BJP IT Cell Exposed: How lies and propaganda are spread | by Dhruv Rathee

Today I’ll expose the social media IT Cell of BJP How they spread their propaganda using fake news IT Cells of political parties are used for marketing and advertising To share the achievements of the party.. and criticize the opposition But whats special about BJP IT cell is that.. it mostly shares fake news Their achievements are photoshops and fake news and to defame other parties they use.. All the above things on right side ^ Lets look at paid twitter trenss For each tweet, people are paid money You’d think that it’s BJP supporters and volunteers who are paid for this But thats not how it is BJP IT cell pays money to PR companies for these paid campaigns And these people working for PR companies are called Influencers By email, each influencer gets to know time and hashtag of twitter trend And for each campaign, each influencer is paid 50-70 rupees I have some of these emails here Look Look what all the emails say They also use it for corporates companies even some bollywood stars use the same PR companies Now, I have the twitter accounts of these paid influencers Go check these twitter accounts now and you’ll see why they’re paid All their tweets are on some trending hashtags in a set time limit over variety of topics And these hashtags are given by political parties like BJP or some company And this is the account who wrote all those emails Look at tweets of this account too, you’ll see how they re paid And another thing, BJP IT Cell overuses is Photoshop On one hand they share, childish photoshops To make them look larger than life, like this image of Modi in waterfall And lot of stupid people believe in it And they use fake quotes of famous personalities which they never spoke sometimes to praise themselves and sometimes to malign other parties Look here, how once when BJP goons thrashed an AAP worker he was bleeding And IT cell shared this image saying that this was a BJP worker beaten up by AAP and they do a similar thing with videos Mix audio and video from two different clips And they’ll show what they want to This is how they spread their propoganda this situation has become so serious that BJP IT cell founder has quit the party who created the IT Cell in 2004 saying that….”..’ Now Amit Malviya is BJP IT Cell head Under him, all these lies are spread and PR companies are hired They have a very organized machinery to spread lies Whats app forwards target hindusm and nationalism spirit They have some paid pages on Facebook, which they say are neutral but aren’t actually They always share these lies at first For example, these pages They spread fake news in an organized way Sometimes their propaganda becomes very successful and mainstream media thinks its news Then it gets difficult to tell the difference between truth and lies Like this recent news of Modi calling IAS officer This post was first written by BJP IT cell member Pushpin Chakarborthy on Quora Then it was shared by BJP Paid pages and then BJP paid media channels Like Zee news and India TV And this post got viral, every small, big news channel talking about it But when the mentioned IAS officer was asked about it He totally refused that he had ever gotten any call from MOdi And when Pushpak was asked for more information to verify this news He said he can’t give more details as it would be against the protocol So thats how they spread lies Now the question is, how to tell the difference between lies and truth There’s a simple way whatever news you read anywhere, just google search it once If that news comes in 3-4 reputable newspapers like TOI, HT, Hindu, Indian Express Then 99% of the times, it’s true And if that comes only in Zee news, India TV etc. 99% of the times, its a made up fake news There’s a difference between sold out media channels and reputable ones Every time an unconfirmed news cmes A reputable media channel will say that this news is not verified Like this news of IAS officer, Indian Express mentioned that this was not verified Some agencies estimate BJP uses thousands of crores of Black money to fund its IT Cell But in reality, how much is used, and where this money comes from we can never know Because BJP type political parties never want to come under RTI act and neither do they want to reveal their sources of funding Save yourself from their propoganda stay away from the media channels and news websites, i mentioned Hope you liked this video If you want to see more such videos, you can subscribe me on my youtube channel And if you have any questions, you can message me and ask on my fb page 🙂 Thank You

Hasan Minhaj Was Barred from an Indian Political Rally That Trump Attended

-One of the things I like most
about your show is — you give context to stories
that I don’t feel like get covered a lot —
not just on late-night shows, but even on news shows
here in the States. Prime Minister in India,
Prime Minister Modi, and he was here, and Donald Trump
went to this rally. -To open for Modi.
-Yeah. -It was a big deal.
-Yeah. So, explain that, because it
certainly seems surreal to me to watch President Trump
holding hands with another man, just sort of walking through. -And they were full-on swinging.
-Yeah. -It was a strange thing to see. But for those who don’t know,
you know, Prime Minister Modi had
sold out NRG Stadium, where the Texans play,
in Houston. 50,000-plus people showed up. And then Donald Trump was like,
“I’ll open.” -Yeah.
-I’m like, “Oh, I’ve got to go.” This is like the Jay-Z and
Beyoncé of ethno-nationalism. -Yeah. -Like, imagine
a Jay and Bey concert but with no white or black
people and no coolness at all. And so I was like,
“I got to be there.” -So you went. You decided,
“This is the perfect thing for our show to cover.” -Yeah, because I knew that,
like, what Modi pulled off — And this is
a political gangster. A lot of people in the Indian
community don’t rock with Trump. But because of
this weird pairing, they just had to stand for DJT. -Yeah.
-Yeah. Like, imagine if you got
Ed Sheeran tickets free. -Uh-huh.
-Sold out, NRG Stadium. And then, a week before,
they were like, “Special guest — Bill Cosby.” You’d be like, “All right,
you’ve got a monster, but then I really want to hear
‘Shape of You.'” And all the aunties and uncles
were like, “I got to do Shape –‘”
Yeah, yeah. -So, you go down there.
-I go down there. Well, I was like,
“I have to be there.” So we submit
our press credentials. Immediately get an e-mail back. They’re like,
“We’re out of space.” I’m like, “Word.” Like, I’ve been to
Indian weddings. You just walk in.
-Yeah. -You’re out of space in
a football stadium? No. So, I reach out to
the organizers. I’m like, “Hey, come on.
This is my community. You guys get it.
Like, I want to be there.” And they’re like, “We’re out of
space, but we are discussing.” -Oh, my goodness.
-I’m like, “All right.” And if you’ve ever
done field pieces, you know that you’ve got to
show up and, you know, be a good-faith actor,
and they’ll take care of you. -Right, right. -So, I show up to
the press table that morning, and they’re like, “Mr. Minhaj,
we are out of space, and you’ve been denied
because of some of the comments
you have made.” -Wow! -And I’m like, “I’m sorry for
making fun of cricket. It’s not just a sport for FOBs. It’s an international game
that is taking over the world. They’re like, “No. The comments you have made about
Prime Minister Modi were not appreciated,
and you’ve been blacklisted.” -Wow! -And I was like,
“Dude, you’re treating me like Indian Jorge Ramos.” This is Trump 101.
-Yeah. -And I’m in Texas,
so you guys pretty much think I’m Jorge Ramos. So, I’m in the parking lot
and I’m just watching this whole thing on live stream while I’m looking
at the stadium. And I’m watching the program. And during the program,
they’re honoring prominent Indian-Americans. “Indian-Americans
have done so much in arts, music, even comedy.” And then they show a photo of me
on the Jumbotron, and people start clapping. [ Cheers and applause ] So, you understand what’s
happening. -So, this — And we do have
a photo of where you were when you were watching that. -I’m in the parking lot. So, they were honoring me
for my comedy while also blackmailing me
and blackballing me and kicking me out
for my comedy. It was the most
Indian thing ever. They were like,
“We’re proud of you, but we’ll never say it
to your face.” It tore me apart, man. Like, inside the stadium
and outside the stadium, there were protesters. So, it’s all my community. This is my
basic community, right? And when everything’s filling
out — you guys get this — they were arguing. Everyone is arguing
with each other. They’re yelling at each other. Cops are trying to break it up
in between two people. And I was like, “Dude, come on.
This is us. We live in the same
neighborhoods. You guys probably
both work at Google.” -Yeah.
-“You both weigh 135 pounds.” You both have never fought
in your life.” And the police officers
are like, “Why are you guys arguing
over sweaters? Everyone can have cashmere.” And they’re like,
“That’s the problem. Everyone can’t have Kashmir.” So, that was the event.
-That sounds very intense. -It was intense. Yeah. -Was this more or less intense? You went and you spoke
before Congress. -Yeah. -You addressed
the student-loan crisis. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yes. -And was it Maxine Waters
who asked you — -Maxine Waters. Yep.
-She invited you. -Yeah. -And, so, what was the
experience of speaking before Congress? -Well, I was kind of shocked,
’cause I was like, “Is this where we’ve gotten?” -Right. -Like, if we need to move
the needle on an issue, you have to call up a comedian? -Right, yeah. -Like, “Oh, man, the opioid
epidemic is out of control. You know who can solve this?
Gilbert Gottfried.” -Yeah. -“Let’s see what
Gilbert’s doing, and maybe we can get this
thing through.” But, look, I’ve watched
one-hour dramas on TV. Like, I thought Congress
was going to be hot, sexy, witty banter, you know,
affairs in the air. No. It was like the DMV
in there. -Yeah.
-Just, like, gray lighting. You show up. They give you a Dixie cup
and hand you a “Men’s Health” from 2014. When I was in Congress
testifying — C-SPAN didn’t get this, but in
the corner, like where Fred is, I saw a mousetrap with cheese. I was like,
“Dude, Trump is right — there are rats
in this building.” -Yeah. It’s so low-end,
though, right? -Yeah.
-It’s just, like, brown. -Yeah. It’s really not —
It’s really not hot. -Like, the shot of
the congressmen and then the shot of
the person testifying is always very dramatic,
but every time they take a wide shot — -You’re like,
“Oh, this is an open mic.” -Yeah.
-“Three people are here.” All of the seats are empty. -‘Cause they just —
People file in, they ask you five minutes
of questions, and then they just
vamoose, right? -They do their five.
and then they leave. -Yeah. -And I stayed there the entire
four hours, no bathroom breaks. I thought that’s what you’re
supposed to do. -They don’t give you
bathroom breaks? -No! And Maxine Waters
told me, at the end — She’s like,
“You should have asked.” I’m like, “You really wanted
me to be like, ‘Um, Mrs. Waters, can I get the
cube with the bathroom key?'” -Yeah. Did you
have student-debt crisis? Do you have loans?
-I didn’t. I’m lucky. -Yeah.
-I’m lucky. I did not have student debt. You know,
I have immigrant parents, and they forced me
to live at home, so I don’t have
crippling student debt. -Yeah. -I have crippling
emotional debt. -Oh, sure, of course. -Yeah, and Congress has yet to
do anything about that. -Yeah.
Likely never to be repaid. Hey, man, it’s always such
a pleasure to see you. Can’t wait for your show to
be back in November. Thanks for being here.
-Thank you, buddy. -Hasan Minhaj, everybody.

