M. Night Shyamalan Pranked His Mother-in-Law with the Fake Baby from Servant

-How are you?
-I’m good. I was backstage,
and Tiffany twerked for me. -Yeah.
-I mean, it’s good. -Well, wait. You were backstage
probably looking for Migos on your phone being like,
“I have to have this ready…” -No, she did it without music. -She’s a very kind person.
-Yes. -You’re obviously — You’re
known for being a film director. It’s very exciting to have you
producing a television series, directing some episodes. This is,
as one might expect from you, a fairly haunting idea
about a — [ Laughs ]
I don’t know why I’m laughing. It’s a couple
who’s suffered a tragic loss. -Yeah.
-There’s a nanny. Explain the concept real quick
and how it came about. -You know, I get offered certain
things to either, you know, write, rewrite.
or direct or produce. And this particular idea
came to me of a couple
that had lost a child, and they do this very fringe
therapy, this very rare therapy. It’s actually a real therapy,
where they take a doll and pretend that their child
is still alive and to help with
the emotions and all. And it’s such a tragic
kind of setup. And it’s very eerie
in and of itself. And this doll
that they’re using, the mom thinks
the child’s alive, and she believes it so much
that she hires a nanny. And then the nanny comes in,
and the nanny immediately starts treating the doll
like it’s alive. And so it’s a very eerie setup,
and so I was like, “I need to know
what happens to this couple.” -Yes.
-Yeah. -And that’s how you get into it.
-Yes. -I want to show a clip real
quick because this is sort of — Explain the clip
before we show it. Like — -Yeah, it’s — I can barely
show you guys anything about this show
without giving too much away, but this is in episode nine,
which I directed. And weird things are afoot. And strange things
are happening. And this is a moment, I believe, where she wakes up
in the middle of the day and the car alarm is going off
and it just won’t stop. And she’s trying
to find the key, and she finds the key,
and it just won’t stop. And there’s something
that’s going on that’s infecting their lives
in this house. -All right.
Let’s take a look real quick. [ Car alarm wailing,
horn blaring ] -[ Screaming ] [ Car alarm wailing,
horn blaring ] [ Alarm and horn stop ] ♪♪ -See, it’s very haunting.
You make very haunting films. It’s very distressing
to watch what you make. -Yeah. It’s a mystery,
and it’s been fun to do it in this long form like this
with Apple. It’s been — It’s been fun. -How do you —
Do you ever get scared when you’re watching something
that you have done? -I’m definitely — I’m — If you
watch a movie with me, if we were in a movie theater
together, I am the best audience member. I’m squirming, and I’m jumping,
and I’m like, “Oh, my gosh.
That happened to Kevin Hart? Oh, my gosh!” I’m definitely the guy that’s
totally reacting to everything. And even in my stuff,
when it’s working, I start to react like that,
as well. -And so — Obviously when you make a film
you do test screenings, you are watching
audience members. Are you looking for something
from an audience member when they’re watching
something you’ve made? -Well, it’s really interesting
’cause I make thrillers generally,
like, suspense thrillers. And what ends up happening — I
noticed this when I was younger, and I didn’t realize this was
actually a real thing. But as I’ve made more movies, it’s actually a science
what I’m telling you. So, you screen the first cut of
movie, and it’s really long. It has, like, everything in it.
It’s not paced correctly. And about 50 people
will go to the bathroom during the screening
of the movie. They’ll just get up and go
at some point in the movie. And as you make the movie
and you keep on doing it, then 30 people
go to the bathroom. And the time next,
there’s 20 people, and then 10 people,
then 4 people. And then the last cut of the
movie when it’s ready to go out, it’s two people,
and they’re running, and they’re backwards-watching
the screen as they go to the bathroom. And what’s really interesting
is that, like, you stop thinking about yourself when you’re
completely connected to the movie
and like 500 people forget they needed to go
to the bathroom. -Yeah, I mean, I guess the
perfect movie would just be everybody goes
in their pants, yeah. -Yeah, I’ve never —
never achieved that. -Never achieved that. Yeah. -I’ve never achieved that
Depends level of success. -I do, as would be expected,
like — You know, you mentioned
that it’s like a baby doll. The baby doll, though, is —
We have a photo of it. It is little bit,
I think, more lifelike than people may have expected. [ Audience awws ]
That’s a real — Yeah, exactly. And on set,
I would imagine it’s fairly — As far as props go,
it’s probably fairly creepy. -That is the doll
that they use in the therapy. We had one made for us,
and it’s — It literally moves, and it sits
with you like a real doll. My mother-in-law, who lives
in India, came to visit me, and I was showing her
my offices. And me being
a really bad son-in-law, I decided to trick her. And so we were walking through
the offices, and I went, “Oh, my — Oh, my God!
Someone left a baby!” -Oh, Jesus.
-“Oh, my God.” And she was like, you know —
She’s an older Indian woman. And I was like, “Oh, my God!” And she was, “Oh, no!
Oh, my God! Ohh!” And then I was like,
“Who would do this?! Who would do this?!” And she was like,
“What is this?!” And I handed it to her,
and she starts cradling it ’cause it weighs and it moves
just like a baby, and she starts tearing up,
and I’m like, “This has gone too far.”
-Yeah. -And I said, “I’m just kidding.” -Do you not get this enough
from your work? -“I’m just kidding.
It’s not real.” And she keeps on — she keeps on
doing this as she’s like — It’s a doll, and you can’t stop. Your body won’t stop because it feels and looks like
a real doll. I’m sorry I did that to her.

