News Now Stream 08/07/19 Part 1 (FNN)

Was earlier this morningnd we arhopi fors so mor. ay bk fmresint tmp insi is e data i wi fst respoers as well asurvirs a wele suld pot out thathat ihio’ govern thereetin the priden that’s Mik DeWine he’s gotome. mark the a he plshe predent cse to easiero o ick tughtse oious heutlid his idea for fulle pretn iverl bkground checkn l g ses. Is al vy rerks fm t predentAsesting.s wer the y go onl r en torroaftewhate’s arne. vera as he meets da tt asell survorshe of the shooting we expect some pretty emotional times here over t course of the next several hours I just didn’t wantg e Reblic congressm whoust sanghat he wl nowack i e pposahat com forward Capol Hlo ba aault yle weans basically what what what are we talki about there he said I’m a rong amdment becauf thnd violce.eems to grong. ouin for of th. Basillyce sily gng bko whe we yearsgo wn t asslt weapsan w i pr ont wita neplan so ‘s u simpxpirnd thi lot opeop were cio e kd ofow i would py tn ounation. Er sen and we smo hd now t conrsatn is bk there and welcome eveoneere at ten newsow Mikeage her alongside brown who tget you started heren thiedneay and y comeo thrigh pla re on box aextra bause ‘lle havinghe movements to plat in s entiret yhet jus so u know the way wos here it’seall interesting ban constant communication with me with a fox offices new headquarrs in Nework.nd ey’r constanyelling us a little more about whato pect so t predente believe. Has actually now In Dayton. But were told the- arnd ithe pe will the rn comi soo But e until hhas part. So that coulstit to snd onhe grod. Ihio absotely a here’ a live ok at wher predentrump ll beeavinghere. In Daytonne seee where wil be gog nextt’s At t visua image ridesow. th isome. Of the sriesbusy day. start to come forward so. Inside the Walmart. Survor me fwardo she histor. People who were on the ground on their knees begng for their lives as e guan didn’t care an when I lkp and ood ‘s just I mean it iso. And what. What this what this guy was. Keep in mind he itill alivhey’een to him and there’s goi to th he’snly had Alreadyr know a lot of thosetatis around there and a lot of racist motives and Indian date ws there’ still a lot of unanered queions the family thsame. Time they’re asking for privacy because not only. Did their son this horrible shooe lice to comeut oheir ughts did too. Because he killed her daughter can you imagine I mean tt wajust st rlly bizarre bizre set up I mean how can you know gog y’re ihe se car with your- sister you’re going to ts bar district to have. Some fun but you know in the ba your hdhenou’r abou to do rige going to let your sister going to that man this I mea. And at the same time and there’s this mystery person Simpso was probly the third person in the car. I sure in e coming days. Ashey try to piece togetr at w reay gog onn th moments in the hours. Rites d now let’s sayefor presentrom tral tOhio I skeo th mia le he derting sewhere hspoke to the media apple links for about a lot othings frothe econo to where he’s goi. To even. Joe Biden okay it’s all coming up right now there you go. We’re going toWill be etin withhe rely figure gradua somof e. e poce a lar board incribleealleone s . So my cricsre pitic peoe th drive theig bs. In ma ces ty’reunningor esident ty’re ty’reery lo in t polls a cple of th in pticula vy low in the pos n at w theerso tt. Bern Sanrs Im jus tpted Iuess yy ght nd. Thiis the ElizethWarr I t e Prident op s the are pele that are looking for political gain I don’t think they’re getting i add as much as possible I’ve tried to stay out of thatWell do ree t thi wave found i downe’veeen he be getng i lef and rig people I d’t knoouple o peop fmel e dog very wl. I. ess mebo saito me. Convertion wh thm n nir. Andhen goe and spok And I didt recei any cas sohey’reryin tmake potica point I d’t tnk word out bause y kno I woullikee litical fy. As I was. Sayi youus. Beie Sders. Noing tooo with. Bunos at. The. Beie Sande uld beery. d Ion’t ame abody’ve lads a sick peoe the l e mently disrbed this i medil proem. We’re going toe meetg we’rGoing I have th oneay aog. Oveting whf the lasi sothing’s ing bece re f it ‘re nna ce up th something. at’s goi to rlly ry. Goodeyon ythinghat’s en donso farWhate’ree wh we a weeali with les sa. I wl brghemteaderip rigw backBut hasw e t backoundhecks think do ckgrou checkare iorta don’ wt toutnto the handof mentally unstable. People are. Great you’re a- I politil aetite forhat is that t k yourwn fau likehereold do politil aeto legiatureut I wil made very strg aetit Ie thinwe canring u.t I Background checks likee’ve never had before I think both Republicans and Democrats. Are getting close a bilon . Rated zero by the free to play a lot more money for the United States as you know we’ve g. Sout Korean so ande’vers on. noing we t viuallgebt noing Sou Korea. An I paying aot meoney they’ ing to y lot mormone the retionid yes iwas vy uair oneee hey’ve aeedo pay a l a. Lomore than that. An pay ‘re wi them ll witthem. you have to have a political Aphrodite whin Congress. And far Iave not see tt I an I can onlyohat I c oppounit To somhing th regard to. Ming sure at mtally unable. Th willnly crye s stng as inow I hav not se it wi regard cerin types ofed y f veryigh up whether it. Whit supry otr kind remiscing ethe it’a divaheth ‘s any group. Of. Eight I am very concerned about it and do it al thinky rathert. t its a very. Oucountr is ing incribly wellhinas not ing lt s thathey’veeen currenc mapularirst te Ie armovi outf China by t see w it a worksBut itthousas as hato do at. Beuse ey United Stes hasomebo outd ke ite thinthe maet. I uld sa ahEvenore bultimaty it’s gng to muchigher an itver wod haveotten beuse ina th le if yore on . Withnfair trade des the ople tt allo propty. Getng you. rmerss alof thaand beuse th e the. e two ings tt they d’t wa. u goa lotf peopn one si and y have lot of peop andhey are the but canI haI e rit thi and Iill te u. We’ made lot of heway. lot ofhemYou en hpenings that the lauage y regrethat I Immiate doet abo illeg immiation is terrib thi for th ce gornmentegallydeally you people comg inecause man mpaniecomingnto r thinillegal migratn is ahator yI ve bad tng. think en borderare va ag t walis well dereeks cotructi the bigills tt e rapiy. We ed thawe need. migrie the government because we need them we have. Coming in from Japan all of theYeah there opening up here they nee peop ton is to bexpected bout of pect a b more. As just said we have to take on China. For forty five years ty have en de. u kn thetory tterhanybody you kno what tdo right hundredsOf geout of our cntry. Yo to prerty. One well g out Joe is a pretty good job but it got outight this the view th on alrdy so at how wset it. And y high in the first place. But Joe Biden is truly loves this restaurant that I get that right. That was president from speaking to the medi before hi he departed for Ohio and then later on in Texas there so that wajust elierhis morng and ey’reif Dayt Oo as wreaiting now fopresidt trum aboar airforce o on the sameoken a also waingor the yor of Dton Ohi to eak on what se vit.rom presint tru rlierodayill bringt to you all rw one he tod on ne notsy Lost andlsoy real mning not onl inhio bu also in el Paso Tas here’s aive look at the vigil justight outside of that Walmart where tragedy struck. twty pple wn a gunnehan ma pple still had t pri that oro of the lo k to first responders as well as some of theurvirs a wl. If we get any me movemts fr the president of course w rit he onewsnd n Il have a oneighe lcome bacere to ne now we waysry tbrinou ese p stories and headlin fromcre al hapning today aot o Demoats ae campgn traile’re talngn exctin aoe Benhen ttleit ler ithe hofthernessell s ‘llave tha forou comg up as we butet’so to Amy club which are she was i. Iowa a little bit earlier this morning les bring a tear. Histynr ture ahat’how wan to kp. A thasm re today. Ttalkbout a ttle rivalryetween mrs state a Ie you pri yourself on lot o thgs bng firstn.orn t g thiate. Thfood on a stick well okay so we first. We are fst isweetorn sugar beets pea a turys and there’s napping in Iowa likes to ke fun omore that hed it I undstant but e otr thing that both soon. Is our love of our state fairs and I’m very much looking forward to the Iowa state fair and I kindfhallge yeah. Challengome my coetits tha say I no ranger to stat fairs. The going way back to owing up and in fact I hav a booth at our own Minnesotatateair nehbor but m neibors clud hauedouse ned bootits- pork op o ts a litici m deck. Thr a ght sategally locat in frtf a ske zoo. So all fe o o thenake zoo a enup right inur arms that are both so we enj i but one thg whave in common o is t bettearvi. And I amr is sts okin very fwardo seng Iowa state fair I’m goi to cale to r prces the lkyay and her tlve urt e priesss all cvedn batter b. Inl e o o h us today is Karen. Kind caring leer tnk y vermuch. Asve. Big well as Dave Fredrickson area rit over here who is the former head of the national for me wn h riredn myme to rk atefficworkor mfor ars was a mentor tso my ung pele in r offi vehem evythi fro Miesota a cmissioner soc whe heust stepped dow so he lerae tirentarti and I- anIowa Iried bit. on is butif Iow mning but we oweo so right in re to ln th shadow. Of e trk tw thvery selagits hgingihiys frots da. And wnowhat thi g olence afftss evywhe Pa. Orn Io. d I jusorl nt tsave spe a f it importa before we t to r toc thawe tk abo everheres I ve imy hesot oy i u. stateOurirf e coage of theeople.his week wean m o look at ely shield h baby. Froh rself t gunot wous bu sheept here that happen in o hou so. We thind granddaughr the off dut showed sd chdrenway to safe we think of those first responders in both towns. But the ones in Dayton that got there within a nute nine pele had already been killedut ty got there to se so man liv thas coage tt’s t couge of ornary people dng extrrdinaryhingnd I lievehat tha crage has powerxtradina per iinary WashgtonC b o e cuentas not mathose firs rponds tt w s is wkendrhose oinar citizeheyid y ings and spped uo save live we ke bishat he paedhrou thhous of prestatis finayhis ar tnks to th anwaiting times andy billfn thhd victs o domticbuse. Andnd ocking tho bills right now MitcConll’s drste d thoseills rig nowre reallyn the esiden othe ited Stes Hous aft par lane a was seat righ t ke in Iow tt my state i Hous And actlly lk at theseroposd de sta rig are ty goin thin onefhe tngs thatd I rely sse pk when is atashangverr dsot motated aoss ts untrot jtheids i Flida reayll aoss t tion and ty talk to eir ds may tal the grapas theyalk toA huing iurouse but why can’eust pasd sef theensieills ts f thshif thareroug us ese gat rreseativ out Aby inindyightightereof Iaew rrn IowaBut it’partf th shiphate has th coury. A jushispweek I had so my state office the one I have bit more head which is. A county you known nearhe e right theorth Dakota nuer opeophow th a so chaes a o man stog here is a g own and huntndutdosmt like my ther my gndfaer of themre my dearestrieny gat gy t somemes o nee to ke a and. For sething oone andsor notng. we ne stand for sething And I ink we kn wt tt i we ne to and upor iigraneedo stdp e commity. Ane change ahat’ w Ihink it when u ld pe youe gog to armed th a my eatacts abo. About rural agriculture a what we can dond how we ve to make the case that food just people’sable rig. B Iw up on momeecau tsas g tthi hatartn Io rht not just set cornN yove de you tnk oorman Borlg I ye Graier movent wchook time b pow.o Iowa and s think w nee a wldoicd debate as we head io t nex few mr s oplehat ost wh us. justhinkin abohem iel Pasond date today.ut we’ rul Americ. undshat can doo mo forrdo I optistic Iikehatord th the man ithe ite use optisti. Ecomic agea me tha this junoesn enda forhe Mwestt means it’s an . g t I ve ste faisy th w becae ty bringe th get tseehere fdhen comes fm a see t theyeto be remded ohis people tt make theoodndonntionhn ke theuel aake a foour naon andhe peoeand that csume n divide fore h bn a ssion. I grew in the metro ea but I gwp velose memori o hanng out wity fries. Wk toomearms okaye thght me othemere hued b that’s a whoo. l my best fend whose name Amy of urse As she and I would as geo mi a c. Ty surcs w bi par of life inicayamil far a sheent onk y Yo Cy I going o n to a great cot things I’mnd so wehat was a big part of lif grong up a thd nninor oice rememr one my fst vl . Now e chaian of the hoe ag comtte e mass shooting that hapned o Sunde up to thnews saw another mass shooting that happened in our country just about twelve urs ter I’ll pass so you could e the president trump there Ai Forne n thearedy boarding ing be kingheir way over to el Paso. Texas to y tao so o the fste a respders the asd then thehot jt leav us ereut tha happed jus monts a hers anotr loo Whe Houf t aforce on the ght no so thi is what we ve on p f us weet any tape playbt n spit wl bri it to yo rit heron new nows wel inde of t cit hallrom Dayt wre wi thathe mor i gng tbe Toda with the presidentnd hi tvel to r cit the so wil feature tt for you as soon ahat ppenor y so a lot of moving parts here we lik to ep i right her as walwi theseivevents are happening. Rig her o new w isake it backut t keyannConw a prese. On iteouseiw of psidenr alOur o seven thoh th suemacsee tse ago aiiworld tre s ti sitis. cismigotry evilOne naon. Al this ying tunifynd he’ tak concte spsc pones are lkinabouhim lit scen and think erica es t screeas the do.any many ny timyave nce e two a a halyears on the rd toda meeti wit ctims’ grievg famies rst reonders medal profesonals to e grou in LaVegas.he Winterark. e s fo Bei thereor vicms of naral disters well. ity heang ehty ni to ThTV shoup tre fm the otr se of t aislend ask the predl byaws. Itant howe ca the ss shoingsarning ofp. u to . daers otrav to e Uned Stateso yoa overeactn. Tohem I dot get in thr cotriesn that regd. I thinit’s an sofars we ar vy safe trag trac plee if s can l of u and’m sur She can useo the but is is safe a weoming untry.nd’m vy glad tha my . Come to e Unit States. T enjowhan hethcares planng aajor spch nexmonth. Thr new to in oridyestdayOne s healcare aresses spifically aut Medare. toy itead yese weretn woing evy sing day he. Th morni on thpresidt’s hethealth re pla is etty impssive and even Tionare cover. Sto 1100% no negotiae so anydy ss the w. Anwelso ju wanofotheise u to me se ts rengthing animprovg protecd. Medo y miion oro American who ve no alth iurance t by psident bonne ty can ke theirlanKeep tir doctornd evee covege. porterhat me omisedn inrnatiol. d. pring i aiece othis a ugs ts is a ch mor aborate than at wre not he to peal a repla obamace we’vnh me the ly ielay a irony that thea Theye all st marchg towardsociize gornme run heahcar. Medica fraudy mes lessedicar for seors. Sif there not taing abo obacare w ould wbe. Warelso I’ re thayou’rell weang disee are decions. aalling in.r tholic. The esidt. quesonsSure and I glal ‘s misd heliferesint e deatpenaltI’ve sd and I’ say iagain. That the e mman resting iis domest terror he’seing broht uon the ssage chars anligible r the deh i e a t of oer peoe onhe othesidef tg i take action for the first me in s high on th actl muers. d I’ letou kwYour estis a Caolic and t ofuestns fore always aner any. The esiden said cat r a Catol Hior doi is at methin I bacround check see arinn aderthatead him to Decrat he’hearin from Washinon the oft is sixn aie chaers d fres of e everay pple ntoIa s potica appiten thi regard in tt n sang aftashifter ntiong. To sentyeventy sothing.nd t rean th keepaying k f anytng to doweethat an to mlify t da agon hiaddrs to the tionHe tald abouthe- aptite ty wo in ctainhaveevenen. atesWe know that chairman ahamnd satorBipaisan faion are lking athat he h put his impritur on atossibityepenng o at isaysn t end. ‘s talk to e ses ntiongo mes we. So ‘ll see whathe legislaon we’ see i tho who a suppos. Toen o shinon to dohat at’s u them. He’silling. The hihousthreening mrod Peop bei fornnn ivac sin youere exercing tir fst amenentight to h byonatg tohe Cada eir oicend thebein. meer of ngre who i scesOur pridenis tryg to tur. Dot by t crazi othe otr sideome thet fopolitil gainince. e- twty the. Unde% f t 1%2% s. Mahew ms twen foutwen n siof the. e main o erro youhoul a thi they should be eting he in shingt staing tomorrowo fi outow wcan spificly in is appite. r backoundheck Is a appetior whar l ich morwideangi. The aptite f fla. Two gine frany. Screing abo w. not beg do i t ne wn heas here. He’s lo tim f peoe to noia say. Two a a arrive. The esidens plans. certainly apeciate it r th housme mber. ThSena Replica. tr to. pitoill theoomFor e Decre takg do on eouse I. birtis briefing on issues thatffw longime ere’a ro in the So maybe wll bable to getut . an ternive ace. th s healcare pn. A in e meanti seen taing esidt Obam. Real ch so don’teed toother. meionethatou we he and I st senoy coitionsill op.akin re that eres morereed d healcare stems tt them and the govnment sse aren’e th have to ha. We al are eier thendividlandate penay is ge miion Amicans ying s You for th wondeul thi lled omacarehey’re wiing toayThat thawe need tput tk we ao are oking lthare dicaid strenheningedicar e making se thats here fothe pele forhom itas intend. Cl perctage othe cotry is the hundred thty milon ople ithis cntry. Siy millio of y hier forot on bombin re. Shld be. To explain t You’ not gng to Peopleo takeway. One hured senty sen milln Americs arh costwhich a expos to eery largest st t neceary. Thmoneta cost e moral fla essenally d many erican. Situion I anotr plac five ars ag st mon. JustRations he in a way that we end up waiting for. Amerans e happy. And you casee there that was the wheels of moment for president trump in airforce one now heading to el Paso Texas they’re leaving Ohio is you can see their- airforce one now in the sky heading. Over to el Paso as we can see this live shot this makeshift memorial right outside of the Walmart more than twenty people unfortunately lost their lives when a gunman. Started firing on Saturday afternoon there will have much more coverage of president trump’s travel on facts in Phoenix dot com Alys in s enretyhat’s thway weike too it. ile the da in th may ttalk president trump’s trave to city that’s cong up xt her news w yor a I aed ridents to brin the Sate andession this wee. s e housthe on on thfloor. Th to ando the erican pele he ll sig. Aftehe spokeWith. Th is do. The iter aed resides tl wi suppo. Coistent say weIt i mosy. Thats most tme on tI sa. ThThat is esntial becae Mediid matr so mh. The momy n door the polic ficers is takin the assaulweapon. e h heas hring you. Ihink ye will takaction’m hopgor e peoplehe dayhat h es. You kw senar nice Pleasehat g d focommonense g gislatn center. Thgs hav beenliticid Democts Republansoinr ea other Bharties to to fd a solutio theiing beevehat there been ss shootis at an Repubcandminisations Reblican for tee yea now. Yh a uf th Nhe natnal rifle sociatn theun lobby ges llions ofollars to spdsillions. Anmillionslan candd ainst mocratlike me. Th A we c’t get anythg done inhe Sene bause Mch McConnl there atesre in d withhe gun loy the’s aot of. Things wean woron to ke this wo bette. rt of is certaiyental h e is n. Tooanyuns theeth reetr theame pele to trto cut Medaid. T same the fordab Ce Acso. Beal honebout thi cons of ofhis aWe have a- poticas r t n bby you c call it. A t but it’s h ecial terestroups. This wa thahas lot. Thmayo you nator a usually if u were n t present y chang your nd I’m justondeng a l of the ericaneople fiel. Talk i mar we ly askede to comedevis te I cameecause tught to t predent about mental heal ig talko the pridenaboutto puingWhen senator Monnell to banh CongssOnce like paisan way to get beuse ofhe prent and tes the ngress passean asult. Weon ban t Leslatn forniveal Repuican Cgress d the hous one. Wean do at. I an this ts for oday a yo know we ju seeompletehopsoola in actio becse. ey’re waing justor time ople to forgetn Dayton because of a gu that wa to that should bit shod be lee poind out. The esiden n govern fk Dene vot for t asslt weaponan the s ‘re lookg f thoseeople Congrs to me togetr Amicangree sthis shodecaus the f ben acon da we’rgoing to s another mass shoong torrow o Fday. Prably bausen Washinon his es heeemed like meone whs ready ttake aion o so I don’think my abity totsinls look. his es gointo ge you anins meanStation he airrt I was ptty bre wakind of movi prett quicy. Tords uand it w like y kne the city ofayto people dang. Rlly loong forrd to se acon that’s wt you cado thelp us to t some aion onI y coerned out prident vide this etoric andlays e race rheric insraeli soety I remberresident Bush. Agre nt to ivatize cial secuty lin. Afr Seembe eleven Pro a moue a saysThe ited Stat terrot l elin of all t shootgs th in a talked. Tthe me feelingah not talk. Abouthate talk don’ knothe prident d-I whenou’re- I think was aple the go decisn. mean Ihink homany oyou we here f e Sund vislny ofou. of t angernd I’m- inne our counitk n anbusinesses i inrested inhe posion o inghere andou kno aot disivend tt’s the sty thing neede mmunits respse tod. But I mean hf y I dot kn so ke. Itr not From t hosv e e d would sa in ts comnity i extraoih nit it hpene witthe poceo. The. Resc peopl who show . The ty ather fifen subusot therey the esenceRespec forhe offi and a greaadmire. t they in townhat’sne of ee x ishow ree reason I’mhei t to wtappene in thtornad nd.he tri in in i here and we re.alling senato femt o wo. Tother I tryinto do toy about ese isss we talk f a m. nsions it watimeo spd a lot of me a go relatnshipe diff the iss of gu.e hope wean find so commoground havet. And. Whene tl people abo n distctnd in rms o burbs in tes of peoplfrom crsing theillingo goack. To thi t few ysRight will able toome inhis ishe loc cal buness oers wi restrants soot pele to me in d reay suppt the de hang se actities or the cong mons. Coown in laer andarger rm he more abo thae tohe datg funoday donat thataveeen rt. Numrwotion forhos you cacalld acti aroduns a alsoor th win T wd icomi scse they’l bmoveo yoknow cling calli caing aut’m from Dayto numbhree y can sport our lol bine Oreg. Diricts tho three ings ppo r maybalmostny pcen the ste. Of o indivual on callowned siness. Plans meeith e best famy have y reachm n and we ha a dmatic it’ fo eve singlfamilyYou know itheyo a u is is r famies ando we’re givintI dolan onGoing me of e stre this rning tweenvisitaon. e pridentrumpuppoers. oteste I can reall mment on it cause haven’ callinon cl cent Suny issu. Therarene hunedI have somRo ter I ll maner decedo date rht an a I taed to setor Scmer sce then hs f n I and I mea. To bakismon diction tthe moneynd he. r the y wh I he a-wo th we t for thUnitedstraig hourw Stes in is tow. is. What do youo to makour untr freeith ls . ank u so mucfor. T the Ohio governor and the mayor president ump’s visithere in Ohie gog on. d righnow wre going to go out to rgin righ n wd headquarters whe the w a police situation the were all of. The workers had to leave the ilding what’s gonna an update on what was happeni bere noon timtoday w got a ne o oneall from then that buiint ventnineiftyonesranch adhat a fmer eloyee was served in thbill. Armed with aeaponImmediely trol offerse ene and srtedo sech t builng. Thn aff fm our scial builng a whilehey aregeon arevacuang empyeeshey elten pla it’mporta not repea dnotave any repos o gug fired. Thiis aeryarge to te seval more urs to make a detminatif the to buildis als th best iormati I hav a ends but Iill ha updest r you later this me I’l ke youquestis. is is rerding text msagesere hearinthex ssageshat maindica vernme as weAs I repoed inhe begning w d aine onone ca.rom emplee w obserdn thenside theuix bud and med wi a wean have noerifie tt tha treang thi event as thoug haven acti shoer in thbuildi. To ben the sa de forveryoninvolv. Please Ian’te evuationlan a againt althe ploys Sltonny that plac and I pro e madehis tuatn veryext th searcs. no onis. Gog to bmisintifd. e informion Is was aex empyee tt w caotonfi if there are her busessehat ase havehat inrmatio. th the ciumstans of.eing a ex peon rigow.nd ain as safeTweetThe peon. Wind e guy wi the ske in at thrgh theirport. ven’t nfirmethat rht now. at wile of ts but ave tre is is al uil wlimina all t- socit t ere but we donow that rert that came andaid w d an ex emploe armedith a weon ande hav to treat madehe ne one e call hav u been ving aonversatn. th thaterson see what th saw. I’m n at libty to dilge ouinvestation tive athis te. I don ninene one cler r woulI ever rean earlr weere tdt wasn thisime if tres ao at builng forther binesseb leases e opera so I n’t aner thatCorrt ty d is the anyo you’r archin for athisoint i rticul or yes there is a personfe searing foright n. Iill t discse thatnfortion thi timuntil – veri th thapersons. m not gog to eculat on. This we operangn theestgthe formatn frothe ne one oncall and we’ treatg this a reas solvedhere’sothing els one ll is e ninene one ca that dicad. seval of yr colld ere isocialediaax flying out tres e Hofull when this iresoed fely tnk youery mu that huned and 15 greesi one ofe level lod o here tArizon now no I can m not one n w all kw in theummemont here. Can get beuse of Novber Decembery here January all t way tough Marchheir sing training wraps up the more li all righte kno t hea i coming hi ever weather back to news now wl contn thes top sries and hdlines fr acros theountry Acally the marke rightow well thn t the y and now y canee ey hav crawl back to only do abouteventyive points there in the rnd weill se it gets oser to the final hour ofradi how the all ake out Rht the b is en ausy d her o new now havpresp avel to io to endome mehere wit the survors th trac sotin tha happednunday ma e isctuayn their on Air Forcene hding to el Pas. Texarighnow do e sa Be in ane wk beuse theinthereOnt were rlly waseallust twelveoursparthen u’re talkg aut Oo. A el Pas ere witthe atholl or irty there so sad and no doubt about it when you look at g get tho comniti. T comeogetr alw at’s the actuallan tre o the esid from him before he went. In travel today let’s bring that to you here on news now. wee going to. Dayt first d th we’ goi to ja so. And will bmeetin with the first responders l enforcemen. Some of the wee going to jl so. Antne’re ll b meengith e firs respdersaw t me othe ctimanddayy wi theirstady. e rird e opptuni rlly gure adua somof t. e only do wasncreble ally ise So mcrits are pitical. oplehat ivehe bigoys. In mancasei r presidenthey’ they’ in t polls If u looktw suorted guessou wou s.ay tt wast Thiss thbest. Good don’t drop so the are pple tt are looking for political gain I don’t thin they’ getti I agree but tnk we vet. lladd e leftnd rig fro evebody. ny othe ople Ion’t kno aoupl of oplerom. Tas litil peop fromaxes Gus the is someby sa to . Wavery neWith t and ys I triedo call well spok And I dn’t recve any cas sot t – yoknow I wld le to sy out ofhe ps I s. ying you jt ca ito you ay witthe fan of.d yHe f Beie Sders Ezabetharre thing do wi. Bunobo er mtions at. Ther. AnI don blamenybo’ve are ople thaare relye mentlyll a y sturb. The mtal proem going to be meeting with membs oe d and Iave th oneay aog erhe lt fe day and I inkometng’s goi to comeoreor iwe’rgonn gog toe reayery. Gocomep wi soms do so far. ate’reonna wi ldershirighnow. do knowour us. For is iue dieren. I ll bri them ck. Buit haso beou kno we havto e th. Tother the. But you lookver the st thiy yes no polical appite forhatot a t s is thatu u yourwn fauikehere’s no politic appete bther om t standint o the gislate b I wil certnlyring thauw a ere’s a gre aetit and I made aer. I ink canring u. Baground checks like we’ve never had before I think both Republicans and Democrats. Are getting close to a bill on . tedero he free play a lot re mon for t Unite ates. Thirtywo thousand abt eity t yeaAnd wehem rl genothing we t viuall nothg inoud e payi a l mormoney th’re go one wt I felt all alone for outhreeears it s a rynfair wor so.hey’ agreed to y aot me an ey wl agreeo pay . Lot more than that. And we’re with ha thave politicalem. Soou me I can only do at I cte witnod opportity. To sething th regardTo makg sure at mtally stableThis ll oy car gun I I’v seen iwith regd to certainn thes abt the re of an gro Hey I don’t like it any group of eight I have whether it’s- white. No my lettedoes it al it briseoplogethe ourvy cotry is doingncrediy well. Chinl you lk at t great Chi esThe dathathey’re gog to g. rst te that evereen lds e movi outf Chinby the see how itll worBut to woulmaket aundr. Th year. Ofhe Uh well. With fairTrade als thpeoplehat alw that. I kn what ey werdoing. e hundre ofs oureal intlectua I’ll bconvcing. For e twoting ye lot opeople on e side aa th are tre but can. th to theighthing ae You d the. The lanage yo regrethe i n g h of t threeeeks ahe wle beg built A rapipace ws wel uers ed thawe nee. migrion laws b wwon’t low lliof pele t governnt becse we em we hav Coming in from Japan alof the. Yeah they’re opening up herehey need lounemoyme rate so. We have to have the legal immigration not delivere . Get our propertyWe wte dn. We ha money f you. John is losing losing. As . Th is the V. o that we t it. And I would rate it a very high in the first place. But Joe. Biden is truly loves this vessel that I get that. So those are the comments in thprocessarlier thist trp went tOhio thais it sincappes up in the air heading now into el Paso Texas here’s a live look at that at the makeshift memorial tere right outside of the Walmart on the tragedy that happened. On Saturday afternoon. If we get any more movements om thereside of cose we wi bringhat to ur right here on x and tion wl also have x tePhoenix dot comet’s tak look athe marks right now sling oe again down one hured an thirteight pots theren w we wilbe back more news now. Up x e n Fran. theebraa bord in. hnsoho hded me he binocula a saik rougthesshe ys ts is . e kihen thTwo fo ar oldsnd wanto rire the wa To the kihen.y Kitchen is under water she said we bought this farm it’d been the’s ill course here in the plaster. Andhen I said well where did the water come from is this the right here. Regis by th water she says no nol cleMy ne chae ialltome is aboutnd Iee tt the th our wsite. Itomes fron the heah inedib innation an workg wi. Wi e ergy outere in Iowaou think anye ha with. Asn and oer ings I c maka hu diffenceThroughn and what I thinke nee t do causI’m tual reay Huhreyappyarrior w. urt know w cane. Inedib wilrighnow moveome . aded is isealition ty reurceandTodashe Weeedt ithisoge allees y knowne o theschalnges oa trade war this heating even Weave clo theoor a I. a. roomwherthers . Atome andhey’reust wel ta thimoneWe wan yh to b ableo e y fore us wan. Or t years wod counits. a cinours asawnso what we edo dom ing f imane onef the making. Sure you keep in ace somef the ha. Safety net that we have. I hav be the hs aeally good thineachimt weeed how cane imove the fety netSo wre n dependenon feige rk f tooong dendent o foign oil. We alwa greed and ntin manymallIn t lasfew yes. Se. e chleng littleommotiesraceand makingure these programs are and bennin fmersndowned fms suree are provisionshat heOr hard and aresking ity stro it means chging r- mething thatIt rlly ju. e en of st weeto dohe lse oit aall. their rmsnd re ornize whenhey lls eciay importa rht n th ts terr f thigoing on wh we wld heo co with bilactuly. In trode iand pass it t i a conquencef the we should be king. Itasie pructsbroa. rmereir produce t fooyoure feeding. A theneedxpor marks. ss and ain. On ts wh it mes tthesterrort whe did.nd Ian s ing a meaclear orhoul tangHere. onicly Icyn haened tt yosee . Injt the White Hoe. We also.ave suprt ourew a gting Ste Unersi study swed thathe a os ntin to riseixte. ners weroverhe af sixtfivehich iy rcenge pnts gherhan st tenearsgoI biest chlenges inewntly hrd some farmerfaceurd d capal.lan expd aess capalnd lns for small expands the sysms a Traing binnia y farms thconctratnThe rket has rulten an creangly cpetive seveeen donell yo that natnwid y wa a mement. In e starte righ. rr stl. Want to s a cnge he our s. en y losweig. me ptisamovent iwas. tionn thSherma senor erman was Repubcan natofrom. ght. e re rld mpans bause the re. Makg itarder for farms to getting things come maet. So I don’t see this as a partisan issue but I see it as an issue where we’ve seen a lack of leadershipTeamember the t ofAnd am rdy tmake. As many cool yeahYou ould be haens so prmactican it’s also it’s also railing trsportion b alsakennnt sure. That we don’t have something tt we canfforde okay so the first part of the- mix of this second part coervati and rewable engy. Anworldommunies are u hihad too more to protecour. Wi ayerfor e faly memrs Governor Ggg e esident trump visit in work. Wead hrings we ce with ggestis tt lead lossnd I’mroud tsay th Iigned. enty fe proposs in t e termatof thehootinat Santa . Ourw silar relve a simar shoong thatook pce her anI’ll passo. essues with. Dostic troristWe’r supremist. ‘re deing wi racismWe’re dling wit haveo be tkled. Ths it coerns domesc terrorm erere cerin thing that makeure ppens at the mea like. Su is havin the Texasel d terrists. Idenfying tel groups. Ii cists for a type race anyby. We wl work als. who who o inteet or onne socl medie sed sis. ere rasm or Incling tryinto aembl. Grps tha. Ca hel us mt thosehalle aders fr GooglFacebo. Alother line sesWe nee to work the ws to ban thin likec post is mafesto. need ok oBroadebased sues as statend aa peleTo reduceacismi To pmote me unit. We nd. also sureThe ns or noin theands. Bob deraed kiersLikehe m who coitted thiseino crime. El PasWhe time ensing tt constitionalightng e ishatThere’much tbe done. And e . thisrocessWe wano letin th at th media grievg proces easn nol to bin theound tles. I set ol begi the roundables is mohProbab as so as th doome oanizinto maksureo that wwie d tabl one wl takelace i stin. But welsoant at el Po. ese wi be round in taes witexpertt all ese chlenginfeels. Expertho havet e e that I cake. B things n do theedia oy. make But ndidlyo makell Texans sar. Oujob is the y Texansay. tb seously. We wl act iftly. overe the most popultionsAnd ag. potician in e ste a ‘ve ha thesepen round tae befe aft Santaeut some othere gin by ose rnd tabs like r flag e e prosed wer oeah I tnk. Not not ld th push back othat so gen thowucholitic capit are y willi o t gin by tse routables ae placeecaut To maksure a cri like iscan. doesn’hn unrstandg th in in tse. Weow whe peoe of Tex ve been victized by seral mass se r stance accorng to e informion I . to intify ys thawe woutut beble tooot ou. e shoote cld be i we’rgonna we’reonna b oking to evethin. Too erything wcan toake se that we et allexas se. Froanothe ent li thisHow are you manper pole and piticia sponding tthat n. You kn whaI gotttellou. Elecd oicialsn Texas or dieren. facehallens chalnges wsaw th afterd wenite f e shooti in nta Fe. We ught afterhat haened wh hurrican’ el Po. The membs of tin Paso degationThey ce so mucabou. Bulso th care abt the th areettinghe exaley to t how Texan come tether thatone th time soI’m rry what ds it mno peopleerehat e s g m peop whoanted toe here surether pplehe one he ople w may n want thi stind ofhe natur Of th tuatio. I thk it i if t zes. Did thiis an ise. Athe natiol leve. So you kn aboutad conrsatio boith the psidenthe vice psidento affirmheir cmitmen to assistg Tag o rwardo taki tm up o ateveresourc they can deal with thicatastroe. And thpiecesack tother. e livesnhe ce pele of el Pa and how did. Yoget go. Thereasexas governor abbot there speaking before president trump comes t vr reectshere t. The victims andhenf t doest lves he oka ou last break he o newnow ll be back. re news fects evyone cler ttheinalour ofe as it’s geg tring hi everyon my pag inhat wan to go to.for is iepreseativlija Cummgs and spa ncheonet’s lten to a littleit ofs no. And coolenceto t famili. d ao wanto thk our rst responders. Thoswho int Dangouse ves I tha god f you. I’m truly hetbroke. But he’s milies andommuniti was suering at e handof gun olenceI’m sry butnce again are . Ofhose w were stenrom us before ey rch the tentiaorbidestin. Gun boun ne. Nine a school. shpingall. A vie eate art ahurch. dly ly t onlyhingthatave chged. I’a maof deefait. And Is locion. the erican people e begging us. For re tn thghts and ayerThey wt acti and ess wh thewant inow a critical moment inur histy. ato sponsored bipaisan woulreque bagroundhecks e farmransrsetween pass the hse and call on To te it ua bit raightell. the meuren wa to asWe mt ao submit he pullny e in t highe levelof the behaorIt only eates re and vision amongs. As severy limitsuo getheror the common od a cntry. We finallyight were donwith t hateful rhoric. That we are ne wit the ma shoings. Thate are done wh the white supremists desc terrorts. at trorizing r coury inightinagainst everhing Arica stasor and evythil wh I’mpeakg of bad I d justemind a. ConversationI’m ju remind of a cd th meighte yo nie this weend. e’s agly li taineeo’neill Oaey Lyj arthey gng to t us i cages. m goa puus i ges. This comg fr a ten must snd togherith the. We thoswhom wdisagr with.who we dnh And recoge e serates We allhink o isWe allant dency and reect dency and resct. We protted. And weant al to liven ar chdren aafe wheI go t e mall. to thWalmart or to t localchool. We mt You ow onef the ings tttand ite. I’ve aayn g wh you hav. A govnment. Gee at I sd freight I’m here t f governmo switchhat arnd when the governnte ople. AnI ha somold hand hd bec. ere’s so many pple at he in everyity inhis untr e watcng. e cmunities And we a griing wi the. ePason . We feeyo. We fl it. Asou ppare t bury yr oy e ing wh Americans nmally do. ey’re pain d we are in paini thou muscome psionAnd fr thapassiowe musdo our puose. We wh if bk pain io acon. And demanded intent on kiing. Frompeoe obining ns andut in t is senlessiolenc. w let meurn ton fotoday. will tch upo is. Doinand trng to Toee elimine w. o effos to aress ctical isesLike pscriptn drug pric. I wl atta. My communi inet to divi us as countAnd to distras and Iant to the unite u and cbat the ngers at ourountryaces. I s born in oualong withy. Farmea sisters. In Btimore. Edated d stillive in Baltimor. AnI wanty neigors tonow. ha mo andll god am so proud. d e t ngresshe Unid Stat of Amera. Thank you Baimor thk you. name my larg working a derving ople I espeally o natiol leads. Shld be proud the men a eir cotrymennd wom. peop Tex or io. Orn anywherelse inur great naon. have honest and hesite tcritiq a weo no otests wt we a is lackg Thescriticms a is . Fothey are members being ound constctive chge. At the sameime however whe our bg there trepresentati Elija mmin there at the national Cong uat t end doehere. hava lge areas with a evie whas cing nex airfor o shod blanding in Tas in abou an ur one cloc our te w wl shting thahapped or th weekd an g whtheargeecycng plaut in California hashut wn and it wr s wh theeft fashis wheh the younew methn ght absolutely all rhthat is a muc more coming up here onews nowe’ll hav som re movents fm presidt trp to call our ss in e Paso taa ok at the Dow minghat come bk look like itight eninish gre her Folks whent was dowlmost fe hundrepoinr e day what a ral on Wal reet tayet’s take one facts guess whyot we goreooklsoy hundreandeven f tomorro prett much goio be the sametory. r the xt t dar I hen the ns now though for a whher they’t asell wel at’s gngo dot for he todayn foxen era than youo mug e bi moreOf a larger mics. Vong rhts. Crinal jtice reform on yo to use eac onof these issueare ar t myeartAnd have bn addresng them ye was on the rising costs of pre heardrom a ther I missed Listen to ishis ishe first tnessd before my committee as chairman