Cricket Corruption | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Tonight, I want to talk about
the one sport Indians dominate. Not the spelling bee… Cricket.
Now, growing up I hated watching cricket. Imagine sitting on the couch with your dad
for a week and watching this. Just before lunch. Eleven minutes to go. Boycott bowled in sweater
and cap on Wednesday and it looks as though
he’ll do the same thing today. Slight delays out there
whilst the England bowlers are not entirely happy with the ball. That live action Brooks Brothers catalog goes on for five days. But now, the game has gone
from sweater vests and tea breaks to something that’s actually fun to watch. This week, the 2019 Cricket World Cup
kicks off in England, and that’s a big deal
for fans around the world. India! India! ♪ India, India! ♪ Pakistan! Barmy army! Barmy army! We win baby, yeah! Oh, incredible! Okay, that guy who looks like
Little Richard fucked a minion perfectly captures “cricket mania.” Now just for perspective, the last time
India and Pakistan played each other in the World Cup,
over a billion people tuned in. In terms of viewers,
that’s nine Super Bowls, 52 Game of Thrones finales or a billion Murphy Brown reboots. Nobody watched Murphy Brown, I’m sorry. And yet, when Americans hear
the word “cricket,” they think of the insect, the cola, or the data plan you get
if you want to start selling cocaine. But cricket
is so much more than you think. Cricket can be used
for international diplomacy, aka, “cricket diplomacy.” India and Pakistan have used cricket
to both ease tensions and inflame tensions. After the terrorist attacks in Kashmir, India reportedly threatened to boycott
its match with Pakistan. But “cricket diplomacy”
goes way beyond South Asia. In the early 2000s, Fidel Castro tried to get Cubans
to play cricket instead of baseball
as a middle finger to the United States. In 2005, China built Grenada
a cricket stadium as a thank you for not recognizing Taiwan. Cricket has even played a vital role
in Afghanistan. You guys remember Afghanistan, right? You know, from war. Minus cricket, we are nothing. Because when we were young,
we played only cricket. Psychologically, cricket takes their mind
away from bad things. People won’t participate in elections,
but they will in cricket. It has become essential
to the Afghan people. That’s incredible. Even American politicians recognize
cricket’s international importance. If we are searching for a model
of how to meet tough international challenges
with skill, we need only look
to the Afghan national cricket team. Afghanistan did not even have
a cricket team a decade ago and last month the team made it
to the World 20 Championships. You know what’s weird? She gave that exact same speech
at Goldman Sachs for $200,000. Look, bankers love cricket, too. Cricket is a global sport
with the potential to unite nations. But here’s what’s frustrating. In 2019, cricket is becoming
less inclusive because of corruption and greed, and no country is more
to blame than India. India has become so dominant it is stifling the growth
of international cricket, which is odd because the goal
was originally about expansion. The game was spread by the British Empire, the world’s first spam bot.
They took cricket everywhere. India, Sri Lanka, the West Indies,
they even spread cricket to prison. Yes, England straight-up built
a continent-sized jail and called it Australia. They took cricket to Canada,
even the American colonies. America used to play cricket,
but then the United States was like, “Yo, fuck your sport. Fuck your tea. fuck your pronunciation
of the word privacy, aluminum and take us off your schedule. Cheerio.” And then, Americans took their slaves
and created baseball. The Empire spread cricket
all over the world, and they used cricket
as a way to export their culture and civilize the locals. Cricket has been called
the ultimate colonial “civilizer,” which is basically Winston Churchill’s
version of Grand Theft Auto. It’s super fun.
I don’t if you guys know this, but if you go, R1, R1, left, right,
left, right, circle, circle, you unlock smallpox. Now… as the colonies got better at cricket, it became a way to beat the colonizers
at their own game. Most of the countries,
and the top countries that play the game, has that little element of wanting
to get back at the English. At least
on the cricket field, with the bat against an Englishman holding a ball, he could smash him for six after six
and prove that he was not his inferior. The question of self-esteem, the question that here is an Indian,
a brown face with brown hand who could measure up to a white man. I love that. India whooped Britain’s ass
at their own game. The only thing
that would piss off Britain more is if India also took Michael Caine. That’s right.
He’s ours, and he fucking loves it. But today, India runs shit. India commands 70% of the global revenue, and in 2017, generated
$1 billion in sponsorships and it’s mostly thanks to three letters. -The IPL, the Indian Premier League. You’re a fan? There’s just, like, one random
Indian dude like, “Fuck, yeah! This is my episode. Last week you did NRA,
now we’re doing cricket.” Meanwhile, there’s 200 other people like, “What the fuck is going on? You know crazy shit is happening
in Alabama.” Just wait. This is for you. The IPL… plays a type of cricket called T20, okay? It’s a shorter, explosive type of cricket,
which took a game that looks like it was invented
by Mitt fucking Romney and turned it into a cultural phenomenon. Oh, yes! Oh, wow! Du Plessis! Oh, the ripper!
What a take! The Mustard Man is back, baby! Look, I think– I think he just lives at the stadium. IPL cricket has so many viewers in India,
it can sell everything from soda, cars, even condoms, which is not
something Indians are known for using. …right bowler
with the hope of making inroads… If you’re not watching the match,
can I watch something else? Love sex? Durex. What the fuck? Wait. Wait, wait, let’s break this down. He handed her the remote with his erection through the fabric of his clothes. Like, how did the director direct this?
He’s like, “Listen to me, Vinay… I need you to get a boner.”
And he’s like, “On it.” In the prompter, it just says “tense up.” Now as cringey as that video is, sex and spectacle made cricket
what it is today. In 2008, the IPL flew in NFL cheerleaders in
for a match, and it broke every Indian man
in a 50-foot radius. Okay, wait, this dude is talking about
bringing sexuality to cricket like it’s the solution to global warming. Then there’s some random army general showing off a picture of cheerleaders
on his BlackBerry. Meanwhile, the horniest man in South Asia
is just recording them, while his best friend is just whispering, “Please send bobs,
I need bobs immediately.” Look… Turning cricket into a thirst trap,
it wasn’t an accident. It was something that came directly
from the league’s infamous founder, Lalit Kumar Modi,
aka, Indian Bobby Jindal. Did you not violate certain norms
of Indian culture? The pom-pom girls,
blonde pom-pom girls. If I were in India, I’d see that as a slap
to the Indian womanhood. Again, you know, we did things
that were out of the ordinary. Actually, they talk about the IPL as a family product,
they talk about IPL where the whole family from the grandmother,
to the grandfather, to the grandchildren,
to the hot wife, to the husband are all actually looking forward
to watching a program together. I don’t think he meant to say “hot wife,”
but that Freudian slip is very telling. Lalit Modi started the IPL in 2008
with an initial investment of $25 million. Two years later,
the IPL was worth $4.1 billion. Modi made cricket exciting.
Shorter matches, shorter seasons, and he paid the best players in the world
to come to India. Everyone was giving Lalit props. Most innovative business leader of India
