LifeTalk Breaking News: MeToo & Politicians Ignore America’s Hidden Sex Scandal!

🎶 Music 🎶 Hello. I’m Mark Crutcher,
president of Life Dynamics. On this Tuesday’s edition of Life Talk,
we released our new report documenting that thousands of women and girls have been raped
or sexually assaulted in American abortion clinics. This has been going on for decades
and since the release of our report, the cover-up by the abortion Lobby and
the mainstream media has continued. We’ve also contacted the #MeToo movement as
well as more than 50 of their political supporters . So far we’ve had absolutely
no response from #MeToo, and only one inquiry from
one of these politicians. Their claim to care about sexual assault
victims is being exposed as they lie. So I’m asking each one of you for your help. First, go to and inform yourself – and then
encourage all your friends to do the same. Then write letters to the editor,
call in on talk shows, use social media, or do whatever you can to get this
message in front of the American people. You can even have these talk shows
contact us about an interview. And if you don’t think that’s
important, remember this: at least four of the sexual predators
we identified in our report are STILL working in American
abortion clinics right now. We are counting on you – because without
your help this scandal will remain hidden. Thank You. you

Bernie Sanders Still Most Popular US Politician, And His Policies Are Popular Too – The Ring Of Fire

For the second time in one month, a new poll
has come out showing that Bernie Sanders, the Independent senator from Vermont, is the
most popular politician in the United States with over a 75% approval rating. Now again, this is the second poll so this
isn't very shocking to anybody that's been paying attention. But in the last week, Bernie Sanders has also
announced that he is going to start a Bernie Sanders Show podcast that's going to air online
to help get young people, young politically active people, more active in American politics. To keep them informed. To keep the ground swell of support that he
gained during the primaries moving forward and having people use that energy for something
positive. This is not about Bernie Sanders. This is about the people that he has inspired. He wanted to continue inspiring them and that's
what he's doing with this podcast. But here's another interesting poll that also
came out today. As it turns out, it's not just Bernie Sanders
himself who is popular and it's not because he's Bernie Sanders that he is popular. The reason he is popular is because the ideas
that he is supporting, the legislation that he is proposing, are insanely popular among
the American public, Democrats and Republicans, Trump voters, Independents, Libertarians. They overwhelmingly support the policies that
Bernie Sanders is proposing. For example, poll shows that the majority
of Trump voters and Democrats and Republicans actually support a Medicare for all system
in the United States where we could opt to buy into a government sponsored healthcare
plan rather than purchasing from private insurance. The private insurance option would still be
there if you want to do that but there would also be a government option that you could
buy into. The majority of people support that. Bernie Sanders is trying to make that a reality. In addition, the majority support debt-free
college education at public colleges around the United States. Well, Bernie Sanders proposed legislation
just last week to do that. They also support the importation of cheaper,
safer prescription drugs from other countries to help lower the cost here in the United
States. Again, another initiative that Bernie Sanders
is working on. So for all those Democratic establishment
types who supported Hilary Clinton, who are still out there today trashing Bernie Sanders,
saying that he's got some kind of cult following, that he's … It's hip. You know, you're like the hipsters of the
political world if you support him. Trashing him, saying that he's selfish, in
this only for himself. I suggest you look at the legislation that
this man is actually proposing. This isn't about him. It's literally about everyone else. And that's what's unique about Bernie Sanders. That's why he is so popular. People do not see him as a selfish figure. They seem him as someone who is genuinely
trying to help American citizens. Something that we don't see in other politicians
very often in the United States. We see that in Bernie. And Bernie is out there trying to make a difference,
not for himself, but for everyone else in this country. That's why he's the most popular senator,
most popular politician in the United States today.