FNN: Congress Approves Budget Bill Ahead of Trump Signing, Issuing Exec. Order

then — You know it really hamstrung what the Republicans wanted to do. So this time around it’s the Democrats and I think they’ll all hold together and they will get it passed. But again there’s this last minute effort to say let’s not pass anything until we really actually know what’s in it in. So there we go we will wait and see yep a little bit later here on news now well. And sad news though — Obviously today is Valentine’s day a good memory for a lot of loved ones out there but in this day also marks. Very sad moment there in Florida is this is the one year anniversary. Of the parkland — Really the massacre that happened there at that high school just one year ago seventeen people died. So many aspects to this story hard to believe that you resource officer on failed into the building and engage the shooter and we’ll never know how many more lives were lost because of that particular man’s actions. He’s tried to defend himself but the simple fact is — If he had to engage that shooter that’s why they always say good guy with a gun — Can potentially take out a bad guy with the gun and the they thought they had the right system in place. And it didn’t happen and seventeen students. And teachers died another about an equal number were wounded and you can read some of the stories online matters if they’re just so heartbreaking. You know Mike — In terms of actual number of fatalities there was a call in shooting. Many years prior that not everybody remembers that it happened on the beautiful campus of Virginia Tech in sand. In that particular instance the total number of victims was — If I recall a little over. Thirty and it was or near thirty and it was — So shocking when it happened I was on that campus — I’ve got some family that live nearby and we went over to campus to see the memorial. And it’s just the heart. Ache of parents who had left notes and messages. To their kids were slaughtered that day of Virginia Tech. Cultures all of their lives for the rest of all of their lives you have one love the one who loses their life you have a mother and a father a grandma and grandpa. And on calls brothers sisters. So it is for everybody goes out in those waves like that so here you have in this. One a high school over seventeen died and hundreds and hundreds of lives. Have been forever changed as a result no it is interesting Ron Disentis did come forward — Earlier this morning to say we do want to do a review because Rick Scott governor at the time put a number of measures into place to try to make schools. Safer and no longer be the target of something as horrendous as this and the new governor says we need to do a review and make sure all schools all counties all districts. Are following through on what the state did instruct them they had to do they’ve had a year to kind of gear up so. We should see that report for early in that one made this just so sad there one year ago they they was almost. Time. For school to let me letting out. It was almost the end of the afternoon there for so many students and you got to think. They have plans for Valentine’s day to to go out with friends maybe — Though sure people that they’re dating and I don’t know where this tragedy just struck that school there. In the alley we’re saying lives shattered forever yeah. Well we will see a number vigils we certainly ice — You you we’ve seen the memorial grow and park is gathered to remember and there’s even an event — Here locally in the valley as well and it’ll be it’ll be repeated all over the nation today yes it will yes it will land in Washington DC right now mourners. Gathering together or for a former representative John Dingell who served almost sixty years as your representative in Michigan you’re taking a live look at here. Funeral there beautiful service and a little bit later later we’ll show you our former president Bill Clinton a very touching eulogy. One of the things that Bill Clinton always had going for him right from the start when he burst onto the scene — Politically nationally as actually at one point kind of a little known governor from Arkansas. The people connected with was his ability to connect with people house he seem to have the kind of empathy — Where people would feel after meeting with them one on one or in a group setting that he really understood — What you were going through — And that has — That has been one of his attributes for a very long time. And Mike you had a chance to actually listen in. Part of this eulogy and you said it was pretty touching and talks a little bit. About his life and really all of pretty much everything that he touched in Congress. For years& thinking you got there in nineteen fifty five I think of the things he saw from while from the civil rights. All the way to the in the on unfortunate fascination of JFK is up. So much in Washington man on the moon also in the sixties while. In so many things that we saw through the seventies as ell the energy the energy crisis. The oil embargo I mean there was a time in this country where you really didn’t even know where you can go to buy your next gallon of gasoline. That was a real and then of course Richard Nixon and the first — Impeachment of a president — Lease the process was and he just resigned first time ever a president had resigned — At all the ups and downs. Ronald Reagan no in his years anyway John Dingell saw it all yes he really really that they’re using a live look. Right there speaker Nancy Pelosi and others right now paying their respects. Right now their lives in Washington. All right everybody now we have some business news that we want to get you while we take a look right here at the markets right now down eighty nine points so it is making. A comeback right now but we do want to tell you I I was — Hoping to get this video — But we won’t have that but that’s okay we’re talking about Amazon right now and a major change coming there to New York City remember they were the ones that we’re going to get the the half of the the the new headquarters. For Amazon. To be looking — To this is after really a large protests happening really the day after all they were announced. So they just came out with the announcement within this past hour. And only the concerns were after their The New York governor. Warned that — Leaders were going to have to answer to the voters if Amazon didn’t bring twenty five thousand jobs. To the state — But the they started looking cat backing out of there plans because polls show that about 70%. Of people. Amazon said 70% support us being here but a growing number apparently politicians. We’re starting to come out saying they oppose our presence. They’re not going to work with us to build relationships there to work for I work required going forward — You know so I mean they had they had received a lot of incentive. And if they were going to start going back on some of those incentives are if they weren’t going to follow through on some of the infrastructure etcetera. Here’s the thing my I was visiting with a friend of mine in Seattle which is where they’re headed cordon yeah — Along to go. And he said that when Amazon was getting to feel more and more like they were not even welcome in the city of Seattle which is where they were found it which is their headquarters — And no the mayor — At one point said no we don’t hardly talk to him you know we don’t have much of a dialogue but we will we will. Talk and you have one of the largest companies in the world and they don’t have a very good relationship so it was not a shock when the news came out. H. Q. too because they really frankly. There are a lot of reasons they were they didn’t feel that welcome — In Seattle a lot of folks thought that the the mobile skyrocketing real estate prices in making it almost too expensive for a lot of people live better — But you know so at the same time you had a lot of people saying gosh I mean it’s providing so many jobs. And others were saying yeah but they’re they’re causing problems to our economy. Another politicians were starting to put the pressure on the governor and upon this on the city — That they were making enough noise and Amazon’s just said. Yeah so they’re going to basically just have their headquarters in Washington DC I did hear reports from fox — That mention Nashville. So they made do some beefing up all the offices that they already have — There in Nashville as well but I think this might think about all the cities towns that went through the whole dog and pony. Show to try to impress Amazon enough who really would have been willing to work with them. To provide those level that level of jobswe were talking about two so yes at one point two cell was interesting new magic. Twenty five thousand new jobs good paying jobs in the heart of downtown Tucson it would transform them old Connell totally — And there were a lot of other cities to really look at it as an opportunity to really boosted their economies. It was weird when the announcement came out and just made it seem right from the start like they just want to be in the two biggest. Of two of the big. Kind of made sense he as a lawyer in prose and New York City on tuition [inaudible] For yeah [inaudible] Yeah. No kidding it’s not been a great year. That’s for sure things not working out. Okay well we before we take a break okay we tease that deputies in Iran take a look now this is if you’re looking if you mind a messed up. Maybe a couple weeks ago with your loved. One you know is Valentine’s day and it is the time to really show your invoice. Take a look at this arose bone came. This is a massive one hundred roses rot. That’s incredible and so you know you can most guys know they can — A dozen roses will get the job done it’ll bring a smile to the face of your wife or girlfriend that kind of thing — So you know some guys will try. To one for this is All Honduras [inaudible] Rose. Hello Lee yeah and comes with a price tag of three ninety nine ninety nine yeah man. That thou art photo journalist Tom for his was on and there appears on a flower market earlier this morning one of the things that that was really cool I was not aware prior to today’s report. That you can do this. Guys can actually show up like men or women could show up and create their own both okay right on the spot it’s nice to get it all done up. And go so make your own custom one yeah you can now I should just point out you can probably go to most floors and asked them to do the very same throw — But that gives it an extra special time right because it comes from your own heart right right exactly classic. Very touching smoking with the smoking spoken like a true romance. Yeah right here right here and there yeah all right around thanks so much. Top stories here the day will be back more news now coming up next awful there in Florida a lf people just enjoying the great day how they’re they got a blue skies out there something that we don’t have right now in the valley expecting a little rain a little bit later. Coming up on this Valentine’s day hi everyone my pager welcome back to news now as we continue to always bring in these top stories and headlines. From across the country thank you so much for joining us here today we really do appreciate and all right right now we’re going to go for a little bit to the Senate floor right now where there are continuing. To debate the Attorney General nominee and William Barr. Anne a federal contractor in to lose any wrote to me. I am losing wages that I count on each month to make significant payments towards my student loans and contributions to my savings including my retirement savings. I can honestly say I have never thought I’d be applying for unemployment especially as a thirty one year old but today. I did just that. All right the switch gears a little bit now they are — Talking about the economy a little Senate with creating this crisis and we should all be able to come together in a bipartisan way to make sure that these federal contract employees receive back pay. So I stand here today to say I’m going to continue working to get this bill passed and I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle. To find a path forward . Senator from New Hampshire is recognized — Mister president. We hope to vote on a bipartisan bicameral agreement. That will fully fund the government and provide additional measures to strengthen border security. I want to applaud the all of the members of the conference committee. Who worked on this agreement? Really want to recognize those Senate members and led by chairman Shelby and vice chairman Leahy. For negotiating a bipartisan compromise that will keep the government stores open. Neither side got everything. They want. That’s why it’s called the compromise. But in the end. Fully funding the government and keeping it open is what’s best for the American people. What we saw during the thirty five day government shutdown was that it took a terrible toll on our federal workers? And it costs the US economy eleven billion dollars including three billion dollars that’s gone forever according to the Congressional Budget Office. Across the country. Federal workers have been very anxiously waiting to see if we were going to come to an agreement. If they’re gonna be able to continue to pay their mortgages for groceries get the prescriptions. Well today hopefully. We can put their minds at ease. We can pass this legislation and hopefully the president. Will sign it. Because failure to do so would once again deprive Americans of important government services and throw our economy into a tailspin. So I urge all of our colleagues. In Congress to take up this funding legislation. To pass it. And the president to sign it as soon as it reaches his desk. Protecting our borders should not be an exercise in partisanship and I’m glad to see that this bill supports common sense investments that focus on the technology. Infrastructure and personnel that are needed at the southern and northern borders to provide actual security that works. The bill provides one point three seven five billion for targeted fencing and vulnerable areas along the southern border. And more than eight hundred million. For border better surveillance and screening technologies and increased security at our ports of entry. One resource and deployed appropriately these types of smart investments are far more likely to interrupt the flow and flow of narcotics. Than a costly and ineffective border wall. Importantly the legislation also includes seventy seven million for opioid equipment and staffing to interdict fennel. And other synthetic opioids that are shipped through international mail and express consignment facilities and this is particularly important to states like mine at New Hampshire where we have the second highest overdose death rate. From opioids in the country. And so many of those deaths are calls caused by the synthetics in. Fenton off. The opioid epidemic is a true national emergency and federal investments like these are what’s needed to stop the illegal flow of these drugs into the country. Now when Congress takes seven passes the steel that will not only pass the appropriations bill for the department of homeland security. But also six other appropriations bills that. Unfortunately been waylaid by are shut down. This appropriations package supports critical federal investments across. All government agencies and I want to highlight just a few of those starting with the program is funded in the bipartisan commerce justice and science and related agencies appropriations bill for the fiscal year. Twenty nineteen as ranking member of the C. J. S. subcommittee. I work closely with my colleague senator Moran from Kansas who chairs the subcommittee. And we crafted what I believe is a truly bipartisan bill that will promote the economy. Protect the American people and secure our nation’s leadership and science and innovation innovation [inaudible] For example. The fiscal year nineteen C. J. S. bill provides four hundred and sixty eight million dollars and dedicated. Justice department grant programs to tackle the opioid epidemic. The legislation will provide funding to state and local governments and those organizations working on the front lines. Providing a blanced approach of law enforcement treatment and recovery resources to help our communities who are dealing with opioid and fennel deaths. This amount is twenty one million dollars higher than the FY eighteen level and three hundred and thirty six million higher than the president’s budget request. For communities desperately fighting the opioid addiction. Any further delay in funding is dangerous and could be deadly. So it’s critical that we pass this bill today. Importantly the legislation also contains the highest funding level ever for the office of violence against women. Four hundred ninety seven and a half million dollars for critical programs that provide training for police officers and prosecutors. Great prevention programs and funding for women’s shelters. Well I’m glad that the appropriate. When we come back here on news now it’s been one year since the tragic massacre that happen in parkland Florida? We’ll talk live to fox news is Phil Keating there to see how the community. Is coping one year later. Biggest fear stream of all right Phil is my creation Phoenix can hear me one year later after the horrible massacre that happened. In parkland Florida killing seventeen people in a mass shooting and now. To give us an update to and how the community is doing fox news is Phil Keating joins us live filled how you doing. Hi Mike well it’s a summer day here parkland Florida without a doubt people that live here. And live with the consummate are of what happened in this building behind me exactly one year ago today — They call it to different degrees share sadness and pain especially the parents the families who lost their sons and daughters. Of interviewed Andrew Pollack yesterday and he was telling me he lost his daughter meadow who. Was just about to graduate high school. You said look February fourteenth doesn’t mean anything to me every day is a day of loss everyday should not there. So we also talk with the teacher yesterday — And she was there for the gun shots of her classroom had about twenty nine students in it when the shooting started. By the end of the carnage there were sixty five kids in there she had rounded them up and open the door let them get in there to hide and so for her it’s just a day of anxiety for sure pharmacy and they have the big Valentine’s day set up. So the balloons and all the flowers she says even that triggers memories of what happened and what the experience was inside her classroom here Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school. At ten seventeen AM just about a little more than two hours ago that was the moment of silence county wide here in Broward county every classroom all the students and teachers. All took a moment of silence in fact down to the edge of the school property there’s a flower Memorial flower beds — Colorful flowers people had gathered around to place flowers there and they all stood in very silently honored and made a tribute. To the seventeen students and staff who lost their lives as well as the seventeen who were wounded in. In large part still are recovering from what happened a year ago like. And for the in fill what is — What is changed during — The from the past year for the school as far as a they take in this past year. There is now a single point of entry for all students of the teachers also have their own single point of entry they’re already had prior. Bent — Previously had been a a perimeter fence around the school property there’s now an interior fans — Would which actually locks electronically so security measures have definitely been beefed up at the state law changed — To you can no longer buy a long. Gone now rifle. The one years old. I used to be that just for hand got — Twenty one and schools are all now required to have at least one arm [inaudible] Resource. Guardian at the school property every single day a lot of the safety to school — Schools are still being implemented here by the school district — Of course for families it’s never fast enough — I can tell you also today was designated to be a day of service and love so this morning several dozen high schoolers here fad local responders. Breakfast to thank them for everything what they did for them. One year ago today they’re also down in the park nearby making meals for needy children. And the county really. Focusing all the students to focus on service and love on this one day to play. In a if you have a degree. To everybody who lost their lives on that day. Lives without it out might still heavily impacting absolutely there seventeen families there forever changed Phil Keating five there in parkland Florida thank you so much [inaudible] Thanks bye. I will be back more news now next [inaudible] Yeah. Yeah I think he felt [inaudible] Yeah right former or representan Dingell who served almost sixty years in Congress representing a mission again this is the live look here of the funeral but we when I want to do now is show you. How about an hour ago former president Bill Clinton giving him very — Emotional eulogy let’s listen in [inaudible] Jones family. Thank you for loving him. Thank you. For giving. Hillary and me the chance to be here. Order someone we loved and admired. What have we follow? Thank you for going to Congress. And continuing the service. Have a great name in a new era. Thanks for making the last forty years could for him. Can you get from the and hide bound. I watched him change and grow. To the very end. Want to thank John staff supporters colleagues from. Overall the decades were here today — In different ways. Made is were possible. Many of whom honor his legacy through your own service [inaudible] Madam speaker. Majority Leader horror stricken manner. Congressman Lewis congressman Upton. All the serving members who are here. Forty say don’t think we owe to John. To be honest. One of the reasons none of us would have missed us. This is the only time. In our entire lives in public service. That we were in the same room with John Dingell. And got the last word . The service the member in moving to me. Many of us had the chance to talk to John not. We probably talked a little I don’t know just a little over twenty four hours before he passed away. And I was so grateful. That his mind was clear. And this. Was strong. The determination was he said you know I’m not done yet. And he didn’t know if he was gonna live one hour a week or whatever. The idea was. You run the horse. Till races over. And all of us. Those of us who are not on a whole. We will remember that [inaudible] He was [inaudible] The remarkable [inaudible] Man. That is all of you have said. The patriot in some. Cases without fear in his shoe America. You spend more time in the Congress. Trying to fulfill the founders and the nation to form a more perfect union. That anyone else [inaudible] But eight in this time there. One of the things that I was always amazes he managed to find a way to have a good time. Fill in our like many of you we can remember almost every time. We never been willing. And every casual. Conversation we had. I treasure those things. I’ve been in and out of line with him when it was so cold. The ducks would come out. We should look on the right sid. It’s save us from a lot of criticism from the animal rights people. Campaigning form and one of the rare examples. One it looks like you might get a lesson on a personal. I sat in the rotunda in the castle when he was. Honored by breaking the longer service record. Many of you have. Commented on how being his friend entitled kittens. Your heart ripped off from time shown. You have to understand that’s in part the mark of an honest friendship. If you think yur friend is wrong you sell. Both of us have experienced thi. Exquisite [inaudible] Example affection. He never smoke around behind your back. He didn’t say one thing to your face. And then call somebody to get a little for us to do something else. John day who was a stand up guy he got out of the Senate of the game. Straight ahead. He was an old fashioned man. Who did things in an old fashioned way? We should adapt for new times. The fall like crazy. But he always asked himself at the end. Okay I’m not in the majority for I am in the majority. Now are we going. To the thing I love most about him was that he was a world class. Do or he understood the trustee was given. As a member of Congress representing is people. Was first and foremost a job. In the job. Required him to show up. And do something. For which he could give an accounting. To the people who are. And so. We did this is to this we tried this system itself so we did this because this is still possible. All it takes but he also understood. Not everyone would is it would agree with him and if you believe in the constitution the United States. That that was a good thing you would give us. A better stronger country. As long as we continue to see each other forces people [inaudible] People first. And then figure out what we could do. I don’t know if all of you read his memoirs with it it’s funny he was so busy doing things. He didn’t have time to write his memoirs silly was over. Ninety the card is published last December. And I was looking through it again last night and I thought you know. Friday was run out of town so we sort of short circuit the last. Twenty five years. She had so much to talk about [inaudible] But there’s one passages sums up the book and industrial [inaudible] And out of deference to our presence in this. Historic holy place. And with all the clergy here I think I will have. To for a some of the more [inaudible] He wrote. I served in the house for fifty nine years in twenty one days. The record for continuous service in the United States Congress. Something that seems to impress a lot of people. I am not one of them. Quite frankly I don’t care about records any fool can sit in the chair of space [inaudible] It is. It is what you do. Winter time that matters. Hello this crowd and I see so many of you that. I had the honor to serve with. Members of both parties I can tell you things we did [inaudible] Together. John Dingell was just about the best new or in the history of American public life. Since nineteen fifty five that’s a long time ago. Until a little. He had a hand in just about. Every important. Contribution. The following are family. Followed our founders admonitio. To form a more perfect union. Kenny was good about doing this when he was in the minority. As well as when he was and the majority. I remember. I was. Pulled out the notes to make sure I’m a memory was all it was done. In. Nineteen ninety six the telecommunications act was the first bill. Ever signed in the library of Congress. Because we thought we were riding a positive communications manifesto. Several years. It was a highly complicated build. Communications law not been overall in sixty years. And the John and many of our Democrats want to make sure that there was ample room. For competition. To keep the rates as low as possible in the services what is possible. And the the war with German Miley and he spoke that day. And the library of Congress as the one nor the leader of that committee [inaudible] Because he was interested in getting something done. His long loyalty that healthcare is legendary but in the end. What counts even more than is honoring his father was that he was there for Medicare and Medicaid he was there? For the children’s health insurance program he was there. For the affordable Care Act. He version is saying. That his favorite job involving service. Was a summer job between junior and senior year in. College. As a park ranger and rocky mountain national park. Four fifty nine years. He order be sure future generations. Could enjoy America’s national treasure. As far as I know. He supported the efforts of every. Administration Democrat and Republican legislative or executive to preserve and land. And then he became obsessed with public health. He supported president Nixon in the creation of the environmental protection agency. Judge facial Helton’s safety agency. The support of the clean water and clean air act the Endangered Species Act. The older just say a couple of things about. His record on civil rights. It is true that he endangered his seat in Congress by voting for the civil rights act of nineteen sixty four his Polish immigrants [inaudible] Catholic heritage. His study of social justice with the Jesuits of history. Did not permit him. Full of the ladder of opportunity. Just because he had climbed [inaudible] And he was doing this a long time before. This over rice mill was voted. In his first term in Congress i. Nineteen fifty six he sponsored an anti lynching bill. Fair housing will. In a bill to eliminate the poll tax. Get someone who grew up in a slight. The poll tax was used. To control blood flow. That meant a lot to me. But he became a particular hero of mine when I was. Only about thirteen years old. In [inaudible] Nineteen fifty nine congressman Dingell. Soon before the fearsome speaker Sam right. And jetted to what is normally routine. The seating of all the new members. At the same time. Because one of them was a congressman from my native state Arkansas. Who had defeated? The sitting member. For supporting the integration of little rock Central High School. In a medium on a write in campaign in which people. We’re allowed to printed stickers on the ballot even though the law and provide. For there were other interesting a regular release. It sounds awful little procedural build. I think it’s very important. You might think of John Dingell is [inaudible] Yesterday’s man. He was not afraid as a young ma. To reduce the our own people who could have wrecked his effectiveness. To make a point. That no one should gain automatic transmission to the house. If elected. Under a system that was not genuinely democratic [inaudible] Finally. In nineteen sixty one I told Congress Lewis’s. John Dingell accepted. An invitation. To go to the union Baptist church in Atlanta Georgia. To speak to the end of the laci. Three it’s for a good gig for a Polish kid from Michigan. And the lady who was doing the I was trying to do a favor for a young lawyer she thought I needed some help because he was my can only thirty five dollars a week at the time. Two and much money even in. Nineteen sixty one so she let this young lawyer. News John Dingell. And Vernon Jordan did a very good job of tell me that to this very day. Just another one of Jon’s kids in his career really took off [inaudible] Responding. Dealers last day on earth [inaudible] John Dingell [inaudible] Was doing. When he is? But it wouldn’t work anymore. In his mind wouldn’t stop. He turned to America’s national obsession [inaudible] Tweeting. Jane maze and master. You should read if you have a collection of John’s. Greatest. Hits. I mean it’s then mastery [inaudible] You were [inaudible] Much wisdom. And if you don’t pay attention you’ll Mrs. He honored the people who sent in the Congress. For fifty nine years. Keeping the site [inaudible] Doing [inaudible] And doing. And do. We give thanks for is longer life. But the real thing we have to do is to honor him now as he charged us and his last letter. He often quoted. What I used to joke with his good friend Benjamin Franklin? After the constitutional convention when asked what. We had been left. He said a Republic if you can keep [inaudible] So now. He’s done all he could. Help us keep. The greatest honor we could ever give him. Suspend water years we have left [inaudible] We to the last day [inaudible] By John [inaudible] Finally. You were in that place a more perfect union. For all god’s children. No well it feels. To be free [inaudible] Thank you . Been sitting for a long time let’s take a moment now to stan. In for a are being — Nominated for Attorney General this is of voting going on right now many as forty nine yes votes to thirty five no votes. So you just need one more remote there — To will to actually to clinch it over but he will get that. Senate confirmation for the second time to serve as Attorney General you are watching here news Alberta box in Phoenix dot com and Hulu later. On facts and Phoenix dot com we will I have the Senate vote. And border wall funding — With that border package deal that is one point four billion dollars much different than the five point seven billion. President trump asked for but that is what is being handed right now so the Senate in the house will vote on that a little bit later. This afternoon I everyone might page you’re welcome the news now happy Valentine’s day to everybody — If you all a very fun plans — With your loved ones here the news with the center for show you some of that was happening was kick it off. With senator Chuck Schumer conference committee to keep the government open as well as provide additional border security. Once again I want to applaud the members of the conference committee and their staffs. They were the note here. And they did outstanding work nights and weekends to reach an agreement. We knew. That if the conference committee was allowed to work they could bring us together. The agreement as a validation of the idea when you put members of both parties in a room to negotiate in good faith. When everyone’s willing to give and take progress is never out of reach? So again I thank the members of the committee. The agreements a reasonable compromise. It provides additional funding for smart effective border security. It does not fund the president’s wall but it does find smart border security initiatives. That both parties have always supported. Including increased security at our ports of entry and humanitarian assistance at the border. Most importantly it will keep our government open. Everyone I believe including the president. Wants to avoid a repeat of what happened before Christmas. Everyone wants to avoid another senseless government shut down. I expect the Congress will pass this some time this afternoon. And president trump should sign it. Immediately. Now on another subject madam president [inaudible] This morning. Hi challenge leader McConnell. To say. That our climate change crisis Israel. That it is caused by humans. And that Congress needs to act. Let me elaborate. The Republican leader fashions himself as someone who doesn’t waste time with political stunt. I’m not sure I could count the number of times he shrugged off a piece of legislation. By calling it quote a futile gesture. Because the president won’t sig. Will because he thinks it would be a waste of this and it’s tim. And yet on Tuesday. The Republican leader announced. He would bring his green new deal resolution up for a vote because quote. He wants to make sure everybody has to has the opportunity to go on record and see how they feel. About it [inaudible] On court. Knowing full well his entire party. Will vote against it including himself and then it won’t pass. Since the Republicans took control of this chamber in. Twenty fifteen they have not brought a single Republican bil. To meaningfully reduce carbon emissions to the floor of the Senate not one bill. Republicans in control this chamber for four years and not a single bill. To significantly reduce carbon emissions. Madam president was supposed to conduct the business of the nation. Was supposed to tackle our country’s greatest challenge well climate change. Is the number one threat to our planet. And yet not a single Republican be dresses climate change in a meaningful way to reach the floor not. One in fact. The Republican majority is spent the Senate’s time on legislation that would make climate change even worse. In one instance. The Republican leader move to repeal of common sense and vital program to reduce methane emissions. And it failed only because a few brave Republicans. Joined all the Democrats in voting no [inaudible] So now. With amazing irony. The first measure to address climate change from the Republican leader the first one in forty years. Will be one that he wants all of its members to vote against. Let me say that again. The Republican leader announced he’s going to bring up a resolution. He intends to vote against. Now that is what the American people hate about Congress. The pointless partisan games. Next time you see a congressional approval level hovering around 15% don’t ask why. This is why. Leader McConnell proposing resolutions so we can vote against them and never proposing anything on this subject climate change that’s constructive. I hope the American people are paying attention. Because they need to see what’s going on here. The American people need to see. That this is all there is to the Republican plan to change to deal with climate change this is all they can muster. A political stunt. Not designed to make progress. Not designed to move the ball ball forward. They’re bringing a resolution forward. So they can vote against it. This gene cynical ploy. Evidently represents the sum total of Senate Republicans leadership on the vital issue of climate change. An issue that cries out for serious engagement. By members of both parties. But rather than seriously engage on the issue. Our Republican colleagues are taking a page from president trump’s petty playbook. Trying to make this a game of political gotcha. They’re taking their lead from the president. A man who was so willfully ignorant and foolish that he thinks he’s clever. By ridiculing the global scientific consensus on climate change whenever it snows [inaudible] Well. The American people are not laughing. They weren’t laughing when a U. S. senator brought a snowball to the floor. Of this chamber to mock climate science. They were laughing when president trump. Cold climate change a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. The rest of the world isn’t laughing either. Now when basically every country in the world including Syria North Korea Iran. While working together to reduce carbon emissions while the trump administration has forced the United States to sit on the sidelines. I would say to our Republican colleagues. This is no gain. It is no joke. Climate change is deadly seriou. And the time for all of us to treat it that way is now. Before it is too late. So when the Republican leader says he wants to bring the green new deal resolution up for a vote I say. Go for it. Bring it on you think it might embarrass Democrats to vote on a nine month non binding resolution as some of us may support but not others. Trust me will be fine. Because the American people kno. That our entire party actually believes the climate changes happening. And it’s caused by humans. We actually believe the consensus of the worldwide scientific community. That climate change is an existential threat to this planet. One that threatens not only our children and our grandchildren. But all of us right now. And we actually believe that we need to do something. About climate change. Two Republicans believe that if. Two Republicans agree with the overwhelming consensus in the scientific community. Does leader McConnell. I seriously want to know and so do the American people. So today. I am issuing a challenge to the Majority Leader. I don’t do this often. My colleagues know I’d rather work in a bipartisan way on climate change but his stunt. Is cynical stunt. Demands a response. I challenge leader McConnell. To say that our climate change crisis Israel. That it is caused by humans. And that Congress needs to act. That is what two thirds of the American people agree with two thirds. My strong suspicion unfortunately however is that McConnell can’t say that and won’t. Leader McConnell is voted six times. Again sense of the Senate resolutions that climate change is real. And human activities contributed to it. He’s Dodge the issue time and time again. But maybe his opinion is change. So when the comet leader McConnell brings his green new deal resolution forward for a vote. We Democrats demand our own amendment votes. Let’s see if anything has changed since twenty fifteen when only five brave Republicans were able to vote yes. On a resolution saying climate change is real and caused by humans. Two of them. Aren’t even here