is Lalit Modi. You’re such a celebrity now. Is it true you can sell oil to the Arabs? I wish I could do that. IPL without Lalit Modi is like… A sugar-free candy bar. Modi was celebrated
throughout the cricket world for years and by years, I mean two. Exactly two. Once the most sought after man
in Indian cricket, now an outcast, Modi has been
found guilty of rigging IPL bets. He has also been found guilty
of charging a facilitation fee to the tune of $80 million. The 49-year-old is also guilty
of not disclosing that his relatives had stake in a company
that purchased rights for the IPL website. In 2013, the BCCI,
which is India’s Cricket Board, found Lalit Modi guilty of eight counts
of misconduct and kicked him out of the IPL.
Now that’s ballsy. Can you imagine firing someone
who made your organization billions of dollars
just because they’re an egomaniac? No, I’m asking you.
Facebook, Tesla, Twitter. Imagine it. Please. Modi denies the charges,
but rather than facing them in court, he left India and started showing up
on cable news like 2018 Roger Stone. -I am sorry. I am really sorry.
-There will be a time when you will tire -of doing this.
-Who are you to call me a fugitive? Who the hell do you think you are? You are sounding bitter.
I am not bitter at all. I am not going to argue with a person
who has a closed mind. He tells me the question. Before I can answer,
he goes to somebody else. My complaint is– My complaint is–
My complaint is– My complaint is– I think he was just trying
to pick one complaint, and his whole system just crashed. He’s just like, “My complaint is–
My complaint– My complaint– Just recharge.” But then, while Lalit was in Thailand,
he hit peak uncle. There must be a charge sheet
or there must be a complaint. Where is it? -Okay. That–
-Where is it? Seven years have gone by.
I want you to ask the ED, where is the charge sheet?
One second! One second! Oh, my God! Every brown person on the planet
has been that reporter, right? There’s just some fob in cargo pants
yelling at you, wagging his finger and then we all do the same
full-body nod. We’re like, “All right. I’m using my entire body
to agree with you. Please shut the fuck up and let me leave
the mosque parking lot.” Now, look. I gotta give props
where props are due. What Lalit Modi did with the IPL
was revolutionary. Okay? Thanks to him,
cricket revenue exploded, between TV, streaming, live matches, condoms and sponsorship deals. It was like India had an oil boom. This influx of cash and eyeballs redefined the way
global cricket is governed, and that’s the problem. Now, fair warning.
I’m about to start doing graphs. So, if you have friends,
now’s the time to hang out with them. On paper, global cricket is governed
by an organization called the International Cricket Council,
aka, the ICC. The ICC oversees all 105
cricket playing nations. They’re top of the food chain. Indian cricket is governed by
the Board of Control for Cricket in India, aka, the BCCI, okay? And they are, and I mean this nicely, gigantic assholes. In theory, the ICC oversees the BCCI
at the international level, but thanks to Indian cricket,
the BCCI makes so much money and commands so much viewership, they’ve made the ICC their bitch, and every other country is forced
to revolve around the BCCI. They bully other countries
to get what they want. They make it practically impossible
for Indian players to compete in any foreign T20 tournaments, and you just can’t say no to them. Just look at the upcoming World Cup, okay? Sixteen teams played in 2007. Now it’s down to ten, the fewest number of teams
in more than two decades. Fewer teams increases the odds
of India being in more World Cup matches. Now, India in more World Cup matches
means more money for advertisers in Indian cricket. So the BCCI is constantly just throwing
their weight around. The most striking example
of this might be a 2008 scandal called Monkeygate. Now I know that sounds like Jane Goodall
got #MeToo-ed, but it had nothing to do with that. Indian bowler Harbhajan Singh faces a three-match suspension
after the referee ruled he called Andrew Symonds, Australia’s only non-white member,
“a monkey” during the two teams recent match
in Sydney. Wait, there was a racism scandal
in Australia, and the bad guy wasn’t Australian? Harbhajan Singh denied saying “monkey,” and India threatened
to pull out of the tournament unless the ICC
let Harbhajan Singh off the hook. So Australia fell in line and was like, “Hey, don’t do that.
It’s our fault. We need the money and the viewers, we shouldn’t have had a black player
on our team.” Think about how insane that is. It’s like
Australia’s asking for forgiveness, even though their team
and their player was the victim. That’s like forcing a black family
to invite BBQ Becky over to their next cook out. They’re like, “This is good
for racial unity. We need to do this.” These behind-the-scenes power plays
are just the start. In 2014, India launched a cricket coup to take over international cricket by combining forces with England
and Australia. They’re known as “The Big Three,”
and they run everything. The Big Three,
led by India, seized control of the International Cricket Council’s
key committees and the way its funds are distributed. In the next eight years, ICC events, including the World Cup,
are expected to harvest record revenues of at least $2.5 billion. The Big Three will take the lion’s share, with India alone netting upwards
of $500 million. Now, you might be wondering, why would all the other countries agree
to such a shitty deal? Well, they didn’t really have a choice. I know of a lot of countries
that are against the takeover. They voted against it initially, and then
everyone just went to them individually and said, “Listen, if you come with us,
this is what you can get. This is what you will get.” And eventually, they all fell in line. Holy shit. These guys sound like the Mafia… or FIFA. Now before 2014, every member of the ICC
got an equal share of cricket revenue. But under India’s proposed plan,
more money went to The Big Three than to all other nations combined. With India getting by far the most. Think of this
entire corruption clusterfuck like an Indian nesting doll, okay? The outside is the BCCI. Inside that is the IPL,
and inside the IPL is Lalit Modi. Now… Even though he’s long gone,
the moves he made are at the core of how Indian cricket ended up here.
Now, Modi can’t go back to India because he would likely get arrested,
and he believes he’ll be killed. So these days he lives
in self-exile in London, but… I had to meet the guy
so I flew to London to ask Lalit Modi about
India’s stranglehold on cricket and his role in all of it. How would you describe yourself
in three words? And you cannot use the words
“big dick energy.” Controversial. Controversy was the central pillar
of the IPL. To me, you’re like P.T. Barnum
meets Vince McMahon with a dash of Billy McFarland
from the Fyre Festival. Thank you very much,
I really appreciate that. That’s a real compliment. I like it. You like those three– There’s not many people who can play
all these three roles together. -You mean just shady, shady…
-And more shady. That’s it. It’s weird that he openly identifies
as shady. It would be like if Imagine Dragons
openly identified as bad. Now this isn’t new. Lalit Modi has been doing shady shit
since he was in college. It was as a student
at Duke University that Lalit Modi got caught in the circle of drugs. In 1985, he was arrested on charges
of trafficking cocaine and assault with a deadly weapon
with an intent to kill. Modi pleaded guilty to his crimes
and entered a plea bargain. Hey, come on. It was the ’80s, baby! Everyone was pushing coke. Now, I know we’ve got to talk
about cricket, but just bear with me. I had to ask Lalit Modi
what went down at Duke. To me, you’re like Zion Williamson.
Both of you guys were one and done. -He was one and done to go to the league,
-Yeah. and you left to avoid jail time
and kidnapping charges. Oh, no. There was no jail time.
