Top 10 Facts – 2016

*sigh* I guess I have to talk about this? I mean, I’m not even from the US and I am
glad the election is over. But it was a big part of 2016 so let’s just
get it over with. And just in case I sound
a bit strange in this video it’s because I have a cold and there’s
not much I can do about that unfortunately. Okay, so in case you missed it, like there
was any chance of that, the new leader of Freedom™ (USA) was finally elected in November. It began in June of 2015 when Donald J. Trump
officially announced that he would be running for president of the United States and most
people reacted much like this. BILL MAHER:
And which republican candidate has the best
chance of winning the general election? ANN COULTER:
Of the declared ones? Right now, Donald Trump. Very few people saw him as a serious candidate
but that quickly changed and in July of 2016 Trump was officially selected as the
Republican Party’s nominee. So now, it was Donald Trump up against the
Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Trump focused on making America
great again and building walls. DONALD TRUMP:
We will build a great wall along the southern border! DONALD TRUMP:
And Mexico will pay for the wall, remember. While Clinton went for the relatability approach. HILLARY CLINTON:
I don’t know who created Pokémon Go. HILLARY CLINTON:
But I’m trying to figure out how we get
them to have Pokémon Go to the polls. Meanwhile the rest of the world looked on
in disbelief as this reality TV-show, masquerading as a presidential election, gradually descended
into insanity. A seemingly never-ending stream of scandals
and controversies… …debates mainly consisting of post-truth
and he-said-she-said arguments… HILLARY CLINTON:
Well that’s because he’d rather have a puppet
as president of the United States. DONALD TRUMP:
No puppet! No puppet! HILLARY CLINTON:
It’s pretty clear… DONALD TRUMP:
You’re the puppet! HILLARY CLINTON:
It’s pretty clear you won’t admit… DONALD TRUMP:
No, you’re the puppet! …and actual news coverage of Tweets… CNN:
*quoting tweets on screen* …has only proven that facts, reason, and
civil discourse has long left planet Earth. As the election finally came
to a close in November it was predicted by most that the
Pokémon expert would win. But as we all know, she did not, and not-a-puppet is
now set to become the 45th president of the US of A. KEITH ELLISON:
And we better be ready for the fact that he might be leading the Republican ticket. GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS:
I know you don’t believe that but I wanna go on… In the midst of this political fiasco the world collectively
decided it was time to obses over the death of a gorilla. The gorilla, named Harambe, was shot to death
at a zoo in the US after he got a hold of a child. The incident received international coverage
and induced global controversy. Not only because the video was recorded vertically
but also because Harambe was, well, killed. Something that many argued could’ve been avoided. Nevertheless, the three-year-old boy survived
and a biopic is now set to be released in 2017. 2016 was also the year the UK voted to leave
the European Union in a highly controversial referendum known as Brexit. Not to be confused with the highly controversial
vote to eat Breakfast. ANDREW R. T. DAVIES:
Mark my words. We will make breakfast.. Brexit! AARON HESLEHURST:
Worldwide export drive saying breakfast? NICOLA STURGEON:
Brexit mean breakfast. AARON HESLEHURST:
Breakfast.. Brexit. AARON HESLEHURST:
After the UK. After breakfast. AARON HESLEHURST:
Okay, let us stay with the theme of breakfast. The Breakfast campaign promoted independence
as the solution to numerous concerns regarding immigration, border control, and various economic
and legislative issues. However, while 52% of the population voted
to leave, it seems that a large number of voters did not fully comprehend the potential
consequences of doing so. Well at least they didn’t parade around in
a giant red bus with potentially voter-decisive promises printed on the side only to backtrack
on those promises after the fact. That would’ve been strange. SUSANNA REID:
The £350 million pounds a week we send to the EU
which we will no longer send to the EU. SUSANNA REID:
Can you guarantee that’s gonna go to the NHS? NIGEL FARAGE:
No I can’t. And I would never have made that claim. SUSANNA REID:
I don’t know how many people voted on the basis of that
advert but that was a huge part of the propaganda. SUSANNA REID:
You’re now saying that’s a mistake? Whether or not independence will ultimately
be a good thing for the UK or the prologue to a Black Mirror episode
remains to be seen. It’s difficult to pinpoint the single most
widespread meme or viral trend of 2016 so I guess the entirety of the US election will
have to suffice. I mean, it’s even received a dedicated page
on and we all know why. DONALD TRUMP:
I’m very highly educated.
I know words, I have the best words. I have the be… With that being said, while Mr. Trump may
have won the electoral vote, we all know that the true champion of the election was none
other than Ken Bone. ANDERSON COOPER
One more question from Ken Bone. KEN BONE:
What steps will your energy policy take to
meet our energy needs. KEN BONE:
While at the same time
remaining environmentally friendly. KEN BONE:
And minimizing job loss for fossil
power plant workers. Other memes include Ted Cruz being outed as
the Zodiac killer… …mother nature herself choosing Bernie Sanders
when a bird landed on his podium, Trump’s tiny tiny hands… DONALD TRUMP:
He said I had small hands. They’re not small, are they? …and perfectly normal human reactions by
Hillary Clinton. Non-election related viral trends included the Mannequin
Challenge, this feat of modern lyrical brilliance… …a poorly animated frog on a unicycle… …and what can only be described as an ad
for a shoe brand. A leak known as the Panama Papers
unraveled over the course of 2016. The leak consisted of 11.5 million documents
and originated from a Panamanian law firm known as Mossack Fonseca. The documents contained financial information
about shell corporations owned by or connected to presidents, kings, politicians, executives,
celebrities, and many other powerful and influential individuals around the globe. But what’s so interesting about many of these
shell corporations is that they have been used for various illegal purposes such as
tax evasion, fraud, kleptocracy, money laundering, etc. In other words, the rich and powerful have
taken advantage of various loopholes in an effort to remain rich and powerful. And the world collectively gasped in shock. Some people with direct or indirect ties to
these documents include the Prime Minister of Iceland, the President of Argentina, friends
and relatives of Vladimir Putin, the King of Saudi Arabia, the Prime Minister of Italy,
various people connected to the Clinton family, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom,
members and Presidents of FIFA, Lionel Messi, Tiger Woods, Jackie Chan, Simon Cowell,
and many many others. As I’ve covered anniversaries in my last two
end-of-the-year videos, it only seems appropriate to continue that tradition and to remind you
all that your youth is slipping away as the inevitability of death is approaching ever
so swiftly. 10 years ago; the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation
3 were released. Twitter was launched. Google acquired YouTube. The two sitcoms That ’70s Show and Malcolm
in the Middle concluded. And the solar system lost a planet as the
word “planet” was formally redefined and as a consequence Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf
planet. 50 years ago; Star Trek began while the animated
show The Flintstones concluded after six seasons. 75 years ago; the attack on
Pearl Harbor took place and consequently lead to the
United States’ entry into World War II. 100 years ago; one of the bloodies battles
in not only World War I but all of human history, known as the Battle of the Somme claimed the
lives of over a million soldiers. Pokémon became a widespread phenomenon this
year due to the immensely popular mobile augmented reality game Pokémon Go. It’s been downloaded over half a billion times
and has been praised for incentivizing people to become more physically and socially active. However, it also generated controversy due
to various accidents and safety concerns. Some examples include people getting lost,
increased inattentiveness, trespassings, traffic accidents, and even a few deaths. On the 15th of July, soldiers marched unto the streets
of Istanbul and other major cities across Turkey. They were part of a faction of the Turkish
military who wanted to overthrow the Turkish government due to various political motivations. Over 300 people were killed as a result but
the coup ultimately failed as the attackers were defeated by forces still loyal to the
state. Tens of thousands were arrested and detained
in the aftermath and the president of Turkey issued a three-month state of emergency. It’s believed that the coup leaders where
part of a movement known as the Gülen movement that is led by an Islamic preacher living
in the United States. And even though Mr. Gülen has denied any
involvement, hundreds of thousands have now been fired from their jobs on accusations of
simply having connections to the movement. On August the 19th, Samsung released their
latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7. Demand for the phone was initially high and
sales exceeded expectations. But then, something interesting happened. Reports from all over the globe suggested
that the phone had severe issues with overheating. A defect that was so extreme that the phone
could literally burst into flames or even explode. Samsung were then quick to identify a defect in the
battery of the phone and began offering replacements. That is, until the replacement phones began
exploding as well. Perfectly illustrated here in this real-to-life
recreation. Cars were set aflame and multiple flights
had to be canceled. Production of the Galaxy Note 7 was eventually
discontinued and the company lost an estimated $17 billion due to the mishap. As divisive as this year has been for many,
most seem to agree that 2016 has not been great. And I must concur as it was truly a challenge
to find positive things to say about 2016. Natural disasters. Unnatural disasters. Celebrities and other public figures passing away. But through the chaos and destruction a beacon
of hope is shining as bright as ever. It’s been a pretty exciting year for astronomy
and related fields beginning with a revolutionary astronomical observation. A phenomenon known as gravitational waves,
that had been predicted by Albert Einstein exactly 100 years ago in 1916, was in February
announced to have been detected and observed for the very first time. Thus confirming the last remaining unproven
prediction of general relativity and redefining the future of astrophysics forever. In September, a 30 tonne meteorite was discovered
in Argentina, making it the forth largest meteorite ever discovered on Earth. An earth-like exoplanet was found orbiting
within the habitable zone of Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the Sun. In a new effort to find life on the planet Mars, the ESA
and Roscosmos launched the ExoMars mission. Unfortunately, the probe that was supposed
to land on the Martian surface crashed into the planet and left a tiny black dot as evidence
of its demise. The world’s largest radio telescope was completed
in China and will, among other things, be used to scan the cosmos for signs of intelligent
life as none have been found on planet Earth. The spacecraft Juno began orbiting Jupiter
and photographed the planet’s north- and south pole for the very first time. Many had speculated that the poles of Jupiter
may exhibit a hexagonal shape, much like the north pole of Saturn, but as we now know this
is not the case. And finally, the private spaceflight company
SpaceX performed a vertical landing on a floating platform after numerous failed attempts. A perfect example of how
science fiction becomes science fact.

