Donald Trump just blew it for himself in catastrophic fashion | POLITICS NEWS

Donald Trump has had a very productive weekend but only in terms of his Twitter output while the president ranted about quite a variety of subjects there is a clear front-runner something that is obviously very much on his mind right now and that is the trade war with China that the u.s. is currently involved in it was on Friday that the Trump administration announced an increase from 10 percent to 25 percent on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese goods and China retaliated quickly with plans to impose new tariffs on 60 billion dollars worth of goods imported from the US effective June 1st inevitably the stock market reacted to the tit-for-tat between the world's two largest economies and promptly took its deepest single-day plunge since January of this year meanwhile the actual negotiations for a trade deal between the United States and China seem to be going nowhere in particular which accounts for the increasing exasperation of the supposed deal maker in chief who went from calling the talks candid and constructive on Friday to eventually telling the Chinese that the deal would become far worse for them if negotiations were to drag on for very much longer it is expected that Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping will get a chance to talk on the sidelines of the g20 summit scheduled to take place in Japan in late June and both Treasury secretary minuchin and US Trade Representative Robert light Iser have received invitations to come to Beijing for further negotiations but in the meantime more tariffs imposed by either side will come into effect and will eventually have economic consequences thus the question of who is going to pay for the ongoing trade war is being discussed with increasing urgency this question was at the center of an interview Larry Kudlow gave to Fox News Chris Wallace on Sunday in which Trump's top economic adviser had to concede that it is in fact US businesses and consumers who are going to pay the increased tariffs this admission coup de l'eau essentially exposed Donald Trump's claim the tariffs are paid for mostly by China by the way not by us as an inaccurate statement furthermore Kudlow admitted that it would most likely be American farmers that would be hit hard by retaliatory Chinese tariffs apparently Donald Trump has been made aware of the fact that alienating this part of the Republican voter base could become a serious problem in an effort at damage control Trump told reporters at the White House on Monday that we're going to take the highest year the biggest purchase that China has ever made with our farmers which is about 15 billion dollars and do something reciprocal to our farmers so our farmers can do well in other words the Republican president is planning to use subsidies and redistribution to dampen the effects of his trade war Trump also referred to us farmers as great Patriot farmers in a tweet which prompted a number of biting comments from people familiar with the propaganda lingo of the former Soviet Union toil hard in the fields great patriot farmers of trumka Stan let this year deliver us a rich harvest so we exceed Chairman Trump's five-year plan one tweeter named at your web requite in a tweet

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as we all learned last week Republican Senator Richard burr issued a subpoena to Donald Trump jr. compelling him to give additional testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee as expected all hell has broken loose first Rand Paul of Kentucky said the subpoena is a real travesty of justice he went on to call the subpoena perjury trap well he got the perjury part right does he not know that perjury is a crime between Paul and Mitch McConnell there must be something really bad in the water in Kentucky next where his fellow North Carolina Senator Tom Tillis told USA Today that it's time to move on finally the biggest hypocrite in Washington Lindsey Graham appeared on Fox to give jr. a message in essence that he should break the law by refusing to appear many may recall that Graham was one of the major cheerleaders during the impeachment of Bill Clinton at that time Graham stated to be a person of character don't put her legal and political interests ahead of the rule of law and common decency as is typical with Graham these days he has completely forgotten everything he said in 2016 Graham called Trump a kook crazy and unfit for office not even a year later Graham said I'm concerned by the media's attempt to label Trump as a kook or not fit to be President huh they got those words from you dude now Graham is Trump's best friend what's up with Lindsey anyway have aliens taken over his body someone must have some really good dirt on him let me make this easy for a gray of Rand Tillis and any other Republicans who don't get why verse of peanut Junior he lied they know it and burr knows it both Graham and rant falsely claimed that the Mueller failed to prove collusion which we know is an illegal term anyway and that the ongoing investigations should end perhaps Mueller did not find enough to prove criminal conspiracy the actual legal term but he absolutely did find multiple instances of trumps attempted obstruction of justice since obstruction is a crime and Mueller specifically said Trump isn't exonerated burr wants to get to the bottom of things before finally putting it to bed if prison is good enough for Michael Cohen's lies on her own then it's good enough for juniors lies on her own

