POKEMON SWORD & SHIELD | New Pokemon, Gigantamaxing & Exclusive Gym Leaders!

hey what's going on guys Eric still my total video for pokemon sword and shield and today we got another brand new trailer and in this trailer not only do we get a look at some new pokemon we also got to meet a couple more of the gym trainers but we also got a look at a brand new battle mechanic that takes Dynomax into a whole new level – i gantter man so in this video let's go over that one quickly and to wear something additional information that surfaced online following the trailer tell you guys everything you need to knows we do enjoy this then like we super appreciate you comment down below let me know what you guys think of this new staff term you know you are most excited about and of course don't forget to turn those notifications and stay tuned for plenty more Pokemon coverage as we get closer to launch now to begin with the very first thing I want to talk about is of course the new battle mechanic Giganta max we've course or to be made aware of dynamics in which we've seen in previous trailers whereby when you are going into battle you have the opportunity to dynamic – Pokemon during a battle it only lasts for three turns you can only dynamics one pokemon per battle but in doing this it basically makes them a giant version you get this crazy summary animation it's really cool and it's just like a crazy over-the-top battle and especially when you factor this into gym battles when they sit in these huge stadiums it really does make for those kind of over-the-top anime tournament argh esque moments so that is something I really like but today they spoke about a new system called Giganta max where Dynomax seen typically just makes your Pokemon bigger Giganta maxing actually changes the look and some the abilities of your Pokemon now this is a system that is not available to every single Pokemon so everything can be Dynomax but not everything can be Giganta mixed when they do drugs and Max they have the opportunity to use a special new unique GMAX move and this to move that regular Pokemon cannot use so when it comes to trying to obtain one of these apparently they are very rare so I guess potentially this could be likened to say like a shiny version of a Dynomax I'm not sure whether they'll be quite that rare but they said that you can catch gigantic Pokemon for your team by participating in max raid battles but it does seem as mentioned online they are gonna be very rare to find so that's of course another exciting thing to you know go after in game it's one of those things you can of course dive into the open-world area and of course start getting involved in the raid battles to try and chase these down now they gave us a couple of examples in the trailer which you saw three but they spokes mister about two of them so if you take korbinite for example when it goes to the Giganta max mode its wings will actually separate and become these blade birds which can then fly dependently and then of course we call the knight attacks it launches these blade birds at the opponent and use them to slash them in the attack however on the flip side you have a newly announced Pokemon called alchemy or alchemy one of those ones probably alchemy that makes most sense it's a cream cake Pokemon and then when it Giganta maxes it basically gets on top of this huge cream cake produces whipped cream which becomes richer and stronger to form this base and in the cake decorations are hard as diamonds and use them to attack in the process so that's kind of cool we also get to see my favorite guy the shell boy he when he evolved we got to check Ganter max he of course stands on his hind legs he's got a slightly more a spiky looking shell looks really cool so I let me go away to see just how many Pokemon can gigantic maxilla fill up this could be a really cool new addition it's just like our over the top extra thing it's like hey you know what Pokemon we're already going big but now now they just go even bigger so yeah that is one new system they introduced in the trailer today the other thing we got to see were a couple more of the gym trainers now open to this point we've met a couple of them however more specifically they spoke about something that is new to Pokemon franchise of course we've always had different versions of Pokemon we're having different copies of game means that sometimes you can catch a Pokemon that you can't get in another version but this time they've introduced exclusive gym trainers so the fighting gym trainer you see here called be she is exclusive to pokemon sword meanwhile the ghost type gym trainer called Alistar is exclusive to shield now I'm gonna say that actually makes my choice sir kind of difficult cuz I was so set on shield before I mean I'm gonna buy both of them but I was so set on playing shield first however fighting type is above all else my absolute favorite Pokemon type so I kinda want to fight the fighting gym leader so I might have to start out with sword I'm not too sure I want to wait and see because of course there will also be a version specific Pokemon so I'm basing the way it up and work out which version ultimately has the stuff that I really want but I do still want that shield legendary anyway they're a couple more the gym leaders they look for a call really like in the fighter type one she is incredibly awesome so yeah that is the other thing they showed and of course to round all out they showed a few more new pokemons so if you are trying to avoid to see something you poke one then of course this would be the time to jump away we did of course get a look a better look at Yampa who is a Pokemon we saw during e3 gameplay he electric-type this little dog looking Pokemon kind of cool then of course also a rock pokémon called Rolly Kohli there's this really cool of steel dragon one called dorammed on which it looks a little bit odd in its current form but I feel like if I had an evolution that could actually become a pretty sweet and of course we also have the aforementioned alchemy as well which is uh the ice creamy your kind of cake look at Pokemon so for the time being that's basically rundown of the most important stuff you need to know about the trailer I will link the original on down below though you guys I want to watch it but lots not to be excited about so be sure to you locked for plenty more I really hope you guys enjoyed that video remember to hit that subscribe button and also click on the little bell icon to turn on notifications so you don't miss my next upload also don't forget you can check out 269 and paradise central streaming over on Twitch six days a week you find a link to the multi stream in the description box down below be sure to weigh and get involved thanks give watching take it easy catch you next time these sounds

Are HUGE Changes to New Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Leaders… Good or Bad!?

