Leadership Accelerator-Investing in Future Leaders

as a nonprofit leader you're juggling dozens of priorities ranging from finding new donors to making sure the computers are working there's never enough time to wrestle with the big challenges getting in the way of accomplishing your goals we're often pulled in many different directions really trying to get the day-to-day moving as smoothly as possible in an organization everyone has their specific roles they're working on their specific responsibilities work can always get in the way of some things that are critical and that are important but just aren't the things that you're focused on on a day to day basis even when you can find the time it may not be obvious how to tackle those complex business issues to produce the sustained results you want that's why we are so pleased to announce the bridge span leadership accelerator an online and team-based experience that gives you and your team the opportunity to tackle critical business problems using practical relevant tools and a proven approach that bridge span has honed over years of working with hundreds of nonprofit organizations the bridge span leadership accelerator offers a structured and collaborative yet flexible approach that guides your team through clear milestones with dashboards that track your progress from start to finish and distinctive content delivered in engaging bite-sized chunks including interactive templates case studies and videos our first offering is investing in Future Leaders a program designed to help you build a leadership development process that will ensure your organization can embrace future changes over 12 weeks your team will complete six milestones by first learning reflecting and completing assignments online as individuals then meeting as a team for discussion feedback and decision making by the end you'll have drafted development plans for each of your direct reports and as a team you'll have a new shared language and processes you can use for years to come we are light years ahead of where we were before we started the program part of that is certainly a function of the curriculum the bridge band put together it's also a function though of the time we were able to invest through that program and getting to know one another and better understanding our shared work together working with bridge spans allows you to take that to the next level by stepping back and really taking that strategic aerial view of what's going on in your organization I knew that the things that we were trying to do would be made much richer and much fuller by working with with bridge span and that's exactly what we found if you're ready to tackle your organizational challenges and improve results across your leadership team we encourage you to learn more about the bridge span leadership accelerator email us at leadership accelerator at bridge span org

Junior Greenheart Global Leaders Conference 2017

first-gen god we all arrived which a lot of like meeting each other activities you see different nationalities you hear different languages and it's like what I want to do in my life and the whole time you were just talking because it was so naturally I don't think I remember saying hi Mitch Fatima to life the junior dreamer Global Leaders conference is an opportunity for different departments at green hard to collaborate bring students to Chicago to work on leadership professional development talk about volunteer service I applied for this program because I wanted to learn more about global leadership and how like hi as a youth can change the world because I believe that youth can why is it important why is it important for you become masters remember we had them come up with ideas for their own service projects and start to think about how they could actually implement that talent we wanted change education for be like a pedigreed of the life as water my biggest takeaway from workshop was I start understanding how much I still can learn about many things and then kind of example each day and make people for be hard for the opportunity of a lifetime this is a way to practice their public speaking skills and to reflect on what they've gained from these you just start speaking and it's so interesting to share your ideas and to hear his ideas of other students it was really cool to see them connect and share those experiences with each other and also realize kind of the bigger picture of what they can do with this experience their perspectives are very open and it's very nice to see that I'm not the only one that was a big take away I got from this program but like I can have an impact even if I'm only seventeen you know I always thought I want to study this I'm going to do this when I grow up when I came here I said why when I grow up why not right now

Good Governance: Once Upon a Time…

once upon a time there was a person with an idea it was a great idea and other people liked this idea too so they started working together to make a difference soon enough things got complicated dealing with things like bank accounts contracts and purchasing so they decided for legal and tax reasons to launch a corporation since corporations require a board of directors they picked a small group of committed people to be the directors and continued working hard to make a difference then things got more complicated with lots of decisions to be made about what to do who to do it when where and how the directors found themselves spending a lot of time discussing what was the best way to get something done often at the expense of actually doing what needed to be done one person suggested that the board needed to do the strategic thinking while the operational side would take care of the day-to-day tactics they tried this for a while but then soon it became clear that what was tactical for one person was strategic for another and vice-versa it seemed the harder they tried to separate strategic from tactical the more frustration and duplication they suffered while some things were just left undone then one day someone said you know we use systems for everything else why don't we use a system to govern apparently there is something called policy governance why don't we look into it why not look into it for workshops webinars and more call brown dog consulting at one eighty seven seven eight four seven four five five two