anymore. Its leader McConnell blocks amendments. Will know where he and his party stand. Against science against fact. Ostriches with their heads and as the tide comes in. Its leader McConnell allows amendments allows an actual real debate on climate change. We’ll see which of our Republican friends are finally ready to admit. That climate change is real. It’s happening right now. And are ready. To act on it. Unlike what leader McConnell is proposing that. Would be actual progress. I yield the floor. Senator from Rhode Island let me start by thanking. Leadership — Murder for his. Incredible remarks this morning. There is a surge of energy around this issue he has represented that surge of energy very well. He challenged the other side of the aisle to bring it on let me sign up right now as a proud member of the bring it on caucu. Bring it on in deed we are looking forward to this conversation on our side. It is clear that the people of America what action the polling is immensely strong on this issue it is clear that the people of America. See this issue in their daily lives this is not academic theory any longer they see the wild fires they see the drought since the the floods a sea to sea level rise they see the fish moving about. This is in their own lives now and the a vast majority. Of Americans. Say that they are and this is the word in the poll worried. About climate change. And the world. Has reported that. They see this is the number one issue. Facing the world’s security so against a backdrop. Of an active engaged in knowledgeable American population and a world that is looking for the U. S. to leadership the city on a hill. What do we get? From the Republican majority here in the Senate [inaudible] We get. A new bill. A measure brought to the floor. The first time as leader shimmer pointed out. That the Republican controlled majority is brought. Any [inaudible] Meaningful legislation related to climate change to the floor. They intend to vote against. Who brings the bill to the floor that you intend to vote against? I would start possibly sincere. Or a serious. And what is your alternative. If you don’t like the green new deal what’s your plan where is there one the fact of the matte. Is that since the citizens United decision. And since the fossil fuel industry powered up. The call out for its. There is now no Republican senator. In the Senate. Who has co sponsored any serious bill? To significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. They stay away from this issue like the plague [inaudible] There’re. The world has changed around us. The twenty twenty election is already begun in many respects voters are alert to this. A democratic house is ready to produce real legislation meaningful legislation with a lock actually on the house side somewhat bipartisan legislation. And here in the Senate the blockade continues and the only measure brought to the floor is a trick vote that its sponsors will actually voted against. That is a prophetic statement. Of where our friends on the other side are on this I hope this actually turns into a breakthrough moment. In which there’s some serious conversations on the other side to say this is not tenable. This is ridiculous we are going to be embarrassed by this. But on our side. Bring it on yield the floor [inaudible] Mister president. American assistant from Hawaii. Thank you Mr president our friends on the other side of the aisle and the Republicans are. Misreading the moment [inaudible] The planet. Is an emergency situation instead of coming to the table. With ideas on how to fix it and they are running the same way that they always run and that i- Idea. Investing in clean energy may be making college more affordable making the tax code more fair. And they try to characterize it as a liberal project. So that people. Put on their partisan uniforms. Because our ideas. Are popular and what they’ve done recently our ideas is a socialism your internet as well if you do all these things. I know you think you want affordable college I know you think you want. I’m an action I know you think you want to not get ripped off by the tax code but that would cause you to be Venezuela. This is the play they run every time and they run in with cover from the Wall Street journal’s editorial board and fox news to try to trick the American people into opposing ideas. That they actually like. And that’s what’s happening with is not. On mining resolute Sir. Millions are trying to take. Under the frequently asked questions a document. That was posted on a new member of congress’ website and subsequently taken down and disavowed. Make you believe that that’s what Democrats want to do when it comes to climate action they want to believe that we want to take away ice cream and aviation and everything that’s good in the world. Because they know that their position on climate change. Is absolutely untenable and I read over the last couple of days some you know. What we call a very serious people in Washington DC sort of marveling at leader McConnell’s trolling exercise? This is supposed to be the world’s greatest deliberative body it’s not Twitter. This is supposed to be where we solve the greatest problems facing the United States. This is not where we troll each other this is where we’re supposed to have. A great debate. Senate Democrats have done all sorts of work on climate the ITC in the P. T. C. for solar and wind conservation and efficiency carbon pricing fighting deforestation. And some Republicans do not have the high ground here. They’re trying to make this a partisan exercise. Where you have several news organizations churning because they don’t want to deal with climate change? If the Senate Republican leadership wants to bring up anything about climate. I echo the words of senator Schumer and senator White House- We’ve never been more fired up. We’re going to take this opportunity to have a real I me. Because Republicans do not have a plan to address climate change and that’s not a rhetorical flourish and some accusation that is just an observation. They don’t have a plan to stop carbon pollution. They do not agree with 99% of the scientific community not just of this problem exist but the Congress must act. But if you look at the last session of Congress is actually worse than that. Because I want to put this in context. Last session of Congress and the two two of the worst years of weather. In United States history. In two thousand seventeen there were. About ten million acres that were burned by wildfires there& was hurricane there were hurricanes Harvey Irma and Mari. In two thousand eighteen we have the costly. Deadliest and largest wildfires California had ever seen. In these two record setting years climate change because the economy in the taxpayers billions of dollars communities all across the country struggled to rebuild and recover. People lost their lives for homes. The number of pieces of legislation that Republicans put forward to address climate change even if I thought they were inadequate even if I thought they were the wrong approach even if I thought they were. Half measures or to private sector oriented whatever the criticism might have been I can’t even make criticisms of their climate policy they see other than. Make things worse. They have allowed coal companies to leave dirty water and waste into streams without having to clean it up. They voted to make it easier for oil and mining companies to pay foreign governments. They allow the president to start the process of pulling out of the Paris accords they allowed him to begin the process of role rolling back your fuel efficiency standards. To repeal the clean power plan to prop up call even though it makes no economic sense that a lot of instances anymore. And they put up climate deniers and top science positions in the government. They put secretary sinking in charge of the department of interior and the first thing he did was open up plans for oil and gas leases. They put Scott Pruett in charge of the EPA and when he finally proved to be a political liability not for his climate policy but because of his personal. Habits they replaced him with someone with the same policies Andrew Wheeler who is literally a coal lobbyist. If you wrote all of this into a screenplay people would say that’s a little too on the nose. That’s a little too obvious this is ridiculous is not actually the way Washington works they would put a call lobbyists in terms of environmental protection agency what. They did. They did it so it’s not just the Republicans on a plan to make things better. It’s of the democratic approach is to treat this like the emergency that it is an investing clean air clean water. And smarter infrastructure. And the Republican approach is to put polluters [inaudible] Aggressively proudly. Make climate change worse. I’ve seen the right approach work in white. A decade since the demise of the sugar plantation. We relied on imports of fossil fuels for energy needs as recently as twenty ten we got more than 90%. Of our electricity from burning oil which is the dumbest way to do things it’s very expensive and very dirty. Lesson decade later we’re well on our way 21100% clean energy we address the German concerns. We ignored trolls and we move forward together we’ve quintupled clean energy lower electricity rates. And created tons of jobs. Clean energy is a future for white and it’s the future for the United States this can be done. Do not be afraid. The Republicans them the democratic ideas have put on a defense use me Republicans think the democratic ideas are no good fine. Offer a different plan. But they are the only. Major political party in the developed world. That doesn’t even believe climate change is a problem. There is no other issue where the majority party denies that. The problem exists at all not cyber security not healthcare not even income inequality. This is not tenable. And whenever a Senate Democrat or group of Senate Democrats come to the floor talk about climate change we usually have a good little group over here. And always always always make my seventh year in the United States Senate it’s always an empty chamber on the Republican side MT. The only Republican member talking to someone maybe waiting to give a speech about something else. Or the presiding officer. And that is because Republicans in the Senate have no plan at all as it relates to climate change we’ve trillions of dollars in infrastructure that needs to be addressed over the next couple of decades. We could make those investments in ways also address climate. We can offer tax breaks for clean energy we should re enter the Paris accord. They’re pulling the same plane as they always do. To make this so partisan to mock me issue itself. So that they can continue to do whistling past the graveyard. I yield the floor. As a president. I recognize sinner from Horgan Mister president. How do we make? Our communities our states our nation. Our platinum center for childre. How do we make it better for our children’s children? And their children. Isn’t that the task that we have here in the U. S. Senate. Is to make things work better. Not worse. We had this question before us. Do we have. A carbon pollution problem. What is the answer yes or no by asking to my colleagues yes or no [inaudible] Presiding today [inaudible] New member. The senator from Florida. Well I’ve been down to Florida. I’ll tell ya I heard. About the rising sea water. Polluting the offers and creating fresh water supply problems for communities in Florida. I heard about coastal erosion. I heard about coral reefs being damaged in the fish off shore [inaudible] I heard. About the toxic red algae on the girls side. Sold toxic that is killing fish. Dolphins and turtles and manatees in their washing up on the shore Florida. On the girls side. Two problems a toxic algae is creating breathing problems. I know there’s a stench arising from the dying sealife. People on the go all from Florida. Goal side of Florida. So you know we have to take him learned vacation so I know my calling presiding today that. He knows about these issues in his state. Because we sing you the impacts. Of carbon pollution. And climate chaos. Theory. Certainly see it. In my state. We see it through the more powerful forest fires hotter. More acreage more destruction. We see the smoke affecting the communities and economies throughout Oregon. Course we saw the devastating forest fires in California wiping out. The town of paradise and uplifting so many other communities. It’s not just the impact of the natural world seems to the people. When you are? The fisheries you affect the fishermen. When you are a factor for us? You affect the timber industry. When you proceed to produce conditions of? More flies more drought to fax. The farmers and ranchers of America. It’s the people of America how about the panhandle of Florida. By more powerful hurricane driven by those warmer ocean temperatures. What does one say to them? But there’s not an issue. That we don’t have a problem Jat faces fierce competition from smaller more efficient aircraft. The eight three eighties fate was sealed when amorous airlines chose to slash its core order. Magazine is out with its annual list of best companies to work for topping this year’s list is Hilton hotels rounding out the top five on the list our sales force Wegman’s food market work day and Kimpton hotels and restaurants. JD power is out with its annual list of most reliable car brands Lexus came in first for vehicles from the two thousand and sixteen model year this is the eighth straight year. That Lexus has claimed the top spot. Porsche and Toyota tied for second Chevrolet and Buick rounded out the top five in case you were wondering fiat came in last place. Log on to fox business dot com in New York I’m Tracy cross go. Thanks so much Tracy for that update and when we come back here I news now can we be going back to the moon ale I even news conference from NASA headquarters is coming up next. Human Lunan landers and if you’t worry about it gets itself on pizza and just enjoy. This evening and it’s going to be good — It’s going to be good weather just relaxing way well I’ll give you that much because we are expecting — More rain in the valley all night long and now everyone we want to go to a live event in Washington DC at NASA headquarters. Right now where we are learning a little bit more about this possible new mission. To the moon and that could include human lunar landers take a look AT Brod agency announcement. About putting humans back on the surface of the moon. And of course you’re here today because one of your your company is is interested in participating in this activity. And we’re very interested in your participation in a way tha- Maybe historically. NASA hasn’t the involved commercial industry the way we’re involving it today and I’m gonna tell you why we’re doing it. The president issued what we call space policy directive. One it says that we’re going to go back to the moon and I like to say that we’re gonna go forward to the moon we’re gonna go to the moon. In a way that we’ve never gone to the moon before. We’re gonna go with international partners to go with commercial partners. And here’s the key element we’re gonna go sustainably. In other words this time when we go to the moon we’re gonna stay so we’re not going back to the moon. To leave flags and footprints in the not go back for another fifty years we’re gonna go sustainably to stay with landers and robots and Rovers. And humans and that’s what we’re here to talk about today. We’re gonna put humans on the surface of the moon we’re gonna build an architecture we can go back and forth again and again and again. Another piece of space policy directive one is actually using the resources of the moon. It was discovered back in. Two thousand eight that there was potentially water ice on the surface the men in two thousand nine NASA did a study. And we now discover that there’s hundreds of billions of tons of water ice on the surface of the moon. So new American policy we’re going to utilize the resources of the moon water ice represents oxygen. Air to breathe that represents water to drink in other words life support. But it also represents rocket fuel hydrogen and oxygen is the same fuel that powers the space shuttles. So all in the head is abundant in hundreds of billions of tons at the polls of the moon. Sorry to go back to the moon formula for the moon where to go with international partners and with commercial pop retire risk we’re gonna prove technology. And then we’re in take as much of this as possible and replicate it. At Mars and this is all part of the president’s space policy directive one that we here at NASA. Are charged with moving out on and friends were moving out very quickly. When we think about this architecture we now have more agencies on the face of the planet than ever before? And we’ve demonstrated that with many of these agencies like on the international space station we can all do more together than anyone of us can do alone. And even better. Been having more agencies on the face of the planet than ever before. We also have more private companies more private industry that is interested in this kind of activity which enables us to do more than we’ve ever been able to do before. NASA has an objective. When we think about what we’ve already done in lower Thor but with commercial resupply? Our objective is to be one customer of many customers in a robust market place for lower Thorman. If for one customer of many customers the costs go down. But we also want to have numerous providers that are competing on cost and innovatio. And because of that access to space is going up and the cost to access to space is going down we’ve demonstrated it. With commercial resupply to the international space station were now demonstratingit this year when we watch American astronauts on American rockets for the first time since the retirement of the space shuttle in. Twenty eleven we’re gonna demonstrate this with commercial crew taking our astronauts back and forth to the international space station. So the next step is how do we take advantage of all this commercial industry. And actually apply it to the moon that’s what we’re here to talk about today. And get your feedback for this particular industry day we actually decided to open up. And let NASA TV and and of course — They’re gonna see first hand kind of what we’re up to today. And I’d like to for now turn it over o the associate administrator for the human exploration in operations mission directorate. Here at the NASA headquarters and have him talk a little bit about what this architecture is and why it’s important — And then of course all I’ll take it back from you bill but builders to admire associate administrator human exploration operations. Thank you Jim and this is kinda nontraditional force in a way we typically do industry days and we do a little more closed format than this. But this is the beginning where we really want to Jim and I wanted to kick off and kind of show you the bigger architecture that things were planning. And how we think this is very different than what we did before we went back to the moon with humans this is really sustainable this is gonna be fast we’re we’re gonna need the best and brightest from you an industry we’re gonna need the best and brightest from international. Partner community to Paul this off and we’ve we’ve got a great plan to do this it all fits under space policy directive one was sustainability. It fits under that win cooperation with industry. Commercial partners and also with international into the details later with the team’s after Jim and I leave you’ll be more of a traditional kind of industry day where. The prisoner so come up they’ll talk to you about what’s out there in — The broad agency announcement they’ll talk to you about this specific details and then other things moving forward. But kind of is part of the over arching picture let me just show you a couple pictures that are in the brought agency announcement selected in the first slide please. This is the the descent. Landing tests that we would like to do and twenty twenty four this is the reference architecture so this is what the basis is for the bride. Agency announcement — We want you to work to this to give us ideas for this activity the ideas we get proposals from you by the twenty fifth of Marc. You wait does kind of make selections in may and then the goal is to have you on contract by July will work through a six month study phase. So the ideas how do these pieces fit together how should they be designed wears a right reusability wears a right — Interfaces water the critical pieces of this but we’re also open and if there’s some other. Totally different architecture that isn’t based off of this reference plan will look at that will look at the look at that in light of the objectives the bigger objectives of sustainability open architecture in going fast. And we’ll see if it makes sense and if it meets those other bigger open architecture kind of ideas will go value waited probably in some other activity other than this broadened agency announcement but this is the right agency announcement this is a reference configuration we studied. But we’re not naive enough to think we thought of all the pieces of this we want here in it is six months and we plan to carry multiple providers to this six month period. And now is the providers are doing a study but in this for and going fast we can actually down select out of this and actually go to hardware development actually go to flight with these concepts of this is a way for us into. Into speeds aspect to look at a new acquisition approach so we see this is the the new sensor capability this demonstration we see going to gateway. We believe in twenty twenty four will be able to launch both Orion capsule and of small utilization modular gateway and that will be the docking place where the the descent lander can dock. To and it can go down and lands on on the moon and the next lin. This shows you kind of what we envision and twenty twenty six this is all three components this is the accent — Portion of the of the design. It’s also the decent peas and and also the transfer vehicle so in this ride agency now so we’re asking you to look at the descend fickle. To look at the Aston vehicle and a look at refueling and the idea there is we think there’s lots of being macro level trades that need to occur between those three elements. Were holding off on the S. and peace for a little bit because we think we can put all the human rating into the acid vehicle. You can essentially be the rescue vehicle something goes wrong on the way down to the surface of the moon you can use the Aston vehicle to get back to gateway. So that might be more of a traditional kind of approach where we place more of our requirements and this idea we believe we can open up the descent lander to be very open very. Amenable to industry standards other pieces it could be much more open architecture we can move little bit faster but we’ll get those details from you as we go through the the study phase of this activity but agai. This is kind of our concept this is the Ford and then this is a demonstration without proof that actually delivers the entire system to the surface of the moon. And then shows the Aston vehicle can go from the surface of the moon ack to gateway. And then next. Next slide please this is a twenty twenty a configuration which would be potentially with crew from gave way. Down to the surface of the moon and you can see in these images also gateway changes during this configuration we’re adding some modules to gateway is a move forward delivered by the SLS and Ryan system so this is. The basic concept you’ll get more details from the team as they come up. Described to you what’s going on to describe to you more the mechanics of of how the the acquisition works through the broad agency announcement but with that I think that that gives this kind of a good overview and I’ll turn it back over to John. Thank you bill I appreciate that overview. Couple things I want to highlight — One of the advantages of using the gateway as part of the architecture. Is it will enable us to get to more parts of the moon than we’ve ever been able to get to before. Many people in this room are aware that it it’s gonna hang out for fifteen years. In what we call a near rectilinear halo orbit words kind of balanced if you will between. First gravity and and the moon’s gravity and it’s going to be in a position where it doesn’t take a lot of fuel to maintain that particular orbit. But it is gonna have solar electric propulsion so that’s not gonna movement over down the low lunar orbit. Because then you have to have a lot more thrusts to get out of low lunar orbit. But from that near rectilinear halo over to can go to the L. one point it can go to the L. two point. And that gives us more access to more parts of the moon than ever before. The moon is a very fascinating and diverse kind of well world. And and there’s a lot about it that we still don’t know and like I said from. Nineteen sixty nine when we first landed on the moon all the way up until. Two thousand eight a lot of scientists believe the moon was bone dry. And why was that well it’s because we landed in that equatorial region of the moon. Now what we want to do is we want to get to more parts than than than ever before there’s a lot there we still don’t know. What the gateway enables us to do is to get to all those parts not just with human landers but also with robots and Rovers? And other landers so this is a this is a great opportunity for us as an agency. To take advantage of that — The other thing the the way we do not the way we do the way we do communications we want all of this to be. Wide open the way we do avionics and navigation we wanted to be so wide open that anybody can participate. That’s really the ultimate objective and you’re here today to help us figure out. How we can maximize the? Utility of every corporation that wants to get involved in this maybe even private individuals that want to get involved and even. International partners that want to get involved that’s what this architecture is all about I liked what girls in my or said. He’s absolutely right we’re looking for people to respond to this reference architecture of the broad agency announcement. But that doesn’t mean other ideas are off the table and it doesn’t mean that. Other ideas could not be. Utilized by the agency so — I I really am excited about this and I’m excited about industry day coming here to NASA headquarters in being able. To share with you kind of what the vision is and of course hear back from all of our partners on this — Kind of big objective so with that Bettina thank you. For allowing us to open up this industry day. And all of you for me Jim had. Thank you Jim thank you bill that’s a wrap for shooting interesting formal continue shortly after offline. For more information about — Human exploration you can visit W. W. W. NASA dot gov backslash moved to Mars. Thank you so much and have a great day happy Valentine’s day. All right interesting stuff there from Nassau is they are looking to once again. Explore the moon at this time bringing space to tourism. To the moon more news now coming up next everyone [inaudible] Introduction. What we’re asking of the a with the sauce really three things three fall or? Make the reforms underway simultaneously. It’s vital. For the VA to share information openly. Even pre decisional information so that we can work together and have a common understanding. Of the impact of changes including costs. That are able. To the says challenges that may arise. The laws we pass in this chamber or key part. Of our legacy. Our oversight responsibilities are of equal importance. The bipartisan manner in which the V. eight committee works to uphold that oversight. Responsibility sets an excellent example for the rest of Washington the fall. The hard work of secretary will king. And his team and all those in the VA system the work. So so very hard on behalf of our nation’s veterans. Together. Working together. Together we can ensure that veterans receive the benefits of that is our promise [inaudible] That — Present. Alright folks and then obviously a little later here on tracks in Phoenix dot com we will I have the Senate voted for the border funding. Security package and then it’ll go to the house there if that passes all expected to pass but really the one key thing that we need to know about is president trump going to sign. On the dot when it comes to his table there it is taking down to a nother partial government shutdown if not wrapped up by midnight. Tonight they’re somewhat keep an eye on that here for ya on fox ten Phoenix dot com in the meantime wanna take you out to Boston it was a scary situation earlier this morning. As a fire ripped through a seniors — Living center. To and you say somewhere around fifteen to twenty people people in the in the affected area sold all the we and things like this it’s best to shelter in place to keep the people in the unit so we don’t. You know they don’t get exposed which we did there was some people suffer racquet weight was cause a problem we able to get. Because by the BSA were the other. One was shot in a place. What is the nature of not life threatening I think it was more smoke inhalation and? Germany injuries trying to escape. The I’m a margin. Overall how many people live. I’m not quite sure the number of people live in the building but I believe it’s twenty five unit. So and I think the single market so they make about twenty five individual. Plus in the housing and already building had I don’t know [inaudible] Yes. And the reason for the four lines really just because he’s actuation high risk population a number of people on the floor is among people size sofa back when you need. Causing Kimmel come very quickly become oxides we want to make sure we had adequate resources on the in the in the building. The case of that in which we were able to convince people stand it means to be not define. In your name. Commissioned Jos and F. I. N. and there are some very. Very intense very detailed. For everybody was okay all sheltering in place it was a lot of high anxiety initially because people the rear windows that we’re trying to get out and as an originally took a number of people now. People down on the ground that is in the room to make a determination old. Which were — Had had. We will show them in the rear of the building is it is. It is also yeah who’s to say so. Can you tell me what [inaudible] Your started [inaudible] Yeah [inaudible] The right. Being interested in limited areas. He’s the building. I’ll be the agent is not required and so we will be taking a look at that but I mean the sprinklers. In the spring to in the hallway did function in. The palm of our region. Certainly always best to have sprinklers in the promise that that certainly makes the situation more more easy to deal with. And certainly a lot more like safety — Parts of the union. We’re going to respond plans of this online. Well we certainly bring additional resources we we have a high rise response is going to do some resources in the final. Sectional chiefs to manage the situation when you have a high population you want me to have an evacuation. Sole concern is around the evacuation of the building. An examination with remain in place and so. We did some challenges but we were able to get. Any. We dream individuals taking all the while that is over the building [inaudible] In any. We have one transport I believe a second one on the way is gonna be transporting Charlie. Cantillation I think was a fall on Wall trying to trying to exit the building [inaudible] Which part. Yes one right behind it [inaudible] Thank you. We all good. Alright folks we’re going to keep me actually in Massachusetts right now we have some breaking news — Coming right there. Fox news alert. We are going — To Marshfield Massachusetts is that this is a suburb of Boston right now there is a rescue going on there. As you can see — Taking place there first responders there on the scene we don’t know. Who exactly — They are looking for their in that ice right now but this is – Differ definitely. Okay — Very. Scary situation there for all involved right now including the first responders are hard to see there with the glare of the sun right they’re picking up on the snow. And the ice but this is breaking news coming right here as a active rescued taking place there Marshfield Massachusetts is a suburb. Of Boston working to get you the very latest details here but sky box is over it. For right now so we are going to or you. Very latest — That we are getting from our affiliate there. Is that the sky fox over the water in Marshfield rescue crews say they are searching for a person who may have fallen. Through the ice unfortunately there so we will — Continue to wait and see just what happens here with that situation but viewer discretion always advise when we do take these live aerials you just don’t know — What is going to happen during and these moments here so we will continue? To wait and see you got first responders here all over in the scene in this area. Trying to locate a person that they believe fell through the ice a little bit ago so will — Continue. To hold the shot here for use guy Fawkes aerials lives in Marshfield. Massachusetts right now it is a suburb of their of Boston not too far. From the city there but we just went from one breaking news alerts to and now they’re all in the area and they’re of moss and now we are getting a better look here is the hottest guy Fawkes zooming in. Right now showing us the look here on just — Trudging through the water right now trying to break up that I use as well as locate. Somebody that may have fallen through obviously it’s a very fluid situation out there and time is always of the essence. When you’re dealing with? A situation like this there for those first responders or open that everyone stays safe during this time here obviously — They do have the protective gear home but it is still very very cold. Out there for them and and you can imagine. What that might have been for a high person that? Potentially could have — Went went under here and but now we just lost the shop [inaudible] Of the satellites and now we do have. Live look now of the capital there you just never know when they’ll switch the shot out within maybe it’ll come back Paxton Phoenix dot com if it does. As we just have a little. Time here on fox. Ten extra joining us right now. Salute the premium what’s coming up a little bit later. Hello everybody and the beauty of news now anytime we get a live breaking news and could bring into your right away show it to you raw unedited in its entirety so when and if we get that live picture back we’ll definitely have it on the strea. Meanwhile at one o’clock Arizona time they’re going to be having a conversation with the cream for justice Sonia so to my order so we will have that on the stream and then we’re gonna continue with our top stories of the day — Including how to travel both safely and legally with a firearm I’ve never done it but supposedly there is a way to do it will have all those tips and tricks. And then we’re going to head over to Mexico where it appears a southwestern part of the state has a remote border crossing that scene — More illegal crossing so you know illegal immigration is in the news every single day will take a look at that and then I thought. Your cell phones could get your location when you call 911- but supposedly there’s new technology is gonna help on tha. Is looking for that and much more end coming up as well the Senate voting and the house voting old today on the security a budget deal there but will the president sign it. Fox ten Phoenix dot com for all of your Senate in house coverage there that is coming up next on news now thanks so much for joining us on fox ten extra

ALERT Reddit Moves to Suppress Pro Trump Content

ALERT Reddit Moves to Suppress Pro-Trump Content. While conservatives and other right-leaning
Americans have utilized social media to the fullest to join together to share their thoughts
and opinions and push back against the progressives ruining the country, it is no big secret that
the progressives maintain full control over the various platforms being used, control
they aren�t always afraid of asserting. Facebook has been found to limit the reach
of posts from some conservatives, while Twitter has been seen to temporarily silence or even
completely ban those with the �wrong� sort of ideological leanings. But now even the seemingly free-for-all Reddit
has gotten in on the authoritarian suppression of conservatives, as the CEO recently admitted
to personally editing certain posts and limiting the reach of an insanely popular subreddit
frequented by supporters of President-elect Donald Trump. Townhall reported that Reddit CEO Steve Huffman,
who goes by the username u/spez, edited a number of posts in the subreddit /r/The_Donald,
taking out his own name from posts critical of him and replacing them with the names of
the moderators of the pro-Trump community. After receiving quite a bit of flak for that,
Huffman issued a lengthy apology and promised to never do it again, though he also revealed
in the same post further action he was taking to suppress the reach of the entire subreddit
in question. �I am sorry: I am sorry for compromising
the trust you all have in Reddit, and I am sorry to those that I created work and stress
for, particularly over the holidays,� Huffman wrote. �It is heartbreaking to think that my actions
distracted people from their family over the holiday; instigated harassment of our moderators;
and may have harmed Reddit itself, which I love more than just about anything.� After mentioning how divided the nation currently
is and revealing the mixed reviews he received for �trolling the trolls,� he nevertheless
admitted that he now realized what he did was wrong and far more significant than merely
changing the names contained in a few posts. Yet Huffman still felt the need to take some
sort of action against those he termed �toxic users,� particularly those from the r/The_Donald
community, and announced a new policy that will effectively suppress posts from the subreddit
from being easily seen by users outside of that community, according to The Daily Caller. �Posts stickied on r/the_donald will no
longer appear in r/all,� he declared. �R/all is not our front page, but is a popular
listing that our most engaged users frequent, including myself. The sticky feature was designed for moderators
to make announcements or highlight specific posts. It was not meant to circumvent organic voting,
which r/the_donald does to slingshot posts into r/all, often in a manner that is antagonistic
to the rest of the community.� He also added that he and his fellow admins
would still pursue action against the �most troublesome users� that could range from
simple warnings or timeouts to a total ban from the entire platform. To be sure, as a private business Reddit is
fully within its rights to decide who is permitted to use its service, and most certainly should
address serious instances of bullying or harassment that go beyond the pale. That said, the whole idea of social media
platforms like Reddit and others is for like-minded and open-minded people to be able to come
together to speak their minds and share their thoughts with others, something that becomes
increasingly difficult when their particular message is suppressed or those relaying the
message are silenced or banned. This looks strongly like yet another progressive
attack on free speech from those with ideologies that differ from their own, and it must not
be allowed to continue unchecked, for if it is permitted to proceed it will only get worse
and sooner rather than later all voices opposing the disastrous march of progressive socialism
will be silenced. Please share this on Facebook and Twitter
to spread the word that now social media giant Reddit is cracking down on conservative and
pro-Trump speech that they don�t like. What do you think of what the Reddit CEO admitted
doing to the pro-Trump community on his social media platform? Scroll down to comment below!

