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As men discard their old clothes.. ..so also the Soul will
abandon the old.. and assume anew another body. ”Excuse me.. the kid is sick,
please call the doctor.” ”Don’t worry, everything
will be fine.” ”Step back, please.
– Check the blood pressure..” ”and clamp the monitors please.
– Yes, doctor.” What happened?
– He fainted while playing. ”Has he fainted before?
– No, doctor.” Any injuries on the head?
– No. ”Did he eat anything? – He had
breakfast and lunch, doctor.” Any allergies?
– No. Go to the counter and
prepare the file. ”You must deposit 30,000.
– All right.” ”You must deposit 30,000, right now.
– 30,000?” Yes. Any problem? Do you have insurance?
– Yes. l had got my son insured. l’ll
get it within half-hour. Fine. ”Yes, doctor?
– Doctor, l’ve put him on Dopamine.” ”Please sit there, l’ll call you.
– All right.” ”Yes sir, the minister’s ambulance
is here. Right, sir.” Hurry up and get the stretcher. Be careful. ”C’mon, hurry up.” Hurry up. This manager is a jerk. He puts
us on overtime everyday. My wife kicks me out of the house. She doesn’t like me coming
home after six. ”We slog like donkeys, and
what we get is zilch.” l’m stuck in a bloody weird job.
– No good banging your head. Forget it and have your food. ”Narayan, how much does
Prabhu’s son weigh?” ”Four and.. – Well, buddy.
How much does he weigh!” D’you guys now understand why he’s
been smiling since morning? ”Well, what’s the news?
– Tell us.” l don’t know when morning came. l don’t know when l lost my senses. l don’t know when morning came. l don’t know when l lost my senses. ”Let’s go to school, Papa.” ”l’m late.
– What happened, son?” ”Know what, Papa? My stomach’s been
hurting badly since morning.” ”What are you saying?
– You didn’t tell me, son.” ”l feel like sleeping, mummy.” lt’s hurting badly.
– Then why are you going to school? ”lf l don’t go to school, my teacher
will complain to you, Papa.” No need to go to school. l’ll tell
your teacher that you are unwell. ”All right, Papa.
– Take him to the doctor, Saru.” ”lf there’s any problem, call me.
– Okay.” Put your bag down. You are
always upto mischief. So why won’t you fall ill? Damn! When will fate look up?
How and when? ”What’s wrong with Ganesh? He
seems hassled, since morning.” He didn’t even wish me.
What’s the matter? No idea. He looks really
hassled today. What are you saying? ”All right. Enough, hang up now.” Dammit!
– What happened? Who was it? My son.
– ls everything fine? 1 7 for 3.
– What..? ln 5 overs. These guys can only model!
They can’t play cricket for nuts. Sachin too is..! l should’ve
born in Australia. Your son is watching a cricket match? – lt’s the first match
of the world cup. Didn’t he go to school?
– Did your son go? ”My son is not well, his
stomach is hurting.” ”Boy, every kid in the city has
an upset stomach today. Got it?” No? He’s got it. Saru. You’re back? Will you have tea? ”No, l’ll have dinner.
– l’ll serve it.” You’re still on the same page! You
haven’t had the milk either. ”Hurry up! l’ll serve dinner.
– l’m doing it, Mama.” ”Strange kid. He’s always upto
mischief. – How’s your tummy, son?” ”Tummy..? Oh yes, tummy.
lt’s absolutely perfect.” Did you go to the doctor?
– Didn’t need to. He was all right.. soon after you left. You must go to the doctor. What if
your tummy gets upset tomorrow? ”Papa, it’s not hurting anymore.
See. No problem.” You won’t have a problem
after an injection. ”My stomach is not hurting, Papa.” Tell me something. Who won? ”lndia.
– lndia, eh?” ”Come here! You lie to your father,
eh? – Papa, l’m sorry.” ”Please let me go, Papa.
– Your son is learning to tell lies.” ”How could you kid with him?
– Sorry, Mama.” ”Sorry. Show me the highlights,
come on.” Highlights!
– Wonder when you’ll grow up. ”Here you are, sir.
– You got the policy document?” ”Look, this policy is invalid.
This year’s premium is unpaid.” l will pay it. Your son will be attended
to only after you.. ..deposit the money.
lt’s an emergency. How will l raise the money
in such a short period..? You can never predict an accident. Go on. Pay the premium or
bring the money. All right? What is it?
– Look what l got for you. What is it?
– Open it. Another sari? You just bought
me one two months ago. ”On the contrary, l didn’t buy
you a sari for two months.” Where did you get the money from?
– Praise Lord Ganesh. Mr. Ganesh? So you lent
him money again? He returned what he owed me. ”Mr. Kind, how many people
have you lent money to?” Do l ever ask you how much
money you have saved? Don’t you touch my money! Papa! ”Papa, this is my lucky bat.
l scored many runs.” So you bought a sari and a bat.
What did you buy for yourself? ”Saru, you’ll look pretty
in this sari.” And our son is happy with the bat.
That’s what l bought for myself. You are so good.
– This bat is so good.. How good? You’ll soon know how good it is.
– He must’ve done something. ”Ravi, your son broke my
window glass again.” ”This is not happening. lf he
does it again, l’ll fix him.” He broke your glass?
– Yes. You broke her glass again?
This is not right. You’ve been breaking glasses
on all the floors. Now break your piggy bank and
pay her back. l’m out of it. He hasn’t saved that much.
l’ll pay for him. l don’t know. We had an agreement. He’ll pay for the first three floors
and l’ll pay for the upper floors. But he doesn’t get above
the third floor. See that? Listen.. your file hasn’t
reached upstairs. lt will reach soon. ”Good you came on time, l was leaving.
– Here you are.” ”Here’s 25,000.
– 25,000? 30,000 is the amount.” l’ll deposit 5000 by morning.
”Here’s 25,000.
– 25,000? 30,000 is the amount.” l’ll deposit 5000 by morning. l could organise only this
much tonight. Please. Don’t forget.
l could organise only this
much tonight. Please. Don’t forget. He’ll hit a boundary now. Nothing. He’ll play.
– Gaurav! Gaurav! ”What happened, son?
– What happened to you, Gaurav?”
Gaurav! ”What happened, son?
– What happened to you, Gaurav?” What happened?
– Nothing. Doctor is examining him. Mr. Rajput?
– Yes. Come.
– Come. Come in. Please sit. Please listen to me carefully. ”This is a normal heart,
and this is Gaurav’s.” You won’t probably spot
the difference. Let me explain it properly.