Video of Trump Murdering Media Played At Right-Wing Event

>>At a Trump event over the weekend, a video
that was apparently produced last year was played on a projector for the Trump fans,
this is at a Trump property. And it shows Donald Trump viciously murdering
all of his opponents effectively. You can see, Mr. Trump’s head superimposed
on the body of a man opening fire inside the church of fake news. So he goes in to this church and begins killing
the people in the church. Again, this was made by a Trump fan, sort
of weird. But anyway, logos of news media organizations
including PBS, NPR, Politico, The Washington Post and NBC, were put onto the faces of the
people in the church that he was gunning down. He also shoots black lives matter in the head
and Vice News and also very fun, TYT. He murders the business that we work for or
that we take part in. That’s fun. And this was again, at one of his, at event
for a group supporting him where his son was in attendance, where Sarah Sanders, his press
secretary who for about two years pretended that Donald Trump did not support political
violence against his opponents? They swear that they haven’t seen it, but
understand that they were at the event where this was playing.>>Not only that, but the organizers,
>>That’s who they are.>>The organizers of this group also said,
hey, we have no idea how this works.>>Thank you.>>This was something that came in as a meme
contest or section of our event that’s being held at Trump’s properties down in Florida. So the Trump people and the campaign and he
himself have no idea how these rogue people came into his building. The people that are running, they have no
idea how this got submitted. The people that are running the event where
they submit these things also have no idea how it got there. We’re gonna look into it internally until
we figure this whole thing out. In other words, we don’t wanna talk about
it. I just go into it and say hey you guys discover
something we were hoping we could keep secret and now that you’ve discovered we don’t know,
because that’s become the excuse for doing horrific things. Every time Trump gets caught he goes, I don’t
remember, I don’t really know. When he got caught with the porn star payments
and he was on the airplane, he goes, I don’t know, I don’t know, I’ve never. Now that Giuliani is going around the world
talking about how he’s worked for the state department and Trump and trying to investigate
folks, Trump says I don’t know, I don’t know. So this has become the brand for people that
do this. I don’t know, it just kinda showed up. I don’t know who made it, I don’t know why
they made it, I don’t know why we watched it. Nobody actually watched it. No one was there. It just got played in the projector and no
one was in the middle of the room. .That’s where we’ve gotten to this point now.>>I love where you say then you pointed out
the whole I don’t know. As a lawyer, I can tell you that’s the, I
do not recall because no one can essentially call you a liar. No one can say you’re telling the truth. You just play dump and you’re just like, I
don’t know. But essentially, all of this anti media journalism
propaganda is so incredibly problematic because right now is the most dangerous time for journalists. And there have been several organizations. Article 19, a human rights organization, they
issued a report in 2019 showing that this is the most dangerous time, 78 journalists
were killed in 2017, 326 in prison. And Donald Trump essentially demonizing journalists,
this is why we’re in this situation and essentially the voice for the people it can’t speak.>>Yeah. I mean, he has developed this phrase fake
news which originally had a meaning now it just means press that he doesn’t like. He’s tweeted that 600 times. He’s called the media the enemy the people
on Twitter 35 times even after people began murdering journalists in the US. And they like to write this off as like, you
know, there’s been a lot of, to their credit the media, the mainstream media has attacked
this video and said that this is unacceptable. Obviously, since many of them are being targeted
in the video. But the right wing doesn’t care, they think
it’s funny. It’s just, it’s a meme like you said. We’re having a meme contest. No. One of our producers, I saw a meme she made
earlier today, of her dog swimming with the producer’s problems around it. And she’s just trying to keep her head above
water, that’s a meme, it’s got an animal. This is fascist propaganda, I don’t care what
you call it. You are a fascist, you want our government
to be fascist. And so you’re producing media to encourage
other people to see political differences, not as a thing that we debate and then we
vote based on, but that we hunt down and murder our political opponents. And anyone who dares to do journalism, investigative
journalism, even just political commentary that you find to be inconvenient, we don’t
think that we should murder those people, but an increasing number of Americans do think
that that’s the solution, you should murder them. And that comes in a couple different forms. One, you have names like this. We’re gonna show you out there that Trump
has already enthusiastically tweeted out the idea that you should hunt down your political
opponents. But we’ve also seen over the past couple of
months now, if a politician proposes something you don’t like for instance, if better of
work says that AR-15s shouldn’t be legally sold any more, then they just say, we’ll kill
you if you try to enforce this law. There was Ben Shapiro with something about
tax breaks for churches. He said, I’ll kill you, if you’re a truant
officer, if you bent over, you come, I will murder you. Which is not, that doesn’t mean necessarily
that these individuals, Ben Shapiro, has really changed in how they think about politics. But they feel much more free to simply say
no, we think we have the numbers, we think we have the guns. And so if the country moves in a direction
I don’t like, I’m gonna start gunning people down. And Trump more than anything else has made
those people feel comfortable to threaten to murder their political opponents.>>That’s where we’ve gone and if you can
keep denying that there’s some connection with this. But again, if you’ve seen it, which obviously
we’re not gonna show, the video that Trump has retweeted, it’s a very similar look. It can be produced by the same person. I know it’s not or maybe it is, but it doesn’t
necessarily have to be cuz it’s pretty crude and easily edited. So after you see your president, your king,
posting things like this and laughing about it, you go, I’m gonna do one maybe I can get
his good graces too, maybe he’ll tweet something to me and say good job, nice job foot soldier. So there’s people that are like this. We saw the guy who sent some bombs to CNN.>>Yes.>>And I’m blanking his name right now. But then-
>>Sayoc.>>Yes, Sayoc. Openly admitted, yeah, I was doing it for
Donald Trump because these are his enemies. Not just CNN but also political enemies. Many of the people that also appear in this
same thing. The connections are way too stark for you
to deny it anymore. We talked about the congressman that got shot. No problem congressman got shot on the softball
field. Suddenly it’s Bernie Sanders’ people because
he was a Bernie Sanders supporter and Bernie Sanders is stoking what, but you can’t find
the connection to in a video that looks just like the one you did, and actual actions that
have been carried out by supporters of yours. You can’t find that connection at all.>>Yeah.>>Because you don’t want to.>>Yeah, Bernie Sanders has been crystal clear
that he would never accept any form of violence or anything like that. Donald Trump, not so much. Loves to joke about the congressman who assaulted
a reporter right before he got elected, thinks that’s hilarious. Jokes about attacking protesters in his rallies,
he surrounds himself with thousands of his fans and they joke about attacking protesters. Again, it’s just the normalization of fascism
and fascist language and fascist imagery. That’s all it is. That’s what we were talking about before he
got elected.>>Yes.>>We said to take this seriously, now we’re
a couple of years into it and journalists are being killed. And supporters of his are trying to either,
like the lieutenant in the Coast Guard wanted to start a race war. We know supporters of his wanted to kill Somali
