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I have cancer! – It’s not funny. – No, it’s not. It’s really not YoU kNoW wHAts Not FUnNy I hAvE CAncER What i.. is this the new form of emo ? [probably] These kids lives are… they’re so privileged that they have to reenact this drama dramatesize dramas ? “dramatesize” dramas. Good job Felix Soap opera whatever kids watch, okay? [i watch kazoo kid and subtitle his videos] You know what this reminds me of? You know what it’s time for guys I think it’s time for an announcement [yay] everyone we have an announcement to make stahp bulleyeng, if this kid is not in YouTube rewind I’m gonna be ANGERY It never gets old this clip never gets over for me. I love it so much EveRYoNE We HAve An aNNounCeMent To mAKe STAHP HATIN I LOVE ERRYBADY If only if only he could be President instead of that orange makes wierd cat noise Thinks would be better is this is this the meme now is he actually gonna become a meme? [hope so] we get it we must STOP BULLYING StOp BullYiNg STAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP I love it so much. I love it so much. What do you what are you? What are you? What are you how are you EvEryONe That’s how you know, you’re dead for reals [ahh help im apparently dead] man. If I see venom don’t care if I see EVERYONE Then you know I’m dead iTS A mEEEEEEE MARIO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Fantastic The Venom meme everybody the first week of this meme. English. Someone save me, please [just leave him] I don’t know. It’s one of those means you can literally put anything in it and it will still be funny guys I don’t know if you guys knew this, but you could put any meme in there and it will still be hilarious I’ll show it to you. How are you? HELLO everybody my name is markiplier Welcome to five nights at Freddy’s YAAA SLAY ME DARKIPLIER SLAY ME NOWWWWW I make sh*t memes oh hi mark I know this meme is gonna take out I have that feeling I feel passionate about this meme [starts immitating his 9 year old audience]Well, that’s the alert of this meme is gonna grow in the stock market invest invest right now Send all your money to this meme it’s gonna epicly explode. What are you? [dont buy into his lies it will die in a few days] damn thats an epic face filter [yes it is] DAMN mark zuccc how did you even do that Largetrap made a template of this if you guys want to download that what the hell are you? So you can make your own version, I’m sure I’m sure people are gonna come up with some pretty cool stuff What the hell are you? MA NEM JEFF Oh Yeah, it doesn’t get better than these Guys, if you want to make your own version of this just check out link into the description and you can make one too [please he really needs help with his videos] The Venom meme gets a it’s not quite ready yet. It’s a little SMFFFFF toasty but I think slp snp snp snp snp It’s not time and you have to be responsible You have to know when things are ready and when they are not you know what I mean? [no i dont know what you mean] okay, IM PICKLE RICK, IM PICKLE RIIIICK. No, no one’s done that In between memes memes everybody. That’s right. Memes are so scarce these things I have to drag it out with the segment memes Maybe I should just do a separate meme show where I just focus on any meme [meme review is the only meme show] You know what? I don’t think I need another meme show actually [thank god] Maybe a meme shout-out. How about that? You know, we have the flex fans meme and you have the the pro-life meme come by. What’s up flex fans We’re gonna check out the new green-screen. It’s awesome I think you’re gonna love it. WHAA – And as much as I love both They don’t really deserve their own segment on bonus meme I mean on meme review so hey, I’m just throwing that out there when I grew up I want to own a dinosaur chuckles from back of classroom. That’s literally impossible damn rekt bro Just me man, it would be so great if Ben Shapiro would host me review that would literally be epic I envision this meme with like a Japanese dub makes wierd perv sounds [im quite scared] Bah I really it’s funny in my head next meme this is another meme that it’s It’s just getting there. It’s it’s a the seeds have been planted, but it’s not quite growing yet And I don’t think it will grow that big because you can’t really be that right just show the meme Felix, okay All right evolution. Can you give me a hand manipulation to polish rocks DNA to polish rocks? Yes Actually craft stuff to destroy everything like a BOSS human time [that was so cancerous felix] Well, I mean, I think they’re funny. Okay. All right, if you didn’t like this one, you’ll love this one. Evolution Can you give me lungs to live on land? Yes Actually goes back to water like a BOSS. Whale time oh, yeah [someone stop him] no seriously he needs help Okay, all right, how about this one evolution, can you give me horns? – To defend yourself? yeees. *actually gets killed from* Actually gets killed for the horn by humans like a boss. extinction… Extinction time we are concerned for his mental stability i havent washed my hair [you need a shower] The DNA meme? gets a Inconclusive. See I kill the memes even before they’re ready Meme review and then when you’re gonna watch it on us again, I walk you Look how he sucks it (talking in spanish) Yes, your leader honor me Can I please have gills so I can drink water and for you to drink water and breathe [sure here you go] Actually drinks beer like a boss beer time beer time Next meh-meh everybody Whoa [AAHHH] hold it right there you watch this video without smashing like and subscribe [dont do it] That is not epic being asleep realizing birds aren’t real im confused But birds are birds are real right, so I got a Google this robot bird prototype Surely this can’t be correct. What’s the difference between these two birds? Absolutely nothing [you must be blind] belief in birds los angeles London welcome back to some quick headlines China takes spine to new heights the country’s now reportedly using drones that look like real birds similar to this video Reportedly these drones are equipped with cameras GPS antennas and data links to communicate their findings back to Chinese intelligence You freaking kidding me how deep does this go hurts our drones Birds truthers the government God, my chills level is goin exponentially stronger birds birds truthers united states population Baby pigeons. Why don’t you ever see baby pigeons? Oh my god. I have never seen a baby pigeon I HAVE NEVER SEEN A BABY PIGEON How can birds be real if baby pigeons aren’t real. birds aren’t real Open your eyes and smash like if you’ve never seen a baby pigeon, this is extremely important This meme gets a frame of self no destruction this meme gets 3 health bars It cannot be destroyed I just killed one health bar I just felt like I had to I’m sorry. It’s got to health left though. It’s fine. It’s fine. next meme Okay. Alright everybody. We have to finish off with the MPC meme. I already talked about it in pew news [can we also get a bonus meme today hmmmmm] This meme started off on reddit I have a theory that there is only a fixed quantity of souls on planet earth that cycles continuously through reincarnation mind blown However, since human growth rate is so severe. Okay, you get it. All right. Yeah. I’ve already explained it I shouldn’t have to explain it again Basically, you’re an NPC if you like Marvel movies if you if you like video games [pub g is better than fortnite fight me] Come on, if you listen to Adele [nah heavy metal is where its at], I got bad news for you If you listen to tej wait Taylor Swift I got bad news for you if you watch it Jacksepticeye Markiplier the fine brothers. I got bad news for you. You’re an NPC Are you a PC or NPC and busy please western games like Super Mario Sunshine? [who the fuSWISTIAN CHANNEL likes super mario sunshine] What are you a child? I bet you never lifted any weights in your life pathetic plays on easy [yes we are all 9 year olds] I bet you can’t even get past a cup head tutorial reports toxic behavior only tries to beat the game Wow watches Sony movies gaming journalists Oh Tank or healer. Oh, I like tank. Oh, no. DPS is NPC get out of here with okay Hey, if you guys ever use any of these words I got bad news for you these words are all death in disguise Problem man yikes. YAAAS loosing all faith in Humanity, what what does that do in there? Who added that one in there? I will not stand for it [but can you do this?] I am NOT an NPC. Hey look at that [youre wrong felix] Everyone has an Apple computer Wow think different. Am I right? Now this meme got popular because they pol- It got politicized [i dont know] It that a word? Probably isn’t people started using it as a way to define… To troll lib tards epic style and then lib tards response of course is with even better memes. Just kidding YoU’rE DehUManIziNG meH. Stop dehumanizing me you Russian bots stupid Russian bots ruin my marriage AHHHH please dont hurt meh felix It’s like the new thanks obama. It’s Russian BOTS. Honey, is the food ready soon? In five minutes dear STUPID RUSSIAN BOTS NPC meme is dehumanizing We are all unique and special you even got so far that the New York Times yes, the New York Times had to specify are these Russian bots? Are these memes, these Twitter accounts actually Russian bots? Probably not thunder has struck me Thank you Reddit user creates an NPC Wojack meme. Boy, everyone is stupid but me meme summarized everybody. There you go [ha ha ha ha] I feel like the NPC meme had so much potential But it’s already dead I can’t maybe I’ll chuckle one. I got I got one or two chuckles left in me [dont force them out your last few brain cells are in them] I’m not gonna lie. I wanted to rate it high. I wanted this to be the movement I think tick tock memes is our only real hope out there to be honest [please anything but that] I think that’s all we got are really trying and shell forth So that’s it for meme review and now as always I’m gonna pass on the question to you guys What do you think leave a comment down below? I want to know everything, every single comment I will 100% read cuz you my fam [he doesnt read them] You’re my brosky now Place your fist on the side of the screen and we’re going to end this episode with an epic brofist. Are you ready bros? the nine year old army starts to cry Meme review see you next week boys and no girls rrrrrrr [ 🙁 but i want to watch too ] arwen d

The HIDDEN Story Behind Minecraft

Pewdiepie, James Charles, these are just two
of the big names behind the Minecraft renaissance. After a bit of a lull period, Minecraft’s
back, bigger and better than ever. Ever since it’s release in 2011, this little
game has had few real competitors that meet its potential as an engine for player expression
and creativity. So all this got me thinking about the politics
of the game, and what messages it sends about the world around it. I’m not talking about the politics of its
creator, because ehumkqnqsf, or about that hoky ending poem when you beat the game. I want to look at the underlying mechanics
of the game and what they incentivize. The gameplay systems that go unquestioned
and that promote certain actions over others. What are the politics of Minecraft? The beginning of the game is all about survival,
it’s in the name. You frantically try to gather tools, build
a shelter, and pick-up food before the sun sets and the monsters come. It’s exhilarating, especially if it’s
your first time. After you do a bit of mining and spelunking
and craft some armor, the day and night cycle isn’t as big of a deal as you can hold your
own at night, and your home and bed offer good protection. You’re done just surviving and you’re ready
for the second phase of Survival Mode: conquest. See, you acquire the materials to create bigger
and better houses, you start farming and raising livestock, and you begin to tackle the harder
dungeons of the game. As you progress you will eventually be able
to dominate every aspect of your world, with automated farms, impenetrable bases, and Godlike
powers. Minecraft doesn’t end when you beat the
final boss, that’s silly. Minecraft ends when you’ve reached the absolute
limit of the game’s systems. When your labor has finally paid off and you
don’t need to engage with the world around you. You’ve made the games yours and it can basically
play itself at that point. Most players move on to Creative mode to flex
with wild builds, or start exploring mods and other things to extend the life of the
game, but the end of the vanilla Minecraft experience is when you reach God-mode. It’s a common issue in every game, end-game
God syndrome. But it’s important to us here because this
exact scenario is actually something thinkers and philosophers have been grappling with
for centuries: the transition humanity has made from surviving out in the wilderness
as hunter-gatherers to living in a fully automated Minecraftian utopia. Growth is good, right? Well, that’s what the modernist thinkers
of the late-19th century believed. The ushering in of new technology and scientific
advances had a lot of people feeling pretty good about our ability to change the world
around us, and modernism emerged as a series of movements reaffirming certain ideas about
humanity. One of these ideas was that human history
was one long line of progress. So for example, ancient farmers lived better
than the cavemen before them. Serfs under the king lived better than those
ancient farmers, since, being a serf is way better than being a slave. The proletarian worker lived better than the
serf and so on. Today, the modern worker lives in conditions
that a worker from a century ago couldn’t even dream of. Considering how little of the modern-day worker’s
life is spent on things like food gathering, and how many of yesterday’s problems have
been automated away, it’s almost like we’re entering our own end-game God mode. Humanity’s progression is self-evident. These assumptions also shaped how we saw the
world around us. Modernist thinkers believed that we needed
to bend the Earth to humanity’s will, much like we do in the game. Now this wasn’t some new development or
anything, we’d been thinking this for a while. Take Genesis for example, God commands Adam
and Eve that the world belongs to man and man alone so we’re free to do with it what