It was only– I had to do 200 hours
of community service. There were no drugs there.
We were going to buy. You were on the way
to get some coke and guns. -And we got robbed on the way.
-Right. But it doesn’t matter.
It’s part of my life, I don’t deny it. You know, I have no shame about it. Yeah! I mean, look, Lalit.
It was a long time ago. -It’s fine!
-I don’t care about it. I have no problem with it, others do. -The haters hate.
-I completely agree. -I’m saying–
-You let them know you’ll do a bump
and stay strapped immediately. -Absolutely.
-And if they want to pop off… They can pop off,
and I have no problem with that. Law enforcement agencies are just gonna
pop off. It’s what they do. During his time with the IPL, Lalit Modi built up a rap sheet
like he was trying to get Future to write a song about him. But I had to push him on it
because whether he denies it or not, Lalit Modi is complicit. His alleged corruption is indicative
of how cricket is rotten to its core. You’ve repeatedly said,
“What have I been accused of?” -Yes.
-I’ll just read it right to your face. “The BCCI found you guilty
of eight counts of misconduct, including rigging bids
for franchise owners you preferred and accepting kickbacks
from broadcast deals.” -One minute.
-I’m not finished. “The Indian government has opened
more than a dozen investigations into your financial dealings with the IPL,
including money laundering.” The haven’t found zilch, and as far as I’m concerned,
they can keep digging, digging, digging ’til the cows come home. And they ain’t going to find zilch
because there isn’t zilch. The majority of the people
who run away from the country… Are kind of guilty. And then have given interviews. I’m on every network all the time
and every time. -And I’m there because I have no guilt.
-Look, you’re either– I can look myself
in the mirror every morning and be very happy and look at it,
and I say, “You look great.” Okay? “Carry on.” That’s a joke. I wish I was that confident,
just bombing and being like, “It’s cool.” Because he created the IPL, Lalit Modi knows the power dynamics
between the BCCI and the ICC, and he has strong feelings
about what’s going on now. Does the BCCI have too much power
over the ICC? What do you mean?
They control the bloody ICC. There is no ICC without the BCCI. Do you think even a single match
can take place without India? No. You think any broadcaster will buy
any rights of the ICC without India? No. Is the BCCI preventing cricket
from spreading to smaller countries? -Yes.
-Is that bad for the sport? Very bad for the sport. Lalit Modi got banned for life in 2013, but the problems continued
long after he was kicked out. One of the best-known scandals involved
the BCCI’s former president N. Srinivasan. During his tenure, players
and officials were arrested for rigging games
and illegal betting. One of the teams involved
was owned by N. Srinivasan, and one of the arrested officials
was his own son-in-law. Even though Srinivasan was not charged, it was so messy,
the Indian Supreme Court had to step in, forced him to step down, and called
his conflict of interest “nauseating.” The even got
a former Supreme Court Justice, RM Lodha, to set up a commission
called “The Lodha Committee” to clean up Indian cricket. Do you understand what I just said?
The Supreme Court got involved. Can you imagine if RBG was in charge
of investigating Deflategate? Look, you know Roberts would side
with the Patriots. The Lodha Committee was set up
over three years ago and to this day, many of those court-ordered changes
still haven’t been made. Indian cricket has gotten to a point
where it’s too big to fail. Don’t you think you created this problem
by creating the IPL? I did, and I didn’t foresee this. That’s right. I am to blame for it. This is the only thing
you’ve taken blame for. I am. I take blame for creating
the war chest for the BCCI, completely. Out of all the things I’ve said
to you today… Yes. Those I don’t care about.
This I do take the blame for. You created the behemoth
that is now bullying… the rest of the world and preventing
the spread of cricket around the world? That’s right.
And I feel very bad about that. Modi helped create the cash cow
that gives the BCCI power. They always seem
to put Indian cricket first at the expense of the global game. Now, Ayaz Memon is one of the most prominent
cricket journalists in the world, and he echoes the same concern. Indian cricket establishment
is phenomenally rich now, and I think that it’s a bit of a shame
that India’s not been able to take that agenda forward. They should be in the vanguard
of spreading the gospel of cricket. Why don’t they want to spread the game? They’re caught in a bit of a dilemma. We are the most powerful cricket body
in the world, and if we take it further
than what exists today, will it dilute our power? Indian Colonel Sanders is right. Look, one of the most significant ways India is holding back cricket
might be this. Possible Olympic gold medalist? Well, not if the BCCI have a say
in the matter. The ICC for a while now have been trying
to get cricket included as an Olympic sport, because they believe
it will help the game grow. The BCCI, on the other hand,
don’t want an Olympic Committee interfering with their business. Come on! India should love the Olympics.
You know this. We love recognition, and we love gold, but we have neither,
because let’s be real, India sucks at the Olympics. India is a country of 1.3 billion people
dating back to roughly 2,000 BC. In that time,
we have won 28 Olympic medals. -Whoo-hoo!
-Okay. Michael Phelps is a stoner dating back
to the year 1985. In that time, he’s won 28 Olympic medals. Our whole country is equal
to one Subway spokesman. But cricket could actually change that. I think cricket can become
an Olympic sport where you have at least 16,
if not 20 or 24, nations playing it at a certain level
which demands the attention -of the Olympic Committee.
-So, who’s the bad guy here? The stumbling block would be the BCCI.
In the past, they’ve been, you know, “Why get into the Olympics?
This is a sport we control, we run. It’s very lucrative. It’s very popular.” -Ayaz, we need cricket in the Olympics.
-Absolutely. I think a lot of players are saying
they need cricket in the Olympics. Do you know how many medals
India has won in the past century? -28, yes.
-Do you know what the majority come in? Badminton. No, don’t undermine badminton.
India is doing very well in badminton. -I’m not– I’m just saying–
-It’s breaking the hegemony of China. That sounds great, Ayaz,
but I don’t want to win gold medals in sports that electrical engineers
at Google play. My research team told me that
technically, India has won more medals in field hockey than badminton,
which is actually worse. Now if you don’t think the Olympics
are important, how the hell do we know what this is? Do you guys know what this is? Curling, yes! We have a better understanding
of competitive ice cleaning than one of the biggest sports
in the world. That is pathetic! The saddest part about all of this is that cricket can be
such a force for good. We’ve already seen
so many inspiring examples. Afghanistan went from playing cricket
in refugee camps to playing cricket at the highest level. Now, here’s the crazy part. India was one of the first countries
to invest in Afghanistan’s cricket team, and on June 1,
Afghanistan will play Australia in the opening round
of this year’s World Cup. Their rise shows what the spread
of cricket can mean to a country. Now as an Indian, I’m proud
that we’re so dominant at cricket and that the game is finally exciting
to watch. Look, we took something our colonizers
forced on us, and we made it our own. But my complaint is… My complaint is… My complaint is… My complaint is… My complaint is we’re so concerned
with owning the sport that it isn’t about
playing cricket anymore. It’s about colonizing it for ourselves.

