Tory leadership candidates clash over Brexit date

well the real turn of events here is that what some of those Tory candidates have been saying has spurred an extraordinary a new twist in the plot because opposition parties have got together with some Tory MPs and have come up they think with a clever scheme which will allow them to use a vote that happens tomorrow to start a process which could mean that a majority of MPs in the house could stop a future Tory Prime Minister if they wanted to leaving the EU with no deal it would also they think start a process which could allow them to stop the idea of suspending Parliament something that gets talked about by Dominic ROM one of the leadership contenders in particular and that they think they've found a way of trying to stop that suspension happening a suspension which it was intended would stop MPs stopping No Deal how does this all work effectively they they book a day in the parliamentary timetable as it happens the 25th of June it might be that they use that day to book another day but eventually they hope that they will bring in a bill that will by statute stop a future Tory Prime Minister if they were trying to do this getting away with it and you know just at a moment a slight lull in parliamentary life the Chief Whip probably had his feet up he not only faces a critical vote tomorrow which could start this whole process he also faces potentially ministerial resignations because those people have been doing the calculations for this whole scheme reckon that it can only get through if maybe a few people who were still in the government come over to their side and help them and on cue Rory Stewart one of the contenders to be our next prime minister and and to be Tory leader has turned round and said you know what I'm a slightly minded to vote for this wheeze so the whips will be scratching their heads wondering exactly how they should deal with all of this and just when things were relatively quiet at least on the parliamentary votes front there's a massive headache for the Gov in the report that follows there is some strong language bizarrely I have to tell you because one of the people who wants to be our next Prime Minister was holding up a sign cabinet turned into something of an off-camera hustings today so did Jared said the Treasury haven't given the Home Office the money it needed to brace itself for No Deal bricks it will we Stewart declared they'd want a suspend Parliament to avoid it frustrating a No Deal brexit acting illegally the Attorney General said it wasn't actually illegal Rory Stewart then continued the route side whatever the Attorney General says he tweeted suspending Parliament would be unconstitutional offensive indefensible and futile while they bickered a cross-party group of MPs was plotting to block no deal deploying unconventional parliamentary tactics Rory Stuart's at his leadership campaign launch said he was almost certain to back the cross party effort to change the law so a prime minister can't exit the EU no deal if there's a majority of MPs in the Commons against that I haven't read the details this my instinct as I would be wholly supportive of a move that tried to do that he said they thought Tory activists wouldn't in the end back the front-runner Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister and when you ask them do you really and I don't want to make this too personal but do you really feel that this is the person that you want engaging with the detail of the future of your health and education system is this the person that you want writing the instructions to the nuclear submarines is this the man that you want embodying your nation on the world stage and guiding you through the most difficult choice that Britain has faced for 50 years I trust the conservative members to arrive at the correct answer at a Westminster lunch the leadership contender Andrea led 'some unveiled the slogan attacking the speaker a man she thinks connives with cross-party remains to defy brexit supporters earlier in more serious mode and led some launched her leadership campaign defending her decision to stay in the cabinet right up until the beginning of last month when she resigned and principal of the brexit process I stayed working hard in cabinet for three years supporting the prime minister to get her brexit deal over the line it was very uncomfortable at times but my view was that staying in government to fight for brexit was the right thing to do a man who didn't get a job under tourism a Mark Harper launched his leadership campaign suggesting serving under to resume disqualified others from succeeding her frankly everyone else in this race has at some point over the last three years been sat around the cabinet table and has participated in the decisions that have led to not leaving the European Union three years after that referendum every single one of them has participated in fundamental missed judgments that have got us to where we are Linton Crosby long-standing adviser to Boris Johnson pitched up at Parliament today to tell some Tory MPs what a hit Boris Johnson is in marginal seats candidate himself will finally be shared briefly that is launched tomorrow in Brussels the outgoing European Commission President jean-claude Juncker was asked if the EU would as many candidates for the leadership demand rethink two resumes brexit divorce deal as far as the content of the we've all agreement is concerned we can have