The lungs purify the blood.. ”and send it to the heart, which then
circulates it to the entire body.” But it’s not happening
in Gaurav’s case. ”ln his case, the heart, instead
of circulating the blood..” Doctor.. we don’t understand. ls our son all right? Gaurav’s heart is working
below its normal capacity. ”But doctor, he plays so much.
He was playing when he fainted.” ”Doctor, how long will it
take for him to recover?” ”Will he be able to play? He loves
cricket, he is a good player.” He can’t play. You don’t understand. Gaurav’s heart is very weak.. ”not just for playing,
but for living too.” His heart is so weak that it can’t
keep him alive for long. ”How could this happen, Ravi? Tell
them that our son is fine.” l don’t believe them!
– Everything will be fine. Our son is all right!
– Nothing will happen to him. Everything will be all right. How much time does he have?
– Few months.. few weeks.. few days. As long as his heart works. ”Gradually, he will sleep longer.
And one day, he will not wake up.” ”What can be done, doctor?” ”As long as he is alive,
keep him happy.” Give him a life as best as you can. You can do nothing more. ”No other way out, doctor?
He’s our only son.” ”There is a way, but it’s not easy.” ”What is it, doctor? l’m
willing to do everything.” Heart transplantation. Gaurav is lucky. A patient
who died yesterday.. ”has donated all his organs,
including his heart.” ”But doctor Nita..
– l’ve checked all the reports, sir.” ”lt matches so well, it’s uncanny.” ”But the surgery is very expensive,” ..and the chances of survival
are fifty-fifty. Doctor.. what’d you have done
if it were your son? l’d go for the surgery.
– l will go for the surgery too. l will. He is insured
for half-a-million. 1 .5 million. The cost of the surgery
will be 1 .5 million. ”Will you be able to organise it?
Besides, what if he doesn’t survive?” 1 .5 million.. l will get it. He’s my son. My son will live. ”Nothing will happen to him, nothing.” ”l will get 1 .5 million.
l will, doctor.” Ravi.. only this doctor can cure Gaurav.
He has the Midas touch. Don’t quit this hospital
or the doctor. ”The doctor talks about heart
transplantation. What is this, Dayal?” ”He has suffered three heart attacks
already, and this is the fourth, sir.” So? Swami is a great man. What’s to be done now? lf
something happens to him.. ”you take a train back home.
– l’ll have to find out, sir.” ”lf they have a heart in their bank
that matches, it will be done.” ”Then find out. lf they don’t have,
find out a person from our party..” ”or someone else, whose
reports match with his.” Tell him that he’ll become a martyr. ”Dayal, we need a heart. Else,
our government will fall.” ”Right, sir.
– You get it, don’t you? Come on.” Coming. Ravi? At this hour?
What’s the matter? ”Gaurav is unwell, he needs a surgery.” Why? What’s wrong with him?
– There’s a problem in his heart. ”The surgery is quite expensive,
l need money.” ”Rajesh, don’t mind. l have come
to take the 12,000 l lent you.” l shouldn’t have taken the money
from you. l used that money.. ”Well, your wife was unwell then.” ”How do l organise the
money right now, Ravi?” l understand. l should’ve
informed you before. But.. ”Give me two days, l’ll do something.” All right. Bye. Send the motorbike for welding
if the silencer is repaired. Give me a wad of ten. l could’ve given you a good
deal had you given me time. These roads are desolate. My hands are empty. Car insurance? Hold on for a moment. We’ll do everything that is possible.
God is also watching. How’s your son now? ”He’s in the hospital, for surgery.” ”Don’t worry, everything will be fine.
You haven’t harmed anyone, have you?” No.
– Then why will God harm you? We know that your monthly
saving is haywire.. but you must be careful
with these things. Another thing. Don’t
tell anyone that.. ..the boy is sick. lt’ll
ruin everything. Renewal is not done in such cases.
– When will l get the document? ”Not today, come tomorrow. Once the
manager signs it, your job is done.” These roads are desolate. My hands are empty. ”The medical insurance
will give me 500,000.” ”That’s a sensible thing
you’ve done, Ravi.” ”lsn’t 500,000 enough?
Do you need more money?” ”Yes, sir. The doctor says that the
surgery will cost 1 .5 million.” ”The insurance amount comes to 500,000.
l still have to organise a million.” A million? ”Ravi, the company cannot lend
a million even to officers.” ”Sir, my son’s life is in danger. l
will work hard to repay every penny.” ”l’m sorry, Ravi. l can’t do this.” ”Please try, sir.” ”Believe me, Ravi.” l’m sorry. ”Don’t worry, Ravi. Our union
will compel the management..” to pay up a million for
your son’s treatment. ”ls there no other way out, Mangesh?
– Don’t worry.” You will get money for your son’s
treatment. No need to talk to Bhatia. l’ll talk to the General Manager.
Come with me. Let him sleep. ”Papa, you’re back?” ”Yes, son. – l troubled the
two of you, didn’t l?” ”Nothing of that sort, son.
You are just a kid.” And kids do get sick. That’s why
they are taken to the doctor.. for treatment. The doctor just said.. ”Mummy, God gets angry
if you lie, right?” ”Papa, l want to stay with you.” l’m not leaving you. ”Where are you going anyway? l’ll take
you along, after you recover.” ”lf you talk like this again,
l’ll get real angry with you.” Does he think he won’t be all right? l won’t let anything happen to him. And you are too much. Always weeping. Even
you don’t trust me? ”l trust only you. l don’t trust the
doctors, hospitals l trust only you.” ”lf you give up, what
will happen of me?” ”He will be all right, Ravi.” He will be all right.
– He will be fine. Everything will be all right.
Nothing will happen to him. ”A loan of only 75,000
has been sanctioned.” ”What..? What good is 75,000?” How will his son be operated upon? The G.M has flatly refused.
The company can’t do much. ”Ravi, you must sign these documents.” ”ln that case, Mr. Manager, also tell
us what’s written in these documents.” For 12 years Ravi can’t
quit this company. He must do 4 hours of
overtime everyday. And 1000 bucks will be deducted
from his salary every month. l will announce a strike tomorrow
itself. l’ll fix you guys. ”Come on, Ravi.” ”Ravi, don’t sign the documents.” ”l never refused. l told
you, l’ll help him.” Now Dinesh is asking me..
how is it possible? how can it be done in seven days?