Biden accuses Trump of passed Democrat Policies. Democrats & Planned Parenthood hates America

Greeley's folks this is Mason Weaver I am the founder of leave the plantations dot o-r-g I wrote the book leave the plantation over 20 years ago trying to explain my walk from the plantation afraid of my walk from a radical Berkeley Milton to a Christian conservative with an attitude I wrote that book trying to explain to people who are on the fence so thinking you can't think and stay liberal so those who are thinking of trying to get them to understand there is a pathway to sanity the Democratic Party hates America the named my new book the seventh book I've written the Democrat Party hates America Grizzly Joe Biden kicked off his campaign for the 2020 election by giving a speech in that speech Joe Biden demonstrated just how much the Democrats hate you and fool you he's saying in his speech that that they were against the Klan and Trump was not I'm paraphrasing the Klan was founded by a Democrats that everything he said that speech he Brandel Trump was really a Democrat activity the the polarization of Americans the the hatred forgiving the support for the Klan he said support for the Klan support for the Nazis support for the rights of tremors Trump does that but we do not we the Democrat Party is the party that former Klan it's the point it supports T the KKK and the the white Citizens Council and the skinheads the founder and Skinner at a park in my book the Democrat Party hates America the founder Tom Metzger was a Democrat chance for Congress he was the head Dragon of the KKK he was sued by a black woman after her son was murdered by skinheads and he she won a lawsuit and took his money away from him the Democratic Party has always been the party of slavery that's why I wrote the book I want you to get that book the Democratic Party hates America it is now in free sale it's going to be released in June of 2019 get the book now you'll find out an illness were together from which is a lethal pathogen that you are G you can get on my website and also other places but Margaret Sanger the founder of the para Parenthood was a enemy of black people and babies she was a democratic activist she went to Germany and talked to Hitler about some of the final solution in my book I had to do a lot of research because there was not a lot of things on Vargas anger and her hatred for black people in America bogus anger had a problem and the the history has tried to erase her real feelings I had to go to the Library of Congress to to legitimize my thoughts about her and now put that I may put on websites so much stuff about her I couldn't put it in a book but she said a lot of things about race about babies about Harry permit a license never the baby is not a fact in my book I go on to say that that there was the outline of the taking control over morons I'm gonna read you an excerpt from my book the Democratic Party hates America by ad marketing in own words she said there was a outline for taking control over quote morons mental defective and epileptics close quote her plan called for the in the inventory of illiterates quote illiterates poppers other problems criminals prostitutes dope fiends in order to to better place them in government-run farms and homesteads unquote that's the hero of the left right now that's the founder of Planned Parenthood that's the person a glorifying very hard to keep in power to control they wanted to have a government form for what they consider morons the American weekly article of real world of inferior people after quote in article 1 of article that she was involved with she wrote article 1 says the purpose of the American baby code read about that shall be to provide for a better distribution of babies distribution of babies distribution that's a liberal calling point distribution of wealth now it was just a distribution of babies I'll continue just distribution of babies to assess couples to assist couples who wish to prevent overpopulated of offsprings and thus to reduce the burden of charity and Taxation for public relief and to protect society against the propagation and increase of the unfit the Democrats are always trying to guide you for your own good they have to limit your ability to make babies the livers ability to make money you have to come to them for a minimum wage and maximum wage Democrats are always involved in managing your life the older there's producers and managers of misery Monica for I'm some article three a marriage license shell in itself give the husband and wife only the right to a common household and not not the right to Parenthood you have to go to the government for permission to become a parent under her proposal and this organization is still under the control of the different part they want what they want folks and the founder is telling you they think that the government should be has the power have the obligation to tell you how many kids that you have like China right now article article 5 permits for Parenthood shall be issued by government authorities to married couples upon applications providing the parents are financially able to support the expected child who determines that by the way and half the qualifications needed for proper rearing of the child who would determined that have no transmissible disease and on the woman's part no indication that maternity is likely to result in death or permanent injury to health who will determine that you have to get these things qualified before your government will give you permission to have a baby this is frighten all of you or both sides of political party but I know you Democrats will never be frightened by this because you want this article 6 no permit apparently she'll be valid for more than one births though every time you have a baby you gotta go back to the government now now folks this is parent Parenthood so I want you to think what happens if you accidentally get pregnant without that certificate without that government permission what do you think Planned Parenthood will want to do to resolve that conflict abortion could be that they want to manage all aspects of your life and busy person so I have a lot of folks coming in wanna call so if they want to control every aspect of your life that's difficult point article 7 for every county shall be assessed administrative leave