we wish. That’s the modernist way of viewing things. And anybody who was anybody back in the day
subscribed to it. Like, Karl Marx is zaddy, but even he was
all about human history being a series of progressive stages, the first of which he
liked to call ‘primitive communism’. Capitalist, communist, everyone was on the
same page. But, we haven’t always had such a rosy picture
of humanity’s role in the world. Ancient Greek thinkers like Hesiod wrote about
how humanity had actually lived in a state of decline set in five distinct stages. During the Golden Age, the first stage of
humanity, we lived perfect lives and the Earth provided the food and means to live in abundance. It was a pastoral paradise. But over time, the world became harsh and
cruel, and we had to labor to survive. We find a similar story of decay in The Bible. After Adam ate from the forbidden tree, God
proclaims, “Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat
food from it all the days of your life. By the sweat of your brow you will eat your
food until you return to the ground…” Now these are just stories, mythologies after
all. And considering how terrible the lives of
the average person was back in the day, it makes sense their world view wouldn’t be
as positive as the modernist. But it’s curious that they all tell the same
general story of a fall from grace. And some anthropologist’s think their version
of events might be more right than we originally thought The Worst Mistake Humanity Ever Made is a
provocatively titled article that shook the way we viewed our entire history. Anthropologist Jared Diamond argued that,
much like the fall from Paradise or the Golden Age, the shift from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle
to an agricultural one locked us into a path destined for misery. See, anthropologists had traditionally taken
a progressivist view of the hunter-gatherer way of life, they tended to see the lifestyle
as brutish and inferior to modern living standards. Sprinkle in a sense of western exceptionalism,
*cough cough*, and you can see why this take was the dominant one. They argued that the agricultural revolution
was a good thing because farmers could store crops to weather future shortages, didn’t
have to move much or expose themselves to the elements, and the majority of the human
race transitioned to an agricultural lifestyle overtime, that had to count for something! But, revisionists like Jared Diamond have
argued that there’s not a whole lot of evidence that the farmers had it better. I mean, we can’t exactly study 100,000 year
old humans, so we mostly had to rely on existing hunters-and-gatherers like the Kalahari bush-people
or Hadza nomads to prove our hypotheses. And they weren’t very good evidence for
the modernists. They spent much less time working than we
did, and had access to enough food to live healthily. You wouldn’t see a 20th century hunter-gatherer
suffer from famine, while food shortages wiped out millions in modern nations. And when recent break-through’s in science
allowed us to analyze ancient skeletons, they confirmed what we had been seeing. The skeletons of people from farming societies
were much shorter than their hunter-gatherer counterparts, had numerous defects from malnutrition,
anemia, bone lesions and other degenerative conditions. When we traded a high quality and diverse
diet for cheap carbs that were prone to bad harvests, things went South real quick for
our ancestors. And that wasn’t the worst part of it either. Before agriculture, humans didn’t keep surpluses
of food or livestock. the Earth was abundant, and we didn’t exactly
have refrigerators so it wasn’t necessary. Without resources to control and a highly
mobile lifestyle, tribes of humans lived in relatively egalitarian societies. That’s the “primitive communism” Marx
was talking about. Everyone, both man and woman, gave what they
could and took what they needed, and we lived this way for the vast majority of our history. But once we had standing and limited resources,
early humans began to organize around militaristic lines. The modern nation-state, different wealth
classes, gender inequality, they all owe their origin to this shift in agriculture. The slave societies that arose were brutal
and violent, at least for 99% of the people at the bottom. Sure, me and you might live nice here as we
plan for our end-game God mode, but think of all the suffering and pain it’s taken
to get us here and keep us here. Agriculture set us on the path of development
and as we face the existential annihilation of our species, the minimum we can do is ask:
has it all been worth it? [break] So hey look, I’m not an anarcho-primitivist
or anything, I don’t think civilization is a bad thing. But I still think these are worthy questions
to look into. Now, it’s time to return to Minecraft. I’ve been talking about it because it’s a
good vehicle to talk about modernism. But is the connection only skin-deep? Or can we make real connections to the influence
modernism has had on the game. Well first I need to set a few starting assumptions. 1. All games have values, even if only implicitly. And those values are influenced by a whole
lot of things, but most importantly here, they’re influenced by the material circumstances
of the society that the game gets made in. Example: Minecraft’s primary source of food
is meat. It’s clear to me that since this game was
made by a Western meat-eater, in a culture where industrial meat is a primary food source,
this was probably an unconscious choice that just made sense to the developer. If the game was made 100,000 years ago, maybe
the first ten minutes would be spent collecting berries and not taking out cows. Or if it was made 100,000 years in the future,
maybe they’d be space cows, you see what I mean? The world produces natural influences to our
pieces of media. And most of the time, they’re imperceptible. We’re blind to our natural biases. And Minecraft clearly expresses other values,
the game incentivizes you to build, farm, and eat animals for survival. I think it’d be a stretch to say that the
game moralizes these things in any way, the game has a very minimalist approach to everything. But I do think that the presence of these
survival mechanisms illustrate what we think is normal and justified for a survival-based
game. we’re primed to not feel bad when we do
any of these because, why would we when it’s so normalized in our real lives? 2. We live in a militaristic culture. Ever consider it odd how when a nation gets
attacked by another nation, even if it’s just like a ship in the middle of the ocean,
there’s suddenly a bunch of calls to arms? Probably not. I mean, when you get attacked, you defend
yourself, it’s human nature. Well, anthropologist David Graeber argues
that’s not quite true. In The Bully’s Pulpit, which is 100% worth
your time, it’s an amazing piece. He relates the “parable of the tribes.” It goes that in a river valley shared by five
tribes, coexistence requires that all tribes be good to each other. The moment one breaks bad and attacks others,
the other tribes have to either a) become militaristic themselves b) run-away, or c)
be conquered. It’s logical, and it’s used as a justification
for militarism in the animal world and in humans. But the anthropological record proves otherwise. In his words, “as anyone familiar with the
history of say, Oceania, Amazonia or Africa would be aware, a great many societies refused
to organize themselves on military lines. Again and again, we encounter descriptions
of peaceful communities who just accepted that every few years, they’d have to take
to the hills as some raiding party of local bad boys arrived to torch their village, ****, pillage,
and carry off trophy parts from hapless stragglers. The vast majority of human males have refused
to spend their time training for war, even when it was in their immediate practical interest
to do so.” So no, it’s not exactly some inevitability
of human nature. If you look at the history of Europe, with
all the warring and warlords that led to the creation of today’s nations, yeah, it makes
sense that modern society is a militaristic, authoritarian one. And it’s the one our games get made in. Finally, 3. Minecraft is an escapist power fantasy, but
not in the destructive, testosterone fueled way we’re used to. See, you might’ve thought Minecraft is a
curious game to connect to politics and modernism. I mean, if we want to talk about the dangers
of growth, maybe SimCity or Civilization might be better starting points, right? And yet Minecraft is a much better vehicle
for the discussion because of one important difference: you’re not some omnipotent God
looking down at the world, instead you’re just some guy. You don’t press a button to build a house,
or send your troops somewhere. It’s only you, and you have to do everything
by hand. Succeeding in the game is work. You can spend days and weeks on a project,
and when you finish, you feel real accomplishment. It’s a much more engaging power fantasy. Now, okay a lot of people argue that things
we do in games doesn’t really matter because it’s all fantastical and there’s a few degrees
of separation. They don’t feel bad about a few pixels on
the screen. You don’t think about the moral repercussions
and politics of Space Invaders, why would you for Minecraft. It’s not like this is a game about some big
war. But, it kind of is about a war, isn’t it? You’re engaged in a battle with the world. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who
felt bad when they heard the horrible squeals pigs and cows make when you get rid of them. Seriously listen to some of these death sounds. [horrible sounds] This is the fantasy crumbling before you,
when your virtual self does something you wouldn’t do and the cognitive dissonance is
too much to ignore. You’d have a much harder time getting rid
of the dog than the cow. And you probably didn’t even think twice about
cutting down that tree. If Minecraft was made back in the days of
The Epic of Gilgamesh, we’d probably incur the wrath of a forest mini-boss if we cut
too many trees. This is how our culture infects our media. And it’s my job to help unpeel all of the
layers 😀 So let me ask you a question. Our modernist way of thinking has gotten us
into a whole load of heaping trouble. Climates changing, species are going extinct,
communities are threatened, we know the story. why do we think that it’s going to be more
growth, more science and more technology that’s going to get us out of this mess? Why do we keep having faith that by just doing
the same thing over and over and over again, that we’ll finally reach the magical state
where we’ll be able to solve all of our problems? What makes us so confident that we won’t collapse
before we get there? And Minecraft’s lore contains grains of
this fate. The story is slim, but there are elements
scattered throughout the world of an advanced society of builders. Buildings and strongholds by ancient builders
are everywhere. What brought this society down? We don’t know for sure with what the game
shows us. But fundamentally, the story of Minecraft
is about the rise and fall of civilization. Now, I’m not trying to be one of those people,
that are like, “What if good guy… bad?!” No, standing on its own, it’s no big deal. Minecraft is a game, and growth mechanics
in games make intuitive sense. Bending the planet and all life who inhabit
it to your will, is really fun! But isn’t it a little weird when all of our
escapist media, all of our power fantasy’s, involve us re-enacting the same narratives
that got us here today without even asking, “hey man, you sure you wanna slice that lil
chicken up when you can just survive off mushroom soup and apples?” Every game centers the same mechanics of growth
and none stop to ask if it’s a problem. Extra Credits makes a good point in their
video The Issue with Power Fantasies. The problem here is that the protagonist isn’t
always right! There’s a misconception that stopping and
asking, “hey, am I doing the right thing here?” will somehow make a game worse, or shatter
the feeling of power and escapism. But I think that’s false, very few experiences
are made worse by making us introspect even just a little bit. Extra Credits hypothesizes that the lack of
moral introspection of our actions contributes to a culture that “associates being wrong
with being weak. And critical examination of what you’re doing
with being attacked.” But Graeber argues that it’s actually our
militaristic culture that makes this so. We have a huge cultural blind-spot that doesn’t
allow us to associate being wrong with being powerful. We routinely call horrific attacks “cowardly
acts,” when that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. In his own words, “Personally flying an
airplane into a skyscraper takes guts. Nevertheless, the idea that one can be courageous
in a bad cause seems to somehow fall outside the domain of acceptable public discourse,
despite the fact that much of what passes for world history consists of endless accounts
of courageous people doing awful things.” So we need to ask ourselves, do we want Minecraft
to be a black and white fantasy like Super Mario Bros, or do we want it to be more like
Braid? Do we want it to be Dragon Quest, or Undertale? So how would Minecraft be able to question
the narratives of growth, and experience of total control without fundamentally changing
the experience? I actually have a good example. When you tear down a grass block, or build
on top of it, you’re left with a mound of dirt. I was fascinated by this when I first started
playing. In a game where you can control almost every
aspect of the world, this is the one time where your building has an impact on the world
that isn’t controllable by you, and you have to wait some time for the grass to grow
back. Animal Crossing: City Folk has a similar mechanic
where every-time you walk over a part of a grassy field, you slowly start creating a
trail, that won’t grow back unless you stop walking on that path. They’re mechanics that show that your actions
can have uncontrollable consequences, and they should be explored. We don’t need a grand judgement day or some
poem at the end to tell us to think about what we’ve done. Just small, simple things that remind you
that hey, our impact on this world can cause things that are out of our control. And sometimes, our impact might not always
be a good thing.