Youth and Government: "One Thing I Learned from the Y: Never Give Up."

because I'm horrible at basketball there's one thing I've learned from the line to never ever give up an educated citizen is the most powerful person in their government for students and delegates that one to run for public office so they want to be a senator or a representative or they want to be a district or County judge the you think government program prepares you for that better than anything else out there not just the fact that it's teaching you a procedure but the whole society putting you in that society it's just so amazing I was really sort of accepted in the youth and government family and I'm very thankful for that and I just tried to give and I've tried to give back to the program by being governor I've tried to expand it by increasing our membership and making it more enjoyable for students you know that really helps you make friends because you are you think government programs taught me a lot about how our government works and how we make bills and how they become a law over three years I've spent hundreds and hundreds of hours just polishing my debating skills learning how to speak to people better and it's just done so much for me and prompt to anything you can name it really is shaping the future the future leaders of America I enjoyed being back more of a background force than like an inside force with governor Millikan's Kevin Riley is I've seen Riley become like a rock star he he knows the program he's he knows the rule he also is very passionate about the program he's he's more kind as well because he's trying to help everyone he wants this program to be successful do you think ever met a program has introduced me to what actually I'll be doing the procedure introduced me to real warriors that opened up opportunities for me to actually be a part of the community before I even go to hospital one of my goals in life in a future career that I'm very interested is that well knowledge is power Sir Francis Bacon nothing wrong with wanting to be more powerful up here and here as well all right because I work out in I look away