News Now Stream 08/02/19 (FNN)

signs from aoss t coury anboy do weave a a l lined up hea . City we are awaitg to ar om the lawyers froR. Kel ter all. He’s iNew Yk now to ce more sex s t one at doe happe butelcome everyone here. To news now as we always bring in these top stories of the day Ron noon might face welcome everyone all right Mike so — Where do we start all right I wl you know wh tode got to talk about? You got a new poll numbers out fe d they do more maybe who teetered off a littleit right and if we’re just a moment ago we were over right next door on channel ten thank you for those of you who st swi on by high awhi agohe nsoesn stoite it doe’t e. You st keegoing he wayou can also tak a siyou’veot theox ten Phnix- O if yogo –o are yo to po We ao appreate y joini. here onV and that what I had id myecause do thin partular cdidate –ctuayt’s b ne nd oreallyadews. Any gus who m st didn see cmonody tt we far asad ns — Surised I amurpra newsor this particular case justell y that ry Bkeret me points I think if you were deting coach yeah you would in rht- I mea Joe Bidens em to be –eally sw to nd odefe himselfhere. Again onefs Are splithe oneeadle Iawt. id sn gting or the fact at people likto build a blah O. For Cy Bker forho leadingastro bacallyouldo afterarack ama’s tim in offe is ao try tcono e U rht. hold rule oneime wric presentialandida.l docrati Hesautiong Docra tbe to gdown tt roa’re srting Of ting tmake bing loo bad bauseh . So – Anyy Cy Bookeis.y. stocky despg more. Agessive – Ainst J Biden Downkay so — yway tt wasnd I is yourass f on t momenm of e firsldu bate. She di’t mean I couldt ses.figure it oubut e He’s onhe sta. of hingt not fro runnee thas the stus knong that evebody is ingo put urourenter And so n like shmade a ge gap. e ju w nowreear th vel of dete nberne s she dnstead. To use tha as thspringard get tse pl numbs bac up 2% a beg . ectuay lt sport comg out o theebk Shike I saishe dn’t have y horribl ments it w just sort ofind oftatus quo from her. On sta b le a wkgo she waat 13%. Some pol posebate numbe e had r at 20%he’sn dangf drpingo ngleigits so want Ionde inindshtf – F0%ay n ihindw mpai staff isondering okay mae wehoul’tut o. begiing I mn sh wasustlth ce – e tting bk a forth f right from n onl by tanights o hers as we the ts — Corado sator. Yeah. Yeah Michael Bennett was really ip in nor heeally did t at’s aood pot. not qualior theext debay bushe tk most of he debat me.To allyo afte coming he is erybodylseas goi ter Joeiden y and so w I dot think tre’sny lovet you ow theext mning cl is was out thereoing se inrviewsalkingbout the fact tt. C% 0% ‘s kin of or whatevhe says but she did She ought up. Third caly Harris’s recd — an eherehe pty see to bmoving t. re drimilizi marijua shbrough uprug osecutions.olighr ring theall rassed time anyh hee big adlis tcome out of e poleumbe one J Bid holds to s le hee actually From aeek oo he didn’t i anody tughte wafalting tha debe. You know becausene headline wasnhat d. wasn’ thagoodny t away hs u from1232 is aorni co- Saers Ththe Bere He is ck in a second pla potion in 18% Ezabe Wren it’slmof woddo lite beereahght she u tught s was going to ge litt bitoreinauble] ah rht So s nee to get tha staghn becaushe hn’t beenn th yet ght. ‘s dwing. One befo- That ybe re h it witthisext dete so botm lis Bin’s say vy sg . Elabetarreatiftetn KameHarron hd ne the w.nteresnghings One candidate ofhe ihe come inhe botm ofhe pling — Now I’m ly tkingut there only on. Sothinthatighte I mea ink aut g evebodyrom a ildae lotO twoulsi Gabbd -To Mhaelenne — To Jnelano sa is doi bauseo no no surif hs izeror 1%n ts poingm of t o perg i ousa dolr chks f eryby. drew yea. I didn’t tnk tt heind of cuthroug. did em to ve a ptty gocluttnd he ght – To meo anyyang Roke w was.t 3 in a betr- 2%. Yoknowe’s dn tthreperisle m. anuncenevewant to do that.meahee ah I thi whehe w on e ver — I tnkas tknow Vani Faiyea- s possle and his way too early to c poteial r up and downs twty tnty r thDemoats.e e at w had for the Rublins wenty sixteen which was that Donald Tmp took a lead. Heldn tot. he in izon some rerks a byarni JohMcCa.ryffend No mattewhat he’s. His lead only gw and syed rongt’sossie. at J Bid. ehe pple arehere jus row the lot in th Ben d t desteverydy else’ attet to g. y en rs ay wi him we’ll seehere is a qualifier to eleveny discussed this one otherime and . Elabeth rht because iyout oa add? Eie then you’re 33%. Of for the far h e candidates at aut 30%nd Joe den abo 30% Intesthat uld t ithe t aroundore lkin abogoo Weot mor bil de Blao fmtes yea. worke’s actlly eaki Ganer -Poli officerase Caseappeni down thimorng ye whe Judge ruled it’s time t actuly fn r thshowalle. chges — But thas imin certaiy pu somspotght. d se naonalttenon on ildinglockes. newsow eveone.reas veightow hern It c never be anoerragedy Thisity ts naon suld wehoul nev le athero incentan owoma. shoulneve have pple’ ith dermed. sothindiffentnd toorower to do That i the coue wee e will st on few wds in Spanhinau] y? Ye.sumdateas t CEO. All ght y canee he’ eakipanish n but bld of lou – The the mor in Ne York sing that- The liceffic inric gner’ Fid as ll his o aarineat suld b. e whhe judge the ihat case thatue ttle bitarli se’llot nowo ts heror ynews [iudiblew at nex to ur takg Noatte. the’s very littl I can add to my statement b I dwanto take a few questions [inaudible Yes multip conrsatnsri justiceelay ise a trial a a rest. And I have faithhat s a ir and i. Thradio is mninghat ho this happened everythg’d seend thjustice departme. reonsilityo ac. One other lels of governnt had not. r at lst to ke aecisn Quicy for o . coare I cant find a rallelo what hapned he d asn unceptle rlity. didot tnk i posble nest didn’ thi was ssib und eitr minirati fedally But no thate’ved ppen ain glo . I ve n spono him. If you belve thathers as bause t do.a iarti pross and I en ltingt rch i colusieyon reproh beyo qstiois n. . fit a foroste as a city foard d this chapter ve I beeve rol. Is to spect ts press a respt t s’ th bes wayo get that osure Je. and t state law abundtly press.eas to be due isn Ameran vue eryon in is room ould valueue ocess. Ishat isteo thUnit ates jusce dartmtnder o dierent ainisatio. And wrespecn . acngt s clr theyere t We are gerne by ate law a that wn desiony thpolice fal commsioner [aud] Ye [indibl r di [indible] So peopl Stre relat. Wh aboutamily mbers? family been put through hell [in] And parne remding all n rker ohese preous horrle situaons i . ‘s b enoh tt annnoct Welsoough well ft i t when we thi aut the othe instae ty fel We aememr tialloase elemt wha hapned b there Theotion of fivyearpast An tha thehe pce thahad en the ultimate disnser o stic faile to t in any way ano yo poi tha famyomable mber. ed in the mean tim a nev goto see w o anotr faly [audie] Reect eveoneho has sken s. ouage.he paiin tir d tt’s whaI was sayin the ginng I thi so ny peopl feared Ths aity or as a ciet tt i justice wt I a Wean’t movforwds a cy peop wonde ihere goinge can knof be y juice all [inaible So. Waonce.undtly ear me ocrred.parti pcess Itould chang erythg that people a feeng tsee actl press. Chans the tire dcussio ere’finallbeen arial Thats acall. Agn tss only a begningl of rtori e i m s yoeveryone.has happed tnk l right that was the N Yk mayorhey’re buildable Laz lkin about theirarne dea vestatioet’seep on ing her he on ns n erybody. ha an ur awa w wil get Th wl be cong u in out enty five nutese’ll bring to yoight hern news Two hured an fty two poishong ae there r Spook investo a little b folks w thehow yout Mi pen makg so remarkside Nowhowi at gettg sttedow dnwo thisoom are rt oa memen anI kn n face and I wan tassure youa bnd. So the way.denn do. And thon ts growinecm u d atesarine. I codn’te mo pro. I clt t and wom oourrmed fces This presie rgest increasen ou national defed aganere ruildinour Reorin t arsal o democry. Withenewedmerin sengt Thn bracinur res leaderf the fr wor. e Americ on the wld sta insteaof It e worl The preside tmp’seadehip we staing with o alls anwe’re andingp to our enems. r NA aiesre ctribing re tour common defense tha evere. Earlr ts yr. the dirtionf ou commanr in ief caured eryast ih ofce teitory conolled by ISn Syria. Stng whur allsn the wod cllenf fr and ope seas. the Mide Et we put arou note. We withdrew from tt disast is aroun nucar dean th present s. Cotriesogethe to nfro Anpresent Dond Trpidfore. uldiddl Arica pside fore h w wilng tdo. When he ved n ? [inaible]state So we’ beegrowg this economy We’v beeproving f the tion defse Beentandg wit our alli . You ow thipresident. Th ials and priiplehat nservaves havchairs movent t hisry ts fodingocumts iourred iour nstitution andur bill AnI’m oud to rept to you.hts. This p. e nservaveso our feral cot oappeal than a presidt in Am. Inudininauble]yudges Ne Gorch. ny othes mennd wom a endimeith them an Ian Consuctiontho wl pull all theod s enrine. ourill of ghts. Thfreem o sechf region. toeepnd beaarmsnd the secdmendmt I t toell u asell. lle stoor libty the rulef law fnr nstition liberes. I couldn be moT t hun li.theanctit of Is theost.l. Ma say theresint or boory. gratulor d . Soave yes have en about tion It’sboutoving forrd othe prciplhat have alws be At the ct. It beenbout job a osperi. anabro.abo surit at home ‘s bee about our fdameal libertii Amica each and everday. Under pss o all at andore That jus whahe cal a goo star. Meand men ofhe rurgee areoing. buiven more curity a osperity in e da ahead naudle] re Got lotore wo to do in Withne bad d in Nember. Twentywenty meanll y ve tdo is loo athe date that tk k e mean iwas kind of rd t I mean oseeoplere Stnis are on th left thoug at sta is gog to fp over. Decratic Pty is donated by mn sy lefti. d in thegend that we’een reving t y and king Ameritronge thes are left wingiberalho want ? ago predentbama n year Promis thatbamacs saiot apped to the who e here illally. But toy fopresident. jor Demrat cdidate Hapromised oer freeaxpar immiantseah care. illal decriminize illeg to migratn altother. That notng shon Let me b cle.e. ose w advoce onorde And ty’re ming ieasi f.l human trat s s sece o bders eorce The man tfficrs a usis. famies to ke the lg and daerous urney rth. That’shy predp . humatari aidrs inrly Afte mths were Demod . An thashy we’ all rea starte to o Wheverhese candites for whever leral in ngrer wanto do tce . ‘re goa sere o borr. We’reonnands d n alliationystem oe a for we hea on at sge ts we. tt ybe rst ofll. Is actlly to ar ldg . Oply advoce an enomic systemhatad llio And r theiberes o de in dica for agreen n ey’radvocati sociali. Butll of ys Itas fedom[audie] Not siali tt ga us a rong some st prospous nati in e hiory of t world. Heas vy It w freom. Of sialindedlave w o world wsndtandsoday as aeaco oa mankd wasfrdom soclism. Isoving us bond the prudicesf t past tcreate a me pfectnionndxtend thblessis of berty to ra or crd oolor and so Ir Aricaf say to s a . It’s t momenmerica ceas As t predent sd with one voic. socialist untre a Yoknowargat Thaher ght Sh saihe pblem wh ouof oer pple’s moneyisms yovenn d we’re going telits Beuseou kno is not nna be eughust to nhe nt elecon we gt . Th youngermerins authe. trut e truth about socialist polici. e truth is Wh Medare forll reall ans qualityealtare fo n the oy tng gen aut Is h much gen it’ gng tgenew dl. costll os trh on nthers a oe sayinghat the o sanis trng t sam thg or andver agn an pectina dierent sult. We goto teg gerati. He iGeora and l acro dons of untrs a over the wod It’stilleing tried tay in acesike nezua Sociismas nev worke fore itoesn wk n in socialm and embce freom thenewigornd ergy No wwill You own . e choeacing ts coury in the next. . Miakes a nevereen our so now’s the timfor us t reuble our efforts. u a comingut tay tthe resuent gatring. Twty nineen vesvidee Noto bon the sidelin. You ed tlee hed. heren Gegia.agingnvold l acss t coury. nee to double ourffor toupport men a wom at Wee wlingo standp for grt Fo more yrseansore jo.e.eur Four me yrs mns me judgour re yes . t fo or mor yrso drain th swamp. Te. . . esidt Rean us to say merabl geration ay fr extction. e trh is y all dersnd that That whyou’re he. d I knothat y’reonna brin tha ent y y t th’s bn Presenthrououthis coervave mement rougut myifete a hor of ming out tay i thee gerao eonor ge meuch warm Gegia we. I real do haveou her jt to tel you for th ands of Ish immigra Grewp in sm. The dea read gas ation buness. I had dreaof Suny gornor mome ste Iever imined in my wilst dream. That by beg yo vicpresent.e of Alght evebody we are just abt ten mutes rumpomment coming n just a littl bit hi everyon might be sure welcome back t newo d helines fro acrs th counyell. R. Kelly -he famedinger denied bail today in a federal courthousenew Yor over sex abuse. Chars and now we are hring from o of the lawyers for the Laie a riginauble]a lo. An this moing arKelly appeed ithu s volving rketeing and sex trfickinof mors. Mr Cliesefen attorne urgedhe crtt n recognance. Precutsrom thUS Eaern stri of New Yk.’s offe foe shld n breleed bause A riskf flht and danr to thcommuny If y wer to relsedhey inlve minorsthchars And at t tot numr of lege. ange. Ilnois cend itheederty se iIllino. Inederourt Chigo the dendans crged wit struion ofustice. Which wou inclf tnesse a intimidatg Theyurther alleg tt Mr Keyidumers recdingsf minors. To m operatg wi lawnforment – Let c a s Thdefeergue tha i ster Kly wer relead th he wou no. y s appred in urt everyime Deded at Mterelly. so kwn a the dense. ofrimend tt ty areotud nor crges sexual ase o morsio of The dge-*- [inauble] More than decad.larly And at he hasco fincial source. Fuhertatedhat thcours poteial otructi of justeued b ta Tensnitness tamperi. caseted oenses afterriorth Miste The are sef the asons thhe cou decid and ordere. Mistern NeYork. Igreeith e cot’s oer and that gen t serus lonyharg tt he iacin inew Yor a elsewhe. e Misrellyould psent a Ofhe Jan doe lea vtims fowhomharges have been fid in ts crimal ce Now nding in feri . Mist Klyill ntin. at be kt in stodt ouome ofis tri. atrneys allatio in aense letter file. Mralli dense torney in e New rk ce. Antefero so othe Thiss both inaurate a rtful. many of t victi. Thre not groies they e insteahrea eking stice. So of th areictims of Some are vtims ofhil*-*ild sexlr byister lly. To he bee tarted and i traickin. many ces d d many cases i appea to sterellyook vantag o sositn. celebry. Tprey on lnerle mine w d I el thait isrongnd comptely inaT ctim blame andolve them in urt ofaw Mister Kel is in cuseexa predor. He i notnlyccus isome ofhese casesfictimizing chilen by rording them ild *-*. But al engagg in se traf. e trautizingryso st Perssho are alleg to e ctims of Mier Kly respthichs lonoveruehe We looforwar to eictimsthem. havi their d in urt Th no amot of ne cling. they arearterizaon oho tedefid in thi ce in clnts fro court law ] In [indible] Plse chars hav been fidorim In thicase. Th feder cas inhe Eternistrt oNewney’save brt rk. That’s thease mber. I hed. Thirteefor l of ose three cases tha are n pendg . Thstatcasen the at. mpound the fedal cas rig In New Yk I rresent thr of t ge d. Algedn thcriminalase re in New York [indible] Five’m h ofheane doe here in Ne Yorkut I rresenthree o em Yeahusto yocanere’ questie’s sayg thathe defens is . Certn. Achiementsboutane do contct a suallransttedmber. diseas whl By the dendantiste Kly s your qso the evince ll spe forat itself. Wh there is a ial? m notoing to be o ofhe foy fiveust gog to y I’m Speang abo thevidee in is ce. Wi tesfy tif thoand en there a . Andhey are cled to stify this case it m be that the defense seeks to bait me No of th can bt me.s. They can t Whathey uld ke t preing. two ate- I s In pubc filing which isk victim. ere f ostsibl t purse avinhim leas obvislyrurpose thewere- If in ct succsful becse he’still inustody [audibl Righther. theeder buiing I will als says s . Inhis fedel cas. If t procution hy . . Anstillhe day –hould be chactezedsictims for om crges wld be led — Government ou are gngp north rigt now youightanto delay that haenin at I sevteenortht’s bound there right by — Anthem you can see there is a major back- We’ being toldhat thisoingor me than about eightyiles right now s aga is is I. seventeen in rth bound — Y are looking a it righu are taking a look at aajor majo bacp — Due ta what we’re being told is a brush fire here that is really clogging up. Thlanes now. And causing some big traffic headaches for people that want to go up north Sedona and flagstaff so that is yo warning tell your friends and family what is happening there. As they may want to delay their trip as it is a major backup or talking about eight miles. Right now hi everyone myeacher weomeack to news now covering the big stories Fauria from across theountry in of everyone l’s gut of tona ite Hoe rightow this a liveook. awaing presint tru.White Hse wae X. jusmomenti o Hi ithe metime evebody I do wano showou jusa littleit me. lieworkt the federal urthouhere were are Kelly wa dend bail for sex abuse arge now his defense team h spea. Rit heree’s nohe’sot a ppy rson- Buhe understands t syste unfounaty he- s g r nealletion tt cameut o th is toemain in se plac th don’t hav freed — coulbe ha. od qstion buthink the swerurfa of an – I’ assing e tanoday iy Mshall’s. t maybe torroworni but Yeah.ingoday [inauble] I’sorry sile par othe questi — . at’s not ectly corct the kidnappi e mber. Fouandhatoesn’t ha that mht he too with nneccut tCaliforn and it doest hh r se. is is erra. Leme. Let melarineso th the vernnt. on bdn thstatcharge. t . o thsandhreeome dy aim tt head suall assaulte herhay instiged. stats atrney’s offe and That they uldn prove that ca laterringhose chaes That casiw ndingtate casthe onl thinhat’hane the cts ofhang. none of acittef the chges be believe tt is e ferrgo th mning When ty we talkia the rlier se theact is fferen twohousand d two to t thousd and eig sur but evy . Heade one er came fward and said he did anything wro nor er gam [inaudie] 0-009-1011. Joe this ridiculous docunt. ving some probmsight tre with tho haeninther — B wt its at theaqs may show in a cot ofaw. d so may Il ta aile for th to hec y should contie toe suorters of Mr callace [inaudible] Thank you. inctmento?sted in eond. At thi tim prefer not to do it. Who alled victi who arelso. not a? In the cminal ce But o ma endp. Beg wiesse Abou. Whatheyeel ey sfs viims [indibl Yoknow comnati the l of tm ha ber s supporte [audibl And man o them y e m Fals in anyases t statentsemade. Withtny bis wtsoersir naudle] So. You know I’m hoping they had sufficient support system. Okay. Thank you you can you can assum. That’s right thank you. ay last question Okay’m gng. All right it looks like there was — Competing lawyers there – Fitingt ither during that news conference ledger try to ti of e dend more goa ha to dealith at but that dnow do is thas eak ke if meon say All ess is compleu li. at were u thinng on e wiowses se ofhe Present s– So yy wanto be pt ofhat enterise or atu rerted did sethi thayouer oulde he liae for the and memb w. When you s we d’t takit w takehi? lae te wtake it seruslya we in rica we adcates r ouclies. maer wfeel is appropriate residents of t weake seousl Yeah The fedel distct jud rsuad by demon ck naudible There really. roh seicing metimes but give RotSir seeut tke explns tt it a cmonconcephatxped ing a younow ile some Mayay owill thamigh not pice her y’d b rprid evebodyays yea at’s ectly whatheroup perices andhat’ wt w alled. Is wta d ythiad to saybout i being on e cht in cals a torms gus wt thamay bsomeingee thatas b k outt anhere we e y look y look oo remember men awork. wos fitig sg ov thet ll. ney f notng iyour crch I anI sente younow at . So I didn’t have that e fookay sane e nuer o and numb fivare not Ja doeumbe fivif I correctn yo Is corrt.ivdays Inow am Has aeady p hself o ther oo e vestators invtigars nna ll of mebo tt th Hey u do what I’d likeo ask nuerive yo talk meane e The rson Iane hodo we conduct a peop of four rs ando possieealhia t u e Contins to ret right now down twr int soe’ll s after esiden trump buspeaks he actuly during.any mementr e sech the as welle ha it fm multipl ales here f someone thatoes hpen we wi bringt to y. Right here on ns now everyone hoe welcome bac tnews now we have e more hr for your right he on f t extra thank you mh f joing u her I’l from t presint w will bring To e yo tteed and tt sry alive from the White House I should als poi out erybody ate we ve a tffic alert seveeen d nthboun take a look att awl this I sevteen a anthem ande back up f about seven to eit mile right now ts spot so? Inpo Sedona if you’re going up to Flstaff youight wt to just hang for a lite bit. Ane is is major maj back up you don wt toe cghtp in thisecause it’so fun ing up tre is ‘snly. o lanes a ig t situionighties and n n going uporth thaay so will- Kef s from this traffic alert we will bringto yo rig here on news nowht . Let’ gback o rht now t hear mor ‘ e ngerotetti — Bail today aew Yk feral urthse The al wantt e toeal with that but t that down h do is thasiscery wik li ifomeo say. Alpress complely ar My we tenn s me otheresint. -o you wou say I want to be paror th groupndou wld wanto provwhator that another reporte did something that you should be ld lble f theand memb whe we re. takehis inedib?When youay won’te That’shye’ve g we’ve got a rgeeame ta iserisly Th’s wt we’rgonna is e maer weel i apprriatesidts oute riouy. The federal district judge persuadedy a mon ck [inaible ere ally Well Iery ch te a rlly rvicinsomemesut gin t rosteee b the concept that everythi thedon’ aaysdon alws s Alght fos we e gog t diputf th t outo New rk Citright her ere th New York lice assiation he is eakingight now on e Eri garn. eaier tay saidhat tt poli offer suld bired and n theae And ke no stake. Th famil hasive wi this tredy f five ars. Also h theolicr at he toeal th this. downoday.sio tt was ssed Sayihat isolic oicer wa. s will beonsided rkless on seonehe putheir han That whaourob is. at’s what y eect wn you crimal attkingou w doe d o job if w Yoan’t do tha andheyn’t sp a sa? I and here toda to ll every New Ykity licefficnd an patl rit no. When somne cald Ninene o allighte st lthateed here or righ the jt k ght there s setimes that does happen wl keep an eye on that if an g tha bac f yowill bri i to u an that was getting. Ne Ykity picessoctionmhe ey’r talng aut that ruli wre t rulg came down thather h t ke a le lookowthe ite House we ctinu and t it f presint tmp aoon e get me memen weill Rit he on ns nowverybo looks ke we t thathot ck. Bu it isreezingp on ao comeackore ne now unexthat we’ x everne is pole the t wch trying torrest ] The theisten sai I drum at up t crimil ladd. All right womet that to u tre but you can e is just baking up ‘re going to show yhough — Mayor bl de Blasio just earlier today sakinon this as we. I lievehe proce w fai d impaial decision Ianna remd eveoneee sea over . . t thefore the waso tal an iictmen therefo there idartmg norialor t fir time A ir and imptial trial a a resu. Remeer that pnt abo stice delay ijustic deed tha leasthere was ial and aesul. d Iave ith that s a fair animpartl press. On theadio ts m. soluly I cannot understa seeny enre le — Sugstedhow th I leve of gornmentad notr For ateas. icklyor the befit of juice. ‘s lerally beyon any compe I cany parael to wh happed her I di not tnk it posble. honest I s poible uer eithe adminirationede. Bunow tt wve expienced happen ain Gloa. tt to I ve notpokeno him. And thats bet An I wan eryonto undersnd thi you bieve thathere’ a fairnd iaI do. Thenetting it ach i concluon c bend questn is nessary d I’m talki as a eward e city. eed to clure in theity the garnet firs andoremos we as city need to en ts chapr move rward. I belie my re o respec this pressnd reect the state law andhat’s th best y tget to that closure Je. Ablutelynd thetate law due there haso be is a Amerin value eryone in thisd ocess e proem here. Is tt we listen to thUnited Stes jusce deptment under two diffent admistratns. And wred Butnce it s cleathey we not acng. Anwe movforwar. Were goverd by steaw and that’sha due process arial. decion by the polinal Yesssier [inauble] sess reted. And pt o reminngll new Yoers otheserevious rrible sittion. to ma cle howrong ts was. It’s bt man ed. We a sawt well ft i But wt l tyelt. We all rember the Diao cas e be case. stic pceed y cld ree orisagre with y elemen whatae was a tri The notion ofive yes past withoua tria. And tt t thelace thatad been t uf y e an to youroint tt famy members. got to se a Is eremely pae cannot let tt happ again to anher faly. I rpect eveone w h okenut i the pain eir ouage d tt’shat I said the ginning I think smanyeople feared at we ve notove. Fome so fox ten news alert. All rightolkset’s go le ghtow to e Whe Hoe presidt trumsi f pele. day wre sning breahrou aeeme tt l ket easi to port erican bee io the Eopea Union. we bei treatedairuthee. Europenionw reprentatis.avereat Hereith utoday thisa FoAmeric farrsancher As Aricaneef iconsiderd of crse. the st it. toy by ambsador bert lht Heisereo . . Th Eopeannion’smbassar Andepreseativef taff rose esiden othe cocilf the Yeahn a rabut nonow alsoant tha senat hn ory frnd f bei here aot wasoh. Goodob yea ong wi the predentf the naonal ctlemen beef And t presint CEOf ton. ited Stas meaexport fedetionan H. h s e agreent wsigned today will ler rope. And expan accs for Arican f. In yea o duty fre Arican inease b 46%.hhe will Over sev years thel crease by other 90% total theuty free eorts will ria fty miion dolrs to fo ndred d twey milln dolls incree ofver o hundr d 80% Mydmintration is snding up for r farmsnd ranchs ke nev beforee’re doin it in ma wayincludg wi China. You m haveead a ltle bi out Cna laty. Agcultur procts and than ten blion dlarsre by morthan 3av ireased open tapanes mart to US beef w ai nisi. rocco inustral I thi you’ pretthappabouall th right. u’veever seeanytng like at hapn befo eve yh now with ur on e prident’ And ‘re recingurdense regulaons t agcultur produrs. taris fm Cha raliatocti twen eightillion dolla er a twoear peod in rease- They re tarted billhich provis aarmerm. theyeed welupportginthat toign kps one meromiseout agric. Of Amecan agrulture these ta advantage of enited States tte targed But we wake th tart off thr back. The opingarketsor o fart indusys abou a wayf an dicatn o gonintoson kingmericahe lgest oduc of hh quaty bee We’r proud our fmers and rahers we love ourarme and rahers dith ts annncemt w take oneore sg themhe level pying fld th the haveookiave really beelooo fos kw thay ars u that ahey wa ten nody So I wt tthank you allor ing her now’d lik t invite to a y Grt geneman a fridf mine d sebodyhis done a fantasc job fy . To s a f wdsnd wil llow that with. Some of th vy hs fr the Eurean Union thank you very much Bob [inaudible] Thank you. Thankou Mterresident f r youreadehip in kingrade Amican b vercall our rmerand nchers. he byr jad pror ninth the depuhih . e. U memr stes tt rreny holdshe presidey t couil of e Europn Union And aa. Nuer neeis the the the amssador fm fr theou. is aeeme wilearl trlehe dutfreeccesf themerin rchi e itial eimates indate t hured d senty fe millnU. S B. fo dollar a e Withhisew elusive cntry ecifuota Amecan ranchs We lk foardo the ropeanave a gue exditisly [indiblt Yeah [indibl Mo. Byona to one othe gnaties of stas tt you orour We Sidormo fre for you foy. Thanks tse new aangemes a veubsttial aunt of Brinfans f the U is pvides solutn ta long standge NWA O. Let me on thline tt t gotiatns forhis agreent abtonductg achool irit andt’s grea Ofow tmove it up lot of tring stemnd can wk f We dagreemts theorf pre affis ita setorshone bot sides. For eir efforts. Thank you very much thank y Thanc naudle] Is t prese a busing haa de frien fm the Amican rming cmunity. abt deliring Potive tgible sults inhe transaa. e stroestiggest retionsh in thworld Compies a fae h h anyolse in t world. But Mierresir in t rose rden wh stngthf th relionshid r thbenefit of l Amicans d Eopea senncespiri. ere heoday sning ts reemen? Ined ican mo than uble. Th horne fe beeexportsf farme to the y this eat da for Aricanarmers is a gatn consers. manyther aas o proams. sbeansxports to th pastear.vencreasoverhe G expts havseen a gnifant staards aews in unfa competion.ith An as w are deali wit for coetitio hereoday. Thr couries aroun the wor at areotimply eorting eap suidized produs. ey’ralsoryingo expo chea lab staw vernan porenvironmtal stanrds d the agrment thawas signed tay paners wan solroblem dS partrs togetr in t iritll o a ofhis shap the wld.n also tryo That ibased ontronn vaes. Thk y very much a gat noror t Eurean Unioto be here. I asd foa ha. They told me. I don’t deserve [indibl Thanyou. We tha youiste preside I di thiis s acro thigreacouny a afte. ese are e ki agrment thateallmakc abt ts is aut aess t marks wprodt alit bee anyere. In theorld theveryo as for e ageo s bestn the rld.olely e Sohen getcces to maets then ty n anody anyere shethome rahers a farrs wheth it livesck wit irops is ia kindf agreente ne — The aga I wt to priden a his whole tea- To to se iser to hi ***ut to ete han balf of atgriculre.oleeam tr u kwbout thessistas erovingut tt faersn our ranchs her en tgetey Cha a oth Ci admistrion and.. T. staing uor farmers wel ereegotting the kin o reemen. cado wit Jap and we’veot wha the But eh othese steps aready g toh itical imptant forur farmer igai Th worin aiculre ts is wh we wahese kd of reemen triing whate can putnto -n exrt to Euro. Underhis Agreent beten Uted Stes coratution andn balf agrilturha. Ve much anI thk it wou [inaudible] is. Yeshis a gat d. Fofor caleomen and thaour esideno you d al of your Offe yr dilince becauor to g acces tEuropeannionearst’su causfomeon terr for theestrtive of terror o An wwanthemo be abl to joyhe hh quatyeef tha our ericand worl and w we so eited at o Eureanamilsnd bebleo enjo tha hhthanou to lhaa Thks ain Misr predently beef. for yo sups rmersnd rcher all to your tradtel thk yo fre Thanyou ry mh plse Wel. algut itead othe ca on naonal coulesseef assoatio I a rm lifoia a jusbriey say senth generationamily on t ranc y Wi theuropn Uni a so. ‘reery tnkfuthato thanou f the ty e . ank u Mter esidt I thU.. meatxportederatn. Onehalf of al of ouembe in aicule We le to y tnk youhiss foexpaed accsnd wen friends rely dppreate. Everytng tha there i f . e agriculte a I ain wt to exess myppreciatio and a preciaon on half ofll of U. S far prrity tstan up andight r markccess forS celeate ande lk forwd this is go more winu ve much Mter pridenhank you great jobs. Okayan y [audible] ease [inaudible] She 25% tiff on all Mcedes nz isMW’s. apecia thaI’m ly kding Theytart t worried ank y and cgratations best be omu ry mh thk yoeverody. l rit pside tmp that — That deal set up today to sell more American beef E. U. countries economic adviser Larry Kudlow. Talking about that earlier this Coissi h sess tha anyn beef dloule l f cong into would beormo freen li . Food safety rules there presentre t n ting a qstio we thought for a moment there he might have but he wasn’t going to do that alright folks more news now it is coming up next it cuse oimpersoning public ofcials l’s lisn in he. Reallyur Lato community y veothing tfear fm the Enn acuntingolice dertment Were he to see and otect u. the cnty ecutive saide don’t cam spea wdon’t re wt.age you The cor ofourw make.are w muchoney you We’re re to prectou. Anythia belie. Nes toe dealt wh Ve firmly justieeds tbe swift d . Weorked that. The dectivesealldt ofork ia fair shortmount ofime on we fired o I juant toell orommuni naudib] Herust u. u wilneve g asked f pocemeny ound oy No me er say to yo y need f troue. The aucityith which this gentlen. & . Anwe wilalwa prote you.rward Ta coupl qstions abo how ny vtimt work becae it srces it neyFor l thmoney T much. Ye so r so if we tnk aut- Partic. g . busisses rht so- Very.ash th deals preminaly wits sh it ght have en youe Antake advtage of that so g on . r wt we’vcomep wh hi cash I do tt ow Lakes. Ihink igoin to ow legs anotherurisdiions. Ihinkt’s goinon and a I hope. It goi to enup being the feral. withur parers ttry re talng facitate tt o we wted toome anmake tshn plea tayn abouhelpfu.ouruestiookay So of pbably at leastince las nter –e know abo wh starte kindf lookg at sffon Misw d y have a sding scale wh it fit you y. Sting ay from ts guy. d thenou finut howad thin gting t he wve gotnvestite t gu s Iould s – Le winter earlyprn rgio a and ms Mia eiteen we ght ve a pblem Shou I so now at youe come up a . Items is item bause I sure y told meefore we me in easehem go — In The mple wha aboutoweail approaeds e dertment w. somebody ee to helps givee. whos filiesan’t aord kids Christs pre. Thcopso with indiffere strict everyy figure Somedy was w’t hel hello needg help- Niny nine pot 999% of oupeopleho are trying to help so that kind w. twee yr queson whs- To to me continuing tenu lady or here he cated that sord Daviwas talkg It ipresented asn I’m’mabout. tryingo e Latiulture and I tnk sech it ll tell you — Fol wreser. ththe master lot Wh torrow -Hondurray. else I wou ot e superho chacter rht The cops bri prents to ds and atg stted cops onehen the cple tisy my presents you know- Jap as as time moves forward he prests. ing th. Fu rsingtuff iit andt startso sto look at whas goinon I think wh heas prented businses HeI’m nna haveo ho t herige fesval f tho to thteam- Commity rit u knowverybo wano help th tharight soe talk abt the ture earlie und hiniche In theituaon tt needelp and he id ulteradn and andade it horrible so th’s kinof how itappens communi organer And the guys w wked th himo wany feele. tion. Fothe weern dtrict wi this ppeninin So. think. It’sair to sa tha is ppenedeograpcally read t aske capta Rodguezo get invoed tay becausee ha been rsonally offend byhat s going t. e lavent tt we we talkge at tt so treas a fesvalook currn fugiti ft g peop a lot of ney. of And a Ihink tt straight into this town’s pockets. Businees ilike laurel. And or hlso thin from an ple stor was a se bet you knowhai Que a t anas pt of we ed more I ow wave Soone thallcnty sine. n penng in feral crn . I ve noubt thavicts o Mist Kel aa e pt i custo. Peingheutcomef his tal. nall I flhat necsary to comntnre torney aegatnsn lett fed bDougla Ant Mr lliesefense attney alleged vicms aquotf e Nework s. groues e quo Thiss bothnaccure ad huful. many the vtims instd bve vtimsho are seeking juice Somef th a vicms of ildexual ase bMister All appred thave bng vtims. targed and is . Mier Kly tk adntag of his posion. a wealthyowerfu fous celeityTo e d . courof law.d sol thein a Misterelly i an accud . Hes notnlyccus in so of the caseg chd -*-. But aon engang in sex affickg of em. defee attorne to ope f Mr Caies aumating psons w are allege to be vtims oMister Key. And starthowing them the reect which is lg overue to them. We lk fward tthe vtims hang the day in cour And Ian asse Misterelly. No amour areill beerm I centsromhey stifyi in this casin a In [indiblaudie] Please Well repsent. Thm arge hav been led ithis se. Wi US torns he brght theaste District of Ne York. I ard. Thieen r all . those threeases tt are n The atease simir in ok county fer . I reprenthreef theane does. Five’m not gng to y whhce of tane w f them. Ye jt soou c here’ questie’saying that t defee imad- atemenboutane eumbe. ve aheth or t s contcted aexuall ansmted disee wtherhat sexuly tnsmiediseaas tranitted t. theefennt Mter Key so I I Ihink tt t edence I’m notoingo be o of th this casnd wha mylientsto.ty lly will ttin . inhis case it m b that the defense seeks to bait me — By viims.atents abo the e prticing fortyhreeears. ne of em can beat . They can try state ia puic filg. What they would le the ess o ste — think it’s inappropriate. To attack victims s of havg himelead- Fre custy –f is e obously. in ctodyinauble]ul becau he’s il ght ere In t fedal bldin- I will – – fedel cas — IfheIthis osecutn hot ful vestiged. There e alletions. An sti the day -houl b chacterid as victi f Ok I m I m misat a Ing.m crges I n sais In reren teach of the Je. Publly filed crimile complat Any h. ank you vy mu. All right so that was Gloria Allred one of the attorneys for the alled victims there and then this is where I got interesting during the day here in New York. As then the defense team steps right up they were waiting. And you’re going to see a little bit later a little altercations ya.y just eede up the for Rit heren newsow. d wee goa ligatell these ses. Ste RG. Hoverhe jud tells uss going rst t at’s uimatelgoingo be u to audge. Weave ia ty’re gon give t disve. Thaid is gngo be a ash dre Know howig thelash dve is g Ilnois I d’t kw how mu ‘s goi to be- To blisrsut ao whith younow th o Ken stod It’sery ffict. reew theiscove with wle therwere dling wh somee. Wh c’t rd so mh of the catead so onocumen he It’soingo be mass arous taskor st l e rcastione th woulde naudle] Ok. u gfirsto ts is so the rms soounow u e firson ord form. fa is ey a stillthe allegations we’t com d al. laying out in the indictment all of t actn if you noted I think there’s one fm twenty fifteen everything else is decades old. Soohat . e answer ur qstio wha m coerneabouis. belingeopl for wt th maye. Is whas press thecome up th a sees o thingtheyall f frotheiinvestatio and thenhey ci p s e government’s burden to ove at. of facts andave a fferen descriion owhat pple ar en I a the peoe grpies I me almte baoingo see e ban e nted tbeith thbandhat is theefin. . r s positi Iakend I thi e fact areonna beaout thathef peo In wting tsee han aroun with a ge annterpreoesno to necearil mn ourar s inlvedn a lotf thes wo buthe role nt tpoinm thfing upsirs we’reonna have to t scovy wl help us eak atown. How dohis that’s le if soms completely are you lik Whathiteie ndowes se ofhe? I wa to pt ofhatd s terpse or at gro a you shldn’t be that other shld bheld lble for thempoed dou and rememb were were. ta this inedibtake we lae te wtaket seruslya ren Afca we advocas for ouclients thmatt we el ia don propriat The ncep of wt I ting to poray a tk pce t plac explast and ithat grp expernce and elain An y knowhil som peoplit’s comn. mayay. at mig not. You’d be surprised everybody saye wh welleg is what tk nody h anying bad to yaceerend w abou it ta t Remeer t groy expernce gus wt tha may bsomeing that wad f you wt ta outt an hereereou look y look o enough to rememberen a wor. wos fst big sg ov the ll. ney forothi in ur crch. sevteen y knowhat mea . So I didn’t have that. twandumbe five e notr corrt owho I thi shenowsd toe m. nuerive sue I kn I am rrec the on T in socl mea on e prs soe have vestatornvesgato gonncallf sobodh h s o . Jane d numr fe hodo w refeingo pele o foubarsnduc an y so wneedo bebleo sa.fe is i Ezabeth Smiet’s safor example and then some of ba . I’ nev donin tnty ve year. fives indative of wor it certnlye k e do numrive is catedn t ster metsTo mdemeanor. Th may notven be edicat aecall filo it’s incati of at weelieve the governn is case itryio tie i tourg artt by ying thesilly aocl fferen thingsapped and because hh wardet’slliedn gether. if was sit dn constrtivehingeto esead this f thirt year andave fn peop come . Li if u anyour jt my persal flinl feelinboutow t evince at we’ seen sfar wch i reallyustg indiment. thenterisetsel i aiwhatt deribe toing musicians lif a t idea thao g e forer ev knony of e o no peopleho we e mber o throu fr I dot en kw tt Is we n’t kn what e name nameare.nd outhat thr Plea soro gon thnext t thre groupies ere’ no way ound When go ta sh whe I’m goo wa to avel wh thband? did itor ks le in colle buoutse ‘ . It iI dot knowhe detai of that. Yoknow Chans. The ca out. ti in e that t Theyidn’act therigd at’s all over coolut. u kn youan’t sayecause becae I l. I ok bk in e a you too toarva Law Schoo oy.on’tanto I lookay o I mad Now buthat dsn’t mn that Read wilng a abl to do evything I did t cause m not tbea h y allyegal tubleontie to mnthereorr l ve before and fox ten Phoenix. Dot com not everyone might pay share alongside large areas with a preview what’s coming up next here on fox t yh picte o of La Vegasevada goveor stele it’going holng a lch witthear. ndy. That a Democratic Party and then a little bit later this afternoon we’re gonna have a live picture of Air Force One taking off for Morristown Tennessee so we will have that a lot of people know Jersey New Jersey New Jersey. Awesome I mean you know I look at the airport in Tennessee that’s interesting but he’s going New Jersey good to know and then I will getome top stories of course. After that refinery fe we had in Baytown Tas. Lawsuitas aeadyeen led whil. Alrighthat in muore ankso much we’llre lking r tohat en if get a wi bri it to y.he onut Right heron newnd b we briingt toou atheausee p ofhe hour onhe I. sevteenorth bourficituan beer cb right now bustill –rigy Havf u heny fends or faly youelfeadi up to Sedona heading up to flagstaff. u mit want o just wait it out a little biore there becaus it esn’t look fun right nows it a slo crawl re Leninghat arush fir pacted some of t roaays Pretty mucof a sndtill.and that. Foa lile b the mor arning that e strchould awhererom sevenight leshen iwasackedp totall there bl sl cra. eighas tours her go one leang te here onews r on fox tenctuall show u one mo time. To look athe stock there in th red is sy and other d ashe stock market contint rried aut this on going. Trad war with China I as presidto new tr u so that goitoh dot for today. re on news now have a great And wwill s you all on nday