The Dark Side of the Video Game Industry | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Tonight I want
to talk about video games. All right? Video games were a huge part
of my life growing up. My console was N64. Mario Kart, Smash Brothers,
and my personal favorite GoldenEye. You guys know the rules, right? License to kill, slappers only, no Oddjob. You guys remember Oddjob? You couldn’t kill him
because he was shorter than R2-D2. But now, video games are so much bigger,
and there’s no better sign than what went down
in New York City last weekend. A huge tournament at Arthur Ashe Stadium
in Queens, and we ain’t talking tennis. “This is the Fortnite World Cup Finals.” “Sixteen-year-old Kyle ‘Bugha’
Giersdorf is waking up $3 million richer. The first ever
Fortnite World Cup Champion.” “There’s his family looking on. And there’s the dance. I don’t know what that is.” That is the dance of someone who no longer has to stay married
for the kids. You know five seconds after that
he downloaded Hinge. Now, gaming culture is popular culture. It’s the new social currency. Right? You can’t be a kid
and not play Minecraft, which is why in just a few years, gaming has exploded in a way
it never has before. Gamers have sent the video gaming industry
to record levels. Netflix says that
Fortnite is a bigger threat than HBO. Red Dead Redemption 2 made $725 million
in its opening weekend. This is a bigger new industry -than marijuana.
-Absolutely. He’s like, “Marijuana, it’s a medicine that comes in a biscuit. Brilliant!” Now, the gaming industry has grown faster
than anyone could have ever imagined. It is now a $139 billion a year business. In terms of revenue, that’s bigger than
worldwide box office, music streaming and album sales,
the NFL, the NBA, MLB, and the NHL combined. Yeah, every sports league right now
is terrified, except for the NHL. They’re like, “Yay, we made the chart!” Think about this, this is insane.
Add up Kanye, Tom Brady, LeBron James, and Mike Trout and they are still no match
for a Swedish dude named Felix, who loves the n-word. One of the biggest reasons video games
have blown-up is live streaming, which is exactly what it sounds like. Gamers stream themselves playing games
in real time… even during natural disasters. Bro, it’s an earthquake,
100% it’s an earthquake. Holy shit! That’s actually strong. Oh, fucking wiggling! Whoa! Oh, this motherfucker moving, moving. Oh, shit! Muffin! Okay, Muffin is his dog, but I like to think
that it’s his safe word. He’s like, “Muffin! Brioche! Why isn’t it working?” Millions of people watch gamers
live stream on Twitch, the world’s biggest streaming platform,
and it gets 15 million visitors a day, which has transformed games like Fortnite,
PUBG, and League of Legends into enormous sporting events. Activision’s Overwatch League
has kicked off its new season. “Take-Two’s NBA 2K League
launched its second annual draft.” “A $74,000 prize.
Their game of choice? Counter-Strike.” “Call of Duty World League Tournament.” “The final of this tournament drew
more viewers last year than game six of the 2015 NBA Finals.” This is where things are going. I swear. Next year, you’re gonna
see Jay-Z and Beyoncé sitting courtside watching a pasty 16-year-old kid
play Fortnite. They’re like,
“Jay, who are you here to see?” And he’s just like, “My man, Buttsoup98.” It’s the Rock. Video games have become a cultural force unlike anything
since the creation of television. Two and a half billion people
play video games. Business is booming.
Gamers are treated like athletes, and yet, the gaming industry is filled
with stories like these. Video game maker Electronic Arts says
it is laying off 350 employees. The studio behind BioShock,
closing its doors and laying off most of its employees. Zynga announced that it will be cutting 5%
of its workforce. Activision Blizzard slashing
about 800 jobs. That’s 8%
of the video game maker’s workforce. Jeez, game companies treat their workers
like pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto. They’re like, “There’s just gonna be
some collateral damage.” Many of the most profitable
American game companies routinely lay off huge chunks
of their staff. And it’s part of a larger pattern
of labor exploitation in the gaming industry. Because it turns out the games
that we play to relax are built on ruthless worker burnout. That’s what I want to focus on tonight,
video games and labor. In the past two years alone, we found over 20 companies
that have laid off thousands of workers. Sometimes with no warning
and no severance. Like in the case of Telltale Games,
best known for The Walking Dead, which is based on a TV series
that just won’t die. I don’t know if you watch –
I mean we’re on season nine, you guys. Just shoot it in the head and end it. They’re zombies not the Simpsons. Now, you may not have heard very much
about this, and that’s not an accident. When we were researching this story, very few people were willing
to talk to us on camera. A lot of game workers sign NDAs, and they’re afraid of getting blacklisted,
but one worker agreed to talk to me. Emily Grace Buck, a game developer
who used to work at Telltale. She was there
the morning they fired everyone. Tell me about the horrific day
at Telltale. We get to the conference room,
everybody’s standing around, we walk in and the CEO is making jokes. He’s got a microphone
standing in front of everybody. He’s trying to make us laugh. So he opened up the meeting
to fire you guys by doing a set? Yes, and then he sat down and just said,
“Our journey has ended.” We were getting no severance. Our health insurance was only lasting
until the end of the week. They told us that we only had 30 minutes
to leave the building. We were expected to leave very quickly. To me, Telltale sounds like
a really bad boyfriend who was like,
“I’m telling you, like, this is great. We’re going the distance.” And then two weeks later was like,
“This is the end of our journey.” One of the things that’s scary
about games though is they’re all kind of bad boyfriends,
and you just need to pick which kind of bad you can live with. Working in the gaming industry shouldn’t be worse
than using Tinder in Boston. Think about it. Imagine being ghosted
by some dude named Parker who’s also in charge
of your health insurance. That’s what every gaming company is. Cyclical layoffs are just the start,
though. One of the worst issues in gaming
is the hours. I worked about seven days a week
between 14 and 16 hour days. “And when would you go home?” I would go home
when I was ready to collapse. Other people refused to do overtime,
and all of a sudden, their reviews were negative,
and they were fired. I lived away from home
for almost three months, uh, helping get the game done. I didn’t see my friends, my family
for a while. Although,
I was allowed some conjugal visits. Cool. I’m sure your wife loves
being referred to as a prison luxury. He’s like, “Hey, babe.
Can you come to the office? The warden says we can smash.” Now, leading up to the release of a game, companies often work their employees
for months nonstop with no overtime pay just
to hit deadlines. Almost every major gaming company
does this: EA, Rockstar, Epic, Activision, BioWare.
There’s actually a term for it. It’s called “crunch,” and it’s practically mandatory
if you want to work at a major studio. 95% of game developers say that
they’ve crunched or worked overtime, and over 80% of them say that they
weren’t paid for the extra hours. And it’s not like your typical video game
workers are getting stock options. At best, they’re getting carpal tunnel and their nephew’s respect,
which doesn’t pay shit. Crunch wrecks people mentally
and physically. Workers say months of crunch
have caused PTSD, memory loss, and ulcers
that make them cough up blood. Yeah, it sounds like video games
are being made in a Civil War hospital. By the way, it gets worse, and that’s because
of one game in particular. “And there’s the dance.
I don’t know what that is.” It’s Fortnite, the second biggest reason Drake is friends
with 14-year-olds. Now, Fortnite… Why are you texting them?
In what scenario do you text them? This isn’t a Big Brother,
Big Sister thing. It’s just fucking weird. If you don’t know the joke,
he texts Millie Bobby Brown about boys. It’s fucking bizarre. Now, Fortnite was created
by Epic Games in 2017, and now has 250 million players worldwide and has made over $3.9 billion, making Epic’s founder Tim Sweeney
a multi-billionaire, which is frustrating when you find out
how terribly he spends his money. Why does it feel like a combination
of MTV Cribs and Making a Murderer? He has to be the only tree hugger
who makes trees feel uncomfortable. Now look, games like Fortnite,
Apex Legends, and League of Legends are making crunch even worse because they’ve built their businesses on something called
“The Microtransaction Model.” Now look at Fortnite, they let everybody download the game
for free, but then they charge you for additional features,
like dance moves for your characters, “skins,” and tools,
like axes and hang gliders. Fortnite is using the same business model
as drug dealers. They give you the shit for free. They get you hooked,
and then before you know it, you’re sucking someone’s dick
for a candy axe. We’ve all been there. Don’t judge. Now this business model, it’s great for players and Tim Sweeney’s
weird-ass rock collection, but it is a nightmare for workers.
To keep players happy Fortnite has to roll out new features
all the time, which means for developers,
crunch never ends. And guess what? Epic workers say
that their managers expect them to crunch without complaining,
otherwise they might get fired. On top of all of this, players expect graphics to get better
and better every year. Just look at GTA. It went from
a Chuck E. Cheese arcade game to a deepfake of murder. Here’s the thing people don’t realize… graphics and animations
take a lot of work. I mean, making high quality visuals
can be really time intensive. And I know this because
sometimes our graphics team has to work really long hours. I mean, look at this, you guys.
Look at this design. This doesn’t just happen overnight, okay? And I’ll be honest, I haven’t been great
about giving our team enough time. But you know what? At the end of the day, I can go to sleep at night knowing
that I’ve made a lot of progress. But the thing is crunch and layoffs
aren’t two separate issues. Games have hard release dates.
They can’t just fall behind schedule. So companies staff up,
crunch their employees, then they lay people off
when the game comes out. They’re given so much work
and then none at all. They basically treat people the way all
of us treated Freddie Prinze Jr. It was just everything and then nothing. I’m looking for him, too. What?
Where is he? Freddie, come back. And they can do that
because there’s an endless supply of people willing to work in gaming. That passion is something that
prestigious colleges are happy to take advantage of. Hi, Mark. Heard about what happened
with your job. Maybe now you should do something
you enjoy. -Like what, something with video games?
-Yeah. Hey, guys. Finished testing that game yet? We just finished level three and need to tighten up
the graphics a little bit. Great. I can’t believe we got jobs doing this. I know, and my mom said I would never
get anywhere with these games. That is the whitest video of all time. You have a blonde dude in a pink polo, playing video games, yelling at his mom
for not believing in him. By the way, that last ad
couldn’t be further from reality. First of all, I’m pretty sure
“tightening up graphics” isn’t a thing. But the most unrealistic part of this ad was the fact that these two Chads
had a female supervisor, and they treated her with respect. Look, gender discrimination is another huge labor issue in gaming, which is probably the least surprising
thing you’ve learned tonight. It’s like finding out Mike Pence
pulls his underwear down to his ankles when he pees. New information? Yes. Surprising? No. Even though women now make up
half of all gamers, the industry is almost 75% male, which is obvious
when you look at any female character. I mean take a closer look. As you can see, all of these women
have one thing in common. Look closely. It’s their attitude. So much attitude. It’s just bursting through the screens. Developer surveys consistently find
that discrimination and sexism are endemic
to the gaming industry. But to understand how bad it’s gotten, we have to look at one company
in particular that is crushing it
on the sexism leaderboard. Riot Games just can’t escape controversy. This week the League of Legends developer
was slammed with a class action lawsuit, claiming that the company fosters
a sexist work environment. This lawsuit, filed by two women at Riot,
lists specific examples of how “bro culture” negatively impacted
female employees. That’s so disappointing. Remember back when bros
and gamers were enemies? Now they’re united
over their mutual fear of women. Riot Games is a huge player
in the gaming industry. This lawsuit plus three more
filed since then claimed that women
were routinely passed up for promotions and sexually harassed. Some were also given
some very strange pep talks. One plaintiff said her supervisor
told her, “Diversity should not be a focal point of the design of Riot Games’ products
because gaming culture is the last remaining safe haven
for white teen boys.” Safe haven. Why is Riot talking about teenage boys
like they’re endangered sea turtles? “They’re migrating. Where will they go?” But my favorite part of that clip is the guy’s face
when she read that quote. “Gaming culture is the last remaining
safe haven for white teen boys.” That is alarming that this kind of thing
can even be said inside a company in 2018. That right there is the same face you make when someone says they’re excited
for the next Woody Allen movie. You’re like, “Oof.” These lawsuits were the result
of a bombshell investigation from Kotaku, a gaming news site that exposed
widespread sexism at the company and because of Kotaku’s reporting, the state of California
is now investigating Riot for gender discrimination. So I sat down with the woman
who broke the Riot story. She’s an investigative reporter named
Cecilia D’Anastasio. So, how did you hear about
what was going on at Riot? Did you just drive by the offices and
hear a bunch of mouth breathing and you were like,
“Something isn’t right?” I first heard what was happening at Riot when I was investigating
another gaming company for alleged endemic sexism, actually. That’s really, really dark. Yeah. I heard stories ranging from… women not being able to hire other women
into positions of leadership. I was also hearing stories about
other women being on the list of, like, sexy employees that higher-ups
at the company wanted to sleep with. A lot of men told me about the COO,
like, going behind them and humping them at meetings where women weren’t present. You know, I’ve always wondered
what a COO does. Now I know. The culture at Riot was nuts, okay? People said they saw not just dick pics, but their boss’s dick pics. Now, look, if you see your boss’s dick, at the very least,
you should get to host Fox and Friends. Even men complained
about Riot’s bro culture. Cecilia, in your report you said that
if there were no women in a meeting, one of the managers would fart
on someone’s face. -Yeah.
