Very Thick-Skinned President Donald Trump Lashes Out At UK Ambassador | All In | MSNBC

thing one tonight there's a pretty big international incident brewing in Washington this week after a British tabloid published leaked cables written by the UK ambassador to the u.s. ambassador Sir Kim Derrick seems like a rather perceptive chap perceptive observer of American politics he calls the White House quote uniquely dysfunctional describes Trump as inept incompetent and my personal favorite radiating insecurity of course it didn't take long for that report to start making waves on this side of the pond oh I could say things about him but I won't bother for sure dude how long you think our completely and totally thick-skinned president could keep that promise that's thing to in sixty Seconds so after is reported that the British ambassador referred Donald Trump as insecure in leaf cables the president held out nearly a full forty eight whole hours before unleashing a totally secure and composed series of insults saying he didn't know the ambassador but he's not liked or well thought of calling him wacky a very stupid guy and a pompous fool he sure has a lot to say about a guy he supposedly doesn't know president Trump also disinvited ambassador Derek to a dinner with the Emir of Qatar last night which was a whole other weird scene but he didn't make sure to get that his good friend Robert Kraft was there and for some reason the UK trade minister told the BBC that he would apologize to Ivanka Trump for the whole mess at a previously scheduled meeting in Washington there was no mention of an apology in the White House's readout of that event regardless this has got to be the end of the road for the ambassador right considering the President himself said we will no longer deal with him we will continue to deal with all accredited individuals until we get any further guidance from the White House or the president which we will of course abide by the president's direction so you have not received any instruction from the White House to cut contacts with the embassy or with the Ambassador no maybe check your phone okay well we'll just have to wait I guess for the next set of tweets well first of all I don't have thin skin I have very strong very thick skin I have a strong temperament and it's a very good temperament that it's a very in control temperament hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

Democrats Vow To Block President Donald Trump's SCOTUS Pick | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