Most Powerful People Who Run The World

There are nearly 7.5 billion people on the
planet, and a small handful are way more powerful than the so-called average Joe. That power can be in the form of wealth, political
influence, or sometimes both. Who are the wealthiest and most influential
of them all? Here’s our breakdown, in this episode of
the Infographics Show: Top 13 Most Powerful People In The World 2018. 13. Mark Zuckerberg – The founder and CEO of Facebook,
Zuckerberg has seen his net worth soar as the social network’s stock price has gone
through the roof, rising more than 400% over the last 6 years. Zuckerberg owns 17% of Facebook, making his
net worth $76.9 billion as of June this year. Since 2010, Time magazine has named him among
the 100 wealthiest and most influential people in the world as a part of its Person of the
Year award. Zuckerberg is also paving his way as a well-known
philanthropist, and he and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have pledged to give away 99% of their
Facebook stake during their lifetimes. He’s powerful and still young, so no doubt
we’ll see him climb this list as the years go by. 12. Emmanuel Macron – Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric
Macron is a French politician serving as President of France and ex officio Co-Prince of Andorra
since May 14th, 2017. Macron holds the top seat in Europe’s third
largest economy, and in an interview with Forbes in April, Macron announced he intends
wipe out the 30 percent tax on people who try to take their money out of France. A decision that saw him come under fire from
France’s third richest man, and the world’s 25th, François Pinault, 81, who issued stern
words of warning to President Emmanuel Macron when he was quoted in British newspaper The
Guardian as saying: “He doesn’t understand the poor. I’m afraid that he is leading France towards
a system that forgets its least well-off.” But Macron continues to hold his position
as one of the most powerful people in Europe and the world. 11. Jerome H. Powell – The ex-Carlyle Group
partner became the world’s top central banker as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, in February
2018, after being nominated by President Trump. Powell earned a degree in politics from Princeton
University in 1975 and a Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center in 1979,
before moving into investment banking in 1984. Then in 1992, Powell entered the political
arena when he served as Undersecretary of the Treasury under President George H.W. Bush. Holding the position of Chairman of the Federal
Reserve means he has the keys to the world’s largest economy, and he runs the printing
presses for the US reserve currency. Basically, he’s so powerful, he can literally
print new dollar bills. 10. Larry Page – We all know Google, well Lawrence
Edward Page is an American computer scientist and an Internet entrepreneur who co-founded
Google with Sergey Brin. He is now the CEO of Alphabet, a business
with more than 80,000 staff, and the parent company of Google, healthcare division Calico,
smart home appliance division Nest, and more. Page co-founded Google in 1998 and was Google’s
first CEO- today he is worth $53 billion. That’s a lot of cash! But apart from all the money, his company
has access to vast amounts of the world’s data that it inputs into searches, emails,
the cloud, phones, and handhelds. 9. Narendra Modi – There are 1.3 billion people
in India, making it the second most populous country on earth after China, and since 2014,
Narendra Modi governs those masses as India’s prime minister. India possesses the world’s fifth strongest
military and seventh largest economy, with a GDP of $2.3 trillion. Modi told Time magazine in May 2015, “If you
were to ask me to choose between democratic values and wealth, power, prosperity, and
fame, I will very easily and without any doubt choose democratic values.” And he seems to be living by those views when,
in 2016, he announced plans to eliminate India’s two largest banknotes in a bid to reduce money
laundering and corruption. 8. Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud – His father remains
king of Saudi Arabia, but the crown prince has consolidated power beyond any doubt and
taken control of the country. CNBC reported in February this year that Saudi
Aramco, the world’s largest energy company, and Alphabet, who we mentioned is run by Larry
Page, co-owner of Google, have entered into discussions to create a technology hub in
Saudi Arabia. This demonstrates that Saudi Crown Prince
Muhammad bin Salman is not only the most powerful man in Saudi Arabia, but is now the most powerful
man in the entire Middle East. That’s quite a title to hold at only 32
years old! And back in November 2017, Al Saud led an
anti-corruption campaign that caused many prominent Saudis to be arrested and forced
to turn over their fortunes. As a result, ten Saudi billionaires were dropped
from Forbes’ annual list of the world’s billionaires. 7. Bill Gates – Worth just over $92 billion,
Gates doesn’t need much of an introduction. He founded Microsoft in 1975 with Paul Allen,
and it went on to become the world’s largest PC software company. Gates led the company as chief executive officer
until stepping down in January 2000. But life didn’t end there, and he has gone
on to become one of the world’s best known philanthropists, when he and his wife Melinda
set up the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world’s largest private charitable foundation. The foundation works to save lives and improve
global health, and is working with Rotary International to eliminate polio. Bill Gates holds the record for the highest
amount given to charity at $35 billion, and he has given away or sold much of his stake
in Microsoft. Today he owns just over 1% of shares. 6. Pope Francis – Pope Francis is the spiritual
leader to more than one-sixth of the world’s population, 1.3 billion people. The same number as the population of India. Born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Pope Francis is
the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church, and the first pope from the Americas. He has been one of the most popular and proactive
popes, making it his personal mission to transform the conservative image of the Catholic Church. Some of the changes he has implemented include
giving priests the power to forgive women who undergo abortions; pushing the agenda
for climate change reform; and better treatment of refugees. And not long after taking the job, he was
named Time magazine’s 2013 Person of the Year “for pulling the papacy out of the palace
and into the streets”. 5. Jeff Bezos – Have you ever ordered a product
from Amazon? Most likely so…well Amazon’s CEO is the
first person to top $100 billion as number one on the Forbes list of the World’s Billionaires. He founded Amazon in a garage in Seattle in
1994 and in February this year, Amazon’s market value rose above $685 billion, making it worth
more than Microsoft for the first time ever. Bezos owns 16% of the e-commerce giant, and
his total net worth is $140 billion. Bezos’ other passion is space travel, and
in 2000 he founded aerospace company, Blue Origin. He has set a goal to reach the moon by 2023,
with a view of preparing the moon for the eventual permanent settlement of humans. The company has also been testing reusable
space rockets, with a view of offering space tourism in the near future. 4. Angela Merkel – Merkel has been the rock
of Europe for sometime now, and she is sometimes referred to as the continent’s de-facto
leader. At the time the global economic crisis hit,
and most other European leaders were finished off, Merkel fended off a long-term recession
in Germany by introducing economic stimulus packages and shortening working hours, whereby
workers worked less but had their earnings topped up by the government rather than business. The result was that the German economy flourished. The next 12 months will determine how long
Merkel can remain as the powerhouse of Europe, with the uncertainty of Brexit on the horizon
and the growing anti-immigrant sentiment in the region. 3. Donald Trump – Billionaire businessman,
TV entertainer and now President of The United States, Donald Trump owns buildings, golf
courses, and a winery, and has licensed his name to companies around the world. He got his start working for his father, Fred,
who developed low-cost housing in New York. He’s been a controversial leader and the
first President to be as active on Twitter as he is in the traditional press. Trump made history this year when he met with
North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore on June 12, 2018. It was the first summit meeting between the
leaders of the United States of America and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Following the meeting, President Trump Tweeted,
“Just landed – a long trip, but everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took
office. There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North
Korea. Meeting with Kim Jong Un was an interesting
and very positive experience. North Korea has great potential for the future!” 2. Vladimir Putin – Voted the world’s most powerful
person four times between 2013 and 2016, Russia’s president continues to exert his country’s
influence around the world. Putin has created what he calls a vertical
of power- something very different to anything we see in other great nations. In the words of Russian chess grandmaster
Garri Kasparov, the entire structure of Russian political power rests on one man, and Putin
has continued to spread his influence since President Trump entered the political stage. There has been an ongoing FBI investigation
to determine whether Trump’s election campaign had a relationship with high-ranking Russian
officials, and Facebook admitted that 126 million Americans saw political ads purchased
by Russian organizations. Putin’s international influence stems largely
from Europe’s dependence on Russian oil and gas; state-owned Gazprom is one of EU’s largest
suppliers. He’s not number one, but he doesn’t appear
to be slowing down anytime soon. 1. Xi Jinping – Top of the list is the leader
of the world’s most populated country and second largest economy, China. The man responsible for running China has
become China’s most powerful leader since Mao Zedong. “Xi heads all the main institutional centers
of power, from the military, to the presidency. Wherever one looks, Xi seems to be at the
center in modern China,” said Kerry Brown, professor of Chinese studies at King’s College
in London. His wide-reaching anti-corruption campaign
has seen a purge of allegedly corrupt party officials that has solidified his power. A strategy that has been met with some criticism
in political circles, but has been widely popular amongst the ordinary Chinese population. He is credited with the slogan Chinese Dream
– a set of personal and national ideals for the advancement of Chinese society. So, that’s our list of the top 13 most powerful
people in the world. Is there anyone else you think should have
made the list who we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments! Also be sure to check out our other video
called, Is Vladimir Putin the Richest Man Alive? Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!

Does Sadhguru Support BJP?

People of a nation elect a government
today. Tomorrow morning somebody is saying we must pull it down. What is this?
In Andhra Pradesh, we are working in the education sector so have I joined
Telugu Desam Party? With the Rally for rivers, we are very active with the
Karnataka government right now you think I’ve joined JDS? [Questioner] Namaskaram Sadhguru, some media houses every now and then report on your association with the BJP Could you please comment on that? [Sadhguru] My association with Bharatiya Janata Party?
I have never been associated with any political party nor will I ever be
associated with any political party But when people elect a government, I think
it is my fundamental duty as a citizen who is living in this country, to do
everything possible to support that government to do their best. It has become
a disease. People are trying to throw away one of the greatest gifts that we
have in modern society which is democracy. Democracy means that one among
us could stand up and become a leader of the nation. We want to throw this away.
Everywhere this is happening not just in India. I saw this happening seriously in
United States of America after this election, happening in India. Today you
people of a nation elect a government today, tomorrow morning somebody is
saying we must pull it down, what is this? You have forgotten that hundred two
hundred years ago, if power had to shift from one person to another, how many
heads rolled on the street, how much blood flowed on the street, you’ve
forgotten this. Today by casting a ballot without a drop of blood flowing, power is
shifting from one group to another which is not a small thing. Even within a
family blood will flow if power has to shift. That’s how it i. If there is
enough property and wealth, if power have to shift within the family, blood will
flow But somehow we evolved a system where we
can shift power of an entire nation without blood flow. Do not underestimate
this and do not throw this away. It is the business of every citizen to understand that democracy is a
functional democracy only when every individual votes according to their
judgment of what it is, not because of religion, not because of caste, not
because of creed, not even because of party. No matter what, I will vote this
party, you are a bloody fool you are destroying the democratic fabric of a
nation. What it means is what I see as right, who I feel is best for this
country right now, to him I will vote,to her I will vote. Not the other way round
So people are saying because the central government is Bharatiya Janata Party, of
course I will do everything possible to support this because it matters for the
country. I am not supporting Bharatiya Janata Party.My commitment is for nearly
1.3 billion people, half of them in a very bad state. Well in Tamil Nadu we are
working with the local government so you can say I’ve joined AIDMK. In Andhra
Pradesh we are working in the education sector so have I joined Telugu Desam
Party? With the Rally for Rivers we are very active with the Karnataka
government right now, you think I have joined JDS? Yes I have, because because I want you to understand, if you
do not bow down to the people’s will you think your opinion, what I think is more
important than what the people have elected, this means you don’t believe in
democracy, you want feudalistic nonsense once again. That’s what you want. So a
whole lot of people, essentially people who have nothing else to do but to
comment on other people’s lives, this has become a full-time job for a whole lot
of people. Now because central government is on and I think last four years have
been very effervescent governance, are they all right? No we can disagree with them
on many things but we have elected them it’s our business to support them. When
the next election comes, its for you to evaluate whether they have done well or
not, if you don’t like them get somebody else. Yes, that is so with
every government, that’s what democracy means. So this is for Bharath not for
Bharatiya Janata Party