some clarifications Precision's additions to the political declaration concerned the future of our relations even when it comes to limiting the backstop in time no do you have any particular favourite for next UK prime minister No maybe he just wanted to terrify the candidates he might just endorse one of them and in their chances well in a moment I'll be talking to one of the candidates mark Harper but first joining me from Westminster is the Green Party MP Caroline Lucas who is backing this cross party motion how is it going to work well essentially I think MPs on all sides of the house of becoming increasingly alarmed at the more and more reckless statements coming out of the mouths of people like Dominic Rob so essentially tomorrow there'll be a motion that'll last for about an hour which will enable MPs we hope to be able to take control of the business in two weeks time on the 25th of June and when we get that opportunity to be able to organize the business of the 25th of June what we want to be able to do is to have a bill that will make it mandatory upon the prime minister to come forward to Parliament and seek their permission before trying to crash out of the EU so essentially what we're seeking to do is to stop the prorogation of parliament we're trying to stop whoever is the new prime minister from careering over the edge of a of a cliff we're trying to get the steering wheel off them to try to make sure that we absolutely and have the opportunity to make sure that that gets a vote in Parliament first because we are confident that should that be put to Parliament the big chances are that they would say no but are you sure you're gonna have the conservative rebels to get this vote through because in the past these votes have gone through at the last minute when we were about to hit the buffers we're nowhere near that at the moment I think there is such a concern about the idea of suspending Parliament of just dismissing Parliament as if we're some kind of irritant rather than an essential part of the of the overall governance of this country but that has angered so many MPs on the conservative side as well as labour that I think there's a very good chance we will get those toriel rebels I think to sort of hear you know Dominic Rob being so cavalier about potentially even drawing in the Queen er – this whole debacle er has really angered so many people so this is an opportunity to put down a red line and say hang on a minute you are not going to sideline Parliament is essentially what this is about it's about stopping the the suspension of Parliament and the ability of one person essentially to decide on such a major issue that we might well crash bottom line how confident are you that Parliament will stop no deal happening at any time I am confident that were it's to be the case that we were on the edge of that cliff and Parliament had the opportunity to stop us going over that cliff into no deal I'm confident that Parliament would use all means to stop that happening Caroline Lucas thank you very much well mark Harper is with me now the former Chief Whip who's one of the candidates to be the next prime minister Rory Stuart's first said he's minded to back this as a former Chief Whip should a cabinet minister threatening to vote against the government be sacked well I've been very clear to two things Krishnan firstly when jeremy corbyn's Labour Party proposes anything given Jeremy Corbyn stance on never doing anything was in the national interest my instinct is to not support it and I think that would be the instinct of the vast majority of Conservative MPs on what Rory has said I've looked at the the comments he's made this evening saying he would be minded to support it it's very clear it would be government policy tomorrow to oppose what is being proposed and my colleagues in Parliament the chief Whitman everybody down will expect every Conservative MP and particularly every cabinet minister to support the government and you agree with Rory Stewart that note that there any brexit by October the 31st is impossible I've been very clear that I think we have to leave the European Union my preference is a deal but I'm prepared to leave without a deal if the alternative was never leaving at all but I've been clear that I don't think Parliament will allow us to leave without a deal unless my conservative colleagues are persuaded that every single step has been taken to reach a deal and I haven't proposed sidelining Parliament I do understand you've got to take Parliament we did you give Parliament a vote but I thought before taking us out with no deal I'm very clear if Parliament wants if a majority of MPs want to stop No Deal I've been very clear that they're able to do so as Prime Minister would you put it to Parliament before taking us out with no deal well III think in the last result harlot of Parliament the Parliament will be able would you give them those well it depends on the circumstances oh I hope that doesn't it's a really simple no it does Prime Minister would have the opportunity to put up to Parliament vote it does because I'm planning to get a new deal if I'm Prime Minister and put that to Parliament and take us out now I I don't want to start thinking about what happens if we don't get one but I'm very clear if the conservative party doesn't get us out of the European Union we're not going to succeed we're not going to be in government the party is going to be destroyed and that's what