Bow Down to Badass Benson – Law & Order: SVU

-I can’t use my…as an alibi
because I wasn’t with my… -Well, then I’m gonna need
the name of your other… ♪♪ Up against the wall now.
Don’t make me say that again. Arraign this prick. You’re under arrest. -You’re either a wolf
in this life or a lamb. I’d rather run with the wolves.
[ Handcuffs clicking ] I’ll be out of these cuffs
in an hour. -I wouldn’t be so sure. Your friends are gonna turn on
you, and nobody helps the wolf when he’s bleeding. ♪♪ Follow my lead. -You don’t know Benson. -[ Grunting ] She’s like a dog with a bone. -W-What can I do now?
[ Sobs ] -We’re gonna find and confront
the bastard who did this to you. Stand up. You’re under arrest
for rape in the first degree. [ Handcuffs clicking ]
Let’s go. This is far from over. -I’ve never seen him before
in my life. -Well, that’s — that’s not
what your mom said, Tony. -You see? I’m a good citizen. Helping you out and all.
So I can go now. -While we appreciate
how devastated you are that your drugs are killing people,
no, no, you can’t go. -Who’s she? -I’m the…that’s gonna
smack your pretty face next time I hear you say “ho.” Get ahold of yourself.
-Get your hands off me! -Stop! Now.
-Get outta here. -Not without my Oreos.
-Just go someplace else. -Hey, sweetheart, I’ve had
a very bad day, okay? You have no idea
what utter terror is. -Lana would never turn on me. -She’s testifying in front of
the grand jury as we speak. You are done, Doctor.
You’re done. -Testimony of co-conspirators.
They don’t know the real story. -Oh, well,
Judge Barth is cooperating. And, by the way,
so is your wife. -See, this is just
another case to me. -Listen. Your B.S.
doesn’t fly with me. Mr. Duca, I was just
coming to see you. -This is harassment.
-No, this is a warning. If you ever post another word
about my son, I will arrest you on
child-pornography charges, and I will do everything in
my power to make them stick. Do you understand me?
We’re clear. You know what
the worst thing is? What really pisses me off? You, Mr. Beck, are the worst
kind of predator there is. Um, sorry.
Can I just get some aspirin? -A-And that’s it.
-Thank you. Drop the knife. Turn around. Put your hands
behind your back. [ Handcuffs clicking ]
Hmm. -I’m going to confiscate
everything that Chris owns. -What does that mean?
-What does that mean? It means that your mother is
gonna be living on the street. Goodbye.