Pokemon is making moves it's changing it's evolving some may say it's leveling up but if these games are good for anything game its ruffle any feathers and here we go once again because this morning a new trailer dropped and housed a lot of cool new features new Pokemon and two new gym leaders and if you saw a paean Alistar you may have said to yourself wow these guys look cool I can't wait to fight both of them but if you looked on the website after it updated you would learn that these are version exclusive gym leaders and unless you buy both games you sure aren't biting both I think anybody that was worried about these games not being different enough can put those worries to rest now Zach because unfortunate there is a lot of good a lot of bad and a lot of ugly to talk about here it's a very nuanced discussion I know that a lot of people are gonna make up their decisions quite quickly but we do have things to discuss here yes indeed and this is pretty monumental Giganta mental dinah mental if you will because previously black and white introduced version exclusive gym leaders but that was with the 8th gym a different face same type and same lineup here it is far bigger because it is different gym leaders different types in different towns and that to me is a way bigger shift absolutely a way bigger shift I think that that was maybe a sign of things to come now I guess in hindsight but this is done in a way way bigger way and one that impacts us because now if you want to experience the full version of what Game Freak has done for this generation you got to pay $120 well don't let us know in the comments down below how you're taking the version exclusive Jim Lehrer news if it's exciting if it's disappointing if it's confusing and I want to get back to the hundred twenty dollar thing because I think that there's there's a positive and a negative to that but initially like I'm all over this because I've wanted pokémon to evolve and change for for a long time and I think one of the main things we wanted when we heard that they were bringing mainline gen a to switch was like how are they going to step it up how are they going to rework what we know Pokemon to be and so far we've seen honestly a decent amount of things the wild area the raid battles Dyna maxing Giganta maxing the the gyms taking the form of these stadiums and now version exclusive gym leaders seems like another step in mixing it up and I personally really appreciate that there will be different experiences for different trainers because now it's not just what order do you catch the Pokemon or who's your team it's I get to tell you and share a story about my experience battling against Alistar and you get to tell me about BIA and the nuance of that I think further helps to separate and individualize the experience of you know pokemon trainer because it gave if we were trainers right you might go here I might go there you might fight him I might fire her and we wouldn't have the same experience now there's obviously a dark side to that but I like it yeah I guess I'm of two minds with it because the way you describe it it sounds awesome right it is great that they're doing something different we always wanted a more different Pokemon experience for their first big outing on switch with a new generation and they're delivering it so maybe there's not a lot to complain about there but $120 is a that's a steep price to experience everything you know we go from traditionally a paying eighty dollars for you know two games to 120 for two games and I guess there is where I just become conflicted because that's a lot of money and I know that people work very hard for that money and having to spend that much more just because you want to experience everything that game freak's done this time around it's obviously a little bit of a bummer yeah let me flip that for you though okay it might also be a bold new move that helps out because if you're someone who's obsessed with Pokemon you're gonna buy both well now Game Freak gets put more effort into the games to diversify to differentiate so now when I play through sword and when I play through shield I'll get to have it be a bit different on one hand yeah if you want everything it's 120 on the other hand if you're someone who is heavily invested in you're spending 120 well now you get to at least a little bit more different experiences and now the time you run through short sword you get to fight against BIA and and probably a few others and the time you run shield its Alastair and a few of his friends I think the the types are gonna stay the same I think the order is just going to be different and I think that obviously the character the gym leader themselves will be different but to me that also then changes up the flow it changed up the strategy who's your team gonna be knowing that hey the fighting gym comes first I think that there is a way to look at this that says hey they have put more effort into incentivizing that $120 yeah I mean you're right as far as that goes and if you want to think about it like that cool but it's also very hard to justify a hundred and twenty dollars for a game even with the differences like I guess for the people that only buy one game that they want to experience everything that's the only issue for the people are gonna buy both anyways then it's awesome like you said so it could it could also be awesome if there's you know then if you're able to well you can do one or two things you can look at it and see who do I want what what version exclusive Pokemon what gym leaders or you can be surprised you can go in and just have a different experience how many unique gym leaders do you think there are you know a two three it says it says leaders towns there's they're putting plurality into the website so it's got to be more than just be an Alistar I would probably say of a few maybe two or three it is my like for maybe like six yeah that but so it's thinking I was like could it like possibly be all of them like no but no cuz Nessa Nessa it seems as Nessa in the grass like yeah so those seem like they're in both but yeah I'm I'm gonna say three three seems like a good number you know and we noticed that the area is the same right it's the same town but then it has a different gym bearing a different insignia and a different leader initially we had thought like you with the wild area you know and the new game I could it be a little bit more open it doesn't seem like it's going that route in terms of choosing which order but the game is kind of giving you that different order itself right so now if you do place order you do play shield it's not going all the way like link between worlds where you can pick the dungeons but it is I don't want to say randomizing but it is changing up the order for you based on which version you play how are you feeling about about the actual channel just going into them do you think that that like changes a whole bunch and I get because if it's very different challenges probably right right well we got the plane s's challenge at e3 and that was very water based you know you got big streams coming out of pipes your turn him on and all I don't think you're gonna have like well you're breaking rocks for being you're breaking rocks for Alistar my question becomes are the challenges gym specific or leader specific I mean and how does this even like maybe I'm thinking about it too much but like a war wise like in this region like what's like the correct one right because it's like alternate like realities like different different eras different years of work why are they different yeah do you do you think that the gyms have double leaders no but they're they're changing type use it like a home-and-away thing these are stadiums the homes like the Clippers in the Lakers we got me an Alistar they're like the home on the way yeah shut up to Kauai and Paul George now hahaha but it'll be really nifty to find out how they do explain that away especially with like multiplayer raid bowels because players are gonna be able to sort of like intermingle so they kind of galore kinda needs to be the same in both spaces maybe it maybe it is I will keep flying bugs all the randomly I hope maybe