-And that is fucked up. -Yeah, it is.
-I mean, this is sexism at its worst. -How?
-Women should be in the room. No. -No, no.
-We only live in an equal society, when both genders can rip it equally
in front of each other. No one should be farting on anyone
in, like, a work environment. That’s fair. Where’s he at now? Please tell me like
the dude cannot work anymore. No, he’s still at the company. -He’s still at the same company?
-He’s there, and he’s the COO. He’s still the COO. He was just suspended for two months
without pay. That’s it. Riot punished him the way
corporate America punishes women who give birth. They’re like,
“Think about what you’ve done and come back in two months.” So when you consider all of this… crunch, burnout, sexism,
no safety net, no job security. You’re probably thinking,
“Okay, if it’s so bad, why don’t they just quit?” Well, that’s the problem.
They do, which sucks. This is their livelihood. But it’s also bad for games.
Video games are amazing because they’re made by people
who love making them, which is why the workers
that haven’t quit yet are finally considering something
that has never happened before. It is time, more than time that we as an industry
left behind the idea that our work is made better by our pain. A lot of people are saying… that it’s time that the games industry
was unionized. “At industry events unionization
is increasingly on the agenda. In Canada, the International
Game Workers Unite movement is attracting new members as crunch culture forces people out
of the industry.” Game workers have talked about unionizing
for a long time. But the last few years, it is becoming a rallying cry,
especially for Game Workers Unite, a grassroots organizing group that has actually unionized game workers
in the UK, and now, they have nineteen chapters
in North America. This is part of an even bigger wave. America is going through a historic swell
in collective labor action. In 2017,
25,000 Americans went on strike. In 2018, it was almost half a million. And this year, it could be even bigger, and the gaming industry
is riding that wave. After Cecilia reported on the sexism
at Riot, employees at the company were furious
and finally did something about it. They staged a walkout. Why was there a walkout at Riot? What was the fart
that broke the camel’s back? It wasn’t a fart. Lawsuits were filed
against Riot after Kotaku’s report. And a couple of them were forced
into arbitration with Riot. What is forced arbitration? It’s like, “You can’t take me to court,
you have to negotiate with me.” So hundreds of Riot employees walked out
in what was the first walkout in game development history. And I think organizing around that would
be a really good idea for game workers. Do you realize how impressive that is? An army of gamers… walking. This is why unionization is so critical
for game workers. Just look at the issues they’re facing: insane hours, no severance, unfair contracts,
sexist work environments. These are all issues
that unions were built to solve. They also make sure
you don’t get humped from behind. Now look, I get there are people
that might be seeing all of this thinking, “Aww, boo-hoo, you want me to care
about video game workers? Look, I work all the time, man.
I don’t get overtime. I’ve been fired, and my boss farts
in my face all the time. So what?”
Well, congratulations. You’re probably getting screwed, too. We all have to rethink
what a union job looks like. It’s no longer just coal miners
and steel workers lifting up heavy shit. Yes, those people need protection,
but so do people who work at desks. Right? This is the future.
If you work in front of a computer, what’s happening in video games
right now affects you. Other industries are figuring this out. While overall union membership is down, white collar professionals
have been unionizing in record numbers. Journalists, digital media, grad students,
presidential campaigns, and nonprofits. But so far, nothing in tech. That’s why this push
to organize game workers is coming at such a critical time. Do you think if one of these
video game companies unionizes, there will be a ripple effect
across the entire industry? I absolutely think so
because the same thing happened in my industry, media. Gawker unionized and then maybe a dozen
other digital media publications unionized in its wake. And I don’t see any reason why
that wouldn’t happen in the games industry where workers are fueled by passion
and are often exploited because of that. Gaming companies don’t want this
to happen. And a lot of people outside the industry
either “A”– don’t care or “B”– have no idea
what workers are going through. We actually refer to people
in the game industry as veterans once they’ve reached five years working
because the average career in video games is only five years long, and it’s lower than that
if you’re a woman or a person of color. Do gamers realize there are
all these problems within the industry? Some of them do,
and some of them don’t. But I think that if gamers
start caring about working conditions in the industry,
companies are gonna change. She’s right.
The only way the industry will change… is if players know how their games
really get made. So to get the word out,
I had to go where the gamers are. Hey, it’s Hasan. I just want to talk about
labor abuses in the video game industry. So I thought I’d come right in the game
and talk to you guys. -Let’s do this, douchebag.
-Yeah, sure, okay, I’ll just follow you. But reaI quick, I just wanted to chat with you
about labor rights in video games. -What?
-Oh, shit, you’re dead. -God damn it.
-Damn it, I’m dead. “This is brutal over here.” Not as brutal as the lack
of job security designers have. “Dude, you’re ruining the game.” Hi, friend. Do you have a moment
to just chat about labor rights -in video games?
-Move! Fuck. How come I only last ten seconds? You suck. Well, that’s why I hired you to coach me. Okay, so stop lecturing them
and get a weapon. Hey, just real quick. Do you guys realize that programmers
don’t even receive residuals -on the video games they make?
-Pick up your controller and shoot! I’m holding it.
You don’t have to talk to me like that. And here’s the crazy part,
if the workers complain, they’ll just get replaced. Yeah, they will straight up
fire them and– Weeee! Oh, shit. Lava! These companies don’t want
their programmers to– I was just gonna say unionize. No one wants to hear this. You don’t know that. “C’mon, revive me, man.” You know, PyssPapa69, I would do that. -Are you gonna be a good listener?
-Are you fucking serious? -That’s what happens.
-Hey, labor rights guy, over here. -Awesome.
-Uh-huh. Yeah, just go in there. This is great. Finally,
someone wants to just talk in private -about worker protection. Hey!
-Suck it! -Alright, I think it’s time to stop.
-No, ten more minutes! -No, let’s–
-Please! Oh, my God. Hey guys, can we just have a conversation about the benefits of unionizing? Come on! It’s the only way to guarantee fair wages.
Come on! Fucking hell. Shit. Fuck it. Shoot me in the head
if you think they deserve basic benefits. Thank you. I don’t want to brag… but I think I changed some minds. I’ll see you guys next week.

This man has -1000 respect for women and the reason why might SHOCK you

What’s up. wahmennnnn luver and respecter, Pewwdiepie, here. I have found thee most despicable, disgusting, hurtful man on the interwebs. This- tis man has…has… guess how much respect he has for wahmenn? That’s right. Zero! No respect! Nada! (In Swedish) Inget skit! And its hurts to ~swatch~ I don’t even want to show it to you… ‘Cause it’s hurtful. I feel like it’s my duty. It’s my duty to show you this man, ’cause DAMN it! We need to get him banned. FUCK his right to speak. This man needs to be destroyed!! I believe in freedom of speech, BUT whenever people have an opinion opposed to mine I think they should be blocked and deleted and put in prison!?!!! Janusz Korwin-Mikke joins us now. Felix: Janis Corbin Mick. Look at this man. He might look cute. He might look a little chipper. He might look like your uncle. But this man, no, his opinions… *hisses in pain* His opinions…. Piers Morgan: Now live from Warsaw in Poland, (morning!) welcome to you, sir. Can you explain to people in Britain, please, why you believe women should be paid less than men because “they’re weaker, smaller, and less intelligent”? *giggle* What? I- I am sorry, you are lying. I never said that the women should earn less. I love his accent so much. It’s goddamn beautiful. It makes this whole thing 10 times better. I only said that because they are shorter, they are weaker, they are less intelligent. They are less aggressive and so on and so on. They earn less. By the way, shorter men earn less than the tall men. The blonde earn more than the brunettes. There are differences and the difference – it should not be equalized That’s all. Wahmen: Can you- sorry can I just interrupt- can you give me an example, sir, sorry? Mikke: Are you saying women are not shorter than men? Are you saying women are not shorter than men? What a crazy world we live in! Jak się masz? (Polish: What’s up?)
my wife my wife
Wahmen: Okay, can you just give me an example of where a short man earns less than a tall man? Newscaster: Okay, can you just give me an example of where a short man earns less than a tall man? Well, I’m not defending this un-respecting women man, but there was studies on it. I don’t know if New York Times is a good source. But they did show that short men make less than tall men and it also showed *intense music* I think it also showed that bald men made less money than people with hair, but I’m not defending this man. Okay? I’m merely giving some context. *intense stutters* It is checked, it is proved, and women earn less because they are and so on and so. Piers: And do you believe- Do you believe- Mikke: I didn’t say that it should earn. I’m a free marketer. Piers: Let me ask you though: do you personally do you- let me ask you- let me ask you- let me ask you, do you personally believe that women are less… Felix: What is that face he’s doing? He looks so disgusted. Look at him now! Piers: Hey, let me ask you. Do you personally believe that women are… *pewds giggle* Felix: What is that? Piers: Do you understand that when you say that, you’re basically telling the world – Mikke: And please, sir. If you please- Piers: let me finish. Let me finish. Let me finish. Do you understand that when you say that on international women’s day, what you’re really doing is Showing the world that you are just a horrendous sexist pig? OOOHHHHHH Damn, that’s right, Piers, get that disrespecting whamen man! Makes me angry. Excuse me, why you are not interested that the women are shorter or weaker than men, and so of course they are less intelligent, several points on IQ scale. They- Women, of course, they are less intelligent! Disgusting, how could you say such a disgust… Not that sort of it but but please don’t mix up things. Wahmen: Okay – Piers: But if we need women ok. Let me ask me a question.. yeah if women are less… Mikke: Please don’t, please don’t Piers: shush shush Mikke: Please don’t Piers: when when you say women are look Mikke: No! I’m sorry- Felix: Please don’t- at least he’s saying please. Piers is just like “Shush, shush. I have to speak. You are disrespecting women” God bless you Piers Be quiet. You are disrespecting wahmen and I need you to be quiet Piers: Intelligent than men..