Identity Politics Are Alive And Well | Newsbroke (AJ+)

Identity Politics: What are they? Who
hates them? And why is the right the best at them? And why is that really scary? Hey Newsbroke, before we begin a minor tigger warning: We’re going to be
talking today about race, gender and (deep voice) Hillary Clinton. So why are we talking
about identity politics now? Well, it’s cuz they were everyone’s favorite
scapegoat after the 2016 election. It came from the right, obsessed with what
they see as an obsession. “Democrats’ obsession with identity
politics” “This obsession with identity politics” “I love stories so here’s one: it’s
about a candidate and a party who relied on identity politics so much it forgot
their own country. It’s about a candidate who got so obsessed over being a woman
she forgot she was human.” Cool story bro. Now tell the one about the president who
was so human he implied he wanted to bone his own daughter! But surprisingly
it also came from liberals: “We cannot be a caucus of identity politics.” “Ease up on the identity politics” “Senator Bernie Sanders, he thinks the Democratic
Party right now should move away from what he calls identity politics.” Et tu, Bernie? Wait wait wait, back up. What ARE identity politics anyway? and why is
every white guy on YouTube angry about them? To find out I’ll, now toss to T1J,
a black man on YouTube, to explain. Hello, Newsbroke. So what are identity politics?
well basically it’s any political belief that stems from your identity. For example your nationality or class or race or gender, your sexuality, your
geography, your language, basically anything you belong to other than like
Earth or the Internet. And we all have identities, so identity politics should
be a neutral term but these days it’s mostly used to refer to politics that
take on issues that affect people of color, women and the LGBTQ population . So
you know issues like police brutality, immigration reform and reproductive
rights. Because apparently only minorities care about those issues. So
basically that’s identity politics or at least that’s how people talk about it
these days. If you want to know more about how I feel about identity politics,
I actually did a whole video about it on my own channel. Thanks T1J. But like, you’re black. So you’re biased. Well you’re half
chinese and half italian yeah. Yeah, so half-white. Half as biased. anyway we’ll check
back with you later it’s true at times it did feel like Clinton over relied on
identity politics Secretary Clinton how would you not be a
third term at President Obama well I think that’s pretty obvious I think
being the first woman president would be quite a change from the presidents we’ve
had up until this point including President Obama is there a policy
difference Anderson let me just come off that amazing applause and tell you it’s
all on my website at WS n woman WS n woman WS n woman dot as in period as Ann
I used to get him dot Hillary rod woman Clinton dot yes we’ve all heard it
people on the right and the left saying that Clinton talked too much about
gender and not enough about jobs in the economy but according to a study of her
campaign speeches by a reporter at Vox Clinton spent very little time saying
words like Latino women’s rights and gay in fact more than anything else she
talked about jobs in the economy but I get it though she says jobs in
America here’s vagina vagina vagina Broyles might worry about the tactical
error with discussing identity politics the right gets defensive at the mere
mention of issues that affect minorities like the reaction to black lives matter
protests the reaction to the women’s March and Ann Coulter all of the time
people love to be self-righteous and that’s what a lot of this political
correctness of the identity politics is being used as and it gives you know sort
of boring people without any meaning in their lives and who aren’t particularly
bright it gives them a way to say no that’s a microaggression and then oh why
‘because i must be an important person you’ve just described your job if you
couldn’t rail against identity politics no one would know who you are and don’t
bite the hand that feeds you cuz it’s probably black well why worry about
issues that affect minorities when your party largely captures white voters
conservatives probably don’t have to worry about being stopped and frisked
questioned about their legal satis and don’t have to explain their
sexuality to aunt Jan on Thanksgiving getting the far-right to pay attention
to the issues of anyone from another perspective other than their own is like
trying to get President Trump to pay attention to a security briefing this
map of North Korea is boring okay it doesn’t even show all the states I won
but the right swears up and down that identity politics is just a liberal game
and I would argue that the left basically perfected identity politics
it’s very effective but it’s very divisive and we on the right should not
come anywhere close to it ah but you’re closer than you think right just listen
to how GI Jesus vice president Pence begins nearly every single speech I’m a
Christian a conservative and a Republican in that order I’m a Christian
a conservative and a Republican in that order I’m a Christian a conservative and
a Republican in that order in other words I’m white white and super white
can you imagine if a politician said I’m a woman a Muslim and a liberal in that
order Ann Coulter would immediately get a lifetime of book deals so it’s
ridiculous for the right or even the left for that matter to get so bent out
of shape about identity politics because while yes it can be a political tool to
rally certain bases of voters it’s not just a game played by women and
minorities Trump is a master of it do you think when he calls Mexicans rapists
and criminals that’s not identity politics do you
think when he goes after Muslims and says we’re going to put them in a
registry that’s not identity politics I don’t know what the hell you call it but
in my book that’s identity politics yes latina queen and yet we keep hearing
Hillary lost because she couldn’t connect to the white working-class while
Trump did but a study showed that where Clinton lost non-college educated voters
it wasn’t because of those voters class but rather their defensive perceptions
about race and gender perceptions that Trump exploited when Trump insults Carly
Fiorina megyn kelly and Hillary Clinton he’s laying his very mangled manhood on
the table when Trump says that the Mexican heritage of an Indiana judge
makes him untrustworthy he means that only white judges can be unbiased when
Trump says he fights for the working class and the silent majority he wants
you here I’m putting white people first the
left says black lives matter the right says blue lives matter the left says
undocumented immigrants the right says illegal alien the left says Happy
Holidays the right says why isn’t Jesus on my Starbucks cup Trump is alluding to
white identity but we never call it identity politics because whiteness is
seen as the norm and while white people are in the majority pandering to their
whiteness hasn’t just given us Trump it’s also given us Richard Spencer a guy
who very much believes in identity politics as a tool and Spencer’s
critique of Trump not overtly playing the white card is very telling if Donald
Trump would ultimately become about identity and he would ultimately
understand America as as a as historically as a white country he could
understand that I think he could dispense with all the talk of crime and
rape and murder and just say this is ours you’re not you are not us this
country is for us no it’s not okay fine take Florida
what Spencer’s arguing for is to drop code words and when you do that make
America great again isn’t a far cry from make America white again and white
identity politics aren’t new which is why they’re more dangerous they come on
top of legacies of white supremacy murdering natives enslaving Africans for
nearly 250 years creating a system of legalized oppression through Jim Crow
preventing a woman’s right to vote for 144 years after the country was founded
you know all the great stuff right t1j yeah I mean if you think about it not
using identity politics is a privilege in and of itself it’s kind of its own
identity really it’s just the status quo of whiteness straight white men have the
privilege of not having their opinions tinged by being brown or having a vagina
when I hear people say stuff like hey black people stop bringing up race all
the time stop making everything about race is just kind of proof that you’re
not listening because we are talking about race but we’re also talking about
class and gender it’s all intertwined hashtag intersectionality what we’re
saying is listen to us because historically as a society you haven’t
been doing that identity politics isn’t the problem the racist and sexist
society that causes people to use identity politics is
Thank You t1j so maybe we should call identity politics intersectionality and
while we’re at it let’s call the alright artisanal Nazis small-batch Nazis
hipster Nazis locally-sourced whoo it’s that time again everybody it’s time to
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subscribe subscribe to news broke and you know help us ninja chop all the
trolls who are definitely crawling all over this video like lice in a preschool
tell us what you think too about identity politics are they a problem are
they just a buzzword to trivialize important issues and would Richard
Spencer seem less like a Nazi if he had a bowl haircut let us know and as always
thank you for watching

WOW: Trump Fails Basic Literacy Test

(Pakman)What a weekend! Despair, confusion, disbelief, surprise, treachery. And I’m only talking about the historic New England Patriots Super Bowl victory last night, never mind politics. But a lot of news in the political world as well. This story we did about Donald Trump seemingly not being able to read well has completely exploded. It went nuts. Nearly three million views on Facebook, nearly 200,000 views on YouTube, tens of thousands of comments across all platforms about this. And the story is only growing. Not only do we have even more evidence now that Donald Trump would not pass a basic literacy test, we actually now have a document which explains some of the normal and common indicators that someone has limited literacy, and I’m going to present all of this to you because I am increasingly convinced that our president has only a passing knowledge, a rudimentary, basic ability to read. And this is sort of a concern when you’re talking about the President of the United States. So first there’s a couple more things I want to show you. I’m not going to rehash all of the stuff from last week, all the different footage and lots of different things that you can check out by reviewing last week’s clip. We have now some very very weird footage from the inauguration day morning worship service. You’ll remember that Donald Trump and his wife, and Mike Pence and his wife, went to a church to apparently placate religious voters. And Mike Pence at one point hands Donald Trump a pamphlet with the songs, the hymns, that were going to be sung there, to Donald Trump. And when you look at Mike Pence’s face he looks visibly nervous about handing Donald Trump something to read. It’s very very clear that Pence doesn’t seem super comfortable with this. And then as this entire charade continues, Donald Trump actually started singing before the first verse started. Clearly he doesn’t really seem to know exactly what’s going on, and you know this could be because Donald Trump is lying about being religious and just doesn’t know the songs, but it also helps to build this case that Donald Trump can’t really read. And then this gets even weirder when the first verse starts and Donald Trump starts and stops singing, he doesn’t really know what’s going on, he’s doing this thing that is common of people with low literacy, which is he’s staring at the page without any visual cues that suggests he’s recognizing much of what’s written there. And then in another point Donald Trump actually gives up, and he puts his pamphlet away and tells Melania to do the same. Of course no one else is doing this at the time. Trump seems genuinely mad that he can’t understand what it is that’s going on, and puts his pamphlet away and demands that his wife do the exact same thing. So again more and more of these videos are surfacing where Donald Trump just seems to have only a passing recognition of the words and sentences that are constructed in the English language on different pieces of paper. And here’s the really stunning thing today, it’s come to my attention that the Canadian police has what they call a low literacy checklist document. And this is related to a program they call Targeting Crime with Literacy. I was thinking as I reviewed this, how Canadian of them, Targeting Crime with Literacy. In the U.S. we target crime with prisons and guns, not literacy and education. In any case, take a look at it. We have the document here, and as I went through this document I realize that Donald Trump matches the list of how we identify people with limited literacy perfectly! This document pointing, out keep in mind, that people who have trouble reading, writing, and understanding verbal information often try to cover up their problem. Here are some of the signs that may indicate a person has a low level of literacy. And again, every single one of these Donald Trump fulfills to a T. Let’s start with something that we’ve observed with Trump for a while, which is that someone with limited literacy may have difficulty telling a clear story, or sometimes might seem to talk in circles. That way of thinking often is correlated with a low literacy level. Let me remind you this is just one example of this exact phenomenon, where Donald Trump seems to talk in circles and it’s not clear what he’s talking about. (Trump)…know what irks me? Look, having nuclear, my uncle was a great professor and scientist and engineer, Dr. John Trump at MIT. Good genes, very good genes, okay? Very smart. The Wharton School of Finance, very good, very smart. You know if you’re a conservative Republican, if I were a liberal, if, like, okay. If I ran as a liberal Democrat they would say I’m one of the smartest people anywhere in the world. It’s true! But when you’re a conservative Republican they try, oh, do they do a number. That’s why I always sort of, “went to Wharton, was a good student. Went there, went there, did this, built the-” you know I have to give my like, credentials all the time. (Pakman)Hmm yeah. It’s all becoming increasingly clear. Much of what we’ve observed with Donald Trump may be because the guy can barely read. Another indicator of a low level of literacy, the speaker may have stiff body language when speaking. Again, just one example, let me remind you of the following. (Trump)Both cases you realize what’s happened, it’s imploding, as we said. Some states have over a hundred percent increase and 17, and I said this two years ago, 17 is going to be the bad year. (Pakman)Yeah. Another example from the low literacy warning signs checklist, when asked to read or write something a person with low literacy may make excuses to avoid the task. Like for example, “I can’t read this because I forgot my glasses.” This is exactly what Donald Trump did in the video I showed you last week from the deposition that went viral. First he doesn’t want to read it because it’s too long, then he says he doesn’t have his glasses. Again, look at this. (Woman)And tell me what you think, reading that, you as the landlord are entitled to get from the tenant, in the event of a tenant breach, in the way of damages. (Trump)I don’t have my glasses. I am at a disadva- Cause I didn’t bring my glasses. This is such small writing. (Pakman)Yeah. Another example, the speaker may look dazed or uncomfortable when someone gives them something to read. They may just appear to be staring at the page without any indication that they’re actually reading or understanding what is on the page. I bring to you, again, another exhibit from Donald Trump. (Woman)we can have a bigger copy made of these pages, and we’ll come back to it. (Trump)Let me just try, let me just do it. (Woman 2)I have to place on the record a hearty objection. (Pakman)Again, when they do write, someone with low literacy may make a lot of spelling or grammar mistakes in their writing. And I propose to you that we look at three of Donald Trump’s tweets, One where he wrote, “China steals United States Navy research drone in international waters – rips it out of water and takes it to China in unpresedented act.” Remember “unpresedented,” a word that that he wrote in a way that is not actually a word. Also from Donald Trump, another tweet, “Heading to Phoneix.” “Phoenix” misspelled. Also another tweet from Donald Trump, “Ted Cruz is totally unelectable, if he even gets to run (born in Canada). Will loose big to Hillary.” And of course we know that Donald Trump usually is not the one tweeting, only tweeting personally on occasion. Another indicator of low literacy, the low literacy person may bring a friend or relative with them who helps with both reading and writing. And I call your attention to Donald Trump tweeting that he actually doesn’t write most of his tweets, he dictates them to someone else who posts them. Continuing, again, Donald Trump meeting every single bullet point from the low literacy checklist of the Canadian police initiative, Targeting Crime with Literacy, the speaker with low literacy may give what seem to be indirect, confused, or irrelevant answers to question. I present to you Donald Trump. (O’Reilly)What would you set the federal minimum wage at? (Trump)There doesn’t have to be, well I would leave it and raise it somewhat. You need to help people. And I know it’s not very Republican to say- (O’Reilly)Well give me, 10 bucks? 10? (Trump)I would say 10. I would say 10. But with the understanding that somebody like me is going to bring back jobs, I don’t want people to be in that $10 category for very long. But the thing is we’ll let the states make the deal. (O’Reilly)But they do have the right I do that now, because you could have a state that raises it to 15- (Pakman)Yeah also, individuals with low literacy may not ask any questions at all rather than revealing that they don’t understand what’s going on. Another hallmark of Trump. (Pakman)Yeah right. And then lastly individuals who can’t really read well will often sign statements or legal documents that they do not understand. Remember this, folks? (Woman)Did you review the lease at all before you signed it? (Trump)No. (Woman)How many leases like this have you reviewed in your career? (Trump)Signed, or reviewed? (Woman)Reviewed. (Trump)Not too many. I signed hundreds. (Pakman)And lastly, not that I need any video examples of this, individuals with low literacy may try to give the impression, may give the impression that they don’t understand the seriousness of a particular situation. No clip needed there, goes without saying for Trump. I want to remind you, why is this a big deal? If an individual appears to have low literacy it’s more than just a reading problem. This impacts thinking strategies. This impacts how someone is able to understand and potentially solve problems. What might sometimes be an unusual or unproductive attitude towards an issue can actually be the cause of a literacy problem. Not only is Donald Trump merely moderately literate, we’re talking about a president of the United States that seems to be only slightly literate. Is this a problem for anybody else? The more I look into this, the more concerned I am that the president of the United States can barely read.

News Now Stream 07/25/19 (FNN)