by the state and the efforts to maintain a direct ratio between the county birth rate and its index of child welfare so she thinks that childbirth is ready to welfare in her mind and the county will be taxed by the federal government state government to maintain a directory balance between what the governor thinks we have enough babies are we need more babies that's controlled they wanted to show every heir your life interesting will continue annika 7 when the county records show an unfavorable variation of the ratio the county shall be taxed by the state the revenues left obtained shall be expended by the state within the given counties to give financial support to birth control clinics Planned Parenthood a local eight feeble-minded persons habitual can general criminals those fitted with inheritable diseases and other solid biologically unfit shall be sterilized or in cases of doubt should be isolated as to prevent the preparation the preparation of the affliction by breeding if the governor thinks to inflict they will put you away somewhere so you won't spray it was to meet means all Democrats to be putting it into a credit to my opinion continuing as I read the volumes and volumes of her rightness is me talking as I read the volumes and volumes of volumes of her writings I became frustrated and overwhelmed with this chair of quality of information I could not use the space in the turret book to put it but I'm inviting you to go to my website we don't have it there leads to protection orgy para Paris is your enemy the difficulty party is to any of America they hate America they hate everything about America some a cigars market singer who has three children's her son and her in Japan she has three children she thought it's okay to have your babies if you're fit and she teach everyone Fitness is planned Parenthood is the enemy of all that we're doing so is the Democratic Party that's why I start the group leave the plantation of the orgy genres Lee protection dot orgy this is mr. Weaver state rights or be left because eternity is a long time to be wrong grab you

Cecile Richards on How Her New Political Organization Supermajority Is Mobilizing Women For 2020

this is democracy now I'm Amy Goodman it's a 2020 election season heats up we turn now to the launch of a new political action group by three prominent women's rights activists it's called supermajority its goal is to train a new generation of women activists to take on grassroots campaigns and at electoral politics women are the majority of Americans we are the majority of voters we are the majority of grassroots volunteers and donors our government should look like US government should look like us our leaders should fight for us the only way we can make that happen is by standing shoulder-to-shoulder with women who believe this too maybe you've fought for change for decades demanding equality in your home in your workplace from your government maybe you're just getting started let's work together supermajority is a new organization for women who want to build our collective power and use it to change this country for good because one of us can be dismissed two of us can be ignored but together we aren't just the majority we are a super majority and we are unstoppable let's make sure the entire country knows it that's the promotional video for super majority the new political action group call was founded by black lives matter co-founder Alicia Garza I jump ooh the executive director of National Domestic Workers Alliance and former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards who joins us now in our studio Cecile welcome back to Democracy Now first time in this position as one of the heads of super majority but one of the founders I think there's like so many women now they were coming out of the woodwork to do this work I so explain what you're doing yeah so well you know I spent 12 years at Planned Parenthood organizing women around a certain set of issues particularly reproductive health and healthcare access my my colleagues Alicia and I gen have been doing the same work with different groups of women and we realized that actually there are even millions more women that we haven't organized and that are particularly since this election but raising their hand and saying I want to do more I've never been civically engaged I've never been politically involved and so we've spent the last few months actually travel around the country listening to women about what they need and want and what they want is they want to be activists and I think there is a as you saw in the video I think there is a sense that women are we're doing we're the majority of voters 54% of women are voters last election we're women where the volunteers were increasingly the donors increasingly the candidates and it's time for political equity so that's the idea behind super majority we want to build a multiracial intergenerational movement to increase women's power political power and civic engagement you've talked about a new deal for women well that's what I think and I think I'll you know Alesi and i gen would say the same which is you know women again do most the work around political campaigns and candidates and yet the issues that women talk to us about on the road the lack of affordable childcare in the United States the fact that maternal mortality rates are at epidemic levels the fact that equal pay gets a lot of lip service but we never actually make progress these are issues that we believe need to be front and center of any political campaign and although I'm so grateful that there are so many women running for president raising this issues they need to be raised by anybody who wants to be President United States how did you come up with the title super majority I guess it's just that you know women I think aren't just the majority I think women have super powers and they've been expressing that and showing that and I think actually I think it's kind of caught on and in fact just we we launched I guess a week ago and we've now had more than 80,000 folks sign up and that's before we really even begin to get on the road so I feel like there's a real need and interest in the country particularly among women who want to become better activists more effective act actress they want to know what other women are doing and how they can support them