What did Judge Emmet Sullivan just do? | POLITICS NEWS

on May 16 to 20 19 Judge Emmett Sullivan ordered prosecutors to make public a transcript of phone calls between Michael Flynn and Russian ambassador Sir Gaius lack made late in 2016 the judge also ordered that the Flynn related parts of the Mueller report be unredacted on June 4th via minute order one that is entered by the judge and made available in an Otis Sullivan wrote on May 16th 2019 the court issued multiple minute orders that ordered the government to file on the public docket certain materials and information upon consideration of the government's submissions in response to those orders the government is not required to file any additional materials or information on the public docket pursuant to the courts orders of May 16 2019 the nature of the minut order from June 4th is much different from what Sullivan demonstrated in prior minute orders and prior statements from the bench regarding the Flynn case it is unclear what exactly the government submitted that changed Sullivan's mind but this is a major shift in his jurisprudence what we do know is that the Justice Department attorneys filed a statement on Friday claiming that the recordings were not used in establishing Flynn's guilt or in the sentencing of Flynn there are a few possibilities in all of this one is that whatever is in that recording would put national security at risk if released including the methods used to capture the call the more likely possibility is that the Trump administration knows that the actual words contained any exchange between Kozlov and Flynn would significantly damage drug because it would show knowledge and coordination with Russia it is surprising that Judge Sullivan took the government's word on things and reversed course the mission to get this transcript revealed in a court of law must continue unabated

Next Tuesday is going to be completely bonkerrs | POLITICS NEWS

yesterday House Democrats revealed that they're planning to hold a full house vote to formally hold Attorney General William bar in contempt of Congress right around the same time the House Oversight Committee revealed that it's also planning to hold Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt Palmer report took this as a sign that the house was lining up one big contempt ceremony for numerous Trump officials and associates across the board sure enough that's what's happening congressman Steny Hoyer the number two ranking House Democrats behind Nancy Pelosi is now hinting that next Tuesday's contempt hearing could include every name who has either refused to respond to a congressional subpoena or a request for documents or who has been instructed by the president not to respond while he didn't drop specific names the presumed list is staggering based on Hoyer's description we could be looking at the following people being held in contempt of Congress next week William bar will Burroughs Steve minuchin Don McGann Andy Donaldson hope dicks and more to be clear as of today only bar has been held in contempt at the committee level and that would presumably have to also happen with these other names before Tuesday so they can be voted on at the Full House level in any case it's becoming clear that next Tuesday is going to be completely bonkers house is going to formally hold several of trumps cabinet members and several of trumps associates in contempt of Congress then we'll see what specific punitive measures are carried out against them at the least the hearing on Tuesday will make for a major television spectacle