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Donald Trump has had a very productive weekend but only in terms of his Twitter output while the president ranted about quite a variety of subjects there is a clear front-runner something that is obviously very much on his mind right now and that is the trade war with China that the u.s. is currently involved in it was on Friday that the Trump administration announced an increase from 10 percent to 25 percent on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese goods and China retaliated quickly with plans to impose new tariffs on 60 billion dollars worth of goods imported from the US effective June 1st inevitably the stock market reacted to the tit-for-tat between the world's two largest economies and promptly took its deepest single-day plunge since January of this year meanwhile the actual negotiations for a trade deal between the United States and China seem to be going nowhere in particular which accounts for the increasing exasperation of the supposed deal maker in chief who went from calling the talks candid and constructive on Friday to eventually telling the Chinese that the deal would become far worse for them if negotiations were to drag on for very much longer it is expected that Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping will get a chance to talk on the sidelines of the g20 summit scheduled to take place in Japan in late June and both Treasury secretary minuchin and US Trade Representative Robert light Iser have received invitations to come to Beijing for further negotiations but in the meantime more tariffs imposed by either side will come into effect and will eventually have economic consequences thus the question of who is going to pay for the ongoing trade war is being discussed with increasing urgency this question was at the center of an interview Larry Kudlow gave to Fox News Chris Wallace on Sunday in which Trump's top economic adviser had to concede that it is in fact US businesses and consumers who are going to pay the increased tariffs this admission coup de l'eau essentially exposed Donald Trump's claim the tariffs are paid for mostly by China by the way not by us as an inaccurate statement furthermore Kudlow admitted that it would most likely be American farmers that would be hit hard by retaliatory Chinese tariffs apparently Donald Trump has been made aware of the fact that alienating this part of the Republican voter base could become a serious problem in an effort at damage control Trump told reporters at the White House on Monday that we're going to take the highest year the biggest purchase that China has ever made with our farmers which is about 15 billion dollars and do something reciprocal to our farmers so our farmers can do well in other words the Republican president is planning to use subsidies and redistribution to dampen the effects of his trade war Trump also referred to us farmers as great Patriot farmers in a tweet which prompted a number of biting comments from people familiar with the propaganda lingo of the former Soviet Union toil hard in the fields great patriot farmers of trumka Stan let this year deliver us a rich harvest so we exceed Chairman Trump's five-year plan one tweeter named at your web requite in a tweet

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as we all learned last week Republican Senator Richard burr issued a subpoena to Donald Trump jr. compelling him to give additional testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee as expected all hell has broken loose first Rand Paul of Kentucky said the subpoena is a real travesty of justice he went on to call the subpoena perjury trap well he got the perjury part right does he not know that perjury is a crime between Paul and Mitch McConnell there must be something really bad in the water in Kentucky next where his fellow North Carolina Senator Tom Tillis told USA Today that it's time to move on finally the biggest hypocrite in Washington Lindsey Graham appeared on Fox to give jr. a message in essence that he should break the law by refusing to appear many may recall that Graham was one of the major cheerleaders during the impeachment of Bill Clinton at that time Graham stated to be a person of character don't put her legal and political interests ahead of the rule of law and common decency as is typical with Graham these days he has completely forgotten everything he said in 2016 Graham called Trump a kook crazy and unfit for office not even a year later Graham said I'm concerned by the media's attempt to label Trump as a kook or not fit to be President huh they got those words from you dude now Graham is Trump's best friend what's up with Lindsey anyway have aliens taken over his body someone must have some really good dirt on him let me make this easy for a gray of Rand Tillis and any other Republicans who don't get why verse of peanut Junior he lied they know it and burr knows it both Graham and rant falsely claimed that the Mueller failed to prove collusion which we know is an illegal term anyway and that the ongoing investigations should end perhaps Mueller did not find enough to prove criminal conspiracy the actual legal term but he absolutely did find multiple instances of trumps attempted obstruction of justice since obstruction is a crime and Mueller specifically said Trump isn't exonerated burr wants to get to the bottom of things before finally putting it to bed if prison is good enough for Michael Cohen's lies on her own then it's good enough for juniors lies on her own

Donald Trump is reduced to groveling | US POLITICS NEWS