immigrants in Minnesota, thankfully they were stopped. Cesar Sayoc apparently was too much of a moron
to actually successfully assassinate these media figures and politicians, but he certainly
tried. And that is what Trump hath wrought. That’s the language they usually use for this
sort of thing. And working at an organization that’s being
lumped in, it’s not a joke. Some people treat politics as if this is like
supporting a baseball team or something.>>Yes, exactly.>>It’s not, people’s lives are being threatened,
we can see it. There’s a lot of people who work here. People who are just good enough to come on
our shows, you should not be threatened because you disagree with these people.>>And they’re all out there and they’re crazy
and they have access to you via social media. And now because all of our information is
accessible on the internet, and we’ve seen people get docs and their information be out
there and then they come and confront you in some way, and it’s a very dangerous situation,
especially when that person thinks they’re appeasing to their Trump god. And as you notice, Trump doesn’t ever come
out and condemn something. It’ll be maybe his representative saying,
he strongly condemns it, but he’ll never come out and directly say, I condemn this. And so people, they continue to get encouraged.>>Yeah, I was just literally, I was hoping
as you were saying that I was really looking up. Has he said anything yet?>>No.>>He’s tweeted, he didn’t find time for this.>>Yes.>>He did find time to encourage people to
vote for Spicer on Dancing with the Stars. He did that this morning. Didn’t find time talking about this. And there was a tweet though, from Stephanie
Grisham, who is technically the press secretary, although that doesn’t mean anything anymore. She tweeted earlier this morning, real Donald
Trump has not yet seen the video, he will see it shortly. But based upon everything he’s heard, he strongly
condemns this video. So this is so that he doesn’t have to say
it, because that would be disheartening to his followers. Who want to imagine that some day he will
begin gunning down the people that they hate. He hasn’t seen it. What has he been on Twitter for maybe 10 hours
since then. It’s been like 12 hours since it came out. So yeah, about 10 hours he has been actively
tweeting about any number of different things. He’s obviously seen it. And there is a good chance that he will end
up tweeting it out. Honestly, let’s not pretend otherwise. If we can bring up this tweet. He retweeted the cartoon of a train running
down a CNN reporter. Now, that is only one reporter or outlet being
murdered but is that actually morally different from what we are talking about today? That he did that two years ago, that he liked
the idea that he’s gonna murder a reporter. I don’t think it is actually that different. Now thankfully, as I implied earlier, the
media has been okay in responding to this Trump violent video. JR produced a mash up of some of what they
said. Here we go.>>I think we need to get back to real truth
in political campaigns. This is dump. I mean, it’s just, who thought this was a
good idea? And especially if you’re a supporter of the
President.>>Also, he’s beating up a black woman in
there, who’s Maxine Waters. He’s beating her up. It’s really despicable.>>Congresspeople Maxine Waters, Mitt Romney,
Adam Schiff, Bernie Sanders, President Obama, the Clintons, my father, you can’t kill him
again, but whatever.>>This is outrageous. This hurts the President. It’s not a good thing to have debated in the
country.. And I think it’s ridiculous.>>If this were the opposite and happening
in an Obama event, you’d be screaming bloody murder.>>To do something like this is just stupid
and it obviously backfired as it should. It should be condemned. It shouldn’t have been aired.>>Poor taste and entirely unnecessary, I
think is the conclusion here at this table.>>How easy for all of you judging me that
I’m offended and upset by the video. You try doing this when some member of your
family is continued to have this happen over and over and over again. And it doesn’t seem to matter to anybody in
Trump world whatsoever.>>So that’s good. The poor taste. It seems a bit weak, but hey, at least there
was a negative response. So that’s something
>>That’s overwhelming from that point of view, like we said poor taste.>>Exactly.>>And every time someone, I don’t wanna get
too far on responses from Fox News, but every time you see and we mentioned and we’ll talk
later about how he had something to say in opposition to the president. Someone else sitting next to was like, man,
we’re gonna hear about this one. They figured this is a brave move to mention
reality when you see this happen like, that was actually in bad taste who did it? And they won’t go as far as say, and we can’t
wait to hear what the President has to say about this. You only have to say some bad taste just for
those people. Just for those people who did it.>>Yeah, it was like it is talking around
already. I don’t know. I don’t know when a show is on. Do you think he’s gonna condemn it?>>No.>>Maybe twice a year-
>>I don’t know.>>And he tries to pretend that he’s a free
thinker, and that he’s not a dogmatic conservative. So maybe but I kinda doubt it. I kinda doubt it. I think that he’s probably gonna joke about
it. Laura Ingraham definitely is just gonna laugh
about it. Sean Hannity obviously’s gonna mention it. But just imagine Sean Hannity’s show, imagine
hypothetically horrific situation. Let’s say before the election, and I wondered
this before the mid-terms. Let’s say a group of democratic candidates
is gunned down by a Trump supporter. Like do you think like Sean Hannity that day
says, you know what? We’ve moved beyond where I can follow. You know what? I’ve been enthusiastic because I support Donald
Trump, but at a certain point I am a journalist, and so I care what happens to other journalists
and this has gone too far. I am revoking my support for the President
until he condemns any form of political violence. Does any one actually think that you could
draw any line that some people would not pass. If Trump-
>>If Trump just imprisoned 100 journalists today. What percentage of his supporters would drop
off do you think?>>There’s no reason to believe that journalists
would be the thing that would make them have this problem. They had no problem when bombs are being sent,
as I mentioned earlier to news outlets, they have no problem when threats are being made
and then are carried out on when the white supremacist down in Charlottesville came down
and were killing people. That went to a defense mode, that didn’t go
to hey, we’ve crossed the line. We’ve inspired bad people to commit murderous
actions. It doesn’t cross that point. An innocent person who was in the middle of
a bunch of people, many others got injured by the way as well. He was looking to kill more than one. It’s not like he targeted one person. So if that was defended, you know, this will
be too.>>Well, the thing is that greed is really
what controls cuz it’s a thought that hey, I’m a Fox News anchor, host, and I’m financially
set and secure. So why don’t I continue on this path? I don’t necessarily need to think about the
person, the right of the person, the left of the person, and other angles. But as long as I’m good, it’s good. And I think that’s truly reflection of where
our society is today which is why we have so many of the issues we have because no one’s
really thinking about the common good.>>And their fellow man as much as they’re
thinking of making sure that they’re good.>>Yeah, anyway, just really disheartening
day to see like some people again, some people good you did a good job of trying to represent
right wingers who are willing to criticize this, but there’s still some people that have
not come to grips with what this movement actually is. And you don’t have to be a great student of
history to know what direction this is going in. And the idea that American exceptionalism,
like, come on, not us. Like everyone, everyone, humans are simple
dark creatures at times, honestly, that can support disgusting things if they think it’s
in their own interest. If they think that their identity would benefit
in some way, protected in some way by rushing out and killing people, all too often they
will support that. And I don’t wanna see it here and so I want
people to take this threat seriously, and still some people are not.