it is like a link between worlds where there's like two different worlds and you got to go through what if it's just like someone's sick on vacation they get replaced than a changeover okay I don't know either way I think it's it's gonna be really interesting to see how it pans out and then see what the comparing like the psychic Jim in each because we do fully expect that it's not like types are gonna be version exclusive the leaders yes and what towns they're in yes but like I fully expect there will be a fighting-type gym in in Pokemon shield okay well before we get out of here I want you to give me your final thoughts on this like how are you feeling just you personally of course everyone can have different opinions I'll give mine right after you but I want to know your tell yeah III think it's I think it's like anything a new wave sometimes can be overwhelming but I feel like Game Freak even talked about earlier this week about how they like to bring change to the series but it's it's usually they take it at a very slow approach you know they don't want to ruffle too many feathers just a few feathers not Pidgeotto level feathers just pick this will probably go over a little bit harshly I think it's ultimately great for the games I think having more differences more unique experiences and separating your trainer journey from mine we talked about even with let's go that wow it feels like a real living breathing Pokemon world they're rolling around the grass the characters look great this time now you can fully explore the wild area as an open space move the camera so if we're trying to create the best Pokemon experience mechanic we're trying to really just embed you into the world and give you that immersive experience then these differences fully work towards that end goal and I love that game when you get pokemon shield you're gonna be able to go and grab some exclusive Pokemon tell me about that time and then also share with me your your battle against Alistar and I'm gonna go and I'm gonna grab my version exclusive Pokemon maybe I'll trade you one or two but then I'm gonna be able talking about how I took on BIA and how my team changing and and was was needed to be different as I progressed plus from there if I do want to go back and I love it enough I want to play again well now I can spend money and know that I'm gonna get something that is worth it because it is different okay one thing I want to say before I get into my thoughts Zach it still seems like shields a version to get Alistar so much cooler than BIA I'm sorry entry is cool alright who know who knows what the version X is a Pokemon the full list is I'm holding out that sword can help me out here but yeah shields right now is kind of killing it yeah okay a lot of what you say is about it for sure but I I do think that maybe they're changing a little too much too soon I know they say they like gradual changes but with the Pokedex thing and now this like it it seems like these games become a little bit like trickier to to fully like delve into if we're like bolt them for everyone I guess so $120 thing I can't get over how much money that is for know I know you don't have to but for people that like want to mm-hmm and now if you don't like let's say you were like perfectly fine not getting both right because you could trade shun well now you can't even experience every gym right what if you have like way cooler like gym challenges and and stuff like that like that for me it's like the big like if he part really but I agree with a lot of what you say honestly and like with everything in life I don't think it's black and white I'm like right in the middle with this we're way past that generous yeah a past black way yeah so so if I can like cop if I can have a little bit of a cop out here I think it's both good and a little troublesome it depends on the type of person it is but for me I know I'm sold like super excited about the game so I have no issue and I don't know maybe I won't get both is that because I want to be able to play all of these chimps I also want to point out that it's July and we now know that there are different gyms Giganta Max and Dyna maxing new Pokemon obviously wild area stadiums chairman Rose Lyon we still have August September October and then the games launched November are there more differences to these games than we initially think are there more changes and version exclusives besides just Pokemon in gyms could there be more lurking in terms of events places experiences side quests that that are version exclusive we'll have to wait and see but let us know you're taking the comments and below how you taking this news do you feel like it enhances and is the step and the evolution that you've been waiting for or do you feel like it is ruffling too many feathers and you are going to be a little bit bummed let us know you're taking the comments on below hit that like button if you enjoyed the video we really hope you did this was a great way to start the week and any new Pokemon info is always important and awesome so we will keep you covered until then over myself and Gabe thanks so much for watching have a fantastic day switch for us out

NEW POKEMON! Gigantamaxing Revealed! Version Exclusive Gym Leaders! Pokemon Sword / Pokemon Shield

another doozy of the day Pokemon has announced Giganta maxing and all kinds of other goodies in their brand-new trailer that they showed off today and Giganta maxing is kind of interesting it's basically mega evolution the Pokemon get bigger I mean I get Lucia never explicitly stated that they need to get bigger but they do get bigger just the same as Dyna maxing they change forms or appearance form / appearance appearance so they change of parents and they get different moves they get basically these gigantic max moves that are very very strong so it's damn-near mega evolution I'm pretty sure not every Pokemon is gonna be able to Giganta max but let's go ahead and learn about or on the Pokemon website again as usual they have all the informations laid out for us in a beautiful organized fashion so let's go ahead and dive in gigantic maxing changes of Pokemon size and appearance mega evolution changes the pokemons appearance and sometimes their suffix anyway it looks like gigantic mashing is just an alternate form of Dyna maxing and it seems like you need a specific Pokemon within a species so not every korver Mike and I can Giganta max not every dreadnaught can gigantic max certain dread nas and certain korbinites can check in to max we don't know the criteria yet I'm sure we'll learn at some point but I doubt it'll be too difficult to obtain because they never are it seems like max rate battles are going to be the ones supplying you with these new gigantic max you know ready Pokemon so that would be pretty cool and then they show three gigantic Max Pokemon dreadnought korbinite and a new Pokemon named our creamy and it's funny because it's definitely just a giant ass cake Pokemon is so funny so it seems like gigantic max dreadnought has a mood listen here here's the kicker bro gigantic Max general has a move called max G max don't search skins G max moves are the moves you gain once your gigantic max alright so G max don't surge does water damage and sets up stealth rocks at the same time that's not broken just gigabytes which I get to max core of the night all right has a move that does damage and gets everything off the field at the same time so it's literally an attack and it's defog at the same time so they counter each other I guess all right guys like damn but that's that's dumb why would you make defog that strong I'm assuming Giganta maxing also last three turns I don't think they actually said how long it lives I guess Jack Anton maxing is just a more powerful Dynomax that's what it seems like anyways it seems like some Pokemon died and I some Pokemon to die again tonight now if you die get the max of Pokemon can you also Dynomax oppose can you only do one or the other is it better to Dynomax something over – is there any incentive to Dynomax something instead of Giganta maxing another pokemon that's what I want to know because that right there will attend advise people to Dynomax why would