Donald Trump continues trying to obstruct justice in the name of trying to convince everyone he didn't already obstruct justice and his team have now twice asked Dan McGann to publicly state that he doesn't believe that Trump obstructed justice the first time Trump asked McGann reluctantly declined according to the New York Times the second request occurred after Trump's lawyers were given a redacted report but before it was released to Congress once they realized just how much it implicated Trump McGann declined the request again McGann knew full well that Trump did indeed attempt to obstruct the investigation and he wasn't about to lie for him the timing of Megan's definitive decision to pass on Trump's request is interesting as the NY Times reports Trump told aides that he believed McGann leaked the incident to the media to make himself look good look good at what this accusation makes no sense whatsoever but that is typical of Trump when the narrative fails to go Trump's way he becomes an angry petulant child determined to get back at his perceived enemies over the weekend Trump took to Twitter his favorite weapon of choice to say that he was never a big fan of Dan McGann Trump then went on to unbelievably tweet I was not going to fire Bob Mueller and did not fire Bob Mueller in fact he was allowed to finish his report with unprecedented help from the Trump administration all lies yes Trump would have fired Mueller with all due haste had he been able to further it now appears Mueller was not allowed to finish his probe he was forced to bring it to a close finally Trump wouldn't even sit for an interview with Mueller out of fear instead he submitted a bunch of evasive answers on paper if liar liar pants on fire were a real thing it would take the concerted effort of every fireman anywhere near Washington DC to put out Trump's pants the man simply wouldn't know the truth if it bit him Trump then put the proverbial icing on the cake by saying that Don McCann had a much better chance of being fired than Muller sure he did Trump was almost struggling at Megan's feet trying to get McGann to lie for him it is amazing how Donald Trump continues to try to change the narrative in his favor the truth is what it is and trying to modify the truth doesn't change it if Trump had spent half the time trying to do something for the average American as he has spent life attacking others and lining his pockets he might have had a decent presidency but that was never what he wanted Trump never wanted to be President when he got it he decided it made him king of the world sorry but the office doesn't work that way honestly nothing works the way Trump thinks it does he is a complete and utter failure I hope he enjoys the way history will paint him and his failed presidency

B.C. government announces inquiry into money laundering problem

good morning everybody thanks for being here today now the Minister of Finance the Attorney General I have just left cabinet where we have agreed and passed the appropriate orders to hold public inquiry into gaming and money laundering and the whole range of other activities that have flowed from the investigations that have been underway since we were sworn in as government I'd like to take people back if I could to 2014 to 2016 when we saw an incredible spike in the cost of housing in the Lower Mainland particularly but that started to spread right across British Columbia at the time Minister EB was the housing critic for the Official Opposition and he and I set out to try and determine how did it get this way and what steps could we take should we have the opportunity in the privilege to form a government after deliberation we determined that a vast majority of the spike in housing costs were a result of speculation in the marketplace when we form government Minister James said about putting in place a plan to address housing costs and the high the the radical increase in the cost of housing in British Columbia at the same time Minister EB undertook a review by appointing a Peter German to investigate money-laundering in the casino sector you're all aware of the findings of mr. German many of you would have seen the the images of hockey bags full of cash being used and laundered through our casinos here in British Columbia we responded to that we took steps to fix gaming policy enforcement we addressed some changes to the board at the BC Lottery Corporation in an attempt to get money laundering out of that sector last fall there was a prosecution underway that had been years in the making and it was it failed and was thrown out of court a stay was issued it was at that time that said we sat down as a cabinet and said how can we ensure that the people of British Columbia see consequences for the action of criminals and criminal activity in British Columbia we asked mr. German to expand his scope to look at luxury autos horse racing and other elements in the economy and Minister James put in place an expert panel to review the potential impact of money-laundering in our housing sector now those distortions were obvious to British Columbians they were obvious to people and they were obvious to governments as well over that two-year period there were many calls some from you in this room some from outside this room for a full public inquiry into money laundering in British Columbia we resisted that initially as we collected information because we wanted to make sure we were doing everything we could for the people of BC to demonstrate consequences for the actions of criminals in our economy that criminal activity has had a material impact on people whether it be the rise of opioid addictions the rise of opioid deaths as a result of overdoses whether it was the extraordinary increase in housing costs people were being affected by criminal activity in British Columbia when we received last week the review from the expert panel and the final iteration of mr. German second report