The Zuckerberg hearing… But it’s an absolute mess

Let me ask this question… Are you aware of any ad or page that has been taken down from ‘Planned Parenthood’? Senator… *Incomprehensible* I’m – I’m… *Incomprehensible again…* No. How ’bout Move on dot– NO! Why was ‘Palmer Luckey’ fired? *ILLUMINATI INTENSIFIES* Oh, well… I – I think that… *COME ON SPIT IT OUT ZUCC YOU TWAT* Uh… Senator, here’s how we think about this. *Creepy lip smack* Senator, We consider ourselves to be a platform for all– *Interupted* It’s just a… –a simple question W H Y W A S P A L M E R L U C K E Y F I R E D ! ? *Triggered XD* That is a specific personnel matter, that seems like it would– *ZUCC.EXE HAS STOPPED RESPONDING* *ZUCC.EXE HAS STOPPED RESPONDING* *ZUCC.EXE HAS STOPPED RESPONDING*

Seize The Day.

Today we explore the mind of Kurt Eichenwald the prolific author and hentai connoisseur. It begins on December 15th, Handsome man, Tucker Carlson hosts Kurt on his show. Kurt was publishing some nonsense on Twitter, and Tucker asks him… “what the f*ck, dude?” [Kurt]: I mean Tucker [Kurt]: You are- Look, you’re not fooling anybody. [Tucker]: THIS IS A LITTLE NUTTY! I GOTTA BE HONEST! [Tucker]: OKAY!
[Kurt]: And I can sit here and I can read them to you [Tucker]: I appreciate it.
[Kurt]: one at a time, and we can talk about what YOU have to say. [Tucker]: That’s pretty good. [Tucker]: Okay I think you’re humiliating yourself.
[Kurt]: So let’s go to- [Tucker]: This is performance art, I’ve never had an interview like this in my life! Before he even left the studio, he was being roasted on Twitter. Then one user, by the alias ‘jew_goldstein’, sent him this Twitter. I won’t show the animated version, but it just flashes in different colors. Now, Kurt says he’s epileptic. So when he saw this tweet, he thought the best thing to do would be to hit ‘play’. Now Kurt’s wife is a prudent woman. So when she sees him writhing around on the floor, she sends out a tweet to Mr. Goldstein… to let him know he’s in BIG TROUBLE. Then she checks her Instagram, and her matches on Tinder, and then finally calls 911. A day later and Kurt is back and ready for a fight. He’s going to sue whoever this Mr. Goldstein is. First, he subpoenas Twitter. [Guy in crowd]: WOOOOOOO! [Kurt uses SUBPOENA!] [It’s not very effective] Then the FBI gets involved… and within a couple of weeks, they have their man. It’s John Rivello, a 29-year-old war veteran. and now this ‘joke tweet’ has him looking at 10 YEARS in prison. Kurt’s a real trooper about his epilepsy though. His lawyer said that it took him “several weeks” before he was speaking properly. and yet here he was, just three days later, on ABC’s primetime. He isn’t showing any medical proof of the incident either. Check out his YouTube channel. Can you believe he edited this whole thing with his eyes closed? Many epilepics aren’t able to drive either because of the flashing lights. But not Kurt, he loves the open road. A couple of months pass and Kurt is producing more fake news and he posts THIS tweet. Shocking, right? Look at THAT. B-Chiku He was looking at japanese anime ladies. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [Tucker]: And it was a link to hardcore japanese cartoon pornography. It exists and it’s every bit as creepy as it sounds. The Internet ERUPTED. Here’s a little sample from the literature. And then they have sex and it’s pretty graphic. But instead of just admitting he’s a weeb, he tries to get out of it with an even weirder excuse. “No I swear, I don’t love 2D titties…” “I was just looking at tentacle porn with my KIDS…” ಠ_ಠ “to show my wife.” [Tucker]: Well of course, it’s just another afternoon of surfing the Internet for hardcore porn with YOUR KIDS. Makes sense. Except the problem is B-Chiku DOESN’T HAVE any tentacle porn. He claims it was too difficult to find. So let’s test that. Alright, and we type it into Google. and there’s about 8 links, okay what about the images… Yep, every one of those is an affront to God. And with that, Kurt cemented his place in Internet History… as the guy who faps to Hentai. [Mom]: Oh It’s alright, we all have feelings like this sometimes. I’m just glad you’re doing this in the privacy of your OWN ROOM. And when he inevitably dies from smacking his head on a table corner after another fake seizure… he can be proud to know that the thing he is known most for above all else… is his fondness for sexy cartoons.

CNN Blackmails Reddit User Over Trump Wrestling Video, Threatens To Expose Identity