Mikke: I’m sorry, I was talking to you… How can you say that women are less intelligent and male when you yourself sound So unbelievably stupid? OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Get em Piers. You are so dumb. Oh *sings* Hello darkness my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again. I don’t – I have not understood you. Because you’re too stupid! Felix: Oh! double critical damage. Piers: How can you say that women are less intelligent than men when you are saying such incredibly stupid things? Mikke: Why? Y-yeah, how can you say that when you yourself say such stupid things? Mikke: Well, first of all FEY YEY YEY YEY YEY EY EV EU EY EUİ Eİ EH EJ EG VEV I WILL TELL YOU Just love he talks. It’s so beautiful. It really rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? first of all VIVAVAVVAVAAVAVAV FEY YEY YEY YEY YEY EY EV EU EY EUİ Eİ EH EJ EG VEV I WILL TELL YOU It is you are saying a stupid you it is Scientifically proved that you say that what is scientists? Determined you say it is stupid thing. Not. Well, it only shows so that that you are idiot Boom, strike back! Mikke: And don’t believe in science. Felix: BOOM And please don’t, don’t mix up, don’t mix things up, the women are less intelligent than men I like this little text that shows up here – says: “Women should be paid less than men” You are lying. I never said that the women should earn less No, that’s it doesn’t matter what he says. That’s that’s the fact Piers: Wahmen, would you like to speak to this gentleman who thinks that women are made to be less intelligent? See what Piers is doing her? He’s giving the whaman a platform to speak. He’s not just, uh taking every word for himself, he realises Let my lady would you like to open your mouth and have opinion as well because you can because I respect you as a woman My name is Piers Morgan. Whaman: I feel like I’ve kind of been rendered speechless. Piers: Sorry, the lady is about to speak, if that’s all right with you. We have quite a short lady, uh who I think might take exception to almost everything you’ve just said, so Well, I find it absolutely fascinating. Can I just establish your credentials? You-you’re a member of the European parliament. That’s right? Hell yeah… I mean, no! And what I don’t understand, while I would agree that in cases that women are physically weaker than men, I don’t understand how you can possibly justify a pay gap on the fact that women are shorter than men, because whatever your argument, that is just complete rubbish. Piers: How tall you? Whaman: Five foot four. Piers: Right. There we go. Got him! That’s my man Piers. “How tall are you?” Five foot four. Point proven. Got em! Can’t argue with statistics when you got one example. Quite rubbish. I’m sorry, you’re still believing in stereotypes, but What? You are believing in – Forget it.
– It’s like a joke man. You’ve got some front wheel along to talk about stereotypes. What is happening? I have no idea, but it’s extremely entertaining. Think your special brand of celebration of-of women is-is struggling a bit given your extraordinary private life, with eight children by four different women. Oh shit Piers did some digging on this man. Apparently he has eight children with four different wamen. – I’m obviously…
– I’m talking about science …
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– But please, stop
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– yeah go on But please Let me say something. I never said that women should earn less I’m only explaining to this idiot feminist Because they say: “Oh, women are earning less. Why?” So I’m explaining why. – right If you are – If you are weaker…
– Do you have a final
– You have to earn less – Do you have…
– Not, not that…
– We got that.. – Excuse me a shorter man W H E E Z E a shorter man How tall are you? Oh, in english I don’t know, but one metre eighty-nine. That sounded like English to me. Right, ’bout six foot, okay. It’s quite extraordinary to have a guy that tall who’s so unbelievably dim. And uh, do you have a final message for the women of the world on International women’s day that you can talk to them directly? What would you like to say? My nama jeff Now, the first time I watched this, my initial reaction was “holy shit this guy’s insane” “What the fuck is he saying? How can he say these things? It’s-it’s He is definitely sexist” But second time I watched it, interpreting all his stumbling and mumbling, I understand what he’s trying to say. He-like he said many times, he’s not saying women should earn less. He’s saying they are because of these reasons. And like I said I don’t know if there’s a statistic that show that women in general are less intelligent than men, and if there is, I would say “what’s the fucking point”? I feel like I’m sort of in another corner in this discussion. He’s basically saying there is a gender gap because these reasons. Piers Morgan is saying there is a gender gap and you’re disgusting. I’m saying there is no gender gap. It’s been it’s been debunked several times now I’m probably not the right person to talk about this But the gender gap is something that a lot of people you probably heard about that women earn less than men. -Today the typical woman who works full-time earns 79 cents for every Dollar that a typical man makes This is definitely not a statement made so that people can pat themselves on the back, gosh it’s so hard being a woman, and it’s not a it’s not a statement that men make to further themselves in different areas, say, politics. What they did with the gender gap is that they took old men and old women and did a median on it and said Oh okay Women earn this amount less than men in general. What they don’t take in account is Well pretty much anything at all, like women working less hours Women choosing less high paying jobs, and so on and so forth. Now if you take these factors into account, basically the Gender Gap comes out to pretty much nothing because men and women are paid generally equal because it is governed by the law. You can’t pay someone less money because of their gender. It’s illegal. it’s been illegal for forty-five years. If women were paid less than men then why doesn’t all companies just hire women. You would have to pay them less for the same job But this statement lives on because politicians like wants to further themself people want to feel better by saying it. “Ah! Women!” People want to pass themselves on the back, when really you’re doing more harm than good by making statements like this. Now basically what the man was saying was there’s more than one pay gap: if you’re shorter you get paid less, if you are less intelligent, you’re more likely to get paid less, if you are fat you you are likely to get paid less. All these different things all these different privileges they all come down To less, less pay. But here’s so desperately wants to show that he’s a good man that he’s irrational He won’t even like listen to what he said he said several times I don’t think women should get paid less by those I never said that women should earn less He said what like what three times would you completely ignored because Piers so desperately wants to show I’m standing up for women it’s so easy. It’s so easy to just be like oh You’re just you’re disrespecting women you’re a disgusting sexist pig Who’s tough you’re in the parliament get this man out of the parliament? Let’s dismiss everything else this man believes him because he’s sexist and disgusting what was the point of this video absolutely nothing? I should probably I feel like I should probably drop this whole meme with Whamon for a while before Wall Street makes another montage of all the stuff together let me talk final closing thought on this video if you’re female watching this I want you to know that you are not what the media or politicians or People on Twitter trying to tell you or even what I am trying to say you’re not weak You are not less privileged. You are strong. I think it’s such an unhealthy way of looking at things What happened to- I’m a woman hear me roar? It’s become. I’m a woman agh I earn less than men…. heh ughr hehe