it became abundantly clear to us that the depth and the magnitude of money laundering in British Columbia was far worse than we imagined when we were first sworn in and that's why we established the public enquiry today when this review will give me some details on that minister James will be talking about the scope and the magnitude of the impact on our economy that resulted from illegal activity and the laundering of the money from that legal activity here in BC these are profound problems for our system to be sure but they're profound problems for the people of British Columbia as well families can't afford to live in our major cities families are seeing loved ones died because of drug activity that has exploded over the past 10 to 15 years and the proceeds of that crime is continuing to circulate through the economy we want to stamp that out we believe a public inquiry today will allow us to get an understanding of how we got to this point to understand every elements of it that we could not compel witnesses to give with mr. German and we'll see the depth of the problem and the magnitude the challenge all of us face as we try to eradicate this problem going forward I'll pass it over to Carol now thank you very much premier and good morning everyone as the premier said well we were elected we inherited a housing crisis of a magnitude that the country let alone the province had never seen we didn't shy away from our commitment to act we got to work right away we rolled out our 30-point housing plan for affordability and we made the largest investment in housing in BC's history we implemented the speculation of vacancy tax to target foreign owners and satellite families who live in our province and do not pay tax here and we have world-leading legislation just passed yesterday in the legislature to establish Canada's first Public Registry of beneficial landowners in British Columbia but alongside action alongside action we also need answers last week's expert panel report estimated for the first time the extent of money-laundering infiltrating our economy particularly in our red hot real estate market the panel's estimate of seven billion dollars being laundered in our province was much more than anyone was aware of five billion dollars of that estimated to be laundered through the real estate market thanks to the panel's work we know that money laundering is responsible for hiking BC housing prices on average across the province by about five percent but we know in markets like Metro Vancouver with much more money laundering activity that could be much much higher as high as twenty percent that could mean all the difference in someone's down payment or ability to get a mortgage it's unacceptable to have a housing market that's distorted and inflated by the proceeds of crime while ordinary British Columbians are struggling to find secure affordable housing our real estate market should provide housing for people not profits for criminals and that's why we're moving ahead with a public inquiry into money laundering and now I'll turn it over to the attorney good morning the decision to hold an inquiry will be very welcome news for British Columbians who have told us they want answers and action against money laundering the inquiry will look at the broad scope of the problem give us answers about who knew what and when and tell British Columbians who exactly is participating in and profiting from money laundering in our province I am very pleased to advise you that Justice Austen Cullen has agreed to head this inquiry he is an eminent BC Supreme Court justice formerly serving as associate associate chief justice in British Columbia in addition to his work on the BC Supreme Court bench he has also served as British Columbia's most senior prosecutor in our independent prosecution service just as Colin's exceptional experience and knowledge of administration law and procedure will serve him well in this challenging role I am also pleased that justice Cullen will have a good starting point for his investigation you've seen the remarkable information that Peter German and Maureen Maloney were able to gather in a very short time even without access to confidential law enforcement records or the power to compel witnesses they're valuable reports gave us the basis on which to make the decision to hold a public inquiry even with many red flags the problem of money laundering NBC is bigger than we thought and is more entrenched than we'd hoped it is also clear that some individuals have refused to participate in our reviews voluntarily we are done with asking nicely today our government is given justice Cullen the authority to do more than ask for voluntary participation we have given him all of the powers to compel testimony and gather evidence that his new office as commissioner allows under the public inquiry Act these powers are significant they include the right to inspect any public place and seize records and the right to apply to court to obtain a warrant to search a private place since these records the right to order an individual to attend a hearing and testify under oath and to order that individual to produce any information or thing in that person's control and the power to find a person who refuses to respect the orders in contempt in the same way as if an order of our courts was not followed the commencement of this inquiry process is a vital and long overdue step towards justice in British Columbia given that there is significant overlap with federal jurisdiction on the urgent problem with organized crime our province faces I have spoken with my federal counterpart Minister Bill Blair who is rightly committed that the federal government will cooperate with us as required in this important work I thank him