I think they’ve got a great polling organization so they said let’s do. The main down in the second big one coming up how does Donald Trump fair. Against the big names in the Democratic Party and it’s fascinating because Mike there is a whole only one candidate. Who can clearly? Donald Trump in the swing state of Ohio. And if you think about it it’s really not a shocker. Because you know California leaves blue I think because maybe a lot of people are just sort of philosophically more liberal in. And there are. Blue leaning voters in Ohio but not so much for that a reason my more because they’re big union supporters. They you know they are the back through the they back the union movement and Joe Biden is as big a union guy as any candidate to run for president I think in a generation. So Ohio says you put Joe Biden on the ballot next to Donald Trump and we will play. By in the White House. 5042%. And it’s the only candidate this is maybe fascinating I think for a lot of people who are watchin. Because overall let’s face it I mean the coverage of of Donald Trump — In in terms of a lot of outlets Mike is a little on the negative sie. And so you might think boy does he really have a chance to some of these places will right now. In Ohio Biden’s the only guy who is a guaranteed to win according to this polling over Donald Trump everybody else it looks. Very close and it would be way too close to call Bernie Sanders got great name recognition for his run four years ago it’s a virtual tie their Sanders at forty six trump at forty five similarly. What if it was between? Between Donald Trump in the other huge liberal name who is really building a following that’s Elizabeth Warren — And I still to this moment Mike I think Elizabeth Warren is a more likely if it doesn’t go Biden and it doesn’t go call my hair as I think Elizabeth Warren is probably the more likely of of of the two more to the left — To get the nominee nomination a right now it’s 46% drop 45% mor. Really interesting that. The judge who just has not had a lot of positive momentum or anything lately — Menstrual there really hasn’t been too much yeah — But he is eighty you know he’s a fellow midwesterner there and right next door in Indiana he’s a mayor. Pretty well known I think in Ohio and it’s a forty five to forty five highway. And Kamel here as she is certainly building momentum coming out at first debate very same numbers. Forty five or forty four to forty four time between Donald Trump in common area so all of that I just think is absolutely fascinating. And a lot of people might even be thinking. Polling this certainly didn’t we learned our lesson. Twenty sixteen it’s true it’s true it’s true but I do think I actually think my holding. You know so is is it the tail. Wagging the dog in a way — I’ll tell you why I’m saying that. Because only continually shows. Biden is the strongest by far candidate against Donald Trump. Those polls I actually believe can influence. A lot of people in their primary voting decision. They may be more excited about coming here as they may be more excited about Elizabeth Warren Cory Booker. People to judge you name it. But if their heart may go one way there had says log I got to put that one guy and who I feel has the the very best chance. To take over the White House. I actually think those polls in this particular. Time frame where we are I think they matter. Charlie Charlie so we’ll see and wait just style that’s all going to shape up nobody’s going to really know until — November twenty twenty right yeah we’ll see how that all shapes up him means sees about it okay one more before row we had to break here take a look at the markets right now down. One hundred and seventy one points there in the red and we got to big companies- Given some earnings after the bell today okay Intel yes and Amazon. Biggie because in pretty much I mean. It’s like almost like a Google now you you said okay. And that’s the other company that’s also report. Right. Now was it just me done calling an alphabet. Go back to calling it Google now just confuses people yeah really does but this is interesting because it’s quite a quite a down trend in a may have as much to do with the fact that we’ve had. So many days that’s right it’s time for the market to come in and see little selling going on but I do believe there was some disappointment in one of the big stocks. Particularly when you’re focused on the dal one of the big stocks the people always pay attention to is three am. And may our numbers were a little disappointing — Yeah there’s another big company we really didn’t talk about because it’s been so much going on the political world book bowling actually. Said not only are they losing. A lot of money — They said if we can’t get that plane authorized to get back up in the air pretty soon they’re actually going to have to close their big factory up in the Seattle area. The Renton plant which cranks out the seven thirty seven that would be up to be tough for a lot of people in their jobs but it shouldn’t be a shock to the rise where we are right now. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of movement — To get to the finish line and where with all those Max’s go then Jeez yeah I know he does can. Climb anymore. There we go all right around there we go top stories here the day and when we come back a look who’s already. Talking right now with this hearing that’s the former Phoenix mayor Greg Stanton now Arizona congressman he is at a hearing right now. Talking about — Child separations out the border you know it’s a you could if you plan that plum assignment here on the Judiciary Committee as a as a brand new member of Congress is nine I mean he did very well for himself with the land the bad spots will it’ll be interesting. To hear what he has to say and some of these other key members of the house Judiciary Committee as well yes that and much more coming up next on news that from across tf course right here in Arizona as well but we’re gonna keep you right now in DC to take you out to this very. Heated hearing really it’s the second day in a row or getting a heated hearing yesterday was Mahler this time about the child separations out the border with illegal immigrants. Let’s kick it off right here on news now to civil liberties. Reporting family separations between October two thousand seventeen in June. Two thousand eighteen these documents are startling. The records we receive detail separations of twelve children ages one year older younger. And one hundred twenty four children under the age of five even more surprising of the twelve children under the age of one nine of those separations occurred. Before the trump administration acted zero tolerance policy. In many cases family separations happen without warning. And without giving the children a chance to say goodbye to their families. Many when I told with their families are being taken. For example in may of two thousand eighteen a fourteen year old boy being held in the press. At the Rio Grande Valley pressing standard was quote separated from his father after a meal break on to us and was told that his father would be deported close quote. Eleven year old was quote called the side by an officer and then he did not five deceased father again close quote. Another child in only seven years of age describes being separated for for the quote. In the place where was called on quote and that she did not understand why she could not see or talk to her father [inaudible] Chief. Hastings by these tactics how border patrol agents were told to implement a zero tolerance policy. Chairman the water we as we set up towns policy yes or no. Tactics you’re referring to I just read. Were you listening I was listening star so then answer the question. Sir I’m giving you the what we fall as far as guides for separation eighty why was the those are. Taking that we find the names of the people who did this they will be disciplined for not following policy. They were following policy to the best of my knowledge I’m not hearing. What I see? Following the policy that you just outlined I don’t know the individual specific. Agents instructed by your agency to treat children so they could read. So they could take their mother or father away from them well they didn’t know that that was happening. The border patrol receive any training on how to do this — We have yes we have training about how family separation we will put out on the guidance is usin. It’s easier words and not an accurate description of a separation happen. Can you please share how they did occur. Again I’m not specific to the don’t know the specific issues that you’re talking to about the age. Pardon me how with the supposed to occur how would shooting supposed to be separated from their families. The mother and father are informed prior to the separatio. The you didn’t answer the question. How how is it supposed to happe? Mother and father informed in the kids I mean I was is was that. The mothers fathers informed is some point today. You can is gonna be taken away in the middle of the night someone comes as such as a kid I take it that’s I would. Dispose after what is supposed to happen so we would inform the mother father charges and the reason. And and provide them the time to to say goodbye to the child Georges in the reason in the time in advance yes so far in advance but it’s going. To be depending upon. If. If you are choosing to deport appearing without children. The trump administration claimed there was a plan to reunify the family. Because when we started this we would place the a number and all of the information on the at all or the child on all of the paperwork so they can be reunification after. Me and all went through the appropriate legal action. This was deported was a child supposed to be report. I’m sorry if it was determined that the the always being deported was a child supposed to be returned to the bearing. Before the deportation with the to or the parent is suddenly in some foreign country and and the child is here. That’s probably a better question for HHS. Who did the deportation? We would do the for it was the but do the deportation while the child was in a different city in the United States. We don’t do the reunification is my points are you into the deportation before the reunification without any knowledge of whether the parents are being unified [inaudible] Yes. Another was a kidnapping child. Kidnapping that. Guidelines that are out. Without the child. Is literal kidnapping. The documents produced of the committee also reveal that vulnerable children such as those of tender age of those with disabilities were not given special accommodations of consideration in these facilities. For example CBP separated from you child from his father. The ages at a base is not updated to reflect the child’s special needs and did not record the traffic been separated from his father. In other report describing ten year old with developmental delays to separated from his mother. No special it was made to help him communicate with his parents she facing some these reports it appears the border patrol place a little to no consideration. Into the physical and psychological needs of children was separating. Them from their family. In what ways is my last question because my time is over the B. C. B.. E. consider the risks of those these vulnerable children. Of taking these wonderful children to their parents and keeping them and see if you still is what special ranges from made. For children with these kinds of deaf mute or whatever A so I’m not I’m not familiar with the two cases but normally when we have incidents like that we would learn HHS to the special needs. You learn H. H. as the special needs before you gave the child. Sir or short term all facility we’re trying to children into the problem here is let me just. One thing — The country to what you said we have a case of words here. And is one line on may sixteenth two thousand eighteen after a meal break while in custody. She was told by officers of for that would be deported. And she didn’t see him again. That’s the way these things were done — It’s been human and on American. I yield back. The gentleman from Georgia. Thank you Mr one and the witnesses understand you’ll be a little longer because now my understand the east members don’t have seven minutes to question as an incorrect understanding well is a term that’s going to continue to the valley. Mineral. Gentlemen we receive. Well I’m glad you’re back. Because as you related to me answering my questions you really didn’t answer my question from opening statements holding hearings into a problem solved is about like saying. Under these conditions which fraction. And the problem as far as that information. Because the danger to a child is otherwise unfit for care for a child has a criminal history as a communicable disease is transferred to a criminal detention setting. Up for prosecution for improper entry for the CBC is unable to confirm. Actually the parent or legal guardian for the child safety is at risk three four and if you’re advocating to keep that child in those conditions that may we have a whole different issue. And then to go back to the we haven’t anything I’ll stand by exactly and you can explain this Mister chairman you can explain the members here in the audienc. While the route Israel is simply again we talk about is is not solving the underlying problem. Treating them well and having good conditions is something we all agree upon the Brill was sober also and then applied to everywhere in the customer more control is not just the southern border. Which is what you’re advocating the main we need to talk about something different. But here’s the issue. It seems to be frustrated that in a long week. But this isn’t helping. And I into so you’re hold hearings until the problem is all. This week. That is probably you know just come to the point of camping this week we’re gonna hold here is we’re going to talk about it reminds me of when my you. Know my kids were little and the real holder. What is your hold it hold it hold it hold? In this community that actually of the underlying asset which the Obama administration talk about floor is is we talk about the trash. We talked about a solemn standard what we want to do is talk about was wanted for which we’ve already done many times and I’m also in this over so it shouldn’t be done. I said we’re holding that we had multiple hearings. Within a certain point time hearings will solve problems. Image German I’m glad you came back yes. But what are we giving them [inaudible] Exactly hearing [inaudible] Press releases. This is what we’re doing. This committee is better than the US. They’re great embers on both sides who have legitimate arguments. For I have listened hassling to my members on the other side I’m sitting in front of me and all now with. You have ideas about this. The bill for the toll market. Take three or four days or even two weeks to have these. These kids in the family is not important enough on he border. Or is it just a matter. To have another hearing. Doesn’t solve anything. You can just find anywhere you want. You can say he blasted bill last week that actually you know. You’ll have standards that’s great. Logically look at it was a is overhauling could’ve been support. Personally into we had and things along. The way we didn’t talk to the border patrol before we actuall. In the bill to see how we can actually put this in and intonation I guess a small oversight. But again I’m not sure what both sides are even continuing to show up at these hearings. Except to be used as props. The following year here. You’ve gone here really technically going to testify to nothing some of your back again as we said most whites. And replacing somebody was earlier. You’re not going. To humans as your we don’t know we all know there’s a crisis we lease all now at least come to the conclusion there is a crisi. What it is it is as I said before using the words of the ranking member the subcommittee it is dehumanizing this is what you want? To go. For do not tell these people in this audience. The disingenuous but you’re fixing some. They may not for a few minutes. Hello movie mining for seven months. But they’re not forever. Soon they’ll ask. Can you have an honest debate he got more numbers and can you can pass them because you’re the majority. Not even doing that so Mister chairman I appreciate your answer the question we’re tending to what is said to me. Crying the press release get the daughter going. Talk about before. This is where we’re at this is a problem. For those of you are here hoping for an answer duration and the trump administration have both pointed out. With that I yield last. June Mar a one ten top out thern Saturday and Sunday before it looks like well maybe we could possibly be getting. Some rain showers come early next week we just got a cross our fingers and we know how when we say rain. A lot of the times it’s just in the pockets here in the valley some get in Chandler we might not get it in Nampa may just the way. It goes sometimes worse out here I everyone might page you’re welcome back to news now always bringing you the stop stories. Headlines across the country let’s go out to Indianapolis right now where — Joe Biden spoke earlier today and he talks about — Evening interview earlier about — That he needs to step up his game when it comes to the next democratic debate that’s coming up next week in Detroit let’s hear from a little bit. From mom today here in Indiana. Yeah you know — Deeply involved I’ve been in my career like many others — With — With your may have been a earlier for a long time. And that’s why I was honored to receive a lifetime achievement award last time this organization actually coming straight. Learning you know. No one of the most respected man in my community — One I came back from law school and became a public defender and because our city was occupied by the National Guard room which is only. City in the United States America occupied by the National Guard the military for ten months withdrawn Bannon’s after doctor king was killed since the civil war. And you know I a man who I respect a great deal on was a great civil rights leader in my community guy named. Jim. And I work closely with. Truly fine fine man and he I work closely with Jim for thirty years and taking on the highs and the housing crisis working to fix our schools. More in a war where he just over all in just a suggestion in the community and that was the reason I came back to mommy can after law school. To the fight the injustice was particularly current my state most of you don’t know my status of a higher as black population in America. Almost 20% nineteen point eight from my state. And that’s why I love the good job that I have firm representing corporate interest a decent honorable man but I became a public defender. And that’s why I ran for office in the first place is to get engaging the community efforts that I had. As a kid work through the side door. And starting the county council sat at the lessons I I learned from Jim and from Robert herring a number about. A black church leaders in my community — Was a that — I’ve spent my my my time with them as a young man and I know I know it was the thing that I I had to do to get engaged and that’s how. That’s how you deliver change and you all know it because you’ve done it each one of you. We desperately need people in games so when jets — Rumors time. Jim decided to he wanted to start an urban league chapter in Delaware and Wilmington immediately sent over a guy who. Is with me today who was the former president — The urban league with Tony service founding president now. Today as well and my daughter Ashley who ran the largest criminal justice our organization Delaware she also searches as a masters in social work she served on the board. Of trustees from Wilmington chapter and my dear friend and now Congress woman — Herself Lisa blind Rochester I’ve really close to my family always time she served after that the point is. Congress Rochester was the first African American the first woman woman ever elected to Congress in the state as well as a the first African American. And you know want I’m one of our biggest fans her dad — And I go back a long way. So you know this is all familiar commitment to me but Israel the urban league is one of the most vital when I’m not be solicitous vital organizations we have. Your moving the needle the movie in the line systematic racism and discrimination and and and still that does still sn’t much of a contour of the world we live in today. You know every time you publish a state of black America report. You force us to contend with the entrenched in the qualities leaving still exists in our society. In your touching lives years changing now. More than twenty thousand people are able to purchase a new home more than two hundred forty five thousand people are placed in jobs because of you three three million people on benefitted from education or educational services. And more than eight million a benefit from healthcare services so so I want to start today by saying thank you we owe you we you we owe you big is a country. And I mean as cation invention quality number two new you — For the committee for communities of color is — Is is is is incredibly consequence of starting always back from nineteen ten you’ve been working on this so look. I know we’ve changed a lot a lot has moved to since we spoke and I since I spoke here and six not here but you in. Sixteen twenty two and twenty sixteen but today I believe we’re in a battle for the soul of America that’s was changed. You know we have a we have a president nine states who is — Who has deliberately? Came on my but you know I refrain from screen — Who — Break I passed away not long ago used to say when someone is really unusually shin who would have thunk it. But the service is this is directed people racism these engaged in when you saw those people did any of you ever think I mean this is sincerely. Do you ever think those of us involved in most of you have been all of your band. Is civil rights issues for a long time Jr thank you city. In twenty seventeen people coming out I feel carrying torches veins ball. Sh. And I said Medicaid accompanied by white supremacists as well as the Ku Klux Klan. And ever present when a young woman is killed in that’s the that’s the cities and we don’t want hate in the city. And the president’s asked buddy said there some very fine people in both sides. I honest to god never thought I would see that again. And you know is your great president — Whitney young — I got to meet a long time ago — One said — In helping there’s one healthy gap [inaudible] Yeah. As for the nation for a long time but today we have a president who embraces the supremacist. Last week — He launched a vile racist attack against a a city member of Congress. Three four of them. You know he he he he rips it families in regional partner border see potential in cages. He has always actively working to undo every bit of the progress president Obama and I and our administration did and we have to defeat Donald Trump. This time. And then we have to work twice as hard to read about the the inequities it’s still exist for people of color black people in this country. In housing in healthcare in criminal justice system so many other areas you working so hard on I’ve been in this fight for a long long time and is present in mind or star and I mean this sincerely. I’m always refers middle class Joe national it is a compliment washing means I’m not sophisticated. But I know who in the hell built this country Wall Street did not buildings country. As people access last. We have to bring everybody along no matter their race their gender zip code in education running triple funding for title one schools from fifteen to forty five billion dollars in order to win a prize. Between majority black and minority white rich and poor schools you know school Sir in low income communities need to be able to give their students. Eagle start in life and that means early education three four and five regional a lot of your professors you know the deal we know the numbers no debate anymore if they have if of ever child from poverty is exposed to three foreign farmers to real education if. They have been a fifty French 50% chance of making through high school going beyond high school what do we do in what hello we do with all these gigantic tax cuts were not willing to do that. We’re gonna make. Universal pre K. and every single person. In every single one of the schools are to make sure that every student has an economic opportunity to graduate from high school and equal opportunity graduate high school and either go to some have some college credits when they graduate in the pocket. For industrial Christian skills from a leave a good paying job or whatever bothers me the most. And I always got criticize isn’t home. I refused to acknowledge. That a child from poverty from a single mom who can’t read or didn’t have an education can. Learn as much as any child in America should get much I really made. The racial disparities are so pervasive in our society the part of the our environment literally. Poor communities communities of color traveling is there the hardest hit by pollution and we’re two hours talking with Tony all day room when we we work with me back and was a United States. Senator you guys school we were working on getting lead paint out of the community. So what the hell you doing lead paint what’s the big deal for guess what look at all the communities where everything is for their one water pipes and spewing — Grit and dirt I knew in the shadow smokestacks and anyway just goes on that’s why for my climate change includes a comprehensive approach to environmental justce to ensure. That our communities that are are you are you can read the clean air and drink clean water from flint Michigan. To raise taxes. We’ll get is 97% coverage immediately protecting and building on the affordable Care Act what I like to call your mom care [inaudible] Story [inaudible] Medicare like. Options for anyone in fact who wants to buy it and anyone who was on Medicaid eligible for Medicaid will automatically be enrolled in the public option. Premium free so that we otherwise you know with a day and if they qualify for Medicare including so many black and brown families in states with Republican governors refused. Medicaid expansion. I will also need to build more inclusive economy from top to bottom and with better access to capital and Blackcomb small businesses and focus on reducing black unemployment. Folks nearly 7% of unemployment you know it. You know it should be should be should be she cheered as a 7% unemployment African Americans will guide you know eliminating the wage gap and sixteen point 8%. Penalty of for working blacks in sterling exist that’s the difference we need to take on and then we will. We will we can’t just talk about the Cline and black home ownership we have to do something about it. We have to make it black neighborhoods. You know how it works when I first got involved senator I was trying to divert first bill Anders was at redlining. You know banks after banks have to represent and lands in the communities they are in. Today. Black neighborhoods worth the same house is worth half the value same exact house if it’s in a white neighborhood. The print on the way neighbor. So there is an incredibly long list of policies I go through with this is that my time is short the best. The most of the let the last point I really wanna mages about perhaps the most insidious threats to progress I think we still face. And that’s voter suppression. And goods going on in America last year twenty four states introduced at least seventy seventy mills to curtail the right to vote. For people of color folks I got involved in politics I ran for the United States Senate. To extend the voting rights act as chairman of the committee I was going to get it extended twenty five years. By the time I left we in fact teddy and I got extent for twenty five years we got a vote of ninety eight zero ninety eight zero support and then along came. Along came the change in the pre clearance laws Supreme Court rule. I suggest that you know look thirty five station our schedule force voter ID laws nothing less than a mythological on attempt – To you know. Tonight people out as a solar to my question. My can promise you this by demonstration apartment Justin’s will once again protect fundamental rights to vote now lead the fight. To reaffirm the connections of the voting rights act to make sure it’s easier people exercise their right to vote. And look. I’ve been making this arguing for a long long time voter registration should be automatic automatic. We have a lot of work ahead of us but you know we have to keep pushing forward to close the gap between them our values and our practice in this country. The site is the size of the gap is gigantic and we have to seiz. Understand the future rests in the American creating the future where all men and women are created equal but March not only that we say that our Concorde treated he you know I know we can do it. And I know we can do it because of all the challenges is. Countries capable of we’ve never failed when we decided to be to get inthere and I want to tell you. Mark this president is done. For his this generation. What the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement it from my generation assassination of king in Canada? The fact of the matter is he has the one thing I have to thank the prison for he’s energized people understand what we have to do. Especially young. Folks. Time is up so I got to get out of here but look. The bottom line here is that you know we have to be in a positio. We have to be in a position to believe we can do something we would have been able to do just for eight years ago. Because people now understand the paucity of everything this administration is time thing. They understand they didn’t know what that they didn’t order. Bomber Kerr was before now they know inane since they keep it. They didn’t understand exactly what was going on to this guy wants to such an extreme so folks. Don’t give up there’s an Irish poll once wrote. History teaches not the hope on this side of the grave but then once in a lifetime. That long for tidal wave in just just rises up and hold it history rhyme we can make it rhyme before determined thank you to the right outside of the White House were kellyanne Conway — Special adviser to the president spoke to the media must bring that the here on news now. But that aside. We need to know who’s in charge the molar vested ation because usually if something of a book is goes for any usually at least have a former to give somebody credit or let everybody know who else was involved heavily. And I don’t like people who are. King on bomb or the individual I think that’s very and fortune I see it’s a lot of strong democratic voices he must be very nervous. That Bob mother couldn’t get done what everybody’s trying to do since two thousand sixteen get down jump out of the White House. Really got no closer to getting out. In the next year either so please let him saying we’ve got a lot to do America I stood before you on Monday at St Francis easy to see the same thing again. Three Miller testimony from small intestine. The American people. Should demand more from Congress they paid for the mall investigation the page for them only report the P. family testimony. They see what’s happening in Congress and it’s not happening there is no infrastructure there’s investigation there is no drug pricing. Is a rehash of a report that clearly said no indictment. They see no work on on healthcare which we’re trying to the present we’re working on healthcare plan here. The president is trying to improve their for all those people so I see ninety so fact checking your friend. Will mark the anti semite who. Lied last week about millions of Americans dying because of nonsense healthcare policies and of all of your fact checkers or in the Hamptons in Nantucket. I can lend you one or two checking people who for some reason your freedom. During the last. The prescription the prescription. Drug price reduction act. Judges tweeted out that — The president of the White House supports a can you explain. Why the? Yeah it is — Present already taken many actions in his administration to reduce drug prices are the record number of approvals for generics for example. Have really been reducing those prices — First reduction in decades under his watch but it is not good enough in other words he wants then. Reduced further we looked at a number of different measures I’ve been in this meanings of the number different measures to try to make that so. And we’re fable towardsthat legislation we love to work with Congress. On this but if we can’t we’ll continue do things the way she legally recently done transparency H. cherries health health reimbursement. Arrangements for those of you getting coverage and transparency a kidney health we’re doing the building blocks because we have to stop we have to get out of this conversation about health insurance and back to health care. And improving outcomes in curing disease that includes reducing drug prices drug prices really break the back of many seniors in this country with many people in their household budgets as well. So as reforming healthcare overall improving Medicare making sure that Medicaid is there is there for those for whom it was intended. To check pricing is the centerpiece of that very happy very recently the Senate came up with that bill. And out obviously that sees me we see the president was meeting with senators earlier this week. Our range of issues including Turkey — But they discussed a range of issues I will continue to talk about drug pricing a centerpiece. Of the president’s agenda leave you on and I think happy bipartisan and I would hope. I would recall that a couple months ago when president trump’s book. As figure policy over the phone he immediately tweeted out. Hang up the phone the speaker Pelosi we had a great chat will begin work on some things together including for infrastructure drug pricing. To hope springs eternal and a post. All our investigation mother you poor Muller testimony. And that was kellyanne Conway right outside of the White House let’s switch gears here taking out live right now re you are you see — Senator Kirsten Gillibrand her right there — Doing a town hall meeting with some. Dental voters let’s listen into this this is in. Iowa all right now is the road to twenty twenty continues. 42% of the children that are. You sure for our I sent him the system. And we played major full and that — You know there’s that could affect. That if. Our mission is to move people from yeah and if mom’s doing say to cinema tickets just doing great — She comes into play point yeah we have a shared resource for her children — And she’s getting assistance from the service — And she’s doing well with their job see she gets a small 20% number race — Call center itself over the limit have a question maintenance you can upgrade here. This is since. And you see her. 98% the kid says I graduated from our preschool are checking for kindergarten. And that compares. 