– Sorry sir. ”When will l get the documents? – Your
file is ready, but boss is busy.” ”lt’ll be done today itself,
don’t worry.” What is this Ad for? The logo
is not prominent at all. ”l know, but l’ll be risking my job.” ”lt can’t be done in seven days,
it’ll take a month, tell him.” ”l can’t help it. No,
you tell him, please.” Hey! Where are you going? ”There was supposed to be another
line ”Rest Assured”. Where is it?” Yes?
– Please sign these documents. What are you doing? Sorry sir. l know..
but l’m in a hurry. What’s the matter?
– l want to renew the policy. ”l have paid the late fees,
l just need your signature.” l have to deliver the documents.
– Deliver? Where? ”Sir, you are an officer,
l won’t lie to you.” ”My son is sick, he needs
to be operated.” What? Your son is in the hospital?
– Your son is in the hospital? And you didn’t inform us? Lots of
formalities have to be done. Come on. ”l’ll explain to him, sir.
– l’ve paid premiums for 7 years.” ”Now that l need it, won’t you help
me? – You don’t understand.” ”lf the kid is sick, we need his
health certificate. Go on..” l have never delayed in paying
the premiums in these 7 years. ”This time, my friend had a problem,
so l lent him the money.” l sold my motorbike
to renew the policy. ”Strange. You don’t pay the premium
in time, and now you are lying.” l’m not lying. ”l’m not lying, sir.
– Mr. Ravi, take a look.” This is the policy renewal form.
Clause five clearly states that.. the company has the rights to seek
the child’s health certificate. We have no problems
in renewing it. Just get the child’s
health certificate. lt is imperative
that the kid is in.. ..good health during
the time of renewal. Sorry sir. Mangesh bhai. Yes Ravi? l met Praveen bhai. But he’s asking for
a bizarre surety. ”Good evening.
– Good evening, sir.” What about the kid? Has
the money been deposited? Not yet. They said it’ll be
done by tomorrow morning. ”They wanted to meet you,
so l called them over.” l have a feeling that they
can’t deposit the money. ”ln that case, sir?
– Simple.” We’ll have to discharge the boy. And the heart will go
to Narayan Swami. Strange. Very sad. ”As per rules, we gave them two
days time to pay the money.” ”lf they can’t pay the money, we have
to give the heart to someone else.” ”Sir, l don’t know why l feel that
this heart should go to the kid.” ”Dr Nita, only the powerful
speak rules.” The weak speak their hearts. They are two different languages. When there are two different
languages.. ..the point is never the same. ”May l come in, sir?” ”Come in, Mr. Rajput.” ”You wanted to meet me?
– Yes, sir. – Sit.” ”Sir, l’ll organise the
money before morning.” Please prepare for the surgery. l’ll prepare within an hour. We’ll begin the surgery within an
hour after the money is deposited. ”However, if the money isn’t
deposited by tomorrow evening..” we’ll have to discharge your son. ”How can you discharge him, sir?
My son is just eight years old.” ”Fear God.
– lf l fear God, how will l operate?” My hands will tremble
on the operation table. We fight God in the
operation theatre.. only then we’re able to snatch
the life from His hands. lf l fear Him.. ”l’ll have to obey His orders too,
that the patient’s time is up.” ”Sir, you perform so many surgeries,
you earn millions.” Can’t you perform this one
for free..? Not for free.. l’ll repay every penny of yours. Please sit down. ”All right, l will do
the surgery for free.” ”But l’m not alone, Mr. Rajput.
There’s an entire team of doctors.” Will you also ask them
to do this for free? ”Besides, the medicines, operation
theatre charges, nurses..” ”and Dr Smith, who will be coming
especially for this surgery..” will l tell them all
to do this for free? How many people will you ask
to do this surgery for free? l will do it for free. Go and tell
everyone to do it for free. ”Ravi, you don’t have much time.” lf you don’t deposit the money
by tomorrow evening.. ”forget discharging the kid, it’ll
be impossible to save him.” ”Besides, it doesn’t
matter what l want..” or what Dr Nita wants. Organise the money before
it is too late. ”The money will be organised
by tomorrow, sir. lt will be.” ”lt will never be late, sir.” ”Excuse me, do you have a coin?
– Sorry, sir. Please take it from him.” Do you have a coin? Coin. lt’s okay. What does Dr Sen say? ”Nothing. lf the money.. – is not
raised, they’ll discharge him.” What about the money?
– lt’ll be organised by tomorrow. Who are you fooling? Yourself? Or me? lf you were capable of raising
1 .5 million overnight.. wouldn’t you have
deposited it by now? You would’ve raised
it in a trice. lt’s a question of your son’s life. ”Trust me, take him to some
Municipality hospital.” Things might work out there. Nothing is happening
here without money. Nothing will happen without money?
– l mean.. they will discharge him by afternoon.
– They will discharge my son.. without the surgery?
– Yes. They will take off.. all the tubes and machines
they’ve fixed on him. Then pick up your son and run off. Who will take off the
tubes and machines? ”The order will come from above,
and we’ll have to take them off.” ”You will take the machines
off, will you?” ”Will l sit and watch you do that, eh?
– What are you doing, Ravi?” lt’s not his fault. Why will
they operate for free? ”You’ve been telling them that you’ll
deposit the money ”tomorrow”.” But nothing has happened so far. Why
will they perform the surgery? ”l want my son, Ravi. l want my son!” ”When you used to earn 2000, l
still managed to run the house.” ”When you earned 4000, l still ran
the house. l never complained..” ”l never demanded anything.
But today, l want my child!” ”l want my child at any cost, Ravi.” l want my child at any cost. l want my child. Please
save my son’s life. The lamp stands up to the wind. The wind has to change its course. ”My faith, even in my
helplessness..” will melt down the rocks of Destiny. ”Tonight, l shall take away..” whatever l want from Your doorstep . ”Tonight, l shall take away..” whatever l want from Your doorstep . ”Tonight, l shall take away..” whatever l want from Your doorstep . ”Tonight, l shall take away..” whatever l want from Your doorstep . ”These clouds of misery, these
predicaments.. save me, my Lord.” ”Mercy, Lord.” ”Mercy, Lord.” Rehmat bhai. ”How are you, Rehmat?
– Welcome, Mangesh.” Asif is not to be seen.
He doesn’t even call. ”You know him, he’s a
regular in lockups.” Salaam Aleikom.
– Waleikom Salaam. ”Made in Germany, .38. Six
rounds. Cost, 40,000.” You want a cheaper one?