as well I won't turn to Alicia Garza at least Leisha is away so we weren't able to bring her on with you today Alicia Garza co-founder of black lives matter in 2017 she spoke on Democracy Now about how women of color must be included in political organizing especially against sexual assault and harassment she is women of color immigrant women black women who are low wage workers are extremely vulnerable to this kind of abuse and violence and frankly because of the lack of protections that exist or to be honest the marginalization that these communities already experience in our society in our economy and in our democracy there really is not only not conversation about the prevalence in which this is happening to women of color and immigrant women in the service industry but there's also not a lot of conversation about what do the solutions look like outside of criminalizing the perpetrators or the survivors themselves so it's very important black lives black lives matter co-founder Alicia Garza who's one of the cofounders of this new organization with Cecile Richards in ai-jen poo called super majority so how do you organize this a multiracial coalition I mean when it came to voting in 2016 wasn't it something like 62% of white women voted for president Trump actually I don't think that is the number but definitely a plurality of white women voted for President Trump and I do look I think that this is work that women want to do not only to learn how to be better activists to work across issues but also to work across race lines because I think there was a real recognition among a lot of white women is that you know we're not that we cannot continue to rely on women of color to sort of save this country or save us from ourselves and that is important that we do this work as well and intentionally in a multiracial way and one of the things I but you know I'm going to organize or my whole life Amy and so this is to me a very important and exciting moment where I'm seeing women across the country in Midwestern states and southwestern states come into rooms with women they've never met before and say this is the most exciting thing I've ever been able to do is actually meet with women who also care passionately but the same issues I do and we need to do this work together and I can't I'm so glad you had the clip from Alicia I think she's one of the most phenomenal leaders in this country and I gen as well but there are thousands and thousands more and that's really what we're seeking to do is to make sure that these women's voices are being lifted up that they're feeling that the the empowered supported and that they can be active in getting other women involved what will be the role of unions super-majority education funds Leadership Committee includes Mary Kay Henry the International president of SEIU how will you reach into unions well it's I mean then of course I came out of the labor movement so I have enormous respect for the work that not only the labor movements doing paternally and the teachers movement as we know there been wildcat strikes by teachers over whelming lee who are women across the country and some teachers are striking today it's just I mean it's like it's like it shouldn't be on the public school teachers of this country to save the public education system but this is where we see over and over again women basically taking action where government is failing them and so absolutely the tea the labor unions they also majority of these organizations are women and they want to walk work across issue lines as well and and and I'm really grateful to Mary Kay for being an important leader and not only the labor movement but in understanding that we can build the power of women across this country I wanted to ask you about a comment of the new head of the NRA carolyn meadows she's there because Oliver North was just out stood she apologized after coming under fire for attacking fellow Georgian Democratic freshmen Congress member Lucy Macbeth who lost her son to gun violence a few years ago Jordan Davis in Florida he was a teenager who was shot dead when he was sitting in a car in a gas station parking lot Meno said the reason Lucy Macbeth won was not because she was anti-gun but because she was a minority female your thoughts well of course that it was one of the worst I mean there's so many things about this obviously let me go back Lucy Macbeth is a national hero the fact that a woman who went through what she did lost her child and then committed herself to addressing the criminal justice system in this country is phenomenal and the fact that she's in Congress is is so fantastic of course she was elected in a majority Anglo district she was not elected because she was a woman of color but frankly despite the fact that she was a woman of color and I think it is enormous testament to her to her candidacy to her leadership and it's also a testimony to the important role that Stacey Abrams is playing and has played in the state of Georgia to increase participation of of all people but put earlier people of color and because you open the topic of Georgia which I hope we'll talk about in a minute because this outrageous bill that has been now signed by the governor if you know I spent time with in Georgia with with Stacey obviously if every person in that state had been allowed to vote and if their vote had been counted Stacey Abrams would be governor today and would be serving as well as having Lucy Macbeth in Congress well let's talk about what's just happened in Georgia the Republican governor who beats Stacey Abrams Brian Kemp who is Secretary of State and she has sued over his both remaining Secretary of State in charge of the elections and running for governor but the Republican governor Brian Kemp has signed into law a six-week abortion ban or so-called fetal heartbeat law it bans abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected something that typically happens just six weeks into a pregnancy and before many women realize they're pregnant this is Kemp speaking at the signing of the bill on Tuesday is very simple but also very powerful a declaration that all life has value that all life matters and that all life is worthy of protection I understand like the others have said that some opposed this legislation I realize that some may challenge it in the court of law