally finished and ready to leave port on her maiden voyage on April 10th
1912 having been delayed while new parts were made and delivered to replace the
ones needed for the Olympic and from there we all know the story she went
first to France and then to Ireland and then began her trek across the Atlantic
to New York during which she struck an iceberg and after nearly two hours sank
taking 1,500 Souls with her to a cold watery grave that would not be seen
again by human eyes finally a hundred years
the Olympic went on to have a 24 year career as a successful ocean liner she
served during World War one where che earned the nickname bold reliable for
her impenetrable hull and then in 1919 she was reacted to be a civilian
passenger ship and served as an ocean liner until 1935 when she was retired
from the fleet her ownership changed hands several times and she was
eventually dismantled and sold for scrap metal but what if it wasn’t the Titanic
that sank what if it was actually the Olympic what if it was applied to remove
a faulty ship that was costing them more money than she was bringing in for white
star line and cash in on her million pound insurance policy so here is the
conspiracy theory at some point after the Titanic was completed they switched
the identities of the ships the new Titanic was actually the Olympic and the
Olympic was actually the brand-spanking-new Titanic fresh from
the Construction Yard with zero problems and zero history they intended for the
Titanic to suffer some sort of failure that would result in the destruction of
the problem ship so they could collect the insurance money I doubt they
intended to also caused the deaths of 1500 people the events that transpired
which led to the sinking of the Titanic possibly happened purely by chance and
the iceberg wasn’t part of their plan ie they didn’t hire the captain to
specifically Ram the iceberg to sink the ship or anything like that they probably
had another plan involving the repairs that had already been made on the ship
when it collided with the HMS Hawke in any case it wasn’t really the Titanic
that left port on April 10th 1912 it was the Olympic after the sinking of the
Titanic White Star Line received a tidy sum of 1 million pounds in insurance
money or 89 million two hundred and eighty nine thousand five hundred and
seventy-five pounds in today’s money this of course ruined the insurer
Lloyd’s of London there’s an additional conspiracy theory that American
financier and banker JPMorgan was in on this whole scheme his
company JP Morgan & Co financed the international Mercantile Marine company
in the hopes of becoming rich off of sea travel but this turned out to be a bad
investment Bek oz of the unpredictable nature of sea travel and travelers
themselves JP Morgan or one of his associates may have schemed with white
star line who was a subsidiary of this IMMC
in order to bankrupt the IMMC and allow JP Morgan & Co to withdraw from the IMM
sea without breaking a contract I cannot provide evidence for this beyond
speculation the unsolved murder of chilled and oh she was a British
journalist who was murdered execution-style it’s been said her
killing was ordered by the BBC because she was going to expose the child sex
rings within the BBC and UK political circles
I think her first expose was going to be on Jimmy Savile they took care of her
before she could expose the paedophile networks within the higher echelons of
UK society she most definitely was going to do this my auntie’s a journalist for
a huge British paper and ran in the same circles as Jill Dando my aunt also
covered the royal family for about five years and the things she told me about
them that they weren’t allowed to print would make you think twice about that
parasite of a family the Holocaust numbers were grossly
inflated and reiterated in order to garner more money for Israel as
repayment and support while no I think the Holocaust did happen the sheer
manpower energy and time it would take to get and burn over six million people
is ludicrously large more than what Germany would have had available at the
time Houghton Mifflin and macmillan history book owners are all primarily
Israel based companies and with the Rothschild family having such a huge
monetary stake in media they can push essentially whatever they want as such
the figure 6 million is ludicrously inflated this makes government agencies
and citizens feel bad thus sending apology money and reparations to large
Jewish sects thus perpetuating the cycle not all of the 6 million Jews were
gassed or burned many died due to starvation infections or being shot the
biggest issue here is that nobody is claiming evening 6 million people were
burned or gassed the gassing is a popular image because it was true
extermination a process by which the only purpose was to eliminate certain
groups of people but this wasn’t the only way people were killed in the
Holocaust many were shot in streets worked to death in camps and more the government did a study on the
effects of syphilis on African Americans who were infected and did not know it
these people were made to believe that they were receiving free health care
when in reality they were being studied and not given treatment despite
penicillin being widely available at the time look up the Tuskegee syphilis
experiments probably too late to be seen this is the craziest conspiracy I ever
heard in the 1990s the Canadian government were using a homosexual
detector called the fruit machine to find gay man and fire them from their
jobs edit the electronic device was only used in the 1960s the systematic gay
purge also referred to as the fruit machine continued into the early 1990s
the fruit machine was not only the systemic targeting of queers in the
civil service but also an actual contraption it looked like a dentist’s
chair with cameras and sensor attached along with a black box that displayed
images at eye level for the victim participants would volunteer to have
their stress levels checked when the machine was really an attempt to tell if
a person was queer images shown to the participant would include erotic photos
of men and women with other meaningless visuals if she or he showed any sign of
supposed to wrassle during a photo of someone of the same sex they were added
to the watchlist the Canadian government pulled the funding on the fruit machine
in the 1960s but that didn’t stop the RCMP from constructing more invasive