Local make. No guarantee after
a couple of rounds. ”lf the barrel bursts, you’ve had it.
Hurry up, the cops are on alert here.” ”Rehmat bhai, he wants a weapon
to save a life, not to kill.” ”l’m in the hospital. He’s an ass,
he calls me over every week.” ”lt’s no good, l
end up spending more.” ”l told you, l’m not going.” No good. He’ll come home and
beat me up again tonight. l told you not to bring me here. ”Doctor, l’m Ravi Rajput.” ”My son is in the lCU, bed number 21 1 .
– Have you deposited the money?” ”l haven’t organised it, but
he must be operated upon.” ”l explained..
– l understand, l heard everything.” But he needs to be operated upon. Please. l beg of you.
– l can’t perform the surgery.. until the money is deposited.
l’m sorry. What are you doing?
– Why won’t you do it? ”Why won’t you perform the surgery?
l’m here! Get down, all of you.” You! Come here. Shut the door. Here. Why are you weeping?
Come here. Come here! Get inside.
– What are you doing? – Get inside! The keys. Go and lock it. ”Sit down, all of you. l’m
sitting here with you..” till my son’s surgery is done. ”l’ll be late, l guess.
Carry on with the deal.” ”Ravi, this is wrong.” ”l’m here, so are all of them.” ”lf you don’t perform my son’s surgery
within an hour, l’ll kill all of them.” l’ve gone through all the systems.
lnsurance system.. ”my factory’s system, your system.” My system will work now. Period. ”We have been here for hours, but
we aren’t being let inside.” ”As you are aware, here we
are at the Bandra hospital.” ”News is, there’s a man
who is holding up..” ..some portions of the
ground floor wards. ”30 hostages are taken, but the police
isn’t forthcoming with any statement.” We will keep on updating
you about developments. Please stay back. Hold them behind the line. Can you connect to the closed
circuit cameras inside? . Cover the rear and keep a
lookout for accomplices. ”You hold the police line,
not one must cross.” Keep that media on a leash. How many?
– At least 30 hostages. My wife is in there too. ”Actually l was accompanying
her, l came..” ..out for 2 minutes and
this has to happen. Only one man inside but
he’s armed and dangerous. What news of the politician?
– He’s safe. l spoke with his security chief.. ..they’ve locked
themselves inside a ward. ”The guards are all with them,
besides, they’re on the upper floor.” How many doors and windows that
can serve as vantage points? He hasn’t been sighted yet. There are 3 windows at the back. ”That’s the door up front,
it looks like a chance.” Designate snipers to cover
windows and the door. ”Get a control on the telephone
system, l got to get talking to him.” lnstruct snipers to shoot at sight. Shoot the bastard. ”What’s the going price? Buy,
buy up all you can upto 16.” ”l’m telling you, start buying
at 12, there’s a pay-off.” What are you saying? – l watched
the tv news at the factory. Ravi is holding the entire
hospital hostage. ”The place is teeming with cops.
– Faster, will you?” ”Deputy commissioner Rane speaking,
what do you want?” ”Sir, my son is
due for operation..” ..he’s going through
a heart transplant. ”Costs 1 .5 million and l don’t
have it, but hear me out, sir.” ”lf the operation doesn’t happen,
l’ll kill everyone.” Make no such silly mistakes. You
son’s surgery won’t happen this way. ”Calm down, throw the gun out and
walk out. Let’s talk it over.” ”Talk time’s up, sir. l’ve talked
up everyone there is.” ”Only one thing remains, if my
son isn’t operated upon..” l’m going to kill everyone. Doctor . ”Ravi, she’s in pain .” Come on.. what’s wrong with her? She needs to be taken
to the maternity ward. ”She’s in labour .
– No one leaves here, no one.” ”At the most, she can go there.” ”l’m not a gynaec, l’m
a heart surgeon .” ”You’re still a doctor, aren’t you?
Back home in our villages,.” midwives supervise childbirth.
– l was born at home. Try explaining that to them. ”Hey, come over here.” Careful. Careful with her. ”Shankar, go fetch us
Pitocin injection.” Pitocin. Where’s Pitocin?
– One minute. Still searching? She’s in labour. ”One minute, please. – Minutes!
She’s supervising the store.” ”And she doesn’t know what’s where!
Hurry up, please. Strange people.” ”Why are you screaming?
She’s afraid, as it is.” Listen.. come here. What was it?
– Pitocin. Will you please let us have Pitocin?
– ln a minute. Here. ”That’s it, no?” Yes . Back off. They refuse to understand. ”Please, let us go inside. – You don’t
understand, we’re his friends.” ”l understand everything, you can’t go
in. – You don’t understand a thing.” His boy is still lying
in the same state. The surgery hasn’t begun.
– What..! ”Go way, get lost.” And go where? ”My friend’s baby is dying,
do you know what it’s like?” ”lf not this, what will
a man do for his son?” ”l told you yesterday, l’m saying
again, don’t waste time.” Take your son away from here. ”You may love your son dearly,.” but that doesn’t mean.. 1 .5 million can come raining down. Just because this hospital
is next to your house.. you think that you can
bring your son here? ”Here in the rich man’s place,.” a patient who even sneezes is placed
under observation for 5 days. The men who come here are those.. who spend their waking
days making money then.. ..they hold a nightlong vigil.. trying to hide it. ”ln what time’s left, they come here
complaining of sleeplessness.” ”And here, you bring your lovable son
asking for him to be operated upon.” ”Save my son’s life, but why
save your son’s life..” do lives get saved for free? ”For the 15 years that l’ve been
working this joint, for my 15 years..” my wife never found a place here. ”Never mind a bed here, they refused
me a two-day leave, the bastards.” She lay in a municipal hospital
cursing me till her last breath. ”We built those municipal
hospitals, no?..” ”..Take your boy there,
to where you belong.” Not to the municipal hospital ! l won’t take him there. ”l wouldn’t send my boy to a municipal
school, l didn’t beg the government.” ”Couldn’t afford the school
bus, his ice cream..” ..was ice candy off roadside carts. l cut up my clothes to give
him a school uniform. Now l’m to take him to the
municipality hospital. My son’s surgery will be done here. ”Otherwise, l’ll shoot everyone.” l’m to take him to a municipality
hospital? l won’t take him to a
municipality hospital. l won’t take him there. What time would you like
to break for lunch? ln half an hour. ”You’ll have lunch at your office,
l promise you that.” ”The deputy commissioner says, in..” ..half an hour the situation
will be in control. ”Sir, Ravi’s file.” Mill worker? ”Saxena, how many approaches have we?” l’ve requisitioned blueprints of the
air-conditioning and electrical. Find out how many approaches lead us
to the section where the subject is. He isn’t a professional . ”ln a while from now, l think
he’ll be ready to talk.” l feel we can negotiate . ”lf we get talking and
let him off the hook,.” ”then men like him will hold hospitals
hostage, every other day.” ”We have to teach him a lesson,
l have to set an example .” ”Locate the points of ingress,
l’m sending the snipers in.” ”We all have hearts, son. Some hearts
are strong, some hearts are weak.” ”The doctor says, if Gaurav wants
to become a cricketer,.” ”then we ought to give
him a change of heart,.” he needs a new heart. And
do you know what Papa said? ”Papa said, Gaurav is to become
a very big cricketer,.” so he must have the
very best of hearts. ”What did the doctor-uncle say, Mummy?” ”The doctor said, go in and take a
look which heart you would like.” ”Mummy, why are you quiet, what
did the doctor-uncle say?” ”They’re taking my baby away,.” My baby.