for his commitment this promise of full support should be a non partisan issue for all federal political parties and we would welcome all federal parties endorsing full federal cooperation with British Columbia in our time of crisis in our fight against international and domestic organised crime laundering their dirty money in our provinces economy now the premier Minister James and I would be happy to take questions okay opening up for questions just reminder to the reporters online can you please press 0 1 to queue up your questions ok first one we have is from zisman so the timing of all of this to the premium are you hoping to have political accountability in terms of the decisions that were made by the previous government when considering the draft before the report in 8 20 21 what impact do you think that will have in the secretary the fall of 2021 provincial elections well we had to give the Commissioner an appropriate period of time to conduct his review as the attorney said I believe we did a good deal of the investigative work through mr. Germans undertaking both in report 1 and report two on the housing side the expert panel that Minister James put together with former Deputy Attorney General Maureen Maloney at the head gave us a gain a better insight into the depth of the problem I believe that British Columbians want to know how this was allowed to happen in British Columbia that meant the Commissioner is not constrained in terms of his timelines he can go as far back as he needs to to get answers for British Columbians this is about making sure that there's accountability when the significant prosecution last fall failed we gathered the three of us and cabin and said how can we find a way forward we put in place these two second second part for mr. German first part from his Maloney and in a very short period of time they collected information that I know shocked everyone in this room and all British Columbians the Commissioner Commissioner Cullen will have the ability to compel testimony and I believe that will open up even more doors and more insights into the depth of the problem the timing of it is the timing of it we felt that the best way forward was to collect information and ensure there was accountability when the prosecution failed I spoke to the Prime Minister the attorney spoke with his opposite number in Ottawa and and MS James of the finance minister was looking at the consequences to the economy in BC which of course has implications for the economy of Canada as well this is a national problem with an extraordinary focus here in British Columbia we believe it's our obligation to get answers to those questions and I believe Commissioner Cohen will help us do that do you think EC Liberals will be compelled to testify in this and do you think you could have political ramifications before that 2021 I believe that if there is testimony that the Commissioner requires to get to the bottom of this he will compel that testimony who that will be is up to the commissioner okay we have Justine and then Mike can you give us an idea of who who or what agencies refused to cooperate with the German report and report and also does the assurance from mr. Blair means that there CP will walk right dr. German has not released to government or to the public the full list of people who he asked to participate and who did or didn't he did in his report outline as an example that there were some people in the luxury car industry who refused to cooperate and participate with his review as one example in terms of the issue of federal agencies I have the assurance of full cooperation from Minister Blair and I'm very grateful for that I know if the department is and the premier is as well because there are a number of federal agencies that were supposed to be there to protect us FINTRAC the anti-money laundering agency federally is the most obvious example they did not protect us and so the commitment of cooperation from the federal government is very important that does just sound clear that's PRC impede the RCMP has there's an important federal component related to the RCMP in terms of their international and national investigative bodies and we hope for full cooperation not just from the federal government on the political side but also from entities like the RCMP I'm sure that they have as much interest as we do in ending this activity and I also spoke with the Prime Minister about this last week let him know that we were on this track and he offered his full support at that time as well okay Mike then Vaughn to Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson which you expect we do encourage him to cooperate in this and tell his people to cooperate oh absolutely I would expect that and I'm sure that you'll ask him that one of the challenges we've had as we've tried to grapple with this we're starting with the issues in casinos and looking again when we started investigating this in opposition it was about the extraordinary escalation in housing costs that the former government appeared to be indifferent to regardless of the consequences it was having for people we asked early on if they would waive privilege and allow us as a new cabinet to have access to the work that they said they had done on this file and they refused to do that I would hope that Minister will conceal revisit that question and allow the public to have an understanding of what work did happen and certainly not just the public but Commissioner Cullen should have access to that information and that will be a challenge going forward if there have been some questions raised about decisions made by the NDP government the 1990s would you be willing to waive all privilege – we're not constraining the Commissioner in any way I will say