i Dynomax my Pokemon over here when I can Giganta max this one over here is it even worth it the Dynomax should I just die against max every time like and that's the kind of stuff I want to know as far as competitive goes but moving on they actually felt something Pokemon as well I'll creamy yapper which we saw before and was also talked about in the league and speaking of the leaked dynamaxx sting and Giganta max we're both in the leaked and then we got Rolie Kohli and derp all do Rowlett on the first Pokemon is all creamy this is the Pokemon but we also saw Giganta maxing in the trailer this Pokemon is just whipped cream it's a whipped cream fairy type and it's Giganta max form is pretty cool just because I don't know they're making it sound like this damn cake is indestructible and it also has a move called gene Max finale and it heals your team while doing damage to the other Pokemon on the other side of the field what bro what what is going on who did this this is some bullshit next we have yam / puppy Pokemon it's just an electric dog oh it is and it has a trashy ability ain't ball fetch forget about it forget about it people like Yammer though people think it's really cute the keep Pokemon sell these games I'm telling you you can't take the key Pokemon out you can't disrespect them otherwise their fans will come after you Rolie Kohli alright now this Pokemon is cool it hasn't do ability but I don't know if its ability won't even be useful for it because if it's super slow who cares it's no ability steam engine doubles your speed or at least boosted by two stages if you are hit with a fire or water moves so if I switch it to a fire move and take the hit I can get a speed bismil well that even helped me Pokemon you know most rock pokémon are pretty slow if this Pokemon is extremely powerful it has a decent speed stat than that yeah that'll help but if it's like super slow and weak it doesn't matter so I'm hoping that its ability actually helps it because there are plenty of Pokemon out there with abilities that are worthless to them you know what I'm saying so uh let's leave the little description about them apparently every household meet what's needed Rolly : just cuz of how useful it was as far as the coal and stuff like that heating up your house cooking all that good stuff and the last Pokemon II know what I'm most worried about is do a load on this Pokemon a significant just because of the fact that it's the only other steel dragon in the entire game aside from Dialga the only one that's not a legendary but I don't like what they did with it it's abilities are trash light metal and heavy metal two of the most worthless abilities in the entire game who actually cares about light metal and heavy metal light metal makes it so that you don't take as much damage for moves like low kick that are weight-based but that's so specific heavy metal makes moves like heavy slam do more now that's probably gonna be the way to go but it's still not a good ability and it would only need that because its weight is 88 pounds its weight is 88 pounds so it's a steel dragging with 88 pounds of weight on it so heavy metal is needed for for you to be able to do damage with a move like heavy slam I hope it has another ability that's better than cuz I don't like this I don't like those tours and then here they compared it to Tyranitar so it's looking like this pokemons not even going to evolve because Tyranitar is one of the best pokemon they ever made ever in their lives all right and you're comparing this pokemon to Tyranitar this pokemon i was not evolving this because why would you disrespect Tyranitar by making it fight regularly a pokemon that doesn't even a vault that doesn't even evolve doral dog can evolve but he's been fighting Tyranitar as this whole time that's a disrespectful you're not gonna disrespect Tyranitar like that therefore it is my deduction that this pokemon is already fully involved he does not evolve he's a single-stage evolution it's disrespectful if he evolves because he's been fighting Tyranitar this whole time I don't really know if I like this Pokemon man I hope it's good I really do hope it's good I hope it's not a tamato but if he can't evolve this probably isn't our pseudo legendary maybe he's just like a judging on type of Pokemon he's just a lone dragon or like a Pokemon the turn turn a turn turn a maybes like Atherton ater like just dragging that's in the in the region but we'll see we'll see man I hope this Pokemon is good I really do and it last but not least as far as the important things go we have seen two more gym leaders but I don't like what they did with them I really don't they made it so that each gym leader is in their own version of the game so baya is going to be Orbea I don't know using an idea and you wanted me a Pokemon sword and Alistar is gonna be Pokemon shield but it's not the same as exclusive Pokemon if I get sword version and you get shield version you can trade me the Pokemon that are not available in my game and I can do the same for you a gym leader is not something that I would buy two copies of the game for absolutely not it's not something that I would go out of my way to do but it does feel like I'm missing out you know what I'm saying it doesn't feel like I'm missing out on one of these gym leaders if the gym leaders themselves are version exclusive I really don't like that I don't think that's a good idea if they're gonna do stuff like this they need to do more than they need to do more stuff so that the actual versions of the game are completely different because otherwise it doesn't really it just feels like I'm missing out but I but it's not enough for me to actually go out of my way to play against one of these people I think they're trying to get people to buy both versions like why wouldn't they but I don't think this is the way to do it I think they need something bigger because this is just like this just sucks baya BIA she is the fighting-type gym leader which is pretty cool I guess she's just an expert in fighting types I don't know what kind of Pokemon she has we haven't really seen the fighting types of the reason yet and Alistair is a ghost type gym leader haven't seen those types of the reason yet so I'm actually pretty excited about the Pokemon that they're gonna have because those are actually two of my favorite types competitively and I'm pretty sure they're whatever girl's fucking want to have in his game about um you clean she has the fucking mask on her face which is pretty dope I actually like that Wow I like these designs of these gym leaders I really do but anyways that's pretty much it they didn't really show too much they didn't go too crazy they went kind of crazy but not really like there's other stuff I could talk about but it's not really that important so just save that for next time or wait until there's more news let me know what you guys think I'll be in the comments as usual the Pokemon cypher GoFundMe is still up we are only about two thousand dollars away from the goal and then we're five thousand after that away from the stretch goal of making the album so hit that up if you guys are trying to see a pokemon cipher get complete Ted I'd greatly appreciate you guys donating if you can you can't just spread the word if you can if you can't spread the word it's all good man do you do what you gotta do anyways I'm out of here your baby

BRAND NEW POKEMON! Dynamax, Legendaries, Gym Leaders, & MORE! Pokemon Sword and Shield