”They’re taking my baby away,.” ”They’re taking my baby away,.” let me be with my baby
– lt’s not in our hands. ”Leave me, please. l must go.” ”Go on, l’m listening .” ”What are you discussing, Mr. Rane?
He is holding several hostages.” ”The situation inside the hospital
is tense, he has a gun.” ”And you say, instead of performing
the surgery on the kid, l must relax?” ”Doctor, not to be over-worried.”
”And you say, instead of performing
the surgery on the kid, l must relax?” ”Doctor, not to be over-worried.” Proceed to your air-conditioned
office and order yourself a coffee. ”ln a while, everything will be fine,
we’re here, no? We’re the police.” ”Constable, escort the doctor in.” What are you upto? Listen.. mister.. l got to talk to you.
– Talk. May l.. come over? Yes?
– She is my sister. ”l escorted her here, on the
sly for her treatment.” ”lf her husband gets to know,
he’ll beat her again.” ”Please, let us leave.” Her husband abuses her physically
and you bring her here on the sly? ”l’ll let everyone leave,
l won’t let you leave.” Sit. Why are you snapping pictures? ”Because, you’re a hero.” Not even heroes in films will
do as much for saving his son.
”Because, you’re a hero.” Not even heroes in films will
do as much for saving his son. You are a real hero. You love your son dearly? He must love you dearly too? ”lt’s a nice feeling to know that
people love each other so dearly, no?” Two points for ingress. ”The ventilator to the north, barely
touching the hostage area.”
Two points for ingress. ”The ventilator to the north, barely
touching the hostage area.” ”This second is, the elevator duct.”
”The ventilator to the north, barely
touching the hostage area.” ”This second is, the elevator duct.” ”But the best alternative is his wife,
she’s sitting on the 12th floor.” And the last exchange of words? ”l had said, do anything you
will but l want my baby.” Anything. Now he’s gone and done just that. ”Right now, that man
is in deep trouble..” ..you’re the only one
who can save him.
”Right now, that man
is in deep trouble..” ..you’re the only one
who can save him. l want you to speak with him. There are several other options
open to the police. This option is in his best interest. Let’s go . l work for the police and l’m
waiting outside for you. ”But right now, this is a father
who is speaking with you.” My wife is in your custody. She’s expecting my first-born. ”You have my promise, nothing will
happen to your wife and child.” Promise. Thanks . ”Please, let me leave.” ”By the time markets close, l can
still make 2.5 or 3 million.” ”Let me leave, l’m
facing a grave loss.” What difference
will one hostage make? l am to let you leave? Then
l’ll have to let her leave.
What difference
will one hostage make? l am to let you leave? Then
l’ll have to let her leave. And them and him and everyone. And what happens to my son? ”Say, you’ll make 2.5 or 3
million by nightfall? -Yes.”
And what happens to my son? ”Say, you’ll make 2.5 or 3
million by nightfall? -Yes.” Lend me 1 .5 million for my son’s
surgery then l’ll let everyone leave. ”Sure, first let me ask my son.” ”Brother, no one gives money away.
– No, my son won’t refuse me.” Just wait. ”Son, just come over with 1 .5
million .. to the hospital.” lf we give him a loan of 1 .5 million
he’ll let me go. He’ll let everyone go. ”You’re talking nonsense ! He’ll
pay back every cent, my word.” What happened? ”Says, just sit there quietly.” ”You might let me off in 2 or 3 hours,
so why stake 1 .5 million?” ”My mistake, l taught him, nothing’s
more important than money.” My son is telling me off now.
”My mistake, l taught him, nothing’s
more important than money.” My son is telling me off now. ”That’s life uncle, life.” Tina..! ”Pick up the gun, Tina.” You want me to help you? ”Now l know, one’s got to stand up
for one’s own self and push hard.” Push hard enough and
you’ve made your way. ”From now on, l’m pushing for myself,
end of the business.” This is the end of it. Ravi Rajput’s wife is being sent
in to negotiate a surrender. Ravi.. l don’t know how the world sees you. ”But l know you so much, 5a: for
one, you can never be wrong.” and l love you. And l don’t believe whatever is
being shown and spoken of you. l believe only you. l’m with you. ”l’m with you, Ravi.” The hospital isn’t aware of
Swami’s heart problem? Why is the heart being
given to the child? The child was admitted to
the hospital before him. ”Next, will the child run the
government? – Actually sir..” Get one thing clearly. ”lf anything happens to Swami,
the government will collapse.” And your hospital.. was built in contravention of
building laws. l’ll tear it down. ”That heart goes to Swami,
how it happens, l don’t care.” Actually sir.. l don’t care. Quiet. lf the minister is asking for silence
then please maintain silence. ”Sir, that boy is the recipient of
this heart ; it’s already on record.” Change the record. ”Yes, the entry could be altered,.” but that boy’s dad has been
creating such a ruckus all day. Then kill him. lf the media gets to know.. – Any
need for tattling to the media? Who made you a police officer? Civil
services exams have become so easy. ”lf you have to kill that
man, then shoot to kill.” And leave the rest for later. Listen.. please let me leave. He.. my husband.. it’s nearly
time for him to return from work. ”lf l’m not at home, he will..
– What’s the address?” Sniper cover for the facade and
five commandos from the rear. Tell them to shoot as soon
as you see him . He’s willing to release 3 hostages
in exchange of one replacement. He has provided an address. Everyone wants to watch TV. Go ahead. What’s your opinion of Ravi Rajput? Picking up a gun isn’t a solution.