Indian Election Update | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Did you see the results? -Yeah.
-Landslide victory for… Modi, Modi, Modi. I told you.
I said, “Don’t do Indian elections.” Why can’t I talk about Indian politics?
I’m Indian. You’re Indian? You didn’t even live there. How do you call yourself an Indian? My family’s from there. People think that you’re American.
You’re a white washed. No, I’m not. You know me
and uncle are brown, you know that. How? But you don’t behave like a brown. -What does that even mean?
-You think that you’re a smart white dude. Sorry, you’re not. If you don’t want me
to talk about politics, -what do you want me to talk about?
-Go ahead with Bollywood. -I’m not talking about Bollywood.
-You should. -I’m not talking about Bollywood.
-No, Indian food. -The spicy Indian food.
-Oh, yeah. Biryani. -You want me to do 26 minutes…
-Oh, yes. on biryani? Yeah, you can do an hour. You could do an hour. Okay. What if I just do the update
on what happened? -Apology is the only update you can give.
-Only update you can do. Maybe you can put it as… “Patriot Act:
Apology Regarding Indian Elections.” You want me to do “Patriot Act:
Apology About Indian Elections?” -Yes.
-“Sorry, I Didn’t Listen.” Hello. Thank you so much! Thank you. Hello, how are you? Hi! Welcome to Patriot Act. I’m Hasan Minhaj.
Thank you guys so much for coming out. Oh, man. Now, look. India just wrapped up
its general election, and we have to talk about it. I mean, can you imagine if we didn’t? Like every white person would be like,
“Is Hasan okay?” And every Indian person would be like,
“Good, he learned.” So here’s a quick update. This election
pretty much came down to two parties. The BJP,
a right-wing Hindu Nationalist group led by incumbent Prime Minister,
Narendra Modi, and the Congress Party,
led by Rahul Gandhi. And the results were stunning. Prime Minister Narendra Modi
is celebrating a sweeping victory Narendra Modi now set for
a second five-year term as prime minister of the world’s biggest democracy. Ladies and gentlemen, India has spoken, and India has spoken decisively. Okay, that’s Navika Kumar, and we featured her the last time
we talked about the elections. So she hit me up on Twitter and invited me to come on her show
for a debate. And I said… “Hell no.”
That show is way too intense. I would get destroyed like King’s Landing. Make your point! All right, make your point! Respond to the basic issues. Can you just calm down? Why are you getting personal? I think you suffer from amnesia. Stop playing the victim card. You did not make
the political point that you should have. Do they just slap everyone
right before they put them on air? Also, how do they fit so many people
on that show? It’s like they mapped the population
of India onto their news shows. Now, look. We know this. It’s not a huge surprise
that the BJP won. It was the size of their victory
that was shocking. Modi’s BJP Party won 303 out of 542 seats in the lower House of Parliament.
It’s well beyond the simple majority a party in India needs
to form a government. The BJP took so many seats, they won a majority on their own. They pulled it off
by expanding beyond the Hindi Belt, which sounds like something
Gucci got in trouble for selling. But… the Hindi Belt is actually a region that’s made up entirely
of Hindi-speaking states. In this election,
the BJP managed to expand into every part of India. They are now 56%
of the lower House of Parliament. Meanwhile, the Congress Party ended
this election with 52 seats. That’s not even 10% of the lower house. And if you think things couldn’t get
any worse for Rahul Gandhi, you’re very wrong. And one of the highlights
of the BJP’s amazing victory is Amethi, where the party’s Smriti Irani
defeated Congress President Rahul Gandhi. An event that has led
to even more humiliation for the congress. I would like to say Smriti Irani has won. I want to congratulate her.
The citizens of a Amethi have decided. I respect their decision. Okay, Rahul couldn’t even win
his own district, which his family held for decades. He lost to a BJP candidate
named Smriti Irani, who’s a former soap opera star. And trust me, she does not fuck around. Okay, why did they film this entire show
on Google Street View? It feels like the director
is like, “Wait. I’m just looking for a brunch spot.
Let me just… let me just get my Matrix on.” Killing the competition
isn’t just a metaphor. The BJP ran some wild candidates. Like Anantkumar Hegde who said, “As long as we have Islam in the world,
there will be no end to terrorism,” which kind of sounds like
Stephen Miller’s wedding vows. Or Sakshi Maharaj, who has
34 criminal cases against him, including robbery and murder, but by far the craziest BJP candidate
was Pragya Thakur, who won in Bhopal. Now, she recently pissed off
pretty much all of India. Sadhvi Pragya has proved to be
the biggest embarrassment for the BJP. She has called Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin
a patriot. You can’t say that. That’s like calling Ted Bundy
a ladies man. Now, Pragya eventually apologized. But this isn’t the first time she’s run
into trouble. Last year, a terrorism charge
was laid against her as a suspect in a 2008 mosque bombing
that killed six people. Visiting a Bhopal Hindu temple
for a cleansing ceremony, she adamantly maintains her innocence
in the case. I am 100% innocent. Okay, technically… Pragya is out on bail
because she has cancer. But she’s also been accused
of plotting a deadly bomb attack. So, I just don’t know how to do this joke. You know what I mean?
‘Cause, like, what was her Make-A-Wish? You know what I mean? They were like,
“Hey, do you want to meet The Rock?” And then she was like,
“Can he help me blow up a mosque?” I told you it was fucked up. Now look, it’s easy to reduce
the BJP’s popularity to one issue, whether you look Pragya
and think Hindu nationalism or you look at Congress and you think
of corruption and incompetence. But don’t forget one
of the biggest reasons the BJP won is Narendra Modi himself. Voters wanted him
to be the face of India. So even though he’s known
for not taking questions from the press, the stakes of this election were so high,
even he had to sit down for an interview with one of the most feared journalists
in India, Bollywood star Akshay Kumar. The fashion statement you make
is very interesting. Have you styled it yourself? This is a good question. I want to know if you eat mangoes. I eat mangoes,
and I enjoy it very much. Okay, that sounds like a five-year-old
interviewing their doll. Akshay’s like, “Do you like mangoes? I like mangoes. Would you like some more tea?” He’s so charming, I almost forgot
about the Rafale scandal. Now, I totally get why Indians love Modi. He’s so Indian.
The day before voting ended, he climbed the Himalayan Mountains
and meditated in a shrine for 18 hours. He basically did what Americans think
Indians do all the time. Look, you may not agree with his politics,
but the man knows a good photo op. He’s like, “Look, I want to meditate.
Get the cameras ready.” THERE’S– FUCK– THIS IS A THREE CAMERA SHOOT! Look what they’re cutting. They had to cut wide on the walk.
They’re getting his lineup. They got his lineup! We have multiple angles inside
of a cave, you guys. The point is Modi is savvy and revered, and I know this because Indian trolls
are blowing up my mentions. They don’t like my sweater.
They don’t like my hand motions. This person just wants me to know
that I’m a son of a bitch. I love how he wrote, “Just so you know.” He’s like, “Hey, just FYI. You’re a son of a bitch.” But I picked up on a general theme. Modi supporters think I was trying
to swing the election. “Let me take this time
to thank Hasan Minhaj, who helped us elect
a right-wing government in India. Thank you.” Okay, let me make this very clear. Comedians can’t swing elections. This is insane. George W. Bush won twice
when Jon Stewart was on the air. We’re talking peak Stewart, you guys. He had black hair.
He had the shoulder pads. He took down Crossfire. Everyone was like,
“I get my news from J-Stew. He’s the truth-teller.” Meanwhile, Bush went back-to-back.
Comedians don’t do shit. But… I can’t go online without Desi trolls telling me
I ruined democracy. So clearly,
I didn’t need to go to Navika’s show. Navika’s show came to me. I think he made Modi win. Why is he talking about
Indian politics anyway? He has no clue about Narendra Modi.
He has no clue about BJP. This guy’s an anti-Indian. You are my least favorite
Daily Show correspondent. -Not funny.
-Excuse me. That is not the point.
Can I make my point? -Can I make my point?
-Make your point! It’s only Modi, Modi, Modi for him. I tried to tell him not
to talk about this, and he never listened to me. He’s a complete idiot and a buffoon. Why are you getting personal? Why are you getting personal? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Let’s not get personal. Hasan Minhaj is a son of a bitch!