CNN Blackmails Reddit User Over Trump Wrestling
Video, Threatens To Expose Identity by Tyler Durden CNN is taking heat for threatening to publish
the identity of a private citizen who posted a video lampooning the network. Redditor ‘HanAssholeSolo’ is credited as the
creator of a clip showing President Trump beating up a man with a CNN logo superimposed
over his face, which the President then tweeted on Sunday morning. #FraudNewsCNN #FNN
� Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 2, 2017 In response, CNN and it’s MSM brethren caught
the vapors – with pundits accusing the President of inciting violence against journalists. CNN media reporter Brian Stelter tweeted this
screed: CNN statement responding to the president:
“We will keep doing our jobs. He should start doing his.”
� Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) July 2, 2017 While the White House has said the video didn’t
come from Reddit, CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski went on a deep dive, uncovering now-deleted posts
from ‘HanAssholeSolo’ which the network deemed offensive. CNN decided not to publish the the user’s
personal details, for now, because HanAssholeSolo has ‘showed his remorse’ for the ‘offending
posts’ and ‘ugly behavior’ – effectively threatening to expose a private citizen if he doesn’t
stay in line. Apology HanAssholeSolo issued an apology on Reddit
Tuesday, calling the video a “prank, nothing more.” �The meme was created purely as satire,
it was not meant to be a call to violence against CNN or any other news affiliation… …I had no idea anyone would take it and
put sound to it and then have it put up on the President�s Twitter feed.�
Here’s what people thought about that: #CNNBlackmail
� William Craddick (@williamcraddick) July 5, 2017
@CNN U basically coerce apology & threaten release of identity if something changes? Pretty sure a line is crossed here. #CNNBlackmail
� Scott Taylor (@Scotttaylorva) July 5, 2017 Meanwhile, CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski has said
that people are misinterpreting the article. This line is being misinterpreted. It was intended only to mean we made no agreement
w/the man about his identity.
� andrew kaczynski ???? (@KFILE) July 5, 2017 Sure Andrew… CNN isn’t publishing his name “because he
is a private citizen” who “showed remorse,” yet you reserve the right to expose his identity
if you don’t like how he behaves in the future. Sounds like a threat. How did they find him? While CNN maintains they were able to link
HanAssholeSolo’s posts to his Facebook account, a 4chan user claiming to be a CNN insider,
suggested that CNN obtained his IP address from his ISP and ‘unmasked’ him. Here’s how @CNN #CNNBlackmail went down, from
insider at @CNN that spiilled the beans on 4Chan.
� MicroSquatMagic� (@MicroBlackMagic) July 5, 2017 EPIC REACTIONS CNN’s latest blunder follows a devastating
week for the network, whose last shred of credibility was destroyed in a blaze of glory
by James O’Keefe last week. Reactions to the network’s threat to expose
(or ‘Dox’) Redditor HanAssholeSolo have been hilarious… you can see for yourself by searching
the hashtag #CNNBlackMail on Twitter. Donald’s happy day #CNNBlackMail
Keep the tweets coming ???????????? � Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) July 5, 2017
When Trump goes low CNN goes lower: threatens to dox artist behind “CNN head” video if he
makes fun of them again
� Julian Assange (@JulianAssange) July 5, 2017
“Let’s just publicly threaten to dox some redditor. There’s no way this will backfire on us.” #cnnblackmail
� Rokfrag H�melsmitt (@RicinGravy) July 5, 2017
CNN after seeing #CNNBlackmail is a top trend
� Mark Dice (@MarkDice) July 5, 2017 #CNNBackmail
� Mike Cernovich ???????? (@Cernovich) July 5, 2017
Current $TWC stock price is $101.38 which is a current spread of 6% to deal price. If 4chan is successful against #CNN then discount
� Ed (@DowdEdward) July 5, 2017 only wish CNN went after violent rioters and
antifa looters the way they go after someone who made a comical GIF. � GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) July 5, 2017 Finally – 4chan has declared WAR #CNNBlackmail
4chan has declared war upon CNN,and soon others will follow Operation:Autism Storm will be
the beginning of the next Meme War � Dirt Man of Kekistan (@yahboiDirtMan)
July 5, 2017 CNN may have triggered a war against Reddit,
4chan, and an army of hackers. They have NO idea how ugly this could get. #CNNBlackMail
� RockPrincess (@Rockprincess818) July 5, 2017 This should go well for CNN In summary: Mon: “GIFs make people want to hurt us!” Tues: “Apologize or we’ll hurt you.”#CNNBlackmail
� Razor (@hale_razor) July 5, 2017

Storm Area 51 and the Rise of Depression Memes – Wisecrack Vlog

What’s up guys? Jared again. Everyone’s been talking about it. Every message board, every discord server,
every major news publication. We’ve even dipped our toes in on Culture
Binge. You’ve probably heard of the Storm Area
51 Facebook Event, in which millions of net nerds ironically vowed to Naruto run their
way into Area 51 on September 20th so they can finally “see dem aliens.” Now this is funny for a variety of reasons-
there’s nothing quite so satisfying as imagining some general at the Pentagon being briefed
on what a group of Kyles is. But it’s also a dark joke about gleefully
signing up for, what is essentially a suicide mission. Every 5 seconds a new meme pops up on the
Facebook event ironically strategizing their entrance, taking inventory of vehicles and
infantry and, of course, coyly commenting how people’s commitment to irony may outweigh
their desire to live. It’s this last class of memes that’s got
us thinking about a popular sub genre of memes dominating the land of shitposting: Depression
memes. Whether it’s people identifying with Bart
Simpson as literally nothing hits him with a wave of incredible sadness or a young boy
being visited by Teletubbies labeled anxiety, depression, loneliness, and overthinking,
depression memes seem to be millenials and Gen Zers new form of free therapy. But the more we thought about it, the more
we thought that maybe there’s something else to it, that maybe depression memes can
be considered the most modern development of a certain philosophical and psychological
sentiment described over 150 years ago in what is considered one of the first existentialist
stories. So welcome to this Wisecrack Vlog on Depression
Memes. And for the love of god don’t try to storm
area 51. Please. But if you do, send me pics of dem aliens. So what is a shitpost? There are a bunch of definitions out there
that often include the idea that they’re deliberately unproductive to online conversation,
that they exist for their own sake, and/or are made hastily and in poor quality. But the definition we found most insightful
comes from writer Gustavo Turner in Surface magazine: “What is a shitpost if not a pointless,
carnivalesque attack against meaning itself? Like every aesthetic that draws from the absurd
(Dada, surrealism, situationism, punk), shitposting is ultimately a cry of despair against impending
disaster.” While Turner is apt in likening the shitpost
to various absurdist art movements, we instead find a very specific flavor of existentialism
in the depression meme. It’s our contention that this phenomenon
of people posting memes about their despair is an extension of a philosophical and psychological
sentiment immortalized by Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novella “Notes from Underground.” Or more simply, the titular Underground Man
is functionally a 19th century proto-shitposter. To find out what we’re talking about, we’re
gonna have to dive in to a little recap of the book. It portrays the curmudgeonly musings of The
Underground Man, a tortured recluse who reminisces about a time he almost had an authentic connection
with another human. It’s starts off with him proclaiming that
“he is sick.” Not because he’s suffering from any physical
ailments, but rather from “hyperconsciousness,” or an extreme debilitating commitment to rationality. The first part of the book depicts his stream
of consciousness as he weaves an intricate labyrinth of arguments about topics like reason,
freedom, and European Utopianism before recounting an unpleasant interaction with his old schoolmate
Zverkov. He eventually meets a prostitute named Liza,
who he tries to “redeem” by telling her to change her ways. She’s able to get him to open up for a little
while, but he quickly turns back into an asshole and tries to humiliate her. As she leaves, he immediately regrets his
behavior and runs after her, but she’s long gone. The Underground Man has remained supremely
relevant over time. Dostoevsky’s metaphor of “the underground”
was a major development in modern literature and continues to be referenced as an embodiment
of rebellion against traditional value systems. Which is all well and good, but what does
this extremely lonely and extremely miserable man have to do with people on the internet
joking about the disposability of their lives via Area 51 memes? We think that the state of despair propagated
by depression memes overlaps with the sentiment of the Underground Man’s in four key ways: 1. Inaction. Both depression memes and the Underground
Man emphasize despair over action. The point of posting a meme like the cat in
the hat with the text “millennials and get z’s willingness to die” sneaking up on
a kid standing in for “Area 51 thinking this is a joke” isn’t to inspire the masses
to get off their computer and help Millennials or Gen Zers by pushing for economic reform
or greater public mental health options. These memes are often born out of reflecting
on what seems like an impossible, hopeless situation with no particular orientation towards
doing anything about it. The meme only offers a sense of identification
with hopelessness. The futility of action is key. Likewise, the much of the Underground Man’s
deep unhappiness is due to what he calls “Hyperconsciousness”- or a paralyzing sense of awareness. He claims to be so aware that he sees both
sides of any argument, so instead of choosing a side or defining himself through any meaningful
action, he does nothing. He calls this “conscious inertia.” “It was not only that I could not become
spiteful, I did not know how to become anything: neither spiteful nor kind, neither a rascal
nor an honest man, neither a hero nor an insect. Now, I am living out my life in my corner,
taunting myself with the spiteful and useless consolation that an intelligent man cannot
become anything seriously, and it is only the fool who becomes anything.” Like our melancholy hero, depression memes
are defined by a similar kind of inertia- a feeling of hopeless paralysis. 2. Like a good shitpost, The Underground Man
is kind of a troll. When he visits his old friend Zverkov, he
KNOWS that he and his friends don’t like him, but tags along to a party anyway and
acts like a drunken fool just to spread the misery around. Similarly, a depression shitpost looks not
only to express despair, but pervert the sunny optimism of traditional social media posts. If most people on Instagram are curating their
social media personas to project an image of a perfect life with attractive, successful,
and supportive friends, a depression meme looks to bring the grimy underbelly of feelings
to the forefront. Think you’re accumulating cultural capital
by posting about your sweet beachfront vacation spot with your sexy rich family? Fuck you. I eat depression for breakfast. 3. Like The Underground Man, a Depression Meme
is a paradox. Part of what has made the psychological profile
of the Underground Man so interesting and enduring is that he is constantly contradicting
himself. He says he loves being isolated, yet he yearns
for human connection. Similarly, a depression meme is a cry for
help, yet a resignation to hopelessness. The Underground Man looks down on normal people
like Liza and Zverkov, yet envies them, not unlike how a depression meme is a condemnation
of normie-dom, yet a desire to live a life like theirs. Finally, the Underground Man suffers, but
takes pleasure in it. And of course- people make depression memes
for the lulz. Why, suffering is the sole origin of consciousness. Though I did lay it down at the beginning
that consciousness is the greatest misfortune for man, yet I know man prizes it and would
not give it up for any satisfaction. 4. Finally, both the Underground Man and shitposting
represent a rejection of optimistic political ideals. The Underground Man spends a fair amount of
time refuting ideas put forward by Nikolai Chernyshvsky’s image of a utopia built out
of a devotion to reason that he referred to as “The Crystal Palace” in his work “What
is to be Done?” Similarly, depressing memes are often a reaction
to the post-Cold War 90s- a decade built on the promise of a better world, but, to many,
that didn’t happen and now we only look forward to “sunny” possibilities like
climate catastrophes, war with Iran, and Silicon Valley ruining everything under the guise
of “disruption.” Like the Underground Man, Millennials and
Gen Zers have grown up with the promise of a better future, only to be hit with sobering
realities that that has made us… depressed. As such, depression memes will often co-opt
positive elements of popular culture and impose sad realities on them via text. In doing so, it comments on the failure of
these images to deliver any actual happiness, and the lie of positivity that they perpetuated. So there you have it- The Underground man
is very much alive in the ethos of depression memes on the internet. But I want to emphasize here that depression
and other mental illnesses are a very serious thing, and while some may find levity in these
kinds of things, it’s not cathartic for everyone. For what it’s worth, I always remind myself
of the book’s end, where the Underground Man deeply regrets rejecting human companionship. Yes, the state of things might be dismal and
derailing meaning and trolling might give us the necessary dopamine hit to get through
the day, but it’s important that we don’t give up an incredibly important part of a
healthy psyche: human connection. And I just wanna end this vlog with a quote
from the text that will undeniably speak to anyone who’s ever posted a depression meme: “For we are all divorced from life, we are
all cripples, every one of us, more or less. We are so divorced from it that we feel at
once a sort of loathing for real life, and so cannot bear to be reminded of it. Why, we have come almost to look upon real
life as an effort, almost as hard work, and we are all privately agreed that it is better
in books.” Thanks to all of our patrons who support the
channel and our podcasts. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button