But he knows best why he’s doing it. ”Had it been my boy, l don’t
know what l would’ve done.”
Picking up a gun isn’t a solution.
But he knows best why he’s doing it. ”Had it been my boy, l don’t
know what l would’ve done.” Ravi Rajput is right ! What else was
there to do except taking hostages? ”He’s asking for money, to
save his son’s life,..” ..not like he’s begging for a meal. ”lf saving your son’s life
is beyond your means,.” ”start with shooting these
politicians and mind you, spare none.” These corrupt politicians are
responsible for Ravi Rajput’s woes. ”lf it was affordable, he wouldn’t
be in this state.” ”l want the government to help him,
if they won’t, it’s up to you..” ”to build public opinion
using your news,..” ..the government must
help Ravi Rajput. ”He’ll surely release the hostages,
he isn’t a criminal.” ”He’s doing it to save his son’s
life, he was forced by circumstances.” l seriously disagree . ”Just because of one life, how can
you put 30 lives at stake? .” ”Even those 30 have families,
so l totally disagree .” ”Our government should step forward,
our leaders should get involved..” to ensure how the poor man
in a similar crisis.. ..can get access to health services. ”lf such a thing happens to me,
l’ll do what Ravi Rajput did.” l totally agree with. ”Ravi was always helping people,
he can never do anything wrong.” ”We’ve known Ravi for a decade,
we’re his colleagues.” ”lf he has taken a gun, l believe
that he must be right,..” ..he can never go wrong. ”Come what may, we’ll stand
right here in his support,.” ”Until Ravi achieves his purpose.
– Yes, we support him.” ”Everyone is on Ravi’s side,
ls Ravi really a criminal?” ”To find out, all of you
keep watching Channel Live.” ”Come on, quick.” ”Don’t be afraid, sister.” Do you know her?
– Yes. l hear that you beat
her up regularly? No ! Why doesn’t she hit back?
Do you know? l’ll explain. Hit him. Hit him. ”lf you don’t slap him,
l’ll shoot him.” l’ll shoot. Slap sister! Slap him. Do it. Hit him. ”For years she has put up with
your abuse, without a word.” ”Then she strikes you, when it
comes to saving your life.” She loves you deeply and love can
be reciprocated only with love. What was that noise? There was a shooting.
– What ! What happened? Who is he? No one steps forward. Everybody back . ”Stay back. l’m unharmed, keep away.” l must inspect the wound. Oh God . ”You’re very lucky, the bullet
didn’t enter, only grazed you.” Lucky? Even bullets shy
away from a poor man. Go and get a poultice. ”Doctor, she’s in labour.” Quick.. ”He’s bleeding, bandage him
quickly. l’ll be back.” Pick up the scissors and
pass the antiseptic. lt’ll burn a bit. The bandage. ”Strange similes, no? Rounded
objects, pills and bullets.” ”And both work their respective
cures, right?” Guns away. Everyone put your guns away. Guns away. Cover him . Who’s deputy commissioner Rane? l am. No guns. What did l ask for? Surgery for the son. Ravi Rajput..
– Long live. What else did l say? You’re holding thirty hostages. Ravi Rajput..
– Long live. What did l say next? That we better go ahead
with the surgery. Ravi Rajput..
– Long live. ”lf you were aware of all that,
why did you send him in?” Ravi Rajput..
– Long live. ”10 minutes. lf the surgery
hasn’t begun by then,..” ..l’ll keep the 30 for later. l’ll kill you to begin with. ”Send in news, the surgery has begun.” And afterwards? Don’t people die in surgery? ”lt’s just like a headcount,.” ”like one of our encounters,
consider this an encounter.” We policemen must bear
the brunt of all sins? ”lf Mr. Godbole says, let the
heart be given to Swami,..” ..then so it shall be. ”Else, let the hospital
authorities face..” ..the consequences of
a demolition order. Back to work. ”What’s happening, doctor?
– We’re preparing for the surgery.” Surgery? . Hello uncle . For 3 years he haunted this place
trying to buy his sleep. Now he sleeps for free. ”Call from twelfth floor, l
think it’s his wife .” ”Call from twelfth floor,
l think it’s his wife.” Tape the entire conversation. Give me the headphone . ”Gaurav’s surgery is about to begin,
the doctor just came in and said so.” Now everything’s going
to work out fine.. ”..it’ll all turn out
just fine, Ravi.” Are you all right? ”l am, how are you?
– l’m fine.” ls Gaurav nervous?
– No. He’s such a brave boy. Right? You want to have a word with Gaurav? ”One minute.. talk to
your father, Gaurav.” ”Papa, where are you?” ”Son, l went to find a heart for you.” ”Now l’ve found one, son.” ”Wasn’t much trouble, was it?” ”For your sake, it’s no trouble at
all, for your sake, l’ll do anything.” ”Papa, when will you come, l haven’t
seen you in such a long time.” ”Come soon, Papa.” ”l’ll be there very soon enough, son.” ”After the surgery, you’ll be
fine and..” ..then we’ll go home and we’ll play. We’ll play cricket and you make
sure that you hit the ball hard. ”l love you, son.” Yes Papa. Bye. lt’s a girl. Move. Move aside everyone. ”Nothing specific sir, only
family conversation.” ”As per plan, they’ve
been informed that..” ..their son is being
taken to surgery. What did you wish for? Boy or girl? How is my wife? ”She’s fine, so is the baby girl,
she has taken after her mother.” Would you like to
meet your daughter? We’ve just received news that
assistant commissioner Aadesh’s wife. ”who is among the hostages, has
just delivered a baby girl.” A policeman gets to meet his newborn
in the strangest of circumstances. No one shoots . ”l repeat, no one shoots .” ”Sir, my daughter..” ”Ravi Rajput, whom the police calls
a criminal, is like one of us,.” only a common man. From what we
have come to see and learn.. ”raises a question, who
is a criminal,..” ..someone who is seemingly
a criminal? ”This is Suman Bahar from
Taza Khabar, Mumbai.” lt’s from the 12th floor . ”Okay, put her through .” l cannot say whether whatever
you did was right or wrong. But this l know.. whatever you did is going
to save your son’s life. Thank you doctor. The surgery is under way. ”Sister, the patient has
Hypertension,..” ..keep the Dopamine
drip ready. – Yes doctor. ”Excuse me, sir..