conservative colleagues are gonna have to confront you said look comfortable with No Deal coming to you yes I if the alternative is leaving is not leaving at all so let's just work out what that means what is the economic impact on retailers of No Deal well if you're comfortable well I think the government's going to take every step to prepare for No Deal and whether No Deal is very difficult or just a bit bumpy but what it will also depend on the attitude of our European Union partners and one of the reasons why I've said you need to approach these negotiations in a sensible tone and spirit is because if we left without a deal and our European Union partners wanted to help make that work then actually it would be bumpy but it would be managed to cover you rated-r if our European Union partners didn't want it to work and wanted it to be difficult then it would be very difficult a lot of it would be very difficult well if our European Union partners wanted to have you read the government reports about the impact on Northern Ireland business I have read the various government reports that have been produced so what does that tell us about the impact on business yeah well it would be difficult which is exactly why I've said my preference is to leave with a deal and I set out today at my campaign launch in some detail my approach to getting us out with a deal prepared to say you're comfortable with No Deal don't you have to spell out to people honestly what No Deal mean yes it would be difficult because it would mean wellness that the thing that dependent makes the difference is it all depends on what our partners in the European Union what their tone and what their approach is if it would be the effect on the pound what do you think it would fall well I don't I don't know I suspect it would initially um it depends what currency markets what would be the past well it all depends krishnan on what our European partners the tone and whether they wish to effectively administer a punishment beating or not I'm going to be approaching these negotiations if I'm prime minister in a constructive tone building a constructive relationship with the Irish government with the getting Stormont back up and running to reassure both communities in Northern Ireland and all parties and approaching our European Union partners in a constructive spirit I would be quite surprised if I were to conduct myself like that if they were to respond in the way that you're suggesting what reason may would have been quite surprised as well she tried for three years and got nowhere I mean the point is you've said you can't go around promising things that you can't deliver yeah you're promising something you can't deliver because you can't promise a deal before the next election well I've been very clear you absolutely cannot deliver a deal by the 31st of October there simply isn't time to get our european union partners back round the negotiating table get a deal and get it through both houses upon them that's not realistic I think it is realistic to be able to do that with some more time and it's also clear that we cannot go to the country in any set of national elections without having left the European Union we just saw what happened we've got 9% in a national set of elections you cannot as a governing party keep getting that level of support and expect to remain a functioning political party is essential you're mean you don't have a well-known record but you were immigration minister during the go home vans we were life as we ended you said about that is that it didn't work what you never acknowledged is how offensive it was well do you understand how offensive it was to anybody well from an immigrant background illegal immigrant backgrounds who's been told go home well that that was a terrible things for one side well the message was aimed at illegal immigrants so it was aimed at people who were in the United Kingdom you'd either come here illegally or had come here legally and had out stayed their legal right to be here so we tested that no no and it wasn't it wasn't effective and I listen very carefully you and I had the conversation at the time we looked to see if it was effective it wasn't effective at all and we did a pilot over the summer and we didn't ever do it again because it wasn't effective and I set out in a House of Commons Select Committee report and in some evidence but it didn't work and we didn't do it again lastly there's a debates on Sunday Boris Johnson hasn't done any appearances yet should all the candidates be there yes and if I'm still in the race after Thursday didn't wanna take anything for granted I'll be there my campaign launched today I got people to ask me any questions I answer all of them and that's I think the approach for anyone who wants to be Prime Minister

NEW Evidence Jair Bolsonaro Cheated In Election