Lifetime Achievement in Governance Award 2019: David Hillenbrand

I'd now like to invite Leroy ball president and CEO of copper's Holdings to present the final award of the evening right [Applause] [Applause] Thank You Susan congratulations to the board of ANSYS for your special honor tonight congratulations to all the awardees it's been great to be in the audience here and here in the audience here tonight and hear your stories as Susan said I'm Leroy Baum the president CEO of copper's I'm honored to be in front of you tonight to present this year's Award for lifetime achievement in governance now before I make my remarks I'd like to direct your attention to the video screens for a brief glimpse into the achievements of David Hillenbrand the recipient of this year's highest honor tonight David is being duly recognized for his long track record of corporate governance and leadership success I've been very fortunate to work with David on the board of directors of the helmet company for over a decade many of you at the event tonight have had a similar good fortune of working with David over the years but David's corporate career was his plan B in 1964 as the Beatles were storming through Europe and the United States they were competing for attention with David's band when I woke up this Mon as you might expect with their parents David's band focused on folk rock music that's a younger version of David on the far right the band had hoped to get a corporate sponsorship from Schweppes photonic water company when the deal fell through the band expressed their disappointment by naming the band the bitter lemons and while the Beatles sold records played to large crowds made movies and built a valuable international brand the bitter lemons rappy just to make enough money to cover their bar tab fortunately for all of us David put his music career on hold in 1967 to join the establishment and as they say the rest is history [Applause] David thank you for being so welcoming when I joined the board of directors of coppers in 2008 as the first woman and the first person of color in fact I learned what a corporate director should be by watching your example you were calm and knowledgeable you never felt the need to dominate for discussion David is a very detailed person when he was president he would walk around every day he got to know that museums in Oakland from top to bottom but he didn't just learn about the building he wanted to learn about what was happening and what was going on and how it could be improved in the building David is a good and respectful listener he's a strong quiet confident leader and he's usually the smartest person in the room but doesn't feel the need to tell you when it comes time to share his opinion he communicates clearly and decisively and in looking at his resume it was quite apparent that they had had the business skills having and having had a very successful career as president of Mayor Canada but the real question was for this role you needed to have something more you needed to have respect for the sciences and empathy for the Arts and the question was did David have that as we entered the interview process it became apparent that he absolutely did he was respected by employees by trustees by the boards and by the community it became very obvious after a while that David was the candidate because he understood the art of business as well as the business of arms while some may have misjudged his personality because of a stature and because his very serious a demeanor but that wasn't really David Hillenbrand you didn't know him if he didn't know that he had a small quiet little smile it would appear with his wry sense of humor and then there was also the showing of his very caring heart those people who got to know that know the real David Hillenbrand the last benefit for me personally was the ability to work with David during that tenure and become a friend and so to you my friend congratulations this is a well-deserved honor and I only wish I could be there to share it with you thank you David we wish you joy peace and help so I have the pleasure this evening of introducing the last awardee of the night I'll spare you his extensive biography which you can read at your leisure and tonight's program and instead take my few moments to tell you why I believe David Hillenbrand is more than deserving of connexx honor I first met David back when I joined coppers it's a CFO back in 2010 and he was already firmly entrenched as the company's independent chairman at that time I had to say how happy I am that my experience in getting to know David began in the internet era because for those of you might be wondering why if you ever have a conversation with David you can be sure there will be several of what I would call dictionary moments ok you know the moments when you're engaged in the conversation someone drops some words that leaves you scrambling to find a dictionary to figure out what the heck they just said David has a penchant for doing that so it would go something normally like this hey David how have things been well we roi the pernicious nature of the recent transmutation of the flagons has been knighted the vicissitudes of my shallow and I'd usually turn to my general counsel Steve Lacy and say I'm not sure David just insulted me or what but but when I could understand what David was saying his grasp of our product portfolio and our technology was certainly not a surprise given his technical background and experience in the chemical industry what I had no idea of what was his breadth of knowledge and his vocabulary across just about any subject matter I think the term Renaissance man was created for David he could hold court on any subject and do it in multiple languages which could also add to the fun of our interactions now while David had several passions which you saw from the video that extended outside of business the majority of my interaction occurred with him in the boardroom or on company related business but the best compliment I can pay to him is to say that he brought a level of humanity to our boardroom that you don't often get to see nowadays he and the rest of our board not only allowed me to care about our people but encouraged me to work with our people in a way that would demonstrate our care on a daily basis David realized better than anyone that our shareholders while important are not the only stakeholder that we should be focused on he was the voice of reason and even more importantly the picture of calm as our world at coppers appeared to be crumbling down around us in the latter part of 2014 through 2015 he had the courage to lead the efforts of steering our company in a new direction with a new CEO nonetheless at a critical juncture in our company's history it's easy to look back in hindsight and think about how logical it all seemed and that the choices that were that we made were easy at that time but having lived through it I can certainly and unequivocally tell you it was not David was always there to encourage me after the tough meetings to let me know where he and the board thought we were on the mark and where we needed to go back and do some more homework he rooted for my and my team's success which I know seems obvious but some people just have a better way of showing that than others David's one of those people with David there was never a doubt that it came from a place of purity no agendas no worrying about who was gonna get the spotlight or the credit it was just about what was best for coppers now while we already missed David on our board since his retirement last October his legacy lives on through our three new board members that he helped recruit and officially bring on just one month prior to his departure we were recently highlighted by the Pittsburgh Business Times for being the number one public company in Pittsburgh for gender diversity at the board level and that's in large part due to David's leadership [Applause] we were the inaugural recipient of this nacd's chapters public company board of the Year in 2017 the award that ANSYS was just awarded and we were a forum just yesterday that we were one of six national finalists for the 2019 NACD next Awards in the public small-cap category [Applause] now the next awards showcase breakthrough board practices that promote greater diversity and inclusion which ultimately foster long-term value creation David I'm proud to say that your legacy lives on at copper's and will continue to for a long long time so everyone let's please give a warm round of applause to my friend and this year's winner of the lifetime achievement award in governance the splendiferous and perspicacious mr. David Hillenbrand [Applause] well thank you very much Lee where I appreciate the kind words and the perspicacity that's behind them I also want to thank Amy and Susan Bailey and Kelly Jaco from NACD for making this such a memorable event I'm also delighted that my one of my two sons Stewart could make it today he's in the Secret Service Washington DC and as he knew and know a new candidate announces almost daily so they're running ragged in Washington and I was glad you could get away for a day I am obviously deeply and honored and indeed humbled by this award I'm humbled because I think everyone in this room knows that recognition of leadership is in fact recognition of all of those people with whom you have been privileged to serve and who contributed so mightily to one's individual success now I've served on numerous boards over by careers but I want to single out my board membership and the employees of the three boards on which I most recently served here in Pittsburgh the Carnegie museums of Pittsburgh the Hillman company and of course my colleagues on the board of directors of the Koppers company many of whom are with us this evening these boards have provided Weiss and considered counsel and decision-making that have been a hallmark of their respective organizations and company's success and their superb employees have executed strategies and operational plans with skill and professionalism the Koppers board where I was the only independent director when I first joined in 1998 has in my opinion set a standard for independence diversity respect for divergent opinions openness preparation tough decision-making collegiality education hard work and good governance all features of good governance on any board working closely with our talented president Leroy ball I believe we've contributed to the transformation of our company while representing the best interests of our shareholders in my almost 20 years on the board of koppers I've had ample opportunity to witness those qualities and directors which epitomize good governance and it has indeed been a privilege to have chaired this board and to have enjoyed the confidence and indeed friendship of these gifted colleagues they have demonstrated to me that a cardinal feature of good governance is indeed a commitment to service I'm reminded of the African proverb if you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go together indeed this is another characteristic of good governance and I want to thank my coppers board colleagues and friends for joining me on this journey of course as we all know the art of leadership is giving not taking and I want to make just one brief observation in this regard successful companies are companies that understand the needs of all of their stakeholders their shareholders their employees their customers the environment and the communities in which they live and operate I've always believed in sharing my time with other community organizations would not only make me a better person but would allow me to give back some of the bountiful good fortune that I have enjoyed over my lifetime but more than that it is a responsibility that comes with good and leadership for indeed we are and should be inseparable from the world around us it may seem ironic that perhaps I would address comments to a roomful of corporate directors on community service and I know that many of you if not all are equally committed to this idea I mention it only to say that I believe my many years of serving on boards of not-for-profit community-based organizations have brought insights and sensitivities that have informed my corporate board participation in material ways they have helped my companies to make better decisions and to be better corporate citizens so let me conclude my remarks this evening by thanking obviously all of those who were involved with this achievement award but particularly all of my friends and colleagues and their many of them in this room this evening for joining me in this real celebration of leadership of all of those who've been honored on this stage this evening as I said at the outset I'm most honored but also humbled for indeed this award is a reflection of the efforts of many not one and I thank you [Applause] [Applause]