but our job is to do what is right not what is easy we are called to be strong and courageous and we will not back down we will always continue to fight for life so that's Georgia's Republican governor Brian Kemp the latest in a series of tax and reproductive rights across the u.s. last month Ohio Governor Mike DeWine also signed into law six week abortion ban legislation doesn't include exceptions for cases of rape or incest more than two dozen other states are considering legislation to ban or restrict abortion in various ways among the slew of strategies are trigger bans to make abortion completely illegal in a state should roe v– wade be overturned as well as six-week abortion bans respond to camp and then what's happening across the canal obviously the hypocrisy of this of just that clip you pay played is underscored by the fact that in fact there is a crisis in this country and that is maternal mortality rates which are the highest in the developed world I actually believe Georgia has the second highest rate of maternal death related to pregnancy of any state so if there's actually a medical crisis in Georgia it's about women as a result of complications from childbirth so that's on the one side if governor can't actually wanted to do something about a real problem that's something that they could address but you hear him say nothing about that and of course it's higher for women of color I think three times the rate for black women than it is for white women this bill though and not only is it unconstitutional and and I believe will be declared so but one of the things he doesn't mention is that it actually criminalizes women as well it doesn't just make abortion illegal it basically would allow women to be convicted and either sentenced to death or to life imprisonment in Georgia so we are now going from not only making abortion illegal eyes illegal but criminalizing women who make this decision that has by had been constitutional now for more than forty years the United States of America I mean this is and I think it directly relates back to the work we talked earlier about supermajority I think women are tired of basically being seen as a special interest as a side issue these are issues that affect every single woman in this country so what exactly are you going to be doing you talked about mobilizing women are you registering women well I mean I think eventually as we get into next year but right now what women are raising their hand saying is they want to be trained they want it and we actually just did a call yesterday with about 1,500 women the first first folks that signed up to to do a call they want to be trained and active activism they want to know how to actually effect legislation and they absolutely are going to be part of designing a new deal for women so that in this all-important presidential election a me as well as all the other elections that are gonna be going on that candidates and anyone who wants to be elected has to respond to the issues that women care about so that'll be a lot of the organizing work we're doing both online and offline in the coming months for Democratic women have now announced their plans to run for president the significance of this for you and will you be endorsing I think the importance of obviously there's there's no way to overstate the importance of women running for president and I'm thrilled that they are and I think they're raising issues that have long then needed to be raised I I think it's it's disturbing to see what I believe is a real double standard and how they are being treated versus the many many many men that are running for president you know two-thirds of political reporting is still done by men and so I'm hoping that both from super majority through other folks that follow the media we can actually be lifting up the important work that these women have done as you probably know these are women who in large part have never lost a political race and so when people talk about women being unelectable I think it's really important to look at their record because it stands up really in contrast to a lot of the folks a lot of the men who are actually in the race right now today the House Ways and Means Committee is holding its first ever hearing on paid family and medical leave what do you want to see come out of this hearing what I think it's one it's incredibly important that you're reporting that I think it's been underreported its we are the only developed country with no nationally mandated family leave policy this is an issue that every person in the country that I talk to raises the difficulty of taking care of their families of their children of their of their loved ones of their parents I think the important thing where I believe super majority can play a real role is lifting up what is happening in Congress so that anyone in the United States Senate is held accountable about where they vote on this issue this should be and could be the first thing that the new president has signed into law just correction when I said earlier and that you question 52% of white women voted for President Trump in 2016 although pew put it at something like 47 percent not 52 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump according to the Pew Research Center they found 45% voted for Hillary Clinton yes and that's that's why I there have been different numbers come out definitely a plurality of white women but one of the things I think is also worth looking at Amy is in this last election in 2018 where we elected a record number women to Congress a record number of women of color to Congress actually for the first time in years white women split their votes evenly between Democratic and Republican candidates now that's not true across the board it depends on the state but I do think there is really a growing recognition that there are opportunities to talk to women about the important issues they care about and how the candidates stand on those how is it that though there is a clear pro-choice majority in this country yes most states are imposing some kind of abortion ban well because if you look at who is actually look at my home state of Texas where we've had the most gerrymandered districts for years and have been fighting in court forever so I would say the state legislatures in a lot of these days including Texas are not