YLYL Savage Level 101% (CLEAN)/ Try Not To Laugh

MAKE ME FEEL SO- HI-HI-HI-HIII~ (Rubber Chicken Squeaking) Kyle Jenner to the foyer, I have a little surprise for you.. Kyle: Is that a chicken?? So uh- AHHHHHH!~ (RUN FOREST RUN!!!) “When you get a text saying please call me” Guy: Now all I have to do is wave my hand Over YOUR hand… And a spider.. Will start to come out. (Earrape) OHHH!! It’s pretend! It’s all pretend it’s pretend. Girl: ARE YOU SURE?? Guy: It’s only on the phone! It’s only on the phone… If you lift that phone up and that ph- Guy: Look, see? Girl: But how’s that??- Look, i’ll teach you how to do it okay? Girl: If there’s… Guy: All you have to do is wave your hand. And the spider comes across. It Tickles…. .-. All you have to do is wave your… It don’t… It… OMG! if it gone come out… Try-try-try again. (WARNING HEADPHONE USERS!!!) I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT (x6) (Epic music plays) (Dog farts then freaks out) (Replays in slow-mo) Girl 1: HEY MAMMA YOU WE’RE MY- I love you Kaya… And I love you Alia. (Girl 1 screams for life) AHAHAHHHHHH MOMM Girl 2: GOD HAVE MERcYYY (screaming and whining goes on forever) Girl 1: GET ME OFF OF THIS!! And if I die… Tell mama I love her.. (Mom tells baby no a numerous amount of times) (Inaudible talking) (Japanese) Ohmayo, cindae yu. Noogie??? (Me everyday) (lmao can’t make out the conversation) (Cuphead music) Ohmayo, cindae yu. NOOGIE?? (Earrape) Everytime you yell at your kids put a quarter in your “No yelling” sock and soon you’ll have a weapon to- Stop it.. Get some help. (Meme 101 music plays) (Roblox bass boosted death noise) (Some type of ancient language) (trip) (OOF!) They ask you how you are but you just have to say your fine and your not really fine but you just can’t get into it because they would never under- How it feels to chew 5 gum.. (LITERALLY ME) New 5 gum. Stimilate your sences. WOW a YARD- SAIL!! (This guy can dance) NO GET THOSE LIGHTS OFF, OFF!! ThErE tOo BrIgHt, TRUN em OFFF Turn them off, let’s go ready? TURN- You spend far too much time with your computer. It’s not healthy. It’s my life. That’s so very very sad! Stop it.. Get some help. How’s it goin’ bro’s? Here’s a Brofist for ya. Love ya bro’s , MWAHAHAA (Fwoop) Aw Frick, I can’t believe you’ve done this. AH GURL LEMME GIVE U A KI$$ THAT IS GUUD! Lemgardion Leivosa.. (Earrape Harry Potter Theme) (Ear bleeding scream with terrified face) (Kill her plz) Who did you expect? Spartaflop? (And she’s back) Okay this is called the “Trust Fall” Okay trust fall, ready? Set.. Go. Why u repeat??? Spottin my ex be like.. (Bish I can’t even…) (Annoying sqeaking doggy thingy) (Helicoptor noises) (Doggy be back) (And so be the helicopter) Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider- (Japanese?) (Some opera memez) (Car engine) Hi.. hi. (Sanic theme plays) (Espanol) (Espanol as “Rolling stars theme starts) (There it is :D) (101 memes take #2) Aye did I win? 😀 I didn’t just splatter paint I WAS The paint. (Woman laughing behind camera) Good boy Coco! Go on J- (Shooeth Lady) Well, she didn’t want to go xD Nice Ron! I sneezed! Oh i’m not allowed to sneeze? (EARRAPE) (This guy know’s how it’s done) (EARRAPE TAKE 2) I DO PARKOUR (x3) AHAHAHAHAHHA (laughter) (OOF) (GAWD) NO! My new wallpaper -_- Aw sh*t It’s Fall! Get ready for pumpkin flavored everything! BLEAUGGGG HAHAHAH! Cannibalism! “Road Work Ahead”? Uh, Yeah! I sure hope it does. You girls still want me. (Song playing while cat says “NO”) Cat: NOOO, NO, NOO, NO. HoW dO yOu KnOw whAt’S gOoD fOr Me? ThAt’S mY oPiNiOn!!!! (we’re finally at the end ;c) (Bye Guys!)