tests on unsuspecting participants they continued with their stress tests which
began to include plethysmograph highly suspect devices that attached to
genitals to gauge arousal even after Trudeau decriminalized queer sex the
fruit machine kept secret tabs on Canadians in the civil service up until
the 1990s when Foley first started researching the film she was shocked
this had even happened and how long it continued it began in the 1950s and
wasn’t eliminated until seriously the early 1990s but as her
work continued what surprised her most was how this went far beyond people
losing their jobs crazy that the u.s. distributed textbooks to children in the
Middle East can’t remember exactly what countries that gave detailed
instructions complete with diagrams on how to kill in the 80s and 90s when the
US was concerned about the Soviets these books essentially fuelled what became
the Taliban I learned this yesterday in the
documentary the Muslims I know I thought that the whole the u.s. created the
Taliban thing was a conspiracy or a reference to the effect of our actions
but no we actually created it operation him Allah the false flag operation that
preceded world war two in Europe German soldiers were dressed in Polish uniforms
and made two staged attacks on German borders I’ve always felt that in light
of this historical fact and the fact that the American government admitted
making similar plans of their own in the sixties operation Northwood people have
a responsibility to question acts of terrorism and particularly those that
lead to war with the utmost Scruton why and objectivity above all I think this
term conspiracy theorist holds far too much weight when in fact it is a rather
empty distinction I mean a detective in the course of his duties who will
entertain theories about the possibility of people conspiring so by definition he
becomes a conspiracy theorist it’s a useless term and really only acts as a
thought stopper enabling some very real conspiracies to go largely unquestioned
because everyone switches their brains often turns away the moment the term is
used for fear of being seen as nuts why do people find it such a hard stretch to
consider that people in power very often conspire to commit unlawful acts as a
means to maintain and develop their positions of power it’s really one of
the absolute constant in life right up there with death and
taxes it’s conspiracy theory a useless term and really only acts as a thought
stopper that’s precisely why the CIA promoted the use of that term with that out of the way don’t forget to
subscribe and hit the belt icon if you want more content to keep appearing in
your subscription box thanks for watching and until next time

Stromae – Tous Les Mêmes (Clip Officiel)

♪ You guys are all the same ♪ ♪ Cheap macho men ♪ ♪ Bunch of unfaithful fools ♪ ♪ So effing predictible ♪ ♪ I’m not even sure
you deserve me ♪ ♪ You lucked out that we love you ♪ ♪ Go on, go on, thank me ♪ ♪ The date is fixed
for the next rumble ♪ ♪ Save the date, the definite date,
that time of the month ♪ ♪ I swear that’s it,
that was the last time ♪ ♪ You can say
I’m just throwing a fit ♪ ♪ Take a last look at my ass ♪ ♪ Ready to walk out
with my suitcase ♪ ♪ Say goodbye to your mommy ♪ ♪ Who puts you up there
on a pedestal ♪ ♪ You’ve no idea
what you’re losing ♪ ♪ Believe me, it’ll be worse
with anyone else ♪ ♪ What, you wanna break up now ♪ ♪ You got it all wrong ♪ ♪ I was only saying that
to get a reaction ♪ ♪ And you were actually
thinking of doing it ♪ ♪ The date is fixed
for the next rumble ♪ ♪ Save the date, the definite date,
that time of the month ♪ ♪ It’s easy to say
that I’m full of it ♪ ♪ That I’m full of
blah blah blah ♪ ♪ Come on – it’s important ♪ ♪ What you call ‘girl shit’ ♪ ♪ It’s life, it’s kids ♪ ♪ And as per usual,
it’s never the right time ♪ ♪ Yeah, I can count on you
for making out and all ♪ ♪ But you’re not there
for the rest, for me, for the kids ♪ ♪ Yeah, and when my beauty fades ♪ ♪ Well, at least the God-given part ♪ ♪ Stop, I know you’re lying ♪ ♪ Only Kate Moss
can make the grade ♪ ♪ Ugly or beastly,
it ain’t right ♪ ♪ Beauty or Beast,
it ain’t right ♪ ♪ Beauty or me,
it ain’t right ♪ ♪ Me or her,
it still ain’t right ♪ ♪ The date is fixed
for the next rumble ♪ ♪ Save the date, the definite date,
that time of the month ♪ ♪ All the same, all the same,
all the same and we’re fed up ♪ ♪ All the same, all the same,
all the same and we’re fed up ♪ ♪ All the same, all the same,
all the same and we’re fed up ♪ ♪ All the same,
all the same, all the same ♪♪

Reddit’s r/Place: The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

In the beginning, when they opened r/Place All the colors exploded in the big blank space Then out of the chaos a pattern emerged And in either direction the Rainbow Road surged Til it came to a place where it couldn’t
pass through Cause that turf belonged to the corner of
Blue And Helix laid claim, invoking Deity status While in from the East expanded Green Lattice Down by a heart someone tried to propose But the internet helped so you can guess how that goes And rainbow wended toward where Waldo was found But his sub saw it coming and he portal’d around The first flag appeared next to SQSP And France was overtaken by Germany The only thing more feckless than Pepe’s
screams: A hundred-forty-word soliloquy from PrequelMemes It’s April Fools on Reddit r/Place is the Place to be With 16 colors colors to choose from And a million potential memes Will we create something great Or give in to anomie? This is the ultimate showdown Of ultimate destiny Euler’s Identity retreated up north Cause it got overtaken by the Heroes of the Storm Starry Night survived the fight in Gogh.bmp And the Stones achieved Nirvana with a tab
of LSD Pink Floyd’s Prism made a truce with Ireland While a different sort of rainbow violated He-Man Murica’s persistence in the center of the square Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there The Falcons somehow blew a 25 point lead And the upside-down Skeletor smoked a little
weed Nyan Cat was erased and recreated al fromage While the Swiss fought off attacks on Mona Lisa’s décolletage Bender’s ass was silver and then golden and then wood And the Swedes took over Denmark just to show them that they could Link made peace with Chicago, Illinois While Bitcoin’s Megaman shot Dat Boi It’s April Fools on Reddit r/Place is the Place to be When I look back on this video It will seem so 2017 Collaboration is fun On that we all can agree This is the ultimate showdown Then everything changed