I have been waiting for this day all right you guys know that I have not been very impressed with Pokemon as of late the last few years have not been good to me in terms of Pokemon I haven't really enjoyed it too much maybe for a little while but then in the long run I was like this game fuckin sucks I'm not talking about sword and shield I'm talking about the games that came before swordsmanship Sun and Moon ultra Sun of moon don't even get me started on Pokemon let's go but they have done it they have fucking done it pokemon sword and shield is looking clean I wasn't excited before today because they didn't really show us much but I am officially excited I'm on the hype train I am in there it is time boys now I'm gonna make one long guys video there is a lot to talk about I'm not a fan of making 35 videos on the 15 minute Pokemon direct some people made thirty videos on the two minute trailers we got last time I just don't know how that's even possible I'm not one of those people I'm gonna make one long guy's video that has everything in it so we can just talk about it and then I'm gonna make another video later on today or maybe tomorrow about the leaks that uh you know there's always somebody that predicts something or says something and nobody pays attention to it until it's credible because of what happened in the future after they actually posted that leak and there's another one of those so we're gonna take a look at that later on I'm not gonna include that in this video because that would be messed up to talk about the stuff that we saw today and then add a leak for the people that don't want to be spoiled but let's talk about what happened today I'm a super height and I really want to talk about it so we're gonna go through everything it's gonna be very thorough this is gonna be a long eyes video I already know but it's worth it first thing I want to point out is how they have clearly outdone themselves here now probably not in the biggest most gigantic type of way but they have clearly taken advantage of the fact that they're using a powerful console now they're using a switch this is the first mainline Pokemon game on the switch we're not counting let's go fuck that this is the first mainline Pokemon game on the switch and you know they have sections where you can actually move the camera around that's brand new for Pokemon I've always said it Pokemon is you know they've gotten by doing the bare minimum in some fashions you know what I'm saying so when they add things like this to pokemon its revolutionary because it's never been done as far as a mainline game so things like moving the camera around they're pretty nice we have raid battles which are pre sick we're gonna talk about that later on they're just so much more that they've done with this game just looking at the trailer and looking at the direct which is very very refreshing to me because they don't switch the whole game up all right they switch the game up I've been asking for this and you guys have been following me for the last couple of years I have been asking for them to do something anything different from the norms that will actually make the game stand out from the other one and they've done it and this is when they should do it because they're on a switch now they're not on a DS or a gameboy so the trailer itself had a lot of juicy tidbits there was a kid wearing a sweater that could potentially be holding the new quote-unquote Pikachu clone that is always present in every generation we just saw a lot of things that were pretty cool we saw some Pokemon of course we saw some new Pokemon we saw some battles everything looks better like they might look similar to previous games you know as far as like the animations and whatnot but everything looks better and actually a lot of people including myself thought that the outlines on the Pokemon and on the characters themselves were unnecessary but looking at the game is the gameplay I think it actually adds a little bit of personality now I didn't think I would be saying this but that's what I think now I think that the outlines it's very slight it's not like a big blocky outline like it was on the 3ds on the 3ds they needed the outlines because the 3d screen is so low resolution that uh you know so low res that it's kind of hard to see things on that tiny screen without the outlines that's what they believe but here on the switch the game actually looks nice it adds a little bit of charm to everything if we're gonna be looking at the Pokemon website I always look to poking the website after events like this because they have way more information on the website than they actually do in the trailer which makes sense you can't show every single detail in a trailer that's only three minutes long you have so much information tags will share with your fans so I'm gonna be looking at the stuff on the Pokemon website and giving you my thoughts the people and pokémon of the gallery j'en during your adventure you'll be traveling through the galleries and where you will find many unique locations such as huge grassy plains filled with nature in towns and cities where people and pokémon work and live together another characteristic part of the gallery and culture is the way Pokemon battles are regarded as the most popular form of entertainment across the whole region challengers face off against Gym Leaders in Pokemon okay so what are these gym masters that's something that wasn't supposed to happen because I remember Pokemon actually or no no excuse me Nintendo tweeted out something about gym masters specifically and they're called Gym Leaders in this game maybe gym masters are something completely different from the gym leaders but that's that's an interesting thing to note challenges face off against the gym leaders in Pokemon battles held in the various stadiums found throughout the region whenever there is a battle these stadiums ring with a passionate cheering of large crowds of fans and spectators now this is all this this whole section is only significant because they actually introduced some of the NPC's that are important in this game or somebody you know characters that we're gonna be running into quite often so right now they have the cast they have your main character they have Leon they have hop professor Magnolia and Sonia Sonia Sonia cajú Jose chica you can't do with our gang over there and then of course we can learn about each person listed here individually so let's go ahead and do that because why not first of course has to be the main character this is our main playable character and of course my number one gripe with this game so far is yet again they give us this horrible dick as disgusting garbage trash customization now I want to make it clear I loved the Pokemon directed a-ok I loved it when I shit on this game because of this right here I'm not shitting on the whole game I'm only shitting on this and this is probably the only thing I don't like that I saw today okay I just want to make that clear cuz you know how I am I do like I do I don't like to talk shit I don't like to be negative but I do it because I truly feel like they could do better most of the time okay so just keep that in mind when you hear me say what I'm about to say these fucking morons can't get probably one of the easiest things to get right right what the fuck are they doing why just why why do they always do this bullshit who asked for this make a slider don't give me fucking standard character Aryan race character I don't even know what kind of skin complexion and hair combination that is on the bottom left I just don't understand why do they do this make a slider make me be able to control my own pigment don't give me four options there's way more skin tones than that there's way more okay let me change my hair at the beginning of the game don't give me this rinky-dink ass hairstyle my man's hair line got a crescent moon in it already he's 12 what are you doing where's the fro where the dreads at maybe I want a buzz cut maybe I want long hair no I'm saying on my male character I just don't understand why it's so difficult to get customization my customization is one of the most beloved features in RPGs making your character look how you wanted to look within reason it's a Pokemon game obviously you don't want your character to look fucking crazy because pokemons not gonna have that but give us cut give us proper customization options don't do this piece of shit ass garbage I'm sorry I'm spending so much time but it's just so important for them to know how fucking garbage this is now obviously okay obviously you're gonna be able to change your appearance later on okay but why not fresh out the gate would you not be able to look how you want to look now I understand the clothes being a certain way obviously you shouldn't be able to change his clothes right at the beginning even though that'd be nice too but it's understandable that you'd