who im voting for president.. (part 3)

حسنا لنبدأ بلعب هذه اللعبة هييييي كرسي مع بعض المال في هذه اللعبة علي ان انقذ دونالد ترامب من الموت اووووو انا احاول بصعوبة ان انقذه ارجوك ترامب انا….. انا احاول بصعوبة شديدة ان انقذك ترامب انا قادم اليك يا بيبي اااا لاااااا اووو اووو اوو اللعنة انه بالاعلى مع (بوتين) انهما يستمتعان بوقتهما و الان العالم مكان افضل اوو استطيع ان ادفع اووووووو هيا هيا ادفع ادفع ! ادفع !! اوووو لاااااااااااا هل نجحت ؟ لقد نجحت ! علي ان اقوم بهذا وهذا وهذاوهذا وهذا انه ليس بهذا الصعوبة انه ليس صعبا لهذه الدرجة انظر الى هذا ها نحن الان اججل ! اللعنة عليك ! الان انا انضم للحفلة ! نعم الان انا اقود السيارة ! انا الان اقود السيارة اللعينة هل يعجبك هذا ؟! هل يعجبك ذلك سيد (بوتين) اوو اجل هل هذا ما تريده ايها اللعين ؟ هل هذا ما تريده ايها اللعين ؟! حسنا المستوى التالي اووو لديهم كراسي كراااااااااااااسسسسسييييييييي لكن انظر ماذا لدي الشجاعة اللعينة مات ترامب لا اهتم ابدا هيهيهي انا قادم لاجلك يا ترامب انا قادم لانقذك *طلقة* حسنا هذي هي الموسيقى حسنا اللعنة وووووااااوووووو وااااااااااو (ترااامب ) اجل اجل اجل اجل اجل اجللل اجل * صوت الطائر * عندما تقوم ب كيرفبال تستطيع القفز عاليا جدا حسناهيا بنا نفعل ذلك *يتنفس* واااااووو هل رأيت ذلك ؟ *يتنفس* *يتنفس زيادة* الان اعرف شعور اصحاب 14 من العمر عندما يلعبون كود انا عندما العب كود الان انظرو الى التصوير بالحركة البطيئة ابتعدو عني قومو عني وانقذو ترامب ابتعدو ابتعدو !! ابت… اللعنة اللعنة ! اللعنة ما هذا اوووه يا الهي اللعنة ما هذا حسنا علينا ان نقع بالجهة اليمنى اللعنة هيا ترامب يسار يسار يسار ! اللعنة حسنا على هذا ان يكون سهلا اللعنة اه اه اللعنة حسنا ها نحن و … او يا الهي ! حسنا هذا شي واحد احب ان افعله شكرا لك ! هل هذا سدادات قطنية ؟ انها سدادات قطنية عملاقة ! من صنع هذه اللعبة ارجوك يا ايها السدادات القطنية كوني جيدة معي ثم صأصبح انا جيدا معك شكرا لك ها نحن الان ااا لقد امسكت بشعره تم الانقاذ او حسنا السدادات القطنية مجددا حسنا جيد هل تعلم ماذا جيد جيد جيد اشعر في هذا المستوى بأنني احلم بكابوس كيف اخرج من هنا؟! او يا الهي او يا الهي ( ترامب ) اوو اجل استمر بالدوران لماذا انا العب هذه اللعبة حتى الان ؟ في هذه النقطة لا يوجد اي سبب لذلك ما عدا انني احب…. اللعب بهذه اللعبة هذا غبي بحق اللعنة يا الهي انا اعني هيا هيا هيا هيا هيا هيا محاولة اخيرة اللعنة لما انا العب حتى الان ؟ هل استطيع الموت ارجوك *المنتخبة الثانية لترامب* اذن لقد دفعتي 600,000 دولار لثلاثة خطابات هل كان ذلك خطأ هل كان ذلك سيئا ؟ ماذا لقد دفعت 600 الف دولار لثلاثة خطابات !!؟ اوو سأعطيك انا خطابا اذن هذا يدعمني اشعر بالدعم عندما العب هذه اللعبة اللعنة لقد توقف الجهاز قال رجل حكيم اللعنة ملعون الوالدين ها نحن الان ها نحن الان هذا يشبه ذاك المشهد في الفيلم اللعنة قم عن الارض قم قم ببباااااا لماذا يحدث هذا في كل مرة ؟! تلك كانت نهاية الاجتماع ! اين انا بحق اللعنة يااييي شعره اللعين اصبح اخضر ! انت لست حتى (ترامب) من انت بحق اللعنة (جاكسيبتيكاي) ؟ اللعنة لماذا شعره اخضر ؟؟ انا لن انقذ جاك اللعنة ها نحن ها نحن ها نحن ها نحن انه حي انه حي لقد انقذت (جاكسيبتيكاي) لماذا هو (جاكسيبتبكاي) انا لا افهم هل انتهيت من هذه اللعبة اللعينة لا لم ننتهي ارجوك انتهي هنا ماذا حدث بحق اللعنة اللعنة ماذا حدث ؟!! ما هذا بحق اللعنة اللعنة حسنا اللعنة اللعنة ماذا علي ان افعل هنا كل شي اصبح سهلا كل شي يصبح مذهلا او لا لا لا لااا لماذا هو فضي ؟ لماذا هو فضي ؟ هذا هو السبب اللعين هذا هو عليك ان تستمر في انقلاب انقلاب امامي لامريكا لذا عليك ان تصوت ل بيونا و بيون ماقسين ملعون الوالدين الجمهور الاخر يصبح مجنونا ! الانقلابة الامامية هي طريقك للنصر ذلك كان مذهلا يا رجل الان لديك عضلات قوية ! رائحة ذلك جيدة جدا سيد مرشح الانتخابات لماذا انا بعيد دائما لااااا لاااااااااا ها هي امريكا لقد فعلتها ارجوك اخبرني انني فعلتها ماذا اجل العالم مكان افضل

Sponsored by USA – This game was made by the government…

哈囉! 今天我們要玩一款遊戲 我們要做 "網路知識大挑戰" ! 你有多了解網路呢? 哼? 是時候 來做測驗了 這是什麼測驗啊? 誰 誰會做這種東西啊? 喔 是美國政府呀 這是一份會把結果傳到國防部的測驗 基本上是為了幫助聯幫人員不要洩漏資訊數據然後被駭 所以他們做了這個測驗 喔是遊戲 不曉得啦真的很有趣 好啦我們來玩吧 網路知識大挑戰 未分類 不要問我這個哪找的 我也還沒看過有人上傳這個到YouTube 我們開始吧 這是防務模式 也有個情報模式 我們玩防務模式吧 我應該不用引導吧 螢幕上是你平常的畫面 好的 在最上面可以看到你的成績跟對手的成績 嘿你們看 是..IC欸 哇欸最愛 如果你選到了最佳答案 除了可以賺到分數 你還可能贏得成就獎杯 我們獎杯拿定啦 開始挑戰吧 我們現在是早上 好 我們先… 合理使用電腦 又是幫美國政府賣命工作的一天 過目這些合理使用電腦的小叮嚀 好我們來看看 不得瀏覽或下載色情內容 哇 替政府工作真是爛透了 不得在網路上賭博 哇 替政府工作真是爛透了 不得進行私人交易 不得安裝或使用個人軟體 未經授權不得任意更改配置 只有機構允許才得以確認個人郵箱 不得用來充電自己的設備…..好啦這些有道理 做這些事情就是會… 搞砸 Tina : 嘿你好啊 那是啥? Tina : 嗨我是Tina —Pewds : 我的 老 天 鵝 啊 我想讓你知道 我們有些人在上班時用iTunes一起聽音樂 Pewds : 嗚喔!!!!!!! 如果你去http://myTuneslistennow.com就可以下載 喔 (笑) 我們來看看 看我記不記得我的訓練 踢娜妳這個小騙子!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 不用了謝謝!!!!!!!!!!!! 幹得好 你不該在上班時用未核准的程式 還去MyTunes勒 滾啦 滾出我的視線啦 踢娜 我應該要為美國政府工作的 好嗎掰 Tina : 如果你不喜歡音樂也沒關係啦但你無聊的話—- 不好意思踢娜 妳這個小渾球 我喜歡音樂好嗎 我不喜歡的是 洩漏美國政府的資料 你想在上班時間聽iTunes 你會得到報應的 到底是誰聘請妳的 踢娜 Tina : 你可以玩玩看Mark的遊戲 他是個工程師 如果你想下載我有一個不錯的在CDR 喔好喔 請問是什麼遊戲呢 (笑) 是最新版的機器磚塊嗎 是的話當然好啊 不用了 謝謝 回答得好 你不該在工作時玩未授權的遊戲 喔 (笑) Tina : 好吧 那待會見囉 誰請你來的啦 踢娜 你爛透了 你已經完成了電腦使用守則 這是你完成的 : 成功完成電腦使用篇 但我現在也是算在玩遊戲啊 這個—- 如果她要給我的是這個遊戲勒 (笑) 掰囉 踢娜 讀這些小叮嚀 看完請按 完成 個人對個人/未授權軟體的小叮嚀 你是說我不能在上班時用LimeWire嗎 你是說我不能下載 最新的Napster嗎 *電話響* 喔在這 好的 無法取得號碼 這裡是IT的Kevin 很抱歉打擾您 但我們需要快速的跟您談一下您的電腦 好喔 *警告* 老天啊 這啥啊 你是想當百萬富翁喔 有人用未知號碼打過來說他們— 喔老天 希望我能選對 緊張緊張刺激刺激 有人用未知號碼打過來 說他們是IT的人 需要你電腦的資料 你要怎麼做? 好啊 你需要什麼 (笑) 請問你的全名跟電話? 好 你的全名是? 做得好 永遠都要確認未知來電者的身分 …他有說他叫 Kevin餒 但好啦 我是Kevin Smith 我們沒有個人電話的 總之我們需要一些你們存貨資訊 如果可以的話打開你的控制面板 然後確認你的電腦系統跟網路設備設定 那樣就太棒了 然後刪除系統32 那就太漂亮了 電話裡的人要你打開控制面板確認你的系統和網路裝置 做的好 你也應該要警戒你的安全POC 我真的會那樣做喔 我的保安會知道來電者 閱讀這些叮嚀 完成請按結束 好喔 那裡有個….身分管理啊各位 準備來玩"壞壞網路大野狼"吧 —-Pewds : 喔買尬 這裡是遊戲方法 準備好開始請按PLAY 如何玩 : 你從一個大樓基底開始 選正確答案來蓋房子保護….豬豬們(????? 選到錯的答案 一直不強化房子會被 …壞壞網路大野狼攻擊?? 是時候展現你有多了解身分管理及保護措施了 依顯示的題目選出正確答案 大家繳的稅金 花的好啊各位 看看這些圖 我為這些豬豬們擔憂 我一定要保護這些豬豬 他們到底怎麼會用—– 你知道嗎算了 以下哪個是 雙重因素身分辨識的例子? 呃呃呃呃呃呃呃呃呃 一定是這個 喔耶死 耶死 去屎啦大野狼 下列哪個例子是安全性最強的密碼? 四月一號紀念日 偷播喔那偷北 ( 生存還是毀滅 ) 是這個對吧 YAHHHHHHHHHH 來吧豬豬們 如何保護你的CAC或其他晶片卡? 保存在卡套—– 不!!!!!!!不!!!!!!!!!!! 卡套啊靠北 呃喔 呃喔 呃喔 你開玩笑的吧 開玩笑的吧 再一次 讓我再玩一次 滾啦 喔老天 喔天 喔不要 我不行了這太沉重了 等等 大樓底下有很大的碰撞聲 你要怎麼做? 我不知道X1 我不知道X2 我不知道啊X3 (扶額) 看我的手機嗎 (笑) 調查噪音 (笑) ——那不是個好選擇! 你忘記移除你的CAC/PIV或鎖上電腦了 喔喔喔喔喔喔喔 (恍然大悟樣) 我甚至不知道我有那個ㄟ 而且是誰說我沒做的啦 現在我要…警戒安全POC 無結果 請再試一次 好我調查噪音 —-做得好! 你該確保你工作環境的安全 怎麼有種我拿不到獎杯的港覺 [門邊的女人] : 我忘記帶卡了 能讓我進去嗎? 喔喔喔不 喔不不不…. *選了無視* 這不是好選項 —–Pewds : 啥?????? 你應該警戒安全 靠北啊 我做得很糟ㄟ我們來看郵件吧 是時候看郵件了 讀這些合同 選"我接受"來繼續 來看看你的郵件吧 選Email來讀然後決定要怎麼做 這封郵件是你不認得的雇用者發來的 聽起來是我去應徵了比這更好的職缺 *選了警戒* —沒錯!! 這是一封企圖獵鯨的信件 你的安全POC應該要知道這個 獵鯨?是釣魚郵件那類嗎? 這封信是來自安全局的主管John Austin發來的 你不認識John Austin 對啊 John Austin找上我是想幹嘛啊 哼? 警戒 正確! 這是封釣魚信件 警戒安全是正確的 但他有政府的網域餒 這封信是來自你組織的行政支援組的Cheryl 你認識Cheryl 等等 我加油可以享半價折扣嗎 一樣警戒啦!!!!!!!!! 無結果 再試一次 *熱血之火焰被澆熄* 這封信是來自你組織的行政支援組的Cheryl 你認識Cheryl –喔Cheryl 我們要炒了Cheryl 她玩完了 正確! 這封信可能是個騙術 也不該在上班時間看 哈哈哈哈哈 喔不!! 這封信是來自 paypad 關注你與他們的帳戶 是 paypad 啊各位 這是釣魚信件!!! ——無結果 請再試一次 正確!!!! 這是封試圖偷你資料的釣魚信件 有沒有 這封信是來自Ken Willoughby 你組織的安全人員 你也認識Ken 所以我認是Ken 我也記得Ken喔 檢舉他!!!!!!!!! 正確! 我們來讀些叮嚀吧 閱讀以下叮嚀 嘿各位我們拿到獎杯了 我們拿到看Email獎杯 幫政府工作 真是 棒呆了 可移除媒體 這是什麼 是時候完成 提示 : 安全事件的奧秘 這裡有遊戲說明 點選PLAY來開始 進入每個房間 正確的回答問題以建立"不在場證明" 答錯則會喪失得到額外提示的機會 收集到足夠得提示來解開謎團 安全事件發生了 你可以解開謎團並找出哪個情況揭露了細微的資訊嗎? 