As a new force emerged Its objective was simple:
That all colors be purged These users spread darkness
They called it “The Void” They were no fun at all
And everyone was annoyed. No symbol was spared
By these griefers and trolls As all art was subsumed
By indifferent black holes The lurkers all asked
Is this the end of r/Place? The answer was No,
Because in this case, Rocket League, Rainbow Dash, Counter Strike,
OnePunchMan Argentina, Belgium, UK, Maryland, and Kekistan Falco, Tagpro, Bulbasaur, Factorio A bunch of avocados, Gustaf, Snek, Aku, and
Lucio Trogdor, Yoshi, Jebediah, Ski Free Polandball, Portugal, BabyMetal, Destiny Judy, Nick, Tiny Rick, Bowie, Linux, Dr. Ten Hobbes, Ross, Tom, Scott, Master Chief, Kekkonen All came out of nowhere lightning fast, And kicked the Void in its edgelord ass The moral of the story is when all is said
and done Finding ways to work together is just more
fun! The whole thing lasted 6 dozen hours I don’t know what we made, but I know that it’s ours So what was the point? Who really won r/Place? It was the Reddit corporation selling advertising
space Using the quantified engagement of their active
user base It’s April Fools on Reddit r/Place is the place to be Life isn’t me versus you It’s us both against entropy And everybody can thrive If we pursue harmony This is the ultimate showdown! (this is the ultimate showdown) This is the ultimate showdown! (this is the ultimate showdown) This is the ultimate showdown
Of ultimate destiny.

LAW OF THE THINGS – Article 13

In the lands of Europe, in the fires of a heated debate between the noble and not so noble elders of the European tribes propelled by cruelty, malice, lack of sense of humour and money pushed by super rich production companies an Article was born. An Article to rule them all. Article 13 – LAW OF THE THINGS An alliance was formed. With a group of a few remaining righteous beings in the lands of Europe I set on a perilous quest to confront the Article. There, in the darkest of dungeons of mount Strasbourg, I found it at last. Thou shall not publish user-generated material infringing on copyrights. IT’S A TRAP! so when you read those passages… YOU ARE TEARING ME APART! You cannot pass! You cannot hide YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Unfortunately, my fellow European it passed … Fortunately,
it is still not too late to do something about it. Your parliament can still help me alleviate its power. The fight goes on. On a national level.

How This Frog Meme Became A Symbol Of Hope And Hate

Memes are some of the
most easily recognizable images of our generation. They’re funny, relatable,
and, most importantly, they’re versatile. But sometimes this versatility
creates something darker. This is Pepe the Frog, one of the most popular
internet memes of all time. It’s now considered a symbol of hate, according to the Anti-Defamation League. But it wasn’t always like this. The cartoon frog that currently
sits beside the swastika and the Iron Cross was born here, a nonpolitical comic about four roommates who enjoy being lazy
and playing video games. So, how did we get here…from here? The green frog first debuted in 2005 in the comic “Boy’s Club” by Matt Furie. It featured Pepe along
with his three roommates all living together and hanging out. The humor was generally gross or crude but was completely nonpolitical in nature. Then, in 2008, Pepe made his first steps to internet stardom. This panel was posted as a reaction image on the internet forum 4chan. And it became a trend almost instantly. More and more users began
sharing Pepe on 4chan. And some were even putting
their own spin on it. Pepe became a versatile meme. It was happy, sad, smug, and angry. It represented a relatable
range of emotions. And this relatability spread its influence to other social-media networks
over the next several years. In 2015, Tumblr reported that it was the No. 1 most reblogged meme of the year. But at this point, Pepe was
being shared a little too much, and the inside joke was beginning
to lose its comedic value. To keep the joke alive, people
began creating “rare Pepes,” novel versions of the meme
that hadn’t been made before. This phenomenon generated a mock economy, where the less frequently
the meme was posted, the more valuable it was. With new images constantly being produced, Pepe grew stronger and
reached mainstream status. And once Pepe became mainstream, everyone was in on the joke. Now, it was rumored that there
was an alt-right campaign to reclaim the meme from the “normies” by associating Pepe
with white nationalism. But this was later revealed to have been an elaborate
prank to mislead journalists. In reality, Pepe was just so versatile that it was inevitably
drawn as everything. This sometimes included
racists and even Donald Trump. On October 13, 2015, Donald
Trump retweeted this post. It linked the video “You Can’t
Stump the Trump (Volume 4)” and tagged the notable
right-leaning publications Breitbart and the Drudge Report. And under the video
was this image of Pepe. Before this, only fringe
users on social media posted versions of the frog as
Klan members or SS personnel. But this post was the catalyst that fueled the far right’s claim of Pepe. More racist frogs appeared,
particularly on Twitter, which spurred the movement #FrogTwitter. Much like how the echo
is used by anti-Semitics to signify Jewish names,
members of the alt-right began adding the frog emoji
to their Twitter handles in solidarity with white nationalism. And the more curious people
got about the racist Pepes, the stronger the connection grew. When journalists asked
about the “green face” they often saw “Trumpsters”
and alt-right people use, they were met with white-nationalist
Pepes as a response. So they began picking up on this trend, and when they saw someone use Pepe, whether in or out of racist context, they would respond by
saying something like this. Then, in 2016, Pepe’s alt-right career came to a boiling point. Hillary Clinton delivered
a campaign speech in which she referred to half
of Trump’s supporters as: Hillary Clinton: A basket of deplorables. Narrator: This led to
the creation of a parody of the “Expendables” movie