be wearing a certain outfit when you leave your house why do you have to look the exact same as one of these pictures why must you look like one of these pictures when you leave your house it just doesn't make any sense and they need the fucking stop this I don't know I don't know what the fuck they're doing anymore with this with this customization shit now that aside like I said obviously we're gonna be able to change our clothes that's already been confirmed I just am NOT a fan of this stupid shit that they keep doing it's so disgusting so you have you have you choose one of eight options and then from there you customize your character and I just they just need to stop they just need to fucking stop alright I guess that's all we get for the main character there's really nothing else about him on here so next we're gonna go on to Leon Leon is the current we were roasted him on stream earlier he just looks odd but I still think he looks cool I really do I do think he looks cool I think he's a cool looking character he he's some kind of athlete obviously and they just added the Cape chin because he's the champion that's his you know his symbol of being the champion so he's like a soccer player with a cape on and he is the current champion of the garage and it has never been defeated in an official Pokemon battle ever ever you've never been defeated all right we gonna change that real quick his personality together with his peerless skill have made him extremely popular he truly deserves the title of the greatest trainer in autumn's and all of Gilardi next is his younger brother hop this is your rival hop is Leon's younger brother and will become one of your rivals he and you are neighbors and you'll begin your journeys on the same day he aims to become champion it's like his older brother did hey looking a little too nice right now he's smiling and shit hands in his pocket attendant luck bro that's all fine and dandy but when it's time to throw down you better throw down I want this nice and don't heal my Pokemon don't give me food all right when it's time to throw down it's time to throw down next is Professor Magnolia professor Magnolia is the preeminent Pokemon professor of the garage and her main focus of research has been the Dynomax phenomena she shares her home with Sonia and has given her a certain research test Sonia is the granddaughter of Professor Magnolia and she's Leon's childhood friend she's also young researcher who serves as assistant to Professor Magnolia she's very knowledgeable and will offer helpful advice to aid you on your adventures she's gonna fucking hold our hands god damn it no no don't tell me where to go don't tell me what to do all right you better not teach me how to catch no fucking Pokemon I have been playing this game for twenty years have you teach me how to catch a Pokemon I'm a fucking snap let me skip that shit all right let me skip it on to the Pokemon of the gaillardia now we saw five or six well if you're cool the legendaries probably seven or eight brand new Pokemon today five of which they focused on for a little bit and then of course the two legendaries which they haven't really focused on at all it just gave us the names and you know of course they showed us what they look like groupies on here first of course he's the grass type chimp Pokemon and they just have little tidbits of knowledge for us a stick that has special effects the stick held by kruky was originally a branch from the forest where troops of GRU key lived but it's no longer the simple branch it has gained special powers after being exposed to the energy within rupees body what does that mean it can give energy to plants it's green fur creates energy from sunlight wilted flowers and the leaves have been seen to regain their colour with grouping drums with it stick near them we saw that in the trailer when you use this drum or when he used to stick on the rock the grass that was burned actually grew back next to score bunny he is the fire rabbit pokemon and its powerful legs are its pride score bunny uses its powerful legs to run and jump around its opponents confusing and disorienting them the soles of his feet can become very hot and scorebuddy could kick opponents to damage and burn them too now people keep calling that thing on score bunny's face a band-aid I don't think it's a band-aid at all people keep saying it's the man that I disagree with that I think whatever is on its face is the exact same thing that's on the butt and I think whatever is on its foot is just something that can heat up that's that's it I think it's just like a heat pad or something people keep saying that's a bandage I don't whenever I see people draw their fan of score money they draw sport money with those things all over him as if he has been injured and these band-aids and I just I just don't know where they're going with that I don't see what I came from it does look like a band-aid but you know when you know that he has those things on his feet and they're literally meant to heat up I just think it's another one of those on this place anyway score buddy's second heart inspire sacks subside skort bunny has a fire sack in its chest which contains viscous fire energy if score money is able to increase its heart rate and body temperature by running around and warming up properly the true power of its fire energy will be awakened and its physical capabilities will greatly increase next is Szabo an ensemble is kind of hot it disappears when it touches water ensemble touches water its body changes it's a pattern and color allowing it to blend into its surroundings Szabo is a bit timid and so if it gets nervous or embarrassed it will secrete the water within the body like sweat and disappear into the surroundings that's pretty cool tears as potent as a hundred onions the Szabo starts crying you crying – sobs tears are capable of making others cry the effect is so strong it is said that its tears are as potent as a hundred onions if Szabo feels threatened it will start to bawl and spread its tears around the area causing everyone around it to start crying uncontrollably it sounds a very inconvenient Saba will then use this distraction as a chance to escape I feel like Ashley's gonna have this Pokemon and it's gonna start crying and everybody's gonna start crying I feel like that but that's not what some animation here we have a brand new Pokemon gossip floor it's a grass-type and it's the flowering Pokemon and it has a new ability called cotton down they actually showed that somewhere else on the website I'm not quite sure off the top of my head I did see it earlier though cotton down as a new ability that if this Pokemon is hit by pretty much anything any damaging ability the Pokemon will scatter spores which will lower the opposing Pokemon speed it's not like tangled hair because tangled hair I believe is when you make contact with the Pokemon your speed will be lowered this Pokemon is if you hit it period your speed will be lowered now that sounds very very good maybe not so much at singles but in doubles I could see this being crazy you know I don't know the COTS down ability affects every pokemon on the field yet obviously but if it does that it probably won't be that good but if it doesn't then it sounds pretty nice but who knows we'll see I want to see the applications of that ability cuz in a one-on-one battle does it sound like a big deal honestly God sport prefers bland will clean the water and air and its pollen has a healing effect its pollen works on people too and it is used to be a common folk medicine remedy for children of the gallardo region to be given a tea made from the pollen when they fell ill it moves with the wind God's blood travels over long distances by getting blown along by the wind it controls the direction of its travels by twisting its body and petals it's a cool looking Pokemon that I'm not gonna lie I like it it looks it looks like a Pokemon and it's just it's cool and it actually has an evolved form of course and they actually showed that to us as well Elda Gus this is the grass cotton bloom pokémon same ability cotton down regenerator so this this Pokemon is definitely gonna be like a support utility