TSP’s If Politicians played Indoor Games

Atal Ji, buck up! Ever since Modi Sarkar is here, you’ve just been playing, man. Wait up, Mr Advani. My horse is chewing on some grass. There’s an elephant, camel and a King! The King is on a foreign tour. It is in your brain… Guruji! Get off, now it’s my turn. But son, I haven’t finished playing yet. I will end this game now. You sit next to us and clap. What are you saying? Yogi ji, pick it up. Yes, Guruji! Oh my god! Not me, the chess board! Damn, Modi and Yogi, this is not done! Tell me Yogi, what do you want? Guruji, I want New Delhi. Tell me a number, not feelings Okay, so six, six and six, to kill these two. You want six? Here it is. Six. Haaah haha! There goes Lalu Prasad Yadav. You’re out, Mr Lalu. Haaah haha! One more six. Kumar is out too! Absolutely amazing. Third six, haaah haha! Yogi! Yogi! Got you trapped. 3 six equals a cancellation. Lalu, this is my Ludo… I bought this from Japan. Mah Ludo, mah rules! Lalu Ji, would you support us to beat Kumar Vishwas? Would you Enough! What will I get? We will let you out of our house without being bashed. Get together with us, and get behind Kumar Vishwas’ token. Oh, so they are forming a group. Let me break it right away. Modi ji, I have an urge for poetry. Shall I? Oh no no no. Don’t want to hear your poetry. Nope. It’s damn nice! On love! Don’t talk about all of that before me I don’t wish to hear it. I don’t want to hear. But Yogi ji, please listen. Yogi ji, listen. I’ll demonetize! “So Yogi ji says, Love you!” He doesn’t! My Country men… “Plays Holi intoxicated!” Rahul ji, truth or dare? Dare. Dare? So take this potato Put it in your machine and get me gold out of it. But Modiji, that was your machine, right? I was just giving a demo. So master, truth or dare? Truth. Is your Aadhar Card linked to your bank account? Dare. Link your Aadhar card with your bank account. Let’s play ‘Never have I ever’. Never have I ever…seen..’Acche Din!’ Oh, master! You drank the cowpiss. “Mehbooba” said, Bhak K, on you. *sings a song* *songs continue*

Cobrapost Expose on Bollywood | Did Celebrities do any Wrong? Opinion By Dhruv Rathee

People will think that Mahima Chaudhary is saying that. And plus everybody will start thinking like that, brainwash. We want to brainwash and polarize people for the 52019 election and want you to help us. Worldwide, India might be the only country where you will find blind followers of celebrities. Friends, in our country film stars and celebrities are valued very much. They are worshiped till the level that some people have erected temples for them. Like the temple for Amitabh Bachchan or Rajinikanth. People have started worshiping them. Namaskar friends. I am Dhruv Rathee. Let’s talk about the Cobrapost Operation Karaoke. This is the biggest sting operation on Boollywood celebrities till date. The undercover journalists of Cobrapost pretended to be social media agents, and went to different celebrities. Like Sonu Sood, Vivek Oberoi, Jackie Shroff, Kailash Kher. They went to a total of 36 celebrities. They offered them money for promoting political parties and promoting their positive work. Friends, except 4 celebrities, all of them agreed to it. Everyone promotes good work, I am clarifying that we are doing this for getting Bharatiya Janta Party re-elected. Our motive is that. Modi Sir made Daniel Overseas Citizen so we will definitely support it. In these sting operations it was interesting to see the different responses of the celebrities, and how we can interpret them. Amisha Patel was offered to politically promote BJP to which she agreed, But this is what she said additionally, Sir if you go to my account you’d see Narendra Modi Ji’s film… Yes we know.. where Amit Shah, Mukesh Ambani, Akshay Kumar, all of us went, I posted that. Yes I know that. So already I do that, I posted when Atal Bihari Bajpayee died, I am active for all these causes, This shows that some celebrities were happily selling out themselves. Showing the posts on the death of Atal Bihari Bajpayee and saying that they already do political posts, so they would be suitable for the job. On the other hand, some celebrities were aware that this can be false promotion too. That the promotion may also spread fake news. Like Mahima Chaudhary, who says that since they are asking her to lie for them, BJP can even pay 1 crore per month. Future Public Relation, you are handling the promotion of BJP? Right, we are. Fake tweets, how much will you pay? You know everything. Everything’s fine ma’am there’s no issue. What is you budget? Budget is good enough, there’s no issue in that. How much will you pay for one tweet? What do you think it should be? BJP? BJP can pay anything, they can give 1 crore a month. -What ma’am..
-Why not.. It is.. It’s a huge job, you are making me lie, politically promote, it can’t be cheap. Of course not. Some celebrities negotiated very well, like our Jackie Shroff. He says, “You open the door to your money vaults and I’ll open my heart to you”. Open the door of the money vault, Sir it is open, that’s why we are asking, I already hinted to it. I’m opening my heart to you and you are hesitating about opening the money vault? Sir I am telling you it is open but… You are understanding me right? It’s decided then. We are born empty handed, what will we take with us when we die? Right, right. Sonu Sood who mostly plays the role of villain in the Bollywood films, was recently the villain in the movie Simba, He says 1.5 crore per month won’t be enough it should be 2.5 crore per month. And he would prepare the best content himself and the promotion would be top-notch. My messages would be strong and nice I’ll try to post 5 or 4 , whatever you guys want. If someone else posts I’ll answer or retweet it, we’ll work like that. Work according to the mood. I feel that 1.5 crore that you are offering should be atleast 2.5 crore. -2.5?
-Yeah, because I won’t count it, I will go overboard with that. Some of you may ask what’s wrong in it? Celebrities anyhow promote brands and products, so if they promote political parties, what’s wrong in it? Friends in my opinion there are three reasons why it is wrong. First, it is directly used to fool people. Whenever a brand or compnay is being promoted, people are aware that the celebrity must have taken money from the brand to promote them. But if they tweet in favor of political party or for something they did, People would be misled as they wouldn’t know that the tweet or Facebook post has been paid for. But it shouldn’t be known that you are a brand ambassador of Bharatiya Janta Party. yes, I know, that is why we will mould it and filter it. People should believe that they are your personal opinions. -We didn’t make any deal.
Absolutely. 100%. It will be effective only then, we’ll have to be neutral. Saumya Tandon is another actress who was approached for this sting operation. But she refused to political promote BJP in exchange of money. She had an excellent point. I do not want to do any affiliation for any political party in exchange of money because it is against my believes. You can see many actors do many things for money but if I will do it only if I genuinely believe in it. If you do not genuine you believe in anything but you are promoting it, then it is immoral and you are deceiving your fans. It can also be dangerous because you do not know the consequences of this promotion. Can the ideology be a threat to the country? You do not know this if you are thinking about your own benefit only. Friends I would like to mention some other celebrities like Vidya Balan, Arshad Warsi and Raza Murad. Other than Saumya Tandon these are the celebrities who rejected the offers and refused to do any political promotion. Their actions deserve respect from the whole country. She would only have to promote the good work of our party, the good policies. She would only have to appreciate that. I understand but the only thing is its related to a political party so, I am being very honest with you and I am so sorry for being blunt but Vidya doesn’t get involved in any kind of things like this The second reason friends politics is for public interest and brands and businesses are for private interest. These two things cannot be compared because public interest is for everyone and it affects every aspect of your life and private interest affects only one thing. If a celebrity is promoting a shampoo and if you buy the shampoo and turns out it’s not good it only affects your hair, But if you choose a wrong politician it will affect all the aspects of your life. The policies which will be made will affect everything, the government schools, the government hospitals, taxes which you will have to pay, and the forested areas around you, It will affect everything and everyone. Third reason friends is all these celebrities who agreed for this promotion in the string operation, agreed to deal in black money. They were told that 90% of the amount will be given in cash and there with no official contract of it. However, one thing that 10% will be in white because we have to pay GST so we have to show that. Some celebrities started saying why are you giving 10% in white? The whole amount should be in black. So 10% will go into your account or rest 90% would be in cash. As this is political funding, it is very difficult for white. Do not put anything in white. But we have to put something, we have to show something in the contract, but it will be only 10%. -So till when I have to do it for?
-9 months Our Shakti Kapoor has been shown in other string operations as well. He lauded demonetization and said that it would flush out all the black money. But here he is asking for black money and says there is no need for any white money. – 9 crore, right?
-9 crore. 9 crore is a bit much. You don’t know the things I have done for their promotion. What’s surprising again is that most of the celebrities were are not surprised with the offer. Which makes you think that maybe many celebrities are already doing this and promoting the political parties I can think of many filmy nationalist celebrities. But on the other hand, many celebrities were not even surprised about the dealing in cash. Some even admitted that they deal in cash and they already do it. We are okay with it till 80%, we can’t do 90% or 100% because.. But we do this. We do this a lot. I just did a South film we have a mutual understanding. It’s quite normal. Yes, yes it’s the same situation. No one is getting paid in white completely. Clicking everything country using black money by celebrities in the industry is very common even now The most shocking thing to me was that some celebrities even ready to spread hate in the country in exchange for some money. Like Abhijeet Bhattacharya whose Twitter account was suspended for this reason. Why are giving Rohingya so much? Shoot them simply. If they leave it’s fine, else shoot them. That should be the attitude. -Yes if you post statements like this..
-Absolutely.. Shoot the Rohingya and shoot them first who support them. First the supporters, then them. That’s perfect, we wanted this, to heat up matters. His grossness is the reason why his official tweeter account was suspended. In the whole operation what do we learn? Friends we should never become a blind follower for any celebrity. Because a celebrity is a good actor, it does not mean that they are a good intellectuals or a good person and have good intentions. However there are celebrities who are good people and have good intentions, But that is not the norm. Generally it does not happen. Mostly the actors are actors because they want to earn money, it is their business You should always question what kind of a person is the celebrity in the other aspects of their life Do they promote pan masala or if they work to genuinely help people. You should also know that most of the celebrities live a glamorous life They do not understand the perspective and point of view of a common man. Cobrapost does investigative journalism. If you remember, last year they did a similar sting operation on media house They went to various media houses and offered them money for political promotion and even their almost all media houses except two or three agreed to it I made a video on this to and click on the ‘i’ button to watch that. So if you like this video then share it, the videos of the cobrapost sting operation has been put in the description You can go watch them. They are very entertaining I will recommend that you watch it If you like my work, go to to support me so that I can keep making such videos for you. We shall meet in the next video. Thank you!