How Good Is Your Governance?

thus a temptation to paint a cozy picture of how your organization is this imposes a discipline first of all if any organization is going to examine its governments it needs a consistent framework to do that and the consistent framework is provided by the tool because it will set a range of credible standards against which a board can look at and see also that's what good governance is okay how do we look against that and it will enable them to say yeah okay we don't quite stack up so what we're gonna do what do we need to change I think the two can transform bodies whose governance is a bit shaky that provides a disciplined framework within which to walk through that and a diagnostic basis and lead them to develop an action plan that was treat the deficits I think if you're gonna claim that your good government I would say how would I know that and if you said well we have used this credible professional tool we have walked through that we have openly and honestly identified where we can improve and we've taken action to bring ourselves into limonite that is the stamp of approval if you like that I would be looking for I think the tool can transform bodies whose governance is a bit shaky that provides a discipline framework within which to walk through that and a diagnostic basis and in terms of developing an action plan that would treat the deficits the sir temptation to paint a cozy picture of how your organization is this imposes a discipline and my view is that if you've taken a step back and not to use the tool it is because you want your governance to the scene to be good because you will learn things through that process things that you might not necessarily be comfortable hearing but you got to take them on board good governance is not something that happens on our day this becomes embedded in the organization and they must test it at regular intervals because it's quite easy with changes in board members and socially for something to drift away