type for sure because there'd be no reason to also have regenerator this wasn't like a wall type Pokemon it's cotton fluff protects it from its enemies gossip floor evolves into El de gAHS its head becomes covered in thick cotton fluff this cotton fluff stars is cushion public to protect other gases head from damage highly nutritious seeds the tiny seeds attached to the cotton fluff are said to be highly nutritious and beneficial to both people and pokémon el de gAHS spreads these seeds throughout the region by sending them on the wind making the soil of the glories rich in nutrients the next Pokemon is wool ooh this is a sheet Pokemon I'm sure there's been a sheik Pokemon before but this this Pokemon has the ability run away and also fluffy fluffy reduces damage physical contact damage and run away he just lets you run away from anybody I'm certain that this pokémon evolves 100% 100% certain that this book does evoke an extremely fluffy bodies actually I'm not sure that it's pokémon evolves because furfrou did but I'm not equating this the furfrou I'm just saying the white fur that covers their bodies grows throughout their lives and it will fully grow back in three months even if the wool has been completely shorn the fur is used for clothing and carpets and the like and it is very popular as a specialty product of the glare region a friendly pokémon that crave stability lulu live as a herd and mimic the actions of their trainer or herd leader they dislike conflict and if they need to escape from enemies they will simply roll away roll away why is the guy run away if you roll it now this pokemon right here was easily my favorite Pokemon shown today that we got information he looks sick this Pokemon looks absolutely sick as hell Kors a night he's a steal and flying tae-bo the exact same typing as Skarmory he is the Raven Pokemon and the abilities that it has are pressure and unnerve not the best abilities now pressure is not bad it's okay because it's usually given to Pokemon like you know like sweet Coon suicune pressure is really good just because sweet looks so bulky you can stay out on the field for a long time you'll waste your moves just attacking them willy-nilly but I don't really like it as an ability it doesn't really do anything but it doesn't feel present unless you're in a specific situation but usually they give pressure to pokémon that are intimidating now the 20 that I say that because intimidate is also an ability but you know what I mean like a lot of legendaries have pressure so this pokemon having pressure leads me to believe that it's probably gonna be pretty powerful if that logic makes any kind of sense but let me scroll down to read about this monstrous pokemon he is seven three holy crap the dashing Lord of the skies it is said that Korver Knight is the strongest Pokemon living in the skies of the gallery' gym what it can often be seen fearlessly soaring through the air many say that any Pokemon foolish enough the challenge korbinite our center running with just a sharp glare and a cry from the spheres in Pokemon oh he's a monster that's a day one cop that is a day one cop use a flying taxi to travel from town to town Korver Knight possessed super flying skills and high intelligence because of this many of them worked for the company called goal our taxi helping transport people from town to town that's pretty cool last pokemon is dread nah he's a snapping turtle he's water and rocket he's the bike Pokemon and his abilities are strong jaw and shell armor pretty standard for a Pokemon like this powerful jaws and muscles the sharp jagged fangs the bite Pokemon shred nom are strong sharp enough to fight through rock and iron though it has an extremely heavy rock shell its well-developed muscles allow it to move quickly putting a trainers skills and morals to the test dreadnought is known to be extremely vicious and it takes a skilled trainer at the team and handle this Pokemon it seems that some trainers will release dreadnought back into the wild once they discover they can't handle it holy shit snapping turtle get your damn finger bit off man it's crazy so that's it for the Pokemon that they showed I really I really like Carbonite I think korbinite is so sick so so sick next we're gonna talk about the wild area this is what they showed in the trailer to be where you can actually catch pokemon that are walking on the overworld in vast areas and they differ between between towns and cities and all that good stuff there is a vast expanse of land in the guruji which is known as the wild area the wild area is full of nature as far as the eye can see and it connects several different towns and cities so oh it's in the middle of a whole bunch of towns and cities okay that's cool you'll find the greater variety of Pokemon living here than anywhere else in the gallery' region the Pokemon you'll run into will change depending on things like the weather or location so you might see something new each time you visit I saw a wild Tyranitar just walking around that's all I needed to see that's literally all I needed to see Tyranitar is one of the best Pokemon they ever made he's just walking around tellin willy-nilly like it's nothing but he owns the place there's gonna be other monsters to catch it's just a gimmick it's just to give the wild area can be reached through various towns and cities and it contains untamed wilderness my man is riding his bike on the water he is riding his bike on the water I saw that in the trailer and I was shot here's the wild Tyranitar it seems the Pokemon you'll run into will change depending on things like the weather or location though that already see it's raining and there's and there's a sizable todo and then it's sandy or dry outside mr. Taranto wise it's all right it's all right it's all pretty bigger than them whatever have a look around the wild area well in the wild area you'll be able to control the camera in order to explore the vast space around you and search for Pokemon and items they change the fucking game I can use my camera I just can't believe it I don't have to turn my character all the way around to look behind me or in front of me holy shit now here we go with the Dynomax phenomenon okay this feature is clearly the mega evolution zebu what else do they have gems I guess like the gem this is clearly the new battle mechanics that the battling is gonna be focused around at first glance I thought it was pretty cool because it was pretty shocking to see this right shoe and the trailer just get huge out of nowhere but thinking about it a little more deeply like I'm not trying to be negative about trying to hate it these people are just getting bigger that's it that's all they're doing they're gaining abilities they're getting moves are gaining you know power but why do they get gigantic why is that a thing why is this what they landed on I'm not complaining about it I don't really know much about it yet it's just kind of strange now that I'm actually taking a step back separating myself from the height that I have you know it's there's nothing wrong with questioning something like this why are these Pokemon getting baked for no reason or is there a reason what's the reason why is my damn groupie ten meters high why is he wisey fifty feet tall now what happened why why is why is my cookie even able to do this why am I just not finding out about this like there's a lot of weird things like I can ask about this question about this dynamaxx stuff but I'll leave it at that for now I'm just very curious as to what the fuck is actually going on here anyways let's learn about Dinah Maxine dynamaxx is a phenomenon unique to specific locations in the gallery region where Pokemon are able to take on gigantic appearances Pokemon from the galore region are capable of Dynomax and the Dynomax pokemon becomes tremendously strong see it's just like but why that's that's the only question I have but why duh and it's only for specific area so obviously you won't be able to just do that in a random battle looks like it's only been regulated to like Jim battles and stuff like that and like the r8 battles and all that I just think it's weird at any Pokemon Dynomax apparently any Pokemon can