2% of the children in there and see that the school system. One of the things that — Kitty I want to fund universal pre K. [inaudible] Full year. You were funny we provide more. Where you’d be able to actually comedy preschool the entire year for your roles — For those. Desperately needed three younge. Fantastic because we’re finding more and more. Childcare a six story a fifteen year old girl with a mental illness was beat up by a group of thugs we’re gonna bring it to you. With this live update next on news now today we have a reallyy busy day here on news now we got a lot to cover so let’s get right into it everybody we’re going to go out with some. Just horrible news out of Chicago where this is so senseless I’m from the city there in the in there sometimes you hear. These reports a year just like when you you’re just so we shame from even being there. Granted the city is beautiful the people are great but sometimes the situations that you just hear about union from the shootings that happen on a daily basis you’re just like what is going on and when will this ever stop. This one is a different type of story it’s not a shooting but unfortunately a fifteen year old girl with a mental illness was attacked. Boy I mean why here we go Chicago police with the update [inaudible] This investigation. Father’s press conference today because the case. That we’re speaking of galvanized attention around behavior that quite frankly we all wish never existed not just in the city but in this country. This initially began as a missing persons case involved into a criminal investigation of assault and battery. Got to this point thanks in part to all of you many of you are sitting out in the audience right now. News media and violence community activists the flag this video for our communications office and the detectives who quickly opened a criminal investigation to identify. Those responsible. This quick action happen because the hate that we also is an affront to who we are as Chicago once. Stands in direct conflict. To the city of broad shoulders. We all have to work together to help ensure that this type of behavior. Is route out of our communities and our city. I’m the father of two girls and a son and I’m proud of them are proud of all of so I understand how difficult it is growing up. Today especially in certain neighborhoods of our city. It can be even more challenging when you are part of our values specialties community. Actions depicted. In the video are difficult to watch to say the least. And a whole that they become a teachable moment. For not only these young individuals but actually follow us. Bullying and bigotry castles of our society. Do nothing but break and divide us. There are parts of our country right now the seem to become consumed. And motivated by these malignancies. And I for one would do everything I can to keep these behaviors out of our city. What caught my attention about this incident? Was that I victim new our attackers. In the video game in the sense that she felt as though she was among friends. I gotta tell you broke my heart to see. This group of young people turn on her. And escalated into what we saw the physical assault. So before before I turn it over to lieutenant out as I want to thank the families. And extended families of our victim. Some of the parents. Of the offenders and offenders themselves also did the right thing. And brought information than individuals for to police. So what’s important about this is that we get it right. And teach our future generations that there simply cannot be roo. For this type of devices. And hateful behavior. Now I’d like to turn it over — To lieutenant Valdez. Good afternoon thank you superintendent. Good afternoon. My name’s as involved as and lieutenant an acting commander very central. Stories of a female young victi. It’s really a tragedy and a as the superintendent is I am also a father of two and and these are the type cases really take that they keep you up at night. I will get into a little bit of the time line without getting into specifics — The state sensitivity juveniles and ages of both victims and offenders — So. We noted the victim has some special needs and on the twenty eighth of July. A missing persons report was filed. By the victim’s father. There was no initial mention of any — Viral video when when she was reported missing — Shortly after our victims are special victims unit learned of the video roughly about two and a half hours later. This was also the time the detectives were given a photograph of the missing girl and began canvassing several areas that are known. To be — Frequented by by the victim. The victim was found by a bill diligent citizen — Through. The help of many people including community activists b- Fourteen the video that was and viral — The citizen was found and she T. A. in and taken to I’m sorry that victim was found in a city AT. And then taken to the eleventh district. And there is at that location where her father and the community activists and and this is the founder and decided she should go to do your research Chicago. For medical attention. And in their interviews the detectives learned at the victim met several juveniles who she thought were her friends. These girls and daughters. How to flash games signs? And or preserved. As I said this is a tragic incident and my heart goes out to the victim. And her family. I want to thank like the superintendent said the good Samaritans. Community activists everyone who helped along the fines the fender and find a victim. I also want to take. This time to thank our neighborhood and media partners. And all as it should be after this and all these who helped it and put this case to closure. I want to thank the detectives especially worked all night — For over twenty four hours to help this again — Defenders in custody and place the victim and a safe environment [inaudible] Thank you. It would take questions if you haven’t. Yes the he just kind outlined a four year she went missing first and when she was initially reported missing — We don’t have any idea about the video anything like that. But I haven’t seen the one of them possibly apologized for this in terms of sexual aspect would not prepared to talk about that at this time. Yeah there was there was — Some things going on that these young ladies one how to do that she did. We’ll we’ll leave it at that for right now. Gretchen. You know — I’m not going to say is a phenomenon that we that. We are seeing an increase now we’ve been saying aggression in females for quite some time now both of several year time frame. So I just saw and fortune in a video issue there is three that it for actually — Involved in the beating for encouraging a meeting I’m sure someone and we have to identified its videotaping and others that are encouraging. So the say five I I wouldn’t say just five but there’s actually more than three didn’t that have been. Placed in custody. There are definitely more than that three different places. I’m sorry yes the eighteen eighteen and and in the S. and about my apologies it was July eighteenth in the the viral video was out on the twenty third. We’re not we’re not able to narrow down to the exact time but it was actually the twenty second the day before [inaudible] Correct [inaudible] That’s correct. History have been charged. While the investigation is continuing apps so that’s the whole . As I mentioned is insensitive case. Tender age — Young kids involved and so I’m not going into any details regarding the victim’s family. Ounce but that. Hello indication that. I don’t want to be above any. Details as to where she’s at it’s still ongoing [inaudible] Definitely. As part of the investigation. They want to do record this morning. I’m sorry I didn’t hear the entire question. So no we know we know that they knew each other and I mean if you think they’re your friends and they do that to you I think you would be wrong by by thinking that they were your friends. But you know what. If you’re dumb enough to post a crime and social media. And that just shows you what your head is but in terms of how you ask me of the social media. Companies are. You know we we continuously have conversations with them about this type of thing and I know that they’re working on their policy so if they this. Is real time so the social media company we know that that. That’s what they’re going to post whatwe want them to do though is when they discover things like that to take it dow. Immediately because we don’t want to help. Get the reels out of things like that — Because it’s not fair to the victims so you know so I’m not going to beat up social media. Because you know those posts are real time but they do have to be do a better job of flagging it and taking it out as soon as they discover. I didn’t know the national level P.. That but love nest between the mayor and fraternal order of police I’m going stay out after that. Fight — You know is is just — Follow us we just have to work together to try — To make the city safe. From our neighborhood [inaudible] Doesn’t. Yeah and this is an ongoing investigation — And two things which I’m going and everyone involved are victims I don’t want to get into victim statements and and details of of this incident. So. I’m sorry can answer. It is a sad story there — Overall — Fifteen year old girl contact and will get the get you more information if that does happen in the next come coming days there is that investigation continues when we come back here on news now everybody. Will take you live to a nother hearing as a border battle continues the acting director of ice Matthew albums does of finding — Before the house appropriations subcommittee hearing on a U. S. immigration and customs enforcement oversight more news now up next. To ensure everyone has ample opportunity to ask questions I ask that each member stay within the allotted let’s listen at 700 thirty three encounters include more than three hundred ninety thousand fat members of family units. And sixty three thousand unaccompanied alien children. This represents 63% of all south was border encounters an FY two thousand nineteen year to date. Notably in the last few months eyes alone has been for Serena release more than two hundred fifteen thousand members of family units into the interior that I’d states. Due to the Flores settlement agreement. ISIS resources have been over burdened by the record numbers of C. B. P. apprehensions of the southwest border. And Congress is repeated failure to fund ice detention and transportation requirements and ice requested levels. Ice is currently the detainee over fifty three thousand single adults. And their approximately eight thousand single adult and see because city awaiting trance processing or transferred ice. Due to its very limited detention capacity ice must generally reservists attention space for those who require congressionally mandated detention. Along with those who pose a national security public safety for flight risk. However based on increased enforcement activity on the border additional ice detention capacity and transportation funding is urgently needed. To ensure the security national security public safety United States. And the faithful execution of the immigration laws passed by Congress. I saucers may conduct targeted fortune actions against any removal alien was present violation of immigration law. Despite what is often sensationally misreported. These are not indiscriminate raids or sweeps. Instead. ISIS operations are carefully planned based on person specific intelligence reading needs. Focusing on those represent a public safety threat. As well as those have received a lawful you should order removal from an immigration judge. Approximately 90% of heroes a ministry of arrested into this country our of aliens in a prior criminal convictions. Face pending criminal charges. Are immigration fugitives. Or who have previously been removed for the country and have illegally reentered. The latter which is a federal felony lice prosecutes extensively. However the crisis on the border is negatively impacted lice’s interior enforcement mission. And thus the public safety of our communities. Resources dedicated to removing dangerous criminals from the streets. Have been redeployed demands increased workload stemming from the border surge. Resulting in over 14% decrease in crime oil interests this fiscal year. Additionally I says reassigned members of fugitive operations teams to manage attain dockets or help respond to the border crisis. The failure of Congress to increase funding for future of operations. Over the course of the last decade has created a tremendous strain on ice’s ability to effectuate arrest of specific aliens. But failed to comply with rulers over three lease conditions including those with it’s gonna while on a T. D.. Well Congress a sought to increase funding for a TD it is filled the from the necessary resources that make the program effective. Without sufficient numbers of fugitive operations officers to search for an arrest aliens who feel to comply with the TV. As well sufficient attention space for those aliens to be detained once are located arrested. AT T. will continue to offer very little benefit for its cos. Additional resources also requested in FY twenty to ensure that ice is also the principal legal advisor is able to carry out statutory responsibility. To prosecute administrative immigration cases before the immigration court. While Congress has increased the number of funded DOJ immigration judges and support positions during recent budget cycles. Opal funding has not kept pace thereby exacerbating the backlo. More critically and most critically. I would like to highly legislative changes that are urgently needed. To be clear. The FY twenty budget request only provide the necessary funding and resources for ice to address the symptoms of the crisis. It does not nor could any amount of resources solve the problem. Legislative changes are the only viable option to swiftly put an end to the current crisis reducing the victimization of migrants looking for a better life. And starving the cartels and transnational criminal organizations of a major segment other listed enterprises. Ads in these changes her laws will continue to be supported and the pull factor they create will only result in more illegal immigration. And worsen the humanitarian crisis. We ask you to one terminate the floors settlement agreement and clarify the government’s detention authority with respect to alien minors. Amend the trafficking victims protection reauthorization act to provide for the prompt repatriation of all you AC. Or not victims of human trafficking and do not express fear a return to their home country. And addressed a credible fear standard. The current standard has proved to be ineffective in screening out those with fraudulent. Frivolous or legally insufficient claims and has further strained are overwhelmed immigration system. By requiring the release of found news before the conclusion of immigration proceedings seemingly well intentioned court rulings and legislation are being exported by transnational criminal organizations. And human smugglers. These despicable smaller separate and a tireless industry with untold millions of dollars being made through the sale. Rental and recycling of children utilized by unscrupulous adults to poses family units. To fight this activity home mastered investigations has resigned hundred special agents and Intel analyst a border patrol facilities to ferret out fraud who found the units and you a see. The same loopholes also encourage further legal immigrationas a record numbers indicate. These are not talking points. These are facts based on my over twenty five years of law for some experience and they represent the major challenges currently faced by ice. Every day the dedicated courageous professional men and women of ice work remote homeland security and public safety by faithfully executing the laws established by Congres. To protect the integrity and credibility of our country’s borders. As well as our national security and the safety of our communities nationwide. The increase in the flow of illegal migrants migrants and the change in those arriving at our border are putting the migrants particularly young children. At risk of harm from smugglers traffickers criminals and the dangers of difficult journey and are placing unsustainable pressure on our entire immigration system. Ultimately to solve the border crisis we mus work collectively to ensure the integrity of our immigration system as a whole. Failing to adequately resource interior enforcement efforts such as fugitive operations detention beds and ice attorney. Creates nothing more than the appearance of border enforcement creating a pull factor the alternately dries more people to make the dangerous journey to the United States. Incentivize of more Louis illegal activity and delays justice for those of meritorious claims for asylum. As a nation of laws we owe to the citizens of our country to maintain the integrity of our immigration system. Especially when faced with a serious an ongoing national crisis. Day in and day out the women to men allies have worked tirelessly with limited resources and outdated legal framework to ensure the safety and security of our country. They’re done this despite bill innovation personal tax and the toll it takes on their families and personal lives. They pay this price every day for simply doing their jobs on the laws passed by Congress. A crisis at hand a change is needed. And is your responsibilities mayors a Congress to act. Thank you can provide me to testify today I am honored and humbled. Represent more than twenty thousand American patriots with immigration and customs enforcement. I ask you provide the funding solve in the presence of white twenty twenty budget. I look for your questions. During the album’s — As you know we have the series — Concerns about ISIS ability to manage its budget within the means provided by Congress. The lack of transparency into how ice executes its budget also exacerbates our concerns. A during a continuing resolution operation should continue at the level funded in the prior year appropriation. For the current year that means I should have maintained an average daily population of forty thousand five hundred and twenty during the C. R. period. And yet for the first quarter ice use of detention beds surged phone forty four thousand to over. Forty six thousand and this was before the significant migrant surge at the border. During the period of the C. R. did ice make any attempt to operate within the funding levels identified by Congress for custody operations and if so what what specific actions did it take. Thank you answer — One we continually look to utilize our detention resources in the most efficient manner as possible — Instructions are standing instructions to our field offices. Are twenty four year old field offices continue to look at their populations. To ensure that those individuals in our detained on the most appropriate for detention. Again many of those individuals that are currently detained or individuals that Congress has mandated. Must be detained by law 74% of the individuals that are currently in ice custody or commanded subject to mandatory detention. Under the immigration nationality act. The vast majority those other individuals are individuals who have been public support public safety threats. Who are gang members or individuals who may not reach the mandatory detention threshold? But we have felt that their to appropriate for detention and not a proper for any sort of released back to the community. With regard your question — During the C. R. on the numbers began it up ticket on the middle part of last summer and continue to rise to the fall not to the level that we’ve seen — Unfortunate during the calendar year FY — Nineteen however in order to prevent a wholesale catch and release system which we knew would create further incentives for individual to come to the country illegally we made a conscious decision to try to detain as many people as we possibly could. To help prevent- Rush on the border — Unfortunately the numbers continue to come as a result of the fact that many of those people we can’t detained because they are you a C. or or family units page welcome back here tos now we’re gonna go actually out to the Pentagon right now — Where there was a ceremony at the department of defense and we’re talking about the new? Defense secretary mark asper that’s him right there give me a speech and we’re also going to hear from the vice president and president. Let’s listen. Thank you Sirfor your confidence in me and for this incredible opportunity. It i an honor of a lifetime to be appointed secretary defense. And to lead the greatest military in history. And I’m specially humbled that you would be here today to celebrate this occasion. I also want to thank you Mister president for your unwavering commitment to our armed forces and to a strong national defens. Our military has made tremendous gains in recent years thanks for your leadership and today. We are ready to face any challenge anytime anywhere as we continue to stand guard around the world. Finally I would like to thank the Armed Services Committee for swift action on my nomination. And for the strong bipartisan support that I received from the entire United States Senate. The global security environment has clearly become more complex. The free and open order that is preserve the peace and sustain our prosperity for decades is under duress. Great power competition has re emerged as China and Russia stick to displace the United States and shift. The balance of power in their favor. Iran continues to sow discord and threaten its neighbors throughout the Middle East. A terrorist organizations like ISIS look for new safe havens to plot against the west. As the parm defense takes on these challenges we will continue to strengthen our military and the terror conflict in order to preserve the peace in advance. America’s interests. We will do this first by building a more lethal force when that is increasing its readiness and modernizing. For the future. Thanks to the president’s leadership and the support of Congress the last two budgets have allowed us to make significant investments towards these ends. And the next couple promised to do the same as well [inaudible] In addition. The department is on the verge of a significant change in how we organize train and equip or space forces. The president I know this is an important priority for you. And my Pentagon team is fully engaged with the armed services committees and bipartisan congressional leadership. For the first time in seventy years a new branch of the armed force. The United States space force. Second we will strengthen our alliances and attract new partners. A strong network of like minded nations are willing and able to fight together is an advantage that adversaries do not possess. But this means our allies and partners must contribute more equitably to our shared securit. As a trump is called on other nations to do more they have responded. By the end of twenty twenty all eyes will spend anadditional one hundred billion dollars on defense and unprecedented increase that will make the alliance stronger. Third we will reform the department to make the best use of every single dollar Congress gives us. Our country has many competing demands. And it is an incumbent upon us to look for ways. No matter how small the free of time money and manpower to invest back into our top priorities. We must always keep faith with the American people and be good stewards of their hard earned tax dollars. Lastly as a personal property mine will place a particular focus on the well being of our families. Our military spouses and civilians. And children of make tremendous sacrifices for this country. And in return find committed to ensuring their properly cared. For I want to thank Mrs trump. And Mr Spence for the personal attention they have devoted to our military families and for their efforts to improve the quality of life for our spouses and children throughout the armed forces. Thank you. In closing I want to thank all of our soldiers sailors airmen and marines who make up the greatest fighting force known to man. All across the world these brave Americans are standing watch to deter aggression and preserve peace. On land in the seas throughout the skies. And about the space cyberspace service members from across the army navy Air Force marines. Solemnly and confidently carry out their duties. A short by the leadership of the commander in chief. The men and women are military know. That will never send them into a fight. With the training the equipment. And the leadership they need to prevail. They know. That this administration. That this Congress and the American people have their back. And they know that when they’re deployed far away from home their families will be taken care of thank you again who Mister president for your support our military. And for allowing me. The privilege to serve our great country once again. As secretary defense. As I take on his great responsibility I will carry out my duties with the same energy and commitment to duty. And honor and country that I have for nearly four decades since my days at west point. In doing so I assure you that this department will not let our great nation down. Thank you Sir. Ladies and gentlemen is my great privilege at this time. To now welcome the vice president of th United States. Mike pence. This president. Secretary asper. Members of the cabinet. Members of Congress and of the joint chiefs of staff. And most especially. To all those who wear the uniform of the United States. And their families. And the civilians who support you. It’s a special honor to be here with all of you. At the Pentagon. The symbol of American power. And to join all of you for the full honors ceremony. Of the twenty seventh secretary of defense secretary mark T. S.. For as a men and women who serve here at the Pentagon no well. Since day one of this administration. President trump is taken decisive action to make the strongest military. In the history of the world stronger still. After years of budget cuts. President trump fought for and secured the largest increase in our national defense. In more than a generation. Including the largest military pay raise in over ten years. At the president’s direction we produce a national security strategy that puts America firs. Pursue the modernization of our nuclear arsenal. As the secretary just said our NATO allies. Adding more to our common defense than ever before. Band with the strong support. Of leaders in Congress for well on our way. To establishing that six branch of our armed forces. The United States space [inaudible] For and today. Congress will vote on a budget deal. Thanks to the president’s leadership. That preserves the historic investments we made in our national defense it provides for our veterans. And also ends the defense sequester once and for all [inaudible] Mister secretary. Because of this president’s efforts you will inherit a military better equipped. Better trained and better prepared than any military in the history of the world. In the president and I have every confidence. The you will lead the department of defense with the same dedication. And integrity then mark your twenty one your military career. Mr secretary your reputation for leadership. And your patriotism. No doubt accounts for the ninety votes that you received in the United States Senate. Confirms the confidence that the president. He’s placing in you today. So Mister secretary thank you. For answering the call to serve our country once again. President Donald Trump has no higher priority than the safety and security of the American people [inaudible] Today. By providing renewed leadership to the department of defense. Our commander in chief is taking one more critical step. To provide for the common defense of the American people. And our way of life. So now it is my high honor. And distinct privilege. To introduce your commander in chief and the forty fifth president of the United States of America. President Donald Trump [inaudible] Thank you. Well thank you very much. To a great vice president. And thank you to all of the extraordinary patriots here at the United States department of defense. The world’s largest building I’ve heard for many years the world’s largest building. And it’s under great leadership. Your devotion strength and courage keep America safe strong and free. It’s because of you that the United States military is the most powerful fighting force. On the face of the earth. I want to express our gratitude to the old guard. And to all of the service members in today’s review for their extraordinary commitment to excellence their own wavering loyalty to our nation. It is the greatest honor of my life to serve as your commander in chief. But we also recognize the incredible U. S. navy. Sea chanters. And the band for that beautiful rendition. Of our national anthem it was really beautiful and thank you very much and testing job thank you [inaudible] Thank you [inaudible] Where gathered? Here today to celebrate the swearing in of America’s new secretary of defense mark D. as per. Secretary Aspin your lifetime of noble services prepared you for this immense responsibility and that’s what it is immense. Responsibility. On behalf of our entire country. Thank you and congratulations congratulations [inaudible] I have. No doubt. I know you well. You will thrive in the performance of your duties and make. All Americans. Everybody in this great country all Americans. Very proud. To their right now very proud but they’re going to be even more so as time goes by. People of our country more than ever. Our country is respected again [inaudible] Remember that. I’m delighted that. Many members of your family can be here for this special occasion including. A wonderful wife Leah. Your mother poly. Then your children Luke and Kathryn thank you thank you very much congratulations to a great family thank you very much [inaudible] Great family. Also joining us are acting secretary Kevin. Actually than. Acting administrator Chris builder Jim director Dan coats. Representatives Kay Granger John rice Kater he and many members of the diplomatic corps. With us as well are. Many distinguished military leaders vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. General Paul Selva. As Paul will [inaudible] False. Acting secretary of the army Brian McCarthy Ryan [inaudible] Brian. By Ryan stand up right doing a great job. Your filling big shoes Ryan. Acting secretary of the airforc. Matthew Donovan. Thank you very much thank you s. Acting secretary of the navy Thomas modeli. Thank you Thomas. Army chief of staff general mark Milley. Clark thank you mark congradulations to mark. Coast Guard common dead admiral Karl Scheels. Thank you and move. Marine corps commandant general David burger. General thank you very much. The airforce chief of staff. General David goal she in general thank you very much. And she for of naval operations admiral John Richardson thank you all thank you and we’ll. Over many decades in times of war and peace mark asper has answered the call of duty he’s never failed. He hails from Uniontown Pennsylvania the hometown of his personal hero. The legendary former secretary of defense and a great one George Marshall. Mark intended the United States military academy at west point. Graduated in. Nineteen eighty six receiving a commission in the infantry. Soon he earned his tab. Ranger tab. And fought with the famed one hundred first airborne division in the Gulf War. Awarded the bronze star. And the combat infantryman badge for his service. A brave guy they all told me he’s a brave guy. I knew that anyway. In total mark served in our nation’s military for twenty one years he completed his final active duty assignment. Right here at the Pentagon one of the army staff and then returned six years later as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of defense. For negotiations polic. Over his career mark is advanced or national security in a variety of other government and private sector roles. He has worked in both houses of Congress. Advising the hello America is I can see he had some talent because he one was it. Ninety eight to what. No you that ninety right can you believe this I don’t believe it hired and ninety ninety two right. I don’t know I haven’t heard that sound in a long time mark. Now I’m worried. Ninety two eight he served as vice president of Raytheon. Along the way marker and a master’s degree at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of government and a PhD at George Washington University. In two thousand seventeen mark was sworn in as secretary of the United States Army a position or which year and universal admiration and tremendous respect. For at the department of defense secretary as per. We’ll work with more than two million service members. And hundreds of thousands of civilian employees all dedicate. To one critical mission the defense. Of the nation. And of this great nations peopl. I have absolute confidence that mark will ensure that our incredible military is fully prepared. To deter conflict. Had to defeat any flow. No enemy can match the awesome might. Of the American army. Navy Air Force Coast Guard. And the United States marines. We had a budget approval and I first came in. Billions and billions of dollars more than it was previously in the previous administration. Seven hundred billion dollars. Then I went to seven hundred and sixteen billion dollars. And I won’t even tell you what this one is I can only tell you it’s even more. Because we have rebuilt. Things that nobody ever even thought o rebuilding we’ve added the greatest planes in the world the greatest missiles in the world we’ve upgraded our nuclear. Very very powerfully [inaudible] Including new. We never want to have to use it pray to god that we never have to use it but we have the best in the world in every. Aspect of military. This site of American warriors bring solace. Into the hearts of our friends and strikes fear. Into the hearts of our enemies. Our military today is more powerful. As far. In ever. Before. Three years ago we could not have said that could we wan. We’re giving our war fighters the tools they need to fight and win with overwhelming force. After years and years of budget cuts at all of the things that they’ve been doing. To set us back with our military we have more than made up. For all of i. We’re building new tanks and ships and submarines and planes and missile systems to ensure that our warriors operate with unrivaled capability in conflic. Any battlefield. we win. a battle field on which- We have given our service members their largest pay raise. In nearly a decade. Down under this administration we have faced a challenge of our time. With clear eyes fresh thinking. And bold determination. Our first priority. Is always the safety and sovereignty of our nation and our citizens. Here at home we have deployed military forces to confront the grey’s national security crisis. On our southern border and I want to thank all of the great military leaders for the help you’ve given us on our southern border and as you know. Mexico is now deployed. Twenty one thousand troops. Which is something they’ve never done before. And they’ve been a tremendous help tremendous difference in the numbers very rapidly. And we wnt to thank the country of Mexico and the president. No nation can be safe. Or secure that fails to control its borders. In Syria and Iraq thanks to the bravery of our warriors and their allies the ISIS territorial caliphate has been 1100%. And just absolutely destroyed. And we did it in a very. Quick moment of time. As soon as I said I want to do it and I want to do it fast — Military kicked kicked in and it happened very very quickly. Today we stand not far from where terrorist attack the Pentagon on nine eleven claiming one hundred and eighty four precious lives. We will never forget the immortal sacrifice of those American patriots. We vowed to do whatever it takes to protect our homeland to safeguard our people from the threat of radical Islamic terrorism. And to preserve American freedo. Around the world America faces new threats and strategic rivals seems like all the time. We have met this competition with on match confidence purpos. And resolve. We talked to all of and they talk to us. With great great. Respect. They respect our country so much more than they have for many many decades right now they respect us more than they have in many. Many years. And it’s only going to get more so. We are insuring American dominance across every war fighting domain to land air sea cyber and now space. That is why under secretary espers leadership. We will as bike. And market has already said. But it’s so exciting say. Whenever I make a speech people start. The only while they stand up and they collapse but I can’t sit him down and I have to wait because they say well launching the United States. Space force. They go. Absolutely wild they understand that’s where it’s going to be at and then we’re going to be there and we’re gonna be there in every way. That you can. As we aim ever higher I know the men and women of this department will never let up. And never rest easy. Together we will fulfill our sacred mission to protect the greatest nation in the history of the world. The United States of America. With unyielding strength we will defend our country. We will defend our people. And we will proudly defend our great American flag. Secretary asper congradulations again to you and your family this is an incredible. Day. In the life in fabled history of the United States secretary. Of defense given see that. Looking into the can do you ever see that one as I watch all of these great men and women. You’re going to do a great job I have no doubt absolutely no doubt [inaudible] No doubt. We cannot wait to see all that you will achieve for our nation as the new secretary of defense. I want to thank everybody for being here very special people god bless you and god bless our military and god bless America thank you very much everybody thank you is a viral video you t even seen it would. Surprise yeah I’m gonna be showing it here on news now there is a toddler who took a little airport. He didn’t get injured he broke his hand. We have that video for you not only him crawling on the conveyor belt where it goes once you lose your suitcase. Airport check in. We have many of the behind the scenes to and when they found him. Showing that and then also senator Joe hand still brand is going to be at a round table again today this time on climate change. I always like to hear a little bit in on those insights definitely yeah the race the twenty twenty in the road there continues on and we’ll have much more on fox ten Coming up in just a little bit thanks Christy — Before we leave here today let’s go back out to the Pentagon where we’re showing — The military review here it’s always great to show off our great military take a look . The United States [inaudible] Well . The habeas claim is made from individual being hello detainer filled gladly take them out. But at the look. The the Tanur issue understand some people throw that up as a retainer in argument but look I’m gonna tell you