Donald Trump is reduced to groveling | US POLITICS NEWS

Donald Trump continues trying to obstruct justice in the name of trying to convince everyone he didn't already obstruct justice and his team have now twice asked Dan McGann to publicly state that he doesn't believe that Trump obstructed justice the first time Trump asked McGann reluctantly declined according to the New York Times the second request occurred after Trump's lawyers were given a redacted report but before it was released to Congress once they realized just how much it implicated Trump McGann declined the request again McGann knew full well that Trump did indeed attempt to obstruct the investigation and he wasn't about to lie for him the timing of Megan's definitive decision to pass on Trump's request is interesting as the NY Times reports Trump told aides that he believed McGann leaked the incident to the media to make himself look good look good at what this accusation makes no sense whatsoever but that is typical of Trump when the narrative fails to go Trump's way he becomes an angry petulant child determined to get back at his perceived enemies over the weekend Trump took to Twitter his favorite weapon of choice to say that he was never a big fan of Dan McGann Trump then went on to unbelievably tweet I was not going to fire Bob Mueller and did not fire Bob Mueller in fact he was allowed to finish his report with unprecedented help from the Trump administration all lies yes Trump would have fired Mueller with all due haste had he been able to further it now appears Mueller was not allowed to finish his probe he was forced to bring it to a close finally Trump wouldn't even sit for an interview with Mueller out of fear instead he submitted a bunch of evasive answers on paper if liar liar pants on fire were a real thing it would take the concerted effort of every fireman anywhere near Washington DC to put out Trump's pants the man simply wouldn't know the truth if it bit him Trump then put the proverbial icing on the cake by saying that Don McCann had a much better chance of being fired than Muller sure he did Trump was almost struggling at Megan's feet trying to get McGann to lie for him it is amazing how Donald Trump continues to try to change the narrative in his favor the truth is what it is and trying to modify the truth doesn't change it if Trump had spent half the time trying to do something for the average American as he has spent life attacking others and lining his pockets he might have had a decent presidency but that was never what he wanted Trump never wanted to be President when he got it he decided it made him king of the world sorry but the office doesn't work that way honestly nothing works the way Trump thinks it does he is a complete and utter failure I hope he enjoys the way history will paint him and his failed presidency

Donald Trump just broke the stock market | POLITICS NEWS

investors have opened up a can of blue pass on Donald Trump after he opened up a can of dumbass on them Trump decided to date to further escalate his idiotic trade war which has harmed the US economy at least as much as it's harmed the Chinese economy as a result the smart money is fleeing the stock market with the expectation that Trump's gibberish policies are sending the market toward a crash the Dow Jones Industrial is currently down around 550 points at the time of publication and was down more than 700 points earlier this afternoon Wall Street is sending a loud and clear message to Donald Trump knock off the trade war nonsense but Trump doesn't seem to be getting the message he spent all morning posting tweets which incorrectly characterized what a tariff is and who pays it then this afternoon after investors kicked him around Trump told the television cameras that this is all somehow part of his genius plan to defeat the Chinese economically Trump needs to be careful here because he's doing the one thing that actually could cause the Republican establishment to finally turn against him for Republican politicians the first rule is that you don't mess with rich people's money billionaires and mega corporations fund Republican politicians for the sole purpose of protecting their ability to keep getting richer with his nonsensical tariffs and idiotic trade war Trump is setting wealthy donors money on fire will soon see those donors use their Republican puppets in Congress to loudly push back against Trump's tariffs and what will trump do

Trump Admits He Doesn’t Understand Reality While Attacking FBI Director | POLITICS NEWS

Trump attacked FBI director ray for stating the truth that there was no spying on his presidential campaign Trump attacks the FBI for living in reality Trump said about raised factual answer that his campaign wasn't spied on I didn't understand his answer because I thought the Attorney General answered it perfectly so I certainly didn't understand that answer I thought it was a ridiculous answer what god Trump so bent out of shape was raised answered to Congress that he has no evidence that the Trump campaign was spied on by the FBI Trump is at war with facts Trump's comments about raised factual answer come on the heels of a noxious report that White House aides have given up on trying to explain to Trump the China does not pay tariffs because he believes that China does and he refuses to hear the facts or any hint of the reality that the tariffs are being paid by US consumers and businesses America is caught in the middle of the war between the President of the United States and reality Trump can fight with reality all that he wants but farmers are still going bankrupt due to his tariffs and the steel industry is losing billions of dollars due to Trump's trade war the country isn't winning Trump's trade war but just like he believes that his presidential campaign was spied on Donald Trump lashes out at anyone who tries to add a hint of reality to his environment