poster where the characters were replaced with conservative figures, known as “The Deplorables.” And in that lineup, with Trump and notable
conservative leaders, was none other than Pepe the Frog. Roger Stone and Donald Trump Jr., who both appeared on the
poster, reposted the image, stating that they were proud
to be one of the deplorables. Shortly after this parody circulated, Clinton’s campaign website denounced Pepe and called it “a symbol
associated with white supremacy.” And in September 2016,
the Anti-Defamation League officially added Pepe the Frog to its database of hate symbols. Since this designation,
we’ve seen Pepe worn by self-proclaimed white
nationalist Richard Spencer and sold as merchandise by Alex Jones, host of right-wing
conspiracy outlet InfoWars. But Matt Furie, the creator of Pepe, has publicly stated his
dislike for Pepe’s evolution and has made efforts to
take back his creation from the alt-right. In 2017, he released a one-page comic where he officially killed
off the lazy green frog. Furie has also been
involved in legal disputes with both The Daily Stormer and InfoWars, which effectively prevented
them from using Pepe to promote their ideology any further. But Furie’s fight against the alt-right hasn’t stopped other
groups from using the meme. This time, however, Pepe
has become a symbol of hope halfway across the world. In 2019, protesters took
to the streets of Hong Kong to rally against police brutality and Hong Kong’s extradition bill. They held signs, graffitied walls, and messaged stickers with a peculiar, yet familiar face: Pepe the Frog. So, how did this lazy green amphibian become the face of yet
another political movement? Simply put, Hong Kongers thought
it was just a funny face, and most didn’t know
about its alt-right ties in the United States. In the eyes of Hong Kongers, Pepe existed as a Hello Kitty character. It looked strange and
was eye-catching enough to grab attention. But, most importantly,
it was versatile enough to become anything they wanted it to be. For these protesters, Pepe symbolized the
youthful nature of rebellion and had nothing to do with the far-right movement in the West. In a New York Times
interview by Daniel Victor, a young Hong Konger noted that symbols can mean different things in countries with different cultures. In the end, she encouraged
other Hong Kongers to explain to Americans what
Pepe really means to them. We live in a world where information spreads almost instantly and the meaning of images
changes just as fast. It’s about culture and context. Pepe is the best modern example of this. But it wasn’t the first victim. The swastika, for example,
is actually considered sacred in certain Eurasian religions. It’s a significant image meant to symbolize good fortune and well-being. But Nazis rebranded this
symbol during World War II and made it an icon of hate instead. At least for Pepe, there is hope that it won’t be a hate symbol forever, because Furie reminds us that “in the end, Pepe is
whatever you say he is, and I, the creator,
say that Pepe is love.”

Top 10 Facts – 2016

*sigh* I guess I have to talk about this? I mean, I’m not even from the US and I am
glad the election is over. But it was a big part of 2016 so let’s just
get it over with. And just in case I sound
a bit strange in this video it’s because I have a cold and there’s
not much I can do about that unfortunately. Okay, so in case you missed it, like there
was any chance of that, the new leader of Freedom™ (USA) was finally elected in November. It began in June of 2015 when Donald J. Trump
officially announced that he would be running for president of the United States and most
people reacted much like this. BILL MAHER:
And which republican candidate has the best
chance of winning the general election? ANN COULTER:
Of the declared ones? Right now, Donald Trump. Very few people saw him as a serious candidate
but that quickly changed and in July of 2016 Trump was officially selected as the
Republican Party’s nominee. So now, it was Donald Trump up against the
Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Trump focused on making America
great again and building walls. DONALD TRUMP:
We will build a great wall along the southern border! DONALD TRUMP:
And Mexico will pay for the wall, remember. While Clinton went for the relatability approach. HILLARY CLINTON:
I don’t know who created Pokémon Go. HILLARY CLINTON:
But I’m trying to figure out how we get
them to have Pokémon Go to the polls. Meanwhile the rest of the world looked on
in disbelief as this reality TV-show, masquerading as a presidential election, gradually descended
into insanity. A seemingly never-ending stream of scandals
and controversies… …debates mainly consisting of post-truth
and he-said-she-said arguments… HILLARY CLINTON:
Well that’s because he’d rather have a puppet
as president of the United States. DONALD TRUMP:
No puppet! No puppet! HILLARY CLINTON:
It’s pretty clear… DONALD TRUMP:
You’re the puppet! HILLARY CLINTON:
It’s pretty clear you won’t admit… DONALD TRUMP:
No, you’re the puppet! …and actual news coverage of Tweets… CNN:
*quoting tweets on screen* …has only proven that facts, reason, and
civil discourse has long left planet Earth. As the election finally came
to a close in November it was predicted by most that the
Pokémon expert would win. But as we all know, she did not, and not-a-puppet is
now set to become the 45th president of the US of A. KEITH ELLISON:
And we better be ready for the fact that he might be leading the Republican ticket. GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS:
I know you don’t believe that but I wanna go on… In the midst of this political fiasco the world collectively
decided it was time to obses over the death of a gorilla. The gorilla, named Harambe, was shot to death
at a zoo in the US after he got a hold of a child. The incident received international coverage
and induced global controversy. Not only because the video was recorded vertically
but also because Harambe was, well, killed. Something that many argued could’ve been avoided. Nevertheless, the three-year-old boy survived
and a biopic is now set to be released in 2017. 2016 was also the year the UK voted to leave
the European Union in a highly controversial referendum known as Brexit. Not to be confused with the highly controversial
vote to eat Breakfast. ANDREW R. T. DAVIES:
Mark my words. We will make breakfast.. Brexit! AARON HESLEHURST:
Worldwide export drive saying breakfast? NICOLA STURGEON:
Brexit mean breakfast. AARON HESLEHURST:
Breakfast.. Brexit. AARON HESLEHURST:
After the UK. After breakfast. AARON HESLEHURST:
Okay, let us stay with the theme of breakfast. The Breakfast campaign promoted independence
as the solution to numerous concerns regarding immigration, border control, and various economic
and legislative issues. However, while 52% of the population voted
to leave, it seems that a large number of voters did not fully comprehend the potential
consequences of doing so. Well at least they didn’t parade around in
a giant red bus with potentially voter-decisive promises printed on the side only to backtrack
on those promises after the fact. That would’ve been strange. SUSANNA REID:
The £350 million pounds a week we send to the EU
which we will no longer send to the EU. SUSANNA REID:
Can you guarantee that’s gonna go to the NHS? NIGEL FARAGE:
No I can’t. And I would never have made that claim. SUSANNA REID:
I don’t know how many people voted on the basis of that
advert but that was a huge part of the propaganda. SUSANNA REID:
You’re now saying that’s a mistake? Whether or not independence will ultimately
be a good thing for the UK or the prologue to a Black Mirror episode
remains to be seen. It’s difficult to pinpoint the single most
widespread meme or viral trend of 2016 so I guess the entirety of the US election will
have to suffice. I mean, it’s even received a dedicated page
on KnowYourMeme.com and we all know why. DONALD TRUMP:
I’m very highly educated.
I know words, I have the best words. I have the be… With that being said, while Mr. Trump may
have won the electoral vote, we all know that the true champion of the election was none
other than Ken Bone. ANDERSON COOPER
One more question from Ken Bone. KEN BONE:
What steps will your energy policy take to
meet our energy needs. KEN BONE:
While at the same time
remaining environmentally friendly. KEN BONE:
And minimizing job loss for fossil
power plant workers. Other memes include Ted Cruz being outed as
the Zodiac killer… …mother nature herself choosing Bernie Sanders
when a bird landed on his podium, Trump’s tiny tiny hands… DONALD TRUMP:
He said I had small hands. They’re not small, are they? …and perfectly normal human reactions by
Hillary Clinton. Non-election related viral trends included the Mannequin
Challenge, this feat of modern lyrical brilliance… …a poorly animated frog on a unicycle… …and what can only be described as an ad
for a shoe brand. A leak known as the Panama Papers
unraveled over the course of 2016. The leak consisted of 11.5 million documents
and originated from a Panamanian law firm known as Mossack Fonseca. The documents contained financial information
about shell corporations owned by or connected to presidents, kings, politicians, executives,
celebrities, and many other powerful and influential individuals around the globe. But what’s so interesting about many of these
shell corporations is that they have been used for various illegal purposes such as
tax evasion, fraud, kleptocracy, money laundering, etc. In other words, the rich and powerful have
taken advantage of various loopholes in an effort to remain rich and powerful. And the world collectively gasped in shock. Some people with direct or indirect ties to
these documents include the Prime Minister of Iceland, the President of Argentina, friends
and relatives of Vladimir Putin, the King of Saudi Arabia, the Prime Minister of Italy,
various people connected to the Clinton family, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom,
members and Presidents of FIFA, Lionel Messi, Tiger Woods, Jackie Chan, Simon Cowell,
and many many others. As I’ve covered anniversaries in my last two
end-of-the-year videos, it only seems appropriate to continue that tradition and to remind you
all that your youth is slipping away as the inevitability of death is approaching ever
so swiftly. 10 years ago; the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation
3 were released. Twitter was launched. Google acquired YouTube. The two sitcoms That ’70s Show and Malcolm
in the Middle concluded. And the solar system lost a planet as the
word “planet” was formally redefined and as a consequence Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf
planet. 50 years ago; Star Trek began while the animated
show The Flintstones concluded after six seasons. 75 years ago; the attack on
Pearl Harbor took place and consequently lead to the
United States’ entry into World War II. 100 years ago; one of the bloodies battles
in not only World War I but all of human history, known as the Battle of the Somme claimed the
lives of over a million soldiers. Pokémon became a widespread phenomenon this
year due to the immensely popular mobile augmented reality game Pokémon Go. It’s been downloaded over half a billion times
and has been praised for incentivizing people to become more physically and socially active. However, it also generated controversy due
to various accidents and safety concerns. Some examples include people getting lost,
increased inattentiveness, trespassings, traffic accidents, and even a few deaths. On the 15th of July, soldiers marched unto the streets
of Istanbul and other major cities across Turkey. They were part of a faction of the Turkish
military who wanted to overthrow the Turkish government due to various political motivations. Over 300 people were killed as a result but
the coup ultimately failed as the attackers were defeated by forces still loyal to the
state. Tens of thousands were arrested and detained
in the aftermath and the president of Turkey issued a three-month state of emergency. It’s believed that the coup leaders where
part of a movement known as the Gülen movement that is led by an Islamic preacher living
in the United States. And even though Mr. Gülen has denied any
involvement, hundreds of thousands have now been fired from their jobs on accusations of
simply having connections to the movement. On August the 19th, Samsung released their
latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7. Demand for the phone was initially high and
sales exceeded expectations. But then, something interesting happened. Reports from all over the globe suggested
that the phone had severe issues with overheating. A defect that was so extreme that the phone
could literally burst into flames or even explode. Samsung were then quick to identify a defect in the