that the gaming in the 90s was a shadow of what we see today in terms of the magnitude of the betting limits and the scale and the access to places to launder money but we're not afraid of that at all in fact if it's appropriate and the Commissioner calls for it we would certainly see that happening okay we're gonna do Vaughn Bob than Dirk as commissioner Cullen agreed to this two-year timetable has received the terms of reference and has agreed to act as commissioner and the the timetable is part of those terms of reference by the two year schedule the well the reality is of inquiries and British Columbia is that there are some inquiries that have been very close to anticipated time schedules and and there are also inquiries that have found the need to ask for extensions the commitment from government to Commissioner Cullen is that he will have the resources in the time that he needs to do the job that we're asking him to do which is to get answers for British Columbians about how this happened who's profiting from it and are there other issues that we uncovered yet that we should be dealing with the the terms of reference are clearer in terms of timelines but if the Commissioner believes that he requires additional time there's a mechanism for him to request additional time from government ATM in the Ministry of the Attorney General in the 90s also prosecutor does that limit his ability to look into what went on in the 1990s just for clarity he was he was the head of the independent prosecution service an ADM prosecution service is separate from government as you know and independent and it was really important to us to have somebody with the experience as a senior prosecutor this role because we you'll see in the terms of reference there is the possibility of brushing up against active Criminal Investigations or active police matters and we need someone who's able to recognize them negotiate that very difficult area cave on to the next question you've Bob next but can I ask the two ministers to actually use the mic at the stand because your lab mic sir are not picking up properly I'll just add to the time frame the good work of Peter German in Part one and Part two and the work of the Moloney task force does a lot of the initial steps that the Commissioner would have been required to do and so I believe that the time frames are achievable and we didn't want to constrain his ability to work within those but as the attorney said this is an inexact science and you would know after observing many of these over the years that the best of intentions often times run afoul of the circumstances that you find and we were shocked as you were to find the magnitude of the problem in the real estate sector that there were government programs that were being utilized to enable laundering of money through the luxury auto sector these were revelations and there may well be more and those could take more time or not that's is up to the Commissioner okay Bob Mackin thority signatory bodies within this order also includes miscible governments and regional districts because municipal governments misto politicians municipal bureaucrats may have been victims and they may have been complicit with the main laundering well though Koen allow that kind of testimony oh really compelled testimony from municipal authorities the intent was and preparing these terms of reference to give the commissioner as much leeway as possible to identify organizations with any contact or authority or responsibilities in this area to be able to be called to account and certainly if the commissioner feels that there's a group that somehow isn't captured in the terms of reference we would invite the commissioner to come back and ask for the terms to be modified because the intent was to be as inclusive as possible if you have federal authorities but they need to also talk to municipal authorities to you know Vancouver Surrey Richmond Burnaby or you PCM you know the there haven't been any conversations with with municipal governments on the terms of reference or on a public enquiry Dirk um when the Federal Minister was here a couple times he he said things like we can't really understand the scope of money-laundering because if the criminals don't file tax returns so are you going to be able to or is there gonna be like whistleblowers out this inquiry or are you actually able to compel some of these criminals to come and testify so there there is nobody in in British Columbia that is not potentially compellable the Commissioner could certainly call individuals who are believed to be actively involved in money laundering laundering the caveat on that obviously and it's in the terms of references not to interfere with active police investigations and to be very careful about that and if the Commissioner comes across information there should be going to law enforcement that that happens right away so this commission could potentially form a significant disruption in business as usual it's really in the commissioners hands who the Commissioner calls to testify okay Tanya and then we're moving to phone lines can you talk a bit about we saw the latest reports highlighted how this wasn't just a DC problem in fact we're not even the worst so how can this within our boundaries really address the problem on a national level I know you're gonna talk about the federal responsibilities there but what kind of sand fire we do given that well we have an obligation to British Columbians to get to the bottom of this so they have a better understanding that the decision-makers that are in place to protect the public interest to protect the people of BC are doing their job and have been doing their job consistently over time that's our objective there is a significant problem in