Fraser Anning Egg Boy MEMES Reddit

Best of Reddit, this weekend featuring… Lara Loughlin’s Aunt Becky memes,
and… Eggboi. #1 I always wanted to tap Aunt Becky
We start with… Aunt Becky memes. Imagine working at the FBl
and everyone around you is uncovering crimes by the President
and you get assigned to wiretap Aunt Becky for trying
to get her dumb kid into college. Let’s be honest here,
are you really that shocked when you read: “… the largest college admissions scam
ever prosecuted, wealthy parents, Hollywood actresses, coaches and
college prep executives have been accused of carrying out a nationwide fraud
to get students into prestigious universities…” It just sounds to me like it’s common practice,
and the next meme might even have a better point than that:
For $500,000 my child better be getting into Hogwarts, forget USC. Damn Aunt Becky
Half a million dollars. Wow. Sounds like a good time to switch jobs:
How to kidnap rich parents. Ivy League schools. We might be amused now,
but if we take a step back, try ‘n’ look at the whole situation,
we have to say we’re disappointed: that look when u realize
aunt becky did some shady sh… to get alex and nicky
into a good college And, not only that… the circle is
getting smaller and smaller every day: Actors that nobody hates,
annual meeting. thanks google
Here’s… a meme about the World Wide Web. The title refers to the fact that
Google is one few who seemed to care. When it is the 30th Anniversary of
the world wide web and no one is celebrating it. Sad processing noises. The 12th of march was the date of anniversary,
and Google celebrated it with one of their doodles. “Vague but exciting.” This was how Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s boss
responded to his proposal titled “Information Management: A Proposal,”
submitted on this day in 1989 “Vague but exciting.” is also the way people seem to feel
about this anniversary. Let’s also not forget the
14th of march was “pi day,” because some people write it as 3.14. When it’s Pi day, Einstein’s birthday,
and Stephen Hawking’s death anniversary, yet no one is making science memes
So, guys; next year we have to make it count! Next year, let’s bring a smile
to our faces with their accomplishments. #3 I stand with Eggboi
This is… a few words about Eggboi. Australian Senator Fraser Anning
punches teen after being egged according to Anning’s own logic from yesterday,
the teen wasn’t to blame…. lt was the chicken’s fault for
laying the egg in the first place!! If you’re not from Australia,
you might be wondering what’s this all about. But, this meme tells us all we need to know,
as he’s blaming an attack to immigration. People always get into trouble
when trying to overgeneralize things. Like:
IS AIR DANGEROUS? IS WATER DEADLY? Every human in our history that has died,
also breathed air and drank water. Anyway, Egg Boy has gotten support from
millions of people around the world, and at least one Australian hip hop group:
Egg Boy, you have free entry to any Hoods show for life
should you wish. Ultimately… it seems that Eggboi was
one of those people who didn’t forget a crucial life lesson:
Before u leave the house, think of the acronym ‘WOWEE’:
W for Wallet. O for ph… One. W for Wkeys. E for Egg, and another E for… Egg (backup) Comment if there were better memes this weekend… Also popular this week were
on Instagram a month ago, but the meme community picked it up
heavily this week. It’s the music you can hear
in the background right now. I’m not joking. That’s just him beatboxing
without any background music. Until I improve my english, though,
I have a rule not to use videos with sound. In other words,
the video has to work without sound. Coz’ if I just shared 10 clips
with music or people talking, there would be no need to comment,
and that kinda defies the purpose of learning. I’m Saša ‘n’ let’s talk more in the next video!