battery of the phone and began offering replacements. That is, until the replacement phones began
exploding as well. Perfectly illustrated here in this real-to-life
recreation. Cars were set aflame and multiple flights
had to be canceled. Production of the Galaxy Note 7 was eventually
discontinued and the company lost an estimated $17 billion due to the mishap. As divisive as this year has been for many,
most seem to agree that 2016 has not been great. And I must concur as it was truly a challenge
to find positive things to say about 2016. Natural disasters. Unnatural disasters. Celebrities and other public figures passing away. But through the chaos and destruction a beacon
of hope is shining as bright as ever. It’s been a pretty exciting year for astronomy
and related fields beginning with a revolutionary astronomical observation. A phenomenon known as gravitational waves,
that had been predicted by Albert Einstein exactly 100 years ago in 1916, was in February
announced to have been detected and observed for the very first time. Thus confirming the last remaining unproven
prediction of general relativity and redefining the future of astrophysics forever. In September, a 30 tonne meteorite was discovered
in Argentina, making it the forth largest meteorite ever discovered on Earth. An earth-like exoplanet was found orbiting
within the habitable zone of Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the Sun. In a new effort to find life on the planet Mars, the ESA
and Roscosmos launched the ExoMars mission. Unfortunately, the probe that was supposed
to land on the Martian surface crashed into the planet and left a tiny black dot as evidence
of its demise. The world’s largest radio telescope was completed
in China and will, among other things, be used to scan the cosmos for signs of intelligent
life as none have been found on planet Earth. The spacecraft Juno began orbiting Jupiter
and photographed the planet’s north- and south pole for the very first time. Many had speculated that the poles of Jupiter
may exhibit a hexagonal shape, much like the north pole of Saturn, but as we now know this
is not the case. And finally, the private spaceflight company
SpaceX performed a vertical landing on a floating platform after numerous failed attempts. A perfect example of how
science fiction becomes science fact.

Video of Trump Murdering Media Played At Right-Wing Event

>>At a Trump event over the weekend, a video
that was apparently produced last year was played on a projector for the Trump fans,
this is at a Trump property. And it shows Donald Trump viciously murdering
all of his opponents effectively. You can see, Mr. Trump’s head superimposed
on the body of a man opening fire inside the church of fake news. So he goes in to this church and begins killing
the people in the church. Again, this was made by a Trump fan, sort
of weird. But anyway, logos of news media organizations
including PBS, NPR, Politico, The Washington Post and NBC, were put onto the faces of the
people in the church that he was gunning down. He also shoots black lives matter in the head
and Vice News and also very fun, TYT. He murders the business that we work for or
that we take part in. That’s fun. And this was again, at one of his, at event
for a group supporting him where his son was in attendance, where Sarah Sanders, his press
secretary who for about two years pretended that Donald Trump did not support political
violence against his opponents? They swear that they haven’t seen it, but
understand that they were at the event where this was playing.>>Not only that, but the organizers,
>>That’s who they are.>>The organizers of this group also said,
hey, we have no idea how this works.>>Thank you.>>This was something that came in as a meme
contest or section of our event that’s being held at Trump’s properties down in Florida. So the Trump people and the campaign and he
himself have no idea how these rogue people came into his building. The people that are running, they have no
idea how this got submitted. The people that are running the event where
they submit these things also have no idea how it got there. We’re gonna look into it internally until
we figure this whole thing out. In other words, we don’t wanna talk about
it. I just go into it and say hey you guys discover
something we were hoping we could keep secret and now that you’ve discovered we don’t know,
because that’s become the excuse for doing horrific things. Every time Trump gets caught he goes, I don’t
remember, I don’t really know. When he got caught with the porn star payments
and he was on the airplane, he goes, I don’t know, I don’t know, I’ve never. Now that Giuliani is going around the world
talking about how he’s worked for the state department and Trump and trying to investigate
folks, Trump says I don’t know, I don’t know. So this has become the brand for people that
do this. I don’t know, it just kinda showed up. I don’t know who made it, I don’t know why
they made it, I don’t know why we watched it. Nobody actually watched it. No one was there. It just got played in the projector and no
one was in the middle of the room. .That’s where we’ve gotten to this point now.>>I love where you say then you pointed out
the whole I don’t know. As a lawyer, I can tell you that’s the, I
do not recall because no one can essentially call you a liar. No one can say you’re telling the truth. You just play dump and you’re just like, I
don’t know. But essentially, all of this anti media journalism
propaganda is so incredibly problematic because right now is the most dangerous time for journalists. And there have been several organizations. Article 19, a human rights organization, they
issued a report in 2019 showing that this is the most dangerous time, 78 journalists
were killed in 2017, 326 in prison. And Donald Trump essentially demonizing journalists,
this is why we’re in this situation and essentially the voice for the people it can’t speak.>>Yeah. I mean, he has developed this phrase fake
news which originally had a meaning now it just means press that he doesn’t like. He’s tweeted that 600 times. He’s called the media the enemy the people
on Twitter 35 times even after people began murdering journalists in the US. And they like to write this off as like, you
know, there’s been a lot of, to their credit the media, the mainstream media has attacked