Republicans Are Officially A Joke After SNL Nails Mitch McConnell | US POLITICS NEWS

SNL perfectly captured the way that senators Mitch McConnell Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins twisted been to support Trump SNL captured Mitch McConnell perfectly when asked about Trump's escalating trade war with China McConnell answered that there was no collusion in the question of whether he would support Trump if Mueller testified that he committed obstruction of justice SNL's McConnell said well we need a leader who's willing to do what he's got to do to win Graham said the best way to uphold the law is to be above it and Susan Collins said that she would write a strongly worded email and send it to her draft over they went through several hypotheticals including one where Trump married akka and enacted the green New Deal Republicans grumble but would still support Trump there was absolutely nothing that Trump could do to lose their support Republicans are a joke and the nation is watching Senate Republicans and the endless rationalizing of Trump is not going unnoticed a Saturday Night Live parody is a signal that a political perception has crossed into the cultural mainstream the idea that Senate Republicans are joined at the hip to Trump is a dream come true for Democrats who have their eyes on taking back the Senate in 2020 the constant rationalizing explaining and refusal to act as a co-equal branch of government has put Mitch McConnell on the sinking drum ship without a lifeboat cent Republicans aren't fooling anyone and if Trump goes down to defeat in 2020 he is taking fake moderates like Susan Collins and his most potent enabler in Congress Mitch McConnell down with him look closely at the SNL parody and you can see the sketching of the end for the Republican Party

Omarosa Rips Ivanka Trump For Being An Equal Pay Fraud | POLITICS NEWS

Omarosa said that Ivanka Trump's support for equal pay is just hefty talkin that she has done nothing for pay equality for women Omarosa calls out Ivanka Trump during an interview on MSNBC Omarosa Manigault newman said under my portfolio and public liaison was women's efforts so Ivanka Trump said in her speech at the Republican convention and she said throughout her tenure at the White House that she was going to fight for equal pay for the women but it's just all talk she's talked the talk but she hasn't walked the walk you will see the efforts for this administration are zero in terms of making sure that pay disparity is eradicated in this country so I'm a little disappointed that Ivanka did not follow up on her promises and commitments to this country to make sure that women get equal pay for equal work in this country Omarosa is trying to join a lawsuit related to the Trump campaign paying female staffers less than male staff first the Trump administration has been openly hostile to equal pay for women they trot Ivanka Trump out to mutter some empty words about pay equality but the truth is that Ivanka Trump was born rich she will never have to hold a real job in her entire life Ivanka Trump doesn't care about equal pay she doesn't care about women doing equal work but not receiving equal pay the president's daughter is an empty figurehead who the administration uses to distract from their real policies she will never walk the walk because Ivanka Trump is an Equal Pay fraud and the country isn't going to be fooled by the snake oil that she is peddling for her father

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we all know that president Donald Trump is not the biggest fan of democracy after all he only became president of the United States and leader of the free world thanks to some very strategic use of the electoral college and twisting of the Constitution since he lost the popular vote by an enormous margin to his Democratic rival former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton even more troubling than that of course is the ongoing scandal over the role played by the authoritarian government of Russia and getting him elected however in spite of all that endless evidence suggesting that President Trump does not have the Democratic mandate he seems to think he still claims that the establishment is somehow working against him Trump despite being a billionaire at the very peak of the right-wing Washington establishment has the audacity to complain that powerful elites are working against him and that voter suppression is going on to try to keep him out of office it is of course entirely clear that he makes these ludicrous claims in order to try to distract from the voter suppression and other anti-democratic crimes that he and his campaign team have committed on a repeated basis the presidential Advisory Commission was appointed in May 2017 after Trump had made unsubstantiated claims the three million to five million people had proudly voted in the 2016 election when the Commission was appointed I was puzzled why the administration hadn't just created a task force from the justice and homeland security departments the DOJ already has authority to oversee implementation of the National Voter Registration Act which might give it the ability to solicit the private information and voter registration lists in fact the DOJ already sent letters requesting detailed information from states about how they maintained voter lists and the DHS has immigration databases that could be used to identify any non-citizens and voter lists now the Trump administration says that DHS will take over which enables the work to continue without the public scrutiny letter Commission attracts this won't end the lawsuits however there are already questions about whether the voter lists sent by the states to the Commission can just be shipped over to DHS or DOJ moreover I and others have argued that the voter lists that the Commission has are inadequate for high quality database matching Trump went to extreme lengths to try to keep the light going but now it has all backfired in his face