Origin PC and PewDiePie is back in action, baby [oooh fire] Yatta desu ne! (Hooray!) I really like origin PC and I’m thrilled to have them back as SpoNSoRs! and to celebrate this continued partnership. We’re giving away not just anything o k a y We’re giving away Nvidia’s new RTX 2080 Ti-Titan-whatever BAM which is available on Origin PC Bam BAM BAM BAM you could win this and it’s a worldwide giveaway. That’s right. Doesn’t matter if you’re Indian Or anywhere else in the planet, you could win this. It will run for three weeks From the start date. To sign up, head over to link in description, bro And I gotta flex on you kids a little bit as well Origin PC is gonna build me a brand new RTX BEAST, which I can of course use to watch memes thats the only content you put out pewds Hey, I need that. (jesus so aggressive) Okay, and it’s gonna be built in their all new Neuron Which of course I know what that means (sure you do pewds) because I watch memes all day, but you can check it out on their website Make sure to follow me and Origin PC on their social media for more information. This video was sponsored by Origin PC. check out link in description MEME REVIEW Keep watching video now. Bye Okay the bullying [swistian channel] in this app has gotten way out of hand You only need to grow up and quit picking on people you want to mess with somebody come mess with me CLEP CLEP Yatta Desu Ne! Meme Review Desu Ne! Let’s begin the meme challenge tick-tock bullying memes is They’re growing exponentially Finally a meme that is not dying alright It’s still going strong bless Tick Tock memes Because you have a job doesn’t mean that your life is not much harder than anybody else’s – Sorry to say it runner, buit it is What else is new? – You wanna know what’s new? I have cancer! – It’s not funny. – No, it’s not. It’s really not YoU kNoW wHAts Not FUnNy I hAvE CAncER What i.. is this the new form of emo ? [probably] These kids lives are… they’re so privileged that they have to reenact this drama dramatesize dramas ? “dramatesize” dramas. Good job Felix Soap opera whatever kids watch, okay? [i watch kazoo kid and subtitle his videos] You know what this reminds me of? You know what it’s time for guys I think it’s time for an announcement [yay] everyone we have an announcement to make stahp bulleyeng, if this kid is not in YouTube rewind I’m gonna be ANGERY It never gets old this clip never gets over for me. I love it so much EveRYoNE We HAve An aNNounCeMent To mAKe STAHP HATIN I LOVE ERRYBADY If only if only he could be President instead of that orange makes wierd cat noise Thinks would be better is this is this the meme now is he actually gonna become a meme? [hope so] we get it we must STOP BULLYING StOp BullYiNg STAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP I love it so much. I love it so much. What do you what are you? What are you? What are you how are you EvEryONe That’s how you know, you’re dead for reals [ahh help im apparently dead] man. If I see venom don’t care if I see EVERYONE Then you know I’m dead iTS A mEEEEEEE MARIO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Fantastic The Venom meme everybody the first week of this meme. English. Someone save me, please [just leave him] I don’t know. It’s one of those means you can literally put anything in it and it will still be funny guys I don’t know if you guys knew this, but you could put any meme in there and it will still be hilarious I’ll show it to you. How are you? HELLO everybody my name is markiplier Welcome to five nights at Freddy’s YAAA SLAY ME DARKIPLIER SLAY ME NOWWWWW I make sh*t memes oh hi mark I know this meme is gonna take out I have that feeling I feel passionate about this meme [starts immitating his 9 year old audience]Well, that’s the alert of this meme is gonna grow in the stock market invest invest right now Send all your money to this meme it’s gonna epicly explode. What are you? [dont buy into his lies it will die in a few days] damn thats an epic face filter [yes it is] DAMN mark zuccc how did you even do that Largetrap made a template of this if you guys want to download that what the hell are you? So you can make your own version, I’m sure I’m sure people are gonna come up with some pretty cool stuff What the hell are you? MA NEM JEFF Oh Yeah, it doesn’t get better than these Guys, if you want to make your own version of this just check out link into the description and you can make one too [please he really needs help with his videos] The Venom meme gets a it’s not quite ready yet. It’s a little SMFFFFF toasty but I think slp snp snp snp snp It’s not time and you have to be responsible You have to know when things are ready and when they are not you know what I mean? [no i dont know what you mean] okay, IM PICKLE RICK, IM PICKLE RIIIICK. No, no one’s done that In between memes memes everybody. That’s right. Memes are so scarce these things I have to drag it out with the segment memes Maybe I should just do a separate meme show where I just focus on any meme [meme review is the only meme show] You know what? I don’t think I need another meme show actually [thank god] Maybe a meme shout-out. How about that? You know, we have the flex fans meme and you have the the pro-life meme come by. What’s up flex fans We’re gonna check out the new green-screen. It’s awesome I think you’re gonna love it. WHAA – And as much as I love both They don’t really deserve their own segment on bonus meme I mean on meme review so hey, I’m just throwing that out there when I grew up I want to own a dinosaur chuckles from back of classroom. That’s literally impossible damn rekt bro Just me man, it would be so great if Ben Shapiro would host me review that would literally be epic I envision this meme with like a Japanese dub makes wierd perv sounds [im quite scared] Bah I really it’s funny in my head next meme this is another meme that it’s It’s just getting there. It’s it’s a the seeds have been planted, but it’s not quite growing yet And I don’t think it will grow that big because you can’t really be that right just show the meme Felix, okay All right evolution. Can you give me a hand manipulation to polish rocks DNA to polish rocks? Yes Actually craft stuff to destroy everything like a BOSS human time [that was so cancerous felix] Well, I mean, I think they’re funny. Okay. All right, if you didn’t like this one, you’ll love this one. Evolution Can you give me lungs to live on land? Yes Actually goes back to water like a BOSS. Whale time oh, yeah [someone stop him] no seriously he needs help Okay, all right, how about this one evolution, can you give me horns? – To defend yourself? yeees. *actually gets killed from* Actually gets killed for the horn by humans like a boss. extinction… Extinction time we are concerned for his mental stability i havent washed my hair [you need a shower] The DNA meme? gets a Inconclusive. See I kill the memes even before they’re ready Meme review and then when you’re gonna watch it on us again, I walk you Look how he sucks it (talking in spanish) Yes, your leader honor me Can I please have gills so I can drink water and for you to drink water and breathe [sure here you go] Actually drinks beer like a boss beer time beer time Next meh-meh everybody Whoa [AAHHH] hold it right there you watch this video without smashing like and subscribe [dont do it] That is not epic being asleep realizing birds aren’t real im confused But birds are birds are real right, so I got a Google this robot bird prototype Surely this can’t be correct. What’s the difference between these two birds? Absolutely nothing [you must be blind] belief in birds los angeles London welcome back to some quick headlines China takes spine to new heights the country’s now reportedly using drones that look like real birds similar to this video Reportedly these drones are equipped with cameras GPS antennas and data links to communicate their findings back to Chinese intelligence You freaking kidding me how deep does this go hurts our drones Birds truthers the government God, my chills level is goin exponentially stronger birds birds truthers united states population Baby pigeons. Why don’t you ever see baby pigeons? Oh my god. I have never seen a baby pigeon I HAVE NEVER SEEN A BABY PIGEON How can birds be real if baby pigeons aren’t real. birds aren’t real Open your eyes and smash like if you’ve never seen a baby pigeon, this is extremely important This meme gets a frame of self no destruction this meme gets 3 health bars It cannot be destroyed I just killed one health bar I just felt like I had to I’m sorry. It’s got to health left though. It’s fine. It’s fine. next meme Okay. Alright everybody. We have to finish off with the MPC meme. I already talked about it in pew news [can we also get a bonus meme today hmmmmm] This meme started off on reddit I have a theory that there is only a fixed quantity of souls on planet earth that cycles continuously through reincarnation mind blown However, since human growth rate is so severe. Okay, you get it. All right. Yeah. I’ve already explained it I shouldn’t have to explain it again Basically, you’re an NPC if you like Marvel movies if you if you like video games [pub g is better than fortnite fight me] Come on, if you listen to Adele [nah heavy metal is where its at], I got bad news for you If you listen to tej wait Taylor Swift I got bad news for you if you watch it Jacksepticeye Markiplier the fine brothers. I got bad news for you. You’re an NPC Are you a PC or NPC and busy please western games like Super Mario Sunshine? [who the fuSWISTIAN CHANNEL likes super mario sunshine] What are you a child? I bet you never lifted any weights in your life pathetic plays on easy [yes we are all 9 year olds] I bet you can’t even get past a cup head tutorial reports toxic behavior only tries to beat the game Wow watches Sony movies gaming journalists Oh Tank or healer. Oh, I like tank. Oh, no. DPS is NPC get out of here with okay Hey, if you guys ever use any of these words I got bad news for you these words are all death in disguise Problem man yikes. YAAAS loosing all faith in Humanity, what what does that do in there? Who added that one in there? I will not stand for it [but can you do this?] I am NOT an NPC. Hey look at that [youre wrong felix] Everyone has an Apple computer Wow think different. Am I right? Now this meme got popular because they pol- It got politicized [i dont know] It that a word? Probably isn’t people started using it as a way to define… To troll lib tards epic style and then lib tards response of course is with even better memes. Just kidding YoU’rE DehUManIziNG meH. Stop dehumanizing me you Russian bots stupid Russian bots ruin my marriage AHHHH please dont hurt meh felix It’s like the new thanks obama. It’s Russian BOTS. Honey, is the food ready soon? In five minutes dear STUPID RUSSIAN BOTS NPC meme is dehumanizing We are all unique and special you even got so far that the New York Times yes, the New York Times had to specify are these Russian bots? Are these memes, these Twitter accounts actually Russian bots? Probably not thunder has struck me Thank you Reddit user creates an NPC Wojack meme. Boy, everyone is stupid but me meme summarized everybody. There you go [ha ha ha ha] I feel like the NPC meme had so much potential But it’s already dead I can’t maybe I’ll chuckle one. I got I got one or two chuckles left in me [dont force them out your last few brain cells are in them] I’m not gonna lie. I wanted to rate it high. I wanted this to be the movement I think tick tock memes is our only real hope out there to be honest [please anything but that] I think that’s all we got are really trying and shell forth So that’s it for meme review and now as always I’m gonna pass on the question to you guys What do you think leave a comment down below? I want to know everything, every single comment I will 100% read cuz you my fam [he doesnt read them] You’re my brosky now Place your fist on the side of the screen and we’re going to end this episode with an epic brofist. Are you ready bros? the nine year old army starts to cry Meme review see you next week boys and no girls rrrrrrr [ 🙁 but i want to watch too ] arwen d