summer of 1968 presidential election was looming in the fall and because when it rains it pours in politics that summer summer of 68 the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court decided that he would like to retire Chief Justice Earl Warren told President Johnson that he wanted to retire now LBJ was at the end of his term right he was deeply unpopular at the time he decided not to run for re-election and LBJ devised a plan for what he was gonna do about that chief justice seat he decided that he would elevate to the chief justice position a Justice who was already on the Supreme Court justice who'd already been on the court for three years his friend Abe Fortas and Republicans were already not hot on Abe Fortas because of his liberal views because of his ties to President Johnson but their support their potential support for a Portis being Chief Justice that cratered when it was revealed that justice Fortas had accepted a bunch of speaking fees from private donors for a series of college lectures which he should not have done and so they filibustered him they blocked his nomination for four days on October 1st 1968 a month before the election there was an attempt to beat that filibuster and the attempt dramatically failed and the Abe Fortas nomination to be chief justice that whole thing fell apart Fortas lost the vote was on cloture on stopping the filibuster on forcing the members to stop talking to sit down and to decide whether they confirmed Fortas or not they took a vote on ending the filibuster and the Senate clerk announced the result 45 to 43 that was 14 votes short of two-thirds of the Senators present the Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield and said the appointment would be laid aside temporarily and the Senate would go to other business that was October of 1968 that was so long ago we didn't have c-span we had Senate sketch artists like it was a cameras banned from the courtroom situation October 1968 that is the last and only time a Supreme Court nominee was successfully filibustered in modern times the last time an opposition party tried to mount a filibuster was in 2006 the Sam Alito nomination twenty four Democrats led by John Kerry and Ted Kennedy supported by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in O six they attempted to filibuster Alito's nomination to the court but 20 Democratic senators would not go along and that effort failed so again the last time they or it's able to pull this off was 68 he's it gonna happen again are they going to be able to pull it off prior to tonight's announcement about who the nominee would be for the Supreme Court see before we knew it was going to be Neil Gorsuch the Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell had a suggestion for Democrats don't filibuster what I would expect from our Democratic friends is the nominee can be handled similarly to President Clinton's two nominees in his first term and President Obama's two nominees in his first term President Obama's two nominees in his first term I'd like to get really specific because they don't want to talk about the third nomination that President Obama made no mention of Merrick Garland's President Obama's third nominee who faced this unprecedented blockade by Republican senators who refused since last March to even hold the hearing on his nomination despite the fact that Merrick garland was a completely non controversial nomination well tonight the new Republican president has announced that appeals court judge Neil Gorsuch is his choice for that Supreme Court seat that Merrick garland was supposed to be the nominee for after Neil Gorsuch was announced as the nominee we got this statement from the Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer quote the Senate must insist upon 60 votes for any Supreme Court nominee a bar that was met by each of President Obama's nominees the burden is on Judge Gorsuch to prove himself to be within the legal mainstream and in this new era willing to vigorously defend the Constitution from abuses of the executive branch the headline there may be not surprising but the Democratic Senate leader affirming that they're going to insist on a 60-vote threshold Republicans do not have 60 votes in the Senate what this means is that Democrats are going to filibuster Senate Democrats were already under intense pressure from Democratic voters who have been loudly upset with Democrats casting votes for Trump cabinet nominees that pressure will intensify on Democrats now that we've got a Supreme Court nomination as well even before tonight even before we got the name tonight one Democratic senator had been standing up loudly and overtly saying that he would filibuster the pic regardless of who it was because he said Republicans effectively stole this Supreme Court seat from President Obama a senator who has been making that case all along is Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley joining us now is Senator Merkley senator thank you very much for being up late and being here with us on nominee nomination I really appreciate your welcome Rachel I wouldn't miss it well does the announcement of Judge Gorsuch his name is remarks tonight the president's introduction of hammering tonight does that change your mind at all about your desire to filibuster this nomination no not at all I mean the point I was making was we must not forget this this is not a normal consideration this is a seat that was stolen from the former President Obama that's never been done in US history before to let this become normal just invites a complete partisan polarization of the court From Here to Eternity at what point does a majority say in the future we will not let someone make a nomination two years into their four years or three years into four years or their entire four years so I made it clear that I was going to insist on a 60 vote standard and that I would vote against closing debate so existing on 60 votes is the way you you start what we refer to as a filibuster and then the question is there going to be enough votes to shut it down and of course my hope is is that there won't be how many how many senators do you need to join with you in order to make it so that Judge Gorsuch has to clear 60 votes in order to get confirmed how many people do you need you have to have 41 senators vote against closing debate there are 48 Democratic Senatorial senators said another 48 you need 41 oh yes so we've got 48 senators who are either Democrats are who are caucusing with the Democrats do you have any sense of your colleagues views toward this and whether or not you think you'll clear that 41 vote number well I suspect we're going to hear a lot of statements from colleagues but the colleagues who are waiting to see if possibly the president would nominate someone like Merrick garland are going to be sorely disappointed tonight this is a nick from the extreme right someone who has said corporations art people made that case someone who has proceeded to be against class-action suits which are the only opportunity for fairness for a lot of citizens I mean you go by case by case by case this is about the powerful and the privileged and oppressing the rights of the people I think I think there's going to be an enormous number of senators who decide that this person is not suitable because they will not honor our We the People vision of government embedded in our Constitution Senator Merkley I'm sort of been reading the tea leaves on this a little bit trying to get a sense of where the Democrats in the Senate are on this and whether or not this is a time when we might expect a democratic effort that would be a big deal that would be a heavy lift in political terms not just because of the qualifications of this nominee but because it would set a new standard for what it means to get a Supreme Court justice I look at the size of those protests in the streets I look at the mood of the Democratic base right now I look at the reaction of Democratic voters and protesters to what the new administration is doing who they've nominated to the cabinet and I see a lot of momentum I see a lot of energy how do you know whether or not it's going to translate into into this working are you worried that if you try and fail Democrats will be showing weakness here well I I never worried about trying and failing you have to fight the battles you believe in and that's what enables you to win is to undertake that battle I can tell you that this weekend I had two town halls on Saturday the first had 600 folks crowded into a gym that could only fit about 400 it was almost scary and I thought I'm never going to see another Town Hall like this I went to my second town hall and 3700 citizens showed up to weigh in about how angry they are how frustrated they are about how America has gone way off track under just the at that point ten days of this presidential leadership by Trump Jeff Merkley of Oregon about to be involved in one of the political fights of your life sir thank you for helping us understand tonight I appreciate being so welcome alright this is gonna be very interesting I mean what Jeff Merkley is talking about here what Chuck Schumer now says is going to be the Democratic strategy here is to get 41 Democrats to line up with this filibuster they've got 48 democratic or caucusing with the Democratic caucus senators in the Senate if they can get 41 of the 48 to side with this strategy they can at least theoretically they can block this nomination from the minority it would be a radical move it would change the way that Supreme Court nominees are approved in this country sort of been changing on its own anyway but this is gonna be a fascinating thing to watch and it'll be fascinating to see if they'll those protesters out in the street all those people showing up at Senate offices and town hall meetings and all these things all over the country whether they're gonna backstop their democratic senators on this strategy this is gonna be a hell of a fight we'll be right back hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

Women Showing Significant Preference For Democrats In 2018: Poll | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

okay here's something that caught our attention check this out in July of 2010 the solid middle-of-the-road Quinnipiac poll asked voters about the upcoming congressional elections the first since Barack Obama was elected president they asked voters whether just generically speaking respondents preferred Republicans or Democrats for Congress this is the generic congressional ballot poll it's broken down by gender each year I can tell you that men have tended to prefer Republicans in July of 2010 men preferred Republicans by a margin of 13% women voters preferred Democrats by 2% the distance between the two the gender gap was 15 points next up the midterm congressional elections of 2014 men again preferred Republicans this time by 6 points women again preferred Democrats by 9 points and even with some shifting around you get the same gender gap again 15 points okay now look at this brand new polling still from Quinnipiac men say they lean toward Republican candidates for Congress by eight points down but fairly par for the course but women women say they lean toward Democrats by 25 points 25 that is a statistically huge number which gives us a gender gap of 33 points even among the wild things we've seen in US politics that is remarkable the divide between women and men over who should represent us in Congress in this result in Quinnipiac is not the only poll that we've seen pointing to a yawning divide we've seen the new the pupil put the gender gap at 22 CNN has said it was 34 percent in a new poll from NBC says it's 28 points now to be clear or seeing here four months out from the election is not just men typically going read and women typically going blue this is men leaning toward Republicans a little bit and women going for Democrats by a mile and that's without even breaking the poll out by gender and race how this plays out in November is anyone's guess but the election is remarkable already we'll be right back hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

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