– Yes doctor?” ”The patient doesn’t have blood
Pressure. – He has it, Dr Nita.” ”Sir, l have been looking after
him for the past 2-3 days.” He has no blood pressure. The patient whom we are operating
upon has blood pressure. This is the patient who is
undergoing the surgery. Sir.. that child..? Please come. His parents had time till 6 o’clock. They still haven’t raised the fees.. for the surgery.
– Has Mr. Swami paid the fee? ”You don’t know what you’re
talking about, Dr Nita.” Mr. Swami is the president
of the ruling party. He won’t pay either. ”l have my instructions, Mr. Swami
is undergoing surgery.” And the thirty lives downstairs? ”We aren’t responsible for the
safety of their lives, the police is.” ”Sir, you know it well, the
child won’t survive..” ..if he isn’t operated upon soon. What if he dies in surgery? ”How many lives have we lost in
surgery, despite being paid the fees?” ”What about them, Dr Nita?” ”A certain discretion, Dr Nita..” Who deserves life more? ”Of the two, whose life
is more important?” Period. ”Sir, he wants to speak with you.” He’s willing to release all hostages
.. and he’s dropping all demands. Your first born? ”For the child’s sake, parents
can do just about anything.” ”Now you’ll realise, l’ve
done nothing wrong.” l’m sorry . ”My son is being operated upon,
you may leave now.” ”What everyone is saying is, they’ll
leave once the surgery is over.” ”Yes, everyone wants to
stay back, with you.” Ravi.. you were told lies. Mr. Swami is undergoing
the heart transplant. The heart is being
given to Mr. Swami.. ”and we couldn’t do a thing,
now it’s all undone.” They lied to me. ”l was lied to, doctor.” ”l have been defeated, doctor.” l couldn’t save my son’s life. ”Tell me, which father can bear to
see his son’s heartbeat stopping.” ”But my son’s heart won’t
stop beating,..” ..a heart will beat once
more in his bosom. ”l cannot take anyone’s life,
except mine own.” ”No Ravi no! – He will live doctor,
my son will live.” Gaurav won’t find a heart because
they refuse to let him have one? l’ll give him a heart. ”lt’s very painful, isn’t it son?” ”You will be fine,.” it’ll all turn out fine. ”You know, your mother and l
always told each other that..” you’ve never cried for anything.
But what you’re asking for today.. ”you will have, you’ll surely have.” ”l’ll have to leave, son.” Take care of your mother. Give yourself a good education
and become a good human being. One good human being. So grow up quickly and take
care of your mother. ”And yes, make lots of money, son.” Lots of money. ”Not like your father,.” who never made enough.. ”to hold the family together,
in happiness.” ”l love you, son.” ”You know,.” here’s where l’ll live forever. ”And whenever you think of your
father, give me a smile.” You look lovely when you smile. Hey Ravi. ”Take positions, but nobody
will shoot .” Ravi Rajput..
– Long live. Ravi Rajput..
– Long live. Ravi Rajput..
– Long live. Ravi Rajput..
– Long live. ”Wait, no firing .” ”l repeat, no firing .” Ravi Rajput..
– Long live. ”A son, do you know what a son is?” ”lt’s a feeble life which the nurse
Presents to you on a tray,.” ”saying, ”Congratulations,
it’s a boy”.” Then he looks into your eyes and.. ”..you imagine he’s asking,
saying something.” ”You’re afraid to pick him up,
you fear you’ll injure him.” But then you hold him
to your bosom and.. ..the feeling is that
of being given a God. ”ln his smile, your world
is made wonderful.” ”When he cries, l want to
set the world on fire.” ”One such, is also my son.” A fine boy. But the wretch has a bad heart. ”And the doctor says, ”For a million
and a half l’ll cure him”.” From where will l bring
a million and a half? ”My father was a foreman, l
went to a municipal school.” ”l could go no place else, that
was all my father could afford.” ”But he taught me one thing,.” to become honest and upright.. and that l tried my best to become.
But what he never showed me was.. how to find a million and half when
my son’s life is in danger. ”Maybe l was wrong, or maybe
l went to the wrong guys.” ”After 7 years of paying
insurance premiums,.” ”when their time for reckoning came,
they raked up clause number five.” ”For 1 1 years in this factory,
where l toiled and sweated..” no laws for compensation apply. ”As for loans, it seems that
ones who qualify for loans..” are those who’ll never need it. What options did l have? ”From pillar to post, l
ran begging, pleading..” then l didn’t know what to do
and this is what l had to do.. what can l do.. it’s
my son after all. Am l to let him die? And look at that boy.. he never even asks for anything. ”Just lies there, his eyes shut.” ”But so what if he is undemanding,
he’s still my son..” and l can’t even buy
a heart for him? l’m giving him my heart. ”lf not for his sake, what
good is this heart anyway.” ”The policeman says, surrender. Then
We’ll give him his medicine.” ”A minister sits waiting
For him to die,.” So that a politician can be given
The heart meant for him. ”The people from TV channels,
are angling for news..” ..and news makes money. See how useful l am to so many? But l.. l cannot even save my son’s life? l am elevated to a God.. ”l can raise my palm in benediction
l can say, Tathastu, so be it.” ”lf l may wish away the woes of
many, then so be it. l say it now..” Tathastu (so be it). ”Mr. Minister, l don’t
want your heart.” ”Go on, give it to your
leader. Tathastu.” ”Men of the law, if you feel that
such a father ought to be shot..” then so be it. Tathastu. ”TV people, you want breaking news?” l’ll give you breaking news. ”Here, in public, l shall
commit suicide.” ”To give to my son, my heart.” ”So be it, Tathastu.” My son will live. ”So what if l won’t live to see it,
but he will surely live.” Zoom in.. zoom in. ”Ravi, stop.. listen..” ”Calm down, calm down.” ”Ravi, your son will live,
you’ll live too.” ”Brothers and sisters, l spoke with
Mr. Swami just before the surgery.” Why are you men pointing guns? Officer tell them to
put their guns away. ”He’s not a criminal, he’s a father.” And a father can do anything
to save his son’s life. Down.. down.. . guns down . Ravi.. l’ve had a
word with Mr. Swami. He has refused the surgery. ”Brothers and sisters, you know of
Mr. Swami’s love for children.” ”He has said, he doesn’t
want this heart.” Let it be give to this child
who is yet to see this world. Narayan Swami..