this video and said that this is unacceptable. Obviously, since many of them are being targeted
in the video. But the right wing doesn’t care, they think
it’s funny. It’s just, it’s a meme like you said. We’re having a meme contest. No. One of our producers, I saw a meme she made
earlier today, of her dog swimming with the producer’s problems around it. And she’s just trying to keep her head above
water, that’s a meme, it’s got an animal. This is fascist propaganda, I don’t care what
you call it. You are a fascist, you want our government
to be fascist. And so you’re producing media to encourage
other people to see political differences, not as a thing that we debate and then we
vote based on, but that we hunt down and murder our political opponents. And anyone who dares to do journalism, investigative
journalism, even just political commentary that you find to be inconvenient, we don’t
think that we should murder those people, but an increasing number of Americans do think
that that’s the solution, you should murder them. And that comes in a couple different forms. One, you have names like this. We’re gonna show you out there that Trump
has already enthusiastically tweeted out the idea that you should hunt down your political
opponents. But we’ve also seen over the past couple of
months now, if a politician proposes something you don’t like for instance, if better of
work says that AR-15s shouldn’t be legally sold any more, then they just say, we’ll kill
you if you try to enforce this law. There was Ben Shapiro with something about
tax breaks for churches. He said, I’ll kill you, if you’re a truant
officer, if you bent over, you come, I will murder you. Which is not, that doesn’t mean necessarily
that these individuals, Ben Shapiro, has really changed in how they think about politics. But they feel much more free to simply say
no, we think we have the numbers, we think we have the guns. And so if the country moves in a direction
I don’t like, I’m gonna start gunning people down. And Trump more than anything else has made
those people feel comfortable to threaten to murder their political opponents.>>That’s where we’ve gone and if you can
keep denying that there’s some connection with this. But again, if you’ve seen it, which obviously
we’re not gonna show, the video that Trump has retweeted, it’s a very similar look. It can be produced by the same person. I know it’s not or maybe it is, but it doesn’t
necessarily have to be cuz it’s pretty crude and easily edited. So after you see your president, your king,
posting things like this and laughing about it, you go, I’m gonna do one maybe I can get
his good graces too, maybe he’ll tweet something to me and say good job, nice job foot soldier. So there’s people that are like this. We saw the guy who sent some bombs to CNN.>>Yes.>>And I’m blanking his name right now. But then-
>>Sayoc.>>Yes, Sayoc. Openly admitted, yeah, I was doing it for
Donald Trump because these are his enemies. Not just CNN but also political enemies. Many of the people that also appear in this
same thing. The connections are way too stark for you
to deny it anymore. We talked about the congressman that got shot. No problem congressman got shot on the softball
field. Suddenly it’s Bernie Sanders’ people because
he was a Bernie Sanders supporter and Bernie Sanders is stoking what, but you can’t find
the connection to in a video that looks just like the one you did, and actual actions that
have been carried out by supporters of yours. You can’t find that connection at all.>>Yeah.>>Because you don’t want to.>>Yeah, Bernie Sanders has been crystal clear
that he would never accept any form of violence or anything like that. Donald Trump, not so much. Loves to joke about the congressman who assaulted
a reporter right before he got elected, thinks that’s hilarious. Jokes about attacking protesters in his rallies,
he surrounds himself with thousands of his fans and they joke about attacking protesters. Again, it’s just the normalization of fascism
and fascist language and fascist imagery. That’s all it is. That’s what we were talking about before he
got elected.>>Yes.>>We said to take this seriously, now we’re
a couple of years into it and journalists are being killed. And supporters of his are trying to either,
like the lieutenant in the Coast Guard wanted to start a race war. We know supporters of his wanted to kill Somali
immigrants in Minnesota, thankfully they were stopped. Cesar Sayoc apparently was too much of a moron
to actually successfully assassinate these media figures and politicians, but he certainly
tried. And that is what Trump hath wrought. That’s the language they usually use for this
sort of thing. And working at an organization that’s being
lumped in, it’s not a joke. Some people treat politics as if this is like
supporting a baseball team or something.>>Yes, exactly.>>It’s not, people’s lives are being threatened,
we can see it. There’s a lot of people who work here. People who are just good enough to come on
our shows, you should not be threatened because you disagree with these people.>>And they’re all out there and they’re crazy
and they have access to you via social media. And now because all of our information is
accessible on the internet, and we’ve seen people get docs and their information be out
there and then they come and confront you in some way, and it’s a very dangerous situation,
especially when that person thinks they’re appeasing to their Trump god. And as you notice, Trump doesn’t ever come
out and condemn something. It’ll be maybe his representative saying,
he strongly condemns it, but he’ll never come out and directly say, I condemn this. And so people, they continue to get encouraged.>>Yeah, I was just literally, I was hoping
as you were saying that I was really looking up. Has he said anything yet?>>No.>>He’s tweeted, he didn’t find time for this.>>Yes.>>He did find time to encourage people to
vote for Spicer on Dancing with the Stars. He did that this morning. Didn’t find time talking about this. And there was a tweet though, from Stephanie
Grisham, who is technically the press secretary, although that doesn’t mean anything anymore. She tweeted earlier this morning, real Donald
Trump has not yet seen the video, he will see it shortly. But based upon everything he’s heard, he strongly
condemns this video. So this is so that he doesn’t have to say