representative of the majority of people you pile on that as we know the restrictions on voting for people in this country Georgia Texas many many states we don't have a representative democracy one of the things we need in this country is we need to mock recei reform I know that's something that Stacey Abrams is fighting for Andrew Gilliam other folks this is really important because we can't have a true democracy that represents the majority of people unless everybody can vote and every vote is counted finally how much does your mother and Richards the former governor of Texas influence her legacy influenced what you're doing today moving from Planned Parenthood to super majority well I think I'd like to think that that Ann Richards would be the first one of the early as sign folks to sign up for super majority she believes so profoundly in the importance of democracy representing all people not only women people of color and people who have been underrepresented and I think that's actually what most people in this country believe and I'm grateful to mom I'm grateful to the obviously centuries of women people of color of women of color who fought to make this a stronger democracy and now it's on the rest of us to keep that going Cecile Richards thanks so much for being with us co-founder of super majority former president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund when we come back Congress holds the first hearings on the ER a that's the Equal Rights Amendment in more than three decades stay with us you

Pro-abortion politicians mislead women about Planned Parenthood

reproductive care including birth control and pre and postnatal care and cancer screening that's why we have to defend Planned Parenthood we don't have prenatal care here planned Paris abortion so they don't offer prenatal care okay just abortions yeah Planned Parenthood has been around for a long time they provide all kinds of prenatal and health care screening for women now we don't do prenatal services I mean it's called planned period I know it's kind of deceiving Planned Parenthood is often the only option for women to get their annual checkup it provides breast exams contraception prenatal care we don't offer prenatal care at Planned Parenthood we specialize in abortions prenatal services gone we actually don't offer our prenatal services were not licensed to do so in Oregon or Washington it was just asking what kind of services you offer for pregnant women pregnant women yeah women who want to continue with the pregnancy yes we don't offer services Planned Parenthood is about providing federal funds for care like mammograms and cervical cancer screenings and prenatal care I was hoping that I could come into Planned Parenthood for a mammogram do you guys provide mammograms we do not provide a mammogram do you have over yuan's here we do not know oh you don't know okay all right you come to me right yeah I think this is the org you know if you were between determination options we could do that as well it's an attack on every preventive health service every safety net everything that you care about whether it's early childhood education whether it's pap smears whether it's mammogram whether it's prenatal care when you're pregnant no Planned Parenthood does prenatal care Oh none of them that leaves hundreds of thousands of expectant mothers without access to essential prenatal care and treatment and that is where Planned Parenthood comes in what pregnancy services do you offer we only offer termination services you defined access to referrals to other hospitals and specialists and you deny prenatal care no we don't see pregnant women as a way of giving prenatal care actually see pregnant women you know are considering other options like what other options like would you see the doctor for at this location yes um so at this location goes to my vision of where these services that we provide through the federal programs are family planning cancer screenings prenatal care so if you're choosing to terminate the pregnancy we can make an appointment at his office but if you're not I'm determining the various agents continue the pregnancy then we would refer you out so I'd like you really don't need to see us here at one here okay go to live-action org slash abortion corporation to sign the petition to defund Planned Parenthood subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram

Prayerful protest at Planned Parenthood where Democrat harassed women | Keean Bexte

this is my unplanned pregnancy she came in a really difficult time in my life by all accounts she shouldn't be here today based on what pro-choicers tell us we need to succeed in life Qian BEC see here in Philadelphia Pennsylvania for the rebel media just outside of the largest abortion facility in the city where a protest is gathering in response to local state representative Brian Simms crossing this very street behind me earlier this week to verbally accost three young girls and a few others and also threatened to Doc's one of them which if you don't know what that means it means release all of the personal information of the individual their address their phone number everything that the left needs to put them in real danger and you know as well as I do the tactics that Antipa uses when they get their hands on information of folks they don't like they ruin their lives and they put them in real danger so I'm gonna go into this actually before I go into the crowd let's let's roll to the footage of what Brian Simms actually did so you have some context representative Brian Sims here and I am outside the Planned Parenthood at southeastern Pennsylvania oh no they're leaving now oh we've got here a bunch of protesters a bunch of pseudo Christian protesters who've been out here shaming young girls for being here here's the deal I've got $100 nothing all right now you've seen that I'm gonna go into the crowd and ask the locals here why they're gathered here on a Friday to protest this Planned Parenthood and Brian Sims and we'll see what they have to say let's go all those who dare to harass and violate the First Amendment rights of the constituents here in Philadelphia to step down what brings me here is that I firmly believe that life should be protected babies should be loved and if parent is not ready or willing to do that then there's always adoption