– Long live. ”Ravi, this is the truth,.” it’s the truth. ”l pledge it before a
100 million people,.” ”your son will live. ln fact, he
is being operated upon right now.” ”Ravi, put the gun down.” The government is doing its job. Let the law take its own course. ”Brothers and sisters, Mr. Swami
has also announced that..” our party will pay for
the boy’s surgery. What are you doing? What is to happen to Mr. Swami? ”What had to happen to
Mr. Swami, has happened.” ”What more could Mr. Swami give us,
votes? Could he have given us more..” than what l’ve earned in one minute? lt’s a strange world. That’s what a family has to endure
to save a child’s life. ”And we got to run the country,
An entire country..” you get it?
– lndeed. Please calm down. Ravi.. ”Excuse us, please.. come on.” ”You have committed a crime,
but you make a good parent.” You’re a good father.
– God bless you . After considering statements of
all hostages and officials.. this court finds that Ravi
Rajput who is accused.. of criminal intimidation
and unlawful restraint.. to be guilty under the law. But depositions by all
hostages prove that.. ..the accused committed this
crime.. in a fit of rage. But he brought no one to harm. ”As an exemplary punishment,.” this court sentences the accused
to six months in jail. The court is adjourned.


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time I'm going to be living for law school and I'll be visiting you soon in that your big house play hope it's because if not twice bigger than this this is not it is I don't think thankful okay it's just two 20 years okay lets's so ultimately she sold my respect I just pray all of this low feminine with this hole me Wow well okay see guys business the amenities are an original with our occipital a little shop so give us la la la la but it debuted last time mom now listen that listen guys I need you to understand that this is one hell of life time Big Daddy is come on you I didn't sum up after we'd offer do what you have to sell value should nitrox see that's funny see what you don't so my gains cPanel it's not had a woman ask me decays with this guy daddy fragile in new year you don't wanna but over mom to this morning cellphone meeting in this clip Quebec a post weaker you listen know your boy sitting here we come for supper no idea like we come yeah like this Alfred Alfred how good me this one I heard Beatrice what little book yes that's mothers sputter sputter sputter okay I went to business was a TV show and this yeah you see we we really love we don't do it – God give off now special give to you sweetie love the costum instead of like seeing after the cities to not see their – out of time pull away what is the good Apple or I need my life you do now Alice with freestyle immunity gu g string in a DEA rep and yet our little suppose a little one secondly I would wear this was movie news now mmm we all know one bullet no my god oh come back very cold it was not there we know where to go from there mathematics basketball know before dwarf person what is it this time hope our uniform for this missionary journey very diffraction may casa su casa [Applause] my outfit when we got sweet home Monique had to come back to be so nice to you so you understand double I shall but I got lockout I imagine cities mathematics have been our team via name see this time I won't tell you because I know she did look up to me she asked or Kimmy talent rich the only thing we got no give me one was happy do but two separate fight dear me smack I learned is changing dance from skelewu tsuki because of people see guy delivered a kamikatsu while it a distance a Odyssey odds this TV and fought for many things we are poor so you will be my witness Andrew Dao and also be simplified in why how many bullets did yes my one goes this my own home and why will it solve this can t say they'll add bullets when I get five buckets of bullet and say my room with a wreck I one bucket now Hydra Toby Scotty will I got the Cobra we knew we would a beautiful spa marketing so we mean it was a beauty that activated you are not the diamond it can be filled out of bread we go up won't go to the hospital yeah mm-hmm and now took a closer look that's you and I discovered you have what I call on sell-side duty yes I'm serious do you know how I know beautiful girls how 5:00 a.m. in the morning without makeup that Instagram chill time they are still good so if you like you even buy it any money you still and for people like you to help a man you don't know that simply means you have a Golden Hat keep it up I didn't thank you you're single she madness you weak inside I'm sorry I said that see you is there wine okay resume is this do Brasil a here oh come on yeah all right in fact we miss abused you I don't give as a fucking to be that weasel booty job Hey because I'm sorry okay I'm sorry you look it something just came up oh so after all how do we were taking so what's going to do with a smile like my face wondering where did I go how did I become a slave I've got magic pink silence you're welcome what why do you leave me in the car why do you leave me yeah welcome to the street the same laughs but Liam but a meeting came through without the money like the fishes in the ocean good enough all the waters the morning and I'm coming from the mind you can do whatever you love about your life and it is see where for daytime Michael save that be my back like friend I suddenly change levels – fuck don't and the culture so Oh what Oh [Applause] I remember way back for United is making you ain't shit right about now you Father it's fun it's bigger [Applause] [Applause] you there's something special about you what okay I hardly fall in love yeah but it's time to look straight into your eyes your tender move and gulfs my hoping so spirited body [Applause] is that you poof appear much so not even really come together our feeling I'll see baby haha this life shower because I can get you on you feel more similar TCT you know why I did my happy ending I'm a senior just common area state will be from awkward Chilean who are you how do you guys know where I stay I understand you please just get out of mouth out leave me much there's another aspects they check anyhow jumpy yeah OSs so I walk you out to do a worry-free review nobody's yeah mobilized ignorance house soon be what was anything anything you what hell are you my privacy should not take you we are not for beds of st. feathers chuckling papa we do everything together it's gonna be shit that I did you know I've done never get close to him again eh we'll be like chicken you can tell that they are terrible that is all acceptable mask users our business Almanac ever met I need Delphis I made those bastards I read this Maddox fulfills justice and you understand them exactly [Applause] I will beach area my masticate black taught me a lot I have a body guy I know it's it I know I hurt you and I won't show your skills it was thought you liked you let's get mad listen you have too much width you need to cut down and start training okay when you are flexible you can do a lot of things really so you need to keep down as you say so you don't talk about good stuff Vanka if I just a method called a map bring personal people so for a miner you get skewered me it's a current What's Up B what please just a donkey don't you have just pulled on I'm on my way please don't involve the police okay I'm coming guy Beatrice delights me I'm afraid I'm not a kid I'm talking about a lady who aims to be a lover give me a swagger is know what you think okay she was just enough Oh thank you so much I like this never I find your miserable life called a Teresa bitch don't shoot – de retour w – what's a little turn things over the valley your precious doll ah ah I just beautiful done man okay because if she finds out that one Oh No [Applause] [Applause] I cannot for finding a time cheer on my vining and I began Oberon Oh Roger Runyon I know God ah [Applause] do you scan only lesson ideas can only last oh I just can only last and I did when morning comes I would come in the money time and all the pain will fade away and now I know together as family we will enough is enough is enough Rezanov is II know everything are crazy now my god I mean that I'm naive I mean I got bigger oh my god Joey I need you got a new offer for Nene