it, because that would be disheartening to his followers. Who want to imagine that some day he will
begin gunning down the people that they hate. He hasn’t seen it. What has he been on Twitter for maybe 10 hours
since then. It’s been like 12 hours since it came out. So yeah, about 10 hours he has been actively
tweeting about any number of different things. He’s obviously seen it. And there is a good chance that he will end
up tweeting it out. Honestly, let’s not pretend otherwise. If we can bring up this tweet. He retweeted the cartoon of a train running
down a CNN reporter. Now, that is only one reporter or outlet being
murdered but is that actually morally different from what we are talking about today? That he did that two years ago, that he liked
the idea that he’s gonna murder a reporter. I don’t think it is actually that different. Now thankfully, as I implied earlier, the
media has been okay in responding to this Trump violent video. JR produced a mash up of some of what they
said. Here we go.>>I think we need to get back to real truth
in political campaigns. This is dump. I mean, it’s just, who thought this was a
good idea? And especially if you’re a supporter of the
President.>>Also, he’s beating up a black woman in
there, who’s Maxine Waters. He’s beating her up. It’s really despicable.>>Congresspeople Maxine Waters, Mitt Romney,
Adam Schiff, Bernie Sanders, President Obama, the Clintons, my father, you can’t kill him
again, but whatever.>>This is outrageous. This hurts the President. It’s not a good thing to have debated in the
country.. And I think it’s ridiculous.>>If this were the opposite and happening
in an Obama event, you’d be screaming bloody murder.>>To do something like this is just stupid
and it obviously backfired as it should. It should be condemned. It shouldn’t have been aired.>>Poor taste and entirely unnecessary, I
think is the conclusion here at this table.>>How easy for all of you judging me that
I’m offended and upset by the video. You try doing this when some member of your
family is continued to have this happen over and over and over again. And it doesn’t seem to matter to anybody in
Trump world whatsoever.>>So that’s good. The poor taste. It seems a bit weak, but hey, at least there
was a negative response. So that’s something
>>That’s overwhelming from that point of view, like we said poor taste.>>Exactly.>>And every time someone, I don’t wanna get
too far on responses from Fox News, but every time you see and we mentioned and we’ll talk
later about how he had something to say in opposition to the president. Someone else sitting next to was like, man,
we’re gonna hear about this one. They figured this is a brave move to mention
reality when you see this happen like, that was actually in bad taste who did it? And they won’t go as far as say, and we can’t
wait to hear what the President has to say about this. You only have to say some bad taste just for
those people. Just for those people who did it.>>Yeah, it was like it is talking around
already. I don’t know. I don’t know when a show is on. Do you think he’s gonna condemn it?>>No.>>Maybe twice a year-
>>I don’t know.>>And he tries to pretend that he’s a free
thinker, and that he’s not a dogmatic conservative. So maybe but I kinda doubt it. I kinda doubt it. I think that he’s probably gonna joke about
it. Laura Ingraham definitely is just gonna laugh
about it. Sean Hannity obviously’s gonna mention it. But just imagine Sean Hannity’s show, imagine
hypothetically horrific situation. Let’s say before the election, and I wondered
this before the mid-terms. Let’s say a group of democratic candidates
is gunned down by a Trump supporter. Like do you think like Sean Hannity that day
says, you know what? We’ve moved beyond where I can follow. You know what? I’ve been enthusiastic because I support Donald
Trump, but at a certain point I am a journalist, and so I care what happens to other journalists
and this has gone too far. I am revoking my support for the President
until he condemns any form of political violence. Does any one actually think that you could
draw any line that some people would not pass. If Trump-
>>If Trump just imprisoned 100 journalists today. What percentage of his supporters would drop
off do you think?>>There’s no reason to believe that journalists
would be the thing that would make them have this problem. They had no problem when bombs are being sent,
as I mentioned earlier to news outlets, they have no problem when threats are being made
and then are carried out on when the white supremacist down in Charlottesville came down
and were killing people. That went to a defense mode, that didn’t go
to hey, we’ve crossed the line. We’ve inspired bad people to commit murderous
actions. It doesn’t cross that point. An innocent person who was in the middle of
a bunch of people, many others got injured by the way as well. He was looking to kill more than one. It’s not like he targeted one person. So if that was defended, you know, this will
be too.>>Well, the thing is that greed is really
what controls cuz it’s a thought that hey, I’m a Fox News anchor, host, and I’m financially
set and secure. So why don’t I continue on this path? I don’t necessarily need to think about the
person, the right of the person, the left of the person, and other angles. But as long as I’m good, it’s good. And I think that’s truly reflection of where
our society is today which is why we have so many of the issues we have because no one’s
really thinking about the common good.>>And their fellow man as much as they’re
thinking of making sure that they’re good.>>Yeah, anyway, just really disheartening
day to see like some people again, some people good you did a good job of trying to represent
right wingers who are willing to criticize this, but there’s still some people that have
not come to grips with what this movement actually is. And you don’t have to be a great student of
history to know what direction this is going in. And the idea that American exceptionalism,
like, come on, not us. Like everyone, everyone, humans are simple
dark creatures at times, honestly, that can support disgusting things if they think it’s
in their own interest. If they think that their identity would benefit
in some way, protected in some way by rushing out and killing people, all too often they
will support that. And I don’t wanna see it here and so I want
people to take this threat seriously, and still some people are not.