首先造訪每個房間了解潛藏的事件 依顯示的問題選出正確答案 這很爛ㄟ 我不想知道這些事 *亂選一通* 不准因為我答錯在那邊笑 你這笨蛋 現在用你收集到的資訊來解開謎團 選出事件的發生地 啥啊…. 喔我還真猜對了勒 不用在意啦 喔不 是怎樣 同事 : 嘿我在你的主機旁找到這片CD 這個是你要的嗎? 喔不 Johnson Johnson把那拿開啊!! 警戒 警戒!!! Johnson!!! 大家小心!!! Johnson手上有CD!!!! 同事撿到一片無標示的CD 你想要怎麼做? 不要插進電腦裡 拒絕插入電腦 插進我吧 Johnson我們回家吧 (Pewds???????) 把CD放在公共區等失主領回 等 然後用家用電腦開 *拒絕插入電腦* 做得好! John掰啦 同事 : 如果你不介意我就把CD放這囉 搞不好失主會來拿 呃啊 不不不不不 不! @#$% —-無結果 請再試一次 丟掉他 很好 ——我覺得我應該做得不賴吧 我覺得我會—- 我們來跟Jeff看看你做的怎樣 他在喝啥啊啊啊啊 Jeff : 嘿怎麼樣啦 我讓你看個東西 這些是最近鎖定我們系統攻擊的網路 目前為止對抗對手這方面你做得蠻好的 所以現在攻擊暫緩一些了 但是在前進當中 我需要你繼續對抗新攻擊 記得停下來想想 每個決定會如何影響安全性 祝好運啦 嘿Jeff 那些衛生紙怎麼在你桌子旁邊呀 థ౪థ 同事 : 嗨我要去對街的咖啡廳吃午餐 你要一起去嗎 你可以告訴我你上班第一天的感想 不要!!!!!! 這有安全性風險!!! (笑) 去吃午餐 我要先拿掉CAC/PIV 做得好! 現在我可以拒絕她了 抱歉開玩笑的啦 她是去哪裡了!!!!! 那…..女表—– 喔她在這裡 警戒!! 我不知道欸 設置辦公室警報 —-無結果 出門去吃午餐 —–錯誤! 同事 : 我知道剛開始工作不容易 如果你想聽 午飯後我可以跟你解釋更多我們做的事 喔買尬 不用了謝謝 你很恐怖 ….無視? —–無結果 喔拜託 拒絕 正確!! 你不該在工作地方以外討論公事 喔 喔 對啦 你這渾球 掰 同事 : 喔不 是我的經理 我想我也沒時間吃午餐了 —–掰 喔 當然當然 是因為那樣齁 哼? 是因為我拒絕跟你出去 我們不該亂聊公事 你這笨蛋 喔是我的哀配和黑美機 喔拜託 沒有獎杯嗎 我們玩社交網路遊戲 Tina : 嗨又見面了 喔不要是踢娜 走開啦 喔等等 喔是她啦 Tina : 我看到你的動態說你在這 我就晃過來看看了 如果你想要任何午餐推薦可以問啊 喔喔 如果Tina可以知道你在咖啡廳 這些消息應該都在你社群網站公開了 踢娜妳是跟蹤我嗎 妳特意看我的社群網站找我在哪裡 好當我在餐廳就定位時推薦我午餐!!?? 這是你的社交網頁個檔 它顯示你人現在在咖啡廳 調整你的隱私設定 完成後請按保存 這是FB嗎 1978年提供 最喜歡的顏色–魔力紅 我就把全部改成"只限朋友吧" — 讓我們看看你怎麼做 看看這些分數 —-看來你好像有兩則通知 來看看吧 呃好我有個交友邀請 我該怎麼做? 拒絕 —-幹得好 你並不認識這個人 而且跟不同國籍的人接觸也應該保持戒心 ( 笑倒 ) 如果你為政府工作 然後有不認識的人寄好友邀請給你 拒絕! 就是要拒絕! OK 是農場 接受! 錯了 你不該讓未知的程式取得你的資訊 在這裡 將任何可辨知身分的個人資訊獲PII 從你的個人檔案移除 然後按保存 我絕對不會讓大家知道我最愛的顏色是魔力紅 我絕對不會讓大家—你知道嗎我就全選好了 我不想讓人家知道我的社交安全號碼 來看你做的怎樣吧 記住PII可能會讓人竊取你的身分 *分數加加減減中* 蛤!! 你在開玩笑嗎 電腦科學 好喔 陌生人 : 喔嘿 抱歉 ——-Pewds : 喔買尬 陌生人 : 我看到你有智慧型手機 我在想能不能跟你借來看一下我的郵件 誰 會那樣說啊 嘿 我可以看到你有一支手機 我可以看到你有那些 可攜帶式裝置耶 喔你怎麼樣啊 我可以看到你有一支 電話裝置耶 一個陌生人要求用你的手機 你想要怎麼做 我的意思是….. 他也可能是我未來老婆餒 不給借啦!!!!!!!! 掰 掰啦 喔 我不在乎 你在那邊對我傻笑我也不會屌你 蠢包 我不會去–我不要 我不要 —–讀這些叮嚀 才不要 *電話響* 是Steve 好喔 我不該在這討論工作 嘿我是Steve啦 抱歉在午餐時間打擾你 —Pewds : 喔Steve很討厭欸 但我需要你看過這報告 越快越好 你有帶平板什麼的嗎? 如果比較方便的話 我可以寄到你的個人郵箱去 Steve….. *Pewds的警戒之歌* 鎖上手機 。。。。。。。 無結果 (笑) 跟他說不要寄 —-幹得好 謝謝 我想如果你沒辦法在午餐時間看的話 請問跟我一起工作的 都是白癡嗎? 那我就把它丟到雲端等你回來看吧 他們是都沒玩這遊戲嗎 喔等等 Steve你別PO在雲端啊 就寄給我就好了啦 記得數據加密 嘿Cynthia剛剛走進來了 她也可以幫忙看 總之謝啦 嘿拿到獎杯啦 怎麼樣啊 嘿各位 我們拿到有黑莓機的獎杯啦各位 太棒了 希望到最後我能拿到最大獎 服務生 : 嘿這是帳單 要結帳再叫我 欸是那個傢伙 是那個傢伙 阻止他阻止他他他他————— 喔不 那傢伙偷走了你的手機 你要怎麼做? 追上去 錯誤!! 追竊賊可是很危險的 當你意識到 國家議題的資產遺失或被偷時 你應該盡快警戒 喔。 *敷衍樣* 來看看Jeff覺得你做的怎樣 Jeff : 嘿又見到了 謝謝你今天的幫忙 你的選擇會可以幫助預防對手接近我們的系統 但不要放棄 這些攻擊正在增加中 也花費了聯邦政府數百萬元的工時 更不用說對相對敏感資訊的威脅了 我會繼續觀察這些 下午的工作繼續好好保持吧 我愛替美國政府工作 棒透了 還有幾個 現在三點了 敏感的分類資訊 Steve : 嘿關於那份報告 抱歉在午餐時間打擾你 老天喔 他們就這樣越長越糟了對不對 越長越糟 我們已經大致討論過了 這是我們目前得到的 Cynthia跟我已經討論過最後一位病人的細節了 我們快完成了 你會介意我放在桌上 隔天再完成嗎? 為什麼大家都要考驗我啊? 你的同事Steve要求將含有PII/PHI的報告放在桌上到隔天 你想要怎麼做? *你必須放在櫃子裡* —正確! 準備玩"誰是百萬富翁"了嗎—-Pewds : 喔買尬他們來真的 當你準備開始 按PLAY ——Pewds : 喔買尬他們來真的 誰 是 大 富 翁 他們來真的欸 這政府很會 從一百萬開始 選正確的答案…好喔 是時候表現你對敏感的分類資料的認知了 依顯示的題目選出正解 下列哪種資料如果未經授權發布 可能會 對國家安全性造成嚴重影響? 最高機密? 不是嗎 機密? 顯然是 好吧 好啦我當不成百萬富翁了 個人資料 薪資表 藥物 和 營運狀態都歸類成哪種資訊? 敏感資訊 呀死! 百萬富翁啦 哪種數據基於分類標示和警告 需要被適當處理或保存? 求救一下 –我從來沒聽過集團數據 靠北喔POC 分類過的 YES! 下列哪些是正確的未分類數據? 靠北 好我們有多少錢 60萬美賣了啦 —閱讀這些分類數據指南 我看起來在乎嗎 是時候加強你找尋相關敏感分類情報的技巧了 在你開始前 練習一下吧 閱讀物品的描述 *噴嚏王* 可能用來跟人對話/需要插線/別人連絡你時會響 是電話呀 喔哇 準備來保護分類資訊—– *Pewds直接跳過wwww* 保護你的辦公室! 依描述選出對應的物品 我不知道 我不知道啊 我明明按傳真機了欸 現在閱讀這些潛在威脅的跡象 閱讀完畢請按完成 —-潛在威脅的跡象? 如果有人離婚…? 所以如果有人離婚就是威脅到國家了嗎 他們是這個意思嗎 ???? 喔哇 它就這樣… 哈囉 你們內部有間諜 大多數的政府機關人員都很忠誠 是愛國的市民 但有些人 不是! 你能找出跟我共事的人嗎? 在開始前 練習一下吧 首先看過指引和員工的描述 個別選出威脅的程度 是Bob 所以我們必須… 我們要看過其他人 會突然爆買奢侈品 就是個威脅 被其他同事認為很不友善 也是另一個威脅 平庸的工人 那也是造成威脅的一個階段 Bob掰啦 確切的選出每個員工潛在威脅的跡象 要知道極度惡劣的間諜都有這些跡象 每年都去迪士尼樂園度假 絕對是個威脅 已婚4口的爸爸 有時工作品質不佳 —-啊那沒關係啦www 很樂意跟他一起工作 那是個威脅啊! 好啦大概只有1級 不 是0級? 工作品質不佳 然後是0級 你開玩笑嗎 這是美國標準嗎? Helen 聽起起來就是個威脅 最近出國很多次 2 級吧 喔是3級??? Helen妳這小騙子 沒有你提供的情報也沒法完成 啥啊 我什麼都沒做餒…不過不客氣啦 閱讀這個真實中活中的間諜 繼續請點選往下 所以這個間諜離了婚 然後就開始亂買東西了 我的天 開始瞭解為什麼沒人玩過這遊戲了 (笑) –午安 我這裡是wikispills 我們剛才發布了 wiki spills (笑) 您正在著手的新科技 是 wiki spills (笑) 從我們的資源得知 這是分類資訊 你有什麼要說的嗎? 我覺得他們做這個遊戲是要回應 WikiLeaks 所以這就是為什麼我們會接到 wiki wiki spills的電話 記者正在詢問網路上的潛在分類資訊 你要怎麼做? *詢問網上的資訊* —-正確! 盡你所能去收集網路上的資訊 記者 : 我只有幾個問題 你可以確認政府正在研發這項技術嗎? 確認這個資訊 / 不確認也不否認 不確認也不否認是很重要的—- 記者 : 好吧我想我問到這邊 祝有美好的一天 當然囉 Ariana 時間越來越晚了 你也沒其他工作了 可以準備回家了 但以免有突發公事 也要隨時待機 等等 6點21分了 我是工作多久了阿 是時候下班了 但家裡可能有更多事等著你 你想怎麼做? —查看工作筆電然後在家工作? 我可以這樣嗎? —-錯誤。 在離開前 來跟Jeff看看你做的怎樣 看到那包衛生紙真的讓我很分心餒 (wwwww) Jeff : 這兒 來看看吧 比早上少了很多攻擊 然後看看這個 多虧你的努力 我們有些人已經可以阻擋對手的攻擊了 不是在說你偷懶啦 —–Pewds : 新聞和報導網 要記得 這些攻擊不會因為你下班就停止 不管你去哪裡 都要確保敏感資訊的安全 我在家了 登入畫面是美國國旗跟老鷹啊喔買尬 喔 買 尬 是時候瀏覽網頁了 來看我最愛的網頁吧 喔喔 你的老闆同意你去參加工作上的國際會議了 報名期限是今晚 該工作了! 下載cookies 有安全上的風險 —–Pewds : 喔真的嗎 做得好 在輸入個人或金融資料前要確保網站加密並可信 這就是為什麼你現在進任何網站 都要確認cookies 是時候來注意一些在你家用電腦上的東西了 首先確認載在你電腦裡的防毒軟體是合法的 防毒警戒 稍後提醒我 —–錯誤! 你必須確保所有防毒軟體都是最新版本 喔好喔 (亂笑) 看來你收到你鄰居的訊息 —-Pewds : 看看這個….喔喔 喔喔 我要怎麼辦 Dan : 哈 抱歉 但你的無線網路沒鎖 想說你應該知道 *設置無線網路設定* 正確! 你應該——- (Pewds完全不給機會www) 今天的網路知識大挑戰 你表現得很棒 謝謝 我完成了 我可以印下來嗎 我拿到PDF檔了 來看看吧 PDF是病毒吧(笑) 喔看看這個 看看這個啊各位 讚啦 我拿到了一張證書 我要把它印下來 那真是太棒了 我想今天就這樣 還有情報模式勒天啊 希望你們喜歡這支影片 有學到新東西嗎? 喜歡的話按讚跟訂閱吧 我每天都上傳影片我們明天見! 另外我有這個新加入鈕了 我叫他贊助鈕 是個加入紐 你會有客製化的符號還有私密直播 也不是私密啦 但只有訂閱的人 才可以加入直播 而且當你在我影片留言時 還可以有這些很酷的小名牌在你的使用名稱旁邊 我和其他人就會知道你是 超級Bro 對吧 OK 就是這樣了 掰哺

who im voting for president..

*فيليكس يشعر بالملل *
دعونا ندخل في هذه اللعبة,أهلاً أيها الكرسي ,كيف حالك ? … انها لعبة عظيمة كرسييييي حسناً ،إذاً في هذه اللعبة كاد ترمب على وشك أن يموت *طلق ناري* لااااااااا )): لااااااااا ! إذاً في هذه اللعبة ، من المفروض أن أنقذ حياة دونالد ترمب اه أنا ………أزحف *زحف* أنا أزحف من أجل إنقاذ حياة دونالد ترمب (إنتظر) اه أنا على المسار الصحيح . ها نحن ننطلق *نحن لسنا في حاجة لبطل أخر يبدا اللعب * *مهمة فاشلة * 'حسناً توفي ترمب ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ' لكن شعره..لم يعاني ! لااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا اللعنة هذا محرج دعني أحاول في هذا مرةً أخرى ! لااااااااااااااا
*تينا* *ضحك* ترمب ! قد ترغب قد ترغب *طلق ناري* …أنقذ حياته أنا بطل أمريكي حقيقي ترمب احضني مقطع من اغنية يا TRUMP ترى ذلك .. اه ….. laserscope مجرد تحرك قليلا من الليل إلى يسارك * يوفر senpai * والآن لدينا (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) كراسي غبي * رمي DAT ASS في دائرة * OHHHHHH HOOOOOOOOOLY شيت الذي تم سخيف AWESOME مرحا مرحا اللعنة نعم انا الرئيس الآن يا صبي … يا بوي * يكسر جدار * * يضحك * يارجل هذه هي أفضل لعبة
 لقد لعبت لفترة طويلة جدا. علي قول ذلك * يحاول انقاذ senpai مرة أخرى * : يا الهي حصلت عليه مع المنشعب بلدي ط حفظ مرحبا- * يضحك * يا يسوع المسيح انه مرعب fucken هذا هو أعظم لعبة لعبت من أي وقت مضى ولقد لعبت الكثير من المباريات * يبدأ الرقص * الرقص هيا معي ترامب هيا، تراقصني ترامب! او اجل ما هو الجحيم هذا ماذا بحق الجحيم هو هذا! اوووه ووه HE'S MOTORBOATING HIM HE'S MOTORBOATING HIM افعلها مرة أخرى افعلها مرة أخرى! هيا ترامب هيا أكل HIS و$$ يا سعادة'S تروق لها OOOO OHH مجلس الاستثمار …… أوو yeea * يضحك * يا هذا هو ما يحدث عندما يصبح ترامب الرئيس يموت الجميع وانها نهاية العالم؟ اللعنة هيا أنا فقط أردت المال وهذا حق ترامب حفاظ على الرقص وقال انه حصل على التحركات (مثل جاغر) وheee حصلت على التحركات UTS UTS آه فلاش دانس: شيس مجنون MANIAC بشأن FLOOOOR يبدو WILD TRUMP * غير تقليدي التحرير الرقص * WILD TRUMP RE-يبدو FUNKY YEEEE DANCE * يلقي نفسه * حسنا ها نحن هنا اللعنة انا في الطابق العلوي اللعنة اللللعنة انهض انهض *مشهد سينمائي*
استيقظ * بطل الموسيقى * ترامب لاااا ماذا يحدث؟ يا اللعنة لديهم قنابل لالملاعين استغلالها أنا لا سيولي بما فيه الكفاية 4 هذا *موسيقى حزينة*
لا:( ورقة رابحة … كنت فلدي رجل يعيش: (( .. * الموسيقى مكثف * يا إلهي ماذا يحدث؟ * الموسيقى يكثف * ارواح ترامب * الموسيقى يكثف * انا لا- كذلك ما صباحا إلى إذا Tr- يا أوهايو *موسيقى* اعتقد انني فعلت ذلك اعتقد انني فعلت ذلك: D حسنا عظيم * عميل سري رجل اللعب * اللمحات مرحبا من فيل ~ Gibberishee ~ * السري وكيل رجل يلعب * اطلاق النار نظيره الاميركي ديك .. هذا فقط ما يرام قاسية لا أحد يستحق ذلك.