dine of X and they said that it lasts for three turns which is cool because of that replaces mega evolution to Z moves it'll just be temporary it won't be forever and that'll actually well I don't know what it'll do but it sounds like it'll make battling more balanced just off the top of my head this this is just what I think I don't know that for sure but you know if that is the case I welcome it because I think battling needs to be overhauled I think mega evolutions and G moves kind of ruined a lot of the game because they're too good G moves especially Z lose our hey I'm this Pokemon that would normally never have a move that could kill you but all of a sudden I have this bass 150 moves at your weak tune that I would never normally have and now you're dead and now you have nothing to be I just I hate that so hopefully this actually makes things more interesting especially both players can do it and it only lasts three turn I like that I like that a lot Pokemon battles specialized for Dynomax the Dynomax phenomenon which allows pokemon to become tremendously powerful is an integral part of Pokemon battles in the glory dynamaxx pokemons don't just become bigger they get a boost in power as well the key item for Dyna managing the Dynomax band naturally the Dynomax phenomenon is the topic of much research in the galleries a special item known as the Dynomax band is the product of search of such research only trainers who possess the Dynomax band are able to Dynomax their Pokemon there's always an item very key I didn't know what allows you to do it max moves so these are the moves you gain once you die next and it looks like they actually change depending on what moves your Pokemon had before them all of the moves of the Dynomax Pokemon will turn into special max moves maximals pack-a-punch but that's not all some of them can even trigger powerful additional effects so as you can see this grooc key is from a regular groupie to a Dynomax rookie and all of his moves pretty much changed to something similar to what he had before his status moves became Mac's guard his regular attacking moves became back strike and Israelis became max over Gurley so he also got a stat booster he got he has 20 more HP which is a pretty crazy make sense I guess he is huge all of a sudden but whatever gym leaders in Dynomax Pokemon there are stadiums that whole pokémon gyms throughout the dollar region each gem attracts Pokemon trainers that are experts in specific types in order to challenge the champion you and your rivals will need to defeat the top trainers for each pokemon gym who is known as the gym leader the battle with these gym leaders often involve intense clashes between Dynomax pokemon spectators will flock to the gym stadiums to view these battles and the matches are broadcast on television as well and then they have a little bit more about the current gym leader that we know of this boy bro who is this dude he looks so odd he just looks so odd he's a huge guy he got cankles he's buff as hell big body but his face is so young and his head is so small he just doesn't look right he look like he'll beat the shit out of Bruno he was what helped beat the shit out of the champ but he's just he just looked so odd this is the odd looking character I've seen in a while he has no nose he has no neck he's just the weird-looking character he looks like his body is too big for his face Milo is one of the gym leaders of the dollar region he has a kind heart and has well-liked by trainers of his gym his credo is to always enjoy battles and he specializes and endurance matches using grass type Pokemon that space is all they got about them not a lot now this is what I wanted to talk about the most here actually because they have these raid battles and that's pretty sick and it looks like you can do them online and I'm actually looking forward to this because it just sounds like a fun time participate in max raid battles with other trainers max raid battles are a completely new battle format where you will team up with three other trainers in order to take on a wild Dynomax Pokemon they'll get a chance to catch the wild Dynomax pokemon that you faced it managed to defeat it now who gets to keep it who gets to keep the Pokemon they also said that this Pokemon that you can only catch by rating by doing max rate battles which is pretty cool because say you could only catch you know a Weavile if you do want to be I think that's a cool way to incentivize actually doing max rate battles you can only find this Pokemon by doing that that's pretty that means I'm gonna do it cuz I want this this cool Pokemon but don't get too confident bitch the wild Dynomax Pokemon will remain in their giant form for the entire battle and have other unique powers to boot they won't go down easily only one member of the group consisting of you and your allies give Dynomax the pokemon during max raid battles so close teamwork is key additionally some things you can do in the wild area like max raid battles and become even more fun by connection with other players I really hope that they're actually difficult to I want them to actually be difficult I want them to be you know struggle I really do that'll be way more fun if we have to actually use our heads to figure it up the wild Dynomax Pokemon you'll face at max rate battle seems to vary based on where you are in the wild area or what the weather is like the weather in wild area changes everyday so be ready to meet a variety of pokemon each time you visit also it seems that some Pokemon can only be caught in max rate battles for example you can face tini when it's sunny or Lantern when it's raining so the weather also matters that's actually kind of crazy team up with all sorts of people as you face all sorts of Dynomax Pokemon you can join up with people near you to participate in max rate battles but you can also connect the Pokemon trainers around the world via the internet and paste Dynomax Pokemon together with then why couldn't Mario make it get it right why couldn't Mario Party get it right Pokemon always gets it they know I have no friends they know I'm gonna be online battling people that I don't know no other trainers aren't available to participate in max ranked battles support trainers will automatically be added to your size oh oh they add they add your own they add people to your party or they add a BOTS to your party about the Pokedex in Rotom phone so now we have a phone before he was in your Odom Dex now we have a road of tone is your phone your pokedex I guess we'll find out any Pokemon that you find there catch during your adventure we'll have information registrations the Pokedex pokedex in these titles will actually be part of your Rotom tone okay so your phone your smartphone is your fucking pokedex now your own phone is also home to wrote them a Pokemon that can enter into various electric apply your Rotom phone is also home to wrote them you don't say and your Rotom phone can do a lot more than serve as a pokedex for example you can attach it to your bike and make it move faster on land or even help you travel over what really so that's what makes you be able to ride your bike on water this Rotom I can't be ready and last but not least we have the reveals of these legendary Pokemon sassy ananza Mendte one of them's got a sword in his mob the other one got us a beard shield a shield beard that's pretty much all we have on them they didn't really give us any more information and just gave us the names what they look like so I'm pretty excited man I'm pretty excited about this game I was actually shocked to see what I saw today game looks amazing change that fucking customization and there'll be nothing I have to complain about almost nothing maybe just a little bit but not really anyways let me know what you guys think about all the stuff in this video I know this video is pretty long but yeah let me know hit that like button comment subscribe either tonight or tomorrow morning I will have a video on the new leaks that have about since since this stuff showed yesterday or I guess this morning but yeah is that why you won't comment subscribe and let me know what you thinking in the comment section below goodbye