Brazil currently has a fascist president by the name of Shire bolson ro and believe it or not he was actually not the person poling at the top during the election there was Lula da Silva who is from the Workers Party who actually had a significant lead above bolson ro but he got investigated for alleged corruption this was part of Operation car wash in Brazil and he was eventually convicted of money laundering and passive corruption now his supporters argued no there is a judicial coup happening Sergio Moro who is the judge who convicted him later ended up being bolson arroz justice minister in fact he's still bolson arroz justice minister so Lola desilva's supporters had good reason to believe that this was basically a hit job on Lula da Silva now the intercept has obtained messages among prosecutors which makes it abundantly clear that they were working together in order to undermine Lula da Silva and get him imprisoned in fact when reporters wanted to interview him after he had been convicted he's already in prison a the Supreme Court in Brazil ruled that journalists could interview him prior to the election taking place but these prosecutors using a messaging app known as telegram were sending one another encrypted messages in order to prevent that interview from happening because they knew they ran the risk of de Silva basically letting the world know what was really going on so let me give you more details on what the intercept found great reporting the massive archive provided exclusively to the intercept shows multiple examples of politicized abuse of prosecutorial powers by those who led the country's sweeping operation car wash corruption probe since 2014 many of these documents show improper and unethical plotting on how to best structure the corruption case against bolsa narrows opponent Lula da Silva although judge Sergio Moro was legally required to judge the case as an neutral arbiter now it's clear that he was not a neutral arbiter he was essentially working in in favor of bolson ro and helping him get elected by ensuring that Lula da Silva would be imprisoned once bolson ro was elected president he quickly offered Mauro whose corruption ruling had resulted in Lula's candidacy being barred a newly created an unprecedented powerful position as what is now called the super justice minister designed to reflect the massive powers vested in Mauro I have more details but I want you guys to jump in and then share your thoughts to be fair one day I would like to be super justice minister justice is in fact coming and you get a sense of it with things like we're gonna go after him for passive corruption and you have to understand this is one of the oldest tricks in the book another guy who did this is Mohammed bin Salman the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia before he chopped up a Washington Post columnist what he did was he arrested all the political opponents in Saudi Arabia extorted them for money and when they asked him what are you doing why did you arrest all the other Prince's and all the people that might challenge your political power he said oh I'm weeding out corruption and so that was an excuse that he used and then he bought a 500 million dollar boat at the same exact time so it was kind of a an open joke that yes they're the ones being corrupt and here it happens again but this time in Brazil now if you're wondering why is it always a left-wing guys that are deposed and and the operations are usually led by the right-wing because they are more aligned with business interests so they have more money yes so the guys with the money want the guy and what is fascism it's a joining of big business and big government and so they want that helps their cause they don't want to left when you're coming in there and disrupting them ripping off the people of Brazil and it's not just that yes there's the funding aspect of it but it's also what bolson ro represents for big business and how Lula da Silva I mean he lifted tens of millions of people out of poverty right he represents the Workers Party which sounds it is exactly what it sounds like it is right he focused on the social programs that helped uplift the people of Brazil and that doesn't jive well for the business interests for the very people who want to exploit Brazil and its natural resources and so Ryan I've done enough talking I want to hear from you yeah and to your point when he left office the last time he left was something like an 87 percent approval rate right and he was polling ahead in this presidential election even after he was put in prison you know from prison he was beating the entire field which goes to the point that we talk a lot about here which is that it's not that the country was divided whether they wanted a fascist or a center-right candidate it was actually socialism or barbarism it was did they you know the second choice was a fascist the first choice was a socialist somebody who was delivering for the people the the rest of the kind of center left in in Brazil had become too associated with neoliberalism and they and the kind of coastal elites of of that of that country and so they didn't have the credibility that that Lula had Haddad the the Workers Party candidate who then replaced Lula well it just wasn't a Lula and and just didn't have the kind of oomph to be able to compete with what barbarism was offering and so it does go back to the thing that we're always saying that if you want to you know combat the right you really need a robust left but this is just like you said it's an insane story the way that these prosecutors have gotten awards all over the worlds right for these corruption investigations that they did and to find out that they are what people suspected they were which is ideological right-wing hacks is just blowing Brazil to pieces and the US media was either complicit or even assisted in in the narrative that helped someone like bolson ro get elected for instance the Wall Street Journal published pieces that seemed to be pretty favorable and complimentary to both sodaro