News Now Stream 07/30/19 (FNN)

welcome back everyone here to news now it is ten o’clock right here on fox ten next year we up two hours for yeah thanks so much for joining us here today. News now always bringing the top stories and headlines from across the country. It was my patient long side or Ryan whom getting all caught up on today’s very a big headlines and boy do we got a lot today. On the show everybody what we’re dealing with right now in Chicago right now you got the mayor talking about the upcoming the big time festival Lollapalooza. The big music festival there they’re talking about security now obviously got to talk about security in this day and age X. especially what we saw in Gilroy and my I have to point out there are a number of stories that are out there today. The people who serve as security consultants are saying sadly. As a result of what happened this last week and sort of a commentary on where we are in life in. Twenty nineteen people are going to have to be much more cautious about the plans we made. For future faster in the US so we’ll have that he in just a little bit everybody but I want to talk about. Well the upcoming two night debate that a lot of people are going to be looking at a specially in the world of politics. This is what you’re looking at our right here is how we are shaping up. Right now we go back to that really quick if I can hear yes I can for everybody. Seoul’s play that one more time and I’ll pause it for you at the moment. That we can [inaudible] There. Twenty names take care everybody [inaudible] You know. I still think my that there are- Let’s see let’s pick two or three really honestly this is the willing down debate this is Sharon this week I think. He’ll be more than a small well you know you’re probably some others that will say I just cannot continue. If if you were to pick two or three surprises besides the big for which the big for tonight are Sanders in Warren. And then tomorrow night Kamilla Harrison Joe by. I also am going to put people to judge. And battle over or can Cory Booker all in there as you’re probably going to continue on two more names Mike two or three names of who else you think might. Survive the wiggling process and kind of continue on based on you know there where they stand right now with their campaigns well I’m going to go you know I was going to say around though for a war. I was going to say he’s on the fringe of my book. Yeah it just doesn’t seem the momentum but you know what. Let’s get let’s pick Williamson to keep on going is that right. It just seems like they didn’t give her enough attention last time yeah I think so just be under the radar again she’s a candidate who’s getting a lot of talk reaches a lot of talk on Twitter well. She she for purposes Americans get more sleep. Pickup platform for robot. Who could be opposed to that all right I am going to say because I’ve already said I think Julian Castro has the potential it’s better in? Who is seen on in combat duty and she called a couple here is just days ago by saying she is in no way — Fit to be the commander in chief of this nation. So I do think that she’s created some headlines for herself there so I both Castro and Gabbard possibly going onbl G. in slowly. He has carved out a such a nich. As the green. And that really appeals to a lot of people certainly how much of a credit. Yeah I’m gonna say though that – Hickenlooper. To be a goner this could be about add this might be the last one I tonight. All right so here’s the big headline. There is pressure [inaudible] You know. There is pressure on the man that so many people fell in love with four years ago I am talking about Bernie Sanders. Because well Mike showing you that fox pulled from just a few days ago — When we get off of that I don’t want to confuse you but I’m sure you I’m gonna tell you the numbers that are brand brand new this morning? This is Quinnipiac. And they say that Bernie Sanders has dropped to fourth. Place now it’s it’s fairly tight for positions two three and four the to be headlines are this Joe Biden has completely steady the ship. And is back to a massive nineteen point lead over his next closest channel. That is and I mean you could I would love to get some political experts I wish we had Chris Wallace on the phone right now. Get a mid mid week. Midweek Chris what did Joe Biden do or what did call my hair is new in the last St twenty days. Bite into a completely regained his lead yeah I think that is fascinating just remember you guys after debate number one it was a small horse race Biden wa. Twenty two call iris was it 20% they was right there now it’s buying that thirty four same polling group. Kamel Harris. Add. To well so bottom line Elizabeth Warren now number two surging at 15% com layers number three Bernie Sanders drops a number four he has no choice I know they’re great friends I know they are the two liberal scions of the Senate Mike. He’s going to have — To try to score some points. I think tonight truly and you know looking. For to tomorrow I know we’ll talk about a little bit about this tomorrow as well by. Five things going you have he knows even in this campaign it was yes the step up and be a little bit more aggressive towards these candidates. Because the he may know until your tax will be coming up towards him on both sides and I don’t want to say this is make or break for either Bernie’s. Or Elizabeth Warren but this is an important point to point out as we head into tonight’s debat. Eventually. One of them does start to hate. The and the other candidate picks up steam Mike. Bernie Sanders at fifteen and Warner twelve more in this other poll truer in it fifteen and Sanders at eleven so you basically there are about twenty seven points my can this is important for our viewers to realize. There’s about twenty seven points on the left end of the party. That they’re not going. To I mean they certainly would in a general election. But they’re probably not all and excited about by. So who will be the standard bearer for the most liberal wing of the party. If they both say it right to the end it just tells Joe Biden. Let’s say Bernie has has a hiccup tonight or let’s say a list with warned as I don’t think so she’s. If one of them really picks up steam in the other starts to fade Mike that’s twenty seven points you put that up against Joe Biden’s. Thirty points or so thirty two thirty four points. Then you are horse race yeah you really do. No and that’s why it’s going to be interesting and we’ll have a lot of the good thing about that will have enough content for tomorrow. To we’ll have it it’s either that or if the president speaking on the south lawn you got plenty of content to what we do and I’m glad you brought that up. Because it did happen today president trump speaking once again. To the media and this time while he’s once again really doubling and tripling down on Elijah Cummings and really the battle for Baltimore okay so there we go let’s listen all of it right now sixty minutes. And it’s president trump . They’re gonna make a great deal with after the break the deal at all. But a lot of great — Joe was the number one economy in the world. Three years since I’ve been here. A lot of great things happening lot of really great things happening. The economy is. Certain branches of government we’ll see what happens. We have a lot of good things happening — We were [inaudible] The for over the years. Then there for a long. Look at the fact [inaudible] The government. Over the years [inaudible] Dollars [inaudible] Many years. A lot of the forty five the real – In the form of in order to pay [inaudible] For the word . For so what they the farmers and the farmers — I would like [inaudible] Large [inaudible] The one we they were wrong. Wrong [inaudible] The Washington. The Washington is a Russian asset by comparison. He’s done a great job [inaudible] Being. Has got more judges than probably any [inaudible] But we’ve got. To do a hundred seventy nine federal judges nobody’s ever seen anything like that [inaudible] Enjoyed watching. Judges put on the board . I think it’s a horrible thing when. For which is really just. For the benefit of the washing. This. Is just like the New York. For the benefit the washing [inaudible] Please . I am watching. So what I think doesn’t mean anything. I think he’s off his game by a lot. Personally I think it’s going to be. Because of the tremendous. That’s taking place in Baltimor. Letters emails and phone calls every see more. The subject of people from Baltimore and other cities. We run by Democrats. For getting in. People living in. The more. They’re largely African American you have a large African American population. And they really appreciate what I’m doing. Let me know if they really appreciated. By the way the numbers. In the history of our country. Thank you. So much. Over twenty years . Relationship with your president [inaudible] I like. By the way I think he’s doing a great job. But I think the president. Job is a wonderful man with a wonderful family . But I’ll find out about it. For a long time. This. Is what we anywhere in the worl. One but I got along with about [inaudible] What [inaudible] President is. Nobody can be [inaudible] Poverty levels. For so many things [inaudible] Three four really the biggest [inaudible] Three four the president was able to get it done. Dollars of the African American community is. Finally somebody is selling [inaudible] One love the way [inaudible] Your for the last thirty years. Dollars a year. Twenty seven years. Wall Street journal [inaudible] Leaving. To make a deal with the whether . I think if. The president . For watch the president. The biggest benefit here the inner city. Three four but this [inaudible] You may. I’m not working for the get ready. It is a very good. We’ll see what happens I can’t tell you what’s going to happen I know one thing. That. Which president if you want. You would be in a major war right now with North Korea. We are nowhere close. Have a good relationship with them. He likes me we’ll see what out. But the people of thousands of people. Because of the fact that finally somebody’s. I’m the one African American voters Daddy inside a home and o others injured yesterday let’s listen in. We believe slugs. One of the family members said that he was mentally ill new restaurant. I can — As I stated. Earlier I spoke to most of the his siblings and down. Most of them did indicate that – He was a troubled individual on the incident in two thousand four with the family — A disturbance — Hold on no thirty fourth Avenue involving a mother and and brothers a his evidence that — You know he did an issue so — He did arm himself and he did point the gun in an erection of his brothers and threaten them — If they didn’t gel follow his orders so bad things could happen — In again we don’t have a lot of history with him. A traffic citation here just a few years ago and that incident back in two thousand and four there are the only recorded incidents at the sheriff’s department here in triple count. Have with him in fact his brother who was one of the victims — Douglas we have had no contact with other than the that he was there at the residence in two thousand and four were there any with any kind of legal restrictions on which each year. I know on what happened is — He went through the system. The charge was play down to a simple disorderly conduct he was put on probation and that — During that year probation he stayed clean and since and again we haven’t had not had any. Contact with him — In regards – To any criminal activity what else you know about lately. See you soon tears were. I don’t know — That’s going to be followed up on now I know that to Haley officers along with my investigators will be doing that. I think an interview was attempted last night she is don- Obviously they’re going to recover — Wish him the best can you say whether or not they were shooting from the when the gun was right. Again just assuming that that was how the supporting their injuries as are we call that the self defense — Injury. I’m sure you can explain that as to the injuries they are both were shot — One shot to the hand all the way to the form — Logging more in that area. And she unfortunately had to have her arm amputated as well as Mr main he was shot in the arm. Higher up and he and he’s also had to have his arm amputated. With every consistent with someone putting their hand out of Maryland. Is a sure said they’d be more consistent with somebody seen somebody command because the defense. This call may I could do that. Any other questions so we were able to make a map and Simon with his cell phone thinking of using his mom’s car this car last. Weeks or so most most definitely for days weeks. Well — I would turn it over to either chief deputy or sixty scale. The division including vegetation is doing all the main dumping of the phone being getting that information — It wasn’t on the same days of the incident but it was not a couple months ago. As it relates to the nature the tax — A look like he was tryin- To it was sexual in nature. And you know like we said earlier this year said based on a lot of the evidence in the interviews of the people that. We have talked. To there’s a lot of similaritie. We unknown what is intentions were and obviously if he did have an intent. It did not work out form. Thirty anybody for the went. To see the work please end of the call thirteen years ago. To the or thirty four seven Lafayette correct what was not – For mother it called indicated it to her son Richie had a gun and was arguing with a to the brothers — And she requested a law enforcement at the scene we arrived a entered the residence Arkan. She had done prior to our arrival took or to DO shot going away from a rich. And he along with the two brothers were still at the residence so we separated them. We conducted the investigation in as an end result — Rich she was transported to the triple county jail. My chain — The mother — Layla thing she was mother. That to me with the my and change — The mother. That. Yes yes yes. Some of the bodies found his mother brother and nephew. Together or it was found in the basement — She was shot in the bathroom and dragged into an adjacent room. There’s nothing in that bedroom other than a bad in the two bodies. American sleeping bag. Well a sleeping bag at one time either covered I’m off for the do use a single bank to drag them out hi I am assuming that idea — Richie stayed to at a residence Friday night and Saturday and again you can use that bedroom to sleep in. Catches my assumption. Put. It maybe seven or and this is what weapon was used in there. Hand gun either — Thirty eight or a nine a was not a shot gun at the that the residents on fifty four of the five or I don’t. My investigators could tell me that but according to the corner that I took I spoke with last night — The issue speech victim had a single shot to a to the had. Yes Sir if you have any kind of online presence and social medi. Looking into that. Whether you thought that all the math tragedy theories about county. Excuse me what’s your thoughts on the NASA tragedy that happened here usable candy. Well you know while prevention is is the key and when they do – Give a talk about a master or violence or whatever — One of my major concerns is that we don’t get the call until after it happens I’m in the end probably should have called us. And again a lot of times people say well you know I should have called you but I didn’t want to bother you know you call us. We would rather address an issue before takes place — Then after when we have to pick up the pieces and put it back together. Near the Russian mob. Are we doing a test to see if you had any illegal substances we will do that the autopsy will do that Chris. But how do you think he meant to show the horrors of distance from the two sides. Right now I’m working now within a week but again we don’t positively know that. How would you? I’d like you said you said tax how would you got a pole number if they don’t know. That’s a good question working on that. Yes working on that. You know what the internet nowadays it’s very easy to not only locate somebody their address — Their date of birth – All that information you got to be careful of the two sites we do work. So for the two houses all my was a nine miles. But the common shopping everybody wants Leslie but rather because each other and shared area. But she didn’t yeah what was your question Sir. Did she live at home with their parents. Who is the person to talk about it to school? SO just of witnesses. The person where we met. This is your twenty year old sister that lives over Menomine. But she was at the house. How many siblings the German and the city and another brother coming Germany and job? His brother dog who is one of the deceased Tom talking to his father yesterday. They lost another he lost a son. Years ago when he did explain why how or why com he has a brother Derek that stuff currently and the Jackson correctional institution in Black River falls. And I think he has five sisters. So what did that say about a son was the surprises have — Any reaction family talk well my conversation with him is that first of all he was driving truck at past him to pull over he said I am pulled over and explain what happened and was the surprise will of course he was surprised put. To one of the comments that he made to me a right off the bat is that — He told his ex wife not — To to give — Richie money to buy a three fifty seven and I explained to Mister Ricci that. To at this point — We don’t have evidence of a three fifty seven not involved I think that goes back to that. Jules incident back in two thousand four were. A gun was used in a family disturbance there — I believe and I think — We can back this up with some further investigation that. All the guns that were at the residence for sure were several the one in. Fifty four belong to dog and I’m not — To Richard. Okay there’s no more questions – Greatly appreciate your attention your we’ve been listening a very sad update from yesterday where you shooter killed three family members at a home in a small Wisconsin town. Then went to a residents in the nearby community and then opened fire and two more people. Killing them the shootings some nine pot miles apart. In northwestern Wisconsin left a total of five people dead including the suspect and two others wounded. And we’re just getting that update from officials have their more news now top next our in t. Seems really money out there to especially in the morning I was like is it going to rain hopefully it does relieve some of this — This humidity I everyone my case you’re welcome back to news now continuing always bring you these top stories headlines from across the country with we really do appreciate you joining us. Here today we’re gonna go out to a U. S. Senate hearing they’re talking about illegal& immigration and how. To best handle it here we go. Cross the border of we we have a pretty long list of them I am concerned about. Drug resistant strains of tuberculosis those types of things. I’m concerned about border patrol Christian. Is that something that you’re really taking a look and in your inspections. No basically the the basic morale of border patrol. Personnel trying to cope with u. No morale in of itself is not a specific focus of our work but we are looking into the drivers behind that pro long detention to see you know. As Mister Morgan was suggesting what’s going on with ice and HHS this leading to some of these problems. The commissioner talked about the the larger aspect to dimension that I’m things. Reporter not enough about is the whole trip human trafficking element. I know we had Aitchison H. S. I wouldn’t to talk about a child’s sold sold for eighty four dollars. When weird on the border of the child three three oh boy locked in a field? Of his his name and it’s been a phone number of Rick not issue – The fact that we are fighting these these families and stash house of the being beaten the beatings being videotaped being sent back center mereka demanding. Ransom the involuntary servitude descent apartment had investigation couple years ago on of unaccompanied children showing up in involuntary servitude situation in a farm. Is are you looking at that aspect in the inspector general’s office. No not at this time and we’d have to be careful about jurisdictional issues related to someof that having said that we were we’re very open to considering. All sorts of issues on the table but you know what we actually have authority in purview over is one of the first questions we ask. Gretchen Morgan on the throat you in terms of your concern over just base contrition. I don’t think anybody want to spend the night in those facilities — And I am highly concerned again I I got what I went down there you can see the the holding cells for scabies in for chicken pox in for flew — I would be concerned about the border patrol personnel. Kinda given up in. Trying to get position elsewhere even the federal government and private sector continues kind of talk to your general Sussman to you back on the job now for a few weeks. Of a border patrol Sir — Harken back my time is — Cheap the board on to those sixteen it and I I I think Dodgers report capture captures it well. You know border patrols CBP personnel all those entities are help on this. Their mothers fathers brothers and sisters what the overcrowding that you see we of all said that we have to do better. That children and family should not be held in the and police stations for a long term period of time we all agree with that so absolutely affects them every single day I worry about their health. And their morale and I I think absolutely it’s been impacted along with the frustrations they also know — Congress could do some things if they can work together to pass meaningful legislation that’s equally as frustrating of for them as well right now though the hiring numbers for us or are okay — Do they’re not going in a downward departure of but I am concerned about the future but that’s good to hear run a time I do want to talk about the solution — In terms of reducing that flow but we’ll save that for later on St Peter’s. The Sherman — My officer has received a statement from church World services and I’d like to ask unanimous consent to be entered into the hearing record action. Thank you Mister Morgan — It’s clear that we are confronted with a significant problem on the on the southern border and and the challenges so are wide ranging — And require I think significant coordination from a number of federal agencies — Coming — Together and I means also federal state and local a truly a whole of government approach is necessary to confront those. So. Could you describe how CVP is coordinating. With other DHS components including U. S. C. I. S. I use – On C. B. as well as HHS and our our yes Sir so the coordination specifically with the U. S. C. I. S. and an ice. It’s really don all on a daily basis for example we talked about the inner depend sees that we have a specifically with respect to ice. One of the largest challenge we have right now we’re single adults again I spent does not have adequate bed space and so it’s a constant struggle with the number of apprehensions we have to be able to insure and get them out of our custom as fast as possible. A to ice so we’re we’re Cortines with with ice on a daily basis with respect to how we can expeditiously get those single adults out of our custody and ice. On a on a daily basis. They are this item offers and there they are the ones that actually determined and Judy Kate someone’s credible fear claim as they go through the process — here in our stations were work with them constantly DHS again I’m going yes Sir. Store the FY nineteen appropriations bill is included- Hundred and twenty eight million four CVP — To to contract with medical professionals. And a recent emergency supplemental included roughly a hundred and twelve million dollars for medical care and consumables. Given the number of children who are arriving at our southern border how much of the a for a nineteen and supplemental funding. Has been spent on pediatric medical professionals. So on specific pediatric care I I I don’t have those numbers in front of me. But we we are looking at a sixty three million dollars for continued in additional medical assets and high risk support. Across the southwest border that was — Contained in the supplemental moving forward but we want to know how it’s being spent how many folks are involved in a part of our oversight function here’s understand. Exactly how that money is being spent the intent of Congress to make sure we’re providing medical services to those folks- Who need it and we need we are accountable to the taxpayers — For the for that money and how it’s been so I’d certainly like to do. A deeper dive with you to have a better sense of that and and I have that doubt I’ll be able to provide that’s are. And where these professionals are being sent — Any shortfalls challenges all of that — Is going to be important — For us to do our work we we have all the data Sir [inaudible] Thank you.& So while the the recent management alert is certainly the main discussion point — For us today it is my understanding that this alert — Miss Castillo is part of a much larger oversight effort that’s related to the CVP and ice detention facilities. The support for this committee to hear you — Describe — One other reviews are currently in progress. And more importantly when do you expect those — Reports actuall- Be released. Senator we have a lot in this space — Following on the management alert saddened by think my written test mean money may have seen this is. Part of a larger series of unannounced inspections that we did all along the southern border so these two alerts were issued because of the serious nature of what we found but we will be issuing a capping purport this fall to identify the findings in all the facilities. Were also looking at since you’re asking Mister Morgan about it how organ audit how that aid is being spent not all of it but the consumables the medical access things of that nature — We are looking at asylum seekers at the southern border — Separating families at ports of entry whether or not families were given the opportunity to be remove with their children things of that nature. We’re looking at the underlying causes of the pro long detention so — Why seventy two why are we going beyond the seventy two hours in between HHS an ice and C. B. P. and and some of the other? Folks in plate what we know what are the factors at play in driving that — We have a data analysis audit under way looking specifically at the tracking of of children during zero tolerance — We are also looking at ISIS ability — To quickly and easily remove criminal aliens — It’s a lot of I’m sorry it’s a lot of work in the space I think the first job that will be issued will be the data tracking work. We will follow shortly with most likely the capping report on all these inspections and perhaps some asylum seekers work this fall. Three say this fall when expected to be. You’re gonna pay me down or to well I think. The reports will start coming out September and roll out towards the end of the year that’s great. Well Mister as we talked about – In my office and other occasions transparency is critically — Important so I would certainly hope — That we have your commitment to ensure that the IG a retains access to unannounced. Facility visits — And anything else necessary to conduct oversight which is — Absolutely critical to maintaining transparency. Absolutely Sir and I there’s an old saying. I think great agencies remain great because they believe they can get better and I believe with the I G. is one significant step and how we maintain that. Thank you. Things improved for Turner center poorman because you raise the issue of pediatricians. Gretchen Morgan I’ve I’ve spoke with you both factor I met with both the represent is from the American academy pediatricians wells nurse practitioners who are offering I guess. Individuals who want to go down and help and and you said you do everything to facilitate that do you want just make that kind of public commitment. Yes Sir absolutely — There are some challenge with that — Obviously but but anyone who wants to come and assist us with our continued expanding medical care. Absolutely — I would be more than welcome — To to work with them and we we’ve done a lot — We’re hiring for paediatrician paediatric advisers and that patient safety officer at this time — Just last week I authorized for C. B. P. to go forth with higher in our own chief medical officer we’ve expanded our medical contract now — To almost — I think a little under — Three hundred medical professionals that will. Send it out across seven sectors and twenty of the stations and we’re expanding more every single day. Well are worms have people shop the border on your discarded recording so I guess I would just suggest if you’d be willing to meet with those same representatives and in kind hash out the accord needed. Of technique or method of for those individuals to to help out yes Sir and we have a we have the two positions right now want to teach us that’s Courtney in the overall southwest border medical initiatives. We have one this detailed specific is C. B. P. I I think would be a great idea to includ- The pediatricians in into the full with these physicians and have some a meaningful dialogue on how we can get better. I’m still to that doesn’t apartment [inaudible] Measurement [inaudible] And thank you both for being here today — This is a tough issue and but we’ve been trying to do in this committee is to look at it from an objective point of view and try to get some bipartisan. Solutions for click on the root causes spent hard in honestly we don’t have. Consensus yet and that’s frustrating because I was down there on July twelfth. Thank you know commissioner and end up to go to the McAllen sector and see what was going on went to the DOT a processing facility and also the customs and border protection processing facility there. The station and you know it’s a bad situation there is — Obviously. Huge influx of individuals but what’s really tough is the influx of families and kids and that’s on president — There’s been no. Previous time in our nation’s history we’ve had this many people coming across the border- Who are — In family units and and have to be taken care of differently one of things that was interesting at the dawn of processing facility. And I think this is coming in some my constituents of found surprising. The families I talked to and I I spoke book to five or six families — My Spanish is good enough to take to get by and I asked him you know why are they here and and how long they plan to be here us to talk to the border patrol about that of course customs and border protection. And the honest answer is they expected to be released in the United States. And the customs and border protection people expected to release and within a few days — In fact for someone with a couple days I was told. And and so that’s the understanding on both sides. And the reason is that they cannot be process during the time period that we have to quit they have. Again of a minor child with som- So. I mean it’s pretty common sense unless we fix those laws change those laws we’re not gonna be able. To keep people in any kind of a detention facility or processing facility — Long enough to be able to assess whether that’s appropriate for them to come in the United States legally. And so we are simply releasing them into the community. And the non profits are helping- To ensure people have what they need when they leave the processing facility and get them on the buses and get them on the airplanes and take them to communities around the country – These people them process and they’ve been told to show up at a court hearing and a sum of doing some of them don’t and typically it takes — A couple years actually between two and three years for the first hearing and then typically five or six years we were told before the case is finally resolved. And you can imagine during that time period a lot of folks. Tend. To stay in the United States and and not show up at those hearings those numbers are hard to get. In terms of how many show up and if you have anything on that today either one of you. Of the numbers of her is it — Fewer than half actually show up for the of the final hearing to be able to determine their their status is that still accurate. The attacker sure that that’s information that I have. Jennifer you any. Crystal we don’t have any information on that that would be a just a statistic so today we’re we’re focused on on the conditions at the border but I guess my point is this will continue and we’re not going to resolve it unless we come up with some common sense. Solutions to a a very — Obvious problem witches traffickers going. To poor families in central American saying if you come — The if you want to pay as use sw but you gotta love this shot here no doubt showing officers some of mother nature. Up there in flagstaff Arizona hi everyone my case you’re welcome back to news now we have one more hour here Fauria. On an news now fox ten actually thank you so much for joining us here today it’s another loaded our so thank you for being here with us we’re going to go right out to Jamestown. Virginia where earlier today president trump gave some remarks there let’s listen in. You very much [inaudible] Please. Thank you so. I want to use. Through [inaudible] Two in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This honor to stand on these historic grounds is the first president. To address a joint session of the oldest law making body. In all of the western hemisphere the Virginia. General Assembly congratulation. Four hundred years ago. Here on the shores of the James River. The first representative the legislative assembly. In the New World convenes. The Russian of generations of students flourish throughout the ages. And now that. You shouldn’t continues with all of you. To every Virginian. And every home legislator. With us today. Relations or in for incredible centuries of history. To the right just because of American self government [inaudible] This is. A momentous occasion. I want. To Virginia for inviting me to speak at this very important event. And with us this morning are many distinguished guests and officials from across the Commonwealth including. Lieutenant governor just in Fairfax . You already leader Tommy Norman. And members of the host and other federal state local and tribal leaders soul with us. Today thank you very much. Thankful as well to have with us secretary Carson van thank you very much where we may be. Person that you know very well acting director James. Food you know a the same as a lot of respect for you. The terrific people at the department of the interior and the National Park Service I want to thank you all for being here with us great honor. As everyone and she much what a great job you do thank you. View is held. For national treasures here in Jamestown. And we owe you a great great thank you what a job. On this day in sixteen nineteen just a mile south of where we are. Now. Twenty two newly elected members of the house of burgesses assembled in a small wooden church. They were adventures and explores farmers and planters soldiers scholars and clergyman. Sacrificed in pursuit of one while [inaudible] Improbable dream [inaudible] They called [inaudible] Virginia. Jean years since three small ships. The Susan Johnson. And the discovery set sail across a vast ocean. They carried one hundred and four settlers. Home of the age of this uncharted. They came from. Country. They came in search of opportunity [inaudible] For two and the jury in into the unknown with only me here supplies. Long odds and the power of their Christian faith. Upon reaching cave. Three the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. In sixteen oh seven a long time ago. The first man of the Virginia company erected a cross. Upon the sure. They gave thanks to god and this is a blessing. For their great undertaking. In the months and years ahead. They would dearly [inaudible] Dangers were. The Jamestown settlers arrived in America made one of the worst droughts. In over seven centuries. One hundred and four original columnist sixty six died by the years and during the third winter. Known as the starving time. A population of up to five hundred settlers was reduced [inaudible] To sixty by spring. To remain or in search of whatever they can. To survive. And they were in dire trouble. They left James down the deserted. Thank you sale the way. Never to come back. But they had not gone far down the James River. When they encounter the answer to their prayers ships bearing a year’s worth of supplies? And more than three hundred new settlers. As we can see today on this great anniversary. It would not be the last time that [inaudible] For union. Together the seven is for just what would [inaudible] Corn tobacco. And the very first Virginia wines. Had a prior settlement at Roanoke. There’s been no survivors none at all. But we’re others said differently Paris’s reunions were determined to succeed. They in by the sweat of their labor. The aid of the John Indians and the leadership of captain John Smith. As the years passed ships bearing supplies and settlers from England. Also brought a culture and a way of life that would define. The New World it all began here. In time dozens of brave strong women made his journey and joined the calling. And sixteen eighteen the great. And other reforms established a system based on English common law. The first time Virginia allowed [inaudible] And phone. It created a basic judicial system [inaudible] Finally. Colin is a say in their own future the right to elect representatives. With us today in tribute to that English Julio inheritance is the former. The British house of Commons. Sir David [inaudible] Thank you. Thrilled to have you with us thank you very much for being here thank you very much. At that first American Assembly in sixteen ninety in the weather was so hot. One legislator actually died. Mercifully the session was. Very short. Before joining the assembly passed laws on taxation agriculture. And trade with the Indians. With true American optimism the assembly even endorseda plan to build a world class university. In the still rugged wilderness. It was a vision that would one day be fulfilled just miles from here. And one of America’s earliest educational institutions the esteemed college of William and Mary grace. As we mark the first representative legislatures. Jamestown. Our nation also reflects upon an anniversary from that same summer for centuries ago. In August. Sixteen nineteen the first in slaves Africans in the English colonists arrived in Virginia. It was the beginning of a trade in human lives. Today in honor [inaudible] We remember. Every saying we’re soul suffered the horrors of slavery. And the anguish on which more than one hundred and fifty years later. Americans found. Our declaration of independence recognized the immortal through [inaudible] Man. Civil war. Eighty five years after that document was signed to abolish of the evil of slavery. It would take more than another century for our nation. In the words of Reverend Martin Luther king junior. To live out the true meaning of its creed. The blessings of freedom to all Americans. And gray in justice African Americans and build strength and inspired. Projected defended and sustain. Our nation from its very earliest days. Last year I was privileged to sign the law establishing a commission. To commemorate the arrival of the first Africans to the English colonies. And the four hundred years of African American history. That have followed. That was an incredible day that was an incredible of and today we are grateful to be joined by the commission’s chairman. Joseph green. Thank you doctor. Thank you very much doctor. In the decades that followed. First legislative assembly. Democratic tradition established year lady Bruce all across Virginia. And down the Atlantic coast. Fox news alert. We’re going to go I live right now president trump making some comments as he’s returning back to the White House. Find his son to be outstanding he’s a wonderful young man I’m very happy appointed I think it’s a great appointment. I know is so that’s probably why they did it. They are very happy with that appointment. Is it because much in the campaign. Is. It really is so I think it’s a great appointment I didn’t know that. A lot of people many many peopl. You see it also in the city seated on watching television just coming back. People living in Baltimore very happy. That I’m bringing out the fact that is like living in hell what do you want . To the protests are a 100% of the time. I don’t care about coverage and the last thing I need is covers listen John. Under percent not one word of the speech and you know we were there about this page. The broadcaster. Give me I’m going to be very nice. If you give a 100% but you know what that’s okay you often do that that’s okay. What are you talking about by political strategy are you talking with respect to Elijah Cummings? Strategy strategy zero strategy. All it is is a pointing out facts. The most unsafe city in the country in our country is Baltimore. Three seen as much money as it receives top. Dollar somebody said fifteen billion dollars over short. All of this money goes there. Take a look at it I don’t have to describe it take a look at i. So there’s no strategy is very simple. Analyze your Cummings is in charge of it. His oversight committee anyway. Baltimore and find out what happened to the fifteen billion dollars a lot of other my I think we’ll do very well with John and we’re already doing very well with China. China’s had the worst year they that in twenty seven years. Having the best year we’ve ever had the stock market just set an all time high. We’ve ever done all. Three indexes if you look at it in his season four indexes depending on what you want to call. All three heading. We’re doing the best we the best numbers we’ve ever had. By the way [inaudible] Three formal. For the African American population was very thankful about it [inaudible] The opportunities. Enter city opportunities owns almost all of the African American. People. Fake news they know what’s going on you Cummings been there for twenty six years. He’s really by far the highest ranking politicians. You see these. They’re all friends of his. The graph. In Baltimore is probably the greatest in our country — One of the way. He’s in charge of an oversight committee [inaudible] His. Oversight committee. The more you’ll learn a lot. She’s. Really a very good relationship with most countries that the news doesn’t like talking about. But I have a very good relationship with fallen. We’ve been invited by. The leadership of Paul and I look forward. To I like the people. Which I know you don’t like to say but it was considered to be a great space. The reason is that I really feel strongly I think violence I think they’re great people. We may go. To but we’re very happy with the fact that Dan. I like that is a friend of mine. He’s a terrific person I like him a lot. There really wasn’t. Confusion more that god can made statements and they were a little. Views. But that was not god began is a friend of mine he’s a he’s a good man. But I think that John Radcliffe is going to do an incredible job if he gets approved he’s got to get approved. But I think he’ll do a great job I hope he gets aproved I think we need somebody like that there we need somebody strong. Second really rated and because as I think people learn. The intelligence agencies have run amok. They run amok [inaudible] Okay. You know why because the fake news as reported properly people like you [inaudible] Reported properly [inaudible] News reported. You know the right way. A statement like you just. The news report of improperly. All of the things I’ve done for African Americans of all of the things that like criminal justice reform [inaudible] These. I think I do I think I do very well. With the African Americans and I think I’m doing very well right now and frankly if I didn’t do very well relatively speaking as a Republican. I mean we should be way way over 50% but if you look back over forty years it just doesn’t work that way. If I didn’t do well. Please make it I wouldn’t be president right now. If you look at what I’ve done for African Americans. It’s more than. Almost all president. What we have a good relationship with the president of Brazil and I’m sure will be successful a tradeoff? Will have them. Josh you’re just telling me his son was appointed ambassador I think that’s a great avoid because I know his son. I think he’s really got but it’s just like his father he reminds me of his father I like his father. And I think it’s a great appointment. Leave that up to the Senate. I am a fan of general I have to see how it all turns out. But I know he’s been accused. He’s saying it’s a false accusation. I will leave it up by here they did an extensive report. Report very big very important. And I will leave that up to the senators they’re very capable people that includes Democrats and Republicans. If you have a little. Is it gonna me is not doing wel. Give a lot that’s what I said. Six late and I think I played a very simple. Your Cummings. Is. A horrible thing the way he spoke to the head of homeland security. These people are working hard. Getting no support from the Democrats the Democrats refused to fix the loopholes that refused to fix asylum. Those two things would make it 95% easier [inaudible] Mexico is. Because far more than the Democrats have you know our numbers are way down which is a positive. Numbers and apprehensions away down Mexico now is twenty one thousand or proximate late. Twenty one thousand soldiers in the two borders and they’ve been really great app this and I don’t know that that’s going to stay. To do is fix the loopholes and the Democrats so what the reason is. That Democrats want open borders the problem is open borders made tremendous strides. People coming in you have no idea where they’re coming from who they are. President I can’t allow that. There we go president trump speaking to the media for the second time today he talked in Jamestown Virginia we were showing you a little bit of that but this was all. Just moments ago outside of the White House who there so we’re gonna take a quick break folks when we come back we will have – Senate — Martha XLE live on the Senate floor making her first speech there on the Senate floor will be back more news now coming up next and it floor wera senator mark the mix alley is giving her first speech on the Senate floor last week we heard from senator — Person cinema doing her first free speech on the floor now it’s big Sally staff notes listening. Defense to enter and as a result changeable. So this is how I plan to serve Arizona in this body standing up for what’s right in the same fighting spirit that comes with living up. To my oath of servic. Next the question is is this a job career calling. Provide certainty and pays the bills are career can so noble and its surface. But if someone is only focused on a career path in advance. Clear in an early step on others not be a good teammate not rock the boat do the right thing. Make decisions based on fear. Career focused in foster risk is a perversion and selfish motive. Calling however is being a part of something greater than yourself. And just like my time in uniform and in that message I gave it my retirement. I approach my time here in the Senate is calling. For this season and this moment in time. I get up every day with the focus of what can I do today to make a difference for Arizonans. Next. Door by problem. It’s part of our military culture if you could please. You better be willing to step up and do something about it. God puts us in certain circumstances in order for us to use our energy and our talents. To make a difference for others. That’s how I went from yelling at the television in my living room to delivering this speech in the house chamber today. As I learned from my dad’s untimely passing. These two years of the last two years of my life. What will I do listen? I mean this time truly meaningful for those I represen. The Senate was created to be the world’s most of everybody. And designing a father to the nature. But it wasn’t designed for non is hold the partisan bickering to score cheap political points or cliques and stories. The reputation of the house for being a pragmatic problem solver who understands my constituents people to Washington to work together. The increase opportunity and prosperity. For and it take a stand when actions go against their best interests. Far too often too many elected officials lose sight of that. During my term in ceremony. I concluded with this quote from a renowned fighter pilot named John boy. He says one day you will come to a fork in the road. And you’re going to have to make a decision about which direction you want to go. He raising his hand and pointed if you go. You can be somebody. You have to make compromises you have to turn your back on friends you’ll remember that. When you get promoted and you’ll get good assignments? The board raises other hand pointed in the direction. You can do something. Something for your country and for your airforce for yourself. If you decide you want to do something you may not get promoted you may not get good assignments you certainly will be a favorite. But you want to compromise yourself. You be true to your friends and yourself. And your work might make a difference. To be some. Or to do something. In late it’s often the roll call that’s what you have to make a decision to be. Or to do. Which way will you go. That question is what should be post all of us to serve in this chamber today. It’s no secret my past is to take action and do somthing. And I’d ask my fellow senators to join me for this pression tight persist timing given I already know so maybe you feel the same are driven to serve. That’s point in the direction of do. You know there’s only. One nine hundred and eighty three people of service United States senators. How many can you name? As for me but a fraction. Except for a few extraordinary exceptions. No one is going to remember names. We’re no longer here. We’ll go back to being regular citizens so it’s about service now. Not self. To do something that matters. Arizonans like people all over the country are tired of the gridlock. They want Congress to work for them not the other way around. Many people here want to protect this institution but the American people and basically lost faith in these bodies. And those serving in them. Well and is widely credited to family members and paid staff. The point the direction of John boys challenge in doing something we must commit today to stop the dysfunction break the gridlock stop speeding stop instructing. Start truly working on behalf of the American people. Yes we live in divided times but there’s always more that unites us than divides us [inaudible] Since. On January third my first mission in the Senate was of all fifteen counties in Arizona to listen to my constituents priorities and challenges. It was a two here’s and one mouth tore used proportionally. Despite the diversity of our state it was tremendous common ground and so many major issues and priorities. One is to promote policies to ensure if they work hard to be able to provide for their families get ahead and meet their full potential. They want to make sure our country safe for them and their children. They want dignity and respect for one another. They want us to give our military men and women everything we need to do their mission and take care of them and their families. When they’re down serving? That’s why I’m gonna continue to fight to protect the A. ten warthog Davis Monthan. And fight for the thirty five year for space. Other amazing military installations that we have and their unique missions in Arizon. And it’s why since taking office I’ve visited numerous veterans service organizations like U. S. S.. Right we’ll stories from veterans who struggle with homelessness and addiction. Who sent and helped off the street and been able to start a new life for themselves? Arizonans was to solve the border crisis. And stop playing political games with it. This is all too real like cities like Yuma. I saw first hand there were over three hundred migrants illegally cross the border due to poor infrastructure and lack of resources for agents. Alice were outdated facilities leave agents overwhelming volum. And leave our country vulnerable to illegal trafficking of drugs or people. To work together to bring down the out of pocket costs of healthcare. And a lot of patients families and doctors nothing government or insurance companies to make healthcare choices for them. We can do this by protecting pre existing conditions. Supporting initiatives like association health plans. Which is. The southern Arizona chamber of commerce association to partner small business together. Access health insurance plan it right now only big companies ca. Let me see. For the medical innovations it’s happening in my state Arizona is home to many institutions that are leading the way to find new treatments and cures for deadly diseases. When I visited the IV brain tumor center? I was inspired by the story of Kathryn IV whose husband passed away from will bust on the same deadly cancer that took the life of senator McCain. Instead of being soon to with her grief. Katherine searched all over the world for the best place to invest and partner. Ground breaking innovation to conquer this disease. She found it at the lots of barrow neurological institute. Right there in our own state of Arizona. Dot in the years and I I and his team are doing amazing work and leading on cutting edge researc. And clinical trials we need more investment unless barriers for initiatives like this. One is to continue to tackle the opioid epidemic. Is disproportionately impacting our rural communities. During my fifteen county tore amid chasing house the mayor of Safford. Who shared the senseless death of his son Josiah? Whose family lost to an overrated. His life and all of the potential tragically ended with a friend to the latest windows. The more interest family and place to end this crisis. Arizona as well as the smartly invest in infrastructure for the long haul not a one size fits all approach. What they need inner Jersey is not necessarily what we need in Arizona? We need flexibility in partnerships with states cities in both the west and east valley America county the been tasked with the daunting feet of keeping up with the fastest population growth in the countr. But not the resources to modernize our streets and freeways. We need bipartisan solutions to modernize our infrastructure and clean water infrastructure and rural broadband. Arizona wants to ensure that our freedoms and opportunities are preserve for their children and their grandchildren. They want to ensure that seniors can have retirement security after working their whole lives. We can solve some of these problems in the days ahead if we choose. To if you choose to work together and do something bigge. For those we all serve. At this moment in history. As Jon Voight said. We’re at a fork in the road. And we have a choice [inaudible] Be someone. Or do something. I choose to act for those I serve. I know you do. Too so let’s get to work for the nation. As senator McCain wants. Americans never quit. We never surrender. We never hide from history. We make history. Madam president I yield the floor talking about police procs let’s listen in here on news now and the superintendent and the police department are working hard every single day — By in order to really reclaim the streets we need people to stop up as this organization a lots of others have done over time it but it is. It’s a terrible thing — My understanding is there’s a visual — Later today — And some of my team will be there. To offer words of condolence but also to offer — Whatever we can to support here for some. Of these women. Okay yeah. To come back. Yeah I’m asking is or question people with some people are really scared to speak out after something like. I know I certainly understand them. But I think it’s critically important that we continue to push forward. Anyway — If we let people who. Don’t care about a sense of community about civility about the consequences of gun violenc- Push us into the shadows and push us into our homes for fear of what will happen. We’re never going to get ahead of this time. This is the police department cannot fight this fight alone there’s a lot of other resources that have to be brought to bear- As a city and we’ve been trying to do that really going back — To the very first days of my administration but we need people in neighborhoods to also join us in this fight and and there’s lots of courageous people. From all over the city who have been doing that for years and reclaiming the territory under their feet but yes of course today is a sad and devastating day — Given what happened. People stuff. For one well I want things like- Of which what we seen across the city or on a number of different things. Example I was over — On the west side with the whole community church and every Wednesday. Prisoners gather at the church – They go out block by block — In the immediate area the church talk to their neighbors — And and really problem solve things of their scene but by their mere presence in a consistent basis and trying to drop people. Off the porches — To take to be engaged in — Really community revitalization I think that they’re doing great work I’ve been in there is in Tolleson little village where I’m really it led by you. Are doing — Overnight of events where they literally kind of staff the clock — To bring you together to talk about issues of concern for them vertically around issues of trauma but again reclaiming the territory from — People with guns for causing such harm a community those kinds of efforts incrementally block by block. Do make a difference — And all are giving people a sense of ownership and hope that is really important. In helping the fight and push back against violence is climbing way too many people. You can often in this case [inaudible] We see. It really it really depends I mean use I’ve seen instances personally where the rewards — To help — But I’ve also seen instances where there’s been significant rewards and it doesn’t help I mean this is really a circumstance by circumstance — Situation — But I think the detectives have some pretty good leads in this particular instance in center for their following up with the. Aggressively the last question of those weeds — Is our sense of the schools random or they were targeted because of their activities yeah I was a game related to use any sense where the investigation. Well I I don’t want to get ahead of the detectives — But we have no reason to believe at this point that those two women were targets. Clarify. For trouble here. Today that said that. Risers and some instances are not following protocols we were doing please sign [inaudible] Especially. Yeah yeah it all started a long with the superintendent dresser as you know there’s always a lag in time. Between when that report finally comes out — And when the conversations in the audit actually start so in response to that the superintendent is taken some specific steps to number one make sure that the inspection unit is now. Part of the com step process so as part of the questions our commanders will get asked the men be asked now specifically. About the compliance with this particular directive — And I know that the superintendent. Is concerned about the fact tha- The lieutenant to had a responsibility to make those. Those checks didn’t do it — So of the world will be handling that internally to make sure that it gets done and that there’s a level of accountability for those who fail. To fulfill their their obligation to make sure that they were doing those inspections — Superintendent yeah so. Just to touch on what the mayor said she’s absolutely correct you know a few of them were doing it. You know I want to reiterate that two thirds of them were doing it you know but for those individuals at working compliance then they’ll. Be some accountability within but as the mayor said we moved our inspections — Unit so now that process will actually be part a constant process so. That should sure of the poor the issue of them not reviewing bills retail bank laceration. I mean this vengeance Uranie reprimand well we’ll see we’ll see we’ll see going for last [inaudible] Can you. You can use our report the it’s not a surprise that — There are gonna be impacts on Jackson part that’s part of the plan you know when you close road when you — Affect some existing structures as part of the home said plan. It’s not a surprise whatsoever that — The report came out. Questions what we do about it — We’ve started of our own proces- Communication we had the first of those meetings — On Saturday and I think it was — A very helpful discussion were mindful of the fact that we are as an administration coming to this process — After there’s been years of discussions and we wer. Very up front about that fact — But we’re gonna be working — To think about ways in which we can mitigate some of those impacts but it was — Necessary — To push the federal process along – So we can get to the completion of that process. And they can to make changes if they were left. Well I don’t think I should force anybody to do anything but I will. Strongly way in about the need to refer — Engage — Community members about the remaining issues that they’re concerned about and I will say that. At the meeting that we had on Saturday and I expect this to be the case at every gathering — There was representation of high level of from the foundation as well as from the university Chicago. And I will also say that. We as a city government will be actively involved in thinking about ways in which we can also. Take on some of the responsibility of addressing needs of residents in that in that. In those — Areas of the south side they’re gonna be affected. We’re not going to sit back passively and just be the facilitator the conduit by which city approvals and licensing and so forth gets approved we have this tremendous opportunity. To really think in a big way about how we can use this moment. To transform south shore and with the line and Washington Park and Jackson park — In a pretty specific way and that is a team coming out of thoseo my- conversations we are going to b. Bystanders to the process we’re gonna be active. And engaged — And there’s a range of issues that. Are of concern to people in the community whether it’s affordable housing withers to pull displacement whether it’s kind of buildings — That need additional resources to be able- To do the rehabs — Whether obviously generally economic development workforce development there’s a whole — Menu of issues that I think the city has the opportunity to not only weigh in on but really address from some of the needs. Of the community and and I’ll say this. Too we can’t lose sight of the fact that it is a big. Honor an opportunity for us to have this presidential center coming to Chicago and vertically for the sell side and I want to use that opportunity. As a opportunity to make catalytic change in the trajectory. Of the quality of life for people in those neighborhoods thank. Availability of the last question I’m sorry. Because usually to see if you. We’re following — The process has been laid out as you know — Love the process for negotiation with CTU is defined by statute. And the parties agreed to a specific process which we are following I think we’re now up – To something like — Thirty negotiation sessions are there’s another one I believe planned for later this week — There we have poured a substantial financial offer — On the table- And will be making other announcements soon — That address that address some other parts of the needs — For CPS but there should be no doubt that we are active we are engaged were supporting teachers for supporting the support personnel school counselors — Nurses — And others because we understand and I personally understand the need to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to is to enhance. The learning experience — For young people so more and some people like to keep regularly living the campaign. The voters have spoken but I don’t I don’t worry about that I got what I worry about is making sure that we’re moving forward and making progress. The rhetoric. I can’t do anything about that and it’s not a concern for me what’s concern for me is making sure that we make good on the promise. To support our teachers to support the other professionals but most importantly to support our kids. Thank. I don’t know if. You. Can you stay for one second. Use not just second [inaudible] These women. He is the right thing I think us this to be out there. And people will say you know what I’m not [inaudible] Yeah. What do you say for the interview no a friend from what we know right now there’s nothing no evidence to support that they were targeted because of their affiliation with that group — As a matter of fact one I’m was shot from like a half a block away. We think the targeted individual was one of the yeah the young man that was out there and he was struck by gunfire — We know he’s recently paroled I believe for aggravated battery so we believe that so the intended target was they just happened to be out there so as of this moment. We have nothing to suggest that they were targeted because of their work with mask. People will say well I was out on three and they were out on the street in their from anything that happens. Okay as the mayor say listen we can’t let. Individuals that don’t — Have the morals that we have hold us hostage we cannot do that you know we have to keep fighting this fight — A unified fight police department the residents the business owners the clergy elected officials we all have a role to play in reducing gun violence. And so we cannot let these individual when you know we’re making progress we are nowhere near we where we want to be. What is important for everyone and no we have to keep fighting that fight and that’s why I keep sounding the bill about common sense? Gun laws you know things of that nature — We have to attack the root causes of violence but we absolutely can let individuals like that control what we do so. What just one follow up on that topic? Charles Butler you may know amazing black conservative. Radio talk show hosts on my sho. Before these feelings of these women maps before that. He said you can’t keep doing this approach and the leasing. You’re not going to solve this problem this is the south side and west side. It was something that is you do. It’s a war zone. He said you need to get the governor the call in the National Guard. Did you need to eradicate. Use around fifty games. Anything short of that or not. Okay you said Charles so so what I say is I I really I know he’s a good man and he has a passion. For reducing violence and and keep in the city safe. So what I will say is it is going to taper group take a group effort. You know you have to attack the root causes of violence. Calling in the National Guard is just totally out of the question they’re not. Trained for he says they have to be trained to bring the supreme. Well I don’t have anything to do with how they’re trained I just know that they are not — But that’s not the best not how you solve it. Why don’t we just get twenty thousand more cops and stick out there you have to attack the root causes of what causes violence? In order to really do something about it. You know — We’re working on that okay we we have made substantial progress says that high water mark in twenty sixteen we’re nowhere. Near what we want to be but we just have to keep in gauging everyone in this conversation and figure out common sense things to do [inaudible] Guys. Sometimes they do sometimes they don’t you know — We have to work better and and relationship building and in the insurance people that they’ll be safe if they do [inaudible] Welcome [inaudible] Thanks guys find out why a sevee year old woman was sentenced to ten days in jail for feeding stray cats. Can you believe she’s trying to do something good and then get a third time. So much. Too much and they were going to head on over to Colorado where there are teaching us how to see see that can’t signs with bears around it’s summer. And all that and much much more coming up on fox ten think people are looking forward to seeing if there will be any breaking news around the country of course we’ll have you covered if that does happen. Let’s go what is happening in the final hour right now. Rating going into that final our we are just down twenty seven points there in the red so that’s pretty much. Flat day I’d consider that one down not down too much there but thank you so much for joining us here today on news now here’s one more look. At the White House we have the full. Boasts trump news conferences on our YouTube page already you can go and check that out there in its entirety but in the meantime let’s play out. With the one that just happened just moments ago. What are you talking about by political strategy are you talking to with respect to Elijah Cummings [inaudible] The one there’s no strategy I’ve no strategy. Zero strategy all it is is a pointing out facts. The most unsafe city in the country in our country is Baltimore. Three seem to as much money as it receives top level and billions of dollars somebody said. Fifteen billion dollars over short. Time. All of this money goes there. Take a look at it I don’t have to describe it take a look at i. So there’s no strategy is very simple. Analyze your Cummings is in charge of it. The tech is oversight committee anyway. Baltimore and find out what happened to the fifteen billion dollars a lot of other my we’ll see what happens your child I think will do very well with John and we’re already doing very well with China. That in

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