Iran’s World Cup Team Is Pretty Good. Its Jerseys Aren’t. | NYT News

Almost everything Iran
does on the world stage seems to be a reflection
of global politics. And that extends all the way
to the country’s World Cup uniforms. International sanctions dictate
what the country’s national team can wear or can’t. Let’s start with the jersey. Typically companies
like Adidas, Puma or Nike fight to sign contracts
with World Cup teams and pay them
millions of dollars to wear their jerseys. But it’s a different
story for Iran. Sanctions have made
sportswear companies wary of sponsoring
the team’s uniforms. Iran ended up signing
a contract with Givova, an Italian sports brand. But Iranian athletes
and media complained that the quality wasn’t great. The team then decided
to use Adidas jerseys. But they had to
buy them themselves, instead of being offered a
traditional sponsorship. They even had to customize
their own jerseys. Here in the team’s
World Cup photo shoot, look at Ramin Rezaeian’s jersey: It appears that his number
is placed upside down. The jerseys had other issues too. This do-it-yourself
approach to jerseys also means team Iran’s
World Cup uniform isn’t available for fans to buy. Now let’s take a
look at the shoes. Saman Ghoddos is a dual
Swedish and Iranian national. He’s a striker for
Ostersunds FK, a Swedish football club. And he has a sponsorship
with Nike for cleats. But now that he’s playing
for team Iran in the World Cup, Nike won’t supply him with shoes. The company says, “U.S. sanctions
mean that, as a U.S. company, Nike cannot supply shoes to players
in the Iranian national team at this time.” But Iran is pushing forward. They’re one of the
best teams in Asia and are heading to Russia
with some experts saying they have an outside shot
at some big upsets, no matter what kind of
jersey they’re wearing.

Azam Khan during a program targeted Jinnah for politics THE NEWS INDIA

Uttar Pradesh’s SP leader Azam Khan during a program targeted Jinnah’s politics in his speech, saying the world is being harmed by the excuse of a dead photo. Uttar Pradesh’s SP leader Azam Khan during a program targeted Jinnah’s politics in his speech, saying the world is being harmed by the excuse of a dead photo. Uttar Pradesh’s SP leader Azam Khan during a program targeted Jinnah’s politics in his speech, saying the world is being harmed by the excuse of a dead photo. Uttar Pradesh’s SP leader Azam Khan during a program targeted Jinnah’s politics in his speech, saying the world is being harmed by the excuse of a dead photo.

Democrats Say Trump Agreed on 'Big, Bold' $2-Trillion Infrastructure Bill

that the agreements would be big and bold our distinguished leader from the Senate will announce how big and how bold Thanks and what remains to be seen is another we agreed that we would meet again to talk about how it would be paid for but we're very pleased with the positive attitude toward recognizing the trillions of dollars of need according to the American Society of Civil Engineers the deficit that we have in our infrastructure and now we have an opportunity to work together in a bipartisan way building infrastructure of America has never been a partisan issue and we hope to go forward in a very non partisan way for the future with that I'm just pleased to yield to the distinguished thank you and it was a very constructive meeting it's clear that both the White House and all of us want to get something done on infrastructure in a big and bold way and there was goodwill in this meeting and that was different than some of the other meetings that we've had which is a very good thing first we agreed that infrastructure is crucial to the future of America we agreed it creates jobs we agreed it keeps us competitive we agreed that for 25 years this kind of big bold bill that we could pass would make America better places not just a one-year or two-year we agreed on a number which was very very good two trillion dollars for infrastructure originally we had started a little lower even the president was eager to push it up to two trillion dollars and that is a very good thing and then we talked about a number of things we would do obviously the roads and the bridges and the highways obviously water but also a big emphasis on broadband that every American home we believe needs broadband an emphasis on the power grid so we could bring clean energy from one end of the country to the other and several other issues we told the president that we needed his ideas on funding that the last bill he proposed which a was smaller but be took as much money away and the speaker emphasized this took as much money away as it put in wasn't going to work so where does he propose that we can fund this because certainly in the Senate if we don't have him on board it'll be very hard to get the Senate to go along and we said we would meet in three weeks and he would present to us some of his ideas on funding so this was a very very good start and we'll see we hope it will go to a constructive conclusion well we can obviously we are here to do something for the American people we have said all along in our for the people agenda that we ran on that we were there to lower the cost of health care for the American people by lowering the cost of prescription drugs and we hope to work with the President on that we said we're there doing lower health care costs bigger paychecks by building the infrastructure of America and a green and futuristic way and we talked about cleaner government for the first two we think we can work with the President on while we may have our difficulties in other areas but we cannot we cannot we cannot ignore the needs of the American people as we go forward right after the the midterms the president said he suggested that he wouldn't be able to work with you we were simultaneously investigating him if you could sense that that has passed I ask you what is a bigger priority for Democrats in investigating the president or trying to make our priority to honor our responsibilities under the Constitution of the United States to meet the needs of the American people and to honor our oath of office I'm going to yield yeah let me just say one more letter in previous meetings the president has said if these investigations continue I can't work with you he didn't bring it up and so we're going I believe we can do both at once we can come up with some good ideas on infrastructure we want to hear his ideas on funding that's gonna be the crucial point in my opinion and the house and the Senate can proceed in its oversight responsibilities the two are not mutually exclusive and we were glad he didn't make it that way last question I'll take a one from a woman well we have a some of our members we have our leadership there and we and I have a rule when I go to a meeting with a multi with many members and that rule is the purpose of the meeting is not to criticize the President of the United States and secondly that every person has a chance to say what he or she came to say so this is a collaborative effort and we hope it will be very bipartisan and but we will doesn't be meeting next about how it's paid for and that will engage of course the secretary of the Treasury among others and our leadership in terms of the ways and means and the finance that will also spring from the committee of jurisdiction for example the transportation infrastructure committee which has its own funding mechanism questions you're asking but everybody who is appropriate to the solution this is the last thing we're going to say the we agreed that the same group would meet in about three weeks and the president would present his ideas on funding and we would take it from there and if we had to break up in smaller groups after that so we would I want you to take this home with you because one really important advance that we made in this meeting was the president's real acceptance or maybe just agreement and I almost say acceptance because he may have been thinking of this all along and that is that infrastructure that infrastructure should include a broadband and its employed the healthcare it's important to education it's important to Commerce and his embrace of that in addition to transportation and water issues what's doing thank you very much