while at the time you have this judicial crew taking place in Brazil and one other thing I wanted to note this is directly from the intercept peace documents that they obtained and again these are the prosecutors communicating with one another on how to undermine Lula documents include private admissions among the prosecutors that the evidence proving Lula's guilt was lacking over all the documents depict a task force of prosecutors seemingly intent on exploiting its legal powers for blatantly political ends led by its goal of preventing a return to power of the Workers Party generally and Lula specifically and they even put him in solitary confinement he's been in solitary confinement I mean he is not a violent person he's not a dangerous person both soon our on the other hand looked at a woman and told her you're not good-looking enough to rape okay he talks about how he would wish death upon one of his sons if he was gay he's even said that his fourth child which is a daughter was conceived in a so-called moment of weakness because she ended up being a girl I mean he is a terrible terrible person and he has wanted to privatize as much as possible in Brazil I mean he is Trump on steroids in a lot of ways he's churning up as much of the rainforest as possible that's right the the clock that is ticking on how much time we have to address climate change if it's down to 11 and a half years every day that he's churning up as much of the rainforest as possible brings that that much closer without that sink the globe loses its you know it's its biggest carbon sink yeah so one last thing here guys it's it's funny because there's a little bit of irony here it's what Trump is claiming was happening to him but of course it didn't because he won the election right there if it was a left-wing conspiracy was poorly executed and of course there isn't one and if you look at the text there they're just like hey I don't like Trump but I don't like Hillary Clinton either the FBI agents and there's no text saying let's make sure that we manipulate the system and then later the guy who helped do that Hillary Clinton will make the supreme justice minister right none of that happen so and so they didn't put Trump in jail like they literally put the guy in prison yeah of course if they were gonna do that they would have put trouble yeah that's a well not for lack of crimes yeah and not for lack of crimes in his case so but and unfortunately mate remedial and we keep going back to this because it's a pervasive problem we'll call things even but there there isn't very much left-wing conspiracies it's not to say that none ever existed in the world of course but there aren't very many today because there's not a lot of money in it right whereas with right-wing conspiracies if you unfairly imprisoned Lula and you put Boston ro in charge the people in make money off of turning it the rainforests are gonna make a ton of money the business interests that want to rob the Brazilian people of their natural resources are gonna make a lot of money there isn't a lot of money to be made in giving the workers more and giving the citizens more so that is why a lot of the conspiracies are right-wing for a logical money oriented reason and also the reason why our right-wing even and places like the wall street journal which are obsessed with the stock market and big business and who do they favor well they favor the people who are ripping off the Brazilian resources not the people who are in favor of Brazilian workers that doesn't play well so that is why all those forces conspire against people who might actually want to help their citizens and finally Sergio Moro did respond to the intercept piece and he is ripping a page off of the right wing's book here in the United States the Trump administration does this quite often the sources for the intercept are anonymous for obvious reasons and so they're the individuals who turned over these messages between the prosecutors and how they were undermining Lula and what Sergio Moro again this is the judge who convicted Lula has to say about it is well I mean this is terrible I mean these are anonymous sources and it's disgusting that there are anonymous sources that are leaking this nonsense this is nonsense right he also says as for the content of the messages they mentioned there is no sign of any abnormality or providing directions as a magistrate despite being taken out of context and the sensation of the articles they ignore the gigantic corruption scheme revealed by operation car wash we're gonna include a link to the piece in in the description box below I highly recommend you guys read it because it is it's just an incredible piece that has the the evidence to back up what it claims so please read it read the intercept it's it's a great organization yeah what context would justify hey let's make up reasons to arrest this guy because he's not letting us rip off Brazil and for the judge to be strategizing with prosecutors over how shaped the case exactly what you can't do that of course you can and so our justice minister can do it yeah now the super justice minister can do it it happens to be the same guy look guys investigative journalism matters and so please support great investigative journalism and in this case this they intercept on the go don't worry we got you covered you still listen to T YT at our new podcast network find us on Apple podcast at Google Play Store or at TYT comm slash podcast