Canada the attorney and mr. Blair have discussed that at length I've talked to the Prime Minister about it as well you're absolutely correct this is a national problem but British Columbia is well ahead of other jurisdictions and trying to ferret this out and make sure that we're doing everything we can to protect the public interest the proceeds of crime are starting the lives of British Columbians this this is not an intellectual exercise for families who can't afford to live in homes in Vancouver and Victoria and Kelowna this is a real time issue for people and the challenges that we've been able to uncover mr. German has been able to uncover are just the tip of the iceberg if we can compel testimony if we can ensure that an independent jurist is reviewing that information in the public interest I believe that we will be well served by that and Canada will be well served by that okay so my questions now we have graham wood from glacier media hi I'm Carol James um Carol you keep mentioning these numbers out of the Maloney report you just kind of describe how confident you are in these numbers I think it's important to note that that dr. Maloney and the report were made it very clear that they believe these are conservative numbers they did do modelling and and they did go through their their economics on the numbers but they quite readily will acknowledge that they believe that these are conservative numbers that in fact the numbers they believe are much larger based on GDP growth based on the escalating housing market so I am certainly I think shocked like everyone was when that number was released when we look at seven billion dollars and in 2018 when we look at five billion in the area of housing I think it pointed out very clearly that the work we've already done to date has been critical to get going just because it's a big problem just because it's a challenge or the federal government also has a responsibility doesn't stop British Columbia from taking leadership and and that's what the Premier and government have done in fact is take leadership on speculation and vacancy tax on the beneficial registry where we will actually require companies and corporations and Trust to disclose who is behind those numbered companies so they can't hide behind those numbered companies for money laundering so I think the reports just pointed clearly to the work that we've done and the work that needs to happen through choir e okay we have less Lane from The Times columnist on the line do we less Lane from The Times columnist oh thanks barred from acquiring respecting the exercise of prosecutorial discretion and does that preclude any explanation of the big mystery about why the silver income paid collapse really unless we yeah that's right talking about successful government the some of you will remember the Frank Paul inquiry which was specifically tasked to look at the decision of prosecutors around around whether or not proper decisions were made in in not charging police officers in relation to activities with respect to mr. Paul there was a judicial review by the prosecution service of their requirement to testify raised issues of prosecutorial independence and the this does not exempt either federal or provincial prosecution services from participation what it does do is it limits the ability of the commissioner to go back and second-guess the decisions of an individual prosecutor on a particular file I understand that the prosecution service and the RCMP are doing reviews around the silver international case and it does and it will have the effect of not allowing somebody to the commissioner to go in and second-guess the decision of the federal prosecutor that said look we can't go ahead with this and the reasons for that are to preserve prosecutorial independence but it's not a correct interpretation that the issue of adequate resources for prosecutors or how prosecutors work with police or these kinds of things can't be looked at in fact it could very easily be looked at as part of this query okay we're gonna leave the phone lines and end with Mary and then Lisa I think it's a probably a question for the finance minister German Travis from its integrity ICI was just looking at the numbers and starting in 2000 the lottery Corp and the property transfer tax and the government took in about 800 million in the new fast forward to 2017 2018 it's in the billions and I just wondered once you start clamping down on money laundering you're looking at a property that revenue sources decreasing expectancy well there is no question I think is the premier said clearly money laundering impacts the economy just as a speculative real estate impacts the economy and yes you saw money coming into the Treasury into government from those activities but when you look at the impact and the damage on the province and the people of this province the housing crisis for example caused huge problems and continues to cause huge problems when it comes to our economy recruiting and retaining workers we have the best labor market in the country and we have trouble getting people because they take a look at the real estate market and go somewhere else so that has a huge economic impact the issue of opioids and the the crisis that we see that impacts families the human crisis but also the monetary crisis around our health care system and policing and the justice system so the costs of money laundering of losing the the support for institutions in our province for having the kind of reputation I believe has much more of an impact than looking for quick dollars coming into the budget we need to build a long-term sustainable economy that works for people and that excludes criminals and excludes money laundering okay Leeza and then one question from