(ترامب لا #sorrynotsorry) … ها نحن ذا … اللعنة، الزر الخطأ! القرف يمكننا فقط ان نتوقف لحظة
لنقدر مطوري اللعبة خلق مباريات جيدة حقا كان لدينا سنة صعبة مع … الوعود مثل سكاي الحرام لكن.. وهنا اللعبة التي ترفع في النهاية إلى مستوى الضجيج .. تعرف يا حسنا تفعلين ذلك من أجل المال * malcolm1466 صوت *
فقط في ذلك من أجل المال موافق الآن هذا هو الحصول على سخيفة لا أستطيع المشي على الرمال * pewds يتركز حقا * OHH WOW يا إلهي الحق في العمود الفقري يا صديق! شعره لطيف سخيف كيف لشعرك؟ كيف لشعرك السيد ترامب؟ (ما اللعنة الفعلي يسير على) يا ولد it's- انه لشرف وامتياز سيدي أن تناول الطعام الخاصة بك و$$ حفرة أوه أوه لا even- أنا ترامب TRUMP الآن هذا هو نوعية اللعب الآن هذا هو نوعية عادلة aaaaaaaand سبعة …. يا * pewds يتم معالجة * كان هذا تاكو العملاقة؟
(أي انها HUUUUUUUGE) كيف يمكنني حماية ترامب .. من تاكو؟ OH احد تاكو هيا تاكو الآخرين هناك تاكو آخر القادمة اووووووو HELL YEEEEEEEAH اللعنة YEAHH * يلقي نفسه * مرحلة الغوص يا أوهايو الوجه الأمامي AW شيت الوجه الأمامي اللعنة القرف القرف الوجه الأمامي دققت المسمار فيه نقف FROOOOONT الوجه الأمامي الوجه الأمامي الوجه الأمامي الوجه الأمامي GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OHHHHHHH * بعض الموسيقى Skrillex وليبدأ اللعب * بلى يا رجل أنا جيد في هذه اللعبة يا القرف حصلت على المال سخيف، وحصلت على ويسكي أنا أعيش حياة اللعنة انه ذاهب الى الصين يمارس الجنس مع هؤلاء العمال الصينيين رجل كيف لي supposed- OHHHHHHHHH كاي فهمت حسنا مجرد ركوب البيتزا ركوب ترامب البيتزا 4 أنا لا أعرف ما هي ولكن- هذه ولكنني حفظ ترامب الآن ما هو هذا اللعنة؟ حيث حتى هو؟ ما هو he- وانه قتل نفسه؟
(أخيرا) انه قتل نفسه aight أمام الوجه الأمامية * يضحك * الوجه الأمامي الوجه الأمامي القرف الوجه الأمامي رمي نفسك … * عملاق بالعربية * اللعنة SO CLOSE * TITANIC * #تم الحفظ * TITANIC * ………………… لا اعرف حقا ما أفعله في هذه المرحلة * الخطيئة * merzieh يا هذا لا agai- القرف سخيف ماذا يفعل الآن> 🙁 ما هو انه حتى القيام تشرين ه كنت أعرف أحيانا أعتقد أنه يستحق أن يموت (لا القرف) فقط في بعض الأحيان aight هنا نذهب الوجه الأمامي القرف fron- اللعنة كان يقفز في كوب من المعكرونة سخيف الآن وقد ذهبت هذه اللعبة بعيدا جدا * يضحك *
fuckk اللعنة ترامب لماذا أنا ما زلت حتى هذه اللعبة عند هذه النقطة واحدة مثل انها لعبة كبيرة ولكن gr- NO شيت التي كانت قريبة SO بأن من شأنه لقد سخيف جميلة جدا * يبدأ الغناء *
أنا لا أريد أن أغمض ترامب أنا لا أريد أن تغفو لأنني ورقة رابحة بلدي فاتنة وأنا رابحة ترومبي ترومبي رابحة * أنا لا أريد أن تفوت شيء يبدأ اللعب * AAAAHHHHHHHH يا صديق هذا كان قريبا جدا يا رجل عليك أن سخيف الزحف فقط ؟! كذلك مشاهدة هذا ثم ترامب! الوجه الأمامي القرف * تينا عاد الطفل * متسكع أوه يا رأيت أن ترامب ترامب يمشي فقط بعيدا لم يحدث شيء هنا … أنا لا تحاول قتل نفسي حيث ترامب تذهب؟ على مغامرته المقبلة، لا أحد يعرف. سوف يجد البيتزا العملاقة لقتل نفسه في القادم ؟؟ WATCH الحلقة القادمة من TRUMP قتل نفسه! * الهوى بالعربية التحرير * WATCH الحلقة القادمة من الانتحاريه TRUMP! *نزوة* WATCH الحلقة القادمة من الاكتئاب يشل: دونالد ترامب *أنا أموت* '' لقد قبلت الردف في حياتك؟ " يا ولدي *ماذا* أنا لن أصوت إما على ما يرام؟
إهدئ. يا إلهي ME أنا فلدي الوجه الأمامي القرف علي القفز؟! لا ترامب شنق نفسه هناك بابا PEWDS قادم لYA HAMG هناك TRUMP حصلت عليك الصديق حصلت عليك أنا فقط GOTTA- HAAAANG هناك الصديق NOOOOOOO فاتني لاااااااااا لماذا تلعب لعبة كيف من المفترض أن تكون؟ أتساءل انا لا- أنا- فعلتها * يضحك * دققت المسمار فيه كنت السيد الرئيس بخير aight الآن هذه اللعبة قد حصلت مجرد غريب قبل ذلك كانت غريبة الآن انها مجرد
سخيف weird- كرسي اللعنة AY فعلت ذلك AAAAAAAAND الأكل ASS * وكيل الرجل السري * * وتف * أعني .. أنا لا يمكن أن يقطع هذا يبدو تماما مثل ما كنت انه وقت رائع كنت أعرف ما سوف مجرد الانضمام للحزب * الرقص مذهلة * * المصاعد الموسيقى * الذهاب fucken الاشتراك انظروا كيف بارد هذه اللوحة هي تحقق من هذا الفيديو اقترح انها قنبلة ويذهب تحميل درنة محاكي baiiiiiii بخير (ノ ◕ ヮ ◕) ノ

Rate My Politician – PART 1- Featuring Timmy (The Dog)

to another episode of read my politician featuring right Timmy with all right coming for first contestant anyway lately our first contestant anyway marry mean him Bo oh we've got the hottest of contestants wait there Timmy boy yeah right there come on sure yeah nice tangy boy right first off we're gonna read the poster we mostly not a great color scheme no but you know she's off the bat she's looking good I know she says outworking freeway she has a story not all Shuang I have to say give her her son at seven-way she's not she's she hasn't got the best looks but like you know she's got a bit of integrity and you know sergeant's are not IDs been in independent so I'm gonna give salad 7×7 boy that's good if the kind of keep down a bit because there's people out your walk and you'll probably think I'm fuckin crazy stay here enough politician so bear that in mind MyPlate thanks contestant coming off anyway you excited – me excited oh you don't like the camera up next boy we got very great weight she's got there she is look angle but she's no message on her board the color scheme isn't that great Oh like you know she's young enough you know she's she's trying her best you know she's having a smile you know genuine right vote number one right good poster foster know who hears this fuckin Maltese her head it's bigger in the Lord of Mercy unemployed taking pain looking tic-tac head open them wait you so bad graphics my lady's fake Dame Oh buddy correctly she's so bad wait wait give him us I'm gonna give her a solid fight no are we actually solid six this be a bastard way he's getting a fake another true you watch your poopin Timmy watch up open yeah you're taking a poo Timmy yeah up next we have Susan Mike actively FINA gave you know she's a bit of a inaudible but you know what she's looking with she's a that face of integrity boy you know what that's not half bad right why didn't Jesus the Lord are Marcy the back one they decided to change its right change up the color scheme and everything and Jesus Christ she might have gained a few pounds as well as a few chromosomes anyway right taking the Lord on varsity way so bad when from FINA Gayle to FINA failed wait and there's no message and the color scheme she's it's like it's like something for taking Down syndrome kids on the back right so I would've given the other one like a solid age because a good one she had a good integrity but she looked like she knew what she was doing and in this dopey good point rocking up the whole screen so it has to buffer down there no same person both don't know 6.2 me play well you think for a politician so Faria don't really saved whispered ass boy wait this man's a sexy man but he's a sexy man actually no we've won more out we'll be back it's top four shin pain we've Daniel do me like she's young one no she's trying her best she's look out I have to say boy she's been fake Jimmy no don't sniff the politicians right we're rating right it's this one boy you know what you don't know she's doing there's no sign this is all we're gonna do this world that oh hold on fighting for you and you have to do it in a way because they're socialists right they want – Republic please so you know what some have spat mansogo up the whole screen don't vote for Shane Neville anyway I'm gonna give this one a solid six point four anyway right could be better but you know what she's looking good I know it must be must be be certain off so you know what so we live this solid six point for you yeah he's a fit man boy oh boy oh boy he wants everything boy good poster boy and he can resonant go and wrote our rules being paid by fit man with soliton boy so good he's got a straight A's why last but not least anyway even Lea Irie she was running for the last one as well but she's on this one as well so anyway right poster you know have to say it's pretty decent I think it's better than the Irish in vain when you Steve they're both pretty good little posters you know what he goes B to Irish net one chin fain would join her recipe you have a slogan everything boy right she's looking go right well Leah Narita it's more like Leonie needs to thinking phone home but she's faking et yeah she's making to form all that aside or a it's an alright poster she's looked out all right you know she's respect to look at my she they hear a nice right she's a bit of makeup on not too much boy she looks like she has a bit of integrity you know she might try to probe my ass and everything but silly so you know what I'm going to give this a solid six point five and it was to Harris right on rosary but she deserves like a safe so you know what thanks for watching boys we've already great anyway sexy manly there yeah yeah oh my god James wrote whoa