Aai, Politics & Me: Results | #VishayKhol #BhaDiPa

अनीजी का अर्थ मंत्रालय से जुडा रेकार्ड, और जुईजी का परराष्ट्र मामलों से जुडा
इतिहास देखते हुए, मैने चाबियाँ मौसीजी को देकर जाने का निर्णय लिया है | वे दोपहार ढाई से साढ़े तीन के बीच में घर आएँगी | सिर्फ उसी समय के दौरान तुम्हें यहाँ आने की अनुमती होगी | और हाँ, वे जब जमीन पोछ रहीं होंगी, तब उन्हें परेशान मत करना | मौसीजी? वे तो चुनाव के लिए खडी भी नहीं थी | बिलकुल | मैने वोट दिया है नोटा को | नोट? आई, आपने पैसों की लालच से रिशवत ले ली? तुम्हारा नागरिकशास्त्र इतना कमज़ोर कैसे? बाहर तुम्हारा दोस्त बैठा है | वह तुम्हे बताएगा | नमस्कार! आई ने बुलाया है इसलिए आया हूँ | मैं कोई दिया घिसने से प्रकट होने वाला जीनी नही | मेरा नाम है सुशांत | जिस तरीके से आई ने अनी और जुई को ठेंगा दिखाया, उस के लिए जिस शस्त्र का इस्तमाल किया, उसी के बारे में, मैं बात करने वाला हूँ | उसे नोटा बुलाते हैं | नोटा मतलब नन् ऑफ द अबव (इन में से कोई भी नहीं) | आप जब मतदान करने जाते हैं, तब आखिर में नन् ऑफ द अबव का पर्याय होता है | तो इस बटन को दबाकर आप अपना निषेध दर्ज कर सकते हैं | अगर कोई भी उम्मीदवार आप को पसंद नहीं आया, आपको लगता है की वह काम नही कर रहा, तो यह बटन दाबाइये | उस से होता क्या है, आप मतदान भी करते हैं और निषेध भी | बाकी आराम है | हम ऐसेही सवाल साब को पूछते घूमने वाले हैं | जुई की तरह हमारा खुद का नागरिकशास्त्र तो कच्चा है | तो आइये देखते है, बाहर लोगों का विषय कितना गहरा है ? क्या आप आनेवाले चुनाव में मतदान करने वाली हैं? हाँ |
क्यों? करना पडता है इसलिए | अच्छा लगता है जब वे यहाँ स्याही लगाते हैं | हाँ | दिखावा | मतदान..पता नहीं | शायद करेंगे | सब कहते हैं की मतदान करना चाहिए | तो वह दबाव है मुझ पे | आधार कार्ड दिखा के वोटिंग कर सकते हैं न? वोटिंग कार्ड नही हो तो भी! तो इस बार करने वाली हूँ | क्यों कि वह अपना अधिकार है | एक ऐसा एकलौता अधिकार जो सरकार हमें ठीक से इस्तमाल करने देती है | अगर कल आपने आपका खुद का पक्ष शुरू किया, तो उस का चिन्ह क्या होगा? मुझे लगता है ईगल रखना चाहिए | क्यों? ईगल क्यों? क्यों कि फिलहाल, भारत ने ईगल के जैसे ऊँची उडान लेने कि जरूरत है | पेड़, पौधे, घास-पूस, ऐसे कुछ रख सकते हैं | जल्दी…माइक | माइक क्यों? सब को बात करने का मौका देने के लिए | सब के विचार सब को पहुंचाने के लिए | मेरे ख्याल से इतने सारे पक्ष नहीं होने चाहिए | ज्यादा से ज्यादा दो या तीन पक्ष होने चाहिए | उन की पहचान उन के व्यक्तिमत्व और काम से होनी चाहिए | चिन्ह का कोई ज्यादा महत्त्व नही है | आपको खबरें कहाँ से मिलती हैं? इंटरनेट से | सोशल मीडिया, व्हाट्सअॅप, यूट्यूब इ. सोशल मीडिया, फेसबुक | कभी कभी फेसबुक और व्हाट्सअॅप से झूठी खबरें भी पता चलती हैं | कुछ चीजों से सहमत नही हो सकते | क्यों की व्हाट्स अॅप पे बहुत सारी झूठी खबरें भी होती हैं | मुझे बताइये, सांसद और विधायक में क्या अंतर है? सांसद और विधायक… नही? हमारे कृषी मंत्री कौन हैं? हमारे कृषी मंत्री… क्या आपको नोटा का मतलब पता है? नोटा? – हाँ, नोटा का मतलब पता है? सुना है उस के बारे में लेकिन स्पष्ट जानकारी नही है | हुश्श! लगभग पूरे महाराष्ट्र का यही हाल है | स्कूल में सीखा हुआ नागरिकशास्त्र हम लगभग भूल गए हैं | सब को सभी प्रश्नों के उत्तर पता नही थे | आपके दोस्तों को भी आगर जवाब पता न हों, तो उन्हें वे बताइये | हम पूरे महाराष्ट्र में घूमकर जनजागृती करने वाले हैं | मुंबई और पुणे से हम ने शुरूआत की है | अगर आपको वे विडिओज् देखने हैं, तो इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें | ‘विषय खोल’ चॅनेल को सब्स्क्राईब करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें | बेल आयकन दबाएँ और नियमित अपडेट्स पाएँ | देखते रहिए ‘विषय खोल’| धन्यवाद |