Rob Shaw I one thing that people are gonna want to see is they want to see you can stroll can you talk about what will be you know charges that maybe lay beyond naming and shaming will charge the lady will be prosecuted well it's pretty early days to answer those questions I think our objective here is is not as graphically violent as you've suggested there our objective is to to meet the issues that Minister James just talked about it's it's not the you know that perhaps other governments were intoxicated by the revenues that kept coming in there's certainly evidence of that we'll see if the Commissioner finds that the issue is how is this affecting people the forgone economic activity the family that couldn't stay in the Lower Mainland the the lost opportunity for a business to start because a good idea had to go somewhere else because they couldn't afford to live here that is the real challenge is to make sure that we're working always in the interest of the people of British Columbia the revenues that come and go are key part of delivering services without any doubt but I think all British Columbians want those revenues to arrive in a legitimate way not at the expense of families who lose precious loved ones to an opioid crisis that is being fuelled by organized crime if the opportunity comes out or if you find that people who are doing criminal activities though we see prosecutions prosecution service that's not up to me okay your one question probably a good thing instead of lying for us the cost do we know an estimate of what this would cost and is there any traditional money for people who need to be identified or their legal costs or cost they might occur as the process the indemnity process is again separate from the political process there's an avenue for public officials to access those decisions and I will leave that to what it is the cost we've not put forward a final cost because we don't know what that will be what we do know is the consequences of 7 billion at a minimum 7 billion dollars of illegal activity in the economy is having a profound impact on people and a profound impact on how we grow a sustainable economy going forward so we will not just constrain the Commissioner by putting a title or a tagline on it for the cost but you know in previous examples of commissions of this nature the cost can escalate we're mindful of that but we don't want to constrain it at this time we know that the value for money of making sure that the public has a good understanding of how we got here and more importantly how do we ensure that we can stifle this activity and eradicate it if at all possible okay thank you very much everybody

President Donald Trump Calls Trade War With China ‘A Little Squabble’ | MSNBC

so trouble let's listen is doing very well by every measure we're having probably the greatest economy that we've had anywhere anytime in the history of our country we're having a little squabble with China because we've been treated very unfairly for many many decades for actually a long time and it should have been handled a long time ago and it wasn't and we'll handle it now I think it's going to be I think it's going to turn out extremely well we're in a very strong position we are the piggy bank that everybody likes to take advantage of or take from and that we can't let that happen anymore we've been losing we've many years anywhere from 300 billion to 500 billion dollars a year with China and trade with China we can't let that happen the relationship I have with President Xi is extraordinary it's really very good but he's for China and I'm for the USA and it's very simple we are again in a very very strong position they want to make a deal it could absolutely happen but in the meantime a lot of money is being made by the United States and a lot of strength is being shown this has never happened to China before our economy is fantastic theirs is not so good we've gone up trillions and trillions of dollars since the election they've gone way down since my election so that's the way it is that's the way it stands we're going to do very well yeah hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

Donald Trump just broke the stock market | POLITICS NEWS

investors have opened up a can of blue pass on Donald Trump after he opened up a can of dumbass on them Trump decided to date to further escalate his idiotic trade war which has harmed the US economy at least as much as it's harmed the Chinese economy as a result the smart money is fleeing the stock market with the expectation that Trump's gibberish policies are sending the market toward a crash the Dow Jones Industrial is currently down around 550 points at the time of publication and was down more than 700 points earlier this afternoon Wall Street is sending a loud and clear message to Donald Trump knock off the trade war nonsense but Trump doesn't seem to be getting the message he spent all morning posting tweets which incorrectly characterized what a tariff is and who pays it then this afternoon after investors kicked him around Trump told the television cameras that this is all somehow part of his genius plan to defeat the Chinese economically Trump needs to be careful here because he's doing the one thing that actually could cause the Republican establishment to finally turn against him for Republican politicians the first rule is that you don't mess with rich people's money billionaires and mega corporations fund Republican politicians for the sole purpose of protecting their ability to keep getting richer with his nonsensical tariffs and idiotic trade war Trump is setting wealthy donors money on fire will soon see those donors use their Republican puppets in Congress to loudly push back against Trump's tariffs and what will trump do