and I'm here to stand for that I am post-abortive and I regret my abortion and I do everything I can to spread the message of truth and how abortion truly does hurt women I had six children I know how wonderful it is to bring a baby into the world Planned Parenthood is the United States largest abortion chain they killed nine hundred children every single day in our country they kill over 320 thousand children every single year so they commit almost a third of all US abortions and they also harm and perpetuate the abuse of women and young girls lying to the American people they're funded by the taxpayer in the United States to 1.3 million dollars every single day and this point period right here is one of the largest in Philadelphia and it unfortunately has the backing of some of the most powerful politicians in America I've always been a pro-life supporter but actually this is my unplanned pregnancy she came in a really difficult time in my life by all accounts you shouldn't be here today based on what pro-choicers tell us we need to succeed in life I fully believe that women are strong enough and powerful enough to go through unplanned pregnancy and succeed in all of their dreams as well I'm really here because I think it's very important for us to defend the most weak the most vulnerable among us our government has failed to do that and then the only so we tried we're doing it peacefully we're doing it lovingly reaching out to the moms and this group here in particular we're here because a local rep elected representative really was very aggressive and harassing people who come out increase peacefully and lovingly reach out to these women and we just want to stand together and say that's not okay because what we're doing here is defending the innocent unborn we're not being violent we don't we we don't want anyone to get hurt I would say pick on somebody your own size I mean you know he was he's a big quarterback size guy he's pretty big guy and you know it's pretty intimidating so I would say you know it's a little ridiculously picking on you know you know elderly women who are sitting out here and their freetime trying to help women and instead you know instead of you know trying to make himself some cheap political points I would say you wanna you know after didn't help women and one of you go to pranksy Resource Center you know why don't you try to make a bill so that you know so that women don't have to choose abortion I mean no one picks up worse things they say oh wow you know this is a really what I want they do it cuz they were forced because they don't have any other options so I would say you know fight for resources don't be fighting for a chief political points as an elected official you too are entitled to your review you are entitled to advocate for those who represent but there's a civil way to do it harassment is never ever appropriate among any of onion in our citizenry much less elected officials I'd actually like to know what he thinks about his mom and the fact that his mom chose to give birth to him I'd like to know if he has any brothers and sisters and how they feel about how he treated the people out in front of this if he can't accept that there are others who don't think Mike him and who have convictions that are deeper than his first of all real Christianity is not going to stand by and let just this happen he said that that was pseudo Christianity and I'm super offended by that as Christians so I feel like he can't tolerate or accept others views and yeah I absolutely as a woman as a feminist I just find it so completely outrageous that a man would tell even someone as young as a 15 year old girl that you know her standing up for babies and standing up for women standing against an organization that victimized this women that victimizes babies it's just so incredibly and considerate it's absolutely outrageous that a political figure someone that's supposed to be representing me would have say something like that to my daughter much less somebody else's daughter pretty resigned absolutely 100% and I hope that it's a woman that kicks them out of office I think mr. Simms should resign for the way he believed those young girls and that woman I was down here one day with the 40 Days for Life and a friend of mine we were approached by mr. Simms and I told him you know that I was sorry he'd about that way and that he was wrong and that I would pray for him every day I pray for him I pray for those who are on the other side of all of this because they just don't know I don't know the truth Brian if you ever change your mind and see things the way we do about abortion I just want you to know there's forgiveness and healing and we hope that you will join us in recognizing the right to life of all human beings not just the ones who have already been born well I'm so glad that I came out here to this rally you know we don't get protests like this in Canada this was peaceful this was people praying for unborn children and women it was really beautiful what we saw here today and you know what was even more interesting they were forgiving and praying for Brian Simms that kind of forgiveness isn't something that you see from the left that kind of humanity isn't something that you see from the left and I'm very glad that I was able to come here if you enjoyed this coverage and want to see more of this kind of coverage at events like these go to WWE and Vesta gates comm there you'll see everything that I've been doing across the United States and Canada recently and you'll be able to pitch in a few bucks to help cover the costs of doing things like this just last night Air Canada canceled my flight from Toronto to Philadelphia so I had to come in earlier this morning but and then I had to get a two hundred dollar hotel and Air Canada didn't want to pay for it of course but that gives you some perspective as to some of the costs that goes into cum covering events like these if you go to the side of the story that the mainstream media just doesn't want to for the rebel dawn media I'm Quillan Bechstein hey thanks for watching like I said please go to rebel investigates comm there you'll see all of the coverage that I've been doing lately I covered the synagogue's shooting in San Diego and I also covered the Donald Trump rally in Panama City they're great videos go check them out you